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'Senator Ambler Asks Granges to
Work for It.
Tbt nxsGiura to THg TRI»CSE.I
Chatham. N. T.. Nov. 10.— Senator Henry a.
Xmhler. who was re-elected on Tuesday, la
chairman of the State Grange legislative com
tntttee. and he takes his first step to-morrow
tcrwaxd securing the resubmission of the barge
canal question to the voters of this State. The
Senator has addressed a letter to the master
of each subordinate grange, asking that he
promptly secure the signatures of each mem
ber to a petition to be sent to the Canal Board
of the State of New-York, requesting said board
not to incur any more expenditures, at least not
to let arjy njore contracts for work on the barge
canal, until 'such time as the legislature shall
convene and have time to give the matter due
considf ration and determine whether it will re
peal the act or resubmit the question to the
In the letter Senator Ambler states that if the
barge canal scheme is carried out the expendi
ture of fWI/MMMMMt as now contemplated, will
rot pufficp. but that it will require at least
S3OO,<XM>.»MO. Senator Ambler cites the Capitol
at Albany as an instance, where the estimated
oost was ».<KX). but the actual cost has been
upward of £1^,000,000. The Senator believes the
voters in the larger cities did not have a fair
knowledge of ih»- conditions existing and the
results that the construction of the canal would
produce; that IX the canal is constructed it would
not only burden the agricultural interests of the
•El-ate, but be a huge burden on the real estate
In cities. He believes that since the people have
riven more thought to the subject, if the ques
tion were again submitted to a vote the
.■verdict would be vastly different from what It
•was In 1903. and that the question should
"be resubmltted before further expenditures are
Senator Ambler would favor a national water
■way between the Great Lakes and the sea, but
thinks that It should be built and carried on by
The national government, and not by New-York
Call foT Expenditure of $6,ooo.ooo— Work
"Will Begin in Spring.
Albany. Nov. — State Engineer Van Alstj-ne said
to-day that he f-xp^ctod contracts for the first six
sections of the 1.000-ton barge canal would be let
and the preliminary work completed In time to al
low the successful bidders to begin excavating as
■oon as the weather became warm enough next
uprinp. The contracts are now In the hands of the
Superintendent of Public Works, and will be ad
-v^rUfed as Ml as the Attorney General approves
the form of bond required from contractors. These
contracts call for the expenditure of $6,000,000, and
the State. Engineer's office Is now at work on plans
lor work that will cost the remaining $4,000,000
■which the State hi allowed to spend on the canal
•before December. m 5.
At- MOT as actual work begins on these first six
factions It will be necessary for the State to ap
point about fifty pub-rngineers. whose, duties will
•be thosa of supervision and inspection. All these
places are undfr Civil Service regulations. "When
pl2ns for the expenditure of the remaining $4,000,000
ere out of the «ay the State Engineer and his as
sistants will roiuir.ue the same kind of work, pre
naring plans and estimates for other sections, the
money for which will be available a year hence.
CUotgO, Nov. 10.— Preliminaries are being worked
out by the Pennsylvania interests for the complete
reorganization of the Vandalia line, which recently
was Bold under foreclosure proceedings. a new
company will ha formed to operate the Vandalia
]in*-«. v.hi<-h will be part of the Southwest system.
Th* VandaUa Bjnat«n will be enlarged under the
i,»\v nr-.tl. The lines to be consolidated unaer the
B«w \aiidcliji corr.pany are the Terre Haute and
Indianapolis, St. lx)uis. Vandalia and L/ogarif=port
jir.fi th<=- 1> >gin.-poi! and Toledo. The T*-rre Haute
t-;<] Pooria. now a p^rt of the Vandalia system.
will not l>e merged in the new company, but will
be operated under k-at,e. as heretofore. The lndian
apolis and Yir.cersne«, now a part at the Pennsyl
vania sy?trm. will be merged. The total length of
the \inea r<inrtitutins the new Vandalia system will
b«- B0 miles.
BY VIRTUE of a chattel mortgage. I will
*e;i at >> o'clock, a lot of stock, shelving
and fixtures at ICS and 165 Norfolk-su
6AUL U.VINE. Attorney fur Mortgagee.
A.— PARTICULAR PEOPLE can secure at
li East 451h-fet.. very fine suite; second
floor, front, with beard: references.
ST. ALBANS. 7 EAST 311?T-8T.
Rooms, single, eti salts, with private
bathe, doctor* oOoe; dining room par* o2 "
gkxjr; electric llpht; eKCeli^nt table boarC
♦9TH-ST.. Zl EAST. IT—nf rooms. «i
suite or «<:r.r;e, freshly painted, private
iMlhs; excellent table.
76TH-aT.. 11l •TEST — Pleasant large
sunny room, we!! heated, large dressing
room; "bath. service first clatis; moderate;
KM WKST 7TTTI <1T f limns second floor
i; parlor dinuyt; board
r , ..-■!•■: 'S
Si) WEST 12TH-KT. — Second Eton* front
rsosb. ■*** alcuve. in clean, homelike
private boardln*- iiuug«. excellent table;
48U-ST , 13 EAST, opposite Hotel Mai.hat
lac.— DeeiraLle larte room, with private
tatti; Lio a &maJl room, telcphune.
•tTH-ST . 187 BABT. Weaty nislied
room, suitable lor two people; ais<j hall
room, private l!i/ue«r.
iiULi .150 Wli.si .— \«ry deeirable rlice-
Iv furilsiied rvom for couple, V. it!. fi
oelier.t board fine location; American f am
llj-. refert;. < exchanged.
iiTH-ST.. 199 EAST. — Prlrate high class
hcut« for centlem^n only; newly deco
gated and completely furnlnhed with brass
%is<li: ccrupulou*ly <-*-aTi; reference.
AC WEST »IST FT. — Elegant large second
floor rooms-, select, convenient sub., ele
vated nations; firs; class l>cme cooking;
•able #rue*ts : references required.
lOTH-tT. 4'". W BST. — <"onifortab;e roonr.s;
got.-". - -;ngl» meals
tSi EAST 818T-6T. — furnished large
and tn:all rooms: private baths, tele—
tihtT.«- ; vale.; br<akfa»i If desired.
in., WHulßltlfll {awiiLi^ -tJq,
Manufacturers l:!yhe?t 6- aue bl!iia-d and
pool let:**. "Jake S< t:»<rf«r's Perfected
Champiun Cushions." Wartroorns. N. E.
Comer 424 St. ar.d B'wiy. Factory and
genostd band llepTTnirnt. 45 Great Jonei" St.
MANUFACTURERS of billiard and pool
tables; high grade bowlin. alley build
ere. lowe»- prices MARX BROS.. ti
TJslon Bcuare.
BANK. N >. >W.Wi of the Kowery
bavinfis Bank is nalMftV. Tlie finde: !s
r»«;i;»-rte<! to t-euirn it to U.e bank. If not
rt»iored Ijefore the ISth d:iy of Ncvemrmr.
;•*>». acvOeaxloa vO '.j* n.ude to the bank
f'/r a i ew book.
BANKBOOK Ko. 43f.,f1f1l of the i;nlon Dime
Barinc*. laatltatlaa is niss.ns. Any per
son havtnjr daim ti> It If hereby call>-d upon
to t>rt-M:i:'. the same wltMn ten days or sub
nil to hawinc Ftild pansbooK cancelled and
a 1 -» one liisu'jd.
BANKBOOK Ko. 4.M: 74;- of tht Dtttaa l^.n.e
Sjavlnns Irjitiiutifin !* mincing Any jer
son ha". ing a 'is!!«i to It i» hereby uaiied
npou to prej-er.-. ii:e same within t*n «la>«
or cubrcU to having «md paasbook cancelled
and a new one l»«ufed.
