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?1* SiB?iv^
??V ??-?*< ^^tWaalTs r%?irjAa.
Vo1 XXIV.l\o. 7,487.
Lee's Army Fast Brcr.!.iDg Up!
fatal rnion ItOH from \Htf?k 2S to the
Prebis'?t Time not 7,090a
?t>?Hl Deserten (beer for tbc Fall
of Ricbucnda
X??t>comotivc-s, *i4 Pa-ssenpcr and
106 rreiejht Cars C^pt-ur-wl
at lUchmoni !
Oil? ial Di.p-r.liM
Wll: l?l.l'.\rv7-.trAT, }
WAsnattTrViy,\'. V-, A\'Til -l-ti y. m. ?,
Jafa^t^-OV'w-rxi?' Ji'H.v A DIX: Th?- ?"?i-vi'or; t?-'.. -
ajjavm frtru Gatt (?ra:.t !:. - I | ? r.-a? I?c?l t!..?
Depaxti:it-r.t. Wl at hour t '-?,.iy it 1:: Mat do.?
?not appear, br.t j rtbably it t'.
No details . f tat i'."' i''.s : iv ? .? :. TTviivcv..,
twit they are i-xpi-ttM ?aaTB tiwiinmrw.
The ??tai?Tr ?-.'.t tl.at of..'.id .:.r><r:- ..tioii hr.dbtx'ii
taceived of '?? ;.f r.il Cust-r toing l:...?-d ?i- xint trxitr.
Be was unharmed lata U i? atftijaann.
Ed-tin u. Stantia, Bia-nttaiy of %\ ..r
WlXBO.V.^TAIiw.S, Vd.,T'J">.l;i-, Aj>nl 4, 1*0.
Ar* EDWIN M. StavIMX, Secretary if It or .
The Army is Rsnalttf, ?-rward in the boj-e of
?Tertakiog or QmTftAv?tg tiki mna.ni?ni of ?>??'*
Army, Sheridan, witii Lia eavulry, an?l th<- nflt
?Corps, is between this und tro Ajipoiniitt-.x, ?f?en.
Meevde with the .Scesxid and Sixth follo'vlBg?,
Ocn. Ord is following tho liuo of tho Southside
iailroad. All of the enemy that retaiim aimLing
like organization have ?/one north of the Appomat
%ox, and are apparently heading f,r LynchVsirg.
Their lofses have bean very heavy. Houses through
?fftn country are nearly all un-d as hospitals for
wonmled men. In every din-et.or, I hear of Rebel
ataklier?? puihini* for home, some in large and tome
in small iquad?, and 8*jtM ra'.lv without arms.
The C-av?lry hane pursued io cloudy tha*, th?
eaemy have been .forced to dotny pr?>bably tho
??greater part of their transportation, caiasona nn?i
tBonitions of war. The nuc.ber of pri-oLors cap?
tured yesterday nil exceed tfiO?,
s*roui the ?,8th of Alanh to the pr?s? nt time enr
loss in killed, wounded, and captured, will tot
iwvabably reach 7,?sKX), of whom from l.sXK) to 2,000
were captured, and many but slightly wound.-d.
I shall continue the pursuit as long as there ap
yaara to be any use in it.
TT. S. OBiJiT, Lient.-General.
"Washis-cioh, D. OL? Tue?<l?jr, Aprils. Matt >
11 OeliH-k, ?.m. )
Major-Gen. Dli; Tho following particilars,
?dated at City Point, April 4, 8 a. at., give the latest
tiifonnation received from KicLmond:
?Gen. Weitael teleiT-aphs from Hi? hraond that ',"8
??Atjeomotive?, 44 pas?enger and bagage cars, and
116 freight cars were captured.
At 3:30 thia tnoniiag Oea. (??lit, from Srrt?afT
land Siatioa, ten miles from Petersburg, toward
Burterville, teleprnphs as follows:
"Gen. Sheridan picked up 1,200 prisoners to day, and
frsni 3W to ??O0 more hare been pather?xt by our troop?.
Tha atajority of the arms ttiat wen? left in the Lainis of
Kasa's arms? ere now ?ctttered between Iticbmond and
?here hi? troop? now are. The country la also full of
StMf giere. The lice of retreat is marked with artillery,
anamanitlon, horned or clarrod wagons, teiston?, am
salenctt. etc."
Enwi.v M. Stasios. Sccretary of War.
Or??p?l??B *f l'rl?-r?bBr? ?.inlraafal in
Foutb?* Momkoh, Monday. April 3. Mat, 1
Ti? HaLTUIoBE, TSWIIBJ. April I. ?
The intelligence of the capture of Pc-.en-bnrg
?at Jtiebmond reached I ??. ? to-day at 10 o'clock It a
diapeU-k from Gen. Weltsel, dated li 15 this morning,
whiirh announced the iri"! k?us event.
The mail steamer Illctator arrivet'. from City Point
at tt o'clock this afternoon, and bringt down additional
|>*vrsiei.ltr? oftl.e frrcat struggle.
Petenburg was occupied hy our troops at 3 o'clock
this (Mo.id?)? i morning.
Our gunboaU were all well up the .Turn? s River, and
It was thought that a Cb-l.t had taken plaoe with the
Sabel Iron clad?.
Ltuge forces weie teen np the James Kiver last night
tsward Fort Darling, aa?l In the vicinity of the other
Babel wt..-??, from which it was iafencd that Lee was
avLaaadonine, Lia work? and atcaliAe. from his long
?astahi.ii.ed lines.
An luiun-rie? number of priaoner? hnve been cap
tStred, Tarioaaly eetlmated at from 15,t?J0 to UftXs,
Frieonera are continually arriviaf at City 1'oint, and
st ??? estimated ?...at there were titteen thousand there
this BKin.ll j.'
Whea the Dictator left tt 10 a. m.. a ?alute woa being
txrsd by all the war veatels at that Point.
The tteamcr Co?*?ck alao arrived here to-dsy with a
large number of Union prisoners, .'neludiin Gen.
?tteLaof til?n and the men of hi? brigade raptured with
Rim by the Iteliel? on the aseaultou Fort S^^man.
Bnrl. waa the haste of the llene.? In hurrying the
Vakin prieonera through Rlehmoed or Sunday that in
Sxariy <??<? many were not even paroi? J.
Rive huudred out of the aeven hund -ed on board the
??^BBSBtt item sign?! tho parole,
raleaaed nrisonera tot that ht ceminrithreugh
Rii-hmom. vp?te:..::y (Suiiili.;.) they sliw manifest indi
'cut??US tf tl.o evacuation of ttiooity.
'1:'"::' :' '": ' BU! i wi?i r-cplo of all chirea, con
i :- Di iiml Bjssa, Biuifeettag bteas* ci it?n..-nt.
aVUtke Paisaprnenati La l.tii> ?- Masa ?ana Man
1 "??'?' ti i" be i tehaagad by the it.-twi ??Mirtha. Bad
S*!* lirrr,','! U i, ?ft t!? eity of ?ti'.-hniuud 1-iW'iid iLo
Vaitm.i LBsuding in the greifst possible hsata,
The Rebel IIiii-i? Blown Pp.
