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ft", Sunday, August 28.
Br' J At this time one million men at least
KM Ulklne about certain well. known
RtL aNifMa of thti ltepablio and dhcuutafr
K? Mf't&sVnoti of loecem In a coming con.
KsjF Mat. GroTer Clevelaud ii not the man'i
mcf Mf. nor U hi name Benjamin Har-
K J l1f . Tfce man who occupies hnndreds
Rl ( ttvotuiRdl of adnlt uiiudi and tpure
BX" tU Maall bojra to noble endeavor U Mr.
H( Jttm I. 6nllivan. It is not any He-
'- tin to add to man'i fondneea for flcht-
Hty'? iM ttat baa induced The Burur World
H& o prepare for to-morrow auch an acoonut
mK efMr. Sullivan ai aball make every man
Ufl- wfcoatudlee it feel that he baa seen the
mfc fffkter under a microscope. Far from
B i leseW.
M?,r Mr. MtmlDEton U an artut who wor
Ef r every cne know. He la tbe only man per.
Hiv taps who makes every creature tbat be
Hpp etftr look as tbougb be wero alive aud
Hv eVrlnc bla besL His palntlnje ot thin-
H& lecied but vicious Indians; ot top-ueavy
H& Meens, and o( bad, tall cowboys are so
K$ ITU that tbey make the lmpeodlnr dlv
R" ateiranee ot tbose specimens trom tbo
mL terth'a Kitace a matter ot sibjbt linpor-
Mf , tMce. Mr. Bsmingion Is fond ot fine anl-
Hi was aid men. With artbur Brisbane be
Kyi'' Bfent two days studying tbe physical
Wr. asake-up ot Mr. tulUran, tbe one man
Rii Who could knock down a cowboy and bis
vl f pecy. throw as Indian about as tar as tbe
Htf Indian could throw a tomsbawk, or lve a
K?,, Maon a Mvere beadsctte Vltb odo little
K;' puacb. Mr- Remington has sketched
Rfc what he saw, and tbe pictures, a nne lot
HftsV M theaa, will be published la Tu bundat
K Weatn to-morrow. Tbey give a fir bet.
R ter Idea ot tbe wonderlul ngbter tban
Be aaytblag that bai ever been said or wrlt-
S1 ten about blm, and every man with active
2ff "0o4 wU1 dell(ht In studying these ertis-
BK Uo tmpreealons of tbe man wbose greit-
Kjj Mtenata on this solid rocki " I can lick
Hptf My man on earth."
Et - When, In tbe heglnntng, tbe race to which
J Mulllvaa belongs was demonstrating to
HpA MM rest of mankind that It wan meant to
W?' rule tba planet, wbat was It tbat countod
Kb la the struggle? It was not tho nno
Bir peetryln tbe Anglo-Saxon, nor anynon.
Hft aease ot that kind, it was the sort of
Hj Muscle that at this moment Is tuoked
HJs sway la great bunches In the neigboor-
Hk hood of John U Hulllvan's snoutaer.blade.i
L If Mr. tucbard Watson Ulldcr is writing
VIV' Poetry to-day, happy In tho consciousness
KV that be belongs to tho conquering, race,
Kjg' IV ts because In tbo beginning thatraco
pfi consisted largely 01 sulllvani Tbcrcloro
B ' every man, from a poet down to a banker,
m$, ' any and should feci Intereit unJ take
W& ertde In John U Sullivan. Tbeso things
R W explained fully by Artbur llrlsbuno
'? Ul the article wblch bo has prepared
1 . with Mr. Kemlngton. Mr. Brlsbauo Is
Ut peoullarly ntted to explain to man-
K'i kind wbat a great man John I-
&ll uulvaa la. It was his proud prlvi-
E'rT- lege to behold Mr. BulUvan aa he
m eeaveraed la friendly tones with the
tfc'l , innoeof Wales; to study bis proud bear-
K'U tng as he flrat came In eight of tho sbores
Hf& Of Ireland I to sympathize with his atrug-
Kf1' (Ms with the rreneb linguage while
m'j tralalag la rrance lo witness often tbat
M- operation which Mr. bulllvan good-
C; aaturedly descrtbos h "knooking a
Uf& Baa a mile," Mr. Brisbane, wltb a adellty
a?:i, that muat unqueatlonubly trouble llov
Wt VU in hla grave, laya bare to the publlo
gx. the soul, tbe mind and especially tbo
HJ- muscles ot Mr. BulUvan. This story by
HR'- Remington and Oiisbano will probably
Utj aattsfy the most ai dent seeker for knowl-
Mf,'' edge about the hardest hlttor on earth.
PB Tula dUUnguUbed nun, who writes for
ms-l Taa Icmdat Wori.0 only, and who novor
lv- fall to instruct and entertuln at tbe eanio ,
B,7, time, writes this week on tbe subject of '
Kjr ' dubs. Cluba came to us from England, '
kv aad Mr. MoAUlster explains how Impor-'
H ' tant they are to life hero below and what I
Hit they should be. old mombers ot tbe Union
t Club will delight In Mr. McAUIstor's
HsJ realalscenses, and young men who expect
Wt' to be members when they get rich will !
Htf'i, tee tbat tbe object wblob they have in
Kifa-; BUndU indeed worth while.
B'V Tdi Bonoar World, fcr tbe amusement
k; " otlta readers, will publish complete in tu-
HK' aiorrow's .edition Kipling's novel, The
H Ugbt Tbat railed.'' This Is a story tnat
K' bai not tor Its motive abuse of this great
u eouatry, and Mr. Kipling In wrltlug it
E, WM apparently not suffering from ludt-
Hfi'l gtsUon, as be usually Is. It Is a good
Bl etory to read and cast aalde. It will In-
k tarest without worrying tbe reader.
PBf- Irtryman, aturreadlngtheartlclewhlcb
BV'f ' Helen Watterson baa written for this
wr number ot Taa bcndit Woiild, win prob-
H ably take better care of himself than ho
8$ hat done hitherto in tbe way ot eating
Hj' and thua add many years to hla life. A
H& German proof-reader with a turn tor
B? patient Investigation, calculated tint If
mr One Hundred Thoutaud men n oukl net on
the advice given by Helen Watterson that
Hv? each would live two years longer tn an
pKL averege than would otherwise have been
Kj the case, and tbat many millions M)1 be
W addM to the wealth of the nation by tbeso
BKt added years of effort on the port ol lil;hly
Ppt t Intelligent men. The article tells that a
PPJu man's body Is like an ongine and his lood
Bftjy tte fuel. Wbat sclenoo lias to eay about
pPsr ' the fuel for the engine in attractively set
PJh forth. Most wrltera would do auch a
BB' ; j piece of work differently from Helen Wat-
BBS-," terson. bbo makes every lino of it inter-
Bk estlag.
pBKi In Tnx Scmuat WoKtu to-morrow, Mr.-.
