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Apartment House Blaze Is Incen
diary, It Is Believed.
Three persons, one a helpless invalid, were
killed by suffocation and half a score more
•were burned and overcome, in a flre early yes
terday morning' in the five story apartment
house at No. 140 East Nl:iety-seventh-st. The
building is on the southwest corner of Lexlng
:<*n-ave. and Xln^ty-seventji-st.. and few of ih«*
!:umerouß families would have escaped had it
not been for the heroic work of th« firemen. The
dead are:
rUHUN. Bi«.nehe. fifteen year? old
EUHLAN. Liliiain. eJetteen years old.
WEBI-;8. Fr"<:-rlck. »lxty-r.!r.« year* oli. «iß!r fT*n<s
r* i -.<?.-. i
■V\>fcpr had been a paralytic for years, but in
the excitement of the fire be rose from his bed
and made his way into the hall. The two gir'.s
were foun 1 ; at the door of their room. Ail three
bodies were burned to a. crisp, but an ambulance
surgeon said ail had died from suffocation.
The fire Is believed to have been Incendiary.
It started in a pil<* of boxes, barrels and broken
furniture beneath tht ■tain leading to the base
ment. The pile wm thoroughly saturated with
The fire was discovered about 5 a. m. by a
milkman. He aroused most of the tenants at
once. A patrolman at the same time saw the
flames, and after turning in an alarm tried to
light his way with the milkman into the house.
They were driven back. Then th» stairway to
the second floor caught fire and cut off the es-
rape of the tenants that way. Th*? fire spread
through the dumbwaiter shaft, which was about
ten feet from the rubbish where the flre started
Reaching the top floor. it "mushroomed." caus
ing: the three deaths.
As soon as the firemen arrived they swarmed
tip the fire escapes to aid the panic-stricken ten
ants. The balconies of the fire escapes wen
all email, and the people had to climb over the
railings to reach the ladders. So great was the
crush that the firemen found difficulty in saving
more than a eccre from falling or being pushed
Into the street. Battalion Chief Duffy said that
when he arrived the rlre escapes were congested
•worse than any he had ever seen in his twenty
flve years' experience. None of the people es
caped with more than their night clothes.
Th« Euhlan girls' father, sister and brother
amd Webber's wife were in much danger, but
escaped. Mrs. Mathilda Dreyfus, the daughter
of "Silver Dollar Smith."' lived on the second
floor with her two children. Miltcn and Joseph
They conld reach neither the fire escape nor the
■tairway. and were rescued by scaling ladders.
The flre was put out after an hour's work, the
damage amounting to about $5,000. Captain
Herllhy. of the East One-hundred-and-fourth-at.
station, at once detailed detectives to Investigate
Its origin.
Later In the day Fire Marshal Peery exam
ined several persons. Paul Scbeffel, a tenant,
testified that he had been awakened by a series
f)t explosions, which seemed to come from the
Ooes Into Blazing Building to
Recover Money.
Ma ta war. N\ J.. Nov 10.— Edward Brown
■w-aa burned to death In a flre In her home near
aw Pruth Keyport last night. She was awakened
By-bout 11 30 o'clock by smoke In the house and
Bj/^rouaed her husband. They found the building
tv .8 on fire ■■■:•.. i went outside. Mr Brown ran
tr the h^me of William D. Huff, which is near
V- |au „• lla wife li front of their home. When
i- tiaa iven the aJa-m and returned, his wife
■was .iO>r ( io be found. He recalled that there was
S39Q in lone of the bureau drawers, and, think
irg maybe she had returned for the money, he
mitred V. p house, which was then full of smoke.
A burst of flam? drove him back, with his face
an?, bands badly burned. He saw his wife hi'
on the floor, but could not reach her.
The building hurr.ed so rapidly that It was
totally destroyed before the Bremen arrived.
The bod" of M-.-. Prown was found thi? morn-
Itir In the rellar.
Hundred. * Fight Way to Street at
False Alarm.
About a dozes rlrta T-.-fre ir.jurod in a fir" panic
yesterday morning in the factory of the American
Cirar Company, at Xo. 447 East Fifiy-secor.d-st.
Miss Jogio T- oscb. of >fo. 57 Mo-ris-st.. Jersey City,
who Jumped from th« third floor twenty feet to an
«uJJosnir.g roof, had to be taken to the Flower Ho«
pital with a broken leg and many rr;:u>e9
Two tin rod on rh» roof of the five story
rnii3<sir.g" saw black amoks coming- up toward the
root r.o.Ti £.; overturned pot of tar in the Ftr««-t.
•rd *>!-. :jif it meant tha f th« bufldlng was ablass,
HBurt 'Tir^ 1 " through B sky'.ighr rr. f n *- girl? below
Sfme seven btmdred girl? are employed on the
four upper flr.&r? These on top at the cry of fire
'asrxJ for the st.?:.-?, nnd soon th« stairs were
«-houei with terrif.ed sfrla from a" over the build
•'lng. Thf- office employes succeeded in Quletinc some
of the bicbtened sroikeis. but most da=hf-d on.
-trampiiofe- anci bruising one another as they went.
E"rr.>- vent down the f.re apes
The Teut-rh g)r! got down to the Third floor and
tlien. ovcroome by fright, opened a window at 1
sar.:pea out. She !ar.d°.i about twenty fe*>< below
,en the roof of an adjoining building, 'Most of the
fTir's we.-.t back to wcrk v. - ;■; ■ r. they saw for them-
Uvei th"re -.^.s no dareer. but some forty grirls
•*:*■:' so Bcrvoos ar.d excitable that they had tn go
Hreman Falls Three Stories from Roof—
Darkness and Smoke the Cause.
F!r» in a f'x story s-orage wareboose. at Xo. 305
"Washlngton-sr. far:y y«st«rday morning mace nee
*£Ear, two ?:.■■:. : caused ts. f <oo damage, ar.d gave
Be6t NATLt<At - Alkainc V\ater.
If in Need
of a
Consult the Situations Wanted
Advertisements in the Narrow
; Columns of To-Day s Tribune.
the firemen a hard hour's wcr*. On© fireman was
Injured badly by falling throe stories.
The lire started m the lo*r*r floors of th© build-
In* the front windows of which are protected >-y
iron shutters. Unseen by any one in front, it
burned for a long time. It Is supposed. Finally
n At r the' nreenwlch-st. side of the blase a line _pf
%Tto attach ; the 'fire from Ita roof. Fireman John
Kn-cD was leadirp with the nozzle of the line of
ho** He had to climb through a small scuttle to
reach the roof, and in the darkness and smoke he
dirt not see that this scuttle was only a few feet
from th* of the roof and that there was only
aloVp«w"t He took two steps to the rear and
wen? over frto the yard. He landed on his back.
He was taken to St. Vincent's HospitaL
City Takes Utmost Precaution to
Guard School Children.
Large loss of life by flre in a public school of
the modern type I* almost an impossibility, and
a panic resulting from any cause is almost as
unlikely, according to the officials of the De
partment of Education. As proof of their
statements, they point to the facts that for
many years no school of this city has suffered
greatly from flro in school hours and that no
child has been seriously hurt in a panic. The
only fatal accident from a fire in the schools
of late was at a Christmas celebration, when a
little girl allowed her dress *> come into con
tact with on* of the flaming: candles which was
used in decorating the tree. Since this occurs
rence flaring undies have been abolished In
the schools of this city.
