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TheBill Providing for Inspection^Steam Boilers Considered by the^Committee of the Whole
Itit Considered Section by Section by^the Committee o* the Whole^House, Which Amends and^Recommends Its Passage.
ConsMrratilrImsln. ^^ w irsnssctMl In^both iMebea ^t the laftoMM yesterday,^mnri* Intfri'M ^^ ntt rii.ti hi the house than^the council fm the raaM Hum's IMMM^bill was uml^-r diM- i-n^n hy the rumtultt**^nftliH Wholr ^hiW. wl.ell It roue reeniu-^mended that it he p*.*The hill was
iiiet,^1edwnrlH Bf the committ*-*- ^n^ways and BftSB^s, several sure thing (runt's^belni: h'l'h-.t to the teaMssd R*m*s. There^was at BtSl M S0BI1 BfN the par( sj MM^memtMTH to mulct* th** hill morn hindmir in^its provision* ttisn contemplated hy Its^frsiuer. hut wiser rouu*t*l prevailed, and^bHftafl * u' v u'rl^*1 BeMBlgBBj MM Ml an^iiiipr^^veiiieut Bps* the SVtSjlBJBj lantfua^e,^it^ provisions, as first cinjteuiplaM. were^atcrifd to nn inimously. Among the notices^oi hills and new bills intpMluced in the^howi were Ihioss ko prevent the itiMt-inins-^tii.ii ot sfab anionic iht*fp and tin* app*dnt-^inent ot a jcao inspe.'tor and one providing^lor the oa^ nient of lumntiea lor wild ani-^iiiaIs The rouncil hill creating a trf-sr-l^foe tin- Impi ctW of steam botlSfS and^UetMftDtf ei.^iioers was rsfjBttSel ha'k^^ i!I, aim iiihiieiita. A MMfll ^** r^*^nelvi -I tr^ tu the iDvefftof nominatinif^W. K. Cnllen for attorm ^Keneral^tor ths t. nn eftdtafl the day the pre^^mi kffUlatufr e^ds. Middhton's Jury^bill and toll prohlbitinir countiea employ^^ing additions] counsel unless at the re-^quest ot tl,e pnau'i uuti* attorney were^coriMd* red. The llrSI U^ii**r Inapectlon^h'll Wai POBBkfe Ml hy the oounnltt^ e ot^the whole and n comniended ler passnK*-.
Themembers of the council were all^BSSJM nt ^e^t.-rday, and after listening de^voiiil) to the BftfSf of the chaplain Iran^na*'!'''l the MMl preliminary business.
Ilat'-ii,from the committee on territorial^ail.iu.-. report*d ^ouucil bill No. I, creat^iritf a t^oard t ^r the inapt i n.-n ot Meant^boilers and th^ examination of engineers,^with auiendinenU. bill and amendment*^w re r t^ rred to the general orders.
Kennedy,from the enrolling comunttec,^iepoii.d the Fort KUis memorial as eor^reetly enrolled.
Kenned , trom the committee on inter^nal UapfoveMK nia, made the following ri^^Sft:
MiiTesid-nt: Your rommltti ^* on inter^nal iinprov* ineiits to wht^b was referred^IBM* psitS '^' tin governor's MMIfl nda-^Uu** to the erection of a pemteiitui) and^an insSBSJ BsyiBSBj ^'*^^^* leave to rcp-'it that^tin* i^ eoumiendatiom^ of 11.*- governor have^ni\n| . tip l .l eoiinideration, hill that the
COIIlliiltlee(tceill it UUWifttt allll I ii j U'lieioii x
atthe preaent time to urge the adoption ot^-1 i^1 ^ii.ihi inlations. While the tinan^eial condition ot the territorial treasury Is^excellent, we cairiot overlook the fact t hat^the eoufttles oi t^ rntory are Indehteil to^the extent ot ll.500.OUO, an inert a^* durinif^the past year id ^i:V\0UU; that the direct^tax upon the property in the territory^is very heavy, protialdy IISII|lai with^iiiuiiMwpal and m'hool t in- - two ami a halt^per MMi annually. 1 tie indirect tax iti^tin* wa^ ot license*, etc, m also heavy.^Vour couitiitttfe Im Iicm h that it the tern^lory has moie MM) than it can use, the^heal pian at ih^ preaent time would be to^SfetfBSss the tax levy for territorial pur^BSSM and redii'-v the leSSatSSS rt ipiired for^nisMurttm hssuwss nc at least n dure the^propotliun ot such licetim-a taken by the^territory, ao that the aeveral counties in the^territory may therehv have th^ ir MfSJPMMI^Incressed and l*e ttuut enatded t^^ reduce^their boiuhd or MoHlinii imlebt*dneas.
Vuurcoiiiinitt* e aiswsieeeai it injudicious^to twnin i he construction of terrmrtaJ in^stitutionn at this time iMvause it aeems^likely that wi'hin the year thelerrltorv^may l^* called n|Min to make the ex perl^incut id Mat^hoi.^t, a (Milltical comlitiou^which will certainly he more expensive^than a termi nal government, hut under^w hich the general n vi uuea may not he^eoffeepoodlnifh increased. The Aatey id^a year will at the neist ma entail any \cry^aerioiis loss upon the territory, and the Ml^uath'U wairants Kieat caution in these^matters.
Vourcommittee in more Inclined to take^thia view ot the proposed iMtSVSMUl^from the nt.'i H'sOusxw tact that under the^Mwalllatf ays'eas for Um care otthe in^sane and ot i nsotiers both classes are wi II^cared tor, the mte^reatn ot the classea and ot^the (h-opleare well protected, there is no^isMplaiiit from any source while the In^atuulion* iff conducted ao BpMlf that^an\ irrenularitiea would Im* ipiick'y dis-^covered, and it ia a matter ot considi rahle^doilht whether the expense Would Hot be^as heavy under the territorial syMem as at^presi nl, over and (icyuml the heavy outlay^which would he necessary to establish the^proposed institutions.
Thereport ^ as tiled.
Collins,from the printing committee, r^^ported council bill No. 4, to admit woejea^to the araetiee of law, as correctly print'd.^J he bill was referred to the judiciary coin^in it ten.
