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To Be Drafted In Accordance
with Tariff Board's Report.
?epresentative Hill Says Revi?
sion Will Be Careful and Scien?
tific-Democrats at Odds.
r- ; .it of the Tariff Board si the moat com?
prehensive, fr?;: ni document ever
presented t.. Congres? Representative Hill,
??f Connecticut, b minority member of the
Ways and Means Committee, said to-day
that tic Republican? ol Hi? rommltt**-? will
:. .-i: i? >n ? .-a t.. ftani" u ISOOl 1 ?II1 ?Hi' '
lv in accordance with the report and the
omnttend il ont
\ ng of the mloorit) memb? ?
rrow morning, when
proof-. ? ? ol tti<- full report >?f ths
* Board will I ? r? sdy. Ths ? omplete
i sek
Th? partial examination we .1 ? made
of th? d Mi iiii
? onderful
documeal taiI? making
body. Til.- Informal > '? "!:"
trod in nil i ai ti
world st t! ?? -.un- t m. and 11 ? m
? \ery phni Industr) ? 'on*
? t pre
i noa-partlaan board ?
attempt must l>?> mail.? to ??M- I
? mlnoril j mem i Ws i ?
Means Com)
? snd t?i Mil on
tin i m of tii" actloa of ths
i laying foi i olli He se? i
irr) liiR tii** preparation ol -\
? bill aterel) that ths n
members maj Introduce i? rneaaur? ?
s? hedule K aiv-ad of the l???*????
? That wo (Ivan?
lage," said Mr Hill. "The Republican
members of tic i ommllt? ?
be m | oelUon to be? k up our bill. H
,,... tariff
,. ilonlsts have 1 ad to si ?? air.
rs going to study evi lloi of the
rspoi ? a nui bul on it. nn?i leave the
co'inti-. |e pass vi on ;? Blncere
-m h, b< ? ?tlh {U"
nem i ollected by s ?
*\|.. rtfl .-. i. . h ... had unllmll
tody Ihc wool Indi
Mr. Hill
of t ? ? immitt? - ' ' sllj sgreed
Bmong tl ? mae i ths Interpreta?
tion of ? i ' ? ' Ini -1|!
hinder ? ? ? ?tei itic, careful framing
of lh< Ft? ? Oenio?
, rats of I ""? Means Com?
pieeaant ]
),, St? MlKIIl I ll'l'-l
\..?o?l Ihi pose I
I he Tarit sures.
4, ?il . weeks ami ma) mean
the i--.-. tn.t, i.. ths um orlty of ?t Ii-hm
h portion of the report. Ths mejorltj
sets gi i!? ou'i ?-M""
i . . ?> . ommlttes mus?
.?-?ii renewed ?i?;
ay. ?.?. mil Tii?* BO-called
B ' .t '
nd lim i Isoo. will
ui?e l dut) be removed from ???<?';
it tl ?-f.-i.ii?- i'i ing
. n mid < "i. ' ? ?
... er cen?
... i ?->. .-i.iiH ne? pssltj "
free-woolitei will go i rough Ihc form
m " Hens. I
? . ? .
i ndei a ood bill
land in tii?
on ihe ev? ?>? s Presidential i im?
be th*
\\ H t ? :,-*'.. I ? I.
Mr. 1 .?ni?
? ? ? ? wool bl
*?p\erni weeks, Bu ths Republlrsni
i oroughly to snslyse the report
II.1 ? .i ? ? i '? mo. i ..t? ;.i f detei
h .I..-.I to Bpend h i? i tim m their ? he? k
in-c in? ' i" ?>? set
Representatives Payne sn?l Hill
long Presiden! Tafl lo?
gs lean wool bill Thers
? t Pre*
: .. if h id?
Geological Survey Reports 200.000.000
Ions of Phosphate in Wyoming.
Washington, i K i .: 1 ? foi
a leasing las . public
"in i". ?.? - Smith,
on ?? n.r of Ih? 11? "I", i -
The ci' m
? f the i bll land? -
1er iii"
???'?:? ..f i ! .?
? '? ?l ??. h? n tl..- nui v.". -?
KOl k in
i oi lesnen, but
rath? i i.- ,-.
? ? th.- utiliza?
iplj "i mineral f?rtil
. plat e
? Hills
of w
? ?
Senator Works Plans to Attach Rider
to Sherwood Bill
Sens ? \\.,ik?, ?if
' ' tempts
ongr? ? ,
;.> it . ..
-? - _
Secretary Meyer M?ke? It Compulsory
in Navy snd Marine Corps.
u ? sblngton, i " i . .s ? sui pk ment
hvy i nsi typhokl
f- ? ' II ? ? ind matin? i urpa thi*
compulsorj In? . . .ill ins officer?
an?l ? nil-- i m.ii h? i. ? f.
.mi re?rrnlts una i? subj? 11. d ?? th?
in? tit nnd nil i'i . ? . -,-llst
will take '? have
ti'.i und. nu m. m irlthln tare reurr. pre
? "i bad the f< ? \a ? ? ? I doubl
ti., ordei t.rov i"- hull !?. :
A slmllai . War
j h pal tuf ni nom" tin ? ege
Boato i ? Coal
? '..mi ? i ? 'i i" .i.i> ' i
snts ? hang
?nj*. h i?". "?ft? ????? ?? ' ?? ?ered
, ?,i - \. fork end Boston Rnan
*: work ??ii plans f??i
? ?
meni. 1 '
, l., and ?' '.i.' M W hits
Admits He Would Like to Stay in
Capital?Avoids Politics.
