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Tl Tr l "vr T Ttr -v T T-v --r a t tr i.t rt n r 1 fl rft 4
ii v u 11 1 11 ur vv u ib u i; i m u im ij .m. x . u u 11 u u . a u j. . a
i 1 1 iv i fiiniir wn nnn
.Women Mav Be Able io Do.
1. Put Patriotiim First.
f.'i 2. Remember Employee! Are
I Lo an Honest DLiv' Work.
r7 '
1. Make Your Government Worth
I 5. Defend the United States in
Peace as Well as in War.
InuilUVOTO.V, Vt.. June 2n. Five
ruya In which college sriuduatr-- r-n
itlp to couutetact radicalism wer
llllimMI IJV lOl'llUM- llnv .11 in .t
UU. 11(1 SUlll!
"Wo nro literally belWue.l xvIHi
uii:i'J'iii irinnu nn.i i ... n. ....in.. i
'I'llI'll!. Irtti'M..! ...mi
'io brliiiiK to tlic various labor
tl fl r. 'I'll.. . 1... u., . I
- mi; iiiiiiuiitin, ino co.il
1 1 1 f ' I fltll It It'll II..... . . t . ....
m i. i .
ii inn i'h.i iiorrnnifiu once enters
I'i 'V I" II" WHJllIlfi
iu lui' iv ii ill i:ii.in ui Muni 1 1 1- I. tit tl...
.in. i mi tllu
ltiiim. Lint unn i ''it ntt ..f .til i.t.i....
ii u mi nil nrnnnnv 11 fiti..i.iL. .Tr...
.-.II l. L .. . ... .
"Wliat Is the rotation of tlio creat
r KtH'IM-tl 1 llilnrvu .-.ill ...tit...
"First -See. that you jiut your
putiiotiMi. befoi-o jour iwlltlcal
"Second If you become an em
ployer, ilo not forget. tha the men
In your employ arc human belnss,
men with hearts and fouIs and
with ambitions and aspirations,
Just like yourself.
"Third- if you become on em
ployee, keep ever In mind that
while you aro entitled to honest
pay, to fair and reasonable com
pensation for what you do, that
your employer Is likewise entitled
to an honest day's work; that ho
Is entitled to your loyalty, your
Interest and your support In re
turn for the money ho pays you.
"Fourth Keep ever In mind
tliat the way to preserve this
Government, which your fore
fathers fought and Mimu of them
died to establish. Is to make It
worth preservlnp.
"Fifth As citizens c,i the
United States of America, ba ever
alert to defend your Oovern
incut, Its lr.stltuticti.-4 ami ideals;
defend them not oni !n time of
war but In time of pjnc,"
Anions the desiees conl'uried won,
the followtn;;: Doctor of Science, Dr.
John To.'rey of New York; IVietor of
Divinity. Ili'V. (Miarlr.i TI. Jeffer-ton,
pastor of Uroadwuy Tabeuue!e, .Vew
Vive I'rexlili-nt nl iii.htm rw
Vorkrri I'rlre H'lnnrrx.
AM1IKUST, Mnhs.. ,lun 2n. Three
thousand isnns of Amhentl. Including
Vice I'rryldent Conlldge, ll.hor' I .? li
ning, former Secretary of State, and
Arthur I'. Uusjg. Chief .liitlc of the
Massachiiket'H rftiplf.ne Court, wore
'buck In their old collugn town lo-diiy
to participate to t iij opening ftstlvl
tics of their ntnvi niiiti ccntennl.i;
ccI'.brutlon. )' r.iloii of .Vr i'ip";V
uctivltlcs, v.'... i'. ;.it i i'i' latuiv.
composed tl." r i.-;: iimin 1 ' t..i.dnyV
nicc:liiA'. v. ' I. u . in pr.v' '.hi over by
Arthur C. Jjnie.s u1' N"ev Vu'!..
tiic orutti.' i.i lliu- nay v.a.i riutzoli
i ltoiiiim, tlio iculptor. DVi'im.ilns the
.larger national lnterosta of I'.io Amor
i lean woman of to-duy lie urjrod women
voto.o to hold nloor rium partisan
cominltniontt. "II the nnnicn divide
up with the ni'jn ami vote nn the par
ties have betfn votlnsf," lie said, "there
will bo but n:e result- -Vas prlntrr'n
bill for ballots, liven n.s r .minority
j'uur power can iletonr.'iic ;'.ie course
of government for ffood t ;.ou rumnin
free." The John Mn.duM prizes for
excellence In proce and ver.o wr'.tliiK
wen' Riven to Jiuth K. A'len of
Hrooklyn and Until Met.Kor uf N'ev
York City, respectively.
Spiritual values are tlio only reli
ance of the world In trying to nice! nieiicement Day at Trinity ColletM
Dresent nroblems. Vice President ('it. I ..
