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mm vua^m of colcced loyalists.
?015*0118 TO KOP.THZRN M'EN.
Many Clmnr??:?.-Tlie Oath.
i Obt Special Cin?*r>" ,'?"t
Ctu varsrm Marcher 1MB,
There was th? xreat'st praaaaatoa e>f loyalist?,
M Charleston In?; TMasaaj tat t Obt city ha? uln-sried
Mr matte a long yenr. Tho partent gcucratiou ha*
Mrer i?ev it? hie. T r Ihtn byj BahE? 1 ere- true to Ihs
atati--, vtjaoal w.y qualifie at.? n? of BtSM iii,:.,.. i
nrred eovcrcigr.tict. or ethn allegiaiitf?, tl.ey gioritd
M the fiaitj;. they adorec' the KaUca, the| believed with
Me fullest faith lu the ?drat which eat baaswr ayaho!?
and the coontry ?wow? ag ::* owt.. It was a BSje?M*Jeh)a
Of colored men, worccn and children?a ce".eLr.ttioa ay|
Ihelr dtliverairoe from bendage and nttr-scism;'* Jut I
In of fret'cic U, a Lorarrnh to Mall sEIIMHHi
The eel '?ration wri projet ted and t M .?'uvlcd by]
aolorfd BSa, it ui.'t on the C.*a-:!r] g:.tuiit noon
Upward often btanaad jicnons wore .?'i en nt? etdond
ai?*s, wotr.cn ari children?end ert-ty vin.'.ev? i. 1
aaltiatrade overlooking- the square r r.s twOWtb d \? ith
Spectators, This Inir.ci M g I < n convened
In S4 hour*, for p-r:r.ls.?iiiii to BBFM th-? prot-ef-roii
Was given only rn Sut.ilay nistht. r.nd none of tl.e pro'
tteinary ?nan?cniOnts ?ere completed till Holiday
M noon.
Gen. natch. Admiral PaMii-en and Co!. WoevclrtifT
Ere their a;d to the roovemct.t. andCu-rec-y the Cl-t
giinent of U. S. C. T., a hundred colt red nit?
aaarr.ber of national flags gave clig'hy ;?eJ added uf
aractloti? to the prvM .sj'.u.
The procssion lx-pan f? ir.ovc nt one o'cior-k, nrtrV r
RES charge of a committee ?ssd mnrsbfcie on horieba/-k.
Mho acre decoratod with led, white und blue ?ashes
and r?>tt ;? ???.
First e'ltni the rnarth.,!? and thr.r :-.:?, f- 'losrrd ?\r a
PjMbi ofnusiC; then the fast li^K-raeut in fall fcrce;
Oben the clerpyme-r, of tl e tl: I I
Open Pib'.cs; then an open car. dnn*| by four ?* Lite
toree*, and tastefully adorned with >.lit. ? ..! f*c*s. la
Obla car theie wero 15 colored ladies dlMSad in white? ;
Mrepreterit the 15 recent Slave Stir.?.- K u-h ef their. |
?tad a beautiful bonqurt to pr?tent M ?w?n. Bcttbn ?fin i
M? speech which he waa expect ?d to deliver. Ahn..:'
ajs)roce?sJon of wi'tr.'Ti f.'.lf.v. ' d t) e t-itr. Tin B f->)lowi??l |
fbe children of the I'oblic ana cab?n part '<( them ; en,' j
?etere were 1.W0 in line, a? legist. They tang duiL.g,
Oheeri'.ire it?t.frth of th* march:
Jt?'-n Brown's binry lie* a tnotiMirrr In the crave,
Joha Itiown's body li -s a mmil?! ntr m Uta crave,
John Blown ? hotly lies a n-rodiuiiq' in Vio grave,
His soul is maretlng on !
Ol.-srv? C' rv ' QJorj ! Hallrii
8lory! tilorv! Glorv I Havlbeliijish I
loiy I Glory! Glory I llallcl..j.ib I
W't go march :ng ou i
Till Terse, however, was not trr.rly bo popn'.ar a?
ana whloh I* was interred s bod 4 be omitted but rapid
ssyaappUntod all the others, until at hot uil along the
Eile or more of child-en, marching uo abreast, no
?SlAer Bound coaki l? heard than
Wa-'ll hatigJctT. Dnh* ?n a ?onr apple treet
We ii bang ?.f. ii.?v?e cm tesijt.r appta ttnl
We'll ha:ig Jeff, Da?!* tm a ?oc: rpple tree I
A? M gS march;! g on I '
?fbe ?ee:ct of th- populsrity of th s vers? was found
Mt after the prsxy ssmn was over. Wr. Timothy Huily
ejtXlh&rliistowu. ildisachuietts, voln'tteerc-d to teach th?
Cjaildren at ?.Le di'ereiit ?ctioola to ahtSJ this tuiig; but
?Brn dt-aire-d by the buperioteiidcnt M ?mit this verae,
n the ground of a p'raonJ oi po-dti. ;. to t ipilai puu
abtanM in el oaeo* where ciiiuiiittls are in a positicm
?arhere tbey car. be pu ?.enicd fron injuring siniety.
?Many of the chUdron alreaiiy knew the aonp, und Mal
Ma advice not to *ing that vene contrm ,vv i.-c? as par?
Bv???i, they ?-ere expecte-d to do b;. Heir volunf-er
lci?cht-r. It did *ocui that they cnu'd re-iuctnber no
a?tber verse, and the eeet with -.t'.ich they ?ung it
?Jbo?cd little appveei.'itlonof the pesitioa of the oppo
acrts of the iM-nidt-, of death.
Very few of tbeae children had evr been at ?chool
Before; not on* of them hud ever ?sIImI in a public pro'
analon; they had had or.'v one hoar? drill on their jlny
groend, and yet they Ragg in line oiisied np, and wtkre
abbEM perfect control and orderly np to the last. They
aaly cease J to ?ing ia orJ*r that they might cheer f?en
laaton, L'oL Wocifidd, VHTioti? grocp? of Union offi
mm or aailon, or one ? two Northern men whom they
aacoguised as their fiiendt. Gen. BssEan and laly were
la a t?irr;.ige at otie street wbert? the pevneettn pa**cii,
SBMl CoL Woodford and lady at another; and one con
tiBOotii cheer grceu-d them, mingled with cheer* for an
?Bfflcer wh.m they eupjHiBed to he i'.tu. Hutch. 1 he
?a>lored pt-opie know all tbeee ofUeeri a* their friends,
?ten. Si.xton Is theit tiirorile ereryaherela theliepart
Snenl, and they have ail learned that (?en. Hatch and
?Soi. Woodiord gave then aqul right* in the publie
?abtKil*?an adva itAige which they p.-i:? next to free
After the chlldrea, oamo tba rario-j* tra?1r>? F,rFt.
|he b.-herni?. r, with a banner bearing an em'.lcmutie-al
grvlce. and tie word?, "The > in.eru.au wi Icume you,
Ben. Saxtor." fSeiond, a ?osiety wi:b the l>?n?--r'
**The U-.ion f?ontli." Third, earperrter?. masons, tetvai'
Stars, drovera. omipe-*. buken, paper-carriera, barber?,
Elacksniitl a, w.e.J.siir.yei-c, paiuterx, wbeelwii/bt?. and
Me tire companies. Tl.e carpenters carriol their plan?*
and -'.et! tool?; the inaeons tbe-r tiovn.S; the btasn
aten their wblp?; the etoopera tb'-ir adz' ?-; the bakcr?*
?wac? .-r? .'. tig loutid their neck?; the pa^--cnrner? ?.
tanner, and each a copy of Tht CAirlettor. J jurier, the
ttarber? their aheari; the bluchiniltht th.-ir hai'iiiiera;
the Wfjodaawyer? MsM aawtmcki, the painter* their
tjjsBxahc.; tLe wheel wrighu a large wheel; end the tire
atxmjiui ?-s ?,ti in number, w.ih t?oir bajnera, their
ibrcmcr with tbeir t.-utr.pet*.
lie iictat or?.....il featare ot the proccaion was a
targe cart, drawn by two dclapidatcd horses with the
norst h.-.rn?".-r that could be g-ot to hold ott. which
aVtlkow) d the trade*. On this cart thtve we? an auo
BaVueert Hock, and u hi,.el. nan, with a bt'l, repre
aanted a at ?ro trader, a red ling waving over hii head -,
asecaJling tit? day? bo near and yi- so far off, when lu;
taan beings were made mereBaSEaEM of M boulk Caro
Usa. T1.!j man had himseif be-fj baagM ?u '.bold
nreral time?; and two women and o cl.Lei who ?it on
Che block had tleo been knoclod dorn at piblic: bcctiou
M Ch?irlt st nu A* the cart movod along-, the a>ck
aactioneer rtim? hia b??ll and cri-d 'irjt r " ?fee mud em
t oferta /or tin ^ooat rook f "Skr it ?n 'r.Vnt eonk,
minun." " SAt o.v ? mtmtfkmt kindf of tnork tvrtle BSep?
fru% bet/, fith of fotcU." ' E-aS bidet" "rtxT? bi.'."'
