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?-T T at --jJiV- -Hi -I - -r -y..-.-y"rwfc' -u. -
Jsaatbsr Wrt
r Te-Slahti n.i Probable Satarday.
Weather-Warmer Ta-rght Mala Pre
J " Circulation Books Open to All."
Circulation Books Open to AIL"
(on. rl.hl. 111:1. h. The Press Pahllshlaa
Co. I Thr Mr Verb Wnrldi.
Inight I
WITH $1 01 ,000 000 DEPOSITS as man,
ovmi iiioouunruRHiiuiio
, . urtNc, nmiacii a MP
rector in 5o, Throws Light
on Interkxking System.
CAN LEND $74,000,000.
Combined Interests With Mor
gan Told at Money Inquiry
Balks at Questions.
WA8H1KQTON, Jan. 10 The mill
ions which the Pint National Bank
of New York has available for in
vestment were disclosed at to-day'
hearing of George F. Baker, Chair
man of the bank's board, before the
House Money Trust Investigating
Mr. Baker, popularly referred to
as "the biggest man in the street."
tnstlflrd that the bank had $74.n-nu,-unfl
available for Investment, of wliii li
131,0041,000 was out In demand loan
snd fSS.OOO.tHJO In time lOMI and
OisoountH The bank holds $4;t.4,
0 In securities and has groan dn
i oslts of about $110,000,000.
GBmiset t'nterinyer for ;),.. roinmlttec
Otr. tRaker through h line of qiiHi-
rimg which vu Intended (0 bring o'lt
lilg close relation with I It- railroads
lithe anthracite fields, usually re.'errcd
o tiie hard coal truat, without ,1, -
e ion. ns more than In generally known.
'irire when Mr. t'liti'iinyer wanted In
'ordtatlon of the hunk connection wit
'tSJ Klrkt Securities Company, the Q'te.s-
rti wee held In abevunce until Mr. I
Kakar could confer with Iiih counsel.
nurii:K the luncheon ponssf Mr. BsjUsfi
dmajattsjd Us counsel abuat rmnlah.nK
i ih com ml t tee a Hut of lb tnuisa -Hons
n floating securities In which his cms
iny hail actSd Jointly with J P. Mor-!
sn is). I ulnar i iiin i n in. When the 'uear
g ves resumed Mr. Baker announced
r hid dotaimtni I to fiirnlNh that nun !
iJjisj data to the friaemUtee, ir the
ior0 of Directors of the First National
Ifcuilf. dsetdsd t.ial It might he made
tmbuT The ..niiuittee gave htm umii!
tsdbradu.v to submit the Informatluv I
When Mr. Maker rssumad the tunil
ai ine oiienlns; of to-da.v'a Inquiry he ,
aateii pamdlsaioa to tasks statammt.
"You mad. me out urli a grSSl
ioid" of alraatoraMfts yaatsrdsy." hs
aid to Mr. I'lilermyer, ' that I aWh
a aj lliat I never beeume a dlrei '.oi
, a " voting truatea of any vompany
at Six own aolloltutlon."
tt aavs lost gw to ask you
asatf year glrsctorsalps," said Mr.
Vatannysr. added that a list far
alaaed by Mr. Baker's baak saoirad
tkat directors la the riret Sattoaal
held eighty-eight dfcreotorebips la
other eorporatlona. la thlrty-sevea
corpora ttona members of J. V. Morgaa
k Oo. aad dlreetera of tae 11 rat aTa
ttoaal Baak ware ootamoa directors.
Mr., Buker agreed to furnleh a Mat
of the corporation In which he hlnt
,lf was a dlrwctor. He thought he
held about fifty such places.
Mr Tnterinyer asked Mr Baker If he
could supply a statement of tho ac-
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Lose a Week
It it only one every teven diyi that
roti have an opportunity to tecure the
position, worker, home, lost article, bar
litu, etc.. you stek throuch tw-reacit-
This is a reminder that Survlay !t not
itr away. So plan your Sunday World
idvertising to-day.
Hert't more evidence that Sun.l..,
World ids. are lest:
7,690 World Ads. Last Sunday.
1.ITT Mere Than the Mnda Herald
90S Mor than Vht World Plinted the
Corresponding Sunday Last Year.
ftr tht Sunday World Sholi lie
l.iM . .,
( 7apt. Amundsfn Complains of
Heat as New York Shivers
at 4 Degrees.
