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Alhany, Apnl '.'7.? What promises to be ono of
rhe most reprcsentative conventions ever held by
the Kepubllcan party in the State of New-York
will aesemble In Harmanus Bleeckcr HaJl here
to-niorrow. The dajeajaieg to tbe convention in
clude the DDost proiniucnt RepnbUcMM in the
SNite, and every shado of party sentnuent i*. reprc
hOut?'l by them. But, outside of the ranka of
the delegates, manv leading Repnbltoaoe have conw
to tlie State capitol to witnesa the proeeedlaga
of the convention. Thore c.ould not lx? a bettex
evidenee ol the utmncth of Re.puhlican feettng
thia \e?r thun this iihsemblinjr of over 1,000 tnct!
U> be prwsent at a convention with the rom
jic.itively aUght ta*.k befoi* )t of fiflertinff four
delepates-at-lnrfic to the Rcpublican National con?
vention, of ndopting a party plMfonn, and of elei t
Inp a new State COBintttCO.
Tlie aakgaOea were arrivinir here by every tram
to-day, and by midni^ht nearly all of them were
in Albany. It wa* evident from t-heir t.alk that
their choiee to-morrow for dekgntce at-krge to the
R"P'ibliran National Convention will be Cluancey
|f, Depew, TLomas C. Platt. Warner Miller and
Frank Hiaoock. TT.e State Committeo al*o met.
and eekeOed YVillinm A. Sntherland. of Roobeeter,
the Kepubliean candidate for Attorney-Genera]
last fall, M femporary chairman of the eonven
tion. It also beCMDC apparent that Whitelaw
Beftd, of New-York, would be the port.nanent oh.ii
As to the resolutions to be paaaed, it WM evi?
dent that Presidcnt Harrison's Adtnini.str. tiou
would be warmly prniwd, and tlms hcartily in
doreed. BofJM cuthnsiustir frirnds of the National
A'iiuiuistrattou. from Brooklyn, in the conr<'> of
the evening, expreseed their intention ol latro
dueing a resolution in Uie convention to-morrow,
instructing New-York's delegation to vote for
Pre>ident Harri'-on's renominatinn: bul the iren
eral Bentimpnt at midnielit \vrk ?fftiacl kHtrneflni
the delog?t?'s. and ln favor of lenvina them at
Itberty to act as tliair jndjrment niny dtetMt
recurding a eandidate for Prcid^nt when thcy
wieet at Minneapolis in Jun?v It ahonld be ?tatod
that ardent friemls of l^cgidept lUrrison oatdde
of Kinsjs Connty, opposc the passinc of aoy " in
btru(?tion*, H?lttUoM, and therefure the gmeral
opinion that the<y shottld not be pifiwd rannot
truly be eonsidered a? in any >*ns? iuiniical to
Mr. Harricon. The earnest praiM of
Mr. Harriton'l able and f*nrceseftil Ad
lrfnistrution whieh Will be adopt^d hv
the convention to-morrow will rlearly
reveal the a't.itude of New-York RepablietJia
towarcl hlm. The ptUttool eoufenn'vs wbieh
were hell dnrinf the day repardinc the poliey to
be adopted by the couvejitiou in flMffnf, with the
variout; subjeets referred to were nt-arly all heh!
either at the Kenmore Hotel or at the Delav .n
Ex-vSenat?r Thomaa C. Platt, and Semator His
cock arrived here about. noon, and took the noted
room, No. 450, at the Delavan Honse. It ls. in
fact,'a wmbination of rooui?; aad admirablv
adapted for political eonfrrrne^. Mr. Platt and Mr.
Hiscock here reeeived their frien<te and arquaint.
aneefl for the rest of the da/: atid there W>4 hkf Hv
a moment for noon when there were not a doztffl
delegates BTCMOl M'!cin? interviewi with them
'1 iiere were eoasaltatioaa with them upon all ?>rfs
of snbjects, bnt the ehief topie, WB^ the mattCt of
the pa.ssajfe Ol rMOlatiOJM Inttructiag the New
V'-rk dele?atep to the Minneapolis MDTeQtion to
\.te ior I'resident Harn-oii- ieiiomui:ition. It
was disrovered that the man wbo WM mot,t
?ct:ve!y preaaing tlie afloption of thete reaolutiona
m Tl.eodore V>. Willib. of Brooklyn, KavaJ Ofti
rer of New-York.
Mr. Wiiiis wm> Bucb in earaert, and orged
the dekgatea from BrookljTi to preaa the
? i ilatkma. Ile e\prev<vl his confidence that il
n,-v were aitwl ?hey xs"'i;'1 f?*iv? ,li(' votcs
r,i aixty-taro delegates oot of eigbty-one dele
.. from Brooklyn to tbe Blato Conrentjon.
Lut Mr. Willis eneoontered Senator liiaeoek late
lO tl..- eveninx ;it the Delavan HoUeC I all I th9
two drifting ii.ro eoBTenaiiofl aboBt the ?ubjrd
of ?? instructioii resolutions" the latn-r aaid tb*1
in bil judgment the reaolutioni ought not hi
L? pceaented. Thii adYioe led Mr. WiUto to
modify Lls aolicy ta Car aa to declda to aubmii
ti.e natiet to the Judgmenl ol tbe dekgatea from
ttrooklyn to-morrow tMrning. If Wr. Willta
take? the advi... ?t Ckorgc W. I.v.m. aurveyor of
.1 New-York, given bin late to?nlght, he will
not erea preaent the raaolntiona to the Brooklyn
-.tion. The aapporteri of Mr. WUlia oon
ri'.t d ix Cuugunwinn Henry G. Bnrkigb, ex
Senatoi Tltua Sheard and ex-Senatoi (ieorge B
-loan, the tntimato frknda ol Warnat MlUar, t.>
leam their opmiou ol tlie "lnatrucUon rraolu
t/ona," and were Infomwd by theai that they
did nr-t, think aueh reaolutioaa shouhJ bc tatro
(iuced. .
Ex-Senator Willtom H. RabertaoB, who i
0, e ?f tbe Caagwarlonal distriet dele
to tbe Bapubttean National Coavention,
i?t ciprtaacfl Ihe lonrfal vlaw held "f the pro
auaed reaolution when he aaid: "I now (bvor
i ? noiinnaiion of Pre?ident llurrih-.u. bul I ahoold
aol Wkh t'> be l.oi.nd 10 hiin hy inMrir tionx. I
think it wkato reaaeainate him now. tmt palitleal
i .i.iitiorm mifht be aaoli in Jnae that I ?*)"?''l''
deem it laipolitle to ga eo. Tberefore, In aay
opinion, the New-York delecates ahoald Ix- kfl
i..e to a'.t fot the Bepablleaa party ?! Mince
apoht aa thef deeni beat In Jan*. I bope Mr.
Wiiii* will not nreaa bk reeolottona to-morrow in
the eonventior:.''
There waa a good deal of debate alao In the
raoaaa of Mr. Platl and Mr. Hi-- ?k <>n tlie ajnbjeet
of the orgaairatioa ol the Brpublicau Statc Com
tnittee for tbe coitni, year, wrli the aim of mak
iiik' it u aigbly effleknl body. Ihe laet waf. recog
nizcl that tlie now Democratie Congiyaaional
,\ppoitionn>e:it law, if Ita dktriata are aaade tbe
bahis ol tepre.-eiitatlon in the new Bepublican
>?ate (Jonimittee. will BtaCO a m.jonty of
the meniiK-r-* of that oommlttee fn Demo
eratic disfiic-tj*. Yet it waa also aarcelved
that it would he l.ard to uet, a
good bash* <>f aanreaenaUon outalde
of vhat of tbe ConfrcaaaMfJ dlatricta. Pinaliy, the
conelu-ioii wn> reaehcd that the new Stata Oosa
mittee should be alaofcd aoeordlag to the new
Ceagaaaakaanl diatrtete, bat that an etfort ahoald
he niade to proeur.' geed lieUttMMIta loi th>- OOtn
mittee in th<' BepubUeaa Congreaatooa] dlatrl sta
in whieh they are laekinir. POaaibly a reaolntlon
may be paaaMted tw tlie eoBrtrentkai te lorrow.
einpoweririK the Sttite Ceaaaalttoe to nnnie laveral
addltionnl members of tlie Executive OaaaBltfee
Thii -.vili ??e raUewiag a" ?UM?pie aet by the
Democratie Stare Convention last year, whid.
thun braaghl into the aetive wrvice of
the Democratie party a? BMtabara of
the Executive Committee of Ita State Ckanaaittre
sueh a keen politieiun as Daniel S. Lamont und
othcr men of like chiiractcr.
