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. ^-,t covkt ?Nos. nr. -rA 4, 20, 1,36, 48, -12,
?ffi?*i? 38,14,24,271,30; 39, 6.
Vomm?; Ptr.^-.r.2.^12JK.V,%r,W,.v,.
ill '
; "V(.r'*,.lK Coprt?This C.uri ha?reached No.
gg on the calendar.
c ( T V I N T E L L I G E N C E.
VMterdav was occupied with " deferred No. be
CUtCUiT COtJKI'....Ueior,sJudge Ki:?<t.
, 1 i? Ckivk: i es. Leonai d M i r. - In -
J bmn'r.to ?ci.n..i-. l I...:..-, rcl'err, .1 !?? ' - : ?
^ _2r^ a*"?^tKH1 wvrral I'"1"-"1- J"r' eotuaapt
^ I t 1mschajj : GEO. W. Mil.LER -Ac
JiiH> o> Vrr -jqeof ? span of hones claimed by plain
is?l?]_^_?isall?. on livery. Miller, the proprietor ..i
?jiT.stwaLJJiM,r rim' '?? Usern Di lerauKirtga el.n
V,tter?slK Kcbcy. ?!,.. original!- lafl themal
_n isun*0*7~i. allowrd to lake them oui one daj
uabl'.'?'!t" JSSi tbrrn ilhei were mid to be worth MOO
pka?sAse*"^! < viti'i feeddoc,aod m-u foi oU* r expense*.
?,^uli*i 'thiwrr". to New Jersey, and lett ibemthen .
)](.carriedthem.^??,,,,.,,..,.. hut ?ero Im u.-l.t Inrk hi
?rls?**sissMjy?^ ?cd k>i on the er .uii.i that .Mr. P.
Mr. M- &fMTels?asnt, and tum Cunninghamis .rel] a
I SJayie? ?SSJr Molii'u ihtii.'i!. "flu- rn?e "ill i--.i,!:???!
geti-eo? p.si"""- ?
." rpTiil'ii'MMCN PLEAS..BcfureJudeeUlshokfcr.
TfL0JUj Coi.i ikk rv. Jas. tit i ii k.-- The c! u ?
Jtm. Cebck. being a militia fine collector, went to Uie
Biia' f. f.i| Ctaner.satiatein-tJie Bowery.accompanied
^'f*?rimeii -ih1 entered ilie apartment of .Mr.. 1 "II er, ..
.^jj wban bet huslmnd absent urn! can.u a
'?'?r: ?? .-i.nr na.! ? ..oh'. ???: , tul.l.. ..
*F"?Z"',U '? R? $8. Mr. Thomas Collar el dim to have
^'"'?tir oreperty. and tohave.lcaujed them tun?s?ter-in
?""S'{ he vrbo were acw luiu?cfccei>ers, therocking
*vV..nr ?_wn ?miihiI with a view lo anbtdtns comfort m
S?::h?!.;i r,. ,,.t...i,:,. r.-. ..w-r toe Mil.: - Mr. Rob!.
? iT?r ? - ? toM?)"'. wn.i-..iiiiM I i..r iiiiioititr. and Mcssn.
u* ,l lf' furdetendant. The nsi.py as to his be
?X,K)n.,^it!.s w? not much fione into.
joHv Si i.i.ivan r.?- Mayor, Lohmo.vai.tt, &c.
Vork ?'I I* i'lainutf lues to recover for 33 days pay as
llru n-i the bring of Canton Water pipes, to which he
iJSSraioted in MS. but removed by .Mr. \\ enmun. Ir was
j"""'.'.!,., Mill.um n> kr"? .??.litcd.liiu.? 'i tu ho incapable ol
dfflar the dottes of the situation, nmi i.^,k work in digging
?j^i'iT. A noufliil ? ??
? LiJtCXXtEa.?William llnrTcy wua catigitt and
.?Miird fei ?tealiai a '?nj". -lurt and cravat worth $J 23
^Ji'leiih W<h>k?. No. It" Broad street.
LViun> Kerritw, a i-tiuit boy, was arrested and im
-isunrrt for ~aline f t hO, and also other rums from the mo
J?fini?eroi Juim U. Montross, Xo, 7t Bayard sUeat.
DtOWXED hv Ai i mi n't.?Th? Con a-i held nn
! ?-Jet to-dny ?t ihr bouse of Alfred Martin, So. W<-t
' Ss9**r?entls5body of his lua ased 6 .? years, who while
?suarbut evening on the wharf foot oi Iwh.street. North
I gaT^II into the dock and'was drowned. Verdict death by
giikatal drowning.
Dkow.veo is a Cistern.?Also at No. 70 Beek
met, Uli the body or l&lward VV. m of Juho X. Soyte.
2.rears. wlw yesterday anernuon (ell into Uiecistem in
^.ndie''* yuril and was drowned.
Piei' Suddexlv.?Also ul No. 149 Christopher
eMg.anthe body of William Cornell. a'sedSS. anaUveof
l-liiiil. whodied very -iiilileuly >e-tenluy ulleti.u. Ver
0,<l(lriiili trom opoplexy.
Death of a CHti.n uy a Fall.?Sarah the child
of Ana Collioi ol 336 Pearl ?i. aged I >ear and 8 months, hum
t__rautd, ataboul "o'clock tru. morniac, feillhrough ihe
bjtfaSstsol the stairs, from Ute?Jd to the Lt floor, producing
rrtKU?'?"' of n.e brain und death ml'., bout nfierwaxds.
[Irow nkii.?Almut noon in day, James Groomer,
ireJsyears. ..ai of Ann Cr.urr, of .N". 88 Attorney Jtrect,
while ul " house cornel of Norfolk and Uelancy streets, tell
jui ikeeisiem and >mi? drowned.
Fkom Ccba.?Capt. Leach, of the ship Flo
rence. arrived yesterdaj from Matanxas, whence lie
sailed on the '-'l-d inst. informs u- that n numbei ol
whiles ami negroes w ere arrested on the 20th for al?
leged complicity in ihe meditated insurrection.
A Court was silling in Matanzas lor the triul ol
the prisoners, 3ml as fust as any of the negroes were
condemned, ihey were taken to the estates of their
icasiers and shot.
When the triuU of the slaves are ended, the turn
of the Irre blacks is to come, almost every one-in
the place having been arrested. The prisons and
the tort were full.
?3*"- The brie- Thomas H. Benton, CapL Roberts,
aiived here yesterday morning, last from St. John's,
Central America. Capt. R. stales thai when up
pn>acliin_r thai place on the 29ih April, be was in?
tercepted by IL Ii Al. >< hooner Hone t. Lieut. Mil?
ler commanding, and prevented from entering i!?>
port. He mills that iln* prohibition had existed for"
some tinee months previously, but could noi under
stand the reason ol it. The British vessels ate
regulativ relieved on this duty every month.
FioiM Nvsir.?Ily the l'r. bris Cora, arrived
at Charleston on Saturday tost, with Bahama ml
vicet to the ll'.th inst'iiil, inclusive.
The inhabitants of the outer islands were in greal
liisuc;? for the want of corn ami flour, and an agent
has been despatched by the Government, who bail
distributed these necessary articles very liberally
amuntr tinm. The agent in n letter remarks : ?? I
tm positively assured by geutlemen, ihui ibis >uj>
fly of provisions would keep alive many persons
who must have died of want during the ensuing
Great distress prevails throughout the island for
lie want ol lam. there had been hut one shower for
lereral months, and fears wi re entertained i<>r tin
tooling erops.
The llut/ii! Gazette of the 1th Contains the Pro?
clamation of the President of the Republic ol llayii,
C. HERARd, Sen. fr. which we extract the luui
iollu?i:u: articles foi the iiitbrtnation of persons trad?
ing tu those islands:
Art. L The ports ofll.astern part am closed, ami this
closure * declared to l>e a blockade.
"Art. i. The lim "I closure commences front the Auseaa
hue, takieg in Uie bay of Neybe, and the ports between this
psks sad Cape Ssnutna, enveloping Santo Uomingn aiul it*
wifhUirtio.il, and run. tnun theie tothe northeast.and ends
nt lapHM ol Nlounl i 'hhst.
"Att.o. The entrance to Uiese ports is interdicted to vet* l<
of every nation. Those who violate ?iis order, have violated |
ii* law ni natiom and the lerritory ofllnyti. eowcqucully they
?ill hate to abide tin" eonsequeiigtis, and the vengcauce of the
"Art. 4. Merehiitit ve.^1. who enter tli-xr port- utter the
saweation oflbepresenl pruclaination will becanascatexl, 'ind
Um Captain and eren will be judged and condemned accord
ajg a. tl>e ru-er of tin present m w."
Ci.oi.im,.?They had a glorious shower in New
Orleans on ihe 21st, after a drouth of s:.x weeks.
BT* The Weekly Tril>unc.-TheW< .1
? for wie ni the Counter this morniog. It contains 48columns
ot matter, printed on so,>,l pa pel und With cleat type. Il.? cim
trail f..r the present week in part are a. follows:
Gisipses of Europe, bj a Traveling New-Yorker, giving
oVsedpUons of travel from Venice to Florence by the regular
FareigB Carrespondeol of The Tnbnno: another <>f Mrs.
Chikis'ibeautiful Letters from New-York; ti nii"tul Wieg
Soag to the tuna of 1 Lei a woman hart A>t icny :' Abstract
of the New Pmt i Iflice Bill; .N.eee of Hr. Durbin's Travels
?iih nu Kitnirt on the Charactei of lac Irish i European Ag
rrultiire. an inlewatiag article from Cuhnan*s Report; Arl'ain
inTeva?, Annexa?on, lea from an intelligent correspondent
f TbsTr baneresaling at Calveston; Proceedings of Cong.
duntii tin' ;>n<t week retHirted by The Tribune Reporter ut
iVssbtagtoa; ?M Van Buren Convention at Baltiuioie.Noniin
twns.fcc; die Tyler Convention:! Arousing ofX.Jersey?Tea
Tliou..?ii.l Whigs in Council -it the Convention in Trenton : n
vaktable artiele to every ciUzenol New. York on the Internal
Imprcireineut Policy and Finances of the State ol New-York:
tlie Bargaia Slander; our Arm , and Navy : Seuatur Barrow's
ab# Utter on it,,. Annexation Texas; Magnetic Telegraph;
G?rdan Vegetables, Cucumbers. Asparagus, tec. ; Protestor
Goaraud ; Great t ue in New (irleanr.; Texas Military?>pera
tions; leA-eraJeatunu-aof MiseeJIaneooj itemi ..I Neu.. Liter,
ary Notices,<ce. ire.; Comiaercial and .Market Intelligence,
Monev Maiu-n. fcc .<.'?.
fXJ" Fot snle by Newsboys ar,<i at ti.e Counter in wrapper!
renjy i?t muilmn if roqurred.
The Ct.iy Tribune
Will be Publnhed ooea a wwk. till the elose of the Presidential
."',n"'? ?' '? V'"-"'11"" aVwoted to the advancement
oi taeWTugl aose and the alectioaol llsxav Ci w
It srill cxmtam sut^tiall, .U usa fo?tie? ,mtw, which ap
pears m the I Holy and V\ eekly Tribune, with a brief nimm arj
of the Nesn of the Day. ami transmiuedto lubscribeni f?r the
lull term an:: eover six month; nt Uietollowin- ru'e?
f-'*r5~m,y:-....? cents.
31 opjes.*2
" 15 rot.ie. ii. one package...".."as
And in the latter propomon for any a um bet below loo. One
Hundred Copies will be sent to uuy one Post Otbca (br Uie
whole term lor 830,01 vnrcel) more tii.oi n cent u Copy;
Those ?hu may ?oe tit to favor in with their patronage, ?iit
nblire na t>y seadAOg in tii.-.r names aa early a? powdble.'so as In
*e<-ure full sets.
IXjT rsur?e.rn.(:oni n;iy be ri'iitiltcl through the i*.>t I l?ires
at our rakt
CrT" When linglecopies are ordered, the price of which n
"Orenuior the term, the aamesof the ?ul>.eril?'.-s will be writ,
ten on the envelope, bat in nil othet cases where cluba ol live or
more ire formed, the packages must be dires'cd tosoroeindi
Tsiual of the dob. or to the Post (?l!i.-e.
In the I Y.v ol New York it c an only I?' obtained nt the Pub
Baking ('hVe. or from the Newsboys.
U-T" NgwSroscauucas stilt o mmence with the fust nuoi
Omen are re?pe.-il'ully solicrted,
Tribune Boildings, ltii Nassau-st.
AVtf- York. .1vr\l 10.1m4.
Sabscriptlona for The Clay Tribune,
ThMrtdag, Man '&>.
Dabb'n, lud. J Im. N. V . 3
Chatham4 Corner?.N. y... ZjManchester,N II .
Bkowbegan, Me. 6 Red River Iron Works, Ky. .
(Jratton. Maw. Y> fjoanesburgb, N". \. 5
beetfielii. N il. aiCairolltoo, HI .
