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( Tuesday, Nov. '?.th?one day.)
?Nominations of each Party?
Whig. Loco-Foco
Senators :
D;?t. I...I?_A_X ?*)AKLr.Y. John A. Lott,
II...Joseph Janskn, Ae??ham A. Deyo,
111...Alex. C GtBSorr*, John C. Wright.
... i John Fkotiiim-Uam. Siosey Lawresck,
1V " ? AsaHascai.l. [2y?-ars]Tno.MAS ?. Mitcheu-,
v.. .Chestex Bock, Carlos P. Scc-ill,
VI... Thomas A. Johnsos, Calvin T. Chamb-RI-ain,
Vll...William K. Strong, John Porter,
VIII...HaRV?y PCTN-M. IrAAC A. \ sar-ANC*-.
Din. Counties. Members uf Congress
1. Queens, Suffolk.lohn A. King, ?_laH. u?r_hv '
2. Kings, Richmond.B. D. .-iilin-an, H?. ^ **%*!$;
H. Wards 1.2. .. 1." - .l.Pt?d'psPb_mx,Kdw. H. ???"?
4. - 6.7. lo. 13.. John II- Wiliiims. VVm. B. Mac*y*
5. ? 8.9,1-1.JohoB. Sege*. M?. ?V_3_2__
6. -'I?....!. l...V.^m,ttonF,l?. ^gBSSo-.
9. Ortsssge&Ui?an..j?\?*?> ?Srf-b*&S_
15. Clint'n, Franklin, ( Wj7) y"cDona!d, Lemuel Stetson.
2o- {>"',??a. " (Heal Loco) Saml. Comstock.
21. 0t-<go.ScAaharU...Geo,Tackermtn,Jere. E. Cary.
22. Chenango, Tioga, K _yvaj, j.{u,lt|i Smith M. Purdy.
23 cWe^'Wiic."..^ William Duer, Orille ?tobinwn.
_t . <*.??>-.A. P- Granger, Horace Wheaion.
.'.?. .'_J_?_f C.? //'?'.'/?? Christo. Morgan, ?eorg- Batb-un.
26. Tompkin", 1"'*'? f a wood worth, Amasa Dana.
27 W.w/wu .Wm. H-Adams, Byram Green.
S" C",V 'I1 J- Patterson. Ashley Sarop-s?.
f?. ??-_c">:h-i..;;/?.*..cha-s.H. Carroll, (No candidate.
30 S-nt?en AlhganV..3. W Sherman. Ww.SJ Hobbe^
St. 6W*?U, <?_..'. ??S.Asher Tyler Peier TenBroeci
S9 /T/ii . . Win. A .Mo*eley, P. M. Vosbur.b
?\Genelei;Wy?moig..A\betl Smith. Georire Cooley.
SI. i-Vi?i{.'?vc... 0/ tons... Washington Hum, S. B. Piper,
fonnies. Moniert of assembly.
Albimu .Willis Hall, Bradford W. Hand.
Mban!i..1 J. Slii.ee.land, John Fuller.
AaroaVau Schanck.Auiriistus Pinkr.ey.
AUeeanu.Samuel Russell, Alex. S. Diven.
-*"'-f*"i"v Robert Flint. Azel Finch.
?,.??_.. John A. Collier. Gilbert Dickinson.
CaMavgui '.'.'.'.'.'. Alomo Harvley, Seth Lockwood,
*??""" ' K H Kice. Cyrus Sbepard,
/.???,,, . ..Thatcher J. Ferris, Vincent Kenyon,
Cayusu. p. Van Arsdale, Alfred Lynns,
Hector C Tuttle. Darius ?Monroe.
Chautauquc.F.morv F- Warren, W W Chandler,
odtn Benedict, Erastus Holt.
Ad"l. F. Morrison, Abijan Sherman.
______ .Thomas Burton. Sam'IG. Hathaway
Q?S:.::.... .D.Hubbard,Jr., D.Wale-,
in.? J. Tracy, D.Cornell,
II Bennett,' S. Medbury.
Olmicn.Caleb D. Barton. Julius C. Hubbell.
Columbia".'.'.'..Jo-h.T Waterman, Lucas Hoes.
Jonas Miller, Anson Brown,
Edwin R. Grippa. Peter Poucher.
Crtluud .HenryMcGraw, P.F.Grow,
Arabut B. Smith. G. N. Niles.
Delaware. N ? _? Wheeler.
M. Bostwick.
T)utchess .Isaac I." Platt, J. M. Keicbtim.
Epenelus Crosby, Gilbert Bently.
Egbert Sheldon, "Dr. Elsifer.
yru .G-?orgeR.Babcock, Oliver G. Steele,
Well? Brooks, Dexter Elwell,
Milton McNfil. John Brooks.
.-..Samuel Shumway. Reuben Whalon.
_;,??''',? .L IL Jackson. F. D. Flanders,
Fall?n '.Daniel Lasse!Is. J. J. Hutcbmson.
Genestt .Robinson Smiley, Samuel wll'ett,
Ira Wail. Eben. ScofHd.
Greene .William Only, Aaron ?ushnell,
U ' . Tim.J Miller. Dr. Teats.
Uerkimer.Michael Edick. John T. Hall,
Caleb Bud long. Dan Post.
jeffcr-on .Charles Strong, Elibu C. Church.
_ olou Misse-,-, Joseph Graves.
Samuel Haciley. Job Sampson.
Kiws.Israel Oakley, Wm. M. udail,
Nicholas Wyckoff* Wm. Cot~?elvea, 2d.
Livingston.Daniel H.Piltbttgh, Hector Hitchcock,
Onniel D. Spencer. Curtis Hawley.
Madison.lona. D. Ledyard, Venoni W. Mason,
Benj, F Bruce, Lorenzo Sherwood,
F.sel; Sleen-. Henry Palmer.
Monroe.Ferome Fuller, William Burl,
Robert Halght, Snmu?-l P. Goulti,
Enoch Strong--. H??nry ?Martin.
Montgomery.Wni S. Shuler, John Bowdisb,
Daniel Gross. John I. Zoder.
New-York Cihi_l.i-eph Blum. Georgtt G. Glatler,
E. G. Baldwin, T. R. Ilubbanl,
Horace St John, Tigbe Davy,
Alomo A. Alvord, Absalom E. Miller,
ll.irvey A. Weed, Edmund M. White,
Floyd Smith, Edward Sanford,
Robert Smith, Daniel C. Penlz,
Stepben Sammobs, George Paulding,
Jacob Acker, Jas T. Thompson,
Smith Dunning, Charles P Daly,
Jad?es Briiismnde, D. R. F. Jones,
Cyrus Chenery, Wm. McJVIurray,
???iimuei Webster. M. H. fan Dyke.
Niagara.Thomas T. Flagler, Luiher Wilson,
Thomas Sweeney. Asa B. Brown.
Oneida.Andrew Rockwell, J. H. Tower,
Salmon Chase, David Cadwell,
I'AMn Owens, David Murray,
Ezemel Butler. (Arnos Fassen
O'nondaga.E.W.Leave-worth,Thomas M'Carlhy.
A7.nri:ib Smith. Charles R. Vary,
PerleyP.Cleveland,Benj. French,
Stephen Rice. Thomas Sherwood.
Ontario..Tnli dialiDewey.Jr, Peter Mitchell,
James C. Brown, Wm. G. Moitell,
Sylvest? r Austin. Oliver Case.
Orleans.Elista Wright. Lyman Bate?.
Oiwice..;..HudsonMcFarlan, Leonard Lee,
??'.ir;?*? Houston, John W. Martin,
I ?bua Mullock.Jr., John Van Duter.
Oswtgo.'obn L. Kipp. Win. F. Allen,
Jacob Cromwell. Albun Strong.
Otsego;.Elisha Sliepherd.JrJo__ R. Griggs,
Cornelius Vedder, Harvev Hunt,
A. Qoodenough. Situs Builesoa
<^?ffU?.B. Rmhmare. Samuel Young.
lleioscLer.G union Corning, George R. Davis.
A. Knickerbarker, 11. Vai ilerburRb.
Jeboakim P.Staats. Samuel Dougla.?s.
Richmond.David Mersereau, Henry Coe.
Saratoga.Nicholas B. Doe, Azariah E- Stitte-on
Hugh while. Lyndes Bmersoo.
Scheuectadu.M. M. It Wimpl?. K. H. Wnlton.
????/i.???-??..Merriman Preston, John <??terh-ut,
Adam P. Mattice. Abut. Richten.eyer
?Srnre,?.Withuni Sweei. Matthew West.
^(cnl.c'1.Fini.? McClure, Ziba ?\. Letaud,
Washington Barnes, Francis E. Erwin,
<rtin?t,iiii t'tiok. Morris Brown,
St. Lawrence.John S. Chipmao, CalvinT. Hulburd,
Cariton McEwen. Geoejre-tediagton.
SuffbUc.Svlvevter Miller, J. B.Smith,
William Nicholl. S. B- Nicholl.
Sullr.au.Jesse M Fo?ier. Jonathan Stratton
Tioga.Naib'i W. Davis. Simeon R. Gritfin.
7'.ji-t'ei*ui'.Elias W. Cndy. Sylvanus Lamed,
Lewis W. ??wen. Gr?o. T. Spink.
Ulster.lobri Everett, William So per.
.1. L. Hasbrouclc. Edmond Sjydsm.
Washington.LW. Porter, Alei Robinson,
Anson Bigelow. Jonathan Todd.
Wayne.Cbarlef Bradish, Fre?.l. U.Sheffield.
Hiram Mann. Philip Sour?.
WcstcMster.Gouv. M. Wilkin?, Andrew Findlay,
ArnoIda.Dickinson, Samuel L Holme*.
Wyoming.Eleaser Baldwin, William ?. Collar,
Tinman ?enedict. Ebener? r Jack ?on.
