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End Comes Peacefully to Aged
Publicist at Ninety-four.
Funeral To Be Here Friday
Morning?His Long and
Distinguished Career.
,. low, the ?ceil author, j> umaiist
ai d ?iiplomat. died St lit? home-. No. 8
r-v Park, at I ?'Mock yesterday
liiornlnp Ho was in his rinrty-nfth vo.,;.
k-:i thf membrrs of the family who
?ni? htm daring the last hours of his
i had sivon ?in hop?, tin- .ici i amo soon
<r than they liad expected. Majo? .lohn
i c, low, his sor said yesterday. We had
sed and - I with irie-nihprs or the
up to within a fen houn of ? I
I s,,- ?
- i rforr he eiir-ei with'.at I?>;.viiik a fan
- _? the bed ildc.
Th<- k i'.nk und on all
. ;i. bulldli - that elghl orhood.
n halfmast ?nor of
\ sr^at man''
eft mea ges ?i??;;.???: the
? ? -i'l-f shl.d dvell ne when
?'. r>"t tnnko pn' -
t ? essagei of whl? h
: - pul
?o cid sa?
i. ni
*? to his b< go. The fina
i ai ut? pff^'-t'on of
addei Hh '??? Illness dated bael u
.,?-?-. V Vs\ge.
(fared a i attack after
'- ght he
? tha -1*- si'
i he met the 1 re prea
.... . ist summ?
?iow public
' which h? w?s president of the
sard of trust?es, ^"H r- - i err???
? i him and be failed perceptibly
? ? . i\< , ontlnued sctii a hs
ody, however, ?i"io?t up ? ? -*<e
it, and c?l?br?t? I v-? ninety fourth birth
\. ratr irkabl? ?<-s'
tot i man ?? v,s ip'
;?_-.?? Mil roe? I -rl rs s
larlotte Harding, ?
I >,.r. ?oro pr?>?i?i s? the hrwi
whan Mr Blgelow died Mrs I B
Harding and Mrs T F Tracy, ai?o daugh
arhc Mgelow country
m, ht H'gbl?rrt rails N Y . rani" down
... .. , i ,
? ? i homs whrn his
fat bei '" uowinp a family conference
? ? or,,i th<- funeral arransr?>
Funeral Here on Friday.
' ? ral will
ge's 1
TV,r ?bod! * HI
to Highland
amlly plot, irhc-r?
gelow'a ? ? of pall?
irera was i need yesterdaj
pursued his Mterary
? ? -? tlnip prior to hi?>
?? aterial for sovcral
' .>1?S. M.1''""
not be add? ;
ilready published, it
me tima
t | esterday
Howard R.
? the art committee of
Mrs, Douglas
Hem ? " aylor,
f the
aracterlse .lohn
- ?.' : , as presid?
? trustees ot I '?? ?oik
,,, rjjc a?
ai ? i. Ml
->???? .... ;<kr., he ;
i A met
I t'\. com- '
v t tie j
er. Hf> was
farm n. ai ?
H?. His fatl
? : munity, ?< nrostxTous j
? I
ig prep
' ? i :;? i
ras d? ?'i''-ad
i ? . holm -
I? then o i i ?
? i.i
...,k up t'n?
Od Of stndv,
?aur.t . ^ . i,, r w..rk
T*tOtli tlsed la* !n N*?w York f??f
gradually drifted Into
?? - ture ' soon aban?
? aitogeth? r.
? ' i'.-,:-..,- t., 'The fli-i ?
i;. ?? . a Tin Hew I
Evei ? ;? Post" j
traeted attention
h i of articles on e-on
publlshed .n "Tha Deino
'?' ? ;?! In ted in
? . . state
d he wa? I.,
- .
I until
? . Ti"- following
teat i saulted
v.m Bur? r r
i ?en ??< rao ? M'
? i His
reetlon won
1 i. n ?Sryant aa Im -
I .?.' 'A
e-thii ? ?. ?
editor . ? ?
... \. :. ? : ii.- Bold i..
win III I'?..it i.
? . buj two
? ..i HbJ
- !?? him.
? ? ti..- real
I..1.1 f|H...|
?., follOW his
0*f educa
Not only
enl ut
I llttfc ?-1, lit
? V w \ ..'k '
i-- for the
of Set?
?- -
? S I..
. pub <
h *
a portrait sketch which e/as ? fsvoril of Mr, Rig? ??? himself
to write Lee Ktati tinii '-? tue ??n
IMS,' te . r.r ,,-i th? erroneotu notlona r,i
th? F ? >p1# re "/.?rr||r? th? '
, omriorr ni m porta nee Af th? Northeri
an?-] Southern statei rk it waa
h?,iie-,-er] TTArit f?r to dlscoursge th?
pos^ii r\c^re of ?no French government f0''
th?? hrpaVtt'i?: up of th? American '
Late m IMS h? bscam? rhargf d'affaires
?t parla and then * - tr^oi-riina??
?ri minister plenlpotentlar) to I ?
wmi?1 >n Pari* h<- dlacovered c
Fren n plot to fnrnish ??"?<? .on'<- ?
