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Large X umber of Improved Sites
Also Sold Last Week.
Trading in the upp?r West Side districts was a
feature last week of the real estate market. For
the l*st four months ilicre has been I good market
tor properties in il;c section and a l;irge nuraVr of
ISie j>arer!s which iiav^ clianccd hands are to l.c
improved this spring. Ttif-re were also sipns last
tk-rck of ft more Tiidepprcid interest among pros
pective Vjrer«« and xrr : ] known operators and in
vestors for auction «>fT«'rincs. Two of the larpcst
A .. tio-i sales of vie ........ lie!d in the woek in
the Real i: ■■»<• iisnc- aaUsraooaa. Xor. It and
H \>sey BfeMat. and «t l>oth rales the bidding was
brisk and the prices obtained wore Fatisfaclory.
One cf the tiifr auction offerings comprised sixty
three plots of four and live acres each at Oakdale.
Lorg: I? land, which were aauial by . \\\. K. Aston.'
They wen- snld at \\\c f-t.-iiid of I3rya.n Ls. Kennclly.
Kvf-rj- pl"t wax qi:,i-k'\- disposed of. the entire of
ferin? rrin.eina- U.II The prices i>aid for the
piois rar.pc-d (roai 1 to « ... an acre. iin tiio
esnie day Joseph P. I"»ay put i:n at an absolute
tale 369 lots-, forming a tract owned hy the Hunt's
Foint Realty Company and fronting in Garrison.
senc--a *ni<l ]Mp« ■ c. r avenues, and Whittier,
L^npfeilow, Bryant, l r ail« «r.d lrvin» streets and
il.en Hunt's Point avenue. The Broil's. That sale
be^ar: fit 11 o'clock, and «t « 6'clrtck exactly 2 3
Jpts had V>e^n f^>l<i ?'or $- ? >1.2?.V <"»t\-infr <o the Ut- -
I3e. l P of the hour tlie r^maininc unsold lots wore
withdrawn. T!iey lx» offered at private pale.
For the block bounded by < lan iaon and Seneca
ei-f-r.ties and \Vhittier «ti<l I^oncfellnw streets, eom
prisir.p fifty-four lota Jii.KVi tvas realized.
There »ss a r«»eord att«»n<iance at these two
ff-]^s and tl?t fpct. tojcethrr with th« brisk bid
ding indicated a larger demand for lota superbly
located In The Bronx, and In ratrarbsn distririp.
Th" Hunt*. Point saJ« also, v.a? the second larsre
auction off Ting of vacant property In Th«> Bronx
this «4*oru and lik* the. lottisj pair it rs<t fucccss-
Ja!. This ■«! the puWic is to be asked to take ;
ever Lohhauer Park, situated in the northeasterly ;
rfrtlon of The Bronx. It fronts en the Eastern \
BoaJevarO. Town D -'■' EUM4I and Pflham Bay !
Park. - It is thought thst th^ property will be
«juickly diFpopefi of. and a* prices whi h will be j
<soufc!y srtrsrtivf to riom^ypfkers of small niea-is :
ard littie investor*. L Uicb number of persons i
•»rho houjrht ■-.-..-■ offerinf:? of lots have !
alrffiiy reported that they have refold the.ir bold- j
iars st « profit. Charles ?ohaTio. who boucjlit a tot I
3»'xr?- f^et, at th" Miuthwe>t race of Olinviile and
Mace avenups for W* at the .loci Wolfe estate sale.
ccsducted re<-»ntly by ■•• Day. found a buyer In
ire w»>ek for his lift at II m At the same sale Mr.
Bcbino purchasr-3 s l"t B.€kM feet on the westerly
flee cf OlinviH* avenue. frS feet south Of Mace
evt-nue. for c.-- ■ i.. refold that ■' during the
•R-^k for aju rod John F. Median, who was a I
la- ? e buyer of let? at th« Hunt's Point realty sale j
en TBesflay c t. Oirpmed of his ]nt<» at a substan
tial afivanre in a few tsar*.
yjje ftrencth ... auction markei is likely to
tave a benetirial effect on trading in high lass
vacant land in the upprr districts «f the city, and
ft will alfo probably result in a broadening of ac-
Tivitv £nong: the hig realty leaders who are ueual
j_ nxonlaest 1n the lower sections of the city.