?'Two hundred P "20t)*? bul," "tEt," ' 390."' "300.'
??tjAXi." "4Ji." "TYbo tril.? "who bid. ? 50(1." Ami
?s?he ?ent ?a lmEa'ing in spr:t the Icier;..-.! t: ifTio o'
Which many e'f the ayevctator? had bean the living vie
(im*. Old BaEM b'ur.t iuto tcare- a* U? y saw th.?
tablean, and forpetWig that it was a SEbnle scene, '
abontetl Wildly: "Give me bork lay children' Givt at'.
bawi ay c.Kudren : " '1 he wringing of !mni!s t...en on the
asdovall.a coo*e4 tncire tl'ian one looker on ?., e;ir>,c the I
policy that would eren stn'sre?t the possibility th?? tb.
?srretche* ?ho had tVin?;ht a?id *ol.l loyal men might la
nongbt to be readmitted to iho light? of citi/.'iiship. j
JEttt there are people bore wjif would even recommend i
thai h? se person* bbEM should bo regarded as atbaMM '
Tbern j? noiiflioerin all the Ciiii'd St?.te? who could
atand up before the atorm of rVbteons ?ndignali, ? '
which a faarten reeord of tb? live? of the oath-ink";??
atare would arouse. And that < hi'.i... n 1- ot i-rime it!
talngmade hete. If erer they .-.ttcn.pf-to jet (loan the
MM loyalst? here, thl? retord will be ac^t to IM
Behind the and ion ear SO men marched, tied to a
pape?to imitation of the ganga who used often to be
ted through these ?trecte on their way from Virginia to
?be aug?) fl"ld* of I..>iii?r?4i..? All of theie men bad,!
?taSBi ??ill? ui u.? nd il aies. '
Then came ?/? >M??.rse?a oomlc featnra; whl?
traded gre/t arierllnn, ud win received
?honts of ln.r>* ' ?r There was written on it with ?
"SlHveiyt ? ,?, a??,"
"WlnOowns Hitar
'"?hmter Pug Ills Orare on the 13th April, 1MH
?Behind th* hesfts H wsataa BMfahsd drsa
?1>l?ick, "srit'i th* ihIiI.? ?Aenls bf n-.oiirt.ir.r?. b'i.
'Joyous fiics,' BB a tnitnra'-lioin oiMor lion li
Hill remaike,! , i ''.e BBS I taStX.
Vtarlsaa tsetttlss wars isfgstaatsd, The pro??
wag rcore tasa two BtDss nnd a-balf in ?sagta. ?'?
cere la hi tl. f it .?if.nlip'.l in Miter ??fli.-ai? atJH
the great ?.| cer.Mon on tic Oh of Match I? ?wt*r?
There O** no BTttkBW**, no riotous dispcsHio...
Httnl ulin. iio ruilcticf-s.
The bun: c:s bore Btaattg ether nv-rfoe?, tits
tCnCC?: . ?
"Wr kn it BsaBBtSOB er km.
" The spirit of B-sOB Br*w* siill live?."
" Lib ">? ?ad ?""? ; aoa ' B4tntt?twaiBB."
"O?r p ?? it* ?"< ? rl ', oat fatai? ti.esd oo..'
?? We '?""W M BBS. -r bBt 'llrr ' Ives."
""We nre Baaing th* !? i ? ?litcli."
"Onr Hi pis t i SI:,v,-i\? O lo-vtl Y,,Ii;i.'.i-crs ."
"Free Humee, i'lco St ho -ils. One i.'oiititiy and'
" W, ? I* M the w.iv to Hunker Hill."
" i HOB Jill und l'oit Suinter; liria Sin Hat
] -leetlitien."
"The Hirne, tf the War: ?it: lit, Srrimnn, She
Kar to Rut, Iir.'.-'-rcii. Portar, iirry,
The I tir?tes."
" Th* jitra-r of ?t *,-..?y.- Butler, Chat* Oh
1-ou.in-n, l.ttci' y, lie? Bas r. ?
"Mii*- T attaOt-t-stsSosth Oawaaan ?H aC
lleileemed."?(Wi-l.ili II IMiill'rts.
" Freed-rin with aVlBttJ, rather than bhmry
"'V<*e ?an isasas! the l'tn.ty if the1:.'.! t BBt
1 Tl " ^rc ? jr.. taStSfl lock m ' 1 our atad .verity
1 nt'-M ti psi?? aiy peint On Its r> tnrn to the c
I where attend wns prepared for (?rn. Pm'on am
?other spsatms. tat** were at least MIOOO persoi
tesBBaSdL Tl.ro itere 4 '.'Oilmen in the pt*tHBB*l
count, exclusive of t! e military, th* wemen an
i A ?hovrer of ruin, is ..ich bci.'nn to fal' M the prore
I Battt*d ut the citadel rendered it expedient to poi.
I a Bpceob.
lit v. Mr. French led In tinging a doxr.loe-y, end
! great as?? --.My dnpersist in an order" y niant.d aft''
thusiiist?c ful pHlsagai cheert fur On. S?-xt.'ii,
Yankees, the S; :r S; BSgtsd BbbBH and a tirai tri
timusi-i J long com .-a-;' d tlirct-tiai?3 three f . Al:s
1 ht?.fe?rs ?o bitely exTiressed that an outp? urlni
the colored rx-opl? would produce a tiot is thus th
to be unloiniieil.
' Pt ?r IB* ?1?t? who br?*k? Ml rhilii,
y :,.??,... -! in i.n I I ..r. an vain."
It a truth tibich these a.odurn Hip Van Winkle* ?
take the Oath brie BBsf tl.iiik thut tbey ate L Mon t
do not jet BagH to ?Uk-ptct? f?u less to bmicve.
A I I' - ... gffsX
Just before the procession Iro'au up, IScoloreJ wo
presented lien, and Mrs. S.i: u w.ih beautiful
..Jin ti and u -s ii'iiir--?:
"Gtn tmatrnt TLe irty of presentirg to yon
limpie memento has devolved apon ni; bnt how c?i
acquit oarxlvea with jugtioe ti our BSHta****** a
Ibe feeble medium of lnr.gnotre can to inadequately
vcy the aiJt-nt aSBtatflB of the haaut. Sir. v?c 1
regar?Jc?l with fond Bt?t*Bt*asBH the ?trenuoui exert
which ) ave been sucritsfuily made for the fteedom
promotion of eur race?acame for which you hav
i nobly bullied, 'lo vou, then, sir, do we acktiowl?
I our ii dehtt-di.ias, v. l'.li Bta*** who have to i.oblv t
their Bat*, Bad wh**B we cun ncitr repay, rave by
laatiug gratitud'.- oi frat-rual lo-. ? which ihall ever t
to? an! i ou and the:;,, ''lit, no common tie which ur
us. Ven?s muy pass, and our heart?, now thrilling ?
the enthrisiaaiic ardor of youth. ro?y be borne dow:
the lelcntiens weight of sorrow and care; time s va
charges muy true" deep lurr'-^s opon your row
?haded biow, b..t the sw??t r?t ollcctions of the ev
of these day? stall ever ?cu.l a thrill of Joy to ?
heart. We commend, air. t? y?m these Util?' gas?
tributei from the daur-htera of C***t***a May they
iiiaiii a* pare a? the honor of tl ? m int-o whose ha
j tLey are roiit,l..-ned. And In after ycam. while tr?vi
| lug the rough pathway of lr?"e ?s the remlni?cenc?-?
I the riatt steal alow ly orer your mind and memory, g
j thev recall the familiar BBatth******** of thme who I
have long since pas?'-d away tfl the dresmle?! re;M>?
i ti'iath. And while ?tier? '. with the emotions of san
i vreti. npreti not the riling lear-drops ?hirh for a i
j nient may gtb'en in manie?"! r rye, but let them II
I in lir.'i'.uol t> and i-aUnn'-a?, a* ? ta?, red tribute to '
I liu-iDory of thxee whose *si:i?a nr-. suhser.tied with
j That the blessings of lhe(?ed of ilatt!?? may crown y
I with ultimate success is the prayer of all true and lo
daughter? of South Carolina."