1'iiiisAi I'LiniA. tlatmnemj, aprtlt, 18a?,
Tilt Hud i. .'ton Star RRJRI "'I'!,| nuiil-beiU
1 t. ii ?rus.1 I 'i.y Pt.int, tej.urts that ou Sui.dar
nicht, bat, .<? tic evi.eustitn of BkaSbsa ii'l. tie Ret? N
' lii.-w Bf Matt ion? aad raa s sa Ma J laaes Krsr, ih?
expto n n of which waa tiirr1Ma rB8nnMlB| bb eaiiR
, SajskB lU.u bcu.g ?.mid for luilcs nn.n.d.
-a> -
The Itrssa nl f'ily Paint.
sTatai toi. i Istaday, Ap.u,1MB,
Ffoni tl,? rn i;!-i .'ni DicUter, which l.-t't City
I'm it ve -.-tl-.y at 10 a. ir... Trc S:ur .ibl.,i-.e?l t! ?? f..|
1. v..ii, Al ang ??'.??-r ileuis. Mb reptirts that tie r?
t-, Ipj ....-.- aanaaf ? <? ball <f Mrbiai .1 v. aa twain I
at ( ht p.-ii t ?rtt* ii?- (rest .-t Battsata?as, aad M*
vi-fsiis in ja.it Mire urn ts'.a-? ly gmlv? viici-a? d wilh
lags, ftaeeatiag a 1 lada bbb "ip''":an?-?v.
At Partreaa ?v!,'..r?.e ? ?alnta was Irsi, and Ma ?irf
ata .-ui! - M- ?? bb| raaard c ? Irjsj hi tnriotn traja,
Ob - Bstaj Bight l-ef.'re C?e ??\ ni-iint i?r.:i ?'I K, ' in,,i il,
t' ' ?' - I '-? : ,' Ml r fcrtt . ,.d r?tni (* tie .1 ? .
Ilit.-r, 1 ? ?),i . : ,. ? i rai . r. .1, . i. ?t-i.tbhavguu
B?aTtt*j isd ?rashsat* Mr nQei BB*?*n?l
O.: i-....?.t ,:- BST8 BBSTSd UO tt* .Tin .<?- llivr BJBd
ar? i o-, . :.. ,i, d la reMrlagtt* a?*stnetlsjaa
?Oaa. W? 'tari, apoa ?men-,g ?>lalanaaa, v..,? IM ?t?d
I. !.. i.-.i' t t<> nliuw no op.? t?i i ??n?- tl .?? eJtl St per
kxitan] ? : v bo?n? imt ? rimtej Bank Mb
ira.i . i bad ....... rltyto de ???.
ThsB ... I* fired Pel r?1 arg Mb itvial bMobb before
Rtag Ms ti.viis, bat Ma iir? ?raa ?i>*.-?iarj ?itm
Orsi Ostii -'-i lave Btrtnslp ?**n isaBtsnl ?t
"(!tv I'olai ? ??-.- ?-..-. _v rising in fn< t
Men \.. bb ? Batasaata Mara Mat a ?uf.'.i-i.?..i
, - ? ?? :,l n t ha i-pare?! t ? gi 11 th a
..' | .1 'in '..: ? Bta "f Si.iI.ts na 1 ii,'.rin. s
i taabastt s ?I r!a?-?-.l Mi rgs cJ
1 M**B? 1 L* ei.lrrc ?.iimlier of p/in.:,er? es| tatsd by m.r
tr.i .|.? pp t>. yrsterlay was .-stimated at l.'l,0?Xl by wi-ll
lafaiBssd ?-fli? ? r?.
Our v ?M ,!?tl ni-e b'ing s.-tr? in t<? f'itv P.iir.t s? rr.p
id:.. M )-???.'?:?-, *-.?i basphal to .t-< an Mata ti.?n,
' ?ni for ?!:ipn.eiit to Matea*** anil IVui,
n '.ton.
'Ihr lie?. I ilr?e--irr? in Ml Pill Prn at I'tty Point ep
i jv:ar. d IS re. eivi- Mfl if ws ?f tur fall t,f 111, liui'ind with
id- grtsl f :,tluil?-:i. aeourosn trm p?. BB>|gBTB B?***
a'l- r , ;.
Tr.e Im. tntor Wroctrht t:t> ?warly 7tSi P^-b I d-ser.irs,
who ?ll-Mre tt? ta*.t? IRS oath ff alb gum ?'.
JPrieldrst I.inreln HepanrH nl ltirbmoml.
I'rlUSl 111-IIIA 1u?-?d,.}. Aprils \rf\
The Tiulhtin nl' tlii> <-ity Lavt rc< lived lb? fol
liivting Bj.i < lal disiuit? BSBI
TAA-iiistT-'S. Toesdsy. April 4 Ittta
Mrs. LMi ata R-e, iv. t! u Uiip.itiii f:, u? .!,e President
to-dm, tlat?d asf'-lli'usi
"lio:.i .Iitr.-r??j:i Davit'i late rf?id^ce at Kii I.
C^?rres?>onde?(e from < ;ty I',.'int stet* tt at I-?i? 1 a?
divided tin" remnunt of hi? army, and is Ts-treui.ng In
twu ?mall eoluinn?.
OSB |>ri?<>tiers oJt T,oon yssler lay exee*??!*,1. twenty flrr
The bataSSl doitrurtlon of property on their retreat
literally liegirars description.
iSrrai/pl.-i? and d<-?eit?.-r> air. cvcb In es istofwi.it
was aiiUi'i,itiU'd.
A tatartena Hit Prrpirillm far Ihe Mo
mull Thr issiall Opernlioas ?f Ihr
Ilillrr.nl -l'ara? Tk? Hravel I.iaia
?fasrera?(?e*. Oral.
Pmin ?inr .?-pr? lid ( <jrrrir'.nil?iiL
JtiK.18 Akmh? (>?i:nanvii Ac?tm?t ?tprsntttjBa, )
??.?.?ai l'i.Tta hl?o, Miti.A? hioirr, April a. )
This ba." been a glorious day fur tho annies
t,p.-ratir,g BgBaVBat liii-t ir.ond. For the first time In it?
annals the noble old Army of tho Putotnac. ably assist
ej by ? portiun of th<? army of Major tien. E. O. C (in!,
has BBattStSd a grand and almost uTt-r? neJmiiif vit-Uiry
over the l???t army of tlv- bogus Couf'-dera?-?? ?a victory
which sill, ir. u.l probabiljty, be Browne, ?omttttWt
morning by it? triurf ptE'.t entre? 4.?o the city of Pe
it.i.lji.rg. Fat the flint time ii ta history thi?
grand old B.-iny of baltl'-??carre. v?-t?ran? who?<
breasts hhve so often been bared to thi
itnn.i of a l.iiiilred battles, has almost ut its wrey
the thorougly beaten, dittii-artened and di-innralized
army of th? ir vaunted Ks-bel chicftaia, and to n..i.?
