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way nein ?elnwny nvennn. Astoria.
Among ine sinkers gre t?. bo public
Service Commissioner William*, l.d
v.ard M. Bassett, formn* ?Public Ser?
via e Commissioner, and President <"<>n
nolly, of Queens.
8ulzar to Hear Marchant?.
The Merchants' Association an?
nounced vostorday that Governor Rul
MT bad written to K. H. OtitorbrhlRe.
xia-e-prosidont of the association, that
ho vin be glad to reoerre the dele*
gallon from the commercial and civi
..rganlfatlone Wbk? Wtt go to Albany
on Friday to urge him to take no
action which might delay or prevent
I he execution of ?ho dual subway con
imcta. ipeakera rogeoaentiM ???"c
than a score of organisation? Will pf**
?en* the view- o; the bnstneas men
... -upi-ort of tlio dual contract? to the
,;?v(-rn.?r. The executiv,- board of the j
?Broadway Association, at a meet inn
:ha- ll?t.l Imperial yesterday, passeu
rsanlntlDW urging upon the lioverm?.
Hi?- Mayor, the Benrd of ?Batimnta and
the P.iblie Service Cmiunisrion. the
"importance el tut immediate signing
of -y,* iubaray contra? M to the end that
work ^H.iii be -started and relief be
given t?> the public by ad iitlonal trane?
portaden tecHltlee,"
i.ilward C. Blum, of the firm oi kbm?
ham 4 Straus. Brooklyn, who has di*
vote.l attention to the stmiy of the
Irai?, all -dtuation In the ity for *MVOTal
yearn, ?tald gentada**:
I b lleva Implicitly in the good fait..
ind go??d juaigmi'iit of Chairman Will?
?\. and slnoerel) believe a MtUnst
mistake v ill be made i>y ?;o*.ornor Bui?
? -1 if he does loi retain him until ihe
.?? t-r.?ts are signed, it will mean thai
ih- present adequate plans for the so
lutktn Of the transit pro blent will be
Indednltely poetponed, If not Mel for?
. \ or. No*. V"!k WOOJd thus be 801
i\i. b a '"..re ??f .car?. The city cannot
afford stich a Mow to it?? prdeperlty.
i'\er? business ?nan of experience and
sund?n? arho has studied the plans and
unddrat?nds the city's poetlton at ?this
ihme la perfectly MtJafled 'bat tlio ?luai
. . ste-.ii is the only pogalhla -??iution of
... . ? problem, and that hUItafN i
of millions Of dollar?; Will In* lost 1o
il * -ity !?v failure t?? p"*?? through tiit
in ? sent ? ompleted plans "
Expect Willcox To Stay.
\\ lute it is hardly ttxpected by Chair?.
man Willens and members of the Pub
lia Service Commisilou and iba Boagrd
if ?estimate and AppOl tionnic-iii that,
he contracta '?n he executed ?>> ?Tri?
da) night, when Mi. Wilboxs teim o?
uflicC expire.?, there vas a feeling of'
oaM?nca yesterday among thorn most
Interacted iti ratifying ihe prenant
plans that Chairman ?fftllcoa would
hold ever In o?Bce for the fea ?la*-?-, at
requlra ?) ?<> put the coatra? is ;
'lii ?.?ugh.
The Public gervka Comnrdaaloa yen?
terday opened bids for the COnOtrnC* !
lion Of the first rapid transit lines in
?.'.ems. Th? work fol which the bid? ?
were opened is known as the Astoria, |
Woodside and Culona UapiO Transit !
Kailroad. and the bids are tha- first :
received for elevated railroads under
the alual aystem of rapid transit The!
road will i.e abOtn three miles long, with
MvaMl ami OEM-half miles of -.ingle. J
track and will be owned by the . t aa '!
a part Of the new rapid transit system j
and operated under th? dual plan by
?he imerbiaTough f?t*?j the ?Brooklyn!
RogM Transit Company. There w-*re I
twelve hids re<ei\ed the ?..vest ae-j
Tding to unofficial figures, being that
of Cooper A Brans, of Mb. 2J<? Broad- ?
wa\. The commission t?n>k tlie bids!
major advisement.
Troy Maa and Woman Admit Pass?
ing Many Worthless Check?.
(?ft* Telegraph *.? th? Tribal ?
n\ llke*~Bart*e, p.t,n. .Ian ?_& .lamer
I'e Mun, twat-aty-thre o*aiv r.uj an.i hla
wife, twenty. Tlio -any t\<*y aia from
lr>.. \. v.. ligve been anosted here and
?aie aorhitted that they have been sut
? e?.?.fijjiy pas-ln?; fc**a*thle?a checks for the
las! two \eai?.
Mr?. r>e MUDdc?ared that they travelled
? i .-??.. tojra 10 another before they
?ta-teil trork. Thev "looked the town
. \er ' axtid tbea (rot ln??y. Thev had found
it a" pa>?ng business, .he gaalarafl, an?,
:.-n. manage.i to escape ?rre?t by quitting
'he towns before the police got on thelr
tvack. T?as couple were ca-?s;ht here after
trying to pass a worthless check --n a
?second hand clothing hoi.se
Four Men Carry It 20 Miles from
Mountain Mining Camp.
