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war;sa YS HORNER
Honolulu. Felimsrr la, lUla.
.' ; I
tt hold siDEiiMriitii
Ww f
of Industry Under Direct
.mmmprvhion of
r.t- s
i of -Hawaii will nrobablv be places'
; , Jar otttfttJ of the Territorial feed
soar, mission; and' that meat ia already
leaglsiBiag to evme dowa were th ut
ataading eaiaras yesterday Vi a1"
fWi , regulative of meat priced sad
H(at ianrersmeut la the general
OMt, aUstrtoa. , - 1
F. Tf.ksUepoilUn Meat Market Is
ensd. an announcement, which ii being
nvrted this morning, thai, begin
s4Af -today, retail prises of beef will be
two nts a ppuai lower. It ia eouf ic
-eat)jr. oxpeetad thai, other meat retall
A. wJll fellow tae excellent example
eat- by tae Metropolitan.
' ThA raduetlon, however, ia not eon
Bidawed bf tka investigators at by aay
mean, solving tae problem of prises,
aeweer vAtion and iaoreaae ia supply,
aaaj) Orajr will go akead with the work
..aoUaetisv all available facta -that
sag kave beariag oa theae mattera.
Child Approves Plan
'. :Vh planing of the Territorial food
ftimmiatioa ia eostrol of th cattle
baaloeaa of Hawaii waa advocated yes
trwa'a? isTnany quarter! where the lim
ttatiea af the federal administration
la food are appreciated, among thoee
argtogr nuah aata being Food Admin
latrator J. F. Child hi mar ft. The fact
that the tpm4weTa are not placed tin
der federal license removes tola branch
of tha industry from federal control
and makes it awAesea-jr, It ia said, to
fall baak. apon' the powers given the
Territorial food commlaaion by act Of
- rsirfntwre.
y jtt. Child af the federaf food admin
. titration acknowledged yesterday that
kit powara do not extend to the pto
.tipa. of beef, aad that any reaaltfe
tha can be ae cured by him in thia
apWt eaajiot ' be by the one of federal
pofer Wit aaefely to the extent of en
Uoqinw tha cattleman to abandon pfo-
ilt which are conaiilered out of keep
ing with the prearnt food aituatlon.
Plenary Powera
- Section 5 of the act of legialature
fcfeatiog tbe Territorial food eommia
lion. Jfivea full powera "to cultivate or
rfawie otlHse any land, whether pnl
' Jtf or pvivata. plaoed under ita control
.Sijaaade available for ita uae
(I la the oplnioa of the eommiaaioa
(brtr actios ia aeoenBary to produce and
jauUatala a aufleieat aupply of auch
Ka for pufclic needa; to further and
aiae the fredoetioa of food by all
. apaeoptdete aiaajia to aoatrot
.' tfcditribntion Of food fVonghont tha
Yeritovy ' to prevent the
alahftteriinT of liveateek when In the
wadnieO) of the eommiaiiion tlie publie
iataraat ao require, to provide mainte
ttaatea for Uveatoek when an owner ia
enable to make sufficient provision
''With theee powers it ia believed (hut
tM TaTiatory may auppleneat the pow
e V iaw fedaral body and that the
pra4uetia of beef aaay be reached by
abc foad coatrol even tooagh the
praflaeara are aot lieeaaad.
T raport -of the special ommitU
of tha eommiaaioa, whw-h haa juat been
aaaajit bad after peacefully alaepltig in
a bigeoabele for aine montha, hoe eon
tHaaed anoat to the prevent agitation
about beef.
Oraatag ImoA Keeded
One- of the greatest need ef the
aattle "iodaatry at the preaent time,
aieeordlag te the report ef the npeciul
Vara automobiles collided about half
past six o'elook last evening at 'the
corner of Keeaomoku anil Bo ret an i a
Streets resulting in liitkk car No. 1072
boiag bw)ly damaged, the left fur ward
aide, axla being bent, tiro tora off and
springs broken loose.
Tha latter car was going up Keeau
moku, Street aad had reached the in-
terseetlOB near the trolly tracks when
n'eai. owned by Judge 1'oiiuUvxtei, akd
(ktviag toward Punahou attempted to
earcrve in front. The fatter nai-hlne
fald to dear hud the rear portiba
Struck the front of the Ruick.
. Tha. collision, occurred during a heavy
y laJnfctirrm and while the streets were
alippaty, Judge Poiudexter's car skid
ding somewhat.
