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,i ?. .- - ?'? ' Mile Ci'iiU H-f?<
.?U***!,, Mail .uhx r:'-", |',vo I',rll .r p
r?o i the i'",- 1 i'i "?' euae ?'? nw?o*?l I ejnMi I v..
??' ffciefc it* ' '?" Six Month*
?iuijj>r *D??TU?tso:
^ t*l?' fnsetlwti .T-o-r'i.
?icJi ???(> ?-)??? ? msetUon.?'
rJ ? r ?)V?i'lM insertion..W
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juacral ,\uticc?. Aic. nj- new ax.trc ^ g>
)?<?,???? .i tin 1:* lines mtli -Hi
_.; , . . , ?? ruts u\ p't isuro.
atis'rteiU.-w "*"' >-< ''?" *)W ,.
rtf'-fr,.,. ?., ? ?per appear both
:r12223 in lb t.?.-. ??us.
rev i irge 1Xi 1 r",: COUNTRY
3l,?^"! 'u":'':|'n:;- ?etannum, in idvnnce
TiTlTTk i b U N I .
?tttrarji Notices.
rBi ColdjuiaS Magazine jur Jim: is out.
.jniucu t.'.i; best issue since the commence
-?oflnc enterprise. Mr. TucKcniiuti cum.
Ceti?*-'"''" '' papers on th< Poets', the
^y^ t critii t! notice of Alfieri. The other
pipers arc " The Bar's Vengeance oi
Ztfi'ta -Hist ben's best >-iyU; a "Sketch o!
ifiejfWestern Lakes," containing much in
utr*, Interesting incidents of the old time,
I C onscriptions by Paulding, and " Thi
.Irtin-buvcr" by Arthur. Tue embellish
u arc a fine mcszotint by Sudd of two
pjj children of Mr. Jonathan Ogdcn, and
?i/jfbitane-.Teller," by Gimbcr, full of chn
We extract the following fine sonnet by
ej hearts are r.ol disloyal: let lliy trust
ga deep and ch ar and alt-confiding still,
?/?hough Lore's fruit turn on the lips to dust,
ihe ne er U tray b her child to lastiug ill:
'iwiph leagues of desert must the pilgrim
frr on Ids gaze the lady turrets rise:
fcoosli the long, sultrj day the stream must flow
?,?*?* can mirror twilight's purple skies,
j: back, unscathed from contact with the vain,
keep thy robes white, tin spirit bold and fn ??.
? calmly launch Affection's barquu again,
HopefulI of golden spoils n served for sin-'
r-ougli lone the way a.-- iliat already trod,
?"agio thine own integrity ^ud Uud!
3f "TheChemical aj-.d Physiological !! :!ut:-s
rjauic Nature : An Essay by M. J. Don \s nnd
Ii. BooSSLNCAPtT, Members of the Institute
?nacc; Edited by 1?. P. Gardiner, M. D. Lax
-ran Agricultural Chemistry, ?See. from ihothird
?jl>lition, with New Documents." This VV(?k
jibe same class with Prof. Licbig'g, ni;.], li'.ie it'
\&ftt truths of the hizhest practical importance
Tee Bovs' am' Gini.?' Mortuly Library for
l^.etliied !i.v Mrs. Colman, has been sent us by
?jess and Stringer. It is an interesting little
f,iod trill be eagerly si.-ua'iit after liy the chil
yTiiF. Ommkis: A Collection of four Origi
Novels' 'PaulJones;' 'Milfred !.'>*<?!;' 1 Gne
i, the Cliarih l!!!-! :,' by*llE.xuy Wat.Herbert,
Julia Cornell r. u Romance of the Alps, by T.
SkiTTA5, is published for "1 cents by Win. II.
iLam, in the Tribune Office.
y Haum.v O'IIeirdox, the Navigator, and
i Tales of Ireland, \>\ Sam. Lover, lias been
u bv SaMoii \- Miles.
?jtlav letter-PAPEHi with a u ES 01
i Clay Lbereou, ia sold by D. Felt iV Co. 245
-dud34 W all-st.
"j*A Uii lithographic Portrait of James 11 vu
l Mayor of our City, baa just been published l?\
ifbtli? Je Cuiperi, 111 Nus.-aii-strtet.
Tut \r.vr KIovements.?The VVrxahinston Cot
apsdsnt of the Iin.-ii"ii Court or writea:
-.1 Urge numbi r'ofremovals willrukc place aftei
? CeoveiitkHi; b-.i the probability is thai the
laigpfhly inclined' portion of the Tylerpany
[Batsutier. Gov. Everett will not be remover!
owhere he is, ilioush Mr. Jenifei will not be^Euf
riJloreraain at Vienna. The foru ? r is < -"a ider
Ltaoablea nun In !?? >m tn Covi-ntry. Mr. llil
kd^wrCfuirgc d Affaires i" Belgium, lias fortncd
xty rood resolution to cuino home, us he inigln
jiJibfrwise liine lien iuviio-i in du t.'."'
iJATE the Omjjib?s Npisasce.?Last evening,
ktiit seven o'clock, an omnibus belonging tn the
(! boa Fi rrv Line, and nuinben d 50, and one ol (he
E-jiire Line, in rai iiii; fiercely through Broadway,
r Grand s'ret t, run into und n jis.-t a carriage con
Ituoing Mri. Coiirsan, child and nurse, of268 Fourth
igtet. We uvre noi ublc to ascertain which of ihi
J>ouiniiiliiirer ran into the carriage, but b.?-. ve ii
|s?stbat of the FultouF? rry Line. The concussion
??*of such force a? siioj) the iron lore nxlotree
' ibe c?rri:i^e short off. l-he horses attachad to
liaecarriage, alaimed, would have r:m away bui fui
fee presence of mind and daring courage of th<
rivrr, Cornelias Berkley, ?!i<>. at ihc rs iil of hi
r,Binl bruised by his full, resiruinetl tin in.
ItUDoiied Uiat" I iose who witnessed this niTiir.
ffld wfioroow mure i.bout it ihan sve do, (who
aarewere passing at ihe time,1 will cive such i> -
?tiiiiuiiut Mayor's office as will lead to thr
I >ttction ami puninhment of the culpable parties.
[Basalarajr unsafe through the practices of the
Wtt attached to the oinriibuaes, nnd we hope
?"?nr action by which the nuisance -wiil be nhated
sj.bt speedily made. There is no good reason
I *3> ihis nfuriti. so ranch needed, should Dot I?'
.'??cnin advanceoTsome other, f?rwMch there d?-.
yiniit so jiica; ir cessity. [Aurora.
t-S. District Coort.? rhornton 11. Frei tri in,
rriedwiiii the robbery of the mail at Carrolltqii
' this Siate. waa arraigned before the D. States
Ctwt,now siitin; in thiscitv,on Thursday und plead
fail). Evidence was then introduced iur a uittign
bvof punishment, but we believe the Court bod
twdecided upon this mutter to the time ?>l adjourn
kul It appears that the aihouut <>f Freeman's
^?btries w^re $3,100, of which he has returned
his arrest $1,550; the balance be Ims spent.
J*p0Di?hrnent provided by the act "i Congress
'?>' such otTeDces, is imprisonment not less than ten,
tor more t.Vati twe.rity.one years.
[St. Louis People's Organ.
Faixti.\o ko:i Efcrct.? Madam de X. was
Wer/ ?ping with '/.. a*. Paris. The dinner had
pMsed off pleasantly, when, on rising from the
we, Madam X. thought proper t-i faint She
^simnicdiatrly carried t >' the betl of the lady of
ibe house, w!ic:c she remained immovable, ller
hciDj was cut, salts applied to her rose?every
lung was useless: Madam X. still remained itn
oorablc on the elegant !>ed ornamented with silk
dilate. Gne ol the by-standers, nioroscan,
nlnathan the rest, pretended that this fainting
r-*only n:i ingenious device for taking a siesta.
?nd he declared himself ready to go and faint
r;'ja a soft in the ndghboring saloon.
The mistress of the h .;:sc grew weary of being
ftoploycd for so long a time about the same per"
^ja; her ennui made her little malicious, and,
:n spread a s-i ;re for the fair Unter, she simply
'id, Do you know what makes her * her
?aa.-is too t:^!it: it must bo untied!" These
?onJs acted like magic. Forgetting every thing,
''-'.ran involuntary movement the f.:ir invalid put
both her Lands up to her head to defend her f*!se
'"tads from an aggn ?r'.i-:i which might reveal too
?"aehj and feigning t'> come to hers-.!!', " Where
"alt" said she, in :i feeble voice " At my
wHne,*s icplicd her fs it nd, " but your carriage is
tae, and in five tninutcs you will be in your
Moral of the story: Pretended fainting rc
Saa'ca rtal hair. Cotirrivr des Etats lTnis.
Sau Act mi nt.?We understand lhat an accident
of a painful nature, occurred in this city; on-Wed
r*xlav morning last. A Sittb* buy about two or
jarec yt-air oi age, son <>f Mr. 1 hbrnas Casey, resid
a? in HrrLert ?in-et, was left in company with two
?hrf older children, by ;he niollier, tor n lew min
tates, yshile-sh? went into the vnrd. Tlie parent
bad scarcely left the ioom when the child went to
*?rda the hearth, where its clothes tvti'ri fire, and
Wore assistance came to hand was rhosi dreadfully
"imt. Tlie liit'e stifftii r'? agony was almost nt*
atpportable and resultediilufii*,' which continued
,;ii Fbursday evening, when it* snfierinsa closed i'.
^?tb. [Salem, Mass. Observer.
U' On Sunday morning the 19th ins', about
t*o o'clock, the duelling house of .Mr. John
Walker, in Exeter, .Me. was entirely consumed
lire. Loss tibout ?1000. No insurance.
voa.. iv. .\?>. -ta.
BV the reporter of ritK m.w-y.'kk tkibi m.
, Wamiinotom. Tuesday. y\n.
Tins has been in luct a dies non u\ Con.
?^u;ss, both Houses having met accoroine to
form but in no state either ol feeling or ol num.
bers to transact business. In the House, after
Severn] abortive attempts to nttmVra quorum, so
obstinate was the indisposition to do any thing
that the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr. Mc?
Kay, expressing his regtet v.i this account at ins
vote against adjourning over for the Baltimore
Convention, moved that the House adjourn._
rhu*in the characteristic mode of proceed ngof
ill Locn-Focu rutijority in the il iuse, two days
rtkyc been i itu-red away without accomplishing
i single benefit to the Country, two-third* of the
party ocing absent, although shrinking from the
rct-oonsibiltty of adjournment.
In Sknatb, a more respectable number was i:i
attendance, and a lew bills Were passed.
