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rItE Vo lrWATunD YEV 1 G N VE l n nn
f = = The Jtors = = how QirAiroek and rU1s 1
I t 1 r 1 11 a
i ii T
Q i9
y A > f l r k fry e
l I
t Y d
Yj 1
r1 i 1sjg
a a 1 IN C EJiIEzu C2ZKS
Qowns Worn at this Great fashionable went Will
tfave thatIndispensable touch that Is fteally the Clou
V and Cachet of this 5easons Styles
frt HE approach of Howe Dhow week
r already apparent In the tea
eons ftthlona The torso Show
betaffithflrat rrMt social event of the
MMon U the VnaI for donning the
jpott bswfteWnz costumes and for cre
atdlllg the lotert end most bewildering
oaylee4a apparel
To look At tine mwni that are shown
tor weir on thU dm gathering of so
tttty In town for too winter eeatton one
U trrwUtltty reminded of en old por
tiatt galltty for oJl of Uo qunlntend
I MUme faUoni are being revived but
with that tndJiporuiile touch of mod
earthy that 1s really the clou and caohet
Df thU Majoa style
A rapid revlev of the best of them
ijbowed that there ore few U any really
wW material The favorites that have
> 0r tdr eitahllthcU homielvea ArC all
then Velvet of COtlrMtt almost
toes without H itag4r the flat
choice although they are being closely
pressed by tho chiffon cloths and the
new chew de Chino that comes In the
tailor Kddthi as they term the OM
occm double width production
The tamta too more than hold then
own and tho new onto are In all Che
delightful shades of coloring tinT and
close together tialrlinei giving quit a
novel appearance to our old friend
Selt trlmmingsthat is trimmings con
structed of the material of the gown
ore In high favor and trill flounces
puffings and plaiting are plentifully
beeprlnkled over the design 1 while
ruchlngi are vied to a more moderate
Illbbotu broad and ribbon narrows
at well II those of medium width ail
tit7 came flown the stain slowly
I S and suspiciously and topped to
f look around before she bought h < r
ticket It M takon her three days to
make up her mind to enter one of the
JJWtopepbandoniBlas booths but the
temptation to write home to the folk
1 In East Pomfret Conn aid tell them
+ she had ridden In the Ribway had
rov d too strong for fear to lUll
It all Cooked harmless There was a
tMxMoffDdllnesf air about the white
thing and new lIMn of the oHlclal that
ft s loothlng to the nerves Ever the
trains alld In and out as pawlvtly end
J cInUrcttedly a I deacon passing con
V tribution boxes
fbi did lady oponed her black saila
411 bat took out dxcent3apleo
wIoIIh otoUu a pink focMon sheet a
I W ot woot soap a baa of roasted
n ataNtnutl a West Farms transfer and
> < I t i peotsrl cue baler she found a
V klckd In the bottom
lat2 wt h youd pleass give me a ticket
to > Throes Neck the told the ticket
iWtr HAM I dont Tint to be
ties 4011 at Unlonport neither I
want to ro dear out to where my sis
jir fives this fide Fort Bchuyler
ttr6lre tft roadturn round
NW dont go to Ttroc1 a Neck I
Ar N Ml
t l Tou dent go there Well my land
I ut7 dolt rout Ive been waiting for
iMCiTMTi 10 I eoiU go In comfort to
r s N MIll BOW you dolt go
A = lOU 1s7 Iltvetpe a
l6 Mllaalttfa a
north Wheres this tot Oh U far M
II want to got WaH now thats real
nice qf you and ommoJianrM
She dropped tM ticket In the raelrw
and reaohed the platform ante and stall
lnr Budlwly me caiu eight ot enl
ot the advertising elm lewalnrralnV
the tiled wall and stopped abort Maria
and trecnUIn
It took her just three eaartors of a
minute to reach daylight and make for
the Elevated i sM
II a
iEN the train culled In at Man
W hattan Itrtlt over the Man
hattannile valley arch a man
got off and stood on the high platform
unsteadily watohtng the vanishing train
and the top of the house around him
Say he ald finally finding hie
way half way down the winding stairs
to the tickettaker stand will you
kindly tell me whether Im on the tub
Vaj elevated or the elevated subway
Im a Manhattan man Got on In Man
rattan and now 1 ve got off at Man
hattan and Im carrying about eight
Manhattan around Inside of mo Have
a cherry 1 8y < I ant on the Subway
didnt I t Or did I get on the subway