A short time previous a Buirk road
iter was struck at the same intersec
tion, its right rear aide beiug baUy
auashed in.
Work of salving the Japanese steaav
r U; Maru in the East has begun,
acebriiing to information received horo
from the mainland recently. The salv
ors have succeeded in tnkinj out much
valuable material which, it is said,
can ba ased on other vessels, and will
be eald t aoorwoua sums.
?be Ohiyo waa a veaiwl of 13,431
toaa g'oaa, 725.1 tons net, and waa fit
ted arith seven boilers and three stautn
twrbiaea. 8lie waa wrecked iu March,
it fat reported that the seven boiler-;
have already t,Mn ttkeu out aad Sold
to Japanese . shipbuilders at 4J85,tlUU
each, or $875,OOU for th seveu.
Territorial Body
Meat Prices
committee, the acquisition of Poreat
" Beaerve Innda for wee fa paatnring rat
tle and thia ia Doaaibie throwsh prorla-
watloo of the Governor upea recoai
mennauon or the board or agriculture
and forestry. Thia board, however, ia
not obliged to need the aaggeatiooe of
tae ixmmi eommiaaioa a matter, now ur
gently required they may be. Thia ia
aaid to be an eaaily remedied over
alght. "Producere of beef are aot enhjeet
to liceaae," Admitfurtratar Child aaid
yeaterday "ami the only way ia which
we ran regulate their prices ia throagh
aa agreement with then There ia bo
iienying the fact that the producer Is
tne man who ia getting the eoeney, aa-i
he ia the man to ba atrnck at, if any
Hriking is to be dona. But tha graaiera
cannot ami mast aot ' be axpected to
enter into this agreetneat antU their
henia are reinforced aad bailt op to an
tent where imnortatioa of beef, to
Hawaii may be Uacoetiued."
Mr. Child sbh! he believed the pro
duction of cattle might be regulated
by the Territory under tha name ter
ritorial law which permitted tha ap
iKjlutiaeut of the territorial food eoai
miaaioa. Albert Horner, chairman of the
special committee which iaveatigated
the oed 'sit nation, aaid yeaterday that
ia his opinion the cattlemen would fled
it t much to their interests If seme of
the anuaed Laads of the Territory coidd
be thrown opes tor cattle raagea.
Parkar ftanck Blamed
In one of the meetings of the Terri
torial Food Comruissioa, Harold Bice,
of the Kaonoulu Banch, Maui, placed
the blame of the domination of . the
beaf market on the aboaldera of the
Parker Bunch of Hawaii; Ia thia
atateraent, also, be asserted that meat
waa then being retailed oa Maul for
the price that was being eeeured by
wholesalers in Honolulu where the
Parker Ranch beef controls the market.
Aa a beginning of it supervision of
Ute local retail meat market the Fede
ral Administration notified meat re
tailors yesterday that hereafter prices
of meat per pound will have to be
displayed where the public can see
them as fiith prices are displayed. Thia
order was given to the meat retailers
about the city a well as to stall men
at the market.
An Untaxing Wedge
"I haven't any doubt that there baa
been aa much underhand trading aroonr
meat aelMia 'aa -ever there was ia tha,
Ban business,' aaid Kben Low of the
food administration, yesterday. "I
had a case reported to me yesterday
where a customer at the meat market
I had been charged a dollar for two and
i three-quarters pounds of beef. It is
t more difficult to establish a general
I i - . . . m i . . i. : .
nio v& fi ,7v VT mnav iubii 11. r gin
for fish, but the entering wedge in that
work will be the display of prices por
The food -administration hits found
the attempt to Tbriag pickled ami dried
thth wlthia the pound price rule in
eludea niaay things connemiu.tl ihe
wholesaler a metbada. One of those
difllcuKiea ss the fact that the 200
pound barrels of plekled salmon which
are sold to the retailers weirh only on
an average af 183 pound. Wholesale
prices . per ponnd for this fish vary
from fourteen to sixteen cents, ami the
prises ia the asarket vary from cih
teen ecota to twenty cents per pound.
Tin fail ia wanted at 'WnshiiiKton.
llonolnlana are asked to save the tin
foil which comes wrapped around
package. Lend, auch aa that wrnpcd
around tea package is also wanted.
Hold bate the tin foil and the lead.
When yon any a package of chewing
gum, fold the foil and put it in your
peAket aad put ft where it can be
gotten eaaily when some one comes
around lor it.
rJoraobodvy ' and maay somebodies,
WHI call for thia tin foil very soon.