PBBtB on it? iaur-it mil of tope for the morrow. At
Gettysburg, and on a score ot other battle fii-lds, it
tolled lack the ai-anlt.-.g foe. awarding him a hloaiy
repulse, and on a hi.idr?-d other occiiai'ins it? ov?n
nssaultri have lesnltx-d only in it* ditcomttore and de
feat. True, it ha? at tin.es sui-erseded, by dir.t of Sat**
mined valor, in achieving important advanluar?*, but all
t!io?<; have been eeJJpued by Uie glorious results of
te-day'a engagement in front of Peti-ithurg.
la accordance with the progruininc arrangod latt
night the sttiijck upon the en'-rny's iit?-i on tl.e eait and
South of Petersburg was matte ?Iraultsuieotisly ?t day
break tl.is mi rning by the Sixth n.-.d Ninth Corpa.
Turner? und l?stet'? Division? of the Twenty tVrnrth
Army ('?irir?, and Hirne?.'? Colored Division of the
Twenty-fifth. The Second ai.d'Hlid Diilahms of the
Second Toips likewise assaulted the enemy's lines io
their front at a later hour, and after a brief but sharp
contest will, the opuoaing picket? drov? them MM tl eir
workiax-trrofi the lioydtown Plaak-road, a?d pressing
forward were soon in undisputed postesilon of the
lU-bol line, h?vlng met with comparatively trit.il.g re
sistaace. and hai ing captured ?tivtral bundled prisoners.
were begun ?long the Sixth and Ninth (Jorpe front ?er
eral hours before daylight The troop? were masted as
?jiiietly ai jairsiblo for the attack at daybreak, but, nut
withstanding, their maneuver? were discovered by the
enemy, who M osee ojiened a ttrritle artillery and mus
ketry fir? upon them, continuing tt until they moved
out-side of their work? for the grand charge which re
?ulted in inch ?igual succeaa. It waa yet dark when
our foroes tiegiiu their march for the enemy'? line In the
face of a fierce and lnoeasant fire inch aa haa teldom
been exox-drd during th* ? ar. The firing of the enemy
waa wild ami Inaccurate, however, ?nd our trooi* iuf
f.rred last a l-He moving to the charge than when mai?
ing two hour? baforo.
At the time before mentioned, the line of the Ninth
Con* wa? ailvanced from tho Apr-'?.n?ttoi to its left
near the Wt-ldon Railroad and after a ?bort but despe
rete eont.-it was In possestlon of the greater portion of
the Rebel line east tl Prtenbura, Including moat af
the fonniilaM" ??-Isnts. The 1>.Vbi.??b of Wiiao? ra?t.
i itift its right on the App.iruatt.ix. w.-.s afterwiinl
j ti.i K.u.lv r-i'.ttu Ii ,1 untl |.,:ic 1 m Ktire !.. itt ti.igin?!
?pobit'.t.:), while those ofPott? ai tier* i.. .ft. further
Mthalafl stll I ??:,! tevfii :?.;: iy t a ?.rent'.- BWttMcf
! tho eneinv's line, in ,with -tiniilii g t',0 des?,cr? te nt
tei'ijits Mate M ili.ylixlrc Hiera. Kort M ihotro, l.i front
afth? iiiitniioiis l'oit Hell, ?nd three other formidable
?ar?iwuik* to the north waul hid been carrictl by
?term, and tie cr.-niy. maddened at the nenttSf our
| ft?a? ill, wero in turn .usiiiltiiitr, tmw drill ig our m
' from the work?, and .si-'ni i Lernt? hurled b sob loavinc
' Ihetu In etir htv it? The history of the fic/ritin., of the
j Ninth to-.iov ii ninilfl up af a serie? of chare?-? and
aoMtet ahargea finally inaRteg ?n . nr r?t-ntiun ot
tho Woiks eanted bj l'..t'er atnl Huit?n,i'l la the
i: omine-, vtiih the exception of l'ort ltd! en?', one jmr
tnu of which i? stt.l in the liatui? of tl e erret y. lii-n
l'ottcr wu*n Tcttii If not fatally wo'inded while figut-.
ing his Dirltkn this iniirnlng.
THE atttfl RPatfta
To ?te gejlnt ah? Btetb vrns r?'?ervrd ttie honor nf
! cirryine lbs whole K. ?> 1 line nf works on t'eir front.
of ?hiaP-bb] down to the left to the A ppoiiiiil'iix, SOOth?
we??. Bad two Mates frnin l'eteriLuri.', cf cutiinp; the
it.Tiir-r. k ?t.; s.i t! ?Jo hiiiiriuni, anil i>f cti[ ti rteg mm
' I issj BSteOMta, '.si p'.t ?, ?nd a mir 1er i f battatt lag!
1 Hris'.-'i. ti. L. A. Onai cot m?i dinr tho Kcconi
Iiiierade ef Hetty'? liivl.?on, em severely ?TMBR4?1 In
tie he.ni by the frap 't.etit of a s'.ull ?lile pf-parin,,' hn
con.niniitl for the chrirste mi hour began Sajtenh. 1 lie
Cs r,s w its txinseeil fur the ntsiick hi follows. In the ten?
ter il'-ph fed la !::.- of b i" .' '!.'? Division nf Gen. Getty,
?npp rl?-?-l <?ii tl? hft und rich! resp.-ct vely liy th? l)i
tisiuiH d i,--.* atas/aMM aad WheeiM, Haettg in
?ai.? lui. Tho Dinsi-'ii of OeMy pradbag the ?dvstire
will tor-ne'l from 1. .'I tii rii'ht tsT the Se-ond abrigada
Lieut. -4 Nil Triu y of ?h'lil Vi-rrtio'it tcinp>inr!ly com
ItMSdlag. tho Urst linj/nde, Get.. Wan,? r, ,in I
the 1V.tr* cr.innianded Is] Col. Hule t.f the
lit Mem- !.'._?;.. nt. Paste? the fire ?it four atas. I
' b..tt?*ri"s. anl in the saMSjfl ?term of hn!l. ts, the ilif
fern!PlTsbteaa, to tl.r?V r m attea* ?', moved at? adUj
M tefts t'ttack. tint?n/ l.?ek the Uriel ?ki-ni-her?
ptarciagMaHmss si aba) KnsijtagMth? point of
? :u-t the whole hue in t'c-.r front, tri ?BalBg
, tl .' :rt,? at, .' t < ,- ture? rr?rrr' i to. i ! | ?;.?t r.'.-::r 01 t
I. BtnMg tl ?' tansy** works an the lift 11' uiylv.ir.i?,
?a*thetlffiiaal TliigedeMOnttjaITlTtetea. : ?! hj CM.
I Maadea, A. A. G n Iba atea'of On 0eM|. The line
w Tasted m falla at rj from ?he eaeaaj w?? tM a mile
from the Saiuthsnlc Ealimai!, toward end ?cm ?which the
trw-p* of the Co-1 ? wer? ; lr I . ?.'i itel t turnan, with the
left of nor new line rental r n It? Ap?? n iitt.I, west nf
I'rleriburr. Allsrtetnpt? t,f the enea J t,, rira*.*.??
thrr lire hitrr c r.-.'alte'l In his repulse, he nlfhdrew
l-etwe.a M lad U < 'cinch ?. ink? in? n t'r.-s V to !, . ,-.
ner Lue of eirtlivrc/ili, la Its Immediate tic.aitr of th,
TTi?: ENrjiv RPi in r.'.ci.
'ih>- rr.rniy luv ,t,.- il.irs l.irn con.plrte'v ciR In two,
deposition* v. er* !it rr.rdia|r|y nonle I I rail ap til? xigrEt
?il:k"ii t! e il.rixt.t.ti cf Dm? ?.?die Court II.>Uie, lb.
