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Keeps It Hot Till the Evil
jlrits Doc -Gone 'Fm
Are Gone!
tty-Year Bride Made Him Do
i Wash ; Kicks to Judge, and
She Answers, "Squash!"
In Fllataheth Ohalllnger fllWcrsvar i.
admits s. Is nt least sixty v.-
nd worth 130.000 and who Uvea at
1(14 Wei,.; r avenue, sal on a hit
bottle In the Morrtaanta Court to-
whtle hr husband. John Fehlsh 811-
verd. grandeon of a Swedish count,
the Magls'rste tha troubled story
their married life.
Ha had to marry, said tha grandeon
th count. In order to have hla far
from Prlncne Bay, Staten Island,
to ola noma In tha Bronx, other
ba would hava bad to walk. Tha
dar aftr hla marriage ha had to
waek'a wash In tha home of taa
bride, sad then aha bought Mm a
of Hvarjr and made him play coaoh-
arc lha box of bar cute little aurroy.
auvaravard baoama ao axoltad,
tha raoltal of har husband
woea that aha sent Uia hot
bottla thr time to a neighbor-
barber shop to ba renewed. She
afaaaed to the Court that aha had to
on tha hot watar bottla to keop tha
and aril aplrtto within har from
rang tocothar.
Marty brtdo of a few moatha
pad to aaawar a aummona served
' at bar buabaad'a behest. Ha had
that whan ha triad to nam away
wife, a woak ago, and llva
fbara whara there would be no
washing, aha had locked up all
clothe axoept what ba atood In.
I waatad waa to gat hla remain-
ward robe,
fttlvararard eamt into court wear-
heary Mue glasses like the dead-
kte of a ahlp and with a Scottlah elan
ktar bottle bear da aped to har
Hardly had aba taken bar seat
aha whlaparad to a oourt at-
ad paaaad Mm the pain killer.
tiptoed out to the earner ah Op and
hea be reap eared the autumnal bride
bed eontoaledly and net on the rain-
Tt waa thla way. your Honor." began
miserable BDverevsed, who la about
arty ye era hla wife' Junior. "I used
work in a real aetata office on White
lain road In tha Bronx and thla worn
ma earn a to buy gome real aetata Bhf
aid aha waa worth tSu.OOP
"I went otrt wtfh har to allow her
real aetata eereral time, and ahe
foamed to be Terr how ehnll I iwjt 1t.
Judge ?-vry eoft On day. I took
any life aa doing thai track's wash, ahe
said the way down After we had
looked at the property ahe told me I
would have a marry liar, or Ahe
wouldn't pay my way back: further
more, aha would brine a breach of
ejromtss suit."
Mra. tWIvoravard ratead har blue
anaaaea, giarea at ner nuwoann. mat-
trtmd "Boahl and lent the hot watar
baa- out to the harber ehop nln.
"Ho what could 1 do?" continued 911
terrvard "I promleel to marry her and
We went back to CWy HaM, Manhattan
Boa bald Alderman Smith V to marry
at and we went bark to her houae on
TTebetar arena.
"nit rry next mornlrg h pinned an
wron aa ma and led mo out to the
laundry. A week'a waah ivaa In the
tab a. 0b pointed to It and aald:
Oot to work"
"Judge, T never worked ae hard to
any Mfe doing that week'e waeh, eh
banding ovwr ma all the time.
"Ttfen, the next day, alie took me
stow a to et meaaured for a ault of llv
grs. 0ha had bought a aurray and a
Bavae, and ana asia i waa t oe ner
aatabinan What could I do, Judge
tender thoea drcumalaaoee? I got the
Bvery "'' 1 drove her."
Again 'he bride of autumnal xavor
Bfhad har Mue glg-lajrtps end favored
Bar huahand with a frown
"Ob, aojuaahl" ahe murmured and
adilftad on her hot water bag.
Then the third day, Judge," eontta
eatd the plaint of tha Count'a grandson."
atse told m a lot of both about how
1. waa poxcased of good and evil
apkrlta. She aald If ahe ever went to a
aabaret ahow the good and evil spirits
would gat to fighting and alia would be
B a' agony.
