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V0L-XLIIi...K?* 13*489
London, Oct. 20.?Political interest this -week is
divided between tho grout Reform Congress at
Leeds and a brilliant article iu The Quartirly lUvieic
attributed to Lord Salisbury. The Reformers had
the advantage of the presence and counsel of Mr.
John Bright. They suggest that the Reform ques?
tion should be dealt with in two separate measures:
first, in tho assimilation of borough and county
franchise at the next session of Parliament; and
secondly, in the following, in the redistribution of
Parliamentary seats. Hitherto the Reform bill has
stood taltal the County Government and the Lon?
don Corporation bills. Mr. Herbert Gladstone says
that tlie ffiihiro of the present Parliament to deal
with Ita la** two ??? ^?uld b? a public
calamity. Consequently it is doubtful if tho Gov?
ernment will adopt the decisions of the Leeds Con?
ference. It is moro likely that tho Reform
question will take tho natural order, wi ml inn
up the work of the present Government, being full
of difficulties which may possibly lead to a dissolu?
tion. The Lords can throw out any bill and lnu.-t
be reckoned with. Tho Tories in tho Commons
?will demand tho presentation of the scheme cn b'oc.
in order to gain help bom tho constituencies that
are threatened with extinction.
Then the Irish franchises will supply tho serious
crru. The Nationalists will demand equality with
England, while the Iri-h Tories .-ay that household
suffrage will swamp them. The action of the Gov?
ernment here will either irritate or st i vu ".'then the
Parnellitos in important results.
Tho Leeds meeting made no declaration on the
Irish claims, but heard Mr. John Bright's daughter
on the expediency of giving women a Parliamentary
Tote, and declared in its favor.
tim: tony i-OLtCY for ir.' land.
Tho atticlo in Hie 0N4rnr*J Butt* ll >ignilh ant.
It supports the views of Bit Stafford Northcote ia
relation to Ireland.and shows the Tory leaders to be
in accord in thinking that tho disintegration
tactics of tho Liberals must be opposed Sad the
Whigs DC Implored to a*si.-.t the Conservatives, and
in pronouncing the reform of the local government
in Iri-h counties to be dangerous, as leading Inevit?
ably to Hoino Rule, and tho latter as certainly to
the abolitiou of tho Union aud thc disruption of the
Empire. Such is the Tory policy for Ireland. Iht
ftsaasrd -ays that the article is melodramatic, and
condemns the author as unwilling to trust the
Conservative instincts of the country.
French affairs obtain much attention. Theltaaa
tn ve incidents promise a speedy arrangement in spite
of the clamor of tin1 pres-. The Ferry Cabinet ? il!
comiH.-n.sate Mr. Shaw and apologize for the affront
to the English authorities.
M. Ferry is prepared to tight tho Radicals hore as
elsewhere. He struck tho first blow in Normandy
and has tho support of all tho moderate men.
Iii-l?>-ition is greatly improved. The weak point
is his foreign policy. The treaty with the King of
Anani causes grave disquiet in Paris. Anam has
become a French province, aud its defence is wholly
guaranteed by the Republic. The suzerainty of
China is abolished lu Tonquin. Nothing prevents
an attack ou Sontay. France hopes that China will
recognize these facts aud come to terms, but there
are no signs of surrender. On tho other hand,
China is preparing to blockade (.'auton. M. Har?
man*, the Civil Commissioner, estimates that it
will cost France eight millions to conquer the delta
against China.
The contemplated withdrawal from Egypt is dis?
turbing financial circles and a panie is not improb?
able later on. The troon oattaook of cholera is not
regarded as serious. It will hasten lather than pr. -
vent the return of the troops.
The surrender of Cetewayo is anothei CiSllwiBSS
oieut to Mr. Gladstone. It has already been said
that he should not have been arrested, and that the
Government should have adhered to the isilicy of
non-intervention. This from liberal! foretells a
warm discussion, tad a clear collapse in Zululand
must injure the Ministry.
The position of Ireland is causing apprehension.
The Paruellite invasion of Ulster will turing coi tain
trouble. The Orangemen threaten a counter dem?
onstration on every Ot BSOloa, and Ita only way out
of the diilienlty is to madelle meetings \s hoi. -ale.
Naturally Lord Spencer hesitates to do this, hut if a
collision happens it will amount lo a national dis?
aster. MeoawhUeagrarian crime is again snowing
its head.
lui kai itu: AM) mi: OSAMA.
Mr. Trollope's autobiography ll the event of the
"eek in literary circles. It is one of the mo-t
nteresting works anion ta has written. His
views on siieecKsful novel-writing are sadly con?
tradictory of his previous deliverance that the only
requisites wen- pen, ink and paix-r.
" Ihe Sailor sad His Lass," a melodrama pto*
ileef at Drury Lane, and the work of Mr. Robert
Bu< hanan and Mr. Augustus Harris (the manag.n,
li most ofteuMve in its realism. For no ?lllpOOS Ita
dynamite explosion at Westminster ls illustrated,
tappily in a most laeffa the fashion, and one secs
?ll the details of a Newgate execution save the
*c-tual death, which is omitted probably not lodo
"'"'? Ita rea li ..tie triumph. Mr. Robert Mie. hanan
publicly suggests that the critics are eithei bi [bed
? malicious.
Th* Midland Company have purchased tho Pull
BAn retiing OtOeh running on their line and DtOpOM
?introduce real Americau train service.
London is fast refilling after the holidays. On
Saturday next the Lord Chancellor's son will SMI IJ
Lord Salisbury's daughter. Tho wedding of Lord
Wraoylo (Lord Cairns'* eldest eon) and Miss For?
tescue (au actrt^, is Btil, ,n th(J air G w 8
Lisbon, Oct. 20.-The mail steamer from the
k-OLgo River arrived here to-day. Uv her it is learned
?*t the urnvai ^ C(mg0 yf ^ Fmll.rit:k <;?,,,_
f??t ou September 18 created some sensation then.
*a*wet to inquiries, Sir Frederick statod that the
Object of his journey was to examine tho work that
had already been done, but if any difficulties oc?
curred rendering action on the part of the English
Government desirable, he would i adeavor to ob?
tain it. It is reported that M. de Rrazza, the French
explorer, arrived at Stanley Pool without suflicient
appliances to enable him to proceed further up tho
Congo River. M. do Ilra/za will probably meet
Henry M. Stanley when tho latter Mums from
Stanley Fells, and it is expected that the greetings
between the two rival explorers will be cordial.
