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"cd Conversation With Engi
r:cr Who Invented -Devices
Fcr Fighting: Submarines Will
".dj New Angles To Committee
. work -u.f.yr;
.', "Do you sot know yow as working
for a Oermaa forporatlon weloh Nrould
pny yon en.f amoaat of moey naked
or that th kaiser, e , tke Oermaa
government would do so It yoor la
vent ion ii lt stipulated ia tSej publleh-1
1 1
d report of the enti-eubmr)e device
which yoa aent to WashiagtoBt,, . ,.
- " Why did yo not eomo tt ma f ratf
J'ont yon haow bero yea aW getting
your hrd aad batter 1"-, ? a ' :,;'
Tlesa'-were two queitioi jrbleh
morn, thia . on Man! reside assert
warn asked . of '; Hamilton, MeCobbia,
mill engineer of tba Pioneer ill Corn
puny, by ' I. WeiathelmerV manager of
lb rompanr. who la aader lavestigatloa
)r a special committee, of the toek
holder, due to. charges of disloyslty
and pra-knieerisat lodged against him
at the annua! meeting of-the company.
Tlie two questions are aaid to hav
v .. -l j i.'-..: ... r--..t.ui- n
dy after Honolulu aewapaper reaoh
el l.ahaina, in whirk it waa 'reported
that the - WaahlngtoM , adnalaUtratioa
bad acknowledged the reempt from tba
levi engineer of two anKgoated aati
aiilniiarine devieea. ona of whiok waa
t-lttred by the offielaln to kave merit.
.Tliia oeearred when Vanager WVina
bnin.er enlled MeCnbbin "op the ear
P't". either ia jeit or aertouaneea, tor
not li'ttinfr bint know aboU . the ia
ventioaa before' tkey vana aent t
AVasliinpton, eloae friend , of , the
l'ionerr MU1 maa betleTe and nay. ;
Comiiiitte to SSaol ' ; !. (" ; ..'' (
Due to the iaveatiiUon ' of tke
ntockboldera' eommltteo aad t hi atate
meni of E. W. Hutton, tko '.ebaJrmaB,
that it trip will probably b mado to
Maul br the eommitteomaa.whero the
rrflie of tha dUloraltr ehaxea eaa bo
rarried oa where the Valley Inland wit-In lhaia - tkat MeCubbia 'a aeeree'
eaeea eaa bo eauily anmmnned. the la'.l ajidt kia inrentlon were due to foa
emitioa or tno - alleged 1 eenaaruif :
rf MeCahbia br Welaaheimet may re-
nuiro eoual probinf wltk the enatioa-1
el affidavit VBaritEuUe. Fean. a
fm nnM.A. .. rk;-. .
- Tor ',aeariy nix -montk. tkere hare
w eonitant reporta ia Hoaolnm tbat
TirrCubbia had beea "eaHed dowa" by
JLViuinaheimar for aending kit anti-aub-marine
devieee to WaKhiagton, the re
port often being coupled 'witk tk
. trfatement that' the engineer had beea
dierharged -for doing eo,' '
. An the latter part of tke report waa
litntly kaowa to be entree, ae ife
Cubbin haa -remained in the employ
ment of the Pioneer Mill Company na
- til the preaent time the report waa aot
freditedV but Teeterday-TkejdTertieer
waa able to. aeeure wkat ia declared to
)m ncnrl aa authentic verbatim re
ettmeDt of the purported oaeraa
ton. between- Welnxbelmer; and Me
: Cublrfn; ;.,--. i-. - ' '-"'
'May B XnbeUUhed ' '::'' y S .
, .:. CVrtain 'parti of the reporlj 1 of'.' this
ur orted eoaveraatioa '. aeeat, confirm
ery of the general . charge tkat
Vn,in went on the ear)et 6y kia pa.
t; un etTorta to aid tb 'goeramant,
n i to other porta bear evidence of am
) "lljhment tkrougk Cnurfe retailing ea
Xiaui. , , ; ; .-. 1 ' v. ,r-; r 1 ,
A.-t ording to. intimate friendn of tke
engineer he confided to then) that aa
the receipt of the Honolnla jtewapaper
1 iling of kit eeadlng of the anti-aub-u
uniie , invent iona .to Waahiagtoa ' be
'was approached tke following morning
hy hlanagnr. VTeiaakeimer, who ealdj
"I want to aee yon." . ,
Ail . rigLt,- 1 know . wbat r yoa
waut,'" MaCobbin ia. qaoted (w reply
''" ;vi.f, K-r.;. 'i '..' ', '.',;"
blinrtly .after the mill engineer went
to 'iln1" plantation maaager'a efiieo and
eni I. eflmfwhat belligerently t
'MMut U.it yea wantt ejlioot. yooir
H(I, It yon want my reeigaatioa any
no." .;' :...';'.'. I ;'-
. Theae declaration i of, the mill ea
ci near were aaid to kave been wttered
l fore Manager Weinabelmea bad aak
J a qneition, or made ny atatement.