*?a?h irondaxi?. an,l hj his testlmonj
thwart'-n Um scheme II waa ?'?"o thi
his posrotiation?" that tiv French arm- ?
?* it ho" man from Ifaxico In IM?.
Tila? ?am*? ?.?-ar Mr. Blgelo? retired from
th? diplomatic service, but "main?"!
i abroad for aome time From IS70 lo IW3
he Hv?d in <;<?rniany irlth hla family In]
i>**7 ?v pur?-i-a'-o,i th" orieitini manuscript
I of r,?n.iam"i Franklin's "Autol
prepared II for publication.
On his return t,? Neu Vorh In
??i maii" chairman of ? committee of the
N*.* fork Leglalature to Investigate th?
management ?>f th? csnala of
TM?? ?'??p-inilM**? ma?-),, twelv? rep
oanal administration an,| a large reduction
In it
fire was the et reta late ol
\f>w York, to w hlch h?
r?p the expiration of his term h< '? r,i to
davote tha rest of hi.? 'if'- to writing, - l
tli<? management of h;s fai
Neverthelena Mr Blgelou f- ind that the
piii.li? , ? nl Inu? d an a Imoat con
fcuuit demand on t"1- : me, In I8S7 Preaident
< isv? lai d sp| nted him A
.? t? d - fork,
but he declined. He also refused th?
of Chamberlain ?; Neu fork i Ity, offered
him the y? ai ??? for? tie v ?.-- mad? 11
of the Metropolita! Mus? m o? Art,
i ta?- Tilden Trust and the Centurj
..ti ,n. honorary corresponding mem- ;
h.r o? tu" Neu V"r'i-: Historical So ?
the Massachusetta Historical Societ* and
the Maryland Hiatoi -ml a
member ?a th American Academy ?
ami Letters. The New "fork ? . ol
? '???? made him an honorarj member
L'nlon and Racine colleges gave
him il.? degre? ?,f L__ D. In nv- rid Neu
Y??rk I'niveralty in
1 ?arm,; the llf? l.n,, of 8a m I? ! '
Mr. Blgelos ?Mili?-,i t.. i pu
Uc ?rritlngi ol thai atateaman, and after
his death k wrote the authorised Tilden
.. .?i.., latei - ipplem? nted by t ?? ??
v ol a?' i ? t Letten and Literal
lala," ai-.? edited d Blgel
i II] of Mr. Tilden, of which Mi
slow waa one of the l
iar?. propon i i. ?a the catate waa lo be
I t" a ii"< library for th?
New \ urlt. Mr, Blgelou was una? preal
dent ?,f the Tilden Truet, ami aft?
conaelldatloa a tb the Aator and Lenox
atlona hi be? ame pr< of the
i ;,. \, ? \ ork Public
l.n r?.r>. ii \\,i- largely through
that a compromise wi
though ti??* Tilden will waa broken, a
al aum a aa eventual! to the
hi rar-- To hla efforta, from flrat to laat,
i* given much ?>f the credit f"i the build
f the new library.
Mr. Bigelow retained hla
< apacity foi actlv* ? of life to
he made ai
trip to r..., op?. and i etun ? I ? S prll 2>
none the worse foi hla Jaunt. Mrs Lige
low, who died aome years i
.,, t l?ge Ji a? Tunis Pouitnei John
iw, .n.. snd Poultne- Big? low, their
aona, at-- weil known Th? i alao had II r?
daughter! Misa Blgelou Mi .i
. m Haiding and Mri? Grac? i
An,"?IK Mr. Blgelow'a works were "Ja?
maica In 1160; or, th? Kffecl ol Sixteen
i eara of Freedom on a blave Colony, 1852;
"France and Heredit?r* Monarch)*,'' 187J?
"Soase Recollections "f Edouard Labou-i
.H:;.. ?\ n and Wtadom of the Hay
IS7S "Molinos tl '.' etial
"Writlnga and *i" eohea of Samuel I. Til
UK; "The Life <?f Benjamin Frank?
lin," MM plat? Worka ol
Jamln ? rank! i Itan. "Fnu.od the
Confederate Navy," UM; "Th? Bible Thai
Was Uea.i aad la Alive Aga "Ufe
of William Cullea B 8; "Ufe ul
Samuel -l Tildei ? ? The i ery ol
Bleep, ??'?.' ; "Th? a Court of the
i nlted Stau ? and ?. - _l?*ctoi al Coi
?Ion IMS; "The Useful l.ii? a I'rown lo
in,- limplC I. ,'? ." 1906; -What Shall \\ l I '?,
j,,t <?ui Bx-Prealdenta and VVhal Bhall
Do fu '. - Peaci Given as
the Woi Id ',,.?? or, lh< I'
? .
and ' Retrospectloni
Aldi rmen Act upon Mayor's Bug?
gestion- Fence Off Space.