Schools have been made fireproof in Manhat
tan and The Bronx since 1592. Since 1888 flre
proofing has also been required in Brooklyn.
Queens and Richmond. Since the law has re
quired that such close care be paid to the
safety of pupils, great changes and renovations
bave been made in the old schoolhouses.
An up-to-dat- school is without anything of a
combustible nature, except the boarding of Its
floor*, window frames and desks, and the charts
books an 3 other schoolroom supplies. If a .-hlld
Should Bet his desk on fire the janitor would be
r , n the ? C en* with » bucket of water before the
flam « coma sT art on the hard, polished wood
work of the nearest adjoining desk, a foot or
more away.
The floors walls and ceilings of the class
rooms are composed of brick, terra cotta blocks
or concrete, all of which are able to withstand a
much greater heat than is likely to be caused
by a few scattered desks. When a fire starts
in a room it is the teacher*- duty to march her
children out and close the door.
The hallways of the modern echool are tiled.
The stairways are of iron framework, covered
by slate Bteps. The nights of stairs are car
ried down to stone courts and playground?. The
Bchoolhousa has numerous exits, situated in dif
ferent parts of the building and opening on dif
ferent streets, where possible. Every school can
be traversed in almost any direction because
Of rolling partitions nnd the .-lassrnorr doors.
Every school has flre escapes, that extend from
the 'roof to the ground. These scapes are
double stairways, inclosed in glass and iron.
The glass which permits the light to enter, is
covered within and without by a fine steel net
work The wires are covered with asbestos and
prevent silvers of the glass from falling upon
the chUden when flames or bricks approach.
The old building now have fireproof halls
and stairways, fire escapes and more exits. Fire
extinguishers have been piH^-d in some, and
hosepipes and water connections have been
placed in others.
Particular precautions are taken against
panic in 1!"-- schools. The little children are
pinned on the lowest floors: the steps of the
stain are scientifically mad'- in height and
breadth for children; each floor has practically
its own stairway, so that the crowd from above
will not Interfere and cause a jam; all doors are
made to open outward. All exits are Inspected
daily. The chief precaution against panic from
fire is the emergency drill.
The children are trained to expert an emer
t pency call for a drill at any time and under
: the most trying circumstances. To empty a
' school of 2.500 children take? on the average
! two minutes and a fraction.
The only danger that th» school authorities
really fear Is that from hysterical mobs of par
ents. The plea of the school officials to the
j parents of this city is: "If there is fire, keen two
I Mocks away from the school, and we promise to
j r p ? tore your children to you In safety."
Almost Wall of Water Keeps Flames
from 3,500 Gallons.
Fire that started last night in the "mixing 1
room of the Asphalt Construction Company, In
Madison-aye., between < 'ne-hundred-and-thirty-
Bixth and One-hundred-and-thirty-*eventh sts.,
made four workmen flee for their lives, gave the
firemen a ,hard fight to protect two large oil
rinks nearby "d caused a property loss of
The four men ".ere at work in the large?: or
a number of buildings owned by the company,
mixing the raw mat< rials In the manufacture of
asphalt in a large tan 1 /.. The material has to be
subjected to great heat before it will mix
In some manner the bottom fell out of the big
tank, letting the contents drop into the oil
blnsts underneath. In an instant the heavy Oily
mixture blazed up. the flames shooting to the
roof of the building ana setting fire to the ceil
ing and wails. The workmen jumped to escape
beii;g burned seriously, if not fatally, and th«
room instantly was filled with the dense choking
smoke from the burning asphalt mixture.
A large crowd gathered to see the flre, but
were kept back by police lines, the firemen fear
ing trouble from the oil tanks. The flames shot
through the roof m a short rime, and soared
high Into the air.
One oil U ' 500 g lons of oil in It,
5-tood betwe n 12 and L 5 feet from the place
St. The fl
of water on the
( the tank nearest t* • forming al-
O f ... ■;, . r I mes and the
tank. Near that tai k waa another, of similar
5.^- and with almost as much 0.l in it-
Banner Fall*. Hits Trolley Wire,
and Envelops Animals.
A big Parker and Davis banner broke last evening.
from one of the 70-foot masts between which it was
swung 0.1 One-hurulred-and-thirty-eighth-st. and
WUUs-ave., and falling across the trolley wire, en
veloped :n its folds a '-vain of horses attached to a
farm -wagon
Through the wire, cables which supported the
rsr.:,er the electricity from the trolley wire ran to
the ground, an-] at onco the frightened animals
were surrounded by sheets of blue flame.
They reared and jilunged in agony, entangling
• „..-.<-;,.-.- all the more by their struggles. Both
were tlirown off their fret, but struggled up again.
Tl;o driver raid a boy with him wen- thrown from
the sent, but escaped with slight bruises.
George Royal, a r.neman or" tr.e L'nion Street RaJl
way Coirir-any. lumped ... a passing car. He bad
tail nippers tnd rubber gloves, ar.d be seized the
wire in his rubber covered hands, and, with two
policemen tuning at his coattaili ireci the bones
from thr- netting. They ran two blocks lefore they
v/ere- Mopped, a veterinarian found thai they wen?
so badly burned about the hind lepa th&t they may
have to • a killed.
Offdensburg. N. v., Nov. 10— The Canadian Paeffle
car transfer steamer Armstrong sank to-day. She
hurt Heared for Prescott, Ont.. with two cars carry
ing ore hundred tons of steel rails. The fasten
incs broke, allowing the ears to run along the
tracks on the boat, and then the cars crashed
through the Ptern and hung over the end of th
boat. Uaur having entered the hatches, the
•earner *ar.k In the effort to beach her. The pilot
house jne- stack! are it iii above .... The < re n .
. ■
Syndicate Gets the Landmark in the
Fort Washington Heights Section.
Philip Jeselson sold for Adolph G. HUpfel to a.
syndicate headed by Henry Morgenthau. president
of the Central Realty Bond and Trust Company, the
property known as the Pinehurst, at the northwest
corner of Fort Washinston-ave. and Depot Lane,
a large brick dwelling house and stable, on a plot
of more than twenty-seven lots, having a frontage
of 309 feet on the avenue, 216 feet on the south
line and £30 feet on the north line. The property Is
opposite the grounds and clubhouse of the Suburban
Biding and Driving Club, and adjoins the lie-
Creery and O'Connor property, reported to have
been bought by the same syndicate. The McCreery
property, adjoining the Hilpfel tract, has also been
bought by the same syndicate. It comprises a frame
dwelling house and stable, on a plot 131x250 feet,
on the north side of Depot Lane. 216 feet west of
Fort Washington-avts. It is said that this syndicate
has bought in the last week property near th»
Pinehurst tract valued at about SI.SOO.Ow.
Bryan L. Kcnnelly has sold for the General
Building- and Construction Company No. 35 East
Forty-ninth-st.. a flve story American basement
dwelling house, unfinished, to J. Borden Harriman.