Fates. .Samuel G, ?L-t. e. Rich. II. Williams
*Bolter'x Ticket?*. L Van Voorhis, C. Westerv.lt, J.
?Roller's Tidet.? L. Oun.e, It. B. Miller, Aaron Bailey,
G. Walawortb.
fin Lewis. Putnam, Rockland, and Warren, W? have not
h?nrd that the Ti'-ket< are yet ?etlled.]
Hints for a Goon Style?in order to form a
good stvie. tho primary rule and condition i?>, n.i
to attempt t?> espffei? our*elve> in language before
we thoroughly know our own meaning. When a
man perfectly understands himself, appropriate
dictum will .?-morally he at his command either in
wrtiin . or -peaking. In siioh cases, the thought?,
nni th?? word?? hi?? a?jso_?ated. In the next place,
prtH-isene^s in th.? u-e of terms is required, and the
te>t is, whether you can translate the phiase ade?
quately into s?naiUt u-im,. regard being had to the
lerlit.!:-* of the whole <-r?.>?mge. Tn,' this upon
Soakspeare or Milton, and see if v?u subttitute
other atmpler words in any given passage, without
:. violation oi ihe raeaning or tone. Th_ sourceot
bad writiiu is the desire to be something more
limn n man of sei-s*?th* straining to be thoughi
a genius? ; and i; i-? just the same in speech-mak?
ing. If men would only say what they have to sa\
i:> plain term!, h iw much more eloquent the>
wouid be. _ [Coleridge
Kv.tv.RATtuN.?The bnd time* ia the city hav?
compelled a great many of our mechanic-, to emi
sntt?*? to the interior of the State and some to th?
fur West, We und??rstan?i that there are man?
ci'mpanie"*. now orgunuing consisting of 20 to 3(
?'-rouie*, who intend in leave tbe city in the spring
A number of person-*- have already left as pioneer
to prepare building, and lay out ground, &c. ?
t?i*?>>* who follow in April. The middle countie
of tbtt State, Delaware, Ulster and Cbenangc
sure preferred. ?Many .ostjy deem health and fai
prices preferable to the uncertainties of the fa
West.? besides the expense of transportation i
one-fourth, and seuters are always within reach o
their friends in the city. [America..
The Fay of XVntxhtmen* _,
We have more than once expressed trankly ana
fullv our conviction that the re?uction o? the Pay
of Watchmen to $1 per nicht was a just and pro?
per measure, in view of the accumulation of bur?
thens under which oar City now groan? and the
?general cheapness of Labor. Good., Provisions,
&c. &c. No one will rs-joice moro heartily than
we to tail a restoration of a state of thing* in
which the pavment of a higher price will be at
once just and expedient. The following Report
from the Committee of the Board of Assistant*
presents very forcibly the other side of tbe ques?
tion from that which we have felt it our dutv to
take. We invite a dispassionate consideration of
the ??ubject :
Report of the Select Committee in favor of
restoring tbe pay of the Watchmen. Pre?
sented by Assistant Alderman Scales, October
blh, 1842.
The Special Committee tc which r.-as referred the peti?
tion praying for a restoration ofthe former wa?-e? of the
Watchmen of the ciiy
That the peeuniary pres?ure ofthe time-; requires that
every proper effort should he mad?- by th?*- Representatives
of U?e People to dimmish the borden of taxation. Your
Committee believe that this will best be accomplished by
Uie introduction ol a spirit of eronomy into every depart?
ment of the City Government, by holding every person
who receives or disbur?es the public moneys to a strict ac?
countability, and by endeavoring lo pum?!. and prevent
those defalcations which impair the moral lone of our com?
munity, while they increase taxation. Since the passage
of the ordinance (reducing the salari?-s _f the city officers;
farther reflection and inquiry have satisfied your Commit?
tee, that the belter opinion is, that the former w.j'-? ofthe
watchmen were not mon* than a lair equivalent'?or their
services. The watchmen of our city hold a very responsi?
ble position. To them is entrusted the protection of the
lives and property of our citizens from the midnight burglar
and incendiary. If they do their duty faithfully, it alten
involves no ordinary degree of danger and sulTeriii... v? bile
others sleep they mnslmeet and endure with patience w ind
and storm?ihe summer's l.eat and winter's cold ; and in
their "lonely round" their persons and their lives are not
unfrequently endangered by the 'assault', of roffians and
profligates, wiih whom they are obliged toc?me in contact.
Keep a strirt supervision over them?punish them should
?hey neglejl their duly?but compta.ate them fully (or the
important services they render.
If it be true that the sum ot ?.ne dollar will go as far
towards ibe suppoi t ?if a family now as one dollar und
twenty-five cenis ih time? of greater prosperity, it is also
true thai many, perhaps a majority, of ibe Watchmen have
no other means ot supportin*.' themselves and families than
their wages earned on every alternate mpht. Formerlj.
the Watchmen had their daily occupations, to th?" in?*ome ol
??.hieb their wages v."-r. ?0 addition, in many instances at
the present time, it you- Commut?e have been rightly in?
formed, men ol industrious habits and rfUipectablecbura?
1er have gone upon il . Watch as th*? only mode by which
they could give bread to a large and helpl?-?--? inrr.ily.
Your Committee have not discovered that the tax-payers
generally are in favor ol this reduction ofthe Watchmen's
?vape*- They know the importance of having bonest, de?
cent, faithful men upon ibe Waich, and of presenting no in
lacement for them to be otherwise.
Reduce the pay beluw a reasonable compensation, and
you rleter many worthy citizens who would otherwise con?
nect tbein?elvefi with the department. You also ?aiiject
those whose necessities impel tiiem to become Watchmen t?>
?tronj? temptations, if not to act dishonestly, at lea?t to relax
their vigilance and remit their ?xertions. This is very far
from being tbe interest of the owners of property.
Such a reduciionof wagrs would certainly b?- ;? ven' im?
politic species of economy. Your Committee cannot be
lieve thai a majority ofthe tax-payers desire it. On the
-?-ni rary, your Committee believe that ibey wish the Watch*
men lobe faithful and are willing to pay them well.
Viewing Uu? whole mailer candidly and dispassionately
weighing the arguments on both sides, and endeavoring a
much as possible to draw th _ir conclusions from ascertained
(acts?your Committee must be permitted io ?iraw their
conviction, that the sum of $1 25 p .r nit.lit is urn an unrea?
sonable compensation for the services of a Watchman; and
ihat the reduction ot the Watchmen's wages from that sum
lo $1 00 per night will have a necessary tendency to diminish
the respectability of the dep;?rtm?-nt ami impair its useful?
Coder these circumstances, your Committee hupe that
ibeprayeiot ihe petitioners will be granted, ami recommend
the passage of the annexed Ordinance and Resolution.
(Signed) JOHN B. SCOLES,
Copper ?rk.?The value of the recent geolo?
gical surveys in several States has already been
proved. Within the last week 15 tona of copper
ore have been shipped for this port from a mine
in Cumberland, R. I., commenced this season and
worked by four men only. The ore was sont to
Liverpool to be sold at the monthly man of ore
?it Swansea. It is a fact little known that there is
not a sin^lf? smelling furnace for copper in North
America?we doubt if there is one on the Conti?
nent?for the ore from Chili, the gray oxide, which
is the richest in the world, yielding 80 per cen?.,
?s sent exclusively to Swansea. An analysis o?
the ore from Cumberland, gave for the richrat spe?
cimens, 57 per cent., for the poorest, 5 per cent.
The average nbout 13 per cent. Tbe best Corn?
wall mines give an average of only 1W per rent.
The Stratford Mines in Vermint, which wore
worked some years with profit, until the vein ran
out, gave an average of o per cent.
[Boston American.
K_P Ihe first accident whichever happened on
the Little Miami Railroad befel a Mr. Markell of
Anderson township, Hamilton County, Ohio, on
Saturday last. Mr. M. was on the track near th?
curve at Columbia,and did not notice the approach
of the train until he was knocked down. The
engine ai??l all the cats passed over him, severing
!>oth legs just above the ancle--, and injuring him
much about the head. He whs taken up supposed
to be dead, but was living at 4 o'clock P. M. on
Saturday. This unfortunate man was quite deal,
and did not hear the bell and whistle.
NOTICE.-?All peraons indebted to ihe
estate ot" the laie Dr. Elijah Mead ?ire requested to
make pavment to the subscriber, to whom all claims against
ihe estate mav be presented.
o28 2w- SAK.\H L. AlKAB, Executrix,43 Bleeckcr-M.
A MER?CAN LOCKS?The subscribed
__7_1__ having consulted wiih the manufacturers, have de?
termined to make such reduction in prices a? tbe exigencv
of tbe linn-?, demand, and they invite tbe attention ol Bui;?i
ers, and others in want, to thfir complete assortment ot
American Lock*, Latches, Le.; also,.Ian??-?'?Sen ? s, <'Urk'?
Patent Butt?", Shutter Hinges, ?tore dnor Locks, Bolt?..!-... :
Cut and Wroach! N;?ils, best G, Hor>e Nails and Hardware
generally. Orders Irom the country s|Kiul?l stale Ih?? thick
ness of doors, and whether they open to ibe right hand or
let! on crilerinjr.
Cooper's Glue of all the different quil?n?--". I?v Uie barrel
o29 lw 2yu Peatl-street near Beekmun.
DRUMS.?The economy ol .?-in?., Dunns
in Parlors and Halls i? well known. The subscribers
otTer lo the**pnblic the greatest v*aiietv.and the mo?; h<*nutiii.l
article in ihe city. Size-? suitable for all locations are on
exhibition in the Drum-room of oar establishment T;ie
increasing sale? show ihat ii.is article answers a most excel?
lent purpose. We ask those who study economy nn.l are in
?rant, to give us a call, as we are sure they must be plea ed
among ?o great a variety. SHfe .'.MID i? t;i>.
?*29 lm Non'- Stove Warehouse, 2A2 Water ?i
BORN 4*. LITTLE, Importers ?ad General Deal
ers m English, German ami American H a? du are. Cutlery.