-Wee, Judge, we triad H. We went
. a aabaret rbflw and Wa8a we got
back to the houae, she plied hot watar
BBSB all about herself and yelled and
Craanad until tha neighbors laraw open
(haw wtadowa and began to k .vhut
fg right, cabaret ahowj elwaye
that ert-t." Mra. BUvaravgrci
aaped. In a floe maiautlnt contralto, an I
aba aeat tb hot water bag Oboa more
a the bartsar chop to be renewed,
Bn what could 1 do. Judge? Wui -
Monday, driving h out aa ric
an every day gild good and ev:
all the tiT. I Jim: had to i in
away. Tour Honor, und t len I II WO ll
Bnt jjlyg me my clothe."
'Wow about t!. aplKtf uidnie,"
goerh the Maglatraie
Well, It'a u:ifort jtmtel- Irua thai I
ant poaeed it tnirltf." eh pel
MMng hen hi i goax'. i. hurl ih
gglalT.ite a .na!lo tilniir I ve got
no an I tha. the reteon -hy l
to (It on ti hoNwgtvr pottl 10
Bm 'em gulet. Hut at for SUVarafafd
Wlktr ben to Kgypl ar t India, btaMoi
Btbtan Island, he r.in tome anJ gal hit
atothea. If he novcr lerk.-r, my doit
B waa ordrd.
'hey 're Heralds of Dan
Brides Form League
Thirty-four Fair Newlyweds,
in Unconventional Conven
tion Assembled on Honey
moon Ship, Draw Up Rules
to Insure Domestic Peace
for a Year at I -east.
With a prerloue deckload rargo of
atxty elrht hearU that btat aa thirty
foar, elx hundred and eighty flngeri
tenderly entwined and one hundred and 1
thlrty-alx lovellt eyes, the Bermitdlan
of the Quebec Steamship Company
sailed Into New York harbor to-day out
of tha Iiand of Honeymoon In thla
eaae Bermuda
Right at the dangeroue stage of
their honeymoons were the Bermu
dlan'a alxtyelglit newlywed. when a
quirk word mlht bring a tear, a sud
den longing for mother and a ne.ee
slty for the uee of aromatic drtte of
ammonia. But the brldea, In uncon
ventional convention assembled In the
saloon the first day out. had formally
organised the Never Nag 8oclety. and
by etrlct ohserwinoe of the rulee mu
tually agrtel upon, anything V a a
crista In anv of the thirty-four ra
mance waa averted.
The llrst dy out the prides bsnded
tliemselveF. so that no moonllir' t hours
might be wanted. First Ihajr gtaotgil
Mrs. J. Blwood I'ollas as their Queer,,
and for one veer litis will re!m over
their domestic affairs from hsr brand
new Pat at No. Ui East one Hundred
and bixty-e'.ghth strati!, the Hronx.
And then they drew up the fo'.'owlng
"We. th Brfets of tAe term udf in. Ii"
no uee for thr Sew Woman vho !.:
Ikat ess cannot rook or sew.
"W belter that a wife thoulrt hiv
her kusbnsd'a breakfnst rtaity, no mat
tor nt what he is oMioed to rii
"We believe w sanuld be nVeaad
nenflv In the time hr up, for U j the
i'o.if tmpreseton of tit ho carries all
'He bhlt-e the trie atouid oreef -husband
irifk a klti ejdkM ho returns in
(fl nvmlnf.--no force to take thr
"Wo (eliei e tie H ie eftowld ham also
tuts chnrgr of housrhold offani
"We bslWe she should keep books,
aocouetiiifJ for every penny the handles;
but that she shouM have for her private
use any amount the te able tave from
the weekly upproprta ion.
"We hellers nusbun'te slould have a
elohl off' every veek to epnei tcheis
und with ichom antl tn what ouvor man
ner they plcnse.
"We be'.itre. C-o. h . that huebnxilt
fkoulrf be rJicounrpri to bring their '
bai'helw'- frlendt to thr lwi to eiit-e
Ike ho i a i tub "
Whlljg this meeting ss in progress,
there was a gathurlnx of husbandn on
an uppor deuk Tny smoked and
thought hfird, but only two rules were
the reeult of the confab:
"Husbands should dress neatly when
onoe their fine feathere have trapped
ibelr mates For Inttanca, they ahould
not come to the table In shirt sleeves.
"Husbands are tho senior partners In
ths domoatlo ftinis, lut thay should con
sult the wife, the Junior, In all Import
ant things.''
