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jM)MO.ttltlltt---- ??????????????????????????? e>
m. WA?n bwatmb Appaaaaaa thbir
aovaMt-DOrr, hb batb, a bmttb_i
ft?ra' W'ager rfwnyi.c. Of New-Vork. and Othera
gpafee to a thaaaaad ratarana and then men.is m
Decorlor Hall. al OkUea and Heid avea . laat nlght.
The meetlng was under lhe euoptcea of the l nlon
Veterans' I'atr.otl,- Lea_UC of H.ooklyn. of which
Senator Ueorge W. Bruah is present. Benator
R.ush preMded. II.' read the followin* teleKram
whlch lt was enthuasaatleally and unanimousiy
agreed to aend t,? Maior MeKlnleyi
The, Honorabie Willlam MeKlnley. Jr.. Canton. Ohlo.
S?r Th- rnion Veterana' Patriotic ???* ?*
Bruoklyn :.<-? -trong. in maaa-meetlria asaembled.
fend greatTngB, and Its membera send you thelr
hearty aiipport. We believe ln an honent dollar
aad ?i chance io earn h
r?r Bruah said thal tho*.- who had fcught treason
oauM sceni treason afar. and knew lhal thr pemo
. ra-le platform whs not patriotic They would |n
gjat upon malntalntna aa honeal dollar, and in pay
|_t tha country'B ohHaatloa la honeet dallare. Tbe
men who wore the Uue wouM nevar aupporl a
platform thal raeant mob rule and Anarchy. They
would atand ehoulder io shoukler In aavlna the
coin.try from dishonor.
l.r Bruah Introduced Oeneral Waaer Bwayne sa
on? who had Blven bla body to the cauae of Ihe
Unlon and reeelved ll back, all excent one leg The
.ieneral w <- well reeelved. an.l there were pro
_. d eheera when he gave a quotatlon from
The areHl ihtng to leave f<>r one'a chlldran, said
ths Oeneral, waa llbertj preserved und.-r an honeal
government. Thnt was better thaa leavlng a for
tune oi a bwslnem They were preaent. he aald, to
dlaouae a plaln queatlon ol common honeat:
lat??t cenaus showed thai ther. were fMOO.OOnen
_a_ed ii. nccupatlc.na In the I'nlted Btatea, lT.MO.Onn
of whom worked for wagea. Tl.e average of wages
w.-re a lltue ]?-- thnt 11 SO B day. so It w..s a con
aervatlv.- atatemen; that |&Ono,OW was apent fpr
?w ,?,tf. , very day. Tb.- pood of the p.-opb* who
e rned thal monev was the Importanl thlng io
studv Kree allver would ghe these great earnlnga
ima puichaalng power, and must do a great inlu
tlce. eause great sufferina. and prevenl the return
of i.mspenry.
Tb.- Rev A Btewart Walsh was the laat speaker.
He made a mr.-nK defence ..f the Bupreme t-ourt,
ond denounced thoee wbo attacked this co-ordlnate.
1^- vi of tht .'overnment.
? ?
i*uUy 7.BBB anthuala-tic RepubUcacs wlll wake
lhe eehoos and ruise the rafters at tbe Clermont
Avenue Klnk to-nlcbt, when Chauncey M. Depew
?nd J l'rankltn l''ort will rOrasally open the Re?
publlcan irnpulgii In Klagja County wlth speeches.
Better *< :? tlona could nol have been made In the
waj o1 speaker* Mr, Depew ls a prlme favorlte
ln Brooklyn. The last tlm** he spoke h.-r.- nl a
polftleal m.-tintc was ln the Wurater campalgn at
th.. Aoademy of Mualc, an.l the plac was crowded
to its utmo-t capadty, a larg.- proportlon of the
andteneo belng ladiea. New-Jeraey'a eloajuei I aon
rma noi been board In Brooklyn. but the Brooklyn
dele?ate? to the St. Louis .'onventlon Vho heard
him ape-h thera )iui> boomed hlm so generoualy
th.-n th.-re ls no doubt of ihe keen interest mar.i
fest.-d In his appaarance and wlat he has to aay.
Beotdea theae Chalrman Hrenner rn? Induced Mar
cu-i A Hanna, chalrman of ibe National fommi'
loe, and Joaeph H. "Il inley to attend. Thla wlll
aiso be tha first appearattce of Mr. Hanna in
Brooklyn, and to aay thal Brooklyn Republlcana
are anxioua to greel M'-Klnlry'B frlend la puttlng
lt mltdly. Whether Meesw, llnnna and Manley
can be pr'-vaiied upon io aay anythlng l? a proh
lem. bul tt is belteved they will Bnd lt ,.ifh,'_u to
k.ep still when the preosure li brctujht to Dear.
Benator Matthen B. Quaj'. of a-tnnvtaanla. ?? ???_
m be present though lt ls not rertaln that II*
wlll be .'hairrnan Hrenner aaa h.m yeaterday.
ar.d learned tbal he wa* not feellng well. and he
exprese. I -ome doubt nbout crosalng the Brldge,
He nromleed to rio ao If he felt well enough.
There I* a bar< posstblllty that tleneral Harrlson
nnv be ai the meetlng. A Trlbune reporter l-arn.-l
yeBterdav afternoon thnt the ieneral was ln town.
ih* gues'i of Preslden' Berrl, of the I'nion Leagu?
. lub Mr Berrl was unable to aay whether or md
1',-neral Harrlson would be ln the clty io-morrow
E-_rythlng poims to an Immense outpouting of
Rei?.ficana and l?en,.,rrats who believe ln aound
monev. Th* bla gatherlng on Wedneaday nlght to
hear Willlam 3. Bryan has pul the Republlcana o-i
edee-' fo- the campalgn. ani the feehnK of overconfl
dence has kiv i wav to one of determlnatlo.i that lhe
local -ampaign ahall nol co by default through ne
?rlect Hence It ?., thai to-nlghl al the Rmk a greet
ing wlll be eatended to Depew. Port, Hanna. Manley
nnd othera thnt they wlll remember as lon? as lhe>
Mayor Wurater wlll prealde, and there wlll be aong*
bv gl'ee cluba ani mualc by Halle's Orchestra The
McKlnlev and Hobarl dnuble quartet will rurnlsh
">me of th. mualc. Republlcan clubs from all over
the clty Wlll attend the meetimc.
A MeKlnley and Hobart ratlflcatlon meeii c. at
taadad bv a' least M peraons, was held laal evenlng
nnder the ntupiceu of the Willlam H. Prlda: Aaso
.iation on the lawn of tbe clubhOUM at No IM De
?st. The house wns decoraied Wlth flag- and
huntinp. and Chinese lanterns llahted the ground*
Mualo araa furnlahed b: a siring and brasa band.
keeping the crowd ln good humor untll lhe speech
maklna began. A gran.ist.mJ for ladiea had been
arranaod on th? roof of tlie plaaaa, an.l a temporary
stand for the apaa_et*B was erected on lli*.- lawn
?Tne iist ol Bpoakera Included Henry A. Powell,
Register of Arreats, tha Rev. A Btewarl Walsh,
ConcreBssaan I. P. Plscher, Bamuel T M
Bamuel II. Drew. A. A. Cropeey atid Willlam A
Prendergaxt. Willlam H. Priday, l'roir whom tha
aasaclatlon take- its name. preslded, and inti.,
daced as ihe flrst speaker the Bev. A. Btewart
Walsh Tne speaker stated thal be would leave tha
flnanclal i?-^ue to othera, bul (eav- the Boy Orator's
haiaalia many a teltlng blow "Thare are three
re.ognlzed ways.'' he daetarrd, "Of K"ttlng moti.-y:
worklng, borrowlnB and ateaHng But Hryan teiis
worklu_n.',, Of BBOtker way, He saya: 'Cul one
dollar In two and yOU bave two dollars ' In the
dsvs of the Rebeilion. when the Oovernment, un?
able to pay, praaaleed to pay by kwulnf ajreenhacka,
Bryan says we bad prOBPeroua tlme- Bul when
our candldate, willlam McKlnlej waa marchlng
with a musket io help shOOt to pleceB lhe damnabli
doctrlties of aecesslon a;ul slavery, the Boy Orator
rocked ni h\* eiadie. was wrestllng wlth a nurae
bottie and probably b-?lne Bpenked every day for
maklng too much notee Toung m?-n. learn thla
l?Mf.i,: Our eountry ha* coat s Kiea- deal and la now
the hope of freemen aii n\er iiie e-orid An enemy
to mr flBK is an en<-mj not only io Ihe I'niied ,
Blaiea, L>ut to all human'ty
"Tli-* t'hlcago f'onvenllon hald 'we oppose arbi- ,
tr:,i' nteirference ),> Pederal au;horiiie? ln local
affalta ' lf .iefr?rsin Davla is mar a leiephone he \
m c'? ill up i.-e <?? Beauregard and aay, 'Elther
w>- w?r? born too aoon nr Bryan _nd b,y tollowers
too late; for here ihey i ave i.e. n resolvlng tt,e
ssme thtngs fo- whleh we nnd our followeri.
fought.''' Me cloaed bj shylng: "No wondei you
Ueten we'l, for thla la the funeral oi Hryan and thc- ,
jubflee of Republlcanlsm
TI-.-> chalrm.-.n then read letters from I'r.uik S
Bla.-k. <iarr*' A Hobart, Tlmothy I. Woodrufl
j,.ror,,^ ?? piaher and Mra. Tenny, wlfs of .lu.l_,
Tenn*,. Mr. Hobart wrotei "lt l? encotiraging io
know that th? peopla .,re aroosed to .. proper
appreclatlon of ronditlana oonfronttng us ln ihls
cami^-lgn. The nesrs all along the llne |? most
Mt sfactorj'. ?nd BH tbe omens are for a greal nnd
de-!a,\e vlctorj "" tlie 3d of Novtmber.''