elevated New York Cenutll Say will
you kindly tell mo whether you see any
buildings In this Subway station 7 You
dot Four atorlM high TMts me too
old win hake Where did you get
your Dyby Home for mine
And he w nt down fivemfllghts ot
Mnlrs under the Subway to the surface
Foreign Visitor I am told that Amer
ican marriage are gtneralljr happy
Mr Gotham Ob perfectly The ho
band l a devoted to buttnett the wife
to aodetrf and they luwHver meetS
a eW ork1iltJfa r
fll M U1 t
find novel application upon the dressy
Towns With printed Centres the bor
den are often In two shades of a con
trusting color and these Ixinlcn nre In
I preen rote hluc brown and violet ac
cording to the color sJhemo of tho gown
r 4dI112Li1AC CJ Z 1
Same txnulMiv ribbons are shown wltli
a metallic gold border
Of count for early morning wear at
the Norse Show the sever tailormad
Is the only correct thing
Those smart end serviceable wooltex
lallormades ore shown In the 1171M of
the Louis periods which mean that they
have long coats with or without the hip
ant and characteristic pocket fttrs The
smart girl pays a treat deal of a tier
lion to this costume for it will be her
street costume probably for the rest of
tho reason The vest la a matter of much
tmportanceand quite a fail It Is to have
a number of varying one beginning
with the plain white pique and running
the gamut through suede cloth velvet
and moire silk to wind up with tho ex
quisite one that how ribbon embroid
eries and tiny spangles
The velveteen costume especially In
the threepiece tylethat b the cent
and skirt of the velveteen or corduroy
to be worn with a separate blousoy
l1fj 2
cJJJEZJmre1J1 l1
mnkes a duljthtful compromise for
with u dresny blouse It II Jut ni suit
able and effective for luncheon and
afternoon functions on It In for morn
Ing wear with the plain tailored shirt
we lit
OM point though that pertains to all
of the eostumt for daylight wear de
nerves a paragraph nil to Itnelfj and
that Is the notable toetvo of a train
to aim skirt The very lot makers are
showing gowns In all of the expensive
material with the skirt full and bouf
fant cither to clear or barely to touch
the ground Just us the wearer pre
ferAnI to aucli an extent floes thli pen
ethic Idea prevail that even trio ex
quisite and elaborate gowns that are
to trace the boxes during the evening
Roiulons ore many of them fashioned
without a min or < f that graceful ad
dltlon be present then It U one of the
short bobby train that are not a
tax upon both wrist and temper to
hold successfully out of the dud Of
I course there li some stiffening of one
tort or another In the hemslor all the
DOW gram In the tallormadea It u
applied In the hem while in the dressy
gowns It U either In the drop skirt or
the petticoat
fats nnd wraps too absorb an ap
fashlonabl alien I
prcolalJe amount of
Lion for over here wo have not alto
gether taken up the Knrllsh fasilon of
dl pn lng with a hat far evening
wear Whlto U luraln the favorite for
haul but the dominant note of color
Li Introduced In the oxtrlch plum I
wlhh often form the sole trimming
With Uie docollMe gown conspicuous
hv lt > atw nce tits year from thn HOIPe
Show prepuatlons then will not be
ijuto eo mudi demand for those filmy I
eauty J
No IIHow to Avoid Getting a Red Nose and How to Cure One
A ry
1 Cr10NTbn l
F I I r
r HELPS A > i j
t I
is y I J r
pffi iWT F
3 > e rr ZV r M
S s t
r4 r r 1
I s h p VP Ji11 br j
t 111 Sire
e r e
L e j 1 t f
NOStt 15 REV G t r ei i71C NOSTRILS
ottJR TiKIl3 a ± > t AR TOO
Aft WATiM 4 x WrO TRY
t i tA9SAGP
A Pod Noso Is Usually n
Sign of Indigestion or
Sad Circulation Unsy
Methods for Avoiding It
By Margaret Hubbard Ayer
ATfHEREl jiothlng 10 disfiguring on
I a pretty face as a red nose and
A yet with the tint cold day U Is
u much In evidence as the winter coat
heavy with the mill of camphor ball
The note may be pure Qrwk In out
IM but It It n4 the least tendency
I1i 41td dti pJagws 19a14
11un tir c
gully exhuj with one lest perfect
in c > ntiur I1nl11cII KJrK as u color
Usually a red nose Is u sign of In
digestion In such cases It will have