??c. .vc .S3 Pulton street. opp<?tt? ib?- United Stales Hotel,
(formerly Holt's Hotel,. New York, (where ibe bnsiness has
been carried on for eighty year? pa?'..) ofler io < ountry
merchants and t>ther. a very extensive assortment m the
lowest market prices, for Cash or on approved ("re?lit.
Purchasers aie hereby invited to <-;?!? and examine the
?-lock, which is composed in pari of Tab!? and Pockei i j .
lery ?Razors ?S.-.s^irs?Tea and Table Spoons?Tea
Trays?Sauce and Pry ?n__ Pans?Corn an.1 Coffee Mills?
Shovel and Tongs?Andiron??Coal Hods?Hollow War?-?
Shovels and Spade-?Hoe-?Forks?Rak? ? Scythes? \x?-?
?English ?'a^on Boxe??Sl?ieh. House ind 'Band Bells
?Curry Combs?Slate;?Skat?-????Cut and Wrought Nail
Cut Tacks?Brads and Sparables?Butts and Si-re?-.-??
Lo-cks and Laiche???Hinges?Anvil?\ ices?Sledge Ham?
mers? Files?Autrers? Chisel.?? Gouges?Planes?-1 Spear's
Mill, Pitt. Cross Cut, Hand. Pannel. Iron and Brav? Back
Sa**?.)?American Iron Cooper R?v*-_??Berk lr?>.i.??_Scc?tch
Water of AyreStoue for Marble Polishers?Black Lead Pol?
? Genuine Harlem Oil?(Ship Builders' Hard-.rare)?Albert.
son's. Horton's anil Clifford's celebrated Cast Steel Coopers'.
Carpenters'and Ship Carpenters' Edge Tools in fjeneial.
AI?.?, Agents for A/??.?*-*'.? celebrated Weil and Cistern
Pumps, manufactured bv H. Warren, ?-.-arrant^-! superior
to any other kind In ase'. CHAULES OSBORN,
B^OT-TaND SHOES?A se?era! as
sonmentor MEN'S.BO YS* andTO?THS" BOOTS.
k? u atKl --ROUANS, vi-- Men's boys'and vouths
tt-iCK boot?, cab and kip, sewed and pegged ; ?to men's aod
Doys thick and kip brotrun? : women*?, misses ami chil
-T_;M?t^-^klT?:sl'^,r4'ir* a*?' lur ci(-"-* il"d
.. h_. ;, : 6n* M,k a"*1 concyha?*- ah ?id low rot
cashor city accep-aoc?--*, by the cas. or doten Counirv
mere hauls would do w__ ?_ call __.i examine !..
os an? OALE k Co-'.' *!ti" **** 9lr-"'*.
?J*-??*--"_ ander _*. S. Holet. N. V.
JOSEPH GILTOTr&ai,uracturM
?si TO THK QUEEN.-CAUTION.-The ??T.1.,
tero? the? Pens has induced the attempt, onA.^
SFSfl? TF1^* n,ak<,rs' ******* ? ?rand noic^rj?o0,,'
Mr. Gill.u, &at alw upon ihr pabHc An ir.fenor in?___
peanng the misspeUsd aamt, thus. Rulot, omiiiia? u_.f__.ai
t???&^Jam***L U ?*? ?>adil>' kN-tk.t^ted br^u
?l^?_?ti1?!1PPWanC^ Md *" VWy commoa ?>'??? ?* ?*'h''*
_ ^fSTSiS" .^-*l*-a*? -"?**?* -"*?? are ?II marked (_ ft_H-_
"Joseph OOloit s Patent," or "Joseph dOott. warrani?! ? ?
au?', ibat each gross bear, a tac simile of his ?i_.nai.__re
The above may be had, wholesale, of HKNRY JESSOP
JJ*??-- -*y 91 J?5hiw(treei. comer of Gold.
STOVES?HOWE'S Patent Store,
fur heating Parlors, Hails, kc, and there probably is
ot a Stov?* 1er sale in this city mat contains fin so small a
compass) all the advantage this Stove do?-s, fcr neatness of
app?-8rance,economyinfuel, and for?_niuinga softand plea?
sant heat, it ?s not surpassed by any, and equalled by verv
few, if any ; and while I am about it I should like to call
the anention of the public to those Stoves for sale in ibis
market thai are only got up to look at, and noi for service
and utility ; there ? considerable croaking about hollow
bases or hearths, to wann or dry the ft et upon. I would
merily ask the question, would a hearth or base made of
sheet iron stand much pulling ?eel upon iifor that purpo?. '
I think not, therefore I would caution the public to buv
such Stoves only as bave been well tested and tned. Thi?
Stove has a cast iron hearth and two doors ?n front, one for
putting in coal and the other to show the ire, .hereby giv*
mg a very cheerful appearanc?, and at ihe tame time brings
an open nre convenient for warming <-r riryingth- feel- It
may be ieeii at th?- Fair next week ; and" is for ??ale at ihe
Manutartory, No. 239 Water-street, and also at 23 and 125
Bowery, and at Powell At "?"mine's. Brooklyn
o7 I m SA M U E L ?R. S PE LMA N. :
_S9 Water-?.
TYTOTTS STOVES.?We invite the at
_L 1 tention of the publie to eur new an?l splendid assort?
ment of Nott's Sto.es. Tbe first premium has aeain been
awarded them as the best heat Moves f?ir Hal!?, Churches,
Public Buildings, kc. at the la.;? fairoi the American Idsti
lut?.-. Thev have for > ear ? stood unrivalled as regardstheir
utility and economv, and the decision ofthe Judges, as well
ns th?- increasing demur??! for |b?s article, _? confirinatif.n
siroiig of their superiority at ihe present time over any other
?-love before tbe public. Our patterns are rich and varied.
commanding the adrairniion of all ob-erver?. Our style for
private house? is an ornament to the ball as well as? most
?jseful appendage. An entire house of any ??e can be thor?
oughly warn*??.-?! by a single Stove, without "recourse at all
to lb?* parlor grates durin'g the winter.
We b*?ve also been able to complete a few of "ShepaRD'?
Patent Reve _bf.r..ti"*i_.'' ior parlors, with ?ahich the pub?
lic can now be served without delay. This Stove has als??
laki-n the rlrst premium of ihe American Insiiiuf.3? tWe
best Stove for parlors ami offices exhibited at the Fair, al?
though ih? competition was greater ?ian on any previous
oca:-ion. Their construction is extremely ?imple, and their
efficiency and economy nndeniable. We have only to ask
ti??? attention of tho?-?" purchasing Stoves to them and we ire
confident thai they wiUbepleased. SHKPAKD i CO.
029 lm "...ii?- Mov?- W:_rH;->;is.\ _;_' Wii.-r-!.
The s_ib.cnt.ers orli-r this Premium Wood Cooking
Stave io the public,and reque.t the attention ol those pur?
chasing t? it asan article Of woVih. <<! which we have abun?
dant lestimenials. They stand highest in the ik?* market as
a Cooking Stove for wood. All tbe utensils necessary in
??ulinnry purposes are attached lo them They are ac?
knowledged io be the !.*-?; article for cooking, with ih?- ex>
ceptibn o?an i_?p?-u lire. The ovens i??r baking and roasting
??re equal for these purposes to a brick oven. It will be ?or
?__e ad vantage Ol those in want ol a superior article lo gift
us a call SHEPARD ?_ CO ,
o29 lm Noll'? Stove Warehouse, __.__ Waier-street.
The undersigned are the only agents for vending and
?elling Hi?" above article in the City of New-York. Oflheir
utility and ?uperior ??xcellei?ce certificates from per-on? ot
the fir?! respectability may he seenai the store. We guar?
antee against any explosions if put up according to our
direction?,. We have also an improved Airtight Stove.
ol 3m S. ?L FRAZ1ER. 250 Water street.
STOVES, designed for Stores. Offices, Hnll? and Par?
lors.?These Stoves are acknowledge?! by all who have
used them, io supersede any other kind ever offered to the
public. They can now be had at great.y reduced prices?
one-third i<--_ than formerly?owing io tbe.depressed state
of the times. Those wishing to purchase Stoves loir the
above purposes are r????uestcd to call and examine for them
selves at 65 Cbatharn-stree. it b?-ing the onlv place whei?*
the\-can be obtained in ibis eiiy. N. H. Spoor's Stoves
Neiv-Vnrk, October 8,1842. oll lm
scriber, (successor to L. \'. Baocer, formerly doing
business al 250 Water-street, and tbe original Agent for
vending and selling Professor Orr's Patent Air-tight Stove
in this City,) would respectfully inform the publ.c that he
t?as laken the store No, 231 Water-street, two doors from
Beekman, where may be found n complete n'-sortmeniof
ihe above Stoves, new style, and at reduced prices. Over
P'ive Thousand Of these Stiives were sol?! ?n the Cily of
Boston last season, and lound to be the most economical in
ihe c?n?uuipiion ol fuel of any Stove heretofore introduced.
They are recommended particularly bv Physicians, inr
beating rooms for the sick; and person? niilicted will] eon
sumption have lound great r?-liet by the use of this Stove,
he air produced being of more even temperature than can
;?o.??iiily be produced by any other Stove now offered to the
public Also, Wilcox's Air-tigbt Stove for wood?a beauti?
ful arlicle; together with Badger's Patent Air-tight coal
Stove, ?lesigned for Stores, Offices, Halls and Parlors, a
very cheap and economical article. A printed dir-- -tion ac?
companies all the above Sioves. Please call and examine
for yourselves before purchasing else? here. Recollect the
number. D. O. WENDELL, No. 231 Waters!..
e,2?. Im '2d door from Beekman.
& r TO _>.r> 51?.?Peach Orchard Coa".?