JWt Kumeaiai, X. V. ... : Burlnteton I lab. N. \ II
Youogstown, Ohio.,. Z| Wast Burlington. Df. Y . 3
North Londoodeny, \. II. - Singlesubtenben st >uuiir>
Mriho.Maw.3h places_ .. 7
L>?atider. N. Y. 'i\
HeaRT-BRNDIS? Otet'RRF.NCK.?A snn of Mr.
Halsfead Pecorof Baldwinsvillc, "jrcd six years,
was so BCwreJj injured <>n Tburday afternoon oi
last week, that Ii" dud at 10 o'clock Ihe 11 .\i
morning. The boy was strolling below among
the machinery of a lath mill, and having an
apron on. it caught and wound up on the main
shaft, which was in rapid motion, carrying the
child with it. The shai't is about two feet above
the floor. Tiie men above, hearing something
thump In low, supposed sum;* pari oi the lirfhiri
cry had. given way; and closed the "ale. < m go
m-r In law. they found ihe child fastened to the
sliaO? one of his legs, v, Sieh produced the thump?
ing above alluded to, was broken into three
pieces below the are. and the flesh horribly
pommeled?and th ? of its ribs broken. It is
astonishing that the lie satterer survived a mo?
ment- The rapidity the shaft was such, that
nol particle of noist was made Irom the lips of
th. child.
LMelam holy and Singular Suicide.?We
learn that John Adams, a young man 19
years of a^c, clerk to .Mr. Darwin Chaffin, who
keeps the gentlemen's furnishing Btorc, No. 80
Wash ngton-ntrcet, committed suicide yesterday
afternoon, about 5o'clock, by han-riii.; himself at
his boarding-house, Mr. George Gibson's, in the
same street. [Boston Post.
Sw:.-' Sarsaparii :.a.?Diseases affecting too blood
land fluids generally ;ire very numerous, anil comparatively Iili
! tile undentoad. The ulood w a Bum! sau ?.*> writ. enter,
every organ thruush the circtttation, mf.-rding tiounmlinient t'>
e\ i ry texture and tiie ...urn-. t each secretion. Wlien, tliere.
lore, ii is impure, disease ji currieil to the remoti si fibres of the
aninrat traiiie. in unc ins ance eaosins osoneatiuii ol the arte?
ries; or turning tliern into bone in another, white swelling ur
disease nfthoj lints : ?.!-?? scrofula ?.r swelling: ofthe r-lamfs in
? rious parts ol the body; rheumatisin nUendod \vitn palpiut.
tiun of the heart; gouty aHiHaions.alsotVon tne sarne cause,
and a vai eti i f other maladies, which soon harries the victim
:.. his Brave. SA NI ?'.- A RSA PAR i I .I.A.:: a cgi-tal.;- raedl
? -. wl ieh is 'be lesull of yean ut tabor i-nd chemical re.
search. :n ! ringing il t- pn sent state nfperfcetton, will nr
rest, and, a Uiim l> administered, perfectly euraitJiesediseases,
li) purifying the *. Hal lluuls. resetiernling the coattitui. >?>??
pMUuadrseatcd ucrioo, giving tone to the general enemies of
ibe system, and ?niabling the blood to course no freely, and
bringing with it liealthand renewed visor. By it. use ihe pal
i .1 rni*ek will lire it. piih-ue.-, and the .unken ere regain its
bright in ss; tiie 'kin will resume it* natural funetjous, und the
liinh?their accustomed ein.in* ty.
. >? for ccrtilicatcs and numerous testimonials see pam?
phlets and curious papers.
Pamphlets, wiUi full particulars, certificates, fcc. can lie had
grata ..i die Proprietors mid th.-;r Agents.
Prepared and s,,ld wholesale anil retail; by A. P.. &. D.
SANDS, wholesale Druggist*, 79 Pulton .... New Vork.?
Sold aho at2Ta Brondway.77 Past Btoadway, and by diugi*:?i
generally throughout i!kj I'imv.1 st-ir<. .
Loorto vii ;i Pastries asn Bed-rooks.? lime jmi
Roaches or Bed Rugs in your bouse ' a -are Ketncey for
th ! noxious vermin may uebad al 31 Courtlandtat;
Preserve v-n Beai tin sour Hair.?Tlte BalmofCo
lumbia, which has tuet ?mri- opposition from iniaeSi nostrums
and counterfeit articles than any thins el e. is only sold genu?
ine m 211 'ourtlandt strei t. und a Uie only thine to be relied an
-dnee new hair where it has lullen out and keep off ii*.'
Dr. McN'air's AcocmcOtt. a(Vrk rnit Deafness.?
IVIiy aartll persons continue lo sorter ? hen a remedj n at hundl
! it. McNatr's Acoustic Oilw ill furnish rjiccdy relief in nil who
are afflicted wiUi periodical deafness, buxziog noraes and tie
ptent pains in the ear. 'i'lrere ean l.. mistake as tolhe
? Sect ol the m!. ami any one by enlline nt 211 'ourtlandt ?treet
andexaminingthe certuicatea and li tter. ?.t recomrrantrdation
irom those who have used ibe article ami lieen cured ny it, we
have no IterataUon in saying i.hal they wiil be prevailed on to
give the article a thotoueh trial at least
CaI nor;.? The genuine, .\tagimi Pain Kxtraetai?the
greal llealing Salve is to be had oxi.t al 2t CourUandt street
Pn.vs.? 'Plus distnasins complaint may be cured by tin tiae
of Hay's Liniment, an urtiele which lias never, failed to ejve
relief in Ihe worst cases. 'Pins article we warrant. To be hud
.: 21 CourUandl -t.
to- TO THE CJTIXEXS up Tili: ?. STATE-?.?Im?
provement in whatever rejrurds ihe happinev and wellara "f
our race is cootinually oo the march to perfection, and with
each suei i edioa day some new problem is solved, or aooie pro
Ciund secret revealed, hayina an important and direct bcarine
over man's or. woman's hisheid destinies. Ooe word, then, of
ad vice.
VVriaht's Ind.an Veiretabla PiIh bi.Wj veeetnble, and
ptrndueequalities of the most mild and bencticwl nature, which
not only dispel "II diseases; hut at the rn toe tune restore and in
rjgorati lite; system; VVhen.fint token into litesUimnch. Uiey
imnrreilintoly diltuke liictuselves like vapor through i ? ery pore,
pfodueine efleetji al once deluthtfiil, salutary and iiermaneut
I here are many ysaine irersoiis oi *? dontnni oecujmUOti i, patli:
r-ularly feiimka, lio lire htltictcil with an oppression ol lite in?
terne! orenn-. which is -renernlly Uieellecl of an iinesiual de*,
?r liution of the litooil conaeipicnt on ?ieir employment- Such
itllii t ous, thouah aliglil in ihemaelvea, loo often, hv inn usible
'. arm lay die luumlation ofiulicrcles ? n tiie lunss und other
inaladies which ihow themselves, when arrived at an incurable
le. Ifisby cnlnable neelccl in sucli ?lirhi cases thai ??.
many Rood constitutions are ruined, and many nervous and
pulmonarycomplainu brouehttm locinbittet existence.
CAtmos.-As countertar* are abroad, avoid nil stores of a
Inubtful cliaracier, aud be particular to ask mr VVriirhl's Indian
V'eeetable Pills.
Offices devoted exclusively In ti><> snle of the Medicine.
?. i.ale and r: tail?.\o.2S8Greenwich street NewYork; No.
158Tremontstreet Unaton: and W9Bi.ireei, Philadelphia
A FlRST I! ei E ^haVTKO Soap, in inn!;e u thick, rich, easy,
i-isiin*; lather, to Hillen tl?* bcnnJ ami lire ^m. i- lit* prepare.
lion ot old vaple. stoap?okl for3siiillinira a jar al 323 Iii.I
?*ay, or '?J I 'hatham ?t. < Sent*, only try Una once, m?l Stood
PlMPtES ok tue FaCE, Si?niria tSD ?1.1. C'lTASEolts
rhisEASEs.?I 'one ti? I- Co.'s cimcentmu d eon ixiund tlmd
D.vtmct of" rjnrsap"rilla, from its established efficacy, render, it
i n..-an' to pa-- any encomium* upon its virtues, Its as.
toundiiiB ctrecti upon ihe ii!.I art' known to the world. It is
innre hiahi).idei.I than any article of the kind over poe
duced, ami fur ulcetnl.a.ol Iis? thront ami limb*, pious ami
ivellingioflhe I.-. icimral debility .chronic rhe-imatunn.scjtl)
eruptimu ?a 'lie ?Rio, pusiules on the fitceaml affi etiorra of ihe
hvei il i- uneoualetl in a. effect- To purify and expel fmm tiie
liowefs all 'heir unhcaliliy par* ties and secretion?lo eivo the
i lual ifnids tlaeir natural cireulntion?in slmit. to reinlbree ih
.I hole idiysical rystem to that il will I?- in n condition to lesisi
disease during the nproncluiiR heats of Summer. TlreretS nii
preparation which can fijual Coiustoct \- I'oV Snrsaparilla.
\ll who Imve ever u-cd this Extrai I invariant) remark thai it
il.not leave tlte bowel? coative ike most other Extract', hid
ivea to Ihe pat: ni M' inetcascd appetite Ibr (bod, promnlea di
.Mn.n ami eive*to il?* slomnch renewed rtrcneth ami vigor.
To !-? l ad at il Cuurtlamll it?Price ."si cent, a bottle ur
erdoxen. _ _
'I'm: At.in asTER White, given to the rliceks of lad..-, by
llie i.-e of ihe Spanish I. I) U lite, i- really beaulilul -a i- -old
mlyin tliii cit) id S2 Chatham ?t, oi Broadway, and I3U
'iifton st. Brooklyn. _ in3I 2icod
03* DatLEY's Maoical P\i\ Kxtractor "Reduceillo
IS Cent*.*' says the imiuitot of Unlley's Salve. Tlirsmenda.
?ion assertion is aulBcienily refuted bi Ualiey's statcmetil un.
ileroaih: "/ hurt uut tupplird Meters, Comstoek a- CV.
witkaboz of mg Salve since Pet T. 1843, atn- ever tn/l."?
,;^ad'*r. buy at Pallea's dgtncu, to Walker rtrect, t-t tore
FKUal Broadway, and see thai fialfey'a natut I- WKITTEX
with a pen mi list cover, of every box. mJB3teod
Commercial axad Money .'?Iniiers.
63- /.'.ir Commercial end Manen Motu rs, sre /.,:<t Page.
- 'I'm rsdav. P. M.
There was n considerable fall in some Slocks to
lay, for which rwrnteappcriredabletoprea reason excctitins
inat n re?clion must lie looked lot after a rapid rise.
Cxchnnges nie in lair demand at premium lor
Hid Sterling : Franca ?*'.-? ..
The .Money market continues very abundantly
( ucurrenl Moneys | l!r, Vi a Hani. Mmrp.
ilasteru, banks in Boston... !i Bank ol lisweao.2i>
Vliiany.Ttoy.Sehen.,ate.. '- i ommerciaJ, ijswego.40
Jersey. *. Clinton County.?".
Philadelphia. kj VVatervltct.-iy
Baltimore. ^iliaited .-tales.HO
?saiety t "ux Red lt.u k.'a a ^(Hamilton Bank Notes.25
\ irt-iiuii.I^jlphasnix, Cbarltntown.-lo
i'am.1 |.\ewbtirypotl Bank.&j
Indiana.- iBank ot Lyons.i'i
Vlichigai.3 llllinuii Siate.Bnnk..'st1
.\iirth t 'aroiinti.I'., .ISnuk ol Iii., --im.ym-clowii.lli
South Carolina.I iCoinmercial. ituilah.l?
Col. Pratt. .Member of L'onsress from tins State,
has given nonce of mi intention to introduce a billtoestubliah
ftoe liaukuig in tba District of Columbia.
A new counterfeit of the registered notes has
made its appcarnnce. It ptirporUtobeaS5 notcol the Bank
i.l" Itochesler, eounu rsigned lt. M. liasbrnuck, nud signed by
II. W. Have. Cashier, .1. Seymour, President. The appear
unce of the note is very light,ami the engraving of the moat
iniserable execution.
The receipts over the Western Railroad for the
week ending may ?j'ii siiou an increase of upward, of s3,0U)
? ner the com ipoodmg week of last year. Tin, makes llie ex
? e-s this year about S s>.lkSboukl the summer monti-a con
'...ue to gm- the saute weekly excess, the ? titter earnings, in
i-utwetiiicni-e ol t!iei>p.-.un,.' n! lue I 'Hei, ? en-iie. K. to freight,
will doubtlcsa.be much Larger than last year, ami Ihe excess
will probably reach *- l3u,isjy: in addition to which, liie ? tpen
i- an- considerably leas than last ycr:r. ihe saving in the cum
petisBtion n tiie Worccslor Bond being tome i'iVA" for one
item, 'i'he (bllowujgnri tne receipts for the week ending t:.
.jtli inst.
1644. lif^.