BB?' J Van Rensselaer continues her description
BJJP-j' . Ottbe World's I'alr woudeiB. It Is a gratl-
Bjjl , fTlng tribute to tbo con Inclnj character
BrJ Of Mrs. Van lteusseiaer's criticism that
pBf? Chicago should have recignltf d the truth
BUT' Ot the severe remarks wblcli bhu was
Byi compelled to make on Chlcazo srclil-
BBi, lecture. It is a One thing to bo recognized
Br aa the best art crltto Id America, but
Bflfe, admlrpraof Mrs. Van KensMtlacr's writings
BBk.Vf " wm teel Dew l'rWe on Harnlng that
BBk'r'v' Chicago, tbe energetic but untutoicd,
PJpBfv 'htwe humbly before her n lsdcm.
sVaVflsB': ,kto 1Cs1lh writer, wbo produced
BBBBIv?!'-8"!-!!" nd Three Men in a
BjBJBK ." has wrltwn a short story lor Tas
BBBF "ttMUrWoatB. Americana wno believe
BBBf s JUHM.EJS?Wn D BOr' uucerely
not be funny wilt study Mr. Jerome's
style with surprise, perbsps.
Each week Tn t-nxnAT Womn reviews
tbe painful labors of the professional
bumorlstn. JoVcs and pictures are re
viewed, and to each nlnctcentb-century
Jester bis duo Is meted out. Words of
wisdom accompany this review, and ot
crlt Iclsm as n ell. Mr. Moody, who writes
tho review foi ibis week, concludes tbat
this would be a gloomy world If we bad
nothing but the week's work ot funny
men lo cheer us. He praises Mr. Taylor
and censures London runch. Ho Is se
vere, but Just.
The racing tout Is atyno springing up
In this land and multiplying aa betting
grona. Ho ts a careless, happy creature,
well wortby study. Mr. Kaklns, wbo
knows more about facing and racing ani
mals, horses and men, than any ono rise, '
describes tbe day's life of a typteal tout,
borne day the great American novelist '
nlllcomo along and surprise everybody
by making a good story out of plain
home types. If tbe great American nov
elist has already discovered himself he
will do well to keep Mr. Eaklns'a writings
on hand. Tbey will be good to paste In
bis novel.
Mr. Do Koven, in tbe languago of Chaun
cey Hepew after dinner, Is a man whom it
is unnecessary to Introduce to any Intelli
gent audience Mr. De Koven writes for
Tu HtiNDiT Worlp, and for no other
paper on musical topics. Every one who
Is Interested in music will want to know
whst Mr. De Koven baa to say tn Tux
bUNDAV World to-morrow. Tbose who
do not know much about musto In the ab
stract sbould resd all that Mr. Us Koven
says, if only out of gratitude for tbo solid
comfort they find In singing his song,
11 Ob I Promise Me tbat Some Day You'll
lie Mine.''
The above are but a few of tbe features
of this good number of Thb buxiuv.
World. The same number telle of eome
wonderful girls u ho are coming to town
and wbo can kick aud otherwise perform
in o way to cure nuy pessimist. Their
pictures are attruulive aud art baa repro
duced them in Tux World faithfully.
Tbe cholera is a nice, creepy toplo now.
It lias not been neglected. Tbose wbo
like to shudder will bo able lo gratify thnt
liking in moderation by rending 'fur. Hun
day World's Rruusome remininronoes. A '
new llowery is iliscoveiod ntid described.
The Juggernauts of literature, otherwise ,
tbe formulas with ulncli editors of nil I
kinds erusb the soulx of incorrigible
writers, uie printed m all their hcartlcKS.
ess. Iliulil Doblo, who cau tlrivo n trot-
tiuc borso hotter tlinu any one olso, is
held up tn public admiration. Ho aro tbo
crcat trotters that have shaved down tbo
soconds in tbo mile.
Get Tiik Sunday World, rend it all,
and you wilt bless tbe modest writer of
this Inadequate advertisement.
A Philadelphia Man Fats a Bullet
Into His Head.
Word has been received from Philadelphia
trom the relatives of William U. Hobertson,
who committed suicide In front of 40 Vesey
street last night by shooting himself In the
Tho despatch says that Hobertson has two
brothers In Philadelphia Perry A. Hobert
son, of luyattouthHlxtn street, and Charles
T. Hobertson, et 1017 Houtn eixth street.
Itoucrtson was a presvteeder tn tho office
of tbo .tiiKei' Wuniu Journal. He boarded at
luuutioutu sixth street with bis brotber
1 Perry. Ills sweetheart, Lllllo abater, only
lived a tow blocks away at the corner ot Hlxth
1 and Hoffman streets, she was very much
affected on bearing of the traglo deatb of her
lover. Aocordlug to tbe reports from Phila
delphia Hotertson was much addicted to
I.nst nlgbt at 7.30 o'clock Officer Noonan, of
the Hecond i'roclnet.waa on Vesey stioet near
Church street. He heard a putol shot and
ran In tbo direction ot tho sound. In front ot
40 Vtsey street ho found a good-looklug,
neatly droiscd joung man, about twouiy-mo
years old, with a bullet-hols In his right
temulo. Hefore the ambulanco from cham
ber Htreet Hospital anlved the man bad i
breathed bis last.
The bod) was removea to the Church street I
police station, where It was tound to lie tbat,
of Kobertbon. Tun mau had rry few arti
cles about bis clothes asldo from the revolver
with wbloh he took hla life.
A letter was found In his coat-pocket ad
dresKeu to Ms brother I'erry, In which be .
said he was " sick aud tired of Now York "
and would leave for 1'Mladvlpuln ut fi o'clock
this alternoon. In bla trousers pocket was a
certlllcnte ol good ensracter from . IJeuattt, I
of the idfi!' Mum Vuiii'iuif, i
There was a policy bocx ot tbe Vetropol
Itan l.lle It.suranceCompany,shuwlng weekly
pajmenlsol I0 irom April 1 to Aug. H. Tuo
"ell-nun i eneel loaU-peuells completed the
oatni There wet not n cent of money in his
pockets, i he body Is now at the Morgue. I
In the) Stationery Buelneea Boforo
Hie Ordination.
The Iter. Father James E. McKvoy, of at.
Leo's Church, Inlngton, N. J., Is dead, t'o
was tor many years In tbo stationery bm!
mss with his brother In this city. bl jeirs
ngo ha was ordained a priest and assigned to
m. 1'ntrlck's parUli, Xuvtark.
Ho bad teen pastir of et. I.co'b tlmrcli
Irving tun. for tbu past four 5 oar.
I'Rtliri'.McEtoy has been a great sufferor
from t Innl troubleH for years, and ui frc
queutl) incapacitated lor hH priestly ituiles
by hisanilttlutL He died yi htcrdu) ullernoo:i
ut tbo homo of uwen Uvan, 1MUU Mxth
htuet, Jersey City.
- -
Fell Out of Window Wbllo Aeloep,
While asleep early this morning at a win
dow on the third Moor of I3J Sullivan street,
John Lenahau, ntty yeais old, rolled ojt aud
tell toihe!dealk. At St. Vincent's llnnpi.
tal they say he Is suffeilng fiom n iracture or
Hgla hipbone uud UccralUus ot the scalp
aud loot.
Chlof of the Sljseton Indians Dond.
lit APfocuTui rnrf. t
Hnows-s Vailei, .Minn., Aug. ST. Hal rlel
lltnMlIe, ngeil eellty, ddet uf tuo l'etLii
Indians died j rsterday. At tho tlinoortho
, Moux iiiashacio In lhtl'.', he baa a farm et
tl.ooo acres near the p.esent city of Cracc
vllloen the Minnesota llhcr. ills Innuence
liai nlnajs teen uitu to improo the condi
tion ol tho Indians.
Shot Her for Hofueing- to Marry Hlra.