He has also sold No 128 East Thlrty-slxtn-st.. a
five story American basement dwelling house, aIM
10.6x74.1 feet. He has also sold the lease held by
William Wilson, which has about fourteen years
to run on the premises No. 152 Broadway, to John
S. Huyler. who will use It for his own business.
M. Morgenthau & Co. have sold for William R.
Rope to Frank M. Hill a plot of eight lots on th«
west side of Southern Boulevard beginning twenty
five feet north of Jennings-st. Mr. Hill was repre
sented by W. T. White & Co.
M. Morgenthau & Co. have resold for the Occi
dental Company a plot of lots recently bought by
the company from the Tiffany estate and for Will
iam R. Rose to W. E. Sturborg a plot of six lots at
the southwest corner of Intervale-aye. and Free
The Dimock-Fink Company has sold through
Max Marx to the Central Realty Bond and Trust
Company a plot. 118.19x7* feet, at the northeast cor
ner of One-hundred-and-eightieth-st. and the South
era Boulevard; also sold to same buyer a parcel.
liXixST.S feet, on the west side of Brook-aye., oppo
site One-hundred-and-tixty-fourth-st.
William K. Kose has nought a triangular plot at
the junction of Wilkins Place and Intervale-aye..
"57.4 feet in Wilkins Place, 311.7 feel in Intervale
ave , with a rear line of 150. 6 ieet.
S. Steir.gut <fc Co. have sold for Francis Mullgrew
a flathouse. on a plot 62.4x100 feet, on the east side
o* Forest-aye., north of One-hundred-ana-slxty
third-st-. to a client. The plot will be improved.
Louis David sold to Herman ana Martin King
the southwest corner of Columbus-aye. and Fit.y
eighth-st.. Nos. 570. 572 and 574, a five story building.
Andrew J. Conn:ck has resold the plot ,4.11x100
feet, at the southeast corner of Amsterdam-aye.
\V J Huston & Son have gold for Saran v.
Bak"r the plot. 100x100 feet, on the east Bide of
Elwood-St.. 100 feet north of Nagle-ave.
George Brown has sold to Julius D. Tobias^ the
new fix story apartment house known as the New
port on plot 53x99.1J feet, on the south side of
One-hundred-and-forty-nrst-st.. 170 feet east of
S°n:mson"straußs has sold for the MeKinlev Realty
and Construction Company, to C. M. Silverman, the
northeast corner of Amsterdam-ai and • -nun
dred-lnd-sixty-seventh-st.. a plot, 36.2xU9x irregu-
Hogenauer & Wesslau have sold to the Atlantic
Realty Company the northeast corner of «ads
worth-ave. and One-hundred-and-elghtleth-st., a
plot. 75x100 feet
Samuel Weinsrad has sold the southeast corner
of Amsterdam-aye. and One-hundred :
fifth-st , a lot. 5.2x100 feet, together with a lot. 2ox
100.11 feet, adjoining on the street, to Lippman &
GSG S d Lefkowitz has sold No. 12 West Nlnety-nlnth
st., a five story tenement house, on lot Zaxioo.u
Grossman & Pas-son have sold, through M . DJ
1 mond, the southwest corner of Nlnety-elghth-st.
I and Park-aye., a six story tenement house, with
Btoreg. on plot, 40x100 feet, to a Mr '. ddfarb.
M J Levlnson has cold for Stephen Jackson &
I Bros, the plot, 100x100 feet, at the southeast corner
I of Third-aye. and Ninety-seventh-st., to Weil &
I M WeiT & Mayer have bought No. 170 East N£*ty-
Pixthst, a four story flathouse, on plot, 30x100.8
1 Well & Mayer have bought No?. 332 and 334 East
1 Slxty-nrst-st., two five story fiathouses. on plot
! 40x^C*^ 5 *6€*t
Gustav Frey has sold to Morris Kite and others
No. ?41 East FOrty-eighth-st.. a nve story tenement
house, on lot 2^x100.5 feet. „..•_•
Po!izzl & Co have sold for Lowenfe.d & Praqer
; the ye story from and four story rear tenement
■ houses No 167 Hester-st.. on lot 23.6x100 feet, and
i the five story front and rear tenement houses -No.
: .a -st.
B. I Brown's Sons have sold for the American
: Real Estate Company the northwest corner of One
. hundred-and-sixty-flfth ana Tiffany sts.. a plot mix
100x71x100 feet: for Charlotte Trowbridge the. plot
72x133 feet, on the east side of Stebblns-ave., ffiO feel
north of One-hundred-and-slxty-ninth-st.: for Hugh
McCreery the plot 50x100 feet, on the west side of
i Intervale-iive. 216 feet north of Freeman-st. ; tor
i Mary Montgomery the plot 60x100 feet, on the west
tide of lnt. ; r\.<le-ave., 260 feet north of Freeman
et ; also in conjunction with T. H. Walker, for Max
Powell the- plot 75x100 feet, en the west side of
Intervale-aye., in feet north of Freeman-st.; also
for Max Powell the plot or. the west side of Inter
vale-aye., Sl6 feet north of Freeman-st.. mak:r.g
In all a plot cIOO feet, and for W. 11. Blanchard
the plot 49.5x100 feet, on the eas . side of Keliy-st.,
131 feet north of One-hundred -and-sixty-flfth-st.
Bania & Co have sold for H. P. Wright the three
family frame house No. 773 rrospect-a\e. to J.
Rfbholz. „ -
Max Marx has sold for the Fort George syndicate j
to Thomas Alexander the lot 100x100 feet, on the
north Bide of One-hundred-and-ninety-flrst-aty 100
feet west of St. Nicholas-aye. ; also the p.ot 73x100
feet, on the south side of One-hundred-and-nlnety
second-st., 100 feet west of St. Nlcholas-ave.
The Centra] Realty Bond and Trust Company and
Max Maix have sold to Monroe L. Simon the plot
15<ixlf>0 feet, on the east side of Vermilyt-a-ave. , 100
feet south of Hawthorne-st.; also the lot 25x150
feet, on the west side of Verm'.iyea-ave., 175 feet
north of Academy-st.
Henry S. ileuer has bought through S. B. Rogers
No. 529 West One-hundred-and-forty-flfth-sl a five
story triple flathouse. on plot 53.6xi3.il feet.
Kevins & Perelmar. have bought No. 105 East One
hundred-and-twelfth-Bt.. a lour story dwelling
house, on lot 18.9x100.11 fee;,
James Stokes has sold Nos. 20 and 26 West One
hundred -and-eighteenth-st.. two five story flat
houses, each on lot 25x100.11 feet.
George Ranger hss sold for Mitchell A. C. Levy
the rive story flaMiouse No US West One-hundred
and-U»lrty-fifth-6t., on lot 25x99.1l feet.
Bernhard Freund has resold to Mary Dorle No.
i •433 West Fifty-Beventh-st., a flve story plot, on lot
20x100.5 feet.
i'hilin and Harry Bachrach have bought No. 305
West One-hundrtd-and-forty-fourth-st., a five story
Hathouse, on lot 25x59.1l feet, adjoining the north
west corner of Elghth*ave.
L. J. Phillips & Co. have sold for Franklin Pettit
the southeast corner of Broadway and One-hun
drert-an'i-forty-ninth-s-t.. a lot 24.11x100 feet.
Hall J. How & Co. have sold the northeast corner
of Audubon-ave. and One-hundred-and-s<
nr?t-st.. 25x100 feet, for William Rankin to R. Clar
ence Dorsett.