O"-.'e of th«» rrincipal transactions In the town
£—- last w«ek was the sal- by ,".ai 1 '". Will
:err. and Wilham E. Preble for Hugo S. Mack to ,
•t»-p AVinthrop Realty Company of a plot MS feet |
t'q-jare at the north corner Of Riveifide Drive and
ZZZih Btieet. Oa that site- the buyer will erect a
twclvs BtOTT - - ... houte. A market was also
Sound In the. •■-.•-• Lucerne, a fix story e!e
,-£•-- apartment bouse on the north side of l«d
Ftreet. ninety feet west of Hamilton Place. This
Je onscf the new bouses of that district. It Is one
of Sv- assassr structures built by John G. Signs 11
on "the premises formerly occupied by the Colored
Orphan Asylum. Another interesting deal report
ed In the Keek and aSectinp property in the upper
districts was ■ trade la which Mrs. Eva S&um
berg disposed .of the- three five story apartment
houses at the southwest corner of Seventh avenue
and USth street to Martin Grossman and Ipr.arz
Br.senbaum. She toofe Jn payment the three Fix
f.ery apartment booses Kb. SI to 28 West EKth
street. ttoata Becker & Co. Bold for Mrs. Lena
TVolf the Fix story apartment house Nos. 537 and
X? .... street. The ■.■•:; is
■a investor. On a plot tv!th a frontage of '■'■•
;<?'ct a.nd a depth «f 100 feet on the. westerly de
of fibennaa avenuo. 30T feet north ef ton street.
c b-:;der i^ poinc to «>rect a number of two-family
bouses, He bought the property last week through
Bert G. Fau;i:aul>er .-. Co.
A Kg ccal in -.-:■•- West Side district was
The Faie by Max Marx for the Fort Washington
Fyncicaie to Adolf M. Bendhefaa cf a parcel at the
♦o'jt'iweFt corner of Fort Washington avenue and
Sah street. It has a frontage of l«U0 feet in the
Bvettae *nd 132 feet in the street. The. property is
hlghJy restricted. It is to be improved pnniediate
:y with a fix s-tory elevator apartment boose. The
Fort TV.f-Ehi::}rton syndicate ■sold last week to Will
jl-! c oesting fo-jr lots on the south side of ISOth
etrec:. between Broadway and Fort Washington
ivenue. on which site the buyer will erect two five
rtcry apartment Louset. Oak & Edelstein sold lor
£c:in Brothers a plot 73xlCK> feet on the north side
cf niClh rtreet, 150 feet west of Amsterdam avenue.
Beam Brc.iJ.ers . las bought in the week a plat Sox
:t>Cx irrtpclar on the easterly side of Ft. Nicholas
rres-je. HZ feet north of a ' street This is part
cf the eld Juvenile Asylum tract.
The tr&iicg reflected tin Increase, in the demand
fcr properties la aaal near the Jerome avenue <ti*
txiet. An. ■ .■■.••-<• in that section -was
Bm f Bis by James I* l^bby. through B. H. TVcisker,
3r^ Jcr tr.e Cassidy estate, to a. client, cf a. plot
■CaeXR ie«"t at the norti.ea.st corner of Jerome
■sfl Tr«--^-t avenues. The Fame broker* also di»-
SOW 4 , • rh-> three etory l«rick baJl<linga In course
; THE ITOSTTVITTCS WrLZ, BE HEM? AT J^ l^ C^ *£\ r p jj^^,^ c Hanklns. Samuel Ea. n «l*r P . Sec-
PfctH Ml tfl rigf: *1"* row-John K. Booth. R- I* f**'*' phuiir-s.p h uiir-s. the Rw- r>r. H. O. Lad«l. E. H. B tasteler. V&vH
UIK DMh« F. TT. fVrutt. D. Ma^er M^^* !J? (VBoni, Va]ent ln e Ban and Michael P«t#.
Oaj'. In H. \M V«n. Third ro^-Haxry Butphln. G«»rg« Watts.
<S.cocßnjcUoji oa tIM northerly kSO sf l«ttb street
* **** *••*•■■• of Grant avenue.
"**• r- ■-.*■*•■'. for property on th* w**t Sld» be
'"*' 6S»Ji aid lffita streets continues rood- K. H
r «4 * Co. and Ifrtl! & GMle» Bold last w**k for
J^Xonh River Improvement CoropftJiy. Valencia
2»t, s. F* v «-n 6lcry elevator apartment house. No.
V.Vjst SSth Ftr«*»t, to H. P. Gardner. He pave
*? »rt pajmest No. :«<; Weal M ftrett, a fix tor
•■•tor tpanment house, with a frontage of 25 feet
* a <!*pth oC 100 feet.
