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Jton^otk ?ttbtnu.
Thts newspaper is mined and pub?
lished by The Tribune Association, a
Tiew York corporation ; office and prin?
cipal place of business. Tribune lluilil
ing, No. IM Xassau street, \ew York;
Offden Mill*, president; Og?cn If. Rei?,
secretary; James M. Barrett, treasurer.
The address of the officers is the office
of this newspaper.
frt'BSCRlPTlON RATR8.?By Mall. Voil?
age Paid, outride of OfeetSV New York:_
Dallv and Surelnv, one month.$ .TO
D ?id Sunday, ?li months. 4.00
Dally and BuBttsy, ?WH > ear. 800
Dally only, on? morn h.50
r>?*4tv only. ?Ix mo-.ths.8.00
. (I 00
only, sis monthji. 1.25
Sunday onh . one yest. . XB9
Forel?fn Mit-icrlptions to all countries In the
l'i?lvcr??i Postal Union, including postage.
Oa. no.nt!. . ?l.Vi on? year.J17.1H>
Ml saoatta . 8SO? One year.I'VU
oath.fi.iK Oa? year.$12.26
< \\ ? TES.
Cn? month.$ .??o i On?? >?*?r.$10.0?.
One month.$ .M? f'l?. \?*r.$?3.00
On? month.$ .70 On? year.84.58
EnterM ?1 th?. Poato4Bc? it N.-w York aa
S> ond ris?? M ?il Matter.
1 i 't'i:i?..\'. Dr. Sun Vat-sen was In?
augurated at KanklQg provisional Pres
Ident of th- republic of Chli s. The
Empress ?Dowager of China contributed
soi te $2,000,00? i? the antlererolutlonarj
tarar ? i*. >t. Seven hundred Chinese
soldiers *:u;ir?iitiR the arsenal ?it Lan
Chau mu'in?? -?i: the commander fled
Paraguay *raa reported still In ttr*
throes ?>f u revolution; the capital vrai
blockaded and all communications inter
rupted. Judge Juan II. Menoca.1
appointed B cretary sf Justice in the
? in government, succeeding J. M. Bar
raqu* Th? figures of tin- Belgian
census, 1110, ?rere published; the popu?
lation of th' country waa shown to be
: i ?8.784.
i ?i iMKfTi?'. Benator i.a Kolletta
failed '??? appear at ?Lansing. Mich., snd
Governor Osborn, taking charge of the
meetlng, made a apeech > ritici-ing the
Wisconsin ??Senator's record, ?= 0%k)
Progressiv? Democrats formed a
to ?ght ?he- Prealdentlal candidacy of
Governor Jtadsen Harmon, their senti?
h., nt being Btrongb for Bryan. A
Boston dispatch said that Sheriff 8.
ol SulVe.Ik County, Mas?, died from
worry about th?* Rev. C. V. T, Rlcheson,
a rlergyman accuaed of murdertni a
girl. A Woman seer sent ? long
inanns? ript copy of "n-vela lions" te.
Champ Clark, in which ihe warned the
nation that it faced the fate of ?Sodom.
: The trial of the Indicted beef ?pack?
era was r?sumer?, al ?'hie-ago, with Henry
Vreeder again on the stand. ---? W. M.
Mover, warden of the federal ?prison at
Atlanta, fair! ?'. W. Morse had offered
*??m $1.900; the warden viewed the offer
as a briba. In the United states
District Court al Loa Angeles Olaf
Tveitmoe, Anton Johannsen and 1. E.
lfunaey, indicted int.or leaders, obtained
delay until January 12 before entering
?their pleas - r- Mrs. May Harrington
Stallo tiled suit In Cincinnati for divorce
from Edmund K. Stallo. of New York.
~?rr? Slight earthquak? ahocka were
felt in Northern Illinois and Sc?futhem
"Wisconsin. = -? A temperature of 32
degree.? below tero was reported from
Grand Forks, N. I?.; a bll zard raged In
Montana.-The Albion National
Benk, at Albion, Mich., was placed in
the hands of the Controller of the Cur?
?'ITV.?Stocks closed higher.
Mrs. John I Crosby, president of a
woman's domestic organization and wife
ol a lawyer, was the first woman to be
?nade a special deputy by Sheriff Har?
burger. a????i. Alfred Tennyson Dickens,
son of Charles ?Dickens, the novelist. di?d
suddenly from heart .lisoaso at th ? Hotel
Astor. = :??' glstrate Corrigan aald
Police Commissiotit-r Waldo aras neglect?
ing his duties to further his ? olltlcal
ambitions; Mr. Waldo said th** magia
trate was on friendly terms with Tend r
loin character:? -- Mr. Roosevelt de?
clined tc? discuss varioua rumors >?s to
his willingness to gee* pi the Presidential
nomination, sa; ing he would make a
publie statemei** when he had anything
to say. ssBs Tho trial of Patrolman
Barry for fah.ely arresting g Brooklyn
youth came to an end before Deputy
Commlasloiaer Walsh, and decision is
exported In the ?-r.se to-day. t The
Allis-Chalmtrs bondholdera' committee
made- arrangements srith the ?'entrai!
Trust Company Ic advance the January
interest on the bonds defaulted )>\ the ?
manufacturing company.
THE WEATHER - Indication- I
day: Bnow, Th? t.-mperatur" yesterday:
Hlgtv-M 38 degrees; lowest,
a number ..i New York physicians,
Under the lead of Dr. William .M. Polk,
presiden! Of IbS Academy ?if Me-1i' in".
are promoting o movagMOl to have tlie
gargeon general t?f lb?* Matins Ho
pilai Servie?. tgkc - ?iiiplcleh tinder L?S
juri*-<licno!i Hi'- tdndntsttttton of ?piar
antiii" aiu\ all bealtli regulation at this
port, In se?'kin;.' t<> snpp'ant, fop pditi
mi reasons, ?i ?piarantine administrator
whose sixteen years of aervlce have
K.'it'ecuard.'d ?he ? ??ti??? c-?.u,itr\ trotA
the ii]]p..rtati'>n pi epidemics Governor
r?i\ has gfoatlj atrengthonod iiiis
I? i- ??in? of th?- ?urieuis itie-on
clef? of publie administration In this
country tbgl 'he Marin.- Hospital Ser?
vice should, in providing a nation ii
rjiiiii-antine n.linii?Ktr-.??i?-n. ? ?ye? pi from
it- immediaD' .??irivdictioii ?Boston, Diil
adelpliia and New York, the three great
immigrant fjitUWJS \tnl jtA cholera,
the plague. itBgUpOg and yellow ?0T1-T
?InioKt iiiv:?ri.il?l> come over in the
?teerage On the ??liier hand. Immigra
t1??n ltSOtf If re?ulateil entirely by th?
lierai gOfOTUBOnt. flliljciigli it i- ??b
tIouhIv as tniportant lo the ?country ;?l
large that n<? contagious disease lie In
ported is that no undesirable aliens
make h permanent landing. So long as
Dr. Doty, with the backing of the state
government, sjpjod gngrd here ijglnsl
Um invasion of transatlantic peats
necossi'y for I t:niti?-?l ijttCfli of ban?!