.-."No, iti not you rceignatloa I
TanL - I want to" talk to van man
to mn," Mknager .' Weinaheimer ia
an'J te have aeplied in a eoncuiatery
ti.uo tl( the candid atteraneea of the
nrineer. Then he i eontUneil, - it ia
nuid:- , th-f- i 't . .
. -."Do yoo not know yon are working
fur a- German corporation, i who or
the kai?r or the Oermaa gavernnifnt
would pay yo aay prjee naked if your
aiiti-uhtnarine davieea are, ae atipu-
fti-,i i the pullbjked report J" j
. 1 he refefenre to . the payment of
money 'f or tbd.laventioae area, kow
ever, -qualified witk furtket remark
tp the effect that if the deviee '.'were
xod or better tkaa eporfed." ...
Tbe.n came the. queatioa rem Weiaa
loiomri "Don't you know where von
(re getting yor 'bread and sntter'f '.'
"No, aot my 'bread and Dftter'. airt
iv bread and. a!t ,' MCubbia U
.1 to lie re repuea eyaieaiiy.
Following tbl MeCubbin t r'port-
i i ti -have beea aocaaed f duplicity
mid not to have "played the. game in
i tin ora" witb mea, who , bad long'
1 .-n UU employer and frhnda. ,
' 1"he tone end fricndline f hi men-1
i;..-r ) auld to. have omewht weak-
i m1' the engiaeer'a deterailaation to
V i-p up a bold front,. whatever the at
tai k. and be begea to junttfy hi ac
t on it jubmittjng the. invention by
i-'.ring that he wa good America,,
1M..1 fo long aa Aoieriea wa neutral ke
l.itd tried tu be eo . i .i. ;.
1 Different Mew ' -,-'' f y.
' But 'if 1 ,diffVfut now.4 the
v i ueer i Quoted r.K aaylug, a View that
many a former, neutral Ametkaa bail.
t-i eeeepi on April o, ) . "-.
' HiH eont'nulng M ' hi deB'e.
i-Liiini't the intimatm .that h had n-Ui
I .'ii (iare. with - Wlrteliner. MoT
f'uMiin. i eld have pwid out . tit.'iiflilir ' liiyltv to the I'nlted
r mi tlmt he had begin workUg-oa M ; Wtete aiee April 0 lant and, oa '
viventirn hi inn uegtnaioii er i
t " a ( e in ibi nit' nut aepi, an
I i (iU-'o' iy'en to blmw'lf, beaiNe a a
ucutnJ be believed be akoola dwa.V'
: ;i;is I'IIII QL
MeCublrla U Mid to have asserted
that Ik Inventions bad bwn perfected
for aom time, bat he bad hept them
secret from everyone until America ea
tered the-war, whea k felt duty bound
to ead tkoa oa to Washington, H
did aot evea mention th faet to hit
ewa family, H it aaid by bia frienda.
Welnxtetmer J'aid to hava eon
eteded tb conversation, "iaquiatttoa'
ft "oall dewa.V with th attitnda of
"01, let' forget t," and MeOubbir
left bia preneare aad h not lne boon
troubled about tba abject.
WotiuhotBMr'Xa Urn . - ' . V
Maaaoer Welnxnelmer wai asked ye
terday be for ka left for Maul if k
ranted to wake any atatemeat regard
lag the purported conversation betweei
kim and bia milt engineer. , Ho amiler
lightly ad aaidi . ,
I am willim tkat fefeCubbia aboald
tell whatever occurred. Ja faet, I wll
ask kits to do M. . .Under the eireom
tanee. at a verv searching investiga
ttoa ia being made by tba stockholder
eommittoe, I am not at liberty to dia
Cnl or explaia j thi charge, or aa
Further' qucrtioning did) aot eane
him to deny, admit or Justify aa k jok
the reported eoveratioa with Me
Cnbbla. . .... .',' ,
t . ' ..'
- law i im
tkat MeCnbbia ahowet
great aeeree ia eeading bia inrentioai
to Waehingtoa ia a . well entabliehet
fact.' the. aanounoement of bia. effort
coming aa a eorprieOo ,l frleada, an
npeeially to brother engiaeeri alt ove
the Itlanda with whom be had ofte
eoaa)ted about other meckanieal de
vieea. s ' ; : ' ' ;
He baa alweye taken a great interea
la aytbing eonpeeted with navigatioi
aad bia mind had a natural bent to dia
eevering a method wbU-h would outwi
aubmarine eommandera. ' , '
la general way ona of" kia inven
tiona ia baowa to bare beea a aonndinj
device for reglatering fb approach er
veaarla, aad he other a Bet device fo
cauaiag torpedoee to1 be diaebarged be
fore they atrnelthe ahipe at whlel
they wre aimed. . ',, : " ;
. It ia aM generallv amamed oa Haa
aad bv othera familiar wltk condition'
of reproof from the manager of
,eer Mitt Company.. . , ,)
" w . : .:
the Tlo
ief tbia eent ia aaiil to hart
reonaible for the failure of La
haiaa busiaeia firm to make aay die
play of tbe Ameneaa flap- a reqneet
cd by tbe Preaidebt at the beginning o:
the-Oermaa-Ameriraa war..'- It waa t
common thing far . ' traveling men t
twit Oeorge Frielaadj proprietor of th
Pioaeer Hotel, with failing to fly th
flag beeanae ' ke . wae "afraid ei
WeiaakelmerjrNv V.V' ,' ... :,;'.