London. Oct. 20.?At an Irish National League
meeline held hore hist night nresolution was passed
expressing surprise and pleasure af Gie tenor of
tho speech delivered by Lord Chief Jostles
Coleridge at the reception given him by tho New
York State Bar Association. Tho resolution cx
piasSOS the hope that tho principles enunciated in
that address will be applied by the British Govern?
ment to Ireland and sJsO that the American tour of
Lord Coleridge will serve to enlarge his views nod
enable him to advocate self-government for
Dun in, Oct. 20.? /7/C fraanaa'i /essaeidearaads
that the Government shall prosecute the leaders of
the Orange meeting held nt Roslea on October in,
the atti inlants OB which, it states, were armed. It
also atys that the speeches delivered at the meet?
ing indicated au intention lo intimidate the
National League meeting, which was legally held
at the same time.
Dtiii.iN, Oi t. 'Jt>.-Mr. Parnell has accepted an
invitation from tie'promoters of Ita Pernell testi?
monial fund |0 atti nd a banquet IO be given III his
honor in tho Rotunda on December 10.
A Bomber of Dish National Lennie meetings, an?
nounced to bo held in County Cork to-morrow, hSTC
boen prohibited by the authorities.
Earl Spent er, the Lord-Lieutenant, end Lady
Spencer have left Dublin for Englsad, where they
propose to remsia a considerable time. They atD
ko first to Hawarden castle, the residence of Mr.
Gladstone, to pey a vi^it to the Prime Minister.
Lon DOM, Oct. 20.?Three shocks of earthquake
in quick sacosssion were felt ai Gibraltar shortly
after midnight and .motin r at '2 o'clock this morn?
ing. The diieetion of the movement was from north
to math. The duration of Ita shock 1 aas from ten
to twelve seconds.
The Constantinople correspond* nt of las lassa
raphs that the reports to Ita Qorernmenl of
the recent earthquake in Anatolia say thal the
newspaper accoaufs thereof here btomIj magnified
the number of death resultingtberefrom. Slight
shocks of earthquake con tinto t.. bo felt in Anatolia
? ?
Madrid, Oct. 'JO.?The liinjstei of Finance
and the Minister of Foreign Affairs yee
received Ita delegates of the Tar?
iff Refolm Society. The former stated lo
the delegation 1 h.it he boped to be ebie tointtodooe
all the financial n forms that the count! v 1 Miuiri d.
The Foreign Minister seid be would da Liautmos1
to conclude deities of conni., 111 between Spain
and all other nations.
Baun-iky, Ehg* Oct. '_'(?.?The men eagafsd in
the work of sserohing for the bodies of tbs 1 letims
of the erpiosion in the Whann lille Carlton Colliery
worked all night removing tho debris of the fallen
roof. Twcl\c bodies hey thus fer been recovered.
COLnMiiM, Ceylon, Oct. 20.?Wilfrid Bloat, who
was active in organizing the defence of Arabi I'm ha
and other prominent Egyptian officers whoa they
wen-tried for rebellion against tlc- Khedive in De
(?ember, l*^', hus arrived here in company with
his wife. Arabi Parin and the other Egyptian
exiles, together with the principe] native Mahom?
etans of Colombo, went on ooerd the steamer,
where they ext.mbd a cordi.d welcome to Mr.
Blunt and his wife and presented them erith aa
address in a Burel < ssket
? ?
Rome, Oct. 20.?The Pops i> preparing en eDoea
lion upon Ita condition of the Catholic Cbnreh.
He has summoned the Archbishop of Vienna to
Rome, it is probable that ta aili be crested a
Algiers, Oct. -"?.-The repori of the death of the
Algerian insurgent chief si gilman ls confirmed lb
was invited to a feast by two other chief,, whoslen
and decapitated him, sud sent his bead ss a present
to the Sultan of HoTOCCO,
IIai.ii AX, Ort. 20.?The stennet- Scotia has
arrived fiuin Bi .lutiii'-, N. I'.. brtagfag fomteSO f-rili.oii
an'l 160 steerage BeeSSBgetS from the National Lim
ateemsrCsnaaa*wueh sal han st. jetsamsdkaaastedos
October7. 'vu-y aers roost red here by B. ii. Low, ot
ttie New Yolk SBSSe of the cnuipaii'. , Tie- I iloni passen?
gers Stetted l>.V train fm New York this evcnliur. The
hticrave pesseogera raaaaha ee boord isa flnotla. ahliili
?tarts for New Yoi k to?atgkt The rOBMteOf of the
Canada's passengers, sixty-eight saloon, mn doe Len?
in monow In the Nora Si olia, ami will go hv lill on
Monda} morn Ins; foi their destination, roaching lhere on
Wednesday, The passenger* are all well. The Canada
will he delayed for asms weeks si st. Joke's.
Di m.tv, Oct. 20.. George Hamilton chiches?
ter, tue Marquis of Donegal, ls dead. BS ess hors l-l'
| rm:ry io, 1701. He ass a Knight ( Yinni,and. r of the
: Legion or Honor, Ai?i. de-Camp to tee Pjawi ami bed
served la tee 1*111 sad Tih Hussars
NOTES FROM lill; dominion.
Qi tm C, Oct. '-'<>.?A farewell ball was given
ia Masse Hali bast Dight hy etttssnstotee Margate ol
Italie 1,ml the Pitt* SM IsattSS. 'I In allah wa* a brilliant
BU , . --.
A farewell address on the part of the < Iti/.-u^ wa- pre
?-eiited to Lord Lom tote aft reese. Reaasdeerepij la
Ike Preaoh hasgesgs.
Lotg Landsdowne, whose arrival bete ls Bipeoleg, will
-jiroliahly reuiain on board the aksSSSSI until Monday
luoniiiK.', winn in- win be nut ami assorted te tko Nea
Parliament House. After the bow QoTernor-tioaeral baa
beOB -worn in, Lord Lame Will dean ml from the .lain iiml
i-i\, place to hi- 'nie -or, who will he 1-' ..iii il io Musk
Hall to receive aa addreM from tin dtteeas of Qaebae.
Warrants have boee taken ont ageisel persons for elr
(?lllatln-' raise ii jun 1- ,, - (., ||J(j ninon lal TtBBltfBg of ilruii.
lu this etty.
Ha! ii 4Z, Oi !. JO. ? I'loin late advice lt ls harnell that
the fisheries of the Cap ? linton eoa-t haw, BS a whole,
not proved pioilfiiiile, Along the aorthern part of the
Island < onaiderable na oess has attended the nod fishery,
hui all along the ooast tue herrtui Bakery baa proved ?