ling dis?'used iinmimants w;is little ap
prsdgtOtL But. ho" fI? s?t his (enure ol
ofh-??? seems doubtful, to ?ay the les :
and the iiumediate welfare of tin* ?mi
lire nation is shuvvn to l?e at the mercy
of a slate executive responsible to a
tety siciall p.?reent?ige of the countcj
population, the injustice and the dan
Mf of th? situation become clearly ap
parent, (ioveruor Dix may and he maj
not appoiut a successor to Dr. Doty who
?will Dfgsnra in? to Dr. Dotsr'g stand
srd. In any event local?that is. st-?' ?
politics vill undoubtwlly dictate the
appoiotmeut, since n?> other than the
political explana lion of the attack on
Dr. Doty atfems ?rcdlbli'.
lu petitioning the (Jovcruur to reap
point Dr. lK>ty, soine of the most emi?
nent physician? of this city have al
i.-.-.ely pointeil out the probability that
next summer the danger of a choiera
Invasi'-n from the Moillterranean will
I..- greater thon H waa during last
MimiiK'r, v.'heii I?f Duty's defensive
iiieaMires prove?! 80 lUOfWlftlL With
gfq but the .strictest quarantine B?
mii.ir'ration here in New York at thai
time the country may expect several
giiipload* of infected immigrant* to be
sprinkl.-d o?r?t iis fair expanse i?> "-ti??"'
?i imlnnal <?| iilmiio, for bot w ecu O_0
lialf and two-thirds of nil Ht ???r? _??
|?ii-.?oii-?'i? ;irri\ 1ti-_ :it llils port ?H?M
through the city niul ?tut.? t<? i?l!i?T
?llllsilil'tiilllS. "| 01 H|g lH'otPCtioll
against meta ? < ? ?nt i t icr**t mv lindar I'1?'
p**eaen1 a***fte_i ?? i??fi in tbe ??*__***?
li??n? of l<??'Ul politics.
li happens that the federal govern
mont ;?lt*?>:i(ly possess?-? in lii?? Marin?'
Hospital Servit-?? practicallj nil the ma
chlnery DQCta,aarj tot a national rjuar
antin?- a<lniiiiis1rati<?n embracing every
port. Tim law, too, !? such that little
or tin legislation would 1??* h?'?'?1?h1 to
offoci n tranafer. M??reov?-r. ibis pnr
tlciilar branch of ihe administration ti?
tile Treasury Department hns made an
enviable reputation f??r ?-Hi? iein-.v nnd
for the high grade ??f its personnel, de
v?'lup?7'?l li.v an alnMMl complet?* ab?
sence or politics ami a long prevalenl
system ??f promotion ac<*ording t?? merit.
II. lias fairly won tlie confidence O? the
I?r. ltoty himself ninl every <?ne of
tlie membara ?>f his consulting board,
which iiiclinlos Dr. I'olk. are in- favor
?>f Ute change, aecn-fding !? good au?
thority. To transfer <?" ofBee of Ute
uiinost Importance doI alone t<? ttte
i'lilted Stales Im? In Hie whole of
North America, one which reqnlreg a
carefully trained expert with a high
"sense of civic duty and responsibility
for ils ,'nliiiiiiistmrloii. from the jinis
ilictii-:. ?,f llth Street to thai <?f the
specialists at the boa?! of ihe Marine
Hospital servi?'?' would i?? n change SO
likely at this lime to produce fortunate
results that it is at least worthy ??I the
most eami's! considera l ion.
II fun,.
The prottssts thai bave been made bj
??ertaiti Western slates airains? Pr?sident
Taft's consideration of Judge Hook
name for the Supreme court vacune)
reveal tbe strung t*? *? * i i 11 _r thai ?-\ists in
that pftll of the country about the Min
ms,ta rate decision, just ?'is ?liil the
stuhlen show of passion by th? IsOV
arnora* confer??; ??? last summer. Judge
Hook's offence, m the Western eyes, is
the same ?s thai which led the ?,ov
ernors in Intemperate langnage :<? ?ie
nounce the tyranny ??f the federal bench
and to name a committee to go i?> Wash?
ington and "impress" the Supreme Court,
it is Impossible t<> sympathise with th"
slat?- of mind or with th?? Intensity ?if
ibes?? new states' rights advocatea K?r*t_
ing is more needed than system in the
regulation of railroads. Their control
iv turo hxlependenl authorities ?,r sets
of Buthorities showing litt!?* ????????era
tion hut often jeahuisy. 00 the e??ii':'.try.
is Injurious t<> the real interests ?f tbe
country. The decision in which Judgc
Hook concurred opened ihe way to i
-sensible solution of th?' present ??ith
CUltles. H was probably sound '.aw.
moreover, f??r ii is not to be supposed
(hat when I lie slates surrendered to''on
gross th?- authority i?? regulate Inter?
state coinnierce they rcsei'ved the rigid
io hamper and Interfere with thai regu?
lation under ill?' guis?? of regulatingcom?
merce within their own borders. The
Supreme Court h??s sine?- rend?'-?'d ,i <*e
? isinn which baa by inany been lnlerpret
ed as indicating that When It tak-'s up
th?' Minnesota rate case it will sustain
tbe view of Judge I look iind his ,-i
Perhaps such .? contli-veray over the
consideration ?>f a bulge's name for pro*
nioiion would I??- avoiiled If the CfiStom
prevailed of judges refraining from Hit
tins ?m appeals from their own decMOQS,
Jndge Van Devanter sat on the appeal
his own decision in the Standard
oil case, and It made no ?lifference. H l?
n??t unlikely that if Judge ii????k should
l>e ai*pointed and ?hoiild ?it on the appeal
from bis own decision it* would lik? -vise
make no different*?, nut the prospert
uaruraHj arouses oppoail lou, and the ens
loin, it ii continuas t?> prevail, win make
difficult the promotion <>f judges who
have ?at recently in jrreat Caflea whi'h
ai? to oome up ??n appeal, f??r Itievitably
judges "f indep?-n?l**nco und f"f?-f* wll!
displease some Interests by the poaltlou
they bave taken in lower courts, and ',!
would be unfortunate if what some
would regard ?ts a dls<<*n_a11_cation (none
ease should bar the country from wnr
ing the s.-r? Ice of au es-pool?? 'Iv able
?u?i_?' ?>n ih?- Suprema i-??n?-h.
17/1- -J'LA) i\<: DOUBLE"!
it i? doI surprising that tin? ifanchus
snsj.ocr il? Prime Minister <?f China of
?ut. doubl?'." There are. ind?*ed,
three major reasons why they might
uatnrally expect him to do so. One is
their tram prononces to 'play double"
and their inclination, shared with mosl
other pnopla in Ihe w??r!d, lo judge
others by themselves. Another I?- the
familiar practice of ?loin? that same
thing in which i bines? statesmen and
politicians commonly Indulge. The
third is th" well known record of Mr.
Yuan himself, who through??ul Ids pul?
ii<- career has been <?ne of the most
versatile opportunists in the world,
turning from on?- side to the other with
the utmost ""Spedition .'?ml nonctelance.