A.l tha lettera were ancouraing in tone, showing
the party leaders hard at work for the BUCCOH of
the R.ptiblican tleket
Then followed hrl'-f addressea l>> lhe other speak
ers, all belag llstened lo attentfvely and beartily
applauded bj the crowd
The Frlday AssoetatlOn ls insklng sn earnex'
csmpalam m the Twenty-flfth Ward. and the ward
II BJ U expected to glve tbe Kepublica.i eandldates
g largo majorlty on electlon day.
jo),n Tennant waa soreaaded o.i ayednasds
bf laaaahan or tba John Tennant Republlcan B_i
tery. Brhen the battery reached ibe house Captaln
David Nelsoa spoke briai] >??' Mr Tenngi
aa.rvli.g layalty 'o :he psriy, a.vt BgJd lhal thla
was ihe chlef reaaon 'or ths aatlery'fl exlaten.-e
Mr Tannani madi in appropriats reply, and Intn
du--.-I Congr. arlei C B. nneti who mad.
? -p.-e??:: urgliig th<- /nenibei> to work rrom now
unll Electlon Day for the eause of protectlon and
nonej Ban. el T. Maddoi 'h.-r. madi an ad
dre?? ln whlch he revlewed me iseues of ihe can.
palga dwelllni* esoeclally on :he ai:\er i|iie-t'.,n. II.
wai followed by Pollce Justlcs Andrew l_rmon, who
deni- prlnclpalij arlth iha tariir queatlon
Sf\? ;ntensiiy of Iha feeiing on ihe aound __mey
plsnk nt th? Eapubttcaa platform smong ihe raat
dt#* of Macon-st.. between Patchen and Ralph
a\.-s.. ht.s led ihem to resolvn to dlaplay from the
| middle oecondsatory arlndoof of each house Amorl
'' , an flags. Hxlu feet. wllh M Klnley and Hobart
bordero. Pho:,,grap!ii and tranaparen.-let. wlll ba
- Bhown over ea.-i, door, Republlcana and Damocrata
ailke vle la thla demonstrutlon, whlch la a ramark
nhie one
The McKlnley and Hobart Batiallon of the I.evi
j P. Morton CUb, Of Hrooklyn. Wlll hold a meetlng
at 'ii- clubhouee, No. ,'>34 Herklmer-at., on Prlday
nlght. Then- win be addreeBH by promlnent ?i>eak
. era, and muole at tntervala Th.-re are w momberi
rn the club. raorulta from tha dhrtrlct organiaation*.
! The batUlloa la made up of voters, Irreopectlva of
! memberablp in the club, otbo Intend to aupporl Ihe
i Republlcan candldatea, Prlday nlghl aitl be Brai
I of a aerlea of meetlnga and paradea John Wlrth la
ptesidenT of the cluh
The i"'., r. Republlcan Cluh of ihe Tarentlath Ward
will i.e preaenl al the Clermont-nve. itink meetlng
?:,:. The membera are lo aaaamble bi the club
rooma at 7J0 o'clock and march wlth a band
I Oeorge Kenn.-th la prealdenl and C. H, K. Smlth atc
, retary,
The largest meetlng of colored Republlcana ever
: heir, ln ihe clty, li la thought. aeeembled >".
1 Wedneadaj nlghl al the Pleel Btreel Afrlcan
i Methodlai Eptecopal Zlon church. Thert* were over
! 1,000 p.-opii- preaent. n waa h, id under the aua
, picei ol the Organlsatlon of the Colored Repub
i llcana of Klnga .ounty. oi whi.-h \\. R. Lawton li
praaldent. l ?r, Ofllev, of ihe church, prealded, and
aildrei ? were delivered by Congreaaman D. M.
: llurley, John <'. Dancy, ex-i'ollector of the I'ort ,,f
j Wllmlngton, N. c ; Dr, Erneai Lyone, nf tbe Na
! ilonal Advlaorj Board; C. W. Anderaon, \\. lt.
Lawton and W. i. Ryeraon The JenklnsOrphan
age Band furnlahed t he mual.
Major McKlnley Battery, No. I held a ratiflca
tlon meetlng al No. Bg! f.-irk ave.. on Wedneaday
nlght. Prealdenl F. i: Clark Introduced the
apeakera. Wllllam Olbb. o( the Twenty-flrai
Ward, waa the flrai apeaker. Addreaaea were also
delivered by Congreaaman Hurlcy, Thomaa F.
Smlth. once a Democrat. i.ui now h Republlcan;
Colonel W. Jonea. Congreaaman Charlea Bennett
an.l Clty < 1-rk Henjnmit*
Arrangementa ar- now completed for ihe openlng
eervlcea In the new Bay Ridge Prea'oyterlan Church,
Elghty-flrat-at. and Becond-av. , at 1:80 o'clock ou
Bunday afternoon next. The R. v. Dr. T. A Neloon,
of th.. Memorlal Preabyterlan Church of Brooklyn,
wlll pr. -i.i,-. and the Rev, Dr. Cuyler, tha Rov. J.
w. Qllland, the Rov Jamea D. Burrell, tha Rev. R.
s Dawaon Wella and the Rev. Charlea J. young
will ba among the apeakera. The or.l.-r of eervlcea
win he .ns follows: Organ prelude, vocal soio. Invo
hymn, "<'ome. Thou Almlghty Klng";
, Bcrlpture, Paalm xell, Enhealana II, 11-22; prayer;
hymn, "Lel Cn Wlth a Ulodeome Mind"; addreaa;
hymn, "All Ilall ihe Power of Jeaus' Name"; bene
The new bulldlng waa begun early ln the year by
a few Hav lii.li;.- Preebyterlane, and for aeveral
montha ifrvlcei were beld In the Hllmpton Houae, In
Kighiv-flrst-s;. The corneratone <-: the bulldlng
wai lald iu April, and ll w..s there thal the work on
the bulldlna waa begun. The church ia BxJO feel
ln Blie, and hni an extenalon l^xjf, feet, with a< -
eommo.lations for ihe Bunday-Bchool. The founda
tlon walla oi the church are of brick an.l atone, and
the gables and the roof are ahlngled. The mietior
la open, wlth hardwood iruaaea. Tha wlndowa nre
all of atalned glaaa, and a large memorlal wlndow
ovr the entrance la a glfi from Mrs. W. J, Dow
Th<- church )??:! w.is preaented by Mrs. <'harle? t\
M Kav. Among the other gtfta lo the church ar.- ..
. ,, nmuhion table and plano from Mrs. Henry Mac
K, . communiou llnen from Mra. Euatla T. Sowtei
an,i eommuni >?) aervlce from Mrs. Wllllam Maln.
The rirst evenlng aervlce will be held on Bunday
al 7:80 o'clock, and ihe Kev. Dr. Theodore 1.. Cuylei
will offlciate. The trvateea of the churi.li are Henry
MacKay, David Por*?'r, Euatla A. Bowter. The eld
era are Charlea MacKai and Euatla A. Bowter. The
auperlntendent of tha Bundoy-echool is David Por?
Tho caae of Edwnrd stowoii, the Bath Beach
aaloonkeeper, who lj ?-tcu*-l of aaaaulttng Wllllam
.'ran", th>- auperlntendent of the Bunday-ochool o'
the Church of the Holy Bplrlt, two weeka ago, wlll
be called thla mornlng befora Juatlce Rhodes in
ihe Forl Hamllton Pollce Court. From what conl<:
i?- learned yeaterday, the caae wlll not bt pre*?e,i.
aa Ihe Crane family haa declded to let thlngs rest
as they ar,-. JUBtlCO RhOdeB ls liot IncllflOd to let
Btowell off so eaoy, and if he i? nol ^<-nt to prlaon
he wlll nol ? apa wlthout a beavj fine. Aasa-lta
and robberlea have been of frequent occurrenca of
late at Bath Beach, and aomethlng ahould cer
talnly be done to puniah the perpetratora and make
th< rn llve Wlthln ih>- iimlts of the law.