A traveling maa; rater' declared in th
Demoathene. Cafe la HIlo that the
were few America - flag .' flying ir
t derma n tew a, -Maul," meaning La
kaina. - Thia and ether fctsertioa made
at the time , were reprinted ia a Hih
newpaper and. .eventvally, in one o
the Maui paper. " After the public
tie 'of the article It aaid there wa
a creet. diirplay of red. whit and bl
ibunHtfg rk Lakaiaa.-' i i- - ' . v . ' '
j tAnothranae of omplaint and friti
'elirm 'e'fteit leard on Maui 'fegardia;
the aonduct 4)f.the Pioneer plantatiot
i hat ,whea. Captain Young. nation
guard oBifler arranged a ball ia the ar
niory in bonor.of the vliting men eat
ofiieer of the K-aubmarine fleet; la
prlng, kit 'faile to aeenre a donatioi
fromthe' plantation maa .toward th
eipeaaea. . Tbia-i often mentioned a
aa : lndJcatioa -of kia attitude towardi
AnWca..:-' '.... !,
. There aire feporta of another eonver
tatioa which vi ald . to haVi takei
place between McOubbin and Wein
beimer a boat aa entirely different eob
Jeet tkaa anti-nbmarin devieee tin
training of Americaa aoldier. '
' Weinahelmer le, aid to havodeelarc
that he knew from kia experieaee a t
Oermaa army officer that aoldiera eouk
not be made ia 'three er i month
training, bavlag at, tbe time early ii
the begianlag of tbe German-America',
war, ia mind the announcement tba
lack, were tke hope of the Americai
government.. , '-.v
Change Bia Opinions
, Hince bin.- return . from a prolonged
etay in Haa Fraaeiaeo Wcinzheimer ii
aaid to kave
told McCubbia ke kad
changed - bia mlad. lie i reported t
have aaid ia effect! '".I aw them eom
into Ban Franeiaeo green recruit, nc'
in three' nwath beeome well net wp o-
diere.".',.. ,. t . ...
rrknuU Have TtliXx -r'y
Thoee who Delieve in Weintheimer'i
loyalty aay thV thiuk that if he evei
had-nny aueh--.ee venuttiou with Me
Cubbin rirgardia g hit iuventiona a l
cAurged, (hat it nnppcned a the reaul
of good atured tcaaing of tbe engi
uer, . Credence aa be give to tUii
view 'by thoee who koow that tai
Pioneer manager - ha alway beea
known a aoniething of a joker, By, hit
ftjmvd and employe. r
Attitude of Kaot 'i;
, .Attitude or tbe loyal Maul cltiseni
i eapreaaed editorially in the.Mau
.Newa, that they "will tura Haleakala
npide down "
"be tolerated eh
tatial make th
oerore duioyaity win
n tkat ialaad. The edi
the atatement thnt then
.baa aot ea entucient loyalty to tb
-vited Hiatee ehowj by th maaager
of tke. Pioneer plaatation aince April
1 fl, 1911. r bet her iw aot all the eharge
uiad aiaiHt him ar true or not. TI)U
eaUinai rea a tojiowi : , : . i,
V i.- It'le wltk feeling of eitreme ',
regret that w learn ( the chargoa
of . dialoyalty preferred agaiuat ,
lr. J. H'riBiinvimer, ntanager. of
" Piouee;.Mill, if for no other rea-:
lf. aaorf than that be a a Maui rel-
. dept and ia at the head of the
. baaiaeaa of a large, Maui enter.
frWe..- Whether or not all of the ;
' jhrge are trur. we do not knowi
inn eaouxa naa ieen admittl .. to
convince a that there haa not beea
ln conirar,!, too much ympathy
vith. and for th arch enemy of
Mir untry aad clvilizatioa 0r
'';mmBff",:r''. -. -.;.-, j.,
Thl wr In very m-rion buxineM
With every " Ami'rii-n. utr.;ri
; after OutroKr lmdeen romniitted
by Germany agninKt Amcrlrnn
ideals, and innult and dennnee
hurle.1 luto our teeth. The "fight
i Ing apirit'! r.f America han been
forced tip, CRinst our winbex, and
we are now prepared to aacrlllre
. rnillinm of liven If need be, and
Tannlnna trenKiire to bring -anont
the trinmph of right In the world.
Ia the ntruggle we eajtnot tolerate
disloyalty, or German ympathle
' (which mean the mm thing) in
ant part of the United Note, ia-
elndiag Hawaii.. Mr. Weinahelmer
i II a man or more than avernge in-.
telHgenee, and should know thet.