1he folluwiiiK messaice was n reived^frOM the ifovernor:
tientlemeiiof the l^eirlalative Council:
ttnthe list day of l^ecemlH-r, 1^7. I ap^pomI'-u and cotumisslouefl Hon. W. K. Cut^leu attoi -m-y general of the territory of^Montrtiia to serve for the time and until^the last day of the regular aessum of the^leirislative aaaeabiy. lie accepted, w as^re|iulari^ ^i';a. h-d. and has MM from that^time unt.i now servlnif and execu'iiut the^duties of that office. 1 now nominate hnn^to that oth e tor y our approval, advice and^consent 1 have the honor to be vour ohrd-^ient servant.
lirownKave notice of his Intention tit in^^troduce a bill to amend sections ]'_'.'/.. \'S'~^^and i.. - of the tilth division of the com^^piled statutes, concerning the leital rate ot^interest,
Middletotiintroduced ccmncil bill No. II,^auiendinir. section M5 of the fifth division^ot the compiled laws, the amendment pro^Mhitlhit the employment of additional^counsel hy rout,ties unless St the rujuest^of the county attorney, except in cases^where the cuun'y attorney was an interest^^ed party or had nn previously in the case.^The bill was r*ad first and second times^and referred t- theeummitt^e on printing.
Middeton introduced council hill No. 1;:.^It amend section lVf of the tilth diwstou^of IM compiled statutes, the amendment^providing that the chairman of the board^of county commissioners, the county clerk,^and the probat*- judge shall, twenty days^fa-fore a term of thr district couit, select^from the county assessor's hooka one hun^^dred namea of (jtattAM jurymen; these^names shall h. written on slips ot pa|a*r^and place.i in i box, and from tnls box^shall be drawn the names of twenty per^sons who shall serve as grand jurors, and^then there shall be drawn the names of^twenty tour i i ^^^.- who shall serve as^trial jurors. The bill was read first and^aecond times and ordered printed.
Thecouncil then went into committee of^of the whole. Olds in the chair. Thump^son's hill providing for a territorial boatd^to inspect steam boilers and to examine^engineers was diseased. XM first section^providing that the hoard shonld consist of^thret* [tersous, to tie appointed by the got^attaaf and approved by the council, with^terms of six y* ars* duration, one term ex^^piring every two years, was adopted. On^the second section, specifying the .jualiti^cation* ot the inspectors, thecoumittee got^into a corisiderahie snarl Discussion of^the vaiiou* (h-nitt continued until noon,^when the committee rose and the council^MJoataedi
ItIs understood that after adjourntnent^the gftiilrmeu who held different views ss^to the (| laiite stilus of inapwtors met and^agreed upon a satisfa^'tory plan, ao that to^^day the bill is hkeiy to be perfected.
Afterthe usual preliminary exercises,^Ilea presented a pHltiun signed by seventy-^eight tax payers of Custer county, praying^for the enactm -nt of a bounty law.
Thepetition was read and referred to^the committee on agriculture, manufac^^tures and stock growing.
Acommunication was received from the^governor anuouiicinif that he had signed^MMI Joiht nsulouou No. X provtdiuK for
theemployment of extra watchuieu and
Housebills Noa. 3, 5 and 6 being reported^correctly pun ted were referred by the^chair as follows:
Housebill No. 3, to provide for the bet^ler protection of game and hah, to the coin^nutter on territorial affairs. House bill^No. 6. to amend ^^*^^. i.,js Fifth division of^the general laws, to the iudlciary commit^^tee. House bill Nil relating to the prac^^tice of medicine and surgery, to the MM*^miitee on territorial affairs.
Joslyn,from the committee on ways^and means, reported house bill No. 2 with^amendments and their recommendation^that as aim tided the mil pass. The amend^^ments add rondo, rouge-et noir and wheels^of fortune to the gaim s prohibited: also^providt s a teh ^te of licenses from the date^i f Feb I. 1NM st which time this proposed^law is to liM i Heel.
.Noll'| OK HI M.S.
HyCarierAn act to prevent Hie dis^semination of- ah and infectious diseases^among sheep and to create the office of
countyseali Inspeeaef.
HyHunt h^ request) -An act to protect^tbe owners ol hotties, boxes and syphons^^ale ot mineral waters,^it To revise if rllM 1143 and^a portion of leettM I !^^^.:. chap-^CoipUeel statiiies.
wasreceivtd trotn the rnun^side notice that houae joint
usedin tin
HyOmul^to strike out^ter HT, of the
ABeeeajfl^HI* which h
r-soh.'.oj, No. '1 had pas-eri that body in
foiI Mm- house that a con' urrent resolu
lionha^l pa-sed, providing lor the apptdut-^Dtvflt of a committee to si rve with % sliul-^Ur coiumit'ee of the house, in examining^tin- nook* snd accounts i,t the tnritonal^auditor and treasurer.
Theresolution was adopted and the^chair appointed as such committer from^the house Da Vis. Moore and Naxtoil.^INi MM DIMM of lill.I.h.^Hy K^*a House bill No. h to provide for the^payineiitot tMiunties for lh^ destruction of^certain wild animals. Hie bill provides^that ihe territory shall pay a bounty as^follows. Mountain Hon and hear, 93 each,^wolf or coyote, |t Ml brail, wild cat |l.^'I he party killing the annual must prod nr.-^the entire skin Including the^ears and tail of the animal^In order to secure tbe bounty.^he must ap|H-ar before the probate judge,^and Willi the pelts tile his aflidavlt that the^animals were kiih-d in the county in which^tbe] are returned. Two reputable free^holders must at the same time make atti^davit that they are acquainted with tin-^peraoa making the attidavit and to the best^of their know ledge the animals whose^skins are produced were killed in the^rouhtv- It I* made the duty of the county^clerk or treasurer to lie present, who with^the probate judge shall examine the skins,^to prevent traud and to see that they have^hot POM patched or sewed. The pelts^shall Im* marked by punching a hole one^nu ll OfOjOfO in each ear, alter which the^pells ate to la- delivered to the owner.
Theprohale judge la then required to^make out and deliver to the o aim-is a ccr^tlticate utuler his otticial seal, show ilig the^OUOjher and species of skins so purchased,^which shall then he attested by the eounty^clerk or county treasurer, who shall wit^ness snd sign the same. The probate judge^shall receive from the parties producing^skins a Ice of 6o cents for each mountain^hon or bear skin, and ten MM for each^wolf or coyote or wild cat akin. It is the^duty of the prohale judge to keen h [n ord^showing dates nuiiiher and k.nd of skins,^the names of owners and ojrttajOMM Any^person found guilty of forging, altering or^counterfeiting certificates is to he punished^hy imprisonment in the jienilentiary from^one to ten loan; any one who^shall patch a skin with Intention^to defraud the territory or ev ade^any of the provisions ot the law^is guilty of a misdemeanor and shall lie^fined not less than S'jom or more than^^1.1**1 and imprlsomd in the county jsil^not h ss than two nor more than six months.^Any peraoa, who shall swear falsely as a^witness tor the purjaise of pfoeofftam trotn^the prohale judge a certificate shall he^punished by imprisonment in the OOBI^tejiiiury for a period of not leas than one or^more than two years.^The bill was order* d printed.^On motion of Hunt (he house resolved it^^self into the committee ot the whole for the^purpose of considering house hill No 'd re^luting to gamhling, Saxon in the chair.^1 he lull wns r ad at length.^Hlakeiy moved the adoption of Sec. I.^.hislyn moved to amend hy inserting in^the list o| prohibited games, all lottery^games It *a* suggested that lotteries^could not be Included, owing to the legal^phase of the proposition, and that a separ^ate hill would have to he framed.^The motion was withdrawn.^The llM section enumerates a list of^gaim I IM are prohibited, and fixes a MO^^alty for vndation of Ihe statute. Comfort^moved an amendment adding ^round the^tahle poker^ and faro banks to the list.^This brought Hunt to h.s b et who ap^^proved IM amendment and advocated the^passage of the hill.
