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Manufacturers' Association Sets
Forth New York's Great
ness in Terse Fashion.
How th rltjr ts Its mnnfv and how
It i?i'l It Is not an MM A li I' Ifrl '
to MpUIn to Ksthsr lfOSSflHI r'l
chllOrrn .! Inn stmpl or flu lion
whm thcM f-w striking farts r born
tn mind:
Th munlcljul dlt I mnrf thsn i ,
billion dollars, to be exact ll.';.oM,ri,
or llv million srrslor than tMp debt
of Uncle Sam or the national debt,
The total outlay by the city for Ml
far construction, equipment and miln-l
tenanre of public liull.llnf , strrM.
brlrt... water aupply, rapid transit,!
c., asrefated nearly M S7.s. ss com
pared with 77,SM.7S1 for UN year 1-" I
The net raeh receipts durlrui the one I
year war feW.OOO.Ono, of which nearly,
000,000 came from taxee. asssssmsnt.
water rales and Inleruat thereon.
Th expenditures for public Improve-;
mente by tie City of New York from ,
,wm IO i ""hast, Mr- IIM.i llle,.l,n ha lven up
O.O00. .,.. the bl things helnt H.- i ln ,,,:,, ,. t..-.laa appealed la Th
1OS.O00 for the purchase of sites w the Kv,.mn WorW ,o ,p I)(, n(r
construction of school houss. colleges rlliia
and libraries; for water -op-! Mr, ,,,,. wh(, ,v wn ,r ,u.
ply. tM.IU.W0 for dock, and ferrlea. ,r N1 l3?t Nor(h Kr,IlM. .,
n.lK.00" for aubwaya. Sl.7J0.00O f"! lhll,l, l.l.la, la confident the child la
Midges, tH.0DO.ODO for public buildings Kept In I,!. linn aomeWK. ie in Brooklyn.
Aier than artioola and libraries. rnorelpne niothcr Ikis tieem separated from her
Every Patrolman and Detective
Is on Watch for Machine
That Killed Policeman.
For Best Wife Choose a Girl
With Long Pink Finger Nails
WASHIffOTOM, !. '... Nov. t-New light has been ahed on the
pel ;Iex!na; p- dem of how 10 be l aipy though married. Cosmu
HI a n hi. u NOW York manicure, In a speech delivered here, says that
if 1 1 1 wltii long pink linger nail make the hest wives
Mr Ml.ii hi adds that girls with short and colorless flnssr nails
are cold MOOsM and Ntf centred. The finger nail test applies M men.
Im QllH reirivltiK proposal IhOUM look at their admirer's finger
nulls ff HMf nrc long and broiul and pink, take him quick. Life
will be fine l"ner forrtust of paradise.
Men with rlort, colurlesa nails are amMtlou They make money,
hut they do not cire muoh for home iind wife. However, you can be
assured thai such a man will alwaya have the price of a new gown
and hat Take your choice long- finger nail and romance; short finger
nails and cish.
Mi MMMM was addressing a gathering of manicures. He told the
girls they could lie of Immense value as advisers In affairs of the heart
If they would stilly finger nulls from the psychological atitndHilnt.
After three weeks spent In running
down a me.tgre due to the whereabouts
of her mlsslia llXa VWrM son. Ber
tram, whom shf declares ,. kldnipped
from their Philadelphia home, Aug. 30
TTTln SMO.000,00) for streets and roads.
and nearly WJ.uoo.ooo for parks, drive
ways, etc.
Comptroller Prendergast aays: "Th"
question of th city's debt limit Is ever
with us. but ths margin of the city's
legal borrowing capacity expanded from
HIM. IS on Jan. 1. It, to li."0.W
l.-ushand, Jxiuls, whose address she doea
not know, since List May. ln the belief
that he might know something of the
child dhswppisips.sjie, nu has kept
wat. h for several days over the Brook
lyn home of a sister of her hujharHl.
with the result that she now la confident
the slater knows nothing of the kidnau
plng Her belief tWit the child Is In Brook,
lyn I bal ed on the psmtM. I,f,.r h.
all month later Tall was due 10 the ,T'. ' of P"'1 !