Another ca i whi.h has attraeteii conalderable
at ten tlon nnd which wlll alao ba aettled to-day i*
ihat of Joaeph Lowery, the owner of tt,e Porl Low
ery Hotel, who is accuoed <>f aaaaulttng on? of ni
waltera wlth a heavy cane two or three weeka
ago. The alleged Mafla caaea wlll alao I?- called lo
Controller Palmer ahed i r.-.y of hope upon the
employei of ihe count) deportmenta yeaterday,
many of whom have nor recelved their s:,lariea
? . July, by telllng them thal an attempt would
Ibe made io pay thelr July aalartea Imraedlatoly
? Th.- money devoted to thla purpoae wlll i.e Uken
I from the revenue fund, the authorlty belng the
; emergency clauae of the charter, The laxlty of tha
' Board of Aldermen to paaa lha budgei ls reaponal
1 i.i.- ii, a large meaaure for the preaenl eondltlon ol
the countj employea. Thla actlon on thelr part
I brlnai forward promlnentl) the flghl between Ihe
' vidermen and ihe Clvll Bervlce Commlaalon over
the $15,?M approprlatlon aaked for by tbe l ommli
The followlng warrante for aolarlea wera
drawn yeaterday: Burrogate'i Court, County < ourt
\ .. ..?n offli ?-. Bupr. me Court, Hall of
la gecretarv of the Board of batlmote, law
' Llbrary md I'oroner'i offlce. ls is expected lhat a
,,'.', .:,.--, orgumeni of ih< $15,000 approprla?
tlon wlll be made to-day hy Juatlce Dtefcey
Ihe eredltora >>f Ovlngton Brothera, al a recenl
meetlng heli In the offlce* <-f Aaalgnee n M. Havi
land, No II Whltehall-at., New-York, have agreed
: to accepl .'?'. cinta on ihe dollar In aettlemenl of
th.lr clalma. The commltt*e appolnted to adjuat
: th. dlfflculty recommended lhal ihe sale at retall
of Ihe -to. U In Ihe Hrooklyn atoi??? and al BUCtlon
of thal ..r the New-York etora be coatlnuod m
heretofore, undei Ihe authorlty of the aastgnea.
Na aiigge"Hon haa i.n made looklng toward u,?
orcanlxatlon or resumptlon of l,,is,),e?K of.the (irm.
i? ihe report f li aiated lhal thi preaent Indebt
edreai li |210.?d3. They flnd aaaeta, merchandtae
and >.H'j recelvnble amountlng lo about $ks.i. i
is eatlmated bi the rommlttee thal the value of ihe
,, malnlna after the aatlafactlon of tha at
i_,hmei)i of preferred eredltora will n... riceed M0.
Omj The) i...|i.-v alao lhal If Ihe remalnlng aa?
aeta be realloed on b) Ihe aaalgnee or al aurtlon. ..
furthei ahrlnkage would reaull of at leeal N or 4"
per cenl
The ihr. ?? aummer cluBaea uonducled by the |n
atrucion In Ihe Brooklyn Ari Bchool will have an
autumn ? xhii.it,..,; .r palnttnga and aketchea In
the An Aaaoclatlon gallertaa, No. 174 Montague al .
from Saturday. October 1-'. IO and Includlng
Wedneaday, October tl Vlaltora wlll nol only '.ave
on opportunlty <>f aoeini iho heal work of the
puptM, hut ther.- will be on i xhibltion palntlnga by
Ihe Inatruetors, Meaara .'has,.-, BhlrUw, Reeveo,
Twachtman and j ll Boaton, Th larg.-st eh,sses
wera al Shlnnecocfc iiiin. where Mr. Chaae'a pupila
apent the tlme In palntlng s.,,,,i dunea, meodowi
and lit-hlng craft, ia Ba) nothlng of tbe quali i
apeclmeni of marlnera found In lhal anctanl aeo
llon. The other iwo ,.i?rs.-s were ai Nonanoch, In
ihe < '..i Rkllli ??e.nd nt W ood mon t, Conn., taughl re
apectlvely by Measrs. Reeveo nnd lioston The |
exhlblllon li> under the auapioea of the followlng
commlttee .,,, ,.,t Inalructlon: Prederlck P, Boaton,
Wedworth WaUaworth, Kranh Bquler. Krakine i.
VH'alte, Boberi .1. Pattlaon, Mlaa rt. Nl Baratow,
Mrs Barah T, Balley, BenJamln Kggleeton, ilrs. J.
V\' l.ums.lei, Mrs M. R, l>lxo,,. MlHh llanlet B.
1-. ,k Mlaa laoulaa ll Hall, Miss M. K. Roblnaon
and Mlaa Ptoronoa Wolker
/ \ ///.'/ l//.\ DO XOT OLT A WBJT.
Juatlce Dlekey, in tba Bupreme Court yeaterday,
ii. i.i-.i ihe appllcatlon >?( John W, T. Brown and
twenty-ona othera foi 8 wrll of problbltlon to pre
\.-i,i ine Commlaaioner Wllllam C Bryanl from
removtng them from iheir placaa as fuemen ln ti,e
dangrtmeni The men wer.- appotnted temporarll)
m ihe abaence <>i an) ellgtble lisi prepared by ihe
civll Hervi.-e Department, end when ihe lisi whb
prepared rommlaaloner Bryanl Informed lha mon
Ihe) woui.i have lo glve place to othera appolnted
from n.at llr.i. Tl*- objected, alleglng that their
appolnlmenli were permanOBU <u,(1 fought ihe
proceedingi foi iu? ?ul>
Clty Worka Cowimlootoner WtUts yeaterday aenl
' a letler to I. M. de Var mn. engineer of t he wau-r
| supply. It ls as tollows;
D.-ar Sir. Havlng alreadj obtalned ai varloua ln
1 tervlews and from vour Wlltten i>-port? Ho- pre
? limlnarv atatementa requlred lo understand in de.
I tall ib.- actual con.lltl n of our ayatem ol watei
worka nnd Hs r?M|iiir^inenta. so thal i mlghl con
i alder this queatlon advlaedlj nnd devote io lt the
. i.r?-emln.'iit attentlon that iis importan.-e requlrea,
1 i now- destre you to suhmlt io me, before lhe . \
I piratl.,i' th.- preeen w.-.-k. lf poesible, a repon
covertng tbe foHOurlna polnls:
l*lr*>t Ho tln- reporta before --'"i fr..m lhe Bo rei
' ..f H.-.-.ltli an.l I'rof.-aor I.la ipeclflcally deter
I mlne and locnte the eause ,.f tlie r.-c-nt ? ? implniiil*
' ..,- t,, the qtiallty of ihe water, so that n>> oouota
i remaln on Ihls point ?
Becond?If lt hn*? ne?n deflned, what atepa are
necessary to remedy the trouble and pr<-\ent its
! recurranc* .' .
i Thlrd lf th.- eause in no. clrnrly eacerialned or
' located, what further ateps are neceaaary to apecin
| cally determine lt?
l-'ourth Whai general meeaurea are reauiraa ^to
i prote. i our preaenl water aupply from pollution
Klfth whai changea in or addltlon to our pree
1 em ayatem do vou considcr neceaaary l" seciire a
all tlmes lhe beal poesible quallty of water? i
know from your prevloua atatementa thai tnis
queatlon of Itaelf I* of greal maanltmle, and do
noi tberefore, exp.-,-t vou to ireal ll In detall.
Bixth Por how mu. h kmger can we aarelj reij
on ih<. aupply 10 be obtalned from our preaent
waterahed iRIdgewood systemi and ihe ..mail
planta in ih?. new warda? , , ,
Beventh?Whal further work-. exclualve of thoae
under the Edwardfl contract and addltlonal pump
init atatlona nr.- neceesarj' '" develop or perfecl
our preaenl waterahed as contemplated;
Kliriith How aoon, In your oplnlon, ahould we
beirin work actlvely to determine our ruture
aonrces Of aupply. and Whal w,,rk has b.-en done
and Ib avallable for that purpom ?
Nlnth What rrcommenriatlona can you general ly
mak.* on the Bubjecl of a futur- aource of supply.
My own vi'-w of lhe matter. Whlch I have under.
Btood aaraea wlth vour own. is th.n iln- Investlga
lion of the future sourcea of aupply a moat preaa
Ing aud that leglalattve .-iction will probably be
nee'ded to proceed a.-tiv-i*. wlth thi work, what
ever aource of aupply maj be aelected, and >?
peeially In caae lt were deelded to procure lhe ad?
dltlonal aupply by egtendlng our work- eaatwanl
on Long letand; hence mv deslra to hav.* fr,,m
you the reporta heretn asked wlthln the llmn of
time already mentloned
I have slready atated that, fully aware of tbe
east fl. i<l that the foregolng queatlona cover, and
the llmlted litne grnntod to you for thelr ir.-at
ment, l expect only a general atatemenl In each
?ase. On the other hand. you are not to f.-el llm?
lted to the atrlct conalderatlon of the polnta men?
tloned. but nuit" at llberty to sui.mlt any addl?
tlonal stirrestions which vou may deem pertlnent.
