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Wilson to Vote For Woman Suffrage at Jersey Election
WlATMtr. U4r nlgM a4 Tfcr4r.
Fedition L 1)0
I "Circulation llookit Open to All."
" Circulation Hooka Open to AU."
. m iwi m
. . t i
Declares Time Has Come to
Extend the Ballot Privilege
in States.
But Goes to Polls as Individual,
Not as Democratic Leader
Not a Party Question.
WASHINGTON. Oct. C Prcsldont
WlUon to-day announced he would
vot for the euffragc amendment In
New Jersey Oct. 19. Ho authorized
th following announcement:
"I lntnd to voto for woman auf-,
frage in New Jersey because 1 be-1
llevo that the tlmo hns como to ox
tend that prlvllego and responsibility
to tho women of the States, but I
shall vote, not aa tho leader of my
party In tho nation, but only upon
mv nrlvato conviction as a citizen ofi
New Jersey called upon by tno la-kis-
Uture of the Htato to express his con
vlctlons at tho polls. I think that Now
Jersey will be greatly benefited by,
the change.
"My position with regard to the
way In which this great question
iihould b handled Is well Known. I
believe that It Hhoulil bo settled Jy ,
tlm Wales and not by the National,
Government, nnd that In no ulrctim
stances should It be made a party!
question, nnd my view has grown
stronger at cory turn of th"? agita
tion." National suffrage loaders with head
quarters here declare It is tho be
ginning of the end of opposition to
votes for women. They said It made
success In New Jersey practically
certain, and In New York, Massachu
setts and Pennsylvania very probable.
"We're very much pleased." said
Ethel M. Bmlth of the Women's Hut
frago National Congressional Com
mittee. "We believe tint giving suf
frngo to the States means ultimately
a fedfjttl omendment.
'Tho President's declaration Is Im
portant for its effect throughout the
"In New Jersey tho President's In-
fliimirn will offset tho light belli
made against suffrage by tho Mi
gent organization. I think Nugent
will find he was prematura In his
boastful predictions that ho would
beat suffrage"
Now York City leaders In tho suf
(C'ontlnued on Highlit Page.)
Cables His Resignation as Request
cd by Washington Talk
Was Criticised.
WASHINGTON, Oct. 0. -T. .St. John
.Oaffney of Now York, American Con
sul lit Munleh. Germany, to-day
cabled his resignation to tho Htnto
Denurtmont. Ho hail been iiHked to
retlro becauso of pitbllHlied iTltlelsm
made by him of the allies.
The department ntiiy withhold nr.
oeptanco of Gaffney's resignation un
til a successor Is selected. Gaffney
will remain In Munich in the mean
time. Ho has been acrused of Indis
cretion In expression on pro. Gorman
sentiment, in view of tho fact that
he if. also handling French and Urlt
lib interests In Munich,
Budget Examiners Also Recom
mend Entire Reorganization
Under Kncke.
Iludget examiners this afternoon
recommended the nholltlon of one
hundred Jobs In ll.e Bridge Depart
ment, of which Frederick J, II.
Kracke, Republican leader of the
Klghtecnth Assembly District, Brook
lyn, Is Commissioner.
The examiners ulso recommended a
general reorganization of the entire
department. It Is claimed that JtDI,
135 u year will ho saved by tho con
templated ithuiiH
Ten new positions are suggested for
thu Urldgc Duparlment. The salaries
of these will total $11,750. Some of
tho longest experienced employees
will bo shifted to the now berths.
It was explained that many city
employees of long scrvlco In tho Dock
Department, and whose salaries range
from 3,0UO to 5,0V0 a year, will not
be dropped. Instead their sularles
will bo cut.
Among the positions recommended
for abolition are M.000-a-yoar secre
taryship held by Krnest J. Cuozzo,
$3,000 chief clerkship held by D. M.
Simpson, eight or ten engineers, x
men, linemen, painters, clerks and
Anarchy Throughout the Country
Government Forces Defeated
by Tribesmen.
DKKM.V (by wireless to Sayvllle),
Oct. 6, Tho l-okat Anzclgor publishes
n despatch from 1'onHtantlnoplo say-,
Ing that tho Hrltlsh Consul and tho
Consular guards at Ispahan have
been killed by Persians.