IX)riDO, February '28 (A ssof intcd
Tress) Jto basis for serious peace dis
cussiona is fautnl in tim recent reich
stag speech of Chancellor von Hcrtlinjr.
declares Poretgft Minister Balfour in
the rat pfftcla), reply in the house of
commons .to the German chancellor's
address. He rejected as preposterous
the suggejjtlbns concerning Belgium. -He
also said that the chancellor's profess
cd acceptance of President Wilson's
fbur (eace principles is merely "lip
service. '
The first match of the Kauai, I i line
Tennia Club mixed, doublea was played
Friday afternoon on the club's courts,
Miss Outes and A. H, Case plaviui;
against Mrs. C. H. Wilcox end K. V.
Wood. The former team won 0 4, (i .1.
A came f baaketball between the
liilo High tick owl and the Hvlo Hoard
ing Hphool an February 14, ended be
fore it waa finished in a roughousc
started by 8. Lucas.
(Conclude from Page 1) '
attarka the Ternnchi ministry for ita
Inactivity, while the Ynrodrti, another
influential Tokio paper, takea the
ground that the Cnite.l States haa de
cided to force Japan into a more ac
tive port in the wsr and has placed
first its steel embargo and then ita gea
eral embargo on all export Hid im
ports to that end.
"Kxcepting the despatch of Ishii
miss ion there has not been a single act
in the foreign policy of the Terauchi
ministry that showed nny spirit of ini
tiative and efficiency. The government
has done not him? in connection with
the Russian revolution. It haa re-
msine.l indifferent to the disturbance
at Harbin and other disastrous ds
veropftieiit of the situation in Stberi.
As to the Chinese question it has done
worse than nothing." Thia la the way
the A snli i opens its comments on tha
foreiKn policy of the Terauchi ministry-
"While onr tfovr rmnrnt thus r'
main, .n.ctM e and ...d.ffereat, the
RuRHinn Hituation ha ilevplopeil from
. ' '(s ,,ow v,rt?.an.y
!.WJh". 'Jlif1 of- ,,7ln",,,y- ?';'
.... T.,,..K ... me n,j it m
some any id the iionr future Uerman
l.... iu. ..... n
aubiiiariius will be
threatening the
of the Far ICast and Oer-
man aeroplanes lying over this count
try nn.l bombardiii the city of To
kio. Homo people are seriouslv think
ing of such an emergency. T'hey are
anxious to know what our government
can do nnd menus to do when this fear
turns out .well founded.
"'-"'"" "' ""against the business
now, it will become no longer a mere .",,. .
dreamy apprehension to ?hi,,k that ' f"
" Aside from the nossibilitv of each'" Ir"" eonsi.ierauon.Bna ia per-
immediate threat to the safety of the I "P or "an that. Hhe la now an
people, there is no qeti.,n f,ut that "taRe th fJ
tba German influence is fast spread-, ' now transferring all her troops frees
ing toward the Far Kast. Whe,. the e " elds to tbe weatara front
war broke out Knglnnd, in order to ln f VrtUon f or a great general at
protect her interest in India, mobilined , fek B"t Alhed foreea aa that
her troops to Persia at once anil took
a decisive ntion agninst (lermany in
that region. The situation f thia
country in regnrd to Siberia seems to
be exactly similar to that of England
in Persia. Our government ought to
have taken a similar step to protect
our intorest.
"It might be said that the Terauchi
ministry thought of that but was pre
vented from taking the step out of
ita consideration for possiblo protest
and suspicion ef America and Eng
land as to our real motive. Buch con
sideration is not only wholly gratui
tous but against the wishes of England
herself. England would have liked ua
to take the same step she took in Per
sia, for if the interest of the Far East
be seriously threatened, Kngland, by
her obligation to the Anglo Japanese
treaty, will be bound to assist us to
ward off the Uermani menace. We have
the aame obligation ns to the Knglish
interest, in- ludia, and Knglandy'a de'
eislVfl action ' in fersia relieved us
from our anxiety in this respect. .lust
In the same way, our decisive action
in Siberia will relieve Kngland from
her anxiety about the protection of
the Far East against the common en
emy of the world."
Japan Miet Enter War
"When the American steel embargo
waa first reported, we predicted," says
the Yorodau, "that it was a challenge
to ua to take a more active interest in
the war. The Terauchi ministry, fail
ing to see this, undertook n futile nego
tiation as to the lifting of the embargo.
Oar business men, too, made a consid
erable fuss about it without knowing
why America' enacted that embargo.