I IM Aftocmrn rnrsi.l
, Cmcioo. Ill, Aug. ut.-Frank A. Kretscb
man, a printer, has been rctuscd by Mrs. Ida
Ilautcllcnun uveroge o: enco every month
for two jears. Kretsthman bad Ills usual
luci; agiln last night and hhot the woman,
Inlllctlug n wound which may proio latnl.
Actress Rny Rundle la Dend.
Actresi Hay Rundle died at Dellovue Hospi
tal early this morning trom Illness resulting
from a railway accldsnt several weeks ago,
bbe wss taken to ihe boipltal from her home,
Should American Women Bo In
trusted with the Task ?
The Question Osbated by the Goldcy
Literary Society.
Arguments, Pro and Con, Concerning
This Vexed Subject.
Inter:st In tho Cblneso Kunday-school
question has become so general that the
(loldey Mternrv Soclctr took tho subject for
debate at Its regular weekly meeting at H
West Fourteenth street las.t night, and nl tbo
clean decided by a vote, In which were only
two negatives, that American women should
not teach Chinamen,
Tbo Ooldey Society bas a membership ot
sixty bright young men who have received
training In oratory through vUlts to the
Society of such men as Chauncey M. Ucpew,
Her. Father Uucey aud Col. ltobcrt O. Ingcr
solL Only timely subjects nredebalcd.and tho
questions sre always handled with rklll that
would uo credit to Washington statesmen.
For several weeks the labor troubles have
received tbo foronalo attention ot tbls Society,
and before tbo debate last nlgbt a member
gave his opinion of the probable effeot of ibo
Homestead strike. Following that the Presi
dent, Mr. V. U. Lore, stated tbe question for
debate as followsi
ir..ol..'f. That wa do not fSTer th teAchlng of
Chlncss in oar fiaudarsehools br Aintrlcaa
The President called attention to Tnx
Kvininoj Woni.n's treatment nt tbe question,
and said : " People bava stopped laughing at
Cblneso Bunday-kchools, and have begun
thinking about them, and as tbo Goldcy de
bates only questions ot general Interest tbo
subject is timely."
Tho debate was opened by Jobn J. Corbett,
who was glen twelvo minutes to outllno tbo
argument In tho afflrrnattvo. Tbo speaker
did not connno himself simply to an outline,
bowever, but started In on a logical argu
ment, which be prcsontcd In a forcible and
pleasing manner.
Newspapers rcQoct publlo opinion, ho said,
andhoaikcd tho Bpcakcrson tbo negutlvo
Bide to point ontonc leputsblo newspaper
which was willing to defend tho present cys-
tem of teaching In Cblneso Suudaj -schools.
"All newspapers that hao proven them
selves to bo tho fi lends ot humanity aro
united In tho dctonso of American woman
hood," said tho speaker, "and thoso most
frlnndly are tho most constant In showing
the degradation that renults from American
women teaching yellow heathen.
'Tho Chinese as a race, do not asslmllato
with Americans, except for profit. They arc
opposed to Inventions; tucyaro opposed to
tho civilization of tho West, except Insomuch
as It furthers their selfish Intorests."
Chinamen will not becomo Christians, tbo
speaker hold, because the teaching of Chris
tianity reveals to them the doctrlno ot futuro
punishment tor sin.
They do not like Christians and Christians
do not like them. Even tho girls whotc.ich
them do not at first like their pupils, said Mr.
Corbett, but thoy want a fad.
The heathen are willing to be taught, not
for the purpose of beoomlug Chrlstams, but
in order to learn tbe English language, estab
lish theuiselvos In tbo aoolsl world and gel
good suppers ana Christmas presents.
The speaker ridiculed the claim that young
girls, without kuowledgo of theology, could
leach the attuto chinaman the duuilnciuf
Cbrhatlautiy. 'ibo Chinese, he declared, ure
a i.jcupilie, cunning luce.
I.. K. Mtlllvuu opened In thn negative.
Tho teachings ot rollgluu, ho claimed,
should not bo eonllnod to tha boundaries of
tbe I'ntled Htntes. Ho pointed out thut tbu
question was whether "Ameilcan women,"
not " young American women," should teach
" All the teachers aro not young and bloom
ing maidens." be suld. " Many ot them are
older thnu tnelr pupils. Women aro more
hucohkbIuI as teachers bocauso they bettor
understand the untutored mind. 1 no mother
can leach a child better than Its father, and
so cau a woman lo.icu a Chinaman more suc
cessfully than a man."
Alvln Hummers, tho next speaker, said tbat
the Chlnnau as n race tend to retard civiliza
tion, because cnimnnon are not progressive.
"Thoy lower wayes und they preserve the
dlsgrare of the opium haolt," be continued.
"'1 lie question Is sliuil Americans permit thn
women, of "limnthey uie no proud, income la
contact with this worst class m humnull) ?
The men wbo make tbo laws ot tbls country
have seen tha dangers of association with
I such a race end have unacted statutes that
prevent Chinamen trom landing on American
1 soil.
"If American wnmon want missionary
work to do, why don't they work in tbo tsluni
ot our own city, where mere ure thousands ot
our own raco who have never heard tho
teachings of Christ or know that there Is such
I a being as u missionary ?"
K. A. uumen followed In the negative, and
I tried to dispose of the uraumeut oi Mr. Hum
I men by tbo statement Hint Chinamen do not
1 Cheapen labor. Ho thounht It au Insult to
1 American women to intimate that they
should not be permitted tu attend Chlno-to
The next speaker, Andrew llurne, objected
to convening Americans in the slums with
. a policeman's club, and Bending l'lilh avenue
ladles into Mult and I'cll streets to talk
about tun tiolnen ltulo through opium smoko
1 tbat would singe tho wings o nn uugel.
" American wom-jn ouirh. tu look out for
tho while race," ho cald.
Mr. F. A. llran based hU argument on tho
claim that an Kuropenns had Introduced
opium Into China, It is the duly of the Cau
casian race to rede, m the Chinese.
h. F. MoL&iuhllti favored mhslonnry work
among ihe OiUncse, but not b) American
wcineu. Hr.errlng to the tuple of Intennin
HiiL'ch.lie said, "In tbe futuro we do not want
to have with us a race without a name,
tu bo shunned by all and go through lltu
burdened with adlgr.ice th.it was tho result
oi nineteenth century lolly,"
.lames LvtlnMiii and Jnmrs llrltmann enn
rluded the deoate with Intel estlng arguments
on both -Ides. President Love then gave his
di-clblon en the merits of tho arguments in
lav or ot the affirmative.
A vote ot tbo audience was afterwards
taken on the luoiltx ot the quextlon, uud oulv
tno pein;is were recorded in invor of Ameri
can wome'j teaching the Chinese In Sunday-schools.
i Mrs. Melitenstoln Chnrrrorl with
I Llbol'iln? Counsel Noble.
A policeman this morning vrent to tho
lnus- uf ill., Anule l.lclilenstelu, In Long
Mamirity, and icrved a warrant issued by
.iusilcoKn.ititKli, charging hir with crlml-
I nnl libil uiou luiponwiuii Cuuu.el M'luinou
11. .Noble
. Mr.-. l.lclienMH'i Is Hi" wlto of roMmas or
i Willi. nn l.iibcnsieiii, und H prupilitrtssor
the (Mens count) ffiinM.publUhcdlii Long
Gtorj- of tho Drowning' of II. W.
