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The evening world. (New York, N.Y.) 1887-1931, January 25, 1890, NELLIE BLY EXTRA. SPORTING EXTRA., Image 2

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II 2 - SWAP Dogs, Birds, Buns, fee, rifgh Otr Ewangc Adils. - Til IUU)UI,I) : SAT! KDAV KVlMtNt;, JAA'UAllY 23, 1800, ' SWAP Horses by Means of E.anlng WoilJ Exchange Aftls. - I
yfli' uUlihti bv the Press PubllsMtt Company.
' (InclultntrroMre)t
3K' rrn month..., aor.
Jfc l'l'ltYUAII ea. 51)
K ' VOL 30 NO. 10,305
IHi -
fBL- entered el The Post OfBce l New York as second
l&fi class nutter.
V?. l.twren .lilt end 32ilst., Jiew York.
K nr.ooiu.ni-.iAn rcLTOH it. ham-exi-
K Kewa Department, lfiOFJOvr lS.Vnt st.i Art-
IUh frtinint t2:i7KfiliriTUT. rillL.
R DCLPniA, PA.-Ltwim llcittiio, ll'J
PotTMCTiter. XAB1I1NOTON-C10 14m
Bkt MjKDON OFFICK-B? Cocaar-tm St.. Tn irat
Ri Eolh at Albany nml id Washtnctou
RB action in regard to tho World's Fair is tnls.
B lng place. AttboHtatenvitltalthcroMtiin
He littlo demurring to the inimcdlnto eonsld
ML oration and settlement of llio intention.
Hk h'onio Senators urged Ibnt they ix illicit to
SHv study tlio lilll. Tbts will only occasion u
9fr fovy days' delay, as ln eiuoslion is to bo
AH considered next week. IJut any needless
. procmlinat'ou is to ha deeply deplored,
9Jv its tbo p-antlnx tlio ten millions ly llio
Hk'f Legislature at Albany will have thonioit
Mfi In iioflcml effect in Washington.
JK Trot Wohlu's petition will Ira printed
Jff- fn iha CrtnjrenionnI Jlcrord to-morrow.
jBc" Tho Tftir workers in Washington for Now
Hs York profess conCdonco that nil xrill bo
GK, Tlio sooner It uau Ijo settled the bettor.
SB It will bo found tlint tho erection of tlio
9p buildings and tho cotioral preparations
Brt for tho World's Fair will talco nil tho timo
V that can Le had beforo 1892. In spite of
Wp Jlr. I'lxtt. tho people want it in that
SM& ' yoir.
dK Tho Now York, Now Haven nml Hart-
R ford ltnllroad Company has maintained
'ME thai deadly feotnro of car travel, tho
yjK" stovo. They claimod exemption from tho
H; state law, which onjoins nteam on all
HI' roads OTor fifty miloi In length, nt tho
Wfk ground that they only had twenty-six
jtMfi milus of rail in this State.
"K- Happily, Jndus Inueau5i in tho fin-
VKh prcnte Court, HiiecUl Torm, lias chen
St judcuieot for tlio State, and the (lanoral
fm 'lurin has sustainod him when tho caso
am m appealed to it, Tho horrors of tho
deadly car ntoo aro crest enough for n
MB' road liko this to wish to avoid Ihoui, with.
Hg oat attempting to kcrton itsolf under a
Ik technicality of thn law. Ercrytiody will
J? lie glad that tho road failed iu this miser.
Wk ablo policy.
iff Tho suear masnatos hold a movtins of
K Bucrtil hours' duration lately. Of one
ffe. thing tho publlo may rest aasurod, tfint
OS thoy wore not taxing their hrnlns to do-
fM viso a bcIidiuo for Bupplvinc snear lo the
-K- world at tho croatoU advnutase to the
H imrchoiers. MouoioUtio houdsto weld
'WK together the Trust wero probably put
,jK upon tho anvil aud hammered well.
Mi Yot monopoly ih ouposod to puhllu
fe opinion, aud, theoretically, can hardly
9k rccapo tho Btato statntei of criminal law.
kI- Wliat, then, are these magnates to be
Hjr idled, and now suuuld their deeds bo
Ht named?
l8 Thoso who havo watched, Tkitli Foine
wt vexation, thowauton hilarityot llcxjiMis
Mj, I'ctth Hutchinson, tho jollv comoror of
4Rr Chicago, whenever ho hiu )iiuched tho
K; country, and who h;no dropped u largo
B' amount of money, vill feel a littlo mirth.
M ulncbx thembolves at learning that ' ' Old
MP Hutch" haH been "douo" by an luslg-
JB niticant clork in his employ qtuto un.
ML J.uowu to fame to tho extent of ?C0,Ufl0,
9k Instead of n feeling of prido in such a
jHii clever cniploj ce, tho old man has locked
iflfft lnmnelf up and Knearsand sulks tlrotil.
OSS' full,-
, Vuglaud is suffering from a plague of
3Bk rats. Tho fields are overrun with tho
9a. rodents, and the injury they tiro inflicting
JK is very fcorious. In ISIS Nova Scotia
W , v. (ib nearly paralyzed by an Invu-slon
n of mice. They ruined the cropr. The
K, tats vera the only nniiuaU that
m thrived and waxed fat. AVhoro Is thtre n
SK leglntent of Tied Pipers who may patrol
IK the length and breadth of Albion and lure
wL tho hateful rodent to destruction? The
B. rat poison men should do a rattling rat.
H ting business.
UK f iiro-Toni-o l J3d. n bt Bone to hunt In
( tie ladlta Urwnatlou o' the "heetll) tui-
nm Bl,"
jisH B
B , Tlie SrtxlliiQ CepuUlo ti tome vrlre-pullir.
Bv la Tclcurapu Oepartuiat lisibtfa rutbed of
f OO.gOOietca
K Ein Harrison wired HnmUrto that be wi tail
Sr luuionrfur auythlnKotertlieUuke ol Aueta'e
91 death. Tbat'aall rliLt,Un.
WJV fc'iiiuejoll-llrji iu IDIucu broke looio lu rol.l
nMg weather and were almost n oxen to deal li. Ihpy
JK diilu't know tbey ere votos to bate euc'i t imp.
jBr A yoacur man waa arreited at M weddlo aa te
jB, atood at the altar. I!e bu alte.-id Wfo-e-
K1 CrUil. Italian jreinttr, baa bad me cWare
:Kf sameil after Lloi. Arilpr lltr can't Uo tcry
Kc cite.
vVy ' "
W. Ucrr Mot ri irtiftJ. I1U toiulduiu. ilre.
7 ' IltSuan, feela a It her inoat bad ftue, but not
W Let all.
B IIownikrtbe Botbtcbdilt aie! Oneottbein
SaV- rocs out to bf Ut a doe), and the other feUo wet
H "" on pinked.
H il.ElJT.l la Uln aued by bU elevator men
K Tbeyaatorally object to etrluif him a Hit for
1, notblnir.
FA" ? SoUaacdletlael'ffdilefortbla coluaio on tho
'pi' J rroouathitltiiairetltl,
te It Wcc a Clear Case
Ber IAqu lit lomlt Ctil.. J
H I'-nardiuc MittrtS4 rafter watchiuir a
Bl 1 rU-r tat threo aaneacea with treat
JB co nt)-You moat bo an Odd Fellow, eirf
lloanier-Yoa'f gucawed it; but bos did
K ili.ueaa-1 Luew rwj inuit l by the
P tfijjiUilS.' m lliBaid ,ho
- - i
Salesman Dowoes Found Terribly
Mangled In the Street.
No Clue to Ills Asullnnt or Ills
Motive Dowitcs SIny Die.
1'iillceman Thoina Kmith, of the Illalib
flalitli uti irt atntioti, foil tnl n will-'licMcl
titan Icanttig ottailmt tho atra railing nt
Dttlfl r titnlcr;nkcr iliop, at IK.I1 'lntnl
auntie, early tlilr innrntticr. Itis face and
clnthcn were Coveted nitli blood.
Tho man waa da7rd. ami ga?cd attipldly
unci lireeclilcn at t lie oftlccr ttlirn ail.
tire ficd.
It waa 1 o'clock. The titan cottld not hae
comei very far In that condition. He could
not hao been In atcn in a flulit without a
iiimpua that would limo been lieanl a long
w olT. YctOfflcoi Smith had nanacd tlio
tK)t less than flvo ml mi ten before, and had
not been out of heat init since.
UufTy's atoro le at One llutnlreil ami Hec
ond atreit 1'nrtceinaii HnuthV boat wa4
fiom One ltumlredtli atreit to One lltiudreil
and Fourth street.
Hrtiith summoned aid with s rap of Ills
club on tlioflono tlatti. 'lliero waa tin nt
liearancc nf a atrmmln nliout tlio street, and
no other blood than lad tttlppeil fnim tlio
atratiue man wlieir he alnml, llu had lout a
good deal or the vital Html.
Jlancilliig much, thn oniccri.tnoU him to
the atttloti, wlitruHtiKvaiit llccd ttetltiiieil
(itut. Willi a call wan mut out Inr an ambit,
litucc. 'llio mail waa latintial r iimiuli,
tliniiKli glowing weak from lout of lilnod.
butwnnlil na iiothiuu furtlicr than Hint he
waa Jattiot llnttnci. fnitj mnn jeatn nld.
ainglc, and that ho lltid nt 111', I'nxt Our
hutidreiltli Ktrect. and nana aaio4mnu. The
one rcrlr bo liiode tit all Inqtilriei about tho
manner In which ho wa liiutwuM:
M gac hlin a blnlfand not the worst nf
Hurpeon Knpp, fiom tbo l'roabtprlnn
Ilnapltal worked neariyaii hour mer tho
man to get lilmln ahapu lor the lido to the
hoipllal. II Ih nnro nan hinlicu, nml hi
right err fearfully bruirrl and cut. In nil
probability ho will Inm it. Thrtonatan
uglyctitnii the light aldoof liU hi ail, and
the wholo face nan beaten and haltered. It
looked to tho aurtoti n If aniiin oun had
atampcil on Ids fuco and gnitttul an lion
heel in Ida ce.
