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iVrto flork Srtbunr.
TH'I'KPV BB 8. *?12
M'Hs-hivtk.n R4Taa_*-*-B? ABeattL -P-*a*-a-_P*
pald eutal. tei .Ne* ^"rK- t -f,
Dally and Sunday one inuiith.Voo
T'ailv and _un_ay, sl? mentha.
l?aily and Humlay. ea* year?. .,,
t?ally only, .?: - month.
paily on y. ali mentbfl. ?,,?
I'ully only ,.ii. jraai. 1 ...,
Punday en.y. s!x m..nihs . ,_, r0
Hunday ?niy. ov ftmr..
r-BwIaaj '?- ?? _,__^_w_____I_.tM
T-nivr.-i*. Poatal Unlon. iBclMlna paatao*
One month.11.M Oaa f**.?UJl
ill'NOVV fiN'l-V
Pix months.a:; W I on? rear. .MM
\>a< :n<-'!.. ..$1.0*One y?r. $12-6
??:,-. raaaaOi . >? M Oaa raaa. tio.os
"ne flMBth. ..I te '? One aMr...8...BI_aa
'??? month.| .TB Oaa yeor.I1"
Rntereo at the P*B_?_loi at New York as
Scc.u.d Claaa Mall fctattor
Our renders will r*aaf*f a favor bv advls
tr.fr us when thev sre raiahle ''? pi"'iirf a
<-onv o* TI'B Trthun- from 11 ? lealef.
A-lrtr.M: Trlbune. Circiilalion DeparttaaBt
Mnrphy's aBBWOT to thfl dOBUU-d tliat
tbe Deo-oerBCf ba Iraed from Marpby*
_m ls to give lt >et more Murphyism.
Karrar licforo olaco Twee-1 made John
T. HoffflDBB QorarWaT has Tammany
dared bODO tO ptBCO otM of lt*- OWB
members Jn that offlOO. It has rhosen
HjHtapctflTllB flg-VBbOfltll outside it"
rauks. like Dlx. to dO its work. Now
lt answers tbe ol_illenj*e of indepen
?lent DaaBocrata aad tta ?entle hlBto
Of QoYerUOt WUbob wlth detinnce. and
puts forward ona et lt* ItMoag ad*
lierents. .Mr. Sulzer is a Iried and
faithful Tammany poMlc'an, ? '"*
tower of Ifvrpbj nnd before ulm of
Croker. His BOBIaBBi-OB i* thfl MBl Ol
Tammany'* compiete and B-flUflfB-Md
donilnutiiM. of tho New York Democ
Mnrphy's OQOtTOl of ttafl ? ?<.nvr*ntl'<;j
?>\as absolute. nnd everyhody v.nder
Mood lt. Hia ooteBM-VflflB a_-.OBt-OB
troro votinc laal OTOBl-l deCBlTOd BO
body. Re aifcyrfod Ma dolegatflfl to
ChOOaC whl.-h one of hls lools flbO-J I
bo nomlnatod. because be would hive
bad to flip a eoifl to determine Ui own
obolce betojoon them Bat aU the tfoae
tbe conventlon WM hi1-. tlie cnndldnte i"
hls. aad tlie aocc-fa of hla tlcket nt tbo
polls would BMBB 1be lOatUBBBBCO of
exaetly the sorr ol fB(rreT_-BOBl :)*..iln>t
wtdeli tbe pci.pl..* tt tho oa-ito itro Doar
in rotoll
The \Vashin_toii campaigU fund |B*
rootlfotlnq obowi tho oeod of laws
1k)th liniitin-v' tlie __0O_al at cornribn
ttoao for primary otactJofl CBBtpaifBa
nnd eeforclug roal puWIclljr with re
uurti t-i oontrlbtitlOM to faadi for thal
porpooe. rroacinl i>u!.iieiiy lawo, where
RB| exist, Hiipai'intly ii-? BOt MTTO tO
bttOf lo Ilght ul! the fio-ts. Tiier.* are
??o n uiy OOB-tP-ttOOO, natloiia;. otBtfl
.md local tbat their flaaaceaj are ao
iBBglBd ai thOM of i ootporatton with
?ahaMlarlea. Tho oomialttc- coadact
mp tbe hivestipition bfOBghl to Itfjbt
s44.(ea> arhkh ??n.iss" IUbb, of Pltta*
Imrgh, did md feel nJlod upon to
make pnliii.-. Aml nL'tiin yMtOfday i<
? dIoeoTered |SS,O00 cootdbutlona ol
5'erklns, Miin.-ev aad Hanna. Ibfl inain
backers of tbe Ball Moose. wliich did
not appear Ifl tj ?> repotl of Treaatiror
Chairman DtXOfl hmt i lund of
fhCOOO which was lndej.end.'iit >.f tbal
?n tbe tr?*ns\:ret-'s hands. MW_aM-0*#OC
'I was dOOporatolj hard up I went
'liaek t.. 1'erkii!-," tOOtttod lOBfltOT
DlZOB. DOBOttOM tben were others
who bad iudependent funds aml WhO
"went back to Pork_ooM to baTo thoia
Tbe public thu-> ffOta i gUtTipOO of |
-\stom wiiUii ii. tbo ataataeo of otrlB*
?^ent regalatlon loadfl ttfolf tt> jBgRHag
of auni'. out of sinht tliat i* woitliy of
hlgh ftBBBCO Bt i's MgbOflt, Ifl fact.
'be ellme ot blub llnanee is over thfl
whole UilflaBrM. Lot ns bave OOBM
n\fs tbat win actaallj otop nuihlng
*be nomuiation and electlon of fl Presi?
dent n lullllouairefi' gamo.
Mr. Straus in I speech at MBlOOO
dwell on the botrBeaBBOM Of the K.\ec
utlve to effed food fOTfrBflMBl BfilOM
>ie bad a LeglslHturc behlnd bbn. aad
-old his hearert* > "You must give me a
flogrooolTO Lekdslature."
TJiere be touehed on tbe vital weak
aefs of hls canJidacy as n practleal
??Jtep to jKilirloal reform. Nobody, how
?ver mueh he may n-spect tbe pOWOBfll
??hanicier of Mr. Ptraus. or even accept
ibe daagcroai constitutionn] doctriaefl
,i which Mr. BOOflOt-U bus eoimnltted
hlm. can for one moment rapact tO set*
t.he electlon of n Trogressive HOBBta
and AmwIiIt Boaa aaBBBib-g tbe
posaiblllty of Mr. Ktraus's electlon, it
tg elear from ariy study of tbe sltua
tiou in tbe leglfltet-TA dlstricts tbat one
or the otber of tbe old partb.'s will
-londnate the I^slslature. The DtBkO*
rnts or tbo B-jl-blataBO liave over
wbeiming majorities ln too many dl?
tricts to Baki any otber result poa*
?ible. y>r. Straus's chanees depend on
tbe possibiflty of lils drawlng off from
the Kepnbliennt*. ln tbfl rural COBBt-M
a /?on?lderable mlnority of (heir normal
rote and addinp to it a slmilar mlnor?
ity of tbe noriral Demoeratic rote ln
this clty. He could. howpver, searecly
break lnto tbe almost solld Tannnitny
representatlon from the metropolls.