Pocher & Co. have sold the three five story brick
and stone front triple fl.tthoures. Nos. 211, 213 and
215 West K:ghty-eighth-st.. 75x100 feet, being 125
feet ea?i or' Broadway, for John T. Stanley to tin-
Reserve Realty Company for (100.000; also sold the
four story house, No. 539 West Flfty-sevei
leased for business, purposes fora term of years, lor
F. S. Van Wyck to James Ailandale.
Julius Scott has sold No 303 Wes: One-hundred
a:;d-sixteenth-f-t.. a five story apartment house, to
A. Benedict; also resold for Harry GooJ?tein v
plot, 40x107x99x irregular, at the southeast corner
of One,-hundre'i-ar.d-e!f?:ity-second-st. a.nd Prospect
av*-.. to Cohen &. Glauber.
M indelbaui & wine have bought a plot, 100x102
feet, at the northeast corner of Gne-hundrtd-and-
Orst-st. and Hamilton Place, and a plot, 87. 6 x
100 feet, at the northeast corner •: One-hundred
and-fortleth-st. ana Hamilton Place.
M. L. <fc C. tr-.'St have sold to Mrs. Mary F. Mc-
Enroe No -7:' Dnggs-av>\. a lour story double flat
house, with stores. 25x100 feet, through Corn
Brothers; also Bold to Joseph J. Meaney a plot
IGGx'OO feet at the southeast corner of St. Mary's
and Wai ayes.. through D. H. 8 illy.
Hiram Rinaldo & Bro. have sold for Louis
Rlnoldo to Adolpbue Ottenberg the flve story tene
ment house at the northwest corner of Ma;., and
Brotime sts.. 25x79-2 feet.
The Ernst-Culm Realty Company has sold for a
client to Morris Bernstein a ploi 100x38 feel. on the
w v n side of Brook-aye.. about 2ti2 feet south of
\V & J. liacnrach aave oouglit from various
owners a plot 73x140 feet, on the north sidft of One
hundred-oad-ior:y-eii''.t.i BL, Ho feet east or
I'hilij" ■(:!--■;: has sold for Hyman Earner to
Max Marx ihe block front on the west std< of
• rdam-ave ■ from t >r.e-h unnrod-and-ei^hty-
to Or.e-hundi-cu-and-tlghty-sevenin-st..
214.10x100 feet
Blawson A: Hobos have sold for G. W. ar-.d 0 L
Walkei to the State Realty and Mortgage Com
pany the plot, 89.11x100 feet, it the northeast corner
of One-hunilred-ancl-s:xti*-th-5t and Broadway.
J. Clarence Davies has fold for the Russell
ReaJty and Improvement Company twelve lota on
the east side ot westcnester-ave., six between
Dawson-st. anfl Heach-ave.. fix between Bench and
Union ayes.; for Frank Wiizewski the lot, 25x9.T
feet, on the t.-.iat side of Union-aye., 150 feet north
of 1-and-forty-ninth-st. ; for Auitust
Kuhn the northwest corner of Walea-ave. and One
d-unu-ilfty-nrst-st., lOSxIM feet.
E Osborre Smith & Co. have sold for David
Bio to Herman Harris, .1 plot l»xl00 feet, at the
s-outhwest corner of Audubon-ave and One-hun
dredand-elghty-fi\ih-st. The sam» brokers also
sold for a. Eckerson to Mrs. J. Sweone-, , a house
and lot in Emmerick-st.. Kingsbridge Heights, for
Kehoe <$• White have soli for Charles T. Barney
tl.f. oint iOCix'9.ll '■-. •. on the south side of One
hundr»:d-arid -seventy-seventh-Rt.. 100 feet west of
St Xicholas-ave.
Shaw & Co. have sold for H. C Williams >>*'>. 57
West One-hundrfd-and-twenty etghth-st.. a three
story imd basement frame dwelling house, 15.4x93.1l
feet, to a clUnt for investment
David Cohen baa boughi .. plot on the e^.»t side
of Washlngton-ave., 200 feet north of One-hun
urcd-and-sixty-ninth-st.. size 52x110 feet. ,„„_
K. 1. Brown's Sons have sold tor John Gorrnnn
the plot. 60x113 feet, on tne west side of Hall 1 V
between One-hundred-and-slxty-titth and One-han
dredami-sixty-seventh sts.. and tor il. L V,; 1 , *?
the plot WxloO feet on the eaat side ol Barrouu-st..
300 feet north of Home-st.
Henry Hellman has sold for B. Mclngenstein to
Walter J. Conn and Myers & Aronson. the plot ■>.
eleven lota in Fo.vst., between Prospecl-ave and
Avenue £t. John, together with eight lots abutting
Williams, Grodglnsky & Haft have bought from a
Mr. O Connor the ploi NWxUO feet at the nortnwew*
corner of Clinton-aye. and Fairmount .fiaee.
M. L. & C. k-rnsi, have so»d to J. J. Me<ui< y the
plot 100*100 ftet. at the souiheasi coiner or HaK'i
ave. and St. Mary's-st. D H Scully was the broKer,
Hule & Co. have sold for Mis. uooatn a two
story house on the south side of Mchimey Square,
on lot 21x« feet, for Charles A. Mipea a mot
75xlW) feet on the east side of Hoe-a\e.. la" tett
south of Jennings-si. ; for Abraham Cahu two lots
on the west side of Vyse-ave.. 142 feet north or
Froeman-3t.; for Leonard J. Langbem the rial
houses Nos. 2,252 and 'i.'iiA Southern Boulevard, on
plot duxlixj net: lor Fred StaiKman this three lota
on the west side of Intervale-a\e.. SB Ret south of
Home-si. ; for isaac Lowenleld to Jacob J. Levy
the northwest corner of Home and Simpson sta.,
a plot 77x1u0 :<-et: lor Dr. Starke the piot slx. • feet
on the west Bide of Frankl:n-avi-., opposite Jrrft'tr
son .Place; for Ann Coogan the northeast cornet
of Franklin-aye. and Or.e-huniirea-aiid-sc>v*-ntl< lth
st., a piot 7Oxluox»'i feet; and, m connection with
F. A. Blank, the plot on the east side if Franluin
ave.. 57 leet nurtn of One-hundred-and-eevenueth
st., size 51x266 feet; also lor Ann Coosaa the north
west oorntr of Cluiton-ave. and One-hundred-and
seventietn-st., a plot 87x100x22.
David Cohen has bought the plot 52x110 feet on
the east side of \Vafiluiigton-a\e., 200 feet north
of One-hundred-and-sixty-nlnth-st.
Halprir , Diaraondston & Lewine have bought the
corner property facing Crotona-ave., Garden-at and
Kingsbridge road, 49x79 fee..
J. J. Haggerty has sold six lots at the soutneast
corner ot JbTeernan and Simpson sts. for Allen K.