They Wcte all acting from their own
semen interests.
"Co America the war is a question
of life and death. 8he has joined it
A petition in involuntary bankrupt
cy was filed iu federal court yesterday
by creditors of the 1'aiadUe Ukulele
and Guitur Works, Ltd., who claim
that the concern is insolvent and uu
able to pay bills amounting to l,(M)'i.
The petition is filed by twelve llouolii
lu firms who have accounts of more
thau tSOO.
A petition in voluntary bankruptcy
was Hied by W. II. Seligson, who runs
a dressmaking establishment on I'liion
Ht.riwt. His liabilities, according to
the schedule, arc $1:1,94..21), all uu
secured, agaiust assets of $:(0. The
list ef bills payable include many New
York and Hau Fraueiaco firms, who
have supplied drew gdoUs since 1912.
An embargo on the importation of
coffee is one of the measures being
cousidered by the food administration
to meet tlio coffee problem iu the Isl
nn.ls which exists because apparently
there is an iusulllcleut market for Ko
uu coffoe. It has been proposed that
Nlie importation of other coffees be
prohibited until such a tune us the
Koua product can be put on the mar
The food administration has address
nil u letter to the trade and to restau
rants, hotels und cafes asking what
they will bo able to Ao to increase
llwi consumption of Koua coffee, "no
that Koua. coffoe growers will not be
obliged to go out of business." The
public also is being urged to use Koua
coffee iuateud of the imported product.
Maj. Samuel I. Johnson, Nutionulj
Army, who recently resigned as briga 1
dicr general, commanding the Ilawii iaii i
National Guard brigade, will probably '
retain his title us u.l.iutant general of I
the guard, eveu though hn leaves the
Territory ami en I era active service lit '
t'ump I'roinout, t'uliforuiu. I
because ef thV vihl iuterest' she baa
in the fate of Kurope. Hbe knows
that It is only by making thia war a
serious immediate qnestlon to ue that
this country can be induced to aaeri
flce herself more deeldodly for tha cause
of the Allies. That ia tha real Motive
the American government bad in mind
when. It-'euactcd the, steel embargo. Tha
reported restriction of America on her
Import trade eorties from taa aame mo
tived "fVe may expert that long aa
We ramaia ifr tha sunt -insrUvw aad in
different attitude toward the war both
AmeYiCa aad Ehgland Will eoiftlnae
threatening our business by ell kinds
.W,.l..flv fm ... t u, I
r , .tvii j. vi taa w w u aa
. . . .... ...
tnt emiAr(roti nnd restmuoni, witb
out satisfying the real Interest Amer
ica and England have behind them.
"The effect of the war has spread
out wider every year and It aeema now
that it will not stop until the whole
world has been dragged Into It. AU
circumstance now eonspire te drag
yteU u j it) ntil Bell,ed to atay
; e--4. r m ; -i4-t-l
this country irresistibly Into tha eon-
America and Kngl.ad every time they
a new VohibitorV meaanre
.-.in-f ,h. ...; i. ,- . thl.
no other alternative
uui iu i.ki'ui. nuuiusi, ur Allies inu
t A V .111.. 1
1 t. ' i i
n.vmBPT. Of course we can't do this.
What else can we do, then, but to wake
up and do something to lighten the
pressure of the Allies!
' 'Germany Tbreatetu Japan
"In all practical questions that have
to do with the development of the war
situation Roawia may well be elimina-
"The Cherman menace resulting from
the traitorous action of Bnaeia looms
np even aainat thia country. In the
discussion ia the Hanse of Peers, the
question of Sussia's national Indebt
edness, amounting to 200,000,000 .yen
that waa paid for her by thia country,
waa bropgbt up against the government.
Tbe government paid thia money, ac
cording to the explanation of the aa
thoritien, following the example aet by
England. It is just like our govern
ment, the diplomacy ef which is al
ways nothing twit n imitation of Kng
land. It is said that the money was
mostly the price for the arms and
munitions supplied Russia by ' this
country in tbe early period of the war.