Kverett, Wash? Jan. ?.-Toe b?8d) of
Trank Esersky. eigbty-flve years old. ones
a brigadier genera! in the Russian srmv
?n<l s T'nlon sioldier in the I'ivil War,
??-. brought here to-.iay from Silva-rton,
a mininK town in the facade Mountains,
where he lived many year?.
Snow ?lides and deep drifts stopped rail?
road traffic out of Silvertou an?r* four
nia-n ?arrlecl General Keersky's body twen?
ty miles on their backs.
As far as known he ?Aas Without fam?
ily tiea
\rnehcan Red Croes Sands $1,000 to
Constantinople Chapter.
Washington. Jan. 28.-In response to
an appeal from the Constantinople Chap?
ter of the American ited ?Yos? for aid
for suffering non-combatants of the Bal?
kan war. the executive committee of the
so? let y here to-day i-a.ble<l 11,000 all
that was posible beiausr of the deplet?
ed condition of the treaaury. offuers ex?
- ? a
Bill Increasing Amount of Judgment
It May Render Is Void.
Albany. Jan. -I. -The 'aw enacte?! b\
the legislature of 1911 increasing from
$2,000 to 16,000 the amount of Judgment
the City <"*ourt of New York may ren?
fler was declared unconstitutional by the
''ourt of Appeals to-day
The question was raised by the a?ueen
Aeroplane Company a? a reault of a suit,
against It by Ludia LowkowUh to re
0eva?r 11.000 for alleged breach of written
contract of employment. The City Court
made an award of 94,118. The Appellate
Division set aside the verdict, principally
9? the ground that the constitution pro?
hibits th? Legislature from creatint*
.ourt? of inferior lo?al Junsdletlon wlih
gr?-M->r pow?*r than Is possessed by
county coirtB. The Court ot Appeal? I
austair.-ad tbi? conientlon T T".'J
Its Answer to Hearst's "Ulti?
matum" on Subway Situa?
tion to Go to Governor.
Executive Will Be Warned That
Any Nominations Not Recom?
mended by Organization I
Will Be Held Up.
. i'.y Xelss-n Mi to .1 Im MbiuM
?Mbany. Jan. '."?--Governor ?Ulaer'S flirt
lag with Il??arst has angrre?] Murphy- of
Tammany, and ?Um ?DaMsoaatk organ?
ization, which is determined thai Hears!
shall ?sal aothlng he? after ia th? M?tw
Vork fit- Buharay situation, with 01 with?
out Sulz.? s hiu. About th?? Unis it be?
came known her? to-day that tl?- <u>v
ern??r hod ;i long t.-?i.-|,h?,n?' talk with
il'arst lasl night, it hemm?? known Blsej
that Murphy had summoned some of his I
closest upstate allies to a ? onfeivm-e with j
him In SCew teeh <"ity to-night.
At ti.at BanTemnto. ?sa far ss ?an be
i'.un?d hers? th? ergaaisation's plan of
?taasnaaisja --i': be disoussti* snd pertaetod.
and what ?n aHeei win be an answer to
the H?sarsi Blttmatnais Bill i? ?evolved f<>: I
subsequent pi<?s?ritiition to Qovemot ?Sal? I
zer. The ??organization'' tmi not had an' !
rerj' ?troi?- ?r-atlaon thai the ?Got?******?
really Intended to kick .Murphy ..ut In I
favor of Hcar.-i n ,t it d??? n??t Intend
that either llearsl <?r Ihe Governor shall
ne left in th? (?irk about where Murphy
snd the sthei nead.-i of this close cor
poratloa standa
Word to Go to Sulzer. j
Therefore ?' is expactad that word will
h? fient lo the tjoy? mor <t? .. formal coT?\
ni nicstton ??f th? "ergMisetton's" ?ccom
reentlatlons, probablj lo-roorrow:
First, thst if he dsres to nominste
for successor to William R. Willcox.
now chairman of the New York City
Public Service Commission, a man who ?
hss Hearst's recommendation, and not ,
Murphy's, the Senate will refuse to
confirm that appointee.
Second, that no nominee, whether er
not he be Hearst's nominee, will be con- i
firmed if he believes or has announced i
his belief ?a the past in municipal
ownership and operation of subways.
Third, that a man to be recommend?
ed by Murphy for the Willcox place, i
and three men to be agreed on by Mur- i
phy, William H. Fitj-pstrick. of Buffslo:
John H. McCooey. of Brooklyn: Will?
iam H. Kelly, of Syracuse, and Patrick
E. McCabe. of Albany, for places ?n the .
upstate commission, shall be named by ?
the Governor on pain of a break with .
the "organization" if he refuse?.
The phrasins in vvi.u c these Samaads j
are to i?e ceaveyed la 'he co.fiii'i may
he smooth and SiplBBBBtlfl The *,.-e?-,?mi- ?
?<? tlie gist of them.
Ar.other Condition, Too.
There will be another ? or.ditioi. that,
ihe <j?-.v???' ?.?i shall delay appalntiaents
until the itibway ? ??ntta? is ?n N'?--- Torfe j
Bad the WflOUa situation in whl? h the
city of nulTa!?? Snds Itself. .i-Aiiitr t?i tl.?
upstate ? osaa IsstonB - lighting Investigs I
; ion there, h>- straightened 001 'm'.^- he!
?hooses to have the senate bold up his]
Th.?,-?- i.; pothini her? u> shew ?*'?" Mur? ;
phy hai In mind for his ?.andidate in the
New Vork < ?ty commission. The 11 ? - ?