After one or two petitions against Annexation,
on motion of Mr. Huntington, the Committeeun
Commerce lias discharged from the considcra.
tiou ol* the Report ol the Secretary of the Treas.
ury recommending a substitution of gas for oil in
light hop* Mr! II reported a bill for the ap.
uuiotraent and promotion of officers in the Reve?
nue service. Also, House bill for the distribu?
tion of charts ol the Coast Survey?which was
Unc or two private or unimportant bills won:
On motion of Mr. Batard, the bill reviving
the Naval Pension Law of 1S37 was taken up.
Vn amendment of Mr. Ciioatk, extending the
provisions of the bill to the widows (.?:' those who
?lied (.?' disease from exposure in Uio service, gave
rise to some remark?. It was agreed to?Yea*
til, Nays 16, and the bill was engrossed?:20
10 lli.
Dill for the Relief of the Heir-; of Robert Ful
ton granting ?70,000. An amendment of Mr.
tVoodbitrv, placing the grant in part on the
'/reimt! of th'j great inventive services of Mr.
Fulton, was engrossed?Yeas 23. Nays 11.
The bill appropriating $100,000 for a canal
tround tiie Fulls of St. .Mary, at the opening of
Lake Superior, gave rise :<?? a discussion, which
was going oh, wills but little prospect of action,
at the close of this,
The House (or an apology for ;i House) met al
the usual hour with scarcely a quorum.
Some rrjHirts were made, one or two petitions
from the South in favor of Annexation were pre?
sented, and some other unimportant business was
A 6:11 to provide for the payment of certain
pensions, heretofore granted out of the privatect
tension fund, v. as reporti ii from the Naval Com.
ftir. Dickexson of Tenn. attempted to sus
j>cnd the rules in order to take nj) and act upon
Llic bills upon the private calander in order if pos?
sible to achieve something of benefit in awarding
justice long.dclaycd to the private claimants u;>
>n the government, Tins ivus prevented by the
jew Locos that remained an.i the House ad.
journcd. Argus.
Death or n Veteran?
l.'uu??In Glenrille, Seh.eUwlji Co. on theS3J instant, Mr
lOHN JACOBUS vAiN VORST, al the advanced ase of
>ays, bavins been i">rn on 11?*- 19th January, L74V-41.
To a!i.iv any doubts that mig.'it ho entertained
is to the correct age of this venerable patriarch,
vc Have examined the records of the Dutch
'liun b in liiis ' it v. und ruid his baptism record.
:d February 8th* 1740-41, uid stylo, with the
ami - of 1>i.i twieento nn-l ths two srpwuttons, as
iras-customary in ilms-i days. In January-last
arc published trie following paragraph respecting
lie charat icr of the deceased:
tin rhursduy last, the 19lh iust. "iir esteemed
idlow citizen," lite venerable Mr. JoHN j. Va>
r*ottST, entered ttp<>n l*?e one hundred and fourth
tear of his itfe. Gifted by ntitu'ro with.ahealihfitl
md vigorous constitution, Mr. Van Wim has lived
t Iii".- of activity, sobriety and temperance. Asa
ronsenuencc of si-cm; vitiucs he bns acquired a de
rent property, and appears lohave lnoi Iiis.full share
happiness. A lew yearn ago, when conversing
? iOi a neighbor, he olwerved, tlitai during die Kev<>
utionary \Vnr, froin Iiis aversion to ardent spirits.
ir. cu ? inuti il that pari of his rations lor mom v. H?
las been able, we believe, u> attend our annual e!ue
iiuis until lite last year ; and though he in now en
rotnpassed with the inflrii ities of ?rv, ?c hope tb"
lime is t:till l?stuut u when the pitcher rliull be
riroketi at the fountain or the wheel broken at the
To this it i:t proper lo add, that the deceased
had been a member of the Dutch Church in (Jim
t'illc for several generations, and always in con
venation appeared anxious for the cause ol vital
eligion. Ho was nti ardent Patriot, a sound
Christian, n faithful Friend, rm upright Citizen.
Wc ird l also 'he dirtes ol tlia b ijilisui of his
:hi!dren us obtained from the Church records:
Oaptism. Aae.
[aeolHM (J iraes.).May St, l"?3,81 rears, livnjc.
InaehuniCersbom,).July 28; 170^79
Vnnun>ja (Xancy, widow r-lmrt.
leff. .VtK 13.1<us. .7
?:,!, i,.Oet 84, itth. cr< " dead.
tdant.iseji. 19. I?j3, 71 " ?leint.
Inhn .Norecopt. C9 " lnuiz.
lelics (Giles).Jan. V-',17:7, '? dead.
ScilIS*! a.mo.no Tilt: mokjjons.? Vh? W afsaw
?^iguai siatts tli .t a rupture had taken place
iniong the Mormons?a respectable number oi
he most intelligent members ol thai body having
ioceded, under the guidance of William Law,
ind set up for themselves. It docs not appear
i:nt the religious vie ws of the seceders have tin
:tir^o?.e any ni.i'tri.il change. They profess to
Relieve that Joseph Smith was ouce a true
prophet; but contend that he is now fallen from
grace, and no innrer worthy to remain at t!ie
'read ol the Church. Private information con
fui'ts tiirr above intelligence in i:s most essential
features. _ [Alton Telegraph.
Sixcui.au Disease.?The Fall River Monitor
rives the following particulars of a discas i which
t.is recently attacked a family in that village.
Che man, Iiis wife ami tiirec children, were at
tacked within a siiorf time ol* each other. They
ire rational, ran cenvcrse, hut cannot move.
Pliey eait assipti no probable cause for their
malady, nor have the physicians been able to
satisfy ihcmselvta of tlie nature or cause of the
?Ecasc. ^^^^
Ar.oMiXAn.r.?The black min employed at the
mtrancc of ike Lafayette tim isr, 149 Broadway,
a-as yesterday afternoon attacked and brutally
leatcn by it gang of rowdies without provocation.
(!is- clothes were nearly torn i and !::s fact
iadly disfigured. Wc trust the City authorities
>viil take the matter in hand. An assault of tliia
iir.d in Broat'way. and in hroad.day too, is not
tit be passed unnoticed, whether committed on
whites or blacks, gcntJemt n or servants. [Sun.
A Small Mistake.?The statement pnin?
the round of the papers, w the effect that the
Rev. Mr. Nettletou, deceased has ieft S20,000 to
the Theological department of Yale College, i.
dotsbtvd by those who ought to know the fact ii
[Now Haven Register.
A Stmkk for \Vace's.?Yesterday, hundreds
of men and hor<es were at work at the Railroad
Tunnel, on Atlantic street. To-dav the whole
line is deserted! Wc understand'the laborers
have Ijcrctoforc received 81 cents per dayyJind
they now demand a c >nsi.!cr ible advance. '? Th?s
will probably bear hard on the com rue tors, who
have taken jobs from the Railroad Company
_ [Bw klyn?tar.
D" It is said there is a PofiUuastrr in Arkansas
who cau't read, and when the Mail comes is un
d?'.r titc necessity of measuring tt?he sends three
peeks to Little Rock, two pocks to Batesvillc,
and dwindles down to a ga km to the out counties.
Reo River.?The Natchttoehes Chronicle oi
the: 11th inst.fays: "The wotcrin R d Rivet
commenced falling on Thareday, 9.ii inst.at thi^
juiint. The overthrow has been very destructive
to the growing crop between here anJ the Rafi."
Business, .Vr, at Pittsburgh.
v ?rrcxpandeoc? "fTiie Tribun?.
PiTTSBckou. )Uf 25. S o'clock. P. M.
j liie principal excitement Tor the past two days
I has been created by the first miuterings under the
I new Militia Law. As if to ilo honor to the wfcdom
I of our legislators, the citizens turned out in large
i numbers. No doubl many of thein were moved by
another consideration in shape of a fine, the amount
of which was not generally known. Be the cause
of the turn-out what it muy, tiiosc on duty c; nutnly
acquitted themselves with .-. seal hard to beat. The
? hole affair was intended as a burlesque and cari?
cature, uud risln well the leading actors succeeded,
for never since Pittsburgh became a city was there
so brilliant a set 11 (annuities as were marshalled
through the streets to-day. Honor to the brave!?
rhia new law U un~ the most outrugeuus in manv
of its provisions ever enacted into a law on the .-jmr
I reg-r-l the whole system as a miserable afftir, '
doing no manner of good, and inflicting a
?reut amount of evil. '1 Ins law has multiplied
oaths without number: the solemn practice of ap?
peal to the searcher of hearts is in a lair way to be?
come as common in the mierior m in the Custom
Houses on trie coast, and ns a consequence, a.
likely to be uisie^urded or thought ligtitly of. It
contains a provision liiut it, in uu_? uisinct where or
ganization is not kept up, the citizens liable lo duty,
neglect or refuse to assemble and organize, every
mau of them shall be fined $2 every year. The
Quakers, vv>.o were formerly exempt froth duty, are
now iin?d without mercy, und all lilies are collected
under oath, and tt penalty >.t rs.'jy for ueglect or refusal
tu collect by the .surd or district t ix collector'. The
???hole, inuchiuery ol this law is worked under oath?
there is no escape by any party or person. In addi?
tion, therefore, tu toe onerous taxes, we must pay
to the State, County, City, and what not, we have
another in ihe shape ol iuilitiu iiu-s. Why not do
the thing right and supersede the system by ano'hei
I compelling every tnan to uniform himself and parade
every month volunteer style? That would br
something like business; but under this miserable
Militia Law two days in the year ant wholly lost
and nothing gained, or lines wrested to form a mili?
tary fund ami squuudered in a way far worse than
Things are suing on here pretty much in the old
way. I'hc Iron ?Iii,.!, are sv-!l under wnv. The
18 gun Steamer to be called ".lohn Tyler,? is verj
iar advanced, und, unless something occurs, will be
launched during the lir.-t high water in June next.?
This will be a great vessel lor spied. The work
men are nutting the engines und oilier internal ma?
chinery ut as fast as possible. She will bo so fur
ouipleted w hen launched as to he in good running
order and probably the first thing after getting her
launched will bea trial other capacity, lier spars,
rigging, ?See. are nearly completed. She is to be
propelled on Hunter's plan.
The crops in this section tire very promising.?
Ravages of 'the Flyarc spoken ofj but after all the
? x ess over 184 '? ?ill doubtless be large. " No dan?
ger of ? faniim." ns a genucinau observed to me :
?? should i to crops in one hull ihe Union fail the bal?
ance will raise a supply lor the whole." Fruit is
coming forward rapidly. Strawberries are plcnn
butlittle dearyoi; I8"e s per i|t. for the best. Cher
ties ol ejrly varieties arc considerably plenty, Green
apples arc offered in market, and of vegetables any
quunti-ty nt a mere pitttance.
Our Rivers are m fine order und at an exet Hem
stage. Business ou tin in bus been prent good,und
with many boats, profitable, notwithstanding the ex?
traordinary low rues of In Lht. Nails und Iron an
taken to Cincinnati and Louisville at 8 a l"c pei
100 lbs. und other kinds of freight in proportion.?