Commlsslon'er of Clty Works.
? ?
Th* three marble alt.it- ln the i hapel of the c?n
vent of Mercy, at WlHouahby nnd Claeson avea..
were consecrated yeaterday mornlng, 'he aervicea
laatlng from IM untll ll o'clock. Blehop <"
B. M, Donneii, of this dlocese, performed the cere
rnony. aaalated by Monalgnor Farley, coadjutor
blahop of tlie New-Tork Dtocea*. and the followlng:
Father Harnett, of Bt, John the Baptlat'a Church,
and Father Taaffe, Fnther ryRellly, Father Tlnny,
Father Whlte, of Bt. Patrtck'a; Father McOronen,
of Dutch Ktlls; Father Fltzgerald, of Morthport;
Father Lynch, of Holy Crosa Church: Father
Donohue, of st JameWs Church, and Fatheri B
ref and Mundellne. the blshopa Becretarles. Blahoi
McDonnell eonaeorated the maln n lar and th>
ainall altar dedlcated to Bt. Joaeph. and Monslgnor
i-'.iri.-v conducted almllar aervicea at the other
ama 11 altar, dedlcated to Our l_tdj ol Mercy. The
reanonsea were maile by the aeminariana of Bt.
lohn 'a Bemlnary. Th" muslcal part <>f ihe servtcea
was conducted by Ibe aasletanl ol the convent.
i rm ri ns 8EATIXG CAPACITY /"" BLED.
Tho Kenlmore Street Methodlsl Bplacopal Church
ln Flatbush wlll be rededlcated on Bunday, Octo?
ber 4 A larg extenstor, haa been added to the
church. whlch ls reallj larger than the church lt
seif, and tha entlre etructura can now be ibrown
into one room at ? mowM-nt'a notlce by stmply roll
Ing back 'ha folding doora. The nddltlon com
pruea a Bunday-eehool room, a church parlor, ?<
llbrary an.l ? trnateex' room. I'pstairs Is sltiiated
lhe Infanta' claaa. whlch can be opened lnto lhe
general Bunday-achool room The baaement, whleti
-,m weii llghted, ls fltte.i in, for ?> dlnlna-room nnd
kitchen wlth accommo.latlonc to entertaln i.|>le
upon social occaalons. Th>- s.-atlng capaclty pf the
bulldlng ls tBBB, wlth nll the compartmentB ihrown
lnto one,
The entertalnment whleh was glven al the Avoca
Vllla, Bath Beech, for the benefll of the Bew
Utrecbl Frae Llbrary Fund, on Wedneaday even?
lng. proved to be one of lhe BMMl BUCCeSSful affairs
held al tha place this seaeon. Nearly every well
known peraon In tha town of Sew-Utrechl was In
attendance, and the prograama *?>?>- an excellent
.me. it was eorapoeed of Brneet Wllson, vo
Mlaa Mamle Fulton, aerio-comlc; Little Harry Pas
tor and May Paator, "juvenlle character artlata";
Mlaa Oertle Harrington, banjotati "Hen" Blaka,
comedlan and mlmic;. M A BhotweU. faelal con
tortlonlal and comlque; Ooldlng and Btelnbuch,
banjo an-: plano; Edward C. M. Fltagerald, bary
tone aolo; Franh Mott, mandolln, and tha Metro
polltan Quartet. The patroneaaefl of the entertaln
m.-n were Mrs lt. HL Bherwood. Mra Jere l.ott.
Mrs A. V. H Voorheea, Mrs. Peler Bogert. Mrs t.
H Vaux Mrs. T. C. v.-m Pelt. Mra. P. B. Opper.
Mr? y r Tredwell, Mra. I V. Ven Pelt, Mrs I
M Bdaall, Mr- M T. Bennett, Mrs i: S. Ives.
Mrs. .lohn H-trv. Mrs. F. C. I >?? Mund, Mra P. A
Hegeman, Mr? Adrlen T. Hegeman. Mrs T. ?l
f'arman Mrs. I. "'. Moore. Mrs A Voung, Mrs. M
.1. McOrath, Mlss a. Van Pell and Mlaa Kata
The celebrated half-rater yachi Bthalwyaa, owned
by i'ro.-i,v Leorard, and now lylng In Brie Basln,
ha* been advertleed bj Marahal Hayden to be -old
on Beptember M. The sale ls the result of g llbel
Impoeed upon ihe yachl .-om.. tlme ago for El for
supplies. The Bthelwynn is nboui a year old, and
has won thirtcen out of slxteen racea In which nhe
haa sailed. Sh" met her match. however, in the
Bprucfl il ln ? race salled laal aummer. Tha
Kih.iw viin is whal inay be tctiii'd an expenslve
toy. Sii<? i- fourteen feel l.mg on the water lln<*
and tweniy-three fee! ?,v,-r all. The feature of her
conatruction l- that she has quarter-lnch planks of
cedar and mnhogany, wlth a layer of oll silk ln be
tw. .11.
Th>- Wanda. Iibelled fl few d.i>s npo tor 8 suni ex
, ,.,-dir-K 111088, was agaln iii.eiied yeaterday by
Ellsha Webb tor |42.*> 98 for Buppllea
The Manual Tralnlng Bchool Comrnittee of tho
Board of Kdueaiton yeaterday appolnted the fol
lowin? teachers: Willlam M. Hooth. ch.-mlstry and
phjralcs; Mlss Klia L". Atwater Bngllsh, hlstory
snd Oerman; Orace M, M. Fsnnlng, hisiorj and
Fren-h. Mr Hooth Is a gradu ne ,,f Harvard Col
lege and ias> year waa an Inatructor In tha Chaun
. e>- Hall Bchool Boaton, Mlss Atwater comi herg
from Burllngton, VI , where for three >.-.irs Bhe haa
been an Inatructor ln her partlcular hranchea of
work Mlaa Fannlng i? a graduata of Wellealey
College Bh< hai taken a poal graduate course of
two yeara in Cornell and *.)>.? alao apent a year al
th.> Pnlveralty of Chlcago. The three Instructors
wlll beitln work at once
- ?
1// BT P I Y OR UF. Pl \ 18BED.
Henry Oottlleb applled to th. ?iiprerne Court yea.
teriav afternoon for an order to compel John A.
,-!,.., -,, ihow eause on 0 lober ?? whj he ?ho..!d
noi b? punlshed for rontempi foi diaposlng of ???
': ;. Cheater N'etloi al Bank
, i,. .... , - , ?!?-.' I ? (? ?? The papen
left for Justlce t>!-kev to Blgn :hi- mornlng, Mr.
Uottiieb deposes thal hs obtalned a ludgmenl f t
li'M n a?ait:s- Crosa, and executlofl wai returned un
aatlBBed. Croaa dld nol appear for examlnatlon in
Bupplementary nroceedlnai. in Newburg, s
aummoned. and he w?* flned I ? ...i.-.u. .
... - di Bervi i, howi i - r, ? h< proml?ed thai be
W'i . d p_v ihe judgmenl wlthln a few day. fl
Hauser, altorney for Mr Oottlleb, dei. ,
? !,,. ;,,.,,? nma Crosi ?.i- arrested In Mew-Vorli on
i .-,.?! inal charge, and when h< aem bach ?, \. ,\
burg he wa- arrested on th. nm m< ?.; for c in
tempi Hi pflM th-- coatu and was releaaed Mr
i; L -.?!? -a .. ? ,. Croaa i- .. aon >>f the I >?- John v
Cross, of Brooklyn, and lhal he r. c.--.\.-. an Income
of about V.y*' a year from hla father*! estst. H.
ilveK ln a handaome houae, he alleges, ai.l keep*
thraa aenrantA but ha does nol pay his bt.la Ti",
lawyer deposes :hat Croaa baa Informed him sgain
and asabi thi! l.e never Intended tO pay the JiidK
meai and thai he would alwaya manage 10 gvold It
Ir, ?om<- way
llr Latiritaen, tha archltect, h.iu losi falth In lhe
silver gMvement, ai -*aal whs: intie r.u'ii ha poa
seesed In the iiiai p:-n-* Beveral montha .ik> Mr.
Laurit_rn tenl ln ? eaeiaatltlva dealgn f^r a nea
Btat. bu llm ; ? Maotaaa The aA.... *
conalderad li perfectlj aatlsfactory, for they award. i
to Mr. l-turltaen the |SM prls. and retalned the
. ln me eourae of tlme ths warrant foi thi
prlaa monei arrlved li araa ? beautlful p
work, but tne moai , ifi irj fea ure oi the entlra
collectlon of icrolla m.i tiiK"'* on n,e face of tn.
warranl was the legend, "Paj BBto, . t- " Mr Laur.
it7."ti deposlted ihe warranl In aNen ^ ork banh foi
collectlon. bul n .'..me back dlabonored The H'a-.
i.i'i repu.llated n* own owei r lurns oui noa thai
the 8'a-~ ,,: Mantaag bai ? ?l man. i a pai ih<
award and do-? noi kr,oa- when lt wlll ba ..bi* to
Mr, Laurltaen la r??'? 1 > io itump iha ceuatry .'-.r tiir
gold ? i ' a, hn.lng Ktat f*l:h Iu im- entire IU'. of
slh .-r-prod'.iclng fl:s;e?.