If he doe not know It, he should
be taugliMt. ';"" . ... f '
Mr, 4 Weinxheimer baa ' mnnr '
friend oa" Mnui between whom
and he there ha developed a J
breach ia the past few dav of ;
, kia making. The latter reret that
, euc.h 1 the ease, and wnnld have
it otherwise If they could. But It
re hi neat move. It I for him te
xindo, or nstisfaetorily cxplnln. .-r.'t
" " V txislUvelr will not tolerate v
" disloyalty to the I'M ted Hates, or','
. dialornl remark, on thl islaad. '
.We will turn ITaleaHn la , upside
' dowa first.-- , ' v"....; ''
Mr. - Wiinrhe:mer,' of 'anyone
kavh'g tden foreign thereto, may
wisely memorise - everv word of ..
,vtvad profitably act aeeordinp-
' Chairman, Wntton ' statement lnf
light. thnt It had almost been decided
"or the-comreittee to fro to Manl nur"
nake a first hand Investirjntlon of the
Veiniheimer n ill prnhnhly - result in r
robe ea to tbe Inek of loyalty referrer
ft In the Ve'ii News editorial, ami els'
a examination of Knrineer McCubblr
egnrdlng the nurpored conversntio
e bad with f-e Pioneer manage:
, bout bis Inventions. . -'
tatement w hieh he I so id to have
adef to eeveral intimate, friend, or
tresent a good reason fo not tellln
be same story now as formerly, a
east one of his friends will snpenr he
'ore tie Inveslipetinj committee, nn'
l how he,beerd the jetlls of the
Urged conversation regarding the 'ub
larine inventions. . - , ' ;
"However, if aneh a conversation die
ecur, MrCuhhin' friends believe hi-
aqnestloned lm-alty to the Americai
vemment will cane him tor give al
ke faeta to .the committeemen, even
hoogb it crnsns. klm a wrench to turr:
gainst kin friend and employer .who It
-ew order . fire, or. thnt. be eaa eati.
'aetorily prove he be never been een
nred, questioned or otherwise troubled
leeause of the eending of; the anti
ubmarine device to Washington, and
hat be ha never so stated by iatima
loa rr direct statement. , '. ', ,.;
The investigating committee ia stil
err deslrou of securing corroborative
vldAae ; In the , Wei nzheiaer investl
ation and request all person having
nek' to brieflv write It out and .aent
t to the ehalnnaa pt the committee. -
Two witnesses. Mr. and Mr. B. G
nrwre esamined by the committee
ten. f a session held yesterday morn
ag.V; There were no new developments
t is stated.', Another meeting. 1s to b
eld Tneaday morning, t ,
.tpwt'a Invastlgatlon ;, .';.".' '',' .i. '"
One of th lust sutements made 1))
fanhger Weinaheimer yesterday even
ng befor be deft for Manl waa tba'
e wanted the; fullest kind of an in
estigatioa and that he had invited thr
ommitteemea to come to ' Mani th
'hotbed of the complaint, " a hf
hrased it and question every one re
rding hi conduct and utterance.
Manager Weinshelmer' mainer wa'
hat of a man who believed he would
e fonnd vuiltles. if an honest , aar1
complete iaveatigation wa made. .
:',.;. - i .:
tapanese Murderer Causes Bar
tuck , Which He Believed
; Would Follow Warriage
, Bake-crazed and believing kimseU
ke- meaeger of the bad luck which
e kad long predicted . would fall bpof
Ma' daogkter and son In law Kccuc
'key kad gone in tke fare of a Jap
tnese auperstition wa thr motive thai
' aaeed Keninhiro Kawamoto to raurde
laaiehi.Takiguehi and hi three-year
dd grandiou at Kahala Friday eve
ilog, according to information given
0 tbe police yesterday.
, Osa, Takigui lii, the daughter of tbt
Jiurderer and suicide and tbe wife
Fakagochi, Mill linger lietweeu death
ad ae t The Queen' Hospital.
It wa a npertition that bad luel
rould . follow a marriage of an onl
laughter, tq, an only sou wbieh ceased
ke murderer, to. forbid hia daughter. U
red iTaklguehi several year ago.' Sh
loped with her lover and they havC
inre avoided the father, who i re
torted to have one told hia divoreCi
.Vife that be won Id sometime sfci bi
laughter and her husliand. It was th
llvoreet wife who furnishdl this iufer
nation to the police. ' ;
' She says thnt ever sim-e tbe mar
iage ka. had been a greatly change
maa and teemed to let the fear of th
lapaue superstition prey heavily or
'li minif. This sujierHtition aroised be
rend bi mental control by great po
lone of sake, straugely enough, re-
ulled in his being the instrument ' of
he "bad luck" he had ho long feared.
i ,
is i I '..
Letters received by friend any that
Albert K. I.ih-iih, p." former Honolulu
vouth, Is now n first lieutenant in the
L'nited Htntes xervice in France, ' He
wa admitted to practise law while
here, and was for sometime associated
witb the Magooii brother. He left
Honolulu about three years ago to con
tinue hi studio iu the Knst and at tha
beginning of the war entered an of
fieere' training camp. Lieutenant
l.ac' mother ii still u Honolulu resi
dent ,
Lhcr C: ' i II:s
Three Cc!':sicnJ r
OaOutwrrd Voyage
.Vtakes Record In Six Days of
v Smashing Hull of Schooner
. Sinking a f.'c tor Boat and Cut'
ting "Nose" of Steamer - ;
' hn? eollision with other vessel in
ix day w tbe record establiske
y the steamer Chlaa of th Chin
ilail Bteamship Company, on her lai
voyage to th Orient la jnuary.