Very different has been the fortune ol the transport
srs on the Canal; if they hive not lost, they cer
luinly.have made very little this season. The re
ceipis of produce from b low have fallen ofi* consid?
erably, ns is to be expecied from ihe early opeiiin.
of the Rivers and Canal. The reeeints nf mil on
>>.?-Cniml-r?tiibli u graiuying increase over 1843
imd tlii- is :: i;t ?' ? ? nil objection I? the sale of the pub?
lic works. Says a country paper,1; Will the people
eonsent to sell die hen that i- laying such golden
ggs I" This would be a powerful objection if tlu
tstlls bold oui; but the fuel is the great bulk of Wesl?
arn produce Ims gone (brwanl, and there will lie/nun
this to the fall trade a considerable falling nil*. .V
loubt the revenue from the Works could l?e large I j
increased, but ii will n it so long as they nr.: man
aged i ". ?uch s set of ('anal Commissioners as w.
have I look upon the election ul Canal Conimif
sioners by ihe p epic as a huiuhug, ii is working ven
much against the interests of Penn?) Ivania. VA e ne?
ver had so uflicicntand business-like a Board as thai
appointed by Guv. Porter, with John B. Butlei
it :!s head; and the mt re election only serves in
place men in the office out of his (the Governor'*-)
reach. Canaj Commissioners ought to be the beai
business men in the Stale; but electing them, while
a cannot srtfurc bet er, will infallibly promote worse.
So long us the works belong to ihe State their man
agcimmt ?ili he abused to promote political objects,
and iho leas! evil is the appointment of Canal Com?
missioners by th- Governor, for ihi h we stand some
chance ol getting such men :is Butler. Party i
b'intl to ihe peculiar requisites for the office.
Trade hos lallen off within the past week. f>,u
business, however, is more of a mineral character,
und remains stead) though comparatively dull,
through May and June. Weather warm aud dr..
Fnoii Acx Cayes.?Capt. Crocker of b-iir Ce.
cilia, arrived at this port this morning, from Aua
Cayes, bringing dates to the bill inst. slates thai
General Acpa, the commander of the insurgent
blacks, hud possession of the place, with T.Uliu
men. A battle Ii id been fought the day previous
in his sailing, but the restnt hid not been ascer?
tained when he left. The U. S. corvette Preble,
arrived mi the ?ih from J ira iica, was outside the
?tar, und had her bouts ail armed, and ready lo
?rive any assistance that might be required. The
following is nn extract of a letter received in this
City, dated Aux Cayes, St. Domingo, May 6,
" Ponce i? far from heine restored here. The inMirrectioun
rr arm; now in positirioa of nearly the whole nfthts peoia
sula. wi?i die exception of A quin, whew about .WO Govern,
incut troops an stationed?bot as they ?re wrmunded by the
oiiposit on, they w ill most likely have to surrender. We nave
nu now. ol Presi? ent Uerard, who i? still contending with tt.e
gparriards. All inland eommuaication is intercepted. Tbc
town presents now n sn?l appearance?nearly all the colored
popaJatioa have lied toJaimuca, leaving nil tbey i~is!ies.<o.| be
hind. The: houses ure shut np?exposed lu ugnily inliuse,
? hieb ocean but too frequently."
[Boston Mercantile.
U. S ~mp Pkeblc. >
Acx Caves. St, Domingo, Hay "sltj
Sir : 1 desire to report ihe arrival of Has ship ai
this port ou ihe aid inst, in ? days from i'ort Royal,
Jamaica, and recently on a cruise on the Spanish
The officers and crew of the Preble are all in good
health, with die exception of Lt. Wingute, who re
turns home on a sick ticket, iu the brig Cecilia, ol
This City is in the possession of the negroes, and
the whole Island is in a siatc of war, anarchy, und
confusion. i'uos. W. Freelove, Commander.
Riot.?An incipicntriot was nipped in the bud
at Providence, R. I. on Monday evening, by the
timely interposition of the Police. A company
of some forty or li?y young rowdies collected
together and attempted to create a disturbance
and outbreak amung trio Irish, by making an at?
tack upon their houses and threatening to burn
one ?f them. The ring-leaders were arrested and
i?.ki n to the. Lock-up. Providence is a very good
place for the suppression of a riot.
Drowned ?A young colored map, in the em.
ploy of the Iren Steamboat Line, fell overboard
yesterday, from the bar^c Brutus, while m the
act of drawing a pail of water fronttrtheriver.
[Albany Atlas.
Norfolk.?TheGity of Norfolk, Va. has re.
ccnlly been the scene ni a great number o! inysteri.
ou3 aud daring burglaries. One day last week,
however, a slave belonging to Mr. Bailey Adams,
was discoveicd to have been at the bottom of all
these transactions, and arrested. According to
his own confession, he has had ahanu in twenty.
Uro burglaries. ^
ID". A carpenter shop was destroyed by fire in
Boston Saturday afternoon. Loss ?500.
Als ? on Sund ly morning, in the same place, a
brick building used as a steam-planing manufttc
13 ? A child of Thomas Casey, of Salem, two
years of age, was burned to death on Wednesday
last, by her clothes taking tire.
Tlie Western Pork and Provision Trade?
L^c?rrtte. lTih .Mny. 1st.
7'rt 'Ac E-iilitr nj Tht Tribune : .
Very tunny ?: yu'.ir New-York readers r.re inter
1 e :: ithe We-tc-rn Pnn'ision trade, a trade ? f
great and increasing importance to tlie whole coun
try. The expert of IVovi-iuns from tfie L'ast'd
Start s is rapidly 'nlarziae. particularly to England
r.nii i!;" West Indie hut such is :!:e prod it rive ca?
pacity of the Mississippi Valley that the mark ts
seem Dow. to be overloaded and sinking beneath the
enormous quantity. The receipts of barreled I'urk
a: Naw-I >rie-.r:s ?!;?? whole of last veer were but lit?
tle more than 200,000 barrels, whilst the pceipts so
far in th<? p-esent v.ear exceed 400,000 barrels! This
(commerciafj year will long Se remembered for its
?? short crept." Every thing seamed short except
public credulity, which npp-ared to have sufficient
capacity for any absurdity. Co:toa was sloirr, and
Hemp, and.Corn.and Wheat, and the Swine crop
exceedingly short. The pbjs had all died, they
said, and tlie maternal .-.vine were afflicted with a
singular barrenness. The effect of these rumors
was to bring to the Wesl numbers of speculators and
convenient agnns of Eastern houses to make ads
vances upon shipments, who, with oar own smaller
operator-, ever readyio follow a speculative lead,
soon advant ti.e price ol hogs !rom A>> to 00 per
cent, uhovf taut fixed on as s ue by the tnoir pru?
dent. Cincinnati, the largest hog market of the Union,
aus the point where Iii? speculators concentrated,
and where the highest juices were of course given;
and in a few weeks alter the packing commenced it L"
irame a profit ible busiuess to buy bos.- here and ship
them tu Cincinnati tor sab?our Pork dealers re?
gaining coo! and linn in the belief that there was
no good ground for the speculation. The truth is
now known, and ins-eitd of a "short crop" ol hog.
and a drficiency in J'ork, a much larger quantity |
was packed than ever before, and the sj>eculutois
lose from 30 to 50 tier cent, on iheir operations. A
Urge part ol this loss however will lali on laustem
houses whose agents were so liberal in their advan?
ces, as in many cases the speculators have no re?
sponsibility, and little of the i'et* ot present prices
will repay the money advanced upon it. it is not
to be regretted that Eastern bouses should sutler a j
little from this c tuse, as tin- system they Itaru pur?
sued of filling the country with agents to m ike ad?
vances is decidedly injurious in many respects, and
should not be encourn gi J. The competition excited
try il i: decidedly unsound, torving to drive Horn the
trade all tue sol vent und prudeut, leaving it in Uta
hands ol the hazardous auu irresponsible.
Although Cincinnati is now the great poik mar
ket, Louisville shows in each years busiues an in?
crease over the preceding one. and in lime may rival
ii not eclipse her neighbor. In the w:nt>:r ot '42-'-1?
i'irre wer? slaughtered here about 35,01)0 Imgs, and
?luting the last w inter about ?.r;,!!! 10, exhibiting an
men use of near one hundred per cent, whilst ui
Cincinnati there no increase over die preceding
lear. Hut we want more I u_\crs of ho^s than we
have had. 1: is a matter ot astonishment to us that
Eastern operators coming West should all Ectile
down at Cincinnati, and thus, instead of going to
where the ho.:* an-, endeavor to concentrate ilictn
:t one point from ii space of several hundred miles,
ttaneulntnced price of course- No where in the
Union euii liner hogs be found than her-?no when:
more skilful packets or extensive packing-bouses.
At the establishment of A. S. White et Co. of this
city the; can slaughter aitd pack 1200 lu gs per day
t leal ? hu h is performed at no oilier packing-house
.ii the L'uion. .ill the materials tor packing can bt
aid here .:: the lowest prices. Freights and insur
nice to .New Orleans tire lower fere than from Ihe
point above?the difference in freights being fre
lUeurJh S? cents per barrel. And, owing to thi causes
?fibre meiitioni ii. hogs have been lower here thuu at
Cincinnati. Why,then,do not your Eastern buy. is
?iure.generally visit usi If they will look at the
map they will see that no plave i" 'he West ha.- a
Sner position for concentrating ho :fl th i" Louis? itu?.
-.'?" ?.rr. convenient to the hog-raising portion ol
Kentucky than Cincinnati, and it is well known thai
"Kentucky hogs" .-tnnl higher tiian au\ otiier>.
('here'sre several new Pork houses being erceted
icre tins Summer, am! buyers mny !?? assured iheir
packing cau and ?Iii in- done here < beaply and well.
Vr. mi evidence of ibe improvements now going on
tiere, h't im- im iition thai brick have advanced in the
a?i few ?i-<ks Irniii .*?! per thousand to ;>.>!
In polities all goes ?vetl here. In die recent elec
ion lor Mayor oi tbiscitt the Loco-Fnco candidate
vaa i>o ten ?< to I, by bis Whig compeiiior; We
iavc brought out u stionc ticket l?r tie- Legislature,
:tal the puny are in capital spirits, moving in solid
toiuiiin. Mr. Clay's letter on Annexation suited
he Whigs exactly, whilst .Mr. Van Buren'? ii rew
he Loco-FociM into convulsions. The leader*
were alt cotmniited in fitvoir of immediate annexa?
tion at ail hazards. Some have backed out, odiers
ire sullen, while some have declared for Tyler,
fnere aro mimt ot ihe privates however who stand
with ihe Whigs on this question: and avert promin?
ent one declared, u day ui two since, that if ibe pan v
Iropped Van Buren on account ol bis letier, he
was lor Clay ! An attempt was made here a lew
Ins since to get up a Tyler-Texas-niceting, which
iftnrded nr.' spoil. ,\ Ion? stiin:.* of resolutions
laudatory of Pylcr and Texas, written by Mr. U.rtiev
Marshall, editor of the Loco-Foco paper her?-, weie
?resented In the meeting by an underling of his office,
which being pat upon their passage, received one
cj!>\ thai ol Ihe miner! It is to he hoped .Mr. Ty?
ler will not overlook the efforts of .Mi. Marshall to
*ct up a Tyl< r party here, howeverunsucceasful, ns
1 can assure vuu he has as much success in that
business us any other. A Jc.vioh.
