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Vo1 LXXII....N0 23,891.
I ?'? in.( t.? morrea . .!,.,?? . r
derate *?? briol r?H ?. ?net-.
Kidnapper's Request for Carfare
Arouses Suspicion of Man
She Approached on
East Side.
Wet and Bedraggled, She Is Sent
to Bellevue, While Baby, Show?
ing Every Sign of the Best
of Care, Is Restored
to Mother.
i'o?iiiev ihlng, little Kutli
Fleischinun. who wag kidnapped on
Thursday morning from her carriage in
iront of th? Mount Sinai Hospital, ?vas
restored last night to her , a rents, and
lir-r kidnapper, seventeen-year-old Annie
Boyarsky, ?va? taken t" the epsycho
epafhtC ward at Bellevue. \vh? re she Will
be examined a.r t'i her sanity.
The little baby was none the woi
h.r strange experience, the Kir!, w!.
Veves she has In-en a mother, having
shown the infant a Iher'i ?are.
The girl, who has twice before stolen
childr?n to satisfy her cravings, looked
? .tie might have slept oui of door*.
The plrl. babbling lie? and nonsense,
toid eeveral contradictory stories of how
she and the child liad spent the three
days and Iwo nights, bul the police
,-redit little of what she told them. She
was arrested al 32d streel and Lexlng
ton avenue bj Mounted Patrolman 811
er, of Traffic Rquad ''. a little after 7
o'clock. Phe had Ixeen jjointed out to
i? ?'ari Roseleaf, s decorator, of
\o. *_??*> Bowery? whom she h<"l
for warfare to Easl New York, and who
?ted h?=r of l"-lns the ?irl who kid?
napped Ruth Weis? hmnn.
The police, man ?renl t:p to thi
nnri asked her * here she was going.
"Where ?m I going?" she replied.
"Why home."
'Where have you been?" ask?.'! Siller.
To Dr. Bull's sanatorium."
Asked for Carfare.
' Tei." put in Roseleaf, "she mol m
Ar?.* on 81st s??-e.-t end asked me where
Tr Bull's ejanatorium was. r>-it sho
lldn'l en in there. She asked me f?>r
?put I - ??? go in to be oper
uiffj on." eatrl the plrl.
Th' epoltceman remembered thai th?.
girl who stole the baby had ? manls for
going to hospital**, thinking she was in
?lie- senl Rose
? ? o a newspaper contain?
ing . "picture of thm stolen child, wiim
ROMl? | ? ??? ho n:ik?- I 'he- girl
l-.jjh?- ?.hr. e-;,Tr.ee\
?' ? s ?mine I'm t mother " she
rapiie="-i. "l in?! twins and one dl?*?)
This i- ail I have ' f."
Then she lifted th? blanket thm c0v
?rer\ 1b\e clv.I.I frrr.i th? ?"Old -'?'.'I *ai?,
.tf.i (ejer. This convinced 8i11<er
th^t fio girl was .
''?qrtr-- the stol?Mi child,
vhep PosHeaf returned with ;?
rsfer un. h? compar-Mi the picture
i ? ? nnr.r] uva the child itself, he pl^co?l
ire (firI np?i??r arte0! r?n the way to
?he E_as| _Sth street ?tatl<-?n the giil said.
Picam leke m? home. I'll tell you
ill -.. boni 'T '
Where do you live?" ssked th? po?
' 'tiona avenue \V,. 817
?? fork?"
? ? Boysrsh
Admits Her Identity.
Te?s. yea! Put please tak? me hoi
'And you stole this little babyT"
...; ? ? v, ...i?>i?-fi th.- firi, breaking
min?. I tell you, I'm
By they reached the E?ast
.i. ti.nit ? ?r? ? n.
a-ai "ii th'- d"sk. t?i.ik a hand at
'i estlonlng the girl. Finally >ahe "ad?
mitted that she was ii?e', the baby's
fret h&r.
Mount Sinai Hos
morning when a I
in a.sk.-ci me t'. mind her bab) "
i did. When sh? did n?.i
? ol the hiesi.it.i1 ] wem In to
i when i couldn't And
'er ; asked another woman what I
she t..)?) me t.. !.. ? p the
be h?-r hum.'."
hau tiardlj finished this story,
. .an and i nger, o?
Captain Wersansky's sUff, enter??..