Mrs. CoUas, who gave the Never Nag
rules to an livening '.Vorld reporter,
said the organization would be pre
served, und that f.'om tlno to time, us
ucuaahm arose, new guiles to telle-. ty
would eniunnte fioni he.idquartrs.
Presenre of llnd !revinta Pnnlo
Aaiona "'Ml orehlitpers.
There -were two hutidrvl men nnd
women In the Synagogue of the Indl
lien-lent Order, In charge of Rabbi
t, v r. on the giotm t door of tile !x
ktory huildlBfJ hi No. lit) It.de t,
toediy iviii n some of th" ll mglngs of the
u li iiiught lire from gfrvaraj oajtd I,
Villa la the holiday :iitiimeniorall::g .he
n:i v.-lii-n the prupl of Israel lived n
enf. fl:id the worghippers were ho.vl
, prayer anti the fir,, started. As the
ringing idaxel up tliera wis WSd ".
. ;tmgnt in tb room nnd a rush To.
the doom. Luokllyi several men had tne
.".enco of nund to tea;' down the
::n.r.5 and stamp out the tire before
,. i juM ;fd
A f1raavrin gg t.n-ncd In an I tlier
.va.' Wild gXJltcmeiit In t.,e ll bulld'.n;,
vh -h Is OAOUpletl almost int. !y hy
Jawlan orders, with a separate ;n:i
. o:i SVary Saaf, The damage don ;
... tiie hlaze was trilling
o Not Tako the "Jual at Gooda."
d Ciow I- Cougk Drept 'the real Us a, s '.
1 1 LllAll I II 1 TT rllri
wo assus o
Croesus Dined
In New York's Cafes
He'd Munch a Crust
Man Who Put the Rocks in Rockefeller Beats
It Back to Cleveland After His Million
Is Thrown to the Sweepers.
grese Dfolaf rooni of leodleg Neir
Vorlt kofel. rggrg is a cnskler's eg
at m-rt'i f iM The dlsino room '
s'lpty rr rpti lg for one patron fl
l.-Hih frOSI CtftefJatMl, Coders ore
v arourd yrzino at Mm, d
Mliin.; hit nerve, lie Imt fvtt -gunigaj
u pier s of pie
PATRON I at ms have my Mil. wallet
WAITER -In a few momenta, s.r. The .
checkern are adding I: up,
PATRON One 'k-
ere. did you sa ft
How many does
it tske to sdd IP
one hem I only
had one pie' ' f
WAITER One nio
m en i snl you
grill see.
7'r o beigggl s i -ry
biU in to wn ter
tno nwnient. here
comes the hbugg
phi Melxn.
PATRON I doti-t
wani "nm.
HDA'U WAITKU -He must rx.amli.l
your heart, sir, before we can lot J'ou
look at '. oar bill. '
t Doctor i x 1 1 'nines seort. I
DO 'TOR -! itugg ho '-.in st.ind It.
! irnlfer pifs Mil on table. Porrak
fal."' one louk and faints.)
VOIOB l.ut lilm have air.
fRoi'Rii-roit Not lulaai it is ; n r
the Mil.
I ones pgyilffgW niasea in. He fi"7
raeh rerjinfei siritpped fg hi si" il'lcre t
DOCTOR Tblg is m busy day I .-:.
only operate on hlfl mnkroll.
ffatron opens eves and oatpt I
PATHUN i ou misjbt as Wall ei nd for
the polit e. 1 ogmg in tiers with or .
a in ,Uon doliarg,
PBOPRlETOn Thi poor man'g graay,
I Patron is Uft'd a chair I
PATRON Olva ui wat'-i
will be extra.
Cl'ofroii sees blu
"h light -.he-'t ft
unnoys him I
PATRON - - T s k e
that away What
la it?
That' an X-raV
We uae tilrat to
see how strong
yet are when you
come In,
PAT HON -Tell me,
What ohane have
I got?
PROPRIETOR Nona w.i.u.
I bill Is very reaieo. ilil.j
only Bhargad you, n see:
For captain showing you to
Fir clean ilm-n on lahU;
For water, spec a I Altered!
ajgapoaa Pgwta Tbla ' "r una
l-'relKht, bnt all ih-urrt Kacapr.