IT Prof. SiUiman, .Mr. Sheppird and J. A.
Townsend narrowly escaped a serious accident a
short time since at St. Louis, .Mo. They had
been invited to ride ^ short dislanec from the city,
md b returning, tho horses became iri^litcncu
in ! r.iii, they saving themselves by jumping from
the carri.-.c/e. The vehicle was demolished, end
one of the horses kiiled.
Mor.TALiTY ox the Coas? of Africa.?The
bark Koderick Dhu, at Providence from Accra,
reports that the British r?ri^ Snllman, from Sierra
Leone for the leeward, was at Cape Coast.
.March 25, with the loss of all hands except cap.
tain and second officer.
All k i n i!. o: J u a Printing, i a c h as
KaxraucTs, I MjorsinTH 3nnw Druj
t italooczs. Lxcrcxa Bills,
CliacXS, CaROS, Cos ^:;t Hi lls. Pin in nnu i
Ksi KAS' t Poucus, Fancy.
Bills I-xdimj. Polttical Bills,
CntcOLAas, ? Ciac7L.uu. (neati tec
ProtnprJr executed at tbaOfnee of Tr.:.m:c, So. Id?.".'i,Miu
street?oooos?e ti:e .-u.-k.
Tlse Juiilus Tracts?
No. L Titz Test ; or PartJci T^J ar utelr Acts.
No. II.The Ccrkexct.
No. III. ThkTakut.
No. IV. Lira or HexrvClat.
No. V. PoLirteAL AaoLmorr.
No VI. IrrMorRAC",-.
Nu. VII. I.ador tsn TapitaI..
No. VILLTBb ^t iri.tc I.asus.
Price Reilw el.
Tbe Price of "ri JOMUS TR ACES for the rr?:<!enti*!
Canipaisn trill I$15 a thoosand.
THE WHOLE ^LiUj'a?. L-and toietber. eornpri-a;s L=
pa^i-. !<? publ ! -: .?-10 a hundred;
.\-?=-1 - .;, tkprii j). lsiL
< tnicrs i:;^?tje acconiiir:n:ou arid cash;
ai'i' Stan PaMifcrs t-.r lire Antbor.
C?r* Dally rsnrnto:;'. Wblg.?Oi the day of 3d
JnnersnLrand until the 1.' Jay'ol Septsrubsj hext, the sub
Mjnb^r will publish every nHiraias fSoiidan'arcepted s Druly
Newspaper, half tbe sue of the rs uautjra Whr. to l>e emtied
iiw"l?.\i!.V SARATOGA \V!li<;." t?? oae?a besulrstbo
pnliticaJ new. ofLbeilay ami defences -if Wae r.irtd.Jrjrc* and
Whis principles, a record of tbe arrival* at iiotei- or sarn
tOCS Sannes, public :::cet:ar=. amuremetit.-. t;-jrt.i of lectures,
baiis, ai.d. vi ?u ?iej wil -ait.ierve liiecaue of jiut;ce and
morality, crtnnna! irosecu'icaj. nad viulttJ!.., ?f L're ;iencc
and ?'?-1 "reer of the ?illn;e.
rotmint. a* Saratoga Spri'c* '-ex*- dor..>; lix raonrJa of
June. July and Autrot, a kcusol mtw ret*, radiabge to
e?erv impartuR ponil the I. ft on; it r? nrasred tie? a-:vau
laaas '> d?dy P9:"'' publ:>!n.il lerre duruu- !iae rnonUnr. :..
rnerehants and boiul-krepets in tlia pnnsiai cn^., v\ ti,e
Qnasn, are onaarpssaed !?> thoseolanjr p?t-r -<j* J ebewhere.
It?s ahn eoatidently expected tltat .t wil'p.e-eas superior
aiivanta:e> over other paiiers to inoebants, nael-keepen ami
others ?im ancatrondy. or de>urn to be. I'-cascr.: s-u.aa-gafor
?ie ei.-'iin^ .tiniraer ?.???.'?n. .
Tbc teronol tbe "Daily Mrnt".-n " wDI lie $1 SB,
Adee'f-i-ic. n.a more 1 ? Lrevwr. it o? tin; Keson.
orM rent. t!.r Sr^; a-ert. n. ceiit? eachtukenuerj: in?erriun.
K-btisineH director; will ooeup) s pmrninert pare. An sd
djoonal charae'of fl 60 wiU be i!:n<!" f r rdvertanx dunng
i|.Honn 'ler thu liei.i?oil r? a..eanct.
tinier. IcitMitii H.P- Spotrner.Luy Bonk.Mason ar.iiTe.r.
?le Nsnn near Ann street, LB. Crook. rtrOin near ChtT
jueat, Xew-Vnrk?A, Spooner. pa-, 10 Fm-streeLand E.
R S^-Jiwr. FiilUiT ot)pi'?ite Hfck--itroer, Ircnklyn, >.\..
ronraided to dw e -i the Ua iy rsamt.xa^Vi tug, Lroad
wsy Opposite the l."..?ed Ptiitn Hotel, t.-r New,pAd.
vertrau?, or Juii PriDXiac, will tie ppmualinrt-.^iji^^^
Saratoga Spanes, iluy 7,1>H rod lsiw iw
l\' SO. 1844.
Criminal Carelessness.? We learn tt<ac t?t
? uniformeoiripnuiesthat wem down to Suiten Islur:
yesterday to lire nt ;i tnri-e:. amused themselves af
ler the e.%- rcises were over, with shooting a; titnr!;
pin up at random no. frees?and that n linle cirl o:
thf family of Mr. hVtmlo ph. near the Quarantine
?as pi us ? ; in immtn tni jeopardy by cureless f?in_
?a ball pissing acros the table an I just over the
plate fron; which she had, an instant before, risen
Several ;??;!;- also passed over the (rvuls of tit<* men
: at work in the Quarantine yard. We did not lean,
whin these companies were, t;r we should ni.ni
them. [Sun.
] .- rhe Chicago Journal says it i* rumored
.-.'o.;t town that a duel came off a few morning*
\ since In tween a distinguished youthful litterateur
. ofthat city, ntn! a tyro ut 'commerce, wlio promises,
tu become the Roscoe of the West. Tlie meeting
was held on the beach of the tranquil Lake. which
scarcely equaled iti calmness die deportment/of the
combatants. After n flesh wound had been'receired
by one of the. parties; a recenciliition was effected;
the cause of the meeting is said to have been an at
fair of the heart.
Sr"*New-Haven harbor is one huge '? fish-kettle."
List Saturday over oc million of white fish was
taken in two hauls. Selling at 50 cents the thou?
sand, would give $500. They enrich the soil as
well ns the pocket, ,'n every direction around .\e*
Haven, the unsavory atmosphere indicates tha' pre
-enre o! fish, throw n upon the earth us manure.?
In this way some of the poorest and most sandv
-oil is so tie eii unproved that i: will \ ield a first ra'e
crop?not offish, but of vegetation.
[Mew-Haven Courier.
Rru.D Robcert ;s Albany.?The counting
I room of .Messrs. Greene, Dorr & Englehcar;
: merchants in Quay street, v.'.ts entered on Satur
! day afternoon, the sa'e unlocked and ?130 in
ci sh and a otic bill for 5210 taken therefrom ?
No clue of the robber has tern discovered.
_[A lv? rtiser.
The Clay Tribune
Will lie published once t. week, tili the ch-se of the Presbtent
Campaign. If will bs thoroughly devoted tu the r.dv.u.ceiiiet.t
of the Whig Cause and the elecnoa of ILk.nri Clav.
It will cootata subsianUally rll the Political matter which ap
iici.rs in tl:e Daily and Weekly Tribune, with a briefHirowarj
ofthe Newt of the Day. and transmiuedta subscribers t?r the
full term (aUttteover llXWOOtbsl :it the following rntisi
For ii single copy.,.50cents.
" Scopus.i2
" lj Eopics hi one package.?5
And i&UMuaer proportion lot any number below ICO, One
BundredCopies wiU be imi to car one Pou tuBco (bribe
s*i.v.le icnii f.r iCt'. or i-*.rct;y niote tliuu n cent a Copy.
Those who may see 'itt.> favor us with their patronage, will
??blije as by sending in tbeir names as early ns possible, so as to
secure full ?ct..
{X/~ Sulacriptiooi mny be remitted throat,!) the Post Otfic ?
at r.ur risk.
i?7~ Whtn sinsle copies are ordered, the price of which ii
ZO cent* fiiz the term, tlie names of tbe tubscriberi will b-? ?ri ? -
ten on the envelope, but In all other cases where c'uiis ol five w
morn are formed, the package* must be dircslcd ta :u::u iadi
vMnal ofthe club. ,.rm 'be Post OIBce.
In die City ol New Wrk it ean only bo obtained at the Pul ?
lisbing t rffice, or from the Newsboys.
Ci* Maw e'ens. hiD.-.Rs sali euinuencewith the ljrst Bom?
Urtiers uro respectfully solicited.
Tribune Braidings, 100 Nassau rt.
Acre Turk, .Icril 10. Wl.
Price U ! - \ Cts.?37 1-8 < ?s. for i<5 Copies,
Dan liipre be a Church withnul ;t Bishop
i loutroveriy between Kcv. lip.. Waimrnghl and Put'-, erow
iii- nut ?!< tin' incidental i.ition ol the lormer dial "-Thaw
as a t Ihurch w ithonl a Bishop.*'
TheuboveControversy ts printed iti a neat Pamphlet and
done mi with printed covers. ? For sate at trie i ribuiw i Iflhee,
CO1* Health, Quiet, nur! Comfort.?TheG th
House, Barclny-streat. Ncw-Yotk, poiders advantages tu
itrnnaen stnopinr a (cvvdnycor weeks in the city, web as are
mrdy ottered, ft is eh'eibl) locnted tsn a ettan aml airy meet,
>?ry nuir tnebusincH partofuSe eky, and in lias irnmediata
rtcmity nf the principal steamtsnil lamfhies. It ? npartinonBi ne
MMivanienland neat, whist Ss uitii^ i. ?n;.|.|ieil ?ith the l?-.i
\ etetables ami Fr?h? Oral enn lsa poaicunsd,esrlUiluij| eutireb
/Vtumal'Fimd snd stimulants of aH kinds. Chnrgei moderate,
e d vii ry eiiiirt made render II laruen coaaortable. SlRnvei
Italhsfree. Remember;63Barrnystreet. jyi?itf
Ci" Irish Bmigmill <<>? ;<-sv.?>'oJlee.?\
Election lot olhcen of this Society for the ensnine year, will
lie ! eld mi Mi IK MAY, tb- 3rd day of June in st, it ti?' <??.'.]? e
?iftheSocietv, C0IJI?rty ?t. Pnllvopen fn?m 10 \.M. to two
. P; >i. Xew.Yurk. PJth May. 1Mb milt3djuiw me
^'i:i-i:sTti Ward lissx. New.Ybrk, May a ISM,
ZZf Kleclio:a.? i he Stockbuldcni ol ti... Bank are
hereby notified that an election lorthineen Director] lor tie' en?
suing year, and tor ibree Inspect?n of Use next nice iedinc eh ??
tion. ?ill be hekl ut the Bankui;House onTUESUAY ihr. Uta
rtVii. of June nut.