He was thus regarded as having be
traye-d the Fdiipeior and tbe reformer?
to the forniiilablc Iiowager >tap**flaj
in tlie last Naga, r.nd for that cause
has stnee been reir-irded with distrust
atui reeentmeni by many of the? i*eform
A ?liscriiuinating estimate, however,
will bold Yuan Sbih-kai to be not a
irait?ir nor a trickgter, but an oppor?
tunist in the more creditable sense of
thai term. To ?me aim and principle
and - .ins?' Ii?- is unswervingly loyal,
ami thai is th" welfare of the Chinese
Empire When th?- urging of reforms
v, ?'m? io tend t<? thai end he is the
ii?,si strenuous of reformers. Whayj re
forms hard been inopportune and im?
practicable he has been conservative
almost to reaction. That he is at heart
a reformer is not to be questioned in
view* of the fact that nearly all of the
substantial and significant reforms In
late years In China have la-en due lo
bis Initiative. Arxl lha!, by the way. i?,
another reas??n why i lie Mancbus
should not have expected him t?> be a
thick and thin supporter of their re?
actionary and moribund nil?-.
At tbe present time Mr. Yuan Is con
frontfd w-itU great?-!- p? rplexities und
difflniliies than any other Chinese min
ist?T, at least in our day. has known,
ii?? is in ? situation which demanda the
exeivise ."??ail opp??i'tiiiii>t policy. It
1k going lo be a hard task t?> save
China from disruption, chaos ami for
"_g?g Intervention --perbapa lmpojs*e_le i??
hOM th?' whole empire tug?.! her- and lu
undertaking thai task singic-handi-d
he will nei'd to use v\^vy ?,id thai be
may be able I?. enlist and t.? seek al?
ways the lim- of 1,.,-isf resistam-e. It Is
an open ?piesiion whether it would i???
bettor t?i i*eb#bUlt__a C__M as a rtpub
II?- or us ?, .???istittitloiial nionatihy, sjag
ii Mr. Yuan liesJtute? I?, comnili him?
self uiir?-s?-rv?-dly to either si?le )li: |*j
guided by counsels of prudenee. If Dr.
Sun and his followers **Mcofd In esy
tablishlng their republic. Mr. Yuan
,p;iv llr.d II too late to ggl down on
! thai ilde of the feii.-e. [Qtjeed, there
i?, reason to rl?'ui?t If be could ai Any
til,,,, .nul on a ay grounds have mad?'
himself scrsoSVS grata to them. Hut
whatever happens, bo must be credited
j arltb having made | brave and glMOl?
? fish fight fug th? Integrity ?'f the CM?
11..aay RmptrV.
According to Governor Chose R. I B>
bom of Michigan Bengtor La l-'?>llette
is a Pt?gieaolve who believes >n mak?
ing progress along ?the easiest way."
Eren the most lion-heart? d reformers
before thia have been known to prefer
t,. follow the lin?' <>!' '?'asi ?resistance to
demnlishing oM abuses, anil there Is BO
Inherent Improbability In the Govera
..r's arermenl thai Mr. ?La Follette *??
lects with not a little circumspection
the political dragons which he pun?..-?
to slay. It will be interesting t</ see
how the Wisconsin Senator meets the
charge that he shrewdly picked out
railroad <l'minati<.n as a profitable
tiling to war against in Wtaconsln,
while clotting his eyes to H.iuallj
objectionable domination of ill" brew
erics and the saloons.
Governor Osborn la himself some
thing "i' a Progressive ami showed the
I quality of Ida proa^vsslvai?ess laat sprlnfj
by supporting ill" Canadian redprocit]
agreemeal <>n its merits as I national
policy, in spite of ?lie fact I hat there
was a good deal of opposition 1" it for
I local reasons in his own state Mr. I.a
Pollette announced that !)<? favored
<'anadian reciprocity in principle, hnt
managed to Hod frronnds for opposing
the compact ?before Congrew the only
one which there was any chance what
BOOVe* "I' getting Canada t?? accept.
Observation of the SVIscxmaia Penator'a
! laciics ,-.t that time may have- led Mr.
? Osl orn Into further search for eri
i donees of "easlesl way" progress. \i
?gny rate, be flrankly admitted yester?
day thai be was puzzled to account for
what seemed In liiin a tendency on Mr.
i.a Follette'a pan to take up "those
"things which might be termed popu?
"lar and thai contained the least dan
??ger to himsi'if." The Governor'a on
flattering ??.iutrfon In the matter was:
I have OOtiOSd ;-l o thai while S i
La Follette did ute.it work In ridding
Wisconsin of corrupt railroad domina?
tion, he has never said anything against
brewery domination In thai state. Really
M between the two i should prefer rail?
road domination. However, it was good
pol?tica to right the railroad In Wlaeon
shi. bul it would not have got H 'na
tc.r La Foiirtie anywhere probably If he
bad foughl the brewery-owned saloons.
it is i great thing i" know when t<>
tight ami whom to light. Been Got?
error Osborn will admit t 1::jt Don
Quixote would probably have been able
to win oflice on a reform plat form it
lie had known how to keep Rosingnte
always centering along "th?- easiest
1 way."
Why atandardize the golf bail: if
standardization bad been adopted 'n the
days when the Scotch played the /.une
with feather-stun eil -[.liens L'"lf would
nev? r have reached the enormous .?eve!
opmenl tiiar it bas attained today, in?
ventions have Improved the gain?*. 'I'll?
lively ball lias added to its delight. Ereo
the duff er can nos boost of the "two-bun?
dti-d?ygrfl drive," whil?' the beert >i the
good player It ael upon one- of throe
hundred yards. With traps and hn--..ir?l
the gaine Uia] always be k?'pl sulli?'i 'iitly
difficult,no natter what distance annlbl?
j Istlng Invent Ion the futur?- j letds,
It is ju-l beCSUSC golf is not .land
srdized thai ii baa Blieb attraction, for
it- devotees There i- room "for bull
\ ?dualism. > oil may put wil'i an Instril
meni rnodelied upon a ssfet) razor, The
revolt wblcb followed a rule from si
Andrewa barring that putter showed boa
dear i- lodlviduslitj In golf. The hell
yon us?- may he tilled with wound rub
ber, with water, compressed air or a
dosen other things Flach ...?e ?.f the
hundred klnda of halls, with pimples,
dents <>r wstts on Us surface, tbes fur
tiu-st. travels most truly, stays best on
the potting green from an approach <-h??t
and puts best, in the opinion of 0? de?
r- ddei there la slwaya the lore of
Hometbing better, the bail thai will reallj
do ail the things thai tech player ??jaerti
bravely of 'h. that he for ihe m<.