On account nf thn crowded condition of
thol'raehytoriau 11 nniii tnl ho waa taken to
llilleruc. When th.. unilmUnco unt there
finwaaluaatatebfliilcrinirou lullapao, and
lUcouditlon waa critical.
Capt. U Connor's d teethes aro working
hard to 11 ml nut what is hclilnd the eftne.
I berate suro that t lie mm was not aaaulud
lu the Mrcct, btitroniewhorc In a home tuui
bv. and was Hung out after having bean
What sort of a midnlulit myntory la bur.
rowing boUind this crime, will birhnpa hi
found out to.dav.
Tbo Tararaany Leader Made Deputy
Street Commissioner.
Ux-Assemblynian Fdnard I'. llauan. the
I Tammany Hall leader of tho Hlitctnlh As
sembly District, ban landed In a nice horth
at last, a.'tor beiuu utcntlntied na a ixisllilo
candidate for Polieo .luatlco for three
Ho wai to-dav appointed Iljpuh Ktreot
Cnmmlationer bv Htioit roinmUsloni'r
lionmia in plaionf Win. llnhhlns, who was
clBatid to tlio position by ('nmmiindouir
Coleman shortly befine his iillriincnt.
,'l'tio snlary of tbo poltluu is CJ.tJUO atintt.
Mr. Hagau In fortt -two cirsoid an 1 waa
born and htoimlit up In tbo .iliteenth Dis
trict, lie lias served i.o(.u teints In th .
omlily. Ilo was llist ihctid on tho Jnui
ntany ticket In 1H7K.
In lH7iihobrat(iiii.Spliinnn thoCoun
tloa' ticket. Ho waa ehctid auaiu us
a Coauty Democrat In lHh4 aud
1HN.1, Hlnce thou ho has represented
thj District iu thn Assembly as
a Tammany Democrat. Om-ohnran for tho
Htate Hcnate. but was donated. Ills lat
term expired toim expired on Jan. 1 last.
But J600 lo Too Small n Purno to
Tacklo Oodrroy For.
IsrrciAi. TiiTiir ctrMxowoaLP
Nr.w Jisnosj, Conn., .fan. '.'S KrtburD.
Ulibam, nf New I ondon, middU-niiuht
thampion of ltlindo Island and CnnnectiL'iit,
hasdecllnecl the offer tntl.'ht .I.m Ondfiov,
thu colored piicilist. betnm tbo (Uadstoiie
Hub. of rrfltiiletire, fiirSO0, ehllilln; the
atakca are too small.
II tberaru Incteaecd to any reasoiiahln
amount abote that sum ho la willlug to uieit
1 pham would bo w llllno to try conelnaionH
w Itli Middle. t eight Jue llae'-. nf liostnn,
and is alsoauxlniia tn tacl.lorlollor llronn.
or nur other l.adtern muti of Ida ato a. id
Elizabeth Ilanascli Commits Suicide
While Temporarily Insane
r.ll7iboth llanasch, fifty-four yci.m old,
of ta03 Washington avenue, wa found
banning in her bed room this morn. in.
hue waa cut down nt once, but lite had
been extinct for iuati hours.
bho had Ixhii despondent for some da,
and It is supposed that alio became tempo.
latlly insane.
Tom iionarran Whips Hlra In Seven
Hounds, at Dallas.
srrniL to tk rvrvixo wortn 1
DtLLis, Tex.. Jan. VS.-Jimray llitcliell,
of I'bilailelubia, waa Lnnckedont iu rutin
rounds 1A night by Tom Mouagan. of
'1 In llttlit waa for a nitrsa of J7.10.and waa
a desperate battle with tuo-oauce glotca.
I Baroness Offormnn'a Narrow Escape.
I iuimi' iu sciri srciuul
I.oMiur, Jan. yi. A doiiotclt from Uriiun,
'tho capital of Uralv Austria saja that
Ju-t after the lUronei Otlctuian lnfl lar
i camai.'o to do souio alinppiug this morning
, a sudden w iud blew tbo i bitnne) of a neigh.
boring factory ner upon hir npiipage, kill.
mc tho horses ami injiiun; thcsirvAiitt
, 'lie I'aioiiss is a buutiful woman who
. wa tngavedtntlu r..'idu!t i:ulolph. tin.
, Liiiixror IriaUing off tl e lualih
i After Pneumonia
And atlrvat ul t t'ii , ttfuui f?tfr, tKtUt
fttrcroi dlLibri, lUm )Unt twoitt triuiVU
tl, lt)ttoj i kW tu4 ilitbiiuts4Dj
ttat blood (xiuxourd ty tUw itfiti of (b dutM,
bl Uut4il u viol f.itl toulo and tkud
puriflr Iika lleod't hriirill, ihlyb ln jt
tbvelemtQltuI tio(tU for ttobsdr( uU viu'ity
ADdrUkceM lor hbIoa-l whicli triu btckrubuii
bfUib od mk tb uk iioctc
"AlUr rovvri&c ftvw pwisNigcd cLucm vi.U
I dlpatbfrU, dU cuff'J.ae Mkiunlbios wlut)4 ui up,
I lufk tuobuttlra ut Hood' twuarilU I Irli
Kod rwea,lt luitt th Lrt do i lUt t lU gu
truu tbtopolmjr lir4foiba tnd of my tus. I
koow Mood'ttftrseapaii'Uuaguod tUu M (l II.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
j 6eld tj ad drnagUta I . ill tor Si, Pcepat J ooljr
IWL. 1. liOOlliU) .Aulb.van Lo.U, gut.
List of Attraction in (be Play-Houses j
of Two Cities.
Jnllii Mnrlnuo lo He Been In 'Asl
Von I. Ike It," I
Misa.lulhi Mnrlnne will ntpcnr as Host,
liml in "As tint I. Ike It," at tlio I'lftb ,
Atentto 'Ibeatic. on .Monday nitht. 'this
Mcr.pnpular Hiinkespiatlati play will bo .
tlioroughly well prisuited. I.beti I'ljlnp.
Ion will appesr ns Ingnmar, Millies I oiek
an the iticlancbnly Jaitica rtul t barles 11. I
lleimnn ai Olhtr.
Miss Mnrgarct Matter will til.iy in
"lfntnco and .lullet "at Mr. Ilinitntisiun
Harlem ti eri-llnufe on Mnyihj andHitur.
dn ctoiniiiii iti'Jtiiadat In "Tho linnet.
nmoiii Wulnesilaj nml l'ri 'ay lit "Link,
tlio l'liiankiu, and nt the r-ntuidai nintinco
n, "Tbo I aily of I.jons. '
l)'U)ly ( arti will an he In a day or two In
this cntintrs. and Ids prcaenco will ithenl
pew turn tn '"Ibc llotuloIleri'.'Mlllbort and
Sttllhans latest comic opera, now tunning
at the Ntw 1'ark 'llicatn. In the mean time
tlio mnnattirs report that tlio ptoductlou
lias been doing a cry hatisfnetory buslniss.
"Aunt .lauk ' inixttemety pinsiirnits at
tbo Madison t-nunre 'i htutre. During the
Inst milt number of llnatro parties htto
attended tbo performance. A deUgitlon
from the In and Out t lub, of llrnnklytt, ap
lilatidcd 5Iri. Aunts Ilontlt's adiulrablo work
as tho HiiKontili'e heroine.
W. J. teaiilan, the lush come Unit, will
begin a two wu Its' ingngcmciit M tbo Tour
tiititb Htrect'lhcatieoti Mn-ulay iditht, at
ptarinu lu Josop aud 'lowiifc nil's Irish
diamn, "Mlea Atoon. " In tbo company
will bo Matt'ol'ircuiion, Nannie W'tathcrabj,
Charles Mooit, 'lhaihlitts Hhlno and little
Ciinatatico Wallan.
"'thn 'J wn Ulsters," a moiodrnmn by Den
man Thoinpwiu nml (!onrne Itjer, will bo
set u at thrt Windsor 'Ihontti' on Mouda)
litglit. llio pit en will bo presented bv
an oxcelleut tninrauy. Including 1 racr
Coiiltor. KmilvKtow. .Iiasio lio-olle. (le'iiuo
Hjei, W. II. fume, May Merrick and
Laiinla White.
"A Midnight Hell." tbo bust of the works
from tho lieu of l hurles II. lloyt: will In gin
tbo last Inn wctU of IN ittnnttho llijou
'lhratroou Monday night, 'llnrnnio many
ery excellent tintuiis In "A Mldiiignt
Dell.' and it in mil of hutuotoili iutcicnt
I roiii bcuiuniiu; to end.
"Tht' rxuatnr." at tho filar 'theatre. Is
crnwiliuir Hint hulisii at ocry po'lormancc.
Mr. ('ratio has inrily had h pat t that lilted
linn better thin that nf Hipator llnnulbal
llhetK. 'J ho plus is surely ii uioiiej-innker,
and Its rutint thuHtar lluatrowillutidoubt
cdlv Imixtii nub prolltable.
"'llio Ciiutitv lair" U doltia a latco
bll'ine s. .S II lltllci i-s bns Just pitrcbn.cd
a llat-houeat thocornir of l.lulitj. second
strut nml Central I'm I., which is a proof
that Aunt Abigail Pun pninwi.ll. A matinee
porroriunuio tot tho llndiiu Doduoor KIKm
will bo uIm u on Woilnmlav afternoon.
"'llio I'tiiritiip ' w III bo t lie ntti ait Inn next
week at II. II. .lambs' lliinl Amuiiio llieatie.
"I In roini any w II bo hoaded by Mr. Mason
Mitchell, and tho piny will bo presi ntcd lu a
eri ilaboralB nnni ir. The usunliintlnees
on Motiilay. 'ihtirsday and Hatuidny mil bo
'"Iho Pillion and tho Pauper. at the
J'romlnay 'Iheatre, Is agieat suices. I.lt
tli lils'o I.csln in tlio dual title role gio a
chaiuiliik peiformaucot the utheis iu tho
company aro cnoil. while tho iroliictiuu
itsolf Inns nbsnlntelv nothing tn bo cle
slrtii. Wiidntsday aud hatiirdny matlneei
" iiiol'lisrltvItaU'MnKtlll tho attraction
at tlio I iniim 'lheuttc. It is iIoiue such
an im'i'I'i ut I iiMuiKs that theioUno talk at
allnf its sueeess, lloHnl.lt is ipilto prnba
liletlnt. lil.o"'Ihi Wifi," the nln liy the
siimontithois, " llio L'hailtv Hill" will run
tliiniu.li tboseariiu.