Bet ?u tl 1 Hi nun of the S e ?ni < arp* le?! t? Heu. Hum
, bu'T In pets..t , l?:.I* ?t on, e lilspst. h*i| ilo?3 th*
On ltoad riitinlt?? toward Ilmw n!,!ir t curt II. c>r, he
twe n th? IbiydlKWB VIsnk tosat i.i. t t' ? S..utl inJ-Eoml,
bar tta?napantsf aa?rhrMteftan liei?i? un th- t. ptl
w'ile Her.dan. ammft .-,.1 RJ C ? Vdlh ht? i '
Milea's I>i?l?'nn of tb? Kemrnl, cet ,f Itr.r totreul
# "itl.arartl. How t,r we have s-.. ce?-?le.l ta. st- a BBatl
lag tl.i* result ht* not tran i|lr?d ?t tt? Lurif I*|H
tn-2 It is p. :i*:?!lv MhVfOd tt it t!.st )m ttuiti of Ml
I rnemy cut off a I the ,l:ret tun of Si;t!.*rlv ,1 ? St-t' i
tr.l make rrcrr .""rt tu ON ?p* ? Matea? ffivtn< h?tt!e,
tret it ib?t very re?i?t.ii?l,iy l>? BagaMSd th?l nor r?r
sjry. ?lib 'he en! ryf tl,* Infantr? ?upi??rttn?'i' wltl Ik
?tie eitler to rapture or ai I il i.at? tb,??lc> of ti ?
ateta! Rana Newt from KtierldBI.'l ?rtt.v mil b? ex
??i. t.-tl tre-norrow . ?tul t.'.ere I? i-ut, reaanD to!-Lf?(
that It alii be of the nie?! rmtlfiu g rbararti r.
c- "? Okll K CCkfliANn
The e, ?nrr.sr.d ?f (??n Or.l w a? ni?,, hntly encafetl
bat* inoroInr. aflMH It? fHia.tiriti *> ru?S llalclirr'- PsaYs,
Me insu* nt dey brea h chari'e?! H.e en. n..'. -tork?. noT
rylti*; Uirin and tlrliirikr the enemy In (on'uiion. la
nbedinier- tn orders OCBk Or?! ?MM n.ovedtip fratta le
?????tinn on tt,.- Huri, and firmed to the ?ajaaarl nt .1 on
the rik'ht of the Sixth Curt??, p nil tlt-l-iila of the opera
tlon* of this (iimmatid .ire nut ?t presen! ?rsilsble, hut
atSMaaaatM lnnwn l?> hare Isren eqoail? suceesaful
w ltb the s ith in the captor?' of work-, gejM aad prit
PETpasiitT?; virttalit ?tna.
Everyi.n? SH r.iietitiy Ix-lleviw tb.nl frtrrsburf wilt be
iih?i)4oiieil iiuri's' tta nl?-ht. tl.r i ni-tnv retlrlna* tn 1,1?
work? Ecirth ol ti.e tciWU. It Is ?it.??.LI* that Ia ? Ill/VT
eisny de?i er?te t<T.irt? to break Crunt? line?, whleb
now Ma? .nenie the i!'y, hut It I? fur bei und the
rnnitir afptiaslbility tb.t he Kill succeed.
(?kAr-T PJ.Lr.Nn.Klia.
Kot eorr1?>nt t?s rest Cfaiii It? new latir?!? he h?* won,
(?en. (?rant will tn-niorrow fo low t,p to du i Batten
nient by anutiier *aitault ui-.n ti.e enemy. I'reparsviioii?
sin now protnr forward for to-ninrrow't work. The Ajt
?-..n.iif.ix tl Lr ?i ,; paintooued for the crnssinsT of troop?
tu thr we?! ?rid ncrhwest uf I'eteraburpi aad H?4H
I N o-treat* to laiprttt leu hour? hence mini witise?a the
?unit.llittiuu uf lis ?ni.y. When it I* knnv, n that wi?
I uve i-.see.ri'iB cf the K> uthiele J; iilro.ii!, aad that we
(niiuot be dislusisreil by any force-the enemy IMtfMg
?Ifuitist us, the extremely critic-?! position of Lee ? ill nt
once be fully comprrhrncled.
OCR W?*?X8.
Our oninidtif? in today's eiisrarrnient nf l*er?re
acntoti by ceneral oflicers as tsntnparatiiely Ug' t. It i?
impossible st this time to form Ml Hccurnte estimate ?if
iar killecl end wnundi'd. ?bieh will not prottbly ex
c ?.fd IBM nr u,(??J. AmiiUK tM killed i* lien. ssEM U
of the Twenty-fifth Cnrj>?. nnd I.ient.-f.'cil. ('ruesby ?f
thetilit 1'ei niylvuti'B; und ni??n? the woanded, llrip;
Oca, Grant ?d the Siith CMm, Li? ut.-(.'ol. K. 1?. Hut?
of the MM N'-w York, nmrtally, and I.iout ( ol. I?. J.
Cuw of th.? 77lh New York, in the bromt, ?ererely.
thk batanan ors. hill SKisikiiui khj,io>.
There Is a re jsirt, luckinir coitii matiou how. ver, Hint
the Kebl'l lien. Hill *? killed lu to duy'i HhfRaMMSli
Miijnr lieu. iUnsom of Hill's Cor]?* Is wounded, and
a ntsMMi Hi? wound? are believed ti> lie mortal.
Tim* fur offielil report* of M inin?, alnrirc BMtttY of
buttle flajrs and about lii.uOu prinoner* hnve lieen re
celred at 04E. Mead'a headquarters. Of this Bnniber
of prisoners Sheridan i ?iptured ubnut ono bidf In hi*
brilli.int flrht vialcrdar p. in. at the Kir? 1'oinU or
iotka, North Weit of Dinwiddio Coiirt-llntiie.
O I.V. WA III Kit 11! LIE? M?.
Mtjor Gen. Warren, commanding the Fifth C??rj-i,
was relieved last nicht by (ien. Sheridan, and orden d
to report to Hen. Grant for order*. The cause MR*
erally assirned la the refna?l of Warrea to obey an
order of (?en. 8., tu whom, with hi? Corpa, be bad been
directed to report. It la reported that Gen. Sheridan's
present force, both of ijaTisiry and Infantry, coaititute
au army of hi? oarn, and that he re*>orts directly to the
Lieutenant General fui orden.
t;> ?rKAL BJUOK'lVf?.
Ererybnejy is jubllaiit over to day'* RTand rictory.
i.et.s. Grant and Meed? ? bead.|ii?rtcre to nlabt ?re al
Ihe Ritchie Hijtue. on the Ikiydtown Ptaiik-reasd. ?r??l
three miles from Petersbor*-.
April 3,4t a m.?New? Lai reached us of the erscn
stion of rcteitbiATg. m m S.
I.lui ?ves?/*-The U.jttli t'orpe? I'rogre
of ili> Fitfbi?A|ipenrance of t?.-i
rftirrilaii- Tim Tsveiiiy.?ourlh Corpa
5.(MM) lake* I'riaouers.
