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RESULTS EDITION I I Circulation Books Open to All J I I Circulation Books Open to Al R E S U1 T S J OJ T I 0 N
I4 Dsmocratlo Nominee Welcomed
by Enthusiastic Multitudes at
Bridgeport and New Haven on
His Whirlwind Tour
Talks to the Yale Students Who
Give Him a Real College Wel
t coma About the Strenuous
I Life illt14
l1t I ta
Judge Alton D Parker received hli
grit IntUIment of Connecticut Demo
1J Cratlo enthusiasm when hli train
reached Bridgeport at 1110 oclock to
1 day and made IU nut stop In his
whirlwind tour of the State The lion
tandi who swarmed around the rail
road station and Jammed the nearby
Utati rare him a welcoming cheer
that warmed bit heart though he has
grown wed to the applaiiie of multi
i tudes tints he began his campaign on
the slump hut Monday night In Mad
lion Square Garden 4
The train slowed down In going
through the stations at Stamford and
tioutli Norwalk and the Presidential
candidate with aevtral of the Demo
cratic candidate for Slain offices who
art In the party appeared on the roar
i platform and bowed their appreciation
of the cheers ot the crowd which bad
When the train reached hero there
I teas an outburst of applause by the
people who thronged the platform Mr
parser WIll Immediately welcomed In a
formal way by Gen Henry A Bishop
iandldat for UeutenontQovernor on
r tho Democratic ticket Its WM At
one drlT n to the reiUonca of Qea
SWrap arid VM greatly surprised to
k Jfl4vfetaaelf there the eenti of a fam
ily party Among the other guest at
4 I4M luncheon which wee ierred were
> 4 ili Harriet f Parker the Jude
HotW Irt and Mr Jom A XIIIci
all of Derby and Mr Fred Parker who
li accompanying the Judge on his visit
to tills State
After the luncheon Judge Parker waa
i driven with GsA Bishop to the Third
i Regiment Armory where he delivered
ui addrtt to an audience which taxed
the capacity of the building The arm
or hu a seating capacity of 4000 end
thi aeate were all taken long before
tM time let for the appearance of
grudge ParXer
The Btld eport Speech
A On being Introduced Judge Parker
i KM I
KMDw1ng the put few year an en
only new doctrine hu been preached
Its It4o Is that whatever else we have
done In the world whatever human
iBpertecUoni may cull eats 10 far
tog the levy of taxes U concerned we I
have reached absolute perfection The I
phrase standing pat used to denote
this Idea may not be elegant but It
l U at lust exprcwlve
f It would be Interesting It time per
Emitted t6 Inquire what this country
y aM the world would have been If at
dlffwent bnrlodt during the out few
hundred Tear our ancestors had
thought of this doctrine and had ac
MPted It
stand Pat Record
et It mch for instance hare been
loved asp years ago to perpetuate all
f the abuses of feudalism There was
muoh in that Idea and In the resulting
system of government
which WM Iru
Uratlnr The castle from which armed
1 reteeners went forth to battle either for
Ian Idea cr for defrue had treat fu
J elmUUn for many mInd and It has
t it ptrtuM added a tinge of Internet or
even of glory to modem historical
I Ill1dT
A bread many people In the world
I were sure that the work of James Watt
hI IWM today the least superfluous tome
nven thought It dangerous but he re
faced td lAnd pat and the world has
Wee aM to tnrotre by wojon of his
thw bt and action
Uo doe many people and great In