Must nf ll.i hading oichid irrownra
llirouch oil the country will bo lepiiseuted
bv late spei miens id tliosi- boautllul llnwirH
at tht nm nil orchid show, which opliih ut
tbo L'dou Muic mi 1'eli. IK. Tbo Krtnt
Wtnli r parden will bo cnllri'ly plvi u mer to
tin tlortii exhibit on, which will ho a wry
lurue nn
" Hint lion. I, Ji.," bns been attracting
lariro iiudn ntei to Niblnn durtui; the past
wink, 'llio ballet nf tlio birds and Insects
It in tl tn be nu i nil t duplication of ballets
nt llei M.i i)( nml lliitry 1 anoThiMitro,
l.oiolon. 'J ho iniiipanr seen iu "Jllui.
bciitl, Jr., i, will balanced aud cumin,
U clues la matinees will be rImii at tho
omlum nt "lii-le, liouinului; with tin torn,
nu Wi'din-nd iy. 'Hint will not Intel Tore
with tlio u.itntday matiiiies. Diuituiu
'I litiuti.ou is not cry tuiiil or matiueos, but
" 1 lie () tl lloiuinti id " is ilotui: such a php.
no in n d busuiira tliut they bine bun liiund
Ill haul Maiislleld will piesent "I'rlneo
Karl nt 1'iilincr s I lieiitrtioii Moiulay night.
This lit iiimiv leop'e has hem cniHhloiid
lil iitit.t cnltiiault nriiiluetioii. I'urinirtho
pastwiek "Dr. Jckylluud Mr. Hide ' lias
nltritctid Invito iiinlieiiees to I'lilinit a
Tin tin.
'llfliiiciicait 'lias been so well iccciwd
atAinhtii's llu aire that it wdl remain n
tin atuuelinii ,t tliut linn e diiriui' tin com
ing wlcIi. Mine, I'lnai-lielu will usiinio
her iiiit'enoiiatiuii of the I'ounttss Dniu
bion.:,a. "i limenctati ' la iu llio itett b
Alovunder Dumas,
"ithnt Nellio Illy haw on Her Tilp
lniiinl tho mill U I lit' tit o of n sonu
tl at will bosunu at 'Imu i'.t In s 'lheu'ro
inxt wcik by tin ntitertjiiiiiig Mr-Tniu bun.
lelr. A ntliub I ot other enlmable teiiturix
au alo miiiniinei tl. I'mn I'aitoi h vt
loiiinneos nie alna)s full .'i' in, r.t,
Willlniii Piiriits and Ics'o Mtllwnrlwill
present " lloxrr I.a Hnuto ' nt II. r. Miner b
1'ioplc's 'llieatrj next Wn!.. lliin is the
plat Hint ran for emtio wn I.a at Nili'.o
iiutto reienilj. lu it Mr, li rrts appears in
a dual I tile, and Miss Millnnrd iu the had
ing feminine put.
"'J ho I'.HL'uioU ' is aspnpulai a iter at
tbo t'a.nii). llio npcin U so ilelikbttull)
piesentttl iiuilsnatliiiiiabl) suiu tliat it U
not stoiiii.iiiU' that it alnmltl hate rent no I
its tunnel sil'ctss. Ml-s Lillian Husrtll
willshortl) situ tbo "C'hnntoiitlororluiiiH ''
in Itilian.
"l'linco Lavender Itccenlion' will le
cnnlluiitil at hottir A llialst'o icirt Hall
itxt wi'ik. nioiii,' tho sucialt) ft.iturt.
I mil bo lit in, tiuu 'Irtiiibad riK, cm sist.
I nm uf tight wuimii, Arthui nsi, llntUms
i rani Collins; lliuieaii, the uutrilo iinst:
I the TisM'ts uud ( nl. I'lPts.
"Miouund .tli ' is iloini: a ten larce
b'.i.lne.K ut 1'riHtors 1 innti-thiril hlnct
llieatie. i'ho two huutliidtli pirtoriuaiico
is auununct'il tt take plain at tint lion.e nu
1 rb, ,l. Mr llronsnti llonurla ar Ia
hasicrtaiuii won fume for u-ilr. It is pre.
tiiti.il by an cui'llu t eoinpsny.
"'tin, huicii iies"at tho htatiilard Tin a.
tn isierlainl) aibariniiik' pi but on. Iho
units an tl putiirisipie and elisiininu to
the i'ie; tin en.tiiiiit ait ciri'iuM u it I
I lustefuL llitii) 1 . I'txi'i as tin Jt; Ut and '
Jtlie bun mil thpoiml rant ..t mid .n the
1 hist hoi I. In lias tttr tlone.
I "Iho I xiln," it torn n hartlotiH iielo.
tlnlnu, w II In the utlrjclloli ui'M MttU nt
tl j (iraml Dp ru-llmi.t. It mi run at
Si bin's duiiiiu lhiiilis.'iiiu.' nie', nml nut
withTiHitiappruvil "'llu 1 ) is put.
diuitllii snrji a'jorato niinuci, and He
last is a ttti.td t.l r.
'Hut cri'lormua cntttud The llattlo of
tltttlsbiiii;, at tomtit art in. t an. I Sii e
tuliit stitct. will h.itvtol, itn.(.uii.l in
itHiitt(i tho stars iiniusi nn uis. Ih s
t)io tectiinl kiaiuti it it io,niirii in Viw
link, and satislut 'nry businisi. lis- bull i
tin Liinrjl tn.,. ll. otiluraiiu lua or.
Utnls Inn "i tlnrttl.'
lioi.iitinl. M -t atlii t will lu'iiiu tl p. second
will, of nl-t Ki.tieeiit at Worth , HuUrs
lalatc Mui iui. Mou Iss. In the tans, ukj
of tin luauau't'iin lit he will "buiu ll.t bukit.
lift tht e l. lit- an 1 i!ln-trate tbtti.tnl wua
ofli l.tnif. ll. J.ISI1I l IS atllltlll ex
bibitlun. ;lt will I e weul.id next ilausdaj,
and the i.uos.i n. i.miml will closo '
NUdttsday ni.ht. Dlhvr featitna at
, tliti Jiu.iiim will )t, the cmlmi
i tioubi'loii'.t, riiotitas lls!o. tho tstto.wd
Imy: Caul. Ilmu ton at tl hi- wilt, Itio
inii i, with bl. tra m.l birds; Jla. h. albmo.
tiiilttno It na till 1 utn.innii'.e - iteuruw
V lluuis. ll c I ifth. lu j; lurmr Uud, tbo
iiv.nod nn Utt, i .!. l'liKitt Ni.m.i and
.lo'i.i Nt Un i, I' e L'iir. 'lln tlititiu'b
tsii "in u.li t iiui an 11 vi aita.i in.
It rliii iii'
Iho All, ma Jm ' inula'" l 111 hi tin at
ti it.. i nt. v weil, .t Wiol A t.,lljir
itiundy litaii, apuariij; in the . -a-lioiiul
louii u-uiauia .am I 'Iho I'.IjiI.
llawkt, oi. Toe bum of thn bausoui.inu '
Aruoi j Jot will buwsil autiportv'. There
I Israata ijmumI tflth Uovvi.L'a Iexiuisq I ok-
I PULwbke tsltiiui are not Ii.ltul. Pius Vi.. '.
arenintlnics nt this bniiac .Mnmlas'. tNcdnea.
das nml rintunhy.
I Inn ii be ilenty of cnlrrtalnment
next wiik nl the Niw l.ninbin Ibistn In
he llowert. I. I., llrnolis s " .Muhlootrs
I'ietnc will In giion. '1 In n there will bo
I'eatrlx llatnillnn, Inbn llustrll, Ilnrry
Majhald ami Mntt Mel.lrnv. .Nilllo Mor.
daiiiil, Diamond and Hart, Carrie .Maynanl.
Ilttuhcs ami l.liidsa), 1 rank Manning and
'1. K Jltooks.
Tlio Drooklyn ThontroB.
Tim x iy title nf tho play which will bn
prolitcid at iho ( riterloti llicatro lufxt
wctk, " llio 1'attnen's Club. ' Is auggcetixe
nf merriment. J. 1'. Htewalta inliieils,
which is built around thn ailsenturcn or
gtiitlctiic.ii nf larue ptoporttntis, who con
stltnto a club, in leplctt; with humorous sit
nations ami snmo snappy tlhloa no. I'romb
lu ut nmong llu nuppnrtlng compnli)' is Mian
Nclllnl'agi, nlm Inline rly plat o I In Iliook
I via with lUnns ami llocy in '"Iho I'arlnr
Match, and tnititly atntrcd with Joseph J. ,
IIA psillenlarlv pleasing. foatnre In "Old
Jed I'iuiIi,' xvhleli lliehaltt (inlilin will I
present tcr the tlm time In llronklsn, nt I
( nl. Minn s I'ark llnatie next week, is that
eicry chatactor lu tlicplaj Isiltaaii from
lite. 'I lie m'"Imi i laid In tlio iiuaitit New,
1 iig'atnl sIIIxum nf llttcksiort. Mi., while ,
Mr. (lolilcn was born mid spitit tlieeatiy:
seorsnf his lilt. DcitA Mlir, will icniim.
hired fm her work Iticintlc opeia, luatls
the siiptorl.
Otio uf the must litimoious nf all tbo
farces tlio iiiKiiiiotts brain of Charles II
lloyt has cotitrixod is "A l'urlnr .Match,
whleh tomes to thn (Iraml t)j era-llouie
next week, with ( harlea 1'. I.ratis and
William lloei as tho tirinrlpals. '1 lie six
Stars which the "Match" has been before
the public hnseti t ill mined It a particle,
but seem latlmi to base atbloil to Us popu
biriti. 'lint charactir of Old lloss, in the
bntidsnf Will Itooy, in a mltii conation.