I ri in i i i ii . a Buuiorinp in . umni nun nine I
' vin CoolldKo said In an address at fho'. ,
opcnlnff exercises of the celebration.
F.nnelliir llnntti Anil Srerrlr
WrrUs (Jrt Tiiftn llrurrra.
.NfHDFOnn, .Afasn., June it). The
honorary dent-en of Doctor of Laws
i was conferred upon riferetury of War '
John W. Weeks ut the sl.xty-flflli :
cnmmonceinciit exerclpes of Tufts
, College to-day. Mvaneltnu Booth.
Commander of thu Salvation Army,
wan uwardLd the drBren of Muster '
'of AltE.
Other honorary 'lesrrees conferred
were: Doctor or science, William H.
.N'lehols, President of tlm (tcnoral
Chemlcul Company of Now York:
' Master of Arts, ..S.imtlo! It. Dunn,
editor of the JtaiKvay Ae; nnd ,lo
.icpii It. Jccntnp, tx.rtmtt painter.
! .Secretary Wet-k.J, rotntnaiulor Hooth
'and other recipients of honoiury de
i K"ees were speakers on the after
1 !loir. proKrum. The rollci;e awarded
a.", devices In eoiirfe, of which twenty
yeven were for youns women of
JnckKoii CoIIckc. uf filiated with Tufts.
larppr thnn that In many years, tt
was the llrst commencement under
President llemscii H. OKllby. Depreos
in eoursc were conrerred ttiion thirty
two men. Ahioni; the liouovary de-B-reei
conferred were: Master of
Science, Mfixntifi Wnshinston Alex
nnder of the (icueial Klectrlc Com
pany; Doctor of Literature. Piuf.
Frank If. .Moore or Columbia Uni
versity; Doctor or Science, Col. Will
iam IJarclay Parsons; Doctor of Laws,
Vltloil Itolundl Itlecl, AinbaHfador
from llnly to tlio fulled Statin.
' u-ltli I tin Insliln of the 'burrel with
. metal Instrument, whloh apparently
struck a spark.
Yen Vorkfrs liniiureri nt
?.tlDDIiHTOWX, Conn., Juno
Victim ami (Hit I'rli-ml llrfnm- (it
ProHeeiilt l,iiier.
A fitelulshlp nnil partliel ihlp of
fifteen years with the man In wbomi
imnic he Is ellei,'ed to have furned
checks for IC.OoO probably will save
rrom prosecution Hubert W. S"alon, a
lawyer, of 1081 Pink Place, lirooklyn.
This beciimo appureut to-diiy In
Ailiimtt Mfrnnt PuMpa f(inrt it-limi tjjint.
XVcslrrn ! iii-l h. Whltehoiise. Scaton'i forme
artner, appeared beforo M'ldstralu
Wahh and stated that to
i aciiinsi .taloii "wuutil hurt lil.i con-
l.itfKftcn ill course to 120 mtn and science." Ilo added that the $6,01.0 hud
lunii'i H'-'V. llllrtld ..
hororary dfyr ts to ten wen con
e'lej at Hi" flgi.ly-nliit!i cjinmeiico- .
tit ex, -nen ut Wesleyuti t;nl-v-jts'.iy
to-daj. Ainotiir tlio 'iwarde
lu.uorary dearies were; JJoctor of
'.i-.s, Hvcrett J. Lake, Goveinor or
Connecticut; Albeit D. AfercUlth, Con- ,
pectleut Commissioner of Education; .
' President Uemren 13. Osllby of Trln-
Py Collecre; Clinton Do Witt Bur- I
dick of lirooklyn, ITnlverslty Treaa- i
urer; William Insraham Haven of I
Siv: York.
1 Doctor of Tfumiino Llteii -Henry
Osborn Tailor of New .York City.
Of tlio dc.-ees In course 114 were
thone of bachelor of arts and six
1 Minster of nrt3. Herbert K. Arnold of
lirooklyn received the highest honors.
William marelny rrim a Trlnttr
Dortur nf Sclriiec,
HARTFORD, Conn., June 20. Com-
rlmjii-r. Secretary of the IVnpte'
Truat Company, on which tlm cheek,
were diawn, h1o told tho conn lie liu i
no ile.slre to prosecute.
linn That llnil .Not lleen I'lreil liir
Itt Ycara lujnrra Tito IIojk.
lUTORiIUiUJ, L. I.. June 2(5. Two
boys were injured when a wifutlni.;
cannon, about u foot lonff, which hint
not been fired for for'y-threii yearn,
exploded to-day Dewttt Heiijamln,
son of ir. and Mru. F. Wverctt Hen
J.imln, tost the thumb and fl:t fliisi-i
of Ills rlirht lintid. Ills torches d end
rlflht arm were badly cut. Forrest
llnctaw. a chum, n-as hit In the rljrht
arm by a tilece of the cannon.