, . , ,h. .......ri valuation L." . wnicn ine child
of taxable reslty. This year there has
been no Increaaed valuation. Of the
margin or debt limit NMU,T1 was avail
able for rapid transit purposes only,
snd M,l.Kl for luch yorposes ss
might he determined by the Board of
Estimate and Apportionment."
Bo to-day, while I'nele Ham Is watch
ing with keen Interest tie outcome of
the great buttle at th polls, In the pro
Itmlnarlei of which the expense of gov
iranwit, th high cost of living, the
tariff and other feature hav been Um
r si to exhaustion Fnllier Knlrkt
bocker alt back smiling, knowing that
Vn with a grMer debt reallnz on his
heulders. the resources of Ml city will
prevent Mm being plunged into bnk
rtey. And these rouree are minlfold.
"ft revenue of th clly are derived
from many sources, tsxe. siement
kstposed on property benefited by public
wrmomam. w,rr r'"' 1 new New Yorker Is born
city nropcrtl and for msrkets. license. ...
hud written bis nam
"I have exhausted every means In the
search for my little boy." sahl Mrs.
HI. -de, to-day, "but without avail. I
was working In Atlantic City as a dress
maker when Bertram waa enticed from
our hme In I'hlhvMphl. At first I had
no Idea where to look for him. It had
been the understanding between my
hut hund ami myself that w were to
place the child In a boarding aohnnl,
where both of us could visit htm, but
lie never nmde any effort to carry out
hi part of the agreement 80 I Ml
the hoy with my sister when I went
to Atlantic City to work."
Me. Ble'dei. , taing with an aunl
t No. IKfi Tox slrcet. the Bronx.
20.1100 policemen. Mi es of thai city's
street are not patrolled.
It requires only fifty mlnutea to erect
a new building In New York. At least
we have a new building every fifty
Kvery forty minutes we have a new
business corpiratlon; every six mlnuto
There were twelve central office men
officially assigned to-day to find the
Joyriders whose marlilne ran down and
killed I'oll. 1 man I'eter fltseltniiHins In
the West lrive In Coiriral Park early
Friday morning, but practically the en
tire department was at work on the
case, for Pitrslmrnons had been on the
force more than twenty yenrs and was
Frvm uniformed men and detectives
In very seefion of the city came a rain
of "tips" that deluged Inspector Paurot
and Commissioner Pougherty. who are
directing the Investigation Kt Head
quarters. Not an automobile with a
broken lamp or windshield or bent mud
guard went "through the streets, hut
what Its license number wus reported
Iietecllves. continuing their tour of
garages and repair shops, are running
back the recent MttOftt. of twenty-flu
or more machines which they have
found damaged.
The theory obtains that Kltxslmmnns
saw the car racing on the wrong ltd!
of the road and stepped out, no. nly
to warn the driver of this clrcums'ani ,
but to check It speed. How terrific
the speed must have been. Is llluetratrd,
Inspector Paurot po'nleO out to-day, by
the fact that a Ml broken from th
butt of Fltistminon revolver was found
In the mad with ha splintered glas
from the machlne'a windshield and
The four men hold In connection with
the killing of Fitxslmmon, arrested In
Chinatown Prlday nljr t. were released
yeateritay hy Coroner I loltxhniiset . One.
Prank Itos. wa re-ui rested on I
charge of larceny preferred by a MMMM
who said she waa hi mother.
Man, Wife and Seven Children
Escape From Home as It
Catches Fire.
receipts, fee from this and that office
or bureau and collection departments,
aggregating seventy or eighty In num
ber. All three moneys find theli way
to the Department of Klnance. where
ibsy ar recjrded In big hook by acores
of clerks and bookkeeper. Millions
mars than twelve are received annually
from axels, mortgage and bank tuxes
alone; then from dock and slip rani
and faery fares and dock privileges more
than P. 000.000 Is raised each year. Th
city also receive Incomes from Inier.-st
oa monsy loaned and several million of
dallars ar recovered each year from
fM, fines and coats.