.-; u- situation is much simpler, and there
i-- substaatisi sKi'cinint on the appoint? I
meats there which the "organization",
will stand for. Murphy aii?l the upstate I
mea think ('eoi,,e -M. I'aimei, state chair?
men, ought to have a $i3.?'joo s resi
to console him foi liavii.? baten state
??!.-aiim:?n. They an- a?ling John S. Cot
fist? should ha\e or???, to paoif)' the stdi
IndeSaMdent Dame? racy. The ?third man
unquestiohably win be i?-voe p, iiodson.
a lassy?f ??' Huffalo. who has ? fairly
?????id ?.rd and h ?said t?. ;?e up t?? the
Meantime, th? '?'?v-irov i? .,u??t as unge !
tided an to what he will ?m snd when bt I
wll1 do it, for anv indieation lie Rive?. -,s?
he ?-?;>? last week, iiearsi '? pounding
awav at him in the hope of ?lOpping the
Blgnlng of the contracts.
Governor Sulzer was asked to-day il he
?Tared to say anvthlng about his telephone
talk with tie New York politician editoi
lsst night. H? denied with coniilderaMe
emphasis that he h.??i bald any su? h talk.
Wen't Meet for s Week
Tin Senate Finame Committee, to
win?h any nominations of Publie Service
? 'ommissioners would be referred, lield its
r?gulai Blasting to-day. It will hold j
??notlier regular meeting a w?-?;k from to
day, February 4. and unless an sari .
?make bits It, there will be no special
meeting In the mean time. arhethar or
not the ("osernor changea wliHt seems
to "be hi-, intention now not 1o send an?, i
nominations to the Senate until l'.-bru
ar> 1 or after.
Rjl the time Mr. Sulzer makes nomina
tions and they can be considered in rom
mitte??*- next week, perhaps- the contra? ts
will be signed, if the information here
svbe? with the state of agreement of the
? arlous partie? to these contracts
Tile Governor had iittle information to
?lve about subways ta?day, He said he
hail no appointments to talk of subway
matters with anybody. lie didn't cxp*? t
to see ("Terence J. Shearr., he added, or
anvhodv else of the Heaist forces. If
anybo.lj- came he would have to talk to
the Governor in public in the "big room"
Queens Link to Astoria and Corona
Lines Approved.
?'olonrl T. S. Williams, pre-ident <?f the
P.rooklyn Harid Transit ('?-?mpany. gave
out a letter lat?' yesterday afternoon.
which "-as addraased to William it. Win?
cox. Ii'f'irmlna him that In a test vote
as to the "ile-lrabillty of the conatruct<o?i
of SB ? lcvated railropd" connecting With
the ?Braadway-Wth street sabw?y Um .it
the <^>ucen*b<?ro Hrlil--?- I'laza ami with the
sO-called Astoria ami <-or?>|ia elevate!
lines ltottT \otes were ?ast, of whl?-h
1 :i,.ri?> approved the proposed improve?
ment. The lettet end?.?'! is follows;
In ??very Way precautions were taken
to ?elicit as fall an sxpression of public
opinion as popsibl?-. and we helle?,a- the
tc.sult of th?* count Indicates without any
question that a ?rast majority of the p,.?v
ple of Brooklyn appreciate the RaKaaiSity
and lesiiiiblllty Ol nich a nortl.-und
south rapl?! transit r??ute. You will ?ee
from an Inspection of the literature that
? xpecial nains Were taken In th<- lit
erature to indicate that the proposed Une
was to be of elevated ?-onstriii-tlon.
Port of Spain, Trinidad. -Ian. ?.'?.?Sir
aitoiif?- Riithven i.e Hunte, Qavernai ??f
Trinidad, left to-day on board the Brit?
ish cruiser Sirius to \-/tpact the !'i*"m;i
Canal as
Senators and Assemblymen Meet Representatives of
Farmers and Consumers in Move to Foster Co-oper?
ative Organizations?Rural Banks Urged.
B Tatoaraad ?o Tba Tin)aaa '?
Albany. Jan. M aia l-art of a general]
scheine to produce laglalaUon tending ?te j
redure Ute high cost a?f living, ?Jenntor ?
Boeaeaelt and Ass.mblytn.-in ?Cole, of ? ?r
leans ?County, chairmen Of the committees
en a?rieiiltun- of the tw?. IMUSSS, had j
thair committees in c.nf.trenc- IO?day With
representatives of farmers' ??tu! conauin?
era' associations eoncernlng inenaurea In?
tended t.. ?further co-operative eBorl of
farmers a:*?l producers.
In addition to dlactSSalng all th?* farm
l?gislation already latrodf* ?> -i. the ?eon?
ferreos nave particular attention M ?three
pi oponed bilis which wooM ?Yanooornga the
formation of co-operative < -orporatioiis.
These bills ha v.- the approval Of th-* Ken
York market invcstiu'atli??; ? ?.mmitte..
Th" tii si is to facilit?t" tin.-operative
orghnlsation of ?t?onautuera as srell as
piodiice.-s. The second bas t.? ?1?. with
ll-.c ? le-Hion of agricultural banks of -i |
ro-eperatlee nature similar t..? those la
?Atroparan countries, which deal chiefly
With aKrii-i;lt;irnl i redit.