They had 1...H to Koenig's restaurant,
at :;_,: street and ?Second avenue, hav?
ing received s telephone message from
* *""??"' that ; d tn.- kidnapped
?"Ud ? at 0 0'? lock.
'Y?-.-," Mid ?i.' -ni to the detective?.
1 Was Hf ' i.anl. and 1 rn.t a
kind woman who gave me some fresh
Sarmtriis for lhi. l)at)V Al|i, t,H. ,.,.stall.
man ''a- He niled the
?"<?:.- with warm milk."
? phoned to Samuel
? ?'?? an incl? ?,i the child, whose
Vir" No, 1437 Madison ave*
',u<'* and ? "a? the sUtlon In a
? That's Ruth." be suid. and he
'?ok th? |ai,ghir)i. l!faiit ihe
K""l? am,.,.
Jh'' r'd ?i grabbed hei
' hat ar,d brought ber
?7? ?'*???? igatesi her un. .
?;,n <?? turtif.j laughingly toward the
? ' *h" ha,) ttothared hei for ?
i ?.at hei ),.
"U,K ?? I - hai as sh,
''/" *? beuctlrm, WKn i*, tro
JIU '-?? ' Uri and ball ?
' ?>? Piled into a patrol
,: "-'?< u> the Eat. 17th street
lain werte
Child in P,rftct Health.
?<?<?".. I.- ?u-,1
? Mb, Has .rfecl
mother, . led by
'"? Mi* : , ?port,
wl athar relativ?
_ page, .,-:.. ?!..,?',
Body Believed to Have Been Seen
in Automobile Near Where
It Was Found.
! City Authorities and Relatives of
Dead Man Offer $500 for His
Arrest?Son Awaited
Lynn. Masa., April 18. .\ft.-r ?working'
|all day with n?> tangible r*?.-?iiit th? Lynn
; police to-nlghl received s clew which j
they declare gives promise of s solution
of iho mystery surrounding th>? murder
(??sorge E. Mmsii. ?ho wtdalthy ?son?)
ifacturer, whoso !?< o was found
on the West Lynn marsh'-?' nn Pflda]
ni' in:t.ir.
Investigation is now balng made of a
; st? iy t,,i?i by k?>>- Oleaon, a boy living; at
j No, ' -r-ft, wh<? ???>?*? thai about
midnight Thursday he sh? a touring car
dead? -?uto highway, a"her?i
Ihe b Dund In thr beck s- al
? ?i ih?? machine as ii ? .-.?-??i him lb? buy
?aw '? - : -r?-?1 in the dark to I-- i
in si? i m--; in s mail's lap. h?? -?nyi.
His description ?-.r th? machine taliio.?
closolj. -,? ;;h ??hat "fan automobil?? will? h
i:. Porter, .? crossing tfn.'cr for
i)i<=- R? ?-?<?n. Revere Roach A? Lynn Rail?
road, :? on 'h? boulevard n?*ar lb??
r? ih? h???-)'-' was later found.
This wan Jual after midnight The po?
)i?-<- think thai whai oio?-on saw In the
? t i ? ' the rar may have boon a mun
- iio?i, ??' the mur tiered mill?
One "f tho police lnsp?PCtors t?-?-nieht
?? R rook H ne and had en Interview
??.mi h man with ??.l-oin Marsh ha?i had
buslnc-ss dealings. He returned satis?
. ?. ibeolutely noth?
h -; of the case,
The storj told by Amoa E Porter, th?**
crossing lender already referred to, ???a.-i
thai early yesterday morning he saw a
touring i.ir coma down the bou1e**r?ard,
stop ??our iho place a h?-r? the body <>f
Marsh wa* found, and, after remaining
there a fev minutes, ? ontlnue on Its way.
n w.-tH the belief of some <>f the officials
that Mr, Marsh b >?l been murdered In
the automobile and ins body thrown
from tb<- y.r and rollad down Ihe em?
bankment Into the ditch, ?ber?.- it was
? i?.i
Some faith was also placed bj police
officials in the story told yeatenlay by
Harold E Cumminga, .1 young nelghbr?
of th.? murdered man, who said thai he
saw Mr. .Marsh on Thursday night about
U o'clock riding with s woman In a
Arthur Pickering, s i ondu? t?.r
.- the Boston ?V Main?- Railroad, iu
f.mu. ?I the police to-day thai s man rid?