Blbley nnd Party a Cur.nrd.
Irr Ar.ociATi n rms.. I
, HocmsTrR, Aug. '-'T.-'lho liuon lias n
lelegum lioin l.lr.im Y, Mblcv sa)ng ho Is
talc, at.it a tpt-cial auinjthat tbo leporl ot
tho wiecklug of the j jem upltl Is .1 canard.
That the vvbtto part) H sate and will join tho
yacht on .Monday,
TosOKTC, Aug. i.'T. Tbo report from l-agj.
nawof thu dbasur tolho yacht Wapiti, in
tho Georgian Hay, is a wicked canard.
The yacht ts now safely at anchor In Col
ltngwood Harbor.
Ko acc)dent has takeu place and no lives
. n. ...
Doalers Will Demand 25 Gents
Moro a Ton After Sept, 1.
Reading Combine's Intention to Defy
the New Jersey Law.
Detail coal dealers tn New York have taken
prompt action upon tbe decision ot tho sales
agents ot the anthraclto coal producing com
panies wbo voted Thursday to advance the
price of coaL At a meeting of tbe Ketall Coal
Dealers' Kxchange held lsst night at Fiftieth
street and Lexington avenue, It was decided
to add 'JH conts to the retail price per ton of
coal, the samo to take effect next Thursday.
It was stated that since Jan. 1 last, tho
wholccnlo dealers had advanced tho price of
stove coal 1.30 per ton. Tho only corre
sponding action of tho retail dealers up to
tho present time had been an Increase In re
tall prices of '.'." cents per ton, leaving tbo
dealers $1.0.", to tho bad.
It was announced after last night's meeting
that, beginning next Thursday, the' price ot
"red ash coal, all sizes," will bo SU.2G per
ton. A year ago It was $:.".:. " White ash
coal, all sizes," will com 13.75 per ton.lnstoad
of (3.U5, as last year. ,
Another meeting of tha Ilctnll Coal Ex
change will bo bold next Frldav at which It Is
expected that S3 cents moro will bo ordered
to bo added to tho price ot coal. The dealers
claim tbat even thon they will be behind the
Uca'.cis In coal profess to believe tbat the
decision of chancellor McOIII. of Now Jersey,
declaring tho Heading combine Illegal, will
have uo offect upon coal prlceti. In fact; tbo
President of tho Heading syst em, Mr. Mclxod,
says tbo order ot tho Chancellor will have no
moro lutluenco upon his companies thau If
addrtssed lo nn Indian.
Tbo railroad totnpanles. It Is understood,
will appeal from chancellor .Mcdlll'i de
cision and test tbu cue In tbo highest courts
of New .Jersey and, possibly. Iho Federal
courts. In the mean time. President McLcod
says, tho decision will not affect tho coal
trade as conducted by the companies In tbo
Tbo injunction ordered by tho chancellor
will remain In force. It Is said by tawyols,
until roversed by tho Court or Krrors and
AppenK It rannot bo revoked or stayed, but
His said that the rullwny companies will got
around It by changing some ot the details of
their plans of operations.
Has MnniveorlM Aspirations Otlior
Loudon Theatrical Notes.
lev associated mxsi.l
London, Aug. 2T.-Tho (laloty Theatre
closed on Saturday but and will not open
anln until October, when "Cinder Ellen Up
'loo Lato" will bo again presented. Frea
Lcsllo will return to his original role, but It Is
reported that ho aspires to management and
high comedy. It Is likely, It Is said, that he
will retire from burlesquo and leavo his place
to Arthur ltobcrts.
Uegardlng a rumor that bas been In circula
tion for somo little tlmo past that sho was to
becomovtha leading lady at tbe Gaiety
Theatre) Miss Mlnnlo l'almor sajs she knows
nothing about It. No It Is safe for tho present
to say that tho rumor Is unfounded.
Henry Irving has accepted a comedy, writ
ton by Mr. .1. M. limrlc, tbo author ot
Walker, London," wblch bas bad such a suc
cessful run at Toole's Theatre that Mr. Toole
was forced to forego his ususl vacation.
Slgnor Logo has engaged Maclntyro and
Kugone Oudln tor his Autumn opera aeason
at tho 01) mplo Theatre. Ho la also trying to
sccuro Mine. Albanl.
Mr. II. I'ottlnger Htophens and Mr. Edward
Solomon nro engaged In wt lung a new opera
to bo called "Tho Spanish Main." Messrs.
Stephens and bolumon are together responsi
ble for a scries ot comlo operas, beglnnlug
wltn " llllleo Taylor," which Is still being
played In tho provinces; and besides tho
work already mentioned, which Is being
written to tbo order ot a big Urm of mUsla
1 publishers, they have la preparation a comlo
i opera founded on the old English ballad ot
" Sally In Our Alley.
Tho Manhattan Athletio Club's An
num Carnival,
i Tho second nnnual cycling carnival ot tho
I .Manhattan Athletic Club, to bo held at Man
hattan l'telil this afternoon, gives promise ot .
I eclipsing ell previous meets or tho kind.
I Tho track Is so hard and compnet that the
ruin of yesterday did not soften it much, and '
unless there is moro rain to-day It will prob
ably be In fair condition. Nearly all the
I crack rldors hereabouts ate entered.
I The entry list ln?ludos V. Wlndle, Oeorge
Taylor, I'. J. Herlo, v. M. Murphy, iieorgo A.
Hunker, A. It. ltlch, Carl Hess. c. K. Btedman,
J. W. Judge and Harry Hawthorne.
Thn events Include a quartet-mile open,
half-mile open, lisli-mlle luindlcap, one-mllo '
open, one-tullp handicap, two-inllo open and ,
llve-mllo hnstern championship hnndlcap. I
The prlres Include ever) thing from a grand
piano to a shaving-mug.
Mlnnlo Sellgmnn's Husband Will Bo
I Her Loading Man.
I At last ltobcrt Livingston Cutting Is to bo
a real live actor on the professional stage. Ho
Is to play Siicfca, a tier), dashing, handsome,
heart-entranrlug young ltusslnn officer. In
the rlay "My official Wire," la which Mlnnlo
Sellgman, the young swoll'srccently acquired
wile, plays tbe heroine. '
The contract w as entei ed Into w ith Manager
Frank W. s-nuger yr stei d H . '
Mv (iniclul Wife "will have Us first pre
rrntntlon In rhlladtlnbls Oct. :!. Meuntlinn
the leading man and the heroine aro study
ing their linos In lonceit at Long llranch, i
and both rctuso to say how much HoUls to
get as salary.
Four Dors Clinrcred with Theft
Michael Hempcy, sixteen years old; Frank
McCormaci:, twelvo ; Joseph Newcome, four
teen, and Henry Huttner, twelve, wero prls
1 oners In Harlem Court tc-day, i barged with
i Healing brass plntrs from Third nvtnuo tur
f nce-cur iHnrs at the stalli s on one Hundred
and 'Ihlllletn Mreet. Dempiey was held In
:iufl lor 1 1 Ml. ond I he others were committed
to tho care ot tbe Children's society. '
j Death of Aped John Lovco. '
, UtT Af.neuTrn rvrss.1
l t'Tict, N. Y.. Aug. w. John I.owe, cfpw
I York, a member or tho New York 1'ioduco
i:clinngeati t well known In flnauclil circles,
died In Lowvlllo to-day. Ho was seventy
) ears old.