Now theae arms and munitions have
been turned over by the Bolshevik!
government ' to Sermanv. The result
comes to thia' that we have supplied a
' large quantity of arms and muaitioni
"'Two hundred nilllion yen Is adamatl
amount to tbe financial reaenrces of thia
country, tt is a serious question, but
the question doea not atop here. The
Uerman menace ia new actually threat
erring ua through Siberia. The Allies
may be able to defeat Germany ia the
end aad the German military class may
collapse, but ,itoe Oermaa people will
remain acting with the name dogged
tenacity and tha aame yearning for the
conquest of the world. If they -remain
uaorimlted, the peace of tbe world will
be broken again in future. It ia re
ported that Gerataa . war prisoners in
Russia are all. aet fsee and working
vigorously for tha future interest of
Germany in Russia and Siberia. Many
of them are studying the dialects of
the Russian u socle and nlanain? for
the industrial expansion ox Germany to
tfie Far East.'
The suit of. the flcluunan Carriage
Company ugaiuat 8. H. Paxsou, its for
mer vice president aad manager, has
been followed by another that was
filed yesterday by Pax son against
Oustnv ck'human and the Bchuman Car
riage Company.
The suit of the company against
I'axson was filed the day it was an
nounced that ' Paxnon had been re
moved from the list of ofllcars and
had gone to tha itoaal Hawaiian Gar
age. This action era's for approximate
ly $2rt(Ml which tha eonapany says was
advuueed to Paisoa srbUu be wa
with the iirm and which it ia alleged
was never paid.
Paxsou 's suit is a replevin action by
which he is seekrag to recover posses
sron of a Hudson automobile. No. 3055,
which he allegea waa Wrongfully seized
and held by the Bchnman company. It
is vulued at 2600. The complaint is
uccompunied by m bond for $4000, the
sureties being F. T. Riehardeou aud
R. II, Trent.
No announcement. has yet been made1
in connection with a reorganisation of
the Royal Hawaiian Garage company
of which it waa aaid Paxson was to
Irecome manager.
scene of activity
ROVIK, Februnry 28 Associated
I'ress)- Active work by hostile recon
noiteriug parties between the Adige
and the Kreuta river have been ry
Lively artillery fghtiug has taken
place westerly of VaJupeugela.
The Italian aviators hit aud dam
nci'd a u enemy ammunition station at
Cismon aud bombarded Bulzang aud
Niimeroiis enemy machines today (lew
nvcr the plains and a number drupprd
bombs furiously over Yeuice.
AUi. Baldwin. Ltd. ..1270
U. Brewer 4 Jo K
Kws Plsntntlon Cn. . .. V
Haiku Hiik. '.. lm
Hw. Aaictl. o 40U
llsw. tt H. ('.. 44
Hl Dinar Co :4V
40 ' '
Ilnunkaa Hiik. i:.i V
Hnnmnn Hug. o I w
IrluU-hlnsuu Hsii. Itaot. .1 Kt
Kahnkn Plant. "o I lH
Kekaiia Hu. '
Knliia Mnir I '.i ... 17
M-lro sins. Co . Ltd. . V.
(lalm Hn " "'1'
oins Suit ... I.t.l H
Onoim-a Hun. i'u . ......
t'aaulian Hue. Ilant. Co . T
PaeUtc Siik Mill 10
l'ata llantatlon Cn. . ..1'W
Heeekeo Hs. 'o 1...
Itoneer Jllll Co 31
Han Carlos Mllllna Co. .. 1H
Wuinlua Aifr. ll Co . . . W
Wallukll Hiik. Co M
Enrisn Dsvatoomant Vi i...
1st Isaos Assess TO Fd..
2mt Isaac I'axl "n '
llalkn K. I'. Co. I'M.
Haiku V Y. Co., Cuiu.
Haw. Con. Ht. A ..
Haw. Con. Ky. .
Hsw, cn. Kr Coin. ..
HamaJlan Klectii. Ca. ..
Hsw. ItneaPTile Co. ...
Hon. H. M. Co. Ltd.
Hon. lias Co , t.l.l
I ao
HI '4
Hon K. T.
Inter Island 8.
Slut 'lei. Co.
Oahii l(. w L
I. c
N. Co.
I'ahnns Knblier in.
Helama IMuillngs, I'd.
Ham .m l-ll . . .
Tsnjong Olak Rubber
Reaajh Walk 1. D. St4.
ffaioakua Hitch Co., 6a.
Hsw. 'o. Hf. .vy ....
Haw. lrr. Co.. tu.
Haw. Tcr. Hef. IWB
Raw Ter. 4 JbI. laps.
Uaw. Ter. Put), Imp. &
tavrlaa lHli'BlXl
Haw. Tcrr'l AW .
IIUo Oas Co.. I.fd..
Honokaa Kna. Cu.
Hn. flaa Co.. Ltd.
Kauai It) Co.. Us
Manoa I. I).