\ 'i'be Poll will heopened at 12 M. and cl^sc at3o'clock, P.M.
By order ol die Board. A. st. FEASQt, Cashier.
I in23t.li.il _
fx/* Tiie Books of Subscription to the Capital
^toel; ofthe Vi.ri, and Cr.c Riulioad Co. are DOW open at
the Office of the Company, Ko. H Wail-ttreet, between the
hours ..fin and 5. \V31. SL GOULD. Secretary.
New-York, Aprii 3tth, IBM a-.s
(XT' Tem{?ernncc Honse, 2D Yerej ktreet, near die
V.'.j.- House.?.Mis. M Co.. In:.- tnken eh.- det'srhtt'n! s.tua
tiun, and r,tT-r- t^ her friends and tne public its var.ousad
raniaces mi the most reasonable terms.
'I be house i- neat and newly furnished?the situation airy,
pleasant ana c mvenient tobusinesa and thestoambiiat btudiaar.
A ;>ure recatabla diet for tie.-? ? ho prefer a?.?.?arm und add
baths tree._ ni>i*tl"
1XJ" ."?rittsinl Lift Insurance Company of I
?evv? "i orlc.?Th - Inttuulion, durioe the month ot April, I
In. issued forty-one policies, tot :
i " i lereymen. 1 To Metrhaats nrnl Traders. 13
" PbysKiant.? " Clerks. 3
" LAwyer. 1 " Manulketurert.3
" Teaclietl. 2 " "deehr.r.ie?. J
" GoverailsetaOSeerl_ll " Wnienmnker. I
" Army Officer. 1 " BankTelba. 1
" Latl?k.a ?? CiriI Engineer. !
" Student. 1 " Printer. 1
" Sei-rct.iry to ln<. Co_ I " rs'at'.mer. ]
" Car uiiui..j " IJuader.^
14 27
[my4 od'Jeli Total Lives Injured....41
?fLtst pcblished" tiii: iii.'mj: ^irnK.vr and
?j r'ASULY MO-MTOB,' a dexi-MosmiLV Periodical.
conducted by an Associaboa et ?inistenandlJiyiiwn. and
issued tn double numbers niter the rirst number? ttnbell diei!
nut man's an. but xv.th liitile truth. Term, $1 j>er\i.;iime
nfSS numbers, payable in advaaee. We respectfuUii solicit
that share id publie pntrnnafe which the merits ofthe wink
demand. Thu-e who bernme our pntrons are invited to rail
ive die first number mailed t.i u friend gratis, office
K l*sprace-tuect,N. Y.,oo the SM floor. E?.WILCOX,
I'uiiltsiicr. mlf* Im
J. Superior Bnantelled. Porcelain Ivry Surface wh to and
culnrei! b'nnfcs. Cards of every descriptioti rs manufactured
st the New York Cod iianvikctory, lor sale at reducad prtess
by I,. S.MiTli. H3 Jobn .ircet. opposite Cliff sL_ciyt j
t^ntTK & IfAI.L. No. 1 Krriaslin-.'iuare. have catstantis j
V on hand ????i es'c;...?^ aasorniea: -.1">i I SIC - vi "I'.'.!.
j s-Tlil JJENTS ??! all kn d?. PlANl? I1 n\ l'es ol :l.sicm:i I
.:? '.i- .in ! fnasb: CI'iTAllS. irom ue besl Spi ifa poturas,
l?r wntefa iliey have rcceu'eil premiums from Use Amencan hi- (
?iltilu i.v<,rni! "tber makers, mat arc ut very -uh ' ? r tuee and ;
.:??!.. ..fhmsh; PI.ITI>". -.fall k't-t. ha -ii. l-.r win-h they :
aavealsors^vtrdrepenbsdpu ntunw I LA UP (nets. kent ,
BUGLES. IXIRNOPLONS. TRJ ?51?' ?NES. ete. all uf thasr
.,?'ri mnnutiteTiuTj.-rr-l ?!:'?*'!: ''it. ..! .Mi >!< ..ndnli .?
IrirabofMl S1C/VL LN'ra-J R?ilENl's.NEWM?SICrteerv- 1
alai iiemitspuldisheJ. JCS'i l'' i.l.lslilal?. ail ti;e suna'sol |
th, ffOTCIlLNSoN FAS 1LY: ?? l<K!tTI.M'H mkt!! '
; iti.. - ? e PIANi i also, the I iRPHECS GLEE U< MiK. be
ing . a ctioa of --ie<-> l?r t .or male voices, with piano accna- j
ra ?: ip-h! Selected ami compiled from lh? liest tjeiman and Kn I
-. i.on. by ACSTIN PlllLLil*S. Price ? > -e l>diarpet :
sat. Meretents, 'aal the Musical r^mamtnuty t^netaDy. are re
?'ss?S.;'.'.i ia-.ite?i to coil._iniieif_
V Mr. K. II. N/iSH liiely associated with Pro''. Br.nNso.si
would respectfully inform rjsosc desirous d!"rievelopint:and cot
uvnXinsr their Voices fbrSintintrand s peak nur ra eneueetive
mannet ?it'ieul rau-inc hoar-ene.s ?T eximnsttna, thut he has '
ilttbed hiimelfai No. 99 Forsyth meet, m the c.ty ot .New
Yuri, to instruct Individuali a::il t>maii Uasses on reosooa
bieterms. He will e.bn mstroet Glke Cu b- and Chouis,
am! jut Pnr-ite Instruction in all part, ol the city. For par- \
ticulan aad reiiUCOCes, sac Circulars at the iiook ami Jlus.c i
St?ret._ rnj-21 lm*
i-irs ;? piiKMiT'M" n.-?;n:KiLroiVp;:.s.
sa PREM!! M COLOBJ2U fih j i O'jKAi'iiS. No. 851
Broadway, ut-ive Morray-street, New York?Awarded Ibe
FIRST pkamit yt nn.l HtuilKST HOSOBa by Amencnn and |
Franklin Institutes, lot tue most beaioifai culored Ijjguene.^ i
ty;,cs e\er exhibited. .-..??- I
;'histst?bl jh:!^..t bra- ju- le-en sTT^atir enlarired r-.r.d :rr.. \
pr.,?tT!. by ti?addition nea'ly :t.e wbuk) of the rirsi liuor ,
abovetoAstreet; add embraces now no fewer thaoTWELVS
separate spainnentsi 'P's; ?rak> upon which tiw iB..-:es? >. ?
Cii-Jti' ted msucs advantages which are no where else to be
:ne' sritl.- nnd teiwetae reputation Wlrtch this concern has
always enjoyed, a. bemc the - ant ,u tire woral-'V
Theaieamer CBJedouia carried out a new end impmveil
epinntu. f'>r taking P't-nTre. rype Mmratares, ordered by n
..?.^..tine geo?etaaa of Eomburglt, ir;..n t"e eslabhshnirat ol i
It..i. Plumbs. '.'.s fur superxr U? uii instruieei t cv.-r bc:u.-e .
rnanulactnred." [BarSiamDensocrat
t". abe's 1'iemium aad German Appaiotas, Instraeboa ; ,
Pales, Cases, &c et lowest rates. __"irr'JLi?? j
TTAiX. KENSETt fc D I. 5? .\\thap.INi:-S^ ,
V i-.furm rbeir f.irmcr eustom-rs and the publ'e ce..e.a.lr,
that ibey have retaken tlie above store, and ..t!?for w.* au . a
new stock of rvnue G.wt-. pqrrabaW tor cash ol tie-1 m
nnd Au."..-er-, - hi. n w.ll be ?...' ??? .--?? " ? ?
, mrly be found the fcllowmg: A large as
r"'?;-'-ntofba!rr.r:r.os a no Bar..-'-- (rumS.tofi: cot d Lawn,
.laeonetsand Cambric Musl.ns. Ib-nibazme, b k. and
L .' v-d M. Paen Lustres ; a large assortment. ot Muslin lie
Li esfrum ? tid.t.,3..: Ilaraw Sitt and VpbwaebhtwK
bik f.lue.bUek and cokircd Sdfct, Linea CmnbncK Hdats
?ui.Lr...r.s. Linens and a good assorrment tor men s wear.
? ...... I cr wtth Silk Parasols. Prints. -Muslins .and a variety of
o-iier aoods. which >ott are invited ? cadi and examine.
s; i 72 cxoaR, ox? door ranji nassav-sTarkt.
?ft r--v >-ii :toU! .'.ucli.ia a great variety uf Palzcr
times Printed l_i?ri*. <r.ins Eriest.in Gmgnafhs, Blond'
!? ? n ^eedlesworked lianus, trik i.imps. Cotton t'rmge.
Bonaet kusits. RibUms. Linen Cambric HaiidkA. Thread
and Cotton things: Gimnun I.aee, Hosiery. Glove*. I-ace .
Veils. &.C aii uf wnici will be told at greet bargains. mis I
Th:> medicine is ccvsamly performing s boost inrr-tl.'USo cures
of diseases arising (torn raspurrbea ofrj-a b''?-l ar-d nncn!
?; URO- I: ha* arrested ami cured riumcmus run ..f-emfu'.ms
rejections, diseases id the -km. rheumatic root, diseased liver,
painful enlfiriemeot of the knee, elbow, r.rnl wrMjoiota, Cbro
nie rl:eumn?^m.?<ire?hriiat. chronir cna?:ituti?<nrd.!'.~ir.!er..sj)J
Various Otberdtsordars aiistnc from impure secret .>ns. In th:.
preparation Gr? strongly concentrated nl! the valuable media
nal'propeiues vf Sarsapsrii'i. "a whkh its activity depends,
compounded with other remedial neent?. vch-ctsd ErofB the '<?
getable kingdom.lhe win de strength of which is extracted or
anentirelj new principle, which ha* cost man} yea.-, ot lubo;
??. i mi ch expense. The great object desired is now triam
phantly tccc^ptisbed. in the production of a remedy poss??nng
a eontmlbar powerOvar rap posed rncnrable diseases, hereto,
fare unknown m the lirst.-ry ol medictna.