At th? gg? the Mayoi
? a Aiii'-i men yeat? rda ca ? i? ?m him
tha ordinal , . th?
trae snd rei rj ., .., ,.,... ,. foi m
?II? n
.."? more than ?
the paasage Ii m .,> .,, ,? |<
alxl.? feel
left and no ?
aona ma ?
n uf pern?
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin NicoH's
Affair Largest of ihr Season.
\Tr arri Mr- Bimiamln HleoH save -
lajl ' I ?
roaepbins Hlcoll, the debutante
? ? ?? ot Mr md Mrs I ?? ' ?
Ni-oii i? inf mo largesi affair of its kind
of ?he Season, and the mtir.- hallroe.ni mita
used The deeoratloi were ot holly
? i ? ner ?juests number*d
nearly throe hundred, and simo
more arrived for Ihe dancing
Tho dinner wa? served In th* smsll had
room si tahlo? ?pfltine from ?on to fo?ir
toon TrSo-, ^. r>. do.-nra t ? d With growing
enee fei ns
M-oii. in ;i gown of rloth of sliver,
and M's': Nlcoll, In whit* satin snd chiffon.
? ?h atlver, received ?ho .
Mi - t ><.i ??
Ing, w as not present, but ? ind had
i table . ? Ine luding Mr? t 'harl?
i'.. Mesan I? r, Mi and Hra J? seph s
Auerbach, Mr and Mrs C Ledyard ?Blair,
Mr and Mrs August Rein twtt, Mi and
., I l-tr.^e-'. Mr and Mi I
n., a ind, Mi ' P. Illlam P ' ???
m d Mrs < hartes s i;? o* n, M
Mr* ' leoi gi ? I r*e Witt Mi snd M
William Guthrle, Mra, Rlehai
Kchu*>l*r (^rosby, Ml and Mra f.renvill*
! Mr? Haii i.' man, Mr and
m \'. illlam Mani?e, Mi and Mrs ? i ir?
rd Mi
and Mrs. Benjamin Nlcoll, Mr, and Mi
Alton U Parker, Mr. and Mra Mos? - 1 a
,,, \i, and Mrs Herben Pell, Mr.
and Mrs. Hepry W. Taft It. and Mrs W.
Beward Webb and Mr, and Mrs. Arthur
Bh< rwood.
! ided Pi
and Mrs H. l ?? ru Mr.I Mrs
m ? ,-?, iii .ii Mi ?. ''- in
NIcoJJ Mi snd m M? tai ?.<? D. B l'rat,.
Mr and Mr- Clarence P< II, Mr. .? d Mrs.
I Mortimer, Mi snd Mrs IVilliam
ii. Bheehan, Prank M se Mr.'and Mrs
n Larkln, Mi and Mrs L*?' I B. Mo -
rls, Mr. and Mrs. 1 -
Mrs Howaid l'a?e-, Mr and Mr
s Al. nd Mra John
Mi. and Mra. Julian Rlpli ?. Mn M
,-..,,,. k- ? ? ? Mi ' ? ? 1er, Mr.
and Mra. J ? I i, Pi ed i ck Towns
i.crtm. Mr. and Mi W alt? i B1
M .?i 'i
M:. Rudolph W ? Id, Mi -i' 'i Mi s John M.
Ruth? ? nd Mi ? -HU? >'?
nd Mrs Wendell Blagd? Ml J? n
?-., mlolin t "ondon, Mi I la
riel i ? ? ? . i < lara Pargo, Mia
id Mi-s Liealey
Pearson, 3? ' oulettl 1 I ro lo Mlsi
Buydam, Mlsi J? n? King, Ml
I . ? .. M.-s
i; Ml -? Hun ? t ami Ml
exandei M Ml Drexi M
ne i. ilarai rsli . Miss Bara ?ianl
i ' - ? Misa Kvelj n W ther
i ..... m. n m,,i lorli .Veel Ml Joan Whit
ridge. Miss Alice Ely, Misa Beatii ? (*laf
lin. Mi.-- I'r.'ni? es Breeae, Marshall it Ker
nochan, Malcolm Bloane, \\ alhiidfcc
? m Howard Ta t. id n It
- . Worthlnalon Whltchou
It Btewart, |r., Ma irli-i I' ? he ' '
O'Brien, ji DeLnhci Vice I
' ;.>uid. Kellowcst dm gan i ?r .'te.n 11.
I'\ ne, 'i hornton w II on William ? i
Beymoui sekmai
Ia?uIs c. ? lark, i ? lladdi n. Bm I
te r. A. Bug? t ?? ? .allai ? i. dig Ho) ;
and .^?-tii Hiii-i'"
th.- lai ?-?' ballro ?? ., when t i
led 1 Phoenla Ingi iham ? Ith
Ml? I'.n in. i I n. favors
consisted o? i ittei Hj v.. .
? .!?:-.
n? ?omi n, ai ?1 ws I i tick
notebo? ki ? al? i class, small i ?
tuer In
""I :.!?. Mlloons
??re give . ancers. It wa
ire ' a
? r
T - Irt h Playei
ire, will p ... m to nl
H mi:..,,, ; |a
' ' ' i' i M
Owen 1
?veek i on . ,?.,?.