Meliryde 81m. i'o.. fts ...
Mnt. Tel. :
Onhn R. L. Co.. V ..
Oahii Suit. Co.. tlr,
iian nuanr . wo ....
I'actOc Una no a P. Co., Os
i. e.,iiM umiBtf aae.
Olaa, 2.1. :k. (ISO: Onliu. 40. Xi. 20,
KISO: Wuiiilua. 40. 10, l.l; Ouoinea, .'",
."io.."s); lloneer. 10. I0MI. 81.01).
wiAkLi svaLaia
Kwa. '. l'lnes. 'JO, 40.7S.
A.loitel liy tbe
Kehrusry 11). 1018
Htorks kcUIiik at leas than 10 cests per
share, y, cent M?r slmre.
HttM'ka hi-IIIos; at 10 cents awl below
11.00 per share. 1 cent per share.
Works srlllua st fl0 and ImIow K'iO
per aLarc. -i'A cents er share.
maeks aelirnc at S2.SO aod Mow tS.W
per snare. 8 cents per abarav -'
Htcs ks aclllna at X.V00 anif Itelaw IZlOO
per share, I cents per anar.
HtiM-ka aellliiK at li'lsj and below t.'sTOO
per allure. cents per share.
Ht.M'ks aetlHUK at tMlOU and adore per
share. S of 1 evirt per share.
atouds- Dm quarter of uu isercent on
i'Ue 1'eualty for Vtoiatlon of the Als.re
Bates is Kxtiulslof) fnmi the KxehaHKe.
UTectlve Uarrli 1. HUH.
Jaauatry .uib
88 analysis oeeia (no advices).
M Cent. (Tot Haw ) Butars a 000
Kebruary Ml, 11)18
Btmrapore .tti X
York 5S.S0
February 1. 11118.
February 3. 10 1H
It. ('. & 8. C
February U. HUN.
. .. J OO
. . . 1 on
. . . zo
Feliraury 1..,
HswslUn Husar , .!W
Oahu JO
L'epeekeo 40
Umi Carlos 10
Wa la lua -JO
0. M. ft L. Co B
Fel.nuiiy M. HUM.
A. tl 1 ao
aiaaea 4U
II. A. !o 40
Haw'n HKirtrte 1 im
Pahan Uubber 10
Tanjoag Ulak M
February JK mis.
Kwa x :jo
Kaiiuka 111
llawu flues HO
1. 1. 8. M. Co 7:.
V. Brewer A Co imt
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UuoliUu, February 2H. HUM
Hon. ("on. Oil . . .
Kntrla 4'onier . .
Mineral l'roducts .
Mountain Hai- . .
Montana Hitiu-liiiin
kludera Mntlnx . .
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1700, ac; Kugela ( oiMir, am, 5. SI.
dated fratm) Following are the openta
awnii auotaiioaa or ausar and lbr
ntx-Kt in tbe Han Francisco nutrke
irket 41 ea-
llaw'n r'om'l
Hawaltnu Hiiynr Co. .
Honokaa Hiiittir
Hutchinson Hiikhi' c...
Oahu Huuar Cn
olaa Huiiur C.i
Ouoinea Himur I o . .
Kuirels Ooppir
I'u nulla il Huuar Co. .
Honolulu oil
Honolulu I'lnntatloii .
Mid. t Kx -dividend.
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Bailing the auiuu ufteruouu for the
Orient, the Teuyo Maru is due to r
rive from OUin Francisco early Hon
day morning.
Thinks Homcsteadirig Clause of Or
ganic Act Should B Susperid&d So
AsNotTo Interfere With Max
imum TrndiLctitirihyii
That nothing whatever should be al
lowed to interfere with the maximum
effort of Hawaii to help win the wsr
by producing the greatest possible,
amount of food products, and that for
'tli? period of the war the ,hamnateading
clause of (he Orgttnle'Act sHiOold be
suspended, in whole or past, is the,
Opinion of Albert Horner. No lands
suitable for the production of sugar
should be alienated from the sugar
growers for the time being, and no
land capable of producing pineapples
should be withheld from those able and
willing to put it to uae, ha believes.
Mr. Horner has been for years one
of the leading advocates in the Terri
tory of the bomesteadtng principle and
his views on the present necessity of
ceasing homesteading for the period of
the war are of decided Interest.