* A sumbtr cf Ligh c!a*s dwelling houses and Bites
-a th» -i,.,.. , residential Ka*t Bide sections also
haii^s In the week. Henry D. Wlnans &
•5' MM Tor v.- a. Taylor Us*, 69 and €1 ■■■*
[* street, a lour story dwelling house, to a. client
c ■■tea ]; i-TinkerholT.i -TinkerholT. The buyer Intends to
**??* ©a ih e site a modern dwelllEsr nous*. Dr.
;***£« E. Br«w«-r sold through Pease & Elllman
*°- « Bust C7th street, a four story M*h etoop
5??* o**0 ** cv.f '.r^ house, on a lot fronting 20 feet
fc • tenth 01 ICO feet. The buyer ■■
1 **• jriicipsj C c*u. c r u.e week la ib»- uptown i
.. _ - . - —
district was fhe purchase hr Andrew T. Gilsey
fiiid the Investors and TraflPrs'.Rpalfj' Company of
thft pienllsM Wo. 7> west »7th street, « five <«u<ry
business building on a full city lot. It abuts on th«<
offices of the Astor estate and adjoins the new
twdre story building befns erected by James Liv
ingston at No. 18 West 27th street. I. T. Meyer and
.1. N. Kailey & Son were the brokers.
Tract Comprises 700 Fine Lots Ad
j joining Country Club.
One of the largest sales of vacant land in The
Bronx scheduled for this season will be held on
Tuesday at the Real Estate Exchange salesrooms
by Joseph P. Day. The offering will be the Loh
bau r Park tract of ■even hundred lots, which were
bought by the owners a year ago as a result of
litigation, and were secured for W.'OM less than
• the buyers bad previously offered for them.
ft was a. genuine case or picking up a bargain,
as the price an acre was barely one-third of the
price at which lots are held in the immediate
neighborhood. The owners Intend to give the
public the benefit of this splendid bargain which
they themselves obtained a year ago.
The property lies between Eastern Boulevard and
the Sound, faxing I'elham Bay, and is a beautiful
tract with practically no rock to interfere with
building operations. It adjoins th*> Country Club
grounds and many fine residential estate parcels.
The other offerings for the week will be as fel
f.y .to««- r T! r. Da: 20$ and 210 114 th st «9, 121.4 ft
* nf „d a.vf. 42.:!xi<«.t II 8 sty ten b and si^nt; J U Ptit
t*nw»teer «*t Solomon Primmer at al; M & & I S Isaacs,
»'t>s: '■ L, Lewis ••". amt due, 117.31762; taxes, etc,
»••■ 19; sub to a. uiort of 140.000
Br .I"5»pli r Di] : 54 9ath st. (= a. 20*> ft tr of Park
a--, r.vi.i,.;, ; a ;,. 0 ifai and «82 ark aye. it s, »5 ft
n of 58th et. 50x100. an 13 53 Fr.=t 6Stk ft. n s. 100 ft
■ of '■■■■'•' air. IS0xl«0.S. ■ sty .».nt(*ln«tt« apart h: Met
Life Ins Co agt M A IJerter M at; EUtch, W. B & B.
attys I< F Halone r ef; amt due, $H}i.'-7l XA; taxes, etc.
|:4S9>: 2."rt Rtver^iJe Drive, n e-oor !W»h ft. tf>ißxl3S.2x
1««<*.«x173.5. * ety apart h; Mar>'*- Realty r« as t (1 W
I>»vy H'ilMtns Co et »1; M S ft I c baaca. attys; Samuel
" frihan. ref; amt due. sr«>7 f>7: taxes, etc, $1907 69
rub lo a wort of f 135,000; 45 112 th st. n f. 78 ft c of
Ka.4l«on «\-». 2n\lt>ni}. 5 nty t«n h: Lilly Hlrshklnd agt
Julia Sire-<»r et al: TV-rttT-irner &• D. attyp; M S a.dler,
T'-f. s,r. •■■)•-. $4.412 .15; taxes, •'■-. (500; Audubon aye.
b •«• cor iKKh -;. BA.HkIOO, .vacant ; City PeaJ Estate Co
ast Jn... r <- IVilkenfeld et a!; Harold Frwain. atty: P j
r>ohfi.Ti. ref; ii • <1-ie. .«:.-,*:.•< M; taxes, etc. |2.07»2fi
By .Tame* T, Wells: hi 133.1 »f. s p. IMS It w of Park
s- -r. 30x99.11, S sty .ii«« h. al?-> SO Uextturton aye.. w s.
c. •■- = of 24th ?t. yxf. f> . 3 sty ten h and Ftore; E P
Palmer act <;»nreiann<j t-'mith; Poster & T. attys; Karold
Nathan. r«=f; partition.
ox Wednesday.