I'ujt A MAM'AMI 8
Ataaei P. Jenka mode the aomawhal aurprlalng an
noui.menl ln iha Buproma Courl yeaterday thal he
waa Inollned lo think that tbe law extendlni Dlatrtct
Attoraoy Pootor i. Backuafa term of ofti.'e to four
. i oneonatltutloaaL Th- lUtemeni ?j" made In
the argumenl aa tha appllcatlon of Jamea Kerwln,
john Dee. M. .1 McOInnlaa. .lohn Poley and Joaeph
Irwln, who were county detoctlvea In tha oBBce of tho
and wara removed ifl June M last.
for a mandomua to compel Mr. Bockua to put them
back on the payroil Mr. .lenks appeared for the re
litors He saii iha7: the queatlon to ba conetdered
waa pur. Iy One Of law The men were appolnted
BOflM >h,,ij ago under chapter IBS of tha lawa of Is"
They were removed under chapter 77> of tha laara of
IBBB, whlch weni i:no effeci on May -" Tha law
, und.-r whi.-h they arere appolnted provlded thal they
I should hold offlce win- on thelr good behavtor, an,i
ihat they could nol be removed excepi for cauae and
after chargea had been preferred In chapter "2 ot
ti,.- lawa of IBM there w,.s .. aectlon repeallng chapter
]>,;. of the laws of IBBS, and another aectlon allowlng
the Dlatrl -t-Attorney to appolnl county detectlvea
?nd remove them al hli pleaaure lt was under theai
aectloni thal Mr. Backui removed the flve relatora.
Mr. Jenka wld thal ihe title of chapter ;tj b ii
f,,ll..ws; "An acl In relailon to the orh".-.- of the Dla
Irtct-Attorney of Klnga County. provldlng 'or the
electlon of .. Dlatrlct-Attorney and tha appoln
uf clei ka. itenographeri and - ounty detectlv. ? for the
aald offlce." Bertlon ll of arttele 3 of the C .natitutlon
provld.-d th.it no prlvate or local blll might treal of
more than one genei i! lubject, and that mus; he ex?
plalned or auggeated In the title of ihe blll. There
waa nothlng In Ihe lltle of rhapter 772 to luggeal th?
repeal of a former itatute, and ll must therefore be
held to be unconatltutlonal Mr. Jenka aal i
he was Incllned to belleve thal another provlelon In
the acl was unconatltutlonal, ar.d tha!. If th >' was so,
as lt was bound up if) the fihre of ihe law. tha whole
chapter mual fall Thla provUlon was the cn.- whlch
extended !),<- term of the Dlatrlct-Attorney ftom three
to four yeara. Mr. Ba, kui wai elected in November,
1886, under the old Conatltutlon, for three yeara, ..ad
lt was not untll May, IBBB, tha; ihe law extendlng hli
term to four yeirs w.s paaaed, on the ground thal ll
was in accord arlth the new Conatltutlon. The lan
ruage of th- law extendlng Mr Baekua'a term untll
K.\ ,,,?i provldlng that "thereafter" the term of the
Dlatrlct-Attorney ah.I be four yeara, Memed :,,
Indlcate that it w.is nn attempt to l.-ngihcn the f rm
of a publlc oftlcer in the courae of his term of offlce,
' whlch w.is In dlreel vlotatlon of conatltutlonal prln
; clplw M: Jenks lald he would nol preaa thla pouii.
! He ilmpiy luggeated ll as a poaalble meani
annulm. nl of ihe whole chapter. 1 he repeal o
- ter i".". however, v.'.s a plece of "dnrk lantern
latlon and ovldently In bad faith. Il waa certalnly
t unconatltutlonal. ..nl hla cllenta were entltled to thi
' ^Tlie Vppllcatlon waa oppoaed hy AaaiBUnt D
Attorney Crane, who lald thal he bdlrved. accordlng
i,, the rul,-. thal the title I i ehantei ,,- ? a detlnlte
,.,?, iKh As to ihe lengthenlng or Mr. Backua a tei m,
the new Conatltutlon provlded thal ihe leglalatura
ahould Mx the term of the Dlatrlct-Attorney .,: elther
two or four yeara When thi new ConalJtutton went
Into effeci the old one w.,s ahollahed, rhe term pf
. i, . t-Attoi ney had been l< ngthen il pur.
accordance wlth the provlalom pf tha new Lonatlt -
tlon and to carry oui the dlrectlon that electl ?
Diatrlct- .ttornev be hei 1 ln the od.l numbered yeara,
i,.. , ? iroar, - ? <? I Bnd brtefa a III be lubmltted
Conatderable amuaemem wna cauaed al Pull
,,,,! rouri Bqunr. lat.iterday afternoon b) u
amall boy cornlng In contact wlth ihe fender ol h
trolley-car. The car v.as moving alowly up Ful
ton-at., and the lad, who had an arraful of newa
, papera, aaw a proapeetli/a cuatomer on thi oppoalte
si.i.. of Ihe atreet, and made a daah to reoch hlm
lu advance of thd other newaboya He !ook-..l
nelther "> tha rlghl nor left, and ran up agalnal
the fender wlth n thud. The f. n.i.-r was loooened
from Iti faatenlnga and dropped to tba ground. aud
the car wai atopped Inatantly. The motorman ap?
peared to be great lj angered and. calllni to the
boj illrected hlm to repli. the fender on the Iron
supj.ort. whi.h he cheerfully dld. Then the car
weni on Its way. and the newaboy loat the aale ol i
p.ip.r Thla I- belleved to I* the flrat ln I
Where a amall boy haa i.n In colllalon wlth a tro
le) eai InJurlng the car and cornlng oui of tne
acrape hlmaelf with a who- vkin.
, . ,mpaoa i.- b b io I I ai bla home, No. I.36.A
.? _n W. !: - - lay. wai born M
ai Cherryfleld. M. H< n '?? emploj
fi-m of Bchuy'.er, Hartle) .< Qraham. ln New-Torb
, city, ? 1851. Liter be formed a partnerahli
,,,,:., : on ?> |ew< r\ bualneaa for a number of year*
He t,,-: been empl ,yen the Cui om Ho ? -?
i Sew-York Clt) ilnce IB7I li the war he wai a
i member of the 7th Reglment, New-Tork.
Bome r* i Iv. n kei p the Courl whlch ,<; |
,,,,,? ?. .. . of thi Ir mlnutest dolngi A
' rather odd order which wa- in-.i in the Supreme
yeaterday permltted the reeelver of the Orai ?
? . - .,?,. proi Idei \ --? ' tlon ? i i g? h - typ -
. machlne for ? neu one and to pay tbe dlf
, feren
ri .. nfth annlveraary of the foundatlon >,f the
! Roman Cathollc Church of Our Lady of Angela
\ Beventy-fourth-at. aud Pourth-ave., wlll be cele
! bratcd by the membera of the congregatlou on
Bunday, ai \OJn b. m. there win be a aolemn hlgh
I moc? celebrated by the paator, Ihe Rev. M J.
i.oftu-,, aeelated o\ ., cholr of thirty volcea, under
the dlrectlon ol the organlat, Mls- M. E. Ool
lagher, and a atrlng orcheatra. In the evenlng al
7:.',., the cholr wiil aaelM al the aolemn veapera, to
bo followed l.v a lermon by Pather Murray.
The light battery ot the lst Artlllery, itatloned
at l-'ort Hamllton, wlll, b) an or.l.-r of the War De?
partment, lauued yeaterday, go to the Department
?.f ihe West, ni Ban Pranriaco. The battery of th*.
6th Artlllery, now at that place. wlll be transferred
to l-'ort Hamllton.
The Manufat-lui'ers' AaaocUtlOB <?[ Klngs and
Queena County wlll, it la aald, hold ;. mei tlng al the
Academy of Mualc aome day ln the near future, al
though it hes not y-t been aettled deflnltely. Th>
membera of the aaaoctatlon ar.- talking the aubjeel
over. nnd lt wlll llk'-ly he brought up at thelr meet?
lng thls week.
i'nited States Commlaaioner Morie la conflned to -
his houae wlth a shgin lllnoaa On nccounl of his
abaence the caae of Hrosnan, tho contractor, and
thal of John Wlcklen, the alleged defaultlng poal
m.-ister at Rlrhmond Hill, were odjourned,
I'oionei i:,iw.,r,i i. Langford haa been el
prealdenl of ihe iirighton Beach Rallroad Company
in pia.-e of Oeneral Jamea Jourdan. lohn >' Lott
waa chosen aecret.it \ The Hoard of Dlroctora con
sists of Aaron T Robblna, Chauncej Marahall, W.
