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- ~ -i-~^T~7T^AT?BP?Y> ItARCH 4th, 1922 NUMBER 1?
The sad occasion which has
brought together this corii
course of bereaved relativer
and sorrowing ?friends is buf
the sure and sojemn declaratio:
of the brevity
we too shall
our outgrown s
of life and thgt
some day"leaj;'
lell by life1
if e's iii
resting sea." &s often? as fa
are ushered injfco the presence
of death, we a|re made to Ae
as did the Psalmist of *Jd
when he said, "we spend .Duj
years as a tale jthat is told" kn
despite our feajr and dread o
the grim monster, we are con
stantly stopping along the patl
of life and looking around t(
find that those ?at our side hav<
slipped away jfrom us to bi
seen no more, j We journey 01
and very soon j another leave
us and still another until w<
find ourselves j gone. As wit!
man, so with everything earth
ly for there isj nothing lastini
in earth. For ?this reason Pau
warned us to det our affection,
on things abqW. With thes
conditions everj present with u
surely if we Jiad not hope ii
God, we wouldj be of all crea
tures most miserable.
We feel that the form whicl
now lies before us realize,
these things i? the early year,
of her life an^ started out fo.
that city whope "Builder anc
Maker is God, ' and that toda}
she is enjoying the grandeur
It is not in tjhe mind of an in
dividual to tfill what is the
course of the j hf e of a human
being, Only (jiod knows oui
destiny. Little did Hattie
Viola Roach jknow that hex
years of preparation as a stu
dent here in tljiis city were onh -
the means of preparing her foi |
service in this vineyard; tha
her daily contact with th
ana women of tha
"nobleness an<| sweetness o
character that! would make he
a fit subject tcj become the ger
erous neighbor that she ha
proved to be ijn the communit
where she ha^ lived; that th
union of two ijiearts would gi\
to the world ai young life who:
we feel the limage has bee
stamped for Service; and tha
the end of h^r earthly caree
should find I her actively er
gaged as a faithful member c
the Second Calvary Church.
In speaking? of her excellent
as a christiaii worker here, w
would mentioh her large heart
edness in thje service of he,
Master. She) was too intered
ted in the cajuse to confine he
labors to onej particular spher
of church lif0 but in everythin
where work J was to be done
she was there to do her part
Her earnestr ess and unselfisl
determinatioi to make thing;
count is laso worthy of emula
tion. Surely she must hav<
leaned hard ion the Everlastini
arm for thej success of her en
deavors, sepjecially during th
closing scen?s of her life fo
it was clearjly noticed that fo
sometime h^r physical strengt
was growing weaker. Sh
seemed to h&ve felt the shoi
time that stte had to finish he
work on eajth by the way sin
went about lit. Her though
fulness for| others as to the
welfare arjd happiness wi
beautiful inj the extreme. Tl
crowning ?oint in her who
life seemed}to have been h<
faithfulness. In the earlh
years of heh life, she must ha^
acquired thjis virtue for to h
faithfulness seemed a matt
of course..1 She was one
those wom?n who to find at h
post was jiust natural-thai
alT. Anything else would ha
been anything but natural. .
president <j>f the Church A
Club, she \^as held in the hig
est respect! by those that ma
up that Organization. It mi
have firsi entered into 1
mind the heed of such a cl
and from the day of its orga
zation 'till now it has ste
ready to Jielp where help v
needed. No call too urgent,
home duties too great, not e^
physical weakness kept 1
from her meetings. What a
benign influence she has exert
3d over the members of this
lock! We have suffered a
Treat loss but it is her and
heaven's gain. The death an
?el bade her body cease but it
ould not touch that noble
hristian character which is
eft on record for us. May we
1?re re-consecrate our lives to
Iis service and feel that all
hings work together for good
o them that love God.