By Fr;an L KenneJly: I71s« at. n «. 22« ft w of Fort
'^ sshinston a\e. BxlW ix 147.1 1; vacant; vcl faJe;
Tiffany ft. xv b. ."-•.«.; ft n of liVith Bt. JVhtiOrt; vacant;
Twelfth Ward Pank ac ' L. Alexander et al; E L.
Barnard, atty; D a .-.•:.'-'■-. ref; amt doe. J.i0,«72 33;
Lai s. etc. s.">r>O.
Bj Xoecvb p nay: 120 l»Tth tt. c p. 158.4 ft w of Iy»x
ivctr-n eif, i<;«\i<v>n, ■". "- Swig h; H .V PicaWa apt
Griffon Tmnpkins et al; Bowers 4- P. attys; w p Schoen,
ref; amt ... :.:.':>:.:■■:. tax??, etc. |1»>24; 524 Riverjide
i r••-;..-.r ••-;..-. r ?-. (1T0.2 ft s of 127t1i ««. 7. >x>"'.. 6 sty apt li;
Comtaasttvaini jjon Co act Rutland Realty Co et al;
C i, ■;".'.-•■•■. «••■ . W B "'oupVilan. ref: amt due. **>(>.
72:iti«: taxes, etci V WB84: 524 Riverside Drive, «> s.
*>»t.-j ft c of 127U1 M. 7.">x'-'i. • Bty apt ti ; Met Imp Co
art Rutland Realty Co * al: C L. Weatoott, atty; V.' B
Coufrblßn. ref; unit due. sr>Sl4r< f.">: Amsterdam aye.. s w
cor 1801 . -• 2T.xl<>o: vacant: Louis Berßt«tn apr Willia.m
Roxennreig Realty Operating Co: House, G & V, any*;
A 1 McOur*. ■': *■■:' due. $6,33001; taxes, etc. f330;
sub to a firsa mort of $12,000
P.y Hug D. Snivth: Wth Ft. !i I 2CO ft xr of West
End at*. (0rl«0.» vacant: Eouitable LJf« Assur i^oc
act Ida Marsolec ft al: action 3: Alexander *• G. atty«;
J E r>r;fry. ref; enit «rue. 87.6548: tuxe-. etc. *47ft 19;
06th st. ■.: V IO»« « of West End awe. 120x100.5: vacant:
} san« apt tame; action 4; same attys; fame ref; amt
I <:«e. $2*36211; taxes, etc. $475 10
By Samuel Msrx: .■?."•] 121 st st. n B. 170 ft w of Man
hattaa ay» (»;-, ',iki 11 3 rt\ <--<c h: Penninitton White
bead tn ftee. •-. act '1 M Weed ft ai; Duer, B * W.
■ttys; William Allen. ref: amt due. $12,34580; taxes,
.-• - tiM 13: Southern BoaMwmrd. * b. ISO ft f of Lons
wood.ave ?Ox2o>'. to WliJtlock are. 25< Irreg; vacant;
Henr>- Dre>er et al art G B Brooks et al; Herman EUers.
.-.'•> . I Dotoon, ref; amt due. ."?*>. KT7 1«; taxes, etc, $B*9 19.
By Baswai Marx: 322 and 524 112 th st. c r, ST.% ft tv
of a i .-• am aye 50x100.11, 6 Ft apart h; Susan Van
Frß*£ Apt Win i' t^eplow eL al: H II Kaufman, atty;
J X Salomon, ref: amt due, $&,OOJ6S; taxes, etc. $lti'!;
■y?> 2ii Bt n «, 22.'. ft • of Bth a\-e. lS.J>«i>B.!>. \iicant;
Equitable Life A^sur F-x- act Manhattan Transit Co
et aJ- Alexander & G, attys; William Alien, ref; amt
due $7,886 14: EroadTi-ay. c f. IOCS ft s of Isham st,
IrTSrlftty- vacant: M F Kidman a£t Vive Bor
oughs Bealty Co et al; Fletcher. McC & B. attya: Isaao
Phllllpe. ref; amt due. $12.22265: taxes, etc. $1.01136.
By Joseph P Day: 33, "7 to 41. 47 and 49 East 10th ft,
•• c. bet Church and Caton eves, Brooklyn; six two family
bs ra h 20*100; veil Fal*;: Wariswortb aye, n c ror of ISOth
Ft.' 119.6x100. Throe f» Fty fl hs; North Am Mort Co agt
Tyler Realty it Mort <"« ft al: C 1. iVrstcott. atty: A J
McOinre ref; amt due. JK7.741 70; tax??, etc. fl.C>69 17;
Park a-, n w cor of l^lat st, 100.11x20. 4 My ten h;
f" a Stein asrt Cornelia Havres «-t a!; A I Hire., atty;
George Parr, ref; amt due, $4,CSI 65; taxes, etc, ?325 09;
tub to ■ first mort of $15,008. .'