A. Munlo. k. (i.-orge i. Murphy, .lohn C. I.ott. Oen?
eral Jamea Jourdan and Colonel Edward l. Lang?
Tne annual r.-tr,-at of lha Cathollc i lerg) of Long
Island will begln nexl Monday at Brentwood, Long
laland Blehop McDonnell wili prealda over tha
gathering The retreai i. ill laal for Iwo weeka bul
the prteeti who attend the lirsi week'a leaalon wlll
nol be requlred lo be preaenl at the aecond week'a
aeaalon Every prleal In Iho dloceae, paator ..r
eurate, win be requlred to attend.
Yeaterday waa Deput) Reglatei Wllllam Barre'i
Mrthday, although H is not auted just what notch
ln th,- eyele <>f time he haa paaaed To mark the
occaalon, however, Roglater llarman, h, tha prea
. , ... of aeveral clty offlclala, preaented lo Mr Barre
\.--t.r,i.,v afternoon a flne rrayon <>f hlmaelf
Th.- fun.Tai ,,f l?r Alherl C. Perklna, prlnclpal of
tbe Creaeeni Bohool, In Plerrepont-el . took place
featerday afternoon al tha Central Congregatlonal
Church. The Rev Dr Bahranda, paator of ih.
,-iiur, h, ..in,-lat,.,i Burtal will be In Ihe family plol
ln il,,- County .'i-rks olBce yeaterday there w.is
flled the certlflcate of Incorporatlon ,,f tha Balem
Baptlal Church, whlch ls ln Pourth-ave., ln thbR
. itv. Ti,.- truataea of tbe church are Thomaa Perrj
Jorm pb Idgbtfool and Peter Taoandall.
t.'la ii iiaiinani. twenty-two yeara old, of N -
Myrtle-ave., ls rmployel ..t McDermotl'a mor.
lea ther faetory, In Park-ave Al i i'< o'clock p. m
yeiterda) ie n ,- looklng oui ot .. win,low ,.t> the
thlrd Boor, and wai aughl b) tha elevator. He n
celved a fraeture of u,,- lefl thlgh, aad ? ta remov. I
to th>- Homoeopothlc Hoapll ,i
a i un Baueur, u-.-nu nva ceara ^i. ..f ,s* >. 102
Thro ,|,-a\e, attempted to atep , 9nawai bora.
and wagon " I '" r ;,> yaatorday, b) Central-ave,
aad Ti iutni.in-st He w,,s knoekod down and bla
le'r thlgh frgeturod He waa rBBBOVOd lo Hl. r.ith
cilne'a HooplUi,
I jisW'E fX \ KLXAWAY.
v nmiw-.v accktOnt, whlch eama ne?r emima
*.??..'?;.,,. at Bath Beach st I* ooloch
:,a,:.r.,:v uf.en.oon Th" vb-tlins of thS a.Cden
wer., John P. Khadeo, Ju.ll.rf tha F%noe^and
.,,?,? a, wilaon. of Bay Wateenth-et. ?""" "
Zdea and bl. frlend .-fi the frt ??*???
?,,. ,.ottrt Ilt II o'clock In th- momnig f'?i ? '"
lo C.-v laland.andltwa.o_th.waj haManMla
,?.. juatlce was drtvlng along Ba, Parkw. hat
,?. ,.,,..,k,,..? broke T'," horae. ftnd.ng bimsCf
mmewhal fr_e. atartad al a mad .--?. dawn to.
boulevard. .nd .a he turned lnto Cropaey-aa* be
nearly upael the oarriaga,
Down Cropeej ave. tha horaa continuad, and aa he
,.,,,,,,,1 it.iv Twenty-aecond-.it. he ilmo.1 ?'?..
down MlaaClara Longmnn, of l_?n*erta P?rk. When
. ,he henrd the crlea of tba Justlce ahe Jumped from
i,.,- wheel but she had berety done-so before the
horse daahed by. Bhe w?- too frlghtened to carry
her wheel wlth her. and lei it rentaln ln the road
w..y. where II was badly damaged by the horaa an.l
Two or three tlm. 8 Wii-on trled tO Pimp from the
rarrlage but ihe juatlce held hlm back, w.rnlng
hlm of his danger Aa the horai and carrlAge
reached Hay Beventeenth-at. li came ln contact
v,ti, a dlrtcarl whlch waa Jusl turnlng lnto .te
avenue und m momenl latei the Ju.tlce nnd his
frlend arera lylng on the roadslde
The from wheel of the earriage waa caught by
,,... rear Wheel ot ihe .-..rt wlth nuch force thatlt
waa amnahed l.ea Tbe earriage waa damaged
otherwlae. nnd the juatlce and hla frlend. who re
,.o|ved ~. \"i>l palnful Injurlea, wro attend".! by
I Dr. Cochran, of! Bay Ta entj ici ond-sl
l-i;. ?,.? was rt'RKIKHRI) HV THB MAN
.* Btrange Btory came to llght yeaterday In thr
trlal of fleorge B. Preund for deeertlon snd non
aupporl r* fore Juatlce Harrlman. Mrs Preund was
marrted to Prederich Dwyer In Aprll. imw. Three
daya afterward Dwyei dlaappe.red, and his bride
w.is told thal he had jumped from a ferryhoat and
??s drowned. The body had b en burled lt* Poltefa
I': |d bui ti.l ,thes ne nad worn wera IdentlBed by
the brlde, her brother and alater-ln-law. Mrs Imy.r
w :s marrled to Freund In IM*, md ahe leatlfled yes
terday thal slu- never eaw Dwyer agaln, and tnai
sh.* llved wlth Preund until I" eje. ted her from his
houae Preund pr.xluctd wltneasea who awore that
Dwyer dld not commtt sui Ide. hm went u> Bramen
to eacape arrest. .Ii.i.ub Llnd, a former rrlend ol
Dwyer testlfled thal Dwyer oorrowed WO after the
weddlng, and told him he was golng u Hrem.-n to
,. ,|.| the pollce. Llnd went wlth hlm to llob.keii
,.,i ,..? hlm -"' wll. He ifterward reeelved the
??> from lti-.-m i. In 1S47 Dwyer came bark and
suyed wlth l.lnd two w.-k i. H<- th.-n went away
agaln and haa nol been aeen alnce. Llnd des.-ribe.l
Dwyer'a cjothlng when he aalled, and his descriptlon
corresponde.l wlth lhat glven by those who Identl
,,. | ,. |otl Ina ol I h< ul. Ide Preund teetlfled
l , iom. ear* after their marriage hla wlfe told
I aeen Dwyer md b.-gj;"l lum (Freund)
t , protect her. Thla slu- denlcs. Justlce Harrlman
reserved his decislon.
/.'/.' l/. F.RTATE.
There waa a great reactlon and onsequenr duineas
,..;,.. ;,,-.?.,. the free-allver wlndatorm of Wednea?
day evenlng. In all the real eatate oflkm though.
there was a strlking unanimity of oplnlon as to the
-,\ay to defeal Hryan. Ii was RUggested by a
well-known broker tha: all other plans be suspendod
and thai ., ?p< ls traln be chartered, wlth a bend .nd
plentj of ?? i ftre, and thal Hrya:i ba kep* maklng
-;,. ??? !;? - from now till electlon,
Permlta for the followlng new bulldlnga weri
granted i y Commlssloner Buah: ^
T.t, twoHrtorj brlrk dwelllng* I8_4_^nwsst
. north "t Uberiy Bve.. io casi 8_U?0; a.
H n bb i -. N??. IT* tlarfteld Place, owner
,,.i* iv ttory brlek fa-rtory, 7_,?.l'I. on areel ild* of
,?,rth .t || |,. vi . ... , . pi ?....'.,?i; I.anl*
Manuf tui na fompany, Alnell. ?t. and . m
itorj fi ,in* dwellln*, K>x4?\ on ?_H slda nf
... But lei -u. ' ? ? ?*' 82.500; John
i- , nej. No, 1 .-1-4 Bergen 1 ? owner.
The followlng -al, - wer. reportad by Sherlff
Ko ITH BsBtern Parkway, -???*.i"> lw? il ?? fram*
I t. m?. ? , v. MUI< k, $1>.hi.
Sevent*. ii'l ave., near rh elghth Bt.. BDxUB). I. int,
. II.MNI, !?? EuultAble ('? ? I--ratlv* ButtdlBg acl
; \ .. ? ,t, in. 82.300.
v ? ; ,., . i :...4 Kuli n -'. *"-*?, thr. ? ' ,ur atorj
brli k ai ? ?*" ''""? -~ ?