Th Merohani' Association has bee.i
working on ths finances of tola city anil
tstw makes an Intereftlng report In
wfstch M points out these striking illus
tration of the vaatness and wealth of
th greater city:
Th five boroughs comprising One greet
rtty are In fact five dlktlnct cHlea.
We owe more than five times .1' much
as Phlladelp.V v Ohlcago. and Boston
notnhlned. And what la more, we are
going to add many millions to our In
debtedness In the next few years
building subwsys, docks slid school-
Manhattan lias u population greater
than that of Chicago.
Brooklyn is as large as Philadelphia.
The Bronx has outgrown Detroit.
fjueens H larger than Minneapolis.
KlelvnMird Is the equal In population
of Dallas or Halt !.ake City.
New Yoek City ha'i outgrown it owa
Imagination. It has now X.O00 manu
facturers. Theae produce two billion
Parents Make Sure line las Khali
Bear Jasae of Next Preside. t.
WAHHINQTON, Nov. 6. To make
ure that one of their sous shall bear
ths name of the next President of the
United States, J. Y. Kyler unl his wife
of Dennlson, Tex., to whom were burn
male triplets on Oct. S, have named
ths boys William Howard Talt Kyler,
Woodrow Wilson Kyler and Theodore
lloosevelt Kyler.
Proud Papa Kyler sent a letter to the
White House conveying this Informa
tion. It waa received to-day and a
formal letter, acknowledging th com
pliment, ha been written and Is await
ing th President's signature.
Letters of a Slim-Made
Woman to Her Fat Sister
Sixth Latter 1 On th Sllm-.M.d Man
Who Found a Harmless Fat Remedy
Dear Mil I eaa hardly well to writs you the
news. Who of alt iwuse tin you . ... 1 1,.,.
dollars' wwth of gnods-one-trnth of the ' "' ''r,,t'" Hn" '' hi n
enUr. amount manufactured In th. !? '" ' mmm
B,,. 1 ""J xejrtifua 1 eae-tso fatts" Isfttsi r
. , . A.. . . , WW" "a rut In a liatliln mit.
New Tnrk City, second tn six In th it , ui ponlallk inlaalilni. ard u far.
world snd In many waya the grottest, asm reniarln i-i. rna.lt ihsat Ida "eterfiowlM
im allll in t- liaMMi I .(iumu mwiA on. the u-.au" lhat knt ma ..lit ! ih SMl .. U' I
formed We have here H5.0II0 acr of S 1 " "11" si Marllr'. ouiakai,'
vacant, land There are only twenty per- f l " JJJ"
on to ,nr ir in ine ......... p..- enantefl- s much ai I hate and hoe wsll-sef
sons tn tie acre In ijueens; ana three Ul, and haailsuai 1m louki time lie beeou alUs.
person to the acre In Itlc-hronnd. al'.m
The grain export trade U slipping Us baa lbs tssw "rschj" nmi b non nalr
fnnm Van. V.irk In .illi.r Allutlle noela name an. asd I've liminlsed tn din with him In.
In 1"9 New York shipped e.rsW.OfJO more ...T 'f" " 'J'":" J
T , , . ,-- - u "a i . i like the diet' dines rs at had at thr bserh whs
btishela of grain than NHWM and ,.d Ml w crMkm ,.,, ,ht ,., ,
Baltlreore combined. In 1M0 Che figures wl .d $m ,,(nfn (nd
were reversed. These two crtle hlpoed ,, fatter and aaaater on our slim diet. Thai
s.ooo.lXFt more bushels tnn .ew rork.
Lost an,Nn Urllln; Job..