Lost Ills niftht Arm. I
William Clark, of Now York, who was em
p!o)cd ,i tho laundry connected vtlth tho
lleach House nt Sea (ilrl, N.J,, had till rlgllt
arm cut off nnd was tcverely bruised about
the bead this morning while attempting to
board a lurt hw nrd bjuud train. Ill-, arm had
to be amputated.
rtothols to Do Tried for Stealing the
I R'.nir.
Chart's Itotholr, ot III! East One Hundred
and Tnent)-f)urlh ttreet, tha youcg mani
who, It ts alleged, stole a diamond ring be
longing lo hU sweetheart's sitter. Miss Mar
BarutA. McKce. ol 17M East One Hundred
and Twenty. second sirvet, was to-day held In
700 bail for trial at week toetou.
Tammany Loaders Exercised Over
the Local Organizational
Chances that Full Tlckete Wilt Ba
Run in Several Counties.
Renewed Interest Is manifested by politi
cians tn tho progress of tbo organization ot
German Cleveland and Htevenson Clubs, be
causo It ts said tbat tbe movement la backed
by tbe Antl-snappera. The activity of
tbe May convention Democrats in tbe
local field Is looked upon with suspicion by
politicians or tho Tiger Btrlpe. Tho move
ment Is professedly In tho Interest of the
National candidates, but at tbe same tlmo
Its promoters are building up a powerful
local organization.
From a remark mado by Senator riunkltt,
tho Tammany loader of tho Eighteenth As
sembly District, it Is presumed that tbo Wig
wam bos taken cognlzanco of tbe movement.
" A'o'll catch up with those fellows before
Sept, 10," he said.
There will ba meetings ot the ITammany
Halt Committee on Organization and the
General Committee early next month, and
tbe status ot tho anti-Snappers may be In
quired Into then and they may hear trom the
The work of organization by the Anti-Snap-ncrs
has begun lu Brooklyn. An actlvo pre
paratory campaign Is also tn progress tn Mew
York, Erie and Onondago counties, and
confirms the statement that full local tickets
are to ba placed In the field In every large
couuty in this Mate. Provisional headquar
ters havo been opened in Brooklyn at 103
Montague street.
A call was Issued to tbe clubs formed prior
to tho May Convention to re-enroll them
selves as Clovelsnd and Stevenson Clubs, and
up to tbls morning tho clubs in tbo
following wards, claiming a combined
membership ol 1,500, have joined the Ami
Bnapper Leaguo- First, Eighth, Fourteenth,
Fifteenth, blxtccnth, Seventeenth, Eigh
teenth, Twentieth, Twenty-first and Twenty
flftb Wards.
It Is proposed to extend tho organization to
every ward and to establish a central govern
ing body lo havo charge of tbe management
of tbo campaign.
An enthusiastic meeting ot German Anti
Snappers was held In Wendcl's casino, Forty
fourth streot and Ninth avenue, last night,
at which a letter from Mr. Clevelaud
was read. Tho letter was In icply to
a communication Informing the candidate of
tbo proposed organization ot a Cleveland
Cluo. Mr. Clovoland expressed bis apprecia
tion ot tbe correspondents' efforts In tbe
cause ot Democracy and complimented tbe
ucrman citizens for their zeal in his behalf.
Venezuelan Insurgents Violate an
American Ship.
capt. Woodrlck, of the Hod " D " line steam
ship Caracas, from Venezuela, reports that
wbllo at l'orto Cabello tho revolutionists
forced blm to surrender six Venezuelan con
gressmen, passengers on his ship on their
way to this country.
The six Congressmen were refugees. The
steamer was boarded by Gen. Urdaneta, an
Insurrectionist wbo Is conducting a little
revolution of bis own, and tbe surrender ot
the relugces was demanded.
capt. Woodrlck refused on tbe ground tnat
tbo men were under the protection of the
United States nag.
lie sent for tho American Consul, Mr. Klley,
who sustained his position.
I In tbe mean time Qcn. Urdaneta collected
an armed torco and threatened to board
the vessel It tbe Congressmen were
i not given up. in order to avoid
danger, It is said, the refugoes went ashore
without being taken. Tbe American consul
agreed to protect them If possible
Probably Fatal Cutting Affray Fol
lows a Qams of Pool.
Anthony Mcrratl, twenty years old.fls lying
In tho New York Hospital with five stab
wounds In his back, two ot which may prob
ably cause bis death, all Indicted, It la alleged,
by William Charles.
Charles, wbo is said to bo a waiter, resides
with his wife at U8H Mxtb avenue,' and Mer
rail, who Is unmarried, boarded at -'07 West
Twonty-alxth street. In a saloon at thu cor
ner ot Tweuty-sevonth street andbeventh
avenue, last nlgbt tbuy disagreed over a game
of pool nnd came to blows.
Mrrrail, being the bl.-gnr ot tbe two, was
Setting the best of tbe tight when Charles
row a razor. Merralt ran, but at the corner
of Twenty-eighth street was overtaken and
Detective James sioane, ot the West Thir
tieth street station, arrested Charles.
Mayor's Reasons for Elgnlncr the
" Huckleberry " Ordlnanoe.
Tho action ot Mayor Grant tn signing tbo
" Trolley " act, which will gridiron tbe Ah
ncxed District with railroads, Is tbo subject
ot a great deal of comment to-day, eomu peo
ple denouncing It In unqualified terms, wbllo
others seem to regard It as perfectly just
Mayor Grant gives these reasons for bis
First, that It is In accordance with bla pre
viously expressed views.
secondl), because tbo Doard of Electrical
fouttnl deildid some time ago upon lis ad
visibility. I
Thirdly, bec.iuso rap'd transit Is greatly
needed In tho Annexed District.
Fourthly, because manyot tho property
owners along the line of the pioposcdroads
favor tho bcbeiae.
Fifthly, because ha thinks that the price ot
laud along those routes will be enhanced.
Got the Bullet In His Ankle,
Eebastlano Kadlec, a liquor dealer at 107
Mulberry street, was carelessly handling a
loaded revolver In front of his store when tho
weapon exploded and Kadlro was wounded in I
Iho left ankle. Ills injury was dressed at tbe
Mulberry street ttatlou.
TbelncreaMofmiirUtltt Udcaffrr Itrc.lrto
II IP hot .!.&. Dr. I'f tu. Kd.on .lu mat ui.il.
of th itiu Iron illvmirotl IrouUU are its r.uli
of ihol.rm.outionol milt. At awn milk .
w.JteA,.,.'blnlileartale. Wfih t6 u.
of SI EK1MZKU , MILK there, wood K u
Tbe Successful Obesity Bpoclsvllst.
Mrs. Alice Maple. Orecon, Mo. Wplihi : Before
trestmcnt.ffiohM : aitrr treatment. ICslhs.
Th followlor persons hats taken treatment of
Dr. Hnfder, alth lose of aelsbt as siren below,
Tberm coeerlullr answer alllnautrlM If sumps
ar.flo..d. M Wefh
Before. After. Loss.
Mrf.lUehet C. Johneos,
FtclfloJunetloa.Ia.,.., 93S lb. 14T lb. 1TR lb.