A pilot waa In charge of the Chins
tt the time of one of tbe collision, bu'
'apt, B. O. Iemriet wa ia charge e'
ii vessel whea the other accidents oe
eurred. s. .;... .4 -l ,': j
nri, was a losa 'of life ia an)
if the collisions, although two of tbt
rew tf the second vessnl (track wert
a the water all .aight before - beio.
escnod - end- two others were baulei
tbonrd the China by First Officer W
I,. Bobbin witb a line. ; -: w
In every instaaee the 'officer of th
'Thin,' which wn in port yesterday, a
.ert the collision were caused by th
tther vessels rutting across the Chi,
dail liner' bow excepting whftn on
f the ' pilot ran' the f Cluaa ' into i
iteamer which wa at anchor; ' -;
Out of three accident th China e
aped with onlv one or two bow plate
lightly beet. The China succeeded Ii
inking on of tbe vessel hit, ia cut
lag th '"nose" of another an. I i
"shoving" the other aside. .
r The first collision occurred On Jat
iary 14 at eight o'cloe in the more
ag a the China wa off the Yokohama
treakwnter. A two-masted Japancs'
s'hooner attempted to erora la froa
ir the big steamer and failed to do
efore she wiu track.; '.'.
The m-heoncr.wa "shoved aside':
he China oOleer say, with a good poi
ie of her iiull stove In. This w
me accident which" occurred whea Ca
at a Demarset wa In rommana an
fter th pilot ' ha left the Cbia.
bridge," - ., ' . , ...
Two day later, the night of Jan
iary 16 at seven o'clock,, a Japaaee
ug boat . witk a motor beat . in ' to
ried . to cross the China 'a bow whll
he wa in . the Shimenoseki 'Btraltr
icar the entrance te the Inland Sea
rhe tug got in the clear, but the mote
oat was struck directly amidship am
tunk. The tug went on a though a
tware of the .accident;, while the fou
Jul or on tb motor boat came up fron
clow and took, te 'the ' water aa th
trokeai bulk bega 4o ink. , ,
First Officer Robbina got a line t
wo of the men amkihen a China life
mat waa lowered, and the search fo
ke other men continued without one
es for two hours, i It waa suppose'
be other two sailors had perished, bo
in the return voyage of .the China I'
ear learned, that they ; had , auceeedet'
a getting ashore, u ..-; .,, -. .
Just .the China - wa. leaving-- th.
Voosnng Riier, oa the .might .of Ja
iary. 20, the thrrdi-acldent happeaCf'
vnea tbe pilot arjoara xrn tbe veasp
nto a small isinni steamer wtiica wa
'.nchored. The . China atruck .; the an
hored vessel near - her forward por
lawyer bole and cut off the bow o
belittle teamr, . .. .-. ..-"',V.
The anchor - chain of ' the' Chines'
casting steamer caused most . of the
lamage Inflicted oa the Chiaa la be
are , acciaent. , ; y-. y ,;.
Is Reopened To v
Ihckfeld Company
ction Taken )Bf Governmen'
May Be Indication That Reor
ganization Has Made a Favor
able Impression At Washingtor
For. the. first time aiaee'reetrtttloB-
scre placed upon 'the firm of .11. Hack
'eld ' A' . Co- conceruing wirelesa am
:able mesaaget, eommenclng at tke out
break of the war between the Unite
lute and Oormany; the . goveromen
yesterday permitted ateaaage to pat
hrough tbe radio ottlee and be ieuver
d to tbo manager' office. ; " ,"
Thl was. regarded a a favorabh
'en that th federal zoverament ie be
ginning , to recognize the .firm - a a
kmcrican institution, open to tne (am
ni radio privilege eaioyed by if
American 'firm. . .- : - '
Maaager J. F. C. Ha gen confirm
V information nnd while at first fel
ht it might have been a ' mistake
ra greatly elated to feel that tbe blj
,rm ''-. could negotiate it busines
'hroiigh the. speedy chnnjlel accord
d other concern and piave, it oa thi
erne rooting. . .... .,
.The message In question waa delayer
a its delivery for a few days, aad ,ltr
-nntenta concerned a matter of incur
anee., ...
.1. , -.