-, his train lasi nlghl told tsim t*i ?t
h? had s? ? n Mr. Marsh in an automobile
near the boulevard ?very early yesterday
a reward of ?WOO for the apprehension
?,f the murderer wan offered lo-di
the city authorltlci, and relative? of the
victim have ?i?-? id?-<i to mak?: u similar
The officials to-day began an inv?astl?
?ration <?i Marsh's buslneas affairs, h??i>
|ng thai these would determine the prob?
?able cause ?>f the ?rim?-. At the start ?if
their Investies t.?Tins they met an 00
?tacle m 'ii<- absence of James M. Marsh.
?-on of the murdered man, who is n
California. Word bas been sent him
?and he is expe?ct<sd t" return soon.
The ?bl.'Uv.-s to-day ran ScTOI
Inciden! In the vlcttih'a r???-?-nt in. winch
caused them to mak?- 1 search for ? man
with whom Mi Marsh had had legal
trouble. The de-ie-cUves wish 1?, talk t<?
nus man In line with the process of
elimination that they have followed in
their attempt to ?loar up the tragedy.
s?. far as could 1?* l?jarnt?d to.night noth?
.?n found which connected him
uiti, the case The mi'" for whom the
. msm made f?ornn*t1j was employed
?i, Lynn. A suit wai started against
him bj Mr. .Marsh. The man dlaap?
,?...,,.> i;-- i ?reported to have
??ni not pay th? """"*> ' ??" "ut ewe
1 i,;,,,- been treated unfiUrly."
\i the botiae where the man llv?d n
,,.', tared be dleapiieared laat Octo?
,.',. ?,,,1 had not i?-?-n ?"?"?" ?hice. ?!?? is
1,,.., fort? ?.->:i 1 old and married, s?,
. , oujd i.,- ii-ari..-'i. i". on? had
'.,.. rnan In Lynn ein? ? he departed, fol?
[?winch.? logo.! trouble with ?Marsh, r?a
"[ ?. ,,.,. police could learn, whan
tli;.v : .Is.-int.. the myst,
' -a. m? man di?i not have an
'??,,., world. The people who
In Ly,,n could nol think 0f
.?Id ? .iiiinin the "im.
DJtli the blood A ?Irll? I?..'. I"
/?r'n'-VVKN ?tSOSB I-0..1-IIF.Bl ,.\.v
"You Hold the Record for the
Largest Number of Suspended
Sentences." Latter Writes.
j Court Declares Critic's Statistic?
Are Proof of Unreliable
Nature of His Depart?
ment's Records.
'?'"" of the arms ol tn. la? care st
odd's. Judge Mulqt.n, ..i General Bes*
I ?*ona I? I'e-i.-,, agalnal Police Commls
l sioner Waldo, The controversy, which
started Friday "hen Judge Mulqueen
ordered Deputy Commissioner Dougli
m-, out at his courtr.i, devi lo>ped >???
terday Into an attack b) Commt
Waldo <-ii Judge Ftfulqueen's record on
the ebeni h, and, on the Judge's part, mi?
a broad defence ..i the probationary
t.'in whi.h Waldo accused him ol abus?
Cotnmisslonei Waldo roused the
judsre's ire by writing him yesterda; the
following Oepcn lettei
i '? i ut) < 'omml >iion? r Dough? 1t. in
me tliat you denounced iilm In open
??for forwarding to you a letter Irai
tina an extrae! of tl ? record ol h prisoner
as compiled from th?- records of the Bu?
t...u of Ci Imlnal IdenUflcatlon ol this d? -
partmeni The action taken bj Commis
? slon?T Dougherty was by my direction, i
a??stini?' ..il responsibility for bis letter, of
which l *?et cognisant. In explanation of
| my action I Invite your attention ??. the fol?
lowing extract from \be annual report of
this department, showing th?* number of
sentences luspended on convloted p< ?>
by the varlow judges during the year IM1:
By Judge Mulqueen Qrand larceny, *?*
burglary, 26; abandonment, I; a lull
selling r ocal ne, :'. forgery, '?. gambling, 1;
I suspl<*loui persons, S; mall. ? f. I;
, robbery, I; rap ?. 2: stolen i
il: carrying conceal?*?] weai i '? loi il, ____.
"You Hold the Record."
This report shows that you hni,i ti> r? ? -
1 ord for the largest number of suspends
sentences In the Court of leneral HemMon??