Washington. l?ec 27.-T'r.-?l.l.nt Taftj
1 alvelj admitted to delr-gatea to the .\m.ii-1
-.m So.|.-|\ for lb?- Advancement ?tf Scl- I
??m?? Iwnlght that he would welceana sa
opportunlt) to ata* in Waahlagton. His
? onfesslon was iiieivfil ttilh an outburst |
of cheering The PraMdent, xth?. was wel-j
romlng ti.- detonates to the capital, gulcklr|
saw low hi? admls-H-n had been interpr. t
ad an.i joined in lha laughter.
?... bava th.- fr.'iiom of the ??t\ ' ke
said and It Is h beautiful ? Itx . In which
?oil ? annul st..? t?M b'til? Indeed." he
added, hurriedly, "the longer you stay ih>
lolif-el yoU Xtalit tO Mil)."
The President did not necea, the oppoi
(unity the im l.lent offered to talk polltlra
ii, . unfiii.-.i himself to a Matnitarion ?>f the
work ol th? s-ietitifi,- hoiiies sad express? d
his admiration f.?r their a4*?4*ompliahat*eata
He would, if he could, he sal.l. bring to the
government bureaus m re of ?h.- active aid
and co-op. ration ?>f "?oieotlsts In privat?
I'll- more ,.,ii?e woik Ol the ii'sociallotis
to-morrow Kvery phase of sero
plaaa boUdlag and operation Is to be file?
cussed at an "airship session'' of the aseo
- i.iti.-n, and Importan! Qtiestlona ?>f food
prot?t lloa, plaat sad animal bf*aedlaga,
home < i m'ini.'s and scientific t*e?*??ai*ch will
be debated
Remarkable displays of scientific progress
in - oinpiin? the meetings of Ibe different as
? ?h?? Photographs ??.??.? esblMtcd be?
fore the convention ?-f enemista showing a
new method of photographing particles ol
starch lo si ?a theii olor and charaetttr.
An effort to prevent ?lust expt-aatona la
bar an 1 1 .?-, ' nib.-r. wl.-n
they ai?' most pi.-- aient, ha? liruiu'ht abOUl
a - -'ii'l:' i.-ii Idnt ii pOUling the health au
lhorttl?N and tt,< Bureau ol Mine??, end
which i? still unsolved, Dr. .i v Holmes
chief of Ibe Bureau of .Mines, told th.- s?i
ence ?.asoclatloa thai in the effort t.. drive
o ' po ?-t?o re aas? s Irosa nstnea by sir forced
through h room Ailed xtith steam, ruin?is
have <l> \.-lop. .1 the hookworm disease and
?? i? losls at an slairuing rali
Zoologists, Naturalists and Anat?
omists Meet in Princeton.
.. me i
Princeton, N. J.. Dec, Tt Th? public
me-.tini.-s of the American Soci?'lx of SatU?
\m-1 i an Sin let) of Koolog eta
ami the Aroericai ?-?.,, stlon <-f Anato?
mists began here to-da* la the new aclence
im ?dings of Princeton University, Two
hundred and t.ft?. scientists aie attending
the meetings, traong those x^ 11,. presented
- to-da) we-e Dr< R, A Ultnh? it.
Joba B. McWhortei and A. D. Whlpple, ..f
; ?? College o Physicians ami Burgeons,
N'.w York; I! Q. Harrison, of Yule; M. T.
Hi.mows, of Cornell; Warren H. I.wis, ol
Johns Hopkins, ??ml Leo Loeb, of the Har
iiaul fi..- Skin and Cancel Hospital, of
Sen Yoik sll of Whom spoke ?i a sym?
posium on i aa ? . ? i ? held b) the anat? i
omlata '
At the aoologlsta' meeting Dra i. H
kof, of the American Museum of Natural
History; s O Mack, of Johns Hopkins;
xv Dehlgren, of Princeton; Burt 0, Wilder,
of Cornell, ami A. J. Qoldbard, of the Col
f the City <>r New fork, were among
the --m \ pi!?ui?' meeting of the
executive committee of the aoologlsta was
held to-day, ami officers were nominated
for the ? le? tlona to-moi mw
x ...,[.i;,,h whs held foi the scientists
this sftcrnoon ai the I?'. Club, an under?
graduate club of Princeton L'niverally, To?
night a smoker Is being held at Ibe Prince
toii Inn
To-morrow .tin be devoted to lha n.t?
ii g of th.- naturallats. The problem? nl
1) will be ib?' principal subject ol
- iton, and some >.t the aclentlats lo
? h will. he President 11. 1-* Osl.orn of
?h.. ?"iiei-ii?an Museum of Saturai History,
W. Johanuser, of the Unlverslt? of Copen?
hagen; T H Morgan snd K ? Wilson, ol !
,a . l". ?; . 'oiiklin. of I'llncton I'm- j
, ii .i \\. bber, of Cornell,
interesting exhibits arranged for tins?-!
-.. i ide oi.f all the , le? n I? al
- ? known |i-1 ,u< -i b) the ' iiratoi ol
Ihe biological museum ?>; Princeton I Si?