There was aoaM talk late to-night about the
alternate-> to the delesfates-at-large. The nnnie>.
most ftoajacstly ?enttaaaal were Ihoae of .lohn
F. Parkhuret, of llath; Dnniel H. MeMillan. of
Buffalo; Daniel H. Butterfleld. of New-York. aud
Frederick A. Schroader. of llrooklyn. Tlie con
Yention will not only name the four dolegatea
?t-Uvte, but will aleo aend word to the National
Republican Conventfofl who were clort^.i deiegatfa
from tKf variout Congroaaiona] ilistnots of tlio
Statc Thua &fn are i""r a>Mfate*-at-b>raa and
-i\ty-fl^-ht CoDgTeaaional aalggatra. Tbe latttr
Ii.ivo all dow l^ocn elected?the laat election tavring
takrn plaoe to-ilny. Tlio Now-York (lelegatton t*>
tho Republicaa NaUonal Convention, therefore. v,
all appearanon dow wil] have the followiag
Pelagatea-aHargC" Chattaeey M. Peptw, Xtoir.aj C.
Plutt, \V:iiii.r MllUM M4 PranN ll:Hwk,
I?11.j>j in.ii Warfoed, Cerll S. H'.rr.
Il-Cbtrtei A Haora, Roberl a. Bharitry.
111-lohn A. Nl rhola, l.dAinJ lt. Bmli'tt.
XV?Tti-?lo-.- B WBHa, Jaeob I Stalaaaef.
V?J.ph Benjandn, Chariea T. Hcff.
VI?H. 0. Armmir. John E. Mllholbml.
vii? .idiiii D. Lawaoa, CharlM n. Murray.
VIII?Haraee Partor. Banrael Theeaaa
IX-Jacab M. Patteraon, Beatge HUUard.
X-s v. r. * ragar, WllUan H< iUmI
XI ?>i???rIdan Shoak, Frededeh s ''iit?i-?
XII .WllUan BrookftrM, K P. siioimri.
? XIII?Davtt F. l'ortr rohn ReBWaweb r.
XIV?WBUan H Robvftaoa, Jamea W. HTaeted.
XV?ThOBNH W. Biadlry, Clanur" bBXOW.
xvi Looli P. p.imi. Wiilara H. htaae.
XVII?Geerge ii Sfcarpe, J. Lerey Jacabe.
XYIII?John a. QuaVkenbuah, ii*nry ?. Bnrklgk.
XIX?Joba a. Btokher, ThO'MM AaaUa.
XX?Joha Banfail. Harrey ?>? PaaaHaaa.
XXI? l'ruiik S. Wltherbee. r.dwatd C. O'Bdaa.
XXII?C. i'.. Baaferd, 1; s Oooaale.
XXIII-V. Laaalna Walera, Jamat B. Sh^rman.
XXIV- iirii-v i. Muacer. Hobart Knim.
XXV?liniuH t. Peek, wminn ii. cagawdl,
XXVI?Edanmd O'Conner, Abnua T. Deeker.
XXVII-^Oortaa W. AJlea, Jaatea W. DaawaB.
xxvin .1. Meat PaaseU, Jehn W. DwBrat
xxix !?". i>. Sherwood, Mcrrhi F. BaepBBiC
XXX Holbert 11. Wamer, Fiedrtek F-. Qatt.
xxxi ?wuikun c. Wauon, U. B. Beardriae
.\x>. n o. O, Warrea, Pkllla av dwr.
XXXIII?n.nrv ii Paraena, WRMi H. Bawea.
>X.xiv n. v Praaehat. Jeara MrEwea.
Tlio delemtlon i>> uu rxcclleat ono in erery
reapect. lt dota 'ontain ? wod BMMjr *praoticaJ-1
politidana, Uu- wotd "practteal" being uaed In ahc
ir-t aeuae ; bul i; aiao containa ? larae bodj <>f bn?i
n?>t^s incn, merchanta and manuiacturers '1 br
biiaiiu*- and i>"lr cul mtoroht- of Uie Statc will
tbcrafoat b? \\t.'U .cDifDuuted bv ita*IIioncapolia
RXADrm AI.r.VNY T1II'. \itr.AMM Mr.N'TS
kor tit cojrvxsniox.
Albany, April 87 (Spe?lal).-5?t siuo" <t>c RopiiiiUr;i!i
Btate Oonreatlon bul - .?ptenitxH Lavo Iban beaa
ir.any welHmown a';<i p-.oiniiK-n. RepobBcaiu lofathw
i!i thli atabj ai aoaabea' elbowa lo-oay tn Uw conMon
of Um rarlona botali ol ti.i- dap. Ammc tlio Ur-t (o
r"?iih bara llda awmlag was aaSrtatoi .'? Beat
ttmttt. Ol K'.ailrw. Mr. Fn-^-tt cum- dOWB 10 th?
auiln d" >r of fha Kennorr Hoiel mrit in Um day, and
it w?is not miuiy nUautet before ba waa ihakiac banda,
oii ;01 ridaa. H* wji- lookiDg cxtn incly wall. and b*
la jn-t ,^ ftiii of flpiit a* r??. Tba batn froai Wew
Torb arbkb rc*. !k-<i licn> tn Um aiternooa bnmfhl
maa.T of the Kaw-Yort atxl Eveoklpn dalegataa. \
hvga munber <rf tooal RppabJcaoi wciit down (?> ike
raiir..n.i ifmtton bo bmoI Iba Iraln. aavtnf Uana betng
nanabaia of Um Uw ndlUonal Rapobllcan Oi?J), wMcb
tiiis takcn (!;?.:-?<?< >f Um entertalwiMnl of tbe daleinUet.
Abonl tho a>a| t.. -f-v trom tJ..- Iraln wara ? \ Senator
IDoBMU 0. I'ln't and S. i.al >t Krunk HlaoOCk. TtUf
w?nt t. tbc Delaran ii<mi-o. wbere * iar.-<- aaJtc ol
roQBi tia<! been waarvad fot Umbv wmupUw \\c*\ wA
? v M. Dapaa raarl d bara hUe Uda erenlnj
wid t<?.?k rooaai nt Uw Kenaiow HotaL
Tiir i.tded bj tiic (.? BrpubUean arata
eroanM dnring tii^ aftcrnoon and avantng br vii
kaoirn membm of Um j>?:?t. Anfanf tii*,?r- berc aro
WlUuun Rrooksatd, Um rhalmaii of tho RapobNean
gtate Comaalttaa t*4 Um p naMfl "t tka R<pubiu:an
OrgBalaattoa pf n.t York <Hv: Pnoda H<ndrtch>..
poHcotor of Um Part of Raw-Yotk; Oaeffi W1. Lyon.
SnrT??yor of tiic Porl of ^ew-York; HaWal Ofleat
The<.(torc ?. WUli,, of RroofdfB; ax-fwiptia Tltu^
Btaeard, of HarhliBar Coontor. Wnrn??r Miiior'^ riov-M
panonol and poii?i< :ii Mend; w-Oaoator Gcorga \
Bloan, .' ? ii w. Vrjomaa. ffca Rapoblleu aaadldate
lor UaBaenanMJovernor b-1 fall; n-C ? ?