By James L. Wells-; 1514 and filC "Water at. n s. 62.6 ft
v of Gkmt«nienr Bt, 45.Rx64v6x46.1jbb5.11, two ft Fty ten
ha and stores; lamb Spielberg; et al apt Samuel I^emklr.
et al- Arthur Knox. atty: 51 B Itendell. ref; amt due.
; ).i.".« 74; tuxes, etc. $1,483 08; Bub to a first mort of
$25 000
By L. J Phillips: 13? a.nd 140 17th tt, * B. SOrt ft w
■■' «th aye, 4ZACK.Ix3&SxS2, unfinished MdX; William
Baa apt X J Galway Bui Wing Co rt al: M S # I 8
Isaacs atty*: G W Kurlbut, ref: amt due, $15.*8130;
taxes, etc,*? 374 64: Bob to two morts sjrrTftrßtln^ $30,000.
At 1° and 14 North Washington ft, Jamaica, Rt 2
r. m By T F Archer: About I*o lots at Forest Park
North. Uoo« Island, belonging to the Algonquin Realty
At Port iuchmond. Ptaten Island, at 2:30 p m. By H.
■ Bharrett: Houeea on Es*ert ay« and Giant m. lots
and acreaee'on Palmer. L-extn^on. Franklin. Grand View.
Hoyt and OedBBT avt-s. Catherine Ist and Btephena pi;
vat :'.: '.
Picturesque and Accessible Tract
Opening Up in The Bronx.
The hijfh cla=« residential development known as
the Morris Park tract is alluring to home builders
and Investors. It Is cor>FMpr«l by the real estate
fraternity en© of the most picturesque regions of
In a remote country section.
« - - <ttiZZ2Z*~
movement of the clt> ■v' i v It ,s, s noW . It
to be many tta« more ,aluab to U undrratand real
appeals specially to V*""" »jo , arft thHr
eSat. thorny "* '^T* if. «d l«r*e
pr-.fita mill be realize prop , rty haß
The opening of *„_.,.«, t ajnons Investors and
aroused ~^f indication of It. «M
sa PM * but vlth lUi
Long Idmd Real Estate for Sale.
Solving the Suburban Home Problem
for Persons of Limited Means
We have under well-advanced development a tract of 300 acres of roll
ing woodland in the highest and most beautiful part of Long Island, only
45 minutes' ride from New York.
We are developing this as a private park to attract a class of resi
dents whose refined taste demands a more picturesque setting for a sub
urban home than the usually commonplace, geometrical, "block," with its
cement sidewalks and rows of new trees.
It is a fact, readily verified, that the price of this land is now consid
erably cheaper than that demanded in some of the mo?t ordinary develop
ments, lacking even the excellent transit facilities of our new property.
This land will be placed in the open market after
Saturday, May 23d, until which time those who have
confidence in our demonstrated capacity as developers
of high class residential real estate will have the oppor
tunity of securing first choice of sites at private sale at
exceptionally favorable prices considerably lower than
are sure to prevail when the property is better known.
We urge our friends to make prompt investigation.
Full Particulars Upon Request
277 Broadway, New York
Telephone 3384 Worth.
(JP nnilfli nVE nOIXAKR will make j-onr first payment down on one. half acre ftf MfiliTlH V
AH llllnN FIVE DOIXAKS will make, your monthly payment one-half acre AT I film V
H M'WIl FIVE DOTXAKS «ill ttiake your mnnthl.T pivmen* on^-half a< re \fj (I i H 1
VU UU II II FIVE DOLLARS will make your first payment on five rity lots 25x100 wU I!IUillllLI
No person who leaves the city for a suburban home wants to buy "0 or 40 fee.t front of land I? was
never our practire to rut up lan.l in such small parcels, nor we rever will. Every wage-earner wants a
%A* U\^ lawn to hi* home. Every rent-payer takes pleasure In/ raising chickens. IMf ■■%# ■
Tfjg H | tv workingmfm wants a garden to raise vegetables. Vw Is ■
Dirided Into one thousand parcels of land, any quantity you want, with prices and term* to salt you.
