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Manhattan Directors to Con
sider Terms of Compromise
on lixlensions.
To-Morrow," Says Service
Chairman, but Refuses to
Say He'll Sign Contracts.
Despite announcements from tii. tn
IsTbarmigh thtai it n.niii inm the er-
foriw of the UniiM Int. testa In the Man
hattan Railway ronmann whose ele
vsie.i lines It leases, in seeking tu tie
up MbflMtg contract tieKotlatlons, and
thai it would SCCSPI tnliri-trackln cer.
ll.'i'ii. . fruin th Public 8ervle Com
iMtM Htiil defy the other HHKI, the
taterboraugh has tihangsa Hi mind.
A IfMClal meeting of the board of di
rectors of in- Manhattan Rail way Cant
pan' baa bnan vailed for to-morrow
MTtllltl in t ii- offlCSI "f the OMtlpM
at No. M Broadway, and at tiiat time
the directors of iha company own! ml
the tltVattd lines will be culled upon to
pan on a Proposition from the Inter-
esiougii, siskins ti adjust the Sifter
encrs of the cnmPanlai
Oeorga Ooa d appeared as an eieventn-
hou IMSrrtiptor of the plana of the In-
terborough and tin- PuMIe service com-
tnlsrlon and elt) oAolala to Jam through
the dual auttwaj rontrsotSi He. a rap
raeentailvc of an ii,u intaroat in the
MauiislLun, contended t hut their FtlhU
wore not sulncisnlly la feguardod in tho
thir.i traokins ami a x tension propositions
of the contraota The Inlet-borough
aek-d Hie Commission to K.ve them 'he
narmarr certificate in-tead of to the
Manhattan, a originally planned, md
the iuiilila wire toll to go to COUrt for
ed rea: .
Than came a i odd on pnoiosltlnn from
the Inlerborough, and, according; to It.
M. Uallaway, a director of the Msnhat
tan, this will he noted on to-morrow.
Tit Intar bo rough director! win moot
tVe.luc-d.iy. and It I" expected they will
be ready to u pt a suggestion for an
adjustment that tht Mauhattan will
It la said the Interiinrouglt wanta tht
contract at all liaxard; that the de
fiance of the Ooulds waa inertly a mov
In a trade to five up little aa waa
fiosslbli- to the owner of the "L" lines,
whieli the inter borough haa leased for
WS v ram.
Chairman MoCall rcltoratod toiuy
that tO-ttMrrOW would aaa action on the
aan tracts.
"Something ntill UnforSSOSn alone can
rliit about a delay," he said.
In t.ie maanwlllls the chairman re
fuses to tell how he will vote on the
proposed contracts. He was scheduled
to haw a conference with John Purroy
Mitch, i. President of the Hoard of Al
dermen and opponent of the contraots.
ito this afternoon, resident Mitchei
promised to show Hie chairman many
serious faults In the contracts
"Chalrmun MoCall told me he would
keep his mind open on the subject until
ater lie u.ul talked arltll me,'' said Mr.
At I tenet several days uko.
Home Nursed In Hswtssrsr.
PATMUON. N. J March 3. The
home of A Auerbach, on Lafayette
avenue, Hawthorne, was burned to the
around early Ihla morning. No mem
fcer of the family was at home at the
time the lire started. Mr. and Mrs.
Auerbach reached home while the build
Ins was burning. They had been visit
ing friends and naw the 1 1 w lit from the
$ra wiilla they were on (hair way home
out until they reached the immediate
vtslnlty did not suppose the tire was
in their own hums
sounds good? A dealer may say he
can "save you money," but can he) A
gald dollar u worth 100 tents, not 70 centt.