I.ANOA-STBR. Pa., Oct 3 .-Thg Iron
-j t y express on the Pn nsylygnlg R ill
road, leav.ng Ni w Tork at 1 1 -SO o'Otordl
last tdght an J which was In. 1 I I'. ' -hurglt
at MD A. ll., h id n narrow ggc IB
from being con:n!cteiy isieokbd at I A
hL, to-day when It ran Into a freight
train vast of her.
The leading engine of tne express Val
upset and P, 11. RadAlond, tha ng.neer.
snd hla flft.nen were s'.int.. . u-t. Ko
one else on he- express train as hurl,
according to the radroal official!, Bov
erul of the indghl cars were wr kid.
Merely a Hint.
(Kroai ths PliiiaJalUlt He-ird.)
The midngni gtuinaaa of the dark
nd oarlor wae punctuated by a crash
ver. Tt.(
We ha v
Cupid's Millenium!
Pledged Never to Nag
stTu,HiNCi NevvVyweoj.
The pHme!to-Jf cents extra
1 . bi suss ..f the hls-h price of
ijt'f 'I il palms
The horntWOMla U cents per per
nor It jii-,. ,,f the Inrrggggj wages
to Frensh horn playera In rertaur-
ant orchestras.
Thg san i ' igutelle- M -erita estrn
charge be ause of I e detitutlon
amotii: coat-room boyg' grnnd-
mnt hi-. s.
The roulette UM cei.i per person
lor -i ti t me H witter turns ground
-turning mound Is a nervous strain
on the waiter
The doubla-eroeg 1 reni. extra for
peraong deman Ittsg (Ingsr iiowis h-
CaUSS of the high price of nnger
bowl Croebn.
The aagaultand-battary r,o cents
fine for agon pargon gpOMlM harsh
ly to a waller waiters hp i sensi
tive. The grar.d pr'x $l.ri extra for ox
tall oup oxen are not wearing tails
thla laagon.
for g kg water;
For bra id and butter:
Por knife tid fork;
For salt and pepper
I or niusl'-;
Por open na window to ;t m air.
Pot hit-check boy;
For nddltiK uj check.
RON Art juu sure yotl didn't miss
PnopRlllTOR -
SWn t 'nma an
au TV JBb who are
braUl PAT ION M.r I'm
- r ssWeaTgal 1 ' " ' " l M,t
iL 1819 - ,n
n ' h j r 1 1 " r
You've got a hel-
eiss If - Ji ,v nerve cr.m.
W V .
t rar H ,v,,M
Tog know you
can't aford It
Ro-in- i rushes in
He psgorg o mosl
-nd carrier thru t hart elled nhotnun and
. ingthot He n . - up patron, taket hi4
iMog gad (Ami's if tn ti.e tie egg erg
.' og la led fo s'rf I
il'i l on oikis fcee-liee far Ctevelnnd
TRAFFIC OOP Hold en. there'
.ir.,,i ifopi in Btlddls of ttrgaaj
PATRON io .,1 lord' du you charge
fo- h t iof
rip flawffl n;l--Oh. no I )iit want to
know what you think of the town.
PATRON' Waif, OAAdldly, 1 think a
guv's lucky he iMt't "Roagnthallgd."
lut avarboaS, "Wba-whawhat was
lout, rt'f'-dud-darllngf" axcla.me th
I'Ounl ma "Merely father dropping s
hint," Ihs replied, as shs an lg I
little closer.
It Costs Mr, Vtromp gin lo Tell
t imet Mot Mce lie la.
Hlghiv indiamanl at hi an.-st for
gc,,rch!ni ihu Fifth avenue p,ne on
I Ig s.t-y-m'.'ti-an-hour moto-ey le, Mark
S'romp, an electrical aOBtrbOtor, if No.
72 F'.'. IC.i hry-soventh s-.reet, drew
up haughtily at the bar of tht
llarlam polle court lo-day and an-noun?-
I '! iT.atrat Hutta-
"I a n a IbOfOUpb gen. Icrnan."
"0 ad al R.'' ingppgd the (,'ourt. "Ten
tromp heoam Mtarly chiea and
with trem' ;ng eagarnasa paid th flna
Aged Viciim of Attempted
Robbery Reported Crime to
Same Patrolman.
I'ollccmsn Joyce of the Weat One
Hundied and Twenty-flf t'i street ela
tion has the opportunity to-dav to ex
plain to his superiors why he made no
report upon ths complaint of Mrs.