IPovraer to fire the (run imr obtaliml
from flro cniokers. Vben It wou'.d
I not fire, Beniniln iliujraii to tinker
(lnj llcslniirnnt Onxcil In .Xparklr
W'lirn CliaiopaKitr Old,
All liivohuitary petition In h.inkruptcy
whs llleil In the Federal Court to-lu
atalriat tlin .Mslm loUl ami tt yt tii-
inint Corii;iuiiy, No. tns-110 West Mth 1
.-tiivi i tiv civuiuHM iu r -ciirj .ly me
lliihllltlea of the coiipniv iinuumt lu
'Ilf..nil0 ami the iubpIh tu Jii.iiOO. Tin
pelltlonui nn- KlrichliMUm i;-o , eloia-lei-.
M.IJIS: Park & Tllford. iril. and
.1. Jlejei stationery iin.l I'i Intuit; Coin
pan. 2T.
Tne restiiurnnt, wtilt-b hail 1 hat.1 linn
after prohibition esnie la, struKRle I
kIoiik until the Mint of he moliMi, when
It was cilice 1. In its day tlio leort mis
one of ttle ttioBt pruKtieroim !ll tlio --lt'
i anil at nlKlit one of the giyut. hue
seats were at n iiri tiilum.
Iliniiilnnllon. of Prisoner In "Ark"
I fiitultiiu: Postponed.
The eNiimlnatlon of John A. O'Orady,
i liiirKt'il with the murder of John 1'.
niiRland 111 a shunting affray on a
I bout hoiite known as "The Ark" t
I the foot of Seas low Avenue. Jersey
City, last nli;ht. was postponed until
I'rldny beforo Actios Justice Maklcy
, thU mornime. Sixteen men held an
wltneffes were paroled.
........ ... .... . . . ,
Unless you a.sk for "DIiuiioikI
Dye:," you uiiiy act a pom- ilyr tlm!
' .drraU:.. J-pots, fades and gles tl'Mi
, dyed look. Kcry packase of Dia
mond Dyes contains simple directions
I for home dyeing or tinting any new.
1 rlrli, fadeless color into garments or
! Impedes of any material. No mis
Itake! So fullurrsl -Advt.
19 West 34th Street
trcsnurganaies, iiuiuivs,
Ginahama & Voiles
i IO 98
New influences, new em
bellishments, new in fact
from collar to hem. Frilly,
ruffled, tuniccd enhanced
by colorful ribbons, cor
ages, laces, ITardly two
alike in this diverse assort-menjj
Mtmmx Sc Cn
Thhty-iomth Street
Thorty-fifitlhi Street
A Special Puirclhiase of
Moire Taffeta Ribbon
5inicSes wide)
willl be placed on sale to-morrow (Tuesday)
Bc. par yard
Tlhas rattslboira is off emnineinitlly desiraMe quality,
arad will serve nmaray useful and decorative
purposes during the Summer, being equally
suitable for dress and hat trimmings, and
children's sashes and hair ribbons. There is
a large selection of the wanted colors, as well
as all-white and all-black.
(Sale on the First Floor)
The Sink Bag Sectnomi
of the Jewelry
recently received
Paris) of
us displaying a
(direct from
French Wrist Bags
featuring the steel decorations that are now
so much in demand among fashionable
There are several handsome models in this
interesting collection, some of them hand
crocheted and finished with a steel chain;
others of silk, mounted on frames of tortoise
shell celluloid. All are richly embellished
with steel beads. The colors are blue, green
and brown, and there are also many striking
effects in black.
The prices (in 'stock):
Crochet Bags . . . $7.50 to 15.00
Shell-frame Bags . . 12.50 to 85.00
War Revenue tax additional
(Fir at Floor, Madicen Avenue Section) .
1 r
Bed Furoisfoimigs
will be on sale to-morrow at specially made
concessions from regular prices.
White Blankets
60 pairs, cotton-and-wool,
40 pairs, cotton-and-wool,
SO pairs, wool-and-cotton,
80 pairs, wool-and-cotton,
per pair $4.75
per pair 6.75
per pair 8.50
per pair 11.50
James McCreery & Co.
SiSkolioe Comfortables
cotton-filled . . . .' each $3.95
Crochet Bedspreads
hemmed .... each $2.25
Fancy White Bedspreads
Size 2 y2 yards . . . each $3.25
Size 2y2x2 yards . . . each 4.25
Mosllnini Sheets amid PSflflow Cases
(Fourth Floor, Madison Avenue section)
A Oearamice Sale off
White Footwear
is now io progress on the Second F!oor
The size ranges are not complete, and for
this reason (and solely for this reason) these
Shoes have been marked at prices that war
rant a speedy disposal. The models are
smart and seasonable in every particular.