So is any article of integrity. Only a
legitimate price ii aiked for
"Will III tin lis en t Itrpl"
end you're saved the regret that follows
all these will-o'-thc-wisp bargains. Shop
around, but pick out only high-grade
houses who never stoop to bargain
schemes, then compare the BEHNINC,
and you will understand why others are
frequently reduced in price,
rsasvealeat Terms. FIFTH AVENUE
isunalet us Itmiiest i-j. i v i si, V V
M-M-l-H 1 H-M-l-H I1 M"M"I"MM
inL JL.Ee.ll 1 JL,WWiXJUlVj ojloo
i-i-M-M 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 m 1
Don't Marry Under False Pretenses;
Deception Should Be Prevented by Law
"Hypocrisy Is Really at
the Root of the Faults
of Men and Women, for
Dan't They Always Try
to Make Each Other
Believe What Is Not
So?" Writes "O. Y."
"Modern Woman Is Be
ginning to Realize Her
Brains Are the Same as
Man's, and She Is Tak
ing Her Place Beside
Man in All Lines of
Work," Says "Insur
ance Agent."
After a long meditation Ucforo the Lenten Looking (Maxs. a womau
reader confides to uh that while roan's special defect it undoubtedly an over
weening opinion of himself, hypocrisy, both In men and women. Is the
' '9 saaaaV
: a tj
before. And under the magic Influence of courtship tbe turkey-trotting dam
sel really Imagines that she Is interested in hearing what Nletaiohe bad to
say about tbe origin of Greek tragedy. Of course, after the wedding Met
sene will reaasume his normal aspect In her eyea aa a dreary bore, while tbe
philosopher husband will have to summon all hla endurance to fare tbe
amusements ot his butterfly bride. Each may feel that the other pretended.
yet each will he guiltless.
1.0TS ! msrsly aa aaaesthetle
which natars ad mi sis tars to psr
suads xnsa and womsa of the pata
lessaeaa of matrimony. Fereons
within its spall are hardly more
accountable than If they inhabited
some dim lotos land to which they
had drifted on the ship of an ether
dream. The most honest of as pre
tends when ho Is In love.
There are certain sordid deceptions
of course wlilih should be forbidden
by law, aa The BvtnlOg World rea lor
suggests. Kvery Intelligent peraon
must be heartily In favor of la.vs
which would make ! I impossible fori
men and women auiTerlng rioui certain
forms of disease to marry.
Hut wo can't leiilslate ugalnat the de
ceptions of the soul. Kor the lover
fools himself most of all. lie Is hla
own worst victim. Moreover a great
many men and women who marry :ire
conscientious enough to try seriously
to live up to their ante-nupti.il pre
tences, and In so doing they comer hap
piness upon tiielr wives or husbands.
and they also make themselves Into
the things they preteiide.l to be. I
Manv u man has achieved success far
i.i.,nri Hi., measure of his natur
powers simply because he felt that he j
had to trj to live up to his WifS'al
ideal of Mm to become aa meat a per-.
son as she imagined liim to be.
Why should we not pretend to be
better than we are If it's the quick
est way to bseoma batter? Many
more marriages are wrecked by the
bored refusal to keep np tke pre
tenses of oourtohlp than are injured
by actual deceptions.
When you are bored you are your
worat, most selfish self. When you are
under love's nrst untaxing enchantment
life holds no heroism, no tapture, no
sacrifice lor which you do not feel
yourself equipped. But you are pre
tending Iti either case, aiid tne best
way perhaps la to pretend so well that
you fool yourself anal to keep on dolus
It. Hut the reader who does not be
lieve In pretending lias some very good
arguments to offer. Mile writes.
Hear Madam One of jour reailcia
struck a true chord by stating con
ceit Is one of the many faults of
mankind. Kgotlsm runs u clone se ¬
One quality is plenty, when
the best is so reasonable.
White Ross Coff as, Nona Better
1 I t I I 1 I I I I I 1 I I I I 1 I III I I I 4 I
1 1 1 1 1 VMm M i i i i i 'H-H i i
',., rl1.i. 113, l" T1i I'M i'uMtsliine Co (Tto V . Ygtk W . 1 !).