Extract?? of ?records ?>f this department
are not ?worn to. bul merel) Invite atten?
tion to alleged facts which may be readily
|verifi?-(i by reference to the .?fri-i.ii records
Of the courts.
Judge Mulqueen, ?tvhci? seen ai his
hume in th?' afternoon, ??is reluctant,
?he aaid, to enter Into anj rontrov?
?a ith an] in--, especially Ihe Police Com?
missioner, it un?? plain, how? er, ihHi
h?? had been il.-?'i'l' stliTesd '? the- u-,
sinuations contained In Waldo's
the contents of s hieb he 1
though it had not i.n d< liver? i i
personally as ? ft.
'The question of suspended scnten?*es
is a Mr question," he began, '"bul I sup
jio*\o th.it Commissioner Waldo, sin ? lhi
pnlice have no work on hand al present,
has hud plenty of tune to Investigate
and Kettle it, As there srs no mur
deren or highwaymen si Inri
have something ??? occupy hlg mind.
Put I d?**ny his rlaht to interfere In snv
way with m" in lha discharge at my
duties, if I feel th.it i need advlr? or
aid l shall certalnlj not r?sc?*gnlse him
as the source from which 1 can get
"The law of the .-t.it" c.;?e. tally rseog
ni?**. th?- propriety of ausepended sen?
tence? anei authorises nur pouri to ???"
cine im power In th? matter whenever
the Judges deem proper The statistics
in Commissioner Waldo's letter are sun
ply an?ither Instance* of the fsllacio is
and tinreltahle jiifir?- of ?police records,
at Wast all 1'i.ii??- records that l have
had anything t?? ?he with. The letter
may enumerate th? nature of the
charges against the prisoners ?"?n whom
i suspended sent?n?*?, i? ?_t it lias noth?
ing t" _a_ of the developments In the
Individual cases which I'd up to the re?
Conclusive Evidence Lacking.
"In most of these cases, after th? Dis
trict Attorns) had examined In them,
the ?prisoners wert) allowed '?> plead to
misdemeanors, .ui'i especially was this
th?- ease m th- three install'?- ol rob?
bery mentioned, if there were three, l
never suspend sentence ?en s r?.1.i.*-r t?r
on a burglar who la guilt) ol but.
In the real sens.- <>i the term, "I 111 rape
?is tiie i'" orda ol the ?;? 11 . So?
ciety will show, except where it was
plainly advisable t<> allow th? partie, to
"My sentences sre iMsed ?en ihe aiun I
e>t ?principles known to law. The pro
'..tti.cn ) stem as it ? kI i m our court
is the most perfect .i.*..?*> ?i it Is eon
trolled b) charitable societies mob as
ill,- frison Aid Association, which haa
been in existence foi one bundled years;
th.- Hebrew Protective Association, "i
which Louts Marshall is president, and
th?- Catholic .Protective Association, >.f
whicb ('ardi?al Parley is president.
Then ws have ai-u some volunteers who
ere devoting both time and money t??
deserving case? We have at the court, I
to,,, h representativa <>f the National
l_eague for the Protection of Colored
Women, >?' which William Jay Behielte*
lin la president E. try case li carefully
??l ?id not originate the ides of ttie
';,i,,i a nt< i,' ? or the theory ?>!' pr?>
batlon, bul i am t Arm adv<ocate <>f
both, and where I van protect ?society
?m.! maintain respect for the law, and
ei the sain? time gave an Individual to
society, 1 shall d<> s... In this way I
am able t<> prevanl >people from t>ecom
Ina eprofesssional crooka. <>f course, no
gystem la potttnTi, bul we know thai in
very m**1. coaeo those sent te, .-ta im?
prison become profeaaional crooks and
a mena?-? to ?'"> '?'?>
Probation System Here to Stay.
?j never rrospend sent. le-e In lha ranas
of murder or homicide ?u robbery, and
yet, enotwithsetandlng the .-??verity ?>f the
sentences Imposed everywhere for these
,,,,,;,... it cannot be halmed that the
uumbei of such ecrimes ia dlmlnli hing.
How, then, can H be ? kalmed thai th
epowsr t" suspend senetences la i*asea ol
leei .gravity .-aus.-.- <an Increase ?if crime?