Gen. Raxton visited th? tiii..? largttt public tcbo
on the fffuV,wing day, and aildrt-ssed the diifercrit gaps
! luenta? ab? ut ?/xw clnldi<n. lie ?poke to both I
I colored and whttS children, and his theme to all ?
I edaeation nnd freedom, lie was heartily cheered b
' b. the wltile and black childr?S?. lleexpre?te?l hltnt
li.-hlv g: r. ii,id atibe reeulv? thut fur ol-ui'.?-?!. a
i intendt to extend tb* lytteLi in.iii^-uiuted here all ot
boulb ' m . :,-i.
I have attended two BSdattngfl f?:" the colore?, peo|
j here. The flrr.t ?as B marriage between twoof t
! wealthier deas of those formerl.-free; the s?-i-on.l w
: a wi ii.li:.g of a couple who were recently ?lavo?, i
I the flr?t maTiuge there were If, ?rrooinernen and brld?
?' u.ai'i?, and t?? ? whole ?.fTair wa? ciiductcd in de fine
ittile. The aot-ond waa notea-o-thy from an incide
connect'd with it 11.? young husbund waa aold fr?.
Angiisia Isaf Kovemlior for t?5.(XX', *Tats*J enrrener. ot
l'.| young wife wo? told in DsatatatH for i*7,t>?0. W
. w as she ?void at ahigLer rate tmr. liimt Khe li a go*
tr?okJng woman, and the chl.ttlry rnled then. They ha
i Ljcn engaged to each other for four years before ***
se te ?old, and the fut t that tbey were both ?ent I
t ( ..; latSBH a n> rti7iri-ly uccldeoteJ. The voting wonin
.?'t' tent tu tl." a'iveinurt tobe ?>1J, but was lake
fc.c):, and thereby eec?t>ed Ihedooin j r-pnrt-d tor he
j uati! the YanLtef t ame in one Une Saturday i.iornin
1 anil I berate'l her. Co her kiver and tJ:t, determined t
(???'?Irate our arriial by ? narriege, and Inwted
Sttttlfm n.inia:?', |fr. Frei? h, taperfoini the cen
mouy, which hsdld. Two whif? nieu look?-?! in'.Ai Hi
room end li.sianuy w?lidr?w. Tbey were the o?nen
i tbiee itintha ago, ot U e bride and brnuyroi-in !
I The return oit^ol. Gurney ha? lod to the retlreraeii
' of Col. Woodford, who itaued the falloicingordi.r, wKol
? tutes i.J . tMii: for laSVatstnga and Ha tnatsat thus Lu
oh. uni?d:
Hr>o*t. Ctl r or CaaR.'.??T0ii, B. C. Miroh it \rt3.
[Oesbkal ORDtrri? No I'.J-I. In ot?-,'ie. i? I? (?i-r.
()itl?r. So. I'. I ie riiojy ii, 11(5, Irom ti,o iloa-liiiL-.n? j. ?
III? UtaeltBIIS Of t!i?, g?U0J, 11- und ni? .?d h*>? '.v tian.
f?.-. tlir c"Ii .ma i "f tie .'o?t ol Charl?twi, ?Htash h? h.n
1 t.-nj|<ir?riJv beat i|...-r tb* oid,r te ?Col W'm. ?BCnoy, I2"tti
...? Nasr.Ratt V<t?as**??i?s?xaasa?*HaBt** Poil Com
?j. aider.
11? thviki tbs of?cTi ?nd ?,ldl?l' roinpo.'n?, th? Pn.t Otr
II. u tor IBS di-iy.ri m wlb ?.lit n tktrj liai? ro..d:n ted thf
ailve? ?nd tkeitiis.' inlil.tiy aaSaBjtia* wbi.b II. y ;.av? -I.
rh* r.hnrrl,?! arid |/ir?i liv? he?n g?neru!ly np?r.o!. Thr?-?
t'.'Aitsiid cht.tlr- u ?"? '"1 lie pahUe n hot.'!, loor th'imaa.1
etllst a? ksrtialraady ?aluatariiT tai.tn tua o..th of iJli--i?nov
? i.d ? -??wi-l tanrtr ?- itt] t" th. ru'i .n Tlil. netnb*S II lirlej
coitia-iallv .n. i ,..?.! *?d ti.? ait ?tri"?? estihll.hed for il,?
4<liiiltj??liB?ior. v( tlo- r.,1. s.? (Oi/.Ui.tW ttiroa i-d.
'11i?t?i??? of t*? poriui.r.on ?lit,, milrr Oorl. h?T? t??r.
fr*?ii in tbt- j r t:. .t ol U..? ?Br, ?r? by tl? !( , r.leily i^nduct
v _ '. .'..-", ir r, gfit to llkvity; and ar<--?V-tli^ l.y tli*?-?t,
bii-iy. In-l'iilrr. ?iideame?* es^loyieenl f the npportuultit-?
r t ti ?*?ti"u non- : .r U?' tin" llxiie'. ijiuliy OJM-nrrl to Ihtiu, tu
fil th- mielTM lor th* i.f>n eij fern M" ?Bta wl.li-h :h?y L*Te
co-ii*. b-T?WA?TL. WOODEOaD,
A4. I(i3il t: R C. Troop?,
ami Chief of XuT lo .Major C'nu (JU.iiior*.
Oflicel: H. A. /lATTBittox, ?M.Ueut. ttTth l??w York Veit,
t- d A .'.. A. ?enirtl.
Mut eh .t.
I tee no cause for tongratulatlor, in the fas? that 4.WO
persons bave tak^n the oath. That* policy of the Oot
eminent at "Wobhi-igton only breeaV ixijary, ?nd it
tlowly and ttirely digging tbe grave of the Repttlifran
ptrtr. It li the fane that cesta It-fort the tragedy.
voa n i? gee. i-a ?wir?
Pre?* 0*4 fr-cLI C oireiptjad. rt
SIOVriiKAi, March 2?, li?*>V
The la--t it'i'.l'^f.'fo receiv-.l ME - IWSE tb'
South thraagb i;, bet laarata t?','nt" bMifntl g 0*
-. ?. layas] c I.'. Bunagtr rrcn ?Uehtnatl to ?fat.
Ihcr ?jasa, ar.-.-rl v?,?': ?BatAM lull of tlisi.-.tc kbSS
nnd a heul full of BOWS of. a very imp, r?nt;t c' .rneiiT
BaMMM BM i\ir.v.:l aMBM g'T?mlly kne-.tn, .St
fa ai casa null was eure erltb bhabatato toan what cd
i-'tahu had brongbt flflsf snaad nsy EMtsn
.' ; t .l.e.ipit.tcl were Ite. il.iii'tC.rr.?. Carrol of 'Jens
anaco, and Pl*nt af MlnaMt the ss>43annai
: ,-\VeM-,,tt;.'f ri..-!.!), fadfa IManaraf Vir.-inn, baad*
or?, the i ' i I ' ? and nianof ??sat-*, and t'leuiy. IVid
I..!.-, r.illeii, Mci'l,i-ncy. St.iiit. und a bust t.f utbei?.
or.- eiieJI tndilj laaiihni araej their *-iml?'r vitare?.
tl M th?v I nil : ut le.eivfd "SMSd Bow* floir 1?.-.
Ren ? i im Ins, tb ? a i S4Mnsd ??*?? a is tan ?en piny
hag .1. .it their In*. ?:.?! they kept " smiling "?at the
?iar-.ll day, and pnrted late at night nit. i a noity
awsaaal?or?* one of th* gant* fiiceti'.n-ly BEianSSad
It, " after ?l?-li:i* honor nlikeio I' e-ehti?, Corcu?, Menu-.