Whereas God in His wise
rovidence has seen fit to r?
nove from us Sister Hattie
/iola Roach and,
Whereas we are deeply
rieved and shall feel the loss
n every department of our
.hurch, Be it resolved,
That we bow in submission
o the Divine will, that we ex
cess our sympathy to the
ereaved family by sending
hem a copy of these resolu
ions commending them to the
are of our Heavenly Father
/ho alone can bring peace and
omfort to troubled hearts, and
That the same shall be enter
id upon the roll book of the
rganizations of the church of
vrhich she was a member.
Approved by the Church Aid
]lub and Missionary Society.
Mrs. Hattie Green.
Mrs. Luvenia Brown,
Mrs. M. L. Moore,
(By Mrs. N. P. Russell).
On Thursday evening at eleven
;wenty the news was flashed
ar and near of the death of
Irs. Hattie Viola Roach, (nee
Williams). The suddeness of
ier death was a shock to
ivery one as she had attended
Church on Sunday morning last
md seemed to be in her usual
;ood health, tho a little weaken
ed from, the strain of practice
Cantata, Queen Esther that wai
anderea at the Church on Fri
ay evening, the 17th.
Mrs. Roach had not been very
-ell for sometime but she kepi
n the go not willing to give up
:r activities in Church work,
.nd other affairs for the up
ailding of the community,
he was an energetic woman
iving ali of her time to others
ie did not live for nor to her
?If. Her heart and her life
/ere wrapped up in her husband
er home, her Church.
In any affair that served to
i in the betterment of condi
ons anywhere, she was a
:ader. the was a good daugh
ar, a kind and affectionate wife
, loving mother and sister, and
n excellent neighbor. Hers
/as a sympathetic nature, she
/as always willing to listen to
he troubles of others and tc
ive advice. She ministered tc
he sick at all times when she
vas able.
Mrs. Roach did not leave 2
ying testimonial, she did nol
i I eed to-her life was her test^
11 aonial, as she lived, so she die
al V Good Woman, A Christi'
i fi Vornan, beloved by- all V5
E 1 .new her. /
. I On the twenty-ninth of ?\
al 908, she was married tr**
L?l ames A. Roach, of Sum? S.
113. To this union two c/rePi
/ere born. One of r?J^:
iessalene, preceded her JT
u j rave, in her infanc/
jc| ther, Sy i vesta, surviV ^irs
.oach leaves also a mrr' **us~
and, three sisters,/ee ?ro~
hers and a host r/rrowin?
Mrs. Roach was?n,atl^n
Ol-.erson, S. C., Ju?f?v I83'
ei|iie was the dayfrw?frRev
kl aid Mrs. RichZL Williams,
vel 1er father di?8? a sh^rt
Zl vhile before hefeT** T She ^
5?| .ttended scho/^f0* ?^-n
tl ute and Ben?C^e> *W
Jelioth of whi</ewas *radua
Allier last i8 to her hus~
18il and anH ft mother were,
[uti ana ana pe better "
Si ^??1 R?v?1 be sad1^ *ia
It? edint^unity in whi<*
a"? h? hv J,hev home which
T? he ? Joved> in the
feoagHjB NO M
npak rleasa?^py of the departed. In
It is easy to sp^ v. ; tlie^world become in saying
reality, so accustomed hi
th? beautiful only about
ything else. Therefor?
eem what may be spo?v
de?d. In writing these :
wtiich was true of the sui
is read, I want the readei
- -o
;?ad, that we seldom expect
.esquite often too lightly
or Witten about the worthy
.r liras, I shall say that only
?ect of this article and when it
to ieil that the picture is not
way, we are forced to
drawn. caking in ?fe way, we are forced to
Too, often m speaK ? to fce effec?
strain our imaginatio
or carefully read. t t?at we have the tu_
It is a ?n a person from early childhood,
roi where children unconscious
lilli jr vi .