I^anengeri.it;.473 S?.iW
freight. &c. .$~,S?> *-t.-.Tt.7
1'oUil.Sli.-iisi ttS&l
Tiie follow iug slin ks weie sold at uuciion al i 08
t mi yesterday: IT ..'...re. Boston and Warceatet Kailroad. ISA?
percent, advatice ; SdoTaunton Branch do. Wi adv : ID do
Western do, $7j p,-r -.hare; 2 du Hanultou Manulkcturing <
11 i adv ; 209 do East Boston Co. S13a SK . per share ; 23do
American Bank, Imfancedue, per share; 10 do New-Eng
I uid Hank, i', adv. The Rillow ing were the -.'iic< at the Bro?
ker.' Board : S-Uv Ala irre Cs. Isi>. M'~: S?0?0 Beading Rail
i ted Bond.. Ti1, ; JU shares Norwich and Worcester Railroad;
;0.Vt; lo do do 70>i ; -110 do Heading lUUroad, l,; t? do do
2sra: 60dodo,ko30 d. ??',: -'? dodo, b 1 ?. IJ'j; SO do do,
I.o20d,28 ..; 83 do Wi stern do. 7.V., : 75 do do. - o hv. 7 '.
I n do do 75!?: G? do do 75; ITUolioattui Worcester ee.
bo Ijd. US.
We noticed yesterday that the New-Haven and
New-York Railroad had been cltartered bj the Li g?latuiool
Cooueciicut Tiie Journal of Comnier.I ihiam irning mys
Unat a genUeuau from ?erby. Conn., vvho caine fr?tn .New
Haven ou Tuesday; states that Schuylet and others are incor
pointed, aot lor the eonstnict.of a railroad from New Ha.
untuthe New Vorkboe. hut a? Trustees of Iba Houaatonie
Railroad. The road from New Haven to New York, be
'"'' l->ei " act<.! on. but it hi I been -ictei-d in committee to
'ei?.it in favot o/an act including ail the applicants, designat?
ing three points, viz, \,.? Haren. Bridgeport, and the weal
.r.e .a Greenwieh. which acneratea Connecticut frem New
i ..i?.. leas -acta? ,.:.,;?. , ,( .,, , ??,???.1Crs.
? onnterleit -j:?l |?U ?, ,|?. ,'.mercia| }{?.k ol
-. aicoed J run Cashier, dated in Slay. I838.are
e.c.rcuiatiou m SotahCarolina. J. Kuan never -was l ash
?:SA'? -Mr d.f
-e*?o'-"'i Vl".VV BmoUDl! of the precious metals
c.-n-t-duuhe la- auttemeni of the Bank'of St Mary?. Co
!"",,:,"'tU3: Antiar? .o make an atimptto
hreak m,.-theBankonSundaj nigh, The vault.how
exc-r. hke the Bank. wu, t.?-. itroog to le broken
I be anionnt of spi cie r.-eiv.-d a, siwi 'rlenns,
^?JwCoraaaarcral'l ntMcript. is ?7^n*??S
same tun?.'last year.
The av-inni.-of ,he ,;iriirtl ffokhive adver
toed lot pubbe v.!.- .?, s1tma.,v noit n, t(i_, &chaw,, mm
delphta, at ooon.25 *10WbondsOf tba Stonintton Railroad,
i**f aliarc? ol the atock of dieaame Company. *5MW of Pet....
sylvnmn Fivc?, 705 ?hares of Um Morn. Canal and Rnnkine
Company, and 6M ?harcs ot" VrcJtsburg Batik. Tin? ?nie i?
made in pursuance of a law pa?*cil at the kul us<<m n| the
lyPSiNinture. Th?; Bank holds, or did hold, D t.'w week, om,
n much Inrir"' amooiU ..I' Ihc .t.irk? advertise.] than are t.i bfl
offered, Ry the statement made to the recent meeting of
?upholders, we lind noticed among the .t-^oi? 8195.000 of
Stoninglon Railroad bonds, 4.051 .hares of Stoningtou limi
n>nd. l.u-'>?hare...fM.ir:i. Canal, and *-7 shares ol Vtcloi
burg, besides a large amount of oilier securities.
ASHES-The market i. very quiet, h. Iden generally being
nnwdhng lo accept 84 25. Ab-mt 100bbb. have I. .'. i
tliatpnre. Ol pearb 100bbb told at 8-iCSki. Tba .-.rr.ir,:
nre small to day.
i fTT? IN?The resterday went up to CO" Male*. To?
day we hear ol about ISCO. Tier,-? nt|efainge to note ni rate?.
These w mit an active demand from shippers, but sortie en?
quiry for manufacturing.
FLOUR AND 31EAL?The marcel rontinui very inac?
tive, wiih n tendency tu decline. Genesea we Quote S l ES2 . n
4 <??. nothing hot ??md tirnn.1-. brim.-i.c 'lie l:ighr?it"rntc?*?
Mw-hig&n .'.nil I lluo good streight brandiiel] -I iwly a: $i.'i, ?
I 'i.' .. and mixed low oftwo Ui twenty brand* are to In.- had at
?450. Thonrnvab are not large, but exceed ihe ileuianth
Fancy brand* range (mm st-*'.- to 5 37 ... Round boon n
without enquiry. In southerndescription, the-.- ?. wMliing do?
ing, and Germantown not bring over 54 7". Trie other
kinds are nominal al 1500, bul without sales. Ree and com
is 43n :'. Co . and dall. Meal silo-.''.. f..r Jersey. J 75 tor
Brandywine. Sales ICO t.i SCO bbdi Brandywine at private
bargain, SI i 1?stun- 9 a ICc. and ! urge -?!....
GRAIN?AsakofWheal of about I OOP bush, was made
yesterday tu 1 eity millet nt 1000 renn. Com 1% m fit - nipply
and mororaled-inand. We notice sales 200 bush Delaware
at46>4. meai ; ? 00 il<>. inferior at 4.">. meat.: ICOO do. North
Carolina nt I", men'. ami 5O0do. Northern VeUow at?iieeiit-.
Itye i- ve-y heavy, and3300 bush -"lit m the slip at 06c. ami ilr.
i v.laltMC. 'liiere rsonlya retail demand h.r I iai? at31 a
\\ IlISKITi ?The sales U hsski r noticed yesterday wet*
made at S3.1-? et?, at whtrli 100 bhls. State prison sold to-day.
The nit111:!" were <un.itlorahle day.
IIA V ?The supplies were mi her large, but we hoard of no
large eilts. The rule of chipping qualities i- m3 a 117 cts.
TALLOW.?Wo notice a sale ol 3u,000ih.. Wc-tern Ren
dered nt cts. Ibrexp at.
.-T ? Vi> ? \ enrgo I' i- been .old nt bur quotations, which
are While Oak. Pipe. ?50 t 5=3. bhdl. ?35 a?S6: bbls. J2rj
!;,-.: i ink I.!..:-. 823, hhd. beading- 840 a St.'..
PR! iVISII >NS.? I bereis a be ter a mend for Prime '...-.lay.
nnd about 1000 !>:?!- have been mild nt S';.!*'..-, "i,'.33. tue Intier
? ? the close the as' ins rate. Mi?aid I bh a! 88 09.
anil .' ?- I ?. Sales 50 bbb. clear Port at s:',75 anil 450
dp wmiet'ntiieni 64.50. The amount ?I Pork "hipped from
VewOileaiiato New Vork ibb se.i to the latest date ;?
bids. uiore tliun die enUrereceiptsatthat ;ilnre
bist leason lo the tametime. The who1- reeeu u tbh teason at
NewOrteatv have h?m 407.134 hi.1-. kv?l hhds. nnd T,:3j.(!U)
i'.r. inbiilk. aeaui-t !n t > ?t ?um. IHj.?l !?!?!* '?}?! Iii?!?, an t
?J, 130.330 lbs. in buH. There it some vn .nn for Beef, and 700
bl Is. Prime have been sold -it SSJSihi ? 83,00, For Lard there
is Mime enquiry, and 500 hl.l-.-nld at 53? cts. and ?0 do-at 6 .
\ iaJe ,.i 4;" kegs " ai made at 0 . ct>.
("iira-i.tence ot Livingston o: Oo'i Express, No. 2 Wall st.
BtrrraLO, May 28.
The Markets nie becoming languid. Two lots of floor iv^u
off ni 84, nnd corn can icarcelr find buyer- above40cents.?
'Hiebest samples of wheat could be had below 8/^ cents.nl
though the quantity afloat i- n<4 large enough in afford a wide
choice- I see by rhe New-York sales, some Milan samples
Imvo been offered. That article lias long hekl luprerneswar
in tin* qoaiter, and the trade here are ignorant of any parcel!
having pasted ea-i t^r want of a market. Could it have been
UUI ? ??
Jokks's liAi.ivs Ciie.mii vt. Soap?For disfigurements or
eruptions, nnd making dark sunburnt yellow -km clear and
white; it eure, pimples, blotches, freckles, sunburn. Ian, mor
pbew: never faib; Beware of a poisonous counlerfett, A-k
fer Jones' Soap; get it only in this city, al the American Ragle.
*a i Ibatliam ?tr<ri. Broadway, nr IS1 Fullon.streer, l!t,?,k.
Irn._ m3l r'<-,?i
To Siiav y. K?sv.?A eelehmted writer Imsdefined mnri to
be a shaving animal. Thia? iloubtleM true. ... h.r ii. ralatea
to eivilnted man; but*^civilized roan cannot sbai-e without a
razor, and lie canma ke>';> hr? razor in good unter withont n
strop. We would thctelbrejusl hint tu mir readers thai Saun,
der". Metallic Tnhlei nnd Knzor Strep, wi'h lour ??des has
withsUiod the test of time, it having been before the public
mure .linn a quarter id n century, in d it probably has irn n
, perior in giving ?ial desirable keen edge t" u e.ioil razor,
? whicli rendcis ?bavin-- an operation thai may be pauently en
j iliire.1. !lti.;t"iii Mer. Jour.
! Manufactory liT! Broadway, between Courtland and Lib.
! itrty streets ro393teodis
Kj? The TgaTraojflAW of the B.?toauhine efficacy of Hr.
Felix Goumud'i Poudretfubtile arc universally accompanied
by the FA<' V ibal no inconvcnieneei of any -"it attemk it- op.
pemtion, bul thai tile individual iioc> not leel the operation of
I lie preparation and'the skinis left whiter and smoother thsn
be lore. Buy uo whereeaie in New Vork if you want the gen
ume but at Si Walker it red isl Store PK? >M Broadway.
Ihrertiuii? accompany each bottle. mSi?le?d
B73? To heal harsh, rough and chapped skin and render it
heaoofullysuit, lir. FelixUiniraud't antic Molicated S"n;.
j,v - properti - of nirprising energy; m prndueing delicate
white arck, nambi und arms; and protecting them from tl.
hir lieiu. Its ?outlungaml ameli.iraiing properties immediately
allay liitsuiiirtuie irritability ofthe -km produced by the lilting
of masiiutoos,?<! "ilier can-es.assuagos intlnmination, reinovi -
c'utaiieotaeruptions, pimples, blotcties, tan run) redness, by its
dilating properties it prevents Uie formatiim of wrinkles, and
banishes iMui when present, and eliciu a beautiful uvemle
appearana To lie lind nowhere else in New.\".-i I? but at tu
Vv alker st IdoorFltU.M Broadway. Bcwareof^spiirions im
ilntions uffie celebrated cosmetic, oftlie most deleterious
??titinirtcr, ecntaining niineral asuinaents inr.-r 1 v ruinous tolhe
i comi'lexmn. mil by iiieir repel lent action endangering heu lib.
niyS9 2tei il
At Gaylonfi Bridge, New Milfbrd, i loan, al the residence of
Ii.i Gaylotd. l.-u. CiiARtes W. Lawtom. oI' Daniclson
viile. i It to Mi~ I 'haRIaiti e L. Seelvk. of the (.inner place.
,\i Brmijtlyn, L I. on We?l lesdaj evening; the23th insl in
the Wii-hinrtotStreet M. B. Church, bj the Re* .rir.
Peck,Mr. Ciiavxcet W. Wrioht. formerly of HarUbrd,
it. tn Mist Jas* Futrrorr of Brooklyn.
\t Alexantlna.on Sunday.the SCthimt, by Itei. Mr. linn,
forth, lion Uon. Asram McClellax, late 51. C. of Sullivan
i "o. TennesMe, la Mr-. Mary Huusto.n ol Afexandoa.
? in Thursday morning, the i.'Jih tnst, Wu-liam IU ve. aged
I iii pears.
The friends of. the family are respectfully invited in attend
... funeral *'n.ri ihe residenc-a ?< h. Wtn S.Da.ka
UivingUm-siieA. this alwruooaai 4 oclock, lit- renuuni will
he taken to Harlem fur miermont
? la Wcdni ulny, <B*h rust, buddeuly. bj falling in the ili-tern.
En? \ro IV. onl] son of John X. Sayre, in the 7th iear ol his
PaaMUgei'M Arrive:!
lu paelti tAiv Oncida. from Waerc?Thomas A Morris,
. .. . Morrif. Wm I Moms. ??! Now Vork; Wm M Palmer,
Mr IvKvai.i |??.r. Philad; Mrs I. kVGox. Portlaod; Mtsae, .\
I i lover, A Ward. X Ambe? ,. Eng; M Ftssen, RChaffeux. A
Ichle, mis nnnricsto t lanada and f^uuisville: Sand P It icnarrt.,
1 Jersey; Ii d r 11! Gooch, Va: Arliry iSittnir, NYorfc am! 183
.tcerage. iacob Mullen, a citizen of Philad, died on the pas
/11 lit ha '*,' a i Jaseokiui, from (luayama?Samuel Tracy,
of New ' iiImu-,
Tuk St v j Tug Moan. I F?ll Sea.