Th- probation system has come t.. staj
and 1 um ?,1a.i to pa) it has many mors
?ble a.In?..at.-.- than I
The reoords ???ii dboo thai in IS pel
[.cen? ,,f th.- cas.s In which i suspended
| sentence the unfortunate men and
. ,,.,,,.,, go sel trae are living dot entty
and ehonestly aitd thai no mistake ?n<
in.:.|<- In KiviiiK t lit m a ? lianc? to I ??
to?me ?.'"???i citiaena And whan i di?* i
hope th.- Judge will giv.- me th. gam
| ? iu.i
Village Officers Watch Palati;
New Berlin Home of F. T.
Arnold. Confessed Embezzler.
Efforts of New York Gang to Ex
tort Money from Him Brought
Admission of Guilt,
He Declares.
i il? i, N v, April II -Vlllaga poll?*? tc
nlghl ar?- guarding the beautiful hun-riio
adjoining th?? stone dwelling in Near Her
in whli h i? .- rears has I ??? n the horn
?.f '?frank T, Arnold tti<? defaulting canh
i-r -?f ti ?? Flirt National Bank "f Ihs
?iiAn. n??'.-. lying at ?li?- point <?f death Th
-. un i.? being maintained under arder? fron
tin? national bank examinera The att?-n?i
in?: physician, l?r. .1 P .\'<>>?s, Isaued i
tatemen! to-day that Anu?l<l la sufferim
from complete nervous breakdown ;?m
fr?>m S Complication >>t ?linfa.?**
Arnold had a>clsred, i? t.? said, thai hi
confe ??.m of embesallng |2.r?o.f?*)e ?if th
? of th?- bank was fo-??-?l by the at
t? mpta of a k??i?? ?.f New v<?rk blackmail
,-i? in ?-vt-rt none) fiom hlffl on pain o
li Is fiiiih.-r stated that Urn.1.1 lus ad
n III? ?I liirliui a band ?if New fork sai?
breakers m k?? lo New H?-rliii and breal
Into the vaults ?>f the laatltuthm By thfu
.u,-? H Is said, he 'i?>i>?-?i tu <l?str<>\ th?
books and papera and thus cover tip tin
evidences of his shortage. The failure >>i
(Ms scheme nn?l the subsaquent thr.-atH ?>l
? i. gang whose hi<i he hn?i invoked sr?
declared m have led t.? Arnold's conf?
A?*cordlng t?> the story told t<? ?me of th?
directors <?f the bank. Charles H. Holland
m,der ??ri?-st ? h ?rKfi with attempt t?? black
n ,iii Arnold, is the representative of th?
Bang that hounded him with tin?at? of ex
posure if he ?ii?l aol come t?? K-rm*-. Th?*
publication <?f several all?-??-?! incrtminat
Ing letters which the sann bad In Its pos
Seaslon was h?*l?l OV?ST hi? bead, Arnold
Mys, and he did his best at the atari to
m??et their demand?.
Threatened with Exposure.
Early last month a man appeared In New
Iterlin un?i demanded an eodlence with
Arn?.Id at the bank. The man gave his
nain?- as ? harleH II Holland, and In- fl?>ur
Ished two i?-tt??rs which he h?ii?i would cre?
sts .? sensation were they t<> i?e puhllshed
in th.- newspapera Th?? fellow said he
had certain certificates ?if st?n-k t?? sell, and
b?- told Arnold that be wi* th?- man ?eiect
?i| to buy them.
Arnold t?i?-?i t?> ssrurlslii the nature of
tin- bttei?*, but tin- felloe v..i?. t"<? crafty
to ?how th? m. Qiialllni- iirnU-r bis KKTet
kin.v. I? ?i?^.- ?( Kiilll Arm.1.1 b?iugi?t th.- ?ito.'k
oartMoatea t?i the amount <?f ?>v?-r $?'.<??
Later this ?-ani?- man mad?- a demand
up.iii Ann.bl fot tH?,i?*j. II?- |,?>lnie?l out to
him that tb>- ?otters which ha held in Ma
|,.,.?.-. ssion w?.-r?? of sutliii.-iit Imptii tance
and of such scaitdalous aatura m t?? Mast
the ?are. i and hrinK dlagracs and disliom?!
t?, the ?ashi.-r siu.uid theii contents become
public property,
Arnold was wlllln** t.. pay th.- IIO.O'X). bul
the tin'.?- aiiotit-d iiiiu v. gg to? sh"i ; in
wbi?b to balsa that aiiiouni and la taagara?
tlon IM ?on-?i!lted Arilnir \V Motee, the at?
torney for the l-'lrst N'atio'ial. Mor.se ad
vlred Arnold to tiirii the whole matter ?iv'i-r
to lim. alvjJi the reauli thai Hottaud was
placed under arront When h* again . m<
u s.? H.-rll,i.
in H olla ad's paeeeoatea srkea arrastsd
i uniinurd ui? ?.-. ?'mi saga sseemd eeaaesm.