BtOB when all op-ponentH of Tammany
were nnltetl and earried the clty, and
eren New York Couidy, ibe DBBKNfaif
bad a majorlty of the clty Henators and
Aaaemhlynien. Any lart*e dfaaj-BBBl
from the rvtrn) Itepnblicnn \ote would
.'ilniost certainly Ihrow to the Demo*
r-rnts the close dlstrlets up the state and
renew tbe Tammany domlnatlon at Al
Tbat in a feature of the prohlem for
sane ProRreBHlves to eonslder. Do
they want to help Murpby to rule th4
ntnte? Mr. HtraufJ. howi-ver fOOd hls
intentloru6, lf el'-cted would probably
flod hlmaelf tled hand and f<x>t by |
Tammany Legislature. and nothlng
jood could be accompllehed. Mr. I Iedges
bj etODflfl-fldlj Clflfl- 8lld flbt*. Ht WB8J
a0-__8t0d U the BBOJBli Of B popuhirj
canipai_n. ui.alded bf B_t_88_Bnti of1
leadera <>r dlcUtlot of boaaeo. Hla
elOCtlflO would ccrtiiliily CBITJi w,th **
I l.. BjsUtttBB pb-dgeil 1" 'any 001 t-B
reforoM pto__aed ln tho ioratofB plst-l
form. _ad aroold promote jpood _.>vern
m.'iil fur Diore effectivtiy than Mr.
?jtraofl could bope t?> promote M
1 ?.ee that one of the corrupt b00808,
..:,-' of tho sooundrels who nre rtflyoo*
Bihla to UtO vieloui* rule of spedal ln
luioatp which I aan -fhtl-B tba _oto*|
rtoofl riin;i. of IMttsrturgb?has Just I
DOBB before the O-Dp committee bOOUat- J
ing of hl*< wlcU.d deal wlth nla fellow,
n.rruptlonlst QOBJ, He coufessed that
he bad drawn op a eompact hy whleh. j
in return for the eonlrol of Plt_f__fl
pntronage, he was to dellver the TOtflfl
i of nieinbern of the l4ajJfll_t_M to QOOjr. I
|T_OB ho cynieally boasted that after,
! he had aJoctfld his Mayor with Quay'sj
1 help he refused to carry otit the OgrOO- j
ment. Let me read ymi the report of
Kllnn's le.stiitioii.v on thls polnt :
"And in order to allay the oppositlon
of Senator Quay," asked Mr. Pomerene. j
advanclng, "you arottld write such an j
ngret-nu nt as this?" ,
"Not Olono would 1 write lt. but 1 did i
wrlte lt," r??torted Mr. Fllnn.
"You reeognlze that that ls about bb ,
vhlous a propopition ns could be
made?" asked the Senator. "Vo you
; noi v"
"I had to write lt vidou.sly to gfll H
'bv hlm," paid Oat arltneoo. 'Vou know,
ISanator, oul ln our state they have n
habit "f aelling for years nnd reara
gdl nrlckf. I aold the Senator ft gooa
N.,w. fellow clTlzens, thls Ifl the klnd
Of DOBB I am flghtlng. Fllnn dld not!
! carry out hls corrupt tnrgaln. So
! nacbj the troree, As b Uiaflf bt did not
I even rdiow honor ainong thlcves. lle
| took Qafljr'fl BBBjaflaaajt und refuscd io
i pay tbe dirty price for It I arUl put
BOOh soundrels out of b___B88B I
ntter dld and will not now have any-.
tliin_r to do wlth them. I would not j
take a noinination from them If they :
ofl-fOd one to me lle ls a aample of
the hiehwaymeu whOflfl away in poilttes,
[hoa fooved BBO tO champlon the cau?e
of the poople.
He pretftids in hls bB8tJ_KB_y that bfl
ln*- been Interooted ln roforn and nro-l
i gyajaBJ-Tfl poltCBBB for rlft'vn years. That!
|lmprjdO_l clalm desei vos nothing but I
the Bhorter nnd njtter arord. nis own
tt-fll-f-T BbOTfl U Ifl faise. I mlsht
portlon Mna lf be rfjMmteaJ of his roa>|
rupt meth.xls i" i'"litk*s. Rut instead
ha booota "f them---."ynieally aays he I
b)it| t.. bt rleioaa, and ?l.-rles ln hla!
cluti-coo in BOllt_| g?>id t.rickn. I wlll
hare Oil poUtlofl ln whleh 1 am rv>n
C4**rned as cJeon as a bo___- too__
These tratlleklng bOB_88, Uke Kllnn,
all hnfe me. boCB-88 they know I wlll
rjwosh them. nina Bpt_dfl bttsdrodBof.
_M_88_da of dollurt. galtvd by polltlcal j
e..rru[itlon each year to keep you Ifl his'
. grip. and thinks it worth while. be
i ea_B8 lf you keep him in power bfl arlll 1
forruptly Bflke many more _Bfl_Bfl__fl.
<j_lj throogh B-ppoii of mt eaa you.
: r^.iirte from aaeh romplroB. Flinn and;
I his felh.w rascals havo made ll flbflO*
rotolj i.ccessufy lo eotflbllah i _?w
] party Brblcb hns D0 place for t_8 COf j
I rupt l? oaco, but is kd by men uiiselflsh
I hj Ifltenl on maklng tiiis country i bat*
tor and pnref place to thelr eJ-ldt-S
t.. gflOVJ in. ln.
Hut flif eolone! dldn't --ay it. It hflp-j
pOflOfll that I'linri had Jflflf civen .<14-1 ,
80. from his own pockOf toward eqtilp-'
jdng the Koooorelt army for tbe fleld
of _-__Ut8_dOB.
Mnrpliy kepl hln hands 00 -t? _JTB?
eaot reotorday and his free and un
boaaed delegatea BOtoetod for porm__ent
Irmafl Jndgo Parker, Ifurphy'fl enn
I dldatO to I'rv-idtrt fl few years flflJO.
Mui'i hy'a rofljtdor preaMttng ofBcer fof
Cremocratk otflta ooortntioni *-inr*e.