Mrcita mlgW haft km aotUrtcd If the
world Hal kept ta theeasaailboattand
It JIIetIert Fulton had never lived to
kq And itlll we In tIle corm
UT do Pride oumlvea lomewhat upon
i V UIN orlct1al contribution modern
aft will be Its the memory of
ref hot nho listen 10 me I
Ihal there hen many people In I
1kt < co Brr who were nllllnw to
4aaA t asap lh qatnlon of
I wit la we lei certain that In
P tm arch iar of Sew England
ifl4er RI William wa
lereulslst late 1b wilderness b
eeaaei In people aboat him la
f tof4 H KaidlBK vat Itlll we
I aot resaU the act with eon
ppkaese wide and aa If In moek
v at gee doetrln that not
mat1 to the Indians U one of
1Yd eaeaenaadtmE flff ar t of oar
ta4lrlr yi4etssu
Icb Uresrnae la Staadlac Pat t
9n tart the whole of modern pros
Teducom lantly from tho refusal
d of > world to stand pae Each attn
1 cefv teneratloi hu veto felt Id the
virtMt aad accepted the Jabori of its
yrsdceenon but In aofng 00 none h
r IT fttHIud or refused to recotnifi
dew demands or 10 corral old nbna
i Tlrert U no nor reanon why 14
VnuM ra4r net In eevte < vr m
MMul revenue lavi than there would
Jwvj b > n at othtr pnad ot hltton
ftOf4 gttr e1This In specially
yNi e5050554 Pace 1
ThEteklnXWorld chart nsr Indeaedfro ia lrcl rae atjtqatdnet
I O4lrln8T RACEt47td ad3ed Idneri for ttirtfrmofdi end np l eixiirj oaf half
furlonAs ferart xuo4 < on drat e Wlaeer by IdlrftChQun Duo
OwnT Uulllna Tlmre 11I a 14 e 1 fdl 23Iqtx001ott100
sited Honed Jotkrya 1YL et 4 rm Opm Clem
lout Old znru 02 Celhmins G1 µ 1 a al sa I 0 6 7
11J I Atwood H j rllna OJ 1 J a 10
Ioj i ThUtle ilntiir JchilUna OJ lu 3 i e t a 10 4 a
1012 Counlrpolw Uullman IU 41 41 41 l1a S 34
1311 tart of the Vary W rxvii ltd 6 2 h s s s I I or
lINt Klnar Ipper Wren tVil 2 s I I a It Ii 8
Wi SblPOhav Callahan i j 3i 100
WrJ Touna Henry OOODI i IS I I µ s 1 0 j
tUM blat Holier iiilltdtbrand 12 tt 1 If I If I
wa nrj Mont oiaf IUuru w Ii 1 I 1 1 1M 1
Carlo i Olandt 08 i Ii M 211 I
Jg SSg it Onnon 10 I 13 I I 13 II 100 t0 2
bud Inn Cochran 1U II t I 17 13 ou OO > u u
lht Scraichrt Town lfelle Henry of 1 Mllford thus and Ornrt Klcbbaw Foxy Kant 0111
Condi nbliIm prove ant ThNttanther and under a bird drlw A wool ahotd
strong ronldrabl Imprownenfc Thllt htlher ran a rood race Countupcde eloied very
1043 EIX > SDnAClo1OO a44I tanJlup tor alianb oe mue BIrt good pop
early WInner rho c b Don de OroOrtlolfa bwnerll L l1armlll Tim
All83 OtI 0N1110413 I 9 ot1 3 30 oftU
Indc line
FtIl po O II1I
° f CrthMOX W pails 21 µ St 21 II 14 tl T2 8
On filJnor c Lon llIIdfbrand I I tr is 2
t 101 1 2 i
01 Demon t
Tnrnn In s I I I S t 1
1 e
Tug 00 lltweenIL 1j1II11O 101 e 41 6 ti It to
jJOLCotenlal grit War Whoop 9tI lomttlLJ 6 uLII 10 11 t 111 I
y 8a P a 45 2yJ
t NltbllOrtnlJl Lord1J a dr ant tf ilL Ostrich ant Jm c
OrlhOdol was pQuna I tilt bill only trees r
I 1 atilt rid 8hlny C 10 swerved
over tit tuck In tire IUI ahlnlh Oanw n had 1 lot of anew lor aaitvr In Cob 111
slat0lr ieemW a Ittlt McrL tIttJLt ray a new trek reard
104 Tlllnv 1tACF1TrO 4dt4b for wofrold fire furlong Stut
a 1fOOol Won
sadly Wlnner tr f dy Waeertruexerlandu
too 21 lOIt2 ot 300 < 011I11I 1IIt Time
Indti ones 1o ttya WL81 i4 K
4 yL Oren Clot iI aA
13 2ala lIIldbrat tM II IIn II µ tl n
19521 oirPPfr IJIIlla 2 2 St 1 21 2 a 6 4111 1 iyl 1
oft tculchoa W pivfli e 4 i i t Ir a 3 12
Cochran II l 13 GII
Kltl t 00 I