Iho innst ambitious cITort the canernf the
luipular cutiieilliiti N.it (loodnin has ct
shown was his prntbtct'nu of "A floltl
Mine." With one stroke Mr. (lnndwlii put i
ashlo tlio nit as of bnrlisiiun and mimlcr
anil slept oil lnr.li ns a comedian nt tho
Htrlrlls le.'illmalt) order. Next week thn
patrons or tho Ami bliiu will be aflnnlcd an
nppoitiiliity of itelng thin HPCccssful coin
ctly. iillli Mr. (lunilwiii and n uttmbur of
elm cr people lu the cast.
An Ititoostiug story nf tho inxtitmrs and
customs of tho people of tlio tai oil India
ban been used n a uruitpdmork for tlio
arectac'o of "Kajanka. ' which will bruin
at tlio l.t c Ave iiim Academy next woek. iho
special features Introduce.!! foim almost an
entile show In themselves, ami (lenrge
Mcltble. the clown, sees that tlio liuinoioiis
end of the show Is not neglected. .
(Hint Doud lis ron In announced for next
wcik at .laenba' H-noUIrn 'J heatro lu his
sUiii'SHlidiliaina. "Across the Continent."
All the lulisatiunal liatuicn will le lepio
tlnccil, with new rrcneiy and mechanical
clliets. Miss Kato lis ron will be at tho 1ilb.iI
or an evenly balatuieictunpanv.
Tho lato Hartley Campbell's plaj-, "Mv
I'nttiict," Is unileillncd for ltoxt week nt
fniolm' bsceuni 'llicatre. 'llio touching
stnrynf llio iu tho far West ia well Known
tn the nierogo thcatre-tfocr and has lost
nolle of Its Interest. 'Iho same company
nnn at Ibollrnoklsii will bo seen.
Iho acrobatic specialists, "tho 1 amino
III others, ' bend the loin-list of attractions
at Xlpp'ii Casino for tho coming week.
(itluiM on tho bill aro Jnsln I.ns ton, Irani.
Clayton. Joslo I'artimni llerinait, n man of
mlelitS musi.l'i, nml Mlunlo hchult, who will
ornithine, tho popular soug, "Ulobc-'liotllnj
Rose & Co, Attempted to Col Sched
ule Prices.
More than "00 cluar makers In tbo factory
ot D. E IlosoA Co. or 10 and UO Fulton
street mo on strike to-tlay on account nf
an ntionpt maito by tbo llrni to cut
schedule prices from 10 to in per cont.
Thn men say that lloso tried to tako ad
vaulagoof them In this, tbo coldost part of
the inter, ami cut their earnings or furco
than ui leave tho factors.
To-day tbo men Idled a hall and belt! a
liteitlnir at whleh it t as decided not to co
work at tlio reduced price. A committee
was mot to the cmplojtrH, but thoy retincd
to nithilraw trom the stand they had taken,
aim tin ro wan nothing olso to tlo. but to do
claroa stilke.
About oiiu hundred of tho workmen, only
twenty-llso nf whom aro working on cluar,
icfn-eil to no out, but it is t hooch t that un
less the linn accedes tn tho demands uf tho
men thn tactui) srill be vacated by all.
Mr. Unto suss ho linn tnoin.ii stork on
hand until the siason npons niiaiti. Ho ad
mits tint ho know the men cnnldn t get
wmk el.owheie. as this is tho dull part of
tbo car.
Held for tho Death of n Mnn Put
Out of Ills Saloon.
John l'nrrell, ono of tbo well-known l'ar
rell brothers, of tbo Fourth Ward, and sa
loon. si eper nt '-.'-' Chatham squire, waa
brntuht In tbo Coroner a ollice this morning
to nnsner coniornliiK tbodiath of Mtibnel
Mxbon, a bill.poster, who diet last nisbt
imuietliatd) nftor l'.irrell had dieted him
from his a tloon.
I Mtlion svent Into Farrcll's aalnon, svhlch
la iu front nf tbo Chatham mtuaru station of
the r.kiatcil railroad, and exiled for a clan
of ale. turrillwai behind the bar at tbo
time. After the drink bail been rtrtcd,
M iho.i put It to bis Iipi and threw it on the
"If sou don't liko the Bluff wo sell, don't
i tfiitm hi licioai4Bin,"sal't Faric'll. I
Mxluiti wxiitcd to arnuo witli I'arrill, and i
I he was promptly nrdero I tnliatv tho plate,
i rids bu refused to do, and Pencil took lum I
I lis the arm nml led him to tho door. i
h Muhnii stippud to the sidewalk, he fell
backwaul. 1'arrell litlcd lilm aud laid bun
iu tlio uvxt doorway, Aa In. tlid so the man '
died. .
l'nrrell grabbetl his hat and o.at and ran
tn the nak stint station liou.o and gave
'twit witnesses. Ida faiitmi, of 1.1
Christie street, uud Amlreir Kliugman, or
mi Catlicrnio stuet. stibtuutited lurrell's
xeis on of tho ntlalr. roiiinl otlictrs nf
thn 1 out th 1'iteliH't saw Malum earlier in
thoila). lliey say ho wai intoxicated. Ho
was iniiiiarriiii anil liietl with his s. tcr at
, is Mntt rtieet. where his bod) now lies.
I'ancil is said to bo worth considerably
int.r lioi.noo. ami tlu ccmbtui'd wealth of
tlio three brothers. John. Patrtik and
Ibonias. iaeslunatcil at mora quarter of a
mi tn u dtulaia 1 Ins aro all saloon. keepers,
iiiii! hate bted iu tho W'aitl loi thtrty-llso
tiers, wheietlus bearaitootl repiHation. i
Cnrniit Hauls tins inninina took tbo
tcstnntuis of lila Canton mi I Andrew Mine,
ninn.as well aaof tan ell liuiiaolt. uud pine, tl
larrrll inoler .',.".UO bonds to apiwar at
the luuiic't next week. Ill-, si.tcr.ln.ixw, I
l'l'ui A. Fairs i". of Ml lboiexclt etieut, .
aiguid ttiobtii.il.
Ensl'Dh Judges r.nd the Grip.
iniM cahix Nsire srrcuul
I'Mhin, J.tp. '.'.I, Tho grip lias nale a
sen ma oiu'auuht iiihiii the Fnelish iudl
ciars, a.ul ii;bt of tbo Iraliug London,
Jinuts are at present .In tl cumtxit, i. .
clmliiu Chief Juetito Colerolve. His Mastci
of the Hulls, Lord lliher, ami Lord Jiufce ,
1 tow en, I
Laavinor Hew kugluncl
11 si.in, Jur. '.'4, '(ho 1)lei lute Mono..
faitm 'ig Coiuauy, of tou'li Ho ton, base
ittiiditt to imicrato lo Washtn.'tou, I'a.
Mr. Ohr ss) that Ni Inglau I manufac
turirs iiiiu.it loaipcte wiiu tbo 1'iniusl.
xauta nulls, fuel aud other tuxterisla to, tun:
too mui h lor 1 1 aiisporut on. ,
Norvous and Slooplosa. '
I Ttt.iv i lue snro vsr tocere cerroinsss and
'Hrlvswark, aud tbit is bjr tte u-e of tlr
Itrvsu s Nftrura the arret brsiu an, oerte in
litfiiant 1UU budvrfut tvnte-Jy u tareoeo
Itrnv iMiite eud MP psudumr aut l pvlHellf
bsitu , L,iuj iude itutu puns iwairttU urtll
. it w, i, a loaWcu iQ iitleiii, ibildtea or Itte
iuu. iv . t mis els uttboui lear It wotaas,
raltii- .u.l .ui t t m vrsVrtt tl. tr.lab'e auUciel
wreaa n uvrive. pio luring per eel iep.e ana re
lrebtR uelural eltr el lae saw liase U btltd
h-pesa tvaee itiiibe wa ant eluticted perse esd
alee reaeaetl pie, etett4ta, liutuy and eUor te
llu,.ji.ui hie lot tale If all tliojjWelvt 11,00 I
1 per UlUe, I
Miss Cafferata Takes Second Place,
Close Behind Hiss Llebman.
Tho Wnlclt Contest Oroxvs atoro
Intcrettlns Kxcry IJny.
Tho slritgglo for pojiularlty between the
candidates in The KxeMNci Woiiiuljuty
Teachers' Contest crows moro nnd moro
Interesting. Mlsi I.icbmnn still lends xsllh
.12,027, wliilo Miss CitfTctsta jumps Into
Second tdnca with 30,325, relegating Mrs,
Hums to third place with 2 J, 785.
Close behind. In fouttti place, is Miss
Tnrccki with 2(1,252. Miss Mayer's vote
has increased to 18,031 nnd rdto is still
fifth, wlillo Miss Alien continues sixth
with 4,152.
Any lady tencher in Now York, New
Jersey ami Conuocticut can bo n candi
date in Thk Kvfnino WonbD'e coulekt.
Tho teacher rccetxlng tho largest number
of wiles will be urtscutcd with an clcgaut
gold watch, ptirchnecd from Kilwin A.
Thrall, of No. 3 Maiden Innc. Mr. Thrall
thus deserili'R tho prize i
'the watch is nn-s uf tho finest of move
mcnls. II is full-lew died, with rnbion.le.vcr
encaiiemeut and nickel llul'h. Iho cases aro
hunting cases, IH caiata Hue. and xcry
brnv). I
'I hey are matin from iincaet or nnllnne
gold, with twelvo pleentt.blood rubles,
twilxn lino sapphires nml Inclvn flnodia
nioiiiln linlMilelril in tho gold ot tho case.
Tbo price will bo 84 00.
The watch is now on exhibition nt Ilrcn
tnno'n, C Union Hcninre.
In nil ciscs, whoro poRslblc, itnliealo
tho number ot the school, ns xroll na city,
with which tho cnudidato Is connected.