Klll-l HAITI.h AT III,. ^ItOX.
Tbegentleman said. A condition of af^^fairs existed in Montana which in hisoiiln^ion demanded legislative attention. The^log huts of the early pioneers, tin- miner,^and the hunter, had given place to heauti^ful homes, in which morality, culture ami^lehueiueiit reigned sup:eiue. A change^had occurred in the old order of^ovi its. rransrohtim ntal roadst now^etoaaed ami recrossed the territory,^bringing in their wake the desirea and im^pulses of an older and moie thoroughly de^^veloped civilu itniii. Socudy waa rapidly^crystali/.ing and the vices, which in earlier^days oaaSM unheeded, could no longer be^accounted tor hy Jest or sneer. To tbe^credit o| Molilalia it could he said that her^legislators hail endeavored to keep abreast^and ahead of the dnlt of public thought.^In tin- statu es passed by the legislature m^Itsnr.o k so long ago as lso4 such games as^^chuck loch^ and ^high ball^ had been^ahaolotch prohibited In the volume of^laws poollabed in 1871-1 was found the^ftaniestatul prohlMtUoj certain games In^IR7V On-1v cnm|iiiation contained the
Minerestin tive law. lly if 1 ot the legist*^lure in l^vlaw oiiieudirig ^in-
tloi. k, Ni.. g0| revised statu es^was passed and a license permitted tor cer^t Ua MONO Which had been prohibited hy^prev HHIf acts h it a proviso, saying that the^art shou;d i ,,t permit the licensing of^games prdilhlted, In the compilation of^|ks7 we hud th.il a law was enacted pro^luhitlng certain games again, yet within^twent) four hours the legislature passed a^law relet!eg to licenses ami in that law au^thortxed Ihe very games prohibited the day^i^ lore 'Phis lleenee law again contained^a proviso to the eibvt that It should Ml I^^construed to pet mil prohibited games. In^Sept. |s^7atan extra session* by another^lic^-hs^- Uw, these same prohibited laws^were licensed. The opinion of lawyers^was divuh-d ami the county attorney of^Lewis and Clarke officially held (hat owing^to bungling legislation the games could he^play id under tin laws. The opinion was^generally concurred in, although MM at^^torney s still think the games are not prop^^erly licensed and the learned chief Justice^ol the terntorry advised a grand Jury to^impure into gambling and sue If it was^legally conducted l lu re w.is no ^juestion^as to the adv isability of the measure, a^great wave of puhllc sentiment had an^nounced the wishes of the people in tones^that could not he disregarded. A deplora*^ble condition ot affairs now existed in Hel^^ena and Hutt*1. I'mler tfie opinion of the^county a torn- y licenses had he.-n issued^for all sorts of games, with the result that^a most dangerous gang of rufliaus^now Infested tbe two cities. UoMlOMOJ^from the outside districts asked that a^hounty law might he passed for the pro^tertiou of their calves and sheep. He^asked that a bill l*^ enacted that would^protect the homes of the people. As to^the proposed amendment he w as opposed^to It, Itelievtng it would encuinher the bill,^and delay its passage. A great good^might be accomplished by the proposed^measure and as a matter of expediency he^did not deem it advisable to encumber the^measure with unnecessary baggage. He^believed in taking the barnacles ot^ one at^a time rather than to try to take them all^off together and | i i v aceomolish no^practical results. He did not deem It feasi^^ble to add faro and table poker to the list^of orohlMtod games. 1'as* this measure as^it now stands and then bring In a separate^bill for covering the ground proposed by^the amendment.
Comfort,the representative from Madi^sim, heartily endorsed the measure so far^as it went, hut in his opin on it didn't go^tar enntitfh. He thought the time had^come in the history of Montana when ail^gambling should be prohibited by law. He^saw little difference between a fair game of^taro aud a ^sure thing^ game of any kind^It in an honest game of faro a man won, he^as certainly returned to try his fortune^again ami in the end the ^bank^ got tm-^iiioney. Any laws permitting gambling^were a disgrace to the territory and be^(bought they should be wiped from the^statute books.
Murrayendorsed the amendment and^believed the people of the territory would^en lorse a measure absolutly prohibiting^gamh lug In any form, lie thought the^measure Introduced by Hunt a very short^step m advance of previous legislation. It^might drive the soft lingered gentry from^Helena and Hutte, but there the results of^the law would practically end: blue Jay and^other gamea of the kind were not played^to any extent In the other towns or camps^of the territory, lie believed tnat the fair
nessof the game faro rested entirely with^the dealer. If that personage haupeiied to^be an honest man an honest^game was play ed. If the^part y. however. I a p MMi to^to be a tilcksler It was only necessary to^touch a sprmgor properly manipulate the^cards to mske It a ^sure thing^ game. He^had taken the trouble, since the measure^was announced, Ut address all classes of^people among his constituents ss to their^opinion of the gambling question. His^own opinions were distinctly understood,^but as he represented s district he endeav^^ored to represent a district and not a class.^A gent,.-mi not M **ouia who had formerly
11 a gambler and was now In the saloon^business desired a sweeping law or none at^all. others in the same business^had expi eased similar opinions. It^looked to bun as If the proposed^measure was a petition from the^^high toned^ gamblers that sal in richly^appointed nanus arid dealt their game, to^prohibit the ^sure thing^ men from play-^toy their viration to the end that the mom y^squandered would drill into their coffers.^He asked that the aiiiwfuiuierit be passed In^the Interest of the gamblers themselves,^who were tired and disgusted with a busl^ness thai brought only remorse and ruin^There was no member of the bouse or citi^101 of He ena, Hutte or Missoula who^would not endorse the sentiment thai^gambling should ta* wiped out. such being^the case who was to hinder the execution^of the law. Would it !^^ the ^tin horn''^gamrder, ot (he ^fraternity ^ at large.