fc7 lirste Polly Wonderlr 1 06 1 41 II al I II t 81 e8 1 J4
IOU fancy Drni Itrltrrn 112 7 lit 81 I S is 11 2
31 8 aI
VII ItiBiir hum IU a 81 AA e
018 Mlrthltti Crlmmlni ICO A T 112 TI
8 1 8
fllrthlett 3t
819 InitlK E Walth IW 8 8 8 Y 8 0 jp 10 e
40 II
Sp Coeurd 97 10 A
ur Leon TraTtri 10 I III 10 10 1yao 10 0
Coupe Trapor Ins KKiltlec
8Cralthoor nI1 Luna DRn LIIn Mn Jeanie
Del1 Madsty Jlnnl Mcceb t
OYlnrloIfhlIIralo Putty I Pndlge a
flit tiptoed lht nM all the war and WM under a pull it led end
dl to has Leon brtt form Too much pit for faciitchwn Xllllet u wSrtb rtmembsyfsg Trapper ciMr rin
1045 FOUnlll Ixteenlh nACLTba til Rind Aquluet Won hinder lIandlcap TInI for all I 3 It3W Winner adt > J1 mill and a
lddor51HItht Ownr1 TtHteeN JOItnyC U ell b by
ic1lone locdysalYl 9L yl 1JlII9J Clue PI sh
101 rr inrllt khllll W 1 I s t4 I I 4i 6 lA
lOll lure Bp nkirnNl rn IV I 4 1110 2 I 2 r ire 12 3 0 33
M untlr Crlmmlni e i S Ij 1r 1 IU II sa
W0 Uunnn lllld trand 121 lilt 3 6 10 1 S 110 t
h28 llrit Ion Mora 1i 1 2 1 1 II II e II i
ivn > Dt Kri > k W Dull 1M c 2 2t 21 f 1ry1 12 13 2
1012 1019 81 ralmbftcr Valentin t ti < TraIn If M e ULLLL J eo IA
ttO Ostrich 11 Coehran b Tra a e 2 1rJ
Bcrateliw Colonial Olrl airt Orthodox Soiiom Hfllr Added itarttr pilmhMriVin
jiratllt had the ran Kit In hand all the way Hrhllllnc took no chanei and tad
him out al Ihe end Dolly i pdnlnr ran to hay form Pan too hot for Ibl oth < n Tae
tlm ot the raXli ntw track record
Tn < l FIFTH RACEt101 added Mlllnc thr r roldii ont milt and an itrhih
1040 start hood Won drhlMIt 1moIL OS3M OJTM 040 ISo lOJ
lU M ro4tf 10 l oft 3M Winner b r by fiadtt Mocklnc bin Owaerw
L Oliver
lndc Horn Jotkiyi m L a rice oue oarUJ1
i Wet iiadn CHmmlni Ilea I 2 1 i U 4U11 < 1 7I A 3
llOOTI Ttu flouih roerTraT r 101 7 Ila t P t 2 a 1Itll 3
004 haters Illldkruvl M II S 1 P 3 31 11 t 70A t 3
10M Rimh Trimble J tlarlln IW a all Irv SG 2ss N IS
wa ItomMtftd fkhllllnr 01 e 1 1 5 6 oa tl IS I I
IQiM Elhld I Cochran 1M 4 e e 6 1 e u 12 I
OwwVlihlOllitm 1
OmrwdintOlltif bit imed but WU tiring fut It Ui end The Southmer
road very fut OlUtm had so icu < Gout Trlmbl was ninnlnc strong at tbi
in J iiiIACEr For twoytareldii Miln ill fUIonr s1 1100 addict gtj
107 IroocI too Wlenn tho t by air DlaonMnha ownr4I 8lar
Prown Tltne 01 014 11OoJ = 4ai Of bH3
Index ll JI 7uelrs W4 a4 yr4 OPqotL
Im uruii Crlmmirj 101 4 ii Is t t a3
Crtmhlmllllr It 11 1K
loll l4ultrt rhllllpi 103 a Ia 4 II u s 24 I S 23 1f
lob ninltr 8K Iing 09 3 d IsS e I t A
o 3onacalor rsterl 0 2t µ 2 3 3t r i 1e T 6 ti1
o fx 8 IJIldhnnd Iff II a µ 1 6 ItI It A
9181 Conntln II > IUI T 10 Tit A r a1
sx9 1 Uih Uf yoonnoi 10 i µ li i lnl er
Autohood > otter U B 0 8 I IS
IVIi JU1 w i pi ion E Walih yg y o I y fA yy jj
1Jt knlebrOlJ NlWIck JavfMta and CalmnMt OrirwtUhlf Aurftrann lj Itih
bniM Jclotd Ihe yield all the way 8uftranc ran her best M nmdm closed
For Aqaedael Gntrlti gee Puce 11 rr
George F Poole a wealthy livery
liable keeper whq lived at No ro
ut Knd avenue and had a Urge
stable at Rtghtyievento rtet and
West End a Venue dlnj suddenly of
heart dktai In fhb Grand Vnlon Hotel
I tHaT JJr Pool went to the hotel
I 5 nlglit and compUintd All h4
dtda t feel yerrwIU Hi lad Nke ckrk
that he expected to take an eariy
morning train for Albany
When he tad not arliea at noon to
day an InretUratlon was mad and he
was found unooniclotM In btd lass