The third se.-Ks to establish in the De?
partment of AagrlcuKure a bureau of so?
pervlsion ores all co-onerative associa?
tion.?. The commissioner is to recpi\<? a
salary of fAggA, an?l is tu have ?general
charge ?.f the aJevelopeaent of agrleultural
.i|'.*rati*.i* BOdetiea lor tlie bujinc an?!
selling of farm products. He is expected
10 ?ollert and diss?min?t-- Information
win? ll Ill.iy lead to de\-elopmeiit of the
co-operative i ffot t.
itunong tboaae at tins meeting wen- Mis.
Heath, ptealdeni of the Heoaewteea
L-sagne; i*ir-i.i.*!it sisson. of ti.? gtata
Agria ultural bodety; representatives from
the Woeinrn Sou York Frail Drew?
erg Aasodatloa and the Hudson River
linn Orowera' Jlaaonlatlon; ?Sara Tattle,
Of the New Yoik market commission.
?.mi v.iu\ Mastic, of the gtata Orange.
Willcox Tells Queens Chamber
of Commerce Contracts
Will Go Through.
Borough President McAneny
Wins Applause by Prediction
Dual System Plan Will
Soon Be Under Way.
'ii.? ? hsmber ><f Commerce ?>f lbs ?Bor?
?? ??n of Queens holds hsai one rte?
the presem subway controversy, and thai
is the op,, which Chairman Wlllcos, of
th?- ?Public Ssirice ?Commission, expressed
to ?ts awmbers laai ninin in the ?VaMorf
un the occasion of Itf ?'?? ond annual
"Tlleie Isn't a thOUghi <" i??' ?' 9? ,;
lie. "m ail this ..ut? i v t?,. t ?s new. I
den'! hellers there is one ?lu h ?bears tbe
stamp ?,f honesty ??: expresses the real
Interest of the city, it Is ?? brasa n at?
tempi ?it this late ?ia'. I?? '?'? i ? K th?? ?. ?
system -n i.i ?i we have foi two ?sers ?en
deavored to rnak? the Rxed poll
. itj it is nothing bul the sllmiesl si B
? ininst |i";?u?'u? moi? :I ? ????? ? ?i ? ?
attempt? d t?? foist upon ? li rit-."
There a si ?no dhwa ni n ?? spi
which ?stormed from every cornet of ? ??
t... .ii j in app "'?ai of these >s?mtlm<snta it
roke ??'.n ?again when Mr. *?Vlll?*o* In re.
lemur t?? t.'.< dual tyOiun I ?'...???.?? i
? i ventM?- t?i s,iy bars m tins pteeene?
thut th? je iii? s na tret bean - mum? .; a'
bargain as wise!) and p.if., msda ?-.
tins on? with tha??a- two ? osspaales
Objoctions All Old.
IHe !.hi,111.i'. SXpiallMd Witl :i '.??le ,,'
I infinite w?rsrln?fss In his v??i??- thai atrety
petal ralaed by thou? who ?are now In?
siglUai agatoM ihe ??r?.|.o>. ?i ... - -
torn ? ??iiiih? ti bad I?? ? ?passed ?,j???n m
;.-1 tv\<? .his by th? Qovernoi :ii??!
Legiasleture snd bj lha Appellat? i ?.
? ... t!.?- Court ??i Appesk ,11?
?briefly upon ? hal he ? ailed the ta
Igu stion ?,f the band tale." Insisting thai
the i;t> pail int. i?M oi-,\\ 00 Wbsl ? ?is..
the Interbarougli and lbs ?Brooklyn Rs ...
Traaatt invest.-,i n, th,. labwayi and ?i"t
on what the) paid t?> ne\ Ulis ? .ish :??
that the ?price of their bonds ?ii?i ?not con
e?r?l tbe ? ? ?' II'- ? los? ?I m this Wl e
? i iii.i??- ?i?.?i prophes) thai tbs all .?t;??:i
will s?? clear and Um skies -?? brighten,
?and tha* r ? ?? Iti?..; i?i.?t hau hot t?. ?le
fea. : .?? dual ??? ata m, ? I be -?? fsi dis?
a-tpate-] thai ths contract* ?-? ?n i.-t ovar
lo my friend M titan) to rota upon i
can ..?li'.-iv?? of nothing which would
?Bring me gramtn liosw <?: piss sure than
t., sign thorn eenttaets, noi aal* from
the standpoint >?f i>?.?i?-.\i to ?lbs ctty, bul
from ? selflsh standpalni r would like ,o
have ly children end my children's ehll?
dren look ?becli upon tbe consumtnatida
of those ? onf.i' t ?
But anxious as | .m, t,, s?., i\,,,\ ,,,?.
summation. I want to SB] tha? n?. r?..\ver
high or low, ran bring any nolttie-ii
pressure to bear to load m?> Into slsntnc
esatraets which I don't batUeve are la the
Interests of the City. If this thing fails i
it WIO not b<- becsuae those s/ho have
lived with it have not brought their basai
endMVors la bear to bring II t?? peas."
McAneny Is Optimistic.
Mr. A'ltleOS i?ai?l nigh tribute.? to ?'olo
nel Timothy I.. Williams, president of th?
?Braoklyn ?Rapid Transit, ami t.? Borough I
I'resiilent M?-Anenv. With ,,f irbOia o? eu
pied seats at tbs ipsahsrs' iai?ie Mr.