Hlakeleyhoped Hie amendment would^not prevail lie thought the bill MOOjOOsd^by Hunt a thoroughly good OOA If would^do much to cheek an existing evil. If he^was a friend to the gambling interest and^wanted to kill the bill he would offer just^such an amendment as had ween promised.^As to swindling st faro he had no doubt^that it was done, but if he was not seri^^ously mistaken more or less swindling was^done in all walks of dfe. If a bill passed^to slop open gambling men would goto^private room* to indulge the pleasure, and^it was in such places, so tar as his expert^ence went, that men were swindled, l.et
usdo as much fc-i as we can ami not
stranglethe hill.
.loslynemphatically op|mscd the^amendment. In Ids opinion ll wsa folly to^pass a lull (list would not prove effective in^Mjuelchltig this evil. The eastern states^had laws absolutely prohibiting gambling,^but It suy one desired to gamble he had^only tii go to a hotel clerk and inquire in^order to find an apart merit well furnished^with all the appliances for almost any^game. Which was the better, toojteuly li^eeojN games which were as fair aa any^thing in that line ever is, or to have them^played iu violation of law.
Davismoved that (he committee arise^Motion lost. Mantle approved the amend^mi nt, la living that the end desired by its^supporters would not la* accomplished.^Id- thought the parties advocating il did so^ffSJOJ principal, but practically II would re^suit in accomplishing nothing. The object^they desired to attain could he 01001 hied in^a separate bill and w ha' was the necessity^ot endangering the lM-nding measure.
Davisstated that he heartily approved^the bill, and that bis motion that the com^mlltee ailse was done for the purpose of^giving the adv-icates of the amendment nn^opportunity to express their views. For^his part lie was afraid it would ustorfere^with the effective operation of the hill.
Themotion on Comfort's smendment^was then put and lost. Yea*. IM; nays, 4^^Comfort, Willi*. Murray and HWMPJitt
Whenthe house resumed for the after^noon session the chair announced (bat .1.^It Hglesby bad been appointed assistant^watchman and janitor.
Thehouse resolved itself Into the com^^mittee of the whole tor the purfsise of fur^ther considering the hill for the suppres^nion ot certain gambling games, ^a\ton in
Allwent siiKMithly In a unanimous adop^tioii ot the various sections as they BOOM^up, or in their satisfactory snieudoaeM,^which chn My* referred to ty pogrsphicat er^^rors, until section \o. Jo was reached,^when a motion was niHih* to strike out faro^and around the table poker. 1'hls rOOOHed^in another discussion resulting in the final^triumph of the advocates of the measure.
Thecommittee arose and the house r^ -^s meil. Joslyn stated that the printed cop^ies of bills furnished the house were so^wretchedly gotn ii up that it led to serious^annoy sin e H|ul asked it the difficulty could^not be remedied.
Congdoti,from printing committee, re^plied that all hills passu! through his^hands and were carefully read and re^^vised. The trouble was with the printer.
Thespeaker slated that be hail discov^^ered house bill No. 'J to Im* full of typo^^graphical and grammatlc ^l errors, which^did not appear in the original hill. He^thought the matter might aud should M^remedied.
Ihe speaker slgrod in presence of the^house council Joint resolution No '^'^ relat^ing to the Kort Kills reservation also bouse^joint resolution No. '1 providing for (he^printing of 6**i copies of the governor's^message.
Saxton from the committee of the whole^reported hack house hill No. 'J with recom^^mendation (hat ss amend. .I tlie bill pass.
Thereport was adopted, the bill placid^upon its passage and passed, after w hirh^(he house mljuuriied to 10 o'clock this
DistrictAssembly No. (J8 of the Ter-^ritory of Montana Hold Their^Semi.Annual Session.
TheGovernor s Message and Meas^^ures Now Pending in (he legisla^^ture Diacusied by the Knights^^ nd Endorsed.
J.A. Jones, accused of assaulting his^wife, had a hearing before Justice Fleischer^yesterday, and wits sentenced to ninety^days In the county jail.
1'artiesdesiring carriages lor the ('ale^^Ionia club dance wilt leave ihelr cslls with^(he 1'ioneer Hack company. Offlre (iraud^Central hotel. Telephone 'M
YesterdayOr. Treat y rect ived a tele^gram ffOOJ his wife, who is at Moiideello,^hid., notifying turn ol the death id his^father, who died at his home in Moudcelhi^yesterday morning.
Last\ i rung, In the probate POOffl room,^Judge Howry united in marriage KoberI^Itohler and Miss LitSle Kraniche. Butt) of^the young people are well known ami have^hosts of friends in the city.
Therails have arrived for the motor line^extension to ihe Northern Paellc depot,^and a force of men were started to work^\cMterday to put the grade iu condition.^In three weeks the road will be ready for^traffic.
Theevidence In the Sweeney will case Is^all In aud Judge Uowoj will render ade^epjftM nest Monday afternoon. The suit^Is In effect whether interest shall or riot be^i barged on BOMOtl used by tOOdeceased^during bis life and which he drew from the^briii of which he was a member.
TheCrescent club gave the second of^their enjoyable dances last evening, which^was attended hy the OjOOjbOn of the club^and friends. The occasion was an enjoy a^ble one. With excellent mimic, pleasant^partners and agreeable company the even^^ing passed acceptably to all In attendance.
TheHow case which tiasoccupied the at^(eiitlou of the probate court tor several^days, will not be decided until other papers^have hi iu tiled. Terrance O' DooOell, ad^^ministrator of (lie estate ot John How. de^^ceased, brings suit to compel William Mav^gar to account for funds alleged to have^passed through his hands.
JohnKaiser Is over from rhillpshurff.^Wm. Henderion, of Wlckis, Is in the^city.
Col.(_'. (i. Hradsbaw, of Hutte, Is In the^city.
AlbertCastle sml wife, of Marysvllle,^are \ outing the city.
JohnWalker, of l ay lor Falls, Minn , Is^at the Merchants.
JohnH. Shepherd, of Cascade, arrived^in the city last night
It.W. l.swton. of Washington, 1^. (\. n^among the new arrivals
A.K Krvln, a merchant traveler of St^Paul, is slopping at the (irand Central.
A.L Nlcholls and H. I,. Lowndes, of^Livingston, are gut sis at the QfojalOri^trai.
ConductorJas. J Hogan. of the Northern^Tacitic railroad, accompanied by his wife,^left last night for the coast, where they^will spend the winter.