; ,;, ... ),,., "_mi fdag SI SdtSJ of " i ht- il.n me Blue
I.a;.-." "Iiixir," and "Wo won't go lioioe all
lint I n,L?t tint stop to describe a llebel frolic when I
bar? lapectaal stobal i ?raMMtnanat
The annngn titawn? to, a I.lent Lanier?, bal
Ui, !, im: d ,n t> I leih in-tnnt. He rcpe'rt? that I.ce if
mukiiig prodii-h ns rfT?:t? to bra' K! .i-nmi;, a: J is con
(?luitol bEtefehal to do *o. It 1* tim.ly In liercd In
i liehe! military ? r> >- that Sherman's ?my. if heater,
vt.ll he t'?'i j M.ly e tli-yr.l. Lee's favorite | ... ''
?iiT-et,?i.it;u'i at SJ in,' I raiely on. All point* of minor
? ;. rt h ce c? v al ?s Mime of the anal vital ones, an
bering slivaadoaad.tu ardai t-> cot:, intnteMl
un oviTv? i.elnilng bsPn In front and ?round an "i:..nl
General." It l? t?rgu. d that a ?!e. i?iv? victory e*JT .
bin would fully to.np-ntat?; for all the disaster* ?n?l
leases the BaaEaEtE ha* nsMlaad within the a*t foin
lie :!!*,
'I tifro 1h little Bv4wf ttnl ?bloody, perhsp? the mut
BsnajaraM buti.?- <>f the nsr, will sn long be f-?ted t kt
North I'uridi: B| l"it .'. will Ml '?cur es awui n* the
Northern pent appear to exfx-t t 1?. i here will tin
qnettlonably bo h.-ivv ?kirniiahlag from day M dap,
Lit the great battle will be fotght?If Shertuni.'? In
i. iit i i.? ar<- corn- !y antici'Miled BJ Ls?a, ?nd the latter
c?' ebuose hi* o?vu ground, a* tl ? l.'elx-ls Imot-on Ml
In.e if t!,e lltn: ):r, it tcli.i* Lee's lurpo?* M ?void S
r nralsagag i i at ?.r.11 Bbapnu bn BefrMssOwfttf
North tint tin? uitiin body of the army tt Itu-bmond
and Peteri'.iurg n.ay. with Johnstun'* a-rny. h-e sod
i!. ; It thrown npm fan?, overwhelm I :ni, a: ?1 return fo:
tin-del. n.e of these iiuti before llra't ?l awaie, ut
can prcfit bj their t. tut* rurv ?iti.tlrnwaL
Balrlgt. if aaralletl. will tie di-fen-ic) only ?n ?o->g **
the Rebel soldier*. ?g'.ting bebiad ?..tri-ucbi-,'t.tt, can
inflict rr at BRI .?hwct.t M the a-?* ' r..u ?itl.o'.l *uf
f.-ring grout!y th? ii.sclv-a.
It 1* be.J-'.".l that ?fter th? {capture of It ili-'.gh er.*
eoliimr. of Sherman'- *-n,v w ;l! mjv* lu tar din i Inn M
I'aiaVille. ?bltaolLrra w.il pant MS llldgrwoy and \?'--l
don, aad It i? at or r.oar one of t.--? paaEM that the
grett battle wi.l U-lot.ght Immense preparation? fot
defei .' h.tre been and are being Bind.? ale ut the*?
plot - ?, a* vi di m ut ?..ta-t.i'i and HaJifui, and In fact ail
along the line of t',a- aUEatanaa. Much fight ng ?ill ol
course tnke piece let: fore Ite* "ne 1* reaob? tl, AsTEM
li.trrtretliate e.-uuir.?'.i well tualed to dt-fi BafM opera
th ns, ?-?aeei.v.y ?!-,.'.g th? lar Hiver aril Flehlrig
Creak, and II i* Les'? ?"llcy to imped? rijaTTU in's pit?
I gr.-s* a? much a* saeaaaaaj without bringing n ? g) ? I tl
t-ngngi'iuei.t. to < n?i)l<: a large liORilasr of negror? I?. I ?
?irgtnr/ed for garrison dsSj *t Kick ?nord and IV. ??
I bnrg. while, the veteran ?rddier? now st thoae p- ?:.!> tan
Ilse jreci[ ItaU-d on the "tnad ?iraetar?" an:./, for *
grand battle.
I (?en. Lee I* af course aware that the ?????iifl'sn al L!?
plin* for i'.c*tro>las; hberman will, if (iia.t dUcovrrs
tl? movement* in tinic, coat him hi* capital but he la
alto aware that unices BLi-rtnar '* army .?< : ? Jt . a-.d
ilenn.ral'.Bed, his capital and ail th* llebel ?Lrunghold?
?nd lu?n* mast *oou ?urrrndcr. 1 her? fore, tl. -, ? - le
ami dutgerooa no the scheme ?pitear*. Lee tutut ressort
to it, and t-ii?t M Its '."d of sMtatM, or ralb-r M Mat,
i bat he Coobtiently e\|?ct? BM t?> bead BsEBI and
save !li, liti.ono, I do tint beiiave. l'ic[ araiion? lookln?t
M the evut-uatioT. of the c.ty tiaee bs??-ii progr?s?)' g
quietly fur a roo?I lernble time. M'ie?i of t' ? inu, Lit ety
an I rnnr.y nf the furiuc e? and iniplouirats ,i.?a ,| iu the
iin-.tii.fiu ture ol -minimi c, arms und ?mn.nri.tnn I. SN
bMBt-ntand froai IhS Iretle^ar work?, font ?leri.??.
and ! itHirnl'.ri"? lo I! irkesv i.Ie, Janrt|a,ii of iMhslah
irmiei and Dtuiv ill- ?ml Srsatl Sid? Hail wait.
?" a aarrt ?saaathaal af ?rt* // rats, under due of the ia'h
?iibL, r? |Hiiteii, on the authority of d?-aert? r*. thj*
,'i'irlesYille Im'1 lieen iKcupied l.y Unioii tavalry. but
tLo sMteaaaM w-a?, aayaal doubt, hasttneE Li.-nt.
Lstiia-r* state* that a ?urge f,,rc.? ,,f li,f?ntrv had tai-en
stationed there M pro lift the plaxe and Hoi - i nir,, nt
i r..| ? r'_ a.- t'.'.st : .. '.? ?:-. and that or. the ?lay be left
ItitrhiBoud, the MM inert., no information af an ?tUck on
ti- j. nee had ban leeene.', I v t l.e r,llitnry ant I.or ?tie?,
us would hate been too case hud any mob allock been
llurkervillo i* uii<ic?*.iiiuabty the bc?t point to which
each valuable* could at present I? removed, as in an
emergency tLc-y can be sent thence by rail in foui d.IFc r
tnt tlir-t i.oiis, a? occasion .nay rtwpilre.
But not only bas tl? uoat vuluahio property of the.
character nientloned l?cea letntoed froKi llichmond. but
th" i: ost inij?ortant (?ceteminent srehives a* well as
much private pro[?crty, Laee also be-meent ?way, while
n>i'itrii/a? de ?vsaaAl sre taken luioibe city only In s :fll
lient quantRiea Ut kupply Uic iiiimedtata want? o? the
llichmond papirra dcuoursoe tiic rerroral by th? Hunk?
of their gold, but. In tnt!', the editor? approve the | ro
eoetling. They condemn Ibe action merely to prevent
a pu.nu; in the city, and to iaduoo th? Northern |>coplc
and fien. Grant to b?lico bat! tbey think the city p.-i
I f. etly ?ct-ure.
Fxtra Lilly Smith of The Wilt, aad Govoraor ?f Vlr
ginl i, while Lie paper mi ceiiadeiiining tLe removal of
lht! guH, vas? ai Ititlly ?ending aa ay the most lm|>ort?rit
St.it iro?)?ity and public doenment?, ?Lie Tvlcr and
\l!c,-ree of 7'*? Enquirer have a pic?*, paper, m. I
nvcral font* i"..dy M i.< ad off si a moment'? notice,
bring dctern.ii.fd, as they leointt to thuir friends, la
han their BMM In soma style, if nj birgex than a
miA? 'a huud, a I;..rever foi tune may cast them.
Tic oonscriptloa and or/ni.i/atlou of the negroes
does not prfXiesHl co ?miKitiily und rupidly *a the adv??
catela of tbo meature un? i ripatod. The " chattel?,'?
strana' to *u.v, hat? no aaihiilon for military honor.
'I hoy tm, dodge and h.,1c at. ay from the conscription
?.'1. '.-it, not nnfrcqucti'Jv with the a|.pr<>ba*inn of th'ir
o. 1er-, like Im * ?i ??;. i |.y hounds. Lut these
" fkulkirnt"' and "ake.t iiidler*." a* they are called, if
disci/Terrd and cauglat, IMa*n uo merity; tbey ur?
bof i', kiel.,i and thtimp?d, with a brnt'dity thai in
New-a oik a nan could i.t-t, aith impuaity, uui tow tu d
bis own horse.