Marx to Cohen & Glauoer. and has resold the
property for the latter nrm; also soid three lots
on the south side of Jenninn-st. 100 feet east of
v ilriins Place, to Samuel Offer, also three lota
° n .,™e north side of Jer.nings-si., 100 feet west of
WilKins Piece, for Cohen & Glauber- also eleven
lots on the west side of vVilkins Place, SO feet north
of Jennings-st., for W. R. Kose to a Mr. Jacobus;
also, in Connection with McQuay & Co.. ten lota at
tne southwest corner of Jenmngs-st. and th* South
er Boulevard, a plot 250x100 feet.
cnii lp v , mhei ' ami Samuel Goldstein have re
sold eight iots in Kelly-st. and Avenue St. John
1° . •K Ea J l 6 ReaJtv Company, and have bought a
plot oiixliD feet In Kolly-st., between Avenue St.
John ana Leggett-ave,
-Morris AsinoiT has resold to Rosenwasser Broth
ers the remainder of the- pint of thirty-four lots in
the Southern Boulevard. Avenue St. John and
Prospect-aye., recently purchased by him.
Levy, Liberman & Co. have bought from Ernest
Hammer the plot. 102xP7 f>et. at the northeast
corner Trinity-aye. and One-hundred-and-nfty
George Fox Tiffany ha? resold twenty-nine lots
bounded by Home-st., Vyse-ave. and One-bun
drecl-and-sixty-seventh-st.. jart of the Tiffany
estate, for B. Englan<ier to A. Cooper.
John Schafer has sold to Schulum Go!dh«rg- a
plot, 135x2.; feet, at the Soutnern Boulevard and
Francis Haft has sold for S. L Scoville a plot,
.-iOxl.o feet, on the cast side of Marion-aye., near
The North western Realty Company has sold the
plot. oOxshi feet, on the east side of Union- 75
feet north of One-hundred-and-forty-ninth-sc
Weil & Mayer have bought fight lota on the ea?t
Ride of Broolt-ave., south of One-hundred-and
sixty-nlnth-st., and have sold the two five story
flathouses No. B^2 East One-hundred-and-sixty
flrst-st. and No. 1,010 Brook-aye.
Thomas J. Quinn has sold No. 1.124 Jackson-aye.,
a two family dwelling house, to Jacob Klein.
A. Shatzkin & Sons have bousht from a Mr.
Langbein eight lots at the southwest corner of
Two-hundred-and-twenty-nlnth-st. and Fourth
avp., 2<jf>xll4 feet, which they have resold to a Mr.
Chantkin. The same firm has sold to F»»der it
Smith No. 1,793 Washington-aye.. a plot 30x14.5 feet,
with frame building; also to a Mr. Bailey two lota
on the north side of Twn-hundred-an<i-?i:vteer.th
st. east of White Plains-aye. ; also to a Mr. Kelmer
two lots on the north side of Two-hundred-and
twenty-nintn-st., east of Slxth-ave . also to a Mr.
Jinerona .i three story slngl Bathouse, on l^t 24x
100 feet, on the north side of Cambrelii -ave.,
north of Pelham-ave.; also to a Mr. Himmelsteln
a plot of four lots at the northwest corner of Two
ed-and-tentn-st. and Fourth-aye.; ala to a
Mr. R.)binp"n four lots at th? southea?t corner of
Sixth and Two-hundred-and-twenty-nlnth-st.;
also to a Mr. Be rid it the riot, 60x100 feet, on the
e^st de of I»rillard Place, 220 feet north of
HeilnT & Wolf and the Realty Mortgage Com
pany have bought from the Elm Realty Company
the block front on the east side of A.udubon-ave,,
between One-hundrPd-nnii-eiphty-fifth and One
hundren-and-<*i?hty-sixth ?tf>.. a plot 214.11x12" feet,
and from J. W. Whittjiker the northwest corner of
St. Nicholas-aye. and One-hundred-aniJ-elghty
fourth-st.. a plot M(hr2Oß feet, thro.ifrh SIaWSOD &
Honhs. They have sold a plot, 100x200 feet at the
northwest corner of One-nundred-anrJ-s''ventleth
st. and Amsterdam-aye.
'A Bubscrlber."^ln Manhattan md TT:--» Bronx
the term "city lot" means a parcel of land
feet but In Brooklyn it means a parcel of land 20x
100 feet
Collins & Co'llns have sold No. 108 Easl Fifty-
Beventh-st., a four story and basement brownstone
dwelling house, 20x100.5 feet, for G. Willett Van
Ness. The seller bought the house about two years
ago through the same brokers. He realized about
$10,000 more than he paid for the property.
Richard Croker. former leader of Tammany Hall,
transferred title yesterday to
at the. northwest corner of One-hundred-and-forty
eighth-st. Hinl Beventh-avc . to Isaac Mayer
otner person. The stated consideration wai
Blcodpood, De Saullea & Talbot have sold to S, L
Schoonmaker No. 239 Madison-aye. The house is a
four story brownstone, on lot 2".xl<>> feet Mr
Schnonrmker will maki alterations to this
■roperty. and as soi--n as 't i 3 completed will occupy
m himself.
The Constructive She<n Metal Works hav<
mechanic's lien for j;..-.;; on the blc k bouc
Seventy-third and Beventy-fourth rts.. Riverside
Drive and We« End-are. The block Is owi
Charles M. Schwab, and a house for his oc ■
is building ther«. William Brodie I
The Broadway Reliance Realty Company and
Samuel Green have I vpress-ave. front
from Gne-hundred-anri-thirty-eighih-st. to One
hundred-and-thlrty-ninth-st., being . .^et to
Harry Matz. This is part of the blo< k the
y purchased from the United Star. -
Century Realty CO(OD"'
John N. Golding has .«o:a for Mrs. w. >:. Bor
rows to F. W. Woolworth, who buys for his
•<r. No. 9 East Eightieth-st.. a flv<
An erican V'asement dwelling hous ■ on a '■
Clement H. Smith haa said for C. M Kuhn
pgoperty fronting in West Farms K'-ad and One
hundred-ana seventy-SFCi.nd-st. to the P. J. |[. ■:.•
Company for S2S.OGO: for Nathan Wolchman t>> P.
. Perry a one family frame U\. ..
Nc : 820 B . for Mj c
lots in Two-hundred-and-thirty-sixth-si . Wood
lawn, loxi ll *} feet
- Clay-aye., a o':e family
frame dwelling house-.
Thomas <% Son have sold for Max Marx to a
client the three four story ?ine'.« flathouses No;.
755, 57 and 7SI» St. XlcholaE-ave.. on lots isP>:S f i fte:.
Also s^ld for Klein & Jackson a plot of lot 100x100
feet o:i the south side of One-hundred-and-forty
nith-st., beginnlns 2~J ftet east of Broadway.
By lleibert A Sherman: 213 TSd-at, ■ a, 301 l\ ft w of
Broadway. 20x102.2 ■* »L<iry tK ana st dug b; vuluntar>
salt-, bid in . : 169 li
By L J IlliM & Co: 410 to 41fl Cclun.hu»-ave. s w cor
Ri.'th-st. 102 -a 1a 1 * i" story bk ar..i at apartlß«tl h; N V
L:fe Ins anc Trust Co as.; Bertram ).-\ >::>•. al. Kmnn.t &
P. ftttyt: J s!ta:r.;. r"f; ami ;.:•■ -'■■'■ ; '..:•-•' i 72. -.ixog, etc.
|3 MS ■«•. to Q L Mr.rgcntiiaa {• r i 3. f,600
By Par ail Klahar Moooi \- Co: 03 70th-!-t. s».SS 10
ft c r.r C'olumliue-ave. l. xli)o5; 4 6iory »,k .iwg h; E M
bt.frparl ajft E II bcbleatncer M al; t.iiith «i ti. anys; X
Michlinic. re.'; amt due. »11,407 7S; taxes, et?. i-'.Jll '.Z.
to Agnes Bernard tor |2«,500.