menl pins his faltb upon ?;.?ii is r-*allj
I -"arch for perfection, for th?? perfect
"form." the perfect airing, the perfect
waj ??f playing 'he approach shot "dead
to th?' h??ie.'" the perfect putter and the
perfect bell. In other things men Hre
content wltfa les? then ?perfection, bal Ml
In golf. Wh> shut th?- ?loor to the ideal
In the timid belief that when the Ideal
i- realised the '_-.'mio will be no more"/
\l.lI \.s WlTHiy tu B QATi
This cit\ hn- long been nuiipie in the
extent, and variety of Its alien p<*nula
tion. Nowhere else In the world I? M
many nationalities- ml\ In lartre muses
and In DO other metropolis i- the fnttO
of foreign bora t?i native anytliing like
so hL'h. \..u York's exceptionally rapid
growth in the last tWO (h'ade- has boen
due in large part to the steady inflow
of Immigration, and with each reara"
?deanes the dtj has become more and
more alien in tongue ami blood,
\ Can? I'.ureau hulletin just bsttlOd
jfivM some interi'sting details of the
?lien invasion. In liipi this clly htd
1.7'."'.*,**>*.'. inluibltaiils, of whom I. !?'_>?;. ? ? hi
were foreign born whites. Indoding
Chlnaofl, Japonota and West Indian ne
groes, th" foreign born population prob
ably aggregated 2,(K)0,0tXi in round num
h?is. Nearly In per ?*cnt of tJsOM wlioin
the census classifies as New Yorkers are
?>f foreign birth, and they, with their d? -
s?endants in the first generation, i".- in
a large majority iu the foremost Ameri
can city. It is true that Ihe first gener?
ation is airead-, far on the way toward
Americanization, but the fact remains
that this city continues as native In spirit
and tendencies a- ii does solely tlinuigli
the grip which our civilization takes ll
once ?m those newcomers on whom ii ua
free opjiortuiiity to work. Tlie public
?efctJQl is undoubtedly the most pOWOtfol
of the agencies which shape th.- n.'wcr
generation int.nformlry with th?
live moil?!.
The Census liiiieau- report flWclogqi
a marked change since Mm in tin- - ! |r
aeter of the city's ?ill?.], population, i
iiieriy the two ?-hii'f foreign elements
la ie were the Irish and the ??email*.
They catered actively into ihe life ,,t t;?.
ci?y and dire?iiy affected its politics and
lie standards of living. Now both Dish
and Ggnatll immigration boa been
check?'d. The iiuniber of l.'erinaii born
here decreased between \'Mn) Hi).l 1910
from 834,198 to rojOO and the mimln-r
<?f Irish bo? from *J7r..n7.'. to '^'J.-ji??.
Those two nationalities have now been
.unnumbered bj th.- Italians, who ',nve
hT-Teajjsd from ??_M__ t<? **_**>,i???: |j Ihe
AuslroHuiigariiitis, who linvi- iiiere i?. -I
from i.:i.!?!??_? !?> atsifiOO, and b] the I?i?s
slane. who ha*.?? ?sow cune i?, the fronl
With -S?-00 soul.?- n?'!irly aa many as
the irb-Ji ainl ?.?miau? eom!?i'u'il.
The niiwniv o? naliona'iiii-s in ?>u**
melting pot ?s far i??jore nrlegated wen
than it wal in r.KK?. One would hardly
siispcci thai there were "*_,100 Bums
niatis in Xev *i ??rk iiior?- than th?
i-'i'-n? h ami Swiss jogith'-r. The aewei
s from E-jtern i__rope have mi :?s
ye? made much of ?'i mark <?n the city's
lift*. They are disposed t?? cling to*
lether and are ?|<?w in becoming Ameri
eaniaad, Tlie problem of BMlmlbtting
them is still before us. Yet ii can hardly
be ???iisidered a depressing ?m?- in *. lew
of the measure of aUCCaaa with which
the process ?if ??inverting ilte alien raw
niati'i'ial of dei'iuies pasf tut?? gOOi
American citizens has been carried <>n.
vVheth"*r the photographs purporting
to depict ?Mr. ??ompcrs standing on the
American flag are "fakes" or are actual
views taken on the occasion when he
was compallad to mount n table draped
with the Bag I" order to get. above a
?crowd that he was nddresfiirifr, th? ? ,
ter is of no importance, and the attempt
to arouse prejudice against Mr. Qomp? 1*8
by their circulation Ig discreditable to
? iiios? who Indulge in it. I,urge cuestiona
concerning .Mr. Compere's alms ami <?,n
?iiict are al lasue. silly ahns? ami petty
mls?-oristni''tlon of him will n??t promote
the right Th,. Tribune has gravel)
crtticised Mi. ?lompers's course in 1h<*
McNamara and other matters. It would
lncuic-it.. respect f?,r the flag. Bui it
OMS no reason for fUSS abOUl the table
incident, for ?ven If Mr. Qotupers hap
pened while speaking from s tehle tor?
to put his fool over the line where the
flap waa ?irai ? ?1 there Is no evidence ol
lnt?-n?le?| (li?re?poot to it.
The Tribune called attention yeeterda)
morning to s?)ine of the apparent I: well
founded ("omptaints of .Iu?1kc ?,?<>rge C,
Holt of the miserable accommot*
furnlahed to the Judges of the Cnited
states courts in this city. Hy a striking
ir' n?-t a happy coincidence .Imiite Holt
eras a peeaeuger yesterday morning in
an elevattjr which gol w?sdged In 'is
?shaft In the I'ostoill) ?? Building, mnr<>?>n
ln?< those on board f??r twenty minute?.
That la n*u a very unusual occurrence
in tin- Poatoffice Building. No on? t*an
?ay thai th<- judge dren an his Imagina?
Uon In tteplctlug id?- ln?**onvenlenceg t->
Which he ami his colleagues In th'
trict ar<- rabjected through the n<
or parsimony af < ton-1
in taking P"' ahoi. at wild animals
from aeroplanes there will be perhaps .1
r.?w ami fascinating sensation, bul the
quality of the sportsmanship WtU be
open to question.
"The Louisville Courler-.lo'it rial" re
cently con?__ned a special diapatch i_
portln? that Oie l'on. I'ny V,.laon,
Kentucky's member of th?- Demo rat!?
national Committee and aecretary of
thai body, was in Chicago **o*_ductJng .1
"gum-shoe" campaign In Q-ivarnor Jod?
Hon Harmon's lntet*est. it aras disclosed,
with th,? mysterious emphasis usually
hud on such discoveries, that Mr. W 1
s??n had not r< lister? ?i at the hotel where
he was staying am! had hn?l telephone
connactlona with his room auapended.
Buch reporta are fearfully dtequleting.
It i? rank cruelt) to a st it.srnan ?,f tin
II?.n. I'rey'? expansivenes? to s?t him ?.n
a still hunt In sqUoakleas foloshas. "n?'
might as Well skpect the Ron. "Ollle"
James lo discuss the devtltriea ol "th?>
nit? rest- " In | w bJi ;
//// 1 1/.a ??/ 1 hi: i> 11.
A Mete fork business man who 1? looked
L-pon ns "ejueer" b? ??.m?? of In? f
becauM I"- v ill give employment lo no one
?md?r tweety-on?
dgerettee and who does nol attend ?