? ?
Three Organizations Combine with One
Purpose in View.
To make the w.-rk more effectlv? ind de?
lta consti ? I rea t tare? organ
I Isa tlona the Committee foi Improving the
trial Condition of Segroes in New
i v--i k. N onal league foi the Prote
? - 'olor? -i Worn? n and the i 'on ?
m, I'rlan Conditions Among Segroes have
lldated undei th? name ->i the Se?
gue on I Tr be ne A moag
The mov? m. ni Is ? !,?? outgroa th of the
work ..f lha Committee on Urban Condi?
tions Among N?-??'i?ies. which ?a?. organ
Mrs William ii u. idwi.-i, ii. In
addition (?> organising the leag ? Il baa
done some successful preliminar) work
negro residents of Harlem and
tall i be fi esh sir work smong
negroes n Sea \>,-ik last summei it a^leo
established s playground In Harlem snd
;ni? for hoj s at Manoi \ llle,
Long i-i. i o ? .-. ral ? is the es
tabllshmenl ol two graduate fellowahips
. the tit si winners of these
ai.- Mienta a! the Nee v?>rk
nthrop ami Columbia I'nl
v.M??i . 'i i ? gue'i I adquarters ar? al
i .,-? ., street
Even Those Who Could Not Get in
Happy at Mrs. Sittig's Entertianment.
Mor?. d at tha
i .. mibis 'i i all <? m llrookl) n, vest?
sftei m...n '.- re? elve presents h on
Sltlig - tmas tree Tl ? pack? A
apaclt? and ihre?
I- ftOV? IS" ?-i-ikeil ,?o
? II I of
- geani ? '..in,-- I). of i he Adams
? -; h? and ? ... ?i,en je
aa?? indei him roll?
|15, \\l,l I. -i I long vtat toward inak
i were i able
i ?. eh e?l a
i of ? and
??? i..-,\e,i h vaudeville show, ami ma
little "fan" bad the pi...sure ni seeing
u d on the stag? Congreas
man ? I e boys and
snd got m-,ni? as hearty a greeting us
\i f ank Bit tig liersell Twelve
i.- i ?? Irai Y. M C x aided in
Ihe distribution ?i gifte, whlcli ?w. piled
Former Governor's Son Submits to
Grafting Operation.
Orang I I -? i S? Franklin \v
l'.-i i. a son "i formel Qovernoi Port, tin?
? grafting attestation at hi?
her* to-'i. i--, tha benetii oi bia
"id -on. William s i m t
i- ii i.-'i on Thanks?
'? waa m .. , i lb with
" In broth? r, ??..., ., papei abade over
ibe crib , aught Bra an-l
U H "i- tha i abj a ;. but nina
i - othei twin ??., ? nol In
It Wl ?Ml that i,.p.i I(, ,,,, ?,,,,
???i ? lid front :. j,-.- permani ntly
' ? i neceai s graft nea akin
i,,.e ami lie ?km ?t,,, furnished t"
ii.i? i. tu. rather, fe i,f|
t II-,III ill?- I?'g
ihed to
lag re? j
Constitutionality cf Act Abolish?
ing Court Upheld.
Justice Chester Holds That Leg?
islature, Not Voters, Had
Power in the Case.
Albany, i>?-< ?>:. gu?reme Ce ri Juatlcs
Chester, in a doclMoa le-day, holde t>.??t lbs
act passed ?by ths Legislature Ibis y?ar
abolishing th?- ?tat.? Canrt <-f Claims and
substituting Ins glale Beard ??f Claims is
? enstltutlonal.
.iii-ii.-i? Cbeetee petals ent lhal three at?
tempts failed as m-!?'- the eowl s co-netl
tutloaal ere, sad says:
The prevision ??f lbs law giving the Court
..f ?latins 'vrisdicllon to-determltn. Oam
jKes lor property ai?i ropriated I* nol on? oi
those required bj the constitution t" ?"
siiiiinittc.i t.. th- people fei spprovsl ane
? .mi.i appropri?t? ly have been iim eunje?
oi .. Repars te s? t While it was ??""?nan?'
m th?? subject, it was n"? ??."????"<??? *o in?'
law until?.ri'.itiK the creation ?if the |_arg**
ranal] debt. Tne Legislature cannot, escepi
in purstmnce <?r t constitutions! autnotisa
tion, delegate its power t?. lbs people
Justice Cheater noMg lhal s the U p
h tin- was eettai wltMa Its cenatltutlonal
power m abolishing the ?'?nut ef Clalmi
and creating s Boarl <?r Claims In it
i Is
'i ? .? action, le lesl the oonatit itlonallty ?r
the ad un? beg in by the former members
<.f ths Court ?>f Claims, Judges iwlft, Ro
denbech and Mm i.. |
I Laflln Kellogg, of counsel f"i the mem?
bers < f the State ?"'?it "f Claims, said >'"?
lerda) thai so sppeal wooW be taken at
once from Ins decision of Justice Chester
sustaining ths t-onstlt?tlenallty at lbs law
abollshlni th.urt aad substituting for H
tin Itste Board of Claim* The appeal, h?
mM would be (lied e Ith the Appellate W?
vlaton In ai: any earlj in January and th
csss pnahed thro-jgh t" s bearing before
the Court ? t Appeals as soon ss poeel-le.