Ottawa, O t 80. The subscription Itel for tin- Oorern
meal of Canada loan ol 14,000,000 lo -i per peal eurreney
bonds waa ' ? loied io il.iv. iii- understood thal a Bamber
of tenden have been received. Tbs alhHimaU adi i><
aiada .1- soon ai poaslhlo
Itostoarro, oct. 20. Ike settee isreegM by a colored
man agafesl the syksdees Bebaol Boardteessspslltte
a.iiiiit his tsagkter te tka Pebtk I aettal fh bsal bes boee
decided in favor of the defendants. The trustees pleaded
that tin- girl wa- n lu I d adlaktaloB OB ai co in! of want of
spss* _ ^_
BKRUN, Oct. ?.0.?-To-day wan tlie la-t day of the elec?
tions for ineinliers of the Coiiunon Council, All the Lts>
adulates ?? re i looted.
Lovixiv, Oat, "JO. Oim rul Sir Kvelvn Wood, eom
iiiaiider Sf the Hiitl-h forcett lu Kg) bl. who lins BSSO
BSloeraBBg SS Kngbind for some tina-, Bas started sat his
return te bgypt
IgHrOOSL Oct. 'JO. - fha i ertilli ate of ori'.iilzatloil of the
New American, Britte!) ami Continents] Cable Company,
with a capital oi i 1,500,000, hes been registered hen-.
JyOMMiS, Oct. M. 'I In-e<h luated ? hale.ui BaksBgtBg to
Piiin e c/aitoi -kl. at Btealawa, In Austrian (.alicia, hus
been destroyed by Ure, entailing a lo-- m -siaio.ooo.
.-, \, Oct 80. -An avai.un he at As.il'i. Iii Calanla.
yesterday, buried fix men who were working SB a i .ul
way, five of whom were killed.
jiuuxs, OcU iii).-Trichinosis continue* to spread lu thc
vicinity of Krmsteben, In Prussian Saxony. The doctors
there, fear that 'JO |xr OSSt of the cases will ronnlt fatally.
1'ARIS Oct, 20.?It is reported that the party of the Lx
trenaeLeft will, upon the assembling of the Cbiunlier of
Deputies, offer a motion demanding tho expulsion of tho
Orleans Primes from Prance.
THE FBOSTED hil I,.tl Ol UH. M'lll ll WEST.
THC. nnot'TU,
[BT TFLEGRAI'll TD nm rasOBI ]
St. Pall, Oct. 20.?Further reports received
from thc districts in which the wheat was said to have
tuen frozen corroborate the statement that the stories
ftrst set afloat were exaggerated. Damaged wheat still
continues to arrive lu various conditions, some of
lt hem*.' almost entirely unfit for use while some lots show
only slight truces of damage. The effect hos undoubtedly
bOSai to lower thc grade of Ile.ii ty all wheat ree, ived from
the districts w In re tim wheat waa frozen. Twenty-eight
cars of wheat wt rc re.alvcd to da) and Bested ns con
essssed. One lot of two cars was sold outsido at $1 Ul
while the s|M.t price for No. 1 Hard ass fl 0*2>u. Other
ISSI Sate SOU ky sample at pried ranging from *7 cents
to 08 cents. It seems that all tho country dealers have
not yet dteeerered Ha tannage, and continue to grade it
as not nurd and not Regular, only to have lt reported
when lt reaches thia etty. Mr. Stevena, manager of the
Palisade Mill, ssld that a cur of wheat consigned to his
min, traded aa Wo. 1 Hard hythe County Inspector, was
iee.!\e;| ventei ila V. alni tile Inspector* lure refused to
grade it af all, claiming that ll was too poor to he S0flS0
Buen Instances are very rare however, and a large pro
portion of tko grain received Is only slightly dan
The " hulls" are inclined to make the mosl of tin
and nome of Hiern claim that tim entire
clop of the Ked Hiv. i Valley U destroyed, and
that very little good wheat will DC reoetTOd here. A
member nf a prominent oommtesJon linn said that he
spent much time Last ? immer looking at the effect
drouth In the Bed Uiver Valley, and he claim
wherever the drouth occurred there will he found fi
wheat He aayi thal the drouth kept the grain from
ripening before the frost eaaoe, ami mat the Wheel was
really ruined last summer.
in ii;--at-iaw cumi'siim; tiii: RIOBT <>:
i i --mt ruga.
[bt Tit romilt ro Tan ransell a.]
Ithaca, N. Y., Oct, 30*? An order t<> show
eeast aky las ts >i rn tti. ?.t ot tko Bake estate skoald
not he openei!, and the heirs at I.nv of Jennie McGraw
l'l.-ke tm jieniillt. d to . one In and i oiite^! thc legacy tO
IkeUetrentty,ass today served upon Henry gr. gage
tressa of tee Boord of Xreetees. The petition etoo
ehilms that, If the PnUeisltv cannot take the lagaelSS,
tee tamo seenM rnimn le the seiri ii lae tnsu at of to
Professor flake.
Two petttloes conti ..ting the right of Pn '? - St FlstS to
take, In the event of the ClilMI sit \ "s heil
?!. \>i M to 'I !? Ul d wtth
petition tasUraedby Jaaser McGra* md-.
In. wlfi . ol (thai i, N. \ . lUtbworth a
rina, bte wife, of Rochelle, DI.; Harsh A W a e. William
Bouthworth and Ella W.. his wif. ; Albert Bouthworth
and Dlantha, bte wife, and Hiram W Bears, ot Dryden,
Cf. Y? and John ". Beam mel Kathi tim-, hts wife, ol
(i- w< fro, N. '. '1M til -"I I" signed bj I
McGraw, cf '? \ I
? rni.-tt. iii i hush md. of Ithaca,)) 'i .
- I; I ii: -,-, 11|
I. uni, and J.ph '?? " ? and I . M
of Bay City, alli h. I liesc I i-t ti uned p, -.
are the",hlldn ii of .l.i-i ph Mi Ciraw, of Ithaca, an un
lug a hrothi r of ber father, the
late john McOi ia rbej rlsim ondcj ? provteton in
McGraw's will lo the eoVcl Dial In Dm rvent thal
? McGraw should die Inl of ber
pi ?!? :t\, t i it pro] Mun of In r
uinle, Joseph HcOravt above named. Joseph M
???i that he ls the nstnrel heir at law,
Loan i m KBllHih \i itu i .!/?//? ti.
ni- ciiiu-iai. nu.' i-iiiiv -iii: tiam MOCJn
\ t axon.