A despatch from Teheran, for
warded from Iondon on Kept. 14, said
anarchy prevailed in Persia, that tho
military forces of tho Government
had been defeated by tribesmen, and
that tho Hrltlsh and Hussion colonies
at Ispahan had h an forced to leavo
fnr Teheran.
First Time This Has Been Done
in the Annals of New
York City.
For tho first time In tho criminal
Unnals of New York County defend
ants on trial for murder In tho Unit
degreo wero permitted to leavo tho
Criminal Courts llulldlng to-day to
tukn lunch at a public restaurant.
Justice. Tompkins extended this priv
ilege to tho seven union cloakmakers
chained with the killing of llymiin
l.lebowitz, n trlku-broaker, during
tho big gener.il strike of l'.UO.
One )epp y Hherllf accompanied
the prisoners
AflH" recess tlm ease was post
pone I until to-morrow morning on
account of the hUdden Illness of Juror
John D. Coleman.
.Mill (in rile n III In I'lirU C'nimeU
Tour Here,
Mary Garden, the American soprano,
is reported gravely ill In Pan follow-
lug an operatlun for appendicitis. Her
tour of this country was to bcrtu
' wnnm two week, but oil ner engaso
I inents li.ivo been cancelled. Mist Gar
uen, who returned in tho early spring
to Franco, has been since that tlmo
active In tho hospital at Alx-Us-Bain.
.. .. .
R;iilro;uli Mold Firm and Have
Reassuring Effect cn the
Advances to New High Mark
of 101, While Other War
Issues Fall Off.
The unloading of war order stocks,
In accordance with the suggestion of
the governors of tho Stock Uxchange
that lnvcftorn should not plucc too
great a faith In the pyrotechnic Is
sues on the list, was tho feature of
the trading In stocks to.day. The
unloading, which was carried on In
such volume that In tho Ilrst three
hours of trading 82S.38G shares had
changed hands morn than 200,000 In
excess of tho sales for tho same
period yesterday and tho samo pace
wus kept up tin tho afternoon waned.
So marked was tho determination
to unload tho war Issues that brokor
agi houses demanded an Increase of
margins to 30 and 40 per ccur, This
was thought necessary owing n
belief among many of tho Wull Street
firms tint prices would nc forced
down to very low figures in some of
tho Issues In tho next fow days.
Tho movo of tho unloadcrs began
at the llrst tap of tho gong at 10
o'clock, and Ilnhtwln locomotive,
Crucible Steel, Republic .Steel and
Westlnghouso began to fall. Tho rail
ways not only held firm, lint ad
vanced from one to two points.
llethlehem Steel, In contrast with
other war Issues, continued its soar
ing upward, In splto of what was
being douo to tho other war Issues.
It touched 40t within three-quarters
of an hour after the opening, which
was it new record for tho issue and
an advnnco of 10i ikiIiiIs from the
closing price yesterday.
Shortly before noon there was o
cessation of tho decline, but within an
hour It had begun again and all tho
gains that had been mado In the lull
wero lost. Baldwin Iocomotl,vo was
pounded down 9 1-4 points to 107 1-2,
Crucible Steel lost 11 'i nt 85"i, Uo
publlc Slecl declined 214 to 19 1, and
Wesllnghoiise Kleelrle showed a loss
of 5 when l he shares reached
US 1-8. and American Car Foundries
fell 3' to si.
In Hi" Into afternoon still .mother
rab was made and prices fell to new
low levels. Haldwln Unomntlve wont
down to 103 from a high llguro of
Ili5?4. Cruciblo Steel dropped to 80
from fitiH. American Can to 39 from
64;. Westlnghouso to KS'i from 133
and C S. Steel to from ":(. .
Just beforo tho elofe of the market
thero was a strong rally and much of
the losses was retrieved.
Three Issues In addition to Bnthle
hem Steel mado new high records.
Thov wero Pittsburgh Coal preferred,
nt fo"; New Haven, at Tl'i, and In
spiration Copper, at 45H.
(For Quotations -?ec Page Two.)
Crown Prince and Other High of
ficials Summoned to
IlO.Mi:, Get. 6. Hmperor Franz Jo
sef of Austria Is si rlously ill, accord
ing to a report received by the Cor
tespoiidenzla News Agency this after
noon. Tho Crown Prince, Baron Burlau
und Count Tlsza are reported to huvj
bitn summoned to bli bodsld.