taught her in the class room wiro cmioren unconscious
ly reveal the traits of that early lite; then to be associa
ted with her in the Sunday behool and as her pastor
where a knowledge of her religious life is had first hand;
to live on the same street within speaking distance of
her and watch her pass from childhood to Womanhood;
to know her social life and fmady when she has decided
to allow her life to blend withins and the two become
one and then to be called upon to stand at the altar and
perform that sacred rite that unites soul with soul in the
bends of holy matrimony; then to watch such a life in
after vears, seeing her as partner with her husband in
bi.siness, as a faithful and affectinate wife, a kind and
ditiful mother; to watch her christian life with her
ne ighbors and in her church-to see one in these varied
walks of life ought actuate the looker-on to be able to
speak with authority. Such was my knowledge of
Hattie Viola Roach. As a child, in short, from her
youth up I can truthfully say that she measured up to
all that might be expected of one in the midst of the con
flicts of a sin-afflicted world like this.
Therefore, it gives nie genuine pleasure not often
had in giving these testimonials in memory of Hattie
Viola Roach, formerly of Columbia, S. C., but now of
sainted memory. Ou?Syes are too dim and our knowl
edge of the enthroned is too l&aited to speak at length
about departed spirits. HenccL?iir words must be few
and caretully employed.
If the life lived in the fie
was a shadow or forecast of \
in the spirit, while the shado
sweetest paeans, chanted by
perfect greeted her and upon
wlas carried into the presence
Jy pattie Viola Roach
J tie that she now lives
3|^ief and intense sor
ta .thUL-ctegce
lips of the just made
pinions of angels she
lim who wipes away all
teiars there to abide through jit endless ages. She is
not here. But the fragranc emanating from her
beautiful life is a benediction D ?ll who knew her. We
grieve ^hen we think that sh hs left us. But we re
joice 16 know that her spirit i ?sb in Heaven. Peace to
hier ashes.
! J. J. STA IKS,
President Moif is College, Sumter, S. C.
d to which she gave sc
her time.
be truthfully said tha'
Mrs. /bach, "So lived that whei
her / limons came to join thi
Bnu/^al caravan that move,
to ht mysterious realm when
eaj/ shall take his chamber ii
tw silent halls of death, sh
,/rt not like the quarry slave j
jiight, scouraged to his dui
oh, but sustained and sooth
by an unfaltering trust ap
y roached her grave like one
'who ^rapped the drapery o
ms .couch about him and la;
iown tp pleasant dreams.
Tas^ A.
Hartsville, S. C.
ard announcing untimely deatf
)f wife just received. Sad new:
;arrie as a profound shock to us
n your hours of bereavernen
ve extend our heartfelt sympa
ihy. God is an ever presen
time of trouble and ma;
3e be your comfort now.
H. H. Butler.
or all.
Aiken, S. C., Feb. 27, 1922.
Dear Bh>. Roach:
We feel how feeble words of
consolation from us, would be to
Tou in this, your hour of trial.!
fou have possibly sustained one
>f the greatest losses of man
Mrs. Hill joins me in prayer
Your friends,
R?v. and Mrs. A. W. Hill. I
Chester, S. C., Feb. 25 '22.1
Roach: |
in deepest sympathy^
of death of wife.
. L. Finley and Wife. ^
reenwood, S. C., Feb. 26, '22
)*r Mr. Roach :
fews of the death of your
n e came to us this morning,
k ! a thunderbolt from a clear
kr. The People's Recorder
rc 5 the messenger. You, your
e r little daughter and rela
id ss have all the sympathy we
a: i extend. Had we known in
ir ie, at least one and possibly
o |h would have attended the
'u:?eral. The Southern train.
;u ; last chance to go, passed be
oife we read it today.
Respectfully yours
$r. and Mrs. H. A. Peterson.
Morehouse College,
Atlanta, Ga., Feb. 25, 1922.
lear Mr. Roach:
You and Sylvesta have my
?eepest sympathy in your be
.eavement. Indeed the news
)f your loss was a shocking sur
prise to me.