The gtate Board of Claims has ordered j
thet foi .!: ' ..i ???- i" following seeslona
for lbs ii?- urlng of els mi bs held:
Januarj tS, ai Rochester; Februan -'??
al Baratogs April I si Byracuse; May '
si Ctlca; June I. .it Buffalo: September i?
?.t Buffalo; Octobei 7, at Rochester: No?
vember II, .?t Byrachse, and Decembei -'.
Author of "Medical Chaos and
Crime" Defendant.
I ?i Noiman Barnsby, author of "Mali
. ,i! ciiiins .- ni < i I ith .' In whli i ? ? mid
that ihe sa\ Ing of II?? aas i isW? n d by
? .ni? members ol his profe rdon ss Ind?
ents t< earning fat teem, li ihe ?i? fend
ant In an sctlon for I25.0M damages
i.ighl i.\ Walter Baril Hibbs v.
- ges lhal tii?- doclor sllenated lh< aff? ?
- ni his a Ife
llibba la a printei living ?it No :. :.. Weal
Htreel ii" naya I hal he and i "
Barnab] an brothei Masons and '-?t ths
defendant wss his family physician. ITp
to 1907, Uni.- sir.-, he and hU wife ... I
happli) together In thai yeai the allega
i Ion Is made M al under i lie promis?
in. barnsb* thai he would help her M n
.B, he succeeded In winning Mrs Hlbbs's
aft*?, lion from her husband.
'in? relations <<f his wife *?.iih in Barm
i?.. -ni \ s Hibbs, havs s<? preyed upon her
mind h.mi she has j.?-. orne a physical
nrccki which is siso stated as a reason
Ii? ?mi bioiighl bj Ihe printei
l 'i. Barnab} was former!) ai ta? lied to
lie Washington Heights Hospital and no?
lives in retlremenl ?in an estate at Bears
borongh il- p-nbtMhed hi?? book a year
sao ami it caused a sensation in th*' med?
ical profession from which it recorred B
general ? ondemnalIon la his book l?i
Barnsby absolved himself from the pledg?
professional aecre? . which he said pro
I .i Iminal pra? II? ???? and a hlch n. U
idlated m urdei lo bring ai?<mt the
reg? ti?mi i?.h of the medical fraternity, He
? ..i man) fa? is gained while a
-i idenl undei the ist?* Dr. Nicholas Bonn,
??i Chicago, ami othei fame is - irgeoi
from iiis experience sa Burgeon la the
11 nil 'i Biet? a arm)
Before he retired Di Barnsb) ?a.?* a
membei oi the Neu York Count) Medical
?octet) and the American Medical Asso?
cial "H ii- wrots In his i. . ? s.. false
have become our standards lhal mans a
I physician, formerly honest, und even altru?
istic, has come to look upon the relief <?f
? sufferiai m tii.- Bavlni <>f life as merely
Incidental to th? earnlni of a fai fee."
, The doctor-author else urged legislative
action ?m his complaint, saying: "if the
i might) in.st of those who bave been rushed
Into untlmel) gravea b) litrcompetent, pre?
tending physiciens could be mai BhaUod Into
un ana) and marched la gbastlj review
before the astonished eyes ?>f our Indiffer?
ent legislators, what s ghostlike multltudi
?if outraged victims fliere would be! One
thai would appall by its magnitude and
horroi and excite the lawmakers to ?
B) "i a? lion In Ihe elimination of lbs In?
competent* h.un ihe tanks i.f those who
?? - .ii" lo care foi health und Hi ea "
Non-Union Workman Says Union Man
Attacked Him
William Lennon, t wenty-thn ? ? sai i old,
was srrested resterday morning at the
hesdqaartera ?.f ihe I'nlted Metal Workers'
I'nlon, <?t Si. Mark's Place snd Third a?.?
nue, ?m s warrant eharglni felonious as
aauH aworn ?.ut b) Adam .Min. r. a non?
union metal worker In the employ <.f Mar?
Kidliiz A B? n. contract? rs i"i the construe?
thin ?if the new twelve story fo ing Men'i
? in Assocl '...h building In Weai Mth
Bin ??'
When Lennon was arraigned before
Magistrate Kernochan, In th? West Sid.?
court Miller testified thai on December II
? ?: been working on the roof of the
building undei onsti . n Lennon
and two othei men appeared and toM Mm
to quit woi k w ben ha pint? ?t,.,i h? d<
[_ennon grappled with him and one
i.f i.? - r ? t ? ? ? r i * .?< friends hit him with s aa?. pit"
Lennon ?us held in V"> f"t furthei exami?
nation lo-morros nmrnlnB
Stenographer. It Is Said, Stood in Its
Tracks as if Hypnotized.
William Doyle, a stenographer, of No.
Ml Blath avenue, v..(h run down ami In?
stant!) killed b) an ante mall truck at
iii?- corner of Breadura) and Chambers
-tr..i earl) yesterday morning Mis Iden?
111 \ vsas eetabllsbed b| hla father, Joba
i?,,\i. v. bo a? m t" th.- morgo? and <"ti
iiim.-.i the guess of Ihe police, baaed on a
leitet found in ti"' dead man's poeket
Doyle was standing al the Btresl ??..ini-r.
jus) before ?dawn, while th. -ir.?.-ts vs.-r.