5 m SI OK ?25Q 5 up »250
lots i^O JalKSr O lots fiOU
Nothing like this advertised anywhere, with the same soil and fame surrounding*.
urcmnu NEXT Saturday, may 23 « . . £
A place where you want to live; where life is a pleasure lnstea.l of a burden. It Is what you have
been looking- for for'years. It Is worth your Inspection and Investment even If you do not buy for a home.
Send for your ticket at once. Write postal or letter. Apply personally or telephone 703 CortlanH for
lithograph maps, tickets and circulars.
i Pown at th* Bay, 25x100.
1*625 n OMLY *i O Sio^thi 192 Broadway, Cor. John St., New York City
difference, that this property is far better improved :
and Is more built up than th« lots near Central j
Park were when the latter property was as old as j
Bronx Park is now.
It la worth while reflecting- that this land is fur- j
rounded by the estates of John Jacob Aator. Loril- {
lard Bpencer, the Pearsalls and others, and Astor*a '
foresight In realty matters Is proverbial for Its In
fallibility. The scope of the work mapped out by
the Bronx River Commission Includes the con- |
struction of a parkway along the entire length of j
the river, which 111 make that stream so beautiful
In Its surroundings that it will more than rival the I
famous English Thames in its upper reaches.
Tha transit facilities between this tract and the |
centre of the city Hie such that ease, speed and j
comfort in travelling: are assured at any time of j
the day or night. There Is no need of consult
time tables", as it will be an easy matter to get
quick transit on the network of lines which will
fsoon enmesh this tract. Every form of public and
private school may b« reached In r few minutes
from this property, and a Fhort ride brings the resl- i
. t
dent to any of the colleges In upper or lower Man
Twnty-eix lots wort sold by th« Norwood Bub
urban HUM an« Uind Company, New Jersey, for
th« week ending May W.
It has bern announced that a trolley line on the
Tappan Road connecting towns on the Palisades
will be built soon.
The ana of $IS,OOO has just been paid for thirty
acres immediately across the state line above Nor
wood Plaza. It Is to be cut up into lot*. The ium
of $75,000 has been refused for seventeen acres In
the same locality.
A new company has. been formed to Operate 100
arm of land At nidgewood in lots.
Otto Kempner. president of the. New lork-New
lersey Heal Estate Kxchange. bays that over one
hundred manufacturing plants in Brooklyn and
Manhattan have located 111 New Jersey, and that
Northern K«# WWW Is * in « eeleet«d by many
employes for home purposes. ;-' : - Cf"
Tbl. dirtcwrs of tie Hudson Kkd F»«u»c Cccal
Long Inland Real Estate for Sale. ,
"Brightwaters" is delighfully located in one
of Nature's beauty spots. It nestles' among
picturesque estates; has shore front, a chain of
crystal lakes, pine woods, rustic bridges, wind
injr drives, ornamental shrubs and long sweeps
of lawn. The firs* scries of
II Cottages, Chalets, Bungalows
BFVk and Semi-Bungalows
with large, old fashioned living room« s open
fireplaces and all modern convenience?, are
nearing completion, and ready for inspection.
At Brightwaters*' all the pleasures of land
and sea may be enjoyed, while living amid the
most attractive «nd wholesome surroundings,
and within easy reach of Manhattan.
"Brightwaters" plots are large, the prices
reasonable and lerms of purchase suited to
your convenience. Special concessions to early
I Booklet v- 1 on Request 1
New York Offices, 140 Nassau St.
noon; special train leaves 2 o'clock from Lone
Island City and Flatbush aye. Free tickets. 225
Fifth aye.
. 4 DVERTISEMENT9 and BUbscriptfcHU for The Tribune
+\. received at their Uptown Office. No. 13*54 Broadway,
between 3«th and .'tTth Ms., until f* o'clock p. m. Adver
tlaementa re el' d at the following branch offices at
r»cular offlc* r»te« until « fi>l«vk r m . vtt.i 2«4 nth
aye.. *. *. cor. SH St.: 153 «sth »v«., oAr. 12th st. . P2 Bast
14th St.: 2T>7 West. 4JM St.. between 7th and Bth a-vei .
263 ■U r »M ]25th St.; 1838 3d •«•., between 7^th an<i 77rh
st 9. ; 102« 31 avo . near Cut st ; I7f>* Ist av^.. near sotn
ft. . 157 Kast lSWth Pt.; 7f>* Trtmowl av>-.; fIM .11 are .
or enr American Dißtrl.'! Telegraph Office.
Company bave adopted plans for the proposed
canal from the Hackensack River to Fasaalc It
is Intended to cut through to th« Hudson River
and a railroad and an automobile road la to be
constructed on either side of the canaL
The Garden City Kstates has aoM to Susan It.