Bl Joseph P. ay: 64 M3rt.-.n-at, m *. 105 ft c of
Hudson-at, 2f>xlOo, fl\e story si ft ten b; M 14 .^.iKe;
agt D X Cafe «-t al: J E Carpenter, any; a \v Oi, c .
ref; amount tat, J24.358 tC; iaxes. |1 929 SS to Eranu
M <">:ger for |S0,>BO; Hryar.'-avf. n • », at !r. terrerti.-vn
of w ■ fit Biston Road, 118x91x179.8, two Itonr •.- bid*,
ainri Boston Road, w s. 213 3 :t n c ot Uryant a •■•■. .".1 ■•
x2lzS2: a v Kmi.t act t. M Cowtw •• r! Bmmv I Meier
atty, 8 If Wttntaandler, r*f: um.v.ini <iu>-. 53.0T410; taxca
csr i.^. •• .-.. to WllUsn Hirnch for if. 023.
By Peter P. Meyer: Eactcb«ater Road, <- t, !>«4.t ft n
of i'elhnm Parkway. 688.0x3.862.8ac~- to Griffin's Cre^k.
x— . mains 32 807-1 air.«. northerly pin of about
17 acres' to W B.i«'«n > rt r 8M.B00; soutben; plot of 12
„,-.' F 1: •'■■•>' $in.7,V); Ka»toh<-stfr Pna.l. a -
M>C 5 ft n of P«lh«j« Parkway, T>S.Sxl.«ol.BxSSexl.S»¥\
contains 20 3!>»Vl nno urn*: southerly parcel of thr»->
acres to \V C I '--a::, t fOJ S7.CO pint adj^intrg on north,
about nine acre*, to F Hazar.l for t15.600; northerly
plot tame slzr. to A Muns"n f r *17.t>0(i: meadow l.md
83 a ft w of Huchef-ave. M lOxHi'it 4i«j;Tx3l!! contiilns
about five acrea; V.'lillam 'Watson n#; 'i i- n;arbuck et
•1: J H Judite. Btty: _/£"! A Btraley, ref. ••■' tun, to
William Canning tat *3 KB
Lenn*ton-n^. No 1.883 to l.fttt. c •. IW> 10>
71- Tifima* J Moran to Arthur S Cox. l . i<art.
roJrtKage. $75,500; o c and iLL;ii- •»«>
Elwc^<J-M n« • 1 M f * <»* Ns«l»-*v« BO»10O;
Mao' 1 J Cairrb»ll to Central R*alty Bond «n<J
Trust Co: o c and ■. 100
Cooper-st. « •■ 10° ft • of Arnd»iny-at. iVixWO;
Pft«r J I.vn.h to William P Rice; mortgage.
fT.CtO; o c and KO
Heal Estate.
S. Osgood Pell & Company
Offer for Sale
Commencing Saturday, November 12th
Bayside, Borough of Queens New York City
The character of ihis offering is unique, u'ifiercn? (Ron anythinz else ever put to tfc:
Exclusiveacss and REFINEMENT ASSURED.
This property is most beautifully located. hl*h. <-3mman<iln* marniflo*nt v'.<-r. f>»i-1.»n.-T.'^ *>ot>C
New Tort <-ltv and the surrounding- country, which has b»»n •• : -<M'-1 » til- pi*-* «l t- KM by num.
bers of our most rrom.r-nt men. Is healthy, has City water »u CI ;.. ..ad H.ctrrc M1l« is of ion sim aM
so located, it will alwuys be a distinct separate community
Th» vast expenditure* of the City and the P«-nna. Railroad in brlrtg-s. tenth and rar>ld traaatl wiV
within a short time add so materially to the present MttlhM train service, thai ih- ~ plo". «ri.: he witbln
twent) minutes of Wall Street or Herald Square. Their \alu — wlB th»n be ten t:.n-.« what th« . vr« to 4a-
The plot, wo now offer are the first two section-. OM.V 250 IN NOIUEK. nliieh .urro.u.l .nd ««ij., <a
the Club House and Links of the
one of th« most celebrated and successful GOLF and < onntry flub« in New York.
They will be much higher In th« Spring. Us an investment, trie property U o.t that * ■• •--->•« a*d
treble in a few years.
We are putting this property on th«» market after a. year spent In developing it. making broad ~ve
adamiz^d avenues, building lodge entrance*, bridges, ale., etc.
Take North side Long Island Railroad trains from Long Island CAy as follows- M It, Ill* I M tj-9l
1 "3. I:SS. 2:02. 3:03 P. M. to Bayside. OUK CON Vi:Y VNffcS MEET YOU THERE. Our local aSoe «a
the property Is open every day. Holidays and Sundays Included.
Maps, Price Lists and Full Information Setffl on Application.
Main Ofiice, 542 Fifth A\enue.
New York City.
Auction Sales of Real Estate.
CHITON PAiiK -Nir.e room house. 4 lots. barn, at
■..or.. Satorday. November 11!. 3 p. m. .1
Clifton Terraca, Wtehawlwe, N. J . magn.riceßt rewaent
: itmctl -n and beautiful.
Lexlngtor.-ave, • s, 100.5 ft n of 61st-9t. COx'-u.
City Real p, , perty investing Co to Heriry
Meyers; moitsagts. $l«.tV't» -■■•• llw
Wcst-st I 9 c :r.er Bcratio-St, 100.Tx131x1«».5x
12.V Edward B La Fetr a. referee, to John H
Prica ••■ l o ©' oo
1023-Bt, n s. 381 > ft m of Ci .-:rm;us-»ve. in
loo.ll: Jarr.ts Hynes et al. executors, to John H
Wor.ltmaan and another. H parts, all title;
mortfag*. Sis.oo'j *.*& m
Sarae property; Ellen P O Toil* to sarre. l a parf.
all t;il«-: tn -•■--. i-». $15,000; o c and • ■ '' "
4th-st No - Kast. XSxSO.2; MiS Goldstein a.-'4
another to Eiias Diamond; mortgage. $30,600.
o c and 10 °
Mo-ris-.'-^'e. n c comer 167th-?t, rune s *• 2tto lx
n 323. 11 xvi l*^x s 02.2; Maurice X Hymaii
et al to Fleatwood Realty Co; mortgage, Jl-'.OLiy.Nominal
Broadway n c corner ltOtb-ct, 80.11x100; Sterlom
Realty Co to George L. Walker Co; tnortsag*.
532.500; o c and I™
23^^-5;. n s. 42" ft c of Kepler aye. ■_ > "V,'»>
23sth-st. n J. 420 ft • of Kepler-aye, «)xion
I»uise fi Burton to Charles I' leaning. mort
gage. |1 000; 0 ■■ and 1 M
84th-sr Noa 120 and 122 Wast, .Vx102.2; Catharine
C Hunt a:-.', another, executors, to William J
Ham sen I |V *
tltb-av*, No 574 to 57*. c f. 73x100; Geo:ge '"
White et al to Jacob Goldstein; merti
$24,000; o c and ion
lCsth--t. No 116 v.fst. 25x00.11. Lewis A Mit-hell
to Harry Goldstein and another; mortgag*-.