?lark uith fog and tain, Walling fur a
northbound Breadwa) car, n. atappsd ??rr
th.- sidfuaik and started aeroas th.- street
just as a heavy "'ail truck, driven by Will
Ian Falkner, of N" '??- Baal i th itroot
roared out <<f the dusk, .?mi Doyle, accord
ins t?. th<- politse, seemed t" become bewll?
dered H" looked around ..i ths awaying
truck nist us ii- df?\.ighi alght <?f the
ni,.li in ins path, hut ?JtOOd In his 11 a? i?. - ., ?
;f bypaotlasd, and ? moment lai.-i wesl
?tanned headlong undei ths whesla H> ?.?,_,
married, but had no famll) The truck I
driver ?Aas not arrt rted
a ?
Mailed anywhsrs in the Umtad State*
for *}2..0 a year. J
Hoboken Man Who Shot Maske
Man Placed on Parole.
? hmle* Hoffmann, jt . the Hoboken Ul
?lertaVei who shot a masked robb?
through the heart Tues.lay night when tl
n an was In a ?leatii ?nipple wUh his lathe
was paroled ?jfjetSISail ?'n ? promise that I
would i pp.. i b.-f..i?' Hie 1'oi.mer wb?
call d.
Th.- dead man bus not x ? t l.een libntlli?-?
Oa ids body wu* found a card showing tau
Arthur P. BwlagtS, Of ??ulfpoit. Mis?, wa
a im-ml-r ol th I Intel national lioll.. mai
era' isssrHHm That the ?-..id was rnad
.?ut In th.- man who was kllb'l Is '??'t ?'?*?
lain II may hav?- come Into Ma possesslo
m any nun,her of wax.- and hen r.-iiim?'
I,s him. The man was kill? ?I after h- I,a
li,\aded Ho Hoffman pi ."' -"?'I b.-l-l u
.halles Huffman, sr . aim bis son at I
petal "f h revolver. **1nger prmtt ol th
d.a.l man have 1.n s.ni to ibe principa
? Itlea of the country
Public Works Head Praises Di)
in Resigning Place.
Albany, Dea, tt. thveeenee bis to-day re
ceived and a?*e?*a4ed tie- resignation o
?'halles K. Tl. mini, of lthai.1. tt State Su
p.-llntelldetit of I'llhlle \\-,lks. tO '.?k?' ?''
red on the ? oiillrm.ilion by the Senate ..
ii..- appointment <>f bis successor.
Mi Treman has served ttnce .lanuary <
In a letter to the ilovein-.r he says in- I
compelled t>> resign be.ause his privat?
business demsjaia his entire tine. Ha ??>?
presses his a pprecia lb m of th?' honor con
'erred on him by bis oeieetlon as a rneta
|..| of H,.- Covertiors ? otflcial family," am
When partisan Mtteimees ?hall have heei
foraotten, I belleva the permanent estim?t?
of you ami your administration will aceor?
with what tins- of us who have been per?
mitted >our confidence feeL thai no ?'.'???
erttor has given more eonsclentlous servie?
to th?- slate than have you
In a letter aceptlng the resigna i-,n
Qoveraoi I ?l?? says:
Pieallsing the aerlous ami important ?le
manda upon you to return to your privat?
affairs, I cannot longer arge you to beat
th. burden <>f responaihiiit?. as Superin?
tendent of I'uhllc Works.
The Governor expeit? to appoint Mi. 1*1*0?
man's SUCCSSaor at an earl;- date, Th?
place Paya ?MM a year. The BUPSI Ititen-i
? nt has ?iiaige of the maintenance of tlM
.anal system of th?- state and H a m.-mhei
Ol Ihe Stale Highway Commission and tin
1 anal Moaid
Made by Witch Burners, Says Counsel
for Unions.
! H. ?V.-Hta! I. '" Ti ? 'I' i. in? ]
?in.innatl. Her. 2T The < onstllutlon ot
tie United States ?s d?-t lined an out of .hit
.i--- iiment. "mn.ie by rnea who r*"tv?ti saw a
i.ilhoad and were huslly engaged In hurn
Ing witches,'' lu a briet tshlch has been
filed in the ?ominoii I'leas ?'.nut by
M.hoiai Ki.in, a d.-f.-ate?! candidate for
police court In.Ii;,. of ? 'in. Inn.it!
The case I?? that of two shoe fs -toi??. fore?
?n? n. who. it la charged, dismissed em?
ployes because they belonged ??> a union
They m ???? arreated, In acco?*daa?re with a
statute rnaklng auch action a mlsttaaeanor,
punishable by Baa ?u Lmprtsonn*>ent. Law?
???is for th.- shoe manufactmeis raised th?
r*onstltutlonal question that the statute la
opposed t" th.- Constitution, as it denies
tha rii?iit of an employ??i to dlsmlsa an
.lupin? e
"When tha Constitution was rnade," aaya
Klein, "there wa.? no labor problem auch
sa wa have to-day, The class wai bad nol
? i been born In order thai und? ?
i omplea Industrial i ondltlona of lo da)
workmen imiv cotiser??- the lights of life,
liberty and happiness guannteed them un?