Tell.s New Navy dyisers a-'
lion Is Convinced We Should
Be Fully Ready for Action.
But Also of Independence, On
to Command Respect
of the World.
WASHINGTON, Oct. C President
Wilson outlined his attltudo toward
the national defense queitlon to-day
to tho new Advisory Board of the
navy. Ho believed, ho said, the wholo
nation was "convinced that we ought
to be prepared tuit for warj hut for
defense, and verv adcqurftelv pro
pared." There Is very little that I can say
to you." President Wilson said, "ex
cept to give you a very cordial wel
come and to express my very great
pleasuro In this association of laymen
with the Government. But I do want
to sny this:
"1 think the whole nation Is con
vinced that wo ought to bo prepared,
not for war, but for defense, and
very adequately prepared, and that
tho preparation for dofenso Is not
merely a te.-hnlcal mutter, It Is not ,i
matter that tho army and navy alone
can tuUo cam of, but a matter in
which we must have tho co-operation
of the best brains and knowledge or
tho country outsldo tlm olllcial ser
vice of the Government us noil as ni
bble. "For my part. I feel that It Is only
In tho spirit of a true democracy thai
wo get together to lend such oliin
tnr aid, tho sort of aid that comes,
from Interest, fiom a knowledgn of
the varied circumstances that are in
volved In handling a nation.
"1 want you lb feel, thoso of you who
are coming to the assistance of the
professional officers of the Government.
that wo have u very serious purpose
thut we hnvo not asked you to iu;so.
date yourself with us except for a verj
dellulto and practical purpose, to gel
you to slve un jour Iwst Independent
thoughts as to how we ought to nmk.
ready for any duty that may full upon
the nation.
"I do not have to expound It to you
You know as well as I do the spirit ol
America. The spirit of America Is oni
of pence, but one of Independence, li
Is a splilt that Is profoundly concerned
with pence, because It c.inexpresltse'
best only In peace. It Is the spirit in
peace and good will and of human free
dom; but It Is also the spirit of n na
tlon that is self-conscious, Hint knout
and love us mission In the world, am
that know. that It must command tin
respect of the world.
"So It seems to me thut wo arc in
working aH those who would iluii't
anything of AmerUa. but only as tho.i
who would safeguard even thing I.
tr.cric.., Vnow thut von will .-nli'
Into coiifeieiice with tho oltlcets of tin
navy In that spirit and with that fi- I
Ing. nnd It makes me proud, ge-itlo
nun, that tho busy men of AiiiciImj
tlie in ii u.io stood at the front o
their professions, should l willing t,
this way to associate themselves vol
untarlly with tho Government in Hp
task In which it needs all suits of ex
pert and smi Ious advice. Nothing oiigl,
0 be done iii Huh liv any single grot1)
jf persons every! hlng ought to l
done by all of us united together He
1 welcome this asxociatioii in Hie mod
mtIoiih and grateful spirit."
Previous to thu conferenco with t!i
(Continued on Ulirhtu
Society Matron, Titanic Survivor,
And Explorer Who Married
! t ' I l f I f I f M t f 411 ( f
T RR . llfl '! una r.rnrmp n uyinruro
Mgmv&l I ;
'. "!
One Hundred Friends Gath
ered Hurriedly tu See Society
Main m Married.
BOSTON, Oct. li. Mre. litianoi HI
'(Ins Wldener of Philadelphia, widow
if GeoiKe 1. Wldeiier, who was lost
with bis hiii on tlm Tltnnle, was ituir
red In Hmmanuel llplsi'opal f'liurch
here to-day to lr. Aloainler Hamil
ton Hlco uf tit Im city, widely known
is an explorer. Bishop William Iiw
I'lico ofllelntiil, osslHleil by Itev. Dr.
Kdwood Worcester, rector of tho
church. Loss than ono hundred per
sona! friends of tho couple attended,
is tho time of Iho wedding had not
been announced.
Ir. Illce yesterday obtained a mar--lago
llcenso hero nnd Inter went to
Vewpori, leturnlng to.daj with Mrs
Willi tier.
Humor woto clrcillatei) lust August
nil at oucij ilculad by .Mr. U'ldoner
;uit thu Luiiplo wi r to weii.