Rises..433?Sets.." 2o I M"r,i.rises. I M-rn . I.
LaTkst oates.
London.May :: I llavra..May 4
Uveruuol.May 4 I New i irlcans.May2S
fCfsjea Lai Page.
A rrlved.
Barquo (Dutch) Libra,Trip.01 d, I'm Roltcidam, with n.d/e.
toGrianell, Minium & ? o.
llnrque Southerner, Hallet. Bdaysfnrl nrdenas, I 'uba, with
hiigar uud mobi. i<> master. Left brigs Eliza, loading rot
(Ii ttott,! r! i> -: Nai.on, .!?? ilo, M days; Rocker, uncertain;
Peruvian, do; Itiqieit, lilt-. 11..mer. ding, from Boston; I Inseo.
t..r \.'iv.^ ork; nevl iln\: David Pratt, Idg; Motto. >!": 1iwa
do, li r Boston: If.. -r.:. lot II Itinaire, next day; Bordeaux lor
Itttitoii, ? daj ? Sehr i Inzembo uncertain; Passed toe barque
Highlander ashore, coming dot* n the harbor.
llarqueJ.pbine, Mitchell. 1- *" t'"1" (Jnayaroa, Pit, with
-u^ ir ami in lasses.Ui lieniami i IkaForest & Co. Left barque
Dun Juan. Sanlord, fiirNlla?en sooii
Urig Portland; Caiugli, 3? dar? from < leniiiegof, * uba;? Ith
sugar and iu..!ii-e-. to Spoflbrd, TdesUm 4k I ... Left barques
K Ian, Uunlianu lot .\\'.>rs in O days; Klhirt, Watts, do. sum:
llacus. - ti kesbury, do 4 days. Bnga Panthou, Fata ol Tlmm
luaon, .1 -.. Mary sort. f"r Boston, 6 d.ii-. Melumora. White,
do, soon. May 22, off* Cape Florida, saw sehr Florence, ol
' Schi I IJanish) Jorjtiane, Anderson, 37 da fm Km de Jnneiro,
with coffee. tt>J L Pli ppj >>- Co-? . , ,
ifclir Michigan, Terry. ud? Ini Balbawre, with Rour, tobac?
co" <ve. to Johnson K Low hi i.
Packet -lu|i?Incida, Funek. fm llavra April L. ?ilh mdze,
in Itoyd .v. Uinekcn. April 20. Start Point, bearing .\K 4u
imli*. exchanged signals with ship Prince Allwrt. hence h-r
London. Slay 8, tat 4.'>. Ion 41. exchanged signals with -learn?
er Acadia. hence for Liverpool.
2s::i|i .1 bark?wind F.SK.
Spoken, dtc.
May -j4. La CO 50, Ion 08 10, brig Exchange; I'm Portlnad, for
Havana. . . ??? ?
.\Uy 2b', tal3534, lon634l, bngLwinora, hence far s* Do
Tire Packet Ship Virginia, from Liverpool fbr New Yort,
and brig Levant, Brown, ol and Irom Bath, Inr GaudaJoupe,
?? nmriii contacl in n thick log on tlieLrtli May. in lal 4I-S. Ion
US51, whim U>eA'irgitiia wo-Muncwhai daimteed and ihe Le
vanl waterlogged, 'i'lic captain of the Levant was about aban
. ilomng her?she lieing a perfect wreck?end taking passage in
1 the \ . lor .V.? Vork.
? The Cnrner Moiie of the r'ir-l ?5.n;
kticet. near Ciinbin. will be labl this nfteruoon, Friday, May
31?t- Services in commei ce at 3 o'clock, Addresse! may be
expected frooi BabopSooLR. who will or.le outhe occasion.
?ud from the Rev. t.. F. Pucai k of Georgia. A collection will
betaken opto aid in ihe erection ofthe Church. Friends of
Sean en and the public generally, are respectfully ioviled to at?
S uld theweather l>e unfavorable, it will be postponed anlil
further notice._ m3I It
- rjnltcd BrotheraorTctnpe?-am c. Stam
rmal. t't.? .Ne. 1 of the State of CVonectieuu
has been opened with the most ffattenng prusneets. VVe tha tl
liejtappy lo receive out Bruthi.t the order and visitors io
ii- ?. Irom time to time. A.X.SHERMAN. Ree-Sec
mol Ii* 80Xnssaa.cor.Fuhoa-st.N. V.
:.- ? Second Ward??Ai b meeting ofthe Democratic
Whig Electors of the Second Ward! convened on Tuesday
ixming, the27th inst. t.t J..n.-s'? Second Ward Hotel, No. S7
\'a?saust Mr S. It. DRAPER wascalled to UieChair. and
.hois l.. LcrKKRT^and ParricR ChkiiiTaL were appointed
r-ivr,. tarns.
Masts, tteorge A. H.I.Uevo C. I lance and James hell)
wi*te appointed a Commiuee to miminaie suitable candid itcs
lobe Hipponcd at the coming Election forS^hoolOrhcers, who
resortcil the following ticket, which was unanuutrusly
Fur Commira.fr ofl Common Schools,
For Iniipector.
For Trustee.
On metioo. adjoomed. S. B. DRAPER. Chairman.
JoHXL. Lai i srkts. t ^ .
PeterCrristal, >6*cretalU!*' ,? m30;t
X>-Conner, Eviiris... Amenenn, and Commercial, please
[ST" FlftccnUi "Ward Clay Clnb.?A
the Fifteenth Ward Clay Clnb wiff Isalield atCoestittttion llalll
Nu hMi Broadway, on Monday evening. June ?, u. receive ihe
mac ufieent Banner to be then presented lo the Club,
'i'lie i 'hair will tie take ? by the Pre-ident at 8 o clock pre
The Banner ?ill be presented by .U^ks S. Trater, E??i.
It be received <?<? behall ol iheCiub by a member.
Mr. P. Dt 1^- Ree. Ihe Aroenc in Vocalist, will Hag several
glee* and songs- , ..
TlieClay Glee Club will be m attendance, and will ..ne
the? i.I popular U big tongs.
A Bund "t M' - e i- engaged. .
All the friends of Clay und Fre..r.--;,uy-en are invited, includ?
ing ihe indie-. lOTwhom leati wil beprnyajeil By order.
HENRi E DAVJEar, Preside i
JOSU'H ALLEN, Vtrx FresaleaL
\LBERTA. I: iHiERs. <sveretane? .
Harvey A. Wliu. . ' ?'ar,f*- mil 41
J. "VV. DODCK. Miniature Paintrr.
139 Hlvrv-'trcet. ml? 2-ri
TV BarnhUPs Indelible InU.-The tract ril
of tl-'? Marking in* a now very g-rrcmMr aclniowledged by
tb?* il.-itgt;i?t. ukiI rui nt'tin: nfcle in I'littarlfrljihtti? a .
large number of whom lime alrerty ttstetl tt. as m-iy lie seen I
by tnnr adirertiseuMUts, and hare pronsstioceH it ?iit?rtnrto 1
any other rhdebbta ink wt...t!,-r ol <l uue-tu- or lor-urn malt", i
Thm wliok.-pr.? es., ufmarki'.g it maybe completed in three I
m.nu'es. even nt midnight ifdesirahle.
It, led RamhilPs 1m] Itbte Ink after the Ciristuu ?: ima 1
of irne i.i ??or firm, who invented it. .MirmfncturnNiMi for .-,1*
br pears, linn h \rki$.
Wholesale Druggists
Ni*. 213,' ? .Varke: .:rret. Philadelphia |
Fr -in the Unii -i Statt* i;a_-t?- of .March 13th |
Im>EUBUC ls?-V..--r . rotw. Lino & Harris. No. Sir".
Market street,above 5th. rnrinufar-titre :ir..l hate t. r. ? .,n:l.
article* n tlrea lino of btmnesss an u'rugg -t?. an admirable ink
I truly in.l-hi.ie. It will, by t- bennty at:-l tl ?? ? u ;.!a-ir, . f at
uv>. i-oinn.eu.l Lttelfto the rcsard pt thove wan :l- to ?et a
mark upon th-.r apparel and would hka that mailt ncn: nr.d
j -"iVrom the Editors of the Ni ith American of Ma-rh ICtlt.
Ispeuscs !\k.?UV have tried rotne ?'. I'.arr.: itt*i rndelible i
: Ink. and i heerf lly recommend il to all those wishing lo :n_rk i
i on linen or cotton. !' r. fn and requires a., prerrooa pre- ?
p* ration. Itisforsafc by Messrs. Pous, Linns. Harri-, So.
2l3r_ Market -tn-er,
i"npy ot an advertisement ol April tilth.
Ri-.-.Hit i."- lytncuBLE Isa?Jost received a supply ,,r ?
Ihurrelebrateil luk.and lis-ring tested i' usorottgxdysni pre.
parrrd to warrant ir equal if n..t ?upenur to any roaae in the I
United States or of the imported. ?
\!..e-|irug-. Medicines. Paints, acul*. Dye Staffs, Acids. I
Varnishes. ?v.-. which will Ik? .old on t! e most reasoi : la
m31 2wh VV:.??'.-Prugg-t. Mark? ? ??.. hove 12th.
Cyjoiiii Brtrtlell. /?? ' ??? - ? .
city fur riveor six weeks, Thosewnn wish to lee him before :
he leav? will pk-i?*> rnli in th- eoiirse ?>t a week nr ni st 362
Broadway, corner of Franklin ?L niSi ?us* I
C_P Rev. William Boysc iute rb t.. preach next
Sunday in the pleasant School Room oi Mr.. Justice It8 :
Duane Park at the city hours of public worship A. M. and
P.M. Lord bless u?. _ tn25 4t?
DSP" Pianos?Three in aranf of n ti'?t rate Piano :' rte
\vrilon well to '-all upon the subscriber; win. lias on iinud f..ur
of a. ci.st in-triinicuts :ls cm i-' ;?..!??!:?:-. d ill toe <:ty. and nt
verv moderate prices. Will I?' wnrrante I Mr one or two years
or the moi ay refuroled P. O 'L'I"N. H3 Fulton*!. m30:5
PoST iIFFICC. New-York. Mav 2*. 1-44.
Irr?" Encllsli 5tai!.-1> tier !:? ?? ? Royal .Mail ;
Steamer Kritannra, will be cinsedal the I pper an.; I^m?r ;
Post? UBces in this r. ty, on I'' day th? 3t?t instant, ?t l? mm
utcs past 1 o'clock; P. M. The overland ; nageof li'u etnt?
mi each linele letu r, must he laid.
"uT, 'jnnsj^KiMVM GRAILXM. P. M.
!Xf* Gentlemen's Summer Hats.?Bird's
..I Summer Hat-, comprising the lute: patterns, exceedingly
light and beautiful, are now ready. BIRD,
iii2Tj 3uis* j jar. Pine and Nassau, i
jr Gentle melt's Stimmer Hats.?A.M100X.J
! corner Wall und Nassnu-sireels, :s now prepared to l'ur:;.sh hi, I
I Now Style of Summer Hat-, which are very light and of
: beautiful gyle and finish. myStlmat
UV Stimmer lltiM.-!'-<r: \r-.i DrabCassimere and
other Hat-, suitable for the coming wason, now ready f?rra
: .p,.,t,-mat ORLANDO FISH'S,
iiiijti __'.m? Broadway.
tc>-To Teinircrnnce Prientis.?The fri -
temperance an- tcmindcd that' health, -pi - and comfort' are
found, as usual, a: Barcbtrst. ThtsortabhsbmenthaTing
t?en reliucd am! put in eom[il?? order, all strangers and rriendi
yisitine nUr eity lora transie it ?nty. wiio would like to lest the
superiority of a well rh.~en vegetable d .-t. are r. spectfnlly in- I
sited 'ii call. _ _ Ri e?\VKI.i. fJ( iss.
KT" Hardware, Cntlery, etc.?LEWIS BENE?
DICT Ai co. re?i.'fully inform their friends and the pu!.!ic ;
generally thai Uicy have rstntrrol to Oils city, ?ml have ukni
the Sn?-e 81 Pearl-'pvt. Inpnosite the Pearl-street lion--.,
where they ere now upening? large na.l well-selected assort,
ment ?i Goods, botli Foreign mid Dornettic, to which they i
would cull the Miration ..f those washing to purchase. apS?lf
est" Pnner Hniicrinsrs, Boriler and Plre?
BOARD PRINTS.?J. Ii. <t .1. M. pratt, \?. l'I South
iVilliam and I* Ssonearect, have on hand an extensive n.
sortrnent "t Pojwr llancinrs. Borden and Kir- Hoard Prints,
which th-y oiler to Country Matebants und others on the !
rnust favorable lerms. ^^^^^ ruhSO 3nu? '
Scliool nutl miscellaneous i!oo!<^, Jtc.