On the Hum!ay ?Tening precadlng the d-partnt* of
I.i?ut. Lantern fiom Un !j,eii:d, IL. c-ons iSpthm officer*
iiiado a gieitt haul of "skoil-it. ' Bet ween H and 9
o'clock, followed by ?qnad? of I'lldier?, Ihey vuitcd thel
Afritun bjVsNI.?i, t.-iu.tn*U-d tie ?trvieei, and maile '
i.?,.?, m g, j !)_,. ?cure cvtgrcguttons. Xbe ft-trnle? and I
. ?? ?J . . ~
ehlldrjj aloat t?Idi-?rM were pennittod to dap?
hijffiale?, ynnng aud old, preachers, deacon? and
rere at mjv-ll.'d to reranln all Batst The next di
' boy?" liable to coMcri; ti?n w?-re pieked out an
ltd ?way to the pens .'or examination.
At lie Afiiisu Chuica on llyiilaid Firnt-el
jftieera entered la black iii.skx, or with t! ttf
BBBslttawa, v UIb the sliigjnaR ? at h tat ??*Hl
litcotirse. Bl ' ., ja B*d Is e* aXfAttiaatBg on Un
|. . ...cd bis ?rr.f.,1 BI it* BtSfjOWaTtt* ?ili-J- rt.'.l.
ii, tilili-p .,f Btaaj ?if llisai heiag turn atyt.v ItsBl
tad rr ladt t.i testeoj aien of H iff ?** Hi ?> ttft
Istaffsaotta Bttstssrn las ?*%**** as of ftaadni
n ;d nu HBbbtT nf? r :d la* flSaaia?? Bl thin tile of
BBnun. n?l IrwV '? -?? i''V"'?'i Ut? .ii-d.urged it Bl
black taiiBtalliV who. tfaagt unhn't, Ban! is
belttad tt.? palftt. A 199 l.!'-'," It It* ribs reren
fro t thai th* ?MhO r.irtn w-ts " BawJiSg f>ossi:m,"
ujwir he Was force?; i" '.is f'-t, aliasf from the
?tnl fa* Best moriii:-.'- thrown htts pneor. on the ,
of Inciting negroes to tlee or ISSBBl ?In? emit-? riptl?
< ?utrnrt s sf H icr.lefI tan i c' aatasOsr aiedn:
petraied by HatBB In BBttatta, iir.i?er la* ttt] n
llio?D pi?'.? lea.!. :s, l>uvi?, I.ce & O?. IttStHI
ever, to den. Le?, to me?, that us BBSS us ho b-si
at* l?>.ir B?*ta*a**l*l Iroiiilsonmen?on thnn'.-tiird I
ho ordered him to be relesied; bt,i, to bis sham
said, he di 1 lint iliairis or even pnuUll tl C villia
invaiit-tl tine sanclusiy. aud daring DltlSB l
aCeii.j-ted t?i BtnatBtsttst Hist hiinililo minister of1
It will BaStB n|:..o?t inore-libio t?> ?mue of jourr
that such oTcr ses ?ipnn-.t (?od and mm should I*
ated in any etTlltard BOSStrf] but It I? nnvcri
true. The fact? r? ? ?unr?-rl Ht* I li?-srd yr?t< rd l?
the lip? of Lieut. I. ini?-rs. a l?eb<rl ?f the ti.st
who, without tei-irc at.ytliiiig In them oi in ?lit
.li-ii,.-li or pBS|-1 -.". relut'?1 C > :u to l.-.s fr;-mis l.rr
liter vail In a public bnr?ioon , a* u-gooi jo?e.
Ii tic rfgnt light, I il.lnk they Co n.tvkc*g???l,
" i p ..?! j< isi- sa H ?***."
Vho |x?or negroes, accustomed si they are to In
tei and Bt 'licit'? ? nt th<- I entls .jf t! S? Bat*****, 1
?jaras u saaij sabstlt to atatiiai IntU liosa bast i
?ill i is .-,n,l sohl- la Ht 0*tt oi.r.l tier bnve be
?r'.ii'e.l in the i -.?? of tir'-arms?rntil th?-y lerir
Flawssafgnt ta?! kill a? waaVaa the t;innta thi
pJBBB them?and if J'.-lT. Diivi? B** his Hebt I V
ttrs who " Lave sov n to tl e w.iul,' ?? a S.ut'i (Ja
M--ml cr sfCoagrsH declare?!, In arming them,
"?cap of the whirlwind, ' l ?bull on.fot* myself ?J
j fuir IfavSJHk. of il ? Baft** rature.
j Itatttft iu? o? t related hj Lanier? ior the ?
? ?: ; r ? . itloa of hit frieads will at
BBtTBtt iil'-a ol Is* ??? .;?i i. .1? BOt? itili.cd b
Battais" i ? j t-t . f html converted Int.
I?XS| ami In:? 1 . ho.il.l BtSaTTI tl.ul t'.c ?i< 'i;?-u.
?i affOHt vthuUli-ve it ind.tcrict to put tut
U.-i: l.andl.
? lire -t, he:ir*T n"cru beim ?ri-g in Mr. Itar.?!
? x r-1 :. tnry of War I at*** Mr. bV ?lilon. ?.in
? er,.ted. Un being taken ****** t!.o ex -...: |
gtSB, he in .r I:. ?-". .! i ,-r- Bl unv lull gatat to ?mt r i ii
\i i?neiv i, :.,?,-,I to g., ti.rt?agi las Banal an rats
strcct.ing tin-nnrs perpeadiealavrly sad liTht"ni
r- a. ilng tlie lagers t<? '?.? t."-?, I ojiptag arouud oi
leg, Ac. Al.n. ?: aaj - It? r awgn la tie town, for
tl e r*-.lo:.? ?? and !..?iil?.i iiia'.."ii aVaaBa ?TH gull!.
Woi.kl have 1" ?n-. t In il .'i i aid thrown into ai
atlltlde* known to gi I ?' '. .... i,j p .k ito.il
? lai kinski' ' Bat, lu? ti y for Jiuk. Bt ?u ki
totna aaaatlalag atansos, ana patwana rather ?m
t! ?u'.'.'? .?-r..'f. 1.1-.?t, is*] and tn-lti.
eni-e, b?-<?n hsillBBgS Br*th him I* t..ls styl?: "*1
??lack y?Kii::jitnt In? a'rn tl. Y'.-'l l.aik BatSSga*
?ml nil l***BB| oie s? i " ?1 ?y, If yon tl ,-,i- ; Int-I.
?ive lattj e -o-i^-i. ' ? Deal saat to light. a****n
bbS?" r? plie.l Jo?. "Hut." iugge?tc,l t'.- ?lo
"?oi pareil wont ullow the Y.?hkeci to come here
Ha your master, at.d cirry joj ami all th* bovt ?wn
Y'aiikc sattatta?4 "Tiilyou. uiivss, I kr.owt nut
I'".; |.. iti, ? ...irnestly t-l-lied Jack. " .'II worl
I M**?.? 0*1 '1 .pi' gat '. SS*;' i, hut uo want to tigh
| bbH l'ail?." " Wl y," urged the diK-t'-r, "ifjou
? Kin." a HtaUH y I I :!l I I u'--'- S jfstj t*BT* like I
a fr-e mi?n." " I'-.l I b-rry well, maata.' replied J
I "We nlgg?rs d?t Igst w:ll |.? frsa, c<iur?e; hut you
t ?i? i, if ?,,me -Ii ut don t b'g'.r, ?e all be free, m
, 1..HCU.U *aya."
I 1 h?vu given th? polliv-(oy between the pxwr z<
..-..I leati.etl lurgeon Word for word, as 1 heaid it ?
, Liant Lanier'? I.pi. I teinembrr tl.u boy Jack I
'?ell. In lutrliigruce, he does Lot au. pasa a mi \
I of Lu tat**, Vet it u pal) ublc ft. n hi? replie? tl l
?fully reabte? the ?itat.lnu In u'.?.chit it lutea.lt
pbteehlat; thai he perf.s tlr uadrrttanilt that 1.
I nasHl to tig),I to rivet ii.oii- ?ecurtiy ti.? chain
jMaierji-u LU aataaaTa? ?mt that if lie ?nil thou?:
! like blm do pot fight In On. tlsmuable c?aa?, tUaA
emancipation of b!mtelfaBal?*Vjhat race on thcAti
can . ,l:i.?i t It elote at batid.