?? rvl? ?-s at least twice ?-very niontli gave
all his employes Christmas presents Th?
young people ?11 i??.l\?-?i an extra v...?.,?
pay end e ?boa marked "a useful -
Tbl? contained u in? ? ll saving? b
which was fastened ?? card irltb ?ii|s In
?cription ' Pis with this ?once ev<
Until yea try yon will not know bo?? much
fun ther?- I? In It It will make yon Worth
mor? to ?"OUT Country, to your famll
to me "
"Wnat 1? BUI- HerdatH diln*
?.?l Rmith? 1
??Oh, he'a worktnc In?" son's wnv through
r?llese." *<"!<* little Mink? Harper's
,tr,i,n y K Powell, ? *rtattstl?5l_n of :
vannsh. wes di?< ?H'lng tin- BOW fed Of
sdentlftt managem? nl
?II |S guff." sab! Mr POWsU il is Wind)
guff, m? n writ?- scientific inanagemenl en?
??yclop??las to ?--ii you what ' P . Just
to ??ii ton that tie- riubt way ?<> manage
?,,iir h?l.*!ne?a 1? to manage ii
' The??> ?j-'f> ??i?,- managemenl freeks re.
mind tnc of n frc.-tl. teacher "f BIJ DO]
h,.?,d *
" ?ii?e tb? da?? of ih?- hnttle of Water?
loo,' he said I?? me ?me morning
"'1 forget It,' I an???.ered, aft?-, I
of minutes' thought
" 'Von should study tb?--? due?,' seid Biy
teacher, 'ho a? never to forg?t them. TiW.
this hattl? now. It'? rery simple. Itcnn in
ber th? twelve Apostles Add half their
number to them. Thai make? eighteen.
Ifultlpl) by a hundred. That make? tlgh
t??pTi hundred Qo back t?* th?- twelve
i\ -It^? again. Tal??? a sixth of their nutrj
i??r and add a twelfth to it. it Kive? you ??
t?.|r?l ?.f tlfteon. An?! tliore w haw it
eighteen hundred ami 'tftoir. th?- dat.? ?,f
th? battle of Waterloo. Whal could i><
"I'e you Ilk* dogs"" asked th? owner ol
a temperamental terril i
" '?-"'-lise me." replied Mr. BrastBS link
ley, "but my "pinion 'bout doi ?!.in' 'pear
to make any d!ff'ren?'e. What I wants to
know !? how dat dog f??cls towards folks."?
Washington Star.
?ait of the ??< nturles
Of old Cathay
Comes the awakening
Of to-day.
Tak? it up tenderly,
Handle with care,
Fashioned so slender!.-,
Bitch brittle ware.
H? most partlciiln.
Make no mistake,
A China republic Is
I.lkely to break.
W. J. f,A.MI'TON.
"I'm trying to catch up with my diary
before the end of the year. Haven't written
anything In tt for two month:;."
'Hut can you remember what y,ii <ll?l
even ?ia> '."
"Of course. I played hiidy?-." -Washing?
ton Herald.
"The Americans In Berlin read with much
Interest the 'American N?5lcs' which a
local paper is publl?hlng," writes a New
Yorker from that ?lly. ' Tn?; observant
note writer make.? B ?great fuss about the
practical hapdllng of baggage' and de?
votes much space to a full "aSS/ariptJoa of
tho check system a convenience wlil<h we
al home do not nppi ?-elate. Anioin,- llic
queer thing? under th?; hen?! of *C_S*_e__l
ht ?ay?: 'In New York \ou may w?-ar your
hut anywhere. \.-> on?- think? of removing
It In a place of business, but #o?i unto
him who keeps his head covered in ag ,io
vator If a woman happens to be a passen-I
per. On the stre?u. When V0" UMS* a nian
arhon i w kn??w, you seed not leasers
yoar hat In salutation. Yni? say "lltll<\
Bffly," end ha responds "HeUa, frita," and
both rush on, t?..> busy to ?ay more.'"
"Who It that nan with the tremendously
bulging ?brow?"
- it you knnv him? Th??"s Rlngleton.
the exp i' il- s the ?originator of a new
line e,r mathematical endeavor.
"What's that?"
"Averaging dividends for dissolved
trusts." Cleveland Plata ?Dealer.
The Tenants' Union Regards as Such
the Sullivan-Shortt Bill.
To th? IMii'.r Of Th ? Tribun..-.
Sir: Th.- letter "f President Miller to the
taxpayera of the Borough of The Bronx
published this in..ruing was read and con
si ! ?red by membera of the Tenants' union
committee on homes, whose object Is to
relieve the deadly congestion of population
In -an city by dlseonraglng the foreetatlsra
RM .-it's whom they believe to be re?
sponsible. Although the evil we are rom
batlhg |a most drastic, we desire to use the
mil.I means contained In the Sullivan
Shortl bill m Ihe nearest remedy Rt hand
: The gradual removal <>f ?he penalty thai
[preven?a the building of house? provided
for In this bill is not an experiment, only
an innovation . here. The same remedy has
been aiKjraaafulljf applied at Vancouver,
B. <'. Non? of th? dire consequences propb
? . -I by President Miller have appeared
(for waa the expected decreaea In
Hi" valueeof land apparent The wondrous
stimulus to the creation of Improvements
actuall) Increased th?* value of land, other
.Ut. s lu < "ana. la are iirlopflng the same
method 01 I ration In eelf-defencs to keep
ati their workers from moving to Van
what President Mil* r calla aa unnatural
Increase In buildings, which, eoiaipetlng
with on?' another, tnakea renl reasonable,
d.i. not worked barstdy In Vancouver. The
unnatural vacancy e?f convenient building
sit. i, doe to the greed of ttie osrnera tberaof,
is ill.- v. i v e ? ii which th" Sulllvan-Sh"i u
bill proposea i" miniate. I? it natural to
- ?. ? ? ?j may In many place? In Tin?
Bronx, ? block of tanements aurreunded
bj acr? s ... vac-ant lot??
.Mi 147111er complaina that ere are trying
t.. Irani.' |aW8 to OTI rOOtOS the law of sup
i i-ly and demand. What are he and the other
?yare, m fen stai!. re, ilssog to I acias sa
the eupply of land? \\'?- need po4 ask what
in. y m doing to limit the supply, t.? m .k<?
land artificially scarce, Th?- property awa?
re warned by President Miller thai
they must ptotect their lataessta through
their Senators and ftssemhlymsn. May u.
nut warn tie- tenants of The BronS that
they ?Must defend their own liw-s and the
terribly congested Uvea ?>f their neighbor?
In Manhattan through their Senators and
A ? 'ni b man?
Th.- Bulllvan-Bhortl bill is a Ufa defensive
I measure that ought to take precedence of
ail other measures before the Legislature,
elv< the support <>f all unsel
B ? Itlsens,
New V..rk, I?.-?-. 31. Kell.
Te tea K.llior of The Trlhuno.
! sir The rear I not tar advanced yet.
Bad I WOUld lik.- t?. suggest to all n-liglous
hers ?un? publie speakers
thai they make a resolution not to bring
religion hltO ["lilies or attnek a public
man ?>n account of his religion. It makes
n-? ?lirt'e'ren?'?- what church a puhllo official
lo, ?M if i" Roes to no eburca. Hla
religion ahould nol be mentioned In connec?
tion a?th his .-[h ?? We all know it make?
no dir ?t a m.en's religion la If he
1? a good, square, upright, honest man.