0."> Bearer-street, ttao doors from Pearhatreet,
CCS' Often -.: lowest R vtes, School and Miseella.
1. -...i. Books. Blank It.i.fc-. Panets, Quills mid Stationery i?
general, '?< ? hieh be invites the attention ??! Merchants.
mhl33mis tj,,
fr^ Martin E. Tlionijvson. \ chiten and B
nmce No. ?> Wall ?treet. i. j reimred to furnish Plans ami Super. :
intend the Erection of B?dding?. RrsadoiiwNo.SEIeyetith
street, 3 doot cnstol Bowery, where he may ls> seen intha
.?vemng. mhlO Sous
rv rt:?loo rnavas, COMPRISINO heavy
SAIL DltCK. LIGiri RAVENS. r?i BOAT - Ml .; ?
PER PELTINGS, rJ l..72 inches m de; RAGCEVG, plnia
ami twilled; 22 and it inch. Ai-?. Grain and Meal Bags, 2sj
and 3 bushels. Forsnlehy
Kf6mh ^ _37 Beaver street. |
M \V.\ i iRK
Cash Tailoring Establishment,
This cstablhthment i? furnubed with tin entirely new aisl i
?idcndal Stock. IJeitileincti nlmtil to uplcr their supply 0| j
Cksthing for the season i.rc respectfully int itcd lo call nndext
mine mil largo ami varied assortment of Spring and Summtr
Goods, which have been selected with thegrentesl possibrcea.'e I
ns to qualuv of material am! -i vie nf p.ittern*? embracing Ike
finest Prem h ami r.ugi-li l 'l..th-, I \r ? meres and Nestings lo
he found at any house in'this or any other city in Um United
Suit-*. The Cutting Department will .nil Ik? conducted by
Mr. Fisher nnd Mr. Couch, nf our firm, who have been-Ioeg I
?j ... i..i;...? ???~i...i.n.ii um cosomers brnas hmssr, |
and we tlaueroiiiselves that we will be able to furnish I.fe?
rnen'* Garments cpial .n p ? nt oft:' a..l .iegan l-t.. that of I
iny otlier establishmcnl in this country or Europe. And by ad .
tiering strictly to tlieCash and One-Price system, w*e nr.a
hied to supply our customers wtlli llrstt de nrticlea of I 'loth a- j
ntgrea?y reduetslprices, .?.. s. FfSHER & ('... in221rars ,
DJS* The Invisible \Vi? - el resei . ????
real head ofl.au ti.ai secuti ? unil cimiimj curs have pronnune?
ed ii the most pnriect i ml extraordinary :m enrion ofUia day ?
The great ad vnntnge of this uuv.-l ttml unique V.ig is ::? te- !
ing marie wilhmil sew incur weaving, which muses a- appi ir
mc.rdoscly to.resemble; the natural hair, both in lightness
and general appear::: ce, asioilofj iltlectii.n, its textureiiesig
-o beam ifutl so pomu? and hi free dial in nil ci,.i-s of pei pint
lion evaporation uninmeded. und ihn great evils ol ouet
Wigs entirely avoiiied. Tl.ptic aiidconn.eurare al e
mvileil to insiNrct this novel ami henntilul Wfj. and the te
euliiir melhiMl nf liming ufe heail. at the manulacturer's, A. '
r RARKV. 146 Bromlway, corner of Liberty .ir.-.-t. upsta r-.
mr29 Inns
K-TT ANTED?A Protestanl woman to do the wirk ofa
vi ?mall l.iiuilv. She inii-i understand coking, srnslnig,
ironing, Jtc and be well recomnieuded. Apply al I Tl !
Spring -t. nidi &'
UrANTED?A iierson who bus been uteil inwa>h, pack
and wir? Boll vs. to .;?> to the Saratoga Springs, \it 'y
So. 2n' I'liniii-s -ttect. m3l It*
UTAGON WANTED.?A lighi ?.,,-,i?.; hand three seaieiI
llockaway wagon. Address E. P. \\. Office ol the
rribunc m3l It*
URANTED?Actuation ai plain ??'.ok b> a respeettble
Proti-taut young woman ?ah ^ishI my relcrenres.?
PI.?:.. apidv at J. M -i'..!??'., 90 N'aasau ?:. m3l If
Ujr?NTED.?1'he be?t Trvantsin to- city want ptacrs?
charge to eiepluyi ;- 23.ets. bU'j Walker-?t mat If
Ur?NTED?Bytwo pr-]k.-.inM- girl?. ?ith the bf-?t ol i.'.ty
relerenec, situations, one to .hi cooking, wasliing and
ironing, the oti irr n ? cliaiiiliermnid and lo take care ofcerdre,'.
So ? I lection torn I iWilltansburg. API lyai No;212Mul.
hero up slain._ roll P.*
'?'.i TEACHERS.?WASTED?In a Voting Centfen in's
I Boarding School a French Teacher. To a competent
iiers -n. weil rer-nini:.. ii.ii-il. ti.e ..tiistam will prove pUsnaat
and permanent. Ileiuuslbc n jVatiec Frenchman ??: (.? ??
mm. and unineumbered wHli Gundy. Apply lo Ii. .v S.
Itaynor. To' Bowery._niy2S
fTETANTED IMMEDIATELY?A few good Agents to
*\ drs|.? INiDGE'S LIKENESS ofllENRY CL\Y,
?n this and some of the neighboring Mates. A rery liber. dis.
count will bo made toagentt paj ng Cash tor the Easrat ing?.
None nther? rated apply. In addition to the favorable opaiion
already expressed 11 mis Likeness ?l '.Mr. I lay. a may bepru;
per to add thai al ii* reeenl Convention held al Baltimore, tin.
picture was uniw r?aJly pronouneed the only rrn:' und saiutae.
lory hke'i?. of a- illustrious urigiaalevet publebed. A| .? ? to
: J. W. DODGE. 136 Henry itrcet. m2I luf
Mr. <"laj '- Opinion.
I [ consider the portrait of me. by Mr. J. W.-D0DCE. at an
j admirable one. atut excelled hy no other likeness ol me that I
Istveever teen. 'l*hcEngraving from it. r ow Iwfuro me. b)
: Ii S. Saild, is executed with ircrfccl fidelity end with great
elegance. IL CLAN.
fVashingtenCitn^lpritX.'lSU. , , ....
The splendid Steel Plats Engraving. aBud-id ?.. .a Mr.CUy .
letter ?Uwe. will I*disposed ..t t.. agents at a rrr.w iitir .:.; -
?Miunt.f?rew*. Relau1 pnee io. Apply ui tiM-Pairiter and
Pnb'isiier. L W. DODGE.
mSi 3m? 'i' Henri ?trscr,
f>lDARD-Oi?5ortv.-.>fitmilK3 ennbe ? commodatcd wjih
l> pleasant te ma ..a the second .floor, by applying al a3l
Broadway, comer ol Spring >t. Also, vacancaa f?r
DLEAS \NT APARTMENTS t.> ? t lo rronttcroen wtji or
i ?it.1:. ut breakfast and tea. at uJ5 east Broadway; ? aoor
above Rutgers streeL_;_ _ niy3? Sn?_
iRlVATE BiiARDLNG.?A etmtleman aod^hawif in
he n.-Vomnu-dateii with board ta aa agreeable family a IL.
?eunrd st. oppi -ae the I'nrlton House._"i^ stl
, rvOOMSTO LIT.?A delightiul unit of:roornslora.ren
i |\ ti. ii.an anil !:?;. I'- fill - rjgle gei.t.ei..en. ttiaj ??? h i ..1
I jl3 Broadway, ?.ta a familj eoMstteg of only two peraojs.
my3l "t*_
Ol ls?3 000 gallons Sis.-rui Oil.
uhw " Solar Spetr.i i'd.
?U0 barrel. I.ar.l < >:l. ,. ,
3U0 '? Siearine of Lard. Forsalebr
! m31 is tf _M-ihuni-lu-cr. A N
ONXET .'? ?ARDS -Wh t.-. and ?
in large .r -mull quauUttes, by L ss.il I UV
my 31_!~ i'rVr1'.
EMOVAL-?E. PI. VAX.Surgeon Dentist asrei
EnaiueW, Pi rceb.o. Salin.Gold Bordered, Emboss* : ... I
l-ilee'i. F?i..'i ?'??!. P-nf-'e). M.uirne g<'?.',-. '. -t I"
en Blanks nf every desenpuonami c.d?re.l and eleu
Vmencaii. Frcnci,. German and Sjwnah FIruring * ?-?-- ?;:
,\en vtnetyofbrtck and quality l Uuadrdle, ^eandsii
Comic and Social i.ersatton I ards-i extra true. Lohued
Cant for Railroad riek*L?. Pencil < nxa*. *?'?
i Irden froni all ?t?-1 lj<e coui.tr> re->- tied, .
and wi l be faiinfiiUy exe. uled bv L aMWH,.
n.v?l Im
arucle al? ..:.l..nda large -..oitr:.ei:t of itatiunglubs.in
pIHp-"l "r<ii COVERS '' 1?A large supply of 'he above
J ? seas? ^
T ESSUrS LAID LEGER PAPERS -Tho sotecrilers, -nie
?I ?"?.it- of ihese well-known I'm--, hare now ? n hand as
U.U f.-.-l.e.S:-.t.iw-tn die iK^preseed and satinsurtaxe,
w hi :h adapt 'hern f r< t ery el ?-< ? ?' ? njw?r
Su..eriine blue hud ?per Royal hot pressed and tattoa u...
do d? I*."^.3" .i
dn do Mediutn no <]??
do hand-mad-vrd n bite MsHbtftndo do
i'-Jal^rr^cie-.;- 'de- I .Ml Letter, -upernae do. r.r-t
for to-morrow.
will be rTlLtttJXJ) at the Ofrlt? OT THE .new WOIU>.
30 ann street. new-t'irk.
This is by tat lue be*; work on Aruerirau Lie. Manners and
Seenerv. ??er ?ritten. lu rivid arid life like portraiture of our
national rh-t?.r:.-ri?tic??tuI e-pcctully oliheOreat West?will
b? ren.l and admired by itery Aniefican. The plot of the .tory
n r.-ry pretlr, and the character finely drawn, lr is now com- j
piete i.j vfv.i numbers, r.t \T 3 cents each, or
I (?UND Ft IR - '.\F. DOLLAR.
"WA T r. es
T II E M V S T E r. I F. S OF LON 0 0 N,
A work of extra urinary -,:.J ezeitinc interest, wbkh wuTyet
attain an iinraetue popularity. Thosewbo have not reed it ran
fjrm a very trjaderiuato :dea of its thrilkn; natiire. Pr.cc 12'j
cent* each part Office CO Ann ?L.
JL'ST pilsT.lSHED.
oo tor s st.E AT 'JU anst sTREFT.
TlfE HIGHLANDSOF ethiopia, with Piete*. hand?
somely boitnd in t loth. Price f 1 35.
MEMOIR OF miis. GRANT, wife of Dr. Grant, Mjmoa
arr t.i Persia, 2? cents in Paper. 27-.. eents in Cloth.
FATHER c;. (RIOT, by iL I"- Balzac?3 cenr?.
THE FALSE PRINCE, or the Comroonityol the Seven
Deadly S, .?12% eent?.
One Dollar.
MUSICAL ALBUM. Pa:: 1 to rents each.
Abo a!! tlie new work* by popular authors.
?Cf Booksellers, and sjrcntT supplied on ?betal terms. j
.1. IVLVCnESTER. Publisher, 30 Ann *t.
Of thrsAreek. are rich numbers, and contain articles that w ill
plea>e all ta.tcv Pr:ce 6\i cents each. Office CO Ann-.:. I: |
will r; Bt.tsti
On Friday tHorning:, May 31*U
? i B B ON'S
No MI.
This celebrated werk will be completed in Fifteen nun
hers, at Twenty Five Cent? each. The present edition will
comprise a valuable series of Notes, by Rev. II. H. Mdman,
embodyins those of M. M. Goizot aad Wencke. It will abo
cnmprise several Maps.
On Saturday Blorning. .lime 1st,
a n? i)
Price Tv/estt-Fite Ckxts.
*.' The great tuptrioriin ofeartp proof-imnrtttiont from
the Engravingi will utsure to these who lake the work iu
-Vt.niArr.. thetH-m.-..of it in tlie KigJUtt st ,tr efperfactia*.
ami those only who take the wotk innumben can be assured
of the possession of the best imoressions, a. the probability is
tlint the plate* will be worn out before the work i- completed.
ra21 3t
Vol. 1. Patriotic
Vol. -. Naval.
VoL 3. MlLlT.vRV.
Price J2.00.
The Ihtee Voluna.lain nearly NINE HUNDRED
SoM.S. W. II. CK Ail A.M. Tribune i itti.e.
m3l fli*_100 Nassau Street.
_PLACE n.:-:i iti.>
Agricultri re.