Inimi an 1 r*cord*d renervatlon, to Barah 8
llardlna. ti'''-"
s. |?ni HumN'ldl -t . eornei i-etael, BSslM) l
f ime hous* wlth il. ssse M 19,000, lo Caiharlne
<-. 74*41
II) Vuauai i. Koehler, r feree No* tn .,?l j 2.1'
Siixino, "ti ? and aro atorj frame bulldlni
iu. r* n-' nt, IT.OIBJ
liy " II I'ogt. : ' ? ' ? Lb ,
.-.,Ki7j u ith imsll trani io I* J.
Tayl. r, *4,->.
The Importanl racorded tranafera .- ?
Itulldlng Vanoclall n lo Kl.-..,!?", Outscl a ? *-.*.V>
Sui,. pr pertj . Aurust F Hard. Wll
rv.iii- mortsace f'J.-W, m IMK> and i
laii. ?"????""
M0 '? ?? ' ?'. ind , ??? Bl 4\ aboul
lUOxIB.BxlOO. houae* ii nd lota forecloi . lugustui
i k -ii-1- ? ? Bi en i'l- bi . ? '""'
2nd-ave, n ? a, 100 fl i ' Bennon-sve, W?? - -
lame* l) I.yneh to Kmlly i't'ompton 2.S99
? ?? . ji rt n of Oarftelil Place, lt. '??*.?*?>.
house and lot; M-m. p illlan Mfe l"- irance . of
v..? Vork ? im*s A M.Mllhn. I. and s 11.888
7th ?ve -i tt - U0.U f ', e of ls! Bl, lU.Oxnn lloUBe
an.l l ? Meli ...litan l.lfe Insuranre I'o I Ne?
Vork ln Jamea A McMlllln.11-'lt'
I ,n-ave. n b, 100 ft v. ot Stuj .ea.ini ive,
Li'xi,.. rei.iiortgsfe; Alfn I J I to
ileorare ?' Cranford. l._?*
.,.,,? ri i * ? *, _rt:?.?i fi n of i H
.oxioo ? . im .i Huttling ? rred
erlck Lampe.???? K J"'
N * I'treoht ive. a a, BB I fl - of ?lth ?l U.m
|>ft.1x24*xMI.5; C" rn-* VV Hanley to I. ? , - I- .
Nea V.,rl< . *'?"
Bt. ti s. UKi fr w of 1. rlmi lt, -' '*?""'
llarr.ei Martin to Marla Jungermann .
s, Mark - ive, n - IT''- fl ?? ot t'tlea i ? ?* ?
i.-T!?. Caiharlne Hlnde, formerlj Brown. Hi?i
land r'all*. N Y. to U'aspar l.oeke ..... ; - 10"
Bame property; Mrldgel (VMara, Ireland
Danlei .! Bheehy io tame, i 8 parl. ??? - ""
g_tne ? ropertv, Nora M I uaa, ... Phliad. I| ?? ''?? '' ?
an helr .,f aame, ??? ssme, 1 G n.ir: -'"'
Couri *i - -? - 22 rt ', - of 4ti, Place. IB_?1_j1B.Bx
.... -.?,., i ... Willlam .1 Buttllng '? Bophls
Flergmsnn, V-? Vork ?? -k-'*J"
Couri al n " ,"ni"r 4-1, Place, -"Jvl. foi
,m .1 Buttllng to Bophls Bergmann, Nes) ^^
Batt'tmii-a't'.' n'*?>.'. H?> Vt n ? of Vvei
l ??.?)
*> >-c
\i'"uv.o\i,<>. t'horlea E Denton io Bo*e <'.
wif* f Edward l'ai*l* . . ???*
: Warwl, k ?'. w -. M.3 it n nl Buttn a ?? IB.Ox
i.hi P ?- ' mn to Nll* i' Anna
rj hla wlfe, m ?rt ? i ;e |I.2.iO. .
\u ii- has been ralaed between thi Oharttlea
' Heard and the Chlldren'a Boclety over tha eoaa
! mitmenl of Bugene Klnnegan. flve ye?rs old, to ?
rh.rlt.ble home bv Justlce Tlghe, on tii< recom
i mendatlon of ihe soclety. The rhlld'a mother ap
? ,,,i,.,i H| ihe C'haritlea Departmeni In Augual foi
j ihe eommltment of the boy. .nd Rellef Clerh Bhorl
i noted the t'.u-ts an.l told h.-r to return ln four daya,
' when ihe usunl Inveetlgatkw would be completed
il- learned aoon aft.-r thal the rhlld had beeneom
mltted ..t ihe requeal of the Chlldren'. Boclety. ^T?e
woman h.d ?on,- io the aoeiety'a ofnees Immedl
' aielj- after leavlng Mr. Bhort. The latter learned
i that ahe had left her home at No. UB Bt.te-a1
leavlng no new addreaa, .nd ahe has n..t yel i.i
, found. After Inveatlgattng, he reported to tha
i 'oiuini- alonei i in.'it th" boy was no. a propei
charge on the county. Tbe woman tias three oth.-r
j chlldren, who are llvlng at Ifyattc, I'onn. The
Commlsaloners refuaed to afflrm the conimitmeni.
.\s ih.> s-.ii" Board of I'h.rltlea baa adopted a
regulatlon thai no chlld ahnil be commltted "\
eepi on tb" Indorsemeni of the eommltment bi
ti,,. local Honrd, the inatltutlon wlll probably looh
lo the SOClety for ita money. lt is sald. however.
lhat Buperlntendenl \Vllkln. of tiu* soclety, wlll
aeek in the courta to ,-oniiK-l the audii ..f iln* and
aimllar hllla.
The . ourt-martlal In ib ? caae of P"lr.t i... utenani
Jamea K Mahoney was nntabed yeaterday mornlng
win. ihe leatlmonj of Colonel Charlea Hejrward,
,,f V\'ashlngton, wbo teatlBod to the general koo.i
, I; iracter of the aceuaed OB_oer. At th>- snd of the
t, tlmony the court waa eleared and tha members
w.-nt lnto executlve aeaaion,
The Chlcago w.is docked yeaterday mornlng In
the stone doi'k, wb.re vho wlll r.-ti..il.i prOhaMj
moie than a year, to recelve n.-w machinery aml a
new .rmament, Changea will alao bo mad.* ln har
structure, Captaln rilggtawm said yeaterday lhat
no vobmI In lhe Navy was butll on flnar iin.-s than
the Chlcago, and ha wonl.l rather ahlp In her to-day
than In anj, ..r tha newer veeaela. He bell.-v.-a ibut
arhen fltted wlth har n.-w propelllng machlnerj sil(.
wlll make ul leaat tw.-.i.y hllOtS, pOgglMy niuiv, an.l
tuke ranh among the beal of tha fast orulaara
The tlmber drydoch w..i pumped oui yeaterdaj
afternoon, and tbe damaae carefully noted The
tlgatlng bo.iid dld nol report, bul ll la .-v
lured Th.- iron work, however, had auffered n.>
rerelj The botler waa crushed where ilie caiaaon
to i upon ii. bui i. is belteved the i'.m...e waa
not Injurod, The vxtent nf the damage canaat be
ib - ...... d ustll UM lauiifh s llftcd out to-day.
PAROLCBPOM *N r:.\ \mim: i.,\
m:xt V. KKK
.los.-ph Oroaq, "Ixty-flve yeara old. ot Ka 1ft
BtocktotiHM . v.-.s arreotod reatofda) Bitd BiraigMj
in the Laa Avenua Pollfce .our. ..,, .< rbarga oi
abandcnment, preferred by Morhl <;ro?a. an i
woman. who said sIk- waa the prlaot,.-r ? w;f?.
Orooa .?"'.-umuiHied conaMormblo awnej
ond-hand elotblng bualneaa, from whlch be M
nve yeara ago lle Hrea wlth hia wlfe and leveral
grown chlldren ?' tbe st.,. kion-st addreaa, arhtla
tho woman who couaod his arreai llvea la ronkara,
with h.-r i.roth'r. Bemerd KoBnofc) Bhe b a
mute. and. accordlng to her l.ioth.-r baa for mor?
than tnlriy v.-ars beon lOObtng for Oroaa, and lt
waa noi until a week ago thal ahe learned I .
whereabouu Kotlnaky, wltn hla atotei went ta
th?- .'hariti.-s Departnuni on Wadnooda ??
cured an order for Oroaa'B arreai mpbtlot
she aaya that she marrled OrOM "RrR
ago in her nativ- I iiiii.I r.\ I'ola nd H-r father,
who was a rich man, gBVP her huaba | I ?
atart blm ln llf?. ktttt three youra of marrled Hnj
Orooa she s.-i-..-. d- erted her and came to An rlea
Prom thal tlme ihe uyi Bha trled to Bnd mbbb
t falled Two year; ago K
,d contlnued the
te tho man ? io bad Bo
.erted her. 1"" ""' M". 0r0"? ??"? "?
Amerh-.i and joln-d her brothor Ib ' *fter
locatlng Croaa tbe) Went lo the r n
- who ia i ? I *RR
traoa of him.