*lp -?y The ?ubsi-riber of?eis f?.r sale the first quality Peach
I ire 1 : i? i? 1 C?al, broken, egg and large nut sires, at the above
reduced prices, delivered Tree of cartage, ?lirect from the
??oats Tl??? Coai will be well broken and s?*re?-ne?l ;?.? U?e
lime of shipment. ALFRED ASHFIELD,
.lo (.rand-street, corner oi Ridge,
and South-street, corner of Montgomery.
Orders left as above, or ni 19fi William-street, or through
the Post-Office, promptly attended la_anStt tf
?From thf
Orchard Re.
iTh Coal Iresh'from the mines, at the following low pi ?..
Kgg and Broken.$b ?ft
Stove, large. .5 00
double screened and delivered any part ot the city, weighed
by a citv weigher. Y:__*d corner Christopher ami Greer.
wich streets. JAS. FKROUSON
N B?1000 tons Pea and Dust cheap._ a_S* lf_
tJP\jre*}\j superior article of Sydney Coal, Iresb
mined, coarse and handsome, and suitable for parlor use, is
now discharging from ship Orando, foot Beach-?ireet, and
for sale in quantities io sun purchasers'by
oli t; .11 Washington-sL,corner Lnighi.
jH OA?7! COAL ??Cheap asTv^Tatlhe
v.> old stand, corner of Hudson and Amos-streets, wh??re
w. shall be happy to seeall who want a good article of
winter fuel. We are constantly receiving and discharging
boats ol well-selected co.ds which we deliver on the shortest
notice in ?good order. (iy.ti.im) J.TKRBELL
.. d i? now discharging a very rice cargo of Liver?
pool ?.'on! tbat burns free, bright and clean, at the low pru e
ol $9, delivered free of cartage al any p.rt of tbe city. A
few chaldrons y?. unsold. Those wanting the article!had
bellersend in ibeir order? without del?., at the Yard No.
78 Thompson street, near Spring, or at Uie office No. im
Nassau street.
P. S. ? It will be delivered at Brooklyn at ibe same price
ih?? fer age added. JOSEPH P. SIMPSON. ol2tl
d?/j O^?COAL, COAL-r
'\p JT <&mJ vessel, best quality Peach
J ,. _??-..I _ ,_,.[, ?R___*m il... _-%_?*_____ tml i .. ?. , I -. . Ii ? . .
^ill |?UOAJL ! CoA L ! !?The real
^p _J ?" '" / Peach Orchard Red Ash, now ?elling from
?be yard SM Washington-street, two doors above Spring.
broken.from clean lamp, doubly screened, and delivered
.ne of ..???nage, mid weighed by a City Weigher, at the fol?
lowing price? :
Large Nui.fc.5 00
??i.-ivv. 5 25
Broken <>r Egg. 6 no
Liverpool Screened. 8 00
N. B.?All orders to be left at the Yard. No agent:?no
commission. The buyer receive- tl??' benefit.
Coal from boats, 25 o-nu le?, per-ion.
018 tf P. B. GUERNSEY.
COAL, COAL, COAL.?Rest Peach Or
chard Ke?l Ash Coal?Lump, Broken and Nut sizes.?
The undersigned is authorised to take orders for this cele?
brated Coal, al the very lowest prices, eitbpr by the cargo
or ton, delivered Irom the barges Lee of cartage in any pan
of un? cuy or Brooklyn.
A!co Gray A?h SchnylkiU, Leiogh and Lackawana Coal.
P. S. ?tonerican Bituminous Coal, for ih. grate, equal io
best Liverpool. Best Virginia Coal, lor blacksmith"? use, at
the very lowest pr.ee. .IOSBPH P. SIMPSON,
?"'Ifice No. 118 NasTiU-sireeL
N. B. Orders I??rone ton will r?-ceiw ibe s&rae attention
as tlinse fur a larger qnamty. mylHu
t~/T COAT.r COAL.--?e s'ubacriber
??^ will deliver, for this week only, for tbe following
low prices, the best quality of Peach orchard. Read Ash
Coal, warranted equal to any ever brought to tin- markei,
which he will deliver trom the yard, iree ?>! cartage, doul?
lv screened,at the i"llnwing low prices: Broken E__g, %b
7*. ; Siove. $5 50 ; lar,*?- Nut, $5 ; VVbit?_ A-.li, Brok?^n"and
E .. ;?'. 50. Orders received at the yard, corner of Essex
and l_ivin__t?>n---ireet?, an?l in the basement story of the
.Merchant?" Hotel ?n Cortland-st., bv J. T. Bernard".
ni 5t-_"PETER AURA N D.
GES.?There needs no argument beyond a simple,
fair, caiiili?! tri.U, to prove to a demonstration that Peters's
Loteng.s are among the very best medicat?^! prep ?rations
ever made. W hie their taste, which IS agreeable, give?, them
a ii vantage over every other medicine now m userth?* great
variety of their ingredient.? renders them erheaciou? 10 an
?/xient elsewhere unknown. His Cough Loienges, for in
-tance, cure Colds, Asthma, Catarrh, Bronchitis, and all
complaints of a Pulmonary origin. Then __?> Worm Loien*
ge? reheve children ofthe teriible distress, the convalsive
pn?r.s. the broken sWp and headacke, which always attend
the ;ire-??nceof w_rn__ Thus all hi? Lozenges in faenare
?"Ut'.able lo ?orne particular disease, which they compietelv
remore. *?*?arelH.'a?e. 125 Fulton-?-!. ol7 lm
ACOUSTIC OIL ?For the cure(if Deafne?/. pa.ns,
and the discharge of matter from ?be Ear* ; also, all those
div-igrreahle n-i-es like ihe buzzing of Insects, falling of
water, whizxingof steam, i.e. ??c. winch are symptoms oi
approaching deafness, and also generally attendant with
the disease. Many persons who hive l?-er? deaf for ten, fif?
teen and twenty years, and ?ere obh_.ed i/> use ear-trump?
ets, have, after using one or t?*o botll?, thrown aside iheir
trumpets, being made perfec?y well. Physicians and ?ur?
wot is highlv recommend ils use. For sale by Dr. JAYNE,
N?. _S Souih Third street. Philadelphia.
Sold at wholesale and retail by the agents, A.B. i.D.
San?s i Co , Drugg'stsand Chemisii. 79 Fultnn-su cornerot
Gold-st. and No. Iu0 Fnltos-st. Al?1? sold by David Sands
Si Co., 77 Ea?t Broadway, corner Market stre?n; '?.:-?..__.
B. Sands k Co., Granite Buildings, 273 Braaa?. _v. comer
of Ch_mbers-s_ New-York. Price $_. o_4 lm
?**arn_m.d tight. Also, Smokey Chimnevs warranted
vn be made to draw. So cure no pav. *
S_ ?^'"-lents r.paire<1 and warranted tight.
?a - ?5S_?_. 15 pramp?!; atienden u? on apphcation
on lia TH0MAS sHEftlfiAN. SI _trr, 211 Wiukm-n.
lishtrrs of the American Agriculturist would rrespe?n
fullv solicit the attention of Farmers and others engaged m
Aericmltaral pars*" us, ? the ahot-emenlioned work.
The following are a few of ibe many lavorable notices
winch m_ work luis received:
'* Tbe -ericnltnrist appears to be etiited with that kind
of ability and practical ?no wledge, that mast-place it amone
t?be r?W-mO- rank with ?Hmiiar periodicals m our country.
[ Wayne County Record, Indiana.
*? From the known ability ofthe editors, we hare no doubt
tli? will proTe a most useful paper, and worthy the patron
afe ot tbe agriculturist. We hail ihe appearance ol this
jonrn? as another evidence of tbe interest which is mani?
fested in tbe subject of Agriculture."
[Central Farmer. Rome, New-York.
" From a cr.refal perusal of the content-? ofthe American
A_Ticnliuri?i. we kesitate not to ?ay, it bids fair to become
a most vnluahle acquisition many farmer who does not al?
ready know too much to acquire further knowledge in bis
avocation.*' fTbe JetTersonian, MansfiebL Ohio.
Tfce above work Is published monthly (each number to
contain S2 pages royal octavo) at the low rate ot $1 per
annum. SAXTON -. MILES, Pni.iishers,
205 Broadway.
S. k M. have constantly on hand all Ihe popular works
relatin, m Agriculture in all its branches._ol?
DRESS BOOTS-?Latest French style.
The subscriber re>pectful!y invites the cttiiens of
New-York, and strangers visiting the city, m call at 114 Ful
ton-nreet, and examine a large assortment of Dress^Boois,
made in the latest Spring fashion, an. of the finest ?Tench
Grau'turarar. have Bor.uma-tii to ordrr ID the best man?
ner at six (lallars per pair, warranted t-qual to any made at
seven dollars and a half, a,id as tbe undersigned Bk-fidra**/?
in0* Of the fret and keeps I?is for each customer, he can in?
sure an easy vet handsome fit.
?/??on-stan-Jyoii hand. Fa.biont.le Boots,i.e., at the follow
?ne reduce?'!' pri?es.
Seai-Stin Boots.fiom $2 50 to $2 ?5
Calf '?' '? . " 4 OU to oiW
Half Boots.3 00
Gaiters.:*?*?? 2
Shoes.from 1 oti lo . i*"J
Pumps and Slipper-, t-C kc. proportionablyIf**'
Tenus, Costa on Delivery. JOHN L. W ATKINS,
my 16 114 -*mton-st. between Nassau and Dntcli^
ton and Woolen Goods,byttae New-York and New
JerseyDyeand Print Work?. Office 111 WUtaarn-street,
corner of John.
Silks, Satin-, Mennos, Orleans Cloths,
Ribbons, Shawls, Caselmercs-, Vestings,
Gloves, Velvet-, Mou?eline <ir Lame?,
Laces. Hosiery. Bombaaine?. Eleones,
?'rod.' Nap?, H.lki?*., Drap tie F.te, Challys,
Levantines.Sincbaws, Dyed, P.-in-ed and restored.