IXMsT. — Bankbook No. 32f1.022 on Dry Dock
fiav!i.« Bunk. Ar.y trrtun having claims
■pan f.ald iXK.It is called upon to present the
him to the bank within thirty days or the
•aid l^ouk will be declared cancelled and ex
tlnKule^ed »no ■ D*w ■!.. lssij«id !n lieu
of the <i«rtnan !ti»:f liaiik •:. th« '"lty
of New-York, corner 4tr.-ave and 14th-M.
Issued to Fra::z Ltt, in trust for Baberte
lick Ali perse;** are cau*lor:»d against
r.<rt:crUatiiur the vami- If not returned to
the batik 00 the 2i day of December. 1904.
* duplicate wllj be Issued.
Bankbook No. M#7,*4.V Bank Car
(Savlr^K. 2><o 4th-ave., NfW-Totk Pay
.--» ■ etopped. P!ea»» return bolt to bank.
UOeT— Bankbook No. -&51.859, Bank for
fiavlngv. 260 <th-&v« . N«w-Vork. Pay-
T~rf *UCv<l ''mi :'...-.. Look u> •-*■' >
Girt Smppoied to Have Died m
Brooklyn Hotel Appears.
After the woman who, with Peter McNamara,
of No. 556 Drlgrs s -» ve -- Brooklyn, was found dead
from asphyxiation in the JackHon Hotel. No. 22
Grand-et.. Brooklyn, yesterday morning, had been
"identinad." according to the police, aa Mamie
McGrath. of Xo. 188 North Xinth-st., the latter
young woman came forward yesterday afternoon
to prove that she was still alive. Miss McGrath
then said tha« the dead woman was Rcse White,
of No. 185 Metropolltan-ave. Others later identi
fied the body as Uiat of Miss White.
McNamara, who was a cooper, registered with
his companion on Wednesday night aa Robert
Brown and wife. In the morning the room was
found filled with gas and the occupants were
dead. Gas lad penetrated an adjoining room, and
the two men who occupied It were found uncon
scious. Both were quickly revived by an ambu
lance surgeon.
Says He Violated Ih/Ie of Board of
George W. Morgan, State Superintendent of Elec
tions, was not ready yesterday to file charges with
the Appellate Division of the Supremo Court against
Magistrate Hogan, who told him over the tele
phone to "Go to h— " on Election Day. A record of
Magistrate Hogan's utterances in the Morrisania
court on Tuesday, when he discharpud several
prisoners accused of election frauds and refused to
adjourn the cases to permit the appearance of J!r
Morgan's deputies at court as complaining wit
nesses, is being made up as the basis of charges.
Mr. Morgan says he is determined to seek the re
moval of Magistrate Hogan from office on account
of his failure to comply with the terms of the Code
of Criminal Procedure in the election cases.
Meanwhile, Magistrate Hogan is threatening to
make charges against Magistrate Crane, who issued
the -warrants on which the prisoners taken to the
Morrisania court were arrested. Magistrate Hogan
said yesterday:
I i6HUf-d only one election warrant from thp Mor
risania court, where 1 have been silting every day
t-in< c November 1. and I was astonished when so
many prisoners were arraigned before me there on
warrants issued by Magistrate Crane. 1 called up
Maciatrate Crane on the telephone, and asked why
he had issued the warrants over my head in my
court, :'.iiri be replied that I could not be found,
lur hr- rould not tell who had failed to find me. 1
told him iiis action was disgraceful, and against
the rul^s. I shall bring this up at the next meet
ing of the magistrates. I don't know what can be
done to Magistrate Crane, but I shaJl attend to it.
One of Mr. Morgan's deputies said yesterduy that
an application was made to Magistrate Crave for
the warrants, not because it was supposed that
Magistrate Hogan would refuse to grant the war
rants, but because there was trouMo in finding
Hogan at a time when it was necessary to get out
tho warrants promptly. Mr. Morgan pays that
whil<- there may he a rule of the magistrates
• one magistrate issuing warrants in another
magistrate's district, the law plainly gives to any
magistrate the jiowfrr to issue warrants in any dis
Magistrate Crane said last night:
Magistrate Hogan's contention that I had no au
thority to sign the warrants In question is In
correct. Tie cc(it> distinctly provides that a
magistrate may sign a warrant for any part of
the i;.v ;f he-, is satisfied that the evidence justi
fies Its t^ins; Issued. I did not go over Magis
trate Hok. i:fs head, as thfe cases for his district
for which the warrants were made out were heard
beforo him. Those that I signed for Magistrate
Breen were similarly sent to his court when the
arrests were made. I met Deputy Furhs at the
Harlem police court Sunday afternoon, and
after I had signed several warrants for cases in
mv district Puchs R.«ked mf to sifjn warrants In
Hogan's and Breen's jurisdiction districts, as he
harl been unab'e to locale the two magistrates.
1 did so cheerfully, and my action was undoubt
edly legal and proper. I understand that Magis
trate Hogan is quoted as saying that I showed
mv loyalty to th* Republican party. Well, h* a
matter of fact, the nine warrants which I signed
for Magistrate Hogan's district were for su-=
pfcted Republicans. \Vlien the cases were brought
before Magistrate Hogran he refused to hear them.
No magistrate can refuse to hear a case brought
before him. and Magistrate Hogan's action was
As part of tho transaction whereby tho New-York
and W(l tl tirstf r Lighting Company was acquired
by the Consolidated Gas Company of New-York,
the New-York and Westchester lighting Company
has issued its 109-year general mortgage bonds,
bearing interest from January 1, ISOS, at trie rate
211 East 42d-st.— First class deniestics ar<?
supplied; also managing housekeepers, ma
trons, jtoverneases, tutors, etc.
West 21st-st. iT*l. I.l79— Gram. ».— First
class dumest'es, govemesies. bouof-keey
e:s. butlers, e'c.
YOP.K BUREAU.. 390 nth aye.. 23d-st.—^
Expcrier.ced male ami female help: public
and pr!\ate. all capacities Telephone 3.274
wcy __^_
J. & J. 1. WSLLiARfIi,
CAHPET CLKANINO. Eetabllshed 1575.
Oldest. Largest, Most Modern.
437 AND 4^U WEST 46TH-ST.
Tel. 611— SSth-st. Established ISO 7.
Cleaus by compressed air. kteain. hand
or on floor i.sr.o Broadway 42: Bast
llth-«t i-qE * P.H ANT>T ''VI ia;--".i»h
S. SAMAKAS. 183 West
MANUFACTURER, 28d .Street.
102 WEST 2.1 D KTKEET. N'-Vv YORK.
also !• ; •>■■■• : c^i<- money by purchasing
■trad from the wnuieaaia luaiiuluulurer.
An exceptional display ut me iatut fur
Doveltlet Including CulncfaUlas, Royal Kr
ir.iu*». M;n».-. broadtails. etc. Peioianand
i-«-ai Qarmeou to order; .au-ni n.-.-.-s. lieot
fl; and workmanship guaranteed. J. UINS
BI.'RG Manufacturing i-u ...-r. 1!> West
27th «t.. neur Broadway. Established i.v«.v
■ Take elevator.) Telephone 637 — M&dL»on
OLD FlliS Mu&M
cr exciia-uged for new. nave your seal
lUß jsarments or any other till reniodtllrd
mjual to -.«■.>■ bi most =iv:.i^a luniers.
HIKSCHFELO FUR CO.. 121 Flflh-ave.,
near iw:.'i -et.