All votes mnst ho on tho ballot printed
below. Cut out tho blank, properly fill
nut nnd sign It, nnd sond it to Tun vi:n
imi Woribii.
HOW.PjQ 'nri
1 '-Gnikticut,.
In school
Addreas Conditions.
Any reciifrr oThe Evcmno AVoni.n mny
to'r mire only.
The cofe mull e upon tht ballot printed in
Thk I'.vknino Wontn.
Only women who ore actively engngeil in
fietiiinj mny lie toted for.
The voter thould give the full name of the
ttact.tr voted for, h Mhool tn whlchrhe.lt
tntieiiixl mui its location.
The camlidate nuiaf le note enoojitl tn
teaching rmiieichrre In the Naleof Aea York,
Jt'ewJeitey or C'omieiticut, bhe may be
emiaued many school, Thtre f no rettr.c-.
imi aitog'rcJe.
finvc'oiHS containing ballots must tie ad.
drrssfil to II nfeft Coiifrsl FAltor, EVENINO
roUowing Is the vote of each caudidato
xs ho has rocehed over 23 ballots:
Attains. Mute, touttli Waid, Astoria.
N V e (I
Aljea. '.V il",'Vt'.'ili."Kliw'iti'i"'N .' sl.ljii
Atkinson. 1cs U, Print ta IP, N Y lot
AlPrti. Mrs. .No 44.N..Y ..... , . , 1)7
Al'en, Urate, OsLsnle No. H, Peellslilll.
Ails'nts'.'lisr'roils No li, HiwAlyn.'.V". y7
ArtnUI h. I! , llutesl., llsnWn, H, J ,, I
Ant . EIU, ln ill. N , , I'JU
AUeu. Anna . .. lit, rtuttaljn Sit
llsujim't, M li . ft- 1I1.H V , .. Kll,
Hums. Xtia. Aanss 11 , .No. SIN. ft Y. ... SO,7h
llullrr. Miss J , No tl. ilroasljn. IV.'
Ilrl. Ion, Miss V II , AceJViujr st , "Irsn- I
iA.?. L'Oa til. k v".:: 14.1
lluyus Annus M No tit, -N V lit
Icvl,., bUMff,,. til, N V , 1.0SS
iuUook. Miss. No. :)!, X .... . . 144
llt.ulstl. It 1. , tWi.ial Cnllean, N Y M
Bat Mrs , No 10. N. V . , . . 1111
t.ll,t, Mlul JI.Mnlk.V V . li
lls'td. Jli.sS . No .). .N Y Ill
llleit. I uln, Va lg. Jersey Cilr, , . '74
lln,, I, Mi,. II Xf . No 4, Jinnies, 1, I. i
ll.ik.i-, Mis., No. 37, Y...... .... ill I
ItiautuKni, lila M , No !lj. N V t.l i
illGuas Ian or, Iinrlh C.Us. N i .J '
U.iiu. h.ti No re:. Y., Sli,
llstr.ll, lan.i, No ',' N V. ... 74,
llrlsss, Isiiny, .No -','. N Y... . . IT- I
llr.0.11 luu. S..No i,'.', N, Y '.Ml
jliyliss. Mrs Karsti, No ;t-i. N Y K'll
ltowlinf. Luimt, No 1'J, J.rs.y Oil) .11
Puller. Jane. Pelmets U N ,,..,, 71
llsetell. Ilaituib, Primary 4U. Itrtwklyu All
Hurk.. H.l.hJ , No 4. NY lilt
iluller, I lully. No. 4. Jerseyflly . ; HI
Uuub Ji-saulle, No 14, Uruoklrn. ".
ttvttn. UlseA O N'ofll). N.Y . . Ill
luuauloii. Annie )L, Nu. V. Urooklyn ;tl
(Uiuell. K.. No UP. N. Y .. . ?
(loo li, PL, No tl, l..lKkeu, N J . l
UruibT. Mlltta.4lli WsrJ, AstotU.N Y S7
llirn., KalA., No 7.1. N Y... . . "M
llli.k. Antiis X., No. tJh N. V g-i
lim, h Nu i.l, N Y . .t'l
1.....U, .NePtet , So :VJ N Y IU
l.iu horloii billy. Primers 4 1. N Y , 4H
jbn.. 111-. K. A ,1'rtiu No H. Iliook', r .'17
bt.noiu, Ml" XI . No 1 1. I "!,
II.. a I. ilosK I , No I,N Y .... it.)
I sfl.Kla. leuny, No. 7, N X SO.tl.'X
L'jiiis, lllty, Nl 41. lirook!)u .. T.'l
( ttotsii, Mar. N". UI'. N Y,,.... .... il,llill
I..I.H, Mis- I...S. 41). N V . .Ml
I ohtn. UrsceM . So 7S, N V .... gN
(otitu, etuny, ,Xt .kl. N )'. . llnl
t'snlrr Irsuces, No. g8. NX., til I ,
I elm;, las I' . No. I .S'lbhaU. N Y.. C.4 ,il I
Cellauan, Aut ellt- V.. I'ruary 1, N Y . UI (
ttlraiy. Iial. I . No UrooklJU J, ,1.1
INil. it ,s. .No 11, S V ... ., "01
Lerrull, I luslib. No. gp. N. V ... tl',
I r-fiio., Itilul .No 7.. N y ., 47
Ookhlen. Maiate. No S.N. Y.. .. . tl,.-1 I
I l.rk xli.s XI . .N-u. :,', . . H , I
t tttputau, Jsuuw A , it 1(1 N X lln
I ooiulm. Mli. No. 4U, N. V . 11 i
I ..win., Mrs slu r" , No 17. X V -'.'j
Lurty, .l.n, pruni Hill, CSo 7, Peeti- i
nil, N V . .... . .. git
( brl.f., Hl V . ItoN.Sio .... 7",
I Slim FlueUlh K , Nu A1IL N V 17.1
I vtlvu, Mi.iil , Nt III. N Y It.) i
1'ronley. tils .No 4 is. K. Y . Ill I
I barltou, I ui nu oj. N 1 .... . "It
I ulitsan. Mary K. Na Jt.N X , vs ;
I'rsHtof J, iMbelle, No, .L Itrujutro git '
I hurib, 1 iuius 1 . No lih, N 1 . .11
'.il in.. Iiu. 1- Nu 111. Brooklyo .'It
lloyte. Mb N g 1. N Y.,.. ' . . 111.1
Iluuur, Aunel. . No UM, N Y. """
Dlilon. Mary V , No. IS, N Y. UN
Ik-UDrltrtu. Audi... N tl.'. N V 3.11)
llo uiuc Anui. &l.Matlbeis'eAcadeMr,
llrouut'. N X SOI
D.Tio. Ml., No 'II. N 1 77
ISiIaii,! Aobte fc A N'u. l.N.ltr Pu.be le. '
. N. 1 , ,,, 127
Duuxkeity. M 1 No. 14. N Y ill
II tut-on. halle A I. , Nu 77. N X ,, 1UH
ku'ioty, h ueUtti, Wuusry Mu 41. N V 77 '
llattlMio Mw, Nu ft. N Y 1'$''
Dutsltua li'it A . No 117. N f-t ,
ISraB 2t.xi ll No It, N Y .. . .Vt7'
lliuatuae Kino, Pb(M.ulx,N 4l)
Iltjiau Joeir, Unitr. lliO.l'eak.kiii.N.r Olf
11.6 MssiT A..NO. 4U. N Y ,,,. .it
IXubwa i M Na a.NellrUnloe.Ri; ifJA
II. lie. Mi.. B NoriaaJUoUese. N, Y . 35
liikruai,, tltsa 11 . No. IvJ. N. Y l,, 31
fietUI (a-ia.nl 7, NV ...... SI
tecaa. Mjs, N, lo, btjoHru isi
tsas'n.'A'nnle'X 'IIVn'o. 4i'Ctirot)klyn . S.otm
lean. MPs I lis. Nn 7, llrooklyn 70
Kisr,MIsll.,Nn, ll.N. Y , 17
i,l, xtrs. I.. li limns InJ rich , N V, '
isllon Annie, Kn 77. N Y.... . ,'JI
I'lllsr, Ml.s A , No 0 N V, .D.tl
1 ynn, Allot, XI , No I, N V . ...... 1,'Utl
fnr.l. Nelli. Nn. g7, N Y o .. I'll
I lilisr, Sntthls, No 4, Port h.-ter, N. V. gill
tlrnro Miss XL C, tilth Ward, Aitorm
l-.nti'l, iVitlstntl, Normsll n'leae, N Y. til
I Inter, Wa-raret, No e.n, H Y (II
fiawr. Issbena, No. .10. N, Y, . vH
lotflr. Kmins. No. 17, ittookljm . . 40
renin n i sine A., tottsaa l'laen Ml
s'lin, N, Y .. ,.,,, ,., ...I.,,. 4"
Jarmer.MisiA J , t'rlijisrr No :i) N,V. j
ti'itl. Miss II. V ll , No 4 i. ft V. . iit.1
t'ilyt'i ons, Mr., M-rr. ffn,.7, NY. Ql
Isrrell, Annie. Ko.gO, ft Y ..,,.. fill
I ssln, Jos.pliinet,, .xo 00. N V tl".
Mnisne-. Mls No 70. N V 'I"
foot. .Mies A. il NogN tlrnoltlyn S-'ll
I seen. Miss No 10, tlronkltn ...... . Ull
I aVrrnan, Xlsaels, (It, Patelck's N, V ttll
Unit, I; , tlriaiitssy (liamntar Hehool
. Norttlst', (,nnn ... .... , !I0
I'be I Miss m, .1 , Nt, if, lliooklyn V7
ilsreckt. ilannsh. No 7S, N. Y Gn.'JV!
.Inty, Maria k.,Nn UK, n V g,7l(
J'Uttitun, Jusnnclte. port lltinmont.