? :- ' '"" wU h ' ?"?: '"? ?.n.iim ??..,??,
? ' wh0 '?? '' ' . n un?
i ?i M Fren il nu G
? ? ' i ...
? :
' hi'
i will
A Conceit of Christmas Songs,
Old and New.
?nnui i pe? forman? ?? of i Ian lei i
..., n an ? rtablish? d <? i ?
lion in >!,. ? (,- ii tmaatldt) for more than ??
generation n New fork, snd has lost Uttle,
n\ and Impresa!venssa be?
, i that f.,? i Nor aboold It _? ?
, mattei of fact it acrv? a hlgl ? i arttetlc
purpose i"" than || did a heu it was In?
troduced by ??! predecessor <'f the Oratorio
H. \. which now perpetuates the aid
t, ,,,ii;i,.ii \ ??: from one point of view the
: th. two concerta t* i???'L th? Musical
\ ?? .-? i ever* | ear iins a inrs? r
-i^niii? anee snd ? on? ej - so srtistlc ?
of greatei amplitude. u thii concert the?
; !. Hi?A,e - a fundei entai t? ? ol rejoicing
j in contemplation <.f the Nativity, lust
: 'i-.? hu?.ac? t there la a rolclni o th?
ential at .?iipi.-i t ?.f th? i
I son The?.- the two rnooda "t the affaira
? hl. ', are ? quail) uplifting be? i.f th? i
' rtlatli proclamatlona in a department of
is hieb no other choii culth at?- .-?a?!
arhlch hlne refulgent amidsl th? multitu?
dinous musical ?loitiK'? ?,f the metropolis
'I ? ? Mi ca| v | ; S,,. !? : ? ! . ?fan it- nine
jtcf.ith eaaon with the cuatomar) '?.m-ert
In Carn?ale Hall last night. The pro
gramme which Dr. Frank Damroacb had
ged fot the occasion was shout
d beta ??? n i omposltlons now
and old to lh< society's lists In th? former
Palestrtns'a motet, "Salva
i Begin - V*ltl '-ai i ntarvelloos "? ? Magnum
Mysterium 'Ihn old iTtenel? carol an
b* Gevaeri undei the title "?'han on Joj
d? No H**rsog<*nberg'a ".'?m??..
Thou, Litrht of Gladneaa," and Cornellus'a
' Thron dei Liebe"; In the latfr a motel
[or fo ir high rotee* b* Palestrtna, begin
nina Inno rentt pro Chri to i isculai
mniirieai i,\ tno ?am- composer (' Boeva fli
H mort: n th? or'trin:?' Italian. b?it pun?
? igllah words bj I??- Damroacb "O
Gentle iVath"), an oh Latin hymn to s?
Cecilia harmonised by the late M. ?i'iilmap*
a aettlng bj Othegravaa (whose nn??- baa
figured on programmas ol the Muai? ai kti
? tow** p ' Las |g *.< a Y'.rk) of
? ' : illaby to th? ' hript
Child '''r WOrdS of v hl'-h d??? h*? I/ t" tha
? enteenth century, two of Schumann's
part-SOnga fo- mi\<-,-| V"t^? i l??-r Sehrn!?.^-'
mi'i 'John Anderson, My Jo . ihi ' H^n*
? om I lasi Hiaaa chorn-h* mother
old FrfP'-h rar?'i ' 'No?l Pastoral," at.
ram-?-i bj Gevaeri, an1-) Brahma's quartet,
with planofort* accompaniment, "An di?
ith "
H?ro wt?'- kahle whams and II
\\"utri he a pleasure to diecusa it In detail
hi' for that there j?s pollhor time nor
?pace now or here Th^ patrona of th??
? ?? s HTacloUS and r?'i>i<"l f?'1l<. knev
t?-< n the beauties "f th# familiar pi? es and
wer* .)';i,-i< t>> appreciate the charms of the
n. - >.?. i-.: her th demai d? ? rals? d Imagl
:.. a cultured taate, ilk- t he mot? I
?n ,1 a ad i Igal bj Palesti and undi r
llng.oi i ,i?./.t ? purposes -, trying io
?dapl modem methods to old id?ala (IJasi
i>.ii. -..a hlmaelf called t? "reform" th<- mu?
id? of th? ? 'atholle ? 'hurch ao
the gai ? rher? for? a ?
, r Btrsi i musical Ht-ra
iiii, as his oratorio "Christti ^?:rl h\*
? -.,: on ition Mas I -in in
,-- i-, .-i ti- it ? Ilk? ' ? .- I? carols,
th? "< tuistklndleln'i? ' ad tl
"Hj mti I" Si ' clliS t COI
. , olni m' m s i i fell be? suae
II -,,,_? Jo : I
m lo." ii compos a ' ? Kctiumam
. In the German tranalatlon Inat?
;, >i i tul B< humann compos? <\
laic tot tin- German worda, and quits
as much violence w?****ld ba dona t<> the
i.. -i- by forcing it Into tha Spanish hoot*?