Oapt, Kj.m AHiUQdaen, ilaeovarSf of
the Sou tu pole, arrived overcoatleas in
New Vork to-day on hoard the Ht
i'aul of tho American Hue. snd with
the tempera I u re a; H4 ,lKTees gBOVa
zero, acted mUOh lias one who ha'l sum
denl found himself, fully-dressed, In
the steam MMfl at a Tii"k!..'i oath. 11
sompialned ut OQCe and at length of
the heat of 1 tropic N'"W York " but he
rafratoed from demanding a tan and u
aottlH drink
As the .tt- i'au1 SHIS Into the harbor
the tun Henry L.ee, chartered bv ;
No-wegljn National League and r.i,
rylng a committee of the utbierer'l
proud fellow-counti yinen, cleared t no
Battery and steamed toward th :'i, .lin
ing Unci. Og tha side.- of the lug wen
dlaplaeil banners annouu.-lng that Cap..
Amunda.-n was welcome to the United
States and above floated the dags or
the Wu HSIlia 11 anil the Yankee.
Juat afier (be doctor's boat had
slipped back tows.nl QtMMMtW the
Henry Use oane close under ui unti e
side and some one tossed a he WS
from the d'ek of the tug. It was t' i
Intention of ihc Norwigfan oominltte
which wuh haailr l h Ki nderlck rYerM
Q. A. Koborg. .lu ll II. c and 'brlstop"ii
rtavn, the KorWSgieO t'onsui-icnerul, ; -take
Capt. Amundsen in trluiiiph to the
Oily and board the specially barter. '
Henry l.ee, but the Amuil'an Line at.
the United States Ouatomi arose to li
terfeie with the plan being carried o it.
A hoarse DOnHTVaOd a'ee inim the
.bt;dge of the Paul and R as Hot, ex
Wife's Friends Peeped Into
Rhinovs Shop to Get Lvi
dence for Her.
Mrs. Rhinow Hud Won Separa
tion Suit Despite "Coochee
C(K)chee" Evidence.
.Mrs. Leans Rhinow, a prepoaessing
young Brooklyn matron, who had to
inStNr charges that she iaOMi e
coochee-coovhec with an actor and
posed for her photograph while wear
ing male attire, when she obtained a
separation from her i.iaband, William
.'. FUiinow, a laihlonahle Hrookl.wi
tailor, threa yems ago. Is In court
When Mr. 1th. now asked Ju'the
Hi udder Tor the separation she turd
Khlnow had been cruel to her. Now
she wants a divorce and charges t'ie
tailor with Infidelity.
.lustre K ipper heard the case tn-duy.
Mrs. Hiiinow. vnn nad been awarded
1 a week, now wants alimony of tJO
a we"K and f)tr- for ixjunsel f i ra. Hhe
says Uhliiow's liukliu'ss on the Wall-
lumabUM Bridge !pii,ga Is bringing him
an inciane of W.igsi a year. . ' A
Mrs. fcthli.ow nwuted a Mrs fJooaJOMt,
Wlio Is said to Mva at ,Vn. 1IM South ;
Rlguth Htreet, Itrookh n. as i-o-iv. .
SDOtldent 8he. her brother. William f.
tarlon. of No. 10! New Vork avmue,
with whom she now resldn. I'eter
l.eniion and Harry Weir offrrel gill
llavlt r"gd. v five different oc
casion When they luid lierped 1 1 1 r '. 1 I
a rear window of tthlnow's Hoop. Tii-'j
said they hbd seen Sigh is WhlCil con
vinced them His Ithliiow ms en
tltlisl to u divorce. Tliey named live
dates between Oct 15 unit $'ov. 115 list
when, the) asset ted. they had He- u
Mrs. Quad Wig and Khlnow tagathsr in
the place.
Hut Marlon had more to offet In ll
atndavit. He tarei led thai hi had
seen Khlnow etrrytng Mrs OsSda n
baby, ' which, b) the way. Is named
William "..'' aocordlng to the aftblHVll
ami asserted nut on one spanning he
had heard Mrs QOOdWtn say to Hit
bab' as uiiinow spproschndi
"Hers oomea your papa.
Rhinow denied all t. a charge'. He
also lilt Tod UOad an amdavii from Mrs.
Martini iloodwln. twenty-six years old.
t.e wife of imk. ii ii Qnodnrin Of No.