Th.- bast l*rsstdenl ws seer bad in this
v was ? man who belonged to no
rch i .'?:,. say be was a i ?nl
i rlaa. Ilia aaani* waa Abraham [asm?la.
N. ??'. Vork. Jan. I, l!?i:'.
T-. ?h? Bdltor of Th?- Tribe?a
Prank Bargen, in hi? tetter in to?
cia >"? Tribune, think? we ought to have a
\\ ?II. Y,i- do ti"t What
??e want Is a tuo and on' -half sent piece.
HOW many thousand? of articles nr.- ?..PI
to-day, either ?atablas er mar? sandtest :i1
?a.? for live cents or twelve for Z, rent?'.'
How man: thousand? of poor people t.u\
oni\ o?.f i hese ame i.-f., paying three
cents for the ?me article, whereas tf ? two
end sae-half ?m pie?-? were put in otrcutav
ll?)ii these same psopla CSUW BS? ?? half a
e-.-ii?" And h>.?\\ many half pennies ?lo yon
?hink re.ni.i he saved i>> the ihouasnda "f
poor cataaumera darin? a year? Million?? ?>r
them! \ two and one half cent t-ter-r i*
what ws ??ant not a tbces caul Nace,
Hem \ -ik, l?e? a, ion.
To th- ?Bdltor ?t The Trlhune
Sir : The -' item, nt thai haa a
markedly evil effect on ?he stomach" i? ?
not \. r\ ? convincing would
ii not be it food thins if the rast quanti?
fie? of confectionery rmawnnad ??v ?he
young wer? a ?TomMnation "f asase s??pie.
nutiitloata food product sritb thin wonderful
product of the t^boratM >. laataad at ixiio:
elaaoel alear sugni. v. hich hold? a r?rond
ctv ami perhaps semivocal place among ar
ticlaa "f 'tie?'' Ttie dteoovsr* sf saccharin?
coy?? to be of tremendous vain? in
th,- promotion "f health snd loogsvtt) I
pie, the addition ol a mtnuu partiel?
of saceharina to evaporated milk, flavored
and k"p? on |re, convert?; the prssailbsd
mono?.irions and repulsive diet of the ?u
berculoua to candv and awsetSBsats, on?
?-its which never yet cloyed th?
human palate. A. ? J\ I'SON, *| ?,
NOW Vork. Jin I, ir" '
Mr. La Roche Says He Has Suc?
ceeded; Others Doubt Him.
st/hen Loafs r Lo Roche, former!] ?*f
the I'mati.-e Department, went to the I'uik
Departm-iU last November he said ho
would reorgsnlse that dtps ii ment by Joan?
ary 1, 1912. Yesterday Mr. La Roche said
lie ha.l kept his word. The department, he
declared. WOf "?'?mplei.-ly raorginlssd "
Previous to Mr. La. Roche's appearance
.m the right hand man of < '?.mmUsloner
?toser. Haymoiid n. Fosdick, roiamlaaliainr
of Accounts, had attempted for many
montba t>. reorganize the Fark Department.
When fommlt/sloner Fosdlok heard yes?
terday that Mr. I.a Roche had perfected
his rejuvenation along He'tentlrlc lines he
"i;?..l bless Mr. Lh Roche! Has hi r- or?
gan Ized the. labor force, too?"
Commissioner Fosdick ?aid he would havo
to take Mr. 1.a Roche's word for It, be
cuuso he had not "been In touch" with
Commissioner Plover's department for
many months.
It whs barned yesterday that since Com?
missioner Fosdick had said In November
that--he "v.uahed his hands of the whole
outfit." referring to the Park Department,
the tWO d'-partment heads have not be? n
ii- nr (geh other.
According to Mr. l,u Roche, the. Park
usent now ,"dovstgllsM with the
system in vogue in th,. Flminc? Depaii
ne nt. and M ha? also made It possible to
keep the laboring force well In hand.
Home of the Park Depintmint offlclals do
not OKree with Mr. l.a ROOba
Berlin ellapatch to Tli? t/in.l.ui Kxpr*.??.
Th? ?.ei-ri'.iii. et of M?\'klciil.i.is '"?? kill?.I Dm
t.ix on harlielor? linpoaed laat month by the
I'r..\ Iii.-IhI l?l'i. lia. Iirlon?, en reaching th? as?
of thirty, were to hav? paid taxe?? i*> p^r 8801
hlK'i?'!' than marrOd mrn unless they w??re
? .l.ll?#d i" pioNi.l?) for re?l?tlves*. To-day
the- Mlnliet^r ft It" lut'-rlor ?rot?, to th? I'r?*l ?
,l, m af ?h* !>t?*t. atatln? ?hat th? govtirnment
war uiiji.l?? l>> aaaaaaaf there waa ?ny Ju?iit\?a
tlon for the proponed ?a?.
People and Social Incident*
I Ko?m T|,,- Tni,un. Bureau. |
Washington. Jan -?The executive nfrVc?
were generally deserted f??-?lay. Th" Presi?
dent rSB?slBSd in his privat- s?-"!;, in th*
White Uease t,> <>p?-r, dtetatfag ?*i? effi?
ciency snd economy message t?? A??i??tant
Beeretsay F?rster. Secretary mile? went
t?. Qntot?, Mil., to vim a iehoal ba atr
tended when a boy, and ?be rngag'-riient
liook lor the day wa? blank.
The President, Mr??. Taft, and MaJ"
tOSk a long automobile ride late this after
Miss Kdith Percy Morgan, of New lark,
who lm? bc?n a guest at tb. White RoUS
went home to-day. H?)b?rt Taft and his
college friends, who have also been at the
White House for the i'hrisfmas festivities,
returned to-d-ty to Harvard Law School
They are .lohn ?'. T?nvn.??-nd, Stanhope
Bayos Jones and Walter I^ogan, of New
York, ami fr< ?Prick Kckstein, of Cincin?
nati, whose mother 1? a personal Mead Sf
Mt ?. Taft and Spends much time with her
at tlie White House.
[Frem T\i'. Tn',?unc BUl
Wadilngton. Jan. 2 Mrs. MacVeagh ha?
as her house guest Mr?. Fl?k Warren, of
Boston, who arrived this morning. She
will assist Mr?. MacVeagh at the latter'?
fir?t Wednesday r?ception, (??-morrow after?
noon. Miss carver, <>f Chicago, also a
guest at ?be MacVeagh home, ?? 11
her hoste??.
The ,Se?retar\ of War and Ml-, Stlmsou
haw returned from KeW Torfc, where they
BPenl the holiday?. Mr?. Stlms?)ii i? in
d?ep mourning for her Btotber and will not
tak?- any parr In sedal affair? this season,
but will ho joined later by h-r ni?-??-, Miss
??amble. Tlie Secretery appeared niih the
members of the Cabinet ki ?iie Btae Room'
at the Whit? Hoi?M yest?:rdiy for a tune,
but ?III take no official part In s???-l??ty.