I of th? dialect test as baa been dona when
...>,,. ,,i? .-as. which might '? named, have
i .. n ... .,"t , un templa t; d
? ompoaei Btrangi I; ? woi da
I aound? ever, i tender
|aa the nentlmenta of Burna'a poem and th?*
long v ? ? \. nlng' ? lineal ?!? -
lighl fai ? i ? ? ich t.o'i. ??
much In the ^:? ir:t ?>f Ita companion, bicked
lit- charm and the "joyoua song" warmed
th? audience u.i?> the heartieet enthualasra
? choli waa
? '?appointing ,.i thi outt ? n? a bal
; - tridenl ?. lalll ? th? ana and tenor
with ? la k ni ' ' ? homo?
?? which used to h?.?
. i . i,i I'ui tn man Ing i he general
i" a .. ?? ? n ' qulvix
I ti nation which -- - ? - - ? i - ? i tu ba the result ?a"
??? miet? ken d? *ir? for more volume m,m
? the nui ber of v But by the
? that Vlttorii ? ? hi-'i
one of t h. m.'? '
oer < wl been at ta
? i ? mom? : of i ,?
? ? rina mad -
I? " and th?'
third tanza of ?'on
ful llj mn. i -i l u ge
? ' i? 11 ? n? ? ? i J.I i.
H. I. K
Hiss Gkltser Taker, Place of
Mme. Pavlowa.
The Ituaaiwi Mme. |
U Kalerli Uellj
rnoon hj --?:,\ of in
e ?t the M
m. ,-. \ . i|, from thi Ural a
; i-, ? of Ml* ? would
? ? ? ? Mr Mordkln ?being
. ?. oli ? -.. ? It not thai
. Hi ? ?... ?? i ?-.-.? t..,i .,
Ti ? ? ,., I ..,??
?''??. idapt? ? ballet by
Pcilpa and I M
ere a*,
elle! m il havi been i to the
tra did ii".
, . , ? ?
.... ,
-,. nei y were cacellenl hand
The atory ol ' [?? Lac de
. i
iitlful blrdi therefor? I -
? ?
, | , treated to a vision of
. ,., i t., n. ihr? ?
,i ni.ii.
Il ii id
? . I V ', '
lilil? I: ? OUI ll<
; thai -ii- s
ornamenl I? ihe el
Mil ni ."..i 'i In
Mi ,,? Ikln, Hi i ulinli ?
I ,r Ludwla v. illnei |. i,?- i?. n.?!
? i ? The
of Di
?H- -I
. . ? ? alwaj Jener* Ing
1 ? _
V',,ll'l I ?'i.? l ? <i I" till
. i a, iiihouaii '?; ?
i |
, a m
FRtMSTAO ILL, 01 ?1 INf ro UNO
i '
L'NDERWOOD?Hey, there' Come back to the simple life?
Wiii?hrop Ames Gives First Def?
inite Announcement.
rirk wails of tha playhouae to hold
leaa than naif s thousand people, Which
Winthrop Ames is hnlldlnc for the? pre.sen
i .tioii of playa th;it for thslr host effort re
qulre an Intimate relation between nudi
and actors, are rising rapidly in West
14th street, h1h.hi :? hundred yards from
Broadway. Tho theatre win pr?sent ite
? peni ne: bill ?luring tho last week In l-'.-liru
ary "r the Aral wv-k in March.
Mr AincH mad? th? (list detailed ?r,
ii. uncement of his plan.? yeeterdaj
"it is to be caiio.i Tho rjttla Theatre,"
In- - cid I am not Wholl] satlaflcd with the
name, t>??t c better on'- lias not bean sug
gested. Tho Playhouae would hav?. suited
. * u tiv. i.in there Mr. Hra.iv aras ?Wore
"in spite "f .is sise, The Little Theatre
wn not have- tho effort of a hall or lyreum.
li ?s a complete theatre reduced from the
rerage dimensions no smaller, indeed
somi what laraer, than many a theatre e.i
the saine- type abroad, as. for Instance, The
Hilt!.- Theatre in London, Hh?-iniiardt's
Kammere-rspie-lo in ?Berlin 01 tha TI eat re
dea Arts in Paris, au of these were built
with th? same Idea in mind -the close- <-on
ii' etlon ?? t s ? ei, u. er at.ei audience, that all
.11-- hades ei' voice and expression
s?, important in tho affect of modern plays
may reach tin- spec tutor?. Hut there are
to !"? no i- ? i lea o" balconies and no
-. - Ever) seat in the louse is an or-,
? '-a S'-;i? and every s?'at is as good SS
pverj other. The sp.-.-tator in the last J
roe (the fifteenth) cap see snd hear quite 1
., well as the one in the (lrst Sii-'ht lineal
are perfect, and th" seats are Hie most
.m\ and ths wldes! between raws of sny
In Neu ^ ork.