1 0 T J New York avenue. WhSff Rhino
also has apart SI en ta. She denied thai
sl.e was tile woman with ahom Mrs,
RhinOW and others had said they had , .
seen llliliiow In its shop.
sue also said ghs bad been thsl TUs January Oraod Jtiry. dnnmuig
mother of live children, three of whom : llself ImpOHcil upon by llie police
were dead. (Hie of the e. who died re- L.harares a4ainal GnorSM A gian. the
(ently at the Sgl of six months, . i
said, had bee'i named "William M. '
Mrs. Rhlnow's witnesses uad charged
I the Mrs. Qondwin they nomad as oo
I respondent with Imvlnii a bony named
"William f."
No other Mis Uoodwln appeareil or
offetiHl an aftl'aiit. i.nd Justice Kap.iei
reset yed daslaton. ,
Mis khlnow s .i.t for a separation
attracied mum attention I" Flatbusti,
where both ahe ind her huahuti 1 were
well known. Thl Incident about tt.ii.h
most of the gosrlp gttgehed lo thg as,
iVgs amused, was a -lu a said to l.ave
been given by M's. Rhin .w snd William
Mclntyre, an gelor, at the home of Ur.
and Mrs. WiUlani Pettlt, In El li Thirty,
seventh street, FlSlbUSh, on New Year's
Pay. W07.
Then It was that Mia. Rhinow waa
S Id 10 have lifted ber skirts high
enough to disclose her ankles and 10
ir. danced what some tailed the
'coochee coo'hee." and others an -s-a'titeraieil
version of tho then pipular
alerry widow Walla" Mrs Rhinow
it listed she did nothing more tuan dance
a tsfO'itsp w Ih the sctor.
it her ecSdeii c thai It'unon present. -d
included i pbut ' o! his w fe In men's
attire, loping b) Ihll means to cast
reilectlon open tier cnar'tur.
Hauls si,.,,, i A.lalora.
BIT. lrl KltSHl IKJ. .Ian. IV, Thl
faulnel has ..sued an order p-oblbltliig
fiirxlcn lialinoniata and aviators from
v i esateg the waetern e.mi'er for six
BlOnlha nv ,,i e SlgUl Ih.a order.
J GiV tor Whom
I Gave I In Hi
w -asavsnsr -w -gg- aw asm
Grand Jury Starts on Trail of
"Higher Up" In Mleged
Whitman Gets Testimony That
Hits at Five Inspectors
and Five Captains.
I " -
Harlem hotel k.i.iet who geenngg
rmMarK - gml f 1
k BaBaV VZA. . eminH asfHirSmBEBBmTsal
WHO m 10 MR
Mlloi oAtoertj ur ex tort too, hus ,ie- 1"'"i" nhamns as neoq gi
, 'he leiches Miami, ,la Tiie phystciwn
cldstd in Investigati shai guungri to .
will and savor to ascertain krhetnai ur
be a ptjtlM "fnuii"-ui; ui rmamevv aol the oil tnagnats is nhyslonlly able
The In vesi IkuI inn is tu bagih H' Onajelto give lb mntlltee testimony.
and Is not lo i ojiiine itsell to i!ih Mr. Pujo declined lo make public his
, ..'....a I..... li,,. VI. I, ll. -
iiotloiiH id -tiliiit'ilinaie nine is
,f nl.iic, iiiuiH iilhc Is ,,f ih .
di parttrawt.
After si-i nni rfsated at AHnnfJo
City on a trarranl issued ny Cklnf Ung
Inirnts MnAdoo, nhargtng lot ivltfi a
feloh.i Undei the laws of Ihll State. o,i
evidence furnished hi leo Immoral
I autnen, I pui
i.nmmlaslonsi Dougb
I erl Selll I i
i d iv its :na la
I dsn i I ,ltol uey al'l
v mess aomen The u
trici-.vit ii m y lubmltted no sSVInvlta
In the )ra ml lUO and IUU Boned t
Stoman as a Itncsscs.
Both 'hi cen testified Ihgl thl afflda-
vlu had been I I In them by Do-
In. live Mori s fj nan. a plain- I
Klothesnmn on ths mat of iMpaotorl
sweenev. ...... tha. tn.r Pntrolmen
had ..sk.'.i ll cm to sign tin m I hi had j
it. ii jean me .f i . - i ; ano "in or i.ic
w man piacii iiiiv repudiated the noon
incut bent Ing h. r siejM ; un 1 he
. .... .e..r.. .Ir..i.,. .l
Members i the On
I dlgnattl l elini the)
tempi In deceive litem'
I Jury were 'n
ci n lei all lit-
T i . talked ihs I
mnttai uVi SI ' a l
llscot er.-d ',
''a' 'tin in
nrrs unsi i iuMm in de.su -
lllg an
Invest. gal on of lbs wools if.