I Jr. Itice deelarod yesterdnv he did
.ot know when or where i ho hum
latin would tiiKo place. Wiien asked
f lie inteudi'd to seek a siixpensinii
, the law leillirillK applicant lor
iiarrlugo llieiises hi wait ll u . la;, s
ifter iho tiling of intention.'! Iiefinc
hoy secured tho dorumont, he s.ild,
"I'll tell yuil tins inucli wlieei
move, I movo vviy qulukly
your lym open."
llnryc l Wounded
i.-it to the Austrian
Hiring Line.
I DINK, Italy, Oct. (via Purls).
King Victor Kiiiiuaiiui I hud u narrow
cHcapc from dinth or serious Injury by
shell fire while close to the tiring line
at the trotil. Illi horso wna wounded
by spllnlers of shrapnel, but Hie king
was mill in t.
The King was piocteillin; toward
the r out. He lode in among ills
IrooiM. althoiich warned that Aus
trian ptoJci'tdt'K were cl.iliuiiig a num
be - of lclims.
A nIkII explodeil no lii'iir that spllll
l i m of ; 1 1 1 r. 1 1 ri i ' I sliiick and injured
1 Ids hiiic". 'rile King s composure was
not dlntiirlicd and when hlx suite urged
nun to rune no e.iiicu or anotner
liorse. evel.iiiulng: "I lore we must
win or all ill"." Then lie rode In
mining the troops, who with shouts
of "Sinny!" took the Austrian posi
tion by storm. The Npo! Is now
called the King's Hpur "
'$1,250,000,000 PAID
urther Hit; SuKTipli'm, In the
AiMri.ni VV.ir linnl Are
AuihiiiiueJ in Herliu.
by wirelotJi to
October," saj.
thu Overseas Agency, "a total of
l.ooo.WjQ.uoo marlis (H,:to,O00,000) had
been paid in on tlm third Gorman
war loan.
"I'urther subscriptions to tin aus
Ulan war loan Include, utio of 7,000,00u
crowns lH.fiW.i'Jo) fiom tho Austrian
Miners' Accident Insurance Institute
and 5.ono,nou i-rawn from the Hirlen:
o'jrg i aiirmgo rooiury, wnn-n has
also iilisctibed !,M,im crowns for
the forthcoming third HiingaWau
lien, s,..,,. W'.-.l, Mi'IiimiIp.
lien lieurgi' I'l nnel HerlM n, I'hli f
Signal Ulllcei. I' M A, mid MN I :i I ! -alii
th M tjuiiil" wi n iiiiiirlnl iIiIm ., r t -ernuiin
ill Hi" li (Jii.uli' Iiiiiiii', Mt.
lieorci, i-itilti ll IkI.iiwI Ml. i I'll i li ,
C;i.Hlih pfifo Hied Un i.i.inon Tlie
bfn Mini ' Miijo' Hi ii 1 1 null I.
S.-.ill. I'hler ol :-t.llf. I . , mi l .Ml,,
IP ttii' Siilvi'h w.'m in ii. I nl Imnoi
Tin- Mullil I'lutrl lliurwu,
Ali'4U, I'uiiliir , Wutl, i, llu.l.uu,
U i.l I'llk Ho N V. I ID.
TVrt "Hut li 'i i '4 ti-', Ikruiuii. L'ta
trl Nubl'i Km ri u .'iiu'!ii, luw tri,l
1...' rl-... V. .ri.l iiwi. nnlfr. tur .4! T.tl .1.
' i.d itiiiinuibilM lor hut dm ruvm loi b.j.
ImIbu I00. Airt.
Entire Cabinet Resigns After Pre
mier Has Dispute With Ruler Who
Opposes War French Land More
Troops and They Start For Serbia.
PU'IKOGKAD, Oct. o (via London). Bufgaria has rejected tte
Russian demanJ;. and has sent an ultimatum to Serbia concerning Mace
donia, according to information which has readied tlie Serbian Archi
mandrite Michael, says a Moscow telegram to lira Bourse Gazette. BuU'
garia demands that Serbia reply to the ultimatum within twenty-four
Hie Bulgarian CoiimiI at I'etrograd, M. Kamazyref, departed last
night by way of Finland. Many Bulgarians residing in Russia, it is re
ported here, are offering to enlist in the Russian army.