Traffic* Stopped and Ambulanc
All trafile was ?usf.endM for flffee
minutes ?, csferdav Hffern?-.nii a? the bot
trim ?'f the step? of the clev.lte.l rallrnn
station Ht ,'?lth street and the Eas
River, while an ambulance roi*geon, hi
driver, a p.itrolman and g dosen elevate
railroad employeg went down on thel
hands and Knees an.l searched for fh
tip of a woman'? nose, which had beei
torn off when she fell down the Ktep
leading from the station to the street
After every Inch of ground had hcei
?one over th" tip of the nose was at II
missing, arid after she bad been patche?
up by ? surgeon the WeOman went te. h<
The woman was Mrs. (?. Cornely. o
N'o. Kss Jackson avenue, The Bronx
who was <.n lu-r way to visit her daugh
trr ?eti I.or.K l-lnn.l when the aceldeni
happened. She was coming down th?
elevated statr.s. when she tripped an.
fell headlong. Her nose struck the stee
plat.s mi tin- steps, and a large piece o|
the organ wan torn off. She w? ? carrlec
to a nearby stor... where she was in?
tended by in-. eSovak, of >Bellevue Hos?
Magistrate Acts in Woman's
Story of Insult in Street.
?m s . harga made h> Mrs Evelyn Boyd,
the wile of N'.cl K.liiLind Moy.l. a civil en?
gineer, living at \... ,U'i \V. ut -"?th sit??-t.
that he hud grossi?, insulted h?r, a man
who said in- was Robert a. White, a real
? dealer and an officer in the 7th Regi?
ment, N V. N. ?... residing at No. 117 West
_77th street was reprimand..! and lined $1.
I.v M,,?K:??lr.ii?- House in the night court la-t
Airs. H.,\d said she irai standing at
Fourth avenue and __th street Srsltlng fOI
a ear, with her hushand, when White and
another man approached them,
"i wonder where ?he picked him up?"
Mi m Boyd alleges White Inquired In a loud
tone o? voice of hi? companion, Then, turn?
ing te- her, Mrs eBoyd alleges, Whits ?aid;
"Gel rul of him and I will come hack."
When In- said this Mrs Huyd says her
husband remonstrated with Whit? and
threatened to pall .? policeman If h.- did
not iIcmIsI W'hite, If was said, watite?! to
know by what authorlt > I e would cull g
policeman, and then Mr, iioyd called Pa?
trolman Hsbule, win. made the arrest
White said he h;.d I.n at the Park Ave?
nue Hotel and was walking on Fourth uvv
nue ?With Mr Hill, and when they passed
Ihe Boyds Mrs Boyd spoke t.. him. He
said that Boyd had then said he would give
them both "a ritte In the wagon. ' and he
liai asked him If he was an officer of the
Police Department _
Engines Smother Small Blaze
Unknown to Opera Audience.
All unknown to the Immense audience
present yesterday efteraoot? at the Metro?
politan Opera House, a tir? broke out dl
reetll across the street On ri.-venth ave?
nue, ami while Miss G?raldine Karrar was
Hinging bet season's farewell as Clo-flo
Han In Puccini!? Madama Hutterfly." the
hi. saglaes ?WSI? clanging their ebells out?
The lire itself amounted to nothing, being
contlnt.l i" lb* **'e? trie wires of a frame
butldlng "" Seventh avenue, but the noise
,,f th?' eiiKln'S, had It been heard within
th,- Opere House, might have caused not
a tut ?? liutsMnssa
l.uckllv. however, while the fire wan In
uiuatSW 'he orchestra waa also in action
and tue Ort engine's bells were unhear?! by
th?- audience
vrrm, Wsshlngton via S??uthem Railway.
Ti,U.-is ..ii -a!'- M ?v ?". ??. 7 and 8. Kor in
foima.l..,, a|?|?l>? N? Y Offlc JM fifth.
Av?., ?'"t mn. -Advt.
Daughter of Title Guarantee
Treasurer Walks Too Near
a Gas Range.