Mllllin HsbbbbbbbbbbI I H.V X JbbbbbbbbbbbbbMT aW J
greatest evil of modern life. "There
should be a law to keep people from
marrying under false pretenses,"
she declares. If this means that uo
one should achieve matrimony
through the use of false whiRkers or
a curly black wig, I agree with
every word of It. In subtler matters
It might be rather difficult to deter
mine what constitutes pretense and
what legitimate love making. In the
first ferment of the blood that sends
Its wireless message of danger
ahead we do not know we are pre
tending to each other. In fact, we
don't pretend. If a student of phi
losophy becomes enamored of a
young lady who dances the turkey
trot he feels for the moment a real
sympathy with forms of gayety he
thinks he really never understood
end. as It is a twin of conceit.
When the average man is accused
of being smitten with a certain
soman his reply Is: "It would take
a better looking on - than that to
get me Interested."
No matter how insignificant and
unimportant he may be, he Imagine!
any of them would "full" for him.
And ho.v they try to Impress on
listeners the Importance o: their
business trjtmactlons and how expert
they ate in their professions, Sec.
What does keep these sclf-blwers
from becoming famous 1 would like
to know. 8u h Cleverness should
have Its reward'
Hypocrisy la rial!..' at the root Of
tile faults of men and Woman, for
aren't they always tring to make
each other believe what Is not so'f
Men demand that women he good
looking, and women roiort to artifi
cial means to satisfy this dsmftnd,
Men and women should look for
character and noble treltl rather
i i.i ii looks and worldly goods. A
beautiful face or llgure may be dis
figured or fads with age and then
love would perish.
Women aie equally to blame for
the hypocrisy between tne sexes.
Don't they "sympathise'.' with the
man who has a vtllc and children
"to dray him down'.'"
Don't they tell him It Is sad his
efforts are not appreciated more'
Don't they cheapen their sex by
accepting lators Knd sssklng atten
tions frum men who nave no fight
to bestow them'.'
Don't they actually pursue men at
their others, getting themselves In
vited to luncheons aiid mai.ueesT
Of course the men aif vain enough
to think It a question of the man In-st-ad
of a man.
Then there are the females who go
around expecting men to be their
slaves Just because they weie born
The worst deceiver of all Is the
man or woman who has an artificial
character and assunti poses thai
ate intended te art si sad.
A lovely woman I have known a
li ng lima has been isatlng her heart
out over a lost Ideal, or, rather, tlio
man she mairled had pretended to
loathe all the tnmgs In. now lakes
pleasure In doing and Is a regular
mush pot about women. An Intelli
gent woman of good harui t. r can
tolerate any Other type of man bel
ter than the soft, mus.. sort This
man lets ii.s lady friends .uii up big
tslspnong hills at his office, meets
Ihsm St the station to assist ineu:
home, takes pictures for then a. el
lets himself be used as a convenlen s
in tin1 many ways known to wvomsu.
Ills ife uould be an angel u.
gOOdnsSS to a man a no would nppre
elate her ohgrgOtef.
There ought to he a law ;o gat U
people from "marrying under false
pieteiii.es," so an innocent party
eannot he doomed to such dlaap.
potntmspl and a life wrecked.
O. V.
aWesr Madam: Xus modem
W - HH - - H - HW - W - - ! - lH - ; - : - : - M - I - ;
- m i i-H-i-i-i i 1 1 1 1 1 i-i i i i ! H44MH : : : : :-:$; : : : 1 1 1 1 1 1 r
1 t mjsum,m i
' SS i Taking Hta PlACC
tEVDE him! i Alt. LijCI
Of WOUer".
man Is beginning to reallr.e thai
her brains are the same as maim.
She is taking her place beside him
In all lines of work. The few men
who criticise her for doing this are
only the drones lucking ability.