Bylvla Otis, an elderly woman liv
ing at No ,1 Weat One Hundred and
Thirty-fourth street, who went to Joyce
on Tuesday with a out and a awollan
face to tell him that a footpad had tried
to rob her In SL Nicholas I'ark that
Mrs OtU, who I alxty year? old, was
dragged rrom a bench In tie park dl
rrrtly behind tin- temporary i ieducl
shaft structures opposite West One
Hundred and Thirty Afth street by a
man, ahe says, she ha 1 seen to pains
nnd speak to Policeman Joyce a few
mlnutea prior to the aasault. The man
beat her In the face with lolh Hats
when she resisted his attempt to . "t
lor Jewels, whkh she earrle I In a bag
nhout her in i and left he bletidlng
and ggWII mnsntnng Mrs. utta told her
tor to an BVeAtnaj World teporter al
iier home io-da.
"1 always go out for a few hours of
unllglil In the park ev-r afternoon,"
he said, "and on Tuesday afternoon.
shortly aftar i o'clock, i xa sluing
alone on a benob near the fence sur
lOUndlni lha aqueduct worke. Some
Ittlej boyg were pinning m-ar me.
"I siw a policeman standing not far
iivay and I saw a tail, poatoful look
ing young man step up and say a tow
gorda to him; tba policeman then turned
and walked away. Then th" young
nan who had spoken to him rsms up
id give soiiio peiiles to the boys.
'.:. Idgntly ba d.U, thu lo have t lent go
way, hut i did not raatiaa ins purpose
at tl.e time. As soon as ihe buya were
gong he made rlaThi lor log Oenoh where
i was sitting. I did not Ilka hla look
ind roa .lurntMliy lo g a n ay when l.r
.ed ma and baejan lo iiag m over
to tha high Mi i gurrutinillng the aque
duct abaft,
"I ecreamcl once and he clapped 'hie
tiand over my mouth, lie threw ma
loWD and ntiiiin to grope In the front of
it y dra for my chamois skin bag
'hi wear under my dress by a aord
: I had about ll'O worth of Jewelry In that
"Whoa I got my hands fre I In , tan to
scratch the man I laee uutll 1 aiw the
lood come. Thla made hlm anraaTad
and he dallteritel struck me four times
In the Isce Wild both lis' i aly nose
bled freely, and J was so dlsxy I did not
ee where ni av-uiiant ran. The little
ovs. wno h.id rotumod nieinwh.is. aaia
It :o gu. bOWVr. They told me he had
run out of the park at the Weat One
ilutidred and Thlrt.i -ilfi str' t n
I ran -e.
"1 managed lo walk home a(td after
tha bleeding from my nose had auti
s ded I wM baok to tha park and
touted ths policeman who ha 1 been on
Boat I told him of ths attempted rob
bery." i waa die overed to-day that tk p.
rceman, Joyco, had turned In no re
porl of the affair, rlthar to the Weat
i 'ne Hundred and Twenty-flf th street
Station or to L-Ioul Brown in ohrge of
: ne dataotlvai Of that precinct, no re
port hud boen t imed in at th Lenox
avenue station either.
When an ESvenlJUJ World reporter
to md Pollcaman Joyce on hie beat In the
vicinity of the park and assed him If
gn elderly WO I n had reported an at
tumptad fOVbgr) to aim on Tueadwy f
tsrnooni he said i
' Yes, there was some old woman who
cam to me and ol I me something I
thought th 0) acre bothering Bl
sn 1 let it go gl that."
Joyce xi aa .- im monad to his gtr:n by
Pipt. homaooj at this Jun-ture an!
.r,.-re he went on tht curpet.
Though Joyoa admlttad to The Even
ing World reporter that a Qra
woman" hud route up nl aomplalnsd
lo nlin about eonieinlng or othai
'ouldn't rsmcmhi r Just what- the re
, ii; that he made to run. Thompson
..t the Wast One Hundred and Twenty
fifth street station was that he had
01 '.erad an (ill woman out of the park
that afterno n tor "plotting dande
I one " Poll email Carroll corrnreirated
Joyce In thla report, say.ng t'mt the
woman ordered out of ths tarn by
Igyoa had cumplulnvd to hlm and that
h8 and Joyoa had conferred on tbt mat
tsr. Neither policeman made any
mention of having re'-slvrd a com
plaint of attempted rabbary and aa
sau l r
Landllona ,aod bloomlM aome
months ago -avon tba H iff balls have
long since gons.