Young Woman, with Clothing
Aflame, Wrapped in Rug?
Accident at Long
Island Home.
M.iv ?Wlndraflller, twenty-flv?-* years?
old, the youngest daughter Of Louis
Wlndm?ller, treasurer of the Title Guar
?uu?-?- and Trust Company, was burnei
to death at her hum? at Woodsid?;
Heights. Long Island, yesterday.
IfiStS \Mn?lmliller whh in th.? kitchen
Of her hJbme late in the a/ternr?on. and
in passing ? gas stove came Int?? too
close proximity with a iigiit.??i burner.
The Pl?'e\.? ..f h.-r dreei caught fir??, and
before she could l??'at out the flame it
spread to other parts of her clothing.
.\s the llames enveloped her Mlsa
Wimim?ller ran to the hall screaming
f..r aid. Mer father, who was in his
library, heard her crie?* and hurried to
her assist-in??-. Seizing the tirst avail?
able object, which happened to be ?
Paralan rug, Mr. Wlndmttll? threw his
daughter t?. th.? floor and wrapped the
rug about her.
The blaze wa,s extinguished, hut not
before the young woman had been fa?
tally burned. With th?' aid of servant.?!
?he was taken to an upper floor of the
house and a physician was summoned,
Dr. Franklin H. Hooth, ??f Elmhurst.
Long Island, responding. Dr. Booth
thought at tlrst sho would recover, but
sh?? filed in a few hours.
Inou?s Wlndm?ller. although well ad
van?e?l In y?-ars, Is extremely active, and
experienced no difficulty In coping with
the situation when he saw the precarious
plight of his (laughter. Born In Germany
about eighty years ago, he came to this
country In the early iiO's, and during the
last forty-three years has been act he?
in making the business history of New
York. Three years ago he celebrated hi?
golden wedding, with his wife, three
children and three grandihlldren at his
fine home on Long Island.
Fire has played an important part In
Mr. WindmUller's career. It was short?
ly after the great Chicago Are in 1871
that the need of better protection against
tire was demonstrated to him, and as a
result be became one of the founders
of the German-American Insurance
Company. Ten years later, alter the
indexes of land ownership in Cook
County had been destroyed by fire, Mr.
Wlndm?ller took the initiative In found?
ing the Title Guarantee and Trust Com?
pany. He Is treasurer of the U-gal Aid
Washington. April 13. ? Representative
Bulkley. of Ohio, to-day introduced a bill
for the coinage of three-cent pieces with
a hole In the middle. The new coin Is
Bt?ld to be needed In Cleveland, where the
streetcar companies charge a three-eent
fare. The new piece would be sands <>f
copper and nickel. It would be ??lightly
larger than a cent and lejral tendet up to
30 (-?-lit ?
Carries 22 of the 32 Congren
Districts and Will Gain 12
as Well.
Taft Carries the Organization
Strongholds in Philadelphia,
but the Colonel Sweeps
Pittsburgh and Min?
ing Region.
I By T>l?iraph to The Tribun? '
Philadelphia. April 1.T?^hilsielrhla
elected six Taft delegates to-dn*. two
each In the 1st. Cd and 3d Congress
districts. The President haa also car?
ried the 7th District 'Chester and Del?
aware), and the 18th (Dauphin, Cumber?
land and Lebanon) district, and the _lt?t
iMcKean and Centre) district and the
20th (Adams-York) district, making 1?
delegates favorable to the renomlr.ntlon
of the President.
Theodore Ftoosevett. on the other hand,
has carried the state by stnnn It n
a veritable landslide. I'p to midnight
Roosevelt c.rried twenty-two ?"Tingreen
districts, assuring him of ;it leas? \\
out of the i'! delegates chosen .to-day.
Controls State Convention.
His force? are now in contr-i| of tha
state convention that will nom the
twelve deV/rates-at-large. Tin?. ftYSS
him .">(! delegates, and when the fanning
districts are all in. it |g not unlikely
that the majority will be even greater.
In this city the Taft <iel?-gates -were
??lected by reduced majorities. In th?
1st. Id and 3d district.?. Where ?he or?
ganization is in control of the river
wards, there was a bare scattering of
th.? Ro'isewdt vote. In the heavily pop?
ulated residen. ?? sottlong Roosevelt, dele?
gates carried the day by inajoritisf
ranging from l.mbg to 3.000.