The tes?Jmony el those a bo have bean cured by its cm w:'h
their residence, has been published; from tiiM to data, and
were't liesrrab'en mns? of life must overwhelming testimony
cotiM I* br.iujh: forward, pruvin* nn.it conclusivcfjr its inerti
mable value, as an a-t.ve and curative medicine in the above
dtseates. The afflicted, or those who may have given up in
despair, am! nil who are interested, are ins ae>i t.i make a trad
of this valuable medicine, or to c;J! on those who ba;e conic
forward and borne public testimony of its priceless value to
tbem, ami ?a: ?;y t'-rrnselves ir.d:vi.i;:::!'v ofita power in arre?t
inir and coring disease, and of what it has perforated (or
i he following cure of an inveterate cn.-e of Scrqfm 1 is sub
nitted to rhc careful eonsiderati m ofthe afflided:
PaWTTK KVT. May 35th, t.-O.
Mes?n*. Samps?Gentlemen: Having been relieved and
nir.v ofooe ofthe rasistdntr?ssins maladica to which ta?
minimi system is subject, by the t-*e of y?!:r Sonayanlhi; I
leal II my du;> t,> Osaka known to the public the l.;c!i unend?
ing my case, and '.lie inestimable tecei'.t 1 huve derived Ir^ui
die use of your medicine.
In the Summerol l v>\ hen at ca. I bad a swelling undjas
my right ami; which fathered, broke, and proved to be ol a
Scrofulous kind. A row days arter which 1 aooVd. ami m
ineduuely applied tu a ph) ucian, and termed but little be refit.
1 was induced tu apply to leveral i t tlie m -'. ikiiful physicians
the place arfonied. ana to make uso of various speciti-s : not
w.-!?-ta.:.a.:s kuwev;r I cuiitiau-tl to gi.e.v .v?,rv\ until t..;
ngfitshouMer, side, breast; neck*, and stomach, beeame o ..
attending sure, which dbeharged matter in brae gunnnlnK
and my life appeared t.. m< liul wastiua away 93) health
m>much impaired tltst at times I was n-'t able to go out ol
i!oor>: I was? mere eaucated ?kafeton. Every one supporeo
Icoold'tivt buta short time, and 1 lud itijrtril ?e?pmred ol
ever obtahnne relief, In Nos'ember bttt I accitfoiutliy saw
yeut Sanapanlla advertuod in ???.e of tne uewspapersj v.lnci
'nduced me r.i r::-.kc one more tr:n! t.' regain my health : and I
..e>C'ite not to ?av thai it lets tlone rnoregood, then all th?
medicines I have ever takers; By the use of one or two bot
des I was relieved '"nun all p-.:n, my health begsh to amend ant!
; now teal pertetly v. eii; I ran u-e my rieht ..m:. which I wa>
unable ti< do !...- \t-.y u\e years, t:iJ 1 nttribute the result en
aeiy to a ie? bottfca oFynur ineahtaWa Sana pan ua. I 00?
heartily ronimmend it to all stmiluriy ntTected; that they aw)
procure the right medicine mi.! tlurcay >?'c ?!enK!ve??urlei
uurand'espause. Thus* wnhinc to know lartber partieulan
ia:i>- :iaJ ma <;t my residenea in Mill street, rawtuckat, where i
tfa&Uba ptaueit to cuaamttaieoui anyunnir in relaUontO ua
:aM>. I am, wrth gruutode, ri^in, see.
CALVLN hau ding.
Bristol, May iW. IS?
The above named Calvht llardinz nerionall] rippciircil be
l?te me and marie natfa to th- tnidi of the foregoing cerultcan
by him lubscribed; COLLINS KAl'.l IN?L Justice.
I da hereby cerufy ?-utth. above rs a eorreet Jatementofthi
easeoi t alvin Harding, and the wonderful eneet ol your m.i
Mtpai l!x I nsvc frequentfy seen hrs *orc? diesaed mal an
knowing t.. the mediciua he mmte u?e ot
Fur farther particulars and conclusive evhlaneeoi ittaape
nor value and efficacy, tee pamphlets; which rrn, beobtainet
K Prepared and sold, wholesale and retail, by A. B. tt v
*.\.\\>*. V. bo ewde Hruggrsts, 71' Fulton street, N. ).
S il l also by Druggists generally throughout the I. r",-.''c?
Price Si net bot?i?-.\ btrtdes tor -5.
IXj- tu ? puhi rar- respect fully wquested to remember In*
itisSnml'aSarsBuarilla tbatlms and i? constantly aehievini
?octi lenmrkablecure ol the mostdiffieudebuw ofdMaana ti
which the htunrtn frame is irulbecL rheralore ask lor Saud
rtar>:.; .itiiu.:.; a take no otlier._aflt-lw
(X7tX>LSEV am' vvnii|>i:\ fnim thktfoleii?erdiei
?V "Sonklard" fs'i BLE REKL\El?8UGARSattlsalot
lowing !o? prices, vi:.:
1 naf U cants pet pound. / When ie<s than hve packages an
L'ruslstull .Ii ?!?? j> purctaucd. half a cent pe pours
poweet'd 1D? do no ) additional.
The idwve are packed as follows;
Loavt*. in bu of 3J? itn.1
i'ri.hcii in Wilsoi -?-< " \ Nochargtt lor packages,
powttered in du ofsJSU " )
Apply t" N k ork Paumt Sugar hennery, cor. of rout ?
mil Montr . it8) Wall
N. B. L'l lets .? P. I tbe city nio.l lai ucrumpiinied by a tern
meo _ _ "al U
C t> ."'I MISSION ?l E 11 c ti A N T S,
No. loT Water Strkkt^
'Below Wallstreet.)
John F. KIacxib, late Mackie. ii'.klt-y Ar, Jeiiiuson. i ??
Josuu.S LavEirrrT,bite Levereu&Thtnna*. I4
In .i r in ? i;t and Iii rough! .Nn is miii Sinke*. /Vv?. I i
Plate, Biiimm Tin. Lead, Copper. Zinc; S;?!tn. Win:. Eug
lasts, American and ttuxsia Sheet Inin, I!. Iron. RraiSen
Risk Bnml Iron. \.-.il.I Spike Rod?, tsl.b. .?Spml.-. <
sitcaf. Brads. Tacks ami Soarniwbul-. Brass Kettles. Tinners
T.r-.v tch, English & Amuricaii Par In o..v.
Fire Proof sale- and Iron Chests ail dies. ml? Im
OFFERS lot sale at low prices, on assortment ol the follow?
ing gootb
Brtmzed or Silvered Girandoles.
Si !ar Lamps fl r Ijinl i^r (?.!.
Sandts ieli, < Gothic fir (lonvei Ten Trays, in stt* or separaten
Plated Cake Basketji, CasOrrs. Candlesticks, sjmarers aitdTraj i
English ami Domestic Britannia Ware.
Silver Tab e and Tea Spoons, etc.
Table t 'utleryand n gem ml lot.'! fancy article*. mlti lm*
I ADIES* BONNETS.?Neapolitan, a per.'ect article.^liir.
J J)~; \- I.v .?; Iiui.-V.'le?, .Mcihuni.mid Extra tine.
Itii a ami a superb article it Cbtp. wt'ha variety of fancy Bon
neu. Also, Cenu Puiatna Hau, medium and Extra line, fin
.ale clan,'.
UOOTII Es LYNES, IIB Maiden Lane, ut floor,
apH Smeotl4 Oue door above Pearl ?t.
V 9. DONNELLY StCO., No. 887Grand-atreet, corner ol
i> . AI ?? i, n i'.- on baud an extensive.irtmetil of the fid
lowing boose keeping DRY GOODS, to which they invite the
attention id purchasers, viz:
!< I to il l Imperial und Marseilles Quilts
o'-I to IfM by 21-4 Ihapers ::ad ftam-.-k Table Cloths oil
' i. ?I, 101 and Irt-h. Banstcy, Russia and Sil?
Rush i Sei tch and Irish Toweling Diapers.
.>-.;; land Diaper and Damask Kapkutt.
i 'rash, Hitckabaek and Bmleye Diaper.
i i and.' 8 Smiting and Pillow-Casa Linen of all iiualiUes,
1-1 heavy Undressed lamm.
1'rci.ri-. Embo-^eil 'hah I'.-.lile and Piano I "oven.
Colored I kxton. Worsted and Linen Table Cloths.
And ibo an extensive rusortment ofCbithii and Casslmeres,
Drap DjEtes, Gambroutw, Linen Drillings, and other t>tapl<
and FancyTity Goods. _ uySl
1 AND ITS VICINITY.?At the suggestion .if a numbei
? ! r-ii ectelile lamdies. residing in trie Seventh Ward, the Pro
prictorofthe ALU A MRA. Broadway, lias been induced t
.ipcii a Branch of ms establishment at No 16.? East Broad
war, niie door above Rutger street. The bouse ;s a v*ry Irjr.'r
aai pieaMint one. be:::e situated in the moat central part ofthe
-'an. Tlie Saloons are mied up in a sty le of great taste and
r,eutnos?. To thun WBO h ue visited his estKuiislnrieii'. in
Broadway he need only say. that the some endeavors and anx
lety to please his guests will oe evinced there us at lite fbrmei
place. Th those who have i .it, Iw teapecfuily uivinrs Ihein ti
cu.'! and jndga liir thatnsalves.
The Stduuns tvill ba ready to receive couip?iny 'i'uesday,
the 7th inst.
N. B.?( roam constantly on hand, pore. mytilm
Sill ..:?.?its imi OTIIKES \H N RXSPgCTrCLLY
invtied: > ea'l and examine our ?tock
otStrma (i?*it. In part a? foUowa, rix.:
Ladies Tuscan, Neapolitan, Bints Eye, Bra d. Chip and Hiaw
Bonnets, Misses' sixes; also, Misses, Boy's ana Children's
born. Panama, und Palm LeafHaU, arUficiaJ^weri,a>x.atc.
All salhog off very \ovrvfirr cask, at
GALE i i ' ?.'S, S8 IVnrl street,
t"..-. Hotel Building; laia
:uT) Im* Hi It'sHouso, New-York
tins of
rJ1Iin largest assortment and mostelerront pauernsof ?;rate
I Apron?together with Drapery for Looking
Picture Frames?ma; be found at
m2i II. Ac S. RAYNOR'S liii'.k-t..re, 78 Bowery.
t f?SE FOR THE CROTt IN WATER.?Tlte subset 1 e
ll .i ??.%!?!.? at a reduced price a superior arocie i I ,
l' :i ot-r lhr.c. I.nvil and cov.-rcd wtii rSheel Itoldjer. and war
ra.itiil to uear longer tiiac, aay otlier liije.n mnrkeL It is pu'
together io a diHereat manner; and being eovaied it does no
rnt. I '< iupl ings attached wrthoul charge; .