Mrs. Knox will be at home to-morrow
and will have with lier her aeWSSl ?!??u_li
ter-tn-lair, lire. Hugh s. Knox, formerly
Ml?? Katherine M,-Cook, of New York, who
arrlv??d with Mr. K'nox in lime lor ti,
ception at th?- White House yesterday, Al?
though Mi?. Hugh Kmix Is already well
known In Washington society, Ihl? will be
h?'r debut as a moinb.-r ?>f the ofli? iaj ?-ir? I?
Mrs. Walter l_ Fisher, Mrs. Qeottja von
L. Meyer snd Mr?. Charles Nagel win h?>i?i
rersuptions to-morrow. t
[Frota Th? Tribun- pat sea. 1
Washington? Jan. 1?Mrs. Rrv?e. wife of
the British Ambassador, has as 1er _:??-!
her cousin, Miss .Sarah Bradley, <?f Bos?
ton, who arrived et the embassy to-day.
Mr?. BryoS entertained a f?'w friends at
luncheon to-day to meet her.
The QeraMU" Ambassador and f'ountess
von Bernstorff will entertain at dinner on
Friday evening.
The Swi?s Minister, ?Dr. Ritter, who has
been a!?sent for some months, is expected
to arrive in Washington on January 4. !
The same ship will bring the dean of the
diplomatic corps, Haron ?Hengelmiil!?!,
Ambassador from Austria-Hungary, and
the American Ambassador to (?rent
(From The Tribun?? Baraes.J
Washington. Jan. 2.?Miss Taf and her
cousin. Miss Harriet Anderson, who ar?
rived at tli" White House yesten.ay for a
nihlwinter vl.slt, were among the ?uests at
the "Manar given this evening by Senator i
?lu l'ont, of Delaware, and his daughter, i
Mis, ?'rowninshleld. f?*r Misa Mary South- |
erland an?I bar tiaric*-, lacils Bacon, of I
Boston, who will be married to-morrow.
The VI, ..-President ?*?n?l Mrs. Sherman
returned to-day from Dtica, where they j
?p.nt tbe holidays with their sons and
Bear Admiral ami Mrs Illohurdsoii
?lover entertained a < ompany of sixty
young pe?iple at a dani-e this ?-vening for
their **e*_naai daughter. Miss Beatrice
Clover, who will return to school at
Cnt___u_!e, Md., on Thursday. The young
people were received by the voting le>st?'ss ?
older sist.-r, MISS Eudora ?'lover, as Mrs. j
Cloves lia? not sut?<*tently recovered freeg <
a BOS? m Illness to undertake nnv SOrjal !
?Pities. Among toe gUSStS was ? "liarles :
Mr an.i Kra Thomaa Nelson Pegs enter?
taiue?! tids afternoon ??? a large musical,
followed by tea. This was the lir?t of the
?erie? of entertainments which Mr. and
Mrs. Page will Ki?.e during the season.
Tlie American Minister to the ArgentIne
Republic :?n?i Mi? John \'. UaiTsjtt, tor?
mer I y Miss Warder, arbo ha-,?- been ? ri<
in,; Mrs. Qarrett'i mother In Washington
and Mr. _errett'a mother In Baltimore,
left here yesterday for Nee York, previous
t?> salting f'?i Mi Oarrett's new po?t ??f
Kx- Representative and Mr?. .1 Van
Vechteo ???at of Ne? i"ik, will arrive!
to-morrow to be* the guest? of Mr, ami
Ifi Richard llarlow for a week or mon
.\it hi',1 Mrs Hartos ?rill entertain et
?linnet- for them on Thursday evening.
Mr snd Mrs HartoW r?t**"*tatned a otn.
i nan? of young people at dinner this even
I log Their guests w?re Colonel and Mrs.
Spencer ?'???by, Mr. and Mrs. Wal*?r
Tuckerman, Mr and Mrs. Nathan Wyeti ,
Mr. and Mrs. Huntington Jackson, mi?*
Marion Oliver, Mi?? Sophy Johnston, Ml??
Martha Bower?, Ml?? Hunt. Miss Hln?-k'<
i Mis? Marie Stevens, Lieutenant McCaulev.
Iff Rlgg?. Mr. Hlngham, Mr. Ellis, W1IL
lam Marrow. N?-?vion ??iillek and Chauncey
Mr?. Herbert Shlpman. of New York,
arrived today to visit h-r perent?, Mr.
and Mr?. Edson Bradley.
Mr?. Oliver Cromwell went to New York
to-day for a ?hurt visit pertaining to her
trousseau. Hot- marriage to Edward T.
Stntesbury will take place In her Wash?
ington home on January 8, and will be
private, only the members of the famlllea
and a very few Intimate friends being etc
Mis? Alleen ?Jorgas, daughter of Colonel
William C, ?lorgaa, sailed to-day from
Panama for New York, and after a short
visit to her mother's family in Brooklyn
and, New York, will come to Washington
t?> visit Miss France? Hodges, the debu?
tante daughter of Lieutenant Colonel
Harry l!?1k;es. who Is stationed In
PS asms Miss ?jorgas ha? spent a part of
each winter In Washington for severs!
Robert T. Lincoln and his family have
arrived In Washington #for the remainder
of the season and are established In the
old home of the lal?* ??eneral Bates, In N
street, which was occupied for many jears
by ex-Sena?or and Mr?. Dep??w.
Representative and Mrs BWSagOr fhcrle?
have retti-ned here for I he season, and
are established at the Presd?n. Mrs fther.
ley will hold lier first reception next Tues?
Mrs William BsMsa Noble is again in
her Washington boma Safest having ?pent
_M last tdghteea month? with her ?on-in
law and deughter, Lieutenant and Mr?.
ghermaa Miles.
Most of the ?lebutanfes of the season Sjrers
In attendaix'e last night at the second this
seaaea of tin- junior ?'otiiion? at Wish i "a
Both ballroom suites were used, the !ai _??
one for the dancing, which wan general,
there being no cotillon, and the small-r
?m?* for supper, which was psrvsd _t raM*
nisrht at SOMll tal)'??. Stowe' Pledns ,
ai Mrs. Arthur Murraj n?>dge fan looking
after the dance?.
The guests Were received by Mrs. I
Mrs. William ?*hunh Osborn, Mr?. Hlrsoi
SIhley and Mrs. Henry K <'o?>. Manx- din
Bars ?er?- gleea In connection with the af?
fair, among the hostesses being Mrs. Hiram
Bibley, Mr?. Edward a. Man!??-. Mra C
Ledyard Blair, .Mrs. John ?. Kane, Mr?.
L!n<M?-y Hoffman ?Chap?n and Mrs. WtWaai
The patronesses Includ? ?1 Mr?. William H.
!!.?kman, Mr?. Henry Meyer Johnson, Mm
Cor?aadt P. DIxon, Mrs. Hamilton **"_*,
Kean, Mrs. J. Pl-rpont Morgan, Jr., Mrs.
W. church Osborn. Mrs. Julian W. Rob?
bins. Mrs. Robert Taylor Varnum. Mrs.
Charlea ?? Moller, Jr.. and Mrs. Eric 13.
Mr?. John R. Drexe! p-avc | dinner, f.,1
ktwed by a dance, last night at her
in East *>-?! street. The guests at ?linn? r
w.-re comparatively few, but
came In for the dancing which folio?*.,!