Capt.John MeCormick, of Hutte. (^ \n^the city. He has lived In Hutte fourteen^vearsaud this is his second visit to Hel^^ena He is deputy Internal revenue collec^^tor for the west side and a heavy real es-^tste owner.
Amongthn lts( of excursionists who left^from this p p ' yesterday via tlm Montana^Central were K. L. and It. s. KtrkeJder, tot^Juliet, 111., ami the following people fur Sr.^Pool: John and Miss Htrloiooti. 0 M.^Foster, Wm , (ieorgeaiid Henry Hauimill,^and U II. Wells.
IIughMi Qoide. in company with Col,^Itroadwater and Major jfijsiM. made the^trip (o Itipt.' ytstcrday. This wss Hugh s^first visit to the west side metropolis In^several years and tils first ride mi the Mon^^tana Central. The last time he visited^Hutte was when the stage was the only^mode of travel.
Forthe past four days a very important^convention htta been in session In this city^at the A. 0 D^ W. hall. It wai the semi^^annual meeting ul District Assembly .No.
Knightsof Labor, of the territory of^Montana. The session was called to order^Mondav morning at 10o'clock, and dele^^gates from every local assembly in the ter^^ritory were present. A Iter the usual mil^^lion business offiors wen* elected for the^ensuing ye.tr. Iteports from officers show^the order to h^* in a flourishinK condition,^both financially and in membership. The^membership list hss shown a Msttering In^crease over last year, the order now having^fully MMau*n. It la also entirely out of^debt and has o gissl balance m the treasury,^winch Is a very encoursirmg showing when^it Is comld' red that the K. of L. of Mon^^tana were Mt.Usriti dent two years ago^by reasonof the Tlmberllne rosl miners'^strike, six new atseijiDlies have b^^'n or^^ganized within the year,^o.'ir ot the first Seta of tfie ......ting after
theregular business was di^|H^*cd of was^to pass a resolution unanimously, eudors^mg (he administration of T. V. I'owdVrly,^pledging themselves to uphold bis every^official set. I fie prevailing sentiment to^^wards Thomas K. Harry was discarding^him as alrsi^or snd black sheep, and that
iteras tor Hit* f1 ^ f the order to be rid
ofsuch members as he.
Duringdie session the laws pending In-^troduction or pasisge in the present legis^^lature were considered, and any which^tended to benefit toe public welfare were^endorsed. I'ttrtlcnlary was the Australian^system of voting discussed and by unani^^mous vote it was ib cided to l^e a great and^good system, and the meeting hoped It^would i^* paaoed; also any stringent regis^tration law that would make the ballot^pure. Intimidation of voters was de^^nounced. Hunt's gambling bill was gen^^ rally favored hy the Knights, and wlille^(hey considered it not far reaching enough,^it was looked i,p,,n as a go^M| step in the^ight dllsotUm, and lufhciently gtsM^tor a starter, which would^ventually reaolt in wiping the evil out of^tletenoi in Montana. Sseveral mem^hers in commenting upon the measure ex-^pj^ teed tin opinion that Hon. William II.^11 unt aliowetl a more aggressive and in^trepid disposition, in championing such a^bill than bus been shown heretofore by^former Isw makers.
TheKnights of Lal^or ex|^evt a good deal^from the picBent legislature, but they par^^ticularly urgf the passage of a hill creating^the territorial oflire of mine inspector and^lesire to have the present mechanics' Hen^law amended as recommended hy petitions^(o the legislature now hi mg circulated^among the members. The proposed smend-^menl provldeo that the attorney's fees be^included iii the costs of the action against^the psrty u|M^n whom the hen is tiled. At^I resent (he workman has to bear the ex^OOOjOb of ftiiplnjiritf au attorney, whose^barges in many m-taire* amounts to as^much as the mechanic sues for.
Allmeasures that have been or may be^Introduced in the legislature, which tend^toward tin* attvithceuieiit of the public at^large, ami eapecmlly matters relating to^educational interests, are heartily endorsed^its the adocat ion ot the masses Is one of the^t undamental principles of the order.
(overtior Leslie's message to the b gisla^Mojo Mojo on for consideration during the^session and t he unanimous sentiment was^that he wss on honest and (air minded man^and when he wmte tin* document had the^interest of tho people and the territory at^heart. Ihe message was cordially en
Theststchood ipiest on was brought up^and the order hoped that at nodistant date^Montana would Is* included Iu the sister^hood. WhiU- this sentiment prevailed it^was thought that the state constitution^adopted In lfe^4 Deeded revision in certain^matters, and before the constitution will be^ag^in submitted to a vote of the people the^needed chauw should so made known.
TheKnights advocated a measure and^hoped Um isjejtslaturo woold pass what is^la called the^ cooperative law, such as is^now In onjnoa in IVrinsylvsnia. Wisconsin,^Illinois. Minnesuta and other stages. This^taw dilbrs from the corporation law, In^that it gives small holders of stock In a^Mitnpeoy ao eqaal vote with those having^a controlling inn rest
Manyother matters of a private nature^were trsiisacted during the session which^was pronounced hy the delegates the most^I oleresting ^ et held. The meeting ad^lourned si * p- \esterday, to meet again^July ft, I - ^ at Livingston.
Cr. OooyojejUy, id Lewis and Clarke^county, Kan sey, of (iallatln, and Seth^McKerran, Sr., id Missoula county, were^appointed I nih il Mates commissioners.
Thetime for holding court in Heaver^head county was changed M the first Mon
dayin April, and to Lewis snd Clarke^county to Use lourih Monday in April^This order applies only to the next terms^of court in the counties named and after^they shall have 0OM held the OjOSt term^they will be held as now provided by the^rules of the court.
JamesA. True and Thomas A. ^ iarrett^o/ereadalttedto practice law mall the^trts of the territory.
Theeaes of Qsorsrlonn M. F. Sankey vs^si Mary's Female college was argued and^submitted.
Theease of George Oodea on an appeal^frofll the lhttrn t court will come up for^hearing tins niortiluK at 10 o'clock.
ArrestedFor Horse Stealing.
T.H. OnMf wss railed to Houlder Wed^nesday to dnfoM the esse of Robert (omm!^of that [ti.tce who was arrested several^days ago on a . harge of stealing a horse^from Klklmrii. 1 he horse was stolen last^July, for which a prisoner is now serving a^sentence In the Houlder jail. Mr. Good^purchased (he animal from the prisoner, it^is said, the day it was stolen and has been^using K ever since. The animal was sto^leu from one Mclntyre, who upon certain^information had Oood taken Into custody^oa tin* charge of grand larceny and after a^preliminary heat dig (iood wss hound over^iu the sum of S5nu to await the action of^grand jury. The case was heard before^the probate judge. Mr. Casey says he will^have his client released iuafew days, as^he can prove that the man who Is now In^Jail for stealing the horse it a ve theiufor^matlou that he might be set free.