M'A8HlVoTON, February lft Asso
luted Press) Lieut. Col. It. J.' Mar
bsll'jr. ha Wen placed teiuporarih
M charge of the enntenment construe
'on,-su.-ceilig Col Isaac W. Littell,
rbo i promoted to brigadier general
leneral Littell denied today thot hi
ia resinned aa const mctor of the cau
nnmeata, .' A report that he had lf
hi work a the result of a clash will
Maior (iural' Qeethal is not eon
firBVHl,;-'v'.;;W-i - -':- -
; ; J V,: , yiELD UP BODIES
: MONTREAL. 1 Febrijnry lft, Ao
ciatad rres) Fourteeo more bodie of
children have been recovercl from the
ruins of the hospital asylum and or
phanage of the (frey Nan, -destroyed
by fire Thursday flight. It ia. feared
thnt the roll of dead will amount to nt
least a hundred, all children, many of,
only a few year of age. , . t
' -., 'I-"--n :.:r-f':.-y
10, pis. Sr.MT-V.T.r.TVLY. '
l . -w - - "' TfL'.:ii;.i
; ".' U v Li i' , J J r
San Francisco r.Tanagcr Knows
What Players He Need3 ".',
. - and Will Get Them ,
8AX FBANCISCO, February . 2
While other folk are busy elllng th
iols and worrying about Itca Berry'
financial condition, Hen klmelf i all
eereae, and come right out in moot
ing and ftay that Ran Francisco will
have a good a ball club thla year a
it kad last year.' .- ;
Aa the8eal won the flag Inst era
tori. Hen ' statement listen fair enough.
He ny be can- tep right out and
?et the men ne needs In twenty-four
hours, so. he Is. not going to worry
aoout tlie matter a bit. He doe ad
mtt that Frank Navln of 'the Detroit
luh ba written h m. snv ncr he ia
hard np for plavers himself and ean
not spar any to the Seal. ' -
Hen denies that he wee after Ty
?obb, but he could nse a few men like
CricVson, Maisd, Bnker, Oldham and
UeKee, whom he pot from Detroit last
eason.' - ' - ; .,'
Heed Only Tew Player V '
Hen kays he needa a couple of pitch
vs, one good catcher and a couple of
Mit.flelder -and he will be ready to go.
Ie figures thet Koerner, Downs, Cor
san and Pick will man hi infield agnln
vnd Herbie Hnnter will be back to do
tWity. roles. If he I not drafted.
Cnlvo, will be bsek' for one of the
nit field .inbs nd Hen mnit fiml ma
6 tVe the plnee of Hehaller and Fit
"era.ld end Mnisel. Hen does not be
'eve that fiehaller will quit the game.
oV ke ie going ahead a' if he did
-elieve H and he is not eonnting en
MIT eomlnar back. Fitr.gerald belong
e Philndelphia, whether he report or
nt, ao Hen Is not figuring on klm at
11. - ' ' r '; r
: "l et m all worry," said Hen. 'The
eal win be there with a good elub
vken the aeesoa start. I'll tell .'the
vorld' bo.!. ; .- i ' -
' "
The; ; . Broncho; (2:00), ' one time
hampioB pneingr mare, whose record
ra made at Galesburg, Illinoi, in 1906,
aa, harneued the. other day for the
,'rt time ia almoit a decade,' aad now
being jogged every day at the Dean
raining farm, Falatine, IlUaoLv'. .
The twenty-year-old mare', 'which" re
elved her -nam from the fact that
he waa o-"gimpy" a a youngster
to be almost, unmanageable, i a
"ull of life a ever, and no colt on
he plafe cut more caper whea taken
ut for road work than doe thl mother
f four or five foal., Bh is not to
' raced or even trained seriously, but
'ie h-I, of the Dem family ay that
f he eaa; find out what is the best
eeord by a twenty year-old pacer be
nil go out aome day neat summer and
eat it. '.-.-...'' .- v ; -. .'--'.
When on the-turf The Broncho" bad
mly on way of racing, and that wa
go out in front when' the word was
riven; aad tay there a long tb
ould. Any effort to reatraia . or
'place' her duriag a heat brought
ibout a pulling match between t the
aar and her driver, and that,-of
'ourae, wa fatal to success, fthe ab
wlutely required more work to kee
a racing form than any horse of her
ime, aad if aot given it wae of little
leeount when turned for tha money.
M1LLB BCHOOL, February l
Caaek Give ha decided to enter hi
men in the 1 mile relay during the
Carnival week. Mine mea have beea
dgned. up and among them are many
tood runner. T, Teragawa, who won
ib ten-mile race, will be among the
contestants and Coarhea Given and
iVynian- have high hope for Mill ia
this racs. ' ; ,., ,r
. Mills ha taken' increased Interest ia
be running sport and every day sees
many new men. turn out for practise'
a abundance of material, both new
tad old, seem to give Milla aa ad
vantage in the coming meet with the
Mhsr schools and also ia the A. A. U,
meets.. Mill baa been mostly noted
'o. long distance 'men,.-but with- the
eming of Coach Given and ('Do"
Wymaa short distsnce. runner' have
hown up well and many dark horse
have beea revealed among the Oriental
lads at the school. Capt, Tom -Tin
Fook ia active, and he expect to land
a winning team iff all the track meet
thi season, as 'thi is his. last veer
at Mill, r.- .'..-;..'-.- - . :
CHICAGO, February Orover
Cleveland Alexander, who, with bl
'attery mate, Bill Killifer, , coat the
Chicago National . League) Baseball
Hub 150,000, today declared that if he
plays with the Chicago team next sea
no n be must be paid a salary of 13,
(100 a year and a bonu of .110,000 for
Miguiog. Alexander, who aome time ago
became a holdout, atopped off her en
lii. war from Nebraska to Philadel
phia. He denied that he and Preal-
dent Weeghmaa had never reached any
Agreement concerning a bouu or term
if or aex.t teaton. , ' ' . ,. '.,?'