looked red now and then In summer
though the cold wwither accentuates
all degrees of poor circulation Tea
drinking particularly when cream Is
used In the tea Instead < rf lemon and
the beverage Is taken with a more or
less tinny meal will often awe the
n J to become blotchy and the woman
who really wishes to overcome this 1I
treeing tendency must take proper find
persistent car of her diet Where Inv
dlgMtlon Is the cause of the disturbed
circulation In the nose avoid IMLcot
tt thOSb s1 uJJtJndJlGIJrrjll at
u much tru as povible flies prunes
and dales arlkulrl Never over
load the stomach with too hearty u
I meal
The juice of two lemon and one
Orange preueU Into A Rita and taken
before going to bed will V > p overcome
any acidity of the stomach or the dl
eitlon can be much rmproiwl by taklni
lath a simple revnedy ILIJ one teaspoon
till of phosphate of soda dlwolvM In A
tumbler of boiling water and taken II
lOOn u the water bat cooled enough
to wallow It This remedy II taken
dally one hour before breakfast Drink
rnVpu100 JW o ggctitt1aartartor lots
n u
hoes during the cold weather often
r OTHililn of a red nose Always keep
the ankles warm As icon as the ankles
grow cold It there Is the sllffhtut de
rnnitement In the circulation the nose
Mil give the signal
All kinds of exercise which stimulate
till circulation will rfrrulat the flow
of blood to the faoo and now Any kind
of undue procure es tight corsets
tight carters or tight collars will make
the nose red
The woman who suffers from thli
vexatious Lluthlng vhleh U ccnfiaf
to her moat prjmtnent fmture only
should not bundle herself up more than
U necessary Sear M little clothing
Pa ° u can be eomfomMe In and n
at warm and overheated rooms hasten
to tuke off your coat or furs
Niiver rub te nose If It Is Inclined
to redness Keep tile nasal passage
rtMr Snuff up at night a llttl vase
line through the nalrlls Clear the
pjssicn thoroughly In the morning and
you wilt In able to forget your hand
kerchief during the day
Ulien there Is Intense Itching com
Dined with redness of the note one
teaspoonful of the following taken twice
dally frill usually effect a suet Phenlo
acid crystals S gramme pure glycer
ine enough to dissolve sirup of range
p ec1 COO rrammM DOS Qr f11lO
p + mlW 1JtJk 47s
L5 i
t1U IJ
White tats that fire Dreams of oveline55o + Ntt
fascinating fleck and Shoulder Dressings the Dt I
collate Gown Will 0e Conspicuous Only by Jcb5en j
and fleecy nothings that are thrown
nr and the shoulders with such mart
effect however tho transparent yoke
Is such A favorite that we shall doubt
lets K6 just about as many as formerly
In iwrups the cape II far and away
the favorite Many andvarious are the
modes and models In these from the
military cape such si Uncle Bam
ofilcer carry to the draped shawl pro
duction that le lined with quilted and
lace latin and covered with costly
The Illustrations
That Appear ToDay
I11 ibepherdess shape hat In
TUB one or another of Its many
modes Is ever a favorite for the
girl who desires the large and pic
turesque chapeau wherewith to set oft
her charms The one pictured Is In
white chiffon and panne with large
medallion ot broderle Anglais on the
crown and catching the two long
plumes that droop to the back on
either aide A hallow bandeau in the
headpiece serves to lift the shape from
the face and the brim has the characteristic
in front that It becoming
acteristic > droop so I
Crepe dey Qf iine Gown
For the softly draping modes that
rule the present faihlons crepes de
chine are Ideal fabrics The Illustrated
model II tn a pale willow green crepe
the oneseamo double width being used
The corsage has a little lace yoke and
chemisette the sleeve and blouse bout
TO Mr Nagt dOlt think t0t a
IIN moment that I am going to
ant you for any more money
I do need shout IM and I must have
It app but I would die before Id ask
you for III
here It fi you ly1 Well remem
ber Mr Norr I didnt axle you for It i
and I do think it you were tiring me
coin money you ought not to U so
I do not want to be under any obli
gation to you Mr Ntfgg but you expect