A.— A.- A.— SEAL GARMENTS and other
fine furs repaired, redyed and remodelled
Into latest styles at excpelunaily low ; i ].•.-.-,
tat earmentk made to order. Mrs K. J.
BARKER 10S Wist a»»th-st.. late with C.
G. Cumber's Sous. sth-ave.
DRESSMAKER would like few more an
ragrn;eniE by tLe day; terms. $2 50. Ad
di«» 1/K^.tHMAKKR, 116 Weft SSd-«t
DRKdSMAKBB would Ilka few in.,.. cus
(■'ii. .10. good ntyis ami ll ' f"****lr- tU
Wast 4th ■
SHIRT WAISTS, $1 up; fancy, $3 up; shirt
waist suits. ;' up: fitting (guaranteed.
MARKOWIT7., 18 East 1251h-st.
MRS. F. S. GRANT. 8 W. l«4th-st— Street
an.', evening gowns a specially, <-ngage
meuts by the day; good filter and dedgncr.
TO 2.< it» Harlem
HUE. WKIOHT. gown*. »klrts. -hlrt
waists. Room 414 Broadway Arcade,
1.047 liroadway.
§8 0© buys CaHcrai'ii Typewriter: $10.00
Remington. GEORGE OAT. 121 West
1 25* h-st. Typewriter!) iet:ted. 7Sc «• eok
'I mm
AT REDUCED PRICES.— «OO second-hand
wooA and l?r>n working n-^chir.ea; fully
guaranteed: machinery bought and ex
■-«*:.«;»£ G£X>. B. EDDY. „• j£a4i*cn-«t
of one half of 1 per cent per annum, and gradually
increasing up to 4 per cent In 1914 and thereafter.
The payment of principal and interest of these
bonds has been assumed by the Consolidated Gas
Company by Indorsement on each bond. A l»ru>
amount of tluse bonds has been acquired by J. &
W. Sellgman & Co. and Ki>dmond & Co., who have
made arrangements with the Equitable Trust Com
pany, whereby their bonds will have attached to
them additional coupon sheets of the Equitable
Trust Company, thus making tuch bonds as have
these additional coupon nheets straight 4 per cent
bonds from January 1. 1906.
/,/•: TRACKnv
Boy Shot in Struggle with Uncle — The Lat
ter Kills His Brother-in-Law.
Spartanburg, S. C, Nov. 10.— A white man named
Newman at Mills Springs. Polk County, N. C, on
Tuesday afternoon shot and killed his brother-in
law, named Holbert. Newman and Holbert quar
relled, whereupon Newman went to his home and
secured a shotgun.
A nephew, named Newman, a young boy. tried
to dissuade him, and seized hold of the gun. In
th« scuffle the weapon was discharged, the boy
was wounded and bled to death. The elder New
man went on until he found Holbert again, and the
killing of the latter followed. Newman surrendered
to the sheriff of Polk County.
It Was His Special Request — Arrangements
Made for the Funeral.
In accordance with his expressed wish, the body
of Joseph C. Hendrlx, the banker, who died on
Wednesday morning, will be cremated. The
funeral will be hald In the Church of the Pilgrims,
Remsen and Henry sts.. Brooklyn, at 3 o'clock
this afternoon. Services will be conducted by the
Rev. Dr. H. P. Dewey. the pastor. The pall
bearers will be H. C. Duval, C. D. I^audftle, Julian
D. Falrchild. George V. Brower. William Hark
ness, Andrew I). Sullivan, William J. Gilmore,
Theodore F. Miller. Silas B. Dutcher, W. H. Eng
lish. Chester S. Lord and Daniel W. McWilliams.
Daughter of Calvert Vaux, Who Laid Out
Central Park, Hangs Herself.
Chicago. Nov. 10.— The dead body of Mrs. Henry
H. Donaldson, wife of Professor Donaldson, of the
University of Chicago, was found hanging hy a
rope from a rafter to-day in the basement of the
Donaldson home. It is believed she ended her life
while deranged from melancholia.
Mrs. Donaldson was the daughter of Calvert
VauT, the New- York landscape artist who laid out
Central I'ark. She took much interest in her hus
band's researches iv neurology. L.ast 6prlng she
puffered from an attack of nervous prostration,
chiefly attributed to exhaustion from extensive
travelling In Europe.
Vice-President Vanderlip Says Trip to
Europe by Clerks' Is the Way.
In addressing the New-York Chapter of the
American Bank Clerks' Institute at the New-York
University last night, Frank A. Vanderlip, ex-As-
Fistant Secretary of the Treasury, declared that If
the six leading: Wall Street bankers ■who were called
before, say, a Senate Committee, and examined
generally on questions of banking and finance, they
would rnnke only an indifferent showing.
Mr. Vanderlip made a plea tor the educated man
In bupiness. He compared the advantages en
joyed by European bank clerks over American, and
advised nny member of his audience who could
to vlplt England. France and Germany and study
their banking methods.
"To any man who does this," said Mr. Vander
lip, who is vice-president of the National City-
Bank, I will pive a Job If there ark any vacant.
Party to Go from Here to Inspect Atlantio
and North Carolina Railroad.
Tby telforaph to thr tribune.!
Apheville, N. C, Nov. 10.— Senator Nelson W.
Aldrich and a party of New-England capitalists,
including the president of several big trust com
panies and a vice-president of the Metropolitan
Street Railway of New-York, will leave Jersey City
to-morrow morning In a special car for Beaufort,
N. i., to inspect the Atlantic and North Carolina
Railroad, and with a view of asking an appropria
tion from Congress for the widening of Beaufort
Harbor. These men have interests in Eastern North
Carolina. At Goldsboro they will be Joined by
Governor Ay^ock. Senator Simmons and other
North Carolinians.
(I have th- LARGEST
ffiffl)l&* in THB <r - TY
at reasonable prices.
for all mac-hiner. 5o?. ea.-h
CoO kinds of DIASIES In plain and flue
fi fil fJ/5TT'?> H f* B 'rain
86 Nassau St., New York. Tel. 2116 John.
BAN KINO, legal, commercial and private
Investor any section. FL'HJCK"3
DKT^CTIVE BUREAU, fet.6 Broadway,
ri*ar 17t'»-st.
Overstocked with second-hand safes; easy
WANTED — Experi
enced advertising can
vassers for special feat
ure; prominent paper.
Address H., Box 15,
Tribune Office.
ANY Intelligent person may earn 110 to $15
weekly In spare time corresponding for
n.wspapers; no canvaaslnc; send for par
CATE. Lockport, N. V.
WANTED. — Experienced reading noll'-e ad
\ertlsuig canvassers, must have excellent
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Box 1 Tribune office.
l."l^ Broauway. near 3;U-st. ; special
rales: manicuring, chiropody, dermatology,
massage, scalp treatment; Incorporated;
diploma*; expert teachers; unllmlttu prac
tice, <iay. ■'•:..!.-. positions; lailies' maids
taught, *5 courbe; graduates employed lead -
ing hotels. M. LEONARD FRAZIER.
LL. D.. president, farmer owner New-
Xork Halrart.-iMliis School Call, write. He
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cultured woman with fiperlence and
ability, as secretary, housekeeper „r any po
sition of trust and responsibility ; |>eion(cs
t. ISnsUsti Church; hlsheat ref erenc« given
and miuirua AJJress OOICPBTENT Box
>). Trlbunw Uft.' ■•-■ •
ACCOUNTANT. — i-vening work- terms
reasonable; leferences: «tauiueuta, trial
bfclauc«». »tralr)n»-ii.:'« accounu etc Ad
ore»s ACCOUNTANT, Box 3.",. Tribune Of
BOOKKEEPER, stenographer and type
writer. by an unusually KijO^ beginner
with moderate salary at the start V
IIEHOER, iS Coles-st.. Jersey rjty
can. 28. temporary or ape ■ Uj work wrlt
lr<C up. balancing or auditing accounts
quick, accurate: moderate iat«. s l-ttt
East ."."ith-Ft.