The debt paid by your dear
vife is inevitable for all of us
md since it is God's regular
outine of work I trust you will
o ali to shun much grief.
W. F. Williams.
r Rock Hill, S. C., Feb. 24, '22
Ifr- I A. Roach,
Columbia, S. C.
3ear Bro. Roach:
Intelligence reached me this
norning of the sad demise of
?our Wing wife, and I am writ
nST to express my sincere sym
pathy, A good wife is heaven's
choicest blessing to man. I am
>vrs you will miss yours indis
'nbably. But I would remind
nutf you that God is able to
leal the broken heart and dry
he tailing tears. And may
rou look to Him for strength
)RE - The P
Of A Us?
Mrs. Hattie Viola Williams
Roach departed this life Thurs
day night Feb. 23rd, about ll :30
o'clock, after a brief illness of a
few days-rather hours. Al
though she had been in some
what failing health for somefl
time, the end came as a result
of a brief attack of "acute gas
tritis." Truly a host of friends
wrere in constant attendance
throughout her illness and
shared in the hopeful vigil to
the end-the sad end. Her
mother had arrived the day be
fore in response to a telegram,
which for some unaccountable
reason she was expecting. The
anxious husband and sweet
little daughter were all present
to carry out the orders of her
most excellent physician, Dr.
M. A. Evans assisted by Dr. N.
A. Jenkins and another special
ist and one of the best trained
nurses in the hope of restor
ing their dear one to normal
physical condition. But all to
no avail. Mrs. Roach had
finished her course.
It has been the privilege of
but few women to lend so much
to so many worthy causes and
laudable undertakings in so
orief a life. Her whole life
was a positive factor for good;!
and in that it was a most wor-y
thy and needed example, at
chis time especially.
The funeral services were
held Sunday, Feb. 26th, at the
?Second Calvary Baptist Church
of which she was a model mem
ber at 3:30 o'clock, Hardy ano
Manigault, Undertakers in
Funeral March, Miss Alma
Bailey, Organist.
Song-"I would not live al
ways," Choir.
Scripture Lesson,-Dr. N
F. Haygood of Sidney Park C
M. E. Church.
Prayer,-Dr. J. C. Dunbar
1st, Nazareth Baptist Church
Hymn,-"Come Ye Discon
Telegrams and Messages ol
Condolence, Dr. R. W. Manee
president of Allen University
Hymn,-Asleep In Jesus,'
by Choir.
Sermon: Texts, John XI\
1-3 and Phil. 1:21 by Rev. H
M. Moore, D. D., Pastor.
Remarks: Mrs. J. J. Starks
of Sumter, (former teacher o
Anthem: "Shes Gone," Choir
Paper,-Mrs. M. L. Moore
Church Aid of which decease
was president.
Solo,-"Face to Face,, Mr. E
E. Cornwell.
Paper,-Mrs. N. P. Russell
to stand in this your hour c
jrief and pain,
ieed, the City of Columbia,
be hard to fill, Second Calvar
jut our loss is heaven's gain.
Yours in sympathy,
C. P. T. White.
Columbia, S. C., Feb. 25, '21
My dear Bro. Roach :
With a bowed head and a sa-:
heart, we write you these line:
of sympathy on the death o
vour devoted wife. I kno\
words are inadequate to re
nove or mitigate the dark clou
that shrouds your heart. Bul
remember that "The Lord o?
Host is with you and the God o?
Tacob is your.refuge."
I feel that you have lost a de
voted wife and a helpmeet in
leed, the City of Columbia,^
business leader whose place wil
e hard to fill, Second Calvar;
baptist Church a faithfu
worker , a devoted Christian
but our loss is heaven's gain.
You have our prayers and we
oray God that He will give you
sustaining Grace and that yoi
may be able to say, "Thy will
be done."
Yours in deep sorrow,
Rev and Mrs. N. F. Haygood.
Columbia, S. C., Feb. 26, '22.