The modern woman la the most
beautiful that the world has ever
seen. True beauty In a woman
romolnrs intelligence. The new
Turk woman hsads the mo lei n list
and the Jersey worn in Is queen
of them all. There are positively
no sane man-haters or woman
haters In the world unless It ba
that they hats themselvss. No
man remains an old bachelor ail
his life bseaUBS he .!..- woman,
often lie cherishes an old departed
memory or harbors a fOOlktb senti
mental dOVOtlon to a misplaced
love. Sometimes his esteem for
Woman may be so vre.it that he
fens I its own society would make
some poor o feature unhsppy. To
lie sure an old one holds ins seat In
a car, but perhaps it is becauaa he
is ashamed to toff ef woman such a
small favor. CfittClSg woman as
wo may, we cannot conceive of
anything more beautiful than a
mothers love and unselfishness.
What's the mallei With the modern
woman? tshe's ail I 1 ' Thrss
ohSOfS for her. Hurrah.
President Says h'arewell tu
Man)' Callers and Winds
Up Official Business.
WASHINGTON. Mar h t. Presi
dent Tafl held open houSS to-day and
witii his characteristic smile greeted
political friends and foes Although
he was up until .'I o'etnoli t'ds morip
lug clearing ins desk ot Important
business .e w.im back at Work eail
and re. idv to reoslvi callers
Among the firs who came to say
goodby w.rc Major-flan. I nard
Wood, Chief "f xt iff. r. s . and
the bureau chiefs of the War lie pari
men t. Several sasletunt ssorstaries
ami dspartmsnt officials followed
Among other callers were ijov Nun:,,
of Illinois and OOV. MulSCf Of New
The First Minnesota National Guard
with a band marched into the W ill
House grounds and the officers shook
hands with the President L'apt. M
I'uiiy. commanding the Presidential
yacut Maydower, and other officers of
t.ie ship said goodby to-day.
The President signed o niimiss, ,.,
of three hundred and llfly psrsom
whose nominations were confirmed b)
the Senate, wrote his iiutogiupo upon
several hunin.l pbtuies of hlnisel
and gtgnsd soorss nf Important Isttei
Isnl) iireelulloll.
IFtoa 'bo in mr i Nees.l
Many a man aho lets his alt's get
and light tie fire even morning or i.
iiie shows his appreciation eieciind
a lu touibsloue lo hi! tiieniur).
- H - : - K - Hl - ;-i H-H-H-H-M-I-H-.-'
of a Series.
Brother of Henry Walter
Charges She Keeps Relatives
Prom Husband.
The i barge thSl wealthy Henry N.
Walter's housekeeper bride Is prevent
ing relatives of Die aged man ffsm see
ing i n and that there Is reason to
believe WWler la physically aide to ap
pear In court a as made in BupfSnka
Court Justice Blschoffa court to-day
Mrs. Walter's accuser was former Jus
tice David leventrltl, appearing for
Walter's brother, who is seeking to
nave his brothsr's mental status deler-
mlned. To-day 'a pr edings were the
result of in oider of Justice tollman
that a niiy puss upon the question of
Walter s competency,
When tin case was called the nltor-
nei informed the court thai mi .-(Torts
to peacti Wail,, ii.ni been futile be.
cause of the aCtlVlt) of Ills wife. Who
claims appearance in court would en
danger her husband's haelth. laoven
tint requested, sccordlngly, that a dls-
Interested physlclsn is. na i to
amlna Walter and report ids condition
and write t her II would be safe for him
to appear In court Justice HlecholT
scanted in i roquesl and appointed
I 'r Allen Klteh of No. is WSSI fifty
sixth street.
Waiter ,s a carpel manufacturer
worth over SgaMMO, wi.o msrrled his
nous. keep, i, Anna H Kuthe, Issl .Ian
uery. He is more than aevsniy-ihres
years old snd hla brother, Mortis Wal
ter, asserts Unit Mlaa Kuthe exerted u"
duS Inllil' in e over Mm ColloWlhS a pal I-
lytic shock last fall. Walter is now in
White Plains. H s wife's attorneys
slated ids condition to-daj was such
that It was oonsldered Unssfs 10 bung
him lo New Yoi k.