me to set a good table and set a good
table I will no matter what It costs Of
course we have had slim meals for the
put week or two but I am raving to
set a MV HI of furs and u I told
you It costs a to to ITS the house I
I think It Is a attain that women I
have to be beholden to their husbands
for every single cent I with you
would put a lot ot money In the bank
and let me have a chine to get a few
things I need
It brother Willie was working i
feel sure hi would pay some board I
Of course I should not expect him to
pay much but If be rH Just a little
It would make him feel Independent
I suggested this to him and It made
him angry lie ever old me what
he was angry about but I know It Is
because he wants to pay the highest
price for his board Oh you stalls
You mock that proud boy Mr Nagg
but a day will come when he may bo
rich In his own right and then he will
scorn youl
t come from a family that war
wealthy as well u aristocratic My
grandpa Heel In great style Every
body U UjM M war a mJUtonaJrs and I
bow surprised < hey were when It was j
found that be wasnt even Insured and
that Ms daftis war enormous t And l
Maed tu wfAHOt Jlr nd IS No an s
tdr n
Cant and the celntur cleverly 14eAe
Ins the figure The skirt II sfelrrtd
many rows over the hips and fall la
full straight line to the feet where
a velveteen facing Is used In lieu of
a hem to that the very sheer material
may have some weight and Jogv
around the foot Close knit S
of the urepe are applied with s stlt
band In the centre and two row ot
this make the sole trimming on Be
Dimple lace Kobe I
The robe model all ready to mount
on the foundation ere among Ute semen
favorite and the model hen selected
shows a clever draping of the JAm
lace gown The corsage ha handker
chief drapery back and front and as
suring likewise over the trilled Meant
that comes only to the elbow TM
skirt Is plain and loose a full donna
applied below the knee and the found
tlon alit supplied with Mveral lace rut
net each with a little fetthwtltlle
crtnolette run In U a heading TJM
crush girdle has rtwrt knotted halt
ends In the back then finished w
cord drops J
the Military Cape
Capes are In high favor for drew
wraps this season and are mostly MO
cued upon military lines Violet broad i
cloth of a bluish cast makes thl matt
cape which measures not lets than elfhc
yards around the hem and the lining la
of a complementary ton of line Tlea
hlch collar and front are faced wish a
lonenap whit panne trapped wlto 1 I
military braids and the usual military
fastenings and epaulettes are not for
By Roy Ll1fcAnDELL 11
thought she had a cent but when iM
died titr found JJ worth at pennies ta
nn old teapot and tour trunks full tit
blankets and erniyqullt ta the garret
that would have been very valuable
only they hill been destroyed br moths
My father had an uncle who lived
i near Cananlo that wasnt lust right X
In his head He used to collect bon s
and Iron hoop and would go miles out
of his way to dig In ash heap to find
such things When he died he left a
yard full of bones and rusty Iron 1
hoops and his wife got 1119 for them
from a Junk dealer Suppose be had
gawd money Instead of boons aid koe
So you He Mr Nan there m
other people la this world liable to
wealth tool
1 have advised brother WD11 to
I attend young Mr Rockefeller Bible
class I feel sun If young Mr Bocfc
i teller ever lees brother WIllis he will
Uk hIm at A chum and put him la r
charge of some of t he vast laltrMtt of
the Standard 011 Company Or any
way perhaps ha can Ox It with oil
Mr nocktfillsr that we can get our
kerosene cheaper than other peosie
We have AX lamps fare In tile parrleat
and although we do cot use thun ttw w
stilt It would be a saving If we
our kerosene cheaper say at tqsie
cents a gallon I told brother WI e
to be sure to spxsk about It to l
Rockefeller and I five hint A dLae R
so ht wouldnt txget fin Tong =
see I am doing all 1 can to ear
to red IICt expense Whats Our > tiq v t
Mr NawT As toon aa I ta I r
co fM bag min 3nnc MOsff M
A r

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