BOOKKEEPER-rA?H:rJR -Age 32; handle
business three million yearly, understands
trial balance, foreign papers; can mana-e
office; salary $1,300; 10 years' experlenca.
AMiauCAX. Bex 20, Tribun. O&o.
BOY, lfi. living with paronts. in some rell
aile business house where there Is chance
for advancement; good reference». SWERK.
.■77 loth-
BOY. 16. at anything. EDWARD ROSEN
BERO, 828 Gianci-st., Jersey City. N. J.
BOY. 17. at anything, 8. LEVENSOHN.
ii-) 7 East Bth-et
BAKER. — first class foreman or
second hand °. cake, vim and pastry
GORDON, 36 Gra-nd-st . Jamaica, Long
CARPENTER.— By young man; good me
chanic and general ran; all repairs best
references. Addles* f., 044 Biuru Place
W«-Wiauken, N. J.
lately landed, work in Brooklyn. AXDER
BON, b^l Myrtle-aye., Brooklyn
DRAUGHTSMAN, general mecnanlc te.-h
11 leal graduate, nfteen years' practical
exyerienca; p'lssesses executive ability and
inventive turn of mind. Address AMHI
TIOU3, Tribuns Oflice.
. ! .a.m< ; unde: stands machines and dyna
mos, Crst class retarenoe as chief en
gineer ENGINEER, 43!) East 62ii st
ELECTRICIAN. — By young German; tele
phone. telegraph or electric light work.
71 Isi st.. near l!d-ave., thini filgr.t.
FURNACE MAN.— Experienced; also !.aa
a thorough knowledge of oteatn )n-atltig,
electrta motors, et'-. ; raferencf. X il..
Tribune Uptown office, 1,864 Broadway.
FIREMAN -By Norweslan; first class ref
ereaces; served fi>ur years in I'nlted
Btatei Navy as nller and water tender;
m ►table divciiarKe.; experienced, tru»t
worthy with boilers and machinery^- Ad
dress <;. ENDRESEN, 1.010 Sununlt-ava.,
Jersey City I'rißnts.
GLASS FOREMAN.— Take charge of bev
elling and silvering shop; would go
silvering; would ko out of town; thorough
lions M'GEE, 271 West llsth-st.
HORSE 'KIPPER.— First claas; can drive;
Will also help in stable. SMITH. 84
INDOOR or Ol~moOOr. WORK, by cx
cepttonally reliable young Irishman, with
• ft-n-nces; capable in all branches;
willing, r.spectful. IHWIN'S BUIUiAU
77 West llth-st.
JANITOR.— WouId like small elevator or
two apartment houses; understands steam
ani K^tieral repairs. 113 West 138th~st..
care of Janitor.
JANITtJI{---Ky carpenter; small family
wil Ing to pay earl rent. 802 East wth-
Bt. janitor.
LAUNDRTMAN.- iTactlcai in everj- de
tall: long experteaoe; gx>od record- hotel
;nt--ltu!ioii or • lub j, referred WlLLI\Vs'
1 BS3 Urupdway.
MEBSENOER or place of trust, hy colored
man; twenty voars' reference from pres
ent place; can glv.- ,R«h or bond Call or
addre»* A. K. 8., In" Ea-!t 76th~st.
MECHANK -By jroanc. Intelligent Oer
man; thoroughly understands work- aJsn
electrical instrument maker. Address I
JANSON. «24 Clifton Place, Brookly?
MAFPAGE and water treatment- Nauhelin
baths, medical gymnastics at gentlemen's
renlr ences. by experienced male operator
highest credentlala Address 8. H.. Box 1»'
MAN. with ability, good appearance. ref
erence!-, security, wishes to manage
%i,tat<\ bachelor apartments etc.; under
stands all repairing, plantertng. palntlnz
papering. UKSTKI.. 501 West 147?h-st
class; strictly temperate: young and
quick; competent to take :...:.:•■ A H
COSTEIXO. M BtanUard . I'rovldence'
PAINTKR, pai^-rlmnger an.l carpenter In
hotel or estate. C MILUER. 178 Con-
OVT mt., Brooklyn.
FOKTITJI.— By voting colored man. neat
appearance. DANIEL HAJtRIHON. »
■vVei>t 134th-»t.. care of Hardy
Advertisements for The Tribune will he
received at regular rates at any American
District Messenger Office In the city until 9
p. m., and forwarded Co Publication Office
without charge for rce* 3 «n«tr *«rrtoa.
Now In Progress In
9th floor of thr Mary Bldg.,
is the
Grand Chrysanthemum Show
And Annual Exhibition of Ornnmpnt.il Plants, 1 Invrrs. I niits.
Vegetables. Field Crops. Florists' Supplies, Implements, etc..
The American Institute o:f the
City of New York,
It is an exhibition that has never been paralleled in the
A visit to it affords an opportunity for later inspection of the
NEW MACY STORE on the floors below.
Two years have wrought wonders in this Macy establishment
and its stocks — the assembling of merchandise from every mar
ket in the world and in perfecting methods of distribution.
After you have viewed this wonderful floral display of The
American Institute we invite you to be a guest of Macy's and sec
at its best the largest retail store in the world.
R. H. HACY & CO.
Broadway. i 34th Street
at to
Sixth Aye. I 3»t'n Street.
r — w, jj — >_ R. H. Macy &Co. ; s Attractions Arc Their Low Pnces.
fr» I M/ \ Vy B'way at ftth Av.<^^/ -54th to 55th St.
Continuation of the Pre- Holiday sale of
Pianos and. Piano Players.
The saving 25% to 40% over the prices asked elsewhere for in
struments of equal merit. 4 t h fi.
$225.00 " Straus" Pianos, sale price $J90,p0.
$250.00 M Straus M Pianos, sale price $210,00.
$275.00 Straus" Pianos, sale price $225,00.
$525.00 Diminutive Grand Pianos, $490.00.
$200.00 Lyraphones, sale price $175.00.
$225.00 Lyraphones, with motor, $200,00.
Fine China, Cut Glass,
Lamps and ißric-a=Brac.
These record assortments play no little part in the extra value
giving incident to anniversary week. Representing them are
these specials — a meagre list when the total number of special
economies is considered : —
"Straus" Cut Glass Pieces, value up to $8.00 each, sale price.s4.97
Tnrlurled are !»-inoh Salad and Fruit Bowls, Quart Decanters. 2-
Quart \Vatf>r Pitohfrs. Flower Vases and various sideboard pioces;
all "Straus" Cut Qlass, which must not be confused with the in
ferior qualities offered by others in their efforts to match Mary's
low prices.
"Straus" Cut Glass Salad and Fruit Bowls (8-inch), Carafes,
Ice Tubs and Celery Trays; value up to $4.50, sale price. . .$2.49
"Straus" Cut Glass Bon Bon Trays, Handled Olive and Pickle
Dishes, Vases, &c. ; value up to $2.50 each, sale price $1.37
Theo. Haviland China Fish Sets, with colored borders, gold trac
ing and painted fish centres; value $20.00, sale price $11.97
Theo. Haviland China *j Breakfast Plates, each 15c
Plate*, Cups and Saucer, ; 1 1™ * l * t *?'"': h " "p, ; I 2?I 2 ?