McAneny'i i?roi?i?e. \. ?-??mini ? Utils later
la the srsatng. ?muiided aran m??re apt!?
misti'-. lie said: !
"U hen you Ko ?bach 10 Queens ] o i nia )
tell your IMighhOra that the>- nee?) ha', e
no fear Wbethei twforc or after Feb?
ruary I. th.-se ?i.iitia.ts ?ill be sign, d
The) will be siciiPil for the reason that
tbetr defeat nooM meen l.ia.-k cahunltjr
to tlie ?ity of Near fork, and becauea lb
auch a eatemlt) i?<> nan or men dlrectli
answerable to th- people win dnra t<> ai -
cept responsibility."
I'l-.-sbl? nt William If. William-, Of the
chamber, presided. Botough President
Connoll* "f ?vu.?il-, toM ?the d?nera about
local Improvements fethered b) in- ad?
mlnlstratloe an.i got tiietn proper!) ?stirred
i.p on the aubject of new iaj?id transit
to greet Chairman IVlllcox. aha followed
him, a ?'h a shoul
Mitchel Not There.
Bonn "? tin- others wi??. attended the
dinner were ISdwnrd M. ?Baaaatt, former
?Public Sarvioa Commlaaloaer; Joseph I-*
?Dey, Juatlce fjerral J. Qarrataon, Judge
Robei ' W, lllgble, Judge ?Bui t .1 Hum*
?'!??? ? . I. .? oil Ki???pi>. Moi Kan .1. O'Brien.
i iValter i IVlllli and Tun?.tin U
Woodruff. President John Purroy Mltcbel
I of tbo i!..aid ..i Aldermen Bgnred on the
list ,?! gasata .?s- a asignad, ?sol 10 ? t
apeakers' labte, but t" table Ko I He
J wat conepicuoua by hi** sbaence
Judge lllgble Introduced ?? resolution,
?*. eh ?.i?. ?adopted unanlmonely, ?provid?
ing ti...' ti.?- ebambei send Governor gul?
?/. i- .i telegram ?salting him no! M change
th? personnel of the Publl? gerrtcs Cean?
I ?, of the 1st I?i-ii i? i .ntil :if?ei i tit
?ubwa) contracta have been ?signed to
a SBManai from i ?I in|r
.i!??i t" preven! then fron having
Got Wall Without It.
Th ; idge bit ?ru \? .it, i ..?h h. the
fit l?l ..' -i u- t ?? ell, ? ana .? * oi ?* fron
ainiaiig the d?nera
? *i ..?i .?i.- quiie iighl Mid i'?- Ma) -
..i m- fathei i?'!? '.? ?? ?t m tii? bnri
II?-.?I ? ? .- ; r;
\\ ]?.it .-!!.'?! did it d ?a \ e ..,i the
i .i?; " ' sonebod) aski ?)
>. ??. it ai .-!!? d ao bad tin re ths
tin- plga ? "'i!?i . ..* -?.?!,.! m .-.. hi f.?"?.
iba arrel "t aulphur water and i?- ?-.t ii
...it ii, iba middle ..t the i testa i lot, ?. ten
a? i.- lot "i? the farm as fai awa* from
;!?.? !.. ? - .lid gel Wo could m>t
?land II evei thai fai away, and I think
?> Anally knocked the end ??f the ?barrel
m and got i id ni t ti.. . won n.? in? t?>
make ? w.it.-iins place ... Verona, and
Dial ?? .?.*- tb? ii-sult.
The Mayor lh?en spoke >.r ??Kc^te,.
boro .?mi his boyhood on the farm
:b? i ?? Hi? ?? hoolhouse .?r:.i ! hi m op o
ill. IC
"There wore the nhr|8tl?ee, and ih**
Marra, and the Btitilffs, and the ?Paynes,
end the Parkhurete, and s>> on." he
s,?id. "Probnblj II la ?lue to the Park?
hut? family. If there be an) <?f then
here, thai i should an) that they were
In no waj tei?ite,i t.? RnhM Pnrkhursi -
?Rabbi I'arkliurM. of New York. He
i.? a friend <>f mine."
The speaker.- Introduced by ?Mayor
Onynor arare Tbonsns it ?Proctor, of
I'ti.a, lbs Rev. Anthonj 11. ?Svaaa,
Irving Hh< holler. Kdmiiml Wetinote
justice Isaac ??*. ftiiss? n, ?Clarence U
?at ruth ami ?Lloyd P. Stryker.
Among the gueeta <?f the Boela tj were
Kob.-rl Adamsoti. Hamm-I A. Bcardale)
Judge ''.la. kmar. Qeorga <;. ?Battle
?Charlea it ?'arruth. Justice Deuel,
Abraham Oruber, Ueutenant William
Kennel, ?Stephen Merritt, Jostles ?Cd
\'.;inl i: M'i'all. ?'ob.ml VY. I). Mann.
wiiii.?i? M. A.lo... Morgan .1 O'Brien,
l.lilu, ?Boot, |r . .lohn B. Stan, hflebl
.?uni Patri k a Whitney
We can PROVE
these points in our
card and filing equipment.
It is
The simplest
The most comprehensive
The most adaptable
The most economical
The most durable
? and the FANCY PRICES
have been cut out
Telephone, Franklin 2261.