[BT Tl.i lonou IQ mr mitti
WAgHTJta row,' 'et. 30.?Lsord' lolei iii.-- ari [I
here ha* Keru a pfc
pr. me Court Jadgea, Ike Preaiilent, tim Cabinet sud
left nothing andona Ukat weald edd
to bia i.im'i'ii rn- i wan n -
l'n nidi nt am ot a sasel cordial aharaeter, sad wan a
kV el in lui stay bare. Tko vi-n I
Bopreme Court and lo fhi White lion-, andi Mpttoihaa
bose fell of hmsrssl te ska. Ttedineen bj tte
J um l co mid Aosoeoses Jessica Herne Gray, and
ahm the recepDon, at whl. h ffaakrngtco'i be?t
socletj wai , p to Mount Vernon,
will be lout remembered bj Lord Coleridge. Ut
that - tbs trip I" Mount v< rnoB
to America." Heaeemed deeplj agVcted while al Wiwh
burton's ti-tm.' place and home, and viewed illenUj Its
mauy relic*.
On D>e whole Waahington win rank next to rTew-Torl
with I/.rd Coleridgi m a place long to bc remen
He leaves on Mondai for Hen York, having sn ei
men! M I'll William ll. \ amt is 1! to dine il.. I alf. I
opening of tin nea opera-house. Chief Justlci
takes Ulm to ilnir < h to monow.
OIL Alto mini itu. PBIVTLMltM -oki) FOB uah a
mu I.ins hoi LABS.
[n ni i oi un ro i mk rnmostt.]
Pittsbi go, Oct. 20,?A lu mt seren jeni
seeespeayof IltasvUte eapttallate seemed the og and
mineral prh Itegea of BOtOOO * rc. of land in Gtlmoar and
Braeksa counties, (fool virgtniu. Thin lead aaa been sold
to Booloo sad BOSttSaSrS men for half a
intiiion doii.ii.. lin- trsaoaetfoo ??< stoeod in BarUmon
yoatsrdey, and the conditions aero half esoh
mid the hid.mee In one. year. The new eattStl
Mill illilliedlateli OpOTStS for oil. The -ilifme indi, i
DOW arr tine. The land lavs nliout thi- BSBasdl
Dasi the illngkanj htenetssaeMaa) tim BnsUerdetetrtel
il..-, nml the oil In aiing roi U of lin- two ls hlinllu.
BotU>Bay hil nile.il. Thro a uiii wa
In (illuioiir County. The oil ls ulng roch
stniek at ? depth of |,ggg feet. \Vh-!i
thr drill hiMi pierced the rook about nm
feet Hie hole lieg.iu to fill .11> J ho drill
was di awn, tin- hole plnggi d ami kV
?iireess kept ,t secret 'li"- peraoBaintereatedar*em
pimii. in tm b-aase.? thal Weal \ ubinia and Kcniuck)
nie Iii i i.nilng oil pIoillI.JlIK e. hi.. .
mr n LSOBAfB rome mmpen.]
St. I'm i., .Minn., Oct. 20.?Twoyonnf men,
Adams and Bam I, W Bl to a claim they had t |gj n BkOSd
forty mile- akora Haw-on, Dekosa, sad stetted le letuis
In a Miij-'oii. A In,ny BBOW-StOtBI coming np, they eon
Cloded tO Stop m the bOOSe Of one Doria. The driver,
he wo ret, weet oe toa ard Dae sow, and hg Qm young men
out shout n mile from DnffcTa koaao. naram aflat wald
appeared el Deasoaaad etssed that hteeosspeafeawm
lo I mi the pr, ilile. They had loot lin lr wey tn thc miom
Btom, and had -littered Intently Barnet eat rn d Ad nn
m in n the latter became exkaueted, nut Dnally had lo
leave htan la a ravine. He then struck out and ftnallj
crawled luto Crystal .springs, forty aiUeaaway. Dewson
iK-opie are searcklng for Ad.hum, who rcoeuDy cann from
New York btata.
[uv ii.ii.i.HAiii in nm lunn aa.]
Sii:a 11 ui:i>, Donn., Oct. 20, On the 0ro
oii.|inioadi-tiiml-oiieof the old. - I dwellliu.'-ls thi-aiicleiil,
lean. Koopsag asodtaalnsartteportetetesa aha tree,
probably lee sMsel sad lergaat in tim Mate, lu this
benet bag evening Mr. Baas Matta aotessaled htesJeetteth
I. li Hid. a. 'lime gi neiallom. gathered lo honor the rot
ii.m. Ml. U< ll. lou. kepi ii K""I 'V Stars lin mori tloili
ii ' -lived under even President, and kat
voi. d ai every Presidential ela Doe sim a 1816.
[nv nxaosurfl ro mg rsna ag,]
LOCKPOBT, N. V., O.t. 20.?'Di,, widdy
cirenlateil lOBSStlOBSl SSOrtSS of a Loekperi lady who li.nl
: bashes <>f gaM weteh eh.du toreed into ber side by
0 Stroke of lightning Minty yearn aga, and Mhich had re?
cently appeared nuder the akhi of her akonldw. wera to
? I.iv proved to in- r.iise. Several physicians lanced tba
ai in mid reiiiov ed the pi oluln ranees. No Mgns of m chain
M. re io,md.
VlSCOVEBlhS or coll) l\ DAI01A
Lamm, Oak, Oct.. un.? [atamge ezdh-nu nt
Jin vail-hen over tin- di-eovery of paH. H. W. OrfS
vvolil, of Chi. ago, made lim ttOBSTery Og his place m o
hen-two month.-ugo. He had one humid il ami thiit.v
samples assayed ami the result showed from *''n to
?SOOpertoe. The nutter was kept aaa i satfl Ortewald
had ????'?ut i.i all Um land la Die vicinity. There taan d
excitement la Dita part of the eovntty, oed crowe
li av lng fol the .-. ne ol the discovery.
? -4>
I'mi.Aiii.i.iMiiA, Ocl. WK?John Phttttpg wan
to dav ai re-ted sad held for a hearing upon a charge pre
feired by his braSher, CkartaS H. Plnlllpx, of New-York, of
Iheeinliiv/leini ni 0/015,000, Tin I di lend.mt vviisriiiploycd
nv but brothel to manar* ms lobsoro-eurlng luisiuertM in
K, and lt ls aUVgcl collected aud iH'propilated to
nts own tue thc sam uuiucd.
Cambriiuik, Mass., Oct. 20.?To-day the scrub
mern of the Harvard boat crews were ta have been
lowell. The crews aero about getting into lina for
tho start in tim first mee, and many students bad
crowded to the front of the two balconies which
stand out from tim river fmnt of tin; Harvard boat?
house, about an equal number on each balcony, all
0 sfsrly atasamg forward to sse the race, when nish
u crash both balconies fare way, piccipitating many
into the river, while many others, who were stand
iug Ott the lower balcony Wein pinned down aud
bruised by thc fall of thc upper balcony upon them.