X I Bread ana Buttrr Plates 10c
new shapes and decorations. J Tea Cups and Saucers, pair. . .19c
Saxonia China Tea Caddies, Letter Racks, Puff Boxes and
Various Toilet Articles, with bouquet and gilt decorations, at 23c,
49c, 97c each, WORTH DOUBLE.
JAPANESE Cloisonne Vases, Sang de Boeuf, variously deco
rated with birds, flowers and dragons; prices but half what is
asked at exclusive stores.
Choice of pieces-$2.47, $3.47 and $4,89
As this ware is rapidly advancing in price this opportunity to buy
tine cabinet specimens at half price should not be missed.
Portable Rending Lamps, high class construction, bronze or gilt
finish; complete with burner, shade and six feet of good tubing;
values up to $3.00 each $1.49
pnRTFR — Trustworthy; beat of refer-
3ftth-et. .
PAPER HANGER wan'? work. Address
PAPER HAN',i:R. ft*> High-st.. Brooklyn.
PAINTEtR. paperhanger. decorator and
hardwood rlnisher; work for landlords,
estates etc . best work guaranteed; very
reasonable DIAMOXDSTBIN. f>« 'Cast
PAINTING &c. --General pant»r and paper
haniter wishes contract work for land
lords and real estate man. do good work
only NEWMAN. 2.054 l.exln«ti.n-ave.
Telephone "-«7IJ — Harlem. j
PIANIST — German, morougn teacher;
would accept some pupil* ; also Instruc
tion in harmony anl composition; terms
moderate; classical and modern music.
Addiess 743 1 remont-avti
KEPAIRINO. &c— Work done at your own
home or ofhco at mechanic's wages; fine
furniture r?paiilng. mattri-Bses made o\er,
<arpeta lal-1. \arnlshlng. polishing of fur
niture CHARLES STUEB. fe27 6th-a\e..
electrical store
treat a tew mor- pu.tt.-nt? at their real
dences. T. BAZOSKT. 156 Puane-st.
SALESMAN solicits Identlflcatlon with «Uk
house eis'.it years' experience manufact
ure of silks; two years an selling agent.
Box 1.7. r >4. Patirson. N. J.
WATCHMAN — Man. 3^ years old. as night
or day watchman; stri.-tly temperate, can
furnish firm class reference Irom lant em
ployer. Address WILLIAM A. HOME. 13
Catharine Siip
iui NO MAN, 2a. at anything where hon
caiy will be valued; porter or watonman
preferred ; reference ana se<-urlty. M'KEN
NA, 48 Montauk-ave.. Brooklyn.
TOUNQ MAN. 18, with references; can
draw and i:are very well; a.iva.r.iaifeoii3
experience with architect WILLIAM COOK
AYRES. 848 East 14'Jth-st.
TOUNQ MAN. employed In New-York.
would like- place, with g-»'d business
house publishing or advertising pr?r«rred;
an energetic worker. «i»d references.^ J.
S THOMPSON. 354 Roseville-ave.. New
ark. N. J.
YOI'NO MAN In a wholesale hous». JOHN
CAREY. l (l ".'> iJeoatur-st.. Brooklyn.
TOUNG MAN. experienced dting jani
tor work and watching; can run elevator;
experience 111 vMn-ktng for u>nld»r; no drink
er. JOHN KITNKV. 1.4T1 l»t-av..
VOUNO MAX. steady, height 01;0 1 ; feet, as
watchman, porter, coachman, ground
keeper or al! around man. no objection to
country best of references. Address H.
H. bTEVENSON. IB RlvlactOß-et.
TOUNG MAN. T2 desires permanent place;
eneru> j il' anil willing; best of references
aw- t.. character, habits, etc. Address A.,
H.-x 3ft. Tribune ttmce.
TOtnra MAN. 21. educated in English and
Spanish language*, in :,.•:■.•■-.- house;
moderate baUry tr.d referenceH. H. D..
Tribune Office
TOUNQ MAN. 20. French Swis». Just
lanl«j. at anything-. In private family ;
gr.od referenres. Is. 0.. Irt2 West 32d st.
TOUNQ MAN. 21. ambitious Id office or
ate. .1 N Ri.x fl. T-iiiune Oflsce.
TOfN'Q MAN. 21 at anytning. FRANK
KI'HN. .'124 Btanhope-st.. Brooklyn.
OOMFAMION, care of Invalid or any po
sition of trust, by young, refined, edu
cated Englishwoman; domesticated, cheer
ful; « months 1 hospital experience; gcu,l
needlewoman; r'!Pt"«'» ENGLISH. IKix
8. Tribune Office
COMPANION.-— Ijy w «" educated. refln«r:
young lady. 19. references. Address V.
M.. Tribune Office.
COMPANION.— Intelligent young ladr as
companion- speaks German; good dress
maker- capable correspondent: references.
M SEAMAN 254 West 30th-M.
CHAPERON. secretary, literary, journal
istic assistant; cultivated woman »—k»
occasional engagement*, underntands Ger
man. French. ■l«imi»y>y: references. Ad
dress OPTIJIST, Tribune I'ptown OIIU.
U*4 Bruadw**-.
nui.K HAMtD.
COMPOSITOR.— Either as compositor or
linotype operator. Address F.. Box U
Tribune Oftioe.
DENTAL OPTICE.-Tounfc refine,! Amerl
can girl in dental office, fineat reference*
-i.l v\ i'st ,'Hth-Bt.
rHENCH UANGLAGE.— By expeneiuea
native teacher, ai her home or at resl
1"^1'- £lltl a<iults - Address MAD
EMOISELLe, 1,,, x 140. Tribune Lptown ot-
Bee, L9M Hruadway.
GOVERNESS —Experienced public school
. teacher as visiting governess after school
in English and French. Address HIGH
SCHOOL 1.3«0 3d-ave "
JAMTRESS — Hespectabie young woman;
pay part rent. .E. C. care Janitresa. Mi
i^afit o4ih-st.
BTENOUKAPKBK, typewriter and office
assistant; neat an,i careful worker- one
years experience, good references m'oder
&te ealary. BERTHA KLEINE 91
<ioerck-st. • *"
17; neat, experienced. salary si;. .\j ;
F.. 4", Hancock-su, luOn * i»land City.' No
SECRETARY social or business young
woman; experienced in law. patent lit
erary, correspondence work; half or whole
day; executive ability; high references a
J.. Box to. Tribune Office
SECRETARY.— young woman as
secretary, or to read to invalid best ref
erences. Address ADVERTISER. 747 St
«>mith machine,, office assistant m,, i
•need, refined: High School graduate mod
erate ealary. H. A.. 141 Eaat 2Dth-:.t.
STENOGRAPHER in law oOe*; neat ac
curate; one year's experience ; moderate
a '^un. M^ce. A<1(lr ' s3Mis9M ■ V - »'*
STENOGRAPHER.— By competent, exnerl-
T non Ht i;- R ex P« l"'l "'" d - will exchange tut
tlon. 1- ranch. (J..-nnan, music Knellsl
for home; city or country; city reference*!