Fancy Dveinr/ Department. -Ladies silk ami woolen,
h-.'ured and plain Dres.r . Cloaks, Mantilla'-. Shawls, Rib?
bons, Hate, Gloves, Milts. Also, ser.llemen's Coats. Over,
coals, tlyr-d and press?-d. Table and Piano Covers, Cur?
tains. Ru'.'". Carpets, cleaned and dressed._ o24 lm*
The subscriber has lor upward of twenty-five years
been engaged in the manufacture of Priiilm?/* Ink, during
which l?me il bas been u?-?d extensively throughout the
United States. His long experience a?, a manutacturer of
Ink, an.I Lik-wls- as a practical Printer, enables turn i?> lur
ni?h bis typographical brethren throughout ihe Union, who
may favor him with ibeir cu?tom, with Ink of a very ?upe
?ior quality, ol unchangeable color, and on reasonable
term?*. The Ink is well calculated lo work on the compo?
sition roller, and on all descriptions of presses now in use.
The subscriber likewise manufactures Ink of various colors,
vir r Red, Blue, Green, itc.
Orders addressed to bis manufactory on Front-street, be?
tween Montgomery and Gooverneur-streets, Fist River,
will he punctually attended to. GEORGE MATHER,
The above Ink is at present used on this paper. ?3 2m
TV! OTIC F..?.1 list opened a fine asdort
X.1 men. of Plated Brass and Japanned Bins
A fine assortment ot Plated ar.d Bmss Stirrup?
Do dt? do do llames
*>? do do do Knoli
Do tlo do do Lamps
Do tlo English Bridles and Marunga lei
Do Mu Whalebone Rost-ites
Do do Ivory Rings
Do tlo Silk and Wotsted Lace
Do tlo SprinG-, Axles, Hubs and Top
Ami Patent Leather
Do do Whips Tacks, Web, ic. by
si ?I tf JNO. S. SUMMERS.-72 P?-nri st.
_ _ bavejust received by packet ?hip Oxford,* new sup?
ply of Sheffield Briut.iiia Urns, Coffee Pol? and Tea Sell?,
which are offered for sale atold prie**, although by the new;
tariff the duties .tie increased.
As it respect?, our custom house dull?-?, ami the done? we
o*r to customers, lb- fin?l have alrrady been paid iu t-a*.h.
and the lauer ?re 'II endeavor l" discharge in daily initial?
menu of politeness and .ltieniion.
A complete n.-??riment of dome-tic Britannia War*? ar.d!
German Silver Good.?, lor ?ale, wholesale and retail, by
o?*7 2W fi Burling-sllp, foot of John-street. I
Acoustic Oil l"r lb?- cuie ol D?'afne?.s, Pains, ami the
discharge of mailer from the E_rr?; al?o, all those 'tuairrce
able noi?e*. like the butning ot' insects, fal.inr nf water?,
whizzing ot ?lenin._c, which iir?* lymplouH ol approach?
n._ Deafne?.. a ??I .liso generally aitendanl with the <ii
J r Read lite f-IIowinc most eTtraordmary Cure : If any
ha?e bad doubu. th? ? 'n?? now dismiss Uiem, and ibe most
>.>rr.-.iiii..f?, ,?_y con?i_?r rt.?i.,..?,(? curable. Nnmeron?
?ases ot cures, and mai.y <>t them vrry remnr_a_le, i?v 11,.
?im?oi ".??< ARPAS ?HL," havebften publi-hetl, bat tin?
caps ib?- china.. Young >>r old, vou may yet recover your
A l.?lv m Smilhfield, Pennsylvania, and now alH.ut eighty
y-ar> oi ngr, bad been gradually getting deaf for more tnan
forty ye.tr\ to that it was next to impossible to make h?-r
h**ar conversation in the loudest lone ol voice. Last winter
?he tuas induced to iry " Sctrpa's Oil for Deatne**.,* It _
only nee ?????.? ry to add, that she has used two Unties, and
that her hearing i? perfectly restored?she it cured. Any
information m relation to tbe case mav be obtain_<l at the
?toreol DIL JAYNE.
2f> South Third-street, Philadelphia.
at which place al?) the medicine is lor sale.
Sold at wlu.lesale and retail hy the Aj-entu A. B. it D.
SANDS, Dru-riri'is, No-. 7;i and lm? Fulton corner ?4 (?old
.1. ami I?mi Pnlton-si. al?o ?old hy Ahrabam B Sands k Co.
Mo. 173 -Broadway, (Granite Building;) c rner of Cham
>er?.-M? David SamU k Co. So. 77 East Broadway, corner
>l Market-sL Price $?. o!3 lm
PA R K ' 8 LIF F PILLS .?The im uiense
increase of Hie sab- of these Pills for the ?hoTt time
lltey have hei-n inir?*duced into tins conntry, is tr"Jy aston
L?hins*. and a cnnvi.-.rin'r proof of ilie conquerin?: power ol
this fine lierh.il medicine i?. ivmedying di<i.a?e. Ai this sen
son of th?* year, when the system is relaxed hy ihe heat oi
summer, a course ol ibis invaluable medicine will clear oil
?he sour and hntl humors which heal invar Bbly generate
Tbi- liver, which generally gels sluggish, ?ill be putint?
bealthy .ictiol., and thnsbe ahle to perform ibe functions al
lotted m it,the body altogether will h<- reinvigoraied,and
prepared io utnl*?r<.i) whatever change the wiater may
bring on. In bilious complaints heav}* colds and infiamma?
lions, liiey afford a ?ptietly r?-l ?>i, ami to ii,.> i?.m dr consti?
tutions they are ptincipally applicable, as many who have
tnril tb?'m can certify. In fact, every one who has used
Parr's Lit.- Pilla seems to be instilled with new life, tor their
fine, tonic properties invariably restore the sto?nacfi to a
healthy Innrins' <or food, ?numi ?leep, and all the concomi
tantsattendant ?m good health. Th.-extent to which they
are.nsetrl in Europe,among all cla.--e?i of society, is beyond
conception, for more than ??n.nnn boxes are there sold >ve?-k
ly, showing that all ?ho ose tkem appreciate their worth,
They are ?o| ? exclusively by the following a:rer.!?, vj7. :?
Rushtnn k A?pinwall, dru-zeists aoil chemists, ?G William
ttreei, I l?i Broadway antl 10 Astor House.
Abraham Sandsi? Co , drutr('i?ts ami chemists, s.anite build
in***. 273 Broadway, corner of Chamber street.
P. Dickie. 413 Broadway, corner of Lispenard street.
John B. Dodd, druufrist, Broadway, corner oi Bleecker-51.
A. W. Badcau, Bowery Medicine S"ore, 2f"f? Bowery.
John C. Hart, drnu.gist,348 Grand, corner Norfolk-street
Syme?' Medicine Store, C3 Bn*-pn-, corner of Walker-su
A. R. Tripler, corner Fultfui and Water-Streets.
Horace Everett, drctTrTi-it, 367 Greenwich-street, next to tl
corner of Franklin.
J. k 3. Coddint.ton, apothecaries, 2Ti Hudson-street, comer
of Spnnir-*treet.
E L. Cotuin. cb'emi?t and apoihecnry, 263 Bleecker-street,
corner ot Jones-street.
J. Wendover, -iru.};:-.i and apoihecarv, 141 Eip;hil? Avenue,
Brrr.klyn?Wm. Aj-ntrong", seed, drug and patent medicine
warehou*e, 134J Fult?>n-'*treeu
And wholesale at the propiietor'?- office.
tj5 lrn ?riareiidon Hou-e. I(.r. Duane-M. and Broadway
O dial. No. 476 Broadway, N. Y.?This Cordial having
obtained a just celebrity on account of the many cures it
ha, performed,;in cases to which it is adapted, the public
is respectfully informed that it relieves Dyspepsia and other
disorders of the stomach. It i?. peculiarly adapted to re?
move tho?e complaints, not by Ctrmttantly pi ysirin: . h tit by
nrengtbening the system. No irrealer mistake can he made
man to snppose that Dyspep?a,oraoy other di?-??.'?*- ansin??
troni debility, can be cured bv a Irequent forced action on
ti?e boweL?, by puri?raiivr medicines. When thb. complaint
exists, ibesy-tem is already ux> weak, and every adflitional
dose tends to make il more v>. The Cordial, on the con?
trary, acting* as a tome,strengthen! the dice-live oreaos,
and assists th#m to perfurm tbe.r function? as nature de?
signed. Hence it is fonn?! to be e?ticacious also in those
diseases peculiar to ie*i ?le-., which arise more trequenily
trom weakness than trotn aay oilier cause. The Conlial
likewise i? a certain cure for ?tie Nervous Headache, and
affords relief in almost all affections of the nervous system.
It is an excellent preventive of ?"Olivene?.?: and low spirits.