Tho rain which fell seems to have been providen?
tial in one respect. Ike weather waa not brigit
iiioiil'Ii to al ii ai I a large throng to the scene of tho
prospec!ive sport, nml aside from those who ex?
pected to row probably less than g hundred men
went, to the boat honan.
Tin- balcony is on a level with the second floor of
tho building, about fifteen fest above the piazza ox
tension of tho first door, and extends tho whole
length of tba boat-houee. From tho piazza three
long bridges extend to a large float in tho river.
The tide was at about half flood al the time of tho
accident, end thedietaneefrom the piesse to the
water at the rira hank wat about ten feet, law
ttudenta were on the lower piesse of the boathouse.
The majority of the spectators wen OB tho balcony
above. There nen about seronty-fin students
bore,and sonic twenty-fire others bad climbed to the
rOOf tO get ? better View nf thc 000X00.
The upper clam men wen expected to make aa
exciting rac.-, and th" freshmen, <>f whom live
eights were U) row later, were looked to for a gnat
amount of sport. The ayes of eil tko spectators
wen tamed eagerly to the place <>f starting. Bud*
dooly the middle post topporting the balcony gave
way, the plenk flooring broke in the middle, and
thirty non or non were pre* ipifeted into the nud
and wad 1 of the Cherice.
a seana or oonTcmon*.
An Indescribable .scene of coufruion followed.
Thees a bo were left on the ends ol Us balcony end
those who bad climbed to the roofleeped down on
tin- piazza and into the nod to n-i rn- their friends.
1 l.e .rews down tin- river did not wait for any nord
to etert now, bet palled for lifo ap to tho floats,
riu- -timit; ai :n-i and reedy benda ol the cnaa nen
bard et work with the others. Captain Per?
kins, of the'Vanity crew, took direction "t affeira
and trot all the work possible ont of his lieutenants,
ll.1.1 iii- a men wen pulled lurlplena from the
planks ami a dozen others dragged thcmselres 1.1
? H ki n Irmii tin- ui ul. The iinnt seriously in?
jured wei.- hud mi the boathou-e floor end brandy
and wah i acre brought fur their relief. Phj liciens
and cerriegea were immediately somnoned, and the
boneo e ss cb in d of ail w bo wen not et work i ai
lng for the Injon ?!.
in. min wiin w gfttt D rtXBBD.
I ...'? nek s Meed, of Booton, ? Freshman,
Pound to bi rory seriously inland internally
and badly bruised about thc bead and body. Sis
condition to-night is extremely critical, and the
physiciane hardlj anticipated oilier than en uufa
? i? -ult from his Injarieai but leter they
onioned a thorough examination of their patient,
ami timi th.if what was thought tO have
ie ea a tracton of the skull ls monly
n anp .t : thai th re is nothing to
??? f. r.ous internal Injuries, and that
aside fmin the shock to the nervous
?yetem tm onlj materiel injury bi s treeton of tbs
right lei- mst ettore tbs ankle, ii. is ri ry oomforte
bie and eil] recover.
Most of the otin-rs who ure errionsly injured on
loirf internally, but nil of them w ll n cover. Their
oemi i ? ? i teined are a-, (olio* i:
J, A. White, s< iimr, of Williemsport, Penn., inter
nally injured.
E. II. Allen, Freshman, of I ?. internally
? lld Ililli broken.
I.. P. Frost, sophomore. Of Boston, injured about
the lnad and bm k.
?. I. Hardwick, Junior, of Quincy, Internally
A. II. Drake, Fnahmaa, residence unknown,
lu nisei! about the bm k.
ll. K. ('inns, .iiininr. of Boston, hack bruised.
i._'? A. Stewart, Senior, of Sonth Booton, knee
-plained, and bruised about the le .ul.
(Iherlea B. Hamlin, of the elem of 'vi, grandoon of
| Ian n I bal Hamlin. Mo-tun, bruised shonl the heed,
A huge Dumber of students aol mentioned above,
perhaps fifty, wen- ont and braised by falling tim
bers, but only those named ia the foregoing report
erionely hurt.
The news of the disestei -pu ed orer the city with
remarkeble rapidity, exciting the keenest sympa?
thy, and causing gloom in the vicinity of tbs col?
tiik CACBB or rm: disasikr.
[nrcstigstion remeina to be neds of the canes of
tbs accident. Thc balcony supports were four
rather small posts, but tbs balcony bad hen occii
piedmonj teams by a much burger number of per?
son! i han had u-s? rubied on it to-day. From en ex?
amination H aeesse that the flooring of tho balcony
had not been laid liv the I.millers bl tho must ap
|.mved siv I-. jt is alleged that the attention of Hie
mil. ne authorities bad been celled to the rerj
spile that Bml gave way and caused I be incident.
rater, The causa ot the accident was not tho
breaking of a post, but tho slipping of the
standard from its foundation, The piles which
constituted the foundation bad evidently sank Into
tin- liniil and caused tl.nriifht t<? slip
lr.mi the beam upon m bleb ii retted. 1 lure is con?
siderable adverse criti.i-in of the management
among.the students, because they were told by
careful observenss fm bick as a year ago that the
structure was unsafe.
Iti-MAK<K. I>.ik., Od. -'<?.- Thc trouble fd
menarra, Moat, oe sande) slgfcl bi a, grea mit of sn al
t.inpl BtetM liv the city marshal to arrrst fdr.Inuit, ti
eowkeys, eke bed bose t?"*"^ tkseasstrm in tbs aay
lliey usually 00004 liitln-lr v ells lo |..w ii, grieg Ho ir pis?
tols 111 all iltreellolis, allowing elia. IO ileclile wlletlier
they kill suv lindy ni not, uni maklni the day or ulah t
hideous with latte liovrls. The Kng fsbman, Clayton
Wi ll.-. ..ml., was shot and killed while siding the marshal
to raak* Mn- am rt. The vowlioy* eacapedlui tho Hine,
i.ut it is ni.,,ind Hut they aero lukoeaueetly ospturod
and locked ap. ^_
I'liii.AiiKi.nii.v, o.t. 2(?.?Tb.- Pennsylvania
Ballwayofbetats say that the roi.eat aayetssaatle
.ai of amkesskaeeal am bom gemgoa utbeoface
of Ike .Inn, timi i:..llro.ul Coinpaiiv, and tliat ii paymaster
la lu d.i.inii about 181/100, bi tatrns. Ins report
originated, tkej say, from ike fest that s clerk te Ike asa
ploy of the oom pony am roond, shout smoothatm.to
Live --nil.,,/ici'ncw. c. 0*000 and #3 000 Hebi the
, mi of a reputable gentleman, a ho tuuii tlatelj pain tue
d, Si l< my.and tee yoong man asa attoa irgao.