EXCHANGE. Tribune office "* :<?ren^^
pupils; afternoon en«agVinenu beat ref
«renc,s Ad , lrv33 maDEMOISELL. S
TOUNG I.ADT weald like telephone swltch
board, having; several years' experT'nce
furnish reference. Address m ,- |( 4 ifi
■Ma "* ' "
ATTENDANT to t^Ke care ol invalid or
nick gentleman; clti references 135 ani
SiU. OK.IKUE- HEINS. Vis Ea"4 7 Mf m
ATTENDANT to an Invaltd: cx l ,erien< -.1
capable, rdutated. sentlemanly \> w "
Aork ref-rences. which bear tnveattnttm
LEONARD. 11-.' EaM ggd-st. "" v 8U *' itl0 "-
A CHINESE wishes position in Amerl.uß
rg^rffiKf^Moggyj $lb n " lnthly
H I mE R - trench . first claas where »^I
Address H. N.. 242 la kept: .i'ty refereu'C
\.i.ifxs h. x.. 24^ wr— 1 :t.;th Lt.
BUTLER.- Competent ana nperlettced; has
Riled a:, old butlers pta,-,f.. r v"' „
salary mo<leiatp. I'rt-sriu employer can be
s^.n at Ml* Mtt.!lß.,n-ave. V " r l "" °*
BUTLER or V A LET. -English. 2S thor-
OUBhly experienced: strictly fober LnJ
honest w best city reference. jm c±rt
Mrs Brennan. Sl»2 West l«8th st
Bt-TLIjRT V\LEI.-ArrnT,,lan ,",,;,-,
ong experience; competent. ln<lu.*SS.
wlllln-. K enerall> useful; lj«S ft«S
and English; hlgheai references D"ID "I- a y
KAsrtAtt. 2» Saw 4«th -.«. ""'■**
CHEF —First class chef In nrlvat. f» m .i»
or club: best city referenced. A«r4. X*
C Box 218. 1.632 Broadway. Aai - r «' 9
CHEF.— in hotel, boarding house _„_„
rant, or to taka full charge otuJhllHr-l
Cf^ - ~ r . Olore ' 1 t h ' f rook: nrst cla^TbT^aT
roll., pie,, cilic penovers. j fc n y TOl £
I CARKTAKKH fur bachelor apartment* or
clubs, it private wuiK. A i .!•-.-. by let -
1 tT. SARAh EVAN'S. Ol'l I Hill ll . brook
I lyn.
' COACHMAN. —By car«fu:. steady, sober.
reliable man. 40: eight years.' written ur
i personal references. Address. T. W . la?
; Duer-*t.. I'laiaHeU. N. J.
COACHMAN.- By a middle aged married
in,in; HMteH*«B»l hi* duiie» :.hi>roiignly .
ten >earn' be>i references Jrom last em
ployer; country preferred. I t/lKit SOM
MKK. 211 Kast sCth *t. • __
COACHMAN.— SingIe; first class reference,
strictly sober; 1 . -.jii.ii.' position *herr
services will be appreciates AadreM J.
M'CABE, < art Parkinson. in £■■*' 2.1u nt.
COACHMAN. Frr. bJDaa. mailed. sk.ll
. til. expert* horseman. a«.»vi ■' '■ t:»»r -■
ouifli.y üßdcntaada the tai*> of a gentlw
man's private itaole; highest r*cooMD«B«M
tlona (IMB 'orjin.i- »nd lax «:-ntioyer; neat
ami stylish apitearance. rail m aduress
H.MAN 3U Bast 41'd-st.
COACHMAN. Good IMM and drtrcr;
steady man: twelve yearn 1 tlrnt class rltj
reference*: city IN country. A., IT] West
COACHMAN.— Iiwss d.Mrvs 10 find a
situation lor h;» coacaman. whom he car^
hicnly recommend bonsai, .-oi>»-r an.i com
petent. Call or telephone W. K. BKOWN.
•'J »'ark a f . «■.." or HI Broadway, ,
COACHMAN. -I»v married man: wife, no
children; wants booM or room.-.
driver; '■>•:! lUwMi 10 • are and nij.iiatenient
01 tine arrUt*! harness. &c. ; • <>uutr\ pst
ferred; strtctl) t«g«pcrate and well f-.vi>>.
mended. I. H.. at > arpentoi « ISM i.-.i-ave.
COACHMAN.— Married Prute* will i r
faailly; temperati.-. lllHlwilliT. • ''Nx; <-i ni
in every r«s| i ; experienced horsenuui;
careful , r;: .-i . sxpei I rider; references; cuy
or country. ?> il.l.lAil. Tjiiouq L' plow a ijt
tice. 1.9 M Broadway.
COACHMAN or OR IOX. Ja«t tliaen^age.l
on account <■( family turning out feevaM
for the ..inte:'; thor'>UKhly raocrstai the
care «t fine horses an-i carriage*; sober.
willing and obliging: good references; city
or cour.'ry. Address I* X.. m I'lasson
ave.. Brooklyn.
COACHMAN, flinlliimnn ci.lng us his
horh'-.s Incnly r«
In every nartlcul ir. A •
pbiy«r, 7«<i St. .N'!i ho!as-a\p
COACHMAN, GARDE Kirst riats;
thoroughly umlerr.tan Is the i-a-e ••f rtr.e
fir->-- t-arriag - and ban --: ti:*t ola»s
r.fei<-n.-e-. A. M . ICO Hlee,k.r ,t., t .
COACHMAN. Kiißllsh. ma-ri«l; two chlV
drcn; .'"■ ' rider and dri\»r; firs; < lass
reference! roiintry preferred. W. «'.. care
of Mrs. Pecoud. 13." East ."Kith
COACHMAN.- Single; rlty or country; first
claaa driver; careful, »ober and honest;
persona! reference WOI.I- B. Lenox Sta
bles. Kast 7Sth-yt.
COACHMAN.- -Understands horse? and
carriages; Bcotchman; single: careful
driver; care lawn, fjriia.<-. milk- if re
quired; nMnlb useful; reference. Ad
dress THOMAS Box IS, Tribune Osßea
COACHMAN. — Gentleman gtvtag up horses
wishes to place his coaenman, who has
been In his employ last four years; highest
rt-cotnnien.Jatlon. Inquire preeer.t employer,
313 West TBth-st.
COACHMAN.- -Pr ciaclunan; d'.sen
gaged November 1 : ten > ears' first clas^
city reference: country preferred; married:
wages moderate. Address W. CROSBY.
Riding and Driving Club. Brooklyn.
COACHMAN and GROOM —Testimonials
certify as to capability an-1 trustworthy -
ness; father and son; English; live in: boy
very useful around MMIMUfI house. A!
drtss O. W. BLAKEY, .-are Til Ills! E.
Klrby. Mount Khfko, N. T.
COACHMAN. —By married man. thorough
ly comactsat, reliable, neat si-.aly.
obliging: highest personal in iwilimilll
tions for the last nine years lecnrdirs iior
nt; sobriety and industry. JOHN, 1.353
COACHMAN. — By Swede: smooth faced:
superior man every «raj . excellent care
taker horses, carriages, ham. ss. et<~ : (rood
driver; bes-t references. RICHARD, at Car
penter's. 154 6th-ave.
dress; Oerman and wife, wife ex*ei;-nt
cook, fine laundress; husoand *;•
ful; very :ldy. best references. At Car
penters, 1&4 t'th-ave.
COACHMAN. GARDENER. — General man;
good driver and can ' !■■»».
drives, fires, etc.. ran milk; w*:i nconk
mendtd. JOHN, at Carpenter's. 154 0:h
FARM MANAGER.— Large dairy and poul
try 'arm; educated, up to aate. hustling
farmer! clean in morals and business hab
its. V.'., Colic* ■. Farm, New -Brunswick.
N. J.
FARMER. — Foreman; can work and man
age, handle men. etc. ; capable and expe
rienced in every trancn; st<:>ck. sheep, dairy,
etc.; best reference, nia.rietl; Protestant;
two children, 8 and. 4 years; wif« board
men: extra dairy woman, etc. . X... at Car
penter's. 154 ttth-ave.