Having retidrd for many year? In the 8outh.
carefully ?t-i-linl th? imMro and ,li?|? ?,-i?.ii of
? ntvfi, I aw eonstr.i-itied H Hg rd that tic armii
TW.iMlof them by II.? Bat**?* ?ill he .final In efTr.
an addition of half that umibcr of soldier? to the Ot
A WiuiSiift-n corro?| ondert to your paper last ?
oon.ro:.t.iceti?tl the ava'.'able f.,rce oft,? Itt-U-l ar :
a> a|i>r*ied by the r-.11 of th* War It- partu.ent lu I
Tliurj last. The ttatrti.ent I huie lOBM to bi-lieve
inet lo knew, Is ?ul-stsi::la?ly c? rrect. Su.?e that ti
th) ? t.iist-r.ptlon ho? b?.-n r<-lentle??ly et.forwd. ami
' fen hit idn-d Bcstanf with, '.t binio, la re*|?iiit? to Q
I I.?-, a j.rt.miae of pardon If th?-y would r<ti.rii to th
i'.'iniiiat.ds by adeslgiinti-d time, have ro.urne 1 to I
tank?, but It Is a**BBtjRl If then are more, SB etrn
Btaai eil'i-i tit? mea ?n th.-ir aiLiie? to-day aa then? *
lait K'-bruary.
Of court?, ilnce that time new dl.?pe?ltlon? or d
tribu'b.i.? have been ma le. When Lieut. Lanier* 1
?.'u '.inoiiil itbe li-th ii...l.) the ?in y around th? lit I
capital ami l*t***a*>| ?hi un.lt r?tt?.?l xt th* War I
I..:i-.. :.t to rnuiNr i', ooo m-u, and tho anuiet
llrugg. lisidee, ar.,1 J-hniUm, In the aggregate, ."???
men. Those tigurct no doubt give th? t?enirth of t
l'.cbcl graml armlc? *? they stund to-ilay.
11- leu,;. 4 t?' gin- you ?i-ver.i: mo:? im|-ortant fad
b'it tieing Bt*Ba*d] for time I mu.t ii? fer them for a
oUicr letter.
i?, -.o?ros it it expected that Judge iStnith wtll re
der his ?locidon lu the matter of the St. Alba;
r.iidi?rs. Th? jirotraet-d Indlsj? sitmii of the Jinl?
I and the OsetJ it BBSSafsaa*? was veiy atinoying In tl
1 pri-oiirr?. 1 hese culprit? whose olliincs In. lude ri
I I cry, miiriler, and nrson of the mo-1 aggrnvst??d tyi.
Head of f.-ain.g the puriithmcnt they merit, and filth:
tlicnisclTc? for u sudden >:itry upon etarni'y, are co:
li-l- ?t that tl.iir ciH.rmitios will be Juntiiiod by nl.'ani
I dial, Court ol Justice, and are plotting ami ptcparin
to ?nuiuiit, us soon a.? th'-j ore t**a*e*jd, BtsH crime.
more h.lu??iis than MtSBg p-Tj>etratod ?it St. Alban?.
I l'erhajni no prUoiiiTs II any country ever ISsslfO
? inch privil?ge?, comforts and luxuries a? they daily en
Joy. They feast on tho BOH \isu?!s, uuikc merry ove
i th.? best wiui-s, t-aruaio and gamble, taaOttO t**t*J <
| fr?en,!? every .lei, innlo and l?male? i ever nl of tho lot
i t? r ben:g ballots?as If at aa hotel. 1'ut in additlnu (
?iU, iiicrctlioln aa It muy ap|?ar to some of your rcivl
eis, they are daily instructed In ti.?- miumal of arm
! uni tuiht'?.-^ i-Tolutiiins by s Iliitish sergeunt. ?
The vil!..'i?, I h i. (? ?anI, arc conliJei.t of being ,!li
?Jiargfd?/.'. ?oie?lut me not be umI, r.tiHul an gut tt
tx?iC?that l'ut i-'/?1 '? ui?rA/jr^fi,/--I um not certain wha
JkJgn B*algh? ?1? ? im"H ?ill lie, hut 1 am ciliiin Unit i
| It ha lor tln'it c.-.lr iditlon thai th* cure will go, on ha
| i'.i . ., f, b.-k.e another .luilge tl 'ri.: ,i.., who arg
diacluirgc tkcrii. No mat un how 1 know this, but jot
will lud it trtu?. I bnve m.uiy reason?, however,
ne re then it woubl be ul..?-re--t In me tc
pi.lll.?h, tl.it tlvy will be r-lcatej by Judge
Smith. After tiwir rel?ate thuy will probably
be rearre?Uid for breach of neatrulily, in Which neue
they will Ixt i > I- u.? ?I us straw bail, nud there the mat?
ter will cn?l.
C. 0? Clsy, lata Itehrl'f'-.'iiimlssioner to thi? Province,
hu? ?t I?a1 ti.r . I np in H.i.i'. At itxm ?s be discov?
er??! Hint, to the proper dcfi-rwe tf the St. Ail,nie cul
prit? It woold be ii..-ce?.Bry to tbow that ire had
autheritvo the uutrr>gt on Si Alban*. be wrott a lelter.
" .?i n i n???^^?
Itte ?sroe being mM^m, pnrportteg to Ijo In
tioni to Toong, ?Hr'?t)nt. ?juj? raid, aid ''?hedadt
not daring to ent^ the wttr,ess-b-;i himself, and I
Ing that in hi?, ?foenea it would only be neoea ?
pre ve his r^attaro to entitle tuo document to 1
ceived '.?.?riridence, which coulel not be managed
relP jdned in the Province
C'.*?'* dci-artur?' wir* vsrry miden, and entirely
"I-, i.l to tho Jlljlimond Government. For ??
re l.? afin I e left, every messenger from ?to
capital brava?,"*,! |bj him, from Relui for.cMotiaric
. i : ,: . ? v | ',;, ??,.petied Du i.tlu-c
i y Ml partner, lUiidteme Jake Thompson.
I Ui.uk 1 ineinued yoo in a psjfteM letter
Yoniig'i comtiiiS.ii??n v,.-? re-?-?ved by t.i*n from
Such Ij thn fa? t. Young nover was in Itichmoud
life. Clay had a Vhobl package af ooiriiiii't.or
rather the fort"? rig*sd in blank hy Mr. SccMon, t
be filled up aad i?'.-'? rrrd on paitie? hete, at pic;
Ycnng was not the only one, by a ?core, who s
tbii way exalted to the r?nk of a llebel officer.
aarwiiiasi-sstw -aD?xaim^???????
from Our Spacit.1 Oireipondent.
KNOXVII.I.K, TtjxH., March 51.1
Bef.iro this rtwlic'.-t yon, (?enoral Stonema
the head of - thoitaacd cavalry, will hare ?t
fiom here .in. what will very pruJiahly prove to b
greatest mid of the war. Even If I was aware I
route to be adopted, and the programmo to ho cti
out, it would not be ?MM the thing to divulge it nov
Sttineman, it w-il! Le borne In mir.d, 1? one of tho
dashing r.ivr.lrv ollict-rsjn tho service, nuil his l.n
raid Into S? nth-YV' stern Virginia a few mouth* i
when Le daatngal ttS Virginia andTcnneaaoe Bei
for... 'T a hundred miles, aid completely demo!
the l'cl-ei salt-vverk? nt tvntville, wii' BMMMI
IgaMSBh Ai.coinp.?lying him in hi? present exp? d
a? ?ubori'.ii.u;.', v. :,l be ?itch ?ucce??fu! and well,
leader* a* Qi aa GilVtn and Cooper, and other wot
of ?cssty rank who hare proved their akill a*id bit
in i. .m? a bead aaaMebsd lo-id.
Sha appaatthn BMs"m?" w -1 bare to contend *g-'
MhaMasY the Cr-A hundred mile? or ?a, wll. I
very firmiduble. In South-We -tern Virgin.uanil >?
ciiiN.it'i Cnioliua, there aro not, to-day, over
Keh-l tWsant, an I Ihns are MkMMnd BaMM at di.Tt
points. Vuug'.an 1 us ,-it tho 1 irgest number, hit f
J.dgn.g fro'.i the? ttorlc-i of dciertcra, being abou
cien?all cavaliy, ?Lo arc at pr?tent hovriogar.
ru-ir iiiiitjl, 'lenn., walch.Eg the move:-,eut
i i !.. :;..*'? airai aing bim*. OOtM t hr?? aMd| afi
n.alliii? nii' betit.g atx.?t IM and, from present im
lions, his eaBBBMad -A daily gro? Ing giuuJlor and be,
I let? 1*4*
I Mt-etiin* a ?quad of ileaorf?r? (22) a conple of <
i since, who wer? bel?g fefwawdsd to ChuttBB44SJI
j usked ?ne of Ms what State th. y repr<ne:it<.<l. aa
?lioKCeoii.rnr.nil tl.e;. had belo.ljred. He rep.i-I: "
ViifiniaLi; GUtm r'* cn.mxnd." To a fnrtVr lnq
a* to the nn-alier* deserting, hi.? reply, win htm
1 -Uiil.etl by a very pettili?r facial rrln, wn? naaM
??inp Vitlc than el'-g.u.t: " I'll be d?<1 kf th"V (!