371 Broadway
ci??. ob moa
People's Institute Meeting at
Cooper Union Demands Re?
peal of the Wagner Law.
i Speakers Hold That the City Is
? Not Safeguarded ? Oppose
Every Act in Scheme
Except the Routes.
A.leettag et the Peeglt 's InsUtutel
In Ceeper Union i:t?-t niKi.t Puhllc iersles
' '..niuifs-ion?-- Mil.? R M.ilthi" and Jol'.n
Purro* Mitchel, PresMenl Of the Hoard ?>f
Al?l?rni? n. ;itt.i.-k.-?l the WtlteOS '.Ian ?*ro.ii
?very angla e\.?ej)t ?MM, ar.?l tha' theirl
bafarera spprovcd. What mei aith thai?'"
:i??i?io\ai was the routes,
tSvery other feature ef the i>r<>i?????? i i
t'.?n.-?. wiii? h are now mule:- i on.sidei ation.
they ?Jes.t?kkI es entirely ajteeafvan? .
tegeoua t.? the ? ay and of han?s*8t enly te\
Hi?- lnterbon?iii;l'. and the group r'f hank
ers abo will huj Um ??on?;-?. .\n?i arlth
?nach ?letaii did they b?? int.? then attack
that th??ii sudience, s typical Ooeoet
L'nlon crowd, with lbs naual BcaUe-rlng of
int??rnit.t?i?. w-re time ;,ti?l ?again n"?1?' ' '
Into a frensy ??f s-pplause
? ?l.e man from tbe flou:, lui '?. ?' I'??''
in it??aident Mit hart's -?pee ih, o?-srad ?
i?- olutlon appointing s sonunl tee lo
headed by Mr. Mit? ?hei. te ?t. en th ?
srati'i ?jury within tirenty?four hours to
demand the Indict nie ni tot malfeasancs
in ofiu-e ,?f .\i;i\..i Qaynor, Controller
Prondergaal and Iba othei metntMra ?of
tri? Bavard ?.r Bot! ms te abo fevoi the
W i.!?ox i?l;an.
Demand Repeal of Wagner Lsw.
This resolution ira? Ignored, bul one
ciilliiig upon ?'.??vern.'i- Sul/.er to BSB t??r
S repeal of tlie \\'a ?? t?< r lau. wlli?h ?PTCS
i?ient Mltabel dee?rrllMd ss ?having roi>i>?-d
th? dtj ?f Its i.??t ?-Hfem.anH ifl what
ha t'tina-ii s ?crisis libe this, and ? oin
rnendlng the Qrtflln Mil, Introduced ?lur
inti the ?afternoon si ?Vlbanj eu? .t?i??i t?-??
Both lbs i-peahere, . ?? aell ai i A pin? j
wall Hodge, who followed them declared
that If the ?-it** could not gal bettoi terms j
t r .?m th. Interborough than 11 offered in
tbe ?presen! Instsnee, ta In lia rompant ?
,i ?tsifi ? of tbe ? Ity to M? and If this
fa?e.i. to noi onl) build the aubara.-*?
*Ai?ii ?it; iH?>ne\. pul lo operate them,
PraaM ".t Mltchel laid thai he u ?- ?
? Ida -.* that If the bond? were <>ff?-r.*<i lo
th.? publia through ?? public ?eric they
?would i" 01 ? i *'ii????-ni ? ?i. f.n sbo?re par.
? ,? ? there'would ? > ?no ?need of past -
mlttlng them to b?? t?? .1 P Moi ga
Cotnpen) fa
?????.' i ?? ? ? Mall ? il? ? I ? ?
died re apture ?rla?UM In Iba ?pra>
?-??, contracts --hi?.!? wouM ?rmii the
?,f. t.? ?T'-.Mpture ' the ??lliWiiVs at the
snd of ier. :.eat.-.. if the) proved diaati
rantageooa, ?was noi werth lbs pepei
?.?a? written m
There ?? ??? wild ebeei si I ?rougnoui ii.
.? ??f CommlsskNiei Maltbia and
l'i.hl.l.-iit Mit? l.e! Ar,?I ?A ?,. n tl'.' lattei '
: i,i.i..-.? a ?resolution Bailing up?sa the
fuabM Hoard o? Estimais t?> ii\? up to
It? in????:?? lion pledge! SI Mit? hel uad
?joi s ss aitopta ?i una i mo
i. ithei 8, M?-if"i'i n? well ?:..???n
? '?oopei ' nlon lnt?*?i ?rupt? ; and ? ?? bai
., -i ii. dlatinctlon ??f ?having been ai
reeted often? na night tl an ?an
otbei mu? m ?Vea t'orh, to ait, f??.. ,
times ?a?? ejected by four ?pollcemei .??
tha re? outset of the mestlng when he
triad to speaJL
Tbe meeting was called to order i?> ,
Ptedi n? k < ' Howe dire? I.' i m r???. ;
;?'? i Institut' Who declared toe mbwa) '
contracta riei-ded revision and rewriting, i
He ?hon Introduced C?oa*mlsslot~>ei Malt?
,, ?