It. I . .. .. COT
Iminett. iisrVel,,, 1'rimsVy l.S, N- V ', twel
.Intinson, rmmab, XVIiite lln nm, N J liltl
Johnson. Ml.sM. X , No. tl. llrookljll . Ill
Jacol .. Mi. 1 1, , Ho oil, N. Y. 117
Jskinsn, I', li , No .UI.M V ...... . 4g
Johnson, Miss V II., K,Y,.. N 4M
tnnnsni, .Inlis A., j'siktlll", f, I Ill
'ails',, lrl,.l. No 1, llotioKen . till
Jy. I.tiu, No ,14. N V.,.. .'It
Jsrlinsii, ( lirs, TiJI N JI I'.H
Klmp-r. .tsnn'n, Nn -,, N. Y 7t'H
Kerlatnl MlssK.No7I.N Y...... .. l.VKIS
v-hy, Antia(.' . Sn It N Y Wi
Keir, MlaaXI,, 70, N 1 , Mil
Knsiip. I Itta ll , No o4. N. Y toll
Ks Iy, Nellie, No, 44, N,V tl
Kelly. Kats, No I, llron'e yn 6
hetr.IsillnoK .III I ,1 1, 1'nnlon.N J 107
Ki lm.r. Miss, No. 111. N1. Y 1.VJ
hr.irhaiu, I., li.fo 7H, llrooklyn.... 1 1
l llron, Miss Nn ' N Y tl I
herby.Mssll A , No. UH, llrooklyn. . til
It.yss A bo It , Ho 41 N V ,..., ... I II
heniird). llAl.yb. No !, Jersey Oily. 4ll
Kt-l-ir, All", -,n 4 1 l'ltmkl)ii . L'll
Ksr MIssM . No '.H, N Y 114
Kt-lls, Msr.J , tin IWep. N, V,. . . (
jnilln, Matilda II.. To . .T.NY ... 3.74'i
Uwlnr, .'lenilr, .No .11 H Y .. , li,',
lltillrit. Miss II. I M .N'o ,',, N. 1,!IN4
lee, Ml.s It . No, in. NY .... ... 1 1'tH
Isn-k. lliprfR, No 7. N V .. . 'J "
It'imsii. bis, t'rlinstr, No Tl, N V . 33,UU7
I (nt.li, MarearM'l,, Primary 1. N Y 'il
t.slrs, l,ry li, C'nlie Point, U I ... 14 1
.lflTS. H.. No !! V Y 4111
I ssior, P. (J , No. II .. . 411
l.sttisin 1 rams A , No g I. Brooklyn ll'J
lmli. llisross Nn. 7, N Y 4,
l.emlp, .Use, Nn 4 t, llrerklyn . .11
losrio. Ms.. Nn p N Y ,. Ill
l.iint.larr, Mlaa M , No. H, llroo!tlyn gll
Ij-kI. II.I.ii, Nn 'JI. N S". . ....... 411
blonl IIbIIik, No, 7i, NY ... lit)
Meiwoll, bla, No. !I4. N. Y .. . 4(11
Jlfitrt. tot,., Ptlmiry Nn I N, Y ill
Xlanitelhaiim Julia h., No. II N. Y. , l,4li:i
Mil nt.n. Ml.s No, 111, N Y . .,..., ill -J
Mahnne), KateU.Wlmare 111, N Y J.!g
MtMsmis, Ml,,, Nn 44, ,V. Y.... 4111
Molow, Miss M , 1r.nm Neliool. Il'klyn 4H
Meson, Manila No U4, N Y. ttgil
MoAitam, Minnie, No 41. N V '-'ill
Miser, ltosn. No. 71, N Y ........ IMPS I
M.i'oltnin, MIm M No git. N. V i. I,0l4
M airy, .MarK No UI, N Y IKS
Millphy, .lulu. No .'.,. N Y . . ... 1,011
."Irhel. Harsh. No 1. Iloliokn. N J.... ltll
MiIIubIi, Msrr A , No. 70. N Y. M.l
MoMshon, Ml.s l A , No g7, N, Y. .. HHtl
Mreefier, Mary (1 . Prlmsry 14, N Y lill
risollonoiuh .Ml si,., No H, N Y 074
Xtr(irn MIssM. A,. No ft, N Y. ... HI
fllllir. Miss M,, No ir. llrooklyn 1,0111
Moorcrotl, Nellie, No gO, NY,, . ,, IMI
.Mjri.lij, Xll Annsll , No It. N Y... ?,Olv;
Mints Hara, No 14. llrooklyn . . .. Is'S
llanlislnier. Hnphls No "1, N. Y .. . 131
Xlcl'srthy, l.iaile, No.'.', N Y,, ....
Mirrsy. Mis, A A . No get, N. Y ,. Kill
Meyer-. Allt.nl.., No'Jl.N Y Il'i
Hnr, Ma 1'., No S.'.V Y. Ill
Murpliy. Mrs J 1, , No IH, N. Y II ll
Morin. lll.sM, I., Ne.f.O, N. V HO
Mil ormeck.Mlse, No. tilt, N Y, 1011
X i (Irenlne, Xtias, No lg, llrooklyn. ,. t'i
Jlol'li.Tton, i:il, lllili Bcliool, rrentoo,
N. J .,..., . . ," 31
Milstsn, Nlins, No a N. Y ... "it
Mole. MarvK ,Nn.7. N Y lill
MoKcon, Mariiaret, No U7, N Y .... 4ll
Matotiu, Mart, So .10. llrooklyn 7.1
Mi Murray. Mane, No 11 N.V VK
Milional.l. Miss .No 47. N Y dl
Mahari;. .Miss, No I, lloboken 3(1
M.r.ti, l.otlle. Nix 7, Jersey (tity . , til)
MilMotieh. Mls, No f,4. N Y f.ll
Moris, 1 raucls K , No ill, N. l . till
Mllhr Mra...No yn. V Y .... .. r4
Mil r. Marcaret Y , Mlnlslno, N Y. 'Jt
Nellean. Ilrllaet 12 . No gll. N Y .. . lit
NeaTe, lUleo, No gtl, N. Y. .... Ill
Noonsn. Anton M,, No It, Jersey Our . Oil
NeK tsry, No. "II, N Y,, , . btl
Neniiisn. Mslflna, Hebrew rroe Hehool,
..No 1. N Y .. 110
Nstsloti, l.inlly. No 7H. N. V . g.Pl
Norton, Mery 0 , No ol, llrooklyn It)
Nesslase, Ml.s, No HI, N. Y 411
Null-, life. No 7l", N Y., till
Nstniian, Harsh. No. 74. N Y, , tttl
Neitttell. Harriet, No U, N.Y.. ... , gtl
Norileman. l.aura P7ltnarv IH, N. Y . "7
Nslls, Amies U, No 111), N, Y SM
Olinatotl, Misa II. K , No, C, Auburn.
ny. ,v ro'i
O'lionnett; MaryAll'N'n'a'lV'Nl'V ... "'llOH
0 lirlen. I.tbbi.'. No SM N Y .,.,.. 1.71H
llrm.br. Mrs M U. Bealinrr 8ein , N V. 1,671
l),trander, Msrtba A , No.l. Ilrootityn.. 34
lilts, resale. I'rlmsrrA, N Y M)
lltlsll. Minnie, No 711 N Y . , .10
Psnsot. Misa M. J., No. :L" N. Y RIO
Pratt. .Miss M . No, 8(1 N Y. IU
Piorsoo. ll.ry.I., No V. Y Mill
Pell, Mrs fc. M , No. IH, M Y ... gill
Pel, Clara, Nl. 1.1, .lertr Otly. N. J. . 14 I
Peniileton, t.l la J No. ll'J, ti. V . I.IPS
P.ter.on, Ml.s A . No. 10. N. Y .. .,,. 1117
Pavcken, llertlit, f'.iTm. Ant . N. Y ... . UIO
Pope. Ml.s K. A . No :i. N. Y ... . Ill
Poihlii. I atlleU . No. Jersey Oily 7J
Porter, enotila. Xtattexwan, N V 1 ,.1
Pistto, Vlrerltla, No. 11, N Y 74H
Prtee, Ml.. K . No. 7,'. N Y ...... ill I
I'erloy, Mre if, It, No 7lt. N Y (14H
Paton. I,ml. il, .No H.I. N Y 117
Psyton, Nellie. No 14 Jfr.ey City ,IIM
Paul, b'tilliia. No 71, N Y... Il.l
Post, l lira. No 1,1, Jersey Oity.N.J tlH
Itooaino Mi.s. No 4 I, N, Y . tfl
Ituttia.-hhatiser, Miss I , No Ut), N. Y .1,707
IlKbiiito, .lulls. No 77 N Y. U.tlill
llosie, I'olutal) , No. I.V N. Y. 11 1
llteJ. Mis. A. U , No. 17, N Y 1117
Ultra, sti.li. No ill. N.Y t!71
Hi rk. Miss A.. No. 4 1, N V ... , 111,
ltoui.it, Xti.srl Y N .No. 10. itrnoltlri HO.'
Iteiille. Miss A , N'o H Jrrsuir Oily ,10
U.n if r, Xlantto Psrnells. N V t til
11. r. Itiibarta. No It', N. Y .. . . . ill
1,'oiluer, Anna K,, No (II, N Y ... 4'l
Ui or. Miss J k , No. Itn, N. ill
llor.rs. Utnal',No 117. N V 114
Inley, 1 annie, llinernis, N J. AI
1 lousy, Mt.k JI K. Astoria, Ll .'11
Hni, Mies I), Vo (17 N. Y ... 4li
llvltr. Husiu. N. J Slate Monet, Tren
ton N .1 . , 4H
It. -euli-riT. li.lh.-r llt H I. ti ... , T.0
Sitlltreo, Msinte, Trsnstienrslion, N. Y . PJ7
Nirsna. Mts I' . N t Ml N.Y., 1 ill
Nt-snlsn, Mernlr, No. 74, N V 'Ill
hill llaunab A , No. '.'.1 N. Y 117
sltinif, Marie, lirsmru-ir hehool Arlieti
ion. N .1 . ... ... .. 4(11
SNo-tnak-r Ml.sM . No 4 I. N V .... "H4
Hpireo, Carrie, No 8, Jeraey O.tr . 17
lit lil, in. Pis, Primacy. .No 77. N. V. II l
s.e.r.'iter. Mlu' No IH. N. V 1.1H
Mltpstd, A T . No. lill. N. Y. I. II
h. hromler, Ml.s, Nu 1,', N Y .. 171
HI U'tils, Mrs. A K,. .No 41), N Y, tit
t-parks, Ihtitns, l'clutsry 4 I, N 1 4H
S.iiumasler, I llllan II , , No. 14. Albsnr lot)
ciniiti, Maitilo, t'rnusry, h ltrlits;epori,
(kinn ... . ...... , . .