family phyiWan Dr Wllllanj n
lion of No HI Weit Eghlyflnt
ttiHt was summoned to the hotel but
when he arrived Ur Poole wna dead
Ha died whhoal reeoYrinr contciou
here Dr Hwr twh0 tat reporitj the
S Se to thtCowneja Office said that
2r Ppelea4 been a auffertr from
hu4 tfoubie for a longt the
i I i
OYSTER BAY L I Nov 0The body of awelldrosscd
refinedlooking man was found floating in the water off Cen
Ire Island today by Capt Gilbert Hutchinson of the schooner
Ella R Simpson
In the pockets were found a line gold watch nnd S42 in
ash There was also a notebook which contained memoranda
hat indicated that the man was in tno telephone business and
ted been visiting various telephone offices in Newark N J
Six Italian laborers were buried by the caving In ot the
ewer they worked In later today at fourteenth avenue and
Sixtieth street BoroughParkBrooklyn
w e e rey
tree managed crawl out
1 rimen policemen and other people dug the others out An
riiicnse crowd collected The Bath Beach resrycs were coiled
iut Tony Madoni when dug out had three ribs broken and
ntrnal injuries He was taken to the Norwegian Hospital
lying 1 a <
lyingThe others escaped serious injury
tat Cliff irnder Woundedml eg
Thousands of Japs Perish Charging
Over Mines in Effort to Carry the
Place by Storm I
LONDON Novj 3A despatch to a news agency from St
Petersburg says Lteut Gen Stoessel commander of the Russian troops
at Port Arthur is repotted wounded in the leg
LONDON Nov 3 ScAttered reports from the vicinity of Port Arthur
Indicate that the Japanese started today on frantic effort to take the
utrongbotd It Is the desire of Gen Nod to report to the Mikado on tM
anniversary of the birth of the latter today that the Drat treat step of the
war hu been ficcompllshed
It Is a singular fact that today Is the tenth anniversary of the as
cension of the preeent Czar to the Russian throne To lose Port Arthur
on such an anniversary would be considered by Oen 8toe sel and the hand
ful of men he DM left a crowning disgrace In all the desperate and fren
zied fighting that has characterized the war between Rutsla and Japan
there has been none to compare In deadlines with that around Port Arthur
Prepared for the strrlflce of any number of UVIll the Jpinwa are hurl
ing column after column at the fortresses It Is reported that five of the
warships In the harbor lave been destroyed by the Japanese shells and that
most of tho big guns of the defenders have been silenced
The chief reliance of lie Russians on their elaborate system of mines
During the recess In hostilities Gen Storssels men have been digging and
burrowing with the energy and secrecy of moles and caverns loa od with
deathdealing eirloslvta stretch out and Intertwine nil about the defensive
When the last ot the mines Is exploded there still remains to den Stoes
ml tho hoiwtsand ammunition la the heart of the town where ho will
have to mako his last stand
Then U conMenc fn nuntan drdei I
that Port Arthur will be able to hold
out even against the tremendous en
UCht of today Then U a UmJt Vi
that aUllty of men to stud A Art from
a defense that baa been prepared u
eirtfMlly at he the d fnse ot Poet
Arthur That the Jeptnwt can tore
It In one day It not cor Mere < l powtWf
but tM Japanese have shown a rcliW
disregard of human lift that led U
wnMenc In their ability to ftttwn
almost miracles
WMJ the JapMse lacy been resting