Fr'-to 'In' S,?-rlu] l',,rrr?pin,lrn|.
l.s nir. Pir.ijj vmu thk AttatT op rrrp. Prtr'Mac, i
Apriia, I-??.. >
Tn-i.ny I .loro piad news to connu?micnt
Aft-r u ??-ries of hard fought action! tt. .n army foro
?.?itoftli.irstrotglir.es the enemy who bat* SO lax
h?l?l It rit hay. At i.Jii a m, a general ulluck u
made by nil l ! e Ci rps, which r?'?ill?-it ?n this fft 't M
Bant Tho l?-ft ..four ln'ig tine, with tlio cavalry on i
I r V, tiirncd ti'st of MB enemy, who thri?-? hack tli?
right fr.im fatst ta Ratet as our army fate**! grSR*
,ui,i at t. m-iitl ?if a atsstana tat tii<?y wer? fourni bHi
i: g tu tieir l .f-iiine at tastana* on Malt i?-:'t. i ?
give a brief replut of the action of each Cerf* M M
i-?? it ? pi-rati'in. as far as It w.?s pot-sibb- f??r "'.ie per??
M s?e n?t giit'.-d Wiih t!io poner of ubniuily. aud vv
t Bgta with
At sit- a. m. this Corps, initier ll'ii Wiegt*? a**% I
Ha** t" nl. ink that p?rt t.f tt* er.eiry Is it* front wl
formed their left center. The Cori s BBBVsd iu t)
arSSri 0 I th? right was the First Hivi? lea, In ecbel?
if I ri/jit'-s, left In fio'.t; then ein ?? M* R* . r
!'.M?i"n, lu two lin'-s, and next was the Third, in U
?arrie oii't aa tnt first. This echelon onb-r BTMBBI
lo BaasVal Ma Corp.? BB throw forward Its left eiiil rl r
r ?? -iu:k? of the enemy on? uf'-r aiii.''.'-r. I .-?
i.-t ?' ttn* the picket lira- of tliocneirv wa-. .lr.?cll BWI
fr.iru l!? p t?, ami the line swept SB Ifl la? Btw? r S?
n Bastar] af four runs ojH-ncd upon tie l-'ir-t llitt?i?ii
I but it dtil not f.rt? BBBbTJ rannd?, PJB m 8 rapl?! ohurge t
I the First Ilr,,-:ule it ?a? at BB** taken, and thus tl
' fi.--t wo. k wa? out ?if tl.e ? ay.
The l?.!'..-r;es af Mf en?-uiy now opened ?toti evei
; aatet, ami si.? 11? fl-w about the Rasa, l r.t as t' i v awl
galaMttp? Iba left ?i-K,n gi.t I ear 80888 v < rl? ? in i
! front, ?ad 'no by one these fell Into our h mis. ?VI ?tHl
I a L-rai.il | sttStt of war preseiitctt ?I??-If. I'!,.- Ha* I ftl
j c.'rr>?. ? iih n ? left in ?-iva-.?-?-, w i?r t?. M tana .???-; r,
on l-wnVd two h?avy forts of tie asstasj, nr.d in roar?
I it? l'-fl ? i? t' '? 1 W'-i.ty-fi urili ('? rp- la "i part, At It
? ? i-i :;:v ? I-i! tin'.r gO'i? vi.'or .L- i. ??''1 ? ?!
' Il'-w ?limit aaBsl bnrat Mieblj BtBI B*J BSBb IL
j a?. BB w?s a Bio ?nil MttMag one. Di tin? 1*8
,1,?., wsa to be iren crawtl? ajf n.en ?ten?!:-:./u, ?
?mr e?ttt,w,,rks to get a vn-w of t'.- |-r-nt iBbttai
Ob i u?h?d the l.-ft PleaBten m ltd M axras k tl i Ltaa <
tl.e South Side Railroad; er ?I ag?;r st th- two for
sw?pt the Second Division, under (?en Hetty. At tl
| m | tine tl.e batfrir? of tl I latter, B**tsd a* nsin
gr'.nml. kepi up a it,?rp lire tijioa Ma ft.rfr, Stieb ?1
' Bst rabtt Mfltt fire until oor i: en wen? alea* Bf t?i Mat
1!.. n iidiarh wa? music upon I!.' w. rl?. l.-ii it w .? r
P'llacd. Agnlu it wtvs lrle.1, ?id Mit Mil t met WIl
s ,ri i ??, a?Bta* re?. 1-ire n?re ?onieif llie i-uemylr.au
thai t??j tx-?ed toe bayonet for a ?hurt time.
A? tar??? t?? work? f'M lit?' ?SU liarais n kind ehet
' rent t'..e air. and ft <? enemy were ?.?en hastily retint
M their works u. xt in I.i.e. wMch at or>?- ?****
sharplp lu an etfirt t?i at v ..ur ml-, ?nee.
! At. at tlili tats* ?'ten >; ?r??l.?n cime ujx.n Ma fiel
?ml w it Bt**aaa1 I y .. l'iii'l t l.eer MM tr? Mnli ?"? rp
? ho U?.k up M h in with great re?j?r? f. Thi? must ha?
N ?a a ,-l?J moment for I am, *nd the wr ter n?v.r I
Bta* ? fln'r ?igl.t, a? the SUrli sn.l Twe- tv f. rl
?'. rss ?? < r> i ? la ? It latj 41 -m? an ? mi
?raed aagisg it* Laag frort to ti e rgi.t, ntd ?Io?it b
fore II tli? hrt,ken In.? of lb* 88*88} w,ia fili.i ,- In.
U|? B nor '.?iras.-?.
i Pr..m lUtt'T) No. 15 the em-r-y low f'-d sl sr? '
, UJ-on th?-Inn- 8l the Secor.d I'm?"-. Whirl mu?sr
?in-ter cover of tt? f? ii enptnred ?..rl-, a.-! pat apa*]
f.rr the new Work befnre IL At the ?an-e time t',r?
batiere*? were p..?ted at e.iar rnoge fr.i'n tl
! H?lie| uorks, i,t,d tiil.il thera ?VtM ?bb '?'. u.'-l ll I y 1?
I fore, il Ma irnnrier? lo I? .ue tl.rir gi.ns, and lie Bad?
rt ?. r ? ? MB |'?r?| if.
? In the meantime the Tw>*'y 'nirtl f'nrp? i arre ?r|
latea MalaMeftnt Mata, *n?i Ml ?viral i?iii??n<
'the Latter Wat >?,it r? ui.tl to ??.p-.it the N'jr.h CstpS
whli-h 1??1 the ht ?Ti.?t purl i f Me gTi-?l wt.ik In tl?
Rg i-.tUeline of drf.n?.-? Hal tl..- enen.y had e.i-.
, fallen baei bbssb? a baatj Raree ?rae rmw pitt??t ay,
f.-rme.l in this way: On Ihe I, ft Wn? tie Tn I lit- f.iin
|Cetat(t** DivlslnnsV sml tl.e S? corid Drvialtm. S xt'
?for)-??, to their right wss the S.,,>nd Hiristoii, Tm-ntv
; Mil ('..r?a (Colored), and lastly, on It* right, wst th?