Sluit, K i. . N" ti. Union", , .. . 114
Sprinter. Ad.tin, Nit tin llrooklyn It!
hwirer, Alinio. No 411, A Y 107
hnltu, Anna XV XI. 'o .Ml. s( y ' j-j
Kniltb! MieaM., Na.17, N Y .. !-'t
Sins, Kato 1. , Primary,.'? N 1 .... . IH
r!,!ninoii, t'iorenie, Nn I P, J Y ., . . til
Soler. h.at. Illah Islt'ol .lir.ey (illy . :PJ
Mute, Julio. No UN, N Y . ..... tit
fn omen, I Int.. Nt sr Itrlbton, H 1 Pit
Sbaae. Xll.e, No. 4N N V, ll
S'leillnc, siiphir. N. ,11, V V ,,.. till
ri (.e..ro. No J. o.ik'is. N Y ltd
SsKl Ml.s, No. .w, N Y 'tl
stuteui, Mrs. A.N. 11. N V .... tl.l
Torrsl f libit. So 7. Jereel'ltr IHll
rsllMtt, itary. No ai, SV . . S,4
lotting lireie, No 4, 1'oit Chester,
N V . . PfiKl
rslt. Aniito, No g!l llrooklyn , g,tl7H
lltotnp ii. Miss, Nu 1 l,llioo'l)ii ,11)
lu!, MutsK, N'o 13. N Y . 44
luttui, .MissK J . No 71, NY.. M?
Ure, tloinie. No .,.1, N Y 7 -s-1 i
linjernill. tary A , No 74, N Y 47 i
I' It n, ilsrearetle. No. ill.N Y ttr,
Pi.ll xlsry. No 40, tlr.i..klyli ipl
'o ieuttta. Mlsj, Na .17, tirooklyn Vtt ,
Vcl eh, M.ryA , No gU, N Y . . . 1. II
eliYUrt-i, K .No, 4 N Y TJ '
.i rliees Mt.eO A .No 41, N Y gl)
Uteor, ..Irs M A . No. 4.'. iiraokini I, SI.',
Ube.liltin, Majele, No. I'J, I e'ylj.ty .tH
Wn.h. Mi. h V . Nu, I, . V ., 4.11,
Ivhlltter, Itusius 1.. No .ll.llrnolyn g t ,
Hoot., Jli.el-. A. No 14 N Y 1,7
Itbitr, Aliine U, ko lll.N Y. M
IX.l'iims, Mr. I J A., XVrUut'eUus tie. '
I o teas, llr .ikliii , IIH
IW.Iit.uni. Slryi: , No. 31. N X S.Oil
lX-ks. K.I'.Tcenton. N J. , '.'111
Weill I'-a, N. il. S V f , 7il
Ubit", M.. No, III. Ilroiktyu Jill
ltal.li. U ... Nu 'iM, N V. . l,
al.'i. I i ,, Nu '.'4, N Y ill
HMIe S.I Nv lit, N Y .... 41
..'ul'.Hi.. I-A..V.. 10, Hulri-rlord.N' J ; ,J
Ikll.l .l.i.i.. MU War J A.llrll, UI .1 1
Ureal Mi. J I. Aial.uty .1 , lr.it. i
lin.) J . Ill'
l.k, Kei. I.ran ... , 'iieulon, N J l,lllil
toueif luja, No 31 N Y gs7
XoLaxhua iviii. No 77 N x ...... l.t
Veun Aunie. No g(l, JerMy City , . ie
Ctim. Matel, .Sa u. lloboken, N J lOll
A Reckleas Man.
1rosi ysai ytlwes )
C Whole are )ou going
"You don't eay sol Well, that ibowa that
the dais of mirse'e. are not oxor )et. '
"(Hi, 1 tuki t Uttl, etorj )ear. uo matter
olit thir I rially iivsd it or not.
W lieu baby was sick we care bey f astorie.
W bo eba wae a cbtl J, she i.rle4 tor Castorta,
to ken else became sitae sbe eluua lo Caatorl.
IVbeu abe bad Ctuidrea, abegase tbea Culurie.
The Defaulting Post-ORlcj Cashier
Commits Suicide
Shot Himsolf Throurjh tho Hoad
to Avoid Arrost.
Mr. Vnn Cott Thinks Ills Stealings
Will Not Kxcced $25,000.
Ocorgo II. I.otinslicry, tho elctanltltig
cashier of the 1'ost-Ofllce. who put a bullet
In hi bralunt his home hi HaLkensack. N.
J,, laid evening, died at 3 o'clock this
1 lie news w 04 In ought to this cltr br Chief
I'o.t-Onko Iiistcctor Wheeler, who went to
ltacl.insack vesterdar. with Inspectors
IlartsliornoatidMorrl', loarrcetl.onnsbery.
Wliecler and his assistants spent the night
nt the defaulter' house. I,oiinbory never
recovered cotiaeloit'tiesa sftcr ho eliot liliu
Folf. Ho lav all night lu his bedroom on tbo
second llnoi, snrrottndot bv his wife and
three children. Ilr.Bt.Jobtt. tbo family ohy.
slclan.aiid tlio llov. W. N. iiollcy.icctor of
Christ Hplsccwnl Chttrili. xvhich3Iiii.I.oun8.
ben atlemkd.
'II o tnnr xxomtn, who Is said to be in a
dolliiile condition, las bun elriion to Ilia
xergeof Insanity b thetrijiu ociiltrcncts
of tno past ttventr.lntirliouie,
Kvi r since alio lenttio I that her hnsiisnel
was sttspeeto I ot ibshoiictv alio has been
distracted w.th gtief. an 1 the hoek of bin
nltiiiipttn lull liitn-iilr )isttriloy moraine
I by turning nn the lias in his room xery
mail, troatintetl 1 rr. . ,
1 Inspector Wheeler said that bci condit on
Hi's niornihg was xcrv critical, and that
I when her husband r ekath xvas atuinuticod
tohinJic rreinel lo gtxo wn) complctily
! botli in mind nml body.
llio Mcrv if I.oiinsb'ivs erlmo anil at
tempted Hll.clile hud sptcatl llltu wildlllo
thrntigh tlm littlo xilknto or Ilail.eusnclc,
and iluriiiK the eenmg many friends of tho
iinlnrtuiiato tnmllr canto to tho house to
make iinuuries ami oiler sympathy.
No ono was admitted, bournci. and tho
snrrnw.slrlclicn group aliout tl'n bcil.tiilo uf
the tiring man went not cltsturl cd.
'lhn employees in the post-otllco wero
ehncknl bv the news this marnliig.e apocialiy
thorn In Cashier I.ontisbcrj 'b department,
who had been with him for innny ears and
xvhtt could tcarcoly bilievo tbo atory of lus
l'ostmaster Van Colt was one of tbo first
to icarhtho ollkti this morning, nltliomih
i ho was ono of the last to leave it last
Ho liadiemalneil downtown until nearly
nililnlulit in consultation with tho heads of
thn xailnns dopai ttnentu.
Uo looked xcry lien mis and xrnrried when
Tin. KvFviNci Woiau reporter called upon
him to-day.
" I have not yot tlono anything in the way
of Imcstlgatinit Cashier Lounabeiy's ac
counts, 'he said, "but 1 am certain that
the amount or defalcation xvill not exceed
$'.M,uou, Iho seals ate still upon hirsaro,
and will not bo liroki.li until wn nrorcady
to beciti tho inxostiuatlnn. 1 have sent
word loi.o.intbery's thric hon binen to bo
prctcnt, but I shall not wait for them it
ther do not ninke tbiir appearauco this
, lnnrnlns.
"I propose to cin right nn and take an in
xeiilnry of nv cry thing lu this aafe and of all
tho ataniPB in tlio otliio anil balance tho ac
counts, and thou I shall know to tbo penny
what has boen taken.
" Inspector Whotlcr will conduct llio lu
xostisatlnn, and Coinmlssloner .ShicliN,
Assistant Diatrict-Attorney ltowo and my
solf xv 11 assist bun."
"Ilavoxou any Hiisplcions that olherJ aro
Implicated lu I.ounsbery'a ntenlinas j"
"1 taniiot say aii)thiut; nbout that now.
for 1 liaie not sulllciiiit lufnrmatliin nbout
thu matter, nnd 1 do not wish to make any
chaiKus that may bo unjust, hater on I
may haiesnmothinir losay. "
"Do ton think that Louusbcry's pecula
tions extended over a Iomr oe riod J"
"No, Idonot, Iloiiinst hnxo taken tho
money in a lump, ami that since, the
first of January, 'iho Inspectors from
Washington iiixustlgated tbo l'ost-Oltlio
xcry tlioroughly Dec. .11, and they found
exeiylhini; nil right. I do not aco bow It
would haxo boon possible for I.ounsbory to
conceal a tlclleit of so large an amount if it
bad existed thuti.
"ijtlll ho might liatcbeon able to borrow
'tbo money for n feudal a and then pay It
I back attain, nml sndtcoiio tbo iiispcctoni.
I hail several t hecks upon him. both lu tho
auditor's ropon. wlinh were ccitlllcd to
mo ou rvilay.nnd by heennd Assistant l'ost
mastcr Morcati. who hail i barge of the
casliiir' department."
Win n ditl von hrst begin to suspect
"About eight t'aynago. Stories hailbeen
rnuiing tome for some tune about his rcckle's
audlooso habits, isreeiallv in leitard loins
elrinLiiie, I luxeellgjtul them ami foinul
them true, ami 1 elitirmiuoii to git rid of
him, for 1 illtl not ousulir him a proper
I Pin on to haxo charge uf no rcsponsiblo a
" I did t nt imspect then tba bo was a tie.
fault!-, I had nuiiieull tlm airaintttucnts
' tn put tn sun lttcl.nrd iu r ar'e uf the
otllcolaat exeiiitig, but bo'.insben'i ahseiiee
ou Tliiirdav litl tn tlio di.cjviry of Ids
crime, and that upset all my niiaii.'cments.