Henry <.. BarktKfa, of WnU*haIl; Dr. Onatav BrboH
olialmiM ol Iba Oaman RcpnMiran Ooaaty Oommlttea
,,t Naw-York; Iktarnal RovemM Pallaetot Rrnat
ifathan, of Brooklrn; Oeoera! John N. Knapp, ^
ehatrmM of Um RepubMtan fWata CotnmllM* i
\- ? mblpnan Danlel P. Aln arorUi of 0
c.ity; Jobn W. DwtgM, ol Btcuben roontj
-,,..? an<l M A emblynun Patt*rson,
? - neca founbi; John P. Pa kbant, ?' **
i,.u r.iniv; ex-A>?emblyman Jfaaa, ol i>
Oount] : <\ Marahal Loobi F. Papn, ol Cohimbio
Couoty: <\ .\--?!!!!,lvmr Lsra !?? Vbp
of Sew-York; --v VaM-mblyman HamlltAn FUh, f Pal
nam Couoty; WlUlatn II. IMllamy, ??? ratnry (A tbe R?
pabllru Csunty Pommltte* ol SCew-Vork; Wllllani K.
SuUierland, of i:<? !,.-?? r. the Republlran eaadlda '
Atl >om] Gi ??? ral laal foll: Jacob M. Patt< raon. rhalf
nan ol Um Eaecnth ? .dtMe ol Um !?ew Vort Re
pnblloan OrfMlaatlna: IMpnty riict i Pranh IU\
ni-r.d. Charlen M. Mnrray, n-Cor on ?ni. '?? ? ?'
Korwlu, nconie Wajprnaker, Oeorce HUllari, John
i dllna and other New-Vorh teaden; Pranklla Wood
rnlf, ol Bio klyn; John II. Camp, ol Lyona; ChealerS.
c?h; of Btouben Connly; -i?in.?. A. Blanchaid, of Sea
York: Charlet ii. Bkinner, Senator Oeotfe /.. Erwln, >/f
Bt. Lawranoa Coanty; Ataemulymail UeC'xirBileh, of
Orleaaa County; Banator Rdmand o*ConBor, "f Ulai
haaiton; Aaannblyainn MaUbewa. of Franklln ?
ei-AwemWymao -t ven?, of Praaklln . ? i Ooontl ' lerk
c.,ti..ii and Connty Clerk SMttla, ol Oi rndaaa Ooaatyj
Scj ,? r .\ j?i,:iil, ol Brooklyn; AMemblynnn Qaorge
B. Ualby, ol Ogdenabnrj;; Henatof DonaJdaoa, trom
., i .:,!,!>: Banator Oosfeahall, of PUea; ei
\ wnblyman Davbi and Rfkwatl Johaaon, of OnaMa
M /u?emblymati Mott, of Madf?on Coaaty; Pharl
Bprare, ol Sa? York; <-\ \- .?mhlvinaa DarM T. IV? k.
,,, oootrcrneur; Ucneral Jamea W. Haaled, <?-.-.i
atoi BobeH on, -\ Aaaanblyaaui Mott. of Madlaon
couBty; ConpvatiBian Jamea W. Wad arorib, of
(iencaaa County; Jobn "'. Bealeberd and PBBenator
M, Miiian, ol Unffalo; Coofraaaattn Berano Payne, ??
Auburn; ContTeBaman Jobn A. Quackeabnah, of Troy
man Jaroei J. BeMan and ei Mayoi Cowla,
I ..,,-, . and Je e Jobnaon, Dannli M. Huriey,
,? rom AppWoa, L?ooard hfoody, Roberl a Baarkey,
,!..',,,',, noldlnr, Adolph Ktaadl, Col ?mI Mortoa, A,
? P rrj Jacub Lremeo, Xleaaal J. Dody, ?'? ?'?
^huluaaer. W. ?i '?'??'<". < bark BaaaU, ?>. B. Loa^nro -i.
Gronte M. .Vii; . W. A. Uooth. ea Mayor Prederlek A.
-, \,:~> <!??'?. M.-:i-tln t?. AIMn, <'"' "<-l WIIBam ii. Beai U
c m. Noriiit un'i a. v. Shatton, ?f Uia Brooklyn d>la
Eallo'n. '!?"? Brooklyn .n ?ecar*d ? large numbe
of rooini i" Iba Kfcaaaore, a-bera Naral (*** ttllll
neclved delefataa trom varloai polnta of td" BtBte.
ii?. peapportlonmenl of Ifee Btata by Uw Damorralk
LeaHlBlurr and Um roudad ol Uia! party In Um Uf\
talurc wew dlaenaaed on ai ?lde ? Tba eoantry Ba
bl;,..,n. srW n,,t m tbe country, where many of Uw
v?t-r. In mool ol Uw eonnttei nre to ba wlthcml reiwe
_,,, ,.,.,,, m tbe Loglilalura, Demorrat? i wall i B?
hU ,,,. Were coodemnlwj Um DemoeraUc membow
,' the Srnate nnd Aaaambiy roe alknrtag Tammany
Hall lo i".. away wlth Um aaUre Lattdatara. MW
inataacei ware dvan <A roaof Democrak ?bo bad
lolnad Ropubllcan etaba. The faaUng Ibroufbout Um
SuiTaaem. lo b? of Ihc bed. and every Repabllcan
,,,v mu uikkw lor Um rampalgn to begln
Tlo ttt dekgntea aho alll lorm Uw fRepubBcan
rentlon ol !-?'- V-IU ''" ??n|prtably aeatad l" "?"'
',,'".'?',. ufcecker HaU. Tbe arraBf menU lor adml don
.- n. ,? :? ' wi laetan aay lhan aara lh ? ?? I ??
.! K.-i,ra..iv ronventloa of tba r*mocraU. WlllUm
\]'rn\di . . < burtei k. Xawpleton. a eommltMe I; ;m
;? i ,, oi'wlltlonal l lub. aad on baball el U.. nunnp-ri
.^tL haU wiUlnad Um am.np-u.vnis fur adrntoOou,
;.. V, deWsntaa, ilw eaat door of th.- forar lor
wl11 ' ,!Ji vi, Um ireet door of th* toror; M
"SSm livui ?en""il admlaHon llcketa, ihc weat
r r entraaro. ??"" *? delagatea ara ai aeatad
tf! ~ZJ?t idmlaalon HckaU ?!?! be tak?? at Um loyei
V"".g ViL k -i!i.Mi.awilt or?upy all of the P?rquetta
,1',<:1 .,... ? Viirdi of tha dn-s^idreb). Tbbj ?" ba
tftti^SordlS W t.,, alVaabcUcal Dfda. of Iba oaa.
^naav'i raareatatoUaai ?iii kad Um rifM-lwad raw
i t* oaruuette ?nd I'raiiklKi wUI Oldak lt- , r"?
"'? 'i , iv Fnlton itvl Hamllton on Ita Iroal
"?","?', .i tldd? ai Um rear; arhlle tbe tefHund ro*
S imvIm wii'i onoadaga and rarry ti.e f'kgatai
V , , 0 i nvior Beefion <i ..f th^ dross < In la "H;
!..'!:;, ,.diy.' enttr* Ktngs roanty detoajtlon. aad
. , , i ,7i tlia dre?K flnbi bi Um eountlaa hom H"-'1
~"v ? Th! wHl laave about 200 aeata ou Ihe maln
^oVu l BOa'.'nTka B?*7 for Um puMIe T*m alter
? ....? (>? inv<- araorB ndiui>.>. <m llrkate. *? "'";
i:sJ l lalm Sdr eaanee. artth the g?w??
hii, i, Meuring BBBta. lt iaa< the lauatton ol Uioae
i" v s !??" id?<? ? Baa of labki toi ti.c lapojrte"
;:?-o, a oni'.-?t.a ndl and tba froai aaata bui tta
if m?" ao um raftftara' uw^k aitJ be ad within tha
tL,r nfl ^nd In front of BM or.^rnlun. boaam.