'line short flight .w 111.- a UdltOliUffl
then will he a larae Iouiik?'. to which I
hop? tie- audience will resort dm?m; the
longer lilt-t missions. <'offer will II?' s? rve.i
In Hi-- louas? eveulnga and tea a/fernoona
i .m convinced people ?mjoy a play more
if tiio> don't attempt to sit still throughout
th> length of an ai'Miii' performance,
Hui tie.-, are ext?rnala, The main point
,.. -.? hat kind of plai ? are to he presentad' -
what la to be th?- policy of The Little Th?v
..?!? To phrase it in on? sentence?1 shall
try f" make it a place "f entertainment for
Intelllgi ut people, i hop? such a poll :
win allow m.- to produce inn only plays
of wide appeal, but pia>s m ?-s- ntlal nov?
elty, ami playa that would i?- barred from
m. .n- - be? ?n-' "i '.ling a
raih<T si ecial audience, bul onlj pi
which tien- i. sou" appeal to Intelligence,
? d humor, Inuafflnatloa or th- literary
,\ , i, arei \ lea of Ihi aim ma) be gath
ercd i .mu i .- - i havi already planned for
? in i. 'i i . r;:.... . omed). I?j John
., thy, author "i -J-' If? and 'Jus- !
he Pig? "ir i ui quit? ? dur- real
vein fi".n 'n- grim i owei "f "Strife' and I
I'justice.' it i> charming, humorous, whim?
sical, re? with ail Mi Oaisworthy's skin j
j m construction, \ Ivld charact? i drawing
; ., u i ..m i .;? .i i: en - a v- i \ unusual j
| ni.-.i for ths -.n Un . i i dien? i i" t ike awa
? Thi- will h.- followed by a new pi -
i.ann Kennedy, author of The ?Servant
m the House.' i ailed Ths Terrible Meek.'
.?Il', startltagl) '?rainal n.
a .i treatment .-?> original that i don't
v...ni i., ?ji\. i i .n ;!.. r d?aa ' ii'iie.n ..r ,t i ?
i .? ? m
? il. ?, the re b ' vu: .?'I.' b) ihi : mo ?
-. .;, imatist Arthur B? bnitaler, .
plain novel m foi m- b i ? ? nstead ot a
. e.niit i?... i plot, It d ' ? aracter i v
, 11.1 ol ? pi ..'h-.- ull held logethai bj
delightful \ti.ii.?;. a
i man i" a hum to be ; love la Ife but lo
. ..ii ...,-;.n ? to ""'? sdrl quite Im?
ni.?y Hunk Ana toi a
nu . ., ng .i", al or unmoral, s ihnits*
? i Intended him lo be s . ,.
n imagine hin i ? '?? prettj mu
Pben Th? i " ' It ' Kuril Id? ? with
latthl ii Ktectra
g (i i i.- 11... i" -i
..' m, wt.ii-h I ? h* -n- t
ol n ? i .i i sk o - lad si ihi tan ?
? h s m | I h i 11 emo 11 on s I
'l n- i, . modi o ?liri ? ? ? -'n ?'
I York llfi ' ill d ' ' '? - .,, i .m
II ?" he,' by John T. Il > s ac? i i
?'?n author Tt If Mr. Ila^''? llrst p'a'
Th?n a bin constat! it of three one-ed pi?' ?
by Maurice Maetertl?ek, author of Th? Pine
'Vtnotber aoveltj ior tit r.mie- Theatre
nill be a plav for <-r- |dr<-n zivoi opH after?
noon? a dramatisation by an American
playwright of Qrlmma's fairy ?aie of *Snoe
White,' ?et in pirt'iro hook SCenetl Tho
children have never had a real theatre of
their own. Hwh playa a* The Blue Itlrd'
and 'Peter Pan' ha-< delighted th.m he
j yond measure, hut this was bSOBUae they
I found sunVlent to entertain them in .1 pia?
written primarily for grown-up?. With
?Snow White' 1 propose to reverse the
procesa It Is to be written, Ntaged and
acted pritnaril] for 'ho deiieht of children.
Ana .-<-> amusing d< ? the hui? eirai.;a seem
to m" that 1 can imagine many an uncle
an? aunt borrowing a child ai an sac tse to
.???>? it again.
"While The Little Theatre ?rill never he
fitted for large scale theatrical effects, its
staff-' Is lara-o In proportion to the audito?
rium, and it is equipped with all the most
BMdern appliances for scenic affect, Includ?
ing the revolving stau? which calata no?
where else m N. a York SXCepI at Tho N?-w
Theatre. Much Ingenuity, too, has gone
into lighting apparatus, and 1 hope t.. ahow
The ?little Theatre audiences some very
beautiful ami effective novelties i-i the w ..
of settings, but rather . f artistic simplic?
ity and suggestive effects than mere me?
chantcal complexity.