" )lysnu will init take charuo ol tliotlc
partmeut. I haxo iiislrccted Mr. Wool, of
iho llegtstration Department, to aaiuno the
tlnties of iietnii,-cashier till tho whole thing
bus bciusiiti'd. "
' rtmttiuster an Cott larespoiiMiblo for the
I tleflc'ency in Lounsberi saccounts.aiul will
have liiimi.il jt cool as intm as tlio exact
amount ban been n-eortalncl.
I He Is protected, howour, bv I.ottnslicry's
bonibm-'i, who in o all said to Iki per ectly
re'inousibie (Hn or thiM' l 'llnoiloro 1'.
llolltuaii, of Ito'et a'e. N, J., who is no tlio
bond for .'., nun. He is m tbo Hour afnl
feed business in 'I hirl).iri'tn slnot in lids
, city, and I.iuiusbtr) was ha inrtner at tlie
I saint, tone that bo he:d his ofllce uriiortlio
I tiovertmietii.
l'd.-ar Washlinrne. of Cathklll, N. V., la
on tlio bond fur M.l.noti, niitUtdiuJloonxn,
of 4 .l West l'iunl)-thiril trlet, fur tlio
I sanio amount, 'om est tho bi.inl-.nicn had
put in an np.u arauce at tbo IV&'.lllUie tip to
I noon to-ilav.
It notibl havo been very easy for Latins,
letv lomiktt u btul In tmo or tvro diss of
tin amniiutol bis shnrlase, fm iho amount
or itioiie) that pas.o, tiiinngli his hauls
ilail) u av b mfci tod ft imi thn fact that tlio
suit' or stamp in the New ork (' m.-lltliee
last liar amo it.tc I to moro tl.au
Co luiaatvi Van f'ott at first Intpmtel to
'Mill Insicctor Wheoer hack to ilnke.i.
s.o k with autliniiiy to proenrn n seauh
wariatit ineeari'ti I,otnisbcry' house. In
Mkitius llartsliorno titnl vloriia hail bteu
loit n ciaige of tho pie.'.inc.', witli iiptiue.
tX -T f"l ff tautno
W.fl OTftfrif7 VADt
D00T3 ism cdttE3 P vSC3
DltEuSLU wim 's5sC,,Uj,tra
WolffsAGIME Blacking
wtVEn OCT HAno and sTirr.
WA'rUltl'ItOdr ard earu.lo-1 to priacrvo
It'othcr, ecd koop u .uli cu t dtirubK.
AJl It I'HJ, !'(' I 1. ruiij lu.,.Tl
I'd. Uuu ,1 th
win. Sikh oie a w rueairuac l.iinlaA
tent. Cyst's Cksaa erto CNi'taaac ut iln
siiittiintis.nl ami,,
veils STens Town Oio aaeacT Iftcie
will Stun BairaCwcs at
WOW a4W&gu PUUdtIjUU,"
Are the llesnllis Tlinl rnllnw One Cpan
Anntlirr In (Jnlrli Hileecealon.
" Abnnt fsur reara aao t attended dances at one
nt theae I Lccame oterheaterl, went ontslde aal
cauaht cold M
The sps.ker was Mr O Vt Wendllnt, at ks
home, 0(1 (Irani! street. Brooklyn
"Pains In my head and nter my eyes folleeed
tbecolJ, and I could never got rid ot thepalnior
the cold.
"My throat wae always dry and hnaky, and ttort
metolalki my nose would ret cloajodtip, first on
one side then thn other.
"It was a bail case of bronchial catarrh, aadt
apent a (rest deal of meney with pbyslclaos aal
f i tsakWtfese)fliisT "! ' I i tH'IWHWB '
C. W. WKNDMNU. UOCraod itreet, HrooklfB. J
patent meJIcInf-f, bnt nerrr Imd aull dy' relUf.
" AI7 pf nerit heitth w-t gooJ, nd except for tb
continual lnkln. cotigtilnff nd rain In k phlfxm
f rom my tliroit fttitl hrd, Ifalino other RioknMi,
' I rrad HOToral Btstomontei In thn papers where
people had boen cured ot ratarrh.and Hnall called
on lra. Cop-litnl A niatr, and timllnc their term
co much more reaitma'jle than t had expected, I
put mrcll undr tl elr care, and hare them to
thank for tnj: cure , for I am
and thU UU ment of mine can eaalt be Terlfled U
any ono will call at injr home, 00 Or aud street."
aie located permanently at
92 Sth five., near 14th St.,
147 W. 42d St., near Broadway
m:v VOltlt ITTY,
where they treat with encee.s ell curable casea.
Ofllce honrs-0 to 1 l.llll A. St.. lto4P M ,7te
0 P. St. (Riuntayslnelntlert) Hoecialtiee Uatarrb
nnd all rii.ea. ot the bye, bar, 1 broat and Lnnae.
147 West l'.'d st Now York City.
imoouiYVN okkick'at ,
A woll mado Pair of Troueorsj
mado to ordor at 8B.60.lri
Largo Varlotloo, go to
S2t rtPOADXVATropp. Tost Offlce.
,133s IlI10".ltXVAT, cor. 31st .street,
IS3-IS1 noxvp.IlT, ror. Ilrooma'St.
tlonatn permit nothing in the house to be
touched. , , ,
It waa tleelilotl, however, to abandon this
pi in, nml a Ulcuraui was sent recalling
'lIu'loiiiiBherys lived hi handsome strl
in llackonsauk. tint bouse tlay octuplel
bolng rontnil. l.ouiisbcry cut a wide swath
in society in the unlet littlo Jersey vlllane,
and Masapiomtnuit number of tlio Ontatu
l-iolell'lnb. , . ,
His intimate ncfitialntancoxTith nx-rojl-tnastcr-fletieral
'Ihoinaa L. James, whn
lixes at Lintievood. gave lum liiclt roclal
Ktaiuliiu. lln began his career as allow
eminent emplojto under Mr. James, when
the latter uat l.eniity Collector of
Custom", and , went with him to the lost.
Ollicuas assistant cashier, for nine rears
ho has been at the head of that department,
ami ihiring that timo hli honesty has noTer
beforo 1m en ipitMtiiinetl,
Ho leans two childirn, a girl nf aeyei.
teen .nid a boy of lllteeii, by a lormermar.
. liage. Rltdaclillil of two jenis by Ills pre.
lent vi Te, a Nouii'f lady of HackensacL.
xviinin liomartlBtl ihout four years auo.
When ho llrst bt rime cnahler of the .1 oat.
Oli'co Limn.biry'K islary was 1 1.000. but II
was rnt ebiwii in July last, under tbo new
I'las.ulcatiou Int. to '.',tlOl). IHnsberr
took this rnluction very coolly, nnd said ho
did not niliid it became Ids fee 1 business
was paling.
I ater In tlio day thern wera rttmo-sj in Ins
rost-OtVin tliut n i rests were probable lu
connection with I.ounebcri'a it falcatlocu
Comtnlsslt urr 8liteld'a ilecllueil to lay
whether au natianU had been iasued.
Humors that Doruostto Troubles May
Havo Led to His Downfall.
irictii to tup ivsjiiia xyoaLO.1
lUcKBvrr., N. J.. Jan. g.l.OeorgoH.
I.ouiisbiry tbod at a o'clock this moronic.
He never recovered lonsclousueisafterbs
Hied tno shot that ptoved fatal. ,, ,
It is learned that whuti Lounsbery dlaenv.
erod that his rr mo wai unearthed, bu teiav
graPliidbiapaitliei, Mr. Hnnmaii. to corns ,
to lilm. Iloifnmn wc'it to Iho poat-olnM
and indue' d William liiiasoll.au ItltlniltS
ll tend of Iho dead man In aceompaiiy bto.
'1 boy tslkotl a lum: ticro with thocaaliIr.
Qiol nrted lum to tcttirn to Now iors ami
straivhteu matte re out. He oonseuted.
ainllill tlu looiii to get Ida coat. Inaiew ,
momtii.t. tl n servant eutored tho room. W
' I do Ik hevo 3lr. Lonnalerr is af tcn'oiof
harm tohiiu.i-lr." . , ,.
Tlie) rushed iipataiis, and found luni 4
bis i lumber "ll'i a li illct-wo mil in hi J"3
and a pistol clutched in his light baud-
bttuit) its-lit hi t'ie caitsra of Jlr. iy""'
bey's ilnwiifaU nu) bo fuitud in the stones
circulating lietu in-da) lexanltug i''"r,
inxetio ii-la ions, n is eai I tl at hi; wifs "
formerly an actravar.aiiil that the cn
iixnl xeryunl app Iy. Many rumors iiereii- s
atotx toiler cliaiacter aio tloatiuif soou'' it
'llity are, bnwcvoi. rot vcritle I os ).,,
Lo'iii.bery'e frunds ikuy that lu "
bard dilnkiuK man. , . .., i
'Iho timo of the funeral has not wpj t
flxetl. It ia doubtful it an lueiuoit will M
deiwcd ticioeary.
n a.
Dry anU Thlrety.
lhst V.i s ll.slty. .
Chapman -'I h ro la reall) a great Ota! w
drj In u.orln this p'at lihni, . ... aie ,
1- b on H tho uisus4tr wont l " S '
con.udiatu gti out Uctwicu the see. '
x,ti II IhoLrb j
Daanbia Alt tryuu ,tssrlyeerytblJifWyg f
ot tbo tsor.1 colds I ewer (tad I lyuntawa a 'rrZ, .
jour lliwia'e tlaracTuaaar o.e Jose J!L"I
a real rellel aad ooe boltle lecled a r4,'"''"!,l
vaoaitt belp reroneudiner tl loeieo ! .
W, 1, Tow K 15 UatUeea ais. . a

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