Dea. J. A. Roach and Family,
Dear Sir:
My heart goes out to you inl
sympathy on; account of thel]
sickness and death of your wife.
I regret that I can't attend the
funeral. God will take care of
you and yours.
Dea. D. D. Mozie.
eaceful End
ful Life
Solo,-"One Sweetly Solem?
Thought," Mrs. Mamie Sum
Remarks,-Dr. D. F. Thomp
son, pastor of 1st, Calrary
baptist Church and Dr. R. W.
Song,-"Sister Thou wait
nild and lovely."
Song,-Fade, Fade each
earthly joy, Jesus is mine."
Rev. Richard Carroll wai ab
lent on account of a prerious
mgagement and reached tha
ity too late to be present.
The services were concluded
it the Randloph Cemetery.
The mound was a veritable
>ank of the loveliest of flowers,
md as lovely as they wera,
hey but faintly expressed tha
ligh esteem in which Mrs.
loach was held by the innum
erable host of her friends and
She has gone from us but
1er life will remain a bright
md beckoning light to hishar
md nobler living while sha en
oys the blessed inheritance af
;he redeemed saints.
Among the out-of-town
visitors wereid Mrs. Lena J.
r?dow of the late Rev. Rich
mond Williams of Seneca, S. C.,
Mrs. Roach's mother; Miss
latie Williams of Atlantic City
M. J.; Mr. Roger Williams of
Washington, D. C.; Mrs. Rosa
lamilton and daughter of Ak
anta, Ga.; Mr. and Mrs. Syl
rester Williams of Seneca, S. C.
\Ir. and Mrs. James Williams
md daughter of Atlanta, Ga.;
Mrs. Rosa Williams of Seneca,
grandmother of deceased; Mr.
ind Mrs. R. H. Roach, parents
)f Mr. Roach ; Mrs. Lila Towns,
Mrs. Annie Patterson, Atlan
ta, Ga.; Misses Ida and Lila
Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Malichai
Duncan, Boykin; Mr. Andrew
?Roach, Mrs. D. M. Dye, Heath
Spring, S. C.; Mrs. Corrina
Durant, Sumter; Mr. and Mrs.
fames Bates of Camden, Mr.
\rthug. Mi ,_
College, Sumter, Mr. R. W.
Vestberry, Mr. S. Howard, and
Mr. T. B. Wright of Sumter,
Mrs. E. C. Thomas of Seneca
md Rev. L. M. Keitt, Charb
on, S. C.
The floral offerings were nu
nerous and lovely and came
rom far and near as well AS
Ad the messages of condolence.
The following acted as pall
earers: Messrs J. H. Goode,
5. Z. Asman, C. H. Simons, L.
\.. Hawkins, G. H. Hampton, D.
I. Starks, H. E. Taylor, L. B.
R. W. Jackson.
Sumter, S. C., Feb. 25, '22.
F. A. Roach:
We extend our sympathy to
rou in this hour of your sore
Rev. and Mrs. J. P. Garrick.
Sumter, S. C., Feb. 24, '22.
T. A.% Roach,
Heidt Street,
Columbia, S. C.
We are pained to hear of the
leath of your dear wife. Want
:o attend funeral.
Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Starks.
Dear Mr. Roach:
lust read a letter from Mrs.
helson telling me of Ola's
leath. My, I can't find words
;o what a shock, for I had heard
?othing of her being ill. I am
oo sorry and you have my
leart full of sympathy in this
;errible trouble.
All the children join me in
;ympathy and I am sure Henry
viii be terribly shocked when he
?ears of it.
I am real nerveocs and can't
say more.
C. E. Dougherty.
Washington, D. C.
Chester, S. C., Feb. 28, '22.
Dear Mr. Roach :
Ola's death came to us as a
distinct shock, for we had just
parted a few days ago after a
real jolly meeting.
We deeply sympathize with
you and your dear little daugh
ter in this great affliction,
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