Mrs. J. F. D. Lanier gave I "eceptlOB,
followed by darning and supper, last night
at her house, N?>. 127? Bast Kth
Mrs. E. 8. Harkness will give a dance it
Sherry's on Kehruary 2 for her ni"?*e m
Bttaahath Stlllman Kendall
Mrs. Ro!?-rt Oeorge yuennei;. of N
W? ?t 11th streft. made formal s'inounc
ment yesterday of the eni/ag?ment of h?-r
daughter. Miss Beatrice Arunde! C*ttavfa
Queaaaak to Albert R. Oallatln. an e-i?..?-'
HM nt which was report? ?1 It, these columns
some time ago. No date ha? ?Ven set fat
the w?.l?ltng. but It will probat'ly tak
li, the sprlti?. Miss Qnennell is i ?la
of tlie late Rev. R. Q, Quenneli of tha
cathedral of Si John the in?, in?-. Mr
tlac.ee 1? a son of Mr?. James Gsllatm
Mr?. H. Van Rensseiaer Kennedy, Mrs.
Frank ??ray i.Hswold. Mrs B I
' lifting. Mrs. J. I'lerpnnt Morgan, it Mra
?.??orce l_ Rives. Mrs Harry B. Hollina,
Mrs. Thomas NeWboM, Mrs. W I
?'utting. Mrs. French Vatiderbilt. slrm
Charles ?' Alexander. Mrs. F_yne Whit?
r?>\. Mrs ??liver ?,nu!d Jennings an?! Mr?.
Jame? I* Br?ese are among Ihe pat?TOSH?SSS
of the two subs? rlpti'?n dance;, t,, p.
at **he*Ty*a the tret? one ef wMeh taksi
place this evening. Several dlnn?'r? ?*il ???
given In ???nnectlon with the dan
which the hostesses "Aill aftcrwatd lab Sg
their g,
Mrs. ?'?liver tJouM Jss___g8 lives s die?
net- this evening at her house -,, i . i
Mi . Joel E. Fisher has ? dinne? ti?i*
evening for her daughter, Kiss ?
Justice Hotchkiss and New See
retary Get Poor Quarters.
.iiistp-e ?envy D. (ietcbJjnas, whs waa
sleeted last November t" the Bpajremc
Court, took his s?ai resterday, Justice
'".?liiiian and Justice Pendleton, who were
occupying theii places by appointment
from ??overnor Dix and were elected last
November la B full fo?irteen-year tern?.
- irr?gate Fosrler, ?who alas e?? .a,*r\
lug under appointment by th? QovsrOOl
entered on their el-.-Uve i?rm?.
Justice Hotehkis-?, betitR the Junior of Ihe
Justice?, had to take the only place that re
malned for him BJ his chambsrs, a room
somewhat smaller than that usually pcetj
pied hy the office boy in g hUSBBSaa "Hi- 8
There his honor and his secretary will
have lo go over brjofs and las b??oks and
Justice Hotchkiss will have to write his de?
cision-", f
The Hamilton Athletic e'hih gave a gold
mount-d Ivory ga\el to Justi'1?? Hotchkiss
in his chatnliers. Assemblyman Alfred
?Smith mad?> 'he presentation, but the ?"est
of the delegation had to stay outside, be?
cause the ether members could not get
Into the room or "booth."
Justice Hotchktaa appointed as lit? secre?
tary J. Hampdsn Dougherty, Jr. The job
pays $2,r-00 a >ear. Dougherty is the son of
a well known lawyer. He was gradu?t .1
from the Harvard Law School In I'M).
Long and Busy Session Expected
?Tariff Bills First.
Washington, Jan. 2.?A busy session is
in prospect for Congress when It recon?
venes to-morrow after the holiday recess.
The deliberations may run well Into th?
summer, without halt even for the Presi?
dential nominating convention?.
Tariff leglalatton is expected as aoon as
the Ways and Mean? Committee can ?end
out the revised schedules. The iron and
.steel schedule probably will como flrst,
and Is expected within ten day?.
Representative L'nderwood, chairman of
the Way? ami Means <*ommittee. has ex?
pressed the hope that Congress can com?
plete It? work In June In time for the con?
vention?, but there are many who serious?
ly doubt it when they contemplate all
that Im scheduled to b? done and the de?
lays that will he encountered.
Mr. Underwood returned to his office to?
day almost reeovered from his Illness. H?
has called a meeting of the Democratic
members of the Ways and Means Com?
mittee for to-morrow.
House Democrats Keep Up Iliaaal
for Campaign Material.
IFrein TP? Trlh'in? Burei'l 1
\', ?abiOgtOO, Jm t With ?he relama
Cans? n???iring complet?.?n, th? Dmwaerata
of th- House, |?d by Representa H'?
Raine?. of minois, are preparing to ?>(*>?
iives'igat.on of the acquisition I *
? ?>? ?! strip .?I'd tba administration ef th?
I n-> More fl|.? SpSSbal riOjert V.--?* ?W
?U-m. The Foreign Affairs Commit???
v ill take up ?o-morrow the Ratnev rSSSle
tion demandtfig this belated inquiry
The announcement of another <?<?????<*m?
plated Investigation bv t e D-mv? ratio
^<-.> scarcely h rippi? of esetto"
inent at the i'ap?tol these days. Th" In?
vestigating spirit is rampant, and, sisea
?here is still money enough In the Tressury
?e. defray the grow In? ex, ens?>? of ?h?
House inquisitions, the fever probably wt''
remain unabated until th? Democracy la
Ihrowa out of power h> a long s:iff>iinf
It (a understood that the Foreign An**?""
? oaamlttoa will report favorably the
Itotosy resolution. For several yea "
has been the CUStSBB of the Illinois Dem
errata to rise upon the fl?*or and deneun?***
the acquisition of the Panama i.'anal and
all those connected in anywise vlth It
The preamble of ihe reaolutlon recite? that
a former President asserts that he ' loci '
the canal strip before Congress a'led TkM
so aroused Mr. Ralney that he makes it
count No. 1 In the general Indictment
against those responsible for the Inrepiic*?"
of the greatest engineering feat ef modern
limes. He demands a searching probe *"
the acquisition of the canal strip, w??1"1
to know why Colombia was so badly treat?
ed, and aI?o requests a full ac4*ountlnf
of the administration of the Canal USA
since the first shovel of dirt wa? throes
The Democrat? expect, of coar?e, ?<
maku political capital out of this Investiga?
tion, which wa? the object In start!"?
other Inquiries that bave ?alled mlaerabP
to work out a? intended. As succeed??
Investigations are authorized. Democrat
hopes rise that somewhere there may? **
found aoaaoUdag that will throw aiiasi??
on thlB or previous administrations ">",cn
ta ill aid in the campaign of IS!-.
Dresden, Jan. 2-T. St. John <****%
irnlted States ?*onsul Oeneral. ?Tth,nl
I'. H Qutnby and Miss Mari*
Qulnby, of Pittsburgh, at the New y?
OCUrt reception held by the King at
1-alace last evening.

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