Mi Maltbie k.ii.*?i risjhi la t?> critla Ise
the IVillcos ?plan, He said ?thai II guar?I
antead t?> tbs Inlei>???:?oii??h f??r forty-nine
sera, ?beginning in ioit. its ?operatli-i ss?|
pensas, it? laxas and *?..?'-"?.?'"" ?additions
This hud ?fgure, be Bald, ??.?? lbs Bam?
i? n - ?tatemen! ??i lu average :? ear:/
earn laca, Bui ha ?e.iared |i ?A.,* . m,.
- - . t., the extent ol ??' leaal v.????.. ;,,
m?.ie i lan ti ?", ??
Put? Debt on City. Say* Maltbie.
lie ?aid the Hgures hailudad Um tettjttt
n??: e ihat sho ;l?1 have l?ee?.i
iSlde foi ?lepie? lation an?!
to $;.'i???.tjf?'i ??i
annuall* art
"It I? no ? a
approved " h<
?.niia? i thai nuRhi to
W4 i.t ??n ' Il aalille? a
debi upaa N?sw rorh for two ?genera?
Itoua. Ti?.- itochholders ami haadbahtan ?
of th.? Interborough <i?> not contribute one
C*M1 an?! ?M ?-Ity puts in r".'-?,,''?''> <?f its
own money."
? Haw mu? h did w ill???*; gel : laterruat?
???I a hUSb)??.?ti? ??I one.
?| thinh Mi. Wiii.-ox ?believes rincerai!
end h"i ? ?ti1 m lbs plan be Is support?]
i;?k rcpMed Mr. Maltbie. -l don't wi^.i |
t?? challenge his Bsotlves ?>? tl <?ss ef my)
othei Bssoclataa, for i ballavs Ibej aie'
lU'i .is hon. ?i ?n their Relier ?as i am."
Mi Maltais continuatd i?< ??> that :'u?
ie,,s,?ii ih?- ??t? eouM uni labe advant?age|
of the i-.<-M?i'ir.- ? laus.- |n the ?ontra.-t:.
Was that at the en?l Of lei? ? ??ai ? it arould
have i??t kgMtMt by th? stnhing ?fund
ami a*ouM n"' have ?say money for thai
purpoae, lis ?added thai In IM the cits
would owe tv./K??/^??.
M??i??ov?'i. h? shi?i. tbs ?J'l.d plan, pro?
viding l'or on?- ttthttAJ on Um K?st Side
and auoili'i <?u th?- \\'?-?i Si?le, WOUbl
laie tbe building of .? cams ctlng
subway sven if iba dt* had Um amac*
f?? "te? SPtUrS"* the,il m ten ye.Il? Ami
th. n tM lumia Is wen et dlffatreni ?nasal
he aaM
Controller Not ?n tha Fight.
??resident Mltehel beK.ni bis apee et wlUl
a regret thai rjbntroUer ?Prendsrgnnt tras
not with lilm In this fls-ht as he un? t\* <>
?ears auo. whet? the) brought .ibout MM I
Inii rborouKb's ,<tt*\ 10 build the BUbweya
a ralea tried eat at hi. raanMoB >.f tha
l'ont ri-.ll'-r h name ||.- bus sold out''
f.ut president Mit? l?.-l FJMUghl u.?i
w lu< b . au-ei| a In !? lo .11 !*i* ?u?.| say lli.at
he ?'oiiidn't ? Hjivlnre .? twelve*)aar-eld I
schoolboy that the entire u?.ard <>f i>ti
matc (hairing Mi Mitchell had n>>t bsM
"Lut t'omrotasionai MeltMe baa been an
tha sine ,,f tbi* people?,*1 raanaasd Mi
Mlt'liel, "and that .bsp.tr gvoty form of
Itiilui-ti.e il.at 1 oui?I be brought lo bant on
??m? t?> lbs corporate InMraats of Hen
j Mr. Mil. bal BUM be . ..ubl n? t und?
stHfi.i how the ?Board .?!' ?Sat?nate, arhleh
tir?t rejected Um Interbe ougb'a ? ffer by
a vote of 10 to ?:. noa sto.?.| :?.i Iba Inte: ?
barangh i?> .1 \..te of u t.? .:.
' I ?annot los? ?.Iglu of the fa? t, ' \??
?a. nt 011 "that they ?the lloaro of K?t -
mat'*, ?an-edl. promise?! tb>- .'. - t..i.,'.
to build subwa.s with ?it*. ninn->\. and
that th. i aie obligate) by that prom
I. e to ?hi 1 y it ..ut W.- weit lu on a
platfoim sud on promit,' ? that tar a?.?., .1
toi??tr???.t one system Vf ? il ? i>? ?itii
?ity money aaid control it la UM intet.
Of the people." ?
Mr. Mltchel reiterated several tin
toward the end of his speech that th?
was no need of the city goln? to a p
vate hanker for funds, Baying the <i
Bens would subs? ribo the amount, as t
cltlr.ens of the nation in Cleveland's a
ministration oversubscribed a governmc
bond issue.
"And the city's bonds are as ?mod
the nation's." said Mr. Mltchel.
Controller Shows Aldermen On
$19,143,535 Is Available.
?ontroller I'rendcriiast submlttnl
statement t., the ?Board ?>t Aldermen ?.
terday shoarlag tiiat th.* legal berra at h
capacity of the city on January J. 13:
\>.as ?JM^glMMi The borrowing mai gin.
is ?hown. is avattebti as follov. s:
Por rapid transit purpooca only. .119.14.1."