Fi.- ale at LM Maiden Lone, and 3n Broadway, by
mV) Im C. L ROSS.
TTTRODGHT IRON STEAM I'll'K.s. gec?'P.-rsut,
* V -^ra.ei- are now prepared i" lunnly Manulncruiers
Engtneeis and others with Wrought and Cast lr..o Steam
Water and tins Pipes, many quannt>. The Wrought, inn
in lengrii? ?f&om 4 ineliss to 12 tret?put together with .crew.
and capable ia sustainina ? prcn-ure of from JU<J t.> lU.tSXi lbs
lothesqaaieineh. The Cnst-lron Pipe in ur.ifurm rengths,
and alia joined by -crew., .-t&yn. licit. Also, always on Imiid.
Brass and boa Lock?. Valves, Eihows, B^ud-, <pr,. gs;Tees,
iTouplings, Redl uns Sockets, Steam Gus^ta. fMeam-Guag,
P'l?. Pnmps, Expansion fubca, ar.i aiaicst every thiua
'jed lor Water, feieain nad t.as.
mr?Ira* _ No. 14 Ph,u -treet. N. York.
BOILER IRON?The Hi baenhem a>e prepare.:!- fomisfe
Boiier Inm. '?! t:r-t rtuautl end worranhsi, .ii any dimeo
Rona?aisolroti suintbletor Locnnoi vesand Erricson's Pro
[leiler. made at f-n.r.;l Ir.a Works, l bester Co. Pa.
11,22 _ y.i Kii a K. i.LA Vi IT at CO. 27 West st,
\MANILLA fil-^N'S.?3casesveryanperiorQuality lor sale
wh iesale ar.d rctad by JAS. S. ASIMNWALL,
mi-' 's.' on VVlllam rtre^.
STEAM ENGINE FOR SAL&?A second and Engine
o? 16 horse power, boilers cud e" oompSHa and ige mod
inter, ba* rig run iitit i.r? year, fiir viie low. Isyuire of J. t'.
HODMAN. City Foundry. UO Warren street. mlo 2.n*
CHEATUING COPPER?llil cases imi brands Lneash. IS
- :?? .^2 hir^ale by
alo GRINNELL. MINTCRN tt CO. ggocthst.
\ ?l 'SC? IVA rs ISTJG AK?ft! hhds on board barqne General
.'I Harrison.lor-sieby ,w.-oc . .
_rnlu_t:hiN.NELL. MINTTJBN:kt 0?- '88"u!0^
C^nr/ ?\fT rslXOAT?W.MO liusbeb, on board i
t'^tbVluiaiV GRLVNELL. Ml.NTI'RN & CO;
Mu S.?llili-.tre#
n,15_TX.si.mill street.
v "lit far sate, whuiesala and wtasl.by
^ - DIETZ BRtiTliLK it CO.
Ka 13 John street, .New York, and
rn'i* hiHtcha *reet. Brnofclini
BOILER IRON.?The ?uli-^r.bi-'i are prej^rod to toraisb
Boiler Iron of first uuuiit, end unrrai.tec, ot any dnrien
liuns: also. Iron suitable tor IajohjioLvc* and Lrrv son's Pro
je?en, made at l-aurel Imn Worts. Chester Co. Pa.
ml7 MLRLOCK. LEAVl'lT 6t CO. 27 \\ est su
'I'KN rXJLLARa KKW A Kl..- Vi. k--i wi Bs?* 9eo*M
7 ?,*",,>"itj? lor th.-v share* .?I V.'CkUai.g Bunk
-S -ii Ihr nun?-..I |a? K. .v iV_ ? ?..IV>. *.H,
; wei i rUhmsey ???,,..,? wt, tM noSattirdar, SBQ March.
? v ' ? ? V:.., . ,|i.to t.?ay ?? UVJi.!, Tl(
ibos-a wdlbe paid by baric* Bust TtionimXc < ..rfiee. i8 Wall
; _ Bthg
'j'.ij. v-w,-*, mwi ??? .\k:.k-.-w-.i a fit*
A rate workman, to i axe wwlmm^ g^
.-".itu .t i: \i: i>Hmk.VK.
,,u I'uhon street, Brooklyn.
WAITED?By a rocmg Lady, a situate 0 otT.-neter m a
?eh..... .... . ?p. la o/ tes>cMn? Us- fojMlamoe'al
."inche. ft at: I rwrdi education.and woiul prc.Vr *<-.ng
SoUth. AddrlW Li f'^pnil. ;;.'|U?
C'ALESM \.N W WITH-!-i a CVu, rg'st.n-e"inth.r iy
0 One who .? thorough!] caperseaced es SaJesinan in a
1 loth nr *' i '-y < lo. ? ? rt rr. may ko of a perm*nort ?it.?.
? on !n a<hutMU>4 ? note in.*:; real nn* to K. X. Y m>p?r
rust i iti-ee. iu2???
AViii'w M W. a Gra iate, ? shes employasent la
teaching for 2 or 3 hours a <!??>? .ii some seLsji of rYn.i.
! in th > city lor a ?mall compensationor hi. hoard, tie w ane*
... i ? makeup a thus m Laim ?.-l t;r??fc to occupy an hour in
I U?eerfnin?a_JSrKpug ol Ur. i ande*..No. M Kar* f.ace. mgSat'
i>ART\ER W \.V: :::: -In um WtolessuVand K.i.-ii Gro?
cery bisenes?. wirft ,, cash Capitol (jf hlOXi to f.X<0. the
advertiser bantu abool the saute means. A perron wetTae
! c,uaiet-.d with tee uihab t??."s of South Brooklyn and nailers
itands the retail trade, would be preferred. Tlie i .-a ,,f refer
: cr.-e? given and required. A Ime sddrss esl: i viit Brasca t'.-st
1 Uffice.with real name. -.l refer. . , will receive ;iurne>l?ate
; stt.oUou. m?*it*
O KSPECTABLK Y??NG VVOM \N-Wa*.t?.|. a situi
i iv riou to do olsaosberivorhorpJatn ?ew.rsr; has m> or?*r.
tioos tu travel ?.th a lady as nur?*? with the best of city pttsr
c- A pplr at iV3 Houston sr. miSa*
j "l'ITANTEf)?By a respectob'e younc woman a situ at on as
I v? rood coott aast stood a tabet a: irouac wttuM
: tvoa o je? oos ? otreneral hoosevvi rk or chamber m.rk.?
liioil i M> rr fat aces ?neu. Apply at V.*? Mc.-t .t. mi'It*
U7AVfi:iV-.\ ?.t.iati.?R |,v fro ?.r!?. onets do Cookine.
tva.h ns aid Innmc. the ether a? trhamrssr-na^d.
I ?\ash ir..i Itvueror wa.ter?they can produce tise tteat cty
: mo'enee. I'ease to call at if ik.-v ? c r. -t >-f BeC
j lord street.tecood rloot. Ki??3t"
1 IV A.!:' VN U'\>-':'KU-A ?eend-nar,- thr.^wated
i *V h>-*a?ay Waaua ?deren t I*. W. Otfeeoftlsa
I rnbuiW;_
U* \vrn?-T.i get two or three Children Us board in a
Os',,thy uertoi tne eouutr?. ?b.>nt tea in.V. f'r .m ttve
I tr. snta an eascrty woman wr.e e there me n i children, and
w ol be taken so d eare i f. Fort^irtheruar?euLn address K.
M. th?offlce. _ _ ' ??S3f
\ KAltK ttrPtiltTCMTY is m.w ..'(Tetrd. vai: bi sell a
sXlirjl pate stanutactarmgand Ea ? Bu sfnrss iif Ions' stand
?g. TheloraUon is the UM that th.-.- :. .r>",rd. mid would
Ot-besoUtflUtaWncrpai wasin s.hmI ii-nltn. Address A.
It. at the Tnbune ofhee, ? th rool rune, which v?.n hecoa
? nein dandpfiwantty.syspocfoJto loJSfw*
8OAKl) IN lllKCOL'.VfKV-ln the pleasant MllaceoV
?'m ee. \..1. t?<ive i: v.. ? :i .\ ... Y?irk, neat to the
>:ui?ra! r>prie.-. a. ji i::.t;^ the Episcopal Church, and inthas
immediate vicinity of well kept schools, and several churches
ol uul'ef i:t d.-n. iii:uat:oiis. Apply Bl trie prem's.-. to Mrs.Gll
iiiau. KarlyapplscaUon lequested atsl resMeocas exchanged.
The Morrastnwn tram iwws ilirect frtun Jerscj C t r ? t iramre.
uul v >t?ge pastel twice a day. aJUatiiwluj*_
?'V\r..v-\V.ri, t.:e:iMi:tr.s.;i...-,|. i?.> bad at -\ >. Sti Whilas
stlecti fir oast or nets reotienten or a s-ntlee.mn and bis
irilt*; ommt will be furtissbed or i,..rur u-hed as reuuned, vr
.vith fuller partial board. Beanance g ven and rtomred.
BtM lw?
} >i IA fei? \ family or a few single genta.n of g< <s! mo*
D rai?, can have o.a.-.! <nd spnc.ou. r,K?ies in a pnvste tarn
I.-, a very desirable lecation, 2Si hifrt. House and apart
aeais aousually pbmstat and agns'iible. m'Jl 1st*
BIIAItDI.N'G.- F imil es or s agle ge :l|en:.'U can I.: aecoio
m.slairti with rooms and h. ar.I ai <2t' Houston .'revt, a
.w .!..ors iroin Urea.:?.:). n:>2ii Im
Oinent' avmi ? ran taken ...i ? lease is ready to receive .mslo
tentletnen or faaiitet who may wish permanent boanlw.th
.?nilbiiahle apartments Kr..]ii:re of Mp llcre. 27 I'oiirtlaud
"*<v su3)lm?
VNil.l. \ l'i 'liHAt.i:-jtsj coah Manilla Conbuta, ?nu?
ll? VV-.: dM Ml! '
CS \u:r..vxKs-ss P sTENT PLA "Y> >KM SCALES.?Tha
I maiiufacturers ha.e pnwahttMM Balancaa to n raxy arcAt
tatee ofpertietiiHi, and, .n tlicr ram us nxaflflcnrions, utva
idapted them to all the poipuaas for which beat) traiiMu'Uoiis
re reouired bv weielit |r, tlie m.v.'i.i ecal .rrr. r on. .-i.r?
is token tosecur. bl RUNG i H. DI II iBILri V'.aad ACCt.'
tACY?accuracy nt.i merelf a. a specific noun mid to an
.mount, butinttfwrm arcurac) al eyi ry ancle ol the- I'latiorm
a id throughuui the entire lauge, from the lowest to the high
?si Capacity ol the Balance.