LONDON, Oct. G. King Constantine oi Greece has accepted the
resignation of the entire Vcnielos Cabinet, according to an official de
spatch which reached London to-day.
But the resignation of the Cabinet, which took place after a dispute
between King Constanliue and Premier Venizeio',, has not stopped the
landing of French troops at Salonica. The arrival of more troops in ad
dition to the 70,000 said to have been put ashore last week is reported
from Athens.
The correspondent there of the Exchange Telegraph Company
says that a number of transports carrying French troops entered the port
at Salonica this morning. He adds that the forwarding of French troops
for Serbia is proceeding actively.
Great Crowds in Athens
Cheer for French Troops
ATI 1 1 ;.'H, Oil. r, (via Paris). -A
great crowd in.irchcd tu the Inline of
M. Vnl2ei0s. the retiring Premier,
last night, singing the Greek national
anthem and the Marseillaise. The
former Premier at that time wns In
consultation with the diplomatic rep
resentntlvcK of the Kntenle Powers.
It was as thought they were defying
the King
Tlie crowd Jammed the narrow
Niy. That Man Who Would Take
Bride to New Jersey Has
No Good Motive.
Half the oiing women who como
Into thu Supremo Court to hnvo tholr
marriages annulled would spurn
ihomsulves a lot of trouble, ami save
much tlmo for tho courts If they
looked out for tho fellow whovunt.i
10 take them to Hobokcn to bo mar
ried." Thl wns I tin ml vice given to-day
I. j .Supreme Court Justlro Blauehard
tu Mrs. Plotenco H. Olssen, thu twen-ly-two-ycar-old
wlfo of Jr. George
I. OlSM'll, with offices ut No. It'4 Hast
Thlrtj -fourlh .Street. Tho "man from
Hobokeil" In tills ciihh was Dr
0 csen.
After 11 trip to 11 Justice ot the
Peace aiinst the Hudson two years
ago Mre. Olssen found herself the
wife of tho physician. Two months
later she was shocked because Mrs.
01sn:ti No. 1 named It iih co-respond-
1 nt in a mvi.nv huh. Mix. Olssuu No.
1 i". 1 lo r lecree
"Well, young lady, ou want to be
w ..a.. , 1 . km you to go
to llolmken or ali pliue cl.su out
Bide uf I Ins State."
Justlcu Uluiiuhaid rtsvrvtd dcvl
stre. i hei,initing the American lega
tion from tlie residence of M. Venl
relon, ering: "luig live Venlzelos
Hong live l-'rance." Tho ohrer.i for
I'ranre wero on account uf tho occu
pation of Salonlkl by French troops.
Tlie general opinion seems to bo
that King Constantino will attempt
to form a coalition cabinet headed by
the aged c-. Premier, ). G. Phatlls.
Should lids plan fall, It Is bellevod
1 lie King will dlshove Parlament.
Tlie icslRnntloit of Premier Vcnlie
los was iiik pected. lie had con
versed Willi the covretipoMdeitt of th"
Associated Press in a manner which
iihIIi iitnl Ihc iitHiost eunlhlenco In
the future eoiiise of ills Government,
Meanwhile King Constantino camo
to Athens from T.itol. tho summer
resldenco of Iho royal family, nnd
summoned the Premier to tho palace.
After an Intorvlew. In which there
was tho plainest speaking, the Pre
mier proceeded to tho Chumber of
Deputies and announced that he had
again disagreed with tho King on the
foreign policy of thu country and hd
prctontcd hs resignation and that ot
his Cablnot.
This announcement led to a scene
nf uiiiit ,,imi,i,. n thm chnszbcr
The city Is greatly excltod. There la
much discussion of tho formation ot
1 coalition Cabinet. Sittings of the
Chamber were suspended.
Premier llidoslavoff of Bulgaria
hits assured the Greek Minister at
Sofia that Bulgaria will not attack
Hcrbla unless aggressive action
against her first Is taken by Austria
and Ger nany, in which caso Bui
garia w.tl bo obliged to act ugalnst
her neighbor.
There tiro rumors that In opposlnc
mil defeating the policy of his Premier
he King faces a revolution which may
cost him his throne.
Before tho Cabinet resigned formal
announcement was mad' by th

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