FOREMAN FARMER.— Exp^nent<"l : Noith
el Irelani ProtPstant: rr.arri~l ii.an; hai
two boys. 11 and 4 years; tons aspuWaet
In American farming and managenir-nt of
(.man's place; wife fine dairy woman;
board helt). etc.; 8 years' b«st '"•**-■• •
R. X.. 15i» Weit 15th-st.
FARMER and GARDENER.— By practical,
ex; ertence.l farmer, truck farm anl
stock, married; no children; to take full
charge of gentleman's estate. Address A.
BOfUDEAV, 4t»S West 22d St.
FARMER. — Experienced young American.
expert at oaring cattle. milk;ns. with un
furnished house; .■>;!.". monthly, without
board: excellent references IRWIN'S 77
West 11th- st.
Married; small family: practical in all
branches, glass and outdoor: understands
farm stock; good milker, barbta life ex
perience from Europe and America; sober,
honest; not afraid of work; wife good dairy
and poultry woman; best personal refftr
encea last employer can be seen. A.ldreja
GARDENER care Max Buach. m -73
West St., Central Hotel.
Gardener and useful MAN — r.y a
German; good vegetable grower; care ct
lawns, nads an.l general care of plaoe;
• are horse and cow if required; pood ref
erences. Address A. C. 49 Spee-lwell-ave..
Morrlstown. N. J.
GARDENER.— AII branches. <
of Ireland Protestant; references STEV
ENSON, 181 South Bth-at, Brooklyn
GARDENER.- Goad ail aruumi experience;
capable of taking- chance of grntiemitn's
place. A G. R. care of Yaughan'a Seed
Store. 14 Barclai-st
HEAD r.AI:I>F.XER. — By an fcr.gllshman
of th crouch practical e«x»leate 1:1 a.:
branches of the profesatoa; rral .a«s
American reference f.>r ability and aobrtety
Aitiiress D. M.. lt> Bprlac-st., Morrtatown
HOUSEMAN.— CoIored; thoroughly profl
.-ier.r. honest, .-ni.^r. reliable; for a part
of ea.-h day preferred: references. S. A
Tribune Uptown Ofl .-. 1 ::."-t Bi ..;•.». iy
JAPANESE VALET or general Imm willM
in gentlerran'.-: aparbßMtt: has loan »x
pertencp; best retrieve. SiX 121 West
•:4th st
Yenrs' exp«rtene«: strone. healthy, so
ber di ste ■■'■ Institution; irlve lT«atnien<
at it lent s' f-siuances. -ask I 15«
Duane st.
NIJRSE — Man la open for -r.j.i^:-. . f,j
i.:-.! gwntlemai or n'rvmis case; :n.!er
stands massag« and hath tr-ntmer.t; •-••,•
ences as to <-riurneter and ability Van be
given. Ad:re«» INVALID Tribune Up
town Office 1.3«4 Broadway
NTRSE attei ■ prkTat* of
instittttlf 11 -ir: hlfhest refer
ence. MEDICAL. Tribune t:ptown
! ;■'■! Rroadway
USEFL'U MAX. -!iy Armenian well e.ln -
cated. speaking dlfferenl IJ-n(?uace«; u-cn
c.ally useful, private family. MELi'O.V
>'AI'AZIAN -24 Wf«t 4(lth st.
USKFII. MAN— By Oerman. »in«rle. on
private country plate: underst»n<li hor^i=.
gnrdenlnK. milk an.l rarmace etc.: reft-r
ences. Adur^ss M\DOERY. l< <"hathar>>
fSEFTI, MAN.— Country; fir.gle; nrlctri
temseiate: an ■ ; tl\^. milk, care furnace;
reference?. USEFUL, Ko\ Xt. Trtboac or

VALET, ■(>: "tr.H -."id MA^F.l'i;.
Speaks flvo TTT"TV'.t2C». Prst class reVr
<Tf-^« Address V m .-:'.". care of Robert
V.'Mte. B1 Weal <Sd-st
V VI.!"". attendant to an Invalid: mtd
•nt"»i. capanl- adULatsd. ■sntlrauutr] ;
\i-\\ York reference*, wMcll beat lareatl
•Titlnn. >v a r ? ». 112 L :..-: C 6 n
"' ' ITCT. — By lauim'fnliwd man. 24. hi
>t»J; .-Itv or cunr.trv: exr»rlenoei!; ref
ve. \dlress 129 West st.
■MAMSFIIMAID- V- »..:.: German couple
. .r .<* wv.Uer or coachman; n:fe aa M <
or cl .<r'i.<-rtn-ild: lit-st -"frrenies LAN«"-
AST, •"■'■■-• W( «*th *-.
TOCNG MAN. 2<>. lnt#!!l?ent. seri>« i. -
lU<-c In ■■•>> r r aclel; will ■ .-■ i „
rltv; »r»»ki' i>r?i«n. Hung-arlnn an i:rc
llsh. NICK NTH' vrTT. LSH Ixt-avt.
VOl'N'i: MAN, .■• 1 .... ■'- -. «uvden»r •-
useful man; wllHnir. nbl'vlpij. icier an.t
> . -„-.1 gnod f- ' • <■■ ■•< ■■■• *' mm A M.
riRAMARA, 77 Ru4 ll«th-st.
A LADY leaving t •» n * iih.-rt .•x ution
for her l'rot--*t.u.! nurse in a prt*a.t*
family, food and kin I to children, un.l*r
stands b<-,tt!r fredinc an.l the care of
children: Is competent and ;run worthy.
For further reference 1 no cards) call 10»
East fsth-st . Mr*. Cook's bell.
ASSISTANT roOK In flr.-t Claal -luh. by
bright eooag woman. iin(ier!»tanc!i- > .s
Frerch vef« re:u-f«. C 1. CiT. W. •:'
COOK. — K\rrllent Swedish cook: me y*ara
last place, has *ood reference, also wait
ren. FINLAND BUREAU. «SO Laxlnrton-
* • II .I.e.
COOK. — Will assist Uunrtry; young; OS;
t»at reVreno-. > all Is Kast -til-»t.
IWjK. — s-wealfri youn^ wucian; tr,oroa*ni y
ci>n.pct-.;jii , cuy or country, wish or *Itn
ou: Kiar.'nmm i. excellent i»:ef«m.« Mrs
COOI'KK'.S IL'HJCAC. ."4i» Ottwve. , 4M -....
COOK. -First class Mwadlih cook la , (
hrano!i>*. with her »»n klt.-her.rnaw
In pi ;-.■ American famliy; best L ity r«r«-
- - . si.
(.■*>K i • jrsi . :i-s. Ki--l ciry reference
s< A 'LUrXttV. **4 Colunbui-avt.
I'OOK- Spanish woman a3 v *•* in prtv»*»
family. MS I'oltimbui-tvt., ring vjr*rtv's
'■X'"ii»iu family cock. Brut class r%f»-.
»-n».-: city ..r ir.try. Mrs. COOPER" ••
BIHEAf. 7-»l» rtth-uve.. 42.1 and 411 «ts. *
COOK.-lly a,«<j riwiaf cook, litely UndZn
good refgreuce*. E. T . 270 West ZM-«t
COOK.— E*p*r'enre<l man an rook In prl
tate family. understands a.. kinds family
booking, excellent reference.. • '»n be rim
for two days at It Rant -41»t-st. ~~
COOK. *c.-i>rm»n girl good rook aa4
laundress; goort baker; city or country
221 Ka 4«th st.. 1 ftißht up *
COOK. — FlfM • has); mt&t ref«*renc«» —f>
lady can be jwn; ,-ltv or country. r» A-
Hi:!:.', •»>- Columbua-ave.. c «ar 83d-«t-
T* T*l.i ' *»-»
COOK.— Aa r.;ai. i?ir:ff c.joic; strlciiy "n
1 lass; private family; competent to ta*»
fill fharte; l#st .iiy ... <'»a t«
s'»n at present employer I*.1 *. 727 Park-ay*.