.i? i th.- -unie Conatituliun i?. vblah Use
employer? app.-al. it is neoeesarj for them
in toi in unions. SO the) -an bargain with
these mighty powers of wealth and sell
ineii labor n? a unit "
Miss Peregrin Joins Millionaire Colony
in Montclair.
Mont? lair, N i . Dei II iS| et lall Misa
Klesnoi Peregrin, the auras who wa.? made
< hief hen, u, hay ?,, ?,??. U||| ol Walter
- ' ? a. w im lived um I) ten rears with a
broken Heck, has i-Hircliaeed a *a*o.dM h<***ea
in th" "millionaire colony," <>i Montclair,
ami will abort!) scaup) it as her bom. The
dwelling, xthi. h is in Melroec Pala? ?, la n* at
the homea ol Ki.-d.-ri? k T Oat? - Re ?
feller's almoner; William B, Dlckston, tor?
nier vb ??-:?' asid? nl ol lb? Tinted States
Hteel ? .upoiutioii, Bdmund B. Oaborne,
and oth? i w. aith- men,
Misa Peregrin came lato .. fortune of
?i.i.ii.,.., upon the death ?.f Mr Duryea, last
spring, sii. muse,! him ?luring the years
that he '.?as t.-mi.reii helpless by reaiaon .-f
a broken neck, raeelved when he dived into
lk?w swlmmlag pooL In bla will the
millionaire left comparatively small be
, .,-i? to ll? three sisters, and they took
steps to contest the Instrument taster.
I however, it wa- announced that th. :
i had i ????' a Ithdra ?? n
Books and Accounts Missing in
Bergen County Scandal.
The Aaaembl) tota asi I lee of which
William H. Hlnaera, of Heri-en County, i-*
chairman received ? repart yeoterdey in
Jeras) City from lames Camar?n ?m facts
brought .-.it py him before the femail!tan
in its laveatlgatlon ?f Bergen Connty of
falra Ths report saya records of minut?e
I prior i?? I9et cannot be found smong the
county rsoords
N?i books ?>f rocord kept by n.?? Couaty
Collector or the clerk <>f t:ie Board of
i isehMders <>t by an body to show what
is ?'?Ain? on account of contracts can be
foiin?! except record? kept b) ths County
Engineer on work under Ms supervision.
theae records heApa) kept by the snglneer's
mea and not by t ii<? clerks or bookkeepers
of ihe .entity. The expenditures ina?!e
and contemplated m the new County
Courthouse aggregate |l.lM,tfd, i>"t the
I courthouse CoramlsMoaors say there is no
record t?> show what |g awed to the con?
tractor, tii.. ,i. *i*. Brady Company.
'I'll?' ?ml? on.- who Un m I?- the ai. 1,i
tect, .1 Blley Oordon. Neither the court?
lions., not the new jail has heen accepted
by the freeholders
T ??? fall contract was let t.. the J. T
Brady Company as tin? lowest bidder for
Itte.eeg <>n the condition thai the contract
included the foundations, >ct tne company
?as ii.lid J:t7.. foi piling. "11 the piling
for the coiintv ?ail and the .irthOUSS
the .1. T. Bred) Company mad.? an extra
profit "f $:.;.,nuil. The Brad) company's
tentatives refused t<? answer sub?
po'iias issu?.i i.' the Hlnners committee
and i ??fusel i., give t stlnon)
Courthouse Commissions) Georgs ai.
Brewster admitted under oath lie was in?
terest??.! m ti.?? Hackenowek Brick Com?
panv. which furnished brick :'"i the court?
house Former ? *? int*?.- cbtlectors carried
BWa) - ?v ? i ?- r ? thell term.?? ended important
records, Including pay warrents snd
checks showing the settlements "t' trans?
Tii<? report a in i"? pi? ? nt? d to the
Legislature, ii is sape? ted the e\?<ietl e
will i?e submitted to the Bergen County
?'raid l
Ocean, Sound and River Vessels
Forced to Break Schedules.
Tnerinilnp rjceen and >?? ?iin?i tiaflV WSJ
I pre? thally stopped and riv .?r traffic was
ureatly Impeded t?? the dense fog that de?
scended mi the Bay, the North and the i-;,ist
rivers yesterday, Increastag in density as
th.- day advanced. Two ahlpa scheduled to
?all at in o'clock ?lid not leave their pi? rs
in the North River, and before noon s. ..ral
?hipa had heen Stopped a! (Quarantine.
Th.? transatlantic liners delayed in >.?tiin?
were th?? Cunarder Campania, fot Liverpool,
and the Kroonland, of the Red Btai Una,'
for Antwerp? When 11 became spparent the I
ii.i.ii- could not leave the ?locks passengers
were permitted to return to the piers, Some
of them put in iii?ii time saying eleventh
n...: :.Ibys " ?: the telephone, while
othera rejoined their frlenda who bad nol
left the pier.
?'.?ptain Hoi.eit-, superintendent of the
Cunard Line piers, said the fog was the
heaviest that ha_ occurred in many ?.?eara
Brooklyn Man Says He Owes $2.373 on
a Real Estate Deal.