I all a cotnln'." And MM e:io-di.'b, almost ev.-y t;
aavvtha twaai*dtH iwjtaaga ha? more or Ins ant r(
?? large pr ??.?..i ti?n af them officers. The nigl.t Lt
?peat; tiiu duy Is at Laud t
Apart fmm the yrc*?-nt lei-lie and excitement, aril
: fr..:u the tiiove-.ii ut* of troop* p isnng through, tin?
stand sti.l, aio-py ?'i.ougli soi toi place. Cl;.itlai.oe
\?it!i less than tin? thiid of u rcitidtrnt population, i
1 por? a .p:ey and liouri.-l.ing little daily paper, w
' Knoivil'e is content with a weekly?Bromnlov't H
? which, while ;t mav be excellent In some renp.cti
deoMedly baMSklb tod in furnishing the moro ?ail
fa a ture*, aal htMM general now*, connected with
Thia sten la admirably adapted for defense, and t
hardly oeceeaary to ?Lite ibat v. hat imttir?? had 1? ft
! di ne the MM engineering ?kil and untold la! o? h
I aictiui;'irheal. an that Knoxv le may bo considerei!
I obeolnti'l.v?w.-tl, let Let's v hole army J ist for o;
I make aa -? . ?.
[ The weather ha? been delightfil for the List week,
that In the Country nil around here farmer? ?ro bi
plowing and preparing '.heir lands for the next cr
Throughout K?st Tenne**??*, with a majority of
poptiiatlon loyal, .1.- ;...,.? do not fttid it very profit?
lo loiiow their profcssi .t, very extentively.
tn k.-. 1LI.A.1.
Speaking of gncrrilla*. it muit b* auder*t<?t>d t
ih.ac tieiuiiah wretcLc? *omcunir? act ilngly aad alo
bui at? generally clubbed together into small li
?poit-iiliie g.ti.c?. who ?top short at no outrage, i
whose principal iihj?ei U pluuder. It i* hsrdly net
?*ry to ?ay that they are nil llebel?, but it doe? not
low tnat their outrages are exclusively a0*?ltut
Federal Government, and toyal lutere???. No- n
frequently private cituen*?loyal and d' .loyal?gen
ally the former, h'lwcvcr, are robbed sud pltiiMlered, I
U?'ty they ?Ul Iiuva even if n.urdcr i? a prcrc,'iiiii!
More than one I'nion d-?ert-r has t .?? :i fniuid am?'
| the?? gang's u Leu eaptnrcd, and asdes|<ernte and aba'
ooed cbitra?-t,'ri urn very lit dy to be a pent and tert
to ?ociety *ny hi w, *ucb States as XMMSSn aud K<
tucky, in the ataSSM duturbed ?tat? of ?otriety, furni
more than ordinary attraction* a* a theater tor th;
outrage*and dcprrd.it.on*.
OOV. kVJtaW.VLoW A>Ii Mn. MAs."HAEI>.
Gor. Broanlow 1* here I,,; ?a hia messige to tl
! forthcoming l,e,:i*luture, which mceta tn Ninahvillo i
tn' tirtt kloinlav in April. il. r.t h M.?.iiiru it he
?Im?. ...il :.. d to hi* room by ludisposithin. lio w
j doubtli'?? be elet ted to the Cnitcd .SuU'? Senate. \*>'j
I the other Senator will be I do not know, but there
no Uck of iiaiu.ru,:.;s for the ot?ce.
P-AoSnVAU? not
Eastward theiturof vi ,?r eteadily puthee its wa,
ll.is, ty li full of double and tingle ?tarre-d *honlde
itrnp?, i.ml .,the! * of more motl-st ptt-tcuiions, all e
their way to " the trout." The front i* a mo? able coi
lecin; brie today, aad there tomorrow. Where it
at preaent writing, I will not atMS| but It may not I
out o? plu? a to lav tl.at tho liiilroad (vv u axe rapitily ri
pairing the Yir/iua and Tennessee Kailroae
wc? tl.li re rung in running order tv* Bj
us lil4)irls?..iv\ a?id mile* Irom this paa
Il i* ?aid that tl e I;"Ik'I*. on the same line, rnn trait
antarnd, a< far a* Bristol, 1U0 mile? dii-tant from her?
?o that, in the natural course of things, before a grot
ninny dny? one party?it !? c.u.y to guoss which?wi
gracefully, perl u.a sillenly, retire, to niako way ft
BEI progressive movements of the other. It b oi.l c
the qucttlon to aupposo that, with the iiiiignlflcan
Hebcl fmio milis purl of the c-tiuntry, Thoaia*'* arm;
will havo any ?e.-n.u* lighting on banal for til
presen, but thou there Is nothing like prepaulug fo
l'orbip? in uo other military department have ?hi
operation? ot.iiii-cted with tac Qnaitermaeter'a Hureai
been brought to a state of greater efficiency or health?
eliwticity M met t the mut extraoidinury cmergenclei
than in the Dcpirtmoi.t of the Cniuberland. Railroad:
aru built aud bsidanj ol the most fonnidaiile bEBEM?M
ercctcit a? if by magic, i hingt aro dono by BMbMbb.
when the is'i'ii. leu ileinni.tl? it.
'i'oGeu. Dea* Id too, the l biet Quartermaatrr of th?
Department, und Copt. .Tatnea K. Ku?liug, Chief Assis
tant Quartermaster, i* due in % great measure the ad
mirabU: eftla lfi.ey and syttemiuio doveltipment which
? ch?ntete lie, and extend through the? rarloui branches
of theUcparttuciiL Hotli of these gvntleinon are oib
ccr? of tried ability und Integrity, and both are, 1 be?
lieve, pri.fi Hsing christnm?. i haro eouiuhow got and? r
tho impression that ?triot i? ligiou* prboiple? would lie
quite apropie in the Quartcrniiiiter*? Department, bnt
from what 1 havo seen in my little experience, I am
afraid that A. (J. M? are not generally blessed With
a very liberal sllowauoe. However, tin* In passing.
Oapi Hailing, ie addition to excellent military abil?
ities, possiase? Bue liUrary attainment?. Some ot
I th? ban) article? abloh hap? ajnpeared la ?fAi Unifi?
Conflicting Opinion* About Pence A irsrl?
tie* Toward Nrcrssw?A xlailrsavel t*
?Hop Biiihsrni hinii-tily Electio??Mrs*
Gen. Estell, etc., etc?
Prom Ou? Special Con ripondnit.
St. hons, March ?, lMt?
Opinion.1? concerning tho peace of this 3tatt>
are very conflicting at this time. Judging byaftstf
outrages committed by guerrillas in widely Mpi?rate*j
oountie?. at. 1 the ar-prehensioni of roan ? railn .17 man
lu the iati.rir ;-, it in 1 aicnl it. d that we aro on the eve ui
another ?xt?'iisiv? outbreak of guerrillas. On the oos?
tr.iry, tbe favor given to Gen. l'ope'? order for the earlf
restoration of civil law and trie comparative quiet wbicR
exists in count!"? heretofore .urbulent and troiililewue?
are interpu-tol to mean that the present peace ?ill eo?
tinuo. 1 ho disloyalist? are gradually quitting their old
home*, ant! ?cil ug ont tbeir property. '1 he saddeR
aie.r, 11.11 of Siavery left many hundred? of famillee IR
valions paus ?if tho inferior without the means to carry
on farming or BRJ other occupation. The; hare been
1'row tbeir yuj'.i so utterly dependent on alar* labof
that they Bt* incstpabie of immediately supporting
lkatn*aSSH by any other tystim. Those who trwR
houses a..o Isir.ds axe tbriefojv selling out at bot aacrt.