Washington-. Ont 20*? Thg foperfg sent to
greaten, tlaksns, ky Burgeon Oom rel Hamilton have
rt-isirtidhy telegraph that tin- ill-en-' then ls yellow
fcv.r. Up to yesterday there lind iMCithirlv foul c.. e.
aral eltkteeinlfaths. Dr. Il imili.m iaya . ? ? ^
rate of mortality. The adjoming towna hen auarautlnea
agaiunt Ure w ton.
Chicago* Oct. 20,-Judge Oniy ta Um Bu
ptika Corni Ikti ??mag seaford nut the ordinance iy
which ii,.-.ii soa>gkStoaotkMl giao .nolly from the
vi hole-.ie fanes gaolers was roi L "??? sase Ujmrtaekef
die nature of a tax, which i.ny kai BS light to un
.IviK-.Nvii.i.i, ria., o.t. '-'('.-A dispateh to
gpa tUmm-Uttm iroa* (haas agrai ?? im-uibwm shot j
anti Kuiea Aioxanner ciougn last nignr, at maulers
Station, on the Florida Southern Railroad. The men were
clerks In rival stores, and the shooting was the result of a
dispute over the good8 iu their respctUvo eatabUehuituta.
Olhson Hod."
OMABOBO wini the crime.
LiNcotv, UL, Oct. 20._Zora BuriiB, who had
been employed as a domestic tn tho family of Orrin A.
Carpenter. B prominent and wealthy realdent of this city,
was found dead near the outskirts of tho etty one week
ago. Uer throat had been cut and har skull (Tushed In,
and her arms bore evidence that she had had a fierce
*oni,:j<ie with her assailant,
Kver since the discovery of lier body the entire commu?
nity has aided tho detectives In their search for her mur
flstsr. It was learned that she had lieen engages' to a
youri* farmer, Dukes hy name, and suspicion pointed
somewhat toward him; hut within the last two days a
chain of apparently criminating circumstances has been
wound around her former employer, (,'oriieutor, which
resulted in his arrest this afternoon.
Investigation disclosed the fact that Zora had left bli
employ and returned home to her father, In a village
near Uncoln, and that on the day preceding her death
sho sams to tins city and paid a nat
to Carpenter's office, remaining with him
on hour alone. Ho was the only per?
son sho visited, so far as known, wafts hero. As to
the nature of her vMt, Carpenter related a story plainly
denied hythe facts subsequently disclosed. It was also
discovered that tho dead girl was soon to bSOSSBS a
mother, and the testimony of various H TITS MS tended to
show mat in- bad supplied the trill with money ami nod
w 1 itten her various letters. The bartender of the Walter
House, lure, testified that Ciu-pcnter purehaeod from him
half a pint of whiskey the day of tin- murder.
An examination of Carpenter*!buggy to-daydtaelooed
the fact that Hie cushion, Inns and shafts WOTO plainly
marked with blinni, ami on thia discovery a warrant WM
a Iii- ni,-1. ]|e was followed to the jail by, ,
large and excited crowd. The accused man ls eredl td
with being the wealthiest resident of Lincoln, owning!
huge grain elevator here, a farm mar the 1 lty and other
property. He hus a wife and two daughters.
081 RIi II CJ'ill.D SAKKI.Y BAT,
Wabhixotob, (Jd. 20,?las flair pubttathM
un account of OB aiiti'i?sy held lu this eily on Tim| .-day
etgkt oe tko body of Bneen Beach, age about ten asst a
lmif. Bone tine ego tee keg was tsken with a sneQtag
of the stomach which ci.ntiniicd to Inn. BBS, B emly lin
at M u-u.d, attseegh swulleu much
bey omi his nm in ii proportions, RTedneaday bs was out on
tin-si n-.t. an.ITIuu-lay at'J p. iii. I.e (lieiL Twenty-live
01 fliltt> |iii.\-iiilona exainiiicd him before bk deathaad
ii'Mie of them could tell what mUSOd the ri workable
awelllngof tbs abiiouien.
To a Star reporter Dr. Coater, ooo of tin ntiyatetans,
said: HTketnunedleteoeoaa of death wo* olia!fenian
in the bowels, nie oem etd sftreet tbs sAtentfenef
medical men, because the obstruction was In the small
lin. -tine.. There were taken from then twenty huge
leeds of damsons, a copper cent, a nickel, a tooth, two
buttons ami other ariii let. His liver w id swelled to such
1 10k the place of the lunga and acarly ototT'
laing else, ami one ol los kidneys was greatly displaced."
Tile motlier Ot the hoy stales that sollie tillie ago he was
taken with vomiting and vomited t large worm that had
protuberances) like hums ami kiga. Be alto reunited
?omi orange aeeda that had boen in hlo ntouiuch so long
that tin y had sprouted.
u Of uti: m 11,ki;- t*:am uy TBg wi>lky
Middletown, Conn., Oct. 20.?The Ratgen
football te.un play .1 tin- Wi-ley an tenn hem to-day.
in forced Um play Bron Un start, and compelled
Butgen to touch for safety la nor minutes. Gardy made
the tlrst touchdown fer Wesleyan lu ten minutes, but
Weale] an lost the bell ou tee puut out. Maine made tho
i touchdown tor Weoteyssk. and Bea Melted tke
ii. Anotherteoehdowe byGotdyreoateed lu no
BB ?Ud tho fourth, made bf Anbott after a hard
i un.
? ' fur. (line w.w calli d ti OlOOO Ike tlr-t Innings,
. who lind Ih'cii playing B BBS fSSBS for !:ut_'ers, fl ,i ,
tliinvvii, imdfractured a rib. After thc accident Wesleyan
ci.tupi ted tin Brit Innings by malting Hut ge rs touch for
D tv.. I.tv -? I
Dunns' Un- second Inning, whtek wm only thirty min?
ute- |.iii|f. brilli.mt pi.ivs were made. The l{.|?/cii ccu
undertook in i. (.'uta In'st ifTounil. hut the hnll was inside)
their twenty-Are yard Uno aline*! continually. Thomp?
son made three of die live touchdowns of this inning,
Smith and Blaine making the other two. Only one goal
ri'sidicd from i hem bowerer, Two particularly brilliant
playa wore the goala from the field, kicked nv Haze, one
of whl. ll WM 1-7 fe!. Tile -...io was: Wesleyan*, 4
foals uud 8 touchdowns i Bulgers, 9 safety touchdowns.