TwoSouls With But a Slngl* Thou*M. Two
Harts thai Bmiii One.
Wednesdayafternoon Judge llowey waa^busily engaged in hearing a case of some^importance, aud having no clerk was^obliged to tranacrlbe the teotiruouy him^^self, lietnir so occupied, he paid no at ten^MM to persons wno came Into the court^ph.in, and did not notice a young uian who^sat unen-i . in a chair and looked as if he^wanted to say aoDietbing. Had the Judge^known what the young man was after he^would have adjourned court Instanter and^attended to bis wants. Hut he didn't^know. He was informed, however. In the^evening, when a young lady, with Hushed^face and bright eves sought hlrn out and^confided to him that she wished to procure^a marriage license. She said she bad sent^her lover after a license, but he had re^turned and told her that the court was too^busy to attend to such ah* an a.
Shewant*) to know what a probate^judge had i^ do that he couldn't find time^to issue a marriage license when reijueated^to do so. i he Judge good naturedly an^^swered that he was ready and willing at^all times to attend to such matters ami his^time was at her disposal, lining thus as^^sured the young lady went Into the court^room, while her bashful lover sUsmI out^^side in the hsll way and procured a license^for Harry Campbell and Nilde Fiodin.^Armed with the necessary document Miss^Fiodin took Mr. Campbell * arm and pro^^ceeded to the residence of Kev. ^i. K Kerry,^who aiMin pronounced the ceremony w hich^made Miss Fhaiin Mrs. Campbell.
Th Uste For ths Shorn Mous* Drawing.
Theday for tne grand draw ing ol the^Montana Investment company is scarcely^two months distant. Make your Invest^^ments now. Whole tickets, fifths, SI.^Keiiiemtter the capital prize is the SS^M,(^j0^hotel In Dm Moines and that there are i^s^cash prizes running as high a* ^5,000 each,
AMontana Testimonial.
1injured my eye two years ago, which^caused intense pain ever since, and entire^oss of vision, ami the other eye began^failing rapidly. Dr. Parsons, oculist and^aurist. Helena, Montana, removed ihe eye^in SeptemlHT, since which time I have had^no pain, and the other eye has entirely re^^covered.
Wm.Hi ami,^Custer station, Mont
ChildrenCry for Pitcher's Castoria.
RealEstate Transfers.
Thefollow Ing real estate transfers were^tiled in the r^^rorder* a office yesterday:
llsrrlsonMoon* to A I . dm, ths iw^ of^tfu. ^^^* . tr.d tb^ nwV of ths d^\,^^^c 11 sod id - *tt ot ths a^l%, sec 10, tp^IK, b r ; w PUSS
KrsnkKchtsnh rk U^ t'haa. A Broadwater,^^i'^r ^t.ift^ and wster rights upon the m^*% ^ f ths n^ sal tht* aet% of the ^w1,.^i*r wL tii Hi. sttw
Mf f^srnh .l-fl-Ti* ntni Mrs. K^*s Sm.ii to^BUOa Klfine* hniM, lots Id hhirk ^, u^|^s s V wnsttst
Jost'B i, Karrf tt to IV J. b:nobu^*. ( .*ri^I In otiew s, uuorirsD tsd distrlrt
AnnsA OsSOS et si ui Kilwsrd 1 /lmm*r^(^^ii. S interesi in th* J umbo quarts Kxis^In ths i ft, Mtlw dl-trlct ...
.liHs*|diW, t'mwHl st m to Asron Mrk^y,
loti. hi.irk pa, iskoaolowoooe
lhn.frh W si to v m A^1*1 racu*, lot* t sml hlork A; and lots 7^and s, hi, (k\ He^los ^ dluoa
ToNew Engianders.
Atthe next meeting of the New Kngland^society,on Krhlsy evening, Feb. 1, he fol^h^wing oonjISSl will l^e debated: Kesolved^thst New Knglsnd is ilegeneratlng. A. C^Logan will lead Am debate on the art) r in a^tire ami Judge Cornelius Hedges on tbe^negative. Meuitwrs of the society are ex^pccU'it to pojftldpale in the discussion.
Announcement.aoM ui^ assay office to Mr. A.
Hand,ot Hutte, who will conduct the busl^ness in the future.
Itake pb-asure in recommending him to^niy former patrons and (he public as being^an accurate and reliable assayer
Readyfor Business,
1wish to announce to my friends and^patrons that I am once more ready for bus^^iness and can be found at the old stand as^usual, corner Wall aud Ctorc streets.
Entitledto th^ Bsst.^All are entitled to the hest that their^money will buy, so every family should^have, at once, a bottle of the best family^remedy, ^yrup of Kigi, to cleans the sys^^tem when costive or bilious. Kor sale in^50c. and SI UU bottles by all leading drug^^gists.
Kheuinatismis caused hy lactic acid in^the blood, which Hood's sarNsparllla neu^^tralises and thus cures rheumatism.
(i.W. Jackson, music dealer.
JamesW. Harker, merchant tailor, No.^15 North Main street.
k^east via the Montana Centra* and^Manitoba railways, the new sleeping and^lining car route to M. Haul ami the east.^Through trains leave Helena daily at 11:35^i. m.
It.C/areow Thompson, otlice with Drs.^^ie. ie and Head, over K. S. Halc^Co.'s^^1rug store. Practice United hi diseaaes of^the rectum, or lower bowels, and anus.^fJAO-i hours, '.* a.m. to 12 tu:, li to 5 p. m.^and 7 t'.'.' at night.
Nobetter compound conif^ounderi than^Curo for Cough. I'se It for ail throat^troubles.
Ueserveyour sleeping csr berths for the^St. Haul excursion at the Montana Central
cityticket office.
Th OhMpMt ^ns B*tt M^4lusn By Which
AdvertteenienUwill be inserted iu^this column for iho-e de*irtiijr Help,^seeking 8ituatioDNT having Houeeo or^R^n^iiih for Kent, Real Estate for Sale,^or other anuounremeuUi, at the rate^of KIKTKKN ( K.NTS per line per in^^sertion.
,hiHhALB-^i^K^d sut'urbui U.U st luwsat t*^1 nrss, small cash paymaau, balaacs to suit.