Mnrpbj'fl temporarj chalrman <>f tht
Deooocratlc National conventlon at Bai*
{iini-re, BJ-lnflt wlioin Cnlonel Hryan.
leiifiiti^ tbe Wllsofl toeoo. felt <>aii(>d
Dpi n to Bffat N'aturally Morphy hnd
DoUU-f to do ortXh tbe cbotoo, He B
?<>f Uitcrferiiig. He if actuoted again
j ' hy tbfl tflflt Of inteiitlons" to let lils
DBftj- delogstfll bfl real |V-lflgBtB8 nnd
his jiarty's ccinvention bfl I real COfl
' vei-tlon. lle hflfl an OJg (?n the W-800
i tesilmonlal for use ln the campiilirn.
j And the fltlflgfltf, BflJOfll 8 their llb
j . rtv to the utmo-t. took the hlt ln tbfltr
, teeth atnl aro_!d hnvc no one oJafl hajf
, Parktf. 0_l3 thlrty-flve men In ?!)??
nnbOOflfld assemblj wnnted another
They were wgligll'le. The rfl8-ll flf
tbt vote was fl -Ofl-0-Btr-tlon Of how
well tpinlified tbfl detagfltflO tt> Syracuse
ara to nflkfl u1-!' of the Ubortj arhlcb
! tlielr niaster gtrefl thein. They c?n he
[ tru8t?'d tO do the w.>rk without guJoV
! fince from Murphy. They 818 worth.v
! of his eO-fl-fl-Ofl. l.eft to theniselves,
? tbfl _8le_fltflfl two yeara ago CBBOtaj Mur
! p-JT- state chainnan an candldate ft?r
Uovernor. Loft to theim-elves, the del
cicateH thls tluie chrHtse. 412 tfl ta\ Mnr
p_7_ tflBopofBfy chalrman of the nn
tlonal oonvention, ntralnst whom the
pro.'iessKe sentlment of the entlre
party was arrayed. fl< pflf-HUMOt chair
j tnan of the state conventlon. Why
i ahouldn't Murphy ahvays ba aHlH-B
to give Covernor Wilson the Tfee and
unbossed" convention that he wnnts?
There is llttle eomfort for the _o_08
keej)er, or Indeed for the average _0_*
I vcgetartiin cltizeii. ln the opinion of the
i Socrctary of Agricnlture that there ls
I Bfl hope of nni'h chea:*er l?*ef, and that
| people who want less eostly nieat had
j SettflT learn to iMit nnitton. I're^nt
? prlr>(*s of bflflf are llttle short of pro
hibitlve to uiany, bat whlle nnitton haa
Its sood quiilitics and is _roatly rel
__tfl_ lt can never l*e accept-1 is a
-Htisfactory all round substitute for
hflflC Moreover, the 88-98 of ?UttOfl
BBB ris.-n, and ls likely to t>e Hitnilarly
affet-tetl l?y the very eondltlonn whlch
).. ve niHtle bOOf BO coslly, a process
that would. Bf course, be lmstened by
I the iticrciist'd demand tor muitou
! whlch would follow it_ general adop
i tlon in 08808 flf bei f.
It 08 to bfl observed. however. that
the pessimlstlc outlook of the SecretaT I
I of Agrlculture'presupposrts C-BtlB_8_fl8
! of present r-onditlons. or of the ea.isw
whlch have Ifld I?? the hl?her prtoi ofi
Iteef, without any countoractlngilnflu-i
eacaa, wMdb may. happily. kfl an orror. [
There is r.o doflbl lhat his coneeption of
the Ofl-BM of hiph prtOBI is eom-ct.
Tbfl rapid IbVMM Ol populati'.n lod
eOBOOqaOBtly Of demand for meat, tbfl
proportlOBBtdj hM mpid increa-e, if
not tbe actual iflCfBflflfl. Of beat produc?
tlon, and tbe flXtODfltTfl tran-fotii.titioi,
(rf IBBfOO into farms. 1-flBltlng ln IBOCbj
irMtot coal ot ti>e boef tbat is i ro
daofld. ulundantly explain tbe iBCTt-MBd !
cost of roasts and steahs. But lf *>?'!
of those comlitions cannot he ebBBgfld
it is not cort.iin tbat tlielr result cannot
be COBBtflfBCttal,
Tbe farms will probably never re
verf int.. rBBBJOfli with their ehcap fH
enormously arBfltflfBl methods of cattle
cidture. But it may be fonnd pOflfltMfl
t.. supply from tba farms tbfl cattle
which formerly came froin tbe rflBfM?|
and to do so at prices mucb le?s than!
tboM wldch now prevall In this transl
tion perlod between raupe* and farms.
AaaeriMfl egrteiritajriata oraj beglnn.Bg
tO IBflltM the vast pOflfltMltt-M of what
!s known u latt-kaiVO cultlvaiion. and
t.- see that smaller farms. of hlgher
prleod taai, ?ow -boi-oaghly worked
nnd thus far more DfodaetlVB, DB]
r-f*a_ipotO ?UUL'BPflfMllj wlth tlie vast 0E?
pansex ot cbeaper land and Icpr thor
otij-b methods. It would not be stirprls
baf to find men Hiiccessfully flidapt-OI
this prlnciple to cattle raitdnp. and thus
i-ippljin*. the markets at raaaoaable
prscaB, and yet at fDOd profit*. -Itb
f.irm-raised leef.
it ls dtMoauafbaj to boo lioor tbo good
ItltOBtJoaa of Colonel Booaet-11 ind
Chairman Dixon are belnp frtlstrated
bv arlefcod ?abord-BBtBi bi tbo Progree*
fdve raakl who are not above mlBBB
proprlfltlng the Republican eotatBB on
tba ofllcial baliot and frnudutently Cflp
KBlbdBg the good will of the RflfBN>
Mcnn party. Ccionel Ko.>sevolt and Mr j
Dlxon pfOfMa to be cnpductlnir a gOBB* \
lne Ihird party. wenrlnp its own label
and ptnndbp on Iti own feet. Hut they
nre ptill unable fo eoOft-CB their Ad*
lower* ln certaln htntes that the thlrd
party 1k *n Indlspons.ible C-_at-0B,
vorthy of bfltag reeopnlzed in tta own
rlght iBBtaBd Of fik'litini* for BOMO
voll aad JohBflOfl electora under tbal?
mvn eolotB these skeptlcnl and shlfty
potrloti are trjtag ta bo BooaaroM nnd
Johoaofl men and yet remaln teehakal
l.. BopahUeaBB
' Tbe five rsBad-dataa for eleetor run-!
i-ing on tbe RepaMleaa tick<t Ib foatb
DakOtp have Just si^inKl a stntenumt;
t. tba adfad tbat if eleeted, ihey win;
rota for tbe Progreeatta db<_bb_b] can-1
didataa Tbat statement h bb opon
eonfaaaloa of polltteal tteacbery, alaoo
even the chairman of the ProgriBfllra
Kadoaal Coton-tttee haa rcoeatl] Mld
that be eoflld not ooaataaflaea tbe bad
faith Involved Ifl ptttOBfl-Bg to be PlB*
tressiv.> aad yet dlpfbif ba the mom
nnd pfopeftf nf another party. Iti Se
braakfl tba mom paiadoxtcal attltada
Ih awuimed by th" lYogreeatrea, arho
stiii eo-tro] tbe RepaMJcea nMcbbaaty*
Ifl th*>se tWO states BOBOf and decenc> (
ln polltaC. are opealf suhordlnated to a
**f*eody doalre t.i arta st the polla, bo!
hotiestly, but by DBMM Of I cntemptl
Me nlaiapreaaBtttloB. ?
i - arbere pobli. opttttoa baa rac
reeded falrly well ln forctog tb* dooblo
dealera arbo waat to naa tba nriachlnai.
nf tbe BopBbHeafl party to defeal Ita
natiooal MBdidatoi to ad-alt tba ioora]
..b|i(]iilty of ihelr OOBd-Ci la PBBBBjrl
vniihi. OragOB and KflOflM a aHlttog*
neaa is Bo*j profaaaed to Ntara the|
itolan pood*, B-ttMB-gb the retara Ifli
belng delayad bojrood laaaoa. Bai tba
PiBrgyatairea of Boatb Dakota aml Nt?
braaka raa-ttn obdarata an.i braaBB.