Safe Storage for Foirs, Rings
amid Brapenes
Sth Avenue
34th Street
Muslin Sheets
and Pillow Cases
At June Sale Prices
When you buy these Sheets and Pillow Cases you
may be positive of four things -.First They will last
an unusually long while. Second They wash and
clean easily. Third -You could not secure better
quality. Fourth The Prices are marvelously low.
34x00 in.. . formerly l.'Jj, cadi, 95c
oa.00 in., .formerly 1.05, each, 1.20
72x00 in., .formerly 1.7.), each, 1.35
72x108 in.. formerly 1.00, each, 1.45
81x00 in., .formerly 1.00, each, 1.45
00x00 in.. . formerly 2.10, each, 1.65
00x00 in., .formerly 2.20, each, 1.85
1200 Muslin Sheets, 81x90 inches, hemmed. ea., 95c
formerly 1.50
(Vc nacne the right to limit quantities.) (Stcoiul Floor)
42xM0 in formerly 40e, each, 30c
43.MU in.. . . formerly 45c, each, 35c
50x00 in.. . . formerly 55c, each, 40c
54xiJ0 in. . . . formerly 05c, each, 50c
3600 Muslin Pillow Cases,
45x36 inches, hemmed.
formerly 40c, each 25c
Wc have always frit Hint In
order to succeed we munt plnce
service to customers nliend of
To accomplish this we have
always maintained a special de
partment devoted to krcplnn our
service up tu the highest standard.
Itcccntly this sprcial depart
ment went to great expense to
determine just what the highest
type of service consisted of. An
intensive Investigation and analy
sis rcvcalrd that It 'was a com
posite of Justice, Co-opcralion,
Economy and Energy.
Immediately an educational
plan was adopted whereby each
individual employee Is being
trained in the application of each
of these qualities.
The results arc every day evi
dent. The highest type of Service
is assured each customer, Just art
arc the famed McCreery Qunllty
ami McCreery Values.
A New Shipment of
sq. yd., 119
The recent receipt of 5800
square yards of this genuine
Inlaid Linoleum nt a special
price enables us tu sell it at
figures exceptionally low for
this splendid quality.
Also UOOO sq. yds.
Genuine Cork Linoleum
sq. yd., 89c
(Eighth Flow)
Auto Vacuum
Ice Cream
As its name implies, nn
weurisomc turning is re
quired to, freeze your cream
hard nnd smooth in .'JO short
minutes. No salt seeps into
the cream, und not a thing
in the machine can get out
of order. It's the simplest,
most sanitary freezer made.
1 qt., fl-dish size. . . . 5.00
2 qt., 112-dish size 6.00
4 qt., 21-dish size. ... 10.00
(Sixth Floor)
Splendidly Made
Mesh Bags
Sterling Silver and Gold Plated
Much below their former prices
A gift such as these hnby Mesh Uugs, whether
the recipient be a girl graduate, bridesmaid or
bride, is certain of a delighted reception. Their
workmanship is an exact duplicate of those of solid
gold that is to say, they are of soldered, baby,
reversed link mesh, with jewelled clasps.
Sterling Silver Hngs, as illustrated, anil four
other styles with engraved or engine-turned frames.
formerly 29.7S
Mesh Hags of composition metal, styles as
above, in Green Gold finish, engraved or engine
turned frames. formerly 84.75, 19.75
(Ml prices incliulc tax.) (Main Floor)
Remarkably Good Values in
Modish Bathing Suits
Silk Poplin models in fetching slip-on effects with
pockets and belt trimmed with knife plaiting.
Special, 7.95
Frisky Taffeta affuirs In straightlinc style with
wide sash. Special, 12.50
Misses' All Wool Jersey Swimming Suits. Ulack
or Navy Mine. Special, 4.95
(Fourth Floor)
June Sale Prices on
Blankets, Spreads, Com
fortables and Steamer Rugs
100 Wool Plaid Ulankets, double size.. pair, 7.25
100 Wool Camping Ulankets, khaki color,
u'lxSV incites. each, 4.60
100 Wool Steamer Rugs, assorted colors, 60x80
inches. each, 6.75
White California Wool Ulankets, double size,
colored borders. pair, 8.95
Cotton Plaid Ulankets, light Summer weight,
size. pair, 3.00
White Cotton Ulankets, light weight, no border
size GOxOO inches each, 2.25
size 70x00 inches each, 3.00
White Crib Ulankets, colored borders and binding. .
pair, 3.50
White Dimity Spreads, scalloped
size 72x09 inches cuch, 2.95
size 00x00 inches each, 3.95
Floral Silkoliue Comfortables, cotton filling
each, 2.00, 2.75 and 3.50
Plain Color Silk Mull Comfortables, cotton fill
ing, double size. each, 5.75
(Second Floor)
Js; .
r.ti '
I hi

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