, ime 10 lh"s 'oui,iry a,
his siat'-i In trylng to lo.-a.
? erted her. ln Heptrmhef l<-< Ml
,-eo ?
o in BrOOkI) ? ?' : 'II
amlnatlpn .
wlfe thirty year
seyeral grand.-hlldr.>n
peter Btackmuiler. of So. 347 Boui me
arralgned for trlal In the L#e Avenui P(
yeaterday, ehar|fe4 wlth aeaault by Thoi
?f \o bbi Drlgga-ava The aaaa ? ?'?k
ago in rroni ot No N Broadway, ?hen. it . -
BtackmuKer atruck Miguire over the head - ta an
umbrella, cuttlng an ogiy ga?h Hagu i irM
ti ,- tha a"jck v.as wtthoul proi
?evera n tw sse? to corroborate bla tl
tbe prlaoner took the itand he Jecli
Ited ? Ineaday at 1 !*a
- ?
The attendance al ih<- annual fall fa tba
Queena County Agricultural Boclet) yeeterdaj waa
the large.-' in th- hlfltory of the In
the afternoon there wera al leai ?> on
tha ground* and about the Incloanre. bul th* in>
menoa crowd. aolde from the Inodeojuat.maaa
datlona affordtd by tba I.ong laland Ra
I, indl',1 with ease. The people bogufl I
on the ground.- early and eoch - - tr*l?
brought its burden of humair'v to the falr
T ? dog show. the display of frui'-. tl ?? tt and
regotnMeo, tba hall devoted lo tn* dlapla:
industrial arts and al! the other ottracilona ,,me ln
for thelr ahare of attentlon, but lha greatoi
t.-tition wa.- glven lo ih racea ond tba i
prlaea to animals pla.-ed on exhlbltion.
of prlzes ?o th.- fatx-y bre.-.l boroea begai ln the
mornlng an.l contlnued through tha day, P*nl0g
wlth ih<- "for-all-purpoeee" claaa li thla thera
wera four entrtee, th.- p.laei being $_\. i
BB to aecond. Plrol money waa wen b) th. bub>
n.olenf sto,-k Parm'a Btmaootoof, and tbe ae< ond bf
K. u Ladew'i Loule BeB. In tha coataa
ions. .-..ch wlth four >f his get, thi rirst mone) waa
BS an.l th.- aecond $i. Plrol w,s won by E WMe
leta m 3on. of Roalyn, wlth laland WUki -
aecond by winis & Doncourt, with Young Htghlaad
Oray In the backney atalllon conteat, open 'o ,n.
for the i-est exhibit E. wtli-ts _- Bon, of Boolyu,
won with lmp. Loncer, and the Willi- I.ake Bto k
Farm. of Boat Williston. got aecond money wlth
I.itile l.ord Pauntleroy. The prlzes were BS an, W
reapectlvely. In the conteol for marei
and lUlllona for all purpoaea, the prlfi
and $10. flrst money was taken for W A
Far Bockawoy, bv Bearchllght, and -? ? '-v
H Aii.-n. of Pluahlng, by R.-fuge.-.
The trotting races were not begun '
;,,.i at that hour the grandatand -wn
fronting lt were denaely packed a '
rludlng a large number ..f women race
on tho canl was ihe compietion of ti;. ra ? for the
2:10 trotting claaa, whlch waa carrfed over from ihe
programme of Wedneaday, unflntahed
I-'ollowlng is the t>umni..t'> of the ni.'.-v
11 L. TredweU'i i. n, M >?Ja . ?"? 8 I 1 1 I
\ .'. I'ornwell'i Happj C ml ........ B B - ?
]:? I HlteU'l I.r. g. PlMtWOOd . * 2 1 t 5 1
T ll. Howard'a g g. Abram B. I '?? -' '? ? '
Time |:1M, '_?:?< :''.'. 2:25%. J:!CP, i!:25,i
2 -.",. ibe Mim belna dlatributed aa I llowi
|l.v>. aecond, *:."? thlrd, I4.V fOurtl ?^:"
.laniex \rkel!? I. g Ml?l,lail.i Boy. .. ?"" I B -' I
N R ui - | m ROIM - M >ii,Il. :t 2 1 1 1 I
Sl.nn- leaf f ??? k I','- '? I S II UT)
OarJnor ,.113748
Tlme ---''?. 2J4H, i U , 8:?^ -'-'?. - -' .
HKTTKIt THAN '.' 4%. for .. purae nl 1330. ! led aR
rnllowa: Klrit, 11X3 Mcood *.w. ihtfd, 133 foank
Wolf'R I r m Befaoa. i I I
\V. A. V.'Min - b. R. Sieirn - - -'
R. I, l>a\iss I>alev I I S 8
Ttma I SP%. - :;i . - ;(-'.
Bandwlcbed ln between the ra,?-s aai
handlcap Meyeie ra. e. open to all ngMteun
prtqaa w.-re ., tz.', dlamond ting. a IU tl
an.l a ll'" dlamond pin The prlzes wen ??'
Oeorge Bctaofleld. of the Tamaqua Wheelmei R
m..,,,1 Hill (110 yarda), flrst; Harn Poatl - Hack
enaack, N J (lso yarda), aecond; A. H Ai
Hempateid Cycle Club, Hempatead UW >..rds),
-??- _
The .-a\ing ,n of an rinbanknien' ..' D Mll ??**?
terday was ;he COU08 of injuring three m?u and ?*?
also reaBjflWBlbla for a nuuwai Ab forty "i,,n
woie working on the blghway neai I
Plire of them were shove'.hng under iom< rock. ?n^
Ihe support at the ro,-k and d:rt bl - !
two of the men were burti 1 beneath li V 'Jitn -)f
hort.ca attoched to a wagon whlch wai
cloaa to the embankmeni became frlghn 1 *n't
John H.-rt.e. a Swrde. wa^ thrown n ? ??
The wagon passed .?.-r H-t'le -, |.?? . ? *r
i ie hlp The two men who were burle-l a-ere J R
Potter and Thomaa Rockwell T>-. ? - * ???
cee.lel m dlaaing fh<-m oui ,n a s.i - i -,,?? RO**>
well was i.aJiy Injured interna'.H I' *?*' _
\erelv hrulaed. Ro.kwell waa cwri- l ? .WO*)
and la In a crltlcal eondltlon
The ^le.^Inel? Vester. ,'apf.i.-i ? ? -. ?'
r.reenpoint. wiui.. roundlng MoutauB '' " *' '
o'clock \\'e,inesda\ mornlng, w.i? itru.i < ?'1lirri"
rana from th.- north wlth iremend. - u Th?
s'eamer shlppr I , insid.-i.il.;. ... uirtl) itlltng
Th.- .oal was WOBbed from her bunkeri ,.l ,dof8_J
the engine. ItOpnlng all au.'h;ti-,\ - >
vessel helpleaa. Bha wai Ogded B '- ?:'
half of them had to be thrown ovei _*
to rlghi th.- ilup The croai of twenl) n?< i tittwttt
balllng all nlght ln order lo keep tha ie*eel BflBBIj
Bha was flnally towed to Qroaap n .;^4mai
Palcon yeaterdaj mornlng,
a cry of "ma.l dog' rauscl rpnBlderobB
cllemenl In JerUsah ,?-,\, HOBBpOtOad '^'"
o'clock y.ster.lay afternoon. The iOg
t<? .lohn Bhlnobort, who aougbl lha dog la the.
of eatlng B .blcken. nnd takini; 8 horaewW
g.?\e tbe dog a vtgoroua tbraablng The Aop
>.-lping through the atTOOt, aud hl BttempthUj
go through Poraoor Joboooa'a fence, g"t <'*"?
l.etweeu tho picketa. Johtison li.,-l-.'??-I 1J "'
hlm thiouah. und so .11,1 JohnOOfl'a l?''. dog Ja
aon. on on.- ?id<- of u,.- loooe trlad to
.1 >g bj imlllng || by the .-..ts. whlle John-oi,? ?
on th,- other alde, yankod awoj ai tho _^JJ*
.log'a mll. Khlnebart'a dog .u>i ",t ,1"'"". u,n
preclato th.- work ol hla reacuera, and ,.s soo?
ha was free |,e stiapped al Joflllson. blimg n'w
tbe lea. and than turned on the dog ,,|l",?'hl",f
Of his e.ua. The dog w.is cpiur.-d BbO*l ?"
hour aftarward by hai owner, wh? siu.t ii l? *^,
v.-ni fui'th.-r troubla, Johnaon'a wol,'i,_ft?
cauterlae.l. Ulnneh.irt'a dog la locked up t<** ^
daya, ao that It mav be shot If H show* ?? ^tt
rabblea. lt ls thought lhat the bltlng caOUW ^
not ma.l. and had good ground for inuw.no ?
-?:,,.; of rnaW .';? BuL _?!

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