Tn frost of Port Arthur their WlltrtnA
army hat bten crtatly strengthened
Heavy pieces of artillery bare botJ
Jaa4t4 M4 aeuwtll a I14rill
ui + ft
positions on the oU outer line of Ku
Ian defenses TheIr cum hart ben i
cmtUif disastrous havoc la today
attack which will doubtless continue
without ceasing upUl Port Arthur suet II
reDden or the Japanese are forced to
tall t > Kk 0W more
The Utwt reports from Port Arthur
Bald there were only 1000 arallable liu
tan troop In the stronghold The hoi
pltalt seetoll with almost no roedlalnt
or comforti for the lick and Injured
The food supply It abort many of the
troops art without shoo and their
ckUus art mm and rssisi
Through It all thu men hats rttuiti
CoatlauM of Second 1aft
i t r
Amazing Plot Hatched to End
Life of Mock Duck Reform
w Who Caused Raids on
Chinese Gamblers
The methods of tht Chin em hlfhUnd
en wen never man thoroughly 1Jt
tmpllned la this city than In the shoot
In of Mock Duck In front of No U
PU Utt Iut nlitt lie la a member
of A secret society known u the Hip
laq Tear The An who shot him
BtM M a laundry owner from Stoat
ptirwfVtfttaltJeflchosth by lou with
two other from Richmond Va and
PhU 44lphla P > for the task of as
aualnatlon iy the One Lent Tonr a
rival society
Mock Duck Is lighting for his lift In
the Hudson Street hospital with a bul
let holt through his body Blnr Lee U I
In the Tomb under 11800 ball held to
see whether Mock Duuk llvet or diet
The One Long Tom U prepaid to fur
nlah ball but this would mean the dli
appearance of Sine Ie which thg Dli
trlctAltorney U prepared to avoid
Three hilt In Old read I
The murder directly retpontlblt for
the shooting of Mock Duck occurred
on Sept U 1500 and was one of the
most sensational feud killings In the
history of ChinAtown Ah Fee a New
ark tailor and a member of the One
Lone Tong was hot through the
heart an Italian Infant lohlj mothers
arms a block away from the shooting
wa killed by a stray bullet and Fin
Jut an Oni Long Tonr mtmUr was
serious Iy wounded
Ah Fet and Fin Qu were paiilnr
No 9 Mott tnt when they were
approached by Dick Mock who threw
torn paper In their Lice a This was a
warning to them that they bad been
marked for assassination
alit Fill the Air
The two Chinamen turned and
started to run They ran Into the
crowd that had been selected to Ml
them and In this crowd was Mock
Duck Six Chinamen were tttn to
Are pistols and the neighborhood was
full of bulled
Mock Dtjck wan arrested through the
InfluMieaVef Tom Let who It one of
the head men of the Onr Lon Tone
Sue Sing a friend of Mock Duck con I
feued Kljit he had killed Ah Fee and
li serving a life term In Sing Blng
Mock Duck was tried twice the jury
disagreeing each time
Mock Duck celebrated hU release by
giving a br dinner In Pell itrwt and
Continued on Third Pare
Special Carrying President Gay
ley of Carnegie Company
and Other Notables Side
swiped and Several Hurt
OIIEENV1UK Pa Nov IA ape 1
clef Inspection train on the Pltitburit
Jffllmer and LaIn Erie lltllrojJ bar I
I r on bo rJ Prr U riu Oayl r of the I
Carnegie Slwl Co General Manager
filer of the railroad and other oh
delate was ild twlped by a frelrht at
Henleln thrt miles south of here to
Several occupants of the NIt cart
are laid to hire been Injured but the
report baa r t Un vuISJ
lead portal tot timJtr u > 4 V en el
ltIIl IM1 Elmaunt on l1aeMu 8er
sf SAM Cee150r aw nea