It* and BBSStsg eis-'t- hoie. '1 heir absence t? s great
gain to the St..te. Heretofore the bushwhacker? Lars
. ..led 1. . t :. 1 . : .: ! 1 ;..:? it 1'ii.n this class. Bag
no'hing can bo better for securing the interior frees
bushwhack or. than the !>ctUcmeBt of the ?jir..iiry wit*
a s'.nctlj bjtJ p-ipi?.i'.ion.
It id ms n.? ??'some tit-.id must always be opprosslsg
tl.it St.ite, snd us a**0 as one is goiio another ?pnnaR
up in Mi pi .???'. Q'lautu-U a-ns followed by Todd, BBb]
Isa* by il.il AntsBaosj ami now ll.U Anuersont sata
cu??or la u Bsa**ftJ ic v.ll ii:i r.amrd Jim Ja* ihl Hit
tiirc-U? to Ik::? a?! uegroea vtt,o have left their old mas.
tcr? 1..1-1- .????. carried out BgaOt by toe h.tngmg ef tw*
m-siie neirnvet. in lioone Ot*, oa cvr road ?eren milet
north of CsSBSflbia, where the 1-otlies were found h sag?
inis.-. ?.n W<**aMB*at] K.-t, with papers pinned to tbelt
clothe? avown g the brutt'.iiy of the act, and alleging
a? a laaBtn that the negriKf hud no paste? from thelt
?B?aStan, Tl It is a terrible iV.rm of Kebt-1 cruelty, aa|
Baa Mghlsnad !.. mi. -*,U of ignorant negroea ixt Ltocksg
Randolph Sod i.allawuy Countiei almost oat of theij
wits. The uggr.itBtsBg fea'.uie of this matter i? tit*
.I.i.lsui; doc all this BaaHaaatf with only adosen at
fifteen aa**tvrt*Ba
Th?- stories of gaerri'.la outrages slang the Una ef th*
extension of th* Pacific It-iilrnail, between Wairenebarg
and IuJe^ei.peuce, were much exaggexsttcd. The rait?
road workine parties have not been molested, and arO
now prott-s.'.i by :'. itroiig torco of cavalry espoeial.a
detailed l'or '?.is service by. Lien. Dodge. Th* cons?
pletion of It* railroad to K?nste City would baa ds>
ciiled bin* : to fOBtatfat op?ration? in Jackson Count*?
aud would un ??:!' ?-tu.: .iy slop bushwhacking west OB
Warren.ISSBtg a* it bos cut of that point. Tho citaros!
of Bt, Louis hsf a groat interest in the enterprise, au4
are lmkiug forw-ud with increasing anxiety to the)
tin BBatog t? '.lei. '1 he im.-n. -n.?o title of. the t.-rritorust
tSarsai the MiMJonn Kivcr promiac? to tluw -:ito ou*
market, and it is a BSHOB ?a codlca* wealth, whin!, wig
assist mf.tt;i..ily to buiid up St? Louis. 1
The public crHiri?m upon the lenioocyof the Prest?
deut iot.-t.rtt ltlr?. Gen. 1-lw.lll? not favorable to hag
Exceiltucy 1 : :.? wcn..-n rrn the blockade from'Win
ti... ? -, . hint Fad und rSSBasd In Canada until the eels>
nie of her roney in this city by the military authorities
Then ?he i i.-t. :. ,1 hither to try and save her ?rold?
Gen. llailct?'*, orderM ?1er to lie ?cut South immediately*
but a ?u? 1 ???.'.?'. ?n of the outer was procured, and then O
revocation of the sentence altogether. Is'ow ?taere it)
no doubt of lite entire ?ympatliT of this wonian *tth U*>
Kcklliou. t-Lohns bouati-dif what aha has done .of
Ihfl So'ith. and wa? kno?a to onr detective? in Canada
at ont - ' t** I Ht t ir let.t Bal ? Is in that e<fUntry. II at
pn.il.,u ua?!?r tho ciroumstaBc? 1 is rery singnlar. soa?
ltd? rd g that f?r e im-nth pstt the wives and daoghteaj
of tens o. 11. Ik I 1? tty officers have been !*iiUhe?|
from tl.i-.MU'- by th? military v. it!.out so maeh aa as.
objection *-om Washington. The latter were mera
eipbers in induei.ee und veuom. compered to -Vire. Goat
Kwcll, en., ii 1* about a? ucsr to an injustice?eyoa cts.
get to allot, ilic big Bats**. '??> c?cupa and punish tha
j little ones.
The Radical nominations for city officer* were nada
yesterday. The pr??ent incumbent wru reiuimlaatett
limply LccBuse not?n.y tir to run would consent to baa
s*B*aa*t*H Otan for tho i.on ination; ao it went by it*
fault rat.' er t'.an to inei it alone. The most 1111? : citing
point in the BSHc**atSS* is thut a parcel of prof'-aaioDSl
olTlce-se ?k.-r? aijl political "bummers" who though*
they 1 ??! everything their own v?i,y were rooted, boras
foot and ilragoot!. Tl.eae men are the rcpreeeutaOrsa
nf u rl.i 11, u..,l ?n erery political party. Tbey bttdong
to the rule or rum cla.-s. It It also ?.Uisfactory to knot*
that the division in the Undies' ranks in the last Coa?
grcrv-l-Hial contest were htaled, as three of the aeren
candidate? supported Knux and the other four Job*soa?
The I.cv. Dr. lili at has gone to Washington to Isy tho
fa? ta in the liargnve abduction caee before the Seer?
tury of Sute and otherwise represent tho case to the aa>
thoritic? ?o si to procoro m-'sMtance in the rtv-overy ?at
the chilthen. The Archbiaitup has not ?u.^reeded la
s.itiif} lug th.- fiieud.. of the chlidrcn that he LinnableH
bring them back. A firther ti:apt?r has been pnh*
Batatal m toa affair, ?ratal reflect? very scveiely ?>n tho
Catholics et.gage.i la the .?l-tluction.
Oen. Dotlgi' ha? HtHaol from I.eavenworOji and ha*
I--.-?..-.. orders which will, 1: is !.. '.-. veil, atfortl au ampia
gu?rante? sf 'pro'cctioit to nn ilaiid emigrant*. Whika
at L?ave:-.?t'irth th? (1,-t.tial ret'eive?! 11 roj?nrt that a
|BBlaa**tH fite OttjORt** nt Fort Kear'iey hist I'hursdatt
by vL.th an Htnaas* ?aataattef fJt******Hana*a*a??)
j and extensive ?table Hs*Satf u? d furcavuliy were da?
I atrottd. TsB liisliiins not* hove.-ing around For?
j I.nrncil. but were driven si Rj the tioop? when the?
threatened a Government train. There are sboua
3.000 t:o.i|?s between Fort Kep.rney and Penrer Cifjk
'1 l.o fr? sh.-ts af tho hat lortni^ht extended to tnO
jlaiiiK. aii'l all tue ?ttcauis tuuaJly ford..b,e *ti*>
Bwatlaa by rains.
All the iCan-t.ig treops l.tt-ly stationed at l'ur? S?its>
have tfce-j BB*n t > l.i'CI Ro i.. Its* t?*?B pi?ictt ? ii?pli?rfi
WiiJi Ohio aa-1 Indiana tttftt* BSB, Th? ?a? 1 hixi.ges.it la
believed, s ill brc:<k t.p th? ?? ht ncs of afievaUtor? *h?
? haro bc?-n l'nttcning hi l-'ort Suitb for the 1..?; tw<r>
yen-.?. '1 hi change w.b pit.nbiy be benetcial 10 tho
I inhabitant?.
(?on. l'ope'* militiirv l'.?:-icn of tho M,?-.?-.pr-i to
enlarged by the mlJiiitm ? : .'. ; kaut-a??a very .niport?
' ant uc?siui.iii?.a, ns it will > *a)M th* 6****al to^?om>?rt
. mr-i?ures for it-pilling any IMi.I lurceniovtng en MkB?
j soun uhll." t!o,y lattall :n IrtiBIH lU'l that oooraO
lx?en piu>m-tl a ,- Fail, l'i U1 would )*?*? been atopj e|
before lie crojjed the Miassari 'nc.
The City toutuil 01'St. /eatfB haTO extemled thg
hoapitalitit"? ?i" tho city to the Hon. ?Sohuyler ( olfax a*4
otbor meuilKrr? of Coiigiesi who have prswu'sed avlattt
to..that city.
'lhe rm-U fir laud in tlits State continues, and toaaa
eit-ellent luircaiut have hen mads. Sslet of propert*
I are reported BfetJ P*r ?' r-- ?<*a tha* therr Bsssastl
I valus aaterlur to tha ssr.

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