S. ^ ^^'..^ c
i. )i u \ for s k^mm1 dw^*lllag boos* nuw In^O -I ^ * roars** of srwrUoo Ui Is* cooipivUMl^b^ April let, nest North^*ru Pact St dttpot, rouulas^fuur rotiius, twu cPsmlb, OOaOn sod rsllar, good^^ ^ .t:.iittdlD|f, water, ate Tsrajs, $1M^ Suwa sad^s*'^ par Diooth. wtil rent for Ji- p^r month.^\\ ftltMr Mulhson \ CO
$60,000for $U300,000 for$5
AGrand Prize Distribution Em^^bracing: Nearly a Third of a^Million of Dollars in Value^to Take Place at Ming's^Opera House at
Helena,March 30th, 1889.
A$300,000 Hotel
Andionshundred and flftr-ibrs* other BStSSS In^cash to t^^ ftwftrded to tlrknt holders ftt a k*rand^drswlnc to m held nt Minu s Opsrn IIoqm, i lei^^nft, Montftiis, hy tiis Montsns Inrestiiient Com
I'sny,under ths linmsdiftCe iu;^eivlsloa of tbe^Ion, T. II KMnsrhmldt, e^ Ssr^.r of llslsns^snd ftssi^tant tftshler First National Bank; Hon.^W K. h.*n^.in, sx-mayor of Butt**; Hon J M^^flsOMOL I'rohate 'oajM of l^^rls and Clarke^rounty, Moii'sna, and u^^ti A. A. Ames, Mayor of^Mlunespulls, Minn
IiHt ol PriMfls
Ons(iraid PfftOt runslstlnK of tha well-known^AtKirn Houss, a ina^nlflcant brick h^^tel 142Vi feet^square, covering a quarter block, with si modern^Improvements, and situated In I^es M-in -h Iowa,^the (treat railroad center and cap it 1 of the state,^with a uopilfttloa of from Mi.om to wi.iim, valued
at .S^^,t^o
1cash pris* ot S-V^' !^ 5,on
lM mm 1,00s la l.oai
t** ^ ^ Mini wo
50 ^ o ^^ 100 U 5,000
loo** ^ o io u l.ooo
134prises drawing^ . j.mki
securetickets for the 1 .rand Drawing Saturday,^March *^, 1K8S.
62,500Tickets at $5 Each, $312,500.
Ksmemherthat the presence of the Hon. Gen^^tlemen whose names occur In this annotneement^OB commlftsl.tnera, Is ft c itrftntee of absolute fair^^ness and Integrity, that the chances are all eqaal^and no one ^ an poeelhly tell wbftt number wlU^draw a prise
ThePlan of Drawing.
Thenumber* corresponding with those on the^tickets, printed on eeperete i ard^, will h*, placed^In one wheel. Tbe IM prizes el^) iftrly p-lnled^on separate carde will be pla^ e^l In another wheel.^The wheels will he revolved and the tickets thor^^oughly mlied, ftnd ^ number will then I* drawn^from tbe wheel of nu'nbere hy a child completely^blindfold* ^, aad at ihe same Um^ a prise will be^drawn from 'he other wheel by another child^completely MLndfolded. The numbers an t prlsee^drawn will bt exhlMt*d to the fttidlea-e and reg^ietered by the committee, the prise being placel^aK*inst the nambpr drawn. I hle operation will^be repeated until all the prlcee are drawn oat.
TheDrawing Assured*
Thegrand drawing of the Montana Investment^Company for the Aborn Uouve at l^es Moinee,^and IM caeb ; -i - ^^- ranging from S5,om^ to $h),^will take publicly at Helena, M. T , OS Satuniay,^March *^, \mt.
Thedeed In eecro e. Hein-mber that the deed^to the capital prize, the an t , eouee, la n^w In^escrow at the Kir-* National ^^ank, Helena, M. T.,^ready to he turned over to the holder of the win^mi.. ticket.
Howto Make Remittances
Remitby Postal Note, Express,^Money Order, New York or^Chicago Exchange or^Draft
iXH hALK Horses. Ir. .utre at International
J*K HM.aV A large ^ftlr of work horses. /
plyat 4 ' B-nti^n avenue.
^llHAI.1 rU-lr.'om eet and folding ts^d
Knijuireat this oOjie.
ForbVjut-Dwallinga, Busiaeas Flaoos ,Eto
AKl KNISdIJJ Not SB of Sve rooms, two^A SSSMOJ and water In kitchen, three biocas^RtOel i' O on Broadway a email family or^^fbUei[ian and wife prefarrnl, a SeOOJOMI 10 thv^ngi.t party. Unqulre at 4U Broadway
KVjKHSNT-Caldn barn In rear of tttw Hear-^g} horn avenue knijtilre of a M K. L'erpen-^ter, im lir^ kenridh'e lire t.
Roomi- Fumiihod and Unfumishoi
i.lK'HiMh la Novelty ulcnk bullolug fcn-^1 ^ ,111m 1 L lareel a Co.
VI Kl i furnished r^K^ms with or without^1^ Im
oardat M North lt^dne^ stieet.
An~n ual
OurRemnant Counter
1^ a Ort^at Feature of Attractiou. It ConnisU of the Following 1l-
iUHNlhHKU KOtJMS. 3M Clark street.
.nitMlIKU BOO MA tNb a on aveaue.
XUKFAOinO or - ^^^^^ir Uanae Steam beat,^elegaot rooms; 5u, '.^^. %\, sslu |1.!^^ per day.
HAHVKYUul sK, tirand street, new and^^le^Uitly l m ti is lied rooms, elngie or la suite
waitergirts, i men SSI wood chopping Chand
^^aiu^0 ler.
U'AMti'An o\ereeer, or chief adverUser,^** and one to three assletaote (accordUig to^else ol ct-uuty and populeUonj.mouth eal
ar/andexpenses to uveraeers, and S^J to aeslet-^ants. Mo petldting. No aoiiciunif. Duties con^fined to making i.oilectlons, distributing printed^matter, putting up advertisemenU, etc., or Klec-^nil MooSs, tipenet-s advanced; salaries paid^eath mouth. Mncloee four cents postage for full^fpw lmeu Hue of atlverllslng matter to aLttCTBO^ualvam10 t,(^^ 1'alace tiuiiUtog, Cincinnati, u.^No attention paid to postal cards.
WKwish to employ a rellabltt man in your^county. No experience required; penua^nent posltlun tor turee veare. baiary Increased^sack yoar. Light, easy, geuieel busLneee Money^advanced for salary, euverllalng, etc. Largeei^manufacturers in our line. BnCioee if-cent. Mo^poetaie Cvaiennlal Mfg. Co., Cincinnati, O.