S^iSSJfeg!w,n feg p**cf*in t"" g
? Caatiaued an Havenlh Paae.
PUIaaeiphla, Aprll 27.-Flr- broue out shovtly befora
8 o'eloek to-nlghl on the itage of the <;rand Ceatral
Theatre, and befon it waa gottea aneer eoatrol nearly
a miiiion dolkra' rortli of property had becn Bectroyed,
lorindlog tii<' maadre etght-etory ar.rox balMiag oc
rapted by '-Tlie Timea" newayaper. Dadnc a panlr
in tbe theatre. nearly fifiy per.ons, mostiy
Ofeaaanta of the jjallerle?, ver? Injured. none
?arlonaty, howerer. Joet hefore fl o'eloek, whiio th?
^ape bandi wera lowMing from tho fltc; n portlon of
the aetttng lor the flwt iceae, it beeame eatangtad in
the border lighta, In an Inatanl tbe Itmsy ranraa wai
i m;i~- of ttanea. Tim krge ranber of fcaaak ohoris
i< r^ aad banet daaeara were throwa Ineo ? pank nnd
raahed aboat, atareety hnowlag whtcb aray to turn to
avold the qakkly epreadlai Bbbmji. AO were, tt is |
beHeved, gotten ntoly oot, aHhoogh n leporl i^ k
rtrrnlatton that three women eoaneeted wlth the r-i?11*-r
wera ta ti,.-ir areaatag-raom, and bare not baen svn
dsea. Tbe poBce and tbe theatre peopk ?'?y. how
erer, thal aii the eoupaay bare beaa aeaoaated for.
Whlk the pn'ile waa In piogreaa bebtnd Uie eartaia
a toene ol ereo aaore takeee exetteeieat waa behag
enaetcd befon It. Fortaoatety the boaao w?* "oniy
partlolly im.d. Tbe aadknee bad hu( aekled doun
in their teak, awatttng the begtnatag af ?h-- per
I rmaace, when they were rkrtled by Ihe Baab that
came wkea the aeeneiy eeught, wh* ii oaaM t*> pininiy
Koea throaga the lowered cortaln. Tbe aesl artnak
? brlghl whita Ium ihoi tbroagh th.- eur
tniii uri'i i!. eompoatni tbe aodknee realked
that they were kce t<> kea ^*i;i? tii.it awfut attaati ?
, theatre Ira. Bwaryboay itarted forthoaatk. The
weakec onei weie bome down and eraahed aaaar
foot. Oae ladMdaal, aaaddeaed itkI braUltaad by
exrlteaaeat, drew a aocaet knik, and with it cnt
hk way tin.gh the naaa of people. Hall a loaea
?r n ?:>? people were toend al the boapltal who bad
i.11 rlctlBM of bk treaay. Sfot.f thak woaatfa,
howerer, were of a more thaa palnfal eharaeter.
rius nsan waa a.f the iir-t ;o rvarh the aiaep ''>?;?
Nen and boya kll on Ihe atalrwayi toedlag from
the aalkrki aad wera braked and ?rmt<hed Bader
ihe iK-els of thoae kUowtag them. In all. flfty t?.?
penoaa were >*ie<i bx at ihe two buagttak nc?r
Um thr?tr<'. Bvarybody wai oatahk the barabig
strtieturo vlthln tWO uiliiut"- froBI tti?> tltne thr !lr?
Tbe wtldeal aaelteeaewt arevalkd on tti" ikeetB.
Dollet i-iiN in gawk aad ngbk raahed beieeeaned
, tbaoat aii ol theai hyHarfcal. Tt.?
e,r,. ? ?., ?? i be Tin* " ?? ??"??*? baUdtag,
Pb? ,.- ? t . itv edltor, wlkea, grabbed bk ??
ileemenl booh and ktaHed f?T the ekeator. Mlowed
i,v ..:i ef the edlton and lapaitara. Bterybod
,,m aafcly. In tt.aipeatarreom, wlaaa
tbont teraaty-gre peoph naaa al ?-<jrk,
j. Intrtli n hcd from tholr ca??.. not *?p
plog t.p gather aoj af Ihefr t--! fK-intP
,,?- t),.. - \tii lonr wai the Hkatretlng
departinent ot "Tne Ttmea," and th*> raomi ^f the
,., pree A Taa trai. aaeond, thiri
., ..I feerttt fl-">e, were oreapkd bj De KoidKno .t
Hethorkgton, aii ketol werhera. Thek pkal ????
,,; . ,,f the ?? "! K? hl-'d "> *na eoaaCry.
Vt - -,<i o'ekch U.atlra haterlot h ri baea barnad
out. At that boor tk ?>? I wall aad a portkn of the
efl-t wall feO, i!i" (??'?'?? rrnahlng tu ? liu-^ i? 'rt! ? <'.
, ,t ,.v pow? I. ?' - "?' ??" ?' Ikdetphk Tt
ny. n.'- out wall traibed it"" toeraaary krtld
kg ^.-urlert t>r HaaallioB ? Ptoalaaar, aaaeaanatortag
jcucH?r*, und aortluaa of ?evaral boUdlaga betoa ??
., 1. .,.tli*L. lKtH'*m satt^mj and Waltint ?U. Th
ncvTpr*s,". >i -T). T1aiee\aM nin.d barond i pak
!n DgbtrMt, f- toWafaat, wera ekrea
biiiidini^. eoeh havlng eeeral teaanla. Tnte* ><:
,:,.... ven ????? :' '? ? ?'?? ':" ? ""''
?., .. i.-.t. Adjolnkg the U atre rm
.,,,..,.. - llotis^ The roof
imed aad the buUdlmc ? ?!?! "'"' weter. Ncxi
wacthebulkUngol IheTaggaik' "Snnday Tim?." It
uofwa landtk ???? '?' ":" "?!' """
DPcd with water. At Ihe oM Walnal Blreet n
;i.. th< re wai greal danger thi ? I " ?'''? ' at< b
(!r,. , . topped aad the aadknee
,,ui-t;> dlsul ??:
in: i ra8i d rni n n w - ,,s ''vv '"'','' !'-> AV"
i :i.i.i D in i.m: ? >'. ?
A ,|,.v,, rheme I i defi ind the pay departaieBt of
,. u] , .,, iHvt i ?i nl Um i nlUd -<?<<? A,|"v '?'
j? i i...-. lald bare, and n aumber ol ? l""1,
?:,iv lOBow. Tbe ???"' '""; - ? ??';1 '" ' y,,"?'l "s,r
.?vi .1 monlb . and Ihe lo iea to tbe Oarernmenl may
:,?.. in.? i?,., large an. I.hemc eontl ?? ol r mo?
Ing a p.nt or all ol the wrttlng, eieapt Ihe ?gnetore,
,:. prden apon Ihe paj * partenant, and BlMng In
,,,. i,i,.,;. ,., . . with ktten and iifrt"'- reiHng f-t
tmounk larger lhan tbe fc? of the orlglaal arder. it
i ,.| |ha| |!,.. erawrei were ntade with arld, aa I ?
rleverly were they doee that ? nambet of Ihe ardera
wttn paid i?f .,-? tl ? rraad wa? dekrtoi. All l"
r.trinalloa with regard t< Ihe anltor bM b~-:i refaeed
i.v iha Ooreraajeal ofjckk, aad Ihe aaaMi ol the
rallty peraon rannot be karaad.
The trkb i i latniiiar oae, rel it k arobabk thal
ihr utii-is woaM ha? beaa paM by aay baab almo i
wlUwut qoestioa. 11 '- -1''1 ';':'' lh-v u,r" ",'l"",?|
,? ,i?. \\>.. i b] dkehariod nMkra, and pre^nied
,,,. paymenl to tbe Onvernnwil t*v dcpartaMOt lo ttn
,iiv. .> .hii.T eomlng '""'ii Ihe Weal ui??t identltv
it,.ni-<l\.- before reeclvlng Ihelr BMaev. and tba P?i
. -, Bepartmenl b? I ???" tondeea i m Ikel II
would requlre a>ueh iDgrnnltj k perpetaak a kaad
upon It.