These scales keep their aibiusuneal i>e:nn-tly, ore never liable
to demia"":ient. ami setdoni tiiany expense for repairs. They/
.re in us,: :n iiu?t ol the RailrsMids in the I 'lined s^tat.s. and in
onMuf-thsisn they have bean tons .n o-e. the opctai Ion being
lerfecL r5., alsoiu the Lb.rmani and I'ortauM scale, lor wtagb*
ng merchandise. Merchants and utherswh? nave bad tlsata
,.tstani use tor a sm-. essinni if years, testify In the.r mutorm
iccuracy, und lo tlvalod thai they appear uonrlecled b> wear.
I'hcse ?calcs have been paienteil in bnglhnd. wheiediftty.an
?xtensively osed, b.Hi iu pnvatc wanshousesand public rail
srays. ' Cl'W AKI' FIHI.O. No. 1 Watt ?troet. hud
ncSeodly J. W. I Hi b.Sr.. No. Ilti Ur.sa.i ttrvet, N. Y.
>Ti i'I'Ii IE,?The partn. rthiu heretoture exrsIUsa betwa en ihe
I .ubscrifarts. u uei the I n ol I.I.I .lot. Bl KNAR*
ItABCiXiK. s this day fl.!>?! Iii it. own ihnitalioo. Ail
? hui.ftheJatelitm o.tl be .ei V.I by GAIA'SC. HCR
VAI' ami .Will AN IIAIII IM K. who Will continue we bu
iinest under the firm nfBI if.NAi' al ?ai;? i ? K. at t3 John
.?reei DA VIEL f 1 l.ll
' Ai \r- r. BUKNAP.
New-York, May l?t. IS I. ml tat
VT-' I ICE?Archibald Gracie King, has fhu day been ad
. a ?! .ir.s| a- t par?n-r, by
ui3iin' PRIME, WARD <v KING^
HR. H. Bl ?ST? ICR.
iiiti lm* No. 76Cii u.il? i..?t.
I AW i IAIN Jon? M. Im i rigtn, oi N?t. rta*. 'Ml<?ss.;i,
ij'i. will attend to legal busnies?. ttwM mat be coprided to fjim
a th; I'ircuit Courts or Ailaua mil die biij cent couin\ie*i and
nthes'uperiorI'oart.ol the State. \ favorable ptnisststooal
on.lion in LouisiaiMi will enable bun to atlendin business
? !?? In 'he Paris!res ftltnt rjoue, uetu Natcbss. He isfaci to?
. -Hi Barum, Van Arxlaie, CauklweU and
;lob. i'i -'ir in. i.-. nt lm Brownj Wamoek,
Bn.Uiers aa < ... Malcolm & Gaul,
lam. Cochran, Ihnry Lavetty.
?\ itliain Kain -fri iy
J-sn. j; G. rTi^'E'lT hail removed to So S7 IVecckor-sL
if netirltroadmty, N'ew-Vnrk. Practice confined tolitsiV>
aitioos. Fractures, Ibp Dtsenscs, Esprains, Cimtractsons, I'al
ded l^mb*. Riieun ati ni, Nervous Atfectton?.Teatterness. In.
HammatNMis and l "urvatures of the Spine,! lefisrmed Shouueni,
A in etSwellings, Weakness uf the Joints, aid Lbs easel of the
Linths generally.
References given on npplicati.ui t? |?r. n i?I? i,r,?
?r E'tnbluhineut is removed to -'J Broadway, one door ?bora
The pahhcarerespeetfuHy reqn?sted to callo-al examine a
tew I! inge which has ia-eu introduced tiiis Spring, which ii>r
durabslhy.Iimplfeity and economy, I as never been .uronsseif.
N. B.?Pierce'* Raiigas MptttfesLby applying at a:"Ji)roaii
wny. mis lm
IkH. J. W. CRANE, Dentist, hat r,m,,w.r| from No. 5
\J Park place, to No. u Leroy Place. Bleeekerst. a3> lm
} > I'M' A' VL- 1 liethTice and Pales Room oftliis New-York
IVl.iird Manufactory i? leumved Run 71Fulton st.eet to 100
John stteet, opmssite < liffstreet.
Apr,I III. nll3in| L^SMITH. WS:Joho-st_
REM'iV'AI..-JHI1N LOVEJOY, )><nt:it. temoved from
88 i'.-incc ?treot to CJi Broadway, two doors below Bleelivr
?trcet. mlSSa*.
SCRAP III' IN- 200 tons Wrought Scrap Iron, on board ship
Wellington, i..r=al.;ii> GRLNNELL.MIN I I KS (t CO.
nil-; _ 78 ssoiith-stteaC
D?PER of all keels ci n-.tanti] ?: ? n.l. utid b.r sate ui loU
I to suit purchasers, by C YRL'S W. FIELD,
mhi ' in No. '.i Burlingsh'p.
C iii ItiONU " 1 Til ItS&'ErL ?7:!ie ~.N'o. 13
s\ lieeknuui .r.eet. AI.I 2u0 of the tirstphyti.
. J/Jcians und surgeons of New Y'.r. b .ve given
/^fic5??* their decided prefercoce to ?i 'fru.s, as you can
O graduato the pratsure from one to fifty pounds
on the rupture, without u back pad, which dees -o much injury
10 thaaoine. A bur trmi being the i*.t lest of its superiority,
?i b applied end six days' IriaTlgiven. and If it does not i ? tain
die rupture, winle pertorming every k.ml of exercise or co?gb
ng, Bitd give perfect en.?; in a word, if it is not sntislactoiy
11 every rasped, the money u cheeifully returiie.1. mid this u
tlie only eOMSaon on which you iboobl buy any Truss. A per
inaneul care tseasdy tulccteu.aisil warranted, if direction, are
Those s?nil"ig for tmtTruisnced only nieuuon the side rup.
tnied and the measure round the hip,, us they can graduula
lie prassuie to suit their cssa. ?uld wholesale and retail at 13
Bockman-street, mi?lm
- HCLL'S i UCMES.?Notice to linpturnl Per
Y ?ms.?Persons idltlcled with rupturas may rely
I if\ i upon the best- tssstraasssttitl aid the world aJfords,
\^-^-ttJ S on appUCSUoa ..I ti"; oltice, -No. 4 Vcvey street,
"SeBBSS*7 or to either ol tint agents In the principal towns
in the I i.i ei .?"ates. lie cureful to examine Use Lack pad ol
Hull , 'i rust si, to sea il 'ie> aie endorsed i,y lir. liuli in wnung.
N'oiie a.-e genume. or to !<e reUOd upon m good, wiihout fius sig
Many tiersons have ur:i>rtak?-n to rend irmrations of Hull's
xU-t.muxi X'rosses, and ?mtisandi ure in.iKaed uy?,ri ui coiue
ue.ice. These mutations e.ai.not l^r relied ii|^m : U>y are
mule i,y unskilful ntechanics. and ure no aetter tium the urdia.
try Trusses. ,.?,?, ~*
RotMna have .been ihted up at No. 4 V.-j..> street, axclustvely
for ladles; having -oparate entrance from the bu-iriek, depart.
lOesit, v, iiere u letnola is in consuuu altenrtance to an, ui?>u le
ir.a> pmi'i.ti. _ _ tf
UrAG?N FOR BALE? A strong, rabstantial Country
iVsgon,escellentl} calculated tor Rxivipga lansdy. or
Ii r rough tu ?dl senerafly. Apply at ine Pbenig Buzuar, ,Sfer
tar-street, neat Uotatoa. m? u"
I Ja opening th-ni>ive Nos .-t..re. Pegs respwctfally to tobest
the aUenUon of bu friend, and the public to lu> choice sston
"lAOIES^, Ml^sSr?:^5, am? CHILDREN'S
of Cuy ManuiacUirc. i?iu of the must approved style, aas at
prices corr^sixuMing w th Uietim?.
Also, ticui's and Yoiiua' Doou and sn'<.ut every aasccfp
uoo. , , .
H.-.vins had several years experience in u.e business, be can
contideritly insure to purchasers tie host descript.oii ol wotk
N. I? ?l!""ts and sheet of every style mailt to ooler. mi lm
RHAK'J'rvllURNE are soppiyo.g UsoUsatsds with liOt/ia
^{ A.Mi SHOES which are easy Ui wear, bandannie and
uurabie .i iii? Brooklyn uau Loug Island Boot and t-hoo
~.:,.rr ITQ Fulton n._r.SUj
ji ... KtNlSHtO??ttaganiNutria Car liati ordj
' s?', oarilrterniedUeaveriai tn? lowiines.loftWtaupsstot
g^SSj ,hon na . ..I Pro* in Moleskin -.t \Z. rhee H.iis are
. ... id durability >?xl lustn UTthnse Sold u $4. Al?o an ar
Uci*at.???0. avenr sssai;*r?a?bat.
r:nlm* BRWsVN. I'r n tieal HoUer. IsSbCanabsL^
KCOVOMV ANU FASHION'!?The sulernljer has
I W redui ad i' - ?upenoi ImitoUoa Moieakiu Hau on tur bo.
^5S>,),e, to the extreme low price of t-2 25.
Iheaii"1'-' are an esegani l?n s. fiat, auu will compare aii
vant.ige....s!> w th bars ?? Id at i'i 50 and 13. Abo, Constaotly
nenuiaeii.riag r or ami s Jjt ul Use tost quality, latest patterns,
and a' the lowest pre-s.
.N. ft. Con tr> dealers .utiphed by the case as low, if not
lower than any other house in lim e<ty.
J. W. l??LLOC<;. 122 Canaj st,
tr.ldlS 3m* corner ot Thompson .t.
X-y^^S. |4 ^' EAR--" experience, together Witt many valu
% ~Z' a able improvi menu and additions to kit leru.rr tools
Hi fjfr. enables I be ? I iberto fornssh,al short r.oh re. and
se efcfi' ol the uik! r< r;ectcoa?truc?on,ni?terji-lsiuid wurk
marslup. .V-, hinestoplanewoodrnalfiU vagietV*.
,r -'"'-. iu< I. a. pian.ug or suitocniconiy, urcuUmg moohi.
_j . ' \ .... o!aninr.too?a*ingari,lgrooveiug.jointujg,
t^g&V orra' It'Uitg, and plai Dg Clappboards.
^ \ i o:!^-nberst hrs
"A* c: ' .-.'i.. t in I \ ? to', or st hisotl.es-. corner of
; i .is:., -a t>l ii ... -Ims-U I. "St. f. ?Lere ?ta
.fi-T* "chr.- r.-ny be seen, si i any inMrmntioi. relaUsa
,Uie tame, may be oljtoice.1. as sseU as ot Josuxb
ckwefl /B. Co. New-Yofk.
.T f*f * chin..
to the
I f>-: I Black
Letters of mere irnuiry must be post-paid.
.-AMi Kl. B. SCHENCtf.
' Foxboro*. Mast, Apt?Ut. 18r?.
I aoiteJ

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