W-v-NI ai)-An active agent lo eelUbe ^Arc^^tic^ door spring tn ell cities and counties.^It is the latest Improved and cheapest door spring^in the market. Special inducements to reepon^slble agents Convrette ^ Uaggart, pateuleos,^Hpokane falls, W. T.
edvertlsementsunder this head will^sertedtnree timea tree ot charge.
\\.C^ i u^ by a Norwegian lady of fltteen^VV ,. ^i- experience a poeltlon aa u) k In hotel
oriioarwing house. Best of relereace turnlahed.
AdlresB, Louise Krausen. i^eer Lodge. M. '1' , i.^n
A i f.li -To i.ud a home for a girl u years^old. Addreat 1611 Boulder nveuue.
ANTED A sltuaUon by ft lady aa house^keeper or nurse. Have had slxUen years^experience as a nurse In hospitals. Address Mrs
U.K. ITlemlug, independent ofDce.
run^ OP i n k r l v
siutile \\ holo Ttrketa$S
(LFBII v in
S90 OO^40 OO^I OO 00
lookor ^ Utiole Tlrkele^Hook ol : o \^ hole Ttrkete^Book nl z; Whulf Tlrketa^FinhTlrketa, f i rarh.
Aperaoa can order ae many FIFTH TICKKTa^as desired, all or H mas st m ibim.
yr further Information and tlckeOi address or^apply to
TaaMorraMa Iavi^raisT Cohpast.^i -rand Central Hotel Block, Helena, M. T.
WANTSi A young married man, speaking^Kagllab, Kiunch and tierman, wants work^of any kind. Address A. B , this ofttca.
Lostand Found
OST~Cuff and button^i leave at this office.
Kluderwill plei
LOUTA gentleman s cuff, with gold and fttone^butt/ ^ Kinder will please return same to^tnls office
OirHKWAHU- Lost, a black pocketbook,^3^^v^ lined with red satin, containing kn^leu and five dollar hills. Uonul tinder please re^^turn tu oifice Men banU Holal.
I' ^a I \ rase containing a pair of gold ^^t^wed^1 j spectacles. The under will t e suitably re^^warded hf leaving tbe same at this office.
MONEY TO LOAN on reasonable terms^Juo. 4. M. N. HI, Hoojta b and 7 Aahby^block. Main street.
i\ 11 ^I*b,V KK, iiianutacturer and dealer In^VJT. lumrwr, lath and cordwooS, office 40 and^4w, KaclSc hotel Talepaoae SSS.
aMTEOClean, cotton raft, for wlping, at^IsoariNiiknt prees room.
A 1^l Ks gold wab bee, S3H; stamwlndlas ji^1 a ver watches, Si'^; ten-mile field glaea,^artirles of every deerrlptlon bought and sold;^money loaned, at New York Loan office. Interna^^tional Hotel Hlork
Ssrupof Figs Cleanses the Syatam.^Syrup of Figs is Pleasant and Effective.
UseOyr-uo of Figs for Oonstipatlo
Rocy Mountain Encampment No^|fl I.O. O, F-
Aregular meeting of the at^ove Kn^lernpnieut will Is* held on the second^and fourth Friday of eaih month^at their lodge room,lA thlaclty sii m
'^j.itiruingBrothers are cordially Invited to at^^tend.0. ft STEVENSON. C. P.^HENKY ASMl^sKN, Jscrils*.
aueutlon,Nolerl ki.kho, a. o. ii. W.
Arefrutar assembly of Montana lAarion, No. 1'^Select Knlgbta. ^ nnvenes at tbolr hall, In Odd Fel^^lows Temple.every Friday nla*ht,at ^ ^(o'clock tbarp^Comrades uf Hlster Legions are iv^rdlaily invited to^ft'tend.
Kecorder.select Commander
AllKind* and Oradea of Soft. Also, Wood.^OFFICE .... OOLI^ BLOCK^Telephone SB.
lug'sOpera House.
xNights. Commencing
Monday, Jan. 28th
The(ireat and Emotional Hoclety Ac;ress.
MissRose Osborne
Supportedhy ber own company ol metro^^politan artiste.
Mondayand Tuesday Evenings,
Productionot the ^^rea^ Powerful Drama,
Url'U neipreeel) for MlaeOeborae by tardea.
Isnetprtrea. Sale of seaU begins Saturday st
PopeA O'Connor's
Remnant*of rashmert**.
HenrietU Cloth.
'*Black ^ioodH.
-Wool Plaids.
Kancy Dress Goods.
44Ladlea Cloths.
KancY Trlrots.
Red Klanuels.
White Klanuels.
Kreuch IMaid KIsuuelH.
Twilled Klanuels.
KemuHUtsPlaid Dress Ginghams^M Wash Good^^.
KetlTable Liuuens.
WhiteTable Liueus.^(Md IjoU Turkish Towels.^(bl^l Lots Napkin*^KeniUAUts Sheetlug.
ThePrices Are for This Sale Only.
HELENA. - - - M. T
i jdu*. tn - i. ^^! t %^(ty duwuy th^'^m^;S i i v
1bM'taai'4 Vifun .^tfit inxauijr or
refl atisM * ^*
Kaeetiyms^diB ttireaevmtSi k * i ^^^* Sendee Ele.tr .c Co. 169 * .:.
1 : ^ Bf
ri.oM.CCStOS*i*aswa,^' (\ur^m'^ of
, - -^ ,'f*^ur-
SoleAgents for the World-Renowned
Clothingfor Ladies', Gents' and Children's Wear.
tm Send for Illustrated Catalogue and Price.
GANS^ KLEIN, Helena Mont.
NewYork Dry Goods Store
WillCommence a Great
Atthe Conclusion of their Inventory.
An Opportunity for Bargains
Suchas Has Never Been Offered
CornerMain and Bridge.
Newand Exquisite Perfumes
Somethingto Please Everyone.^Fin* ^,tft snJ Tolls* 9pocifft^f KlofeMt K^tr Brush** and Consbs.
YourTrade Sol^o^-tec
SO -A- IP .
C.T. PERRY ^, CO., Makers, Helena.
ESTABLISHEDIN 1865. REBUILT IN 1887.^The LargttBt Leading Hotel. Has tbe very Beat Accom^modationa in the city. Katea Reduced; $3 pei day an4^upwarda, according to location of rooms.
Calland Sen the Plat of| this^Choice Tract.
Porter,hi ^ Cm
lI sJMfeV S*. TaltaSfistltt.
Hams^d Breakfast Bacon
Smokedin Montan
Packera, (urera aad SmuSere of
Choice, Mildly Cured Meats.
orriCB-HefHgeraor BulUlag.
Morphtn*II.mi Cm^io 20 4 o ^^ Ae pa*^Ur. 4- a*e^aeai. Lifciaaa

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