The National Kmploynisnt ICxchunge,
endowed with 1100.000 by J. P Morgan,
John 1 1 Itockefeller and other, reports!
through II President, Otto T. Bannard, tablet, rnnat aurrly tie eniement--lnM a llitir
slaw Tork CHv arttli M nomi at on of 1 tlvst U no loi in is inreo- it pptiwe, it m. ni
eet Uie uttlv hnnd ut artniistle its lisd then
but nnw wr hate snulher twud,
Ton remtinhar I he -mi, !.. Iiarnilea, reilueer I
useil to re-lalm BJI alloi. trim, firm tlgurs tlti
Marmnla I'raaerliillun wall, tit iua.1 that ton.
tMi li- finind It at inn drug store tn tablet fnrni
Marmula i'rtei-ruit'nn Tatilrta at TIW-. t)i bni
treat a nan to find it eatleal way. Tt
A crowd of several thousnnd persons.
excited over the nppfoV0 1 of alectlon
end up late to h.-ar spec. -lies and attend
rallies, chokei McCsrren Park, on
Airlmer sit eet, Wllllanisburgii. earlv to
day while the plant of the Iloyal I. are
Paper Coitij any, across the street, was
consumed by a spe taculnr fire.
Policeman Heckelman of (lreenpolnt
avenue station turned In an alarm
When Battalion Cnief McKIvy arrived
he sent In two more alarm. The frame
building, filled with rolls of paper, was
burning rapidly.
A frame dwelling Immediately adjoin
ing the burning building was ths home
of Pred Milburn, his wife and seven
children. They were mused by Police
man Heckelman ami got out Just before
the house -aught fire.
Capt. Itlnden and the reserve from
(Ireenpolnt avenue station waked th
ten families living In a three-story brie
tenement on the other side of the Mil-
burn home. Th ftam did not get Into
the tenement.
A short time after the arrival of th
apparntu. the crowds In McCarren's
Park began to thicken and there was 1
press of people Into the street, Ths
Ireenpolnt avenue police were unable
to hold them hack and the reserve had
to he summoned from the Bedford aven
ue and Hervert street nations.
Coroner Kinds It Was farmer's Ma
chine That Killed Old Man.
SAI.KM. N. J.. Nov. 5 Coroner Hitch
Irier has nst-ertalne.1 from the license
number of the car that ran down and
killed John Bailluger, an aged farmer of
Matinlngton. last Haturdty night, that
the machine belongs to Henry Bloemer.
prominent farmer of Mavranlngtcm. The
Coroner called up Bloemer on th tele
phone, and he ay the former admitted
that It was his car that struck Ballln
ger. and that he seemed to h nearly
overcome with grief becauae of th accident
According to the Coroner, Bloemer said
h - knew that hi car had hit Balllnger,
but that he waa too frightened to stop.
He wlU he present at Ui Inquest. He
has sn excellent reputation In Salem
Papc's Cold Compound
Cures Colds and Grippe
in a Few Hours.
It is a poiitive fart that a dose of
Tape's Cold Compound, taken every
two hours until three r narcutive dotes
are tsken, will end thr Grippe and break
up the most severe cold, either in the
hesd, chest, bark, stomach, limbs, or
any part of the body.
It promptly relieves the most mis
erable headache, dullness, head and
nose stuffed up, feveriihness, sneesing,
sore throat, running of the nose, mucous
cstarrhal discharges, soreness, stiffness
and rheumatic twinges.
Take this wonderful compound a
directed, with the knowledge that there
is nothing else in the world which will
cure your cold or end Grippe misery as
promptly and without any other assist
ance or bad after-effects as a lo-cent
package of Papr's Cold Compound,
which any druggist can supply accept
no substitute contains no quinine.
Belongs in every home. Tastes nice
acts gently.
A Co. 'a Attractions Are Thalr LowPric
rm rm h. msct
W Harald So tiara
Broadway. Mth to 5th St.
Our Stocks of Winter Clothing
For Meny Women and Children
Are Complete and Present
Great Opportunities for Savings.
Sixty-five thousand dollars' worth of t ie best
floor-coverings in America, to be sold for
forty-three thousand dollsrs.
l.Os.000 ha. fswer than tl.rW) policemen, year struggle to .erve th. unemployed 1 "" ijjg 8Jj!f ttg
London with (.500.000 popuiitton has I on an Ideal a well as a business basis. B AfflTlislIll, " HBrTY -Ad "
Resinol heals
itching skins
and clears bad complexions
RESINOL Ointment and Resinol Soap stop itching in
stantly; quickly and easily heal the most distressing
cases of eczema, rash, ringworm, tetter, or other eruption,
and clear away pimples, blackheads, dandruff, chapping,
redness and roughness, when other treatments have proven
only a waste of time and money. Thousands who have been
cured by Resirtol say, 'What it did for us, it will do for you!"