The a_ed ard infirm of both^exes.and persons of sedentary
habit?, prone to cos?veoess. have experienced great benefit
from it. It speedily promote.- strength in all cases of gen?
eral debility, restore. .i p?d nnd healthy appetite, ptves
tone and "rigor to the whole system, ar.d is hi_hly beneficial
as a tome in convalesence from fevers and oth?fr acute tii?
orders. In proof of it? virtues m ihe above complaints, the
public is reterrtd to ibe rec?ir.men?laiions of eminent physi?
cian?., arr well as those of respectable f.en?l?'inen who have
derived benefit tmm the _se of it. some of which are pub
liabt-d in the circular accompany i n?<- each boule
Tbe Re?"torative Cordial is prepared and ?old hvlbe pro?
prietor ai 47. Broadway, N. Y.. and bv respectable drue
gtsLs thron .bout the country. Price .1 per l^t?e, and it-!
pr-r .?oreii Orders accompanied by the cash punctually
executed, and forwarded according to dir?-ctionsr
Sold also by the Messrs. Rusi.ion v Aspinwall ?a W*th-m
str??et.lH' Broadway and to A<_>r Hou.?*. fkS .m
HULL'S TRU-?ShT-^^^?_?l^Kl??>:
ture?! Persons.?Persons afflicted witii ruptures mav
rely upon the best mstrumenul aid the world a?ords, on
appbeauon at the office, No. 4 Vesey-street, er to e?The'r ol*
ihe agents in the principal towns in tbe United States. Be
careful to examine tlie back pad of Hu?'? trusses, to see ii"
they are eitdni-swi by Dr. Huil i_ wr.tin?. None are eenn
me. or to be relied upon as ?ood, without bis signamiv
Many persons bare nndrrtaken to vend imitation, of
Hull'scefebrated trasses,and thousands arein^?i
consequence. These imitations cannot be relie_uron-thev
are made by unskilful mechanics, and are no better __n
tbe ordinary t___tes. ?"?-?.?-i __i
? ^T .ha/e ___ fitted *V a? No- *? Vesey-street, exolu
??-ly for ladies, laving a separate entrance from the'bust
ne? department, where a female ii in constant auendance
la wait upon female patient-, ?_i f?
ORISON'S Hygeian Medicines,?--?
___ NOTICE.?Whereas, A. A. S?manos, of 94 Broad?
way New-York, is making an improper use of Messrs.
Mcrison k Co.*s appointment for the sate of their Medi?
cines. This L. therefore, to inform the public that Mr
Saniaao* is not autborued to sed ' MO_.l_-OVS PILLS '
in New-York, aad !?at.Messrs. Morrisons* only Ajena in
Newportt are Messrs. FIRTH k 11ALL. of No. 1 Frank,
lin square, trom whom alone the toBMBOa? ?^k??3*
aine. (Signed) MORISiON ?fc CO.
Dated British College of Health, N?.w Road, Lwrdoa,
June 15th. 1042._I*9 .,
Coughs and Colds.
REMEMBER No. 51 North Sixth street,
one coor below Arch-incei. Philadelphia, the mast
certain and best FAMILY *?! KDICINE. for Cou?h-s,Otdi,
S pin in.; Blood. Throat and Luu_ Diseases, a rising- seos*
tion like choking;. DCkiine, or unpleasant obstructi-ans. K?*"*r
the ab,?ve. Dr. SwAYNE'sCOMPUrND SVRL P OF W ILD
CHERRY will be found the ?j-reat remedy. Person? who
have abused ??eni?ei?-es by the use of ardent spirits, will
find both their rtremjih and resolution much improved by
lea?inr on the spirits and taking a ??raft occasionally of the
above restorative. All preparations from ibis valuable tree,
except the at?ove, may be rsnsidered spurious or coun?
terfeit. The re*I article may had of die following Agents,
or at N.*. 51 North Sixth'street. Philadelphia.
Dr. W. H. Miinor. Druegist. 132 Broadway, New-York
Mrs. M. Haye?. 13-? Fultoii-*treet, Brooklyn.
Benjamin Oids, Newark. N. J.
ohu Mason. . .-?t:er**nn. _? ??? '?*?**
> EAD THIS.?Having; been afflicted
^_. for the la?. I?1 or 12 yemrs with ?? complication 6. d.s
eau**? ivhii'li ?onrine-i me to my house and bed a sjeat p n
lion of the time, mv stomach extremely weak and sore, vio.
lern pain?, iu my side, my strength exhausted, and, in fact,
reduced to such a degree that life seemed to be nearly ex?
tinct. 1 iva?? invited by Dr. Starkweather, Hnd by his advite
commenced the use of bis medicines?but was so weak and
debilitated that I could take but half the nsual dose ot the
Hepntic Klixir. 1 had taken so much medicine previously
that 1 had no faith or confidence in any thing that bore the
name c?! medicine. However. 1 continued the use ol the
Hepatic Klixir. ih Lalf doses, lor one week, when 1 begin
to i??e| its beneficial eile.?!?.; 1 was then directed t.? increase
.be dose, which I found I could ?*as:ly b.-ar.aixi to the utter
asion.shment of my s? Il and triends, 1 was soon able to leave
my bed, and in a lew weeks was able to ride 3(1 miles in one
?lav, which I could not bav? done beibre at any time in ten
venrs p.isi. 1 can no?- do mv woik aU-ut b'?use,nn?l (eel per
fectly well. I feel truly gi?teful to the Doctor, for bis pre
script ions, and sincerely believe the use of his Klix.r has re?
srort-.l m?- to heallh.ai.d I can do nu less Iban lo earnestly en
treatall who are suffering* with bilious diseases to go an?l
?lo likewise, and they may rest :i.?_?*.ii*e.l that they will de.
rive as much benefit iron? it as I have .Ian??. 1 believe Dr
Starkweather's ll?-pati?- Bluer to be a trulv valuable m?*di
cm??. L?CRETJA D. LKLAND. Hrnl.nn, Mas-.
For s.il?- by CHAS. D Y KR, Jr. 42 Westminster sl It. I.
Sold, wholes-ale ami retail, by the agent. A. B. SANDS
_. CO. No. 27.*! Broadway (Granite Building) corner
ol .i.'hrin-.bers.s.reei. Sold also by A.B. ?? D SANDS,
Drut?-ist?, No. 70 Fulton stieel, corner ?it Gold st.; and N?*?
\no Fulton st.; ami by David Sands t Co. No. 77 East
Broadway, earner of Market-street
Price,$1 p?-r liottle. o_9 lm
AT a Court ofChancery held for the State
of New-York at the City ol New.York, on the Hte
day ol April. A. D. IH-l2? Present William T. MrCouu, Viel?
Chancellor of the First Circuit.?Mary Bodily vs. Mablon
Eetcbel, Mary K__cbel,Andrew Ketchel, vvjii.-ani Keichel,
Isaac Ketchel. Samuel Ketchel, James Daily, William Ir?
vine and Sarah Jane Irvine bis wife, Jam?*?? Ketchel, Mar?
garet Ketchel, Andrew K. Ketchel and Betsey his wife,
John Russell and Sarah his wife?In Partition.
Il appearing, to lb?? satisfaction of ibis ("nuit, that an
amended bill of complaint has been riled in this cause lor a
partition ol' lb. following described premises,Ul wit: All
that certain dwelling-lion.?- and loi. piece or parcel of
ground, situate, lying aud being in the. Fifth Ward of the
City ol New-York, and is known and distinguished by the
number two hundred and nineteen (219) Churcli-treet.
bounded wesierly In Iront by Church stiv?-t afor?-?.ii?t,south?
erly by ground ii<??v or late belonging to Jacob A. Cole,
northerly by ground now or lai?v belonging to Isaac T.
Tallnmn and Charles Mr.rri.s, and easterly by lot No. 1G3?
containing in breadth in front and rear twenty.four feet,
and in length on each side seventy-five, feet, be the same
more or le?. ; together with all and singular the rights, pri?
vilege?,, hereditaments and appurtenance, remainder ami
remainders, rents, issues and profits thereof; And it also ap?
pearing, to the satisfaction of thi.? Court, that the resillen??*
ofJohn Russell is unknown, that Andrew E. Keichel, when
last hi-ant from, was believed to r?-sid?' somewhere in South
America, that Betsey Ketchel resid??s in the State of Penn?
sylvania, William Irvin? and Surah Jane his wife and An?
drew Kptchel reside m the State last aforesaid, that W il
liam Ketchel and Isaac KetchH reside in the State of New?
Jersey?on motion of C. Nagle, Solicitor or the Complain?
ant, it Is ordered that the said John Russell, Andrew E.Ketch
?I,Betsey Ketchel, William Irvine and Sarah Jane Irvine, An?
drew Ketchel, William Ketchel and Isaac Ketchel, and
each ol !b?'ni, cause their appearance to be entered and no?
tice thereof to be served on ihe Complainant's Solicit?!;
wilhin four months from the ?late ot thi?, order, and. in case
ol their appearance,that they cause their answer or an?
swers in the complaiHant's bill to be filed anda copy thereof
to be beryed on tne complainant's Solicitor within tnrty days
afin* service of a copy of said bill, ami that in default thereof
said bill of complaint be taken as confessed by them and
each ofihem. And it is farther'ordered, that within twenty
?lays from the date of this order the said complainants cause
this ??nier to lie published in Uie State paper and in the
New-York Tribune, a paper printeil in this Stale, for three
months, once each week, .successively, or that the said
??uiiiplain.in's ??;-.use a copy of this order 10 be served p?;r
??natt/ on the said John Itj-vll, Andrew K. Ketchel, Bet
sey Ketchel, William Irvine, Sarah Jane Irvine, Andrew
Ketchel. William Keichel and Isaac Ketchel;and on enCb
of then?, al least twenty ?lay? bet?re the time herein before
prescribed tor their appearance. (A copy.)
C. Nagle, Solicitor. auIO Iaw3m
"N CM ANCKRY?Hcfore the Vice 'Chan
:ellor.?Abraham Merrilt and wife vs. Francis Suck
pool.?, el als.
In pursuance of a decretal order of this Court, made in
th?; above entitled cause, will be ?ol?l at Public Auction, un?
der the direction ot the subscriber, one of lh<- Masters of
this Court, by E. II. Ludlow, Auctioneer, at the Merchants'
Exchange, in the city of New Yorfc. on the 2d day of De?
cember next, at 12 o'clock noon of that ?lav,
All that certain lot. piece or parcel of land situate Ivmg
and being in the Filth 'Ian* Sixth) Ward of th?.? city of New
York, being part of the lands lormerly belonging to An?
thony Lispenard, Esquire, and l?y him conveyed .to Albert
Cooper and Sebe Bri-.rkerhotl', bounded north?'t ly in from
by Walker street, wesierlj on one side b? an alley four leei
in *.? idtb, separa ti h ? il frem l"t? now or lale in possession of
Samuel Hutching.-. William Price ami others; ?southerly it?
the rear bv a lot now or laie m possession ol Lawrence
Moore, an?*] easterly ou the oilier side by u?i number one
humlied and sixteen .?n Lispenard's map; containing in
brea.lib in front ami r.ar eat b t?< enty live le? !, and in Ieng?li
on each sub? eighty-five feel, together with tue u-.e ami
privilege in common with the ??iner proprietors of the b_*
lore mentioned alley, together with all and singular t ???
lenemente, hereditaments and appurtenances uaiullie sti?l
above iiienii.'.iieii and described preinises iu anywise apper?
taining or belonging.
also, il.?' unexpireil lerm of the lea-eliold preiuit-a
mentioned in the bill of complaint m this cause, and ilu-re
in described n-- follow?, vu All that certain hit ol labd
situate lying and being in Ihe Finb Ward of Ibecity'?f
New York, being pan ol ihe estate lately belonging in th?