JlS.fKiO. .» c and 1W
Tth-ave. a w corner X4Sth-M. 99.11t225; Rlctiard
Crokei to Isaa Mayer and another; mortgage.
SJu.iam) Nominal
144th-st » 5, l ri o ft iv of Lenox 2."xi»f'. 11.
Henry Amsteil) to Heter Meister and another:
rnortgase. $7. SCO ..Nominal
14V..-5:. n 6. 427.6 ft w of Courtlandt-ave, 27««x
10S.8; Leopold Hutton am ana to Robert L'avts
and ano; o c and 10 *
Vermilye«-av« w », 190 ft n of AeaJfmy-st. 2Sx
ISO: Max Marx to Central Realty nd and
Trust Co; m .rtgaß*. Sl.'OO; o c and '""
MBd-et, ■8. ISO ft eof Ml) iv«. .v>x.<:>. 1 1 ; Cha»
H« keth to L. uU Cohen and ano; mortgage,
S-i.ooo. o c and *•■
121st-«t. No 221 West, 25x100.11; Joseph Laufcer
to Far.ny Speler; mrrtgage. *24.<X>0; a c and.... 100
Cocpcr-at, ns, 100 •• mof iv.-thorne-st. JSxIOQ;
Max Marx to Central Re Uty Bond and Trusr
Co. mortgage. $4,008 l^
Seaman ive, -- « cor Bawtbon e-st aCOxICO; Carh
lten Turr.ey to Cer.tial Realty Rend and Trust
Co, rro. tgase. H0.00O; o c and 100
Sherman-iive, centre lies 300 ft ■ w centre line
Dyckmaß-Bt, runs s p 4'»"; s w 100 and n tt
400 find n c 100 ft; Elwoi d-st. centre Una SCO '.•
n iv centre line Nac.c-ave. run* n c 230 It
x n w li Ox ■ w 2rv»x 3 c li*> ft: Max Marx to
Cer.tral Realty F.ond and Trust C>; mortgage.
$10 000: o c and 100
Sherman-ave. it, SI ft «of Pyekman-st, n:n»
s c 2jox s w IOOx q w XMa n * 100 ft; Max
Jlarx tt> Central Realty iJond an! Trust Cto;
mortgage. |s . .,. o a and 100
Ewooi-st. c s. 100 ft r. of N'a?l»-av*. ".OxliV>.
3 j.cph F.s'e:e to Central KealtJ Bond ar.d Trus*
Co; ■< C and 100
Broadway, s s. 10il ft c of Hawth'rr.e-st. s<>x
143.^x50x144.3; Max Marx to (*•■:. tral Realty
Bond 3n ! Trust Co; m^itgag?. $3,0 A; 0 c an! I l '*')
Colurnbu»-a\e s w cor BSth-st, fiO.Sxl'i"; Pavis
i- ■. to H- man Kins and ano. mortgage,
*8S.0OO; o c an 1 100
B2d-M, s s, 32.' ft a of Amsterdam aye. 25x77.3*
Sx79 -; Evelyn B Han is to Loj:se Van Volk
<:i!?'E: mortgag*. $19.1.00; v c and 100
8«h-st. No 422 West, 20x88 v Geo W White et
al to C'helEiM Realty <"o Ncminal
14th-st. s s. 12*5 H ft c of Aye R. MISxIOS, [ nlon
port; Geo P Bai ley et a! to Beasle Ku<el Nominal
lTTth-'t. n s, J'T ft 1 of Grand 800 l yard.
lflOxlOOa irresular : '"elir. .1 Fergu!"r,n t. ant
H' p<» Methodist Epls^ pal Ctrarck; mortgage,
110,600 12.3f0
Goldstein. Jacob, t.. Geor*« C White •■t al; 11th
ave, No 574 to 57 s ; 5 years, 5 per cent $3.000
Price, John H. to Bna.lway Savings Institution;
A\ est-st. s c e.imer Horatlo-at; 1 year 5 t"-'
cent 75.<v0
Miller. Jacob !«. to Emißranr Indust-Ul .-. lass '
Bank: Greenwich-st No 764; I year. 4 ; 2 p«-r i
cent 8.000,
Mayer, Isaac, er.i'. another to Richard Croker;
7 T h-ave. n w comer ll^ih-Jt; due September 26,
1006, or«o r« cent 41.800 I
Shaw, Ah ahaui. to Title Gu.irantee ar..l Trust Co
2d-are, No »4S; dv.; as per bond 8.000
Hillrr.an. Frank, and another to Title Guarantee
end Tru-=t Co; innon-st, No 122 to 126; due
«• per bond . . 30.000 '
Levy, liai.iitt. and a not hi to New-York t>is
pfwar--. •7tn-st, n •, 70 ft w of lst-ave; 5
ytar3. 5 per cent. f1.300 1
llaaker. Ai.gusta. to Frederick Horlirg; 97th-«t.
r ■=. 4 KI) ft wof Control !'a k We<t: prior mort
gage. (13.1 OO; due Jurt" 27, 1905. « per cent.... 2 000
Quay. R.:>- N. T.i Pod.jck Savings Bank. 2->:h
i-t. No 113 East ; due as per bond ... 13 000
? -i :.-..-> r-> !>,■„.- i' !'.„.-. :;,r, same property; prior
rrnrteat:?. I1S.00O; Instalments, C> per cent 8,000
WlUtamton. Anna R. and another to Ralph O
II 1'":1 '": l-VM-st. No. -:o0 West: 8 rear*, 5 per cent 6.000 '
■VWihUmann. John H. an 1 another to Fr<-le'!,-J;
Bruaje; lOSd-at No I<"3 Wen; due; bond 000
V«rmily< ••:,;n G. to General Synod of the II«
fl.!f 1 .! m»d Chfrch in America; 144th-«t. n ■ 137 S
ft ■ of Amsterdam^ave; 3 yeas. 5 per cent I^OOO
Kit £. JoMph, t>> Atlantic Pock (~y>; *7th-st. it«
o'"> to i'At Kast; de'nand: fi per cent 115 000
Wcnner O(^rr?e, to Catharine- Hartl^an: 4Bth-st
No '53 West; 3 year«. 4 l a per cent ' ioooo
Baldwin. Mary N. and another to M*trep*Utu
Bavirca Bank: Mu-liS' n-ave. « w corner SM-sf
1 -a ■ .r. per cent ' 10 Oili)
Mouni Kv-p<- UethodUl E^iacopal Church tl o;ia ' i
.7 Ferguson; I77th-st. n s. 'jl' 7 ft w of (Ira- 1
B "i evard: due August 10. i:<^7. D per c«bi 10 500
Blum»-n'.irarz. Rose, to Fremont !:-a!.y Cb; <-am
g a-, c. m ». 88 8 f; n of !SUth-st.; instal
irei ts. ti per ceni 1 500
Ro Ins n, John and an • to Harlem Shvtnga Bank ■
CUntoa-avft, • a. i-9.1i ft n of Jerferson-st r
,J year, 4'i per cent ' ls.oiyv
Khg. Herman, and ano to N V IJfe In« Tr It
II ' luinl-'is-a\e. ■ w cor SSI is a years
4't per cent .' ' , SO.O->oi
Friedman, N. ami ano to the State Hank-
Wash ngtur.-a.e. s c cor 173d^st dje Nov l»"
secure. BOtM for ' 6.0 v !