! I ?..nl Ilivul.,n of the Sixth ?'.rp*. All tl.e.e, exeej.
tLe Seoond Du:?.on of tb? Sixth Ci.rp?. were fre?!
irii-it?? und the Nrjrrn DtVaSBSB wn? BBget BST MS fr?v
Aa Mia new Hue whs lieing B*tBa*d the inrrnv ithell.sl ll
', sharply, but the hollows in the piotind at that |?)iut en
aUed the dliiMasltions to be ti.?,,!?? with little lass.
A Mil.
A lull took pince when all tl is ft,ret? was l^iaay, and
It wits plain thtt a d.stiM't ?? i tl- n ? i? ??-. nl in t.-f.i
jlne?. In fut, ?11 the d y loi g tLe f.a-t.trrg wa* s
serles Bf scliois raih'-r lian a ror tinui.ns lutlle. T!.?
enemy hud tiui? to gain fiesli hr.-sth for the cumin;; at
Man? nii'l li>"k> d on qnletiy tt our half-bidilt-n 1Mb*
nvi-rving their tire f??r ? g>-?,d murk.
T'p to thi? lime the trn.ii.ie? gn.ned hy us at thi? point
were s?.im- I (?<) j rlsiinrs. f?ur fsgi?, ?ml tt to Uigur?:
and with plessurc I write, thiit three of the guns were
tnken t?y the ?.'-th N. Y. V., of the First llrit.-ii.le. Kirnt
Invialoii, Sixth Corfs, who t?.ok tlem by a gallant
II arg- vrry eaily In tl <? day. liana w( re, I think, Ihe
Mat gun? taken by the Corps, the batit rv 1} bag MM in
It? way, aud not far from the K> Ih I line*f pickrls
1 her?- w?re four gun? in Ihn nattery, and the fourth gun
was taken hy the VMh l'a. Vols., io the samo brigade.
I?u?k atole over the soene before the force set ?gninst
the ?****) line at tins point wits ready, and the atta? k
W.I? d? fi-rrfil for the next day. It was to.. BBBtetJ to
attack tlil? lin? of tin r?en y hastily, for it was their
n.iiin ot.e. In line tl.e iwo iIIiIn?ous of the Sixth Cori??,
the Twenty fourth C.rp?, and the Negro Division lav
at a reit until dark, aud then stscked arms, to light
files and cook tone fcoil. Tired with tho day's fight,
tl.e n.eu soon lay dots n ?id fell aeleep ou the field of
their glory.
lay In the morning in the new line that it had won the
day before in front efeat left center, and it ItS ?, m.
It took IU share In the general fight hy e?irr_vliig, with
the ?Second Division, Twenty-fifth Corp?, th* K.-bel
work? In Its frout. The I'orjis then mosed by i'.s rieht
to extend aid to the Sixth, which hud su.:h .i heaiy task
lo i-t-rfi.rn). On coming up, it flint lent siip?wirt to the
Sixth, and aftorw-srd entend into fli"?'?'n It? left. The
tnrtitS it did in that position I? ?tnted under the action
of the Sixth Corps, to that I need not go ?gam into au
account <?f it, aad space will not allow me to writ? dc
Tha aa-Mai ti the Record Divialon of th* Twantv-fiftt,
Corp? waa so c?iiirnct?il with that of Me Twenty fourth
Corp? (with which it acted aa ? part of the same Corp?)
that 1 will not ?ay more of It than what appear? in my
?anna" of the action of the Sixth.
Thor? la a report that tie Twenty-fourth CatBt hut
itsleailer, Oen. Gihbom during the day, and 1 have
not heard tl.e report contradicted so far.
tub nrni ookj-*.
Iu the dat's great work the part played by thi? Corf*
waa a very high one. On the left of our line, with the
cavalry on its left, the Wfth Corp? did the greet ?ervioe
of turning ?id driving bsck the right of the Rebel er- |
army, formed of their First Con*, which wit tranierred
from their left, In order tojmeet the danger threateninj
their riks'lit.
j The ?neceas met with by the Fifth Corp* wn |r?* at,
i though 1 am up?hlo to plve details of it. The retnl'.i
were mine 4,iX? to 5.1X0 prisoner*, taken mostly frotx
Ticket's Division, n, d whom the ?'rivalry was most ac
ttve liieiipturing, thnngh to both belong the honor. Tht
entire force was r.neler the command of Gen. Sheridan
Lai? in the day it was reported that the Rebel Fin!
Gotea w?a cnt off from the rest of ita Hue by tbo Fiftt
Corpa ablet trot -ipoo it? left, lly this it ?mIiW anothei
laurel to it? wcath.
j Thl? gallnnt luily, which in a.ery fight baa piare?!
so h:.-h h prut, Bad M tie full it? ?hare in Co battle ol
1 to-d i.v, ondcr Oen, llnn-phrey.
The Ci.rji? I -.\ ..n tl.e? left of onr line, Connecting" with
1 tho tight aitha liftli. and had aomerery rough ground
! tu fight upon, at* vain brave foe to Ight with,
1 in the Rebel Third Corps (under Gen, Dill). In stilt?
?of all, bowcrer. it dro?o tbe enemy m it? front, bock.
? Iteff by ?tep. lo?l'i;; nstiy gallant men In the effort. It
[ m.iy not be too mticli to sny thst from 4:'J0 to dny until
dnrk the Si corn! Cor, ? had rather the most to do, the
ntttire nf the anclad Mlat pine wood??enabling the
?enemy to light ?ttiti!>ornIy. Tu all tbe Corp?, Division
Gpi.erul-, und to Ita Commander ranch praise is due for
it? untiring Valor.
The lice of Hebel defonaca la front est this Ccirn* w.ii
streitiger tl an those ut any other point, and ssaaaajeent
ly the crps hud heavy woik todo. At the ordered
' time, 4 I'D, it inatle an att.-ic k upon tho Hebel line afda
! fens?-* str. tebiug to Ui? Appomuttox, and carried BOM
; of the outer defen?es. Here the Kebcl Second
i Corpa funder Gen. Gordon) fought. It was this body
! th.it mace the nt firat ?occesafnl attm-k upon the line ol
1 the Ninth ('. rp* on the '.'Mh ulr., and to-day iti line w.tt
j in turn uti leh'cl. In the course of the duy th?i Nii.tti
'? Corps delirrfed inuny ?.-mit* upen t!i?? Rebel Una and
MM Vstt asan saeassan but lost many men. Atthi
tad of the di y it i", und its'-lf close up to tho aiiln une ol
the? de ha s but unniiie be go any futther.
1 be l.rst Illusion M tbo Tenth Corps lent It? ?tip
port to the ?.mtb O rp?. und elded It in the gv it w.at
Tl Is nrni w.i? the tint to begin th? great work o:
Itarateg the right of tho enemy, ai d under its du.:!)!
ieud'-r. Qaa. Sheridan, it tedaj aiafad a very high pin
' in the buttle. T?e Fifth Corps sent it strong ?op
pari und to this body it owe? the aid that ena?ded it le
recover from a check and to attack tbe > nei.iy *ga:rj
ander Gen. Fiishtigb Lee, with m<?it of their Firsl
? aOtpe in support of nun. From the hitter vm taken in
the fight mi tho 1st tbe .1,0"D men of I'ieket's Dulslon.