Borough President Alfred R Steers "i"
Brookl .-a- aerved with a aummons w-s
?....,. to appear m the Bupreme ? 'ourt to
aiiswei i" tii?? complaint m George fulling,
?.i Ronass Hv.-iiue m..i Clasondon Road, who
a.-l ? 12,373 Ba a result of a real estate
transaction, rolling said In- sold to Steers
property on Avenue i >. between 18th an?l
.. ?:. .i al ii*-.ii"". The prop
.ii-, ?-a? paid for with $7."nu in cash, M.000
??i ato K end * we l.i er the mort
Fulling said tlie propert) wa^ deeded to
Presldeiil Bt?**era in May, 1909, and that he
..; i.-.i t.. pay the mortgages on all but
two pieces "f the land. Helen?' Schneider
*s*lio held the mortgages, ihen foreclosed on?
He was for? ed t" pa Mrs *-'< hneldi ??
? an in! foi whl< h he au? d Pr?
l.tenl Bteers.
The annual meeting Of the National Civic
Federation ?-'in be held at Washington,
March I, I and t neat The Programms
provides for a special da) on "Industrial
Peace and Progress," and one da) on "The
Rights snd Duties of Public Einployea" to?
gether with a <la\ .1? voted t0 the work Of
the varloua departments of the orgai
Hon. The thr.layo' aesston ?*.iil be
Closed With the annual dinnei at the Neu
Willard Hotel.
Invitations signed t'\ Beth Low, presi?
dent ?d tii" federatloo, have been addressed
to th.- governors of the various atates re?
questing them to send delegates to
me? tlniis.
! "The Street Called Straight"
A new serial novel by the author of
" The Inner Shrine "
The new ?erial bj the author of those two remarkably successful
novels, "The Inner Shrine" and "Tin Wild Olive," represents most
brilliantly tIie fullest development of the author's genius. It deals xxitli
a mosl im.(lern theme. 11> opening cha?ner?, portray ?cene? ?i. dramatic,
?i? ten?.?? m their .ntcr.-t, gs t.- be absolutely enthralling, and there ?s no
-, i latioii of interest lo the \ try end
llluttretei by 0R8OS LOWELL
H. G. Wells on Socialism
Whatever Mr. Wells writes h? male? interesting. \n?l here he is deal
nig with ;i theme that is in the air everywhere. He present? the cast
,,i Socialism in an absolutely new \xa> -a way thai is certain to be of
the greatest interest r,> every thoughtful man and woman
Mark Twain's Biography
Mbert Bigelow Paine, the authorised biographer of the s?rcat humorist,
picture?? lure one ol the mosl interesting periods of hi> life?the Missis?
sippi R;\rr days and hii firsl journey to the mining towni oi the far
west. Min h ?>t xxh.it be tells i- absolutely new information ?-ratlit-rr?!
ir?uii fiieu who w.'t. Mark Ixsain s teacher? and friends in those catlv
days. A life that reads Ilk?- a roman? e
7 Notable Short Stories
rhe stories of HARPER'S arc famous, and here is a group which is
peculiarly striking Some "t the best stories are by new writers?
notably s delightful holiday story, "The Musical Top.** by Vale Downie,
There i? a touching storj of the < ?vil War, by Elsie Singmaster, and
one of Mary vVllkfns1 mosl characteristic talcs beautifully illustrated in
color, other stories are by Gwendolen Overton, Mrs. Henry Dudeney,
Rlirabeth Jordan,
Howard Pyle, Illustrator
V notable group of the great illustrator's mosl famous pictures ?.f th;
pasl twenty years, with an appreciation .-i his art
Send in your subscription? now in order
that you may have the new serial complete
HARPER & BROTHERS - Franklin Square - New York
"f/e Olee
In Non-Refillable Bolles
"And seek no further,
For better can't be found."
Board Dismisses One Who Had
Become a Mother.
The Hoar?) of Education started t mo'
merit yesterday to forre the re-dunation of
women tenchem who marry, or who are
niarrl-?-.. The hoard dismissed Mrs Clara
B chess f,,r neblet of duty. Th.? alleged
negleet wax ba?e?; on the fact thai sh" re?
mained away ?luring a period win n B babj
K'aa horn te her In AiiRiisi lajf
Th? subject brought on a disc
.Man. women teachers were present,
among them Miss Grace Btracban. presi?
dent <.f the Association of Women Teach?
ers, who led th?? Bghi for th.? egual pay
hill. Th.? aromen teachers were dlaappoiat
? d, however, in n?.t bearing tin' dlecuosion,
as the board wenl into saecntlvs session.
Mi-' ?h.ss was ii te;,cher in I'uidic
School ?o. in Th?? Bronx. Early in Wee? m
i??-r she was ordered t" appear before the
??'iminitt'.n elementary schools to an?
swer the charges mad" against her. She
?ii?i not appear, an?i the committee recom?
mended her dismissal.
Agnes M 1'all, I tea'lier in I'uhli? School
". In The Bronx, 1ms i.eeti in ?'hlna for
i month?? Yesterday ?it?; was die?
: "n cherges of neglect of duty.
Descendants of Indian Fighter Looked
Like Washerwomen. Said Divorcee.
B] T? es "' '?? T1"* Tl '"'t"' 1
Si LOUIS, DOC. ff, .John T. BoOttO, jr..
hint of Daniel Hoone. ha?? obtain?-?.!
a divorce at Clayton from Kti??'i Edwards
Boone, great-great?graadnlece of Thomas
j? it? roan,
one of the allegations Boone made .