V. vmt.ua'.d uu ivu. vU fttJSJ
rw aT WW V VWf F
ON PfiilCE
U,, lVic N()W on W ay
Miami, W ill He Met There
by Government Agent
WAsUflNOTON, -Ian hi The Money
Trust t'ommlltee of i mj House to-dav
ordered I'lui.rman Pujo to send a phy-
si' .an to met wiii'am Roekefeller1 r. -
!"'"" """"ir
or Ibe name of tne pivslilan to be em.
ployed bv the committee
air RoeketeOor win be e.amtniMj by
ropreoentallvso of i i nnmrnlltes nn
SRIaelenii I r 11 til I V" . " l,e Mild ""nsk..
than that 1 an s.iv nothing ,,t h time
TO 'tiaKe pnbll
nil plans night defeat
inn pm pense.
It l and. t ..... I I M
ri ady ,i 1 1 mgS I w ith
Ul , I'uio has ui
physician to ex.
I uniljlc Mi Re keli I .
N74KSAI , New m
William rlockefell.r
lagye fiei e to-day on
.Miami In Miami. PI
l dance, .Ian in
lias de tided to
noard the steamer
Vessel With Twenty-three
Wen i
:- i.ird Had Plashed w In
I"8 ' "'" '"r M'lP
Si iltl-Ml.K. Va . am Ie I ... Urltlsh
I atea ihi Aleaaar, wiiii n . 01 ta
I txlhrcc. whl h had seven- nines off
he Sorth enroling cossl tot mi we, 4s
and wi.i' i sag rsnortsd lam n fhi lea:--
ling an - onillng foi gniok ssslstnave off
I Ulnmond Hiionl l.lghUmi, passed in thai
Virginia Capes under her own sieU.,.
da .-- ill. i b.d li-l .. IMC t.
West Pointer
Armn C.nrvor
ggi'Ba ,u (gii ) guvd -viuU'Uwu,
Joseph P. Ord V;is in the Di
reot l ine of the Khlp
of England.
egitirtMeCy of Descendants Re
vealed b Morganatic
Wife's Papers.
nnmiier nf men pi m
ami business circles In
foe Altinny tteda Is
ni In hank
New York I
attend, ihe i
funeral or I, is, ph I. ind. at eal-gi ami
BM of l"orge IV. Ihroilgli ii morganatic j
mnirlage and a former partner In lb ,
ii ui of .i pterpanl Mmga v Co, eiei-'
v.res w ill ie I eld at the I'aihedral it
All Mint at Albany to-moi.on Hlstiop
William DoaMI of Hie diocese of A limn,
will conduct the services.
Mf. Ortl died at tbe Ht. Ilegls Hotel
In llila city early yesterday afler an
lllnesa of several aesiia. due in a
anionic affliction of Hie utiivat. He a
omy forty-four years old when M
Morgan took hint from tin vl pri ll
drncy .of the Oonera; foectr,!,- f'ouipunv
at nc-hnectarly to Is- u p.t'i'ftier In the
Morgan banking house.
,Jle ws' chaesji t Ibe iun tt)l tilled
to tcpresaiit the .Mm nan Inter sta In the
real, ro null I nlle.1 anat. rieei csji
porstion. After a brief sgfM avanof In
Iht iniacliv tie reti.iued to H, bene. -ta.lv
to sa t In an advoiy rtpaclty for
tlie eierlrlc works.
At the tlnas Mr, OM hdned lac Mor
gan firm nolhlug waa knoe n of his royal
! desceent to the general public. Tthmigh
there was nothing dishonors hie In tha
I r latlon'.iln of ileorge IV. and bis g-eat-I
g sndmother the famous Mrs. Kltxher-
bert. the Ameilrsiii branch of Die family
waa mil given to exptntltn I la darlva
. Hon from Ibe i irllng house of Hnglnnd
I Tue fact ware mode known In
', Hill.', by the uns. sling of the papers
of Mis. ritiberlieit. In them ahe
; told of her. marriage to King Heorg?
i IV. and of the blrib of their son.