Mrs. Alio Maple,'
Ure,on, Me. 320 " US " 102 "
8. H. Dope,
Omro. Vis.,...., 3t0 " 205 " 133"
Simeon Van Winkle,
Franklin, III 43 " 393 " ISO"
Mrs. lleorse Freeman, .
rurtllldwelt. t'al....... 27S " 173 " IO0 "
Mrs Reran llarner.
1311 H. 6th at., Leaten
worth, Kan 37 " 170 " 105 "
ConSdenllal. Ilarmlets. and with no etarelnir, la
cour enlence nr bad effects. )or parttoalars
call or address, with ee- In stamps,
Dr. O. W. F. Snyder,
McVlcker's Theatre Building. CHICAGO
TMJ (fT the wonderful reme-
V JHit aW J dy.lssoldwltbauTit.
WM gt fi H aV6 '"' euurantM to care
GP j, ,W fvf -Ti s'l nervous dleeaees,
Vj bCML j KJ ech ns Weak
PJ awI ersav McMwry. !. of
IslVsiac Jk ittHrals Fovrer.
UMflgEAwlJserZSI Ueeiilaihe. w ake-
slftsi j.e inn tlao. talliT, NorT.ne
ness, Lassitude, all drains ana loss of power
In either ser caused byoverciertlon oreioesslve
usenf tobacco, opium or stimulants which soon
lead to Inflriultjr, Consumption and Insanity. Put
up convenient to carry In vest pocket. Bl per
package br malli Sf or IS. with ererr V order wo
Ktve a written awtranttt to cure or refund fas
yiiwti.Xlrenlar nwe. Nerve aeed io., Chicago.
TorRaltat Hudont'a ?baraiacy, JlSB'way, M. X,
AtWm Wilson's. lOsHie ajnfl.ll B'way, X. Y.
AtAdriuParadla,l7ulUa8t.,Breeklynlir. T.
10 Stalls, 100 Feet Deep.
'"'teT. rs. snd rnel Includod In rest, which Is mv
sonablet soodllfbtand rentllatlon, high oelllnfS,
with a superior WAGON WASH, carriers elera
tor t etorage for from 30 to So wag-ons on second
Boon cat-bin and hayloft orer atablei all celled
with yellow plnei nodast orhaysredi ground floor
famishes plenty ot eoach and carriage room; use
cf bnslneee office and tlxturee, with large, pleasant
coaeliman'a room on tntrd floor; being In central
loiatlon, eonrenient to bridge and ferries. Is eery
also tor taker, grocer or milkman woald also
RIAGE riltOP, as one entire side la lighted by ssr
eral windows looking out on vacant lots, daring
ro obstruction to light and ventilation; the stable
part would make a good I1LA0K8MITH 8UOP;
the lease tuas to May, 189s, with the prttileg ol
renewal for two years more. Inquire of or ad
drest (EOROh It, UtDLIK, PullUei Uulldlng,
hew lore, ifce ealy ereeu auUerlied wumm
t-efca and lnfcllen fatlT V, J
Mm Ckleheelere tng.lea iiusene BrueV.
Pennyroyal pills.
fOrigtael e4 Only Oeaalae- A
nsrl, sletysrtllable. LAnises.k M
llreulll IthSMMr-a ai;ll.ifV
moMee- trnnd Is Be4 sad ImvUI
nttellle B.I.S, eeelwltk bl.erlb- Br
tan. Take . ether. vw. V
imngimt .wt.(tiNbiu enrf ImUerleee.
It Cturil.u, ot in. 4c. le .leapt M
eenlfiiluh le.tUa.alal. aa4 "Kellel
le.eoe tuii.ii.i,. ,, r,,,
ae!4 br all Ll nre-etsu. I'Mlnde.. Pn-
Direct Line te Niagara Falla.
All trains arrlre at ana dspart from Grand Cen
tral button, the oulr railroad elation In the city of
New York. Trains leave as follows:
.""it ir,.,D. Inthewoild. Noettralare. Ar
rlvre Buffalo 6 10 P. 1J,, Clayton 4. P. M
OjlO A, .VI.-f-AJTAlL-Por Allany'sera-
toaa, titlra. Rlcnll.ld oprlngs. Hyraeuss, ltooh-
ester, llaUiia, Duffalo.
O.VO A. .M.-aallA'lOOjt, LAKE OKOnGH
Atvb SONtllBAL BPf. tilAlKtaept Bandars,
lor haratosa. AdlronUL-k Mountains, Ilutlaui
and Moii treat.
v'hsl'iauLr: LlMlTKU-Oue at Chicago at U.45
A. .M. nest day.
lO.IIO A. ,11. -DAY KXPRltBS. -Daily eicopt
l.HO P. M.1ARATOOA LIMtTED tSalurday
oniy)-Due Troy 6.10 p. M,; Saratoga, 0.10 P.
3JI.,;-.lT-.';I--SiLl,"'"-:r"'S' AKD KARATOO A
nPLVlAL Rirept Sundays, with througa UraT-Ins-lloamt'ar..
I .L,.?U1ADjin.,J,,.!j:.0l-'-'!u ' M, ueitd.y.
IIJS -"rf81T..,vil'EltN EXPhEBS - Due
Oclcago, 9lOP, M. ; Ht. Ixinti, 7.5 A. M
7.IMI V. .1l.-NpitTill:RN fexPllEi"- Due
Montreal tf. OS A. M..MurllnBton. 45tPItte
bnrjj 4.W; Uloomlngdale, 10.58; oarauao Uke,
? MS l3AnI IBI.A J.O ttPKCIAL-Due naffafo
6.'3 a! M :", " 9 A- M "" Wsilon
'fftttvAls Ai, P'r'Y.,-A,"RnK"Af"S AND
Smith's 10. 03 A. M. ; HaraniV, 10.40 A. L
Tupner Lake. 11 55 A. M. ; Clilldwald. 11,00 A.
M. I flayti.ntl.UOU I.landiO. 6.46 A. H'""""-
8V,U,n?I.r"S,CI'""AT'.ANIJ r. LOUIS
tXPIlhSS-Diie Clocnri.il. T.00 P, M, t Indlau
apolle, 0.50 P. M. ; Mt. Loan. 7. flf l. Hi ""
0.(TO l. .-LfM;TKhl?ARVTlA LillMplag.
car pa.ieugers for Iloch.n-r only.
P:! (.!.V ti.-t'IIIOAi;u Miiiit 1'XPHEtf.
J.W'.,.,tt1iBIzlnfi.l"''Lh-T''hrooth trilns
TRAL-tl.Ol A. !.. due I'lltstleld 1.S0 P, W. i
North Ail.io.3.30 IP. II. TO. JO P. t.. dPm;i
i S'WP.',li,,',UNorl'1,n" 90'. M. t also
re!d e.M P kJ,t"r" nd ttanurita.aj arrlre Plus-
lor time of local trains, tlckete and enace In
? Vfi"A",iM f.,0,,.",d,cntMl "tsilon. or
' "tfi H-,1N.3, !'s HrMdwayiMS IVIumbue
W:i?lV l??",., "d 13811. st. siatlon. New
York; .134 ita-hlncloii t., T'J Fu ton St. aud 74
Uro.uw.y, K I)., llrooklyn.
1 ' Dally aiteptHunday. Oilier trains daily,
n A,V". ! eio.pt those leasing at K, K, 9. 10.
'!iVV,..Vo,?V-su' 4-au' -. i
Oeneral Manager, Oou'l Paitenger Assnt.