The l-lui li -aid to bare beaa eeaeelMd by ?
oWler, wbo bad had >oBie experknee k rlerkal
irork, and wbo H a klrlj eapert penman. Be re
moved the BgarM ol th.- ordara k -t.me i . i
;,,?! repkcHl them with Bgerea ..f .-, gmOar raliw
:,?, i?. ,-..?. i .n- edopted tt.:??<?<? ptan ot rewritlnc
,??. wbok order with Ihe exeaptka ol the
mre. Tlie appllratli.I aeld or other rorm?lv?
fliild-."r'Aill in lime dlaeolor any pap?-r. and the ?pot?
,,:i ,.,ni" of the or4*n are mM lo luvi led t" Ihe
tjetei tion of Ihe arheaae.
u a tatc bour b I alghl Ihe erlminak bad ",,:
;,,:, am-le.1. but It I HK< Ix that BB iBIBOrkBt
,,1-h-i will oe iiin ?!?? t i daj,
/ \ oori igoh imi > wiluso.
BeetOB, April 87. Bx-Ooreraor Aieea, when a*ked
,/ he w.i ac?*pl the aoml iilon ht Coegraaa that
rongre* man Vkiw hn derllned, aMi "Wefl. thal
v.??m depend on hv. II rame to me. 11 I beaeeed
,i,.,t it wa< tlie aentlmenl ol ihe dktrlcl thal I ihoaM
rtpre enl II In Congi. , I ml il ?.???!?' the noadaa
Uon. i inall not entcr Into any acraaibk f"'" "?"'
;>u: PEBlfien] fB/11 IQU* TOStrOXED.
Helboame. April 27.-Mr. Lyfc, eoaaael for ho
?Braerer Deemlng, loaay aiade anotber appUcatlon
loi a rarther peatponemeot ol the trkl. Tbe fadge
hiiid be fctt thal his reipoaribOlty wai oae al Bk or
?i.ith. aad aaaoaaeed inal he woaM dator bk d?
rWon ?>??> Ihe applh iUob bbIII tomonow. la order k
heai mcdical ovldence.
DEirff Or VKttttll /ihtEB CiELT.
Oeaetal laaaa Cark. al ae aaa Wp?t T^eatr^wVM
gled ?? bk baaai from riiovmuti-tn un Taeaiiy amraiag
, i arU aai b>.m it Waafaar, Ptaaaii Caaatr. ,v. v .
na fUBiwnbm t, i^:,:' ,,e ^',,v*"1 aa aaareatkeaak ?t
th* prlaier'i t?de in BtoghaaHNaa, and ?t the aaa ?.f
tweatt anlltted ?*? ? arlraai m th?> PalWd MaBa Aratr
in* Bva yaM <?< aarrfce espired j->?t befoas u?> ( un
War. Wii.o BW oai In"!"- aai bi vr<-nt to the front a- a
nru:it. u, coanaar n "f **? mh PaaaartTaBMi Raaerraa
it aai ..hmi Batde 'i Ikabaaeal and arier a raaaala. ???
t.H,k par! in oll MM iitt? Im aalch htl realm.-n".
aaaaged, and ?>< waaadad ?t AaaJaBaa Heai th'1 <io*?
vt th- >Tir im "a- praaaaal t<, n?- i alaailry al th<- ItUi
I'Nimyh inia Volantcrt aad ?<m>ii afu-r ?a? inal'- a hrlaa
d ?ri.,i? ral IBBM MBI BB* hr had b?*n aaapkyad In
teaaa Maa aNB ak - aaawai larrka at tht? part hk aaa
a m.miH-r al ""? I bBIBbi 1?- ^?a>?- ?'o?t, <i. A. R.. ?f
Iironkljn, and of the KnlghU of llonor and tfce RotiI
Aroanuni. lla Icavta a wlfc. W? ?uim aad a OaiyjUWr.
RUxa Ar>Dnr.-SF..*-f;n*\;> w:my Ml B MABCH
li:s MFMORY.
Sitnpk 08 he vtm liimnolf arara Iba eaiaaioBieB
yaaiarday nt 11m lajrubj oi um eanwrstoBi lor
tlie tonih of (iomra! Ulygatl 8. Graat, OB Mm
Hcvontirth annivorsaiv Ol 'ni* bilth, Bul tha
abaaaaa of dtapavy made the oe asioa the mo e lm
preaahrt. Jl.o maltitude arhioh tlifko l from near
an<l far to hOBOC lii- BMmory bai be*B bronjjht
rry n.. aapaatatloa of gltttaring ahow <>r military
?brbbbIiji -Nr?st ol tlin cltlzeai attaBdlBa tlu
eataaaaoiei wew bo far tway from the tomb that
abay eoald hoar Bathiai thaf ";'s sabl, and >.>?
little tfint wnit on. The IVeatdeal of tba
Initod Statos camo to perfortn lu.s parl, wlthout
In ita pluco, hidiBf U" drives, mnking- a blurk
wall along (ba rtvar fr< rtt. thore wag packcd a
aolkl bmcs of bmnayi beiaeja. So huge wbb the
di Itir-odc that iba little anay of Graad Aruiy of
the Republic bmd, arho were aeated |B the fore
ground imaMdiately aoBlb of the tyand stand.
? i a mere bandful kal in the haaattaai Ibraaw.
I);iwn fo Oaa-hondrad and-ninctoenth-st. pcople
?..,:,? paeked aoUdly shoulder to shoulder. The
drivea, whlch tvere kopt open by the polioe, could
not be aean at all, belaa; hiddea fronv vicw by the
daoaaly paeked peoplc on eaab ?ide of tliem. But
irreai aa the eroard wu ob UMaa two sides of the
platfom, it did not inelude all the speetatore.
Tbe IBUUI hill kt the north of the tomb wns
covered wlth people, and on the ea^t, thoujrh
Rttle could l>e soen or heard frooj that, direction.
thrre atood as nmny tuore.
The preparattona at the ?omb wera good, and
tliore was not mUCtl jzrnmblinp a? fnr aa could
be learned. About 9,000 aeata had been erected
ror the Invlted gueeta, f<>r the monibern of eaa>
luitteca, and for tho membara of the LayaJ [*gioo
md ol tba Graad Arajr af the BepabUe.
Seata bad been ereetod on all si lea of a square
so that the.v faeed tbe uoruerntaaa. Thi* stone, a
BMgoifloeat block of white ?ranito frotu QSBfflM
ai Long lalaad, Me., wabjaiag twelve tona. wa*
luapended by a larire aefrieb over ita Hnal restinu
ph.ee on tho cxtieme southwest corner of the
pon.p or ceremonv, l.lte a pnvate citi/en.
Hit akeng his waf thaea waa lha fnII aad apoa
tai.er-us rrapeel oi Bvatty Ihouannda, with cheerti
and lan-d henda, fnr fhe Chkf Magktmte uf th.
Nation. And .?*>, to >, tboae tbooaanda itood for
hoara at BfTorafda PBrh to do honor to a Notii n"B
Baad bero, antll Ihe booning "f the whlte Mian
tiitioiiioh'h k""-'. waking tbe ei boea al< ng ll ?? Hiid
aen Kner, oaneanced ghal tbe purpose t"t whieh
tli?-v liad latbered waa In part aocompllehcd.
The eeajemoaka bagan aoon aftei 2 p. m., when
the Prealdaat'a party arrlred nt tbe tomb.