Man' Who Put Houillon To Sleep
. in Twenty-nine seconds
(,. Looks Higher' '";"'
-Jn the squared ring eirelea of the
local army post there Is a lot of talk
abont matching Holme of tha' Elev.
ntk Company, C. A. CH of Fort Kuger
nd Battling Fly nnr. the latter bavinp
the reputation of being .ona cf the
best mitt artists' in th service. -A
go between these two Men is
minent ahd Ihey will probably com to
gether som time next month when a
' big mokr i held In Honolulu, the
1 proceeds of which, it i aaid, will go
i me itea virosa nociety. Holmes
! friends, aad ke kae a bunek ef .them,
Iood. true and steadfast, believ tht
n wui give Air. riyaa a much aa the
latter return and probably enough
more to give Holmea the shade of the
transaction..-.. J - r . ,j
Short And Merry Bout -:'
. - From report brought from th fight
nrwnn at ncnoneia Mnrracks, the gen
era! ma of the bout ont there, on I.lu
coin Day waa a keen, disappolnimeni
fn bout, however, I said to hav giv
n satisfaction, but at that it wt too
short, 'even though it T.ai sweet ar
far as It wt, for what wa to kavr
keen a four round' go between Holmer
end - Leo Houillon came to 'a andder
tflrminatioa long before the first roMnd
eould mn Its course. ... Twenty nlae sec
ends after .the mitted rival ,; thoqV
hards Holme swung a sleep produce
on Hotilllon. It waa Jong, after . the
referee had rested from the eonni tha'
Honilloa came to from his trance.
Therefore, Holmes' frlenj think hi
ca aspire hicUer nnd take on a mue
better maa- then he whom be put te
sleep nn Tusdy . night at Schofi'eu
Bnrracka. ...... y... , . ..:
Bit Crowd At Smoker .- .'-' "':
. Probably a thouaaad fan filled the
bitf First Infantry . Amusement Hal'
oa Tnesdsy night to witness a merry
buarh of honts. - A said be fore. Holme
electnlled the audience and deadener'
his nrinonent to w everything in the
world for a little while when he' hand
ed Houillon a package labeled ''K.O.'
Poetrle Price and Battling- Flvnn
foHght .a fast four round match, wblcr
waa h only other worthwhile mill of
the evening The bent war a draw
with v probably the .: ahnde ,.oln in
Flyna'i. favor. Still, Prw admirer
say -he, bad tha palpable edge in the
draw ; Wi j" :-;-; - : ''..'. ; s! '
Thompson and Johnson of the Twew
ty fifth went, four round. . There war
a fair mlitnr of light and comedy la
the bont and a a laughter producer it
wao pot bad Hi-kit Vv5:.':- ';;v':ir
Thompson of the Hoipltst Corprbnd
Fitrcemld of the Signal Corp. mtef
but sjlditly, th go being a disappoint
mcnt from the andicnee end. of th
house. At one stage of the proceed
ings,' it is said,' Thomnson gained the
ear of. the referee., What he told him
may no be material, ; it there,' are
those who nay that the er bachelor re
.ferred to. aa Interesting aoeial event
which .took place aome time aro.'fihort
Ir before getting married Thompson
announced that he wa paa with tke
tlpht gums,' Last Tuesday' boat rtme
after the wedding, however. Tborap"
eon told. Vf r. Referee then that It waa.
again, b lat light. Th bout wa a
tnme draw, ,,', ;'''..' c, ,';' "..' . T.-, J .
Oreen . and Cooper oiled for i fonr
round aad a draw, abad la favor of
the former, ; It wa a Green akade, but
the edge wa oa Cooper, the latter'
friend avefy ' . ,,r . . ,-t
It Waa Draw and Draw '; ' ,
? Another draw waa the result ef ike
four-round mill between Wasser -. and
Chare. Both wot tha ahade aad edge
If one judge br the. claim adraaeed
by the respective admirer . iif .the
rranper;. ; , . .', .,.',.' ...
The. Bobble Moore and Ralph De
Mott bout, which ws mipposed to be
the main event ef ' the evening, wa
very, parlor like affair, If the viw .
pressed by many who attended the mil.'
count for. anything. it wa . draw
'the shade, probably going tha way of
De Mott. - Moore' showing ia al4 te
hav beea rery poor., - . . '. lV':V
' There were a aumber of ether bout
all of thern about oa the name average.
The social end of the emoker wa a
marked success and much . credit goes
to the management of the Port Ath
letle Club for the evening' enjoyment
'. LONDOX, "February ' I8-(Aocited
Pre)-For the purpose ef Increasing
the supplv of home-killed rabbit, bare,
game, wild fowl and nlceon. the mi a-
' itrv of munition baa released a ou en
tity of lead to be made into ahot aad
a anon sees that .aartridge may be ob
tained for th exclusive use of ktllinf
,' ,:,r.:-.-:..x 's p; .-. : I . ;..