Thev will not atOOp tO OOaqOOr bj falr
meniiK and they are rootfltiflg the n.M'''*
of tl.e iiatlonnl pany leadon. as v.oll
as tba prafloare of local arioral sciiti-[
ment. The sii..-.-ilty of the tldrrl party
niovenient 1k belflg tfllBtad bv Un ir re
fiiBal ta be elaialAed as thlrd pany
men and tlielr vlclous laatB-OOee "ti re
Bntt-dag BepabHcflBfl, althoBgb Bepah*
licans merely ln abeepa clutblm: Pub
!i'.- resiiis-f for falr play ?i!l aaa to lt
tbat a purty does not aaccaad ableh isj
unable to rlse In its politlcal cuiice|.-|
rions abote ihe lorel at tasea panaaB-j
tlon and bur^'lary.
Tba m..st lataraatlag fbataM ot th>
altaattoa in Bootheaetera Kurope is
the sileime of ltumanla. No blnt of
[lollcy or Intentlons bofl OOBM from
Baebaraal No pai*tJealar agltatlon is
apparent In the press of thnt COOBtTT,
Tbe four llalkan states and Tnrkey
bara IBOMItaed their nrmles and are
ln a Htate of prepnrution for WBT,
whlle AuMtfia-Huiii.ary ls flJOO virtu
ally ready; but if Kumanla has done
IBjrtbb-g of tbe ?ort tbe POtM has
not Iteen parfl-ttted to know lt. r?o
far as apppiirs nn the ataTfaea, the great
power whlcb Haa between tbe Danub**
lad tbe ObrBBtbbUM is slumberlnif in
[irofoimd Daeoaeara.
That auch ls the tt\h% I ?wever. is
Bot for a BtOBMBt supposable. On the
contrary. there lo scarcely a country'
of them all wbW8 Interest ln heener
or deeper than that of Hamanla ln tbal
Inipendlntf readjustment of nffalrs in
that part of the world. Her size and
her posltlon. moreover. rpinllfy her for
ptai-Bg an excewlltiKly fniportant part
in war. Her seven mllllon populatlon,
under BBtreraal compulsory nervlce,
cotdd pnt a powerful army lnto the
tield. tbo ijuallty of whlch would ls
roocbad for by those who rcinember
how Uii-nanlnn troops turmsl the tfeaa
of hattb- and MTfld Hus<l? from r__a
astrrms defeat nt Ihe climax ??f tlm last
Husao-Turkihh war. Her terrltory.
bounded by rlver and mountain.-,
forma a barrler betwei'ii Auntria
Hunr_ary nnd ICussia on the one hiunl
nnd Ktilgarla on the other, and
marcbes wlth Rulgnrla at the north as
'I'urkey does at the south. As for
Ilucharest, i< bas been regarded un
the B-OBt powerfnlly fortifled clty ln
the world.
What part Rumanln won!.! f'ke lu a
Rnlkan war ls problematle. ln 1H77
.she was npainst Turkey. Hut there ls
no asialinmce that she would be thtm
atbraad in IP1'_. Her antapinlam tow
nrd Kussla. whom she BBTfld from d!.?
iiNter ln 1877. and stlll more toward
Itul'.nria. to wbo*c llberation Bhe so
>:rea*tly oontributed, is notorlous and
pnibably implacable. 8bc has no love
for Hunjrary, Ixx'HUse of the latter*
oypresslon of the mllllona of Hnuiaui
uiK in Transylvanla ami elsew-here.
fn Servia ton. and ln Maoedonln there
IM other multltudes of Humniuans.
ind tho government nt Huchnrest ls no
acajpttOB to tbe rule flf cberlshing an
imbrtiOfl some day to unlte them all 1n
t "Big Ruinaiila."
] here is thu*< boom I-b-MM la the B_f
restion that ln a general war Huma
-da would be found _gb__S on th" slde
nf Turkev. or at least nzalnst th" ene
n,ie< ..f Turkey. and it is obrious that
lf such were the case tl.e inrlueiice on
rhe course and outconie of the war
would he enonnous. Itumanla is keep
Ing her nwn couiiBel. hut that does not
ine.in that her rOQ-fltJ 1" confusetl or
-in. t-rtnin. On the contrary. she proba
Mj has a pnrticnlar'y defmlte DoUej
iaa. ls ln cotnp!cte rcadlncs* to execute
lt. Whtm H is revenled. the whole
Balkan situation may appcar ln a new
Ibjht ____.
The Dt-BOCiatk BtStfl platform says:
The Htlministtation cf (Jovcrnor John
\ Dix haa been fl_B-_->i clean and
.conomical, ami has materially ad
rancfld the reputation and pronperuy
?f tiie atate.
This Ih like tbc sailors on a certain
ifctj ?'nolnttng wlth prlde" to _SB-I
In fhe sea.
(iovernor Dlx's administration has
been so "etticlent. clean ami flf?____
ral" and bas so "materially advamed
"Ihe reputatlon and pro8perlty of thfl
"state'' that the Innnocratic candldate
for President had. Indirectly and tftfla
l.lly, tfl cause lt to bfl known that he
OTflfl against Dix* renomlnatlon for
fOflr thBt his name on the ibket would
ibstroy I?euio<ra'ic eliames here in
New York and _D|_it tbem elsewhero.
The (lovenior's record is so stnmgand
gOOd that a uiaJ.Tity ot the delepnteM
to the state conventlon ?cr<- from the
i iitnef unwllllng to renoinlnnte hlm on
tiu- groaad that hls nnomluitlon
?rOBjM be party BflJ-0-8, Kven the Ivoss.
under every obllgation to reward the
(...vernor for btfl falthful service. ls
iwulerst.od to BBTB felt all along tbat
hls renouiluation was out of the tiues
Stlll th?- Peniocrats __flj_t Bfl OTflll
polnt wlth fljrldfl t<> IMx's record. They
eflBOOt get away from It. It ls M-T
pl,\H rtxtot- as murh as lt Is Plx's.
BBd Murphy ls gotag to nin ngaln.
They cannot renominate Murphy for
boaa of v-w Vork without cejrtata ??<?
Btoudflfl r.ver Mnrphy's pplendld progn
sive rocord of tbfl laBt taro jroaia.
|0 bj BBfltfl t.f nll the denlals the
star.derd 00*8 IMfcOOO did tfo to the
Roooorell rampatga fand of ifrn-i!