S IfI1MoI c lit N Yo i
Ji M
Haymans Good Colt Orthodox Wins in
a Walk from Sidney C Love in Fast
est Time Ever Made on the Long
Island Race Course
Israelite Winning the Stake Event
Also Hangs Up New Figures for
Mile and Sixteenth WellBacked
Favorites Beaten by Outsiders S
1tDfClal to Th Efinltic W rM >
Fawrttia were tlaurhtertd at Aqueduct
afternoon Outsiders hud
duct this
things all their own way Time records
were alia smashed
In the mite race Orthodox ran e mile
In 1S Hat and In the Aqueduct Handi
cap Israelite ran A mile and a sixteenth
In IU 1S taking two seconds oft the
Israelite won the stake event very
wally leadln all the way ani btatlnz
Dolly Spanker the favorite without any
trouble Artie the other lwo year old
In the race was third
The change In the track probably
upset form and Old England set the
ball arolllnr by toddling home In fmnt
at the generous prfc of T to L Atwood
a long chanco wa 4 head tn front of
I Thistle Heather also a 10 to 1 chance
Th favorite Counterpoise tupped
In the ieoond race Orthodox created
a sensation by romping home an tony
wtertr In the faite time ever run
ov r tl s court lit ran It In 18 He
might Crave beaten the world record
If puihed but he onlr bruised He wi
a I to 1 chance Colonial GIrL a hut
favorite was badly beaten nntihlnr
alio nlllr last
Another lurprlie came along < n the
third race when Ztala at < to I tin
canned home In front of Trapptr all
the war The utter was a i to S
chance ridden by Lorne who does not
I item able to win on a favorite The
track was very fait and the weather
fine The attendance was good
IIVMd Apart In First
Counterfoils was the favorite In the
opening event with Younr Henry the I
eeeond choice Nina Pepper Atwood I
and Ior 1 of the Valley raced away In
front followed f > r Counterpoise and
Young Henry They had this order to
the tlrelch where Counterpoise closed
on the leaders In the last furlong OH
England forged to the front and Inking
I the lead won In a drive by a head trom
Atwood who beat Thistle Heather a
Orthodox Itnkri Track Record
Colonial Olrl was favorite In the see
oat race and she Dnlehed ahilut
kilt beaten a block No one expect
however that Orthodox would KJ to the
front set a clipping pane and tit a
track record bya second and a nrth
Damon went to the front with Ortho
dox and they raced together to the
stretch where Damon died away In
the run home Sidney C Love took rec
and place but coutl never mike Ortho
dox cillop ho winning In a walk by
length Sllntr C tov was fix lenrthd
In front of Damon
Zrnla All the War
Trapser and Kilties were hot favor
ItA In the third race twins backed
from 1 to 6 to I to S Ztala was the
second choice at C to 1 Zeala had a
lot of peed She hump way In
front made nil the running and bloat
Trapper two lengths Trapper was
second all the way and Escutcheon
third all the nay waa fix lengths to
hind Trapper
lrntlllr naillr
Dolly Spanker wins the hero In the
Aqueduct Handicap with Ounflre nod
Iiroetlte the beet played of the others
Th race was a procrfiton Israelite
went to the front at the atari made all
the running and Von easily by two and
one ulf length IH Remake and Flat
dlaeon chased him Into the rtrelah
where Ae hem come through and took
cond place He was never able to get
near Irraelltf D lly Spanker vas two
lengths In front of Agile
lard Bada Abed
Lord Bade was the first favorite to