"The Little Theatre win k??o its produc?
tions on tin- long run, mu the repertory
system, foi motives of economy snd foi tt*
sake of giving authors unlimited r ins of
their playa For this reason not ail ?t the
places I have mentioned can have sn Im?
medlate production, and i have anno
these in advance merely t.> g<\e an idea of
the kind of dramatl? fare i mean to offer:
but tills, of course, will change as 1 ami
ti ight 1 > sperienct a 11 The little The
? Ire patrons prefer. Btlll, 1 am anxious to
pi?..in..-- a.? many playa .?? 1 ran every sea?
son, and i plan t.. make the sp...i;ii matine?
performan?.f unusual plays a r?
part of the a h< me,
"It has i>e..n the Impression thai prices at
The Little Theatre will be high. This Is
r.'ii true The) will be the une 1 l man)
N'e-w Voi'k theatres sra no* charging l
t ' ? a ?eat, 1 should ho sorry indeed lo
feel thai Tin little Theatre 1- only tor
..' long pockethooks. Then were two
objects o? building Th? little Theatre al
the scale adopted Bret, to obtain the inti- |
map artistic effect, snd, second, In *
playhouse th? fixed hou.xpenses real
ate., could be re.ii.,-.,i t.. about half of the!
nrdlnni j the ttre.
"! artll 1. ssststi I In the .lu? I ot Tha
jjttl? Theatra bj Georgi ; 'oat r Platt, who
wo? asse.ri.cted wit', me it The New Tnc
atre as |.rodu er in chief, and by iv B.
i,., ,,.. arho s til have charge of the houac
ano burineas management of Tha little
?-.-. ?-^ he had "f Th? New Ti..-. '.; .
. Boeabel Moirlaon. an actress known
rate llf? - Mrs. Mitchell Lewi?. Un<i
.. 1 of ihe late Lewbt Morrtson, w ao
.1 ., . ..natd? itde reputation for hi-?
ring of "Mephisto" In til* dramatlaa
fun of "Fauat," ?ii''?'. early yesterday mora?
?n,; lu her aieattnirttts, at No" IM West
IStth streel Bha aras fort:,-two years oio.
WMhlagton, Dee II 1: a Jack, Brat
lleutam at of ongln? 11 irettn d ?, m th
enue ?utter eervlea, and one ol ths few
survivors of the croa ??! th? Msfrlmac In
the hattlr With the Monitor In Hampton |
Roads, uir.i a Alton. Hi. to-day, accord
Ing to word rscelvad hers Ha wu* sev?
ant) on? years old snd a native ot Port? |
mouth, Vu,
?4m tel '-..m. 1 ' ?> ' ' Jonkhi ? 1 ? I 1 ran
Bwlnderen, vlce-prealdenl of the Council of
St .t.- "i 1 h< Net h< rial da, died 1 hli
? hartes Hem ? Parrell, 1 lerk <?? 11
. ici lenn for mol Ion of he Buprei ???
. ?.1. ?h.-ei shortly aft? 1 mldniahl this
moi ning ai hi home N" :" Klaiith sve
mi Mr00kI> n II. w ? born lu N -w ? ork
1'Iti |n 1?."? ???.I v> on -a ,
1 v. ..i. 1, d 1, Hi M< \i' .m
hroke oui ho enlistee In > ompani 1 1 1
,\.-w Vol u Volunlse rs. and Ihi ough<
..m the campaign II? went Into n ?*
pa pet work whet ' I ? id held
r -pon iblllt? During th*
.1 .i -.\ ,i h< went to the front for ' 1 he
. . . , Herald
1 l?. sai sell kno* s Is Uu la ? yti and
iu?isr**F and wai a. rr?mb'-r of the ? ?* II
Service ?Smployea A??*eetatlen ef Km??
County, Ten yt*ers ?go bn wifa died '?"*.
\rH\r- > slstei Mr-. Corabelle 81?!*."?
i wright. ar.d ? brother Major J?'**.?? r
Farrelt, -.he la wall known in ??rand Aras**
of ?he- Republic circle;
' of R?-ar Admiral Avalla M. Knight U. .,s
N.. and Mr?. DevM Starr Jordan. Wtf? of
' th?? praatdanl Of Inland Stanford. Jr. L'n:
I verslty, la d*?d In Woreester, Masa. Ha
! **.??.? atshtjMUM years old
MfM SARAH BOLWBLL, who had be?n
In h irge of the e ?turne detmrtment of L'en
l?r & ? '?'., nor *dnca ?h? formation of t ., ??
Sim fifteen years ago, died Monday attar?
noon In a privat' hospital. Sha aras bora
la Kneiatvi fifty-four reara a_.-> a*,d caasa
to this country with lier parente when aba
was two yeara of as'. ?Prior to h?r en
gagement with LieMer *? Ha. ska had i?'"i
[in charge of wardrobes for several promt
Inent theatrical stars, notably RKhar?*?
U leid and Margaret Mather.
Bell Mai ? J Orlffll . I.
' ??IK--. .. llamlei . i.i? ? v
Wa ?? ?iM?d?*< -. Ma i O
I ti. John Morsa i i: ? ?? 1
i Kdwarda. Raymond L. l'en ? Murv N
- i:
i Pitspair k, Mai ; s w, gaama
Pox, Hen
BKLL On Moadav, Decetnbei II Itll, Mary ?".
Hall, !.. ...... m In i ' i. I? :? i Tal aer
?i e? .,- .,-?? home, \" 134 Smith -?-.