Ai col ding n those document and a
marriage cerlincat. latei found at
I'outt's Itnnk lii UnngjOn, wheie It had
lieen deiHisltssI bv the ltike of Wel
lington nearly eight v years ago. King
ileorge violated tin laws of Ida conn
I try and contended un Illegal nenf
1 i lage. Mrs. KllalimDeri was a Aw
! UMMo and the laws of Kuglalid for
feited ibe hei-tlage of air member of
the royal faintly who ill ur led a On
i tbillc
1 The uunneeainn of George, when as
) Hrinoa of nnies he pontrented the mnr.
; rlage. look the view that InasuiU' h aa
the nnlM nTgg Illegal It aa null and
: void before It was pet formed, and there.
(ON was a meie ceremony not affecting
I Ida right to his title, they let him have
I I Is own way. The aon of this union
I waa Joseph Ord, wlio I recorded In the
! iinoks of Oeorgetotrfl University as 'son
Of GsorgS IV and his lawful wile. Mis
I'itahn liert." and as cut, ring that Insti
t.itlini of learning in lsJ
The oldest son of Joseph i ird was Judge
i iclrt lis Did The Joseph I. Ord who
was a member Bf .1 f Mnrgn tk l o.
whs ibe Km of Judge Ord. and waa
t nel
r.iie in the direr I una or nseneni ui
tie sings or rmgiano Mir iwr ie 11 1
of Ills giisii-giariilf.it tier's religion Mr
Ord, among his cloeeel CHnade, was
some. :.es given lo making fun UI .cm
.'if ny Issuing "ragnl naerean 1
Ml Ord is a gra dual, of Vale In
in,, .-lass of liTt lie begnn bis buainaas
onrser in ihe aoeounting degnrtrnenj of
ti.e ve. shore Railroad, from h.uh as
weni to tho electric .oinpiiny
i oid. Ul l ine. USUI, married Miss
gusnn v a ,'i.u p.,.1 an ugh tar of Mrs
laua Van lei p... . of AlliSi.
irl.er ul Hoseiillial 'lain'.
plandS llasli.es. .
William Shapiro, who ii.-s.ve the
t Mr I
Ii Un- four gunmen rode to
kill Herman Roeenihai aval July, railed
it the Kisiri. i-Aitornrys ulSca te day
wlt'i hl o.i - Aaron l.ev his
uptuysr, Joneph ClavUh and seked Mr.
W human to intercede ith ihs So ore
tg of Male for a restoration of Sha-
. u'i ii en.- a. a chaufeur
T is H a s i taken from i...n at in.
i'.UUV v( vt sital,
Insurance Agents, Adjusters antC
Proiessional Incendiary Involved in
a Conspiracy Through Which
$50,000 Was Collected.
UNDER BAIL Or $5,000.
Samuel Gold, Who Makes the Confes
sion, Tells How Big "Losses" Were : J
Collected on Worthless Furniture.
The cunfeuiuii oi Samuel nold. m-Iio pleaded guilty to arson in,
the Court i General Sessions Tuesday nit ht, has opened the way to
exposure And puiii'iii'.u'iu of a .fcaiijf of tiretnigs is piwcrlul and cWr:
iiii; as thr cane tbat I'roken up sixteen years ato- I he net spttaJ
by Fire Marshal I'rial :iiul Ajoblant
ot fakii civen up 1:1 nic pas tnrec
liosl of lire WMiraikv ajcent and lirokors and moiIIm ?'tiVfe'Hm1ve!"a -
adjusters and piolesskmal tircbufi.
George Gruta, a fire insuraiice broker anl notary with an oHke
at No. 62 Hast One Hundred aiki Second street, was. arraigned in Har
lem Police Court to-day and held in S5,ou bail on a charge of arson
preferred by Hire Marshal Prtal. Grutz is said -to he a member of tho
Hireitujf Syndicate in which Gold and lay Stein, know as ,"lzy tho
Painter" were prominent workers.
Second-Year Man at West
Point Must Leave Academy
Because He's Married.
I u Hauiu.l la a cruel and uuieleiil
in r reinttVS when one of his bva of
Vet Mai runs off and eats mairled
1-ons.vUu.iniU . however, tbe brldo a pa
rents may sro.t Oielr naw son-ln-law.