Williams the villa plot. 100x150 feet, on the east
side of Napsau Boulevard, M feet north of Salis
bury aye.; to Martha Fishel the plot. 60x100 feet,
i on the east side of Hrixton Road, 80 feet north
! of Stratford aye.; to John Stewart the plot, *»>x
' 100 feet, on the west side of Wellington Road. 350
feet south of Newmarket Road; to fUaim Jbi. Mott
the plot. «k»xio»' feet, on the went aide of Euaton
Road. 240 feet south of Chentor aye.; to J. li. CMOla
th« plot, 80x100 feet, on the southwest corner of
Newmarket and Brlxton roads; to M. Brlten the.
plot. <y>xl<V> feet, on the cist side Of Brixton Road,
! 140 fest north of Stratford •*« ■ to Virginia L. P.
Montgomery the plot. «frxK* <*t,- en th* weet »ide
of Brlxton Read, 300 feet ncrU» of Stratord aye.
Brooklyn Property for Sale.
Another Record Breaking Week At South Marlboro
$102,195 Actual Sales. Biggest in Five Years
A Few Words of Advice to ,
BOOKKEEPERS c^ s r°s me -V
In Fact, To All With Fixed Incomes
This is a real estate advertisement, hut it contains some facts Chat YOU should kc.o-w
because they concern your pocketbook. It Is a talk on hard times, and brings out Ctcts
you may never have thought of before. Do you know that while hard time* cruelly hurt
25 per cent, of the income-producing; population of the country, they actually benefU; the
other 75 per cent? You never heard it put that way before, did you. But it's an economic
fact. Of the 25 per cent, who are Injured about 3 per cent, are th^ rich, who are cleaned,
out because they owed too much money, 15 pc»- cent, are industrial workers, hired by the
week; 7 per cent, are tho?e not quite up to the mark in efficiency, whose Jobs have been
put on the shoulders of more valuable men, who willingly do double work, but whose
salaries are not reduced.
But the 75 per cent. — those on fixed incomes — are better off. Their money will go
farther and buy more. and. must of all, because it bcinm<'!i "the thins* for people, to save.
It's saving 1 that makes a country recover and brings prosperous timer-. Last year it was
hard to save because everybody was blowing himself to keep up with th» procession; this
year only the fool is easy. So that 7.". per cent, who read this advertisement aJ^> better
off more able to t-avo money than a year ago. Are yr>,t doing it?
The answer i?. Yes: Thousands are. That is why we sold- more lots in Brooklyn. In
April than in any April for fiye years. People are saving and putting their m«>rv:y In real
estate The Brooklyn property we own is a hard-time proposition. You can hoy nt us
lots for 5530 within a few minutes* walk of the beaches at Coney Island and thirty minutes
from City Hall. Manhattan, and nobody can buy acreage at the rate of $59« a lot tn th«
same part of the city. In a few years from now these lots will be worth ?C.ooo or J3.000
apiece. One of our competitors said last week. Why don't you try to "sell lots"?— anybody
can give them away.
Now just read the following things we do for you at South Marlboro. It rcav b*
dry reading, but it will take only a minute of your time and it may fix Born«Oilnr in
J We give you five foot granolithic sidewalks and curbs, ' gutters, macadamized streets.
We •'ive you five foot granolithic sidewalks and curb?, jrutterf. macafTayrlzed streets.
shade trees and flower beds. Why. the improvements we put on your 1530 lot -would
cost you nearly $200. leaving a bare $3S»f> as the cost of your lot. and seven years ♦© pay
for it The conclusion of the whole matter Is this, and it ought to bring conviction to
your mind and make you sit up and tak.-> notice: By paying us $10 and $7 a month we «ra
virtually giving you an eight-year option on a lot of land for $400. on elevated service.
City of Brooklyn, on grade", and worth as much to-day as a $3,000 lot in Th* Bronx.
Don't be an ostrich and keep your head burled in the sand, for
the wise man is picking up bargains in Brooklyn Realty just now
South Marlboro
12 Lines of Transit. Beach Only a Few Blocks Away
Lots, $590 --$690, a Few Higher
$10 first payment; $7 per month
Bungalow Sites.
Some want a house, for part of the year.
Near the Beach and yet near to every-day
work or business, £outh Marlboro is th« Meal
place We h<ive net aside 100 lots for this
character of boos*. They will probably last
throusrh the week.
TO GET THERE QITICKEST BY ELEVATED from Manhattan end of Brooklyn Br.iig- or do-sra
torvn section of Brooklyn take Fifth Aye El (Culver linei. ask conductor to let you off at At. VT.