SOOrgt U. Sheldori testlfleH that he saw
;;,e rocord of 'he coBrtrtbatloa oa thfl
nathrafll oomattttaa books. Now i- the
_me for explanattons, BfaCfl denlals no
lottflJBr uvall.
The CSovernor. bf dci linir.K t-> BOfl-fl
BB ht-t'i optfli the hiorit. hadleatod that
ie preferred iv.nrfyrdorr. Ifl sul<t_M
I? mnj bfl that "v drlvers | ; th*
tutomot iie root co-tat a' Ifllwaokaa is
innK< raaaa. it ip eertahaty ?rl", trmt to
run ri enr at rilnety irlles nn bOOff on
itny road ls hlghlv B_-Bj8Bra_a
Thfl Imosevelt candldate for ('."V.rrer
,i. th- ticket af tba Rearet toe ariiflratfld
party arooM atfot as aa to__-fltlag
..mnvntary ..ri R00flflVfllt*S flttacl 8fl
Hearst n-? UM virfial tnatlgator of _80
I?IB?InOtlOII Of lYeai.lent Mciflnl. y.
B i.in for Meta.?NoarOffltaer heRfiiine.
Certalnly. There i6 ahraya a I.?
'..i Metz 888_1 where. Sla! bOOBBl bbl
? ? ??
After tbe bread charge wll! cirn* the
li e water charge and then _M Cfcafgfl
for tbe BStal'OB of ihe B-CO-OtatH arho
omputea tho total to be B-traetod from
the 1i.uk B88ff08i-S restanratit patTOn.
It U_B88 ? KH of money to make "the
BOtCB Of the people" _titC_B-tfl ln Pfl_a<
Thr .anu-algn rontribntlon Invcstl
go-_s eoaomtttflfl of tbe Baaota may b*
long on arltbmetlc, but lt is phort oa
;;,. r|>_phry. VVben one of "Hosa"
pitBB'l ajrents made an alluslon tocor
racrtJooi in AdaaM Coaoty, -WB, _aa?
itOf AtloB TV.rrierene. of that tate. re
j.ined, 8-O0r_8_f to Warhlrirtfn dls
t-Htchea: "Well, Ad: ms founty Ib
"along tha bordfl* and It geta ft.me t.f
?the iflfmtano from iVuiiay'aaBla"
Brea rei?rt?v* should have some rela
tlun to faet. Adatns f!otin*y ls in
B-at_Wflatt0_B ?hlo. only BbOOl flfty
miles "ist t,f (tnclnnatl. on Iha '?b'"
Rlver. nnd haa -8018 flaj-Oflfl oeen sui
pwted flf BBThblg the I?enna> Ivan'.a
bord.r. It coiildn't well be further
nway from that border and stlll be Ifl
ohb- ^_-?________?
He saM: "There's no auch thina as luck;
What man sc.pilrea he works to Ref.
cush boomb froan w.-rkinr bard, unci
Fr"m muscle use nnd toll-fetched awertt
"That luek la almply fOOl88tO*B 0B8_fl
la bosh. _?ch man haa aorked
For what hla bankbook totnla, while
The mun who haan't B"t Just ahlrked."
And when the anUimn'a evenlna ehill
Force.l hlm hla esajOOO-4. tt? i.luck
(That ooat whlch held a ten-?pot), stlll
lle Krowled, "There's no auch Ihlns; na
tajok." a. W. 0.
MBoa8, BBf ni-uhrr-ln-law ls comlrtK lor
a lona via.t lo-morrow. Here la a llst of
her fav.ir!'." tl!rihe??."
"Vec. Blr." .
"Well, the Ilrst tlrnc you Klve ua one "f
these vou'll jret a arOefeffl rei_00.M?F_0>
?retide BlBttar.
In maklntj aelections flf horaes for ser?
vice ln the 188*08*08 the color line dhould
he drawn. 880Ot-lng tO raportfl BBOflO hy
Colonel WordrufT, BOrfljaOn ln the Unlted
States army. At Manlla tiie flflly horaes
to survive after B ffl- years are _my,
whit?, H?ht y-'llow and 10*088. In llrfd
one iiunared mtiles BrOBO t-kt.-n t>. UM
l'hlllppliii's for the use of Ibfl tonstaru
lary. After aeven yeara thero were four
anrvlvora. all wlth black akln and 88081
white halr.
Kandall?l'vc written aa .rttcle on
"Why Men Do Not Marry" and llltistrat
e<l It wlth photographs of dreadful l?*ok
ir.a, BtrotiK-tnltis1?<l women.
Roaers-Wher*i dld y?u aet the plct
llautlan Tboy'ro wlvea OO the men 1
know.- Llfe.
Accordlng to reporta from the Adlron
dacka, deer are plestlful ln aome looall
tles thls fall. and aood huntlna la e?
uected. "It la aulte nr_na.hU. hitwaver."
| raajr-j ??ti." watertown nmes." "tbat
J aoBM of the encouraging atatementa ln
regard to present condittona are baied
jon the number of deer tracka ln the
Iwncda rather than on the unusual IMM*
!ber at daat actually seen; consen.uently
Iho** may be, ln some in.tances, a llttle
mialoadlng. H will b- rememhered,
thoiiKh. that, according to autheritic ln
Iformatlon Rlven out early last sprlng.
the Ailrondack ueer winterad well. hence
lt is rensonable to auppoae thnt there ls
aome foundatlon for the gratlfylng ae
|counts In reganl Ifl their numbets whlch
Ihaf. recently bten recelved."
.r.hbs? The artlnt wbo palnted Gux*
rdara portralt ..-rtainly gave him ? peach
of a noae.
Slnhhs?Ye.?. he speclaPaes tn stlll life.?
Philadelphia Record.
Tiie picture <.f a huge Amerlcan e?gle
In the pose In whlch the national blrd ls
most frequently r'prescnted le publlshed
ln the eurrent iflflM <>f "Our Duinb Anl
mals." hnt the llttle atory whlch accom
par.les tho picture showa that the blrd
dora not owo Its posture to the taxt
__r___8- He |? very much allve, and hla
nvvner. ?'. A. White, of NicliolaiVllle, Ky.,
iaa tuincd and trainel hlm so well "that
bi .-an eajoy the freedom of the owner'a
store and eat from ^a hand." White
, bouglu Ih* eagle. according to ?he atory,
"from one who had M.arv.'U and abuwed
IH, IhM makinK lt more vlclous. Six
I mor.tha ol kindncsa and patloi.ee were ie
qulred to teach the eagle that human
klnd waa not its f>x*."
"It muat be line to own your own
"Oh. I don't kaoaa, Bvary tlme ?ne aug
: gests haviflg the parlor redecorated I llcd
ne He|f wimilng for the old iiindlord."?
Detrolt Fri-i* Presa.
Rooncvelt'fl Political Juggling of
Trusts and People.
To the Edltor of Th" Trlbune.