FALKNER ou Mann.-,, and Agricultural Chemistry,
l2mo. pniier.'tr1.. cents : el.ith.so j,,
PRODUCTIVE FARMING?A work ..n Tiltajte. Ity"
.heenli A. Smith, l-'iio |iii|?er. :U'., ct.. cloth. SO
FARMER'S TREASURE-Coinpri*ing above ?ork
bound tocetiier. ISmo. cloth. 75
Art*. ?laiiutnctiire*. ami Agriculture,
(JRE, Dr. Dictionary Atts, Manufuctuies, and Mine*
?illustrated with l:UJ cuu. I vol. 8vo. 5 00
nrin3 v?h. 5 0")
LAFEVRE'S Bcauia "t Modem Agriculture. Forty
oicbt plates . 0 UO
LAFEvRE'S Staircase ami Hand-rail Construcior.
Fifteen plate*. 3 to
t licmiai r\.
ITt KSt AII S. to l>,.w. mi j.eilneal Annty.i.. K.I
ibal hy Itulhck. iSow imi,.r. ,.i..,i. i ra
I.IF.BIC'S F.iar. Letter* on??iwi.-trv. ibm. u 2o
PA KNELL. F.. \. Applied Chemistry in Arts. Manu
f?etures, ami Domestic Economy. Cuts. Svo. paper,
75 cents, cloth. 1 uj
D. APPLET) ?N .v C)'. Publishers,
m3l Stil Broadway.
?? T r ibii"n c I > f f i cjs."'
Al t. TUB
Are for -nie. Wholesale mid Retail, at the
MO Nassau street.
S3- Agents supplied at the PI rBLISHEKS' Pliii KS. and
the vierk- tent in advance. Address
inySil i-if_U ? II. CR All AM. Tribune Buildim.". _
\l il ill ESS ED to < 'lergjmen, ? lounrry Merchants, Postnm*
ter-. and afl persons ? ho may wish t.i act n* Auents hi
j?n.gol tin-" new ami beautiful volumes.
History, or the Bible. 3 voU. in one, with numerous j
tine Engravings.13 00
Bible Riogmphy.500Plate*. 3 50 ;
Wonders oflhe World. 500 Plate. 3 50
Guide of Knowledge, 50Q Pluto. 3 C) I
Pictorial lllust, of the P.ibl-. :> vol.. rtw Pl.ite*. 5 isj I
CM ES li r laniilies ever issuedon Use American Continent, |
.itaintn: more than Two Tmiusand beautifiil Engravings,
ill . riteil br tlie most eminent art et-of Emrland nml America.
Pit .he*] mdsuld bj SEALS ja WALKER. IU FultonsL
New Vorl. City.
a j- An; -, i j Wantkp.-The Pni.li-liers o! the n!...ve
'.Vor!- , me anxious to establish Depositories pir tlteir sale in j
ever.* ton u and village throiighonl the tinted Statir* nnd ltrtt- I
i.h North American P.-ovnu e-. We. theret?re. tin the at
teiithin of i LERriYMlcsr, l'u*r-: ?-tkks. Super nteivIcnLi und i
I'euchjen of Sahbath SehooU. ?? e. totbu maUcr. Oorterms
are-we reqiiiie to be made naff, ehlier for the return of line
Im? k- in good order, or the proceeds when sold: nod ire shall
-. nil :i assorted. a? soon as we receive Irtan each applicant
the cee.'?ary iiilbrmatmn. Persons orderuig ?.* ill l?tmr
ilar in giving their Pnsl I Hnee address, and also lotting now
ih? Im>s .-.rill I.j --ill to ?iein. For further:? .r*<? uh.r. |i!..iim. to
iddress, (post pud.1 E. WALKER St CO..
Ill I uliunstreet. New \orkt.ity.
{XJ- P>:ks.-.>-? from th* country visiting the City, whamar
bedetirous of engaging in the sale ol the above works, will
please apply as abm e, I lie most liberal commiiwion uIIow.nI.
my] Ilms.
OER Vi' 'KS ' ' I?The atnive -iseo.-iable art.cie ot e\..ry
j'.-t received direct from the manufacturer. They are
miidelu a pmctical workman on an improved plan which
p.sMcntsilieirever becoming foul.
Su'il mi commission at the nianuiacturers tmces by the*ub
-.t bei*, at tlteir new and cheap Fum?hing Ware Rooms, No.
15.Maulen Lane. WIIITTF.M'iKE A- TORREY.
iu3l Imeodii
1) Mil.' 'It liP.CAN.?A beaut.fully - ft nml dein ate toned
I Fingt n Irean, in a handsomeeate, v?it.'i -ilk front, r.:nr
ly made lo order by Mr Janbue, the wll-liiioivu builder in
.tnlhony.*triN r. or the lot wiuoocl materials, and warranted; I
will h- sold verv low, in eon-, qucn.I tue owner hnnne no
larther tue for iL I'n those who nr.- fbmt of the inrtrutnent,
liie nbo-.e I-.iliiler.tly reeoiometidial, u . from it! eon.lructloii
I keeps in TOfcct voice and tune, and i* easily moved: can
readily and without additional expen?e, be made ? 11rii? entlv
;m,,i ... in! ihr ii -iiiuil church. <"un be wen b> applymg at 103
S;iri'Pir*treef. It* ^
"iles's. Boys,' and Children's Clothing.
(J E O it OK T . <i K E N',
No. I in CI>aUiain-?treet,
ofnD dercrhainn*, made in tue mo-t rAainoxA>Ti sttle to
which he would respectfully invite tlteatumtton of tin -eai want, j
A* he Im* made arrangements to receive
by every packet, and has secured the ?ervic?- ol_CA|ierie.'.epil
Cutt?r*. ho pledges buwelfto give perfect sathraction tool!
wh. may purchase.
.\". If.?Garmentsmade to uriiratlke tkorttit notice, nia
With ttriet punctuality. u.Cl i?tf
THIS is to certify to whom it may concern Oust one ot my
daughters of about five years ol axe was taken with an
lines, and soon after we ih-eovere,! by her cnniptaimng the \
... II of the glands on t! e side of her neek. which was pain,
liih We then applied some hnaroefltlortJje pojposeof driv.
ins away tumors of this kind. Vfter applyingrthe linn men t i
two or three times, the tumor* of the nek dtssppertred. It i
was but a few days bet?re ?he complained of a bimenesa in the
, ? at. At first ?e could not discover the cause, but in a
lew days tlie knee begaa to .web' s-ery gradually, nr.d tinnliv
uecame rerj painhil: ?o mu h ?o ina; -he became a mire .kef
ioH. The n:i:n ans so itrveretbat we thonght she could not
live, Ti.e case tsras a iwofulous ? bheswellmg, so pronounced
-.i.le physicians. Finally ?e concluded to try the old man
of color. l?aac Tobias-.Obe roordoctor. !!?? came, and when
hi one of?ic vioi^nt parox smt of pain ami distress he admin?
istered a portion of medicine to be t-ken u.tcnially. whuth
gavaatniasl immediate relief, and tie? second i*..|miii cured her
of tine- violent pninr, ami thi? med.cine drove the di-ean; out
io i lurfiice. and soon after broke a-i discharged freely.
II" eoo?nued bis appHcatioris, and ia nhom one >ear from the
rime he commenced her hen :li was Ksttired. but there i* a
t?rTHcsi of die joim ??> that she i? obliged to u?e ? erateh. wt
rwhe ner Ilealui .?;i?tfeetly good. ADAM A. IHK I
s*mithtovrn. -..-'il lo. 1SU.
This i* In certify that my wife an,l cl.ihlren were leverely
afflicted wiui the Sal! Rheum and >-rter rjring various preserip
dims from different physicians without anr benefit and the
? !i-e-.-e continued t-> mcren?e until we u*ei! Tobtaj s ? cr?r<w'?
ijmtneaz wh ch erhscted a complete cur*.
Sumhbiwn Ann! 11th. I8U ^ ^ wnEBLBR,
Scttolk CocirTTss. Riehard wheeler being duly sworn
.'.rpo-eth and .a.tii t-nat ihe fact* and itattcoenU in the cb-irc
certiricr.ieare true. ., ,, ...
stt?r,i M,,re rae tru- lllu day ol \jtiI i-ll
rcc vp wkitim; p\pf.5:s.-john campbell&
i_ CO LtO arid 113 Nassau street, have on hand a Innre a?
mnmantol VVrtthw Papers nsanut^red by
Arne?. Puitnei St >nutn.
P.mdler. Owsja'fc Hurlbnt,
Car?<n. SoiRhwartha,
an.I otlier celebrateil mr.ksrs. -eliich Iber uffer Kir nie. togetl e
with ?very variety of other kindr, on reasonable terns.
OB AT( UUO .11the Tabernacle, on Friday Even:.;*. 31?:
Principal Vocal PeiaVnriers,
?ruh a larr- ami efficient1 htdjcatra, ami ihe whole ?jr-igth of
ttV S. M. Society, comprising over lit) pelnrmmg mm,lien.
ClarioM Cbnetrto. bj Mr. ?V. T. Gfneatck.
Director.....Mr. II. C >iiIt.
< beam*!.. .Mr. Wm. \!:<r?.
1 iie Sror .it" the lU '.l. i .Wnii-m Cantata, by Andrea? Rom
bertr?roetrr by Sefuller.
i'rnieijioi s-.f-ran..Mrs. Scguin.
Tenors.Mr. Shnvall.
'Pie Master.Mr. Secoin,
|. ]|
rs.ru- in.! Qos.-trtte-O uim?) Sotyn?. M../art.
} . .......3D. Sbrixnll.
Art?--I- wi the grabet Mater?"Pro pec
_ eatjs .?,1t. Seeoin?iionini.
Wu.-.rut: ?o ;o me Music?Messrs.
Strong, Mansort. I 'rarm and Tarlor.Cmer.
?jran.1 Ana and CtMrns? from the Stabat
.slater???Inrtr.matus"?Mr*. Segun
andt > S-v-ieiy.Rossini.
Diet?from M.~e< ::i Egypt?"ParUr
SjMrMnr"?Mi'.Sbrtvall and Mr. S-rum .Rossini.
Solu i . -nonet?Mr. Groenvert.B?-rman.
?..ran.I i her." from the Mount ol ulise*
?"HalWqjah t.tthe Falber*".Baexhoveu.
rVrf.irninr.ces to commence at 5 oVioe); .inv K
, Tidier. ?I each. fcsateal Firth Mall'.. Pranklin Square:
Mutton A. MtlCS, ;\\> Broadway; at Uw Musk Store? and at the
door._,?30 St
EXHIBITION.?The New York H< rt cultural and Flo
r cultural Society ?rill hold their Annual Spring Exhibition of
Flower*. Frurts and \ egctnblc* at Niblo'i SaJona on \v rants
day.June ?th. It will open at 1 o'clock, P.M. aridcocsnnue
the t?o following da>?.
As it h intended tu make this the rine?t display of the .w*.n,
ail amateurs anil gardener* are requested to contribnteplants,
Sowers, ice worthy of exhibition. l*be Committee of \rrance
meats ?rill be in attendance enrlv on the imraimc of Wednes.
i ay to receive artirle* liir exhibition, and contributors will aid
the Committee by dclrrertasr their articles a. early as possible,
when they "ill reeen ?? theo tn-t-'t. ofaomtssion.
Members al the Society will receive their tickets also on
Wednesday inornme. Exhibitors' and Members* tickets a?t
mil during the day only.
.\.r. Roof*, who ha. charge of rbe i 'oi:?e-va!,>r.e* it N bio's
Clarden. ? dl be m atrendnnce. and reader every asti*tam*c
. ontrtl ?? and .. u agers._ m ? v
\ T.? irnest resyuest ol a huge number of in,! e* an '? gentlemen,
a series of these concerts ?<? faahi ?nable ami popular in 1'a::..
will be given during; the present summer at the Mctmpolitan ,
Rooms, 999 Broadway , commencing second Tuesday in June,
Vocal and Instrumental pertorruen of the rir*t tespeetabibty
will lie engaged, and every exertion mil l?" rrrtidc to en.iire the j
bigliestdegree of intellectual and -maul enjoyment. Subscrip
lions for toe season, 95; tingle tickets SO cents; yearly sub
seribers lo the Melrom.htaii. tJ the ?ea?on. 2> cents .ingle
? :. Subscriptions limited. Subscriptii n lumk now open at
599 Broad** ay. l!y order of the < lomnuttee.
t'onier Broadway ami Ann ttreet.
P. r BARN I M. Manager.
Evert DaT *np Evgsairo This Week, ? oju?e.ii t\? Mo?
dat, M .v -~.
GRAND i r.t.t ? ik >t INCES
Bach nfieruoon at half past 3, and each erening .at ?.
'///.' i.l.i.vr .i.vfi (tt.MfJ'SSS,
Mr. and K iNDALL: who, together, measure n n less
than rnCRTEXM FKEr?making them the TALLEST P.tri -ver
known, tire to be teen even day tro n 10o'clock A. M. till I P.
M.. from2till.": .. and trout 7 nil 10.
i he Manager is happy to announce n reengagemenl with the
? >:;riii: in FAMIEY!
? Uiive persons, all Mtuietansofthetirstiilass?oneol whom i? a
Tb-* family appears in a ranetr of
will appear in his
AXtMAL .'/ Kf.vy riSJtll
andabohis [mitalionol a Locomotive'
MB. s. K. ,. M.i.i.is.
tlte ttintt born wiinout tinii?. w ill also appear in some of the
i.io.i A-toni.nmg Feat* with his To,-., win, h [UUSt I?! MeatO
ik" tit-lievc*!.