Mother Has Man Arrested for '
Speaking to Her and
Ketpet t i Ms teomen mast be pro
tected night and day icaest they art
arad in ks ttreett of thu city
Magistrate Moaa.
Th season Is r osed on nirting aa an
outdoor sport In New York now.
Harry Halle, thlrty-twn yars old. an
attorney af Ruffalo," apparently didn't
know It, end he wilt not practise hla
profession again f r thirty days, unless
he does It In ti e w orkhouse.
Mra. Orare M. Martin, living at the
Hotel Flandera, No. IS West forty
seventh atreet. was on her way home
from a theatre kM night, aca-ompanlel
hy har daughter, when, a 'cording la
her testimony. Halle approached tliean 1
and nald to the daughter:
"Why are you ao shy?"
"How dare you speak to us?" d
mended the mother.
Halle, eh anld. grinned and walked
nonchalantly ahead of the in to the ho
tel Her daughter went on to their
apartment; Mrs. Martin rsmalne.l to
watch Hall aa ha conversed with a
Then FJdmund Hartley, a salesman,
living; at Iho Ismgacr Hotel. No. 167
West. Forty-seventh stree'. cam Into
the Flandet and atked the clerk who
th man waa and what nghl he had
speaking to the two Women The clerk
raid he knew nothing about him.
"I aw that man' conduct toward
you," Hartley aald. addreaalng Mrs.
Martin, "and If you car to mak a
complaint agalnat him I will testify."
She decided to make an example of
Halle and at Fortv-eovenih streat and
llroadway they found I'ctectlve Mca'or.
mlck. who arrested him.
In th Night Oourt Ibirtluv corrobo
rated Mrs Martin regarding Hal ee
conduct and explained: '
"I waa with a friend I aald to him:
lent It an outrage that apparently
decent end respectable women cannot
walk In the streets or this city without
being Insulted.' I came here because I
think an example ahould lie made of
thla man's conduct. ll waa In the
Interest of jUHtloe that I asked her to
make a complaint."
Halle, when called to testify, said he
win not practising law "just nnw." He
had been slopping at the Hotel Kntc.ker
boflhor, he ald. and waa due to lav
for iiuffah, half .in hour af'er the tlm
of Ma arreat. He thought he would
take a abort walk up Broadway before
going to th atailon.
"I was walling up Hroadaay with
a fr'end." be said, "r.nd as we were
I pafalng a building In course of con
. stiuctlon near Forty-sevenlh atreet. 1
noticed two women th cumplalnant
I and her daughter On of tham re
, aenibled a young woman I know named
Miss Nelson. I went over lo her and
eald: 'My filend la bashful. He If you
can't make- hlm talk.' 1 sail nothing
about anyone being shy, I realised the:
I hid made a mistake i thr.ught of s
friend I knew In th H0tl Flandera
and decided to go over to see him."
Magistrate Heuse In sentencing Hal.
' Tne evidence that o ir run
duct did tend to a hi raeh of lh peace
Here la an Instance of two very re
spectable persons -a mother and io
daughter w-tlklng In one ' uur prln
clpil thoroughfare- and Intuited by a
I person unknown to either of then Yoo
j aav. 'I thought I Knew tha young lad)
I do not believe yenu story. 1 believe
you aald Jual what Mrs. Martin tes'l
I fled to 1 atrongly commend the
(-outage Mr Martin displayed In preai
B toe con. plaint 1 also comtneiid the
atand laker, by ire wi'ms Mr. Bart
ler. Respectable w imen in. n t b pro
tectesl bxitn nigh: and day v.nen tr-
are . i i In tne s runts of th.a city.
"Instead af lolng 10 your train, an I
know ng ins yo i bad inmjlteai and ho
mnla'ed the uomi'lalnant and he
daughter, you want Into the hotel foi
the purpose of further Ine.iltlng am'
humiliating fhem "
Aa Halle waa being led from tin
court room to the West hid- pr aau t.
await trajagfer to tilackwell'e lalan'
tbla mOrtatOffi ho turned apparently t,,
ad Irssa the Court, but th next case
was already under way.