"Realizing the necessity for a max
imum food production, I was much im
pressed with the resojaftton Introduced
by Mr. Q. R. Carter at the Inst meet
ing of the Defense 8ociety looking to
the uninterruption of the cultivation of
sugar csne on the laade af Waiakea
and recommendation that action be tak
en to maintain present eotput of sugar
from these lands during tan peViad ef
the war," said Mr. Horner yesterday.
"The only objection to this resolu
tion Is that It is not broad enough in
that it confines the proposed activities
to the lands of Waiakea while there
are many ether plantations in the Ter
ritory upon which practically the same
conditions exist, and I would like to
see the Defease Society ao extend their
resolution that theae other places miwht
be included in the propaaed activities.
Idle Kauai Tract
On tbe Ialan of Kauai there are
also lange tracts of land upon which
is now growing, or has been grown, su
gar cane and on which tha leases have
expired or will expire soon, and nnleaa
dVenrrite action is taken at once, these
lands Will be nonproductive for the
next tWo or three yearn. I refer only
to lands formerlv or now under lease
to I.ihue, Hawaiian Sugar and Keks
ha Plantations.
"In normal times theae lands could
and shonld be homestead ad under one
of the bomesteadine lawa, bnt, consid
ering the danger of a food shortage,
which ia confronting ua, would It not
more nearly meet- the situation If these
lands were left nnder present eontrol
rather than ettt Vp. tnaa assail piaeaa
tar settlera, 'Whiah' would tnaa Uaa
of considerable time ia bringing them
bark to the present producing basis'
"War ia upon ns, thorn is no time ta
waste. When conditions are agais nor
mal, these laads could be opened for
settlement, but at present nothing
should be dene wkU-.li would in any
way tend to leases sugar production,
even temporarily.
On tbe Big Island
"On the Island of Hawaii there is a
large tract of geveramrnt land at Ka
rapa, formerly c sit i voted by the Paaa
hau plantation, but upon which tha
lease expired abont two years ajro,
ainee whan most, if aot all of thia
tract, has been assigned to settlers, but
from information I have, little or noth
ing has been done by theee people an
th ese lands and that it will be some
years, under oondjtioni existing there,
before they can possibly be brought
back to former produeiag basis.
"I might also aaeatlon that the laada
at WaimanAlo 00 the Island of Otthu.
Advance In Russia Is Less Rapid
fts More Rusttans Retpond
To CaR Te Arms
LONDON, Marti J (.lasod&ted
Press) Overcoming a strung Russian
resistance the German forces yesterday
reoceupied. Pefco . nrbich haa changed
hands several titans, In tbs past few
Jays. ,
Stiffening of tbe resistance of the'
Suasions wan aeaorted ysslardsy in aevt
eral parU 4f Bussia. There were re
ports also that orders had ben issued
to the Oermaa foreea to appreaeh on
further toward Petrcutad. Saports af
Thursday aaid the: advance had pro
ceeded to a point only eight hours
from the Proviuss of Petrograd. This
may be in lines with gratting a request
for an nrmiatlcs..
I. ate reports yesterday said that an
exchange Telegraph despatch aaid tka
enrollment of a new Stuaaian army waa
going forward successfully. Large
numbers are sola to be organized and
Cossack forces have bees sent in the
direetian of Pskov. -
The proclamation calling the Rus
sians to arms asserts that the Hlav
troops are pulling themselves together
ami beginning to resist the invaders
effectively. It concludes:
"May the blood spilled by this un
equal warfare fall oa the head of the
(Jcrinun socialists who are allowing the
(lerman workmen to be ranked among
the Cains and the Judases."
The Russians are bitter at the fail
ure of tbe German "proletariat" to
prevent German autocracy from carry
ing out its Brest-Litovsk demaiids.
A Reuter despatch says that the
Council of People's Commissaries
which is a Bolshevist organization, has
issued another call to arms, declaring
that the Germans are arresting dele
gates of the Workmen's and Soldiers'
Councils, and shooting captured "red
guards" iu a frightful munuer.
the lease on which expire! la 10fl, but
owing to thr oacertaisi' f. tha future,
planting" for fntnrw ctfpa Vft been dm
noatiataadsl Whkrh ''Means' ' gradual dt".
rresae in the output of angar in this
locality until tk'e. ejtfirajtioa ', of ti;
lease,' when' production 'will eeasa n
tirelr. . ; ,
"Besides the lands mentioned abno
on the Island of Kauai, there ara ev
eral large tracts of government litud
suitable for both ean and pineapple,
which are not now used for any pur
pose. , .,
Essential To War
"The administration at Washing! 0,1
has ruled that canning pineapple ia tin.
essential war industry and haa eoi"
mandeared a large portion of tka win
ter pack for war use, aa well aa in
structing all packers to sell none of
their summer park until tha govern
ment requirement have been eared for.