LA PETITE CERITO. the Daitseuse.
A Iwauiiful ??? lie, nun ol iv.ix Figures.GiratTe, Ice. fee.
The GIPSY QUEEN, the fortune teller, may beseen and
privatel) con ult.il at all hour* of the day and evening.
\ Im ssion to the whole 35 cent?children und?! K> yean
Imll price.
tj- '& cents extra forcottsiikina with theGipsy Queen pri.
Oll STE \M ti \ Ii III.N
Open from9 A. M. to."
12' , cents. mSS lm*
I GALLERY -Broadway, opposite the City llalL
Mr II Be?nktt, Manager.
All tir i ?NR SHILLING,
For the, convenience of tbeday visitors. No extra charge to
the rieriatrmances. Tocommence in the evening at 8 o'clock, i
FA I UIRL, !>'* MM AMI til \.n IT.s>.
filANi' HOY
A <.l IN l UlKL,
Fourteen Years Old, weighs450 v.
\ L)W VKF,
Berne three inches ?b..iter than
A GIANTESS nearly SEVEN ti-el high.
Splendid Paintings ol the
Destroyed during the late Riots,
These Picturescover some hundreds'.of square (eat of can*
cass. ambrturing 1 ha whole of the ?teste,
GUU \T si i < t ss i ?F Iii!'
W< INDERI I I. i 111 I'll VN I VMLL*< .
it Penny Bee Vocalists.
? ? ' rig of a Father, Mbdier. and Seven Small Children!?
Ii. nre the ranLOrrthan Hrlrirhr*" ??-ib?? ?-? -??... ??
oneu ami urr ik ouen.
The following Performer* are engaged
Mr. WINCHELL.theComk D lim itor.
Miss MARY BARTON, Mnster BARTON, and Miss A.
|i\l!ii>*. in.ich admired V.rcnlisis.
Mr. CONOVER. the Protean Petforinor.
CELES ti-,. the graceful Dansuese; and
\ir. Ii. CONO\ ER, ilie Comie Singer.
liiosriiFs._mg: j
IV ? Air. Johnson, w ho has devoted sei ami yean to the mves
?gation ol thissultjact, has, at the request of many friends,
opened an olfice at 115 Chambers Ureet, where Im will treat
diseases by the use nl this agent He lias secured die services
of several eminent Clairvoyants, who ?rill ruake examinations
of iitdis'iduab while under the magnetic influence, as well as
magnetise those that require it, The attention ofthose persons
is particularly invited, who have lone Handing complaints,
and wno have beon treated by physicians to no purpose. Mr.
J. can retor to numerous persons in this City, who during the 1
l??t year have been relieved by this agent
Office hour, from 10o'clock A. M. rill9 P. M.
N II Families viseted at their hou*es if desired, m.'l linilua '
W'OOI.SEY AND WOOI^EY from this date offertheir
?*StaiMlard" IKJUBLE KEF1NED SUGARS at tha bil?
lowing low prices, viz.:
Loaf .. .11 cents iier pound.) When lest titan five package* are
Crushed 11 do do (purchased, bull a cent i* pound
Powder'd ll'in.. do J additional.
The above ire riackeil a, billows.
Loaves, mi bxsof 300lbs. J
Clashed in bbk of 300 " > No charge brrpackagas.
Piiwilered in do ofSSO " >
Apply lu lite Ni ? York Patent Sugai Refinery, ear. ol South
and Montg imery its. ..? at <> Wall H.
N. II. ? bders out ??! Iba nity mu l Im Bccntnpnriied br a remit
an^e jel 1m*
rj'HE j
it i* now wen that it acts upon entirely ififlerctit
principles from anythingcteof the kual. l^-r the principle
never La forgotten ihal ktaltAu pertpirtlitn ami txputtUn
t.j fertig* matter i*the beginning ei.it and aim of ail physi?
cians in restoring a patient t-? health;
Tbi. the Salve will do in nil ea-e*.
It open- the pores, rushes in ? hen- the seal of the disease is,
expeL ti.e vicious matter to the lujriaee, and thus makes ii
cure. Ask any physician u tin* principle is true .,r false.
Thu- in Sores, Salt Rheum, nil emotions ol the skin. Pile..
Sore Throat, and a thousand Ihme?, itcieates a healthy per
ration, draws out the diseased particles to the lurfaceand
e?ei l. eor.. that would take )erir* t" Recomphftl in ?n? other
form. 'Fry- it?try it. J. Me A LISTER,
136 Division ?t.
Sold also atofiB Pearl. 133Sullivan, f?> Joim <t. S09Stanlnn,
131 Allen, 3331 leeker.SrjSSecond. 1U4 Cherry, and cor rhry*.
tie i. ..I Uivm-'oii, ZU |{r.I .t..Newark. N. J^ liuS
I vi VIDI-..*. Ii?The lb. ml of D.rertor* of the Howard ln*u.
\J ranee Company h ra declared a Dividend of eight per
cent mi the capital, pat able on and sflet Tuesday, June 4th.
MaySS ISM. [m3ri2wisl LEWIS PHILLIPS. Sec'y.
/ SROTON VVATEIl PIPES.?The manufacturers having
\_y put in-opemttona new and i.,ti> improved machine Ibi
making l^md Pipe, invite ilie attention ol water companies and
dealers to the excellence of their im?., believed lo be equal to
any oilier known manufacture. Being made by machinery, it
perfectly true in Calibre, and un n.rm in thickness, the bore
completely polished mrotigbontr-tree from .nil Haws, Kales or
other imperfections, ami fiom the ai lion of the machine
Mim/u ol the greatest possible sobility und strength.
It ran !?<? rriadeOI ai >? i aJibre. weight i?-r rani, or required
length, thu* otier.iig ducid-'d adviiiitugi-* to u ..t.-r eutnpanie*
i. mi other- e. saving ti.ven-: of numerous jointingr.
A completeaasortmenl constantly on hand and tor .ale at the
lovresl market prices, by Ji >ll.\.-< i\ BKl 1111EKS.
Sole nireutj lor the Manubu tursr,. hi \\ ater-sL N. i. ,
ml'j eodlniis*
ii. DO BBS have just received a large and splendid a*sortment
of new spring patterns, ol luperior quality. English
Carpeting patterns that ntnnot be found in any other establish. !
uiei.i. tine and i'ointnoii Ingrain Carpeting. Venetian, ball and
stair Carpets, floor oil cloth, tufted and Turkey hearth rue
parlor .loor ma'*, table and piano cover*.
All of ?iii. ii were lairehased at low price, lor cash, and] will
be ?old cheap at No. 93 Bowery.
N. IS. 20.1)01) yards, ail wo.,' i arpetmg, I*, per yard.
5'ui do, common do,3*. per yard.
niy28 3wi. the flrst Carpet Warehouie above Ib-ter.-t.
tj> i ii IMS TI' LET.?Ge lie nen can be tupi ???) ?:,....
! V huh bed rooms, si reasonable rents, ol 389 Broadway.
The M?*rop]olitan Cireubuing Library. Kerni ng Iii.no and
Chess room is off a every day and evening. Genttemen ihould
patrom*e Uns e?Uibli-hm-nt. Term* ti per annum. uy3) utt
CfljUUl T [ i dd ess, ?ho
r> [i/i/O. ... Ini ? h,
?i chance is offered to engage in a genteel and useful businea?,
on Broad way. N. Y. and security given for tie- invesunei :.?
Aidre.. G. P. Tribun? otf.ee. . nr?i i>lf
; ?p.rftrt every ma+rt ti) ll e |?-.t Sperm, and much cheap
er.) both as a tieaotiral burning i id. and upon machinery.-?
Dealers ire requested to call and exanune tor ihemaelw, at
he PIT.siTl IRE. 14 New ?U*?H ii?Joiu
OUERIPP'S SALE.?By virtue of a writ of fieri fieias, to
.7 medirecteil .? -..!. I willet;e *etor saloon Mon
day. tha27th day of May next, at 12o'clock M. at the >-?n
bole of the City Hall ol the IV; or New.Yortr. anbuss ngtit,
title .:.'! rnterest ol John Murray, which be bad on xa ua>
of March. Dil. or at any time attcrwardf; in whose banil* lo.
ever the same may be, ofin and to all tho*# certain lots, pieces
oroarcersofland.ss : tbeba d.t./.t.?f?.?".??oate.lytt.gaml
hein:al Harlem,in the Twellth Ward oftke Cityo New
York.situa.n the Eastern side or thc/.!d Ib^on I ?t .t.-of.
wbe-etlie lamcts intersscUsd by the Spotherly tide ol lJitn
street: thence Sou- . We*terls. abiog .tbe said B'?stoii P.s*t
Ron.! t? i.ml f.rmerly belong.nr to W nimm Brady r 100 feat; ?
tlsence North Easterfr. *>?og hin.) rcrmerfy tieaVmciog to the
beta of John P. WnWism.totheianitol inonuu Brass: thence
Wester l along uie laud oi Thomas Bm s*. in the So- im-rly side
nt t?tah street, to the old Boston Post Road, the place ol he- i
.. . Dated Neu York. Apnu3th. 1644.
"n 1 WM. JONES. Blseriff. !
Taoe F. Peers, Deputy SbenrL al&lassOw i
The above sale ? postpooednnlil II o'. iock, A.M. ot Tucs- j
?ge: the 3d ?!">' of June, IMi. at tie- mum place.
WM JONES, Sheriff.
Tsoa. F. PtKR-, Deputy Sheriff m3l lawulea I
. JOSIAH RICHARDS .Auctioneer.
\ BANG8. RI'-HARfw Jr.,.*, IT. St?r? No 204
Broailwrty.?Liberal cash advances made on coraigiments
for ft'!Ctlon tJlKT*,
CT |{. k. & P. hav? R KM? WED to No.SM Broadwuy. a
tew door* above their f,.rr?.-r Hnr?.
MONDAY KVKMM;.j,:r*3u.nt7nV;o<-k.
\ aLI arLk llonx*. A linrte ?nd valua.ee collection of
>tM)iirtril mix] Mivvf.aneiHi? Book?. m p?rt .elected tr.?n pn
1 ? *?? ?*. ateladmt many fire Rngi-st, ernt.ons. Ifhistrat
.-.1 V\ Ott?, f.",
Amoog thtm ??eon ofArsrubons Busk of ArnefW, 7 rs
royaJSrr^seversJI ?,,ir...r.-.i ?plend-d.Cotored rdetes; Wnverfy
V 27 vt. I-*! nburgn Lucycl t-d,., 39 |s|,rot'i
Fretrch l_we*n^edr?. H ?? quart..; spl-udid dlu.tratrd rob) of
-i-.-perv in Syria. S-oieind, Ireland. Switzerland. WaVtensit
Ir. tia. Cboftantjnople: Jcren-y Taylor's Work-. t> vi c?!f. But*
row", work'. 7 v?: S?-others Conner. US v. cnlt; Kdwsrd's
>..rs?. 10 ?-.; PnriMTCb'i i.'v.--. ?'? ??: Popes srssrks, 4 rs
.v rnxslPi Memoir*. -' n B?oj IWIingbtokaj's w.ek. 5, ?,| Burk,'*
works. Sec Hrstory of England 12*?: Jobt-sosvs work
v.. ll-^Me'l* Ji'h'w". 2 *?: Rankei ll.eory of the Fines
.' V. -::<-<:'? [listen "' t!?> RettstmUoo, Watp.de't Me.
nioirs, 2 v.. Hum". IrxlioaJor, ",' v.. lloooer*! work*. 2 v?;
Larcb'i works, 2 re TJirers French Revolution. 4 v?; Sale's
K .rin; Hoot's MercnatiU' Magazine. 9 ra: Ihunont's Mira
bean. fee &.r.
TUESDAY EVENING, Ju:-e 4th. at 7oviock.
Law l.tBK ist.-A valuable Law I lbrary, embracing rrynst
if trie New. York linorts; also, popular moder a Reports, Di.
tests and I I . itarj Works sfee.?ana<>us tliem are
be Reports ofAVsr?slen.Gawan, Ha ire. J. hnsoa and J'hmor.'s.
han.-err. K-nrt. 4ic.
At: o'clock.
ExTS.Vsrvg SsLS OF lt.."k> :\ Ui wtitiils.?SevenJ
arge contiarniTtents of valuable Books n'resh s>i?-k including
ipttiai School and Classical BooStandard W?rk?. I.brary
sbtioaa, Billies and Prayer Books, Blank Books, Eintrat mgs.
rats bleue? will be ready on SatunlHy.
F l"i M.Ti IN. Auctioneer.
0 ! Ti >N je D I. AueUon and Commission Merchants,
" .No 113 Fulton street and 34 Ann street.?Liberal advance!
Ii...'- .in cun.urnnier*?. ind tirmniS n-i:irn. made. _
Si'i 'I I KMII RGH k FA RR. Auctioneers^
CTuRKXnJu anal street. NaOooal ItalLl
>~ thit Ihmr sales of Furoitttre. iJriw^n".. Dry Goods, tzc.