. i| Roraea rVrtei and ftrenville M i
nnd llenrv W. Cannen aaUed foi fhe part; l
tbe 1 tth \ve"ue Hotel, aad r Ttel by troop
A. th< rarrkge drore t.. l.'i ? Purb Tlicre
were bariika the Prcsldenl \i p-I'reaiilenl Levl
P. Mortoa, Seeretarj John V. Noi !e, John W
Biakrr, S. If Elklna and J M. hUiak, < haunee;
M. Depew, Oeneral Scholkld, Adi
(il e ardl and? the Re Dr. John II all
of tbe Iitth Avenna 1 real rte'ian l !hur< li
Ait.-r the oerenaonle* tbe Pre ideni ot onee re
tnrneii to Waahington. with acvei ! rnemhera ol
bk Cabtnet, i>-it s. it. Elklna, retary ol War.
rrmaiaed bere aa lake pirr In the dlnner
at Delmonioo'a la-t night, in memory <>t Uener.il
Grent, i>> tbe Granl Birtlidn) \- i i-ttion, ????
baa a dlnner each yeat ",[ ' fJeneral'a birtli
day. Tbe Harleai KepaMiean Club alao -
dlnner to benor bk hirtlidny la-; night.
Tbe day ??> kepl aa a hall tolidny thro
out the clty. All tbe baaka, the Stoeh Kxehnnge.
the Conaolidatrd, Produee, Cotton, Coffee and
otbei exohaluyes and th Clearin lloiiae rloeed
their doota al aoon; moaf of the factoriea atopped
wurk, and bnlldlng operation* ecua^l for the nt il
part througfaonl the netropoliian dktrict. Ti.e
?ehoola dao i! *ed al noon.
Plaga were Bying everywherr, aad th. etrecta
touk on u lioliday appearaace early In tlie morn
iiik'. It did Bol areu as ii tliere were mu h
l>u-in?*f^ downtown even before noon, and after
thal the itreeta were alnumi deaerte<l,
Iii llrooklya the I'nlon I..? i lub :ave a
dlnner al Ita elubhoiiar, and llrani n. ?.,
meetii g waa ueld af tl <? Brooklyn Inatitutc.
There waa not niueh militarj or naval dkpkj I
the orrenMOiea of the day. The chief part waa
played by tbe MUntonomoh, and by Troop A f
tbe National Gnard, whioh racorted the Pre i
dentiel party. There >\a? ? eompany ol marinea
iroiu ihe Nnvy Yard, a eompanj of aailora froni
the .MiMiitoiioiiioh. three batl ries, aboul 200
otr'-ni;, from fehfl lal Artiiletv, I'. S. A.; one i
pany iroin the flth Regiaienl ol Infantry, U. S.
\ , and the bdnd froan Ihe General Recrultii ?
Depol of the I'nited Stntr. AiniV al Diul
laland. Tbe Mlantonooioh waa Uk1 greai obj
oi Intereal before the eeremonlei hegan, and
orewda waU bad b*r from tbe ahorc all mornln
abe l*y al aaebot aboai a nuarter ul a mib* fi w
siiore. with tbeaun ahlning uu ber wbltc bulL rhe
ii\er wns ao ;.H1I thal btr m ! ??* were nilrrored
i? ii a? in b pond. She eatne up
rarly In Hm koralaf, Byiflu ihe enaign and the
ja'-k' and abe abowed no oihei buntlng durhg
the day. She Bre i the Preaidenti il tt luti aftei
the ceremonJea \\ere ooaxpkted. Whal w.i- luck
Ing in militarv ((iepky waa made up for by the
One appearance of the (iran-i Army of the Ifr
publie, the Loynl Leglon and the Union Vctcran
Amo< Intii n.
Tbe weatheg wai all that oonld be toilred
The day kaied ab it bagan, beautlful aad ralm.
\t noon and up to .'i p at. tl"- all wai ao ?Ull
at Blretaide Parfc thal tbe ftagi on ihe pUtforn
aud the ho'el. the >treaiiiei-. Btretcbed overbead
?in,l tbe en-i-ii of the uionitoi in Ihe river bnnj
'l??p, withoiit a .stir. The mn waa tl.eti ii'i
cotafortnbry warm for the waitins eroW3i nrhleli
l,,,,i no ahelter to abade them fi m the raya
atiaambag from :i blna and elondleaa- aky*. Bul aftei
i),e eerenionies had btfon, ? breere ennie up llic
phtall river from the aaotb, and arl Baga anil
atreaaaera lattoring. AbeBl 4 p, m. a naee Im*uoii
t? <lrift over the noithein part of tbe [ludauii
Kiser and oaaaared tbe beadknda there, wbkli
|h<I untll thetl lieeu woodeiruliy >'ieal and di
tinet; but the uii-<t noon vankhed, and laft ihe
river u? hefore, daziiliuii and brighl m the BnnUght.
*.\ rinf**1**11 butjmbruio.
The orowd waa ?nonn<iia?. To the BOBtb and weel
from the grand ataad, when it aaaj tinie for the
ceirmoiiiea to begin, there wai not a aquare in.-h
uf the park to be aeen. It had di^ppearcd. an I ,
feaadatiaea. From the top of the dorvick to the
groaad fhore Rtff 11 v? Mnes of hunting, wbicb
|Md '?eon liroitRht froin the Xavy Yard In the
moroiag by the Miantonomoh. The stand for the
Pn udential party waf w aimpl.r deonrated as the
n*t of tha platform. It w.x? eovered with tbe
Stara aod Mripee. Thi* stand wai
aheltered fnitn the aaa bv a bu?e
imbrella-like aftalr, alao made of bnntinu.
Tbore ware about 3,000 soats reservod on the
pjatform. '?i theae, 9,500 wera oacapied bjr the
of the dlfferent trades and profcs
-w!i.? liave bcen and are still aetinp
immitteemen and ebairmca of couimit
teea f"r raldng tbe money for the baJld
.. 0f the tomb. Iniinediately around the
platform oc. upled by tbe Preddeat of tbe Dvitcd
-i ? t.-s and uia party ware the *Mts reaerved for
leata, Theae aaata focad t? the aoath.
Frontinu fhem arai a row of aaata leacivad f?r
\trgi .,i ,nt ,nd her party. She eaaae abartly be.
?,,,. the wreBMBk* begaBj and tbera waa at oiieo
gcncral BioveBMBl of prominent paopk toWBfd
l,cr i > pay thalr reapeeta. Aeaong othata arho
,. i around her e*e.1 awre Cenerala Howard
md Slcklea; ?.rge Taylor. Wbltebw Rald, aod
,l?. diineee Miniatcr, Taul Kwe V...; arjth hii
,,,...,,.,.?.,, shuog V., Tinf. I" bai party ware
aora, L'lyaara S.. and Jesee R.
Urant. rach Kcompaafcd by bJa wife. Jaaae K.
,;rant'a llttle aoa, Chapman Graot* eaa alto th-re.
Mi. ,i.,1....,1 (j, n. i. CoUk, Mia, DeBt, Um
\V?>od -.1 idrloo, Mtch., and CaptaiB ivtit. of lha
i' ?,,,.,'; stotea Army, ware the athera in the party.
Mr, tlrani waaeaeorted lo her asatea the platform
i,. Major .1 M 6e?rk\ who bad ebargc of tbe
,u ,v Uyerdde Pa* y.-t.-rduy. and by Pri
vate HaJoea, of tbe ur.th Sew-Yatfc Vdaatteeia.
SIm wa?dre??ed In blaek, ai aaoal.
Ii:r(.,.t:v oppodta Mia. Graol aa WiUakW
,vi(i withD O MHls. ai lus ricbl hand. CornaUue
V,,,.';, ,'.. t. arrived almoat uaaotl.I. and toofe
. -at a-here oobody eookl lind hlm. Gwajtal
OO Howard, in full unlform, wltb hb fali
,, c *0f beplumed and gokl-laced ofllccrf, aat
rortli of the PrealdeBUal party. wltb Commodara
,?-,, ? tl.mmandant of the Navy Yard, uad
u, ^fl Geerge VY. CbUde, of l'Uladelph.a, ar
,.'m,i (hortly "???? - P- m- *uA ?? n'krlt
,? , .,.,, by Mrs. Grant'i dda. E*GovarBor
Phineca T. Lounabnry waa greatad by a large
unntbei ol rrienda
\,? n the mtlltary men ware tbe oaly fonr meo
nuw ii-. in*.- who were eorp eomiBaadera dnring tba
v.,,. |!,,., arere GenaralaO. 0. Howard, SchofMd,
Orei'ivllle M Dodga and II. VY. Sloaom. Generali
il.iv.ar.i and Schofteld ware aeeaaagBflied by thcir
:.:i offiiera,
Precident llarrlaothj although bavlag retired at
a late hour ob Tueaday. aroae early yeaterday
morning and, breakfaat balBg aerred in liii room.
i,,. waa boob ready to raeaive thoaa who eaikd to
pay thelr reapaota. He ^at in room .'<;. on the
.'..nd Roor, mhik bla alde, Uautaoaat J. F.