Brownsviiie and Bronx Realty Co to the S'a»
Bunk: Kuit.n-ave. ■ w cor 17.i ! il • mcn'ti
6 per rent n -te ' 5 000
K:..i. iv. r. N ir, v. nr.d iino to Aaicn H Snanii >
Jind ano: Hrri k-ave. s c cor ljjt:i-t'- dv« i
M-ar.. 0 per cent iooo !
Ger;n»r. Joaef. to FeSßSTtvaata It^alry Co:"a*'
"'•• n « cor 103 th st , due Uaj 13. 18M 0
P^r cent '. . 7000
Sch;ff. Kaufnmnn, to Arthur W Saun lan Mst
st. s s. 123 ft ■ of Aye A: 3 years, >l per .-eat 4 . „ i
Cot., n L/vj s an.; ano ti Ike i,-;. :•■< f I4SO
st. ss. 100 ft • (.* Btb-a ■■; 1 >ear. 3 per cent. ii.tOn
I I i l..U\ii. to Xi -m,.it I:eai;y >*o. Cam
■ .-; aw- m » 71 6 ft n of ISOth-st In
■ •■■■'•..., ISol > '
LJt:le, .1- hn B. to Fremont Realty Co; rr am
bte!inß-aie. w s. 542 ft n f 164».h st; in-
Btalments, > per cam i.coo
Bu'.'nr'i S:bbe! l> to the T!:'.- Gaaran'ee and
Trust <^o: Mai ■«on--ive No Xx; ! ie at re- ho- d 55.000
SchwarzarhtM. Sair.nel tr> ttie Bqnitaals I Ifa A ■
ru an « Bociet] 2 ■»• a«, i;o ft wof l»t-ave
di.c January 1. IU \ 4'> percent T..Vn>
BTtn-ei s j. lf.H 10 ft ■ of Parli-ave 7rtSxlOOi>
Atlamli . ■ npan) %m Joseph Stag ... $115 <o>
: •■ •, .''..'s ft sof Cblnrabtta-av* 2'x--
Bronx: Herbert S Cgdn attorney. t.> f.:;:^betli
Pmtthson 3 (-mo
lf«t»r.-«t Nn Id to 173 Rasi : thr State runic to
imaei tnann ... 32 WO
F^-dham-ave. •1 f. 200 ft »of Main-st t» stsn
frune J^elilr* 1: r,.v. 1.-'.. Mrs William
Fordham. owner; Qaorss S Miller *r-h!t«-- . . . $4000
P!ercker-«t So luS; tor a f>ne »tiir> tirlek »tabl».
CIOKS.S: siuk ( ,t N LOW, ,wner, VV H Uooln
i>jii. arehltset (&<•>
24-ave, No 750 to .4; for i »ix miry *.i I -k ten«»-
Bitat house, with ktore*. 49 4\- A Rosenberk",
owner; HnrenburKer ft Str»ut>. arrhltecu 50,000
144th-Kt. k *. 175 ft * of »vt, for a on* story
hrlck worknhi>p. 2."1\2.'i; North WaattTß KeaJty
Company, owner, (i F Peth*m. arrhlt«ct 2.M0
Real Estate.
Guaranteed Mortgages
Bnnd 4 Mortgage 6flaran!ejCßi
Gov. Bonds yield IJO to 2^%
City " " 3; '• 3a «
Guar.Mtges ** 4* " 4>ii
Amount of Mortgage* gunrantep4
by this Company sold to investors
more than
Bond & Mo igaga Guarantee Go
Capital & Surplus. $:S oOO.OOO
146 Broadway. 175 Remsen St..
New York. Brooklyn
SI T!M«- Guarante* * indemnity Co. >\
I Q Manhattan: !«!•>. i!-'.i !-'. 164 Bway. - »
\ Jg Brooklyn: l->> Remseo Streat. ■■ ~J
'»Mf Jamaica: 34« Fultrn Street.
City Property to Let.
New American Basement
Absolutely Fireproof
Between Central Park West and Columbus Ay*.
No residences have ever been offered for
rental in New Torlc City comparing with th*»*
In construction, equipment, appo.atraenta *^4
They hay» been de»lcned a- SBBI w'th the
careful attention to details of ccnstructica f.»«o
only to the highest dais BOOM BSitl '--• private
cwnerunlp. Book.*: sent en ■gsOcatkM,
■!■« 25x55x102.2.
These houses are ready for •.-.•p* t: 1
For part'. rulara BWatM of
Corner of 67th Street. No. 238! BroaJvaj.
Unfurnished Apartments to Let.
Just Completed.
Ke:i for Uccnpunry.
66th St. and
Central Park West.
This new structure Is th *
masterpiece of modern Bi»h class
apartment house architecture-
Beauty. Comfort ar.d Luxury
are most cogently exerr.pUnei
Suites or 3 to '.2
rooms. 2 and 3 batns.
Karge foyer reception hal!
ar.d Butler.-! pantrj :r.cst
com et.i arranged.
Booklets' s^r.t on ar?'--'"'ticn.
tat Columboa At., nr. IM St.
i>AIL-i « CAKU>< X
Ownari «n.i B'j-..'«r-
210 FIFTH -»vr .
overlookli «• lla<i:«on 91
Mugnlfli-e-.i' »i'»rtnents al :wo Or tbvr
rboint *»•- hdi.i. ior h«-relor« or :r. i;:.-J
e\ erv modern CA-nvenien».-r ;
'-• a : able io-«*^»sloii ary t.me
City Property for Sale.
BUSIiS'tSS i On Berk man, Nassau
FKOPERTVS Fulton, Water. Uarrrn,
FOR sAlCjCliffl; Gold and William Sts.
5 Beekmivrt Street.
Ac I 16T11 .ST.. 3TM AYE. * SWAY.
*° ' FKe »tc.^ t.u>m.^ balMbMf VV;.I * L.
X t» r <<>i>j vu'.uitnn, 153.U00. U*aa--»>1 ana ,*»■
92 WIIXSaSI S. ii»H>MK. II U>»t »«h >«»•*•
Country Property fur Sale.
Ron 30 * ran we bar* •otJ
Catalog Vt*t to iatruulns buyer*!
«l«n«T«. wiahla< 10 »•»- call or write!
Phillip* A. Well*. H»J Tribun* Huii4.P». >■ »• ,
120 arm. trmtase en ttam street.. «m! tnOsf! a
Ctoead; cur «tutl.>n: it,- f>T .:n;r- «wnl
AP.i'HIBAU) F»*J 39 K«»t IZi »*•
IT TOKXSSS: O:» R. -»\». housf. 1» r3^i
J-\ chclie UxMlton: B*«r "Grvy.itone Castle , P"^
*T.s>«». WM. li nH'HARD^ON. opponlte d«pot. W»— ■»
! CILIFTt>N PARK— N.n« ro»^n hou»*. ♦ loU. Mm- *'
! l_> puWlc auction. ••• Anal*— wmi

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