Slr: The revelatlons before the Senate
eonnnittee r. l.itive to tho contrlbutlon or
the Htar.dant 01] <'ompany to the Roose
v.'t caaaafljgfl in i?4 ara tatereeting and
Illbunlnatinf. They are intercsting bflMBM
j tliey raeaal the Htat- of affalrs exlatlng
! between ,g boataafla and the poll'.lcal
. purtlee. und they nre lllumlnating because
' they throw a new and added Ilght upon
i the Maraotar and aaaaaaoi of Th<*odore
1 Roosevelt, who for yeara aticcessfuliy
I paaat as a ealr.t, but who now, In the
leyes at all Intelllgent and thinklng paog'-i
I standa raaaalai as tba ehl*f slnner of the
, n.itlon.
! l*i It not plaln that whlle Hoosev.lt waa
denounclng the trtists aml the "maWac
i t..i?. of traal aaatth" ha h?'i ? secret un
_aattt__a___g with them wheretaj thay Baaa
j to tinance bl*- politlcal campaign. aa thfl
hnrve?ter titiHt and the pt**] truat are
TtaW .iolng? These trusts are reported to
have expended B-MMM ln a vain attempt
to buy for Roosevelt th? lagB'fll Republl
can nondnatlon f?.r ProflMMI. VFha-fl nom?
lnation he gn\e the Amerlcan people hls
BOt*BM pledge he would t.ot take. FallluK
t<> Ket ihe R*c**_-laafl nomlnation. he cr*
? new politlcal party for the flBSfflM
? n? nf aacaptlni B nomlnation which
i he bhIJ h- would not take, and the steel
| tr int and the bfllTMlfll irust are nnanc
ItiK hls thlrd puty -nnvass us lavlshly a_
tl.ev .'Ir, ii.eed his oaavaM tor the Repub
'!? m flaaadnatlM
Oolaaol ROMOTOH ls the on'y m.ii ln
tiatarj who ins baan abia to work both
aaala of a ootnblnatlon auctaaafullr. He
!.n-. irorhad tha tru?:s for the money to
1 flnano* hi* eanipalana, an.', he baa worked
UM peoj le IntO the bell. f that h<- la an
ietoiny >.f the tmata Ba m ?.rtaiiiy te***
im* . r.. ?.r ti ? athar, iaad i mtim doaa
not baaa ta bo rarj iQtetttgeat to know
ahleh be is foottnfl wew aaa which he
h:iM fooiai iti the M*t f CetoeM tta
? ?'.' I .id bOM ro.'linK thfl trusts ln the
p?st does anyb.-vjy believe tn-it they WO-M
Btlmaa to put up m.-nej- so lavlshly to
1 b'iv bl? wny bai k lat* thfl BfhH* House?
Is lt not fO.bmt that th- trflfltl have
|laeo**r*_ that arlth his aaaaaffarful Maaa*
tlIIty and ad-iptabt'lty 'olonel Ro..eev.lt
ls the best man In the world wlth whlch
the trufcta ean fo.,| the people for the
***arpoea af aaearhaj and kr.-iiing control
of the K..v..-nment? Ih not thla the rea
BM why thev are blfMUflg their money
In hls Mlflflfllffl aa lavlshly ll not thls
the reasori thnt he became a candidate for
?n thlrd term at the tequest of the mott
.-.-d batareatt vhoaa ba fivot-d aii
1 through his administration?
*a het, Colewal RaMMMvaM araa Iflauar-rat
-d President there wer. H9 htg trusts ln
: thls co'intry, and wh.-n he tutne.; the ?ov
j ernment ui>r to PraaM*nl Taft thera
| a < re lo.n'.'i) hln trusts and comblnatlon
ir BTaahlngtM was the father of hi- eoon*
; trv. th'n Roosevelt lt- tbe fathar ot a
It seenis to me thal nothlng can he
alaJflor than thls. lf the Standard Ot:
'ompany had conirlbuted the addttlOBfll
Hfg .,i ?Hi<e,i for. that nraob abUOa*- truat
; would then have tls.-n to tha dia-ntty of a
j "koo.I trust" In the eyes of thls mora!
I crusrider who Is leadlng the battle at
i Armaareddon.
llow lonar. oh, how long. will the \mer
' leflfl paogla ooaitlnM to be noodwinkcd.
' de.-elve.l an.i mlsled by thls showy and
} lmpudent politlcal impostor?
i hyiins, N. T , Sept. 15, IM
! To the Fdltor of The Trlbune.
j 81r l.-ss than tw.> y.ars ago, at tho
ParHtoj-a atate OMVaatlM? Roosevelt
IhOBghl Reput.llcai.s \\. re Justlfled ln feel
! ing proud of the gr.at raoort th< partj
j l.a_ made, and reeited the list of the
' BMBMroa that he tboiight were lilghly
[ r.i'.itab'e, and laodod Taft for hls part
ln securlng so mu.'h I cr.-fl.-lal IcglHlatlon.
It seeins to the wrlter that not raaOUgh
tfliff^aefl ha? be, ti put upon Bhfll Rooaa
velt BflM then. If twent-)-tl.re.- innlhs
sgo th. party i|| so rt-plet>- with ?o(ht
doada and Taft .-.. abte. aalea and hoaaflt
a.i R-.o-n velt then .isserted. lf ill becomea
hlm now to seek to destroy tho party bo
cauae the man he lauded wa j ,i MOMM*
ful candidate for renomlnatlon. R I'.
rortland. tt. V., Sept. 8, 1912.
To lha Kdltor of The Trlhuno.
Sh : RooB*velt's Uip tiiroiigh DUM and
Alabama Is a farce 11e dldn't change a
vote that 1 can bear of.
Auburn. -Ma.. Hept. 27. URt,
! To the Kdltor of The Trlbune.
| Hr: The use of the word "flnlcky" for
"ftnlcal" la certalnly not up to the BflBBl
j standard for Trlbune edltorials.
New York. Sept. .4. 1913.
IThe worst that can bo aald of "fln?
lcky" ia thut It Ir the most colloqtilal
of tbo three forms of the same word.
flnlcal. flnikin and flnlcky. Tho flrat ls
perhaps the most dlgnllled, l>ut it la
Bothlng but what phllologlata call a
"colned" word, und lt la Just ae legifi
?ite. to coin an adjectlve endin**
, ii, ">" ua ln "al." The second form re
I c-lves the nroference from some Eng
, liah authorltles, whlle some Americans
brackat it wlth tho thlrd ab "collo
ojiial." To our mlnd there ts really llttle
eholce among them; not enough to be
flnlcal or flnikin or flnlcky over!?Ed.J
People and Social Incidents
Mlsa Jtilia Dlck, daughter of Mr. ami
Mrs. J. Henry Dlck. wlll b? marrled to
day at the country pla-%e of her parenta
at Iallp. Long laland, tfl W. KinorBlaiid
Macy. aon of Mr. and Mra George B
Mr. snd Mrs. F. Oray Orlswold, who
spent the nummer abroad. arrived In New
York on Tuesday. They wlll spend the
rcmalnder of the fall at their country
place at Hoalyn, Long Island.