He was tin second allnged masher 0
the mght Sut long oefora wiuian.
Jiofsr, nineteen years old, of No un
JCast On Hundred and ThlrtJ nlnt
Atreet, waa al." given thirty daa
Mra. Mary .llausworth of No Hi Hi
Ann s avenue wax walking along Third
avenue with a ne1rnhor. Mrs Nora Oil
barti when Hofar Is alleged to nivesa u
vs he took hold uf Mra. Hauaworth
Hello, kid. how youf"
Both wonien Ignorsd him, but he foi
lowed them. an. .r.l'ng to their stor '
and again spoke to them. Then bot ,
w iien alspnM fill faOg and he ran.
They were ni mad they waited tw
hours In tne ntthborhood for hlm li
reappear and Whan ba did they we
at him again Poll, em m 0'Sullh an ai
rested hlm Magatrate House aald
gentendnfl Irlm:
we can't stop th manbon in N
Tork, but 1 n' i going to da mi oest
do It The tin. tie Is that th Worn I
are afraid 10 take the men to sour I
I lOipli-llefil you women f r I .11."
There's More Rea'
! b -ru( SIT lrr.,1 Ulth itmRB uf tlr Hi nt
III uil l.atitirult i O'irhi' uiniirr.
! rl h In bluod and lntw aiaoktUK immi
ths 1 1 nr.. it-1 tB 1 1 ms. (H thr IMS i I. MM
fnr i.di of lirotjut ! aMitJ aln iiinnit
unrk. Uhllr h.-ii. fi. . in ! Kb riulU it'
a Jolly I'mmI alrltik mm wall.
Trr U MW. KdwlauxTaalB. aJaai. Irlc.
Magistrate Investigates and
'Ilireatens Salesman With
Maximum Sentence.
DanM Kennedy, a heavllv built young
man who a M ha waa a salesman for
Hi P. C. Heath Company of No 31
W'rat Thirty-ninth street and that he
lived at No. Ill Madison avnue, was
held br Magistrate Krotel In the Weat
Hide Court to-das. 00 a charge of d s
orderly condust pteierred by Marcel!
I'arnam, utenogrn pwaf for an auto
mobile concern at No. M Weat ftlxty
Ixth street The girl live at Ho,
IM Amaterdam avenue The girl al
lered that Kenn dy bad ai ,,'e.l lier
'ti the atrat with vll namei and when
ahe repulsed lilm hud situ, k her in
the eya.
This occurred shortl) afte,- ll O'OM k
last night t s'rdinrbiia aieiioe and
: seventh steer:. The girl sav
wag watting with a friend foi
fiance. HamuM Aape, i.f No. IB
Blxiv-fourlh atreet, wno waa at'eii.ilna
a boxing exhibition In the St Ml holas ,
Ashletle Clat Arte and Hag girl friend ;
Were In eourt to ligck up
M "
nam's atnry.
Miss 1 'amain aald that while she w is
wait 'ig on the curner KolWOd ci:ne
JW tgaerlne up to her and mad- an In
sut Ing remark. When
ha toM mm I.. to
away h repeated his It suit. Sue
ng aatnod lo have 1 Iffl arta:el. In re
tort to this she s.iys he atriuk her in the
face and Ihreiu i'-d to put her helilnil
the bare, aoaotlnj IMtl he had pull
eryiugh In Tammany Hall -nd the Police
lieartmenl la do It Then lie crossed
the atreet to a a'oon
The mr sppeah d to a polleeman who
told h.r to forget It. 8no deacrlbd I
hla pollretuan ns a hlg mun srtth hi
hla k mmiataehe She then foun 1 Palrol"
man William lloo.oj. who ent Into
ihe saloon and arretted Katmady. On
the way to lha Weal Rlxty-elguth sir. el
nation Kennedy Informed Itooney that
he would he broke for making the ar
rest and thst ihe glil "wo ijt I"- goxtl
over the wall."
Akd for hlg elde of the atory Ken
nedy charged that the girl hail solicited
hlm; that when he trnored her alio he
ram furious and ntrj' k hlm fn push-
Alt! har away he nigh' Inflicted the
hrolar on her cheek and eve, he aald
'If this young woman , atnrj I true, i
lire 1 am Inrdned to think It I'," said
iMaglstratr Krotel to the praoner, I am i
going lo give you aa etlff a aentenc as.
tne law provides. I will postpone your i
aentoaaa until to-morrow and meanwhile
hold you a guilty of lie offense
! charged."