Then, why confine the proposed ativ.
itie-s) to sugar onlyT Why should ..tut
the government make available for usn
land suitable for the prodnetntn of
piaeapplea, that thia commodity might
be increased to more nearly meit tho
demanda of the government and the
general public.
Civilians Oo Short
"After filling government orders)
this year there will not be ij;i.u;.'!i'
goods left to fill more than one half
the requirements of the civilian popu
lation of the fnHed States aad, aniens
the production ia increased, thia condi
tion will prevail for maar year to
"The qnestlon of Increasing tbe prv
ductioa of pineapples mar aDwur in
I the uninformed aa a selfish one imd
"""' lo" nasxiiy eoneiuae tn.1t
I . fs- al- t -) -
. o.f.K a Ereaf nemi -or monev
wonbl be made by the packer. . To
correct this erroneous . mpressloi,
should .i prevail, I wlll stata that tl.a '
government official have examined the
books of soma of the packers fur I lie
purpose of obtaining tbe actual cost ef
producing canned pineapple,- and after
thia examination accepted tbe price
established by the packers, and in ad
dition the books of the packers a -e
subject at any time to tha scnitinr ef
the coat experts of tbe fedora I Trade.
Commission, with, Ute idea of 'deter
mining whether or not prices nro ex
cessive. , ;. :',
SlaJts) T&aad Availabla
J'Aa previously manioned -.there o-o
Iara tracts of government land ou t lui
Isisnd of Kaaai which are not no, r
acres of which, are in the vicinity of
the canneries. Why would it , not b
the part of wisdom for the government
to make available a portion, of the so
idle lands for the growing of pineap
ples. , : ;" -.'., .
' If these ia daager of a meat i ami no
e the majority of the people com to
think, why should not the Food Tom -mission
or other government atithor
Hiss make available for faaiag pur
noaea Uaa lands Whleh wr vaantion.il
by the Special JJva Stock Committee.
Hi Its report to "the Territorial Food
Commission tin tk aarly part of 1917
"Thara ia mm- oa U tha Territnrv
who favors komcsteadlng more than T,
but never was faera greater need for
concerted action than at -paescLt
time and I fsai that aUl ahanld put
sentiment aaide in aa earnest endeavor
to neeura the largest posaibre food Vr''
luetioa- im the akrtt passable tints
wr hat'a in the ring. T. ' v- .
Iw the IJkrwna the &etaaas ara a rat
las tka Geraiaa aaid Auatriaa p iiwia
ers, although peaea has been declared
and tha enemy is supposed ta with
draw fnem she. tarrstas-w. . .. .
T,hs Barlia war affiea aanounoes that
the Germans have captured 60,()0U
tides' and fJOnO nrtelinS 'guns t' Minsk,
that tka) miUtary opasations in- north
ern Russia are taking the normal Course,
and that a regiment pf Eathoniana Uua
Jbined tha Getswaa-f , ,;
mm house
Tor the express purpose of .obtain
ing necessary funds of the projoM'l
eaaatrueUoa of a new bailding and
other improvemanta, the Hilo Wlit
Club has decided to issue bonds, suva
the Hilo Tel bone of February 82. i Till
plan waa Wlwed by the Oahu Couutrv
Club aome years ago. , - "
The members of the Hilo Yacht Club
i uuw nim to pure dam noun eet-
'"K My .uuiiars eacn. a deposit or.
one-tenth of tha value of the bonds
purchased Is to be made at the ti ate
of issnaaee And tka balance is to Im
paw monthly in inatallmente of on,
tenth of the .full, value.
The present plana are to erect a
cbibkouse tbst will be a credit t.. V-n
and all Hawaii. Although doli..."U
steps have not been taken to nil for
bids for the construction of the build-'
ing.' It is known that certain ). '.iu
have been submitted and that u 1 i-
sion will be announced in the mar.
TO 1 ,800,000 Estate
CHICAGO, February S0Jo! n Uor
deu, explorer and traveler, I'
rjiieuthed the entire estate, vsiu..' at
1,800,000, ieft by bis grandfather, the
late Joha Borden, by tha tern. of Mm"
Utter 'a will, which was file.t iu cou. t;
today. Borden now is in la.i mutil
service of tbe Uaited States.
. 1 1 1 JV S

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