Corporation of Trinity Church in the city of _"?.<?. Yo.k,
called the Church Farm, and ihe sama loi which in a nmp
or chart ol th.? said i-??ate tr?ade b. Chart? s ?Loss, one of the
Cuy Surveyor's, ?? known and distinguished by ibe number
nine hundred and seven i907) and is bounded as follows, to
wit: eaatwardly in iruiit by Hudson-street, northwardly by
a lot distinguished on tbesaid map or chart by ihe number
mue hundred and six, i_>0C'' wesiwardly by lotnuraber nine
hundred and fifteen (915,) and -.uibwar.ily by lot number
nme hundred and ei_??.t (??)o,, containing in breadth in front
and rear twenty-fire feer, and in leneth <?n the south side
ninety-six feel nine inches, and on Ihe north ?i?le ninelv
s??ven fe?M, be ihe sanie more or less, together with the ah
????lute rii'lu to the buildings and improvements thereon,and
the right to remove the <nme, within ten days afier the ei
piiation or" ?-?id term. New.York, October 19ib. 184?!
WILLIAM W. CAMPBELL, Masterin Chancery.
s?:.!t*ri. Campbell, Solicitor o20 la?A?*w
OTIGE.-?At au Orphan's Court, held
ai Lancaeter, for the County of Lancaster, in ihe Slate
i Pennsylvania, on Toesday, the4ih day of October. 1H-12,
before the Judges tb.-reof?
The Court, oh application in behalf r.t ?opie of the heir,
iirant a rule oh all persons interested in the lieal Estate of
Abraham Gibble,late of Warwick township, in Lancaster
u.?> oi i>ovemoer next, lo accept or refuse the Real K.-.tat?.
ol the said ?le?-?- ised, at a valuation and ^ppraiseinsnt thereof
made and coofinned by the said Court. And the ijourt,
upon the -ame application, abo granted a Hule upon the
other heii_, and others inter?-sted, to appear at th. sam?
time and place, to show cau?e why the Estate so appraised
?mould not he ??Id?if all the bei?, neglect or refuse 10 lake
the ?jame ai the valuation. Ev ihe Court
A H. HOOD. Clerk of the Orphan-.' C?xirt.
Or lober?a, I?42._oll la?*.?lw
T^ O?1CE ?3 hereby given that proposals
_L i will he received at ihe Inspector's office m the Stale
Prison, Mount Pleasant, on the second We?lnesday in No?
vember next, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon for a contract to
commence with SO conviction the first of December en*n
ing, to be increased within one year to l_>i for the term ol
fiveyrars. at making such kinds of chains, wrought uails,
bed screws, shot-els and tones, sadHlery, cutlery and othf
articlesof hardware."ot which the chief ?.upply lor th.
nisumptinn of the country is imported from without the
rule?! Stales." Convenient shop room and fuel will be
ipply lor (lie
hrrnished. Whoever takes the conii aci must find ioo!?"and
ftxtur?. and be suhjectto the rules and regulaiio?s.if die
Prison. The payments must be made monthly with acnttn
ot three months. Satisfactory strcuriiy will be re?aired.
Lei the proposals specify ?be price per dav lor each niai?.
Agent Su.le Prison. Mount Plen_ranL
Seottsmber atii. 194-*. ?.10 ?in?
Agent's O^rice, St_t_ Prisow, <
Auburn. OcL 10,18)2, ?
NOTICE is hereby given, that sealed
Prnp.r-als will be receive^.ui.e otiiceot tb<? subscrib?
er unlilTu?-H,-iay tbe___tfi day of December neital li> or l?x*?i,
A. M. tor the services of Teii.ConvicLs. with U't* pnvil?e ol
increaainfi' the same, as the Agent m ?y be able to turin._i.ip
any number not ex_e?-d.n_; Tbiee Hundred, ">r the term ot
Five years tram die first dav of Ja'.narT n*_*t\tn J2*,f*"/
ploy?Hl in ihe manufacture of Fil^and such a_iu:!?-^of Cut?
lery of which the United Stale?, is principally ^uppn*?l by
foi-eien importation. . ..., , _.?
SutBcientsho?vroom.suiUhlyvs-rme.l and light?. , wdl
be furnishe?. by the Stale. . ,
Note. Peiv?n. makine proposals are required to name the
amount, per day.orlered for the services ot each Lc?vict?
and to furnish ihe name of die person ?ir persons oflered as
smretv ir. the Contract, wi?i their written as-sent thereto:
and the r?^p*vtive person? makin/? propas?is are require?..!
to be pn*??-!it at the time of opening ?uch proposal?! {Dec
^nh) either in penan or by a duly authorized ??rent,
a.3 tPg) HENRY POLHKMUS. Agent.
scribCT will pay aasti for Cocooiu, or he will reel them
lor quarter of the product.
Aorust "?t?, 1-M2. DAVID L. SEYMOUR, Agent,
.___Sm Slate Prison,Mount Pleasant.
'?^S___S-t lANf. TROY, and i-ne^ec^ f***"
BE from -B Bw_NM l*)ev toot ot *??_?:,*- n. u>f*?
Tbe U?w-pr??-**-rT Rr?c*.t->_t TROY. C.pt. ^ g
on T_?rsday. Tborsday and Saturday *-.<n*_:n?. (> ?, ^7"*"-?.
for p-a-agte. apply at tbe office, K**".ot S*r?ris??^z"1"
c?_f*?o-rd. _ ^?*
Notice?AH G-OC.-S, I'VtijtfeL ?a?e-ee, Bt-_ r?,, _
orairr o_*r kind of Property, laken. ?*.?;?_,.. ,?*?****.
board ibis boaun-ait be at th- ns? of ?- ... -, ???a
?3?>n4s, Kr?fi-L a* Baggug*.*?- *,t?
BA.NY **??1 oUem"-! .?.r ; ??--,--}
foot-.: ? ourtUi.'tt-?- **^
The ?.?..1-.. r NORTH AMBRICA. C.jx. y, ,,
ttell, ?Aiil le.ve _1 ?ib-ve al* P- M.??n Tue-- .? a _., r "?**"?
The COLUMBIA. CapuT. P. New ?-- , ,?>*1
above al S IV M. on Mon lay. Tbur?..-;, _-. ?.an ?|y *** *?
Vor rs-?*-_e .?? ;r.-t?*,h .apply *." P- CS ha a ??.?*.?.
(?n die whitrf,or on board. "?**?
N. B All kinds of property utke.-i on.? ? _.,^M
nwner* tnertroi. *?
15VENING LINE o? sti_
_ ?? ??- boatstof Afhtnr . -, , . .^?'?"
J., Sunday excepte?!. from the r*?**r ?-??.-.. . ;..r^f
Litwr.y ?tr?-?-u. *?*
The ?leaut'-rSOl'TH AMKR1CA, ?" vr: H , Wf.
Moadar, We.iues.Uy and Friday k\t\ernoot - , _?_****"
Tbe ?teamer ROCHKSTKR. Cap? . \ r s ;"
lbeabove p;er Tnf*?.t"ty. Thursday a. ?.. ....?_ ^***1
noon?. al 6 ??'clock. ****?
TI??- Rivhr.tr r ?txt ??_th Amerwa ?r?. ,.,,? ,M
liai -OatS, Well tHle.t up "i??l farni-ii?.: - ,; ,___ , r"*""*?
and for speed am) ace??n*i?*?lfl lions are *.? ?,?-!4?J\_'
RHV h?i.tLs "n the rtvrr. ' ^H
i*or r^??*-a?***??r irei_hi apply u? P. C Si h_Ki m ^ -
on the wharf, or on Ut?fl. ^**
-?L VKSANT. COXSAtMK 1* , '*
ingK--s?t?*amboat SUPERIOR, ? .._ ^Tf:
will leave the pier, loot Ot ?>.h?r-?irrf ?.. Tl??. ?.lU-ra '
(Saturday) at 5 ??'clnclf- For p.i?*a?*e nt _*,:,? ?__z^
hoerd.ortn J. B. NICHOLSON. ' *-"? w . m--?^
_> MORN?Nt? I-OAT-k'
ND YONK.?HS 8 .ait? ?/F*
iter on IJO_r?l. Ttl.w .111.1 >ii|etuli.l ?;. ?-, r. rr""|___
MU.S. ? ..pi. F. "W. Su??-, wdl .?rave N ? \ *,???
loot ?f < iMm'-ets-iirri I, evrtv Moni!.'.- ''"'??? pj-^p/JL
H7J uVlocki ?ltd returning l?*?i?.- '" '??k :i ^??.v,
at 124 o'clock. T. M. Landing at ib, li-ottx Himc-^-l.'
?tre?-t, ? .? I. \?i*y.
NuTicc ? Ali coo.'?, t" ighL ba?ag?. bank ?itll?, ?^.jw
or an v other k im] ??t [??operty, taken, shipped, or Mt*?