LL... .
Borno of tlio Blntrera Woro raeaen
era on the Qellcrt.
Several mt mbers of tbe Arton Society, who
savetieon travellln,- tiirousti Cerrrany for
tbe past at week ana reotlTlog-ovations la
eery nitjr. arrlreaUils tnornlngoalkeattam.
jnlp Qellert- 1 her are the flrat of tbe A r Ions
T by the G.rman-Amerkin Real Estate ritl.tljsriute. L'o.
i jFrfie Eicorsion Sondaiat 10,55 A. lii. j j Free Exccrsloa Pall, ai 2.15 P. hi! I X
V i from llarl.ro Die lelon Grand Ctnlral Depot, : 1 fr'm Harlem DliUlon Crand Central Depot ! a
A ! and Iroin Mott Hat sn Station 1U mlnnlo. '. : and trom Mutt llaren ntatlou 10 minutes .' w
later. '. later. :
t&r Tickets to Ba Had from Our Agents. at Either Depot. I
Iron Steamboat Company
FOR OONET ISLAND-From VTret 33d St , N
TL. 0.00, 10.00, 11.00 A. M. I 12 M.I l.OC. 1.4.
J.30, H. 16, 4.10, S.00, S.OU, 7.00, 8.00, 0.00P.
M. From Pier mewl No, 1 N, K. tnesr Battery
plase station ele.ated roads), u.80 ,10 SO. ll.llti,
A. M.I 13.30, 1.30, 'LIS. 3, Oil, a. 4ft, 4 40, S 30.
A. 90, 7.30, 8.30. 9.30 P. if. hrtTUHNINO FKOM
CONEY ISLAND-10.40, 11.40 A. M.i 12.411.
1.40, 2.40, ., 4.10, S.CHI, S.4S, 6.40, 7.40,
8.40. t.4U. 10.40P, M,
10R lltLlli'.M POtNT-From Krldr Dock,
llrooklyn, V.0U, 11,00 A. M. ; 1.00, 3.00. IS. On,
7.00 P. M. From 31st St., f. II.. U.35. 11 25 A,
M.; l.'.B, .1 23, o.'JS, f.'JSP. M. From 120th st.,
K. It., u to. ll,f.o a. M,; l.r,o. a o, anii.
at 11.00 A. M.I 1.00, 3.00, 6.00, 7.00 and 0.00
j'xcurelon to JjonrT Island AQ Clrntn.
Eenrlnn lo Helden Point 40 Cento.
Erie Lines. Every Sunday.
SHola tit $1.
107 miles from New York, on the banks ot the
beautiful Delaware Rlter, 1,000 feet above theeea.
Leave Chambers tu 0.30 A.M., West2Jdst.tl.2o A.
M. Nearly Oboure at the Ulen. Home by V. 00 P. AL
Greenwood Lake. 15c.
44 tnllM from ltaw York In th mldit of a piiraeTt.
forstt, 1,000 feet buf tlda tT. Leave Cham
tiers at. 10.00 A. M., U3d it, 9.1)6 A, U, liome Df
7.'3ory.a7r. m '
finn pv THE NEWE8T
wczr Island
Via anth at,, Hoatla Brooklyn Kerry, font
ol Whitehall et,, al llaltrry. Foot IirUlas
ronnecilua vrltl. ulevaled train Irnda lo
Till! WEST END ROUTE runs thronh the most
picturesque section ol Long Island end lanf pas
seneers near Pain's Fireworks. Trains connect
with boata as follows
LKAVH NEW YORK 7. 7.30, 8, 8.30. 9. 9.80,
JO 10.30, 11 SO A.M., 13.801 then ball hourly to
8 P.M. I , 10 P. M.
KE I UkNINO, I.. t train leasee Coney Island for
BDlh St, Ferry and Union Depot, llrooklyn, 12
KxrnreUn Tlrhetn. aOe. chf apr et of any.
and College Point
, Twenty mlnnles' dellihtfnl sail by eleeant steam
boats from foot Fast th sLIKIeeated HR.etatlon
tuthsb, both 3d and 3d area.) for College point
lUilIKl.Y.from 7 A.M. to 9 P.M. Boats to
t."'i'1.'.,.r- .10.r.,u ufh IIOUKI.V, from 7
A. M. to 10 A. M, on sbrnal only, then II A I.I'
IIOUItl.Y till i IV ifT lat boat from North
Icti 10.80 P.M. Fare 10 t'Vnte.
To NORrH BKAUH also by elegant Hummer
horse ears Tie, Laet 84th st,. aud Eleetrlo ran eta
Last "2d St. ferries. Hit. Vaio a C'enU.
A NKWTlAY HUflpTRl llliisiliiTV'
An hai.r'ssallep the ROMAN 1 10 lIUDaON to
SfEAMkRS LEAVE 13tfi st.. N. R.(
,AnSl5.'lti?Jllh.,,,iH. n- Ure minutes later.
Urand Ronnd Y jtonreloit, 2Sc. Handar. Au. 2C.
llOTI.'I.NOVvliPltre'. t'OPm.Al'Plvy.H
Steamer. leata 13th st. ilsnriln at34thst.,N.
p.. 10 rainulee later), , ln, 11 A. M., 12 M. 1
II. 3. '4, 8.30. "7. 8.30.'0.is'ao.ai P.'M. I.ra.i
Fort Lee '7. "I", 10, Ml A. M., 12 hi' ', 4. 3.
4.30. . "7. 16. fl.30 .4 lop.' UT Indlcatea .1
Intermediate landlnia are made, fttaatners and
Uallylme, 13th St., 10.3. 4.0. 8 and 10 P.M.
sUNDAY FXnURSION-teamers Rea Rlnl ar7d
Aloertlna will l.a.e New York fcot of Iranklin
st. Sunday, July 34, lor Highlands and Illchland
lleach only at li.jiu A. M. tor Highlands, llWh
'""l !JocIs. Itj1 llanlc and Intermedielo Inndli,,.
1. M.. Highland. atS.S'J and 4,30 P. M. Eaour
slon, 00c.
BXCltnslON TO ,WESTPOINT.l(ebutg and
1'ounhleeMle dally (eirerjt Bttr-d.ys) by Atbeny
Day-line steamers at 9 A. Mi from Y,. 2.'d st. plsr. '
,. , IN 1'IIK .VVliltl.liT
JTie Isrges), rlnest appointed and lowest prleel
rlr-t-c ass lie ntal concern In the United biases.
Kitractlng with pure fresh raa (made on the prem-
Issj e.srr day) fOc. without gas 36o. lllllng,
aoft, 60e, tin. tlotj 1,&0 up.
Neyrr ('Inerd. liny, Might nr Ktiinlity.
JE113EY CITY Corner York and tlrore sis.
rnrn', rrr'rrr- riciiirc. I'nlilliig.
llrde, IIrnne anil Iron Unix, dki'.( u .uo.
cvcryttiliiar lor lioiirliceilnrj.
I On liberal trrms of credit to.ultrvt
4n STll AVK..
Tit TV bile Lclldlng. M-'Alt JiDST
BUllVTANTIAIi fnrnlture rrs'ly sold without
rash deporlti rnge.t credit glean. Mlc lljsn
1 mnltute Agent. 24 J W eit V3J st.