\\|tn??ss stand was that his wife repeatedly
told him thai her i.un:!?, tree ??.a-? Buperlor
to hi-, that she conotdered Thomas .leffer
son a mor?? distinguished ancestor than the
Kieat kentuck) pioneer and Indian lighter,
and t..ai sin- repeatedly declared th" Boonea
looked ilk.? washerwomen when compared
with the Jefferaons.
Boone is an Insurance promoter and the
aon ?if Colonel John T Boone, who was
many years Western agent foi the New
i'ork Life insurance Company. Mrs Boone i
is the daughtet of tie late Thomas C. Kd- ?
wanis, of Jettera m City, Ma
The Corporation of foreign Bondholder?
of London snd the banking hones of if. B.
Ilolllns .?. Co., of ttii** City, yestetdav 1
Bued a joint call for the depoett ??f bonds
of the Btate ol Mississippi, win? h were
placed upon the public markets in Europe
and this counto before the Civil War.
Tin? proceeds of one issue were Invested by
Mississippi, to th.- extent of B.OM.gM), In the
stock of the Planters' Bank of that state
Subsequently a similar Issu.? to the amount
of t,"..i?j?j."i-i was made. The state has l?e.;i
In default ?>f payment on the bonds sfn'-e
the Civil War.
Mailed anywhere in the United States
for $2.50 a year. ?
Charities Department Run for
Tammany, Employe Asserts
I Following a quarrel with c
i Drummond ol the Department ,.f - "? .iriti?,
A .1 M< Naii-.- . i. rdaj r? Ign? ri
Hal lnv?*stlgator, chai ? nia ?f.
forts to clean up the ?**aste au.I in?-fTi, >,,,..
In the daperunenl were not su ? ??.<? ?>
it,. Commissioner.
?!-;,.u tmenl I - r n as . m
?. politic ?1 Club, and it 1 x r , .?.
guenca of Tammany Hall," said M Mr.
N'allv last nicht. "Ti," hr^t ?'
tt'tssioiier, iSrtnk .1 QOOdWin, uses the of.
? Of CM? ?'?? ? -rtmerit h? the office ?if th?
7th Iilstrh-t Tanimanx Club, o| Whl h he ts
leader. employing department st?no? ,
era to ?!?> the i lerk al wort
"Tlieie SI? so va |
iiitiKs to tha Commissioner's attention, so
i resigned, It came t?> an Issue .?'?...??,
II and Mr. ?".?xKlwln. and th- ? mtajg,
?loner would not uphold ma In tl ? *ur\\ h?
had :-;i.?<iallv -?gauged ttM to do The i*?.
pai*tjnent aeeds cleaning out The .'on?.
mlsaioaer la the man tha? could do
for some reason [can't i i tea sa
effort to do
John Spolan Sentenced for Obtaining
Credit Falsely.
John .-?t'olati. Hlia? M. A Ko man ?.a?
. ;,, ?,] to ten mont
I us?t 1. e-4 Kork? r. /Mar
aim Fleming f?.r defrauding cr***dlt ? it>
wet proa? ? 'ie-i by counsel f<
\.;-in and A?ljustmenl Ai so? ?a
behalf ol Samuel Btaman ft Co., memNfi
i n h u- the nam- of ll-izniai' -
talned ?, ?-? i it from Sisman ft Co., i. p.
Dommerlch ft Co. and others in lune, aal
as s.-oii a? he reOSl? "I t'?h -i
ochei ' assj
to auction Iwusea, where they wet
il.- was at*r**a*t?vd June tl <.n a wa
i .. a aon of m a i |>
man, dr. .La n erchanl -.t AmVterdani ar?
entta ind 137th atreet. II?' mad? ?tltutiaa
',, El i- i?, ft ' n.n!
Dr. Lyon's
Tooth Powder
Used by people of refine
, ment in every part of the
! world where the use of the
tooth-brush is known, for
j Almost Half a Century.
Pandora's Box S New Year
? The old mythological tale of Pandora and the box which
contained so many evils, but held Hope at the bottom, has
inspired JAMES MONTGOMERY FLAGG to draw t
specially fine cover design in colors for our next Sunday
Magazine. In this case Pandora is a modern American girl
of a most charming type, who is about to open the box of
mystery to find out what the New Year will bring. But
whatever she finds, there will be
the year round. This year's final number will be a good
indication of what to expect. Three prize entries, a Shorty
McCabe tale, an illustrated song, and an article by Foxcroft
Davis will be among the features.
The Magic Word
is th fust cf the trio of prize entries. An idyllic tale ol th? way
to human happiness.
The Revolutionists
? A thi tiling tale of a thwarted revolution in Spanish-America.
A strong candidate for a prize.
That Find Up River
* A unique and sensational adventure in Africa is the theme of
this charming story. Americans and Arabs the characters.
Our Next Illustrated Song
? "Ring Out, Wild Bells," by Alfred Tennyson, with a drawing by
Franklin Booth, makes a most appropriate feature. One of the
best of this series.
? "The Casket of Memory." a clever sketch by Kate Mastersoo;
'Grand Opera in English," by Riccardo Martin; "Little )cnnf
Wren," by E. McCaughtry; and an instalment of Samuel Hopkins
Adams's tine mystery tale. "The Great Game " help to make up a
star number of our magazine.
Sunday Magazine
New-York Tribune

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