:U n.led to in person ai Ipt.* returns made. Sales ot Kea
??'"**' -Se Vicrrlm.it. Exchange. _
'i _ VALUAULE i.'??NTRi SEAT \NI'"^B?,'
?;..-?[ I VR.MS i Flu? g Island.?Will
i._ icAuct V\ i it. i?- An
I-??'?' ek.*' ibeMen ??' Fv. anga A\TII.?NvT.
I'.l.EEl KER feCX*^ Auctioneers. I5y.ir.ler .a the Execu
? ? of Robert timer, deceased, the Farm or Farms, si Flush
? .?? L I., ustel] rjecuo tslby R. Carter.deesaued, an.:f..nnerry
f .1 ?-? i M..<?vi. Esq . known a. the Ukdk? Hill Faaat.
rts loilows:
No.1?Comprising 80 acres more or lass tillable land, in th*
lugnest srrite otcultiviitioo^ with 4) sen-, of salt meadow at
tat-hed. I m tatd i remsses i? a ian:e t?,i,t.?y double mansion,
i\ Ith kitchen aUacbed; the w hole built in the heal manner, lin
. ad throughoul In the awde? ,t> !e and in every r?i>e?n sni
atble for a large family. Also, Stabkr for sevsm hunes Car
nage Hottse, Pa t Shop. Granary. Smoke Htistae, l-e i louse
died w th ice. Cat smlers Shop. Fowl House. Pgery with
'?iiier hoi:?e annexed, ?i?sl house and root eellnr, large Rarn
w-ith hovels well nrrnurcl 1?>r cattle, stabling for tann boesaa
Old oxen; attached t? the barn i? a building In wmch is a
me power of the most approved kind, with which all tri
ihreshing, sawmg and shelling corn of the farm can be d?ne,
lite whole in good orderand neatly iwuut.sf; also. J larse bnr
raeks rmelosasl tor grain, 2 Ivgecorn cm?, garden house and
?..il houw. large barn 25 by 75 liir buy. ?>-. i >n mid premises
there has l?n-lv been built a h.-incviuie.-.ttane tor Use hvmer,
ir-;j ?urticiciil >? Ia-ge to ucc.muii.stale tiie men on the farm,
die whole place enclosed w ah ?tone ? alb.and stone fcN.t teneea
if lite best kind and in good order: abu a large garden well
?ml out. entiUtining ewty var-ety ol choice small fruits, such
.. gonsberries and currants.grapes, asparagus, and ?trnwl-erry
noes of IJW! best kinds. The lawn in trout ol'the uiausion ta
handsomelj In out and adorned with :r?-s of every deaenp
nn and oflarge size: ehernes and pears in alaindanee of the
-ort. 2 apple orcht rds ;n gisnl bearing am! of good kinds;
he whole premises i.soung the nsret?ary qualiricaljons for a
rentJeroan s e>Htntry sent. Those desirous of purchasing are
inirticulatly invited Ui examine the property.
No. J?I ^unpiiaing 2i' acres, more or I e-?. of tillable land o
be Ik--! k in-.l. " na 4 sens ol -alt meadow, attached oi near a
land, i Mi sud im-nn-s-. |, a l -rgc cottage limit duelling suitA
.;?? i..i a large family, in good order and pleasantly situated:
?s'llh a well of good watei at the door, rioagardao. stable and
?,.rri.-..-e house. Innre barn and hovel sml in eveiy n-nisrct well
.uiie.1 i-r a summer or seintari ism tilouisi.
\o. 3-ComproiOg 70acres, more or te??, ot tillable land in a
high state txf r^lbvatfon. with 13 acres of (all iiiendow and 7
li-fe. ol wmsl land, m? ?.tIy hickory und hn-u-t. i In laud preini
,,:-i.have been erc-n-d within the lasl 1> months, a laige
ilweUing. with khehan attacbssi, of the Graciaa order, built
throughout -nthe lie-: manner, comtwanding a tine and vnned
prosoet?. being on the higlicst part oi die whole farm. Tba
la wn in front of the h.- handsomely itm! out. with tree*.
of good line an I ol t'1 varieties wi II.:.-d. and in which no
expense has tseen sps?vsd; with grtrsjen, in which is a gmtd as
ENtragua bed . a!*o, .Tr.ivvtN-rrvh.sl?. ol" the usi?t approved
su-.il: plenty of irotstabeniea and currants: a tine apple orchaid
of uralled fruit, in full bearing. Also, a Inrue !?nrn 3U by 80,
with stabling and carriage house: underneath ihe whole nm
stalls tor cows and oxen; fowl house, corn cub. with granary
above ; wagon and (ool house, carpenters' shop ; also, n well
? a' watei ol Ihe sollesl kuu! ; the same i? led into the barn-yard
... the use of the stock The bun yard is enclosed ?vidi ?ton?
wrall 80 bj 100 leet, in which, from a? armngernent gr>:at quan
Idles of manure can lie made. Abo attaehaM.to smd preuusea
. 11 large Farm House, suitable for Ii?' farmer and his imurts,
... :!i garden ami stabling, large barrack capable of holding 9J
tuns of hay. leacesol -tone ami bUmic fool walla all n g.??! or
lies ui.l man* of them recently made: the ?hole pniarjaala,
every tlnmr thai could lK-ib-s:nsl by ihe Gcntleilian ..r Furnier.
The ?hole rani ?- situated Itl Ihe village of Flushing about n
ms from the landing. Among ihe man] advantage* <d Fundi?
ng for a rcsiileni-e. an-tin- S hooMor male and femn'es. ? Inch
are of the best kind. Stores ol every variety, Churches of the
i piscopal, I'resbyterian and MethudistdoimtatnalMW. Access
? in he had to the city of Nest York twice a day in .iiuunerand
re a day in winter, either by steamboator stages, Thedia.
mnce Irom New York by land carriage >? bushiI 10 miles.
For hirthei infiirinalion o! ...ihcr ji'iicel of Ihe above proper?
ly, apply to the AuetMM.r-. .No. . Itroa.l .tr.-et, or
TI i Kl .lt. i'" >< ?PER fc CO. 7u S.uith it.
Nora.?The i-rop? on parcels No*. I ami - have been put ip.
Terms of -ale?Itl per cent, ol Ihe purchase money to lie paid
on the day of sale, 30 per cent, on Ina ili-'m-ry ol the deeds,
md thebnhtnee. being 60 per cent._ ean remain on bond anci
nortgaga at 6 per cent i<4 m7 till JuS ia
1) \. M.. lb.ipal. - \ lloar.iin_' School lor boyaj l'J miles
r .im N. V. i "itv .md 4miles north ol Newark, Esset fo. N. J.
I trm? mmlerate. Circulars ?i the Hook Store, of M. W.
Dodil, Brick Ch. Chapel; Leavitt, Tow & Co. 194, Saxton
i.. Mile-, jo Broadway ; and .1. S. Taylor, ll? Nassnu-st.
ml Inns*
! ?IL S \\ RE has removed to the S'mih Wm corner of
! ' r.ro:..l-.v v oiil Senn.--I. Irom 124 lluil-on-r. ma Inns
" Mi-.^fVVV.^l'vM.KRV,
No. 247 Broadway. N. V.
1 i TYPE, various sixes and of ihe must delicate execution,
nay be obtained nl 'he above Rooms during the day. ?
THIS GAI.LERYxonUuns, as e. name impntts, ?evr-ral
.Ired perfect likene.f EMINENT AMERICAN
STATESMEN and othssr distinguulied characters, and is
constantly receiving additions.
oilier APPARATUS and MATER IA LS connected with tha
Art, eonstnnll) on hand ami foi tale. Tb- nlu*.- articles are
lelected ?ith great care, ami warranted in all rrsjiects.
i Irden promptly attenoad to.
m>25 Iwu AN I'lli i.N H. EDU'ARDS &. GO._
Mle or retail, ai IVM. BEIUUAN'S, 131 rimiham?
Just received 7,000 pair., which, together with Ins dinner
a ck, will make the largest ami best assortment in the City,
which will be sold 30 per cent, lower than oilier .tores charga
for the same article. Uphsilsterers, Carpel Ik-ale's, and CsHin
try Merchants supplied with good washable VVinoow Shinies
a prices varying from >lto$25. N. II. There arc no otliot
goods hot window .hade, and luuiging- sold at 131 Clinlhujn
,iris-t._mil lip hys
Irl?HATS, CAPS, Si.--Removed to PrJ Punrl street.?
I in- stoek is well worthy the nUention of purchasen as the
,.i- aic of the Inlest rtyle. and n.ibaeribet gitannteea that
both goodsnnd prices shall give entire wtadaeuon to shrewd
o.d ili-i-riuiuiiituig buyers. _ _i;K<?. ltltllM;K Mi2 Inns*
.?>1 AM K,\<ITORYa
{ZlF The Ladies are respectfully informed, that this new and
beautiful article is now produced in the greatest perfection at
'Si \NTFACT< dt V. .V i 103 B< ?WERY.UP STAIRS,
where they are mid at
r tic* lowesl prices. A large assortment kept constantly on
hand to select I mm. ?ierchanls and .Milliner.-upphtd on the
best terms. _? mlOlmfa*
From 112 Fulton-ttreet to lb7 Broadway.
Thu (ubscribera have removed their, establishment to 187
Broadway,3 doors below ihu Franklin House and are now
prepared with a full and vnned assortment of Cloths: Casst.
...?re- md Vesting*, lo winch they would invite the attention
oftlu : >ld customers and the public. In removing; to a more
central location, with increased facilities fordoing business,
we ilmll Ira enabled to offer still greater inducements to tho
1 ; yin?T customer, ru we shall always aim, by adhering, to
?d-.e t 'a-h an.l I me Pn.e S) item, to retain the confidence of nur
customers Having in our employ the most exiienenced cut?
ters, and employing none but the beat of workmen, and having
ihe whole business under our own immediate lupervkaoa, wo
can safely guarmntea that our garments will compare in style
md eh its nee with those of any hi Mise in the I 'mted State*. In
addil ion to Olli I inner .lock, we nave on hrtnd a full and CO0I?
plate assort men tol everyarticle usually kept in n gentlenmn's
outfiuim! bonsa. where our eusosiscrs can alwnyv depend on
-i iPb "3i ?lunselvea with a lirst rule article
j. < ?. bimith ^ca_
1) RA P M II S A N I? T A ILO kS,
Fancy Dress Articles, &e.
Are prepared with an extensive rusortiueut of New Goods, for
Spring and Summer wear, eorriproing
And solicit a call from Cititorens and Strangers, under the a*,
surance thai tlieir price* will l<e found to otf.-r greater induce
menuthan are held oul !<> any other establuhment furarshuig
garment- of the lame ?t> le and quality.
They woulil commend to the attention of Traveller*, the new
style of Reaily made
ii V ER CO A T S ,
Be:ng made particularly light, and well eaiap^for Traveling
purposes, when a heavy garment would provecumbersooie.?
n un a largearsorunenl ..f
.:: Fnncy Iharsa Article, in great Vanety.
WATCHES?The inr.-c-t and m.?it spiend.d a*.
Y-', \ lortmenl of Watelsa in the city a t,, \*. biund r.t the
K-lVo .,,1^,-nle-r'.. Hei? con.iantly receiving all desenp.
Et&isZestions id* Gold and Silrei Watches, of the newest
Ss& Irom tlie nianiit.e tii-ers in Englaod FraaeeraadSwit.
rerfand ""I i? enabled to otfer? larger .-utsortuient. and at much.
r . , at retail, than .my other house in live city. <JrM
;V ? ru, low ai yS)Ui 425 euch. Watches and Jewelry
egehanged or bought. All watche? warranted to k?*p good
the tnone) retunie.1. Wau-hes. l.'loeks -,nd Jt-welry
red -i ihr lisna mannet, and warranted. lo-,,,.r' than at rmir
other p ace in the City.
. G.C. ALLEN. Importer of W?U n und Jewelry.
IM ntf whoksalennd <*f.ii.Sfl Wall-st.. utuMur
to- ... 44 Merchant*' F._. narige.corner ofWall and William
K-i -o ?treet?. entjaisee first door in William) have received
_in addition lo ih. ir previous ?lock an nttoitnvenl oi
Wntci i^ ni>t erpiallesi us city?c.-cetinr oiThmtiometer.
Dupbx n;.l l^-s.-r WrUches, both for ladies and jentlcnieri.
Met '? rVooi the South as well as tlsr? city trade, wdl nod
w?r:i qua] ly i.in;.iiro! p'ic.-. low.
A general assortmetit otJeweln ..ftlie fa?>.t quality.
Sterling .over ware at maoul?rtarer's prices. .
AllkindsofYVatehe*rapaurerLeqiialto theorigtaal. Blanlel
Cl<?-li? reeuluttsl hy a lira n'e - . . ?man_ncUl oil
fll'BH UID t; STiiVETS
Warf. Sie.. ? _ ,
i2 401 Broadway, tcntm Walker *, New J ork.
. ads of Repoinns csreiully done. Old \\ atefces. <?ol
and Silver, taken in esc/uvnge. or bought ?.r rruh.
B372 lrust U h- tSTV^fi,

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