BTLKOtlltAPlI Y and typeillln lessons iMTl
Lltadnay.tul . .tniut l m tek uellor wtUt,
X.IUHT APAHTMENTH ot three room. In houaet
, on 4th et.. between loth and 11th ares. ; tbestj
.houses ba.e been ihoroughly reoaeated and are la
100 Ciioice Lots oo Seaton Estate
6E0R6E W. BARD, Auctianeer.
I will seUtt taction on SATURDAY, September
3, lfctfj, htJ K AI., Id the premteea, undr Urge
tent, the above lot tdjolntnc the nell krowti
JOXEFt arm Mc.VOY Mltta tn the CITY ot
MOUNT VKRtUN, on the New Haven iUllrotl,
ml WdODI.WWN. on the iUrltm Kellroad.wHhla
4U0 feet ot tbo lionecar line In Mount Vernon
on atipIiCAtkn. HiMelel tram nn daj of tale.
Titles narai)tMl nJ tntutcd freoof oont. Mam
moth luni-h airvtii. Term-, mat", photo
rraphn. full particular- and iaea of Uh(IH(..
W, JtAKlN Auctioneer, Mount ernuon, N. Y,,
and JtlllN A. AMU5IUN, Attoruujr, MG Broad
af, Now YeikC'ltr.
at Pine View, N. .7.. only 9.1 and upward. Apply
to (IA4JK tfc CO., U41 WrstMlhsU
Long Island Railroad's
Manhattan Beach.
tULnionii'M famous coNCKirra
i.eavk roor i:ast situ .vr.
0,20,8.10. 10.111, 11.10 A. II., l'J.40, 1.40, 'XSO,
. 50. 4.50, "S.60. and hall Hourly thereafter
lromo.lUto9.4UI'. )L AUUlIlDNAl, TRA1M1
on Saturdays, 2. 10, 3, 10, 4. In, 0. 1U P. M. i n (I.
I. ,1. O. rte uay, JJ. HI. I. 111. v. 10, a. 10, 4. 10,
t.lll P. II i hundnya, 8.10, 10.10, 11.10A.M..
12.10. -1.20, 1.40. M.'JO, '.'.40, M 20. J. 40, '4,20,
and halt hourly Itoni 4.4U tn 0.40 P. M.
WHITEHALL, MT., terminus ot all eleratel
roade and streetear fines, hourly from 7.10 A. M.
to 1.10 P.M., and hall-hourly from 1.40 to 9. 10
P. M. ADDITION AiL TRAIN balurdsys, 1X40
P. M.J on ('.!.. I. (J. rc d.y., 11. .0 A.M.,
13 .OP. M. Snndays hourly from 9.10 A. M. to
0.10 P.M.
("These trains aro fart eipress. Time, 30 mtn
nteefroml.. L tllly. No stops. tl'arlor tare oa
all trains.)
Crery erenlng at ti.UO, except Kundaye A Mondays.
Oriental and Manhattan Hotels.
FI.NU ItOO.Mn-KXC'llLl.ll.N'l' CL'IWINU.
ami .ia,iiak:a hay.
i.kavk i.ono island city.
R.1S, T.at, 0.1(1. 10.U5, 11. 10 A.M.; 12.00,1.01,
'1.33, 3.0C. 2.4o. 1S.0S. 4.03, n.U2, C.09, 7,00.
8.15, tl.UO, 'O.ao, 10.25, MO. 55 P. JL 'Maturday
Sundays. 7.15. 9.18, 10.15. 10.45, 11.06. 11.31,
11.110 A M. 112.15, 1.U5. 1.25, 1.45, 2.10,2.35,
2.63, J. 10, U.4C. 4.15, 5.15, C15, 6.48, 7.00.
7.25, 7.6.'. 8.11, 8.25. 0.10, 0.33, 10.22 I'. JO.
ItUUMi Tltll'. fiO sJUNTS.
I.HAVi: FOOT FAST 34TII ST.. N. Yfl,49,
7.50, 10.50 A. M.I 1,30, 4.20, 5.20, 5,50.6.5'J,
10,00 P. 51. Sumlsis, 8.4U, 10.2U A. M.I1J.M.
1.50, 2.50, 3.6J, 4.53, 7.00, 7.50 P. M.
6reekp0rt, sag harbor
and the hamptons.
Fee Time Tables.
WKmV liltltiUTO.N lit: tun.
DOA1B lil"
Bay Ridge Ferry,
L'mnritlng at liar ltldie with
Culver Route and
Sea Beach Route,
Leaee foot of Whitehall st.. terminus ot eleratsS
roads, llrosdira and 7th are. Hue, and Celt llus,
tionrlyirom 7.10 to In. in and hair hourly Jro
1U.40 until 0.40 anil 10,20 P.M. Kundar... 8.1U.
II. 10 and!). 40, and Iitll hourly t' 1.10 P.M. ,,
ererr 20 minute. t,i y. lo, end at 11.40, 10.10,
10.40. Last trains lere L'ouer Ulan 1 daily t
ll.UHi hundAis, 11, .mi p. JL IUcuulou tickets.
lOi.uti. lime, 10 minute..
I'ai.n'm CAiiMVAi, i' rrNici: anu
(lit till I (Itl'.U'OKK
At West llrlvhtud etcry nljhl eio.pl Monltyil
The most
nay Summsr
resort In tlie
last .tramsrt.
Wonderful !
llairo nt
ii n e n'u a I el
lialrj." I!""
ma. I .
h.nlnr, hoes-
Ine nd llllisrds. h'tesm IjinncltM. Oonulat
Ulan Island Ulunn.lie. Dinner n laearts.
1RO.M I'llFlTiTi'i'ltooVVuiundtsl.. .
y.lh. 9.45, 10.4b A. M.l1l.OI!e!.il.u.';'l
h.30, 5.16P. M. FROM U'Jl) HT... J' " u'lT
10.110, lu.liu, II, Co A. ., 12.45, 3.11. '.iWiT
4. i5, t.f, P. M. MiUTIt Mil NT. lll'.OOKI.W.
U.liJ. l.;5. Ili.o-., ll.l.BA. M.l 12 an. .US'Ail
2.511. U.60 P. ?1.' F1IOA1 ii,i;n I.-1'.A.NO, io.
A 51. lor Pier 18 and .I'M et. I 11.45. U. W
Pier 1H ..my. ALL LA.NDIhO.S, II, 6, 8.JJ, .'
aril 7,1,(1 P. M. . ,,
M)i-.- -I At IMENfllN TIf'ltllT,r7-T:',!fi
3IIMIAY lWCUUHION tn Irfnir Ilreroh. slM-'J
Kli.er.iti. lease, (not if .lato el.. !" ':
A.M. -rm h.tic llranch 4 P. Jl. ..ivr
tickets CO te.itr,
JVr-tlP TIIK AMP.RIf'AN Rllltr. . ..
'tuo lualiltoiLt Is ve iliiiiuiubu.oasstesnis.
1 hay gUKU.i. t
. C'Antstn d nues Lrnrb, . ..,,
vlllreplaoe Ihe Tolci.ai'.r end luaVe the rr'u
riuniiayllluato M.VVliUltU. , .i,
landing at Yonhets, Inna U'and tnd WeetP'j;! ,
leslu.Brld.eUoi, llrooSlfri, 8.2U A. l, I M.?! v
loth at., '.-ll,.fot West' .bl L.tl.3. "T I.
hatlan.lll.. njtn st,, 10.00 . -LJil

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