In Pittsburgh at least seven RoOSS?
Veit delegates were el.-.ted and proba -
My ihe eighth, hut this will not be
known until the official vote. _? the con?
test was so close in the one district.
In the >Cl_SSier, Delaware. Adams
V'.rk and Dauphin-* 'umherland-I.eh* -
.ion districts the Ta ft vote ws? no*
heavy, but the section is in ?he south
woat portion of the state and t'uey -.-er?
the only districts that fiord bv ?b?
President, a_>ide from the organ I sat tori
districts of Philadelphia
Where Roosevelt Won.
The districts which have been capti.rM
by th? Hooser?*!! forces are ?he 4th. 5?".
and ?th of Philadelphia. Rucks-Mon*
eomer>. Lan<caster, >La<ekawan<na. Lu?
Terne, Sch'iylklll. H?*rks-Leh(gh. Brzrl
ford-Su8<vieha?.na-"Wayne, potter-Tiogn ?
incoming. Northumberland - roiumbi..
Huntingdon-.lu ni?t h-Miffli ii. ?"'ambria
piair. Ore*Mie-flomerse_, Erie-Craw ford,
Indiana - Armstrong. Warren ? Venanga
and the four Pitt?b':rgh districts.
There has been no small rote In 'his
election throughout the state. Th? rural
counties polled g heavy vote, and In
some instan, ?-s new Represenlati'. es in
Congress have been nominaled. In al?
most every instance the part;, machiner
has been wrecked, and new 1 aces will
be in control when th" convention m<fetg
In Harrlshurg next month.
?>ne of the surprise? of the el?
was the defeat of R. O. Moon. R**publl*
can, for renommation to Contre
the 4th Distri.-t of thin ritj I ,; to
w. Bdmonds, .. Repbltcan<*Keyston? can?
The Republican organisation I? i ?
are -tunned by the overwhelming def<eat
?o. the Taft candi.lates and have nothing
to say regarding the result L'nltet
States Senator Penrose. the reCOgnlS? i
leader <ef the Republican organisation
and the leading Taf: boomer In Ms
state, left the City ?ally in lbs ..ft.i
aoon and ho.trded his yachl St Atl.ui!.'*
Cit>. where he 1? safe fr??m iuier, uwers.
Roosevelt Men Celebrating.
To-night the Roosevelt ??anipaign man?
agers are celabratlng their .Icetory t'>
the fullest extent Thai an claiming
more than the slxty-lw<> delegates th.;
returns so far give thein.
With the exception of ote' Ol two .11?
tricts in the state. Wo. <lr<.w Wilson will
have a solid delegation from P?'t.ii>ylva?
nia to the Dsmocratk National C<>?i\on
Representative Michael i>t>iiohe>.'. Dem?
o-rut, accomplished the reniai ?kahl?: feut
ut winning the Republican aa W?t_l as
the D?mocratie and Keystone nomina?
tions in the r>th Philadelphia dtStrict
This district is largely pgoplsd by w<.rk
Return? received up t<> 2 o'clock indi?
cate, that the Roosevelt dek'gHteg In 41?
legheny County, including Pitt, i.'irgh.
to the Chicago ??invention bad baas
elected, with the possible exception <>f
one, State Highway Commissioner Btge
low leading hia opponent.
John Dalzell appear? to have been
renominated for Congress in the .'???th
district by a small margin, but the re
nomination of Dr. A. J. Barchfeid In th?:
_BM district is in doubt,
_ e
Rescue Flock of Sheep and Help Sav?
AJnishouse Buildings.
I H) TeiSgiSpIl t?i The Tribu?.. |
Burlington, N. J.. April 13.?When a Oolt
of lightning Ignited the big iheep t?arn at
the county aim-house, near New Lisbon,
I laat night two Boy Scout? remember??!
their Are fighting training and fought .be?
side Charles Browne, the superintend.-ni.
and held the flamea In check with tw ?
streams of hose until the local .1 pa.tmen
respond?*!. The flaim-s mens?*ed all lb
butkHnga at the institution.
With the firemen on the wene t>...
crawled ?n han_s and knee* agum Into -I ?
?.ln_ii i; ham and tlraiigcd out moat .1
Urge flock of sheep. The voting her.' -
were Robert Taylor, leader of the FOI Pa
trol of the lut ButiitiHton Trot.p. and Ho*-??
? t?eer a soon! in thr .am?- pallet.

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