Need Attention In February snd
Murch or t'zer May Stay
nw (a tin ti; - i l-il. . epeciaj care
nf tin- comp moii if you wish ii tu
'nok well III re.t ill the veur The I'Vli-
raery ami March wthus have a strong
tentisncy to liruig OUl Irscklea that may
slay all summer unless removed. Now
in the lime to use otuihe - double
This prescription for the rcmnval of
freckles is the discovery nf an eminent
iliig ki,i ciui;.t ..ii.i is so uniformly sut
cess Id i bill n
old In mi oi th, Kiker-
toi'Ss i u4sf ' usiantes f..j re-
.....il ti
i- in 'c .
l: HI. Il II UO In I Ull
i i -1 1-.-. . outs I. ngt Ii, iiinl
even fin applications
wonderful iinpi uan cm ,
smiil! r freckle . even 1 an
iimini -.ii-i' ii
sOntS 'i the
Uiug Snl 'rel v .
Don't Use
Use a
T -
s yrce a
Ons . . t.'.s i.
Ini . -an la.. I
il.tms'sis er
imoaiti ii.. i i
i beptlei
ashii - ii.
ii. i .
a Tr!
.ik gal- ssbw
mn tr
Mrs. Pankhunt, With other
l eaders, Roughly Handled
md Put to Rout.
LONDON. Mar it Hemes of SSllCS-1
men Ihls afternoon fought for norr
than an hour with a areat Hit. ma of
men nml ant l-siiffi agist women wh .
tiled to break up a meeting of the
militants In t lie I'sv llfcSS Theatre
In view of yeslerdav's disturb. i I
ami rough handling, the suffragettes J
to-dav decided to bavs RO street
dsmonst rat Ions ami attempted to bar
men from their theatre meeting. The
men who weie Waiting lo attend the
gathering Imwsdlstsli Moehsd the
doOfa relnforce-l by in in women
anti suffrage adroratca
it as oi t th,. nsosi disoraert)
s. enes ex ei witnessed in Loiidea, an i
for upward of an hour the pollOS were
powerless The ItteTragstta leaders Mist
tried to entSf the theatre ami when
their hats and dresses wen- torn they
tried to tight their waj put of Ihs
crowd Traffic in Ptecmllll) Cirrus snd
surrounding thoroughfares waa com
pletely blocked until relnfnrccci- tits of
policemen arrived ami Snail) dispersed
file moli.
Despite tin effort of the police, lbs
moii broke up the PsvlHon meeting I
when Mrs. Kntmellne Panlthursi ap
peered. The lefeder, who . fsclng ir'ii
for the Lloyd George outrsge, was
sutiposs.i to tin. promised, in tears, tint
would r. iraln from pttbll
ami public appearances if she wore il
lowed III... i iv on ball.
she appeared, however, and mads a
bitter speech, is wiu.-.i she eomplslnsd
that the i ist. r intnhers . Parllsmeiii
could i .i sedition with impunity
While e, I. tors lie. led V olellce aga hSl the
Women mid wint unpunished for It, Tne
police ware successful in protecting Mrs
t iih ii liim : ami the nth,-, s.m i .igei t.-s
from rough treatment,
Millionaire Wanl
Hmm "Practice
With Pursuit
liim in Refrain
ni in Keeping
t I earning.''
lhal bis sin. i:.i
The sdinoultlou
ward Hi. ml Hpm I
rroWi oi r the ii in i
ill 1 1 me re f i sin from
llaplayi "praotlces not
clpal hslra, at
ostentation or
tu ktpliii; wltii i i ittiiNiiit of li jtrn
a ltd $1 W&yfl filT'-iiHlvt' tu pftMMl RMtl"
Tirrn .iii'l tfvn i ltm.i nl flriiifM tur,"
fofniN ii proinlntnl FeAlura of Ihc will
of Rdwiird W MtNrioWi mllllcinstlf
llintltt'l til.lll tf Mi lltfXIti. W "It'll W.tn
fi iii for probe. t a Ifi tin- Rurrofft'ii
I'mirt t-ln. II ftitlhiM lirgfifl both
hN ' lilltlifii fn niiiiit ii t lofOUfj '
kllHW If.lgP of 1 1 1 M 1 i HH lllfil h)r Itlet)
IMrMltl II Itht ItiiK' I he fortlltlMI t nt t
wtii Home ill y be t htlrn.