- ?
? VII .fill-'.
Cincinnati, Oct. WK?Thc paper of tliel'iiion
iron Ooneaay, of Porttesonta, Ohio, aenl to protest
some wis'ksikgo and the u (lairs of the company have since
batB pet toto tko hands of IrsntSSSi The liabilities ore
dod st BBOCVOOQ, ead their ssasta at nook Imo,
John campbell, of booton, ohio, one of Ike keertost
SUlulteie. has BUMS au assignment tn H. H. Nc.il. These
esabeneSSneata have been kept yuiet, but they affect
algol or niue of tho largaat ferasem in Southern Ohio.
Mr. Campbell claims that he can pull throiiKh uuless his
aredlton force a sale, In which ease, he says, they will not
get more than BO per eont. Mr. Campbell is an old citi?
zen, .uni has always ben regarded as ene of the
wealthiest coal and Iron dealers In Southern Ohio. It is
understood that bo hold.. 1150,000 of the stock of the
t ni-iii imii Company and hus indorsed their paper to the
extent of 1300,000.
ciiiiAuo, Oct, BOWA fa. Feel special reports that the
bank at PantmgtOn, Mum., has made aa assignment.
rm ?:. au-pl.i.cd at foOyOOQ; uaMHttee, 190,000,
principally to degoattors.
l'nii vin i i'iim, oct. BOV- The teepena ton of Frederick
H..m. a stock brok' r, whose iiu-iiie-s ls leppooed to ha
small, wis iiuioiin. ed to d iv. Ho ta understood to have
in .n --.iiint" of tim market and reoanUy i
'? loHtf."
lltiti ini.idn, Iowa, Oct. '20.?Hy Ww *x
ploaton of e nea stael ballet la Beat Brothes*1 pleamg
ii.in, ai Moeal Pleasant, this BMenlng, a mau Bossed
Beckwith was Instantly killed, and another mau wa- -o
badly iniiind that ko lt IfcoagM ie ht dying, four or
Breathers were braised. The mill waa blown to atoms,
bardi] enough of lt bein- left lo barn. A dwelling in the
vicinity was ahakee hy the force ot the explosion, and
the ??lass In ninny windows WM broken. lin can-.- ol'
Hi. , [ploaiofl ls unknown.
BaMOOB* Od. 30.?A report conics from St.
alksaa, m.., teal a man abe had been peyteg attentton
toiwo yoong asesse sad m. uric i ana sf teem forced
the other mic, revolver lu band, to take some medicine
lor it criminal purpose. The vvoiuau. the report -av-.
shortly after taking tin- dose, died. Tho mun and his
Witt have Bod.
Atlanta, Ort.'20.?liovirnor McDaniel lor?
ia.div aiinnuneed today that he would direct State Treas
un i -pear io place fonda lu New York to meet UM booda
and intered of tin- state railing due, sod the Treasurer
bas inninned the Fourth National Bank that tke nouey
will bC placed tilde.
POBTl \m> tte., Oct. 30.?An investigation of tim
cosmos un.mill Postmaster Goddard, ?.r Ibis city.batbean
hold by liiM-il.it l'lills. -nu. liiv.sth.iiii ni r. -lilted ins
si..-, lui report whick win aol i.- mads ki lbs l*ostma?t< r-Gea
ci.il for it wuk. Nu liiliiinttluu hun bOM made Bato Itt OM.
ti ni..
St. l.oiis, Oct. 30.?The steamer Fer West, en
B-mreil Iii ii"- Ulssourl hu.I Osage itu. rs bade, wa* sunk a
few miles above ibis city tins morang. Thu boat am bes
total loss, but lu-r oargo win ba asrai.
\ iitNTKits iNi:xrt,\iN'i:ii DBATH.
Rbadino, Penn., Oct, 30.?Daring Miller, age
tim iv ..ic nf (inuhleisvlllf, lids couiily. mill .iii lilli* v es.
n ol.iv and dui n..i return. Search w>is nada nus luondjut,
ind he was found dead (ron lite i reeta ot a tnnahot wound iu
Iii. iiin'iiiiii'ii in the woods a mile Iruia his home. Ills kum whs
f,m.ci moo yanls from the budy, and Lmi in nest rad tba Shot
remains s mystery.
KIM.KU UV \ llftisTlNii KMKItY WIIKKt..
Easton, Penn.. Oct. '-'<?? William A. ((rymer wes
Lilied .md Hsvld Kul/ler mid Jinni's gaol WOTS Intered nv
tua i.ni-iiiiK ol MCii.Tf wu, .-lui rtlnhhaasfa larnta* snog,
PhilUpsbnrs- N. J.. ihlaBMtratsg
Ht ii vi h. N. If., Oct. 30,?" Prod" Manus, team*
Htcr and Kmil Martin, loreman, for ? milling concern here,
vt. re urr.sl. d t.i-d.iy 'in Uta Haigt "f Stealini BBd selliUK the
wheal of lin- ssUbusbjaeal
Idiii.t: Km k, Aik., Oct, 30.?Chancellor Carroll
today nv-lim. a i.e-'I'-nun-riT u< iiyliM th. Jurisdiction ol bis
,.I m Un-, case hk-.iiisI cv. slate liiajunr I'haJChlil auil his
suivuvs tut' ailcacii di-.nlvJUlioa.
Ran Francisco, Oct. Wi MbbtJ Clunes.' who ar.
rived last week fruin Hong Kong are still Ii. ld oa
tho steamships because the description on their
passport does not tally with their personal appear?
ance. Every device known to tho subtle MsagjaV
lan ha* been practised to circumvent Ha restriction
act. The chief plan has been la smuggle coolie* in
as traders and students, wi,,.,,, the int allowa to
enter the country. Many of this latest aggaaj wore
entered aa "merchants," whang < ia Hag were
shabby ami foul with dirt. One alleged merchant
had a capital nf $:{() and his hjggngS aaa IbBI Bf
in an old butti rd te.,.chest which be ainag one
pole aud trotted off with to Chinatown. These are
?amaleeOl "truders" in this crowd. Others are
designated as ? students" whoso skins ..ie brown
erith exposure aud their hands calloused w ii I, toil.
It is aa plain aa day that tiny aga the coolies
against ahaM importation the restrict ion got is IeT
elled, but the agneta in most cams an- Beness1 to ad?
mit tin-in because tln-ir pap'is au- i? galas :*nd ap?
proved by the Chinese Superintendent of Customs.