NEW YORK, Jaauary J7 Charle
H.iEhbett is a believer in Bnndsy
baieball, but be refuse to argue the
question. . Hrv.. Dudlev Oliver Cuter
held, a Kew. Tork minister, challenged
the aquire of Flatbuah to a debate
about it but Charle sent back word h
wa looking for expression of opinioa,
not for debate, s ,-. . : .
- -i " ; , ' ,. . . " . -, '
' rAWAMA, lerrury j
'ioeiatd PrssHrry Will d-!
fted Ram JdeVey, tb. colored
boxer, bere oa Saturday evening
bv knocking tke latter out ia the
fifth round of their bout,
o st.:.:.3 FAST
! c;
.i t
Example of What Can Be Done Is
Told By Local Agency , . ;
A sample 'of the gnol '"work being ..
done 'oa the plantation toward dia
posing of Thrift 8tmp 1 given la a
report which has just beea received
by Alcxaader A Unl.jwin from VT.'
Bayer, msnager of the Makaweli ator .
if the Makaweli - Sugar Company. .
Kauai, in which he say be ha sold '
leventy-five percent of the stamp sect (
him from Honolulu, representing about .
tlOOO, and the greater part of these .
ere purchased by Japanese.
The .Taiwanese were unusually well , '
.HsfMised toward Vncl ham'a Thrift-'
Stamps, and with tn assistance of tha -rpaneee
minister Mr. Payer ha (old J
leveiKyflv' thrift curd to Japanese'
school children. ' ' . '' "
In order to attract special attention ', '
th Thrift Utamn campaign which '
'ie 1 so successfully conducting Mr. ;;
ENyer i running an "d' ia the Daily !.
Wlreles New of Kuai. - '
H ba requested that a further sup- :".
ily of these stamp be forwarded to "
dm at enee so that he mey aot tun
:hort. Her ls asked for thrift tarda
md U. S. certificate.' '- "-'- .
V Th local eommtttee in charg ef th
Ampaiga Is very much pleased with
vhl progressive' report. - - -' '
Cnstla t:Cooke,
commission merchants " ' ' '
insvkanc aqenth. -
.w Plsstatlon Compaa ' ?''
.Walluku Aarleultural Co., Ltd. ' .;: .
' ,Apoaa Snoar Co., Ltd. -"'
, ..- Kohala Sugar Conpatly '- '' ;' ,
V l , Wahiawa WaUr CompaayLtd.
V Fultoa Troa Worl, of 8t. Laaia '
- Babcoc'k A Wilcoa Company 7
-. tireea'a Fuel Eonomler Comriaay
'( Cka. C. Moor A. Co, Cngineera
;; .-, -- TOTO JCISEN KAI8HA v ' .'"'
k : had " BYT ,yL . I would twrvM
hATa ' teen auccaafaL''-Tkoa. . F.
By. '-'-..'.- r-.'--. " '' '. :; ;
Toti exi bbtaia Tkiif SUmpt'an4
rVar Saving Stamp at tbta Bank. ,
Afarcbant tad Tort Bti, . HonoloJa
-.,"; tv,iv ;."',
,l,from Montreal to, IJ-rerpool," ' ,r .
,' London and Glasgow via )h ' : ,,
' and St. Tawrwnc Rout
;- j . . v THE WOBLD ';;
,'; ...;.V.v.,"" " .. aad -v i - '-'
; -"; 00 AST SSBVIOB ' ' N -
, By tb popular Priaert y ,''
i' S(pmr ,. from Vancouver, .
V '. -t-( Victoria ar Seattle. - '.' ,
For fulf Information apply i
Theo. H. Davies & Co. Ltd
3a t Agent, CnnndUn-paelfl By. C.
'. Cczciissica lilcrchiht :
iSuHx'; Factors
A't I
y r.wa 1 IIIMUOI lOt '. v
.; 1 Walalu Agricultural Co. Ltd.
Apohaa Sugar Co., Ltd.
V , Fulton troa Work Bt. Iiuoi
'y Blake Bteaut Pump ';, '.,-- ;
'; Wester Ceutrlfugala J -',' -
Babeock WUe.o Boiler
J V Oreca' Fuel Kcoaomiaer
, . ,;Marh 4taai Pnmp : ,
' Matsoa Navigation Co, '"
-. Planter '.Lie Hhliiping Co. f'
Kohalg Sugar Co. , ,-.-
."' v.'.'BVWKESS CAED1.MS-.
' '-V ''- '"' ' ! :, 't v r-''""'.'"''
pf every deacrlptioa nuida te
.-. . ..; SEMXs WEEKLY ,'-..-",;-.
'. i Ia4 Tuesday ud Friday
I Entered at the Poetofflc of Honolulu, a ;
. T H., M vacnnd-ela matter.) ;
Far Year. um : yj.
r Y foreign) SM
: Fayable Invariably lv Advao, . ' .
PILilOESat OBAOTI f - ' 1 IfaaAgag ; ::
.A s
,..- A
Vi c:t-.

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