TO <;KT THERE QCICKEST BY TROLLED" from Manhattan end of tVlltlamsbur*- Brlisar» or
Willlamsburjs: i>ectlon of Brooklyn take Rei.l Ay. Trolley .marked Coney I»!au1i. a«lc conductor to Icrt
you off at Ay. W.
Property Office Open Every Day including Sunday from 9a. m. till Dark. Car Fares Refunded
Brooklyn Office, 1376 Broadway Main Office, 261 Broadway, New York
Phone, 614 Busbwick Phone, 6570 Cortlandt
To Let for Business Purposes. . To Let for Business Purposes.
TO| pT Large and Small Offices
1— *— * ■ SINGLE OR fir* SUITE I
The Centre of ...in THE... Electric Light
~ •* «« Janitor
Transit for .
theMetropo.. TRIRI lIV F
ilan District lIVIU Ui 1 L ~ ~—
_ Open Every
am** BUILDING £?&
Fast-Rnnning 154 NaSSBU St. Apply for Terms
<£S) Opposite City Ha " Park I | A^~
Very Desirable Store and
1364 Broadway
Apply to Renting Agent,
610 Tribune Buiiding,
154 Nassau St.
Su in mer Resorts.
; OPEN? JUNE ? '. I'"" 14
; An Ideal summer resort, a perfect comSlcation of
! seashore and country.
L'neicelle.l Surf Bathing awWmiWWllm, DrlvJnsr.
I Tenni?. Golf; Orchestra No annoyance from mosqui-
I to*-*.
I l'pon requept .•> representative wilt call or may be
j seen at booking offlre at
■ X23 "th ay. flonri 8 "ft to »
i B W. « E I SIATHBWSOX. Froprl-tors.
' A ony. In the mountains. 33 miles from >•»•.«■ v-.ric.
I monthly commutation. $7: artmml win be renfei for
' i ampins purp.ves for $2.*» pei f»simn. and money applied
'as payment If lots ar»- purrbas* ineais may be ohtain*d
j at ih« OM Pond Mansion, Baati for prospectus to MRS.
I H. VF.RNAM «>aklan<i. H- ric»r. ■■■■u..i.>. N,» Jersey.
Country Board.
«i\niniKHK. TAHRVTOHN. >. V.— Klptht rfW . m
furniahed cottage*, with board modern improve
in ents^beautifulßo-nery.
A $200,000 BOND ISSUE.
The f'harlrs P. Novr-s Company has negotiated
a 1200,000 mortgage bond Issue for the North Ward
Realty Company, covering the Krankel Building,
a twelve story structure, erected on a Reformed
Dutch Church leaseholil at No. iS to 49 John it.
The bond Issue Is for ten years," and the Title
Guarantee and Trust Company is the trustee for
the bondholders.
S. Osgood Pell & *'<•. have leased tit.- handsome
country estate of George W. Wetmore. at Centre
Island, Oyster Bay, Long Island, to Isaac Unter-
Bayer for the season; also, George A. ThaiyeVa
place, on Manha»sct Bay. Port Washington, Long
Island, to i.'iiarles K. Titus.
O. G. Confelt has leased for th» Farmers" Loan
and Trust Company, as trustee, to Vredenbur^h &
Brookf, a loft at No. 425 itu five., fcr a long term
of yc&ra, at an aggregate rental of about $30,000.
Brooklyn Property for Sale
Writ* to us for our fasclnatls* »«mpli:«t. T.
J 4% 4% HOWES
1 00 "for™
Narn» ..»..-..
City Hotels.
VDVCRTtsi M and subscription* for Th« Tri&ua»
r*ctlv«d «i tticlr Cat »•■ OSLce. No. 1354 Broadway.
brintcn S*fh jni ."IT 11 111 1 HBI . until » o'clock p. m. A<tver-
UaMamia ■ alMti at th« jullowinx trancb aSMi at
regular c.T!i>- rates until I o"rtock p. in., v '» : 2*4 **»
«»* . ». €. «."<•. 2U>t St.: 153 tftft ay*.. cor. am »t.: 93 ■&»!
I4in •: . SI W«l i-i »t.. b«t»«*n "lix ntui Stb ivw.;
•>: W»st YZl'tti »t.: 123? M •*•», iv»twew 7*» a«4 T"'H
,- 5 ; t«2« 'M a-* • f.»ar Slit «r .: I.'OA tit av# . n«ar *9tJ»
»t. - W7 Earf t29t)» St.; ■• Tr-rnoot «*•. . «8O 14 ■*•*»
«r '■"? American District X«i«*r»v^ 02:%

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