COOK. — First ciasa; economical; ex^>l>3t
mana«er four years' references- c■■ ..
country. A. H.. Mrs Collier. 11*2 West 2ssV
st J'hcr.e llr.uv-che.sea.
COOK, waitress. m\t<l ana- (eamstress- best
referent**. Miss LARSONS Employment
Office. 3.1 Weil ?4tD-st. TeL 3.044 — M*li
son Square".
- w ii.« $20-orj. city or country Mai*.
42« 4th -«ye.. between 2»th and aOtb •?» "
• HAMBSRMAID in good privar, family
highly re. ..minended; personal city re'«j^
iCjKS: wtaing to do a littie »ewia* \sv
im -"o uvst outh-sf.
CHAiIBKRMAIb. Ac -Profataru rhanv
terrnaid anu seamstress; CDrr.D»;» - n
otliKlr.^; young woman; excellent r«*»£
ences. B D ... M:«. 'o;iier"i22V-,- rti lTjl
st. 'Phone luatV . .helsea
■ •altrea
• ■HA.»!Mi:kM.M[. 4r .-a v^n^' bM m
charr.berrr.al.i and do sewing. „- Is **,
coJmd Hrl a DRATNC 34* \v»st
DAYS \V'.;R;< Resp-ctable woman w she.
t :t?: t ?- y *, w ° rk ' f a:1 ' k: ~' >»« BURNa
1.04 i o*l a. •
GEXEbIZ HiTSK-WinlK wh«re she raa
(■aw tongfctei 1 jt ( tru oM mtth •r: no
Objrotton3tugo.ns.ou: of ci;y. Can or ad
dress «»I.<;l£N. 33 UV st UOlh-»t
•r'.K. - By <
Park ar-! !
en r - . |
■ • ■■ - . • ,
Y. rk • ■
>»■ letter HOrsEK I - ->-
town Office. 1.3D4
I for

B, „ -t. : -.. „.: K _ urht colored Z !r:
huwtm oc few hours aacfe ,< t y i a
hacr.e'ors apartment. Tall rr »dUnj» M.
»J hast 70th-a< .. ground flo^r. ww
Hr.rsKKEEPER.— A .-apahi,.. m,,|
woman as rr:anajr:r.» hous^k^---p»r to pri
vate family: nedbH MaustTMß; ■--;■,-.
l'? 3,l S i' sa:ar> "' S "°- ? "'- A *■■ *-* W«*
HOUSEWORK -Km mlMl- *«■«. •tn.-r!r
;»in;--ra:e nan; S'- 1 "-? rtfuMtM d»
ttm pace wiih L ut washirg: nod gU.
cook: $••* monthly. BRIDGET bwla'i 17
■West ' 1 1 h-at.
HOUSEWORiCER — By Protestant winan
neat sewer: wages no object: dt^-aiv nbaa
ill Mr-. C< n
.49 6th-ave. -
HOUSEWORK- (.olored HlHalaal WtOi
child; \?r>- n-at; «ood BOOk and lann
dr«sa two years' references wages *„>.
We > 't%d-st ntry ' R ' li ' Sbfc C*U*«'a. »
LAUNDRESS.— WiIIing to assist; un -ier
fctands shirts. cuiTa. eailar' :'.<i.-'^;~ r -- •
thrt-v years' p^r^-r..i! refereac^ ' lir*.'
. -MB
LAITKDBKSS.— Scoten Prot<»s-ant first

LAI •■
• -
MAII Ml I lie age - -
- Amer!
mer-.d. as DM

XIT.SR- An Ensrhsh nurse ofTers her
Ml *tt«l for ra--.i^.- T.i Europe with yoa»»
cbll.Jren Of "'. : , fmi sai!»r. exp>rVv.c»'l
tra\e!!.r - • - French sr.'l Gonnaa;
would ao •»! r laßger tagaceaießt; Ms^.m!
r*coRUB«B taj . If P.. I' ■» 4i> Tr:t>ur»

MUSI a ' Aa eNrras tM
nnali.l or Sorter* a " - x; -T.^nv
doctors" refererots A Boa X LS3
3.i aye.
XI'RSK <:irl is n'ir.«e. re!-- -
:. v itw. seg
x: rsi —.a itfUicd, n j- «jns»
ss rur«» f,-t , roaa* rhlW Ai.!rr« K.
T. >!.. 1900 Lmtmtoa a-.
NfRSrP.Y GOTtIMOa - N'it.'K.
rrenrk: .arc \i,ur.g rblM; b»st ■--:•
"■« eartto; .l;y or country. y.< c• . Pi
West Mth-st.
ori'h'i-: CI.EANINU, wajihir^" •■',- "Tat
elewilnx by :>>.■ day. Mr- (
- ■ -e^t 1»:h st.
PLAIN <«ok. By BasHsb <-, p-i
\S'f f-T"v. !n Pity .\i ::\ ■>. t«tW,
M. N., Etel ll'V •!7 'rh ■ .
r \ v.-t: •:><. r.,.,,,i „i. r ,
« ! S- \ rl\ .'•• famllj >
•.: w»wi ;•■;►,
■,ViM-'.:\ ; it. - i -■• C"!:- \r: - .-v :;er
. .^ v -!\ ■! mpatrsl n>| ' :• ■ -.*.
ifrs J if work; -■ ••■• . . . ..::< i*
i rn > »- 1 : >«-reren.e> I. H. 319 Ui»«--*vt.
I "n'k. X j
WAITRESS - roi»r*teat i . > an ss
!'i'> "•■•-.' .' . ... -.-n !t> ■
meets 'cr the v i • \ .< •-'SXIE
1 -': i' 'IMTKIi X »1 • - «
■ ■ .v ».n: ' •'. Maitkort-are T»l
:;.:; >
WAITRESS.— En*,.>h : ■ • i«s»:
>j. Call 13 Ea* kS i
WAITRESS, liliifmtiwal. ' - ■
f.-..ni « •<> hi i.. DV Telephone U.u**—
M.v1l>o:» _
WAITRKSS •*.— SMtdl ITotesttir. Walt-
Irg. assiv ebambnnrark. cwk; i« • fl ";
■ |»-» • ' ■ i. hh ..!!••■<;•;.( te all
i.,t ttf »■ • I '« ' '>-"-m-e«; city »«" ....:'-'>
I '. Urs ■ ---•■■ M : : -•
v HSHINC in.i •i.KAXivc. B] Oman
woman. L. VOGEI* 1.013 AvantM A.-. _
WASHINO -By elderly German worn**
t- tali., family wa*hlr.it horr»: SO c«nt» a
dozen. Mr* KItESE. X>- U.iitt 7«tr- -
WABRINO and Imwla* '>r rayn work «•
of hi "i- e KM \' ■ i- ■ % 't .: ■«' . rear baoja^
IOUNQ Oir.r. «••> >!-"> •i.unoerworfca**
st>wlnit: 1* would do waiting aad.F*_ v ;
work. Call a- e»e:u «nr!p!a>»r». ■» W1B "
Hth-at. No cards. . -

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