'adet wmer si, aaassr, mu
ee.ilv oisrrte.l at Tarivtow'i lo
Florence F Oavls of Buffalo ejnd will
have lo iiurau
his double destluv now
In ,-lvll Ufa
Our I 'nolo Samuel will n it la
id ace mil lleutenanla to wed When mey
..re lleilgillgs lust
ina I'oln
internal old g-ntleins n tldt.Ks
aaoond lleuienant-muc.h leaa a ae.onu
yaer man In hi military e-hool la In no
po .ltlon to support a wife, ta.nseu.uent
v, when ha took u bride In Tairytown
v.-.terdav. young Mr. Addln of Ulillngs,
Mont lost a profession.
rhe underiiiliilsg of I adet AdJler a
'.onstan.y to bis Uovarnmani hasl Ita
, Inception at the V.ile-Wal Mat foot
1 111 game at iVesi Point In Octobsr.
lll. when Addler was Juat a "pleba."
j The neat vacation saw an engagement
and Miss Uavls. who la the daughter
of Mr and Sirs. Harry J. Uavls of
! Buffalo, was tbe envied of all ihe girls
1st Miss Mason's Caatle Hcbool In Tar
I rytown.
They Just couldn't wait until Klmer
waa through the Holm" and had a
llrst licunnjiiis uimiHsiuii in tne
armv So on nyodnnnday the young
cadet -ut B leave gnd Jollic I his sweet
oi i.t in Tnrrylasm, She didn't say a
I word or iwr nii.niiona ai si-.i.u wsi
day. b.H vesieruay aoa aaa lave r-iutv
went to UlB Florence Inn. where they
found the 11 ev Q. II. Ilegemun of tha
s. coiid Reform sd Church toying with a
salad at one of the tables.
"Are you a olergyinnnT" a.-ke i . a.iet
"i mn." replied Dr. Kegeaiafi
1 1 w as all o er In ilfleen minutes
k -(-r . 4 .tsg.se. w
DistrictAttorney 'Welter, woven out v
aays ny toui, i. siowij ciivewpusj ik -
i.rutg placsd tan l iiursn-. ob a fat
occupied trj u.ild. Ma wrots a policy
for tl.goo ui the Oarmau American In
surance t'ompany oo household goods
worth riot mors than alio Then the
tat was nied hr "Isay ths Painter'
after nearly all the goods hell been r.
mi.ved and the Inauraiica -ornpany waa
miilrtad foe a loas of Mai '
Tina Are occurred at .Va 574 East On.
Hundred and ThJi t -eighth atreet. Tha
insurance waa placad on Dec. 1, UMe.
Hold deeartbed the plot of this pertir.
uler grs in detail la aia onaXseslo
Inasmuch aa tha plan waa about the
aama in all Hras laanlpuiatad by tae
alleged gang, tha description tg inter
eating. It sppllss In general. Gold
says, to between rtfty and sixty fires
eat in elghtaen uiontha. which nette.1
Ihe inspirators more than I til, lies la
faks Liases collected from Ore loaar
ance eompanlae.
OoHL with hla wife and child, ranted
e flat. Oruta Inaursd ths furniture
Arrangementa ware made to hava -ajaas
, i the Pamtar" SO caHed bacauae ha rail
a rake paint sliop for tha purpose r
purchasing Inrlamniable alia without
auspp lun firs the flat
Hold and hla wlfa and child left the
house. Both tha wife and Uold arranged
elaborate allbla. "tagy the Paluter" en
tared, and, eoakiug the little fnrnllur.
In tha place with benahis, eet lire te It.
When the Uulda gut back their place
waa a wreck and groat wars their lamer,
tatlona But they had tbs Sro insuruncs
policy securely hidden and they dragged
It forth. Then appanrsd an "Indepsad
enl" adjuatar, as-tlng for Hold, and will
lua aid Hold collected b& Ths moBey
waa divided up among tho cons pi ram. -a
and plana wars made to sol another firs.
AcMisllng to Fire Marshal Prlal. Gold
haa made an amaamg atatemeirt oev
'ring a long auccaaalon of Incendiary
Area. In tbe tlrebiig gang broke. . up
In ISM end UK tli-men and poiica of
ficers were i-npUcated. In Ihe gsag
now epoaed by Hulil there ara oo ins o-Imm-s
except Are tnsursnce agents l id
adjusters ami the men who reated
places and got Insurance for the Ml -pose
of suffatlng rake luaaaa by firs.
Of course the game could not las
worked with any great dagrss of suuceis
without ttw connivance of dlahoaeet lu
suian. e agents and brokers, but blame
attaches to tbe lire insurance coin, .allies
for not aendbig trustworthy umii lo In
spect the proparty Insured by their
agents. No inspections ware svsr made. ,
A, collection of a faw chairs, a table, a
iiruoui, a pleut ui carpet, a broken Seem
. nepvsM..'
li In enounced, jB4a y ujj quq Awt

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