Mra. S. Barton French. who arrived
from Europe on Tuesday, Is at tho Kitz
Carlton for a fow daya before going to
Hot Sprlngs. Va. She will remaln ln thls
country until January, when she wlll re?
turn to France.
Mlss Iflfll-Bna Ellaabath Warren. -Bflfl-1
tor of Mr. and Mra. Charlea Elllot War?
ren, of thia clty and CedarhurM. _Oflg
Iclnu'l, Oil] he introdiioed to soclety on J
Monday, December 1 Mlss Warren la a
descendnnt flf Oeneral Warren, of the
R. voltitlon, and ls a membei of the
DoUghterfl Of the Cincinnati.
Mr. and Mra Herbert L. Batterlee have
taken pooBtOatOB Bf th'dr country place at J
Hlghland Fails. N. Y.. where they wlll
spend the remainder of the fa.Il
The Rev. Dr. und Mra. Maltlai.d Alex?
ander have arrived in the clty from I'ltta
bargh and are at the Hotel Gotham.
Mrs, Henry 8. Redmond has returned
to town from Newport, and la at the
Flaza for the wlr.tei.
Mr. and Mrs. Bradieh Johnson. who Ifl*
cently arrived from Bflrogo, are at the
H.itel fjofhaai for a few t'ays. They wlll
ep> nd thfl remainder of the autumn at
thelr ountry place at Knal lelly, Long
Colonel ar.d Mre. Robert M. Tliomt.son
have gone to Hot Hprlngs, Va., to BpOBd
several weeks.
I Wllllam 8. Fanahawe ar.d M.ea Jessie
1 Far.ahawe are at the Rlta-CarPon for a
ih.-rt stay.
Bogaat Delane, has arrlvsd In New Tork
after a two months' stay abroad
(Dy ToUgtahO ta Tbe Tr.v.r:*.!
N.tvport, Oct. 2.?Mrs. J. ?BBflflB't
Borney, who has been In Canada wlth her
husband on a hunting trlp, proved herself .
n good ahot Mr. and Mrs Barney re- j
turned to their aunimct home here bB'Bay .
nnd Mrs. Barney reported to her frit.ida
I that ahe had kllled a moose. Mr. Barney j
| has gone to New York for a few daya. but'
i wlll return later ln the week to rcmat-i I
| until tbe end of the BMOth.
Miss Kllzabeth B. Nlrhols. who spent
B t BOaaaar wlth her slster, Mrs. JflflBBfl
C.riswold Wenta, has returned to New
Mr. nnd Mrs OoOfBfl Ir. B-808 have
clc"*! thelr season and returned to New
I Tork.
When they close their sea?on, on Tues
i .lay. Mr BflaJ. Mra. J Norman de B. Whlte
house wlll motor to BeW Vork, stay Ing
0\H r nlght Ot Ilrldgeport,
Mr.. raul A. Ar.drews waa a dlnner
[ hcRtess thia evening. Mra. Thoms* Hltt h
oocb araa a loachoao BOfloaea .luring th-:
Major -Oooral Belooa A Miles. U. s. a.
(rotireBli who w:?s a reeeal visitor here.
ia sxpacta- to return next week tfl be thfl
fOOOt flf General J. Fred Pter#on.
Mlss LeaiBo Ward BeAlMetae has te
turne'l after a New York vislt.
Pktbarl fc BOnO ta here for a few days
!nr>r.ectlng hls property.
-dngdon B-gast) aon of Mrs. Marsden
Four Sons of Institute'8 First
Head Present at Servicea.
Pratt Institute of lirooklyn celebratM
ra*88_-flt*fl Day yeaterday. The faculty.
Btuflanta an<l four aons of the late Charles
M. Pritt were present at aervlces held Bfl '
F.mmanuel Haptt.it Ct Bfflh ln the monilng.
Dr. Ifahaaalah -oyatflfl read a etaantor
fron thfl H"ok Of Job, several favorlto
brmat of the founder of the Insti'ute :
were BflBaf- and an addresa waa made by ;
rrodarteh h. lTatt.
\.r. Pratt explatned that every year lt
had heen the 0800808 to have some friend
of his father make an address on Fountl
er's Pay, but death waa clalmlng ao many
of thetn that thia year the board of trua
! tees had determlned to chaiuje the cus
tom. Hereitftei one of the men dlroctly
Intereated in the tnatltute w.uld give a
?hort talk to the atudenta. He aald that
Pratt Institute stood for opportunity 10
the young man or woman who lacks op- j
Dr. Jordan Oualifies Announcement
of Hls Leaving Stanford.
| Stan'ord Unhrerslty, Cal.. Oct. 2-Dr
' Davld Starr Jordrn, p-erlderit of Btnnford
ITnlreralty. to-day quallfled the announce?
ment ef hls reslgnatlon, made yeaterday.
| "I aald I waa wlll'ng tfl B0O8 down ]
for a yoaWBfOf man," ho explalned. "when
ever th- Inter.'sti of the unlveralty should
BOBBB tfl be Biibaerved by my retirement,
hut I do not act the time. The under
B_UBB_8g ti.at I meant to retlre tn 1915
was 1 aaed on a BtO?BBBBBfl that the board
Of directors had paOBfld a resolutlon that
I slxty-tlve should be tho age llmlt for
Stanford presldents. Many unlveraitlea
! have aucb a custom, but Stanford haa J
Bust by Andrew O'Connor Purchased
for L-Xombnrg Oallery.
Psrla. Oct. 2.?The VtOttOh 08*8*88000?
hOOflrad .American aealptore to-day bv
p_rcb_Bt8? thfl BMUrhtfl bust of the Niw
Knglander, Kdward Tuck, by And*-uw
o'Connor. of Maasachuactta. The baa) la
lc be plaoed ln the l.uxemburg Oallery, ln
Thia ia the thlrd ocoaalon in wbltli
works exhiblted by Mr. O'Connor in tho
French Halon have been acqulred by thv
A polltlcal aymposlum ln which rep
reaentatlvea of tt?'> thror! partlon wlll
takfl part wlll bfl held under the auspice*
of the 8?vic Forum ln Carnegle Hall on
SatnrdBg night. October 12. Mlas Jane
Addrma. of Hull House. i'hlo?go, wlll
apenk for the I'rogresslve party. Hr.
Htephcn 8. W'lse for the Democratlc
party and ex-Congressmap Wllllam S.
Bennet for the Kepubllcan party. The
eubject wlll be "Poclal Progreaa Through
I'ulltlr-J Action."
J Perry, ?s recoverlng from a slight Ifl
ness ?t Rleak House.
Dr. Henry J. Rhett. of Philadelphia. re
ma'ne ln a weak condltlon at the Newport
[By Telefraph to The THoun*.|
faiflBT. Oct. 2.?Tho follage is now at ita
helght of color. nnd there at many *tr
rlvalb In the vlllas. wlth much enterta'.n
Ing. The boulevards ar-< ln flne condl
titn, and drtving ha* becom* the paatime
of the cottagers.