Par Over seventeen year Resinol has been
sstHbsd by doctors as a aaf s and effect ive treal-
at iaa sua affections, as well as for piles,
limns ly iii 1I11 sores, tdears audi bolls, and it
tax Ideal fcotassfeokl remedy for all thes
truubles Try It yourself, hy sending to day for
it lllorai sauip ol Heslnol Muap und Ketinul
Ointiueal Address I )cp . tOl U'ln il t'liem
ic-altia., Baltimore, Mil. Hold oy ail uruusists.
Huaiaol Soap. U&c. Kasluol itlntmont.SUr. and II.
Get Busy
Tpj tmi All the Difference am
When you have unpleasant symptoms it is time to
look after your health and well-being. If you let
yourself run down and get sick it will be you who will
lose the time and the enjoyment it will be you who will
endure the suffering.
Yet, most sicknesses start in derangement of the stomach,
liver or bowels little things at first, but soon to become
serious if not stopped.
Right Away
at first sign of trouble is always the best time to take tteecham's
Pills the most famous family remedy the world knows justly
renowned for the wonderful manner in which they give new tone
and power to the stomach, stimulate the liver and regulate
the bowels.
-taa war a I I 1 1 a. a srsa ttkt-t-nw Vwaaa 1 V tsrlia-ifi W r e-ta a a ars ana
El uu win uc ill ucttci iicaii.ii mien yuu use
Beecham's Pills. You will feel stronger; your blood
will be purer; your head clearer; your spirits will be
good and you will be more cheerful after you learn
the value ot lieecham s rills and secure their help.
They Make
All the Difference
Plain Wilton Velvet
Elsewhere 11.50
Regular Macy price, SI. 44
Width, M.ey'mp.ci.1 price, 1.14
Plain Wilton Velvet
Elsewhere 2.00
Regular Macy price, S1.89
4-4 Widlh,M.eyapcci.l price.Jl.44
Body Brussels Carpets
Elsewhere IMJ
ReRulat Macy price, SI. 59
Macy Sale price, $1.14
Axminster Carpets
Elsrrhcre l.V)
Regular M.tcy price. $1.34
M.icy' Sale price, 79c
Among these fine Rugs and Carpets are no
remnants, no "left-overs," and no shop-worn
goods. The collection is composed of a selec
tion from our regular stock added to the items
of a recent fortunate purchase on a large scale,
and the entire series has actually been marked
down to, in many cases, less than wholesale cost.
Sizes of Rugs run from 27 inches x 54 inches up
to 9 feetxl2 feet, and the range of colorings,
the combinations in shades and patterns, and
the borders, are so wide that description is
impossible here. We say, however, that in this
fine collection of Rugs and Carpets you can
surely match any color scheme whatever.
The Largest Sale of Any JVedicine
At all druggists, 10c, 25c
Direction of tpecial value to women art with every boa
IIsHbsbIV aaB assess I bsbbbbb9 I sasH
BSBbV JBSBBsl BsB'l al l BSBsVfl
aTaSsrk -s I Hi
"The art and process of varnishing objects in wood,
' metal, etc., with lacquer or japan, so as to give a
brilliant finish."
."The act, art, or business of coating or varnish
ing with lacquer."
The Dictionary might truth
fully have said that the use in
either of the above arts of a
Gas Fired Oven
is unequalled, or for tempering steel or
other metals or for drying purposes.
Uniform products assured because the
heat is under absolute control.
Great saver of your valuable floor space.
Bring Your Material and Let
V Give You a Demonstration.
Industrial Gas Appliance Laboratory
Noi. 374-380 Secead Avenue (Corner Eart jfcj Street)
Call, write or telephone GRAMERCY 47.
"-(She Right Wy is the Gas Way"
Consolidated Gas Company of NewYork
Wilton Velvet Carpets ( Velvet Carpets
Elsewhere 1 . fO Elsewhere $tJf
Regular Macy price, SI .44 Regular Macy price, $1.09
Mac' Sale price, $1.09 Macy'i Sale price, 79c
V V 1
Here is a rug slorv thai applies to carpets, too.