Ixmre! Ibis BosSt, it.nst be ill the 1 Uk i?l Ihe t'-in._ ,? ?^
l??*.?.. (rei_!.t. b-_?4_e. kc. ,,[4
_?? ' !**' __ On .?nd alter the .t'th ?????lol^'i ;ti?unt, i^,
'" " ' " hti*ambo-ls tCapt. A II Schutt-.) will ??^
ibe f"??t 01 Duai.e-ntreet, New-York, daily (Suodsp n.
cen!e?0 a? ('.?Ilo?-.?.
For p_-seaf.ers nt . P.. M.
For ireti-ht al 4 P. M "
Returning the lr_i?i ?? ill I? .1??* O?*?heo *? f> Hi*?
F??r t'-ts.? nger? nt 7 V M.
For ttei^-lit at ? P M
I'.ual time between Oostien -tnd Ne?-York ft ? l.?.n.
H. C. SEYMOUR, "up t nl Eorr
Pifimont. 'M. 15,1642. _ o_u
? FOR L?VT.RPOOL.?Th-fUi-erior
=?_ fast -??hm? fJnri-b 'urk ORLANDO, 0. Wihoa,
?? master, will meet with quick <t?--p_:. h for-,!_
?bore port, bciiii; no** ready to receive cars-. Ko: s p-j
?aR** ?pplv to
o-:?_?R1NNELL. MINTI'BN kCO.TS SjoiIi nree?.
some tbrr? ?'.01 > II n: ?> in Ntueleenlh-?trrei, ne?r
tbe Eighth Avenue, nearly 1???. .m<f plea._i.ilv fituttt-'
Terau very favorable, luqmreol WM.J ROOMK,
ul *w* corner -ii 'ifi Avenue ?i?l .'i?t ?irr?".
JE?Bi -'rs' '-??miorlat?le and desiii'i!.- B'->t.i? are 1,11-1, ,?
tin i"?? piiccol ?l per w??k. ?uil.ible loi ?,'? iiil-inrn'?
?If j ugapart_jenu.it No.SOI Bro.dw.v. AppU on ib?
pieii.t??.?. or at K. BLOOMER'S UalStore.
??I -.?A* 179 Broadway
Mio ?.ET??*\n excellent stand fora
i?'-'-B ftrot ery, ami ttie stivk and fixture? l-i ?^|. I>?
ktcntma t-> ?sell known t<> he equal lo any on the Wr?t ?fue
ol Broadway The ,?i,..i.- not k amouBliit^ to tU-i; >:?>?
-11,1 will )>?? ?>hl to ihr advantage ol the pur<-ha?er l ?
further partkuUfrs iHijuire at No. 170 Hudsotist, office ?roet
batemeiiL nl M*
l'O LET?Tho frame Mansion House
_ _ m Richtfa ?treet, (rontiag McDoi*_;*l street, ?itfiif??
liHideiu.. _c. attacked. Apply lo M. K. THOMPSON, N?.
'xi Ki.iiih ?irret. o? la
To Let, a Store and Ba-emenl very adv_?ue??oa
ly l<x?lrd and well a?l-pt.?l to the above bntineu. ft?m
?ion uiveii uimieciMirlv. Apply lo T. McELRATU, I?*
Nhsi-iu ?lre?-t. C?6tl
M FOR -ALE or Exchange" for?
F.trn. ?AK'xxlDwelling.Hon?eand Oardengroosd,
?bout SO Lots, In the Tweltth Ward of the City 01 Nea
York, m ihe vicinity ul Ihe ltailr?*ad. tlie Croutn ReteiTotf
and a Kerry aco? the _.?i River. Inquire at 77 *. .r 1
str?-et. we?i of Bromlwny. lO?ai
The cottage bmk Hoti-r and Stable un ntirUi ant
corner ot Fifth avenue and l.'.Sih street, widi 6 lull 1?>U, or
nrtmeuied with tree* : aUo a pump near the door -, sU.oi.
minutes walk from Ihe Railroad. For lurther ptirtlt .1-1
inouireof .1. k J. W. LKVRRIDGR. 145 Cherrv^t N.T.
OFFICES TO LET, in the st-cod-,
third, and lourlh ?tone? of tbe oew Imilihi..?, N?_
i -nd lijo Nassau-street, (Tribune Uutldinrs.) froatiuc lb?
Park ami nearly opposite the City HaiL Kiiquire of
T. McKLRATH. on ihr permites <2? U
TO LET. from the 1st of N<?vemb?5r
_ ?The ?econ<t floor ?du ofRooa*-* sn?J Office?, Na I
w,m-.tiret, corner of Broadway. Iiu.uire ofJ. M. ELY.
No. l*_* FolitHmreeC
Alt?, n convenieot two ?4?iry Dwelling-Houir, N?. IU
Sprini?-sUeel. o7? l
To LET?'J'honew atoros and build
int?? 111 Spruce street, near N??-?u. They -ill b?
T>mpl?telv f:nisbe.f duimj; Ihe next week, ami to {oo>t
tcu-iiits n.ii.iediRle |?if?i'>fiiiii will Ik* 1.Iren ami mi im.i
cbarced until aller 1st November. The uuildiaei are wll
adaptetl to any kind of mechanical bu.iii?~?v Apply t? T.
Pltlt:K. 184 Ka?tBn?tdway,or u> T. McELRATH, imf-e
wflk-e 01 th?- Tribune. JjJ "
COTTAliE f?r sale or exchaD*,f,
,__ wiih 8 lom of ground.?PriGe 2,790, bring le?? il-i
custol tbe bou*e. Tbe great**st part c?i. remain m tu"rt
gage at ii per cent.
J D. IIOYT. 9 CbambervmrreL
?21 if A. HOVT. 5lti Ctituge, fJran.f ?i.. Willmni-'or.fi.
TO LET?From the 1st November
_ i.r-?i, an Office in the 2d ?"ry.aml ihe rtxmi? ?i*t_'
1 and I b ?lorie-, of tb? oew brick building Nt. bo ***?
viu ?ue?t. wen flou?* nonti of Aim?iT.tl. The p-iuu??
??enip n.oveiihlc. eacli ?tory IU-J lie uxtl a?one room Sft-W
ral. In<|inre of T. S. Va? Rensttelaer. st Howard's H0UH.W
al Ibe Mercury office, in th- builriing. o28 !?'_
FARM F(pn?L\LE?STtuated ?3
mt?~.-?mm n.iles north ofthe Villa^rof Newburg, l>oui??le*l if
th?- Hut?ou River on the ea?i anil the Old Po?*-n?tl U. Al?
bany on the wfst. On the farm there \? a good, ???tnoKxi
o.*- Itonse ami hart', like w iv a large <U?ck ?u the r?*'?.
formerly u?ed as a lirick yard. Tli* (ami contain? a(?iui I**
?ere*? ol land?tbe vu-w is command im;, and the onnftts
beautiful. For furllier p-Miicular? inquire of Hi-o. Mitner.
No. ??f> Or**ei.e ?reef, or W. H. Van Dslserm, No. K7 Vis
Dam street. New Y?rk cily. '-H_
FOR ?SALE?A Farm in New Ro
^,__ ct.elle, Westdiester County, m t< I way belw?rn**fn'*
-Ian? and New Km-1.elle, formerly ovvned by Da?nl Bo?
nett, cuitaininc I'd arre?, all arable land, eirepiirjt d?*
ten acres in \S'?o?l. The (arm bs? l?een laid obi m en-?****
i?-ni lot?, and ? in a ht_h ?laie ? 1 cultivaiion. Tenn*oi ?-'?*
v? ill le nia?fe easy lor tbe purchaser. Apply to
?.-'. !.. J. ADR1ANCK. 56 John si N Y
FOR SALE?The 2 Lota frontiogo
Rtviugton street, ai?l nunibere?! 'JO and ti ??<' ' '
street??rnrh l??l 25 leet in width by leu in leilK'b.
Al??>. 4 loU on Uie Northerly ?'?le oi H?t ?in. :. rltx ?? *'
left, F.asierly Iroin ibe 8ib avenue.
Apply to ('. CLARK. Km, It?: VVnier ?ire.t J P*.
SHINK, -8t Mulf?erry ?t. or lo the -i>i.-cr:l>?-r (by maiil ?'
Far Rockaway. Lone Island. ., ,
oWlitr_ I I NORTOaLJ?
.-_:_?Siiuatetl in .???>uilip?>?'.*'>"utibr?-T aulr-lroni lb? ?il
lage ol -Iraira, t:..a??ty "i < Itermunc, ?ym_ on Sec^y'
Cre?ak, ctmUinia?* -?si -< re? ,.i u?.i. .1 cooudereble part ?f
wbicb i? Boder excellenl imp?xi?ement . There are
lw?, Mo-?.-? i..'? ; - ? ' -:' -?ai-i* <>n ihe Kann, and Barn?,
Shell?, _.c.. ?mi 'I ei.ui?) f?e ??-?-. e??ily divided tnw? l*?o
part?. It ?-* w*?a-i?l**n d is? or on?- of il?e beat Kanu* in ih?*
iK-i-l.t-nh'SHl, ?ml w'.'l be ,?^id ?n reas-inable lern.
1 ?mire of A. LAMB, Sit. T88 Koanb?tr? ?i. or of
0,i___ - -A KQNKLIC. t_4a_e of Kliaira
The uu?)rrst_tted oflers tar ?Je the well k_0?P
ymprrty now in hu ?x-cupation, ?itoaled on tlw n?.nh ?id?*
of the Hohawh R.vrr.atfOnl hmif a mile from U.eciiyc?
Hrli?i**rw?,v. ktv?wnaa a parti?! ibe Scotia Estate. StA
enntavong 45? acTM oi Und. _%tv ?ere, ot ,L- Lind aie
M.>h.*k Aiiuvia, Kl.;, panly un.^r coitiv.n?,,, a, a Mar
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W. A. WOODWARD, ffi Willi._v.? k.?. York, or
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Importer and wboietale dealer in Coneta. v
018 lm* 443. Pwri-st-reet, N- ?

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