Cen ton is goading over tin- bulk of the,, sooliea, ibo
number of which is in. n-.-isiiiL' on ever} -teamer.
This attempt shows with what serenity the Chinese
break tee treaty when any money cnn be Bants by
violating it.
The Grand Jury is doini? wod work in indicting
HM criminals whose cases have ben dsnakaalBk
tin-police courts through thenos of " btaaeaaa,"
Tlmnevv jury seems deternilneil to bring a number
of these offenders to just let and i. dei in ths reputa?
tion of the city BS il law-abiding place. This week
a young ?' hoodlum " known as " Tat Jeth" ? M ?.>n
rioted of a brutal assault oaanaasaa win. died of
lui injuries, and the ju,!-,, .sentenced bi,,, to fifty
years in the State I'ri-on. Another of tbs -ainu
gang was convicted and will probably receive a
aholesooM sentence.
The Society of California Pioneers, Benetta tba
ehersaebrenghtagainsttbeaaaaegen af th,- Lusl
Trii-t, seem disposed to in.[it tbs Mtnatiea and
not to appeal to tho courts. This action makes
one suspect lbs Pioneers are in tinii dotagS, for
certainly their inheritance lsgrew bagsseelha and
beautifully less each year( while the trustee*, aro
all-in ind iii astronomical asaerisaeats en Mount
Two bugs sales of famine- land- by loeel au.-Tion
eersnre nntablo as au index of the advance in
pines iu tbs last decade, (jue randi near Min klan,
la the great iMjoaasda Valley, ?iit into nandi
tracts, brenght 197 aa eera. I nether trail ia feta
Comity, near tho State capital, sold for limn BBB
to .fl 15 an aero. One ranch luis poor buildings, tho
other has none. All this laud, however, is -uitablo
for fruit iiml grapes, which aro seating to be tho
main reliance of .small farmers, as th. y pay twice
sj large a rgranns ai win at.
Judges Sawyer and Peady, of the United 8tatag
Cln nit Court, have been linniitlllg Hill wi ck the
dersetation eaaasd by tho atiaing debris near
Msrysrille in order ho deetds on tbs sssrit of oas al
tin-suits brought bythefarnttn ?gainst tbs Hy.
dr.tillie Miniag C'oinpauy. A score of such bal
tions have been made, but than will be BO safely
for tbs bunsen bl tbl valleys of tba Ynbt, Feather
and Sacramento rivers until tba tresant teeanerary
iiijiiiu-tiou bs made perpetual Bgabsst thOBBSMSa
abo hers well-nigh rained river aerlgetioaead
buried hundred-nt Eerttteaeros aader a deposit af
barren u slickens."
In a few days a handsome new f. nyilil wfllhe
pilton hythe Central i'acitie Bsilroed between
this city and Oakland. The boat i- Mtterggs]
bugely after the North River ferryboats but is sfs>
gently fitted up. An observatory bas been BtS>
v Ided off the main salomi from which mn mav view
tin- bay without being subjected to the cold ?
The case against ex-S.?uator sharon was dia
uii? ed to-day in the Police Court beeaaSS tbs -tat
ute ender which it was brought was found to l>o
reposted. The prosecution did not produce the let?
ters they elaitn to have, and the whole Bwooeodiagl
ended in a legal farce.
-? - .. .
CtOOAOO, Oct. StuV?A. C. Hosing, tin-principal
owner of Th< CMeajB sssettAshsns, who pei a as thu
hailer of the Germans iu this city, has pro-lin ed it
local political sensation by an attempt to bully tho
Republican Central Club. Ibis elah has baan
formed recently under tin- auspices of the (".unity
Central Committee, with tbs purpose of improving
the local organisation of tbs gepnhHeans. Hesing
ls ona of tbs anni a ho served ? term bj lbs County
Jail fef his participation bj the whiskey fraudta
and last week he settled for 91JB9B a
claim which the (iovenimeiit held against hint
(breTerflOO.OOO, Be tonk eetbrage al tba adea
timi ol'acnnstilutiou by the Central Club, which
declares in laver ol' tbs " proper enforcement of all
the haws, State ami muuicipal." and demanded that
thisdeelar it iou sbanldbeeasnnsges^tsnasgh bs waa
not even a member of tho club. Mis demand wag
refeeed,mbaietterof eonres. Bs claims that hit
opnooitton bo tba enforcenu-nt of the laws ia based
Opon SB apprehension that it is intended to cmuniit
the Republicans here to the enforcement of tho
State Sunday statute, which Ins been e
dead letter for many years; but, as
nobody bas suggested anything sf tba kimi,
it is hinted that Ins hostility to tho
enforcement of tbs laws arises flinn the uniform
license btW passed by the last legislature, re.iuir
iiik each municipality l<> charlo not bag than ;r"',M>
for whi-kcy selena licenses and not less than if'lM)
fm the privilege of -clime- beer alone. Hesing
threatens to ?<> over lo the DaBseernta, but it is
thought to ba very doubtful wh.thr he eua tako
the German Kepublicans w uh him.
Ihe completion of Michigan Boulevard ia. ea*
neuneed by tin- South 1'ark Ceesestestoeare. lt is
au avenue mme than three miles in length and 1(H)
feet wide, willi uiiilonn .sidewalks and trees, and
connects the Ninth Park system with the heart of
the city. All tratlic teams aro cxclud'd from
using it. The noel of const ruction has beeu
1700,000, and the resulting appreciation of
nieass.ly values is denoted hy the laic of a lot BBflg
Thirty esoond at. a fsa anmtba auto for BBSS) per
front foot which was sold in 1H7H, four years be*
fore, for ir'M) isl treat fool. A count of the com?
parative number sf vehicles travelsing Michigan
lloiilevard and Eifth-avc, New-York, has shown
that the former is used by live-sixths as many aa
travel the latter; and as st aires a nd business wagons
are not permitted on Michigan boulevard, the num?
ber of pleasure and private vehicles bl believed to?
be about tho same ou both avenues.
The Charity Organisation Society has beguu op?
erations alter arrara) months' picparatiun, and has
completed a comprehensive list of the paupers with
a view to the prevention of duplicate relief and
bans!. The secretary report a that I lu re are ;{0.000
paupers in this city, or mu- to even twenty of the
IKipulation, aud that this larne number is duo to in*
ll In il Illilangi and injudicious charity, which BS BBBe
linns by a statement showing that there are mora
private charity institutions in Chicago than iu any
other city of tho (Jaffa*! States.
The Woman's Congress has been well attended
ealing lbs week, aud many of tho most prominent

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