It wn* thntigbt to-day tl.ut ntir caTalrv had got Mini
upon tl.e ei.ttny'? line of retreat upon Lynehburg.
w?? forrred of f-mr Carga in tin? order. On their right
with the i.iv*lr?un the flunk, was the tho F ?rat Corpa,
Next to it ?ft tbe Foorth Cnrp?, tben the Third, ami
Inetlv. with it? left reitit.g upon the Appomattoi, the
BSM .'? i'orpe.
TI. c were Fits I.ee, Hill. Gordon and Anderson,
?ml ander them were lach men as llctb, Wlkox,
Evan? Bad other*.
Coolly directing Its l?ate-- in this crtiii was Gen.Lee,
?'", it unit 1? aaitl. mad?' a hard tight of it and
i ?'.tried ht? muai itbil'ty. He fought *gain*t nooihert
| and mivi'.e the beat ?f it- II.* total BtMS did not exceed
i.?',*,??j Ban af ?ll ?rni.
801 LOP8ES.
It it not eaay to gu?i? at our io??ei today. I think
, r at e,f*?J men iu hII will cover it. The Ninth Corps
? t ii oat, Bad next to it the Second. The lose i* not st
all ? .nal to the great result? g.lned.
I>r.rin?7 the day I saw- some C 000 prisotjere taken
ateM the center nf our l:ne; and I thiuk the total asm
bet taken to day may latan? s hoc to bf,ME men,
I have heard on'y af tho nain? af Gen. Git boni aa on
the list of kil.rcl i if met- ..f leeeer note there was (icD.
Gnat, in emmam! of a brigade of the First l?ivi?lon
SUth Corpa, ?tul I ol?. C'roaliy, Mit l'a. and Holt, 4,>th
New York, Doth dead, and of the First Division Sixth
To-Borrow great re?nlta are looked for. r. D.
AMOciisto?! Pris? triwiinll.
llltJBI?. oFTH? Aliar OK THE I'mOMAC. ?
April ii. tasa, S
The mont important victory the Army of the
Potomne has e?er gmne.1 In Virginia was won lo day.
mil the out? r line of work?, which wo have l?ren trying
in vuln for n.-u ihi to overcome, haa at last yielded to
oor vict?irious arms, and the gie?vler portloB of this
army are to tight within a mil* and a half of th? city
on MB south-west ?ide.
The?trugglo m.do by the enemy to retain theie
works hss been of the iuo?t dtssperat? chareeter. and
for the sueco?? obtained to ?lay we are Indebted not
mily to the strategy ex?i cised by the commanders, but
to the overwhelming number? aud bravery of the troop*
(hat did the work.
1 he orders for an attack on the Una east and south of
Petersburg by the Sixth and Ninth Ceri? were carried
ont punctually at daylight, the artillery having been
hammering away the greater part of the night ?vio:.g
the entire line held by the ubove corps.
Such a furious cannonade ha? very seldom been beard
?Inraig the wir?not even surpassed by thst which wss
heard on the occasion of the Batet exploaion in front of
Th? Ninth Corpa troop? engage* In the action wer*
the Second and Third Division? and Col. Samuel Harri
uii'.'? Urigade of the Pint Division.
Tho charge was made In front of Kurts Hell and Hice,
on the Jerusalem Ko il, snd were so far SBCcessful that
bv - a. in. we were in possession of three fortification!,
Fort lilahone being the most elaborate aud extensive.
Tbete works contained fourteen guns, tome of which
were it once opened ou the eaetny by men belonging to
our infantry regiments.
Just inside and about 100 yards from Fort Mah.-ne
was another work, to which the Rebels retreated, and
from wheniy they threw a most destructive fire npon
our men, causing tbem to retire from the northern end,
where the Kctielt made a dath, thinking to recover it
entirely, but the pun? on the right wiug as well as la
the center had been manned and ?hotted, and the
a s iilanis were driven back.
From tint time till lute In the afteraooa the struggle
oontinned, Iho enemy using every effort to recover the
fort, while our men sere ?? determined to retain poa
icinion of what they had fought to hard and pu.d aw
ieurly for.
About noon the chance* seemed that we should loae
it, luit soon after the Provisional Hi Igude, under Gen.
C'ollit, and the Kngineer Urigade, under (jen. Itenham,
with Oen. Hainlm'? Brigade, of tho Sixth Corps, cam?
>n the ground, and by their timely arrival eaved the
reliant men In the fort from capture, and agaia caused
the enemy to retire.
The fins whleh r*lned on the ground ?nd ?round thi?
fort was of the moat terrible and fearful character, and
o ?tend and aee our men advance on a run t! rough the
:..? very thickest of it, many of them being torn to
;.le?-ee and lo?t to sight before they orossed half the dl?
;ance, waa a sight not ?oon to be forgotten.
At dark the position of the contestant? waa the eame
ta during the day.
lieu. WUO0X.W1M wt of hli DiTUIoB.made bo Mtaok i
in freret of IVat afcGllvery, near the Appomattox, s ne
took part of the line, bnt was soon after forced to ?tlr
to bis former poaitaon, owing to lack of ?npports?
Thelo??oftb* Ninth Corpa will reach from 800 t
1,000 lu kitted, wounded and prisoner*, among when
are Gen. Potter, command leg the Second D.rioion, trb
is badly wonnded in tbe groin, but not fatally, it i
thought; CoL Getcl>!i of the 31st Mslne, ?evorcly
Major Bolton, 31tt Maine, severely; CoL Gregg ant
Lit'utensnt-Coh Win Ijw of the 173th New York
wouuded; Major M?now of the 90r>th Pennylvania,
lo?t a leg; Lieut. Atcm.. r of tho aim? regiment killed
T!. i Corpa has tetM J : ?un?, abont COO prisoner?, ant!
two battle flags. Tho hi'.isr were taken by tea '21 Ht
j T'e -jixfh Corp? strnck tbe enemy'? line In front ol
?Fart Welch, near Its celebrated leal works, and car?
ried tbern with s cry slight Iuas. They ?t osee pathe-d
for the South * i,e Kaiirca;!, which th.-y reached abont
''J o'clock, and in a very *h?rt t mo sevetal nii>H ol
I it was torn op and destroyed. Thoy then mored on
divrn towaid Petersburg, d iving the Bebet before
them MMM Tow n Run and into tl.etr inner lina omot
to the city. Tti.'y took a ?urge ntrmber of prisoner?,
auoct 2.ceo, and tome liO puns.
EM attsok on t1 c inner lip* ! as been made n'yet, as
the position il a strong oi c. ?nd will ?itheT be defended
to the lost or evacuated during the night. Tbe Twenty -
fiiuith Cnrp?, buldin . the line north of ITHtcher'a Run
ami south of the Eunei-n Road, connecting with tho
Sixth ?Corps on tbe I gbt and the Second on the left,
?tlranccl at dnyiight and took the worka in their front
with alight loss. ? ver oi.o thousand prisoners were
nateanl here. The troo s were letter'? and Torner'a
Division?, under Gen. Gihlon?. Tbey were eupport*d
by the C?ilorod Hivi-iuti si ti e Twenty-Fifth Corps, but
the latter did nd cet Let. Sat. a.