We advertise in this section a 9 ft.xl2 ft. Royal Wilton Rug
for $26.74 regularly at Macv's, SS6.89).
Another large and reputable concern in New Yorh is advertising
this identical quality of Rug thus: "Value $4L50; Special $33.50".
N 1
; t
First Grade Tapestry Second Grade Tapestry
Brussels Carpets Brussels Carpets
Elsewhere 11.00 Elsewhere 85c
Regular Macy price, 89c Regular Macy price, 78c
Macy'i tpecial price for this aale74c Macy'i ipecial price for thi saie$9c
V V i
Royal Wilton, Tapestry Brussels,
Velvet and Axminster Rugs
Most Ara Copies of Magnificent and Costly
Orientals, in All-Over Pe s'an Effects
Tapestry Brussels Rugs
Royal Wilton Rugs
These Wilton Rugs are a high grade
material, made from worsted yaras,
woven on a jacquara loom, wnicn
means service, durability anci re
siliency. Keg. macy s
Macy Sale
Size Elsewhere price price
JM4 in. 1.75 to 5.25. 4.24 to 4 .80 $3.09
16xfiin. 7.50 to 8.50. 6.74 to 7.7 $4.74
itotlOUtMiTM S3S.24 WAS
9x12 ft. 1 40.00 SJ6.89 $
Fine Axminster Ru
High grade Axminster Rugs, mostly
in Oriental patterns and in the dark
rich color combinations of green, tan,
brown and red.
Sire Elsewhere
27x60 in. 2.25
16x72 in. t i.75
9x12ft. 424.50
S 214
S 3.48
These are the high grade Tapestry
Brussels Rugs. An excellent wearing
rug. suitable Tor the living room,
library, dining room, and chamber,
in medallion and floral effects
9x12 ft
xl0)ift. 911.50
ixlO-ift. $12.75
Fine Velvet Ru
This excellent rug is woven so as to
be used on both sides, mtstly in
Oriental patterns and colorings. A
rug Hut can he used advantageously
in any part of the house. The quality
is of sufficient strength to give ex
cellent service on either side. Both
sides exactly alike.
Size l:lst-where Peg. Macy price.
9x12.. S20.00 $18.48
Macy'a Sale Price $11.89
Third Floor. B'srar.
lS to Less Than Elsewhere
The decoration of this high grade Schwarzburg China has a
dainty pink rose festooned pattern intertwined with a conven
tional border in green, the combination making a decoration
equal in effectiveness to that of many of the very expensive
China Sets.
Included in this assortment are all the pieces necessary for a complete
Dinner Sot in any combination preferred.
Dinner Plates; each 15: 1 SoupTureen
RrH-.kf.ist Plates: each 12c Pickle Dish .
Ta Plates: each 10: Covered Dish.
rvssert Plates: each c Salad Bowl
Bread and Butter Plates; each 8c Salad Bowl
smm Piatai! each tt ChopDish
Platters: e ich 7c Toast Rac k.
Platters; each
Platters; each
Platters: each c
ice Cream Dish -.each S
.'res.-rve Dishes; each 7t
dividual Butters Sc
Mayonnaise and Plate; each SSc
Open Baker 2:
Twin Open Baker 3c
t en Cups and Saucers 15:
offee Cups and Saucers if:
A. D. Coffees and Saucers '.2:
sugar Bowl 21k
B. wls ISt
Mali. M.or, :nih Mm:,
Oatmeal Dishes t.
Ramekin and Plato
Bou 1 1 Ion Cups and Saucers. . ....... IE
Tea Pots . . . . .M
Tea Pots . . . . .iSt
Cream Pitch is ..!!!B
Cream Pitchers ja.
Cake Plates ltt,lU
Sauce Boat jj.
Casserole ' j
kswycreu Duuor dissi ja.
Covered AVuff in Dishes ' . . 39,
Wjeo a. uorTGjyou. ezoi
wmmmmm .1 n u i m .

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