win He went W the front soon after
the tturt mad all the running and
The utherner
wonsbyra htad from Th Southerner
wed closed strong South Trimble four
Itnrth away appeared to be Will
but Mr Peitlnrill hunr up Otliten
Drnlil In a Gallop
Druid went to the front and made all
the running and won by she length
from Sufferance who was three quar
ten of a length In front of Flinders
Monoc rder had peed Wit Hopped
taretal loJ Tht Brmlrw Vorfd
3The wlnneri of the nets run hereto
I todtiy are m follows
FIRST ItACth < ven furloigi e4lnr
Rtxchel Ward K My U to 2 and It
to 5 nut vestry 15 Dufftn U to U
And I to 1 eec nd 1hlora let Ilamait I
till K to 1 and 4 to L third TllreI v I i
ITIvot lUhfi Dads Aruarsia Hualtr
don and Thblt D > ato ran I
SECOND ttACRKlre and onehalf
furlonfti purse Hum HI tTrfubfllJ II
to M and oit first Monaco Maid 141 I
Dugan 3 to 1 and even iccond Trap
plit 114 iMlndtrj S to 1 and 3J to I
third Tim 10 14 Suzanne POI
mom Muss Jordan Martha CellU Itnry
Ci < an4r and U avbelle alto ransill
THIPD UCEO = tsii sill n
Schoolmate U iNiixll 1 to S and out
Ort Hell the Cal 11 Taylor t I to 1 I
and I to L oond Santa Luna M lila
U4J i tttl aad I to f third Ttete
l i
FIRST RACE Old England 7 to
1 1 Atwood 8 to 1 2 Thistle
Heather 3
SECOND RACE Orthodox 5 to
1 1 Sidney C Lovo 1
7 to 2 2
Damon 3
THIRD RACE Zeala 5 to 1 11
Trapper 6 to 6 2 Escutcheon 3
FOURTH RACE Iiraellte 4 to 1 i i
1 Dolly Spanker 5 to 2 2 Agile 3
FIFTH RACELord lads 11 to
5 1 The Southerner 5 ta 2 2 f
Glisten 3 t
SIXTH RACEDruldS toS 1 a
Sufferance 25 to 1 2 Fllndera 3
141 t1 Ethel Wheat John II levee
and Kltctrlo also ran
VOUHTH HACEBU furlong pusu
TapioLi 191 Nicol 1 to I and fur S
Ont Jiiiry Callahan 103 Duran t tl1
nnd I to I second FonteiLa 100 clad
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Vnllnramble and Ohtnlda alia ran
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to 1 nnd 3 to 5 third Timetil
Early DOT and Varlora also ran
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111 1t RK Ue ch Firing Brook
Watch Foxhuatlnr Double Johnson
Whirlpool Shining Star and ilarleat
also ran
Police Report Two Men Kidd
and Several Injured In Col
lapse of New Building fa
CA1IDFX N J Nov tTwo men
are reported deal and several Injured
In the collapse of a building at No list
Kalghn avenue this afternoon
The building was In the count of erec
tion and all the victims were at work
In It when the orash came
A fore of rescuers was tumraoned
and according to the police all but
two who were burled In the ruin irer
taken out alive
Financier Who Paid S5aOOO
for Relic Ip London Presents c
It to the Italian Government r
to Be Given Rack to Church
J Plrpont Morjan hi oriented h
IM Ibilhn Oavcnrncnt the copottoleq
fim the Orti cal 4t Aacoll Italy
Inn parch reed by him at a ul mod t
i finn a tear after tt illMppearid from
i lit rhiirrb 1
> ThIs cop which II a tnnnufil iceate
iiewilitJ tape worn by prelaw vat
boutlit by Mr Morgan in perfect geed
faith and hI paU JSOOO for It WM itt
It wa identified however efforts wr
nude to secure hi return to Ihe Awp
Cathedral Much correipondenc M
dowel and tae great Omncler dtdde4
I to return tnt core to IU former ptwpw
tarouih the Ital tn Oorerement t
tae CSop war neen br a Hint 114e
et whoa 3 DhotcTepneri
euloide when accused lie Iotft
wtna thltt 01 9SBF
too po M t ewt1s4

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