Mrs. Wllllam I- Dayton and Chandler
Robbtns entertained at auctlon brldge ln
the Curtla Hotel thls evenlng.
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Bell. who hate
been vlsltlng Mr. and Mra. Newbold Mor
ris, have fOM lo New TflVfe,
Mra. Sumuel Pennlman, Mra _. Clar
ence Poat. Mrs. Georgo B. I-orlng and Mr.
and Mrs. I larenee C. Cha*.ni.ni I'turne.
to New York to*day.
Mrs. J. V. Meserolo and Abraliam Mese
role will leave Lenox for New York to
Mr. and Mrs. Wiuren F. Pallal ur>' wili
cloae their Pittalleld vllla on October #.
and will go to New York for a short tlme
before returnlng to ChteagO.
Mr. aml Mrs James M. Montgomcry. of
New York, and Mra. A. W. Flaag and
Mrs. J. A Flag, dt Boston, are at tha
Curtla Hotel.
Misa Isabel Shotter entertained at din?
ner to-nlght. nnd later went wlth her
guests to a theatre.
Mr. and M e. Charles S. McCllBoeh an.
Miss Katherine Ma*C-ttO-h, of New York,
and MlM Thayer and Miss J. V. Thayer.
of Boston, are at the Maplowjod, Pltts?
Arrlvlrg at the Hotel Aaplnwall to-da>
were Mr. and Mrs. Ridle.y VVatts. Mr.
nnd Mrs. Archlbsld Forbea, who are re
turning from an autouiobtle trlp ln th*
Oraaa Mountalns; Mrs. Oeorge C. C-ftfl
aen, Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Zabriakle. ot
Port Chester. N. T.; Mr. and Mrs. A
Franklln Godwln, Mr. and Mra C W.
r.>der, Misa A. E. Kyder and Mr. and
Mra. 11. G. Porter. of Boston.
Mr. and Mrs. Vlctor Morawets. of Naw
Tork. are gueets of Mrs. John 8. Barne*.
Mra. John K. Alt-xandr* and her mt'.her.
Mrs. Alexander Webb, and Mr*. A.exan
ire'a gueaia, Mlas Usa Suydam and Mlas
Katherine Stewarl. went to New York
Lh.a morning.
MIbb Rose Lamb. of Boston, Is a flueal
3f Mr. and Mra Bichard C. Dlxey.
Mle* Mabel Boardman, of Washington.
aill arrlve here ln a few daya to vlelt
her slster. Mra W. Murray Crane. ln
DflMflflb _
Mr. and Mrs. Wllllam J. Boardman,
who have been at Manchester, Maaa.. wtU
.rrlve at tho Maplewood, PHt*fle<_. ofi
PeMflM a\
Mr. and Mrs. Jonatl.an Thorne, oi' New
i'ork are guests of Thatcher M. Adama
Mr and Mrs. Rlchard C. PtBBl will
t.rtaln at dinner at Tangtewood for M
ind Mrs TBflfM tu-mor.ow nltfht.
Mr and Mra R. Clifton Black. who
were marrl-d yosterday tr. Troy, are at
the Hotel Asplnwall.
Mr. and Mrs. Glraud Foster have gon*
to New York.
Misa Adele Colgate will return to New
Vork to-morrow, after a vlait with Mr
?nd Mrs. Davld T. Dana.
Mrs EliBha P. Whltehead gave a _-_n*r
party at tb- Country Club ln Pittstle'-i
to-night. Mis* Daaathi i.ewis. ot C_
:ago. la Mrs. Whltehead _ ?ue?t.
Mlss Ulllan <"ram closed the Ls-BM
irtlla. tn Stock rldge. to-day.
Misa AtafT Kne.land emertained a d..
ncr party fj-ntgbt.
Wm tffltharlM BfoodBard has paaa
New York. and will sall for Kurope
colonel and Mrs. Thomas W. ITflOt M
B. H. Diitil.it.. of Washington: Mr. ar...'
Mrs. R. H. Thompson. J. C. Russell, Mffl
W. F. Russell and th-- Misses Kueeell.
New Y;rk, are at tbe Hed l_on Iflfl,
Hitchcock's Committee Seeks
Help from Farmera.
Washington, Oct. 2. ?Klrst hand InfJT"
mation reepecttng the prohable use of tbe
percel* post system will be sought by
POfltaaaatM General Hltchcock throrafll
the general committee appolnted by hlm
ta work out the details of the operatlon
ot the eystem.
To-moirow the commlttee will flatl
Maryland to confer per-onally with farm
srs. merohants. poatmasters and r . ..'
rr.all .-arrlers wlth a vtew to determlntr.g
the character and volume of business to
be handled through the parcelB poat. The
postmesters at Westmlnster. Hageratown
Md Fredertck. In that state. have been
Instrueted to have at their offlces repre
sentatlve furmers. merohants and post
ofThe empluyes to confer wlth the com?
mittee. Thla reglon waa chosen because
It ia a typtcal farming country. wlth
vurlod crops. The commlttee will spei.d
three days ln Maryland nnd probably will
vlalt other parta of the country oa tha
aame mlsslon.
Father 8ullivan, Police Ohapla'n.
Made an Uonorary Member.
The Rev. Father Francts J Sulllvan.
pastor of Suinr Anne's Roman Catholle
Church, In Itth street, and a chaplatn In
the Police Daaartaaaai was fonaell*
elected an honorary menibcr at tha
l o.lin of Honor of the fSBBB-BMBI laat
night at a moetlng held ln the assembly
ball at Police Head.iuai tcrs.
Tho lagton is flflflapaflod of IX meiu
every one of whom ls an honor man and
Baan tba leglon'M button for dlsiln*
gulshe<l service.
Father aulllvan was conductod lnto th*
hall l?y Chlef Inspeuor Max Bchiflltt*
baagW and Captain Day, both aaafliberfl
of thfl ardar After balag vaaam an bM*
orary moniber thfl chanlal.'i thankad th.
BUBBbara for tho prlvilegi they had COB*
ferre.i ori hlm and spoke at tha K-'O' WOTB
of tha department.
Head of the State Department Ex
pects to Arrive in Seattle Oct. 11.
WashltiKton, Oct. 2? Tbe rrulser Marf
land. baai-Bg Seeretary Knox, who la r**
tuming from Japan, where ho ;:? flBaM
tho funcral of the Japanene Fmi?eror.
rtached tlonolulu yesterday. the NflBB
Dciartment was ndvlsed to-day.
Mr. Knox will spend a few days tn tha
llawallan Islands, and ts expected t?
rea.'h youttio on Oetober IL
Director Announces Watepa'ay WiD
Be Made 36 Feet at Once.
Montfeal, Oct. 2.?Slr Wllllam Garatin,
o director of the Suer. Canal Company. an*
nounced to-day that tliat waterway woui*
be deepened Immedlately fiom thlrty-tbre*
feet to thlrty-al.: fe*t

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