Rrooklyn, Wed? it I '*?
lnt>! kill, N. V
P.t'rKI.? ?W \- - ? :? ? "?'.
Ill] I. Hi - ' n
Rlgelo ? t'unei i - ? ?
Mint ?
?iiAi?\\i'K On Baturda i? ? bei IS, leu.
.,- ,.. . - ? '. pilgrim Path ?>.
. \ i the H Walte ? * ??"??
? rf ?t
?ir,,,r e'l
.??. oi -? d. ni. latas"
i .?m Thursday, at Car ? .**?' ',
CRAMPTON On Dt-eeaboi IS mi. leba
laterntent in Qt a? w ?rood it S
, ..n Wedaesiiay, i?e ?ml-et an free the
< h|. ,,,.?i. Mr? Hear) W v i*tna.
P?o, mo Prospect ?%??. BrooSlya.
i;i'\> Min- On December IT. ISI1, Rarmoadt_.
. r Mabel "?'? U Hleti P??
?-.- held al hi? 'at i -??n<-r ?,
? ..?? .?.??>- ia .
it | tefc
i--?. Ml ? Rail i- ? i. no, wtl - ?? Una P.
??? w Mhlngto i ? ' on t '-?-. l '
|S IStl N-.?'.- ..; f r: ri
i i rxi'A nr? k On Saadav. December '7. 1*11,
Mat le '? - ? rl( .,:? K?._?.r-i J. ru*.
patrlck a-id ?later of itie Rev, rttomaa F.
turne?'a ?tvir-h Mow Tort ?"fu?
ite re?lden<*?, v? ;?,?* H-nrg
. rooklyn, ^ "ine?,?.;, . December :??. Sab
a. m.
i?,\ oa \t"- i, Dormant is mi, n.riejr?
? i,-'? Th'ir?.-)?" . i ?? amber M,
nt ?_' r ' ? ?' lha raaMene* ot h\n ?!>ter-ln
la? Mr- L Strau?. Ko Sag ?>utif.ti->n n?.,
i in ? ?
ORIITITH On Meada* Dace ?aber 11 1011, ?t
Mo 7-j Ho\t ?? Rrookl? n.
i.i.ii-i, ??tiffih ->i'? of Henry Uiifnth, in her
MM v??r I'un?Tal aervtcee at Holy Trlnnv
i'hutvh, on Wedneeday. Decsmbei M Mil, ai
-.' a it:.
HAMLEN ? - - \ Ha ?n.
- her late r -, <?' K.d??
ave., on w ? l!-?'-l.i\, l?e.?i,ii,-r j>. l:>ll.
IIKDOES ? ...,'
|..,-'i'ii-m i; ISll. Marvua < ? ' Hedge?
<?? Um Pirat l*re*b> terian
it 1 p. ni I -.;. ru.? nt
' ??? ?rrhal
of Hl-' Il il ! ^:o
>1?>?{?: ?. n ? ? '. Into ????? Mo ?????. p.'.-e?i.
I "i is. ISI l Bllsabath Ko il v mow
? -- i\ Morgai Puneral fr..::t her lata
llam ?i . k,?i Drang?
S. i. rburaday, Dscombei 31, .,t i.jo p, ?a!
r i : 11< ? v ' ?? Meada Dn ? ? ? ?. ? ta Mat ?
ol Ueorga u. an?j ??by u
PHILLIPS Ulllan Phil !? igH n reara
l'un? Kuneral ? 'hiireti " -j? i ? j
t . >' 11 rank K .'>mpi,. u Hulld?
?? ig)
\i.i.ii.\\'K Oa Monday, iK^m'u is n?ii
!???? -??'.. b'labklll on liii.t?.,!-.. ?atu?,i
"? T'.'l \car ?jf hla j?,e ?on o,"
-''?'?- i litoral
? i- - . IVecerui rr
? |. m Cariiagea will n.-et t,,,n, i,av
- ? Vet ?til 1" | II,
< ?Ml n i;ii I.
IZia St. Bi llarjom i? m. mil by Troll??;.
Oaaaa, IS ,"?>.t /:?<i st.. n. t.
\ SDCMl lams
KK-.NK I < XMPH?xT .Ml 3 ?feat 23d 8t_
r? ?p?i?. r?i -i- Rooms. i'ri?.hto Aiabalaacaat
Tel IK4 ?hel??-d. "~
StepbeU 'lerrill lluiinl ?ml I remalion Cm
? ??. ,?J*?
'"?tl *? I -,,,
n- ih? world ' - ' ? ? ' ? - ? , ** l
t?m? ?a
So. i vi :.?..,,, ??-.,,
? CPTOW " ..' S'**- ISS4 Sr?,4?,. ,,
?" v ?eel ? t - 'tr.pt, , ,m .. ,F
H?l'lT.M"Kfl !- *> ? : v.,???.v.,,.
\e ?.?*, - .,, i:;.K ?r??t and >., m a x.?l
i i**stk ?t? " ?*???)
RAIMIMO'KW Bir.EAL?WMtorr ?ulM?afc

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