The Seenrt Corp*. vtb h hel i the une from tlio Ron,
a mil-aida half? iflt af t'.o 1'oydtnwn Koad, to over a
n i!i! wi it of it. del*, od u'.vjncing until SI cridan, with
the iM?lb Corp?, t?ot v.iit.lii supporting tlt-nnce on tho
extremo left, when the entire line moved forward, car?
rying the work? almost without opnn*itIon.
The enemy was fou. d tobsve f?llen back from tin?
pstt nt the line, ow,i g to the Sixth Corps cu'tinir thetn
?ff, they having leuelert the Sect side Read eailyii?
the tore:.'ion, at I were busy la tearing It np. 'L'ris, of
' course, cot tbe Ho e! ar? y in tant, and tii" two Divis?
ions, thus caught he?ween tbe Sixth and Second < orpa,
?tonta itartetl sens? the SoeShelde Bead townril ?h?
rAppomattox, hoping te ta able to ford it, :md thus
cse;?po enpture. Lot it arpc.ia t! t y ran ngaiipt Shaft?
din, nnd, ptutir.g on a L? lei issnMMMR Manl RhMf
M filht.
i Ni-w? to this rfTr-ct pneblsg he nli?n ittcr?, two
, D)vi?inra of the Second c?irr* van al san mm telsak
I and, if possible, coptuie the entire command. Our
1 losses dariag iMttaj aaaaM Itagteaa? but, itisbe
'? lievod. two t!.otis.r,d ni'l cover tfcetn. Maty raiuaUe
atinan ?re m; ii! i t s an !,<t, whose uuuic?, however.
' uro not obtainable to-nti It.
! Our capture? a ill sum up about t'.COO prisoner* and ?if
' gnus, including t?.< se t.ken by G? u, Sheridan ye?tcr
The loa? of the n.emr in killed and wounded 1? net
estimate:!; butin ?i ? i.t. f lie Ninth Coq* tbey lie ?sit
the arrasad very fhic . fcr there they were mowed
i ??own by tbe Landre , at east elicit to regain thc.r lost
1 ground.
i Gen. Ramon- is badly woun'ed and a priioner in our
banda lie wn ha nd a; a Louse on the Boyltow a
Ruad, tinta which if was danger o s to more Him.
Gen A. lb Hill 1- suited ?.illed by prisoner*.
Mo.m.st, April3? *i?a. m.
Toten-Lurg is eiife-. The Second Rnpade*,
J First Division, Ninth Corps, tool; ;otsc*8ion this morn
uig at daylight
WibMMMVMs, Tuesday, Apill 4, btsa.
A pa-aenger from City Foitit, who left there?
learlyy rtterdav rr.ornii g, isva:
? " Lole on Snmlay nisrl t our nan commence?! laying a
r ill r .id trick from PukiU't Stsimn to Petersburg, a
.distance of three mile*; and a??o bagan throwing
bridges over tbe river, the former ones having trseudr
j Itroyed.
) " We h?d heretofore occupied ?even mile* of the road
f.-nm City 1'oiut to I'lr'ai .'* Station, and tbe weak Bow
I in progress v i,i estai Liait tbo complete line ten miles
i from City 1'oint to I'cenburg.
j "'Duly a few hour? ore r?sqn:rec! toestabllah telegraph
, communication with all points.
I " Very little property w u* dt-tlroycd by the Rebel? In
Petersburg, who, duting Sunday night, made abaste
"President Lincoln wa? at City Point ynterday
morning, tmt mInojMIMJ visited Petersburg.
I "It w?t ?,',!? sed there that Lee was endeavoring to
*?e*pe by way of the Danville Retinad, and a portion of
our sriny *u foilnwiug in that dire.'tinn."
No particular* had bertn received no to th? hour the
p?jteeager left City Point.
I* BnltiMOrr.
Hai rnioi r, Tuetday, April 4, l.-r."..
There was a great rejoicing thrtiughont tin?
cltr. Many public and pr?valo building* wer* ill um I
! nated.
! Tke American and Clipper newspaper offices ware dec
?-rated with Hag* and illuminated. At The American
; olfice a stand w as erected, aud a band of music waa In
i ?ttendauce. Speeches were made toa veal gathering
which t'.ror.gttl It* street.
The front of tke building wai decorated with the
word " l'mon ' in jet? of gea.
A teinte of 1<JU guns wa? fired from Federal Bill
today in honor of the fall of Richmond.
B* Williaaasswarf.
VrtTUASsrOKT, Pat, Tuesday, April 4, 1R63.
The great eist ?-icilcmeiit lia-t pri-vaileil here
to?day. 4luu? were Mini, and a general diipligr of fire
? works wa? madu tins eveung In honor of tht capture
?of lUcbmoniL
I* Darrlahnrg.
llAiiiiisKriiii, Tuesday, April!, IK..*-.
i Guv. Ctirtin lu? leaned a pnulaiuatiou call?
ing on the people of the Common? BBsM to aaaeinble ia
their place? of worship on Sniutay next, and rendei
thanks to Almighty t.od tor ..il his mercies, and e?pe
dally for that he hat been graciously pleuted to look
favors I ly on ut ntid mas?* us the instruments to stub
lieh tho rig!: to vindicate the principles of Free (lor
erument, and to prove the certaiuty of Divino JoitJea.
In Philudelpbi*.
Philaorli HiA, Tuesday, April 4, 1WW.
Til* Union Li-iij?iie liad a formal and ?olemn
celebration at th? recent great victories thi? afternoon
in front of the State iliuise. A lalg* number o? clergy
men et different ?leuoniination? paiticlpate?!. A laigt
eoncourte of citi/en? witnesaed i ..- ceremonies, Ad
ttrestes were delivered by Charlea Gibbons, th? Kev
Dr. Uraiucrd, and oder?.
I* libar*.
InuCA. Tuesday, April 4, list?.
Ont-hundred giuis vara tired hora to-day, IhjJIi
rung, and expression! of Joy ware universal at'the cap
ture of ltichmiiud.
Ia Ro?iod.
It, srtix. Tuesday, April 4, lists.
There was a etch?. meeting ut citizeoa in Fan
euil Lfall this afternoon to congfutulate each other on
Un- fell of Iticbniond. Mayor Lincoln presided, sr.J
?pt-eche? ?ere msde by Senator Wilson, llobert C
H Inthrop. and others.
(?ov. Andrew to-day sent to the I-epi.l.-iiure an do
'punt cuiigraiulatori aUiirea? on our late gleat victo
Th* ai. a It?* m Raider*.
Homkkai, Tuesday, April i, IMS.
Much excitement prevails here at the threat?
ened attempt to rescue the raiders.
It is rcmored that a letter has been received frot?
S?er*iAiry Reward deelariag that, ta view tt the act's*
taken by the Canadian Government for oi-nspiraoy aad
breach of ueutr ihty. the Vnlted 8tatea (Kiveisawnl
?on Id go bo further with the demand tor exTradltloo
."uith.-r proceedings will tete paaas ia 0p?par Casada.
tt the plot? are knows all to originale there.
Dealt? *f RlsJe*?.Os*. B'Bawal.
PiiiLsDeiTFOs. Tteeday, April ?J. litt.
A siwcial dispatch to Tht BmiUti* aayi that
kfaJor-Oen. Baasel of tie TwBDt7 ?M QtXJk. wa?
tillad In tht lata battle.

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