Parker, and K. P. Tlbbotta, lis aatiag Bearataty,
in tbe absencc ol Mr. Halford, preaonted t<> bim tba
carda of vlaitora. lt w is knowa that tbe Preafc
dent dld not In aay way desire to adBgle aoUtaea
wifh thia ooeaaioB, and hi^ adahaa wen obaaraed.
Anwng thoaa who ealled were: s. Vaa Reaaaalaar
Ouger, Corncllua N. Bllaa, Cyraa W. Fieiu, jr.;
j;. c. MeCormiek, Jefferaoa SaUgama, .John A.
Sl.her, Caleb I?. Knovals, J. Kobk Stearns,
WlUlam M. laaaoa, Oaptata FraneU UeCoa, of
Troy, N. V.: Irvina |f, Si'utt, of San i'rauciiieo,
aiu! Ckm Studebakar, of InduiBa. Ai the hour
: ; itartlog the prootaaloB afapteaeheri, Genaral
Horare Portcr, Heary W. Canaan, Gaoaral i;ren
viile M Dodga, the Rcv. Dr. John Hall, QMMiaaay
M. Depew and Ruaaall B. Harriaoa wata aaattabled
,ti the raoaai, and latar ibay were jolned by Vj<-e
Prea deal Morton, Stepaaa B Blktaa, Socretary of
VYar; Gtnaral Sobolleld, Jaba Wanaaaakar, l'o?t
ni.icjter-lieiier.il; J. W. Noble, St-oretiry of the In
terior, and deiendah M. Kusk. Seoretnry of A?n
It araa lt:40 o'elock when the President left
hls reataa, escorted by Oeneral Horace Porter, and
ilaanandfd the atalrway to the corrtuoronthe
" C'autinuad an'Thfd Page."*"
you again'ST sioxiN'i tit:: evrquhar bill.
To-day |g the last day on which Govcrnor Flowet
will recelve protcj?t!? azairst tle Far |iihnr Eleetion
Inspeetors bill. Vignroug profeats have hecn
BOUied in apon the Qovernot from aii sides. and
if the wislics of the nmjoritv of the voters are
ta tie re*pected, Mr. Flower wiil not approve the
Mr Flower may let the peopl- know to-morrow.
whether he if in (BTOC of ccrruption at tlie polla
or not, but it will piehabty be n<xt week before
he will make known the deeismti he lni6 reached.
Had all the objeefions to the Far-iuhar bill
been made hv Pepuhlicans, the liovernor might
t'ink it a matter of party polie.y lo >isru the
bill. but wli"ii innny prominent 1/emoerats, yvho
supported Governor Flower at the la*t elee
tion, have eome out openly and denouueed the
aaeaaare, ean the Chfef Fxecutor afford t? ap?
prove it?
Here in a list of 6otne of these Dcmocrato:
Orlando B. Potter, Isaniuel I). Pal>coek. Abrain
S. Hewitt, Prederie R. Condert, George II. LttvaaJ
Stephen A. Walker, Guafav H. Sehwah, E. Ellery
Andereon, Controller Myera, Williarn R. Orace,
Wheeler H. Peekhain, Loak C. Wac.hner, Clifford
A. Hand, Frank R. Lawrentv, .lohn 0. A>rar,
Williani R. (iraee, ex-Sheritl .Tames O'Brion,'
Walter T. Lo^an, Austen S. Fox, William II.
After Oovernor Flower baa looked over the
forexoin<,' list, and is perfeetly aware tliat there
are hundnds, yea thoistands, of Demoerata who
gappertcd him last falj, and who are bitterly op?
poaed to any obaagR in the pre-^nt aystem re?
gardtng the eleetion inspectors, will he sijrn the
bill? Will he admit in the face of no niuob,
eppoattaOD from his uwn party that he haa uot
the courage to oppose the wijdiea of a lew politi
eiaaa who would corrupt. the ballof-hox t Will
he plnee himself on record as btlig a crenture
OWBed, body and noul, by a few Tammany HalJ
Btnf Hotiest Deuiucrats mu.v that if Mr. Flower
lo a nuin ot courajje he will vefo the bill; if he
doew otherwLse he will domon>trate that he ie
a dhd wlthoot oharacter, toe weak to contrul hia
PWB aefioiut.
Many prominent and publie-spirited citizena
have expreaaed themselves in the eohunne of The
Tribune aa betag oppoaed to the measiire. There
are teua of thoiieunds of othcr good rltizens who
are also in favor of an lioncat coiiut. Mr. Flower
has heard from some of them and knowa who
they are.
Here are *>uie mor- of their exprer.sion?, m
addition to the muny already publiohed :
Scuotor Frunk Hkeocki "M i* <"***}&& M
Oovernor Plower wttl reto the mauaure, M d k aU?
hop?d that ue wlH*ot keep aa kng ta wuMNue. ino
, '?,. ,i,e v.itei> oi tnu city aaow tnat Baera 1* to 00
i"'n.,e?c?.i o'th? baliow the better theyj&fOBL
*ov,r >r Kiower .urely eagkot hopa to aadkay MB
nartv bv akTgng each aa uutair uieuMire. a* niaty
\?w.Y.>r.i SlatB. If OorefBor Flower slBn?s the ma>
Uon ,;^?\or,-m be wttl l.v.; to ragral iha, k ury he
did to anaaatf and k bk party bjr a k aotka-^
Ex-aenator lliomaa (. tktt: u um '"'V ,.,i
Xtw^York Approvoa the bill whkh win deatroy tha
beUef that ekctioirt ar? to be boncUy cwiduetod. he
wl I diiminatraf that ho baa not the cooram ol a
aka, aivd tnat to k permiiun^ hUBakftoha kd.bjn
a* mu wi" doe* BOi kar to oppoae a lew faattaaoy
?l?ill :man. he v 111 denoance Ihe Farnnhar nawure aa
""n.i7 nd earry out ttw wlahes of hone-t Pemoerak
T'i'.i al h "est meu. No aenalbk man ean doubt Uiat
?h? MU waala^ataeed by Mr. IWhar ***??*
dobb of aeenrlBg rontrol of rhc ekeuoaa k IJaavYar*
u and it n.r.-arv dkhoneaUy to count la the IJemo
cra-i,*''a.,dMau-. the naktng "J^tf^ZSS*
w\U leadera want k get the eketloo auwbJnary
OoaTpletoi; in th..r baada, JC that it a-lU to lmp.jaa.Uo
t, J-,: m a balr eoant la any trf th?- d.^trt< t-, w.iere wie
rlui ' miK.it LtVuvorabl- to the Democratk par y.