Tii mllllonutre'fl wire. .m,uk,imi U
Mpevrrow, rtcwlvM n Int'nttii r $.ih -M0
a ''.f t hi rnggjortty tha mm
Bd Weird M ill i v iliiLint 1100,000.
HII'I In flu inoM LlltM a t iijisTltit-r . lai-
Knrfi a. MporroWi rt?lv0a hroAfthi
nf tin- roolduttry raintoi i uon two
riftiiH Numoroiin RitiMllor i i u t to
rolosilvM ond Inotliutlotifl ira otso
in . I-
Ad Appeal to Wives
on know tho lerribls sffliciiou thai
comes In many homes from the result of
a drinking hualmnd or sou. You kim
ihc moas) nsalotl mi "Drink" thai
a peaded u t li hotas to purcbaae food -
ami dothlng. "IIIM.M) has saved thou
iggils of drinking men. It is u boms
irestmeal ami can la glvon aocretlyi
Your money vviil la- refunded .' after a
trial, it has failed to benefit, Costa only
a I . ll a bus. l or sale by Kikor-llsge-man
Urn; Sinn t'omi- in ami cet a
free I look I . I ami lei them till von of the
rural oil III l lining
Used RegularlyoriThi tusands
of Tables, and Will Soon Be
II ed on Thousands More
It a fr eat for
mail s,
ami I;-
Hah, 10c.
i ' stesaefl store,.
I. SSI Staring M..N.
t i .i is-ei' ami
UasWbi K Prili h
How to Gain F lesh
j asesasssssiaNsesssss, .
A tunplr but ture way to imrrar? t d- Wtighli
tft diirrtcj by rw Ml wrll known ph -fciaii
to lake- rrgi.iarly tor y veral tnontba onr or
..o 3 grai. hypOMIUclftlM tablrt all, r rtifi
a'. Ihrtc little tablet have the 0itit
.islieti inrnt ol intrfaung thi rrJ ami wlntr
tioOfl fi'i . . tiuling dilation pro
inotin IIMOtiUtioi) nl st.orption ot thc
i tffnsnti hi th food whuh go to inski blooil
Md tolii ti-MK I hry an obte.i.ie.ulr m
iralrd packdkt-i f. ... phynuaru snd wfii
btofkrH spotnstsfy ihopi. Advt.
Ti i
W ll.i.l I I W iN IMS S. ..'.. i
rab) ghtti lUat oi, Msrvli Ih III IS, at
It i K'l ''
Mil at U0
SUiii U tra
i. i' ihs: tit i H n, I g.ul
"n 1 t,Ant.t tr-iuk. ha j ;j
t. : iiSin ailOM. 0rr- at ,r
If. " III IS. b ii iv h t if . tV i' . iMo.satna
ills I.H'lt ,
f t'liarlt - K H mhrriBS, SalW a I (or
'. Ua.it.;, wi Li.. U.ai.
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.Ser s.
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tinctive, muny being reserved to Aitken, Son 6t Co.
An attractive ajrortment of VEILS, VEILINGS,
AUTO VEILS and HOODS in new fancy meshes. New
effects especially adapted for motoring.
BROADWAY, corner ISth Street
The Modern 4 'Ounce of Prevention"
Food particles are known to be infested witb mali
cious microbes which attack and destroy the teetl.
Main Building
and cause dangerous diseases of the
mouth and throat.
The constant use of "0D0L" as a mouth
wash means absolute immunity from this
ever-present menace to your health.
Pleasant to the lute and delightfully re
freshing. "0D0L" will also harden the gums
and keep the teeth in a healthy condition.
There is nothing "Just as Good" as "ODOL."
Price 50 Cent.
At AU Druggi'ste and Dcpartmint Store.

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