1 Tho Msglaui te Instructed his proba
tionary onteer to mike Inquiries con
cerning the complain mt's statement re
garding herself and her flan, e
Paris AkA
Rsact dupllcatea ef the ssaaoa's aasewJ models
from (leorgetle. Talbot. I.oulaoa, Veroa. Lewie, at
One-third the Cost of Imported Models
These are th ssoa's sW,,w Paris styhm. such as will b worn
by ths true Parislenne. They were Imported late, end do not in. ode
any nl th model which Paris milliners laughingly malt up especially
lor Ihe American trade. The values are unequaled In New York. Here
are lew:
Teste M.del Taupe velvet. M
Inch teup velvet around crown
with two heads drooping over
Tba original cr.it ua fl 10.00
We aeli duplicate lor go ao
Ceergette Medal Light blue val
vet. 1'hls hat ahowa the new soft
t ti.au and Is trimmed with two
ostrich pluniss. erreoged al back
ftving tne new long effect
he original coat ns ... IIIS.00
Duplicates sold as low as 27.&0
Lewie Medel - Charming small
hat in blue pluab. Shows the new
grooved crown, him rolls al
left aide Novelty ostrich pom
pom In blue and white at right side
The origins! cost us T0 oo
WessUdnpllia(elor 20.00
We ee tnaltleit to i herge thtte tine pnttt Ser dela
te tril tht huti asteerts mieiei . " : bring
made tcy ea the IjmtJon ott'tth trimming.
Mllitsarr baaertstsai I so J flee Oalrkk Plwaa DstartSMaS - atceed fksar
21 Weat 34th Street
For a "Free and Unbossed" Governor
If you send us ONE DOLLAR, we can elect
It will be your untainted dollar that elects him.
not the dollars that buy favors.
FUl la yaojr name aad ad tree har I aTaVBT.
Enclose ONE UOLIAR and null I Slrau Camps!. n Casaasitts, C B. TOWMSEND, Taaaa
alt 410. motel WraallB. Baw Tork OUT. B. T.
Three Held as Captives Were
Being Forced to Write let
ters Asking Hansom.
Tlnee Amerl-
ran c t t. ne were rescued by ruraf
giiartla to-. lav from Mexican reSela Juot
wars being compelled at fh
muirlcs of HBM to write letter to
Irtenoa in the capital aaklng for ntotsay
for tlirir lahsom.
Tie men were A. D, Pkclen. U J.
Slattery and C, J btltler. Tboy are dm
taainra and w rg engaged on ralramy
eurV'V work w lien they were napturesl
I by the reileds and taken to . - ssej e,r
j Auiocemcea, thirty mile to th soutV
wcet of mis elig, Their oapisNa ilmaiod
that th were proh ily spies or news
Ipnpor nu n nd that in cither cat thay
annum ie anoi.
A bO) of i-.irai guards mad an op
portune utta-k on the rebel csmp this
morning nnd In the eonfuilon resulting
from the sudden a a till toe prlsonrs
srere tbinline.1 by th rehrls.
A MILD, pleasing
diTa MTiirkish-hlendlw
that suits the Amer-
lean taste. If you
haven't you proba-
B B J"u t a, A B .
i hi v will. l3 in main
tjjg - m
package thafs why
the price is only 15c.
" DttfovfeVti InJltiJital "
C.eegette Sailer - Taupe velvet
with cb arm Ing taupe ostrich fancy
arranged irom under brim.
The original cost us 188.00
We tell duplicate for IS.7B
Leuaseai Medel -(See illustration)
Close fitting bst in white plush
with stunning niotini oi hiecxand
while paradise at right sad. On
of Ihe nr errrst exclusive models
ol the aea -on.
The original coal us .... tMB.OO
We sell duplkaie lor 80.00
Varan MedelI'urple velvet, with
Dew Hansen novelty oatrlch in
purple poi-rd at light aide. This
model shows the new cru.ih
crown. Ooe of the moat stunning
of the exclusive Varla models
Tne original coat u $80.00
We sell duplicate for 28.00
BuMxa Ajrraa
tm a

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