Hiov-ror Flower haa not ihe eoarage to akea Ha
s-aui. ..'MUpprovaJ on the bill, the ?ehaaM to aaaaj
it tha i>'."moeratk candUkiea ean oaly ba haaafki
Lv olaclHB enough Federal mawhala In aaeh eteetka
dTatrlct to iwouet th i ballol boxee. In the l?a-al aaa>
teSu the coanttog of th* balloai would be la keer al
t'.*? uivi w". eould control the two rumniany av
? ? LDdthe corruptlon that woaM Wlow and the
i ? :: ,!v??,d be done ran weU beUBaapnel.
yor tha Mke ol a.i honeal ......111 l k.aoaaf ahal Baa
raiMuiiar bill ?iu aerer bct-ome a law.
n ?' 1 a? n: !".? ABjeru aa peoale baakto ta a
fair'vot- ind .1.1 boaeai eoant, aad if ?.ove.nor H..wer
7v fi ? .????! ihe Fauiuhar bill. 1 beaaea aha hoi^ett
v vm ot the .stau- will adinlnlatera laat rebaka totoa
,-PinM of poltilekaa who aie reaortlBg to aaek baaj
,?iUSr*? to -'-il lha e,.,.- ol the BUU) Ot >;-?;>ork.
f uovenwr '.'. >wer JUOmtta to the ?rl?be? - ra B>w raaa
11,anv II"". Miou. aad dlaregard* the [..-.t- -.. of ao niany
oromlneul memlicrs of bl? party, bo wlU not <mly atir
no a Dlttor fceBng In thhi rlty, bal ih/oaghna* the
S ,ie state. II la Kew Vort tbe peopk fcef thetthetf
rotea bpj nol be ng boneatlj coaatea, a fryol BBtta
? 1 iJ-' ni- d and th? dU*ati?fled fccUng will ipwd
to other parta of the Btate. Apd they will deTOBatrak
their opllilon ol anj inch onfcir keaawrea by votuig
liTuin-t the iwttv tnat krored a dlahiaaat eeaat. n
?P "nd tha wault. a<. Ooubt, woaM be better far tha
i^yui.n-aa uanv if the uo\ernor <Hd ??gn tha MU.
There would ba >?> mach corrupUon in the ekrtua di?
trk-t? when- the lammany In-pfrtors would b?- tn eon
trol thut tli- feeitnirs ?>t t!v- general pablk raHM
otttraged, und TamBVUay'a downfall mu^t .x-nainij- ro*
low. uut no houe-t riuaea la aaxkaa f>r thejatara
rf tha iK'iitieHi oorrupUoa of tbe daya of Boaa rweoa,
110 tnafter If It would pr ?v? to tbe lie'.ietlt Bg ?>}?
polltlcal party, and Ooreraor rkrwer'a atejap of dia
approral ->f tha bill will be w< leoai d."
Eniesi Naihan -l have klfced k Baany Pemoerak
rogardlngtha bill. ttnd aithoui a ?itiui- ?*e*P*kBthep
iiuve prenoaacad it a dangerouj Bcaaure for the wr\<>
eratte party to hatulle. Deniucrata who ar? thlnkltn
nloiit tha future. aa ^<-ll aa tke preaaat. aay thut tna
.dtl if Ooreraor Flower peradk it to t?< >?nia a law,
?ili re uit ln dotng Irrepcurable Injniv to the party.
-in h .1 ahamekaa law. lu the end. 110 doabt woaia
reault to th-- beneflt of tbe Repubiloun party. but h?m
. .1 people are nol enxlonx for tbe retura of tbj polkl
,al iHdlutlon of tho Tweed daya! and IherefOK they
hope n >remor Flower will not i?'rniit Mmaetf to \*
Iniuenced hv a few politieian- whoas greed, It x-ema,
naver will be aatMed. T\? people who deaire h mest
poliths in Nawo'orb <-ity are oppoaed to tbe lamm.-my
?rheme. bcuu-e they want to we - me deeency ijna
niornlliv al ihe i>< Ua. There K ooly one %1cw thaa
hone?i tii'ti whether th"v m- Demoerata or Repnb
lhnii- ean take of fhe bill whtch propoae* to channa
a law whbii has for?? moiiy reura proved laaaau-tory
to ihe people ol Sew-Yorlr. mid n doea nol ?eam te
,,,,. ii,,! ooreraor Flower ?ill dare to slim the bill ln
ihe fa< 0 of -<> niu< Ii oppoMtlon
wniiani H- Ten Eyefc- Sol a atagk ajjaaaaal baa
been uroduced iti kror m the Faraahar bill. and after
ao muny rlgoroa* prote^k fiom promtaeat Deaaorrak,
1 d m't tee how Oorernor Ftowee ran aftoed (to aa>
prora tha mename. Tbe Oorernor hns i--en >v-.-r
ahelmed *.th proaf* ot ihe aeoaaVa diaapproral
,,f tbe MU, and if be is a paei
1. rernor -aad a nood pollUvkB. ba wtH n>H
l.e-inle to refnae to be led by a feW Tamnmiiy HaJ
General DeBaU k. Barae rke kw rrgardkg the
hondllr.g ol tke balkta haa been n-k'.ti"d>ii ?< fair for
twentv yeara bv the honeat iwople ol thK <itr. o^id
ti.nly reaaon for ghe rbange i> t>> avake rooin for
D ?.rru-.tlon al tl. ? poHa. If th- T.miman\ Hall
rulllans are pcrmltted to coaal tbe balkti aad eerUiy
to the retaroa. no roter roaJd be aaaared taaj taa
.< be eaM waa to ix- neneatlr eonnted. 1 aaar taa
I ;. ii 1 t law New Vorh pollth , BK a> Bare ??< Tammnnv
ll.ill win penait them lo he. The devodl and e?mna
j tbe UUoto for yeara la tak etk bave baaa eare
fally marded. and tn rrn o?? tii:.t law me?n> tnat we
are to retani to more iwiithai rorraatton than w
thouglil ol durlng the dagf or 1; aa Tweed. I de, nol
bellere that Tweed at an\ Ubm eonteniplated getting
.(b-o'.ure eoatrol ef tke baltot-boxaa.
Koorge b. Deane The acUoo of O. H. Potter and
nth.-rlx-nio.rat? ln denoanelng baa bUI is ?n lllut
tratton ol how the bo.I rotera of ?ae Deeaoeratie
i?,nv i-iwrd the awaaare. And In tlie k'-e of vtir-h
proteati how ran Oorernor Ftower ateti k akn tho
bill' ibNieftt Daaaoeaata baew that if the biu be
rome* a law it will prore to be a bopmerhae ?W aha
Democratie piwtv. II eaaael ba iaaM that the bill
?trlke< at th<i fundamenUl rtghta of the peop e. a-id
(or t.overnor Ftower to fjee Taatmaay the rlght to
,,.?! ii iha balkk to suit it-*eif woaJd bo to Iganea the
nroteati of innnr picmlnent repreaaatatltea of <X?
Untoi ratle ivirtv. It rama|ni 1 1 be leea if Mr. Flow?
haa the Interexk "f M? nartv al beart or not.
l ThmpB" Skaraa-fl ti,e bill is algaed br the
(Wirernor Ihe two Taeiaiony eleetion InapeAora win
buildoz.- ihe aaak repreaentatlre of tlie H.-puhllran
nartv ln -arh .?!.. lioti dMrtrt. *nd Ihe pMalU 'vtll
be Bxrd to ^nlt t::<- plraaai.f tho Wtgwaai randl
iiiite?' I cant in.<'??:?? u.-a hom any man erlth ?''y
lenaa'of ralrnrai ?. nld <iar- to preatfit aaeta a avaaare
for the reaaiderailoB of Uie Aaaeaibty. .\nd wfeea It
i,i? ii-uiiiv pii^-i><i the lower boaae, and been fuliv di
rus#ffl and 0.-tidenined. I rgneot .se-,- how the geaatl
eould approve lt. And 1 -iMmld b*> ?BteeUkM \t Ooe
en>r Flowor, after all thni baa baaa siild, tooh If u;>on
hlmsrlf trt ratlfy the Mianicle<*, Badaclaaa and con
ti^aptlhte aetlon ol the Lrgkktare. It |s a nieasiiee
m<w.nt s>leiy for the eerrnptlon ol polltlr-.. to deprlvo
tlio i>opla ol their rtghta, and ilovnriior Flower knowa
iluat mu. h al.-Mit It. If ive fliois tha bill at the bld ot
CrOker. ho will debase hlmself and place himsclf on

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