.'?nions municipal purposes?) in*
cltldlng rank] transit. ti'ti-vUi
Of the amount for rapid transit ptl
poses only, there Is a ?balance .?r (10,515,ii
against which im oontmcts have be
registered, while for vari..us munlctpi
purposes then is ?. balance .;-;.i!n:-j \vhi<
to Ifnbflltiea have beei reglatered ?
*. "..;.'?7.?>i". There is. m addition. llMMii
in ?orpor.-it? -t<?. |< authorization t-> I'll
-leib i.-iici. s and tax?e The groes funde
deM oi the city on January - was M.I8
?.??.nu. ?h.- in t funded debt arlth the Smi
??ig Pund and exempted ittadvbtedneea ?i>
ducted !>? Ing gBTJTiaTM
a leeolution Introdueed l) Aldenna
l "?.Iks was ?idol t.d It rall-d on th?- Pul
lie H.-i-.i'c ????mmissioii to furnish :i n
p..ii ahowlni the number >?f oara and in
time hedulee upon v* ? i i. -1. they are ru
of t|.ti-.-i-t railway eyatema in ti.? fou
borough? of tha elty. The ?recent ovei
crowd?-.! conditions ?>i tii atreetcara an<
the imall numba i ?oerat? ?i. Mdermai
Polks laid lied sroueed ?publia Indigna
m?.i He asserted ?' aras Une fol th
Beard to take eetlon, as ti?. street rail
companiea rere evldentl) net in mi
up t.? their ?franchise sgreemenu.
Prison for Those Convicted Be?
fore Him, Judge Swann Says.
Judge ?wenn in Qeneral Besolona, yea
lerda! served notice ?>n ?lambiera l ;?'
in tin- future he ?would Impose prlaor
sentence* ??ii .?!! coavieted before him. Ai
n>warnltti i- fined John O'Duy and Bleb*
aid !?? -urn. ?i I, who had pleaded I 'nit.* ?i?
common sembler? gfto each and put them
on parole f"- a ?year, promising that if
they aren found in an) gambling tiousi
a 'tiim the !?? \r twelve months ha erould
s.-ii-i tbem i?, i?,, p.-nit. ntlai:? ???? .. yea
The] pn'd the linea .?i?.i promised i? )<*
.. i ....*. ? i -i i "?. ?
" ... b) William
.i. i : > Tiii tha n s.ni i?, i ?ut? .Police
? 'ommfasloner, ! tanlel Ce lin, an ? rted In
the ?ano laii, iraa convicted Leal sreek
In spite ?f tin fa ?! th il most ..f ?
?,-1 -? i.id elln--i i??.!-i. burned
or "loa the polica
? '..??..' Ti ? ? i
London. Jen. '-".? - ii? ??ottnei tlon nith
the ponding aleotion of a chief tai.bi
.m Important statement la furnished by
.? weil known member >.f the Jewish
omraunity here Indicating .? more
hopeful outlook and a proepe? ; that
the throateiia-j cleavage win be averted.
an i
Accurate Work
Prompt, Polite Service
Modewate Charges
Fifth Avenue at 27th
lo.merl.T at 104 Imi '.Ml Ht.
Other Store?
125 WEST 42nd ST. (Nr. B'w.t)
6 0 MADISON AVE. (Cr. 60ih St.)
255 LIVINGSTON ST. Brooklyn*
New York
I onalun 1'iarl?
la <>l?l Henal *-l. .; |,-?ir sirtbe
i y is \e?e>ittarcdt?tJ
\ M'f'r 111 a !-> i Im?? *?lia?e ?a-iul? Watt tin*
at $2.95, were $5.00
It??i-t anil III??, k of ?m>ii,rird leather, ?a
ihr neweaf F.naiUii hurta
Style? Worth Coming Mile? to See
Worth $6.00
On Near t iijli?!
lasa?, -v ble
1 ?liant.?
?.i?.I I??
' bi-.-l
Clean-Up of the Sample Shoes
at $1.10, $1.95 and $2.60 pair
Broken Sizes, but Rich Bargain?
Senate Gives Adjutant General
Power Over Employes.
I ISv T. >grap!? 'o Tb<* Tribune. I
Mbany. jan. tL?Denounced a.? a meas*
ura i?. permit i"'? gnbadng la t;.?* at
. i geaeral'a irtstee, the ? "u - ii?i?*i bi i
.?. -..-Milt I'-.a- I'ljiitant general t., appoint
craployea fiom a elvtl ii*t ?m.j dlamiaa hi?
n.... ist ant.? st pleasure ?a?^ ??.-??.vr-i by th?
s.-n.it.- to da; try I ist the turenty??sls rota ?
liee,|fi). At -.ie.ii-.iit the ???'??tar.!?- in. I
be militar] men. snJ can be renMved onh
after court martial ??r trial ?-?ti ?ehnrgea.
?Senator llerrlclL defending tbi ra
? i.iTi?.. --as merely aa audit bureau, im
! .. militai y affair, and tha .. I last ml -
i eral'a iMn-Ja ?were ll?ed. ?lenator ??rifhn
i?, i.... at -.? d i did not spprovi th?
? ?rindpie ?.?? the me?..-me. nn erould ? at?
j tor it u lerstood the O? rernoi an ?
id ? ?: ' ?? aere I wanted It ; ?
anise th? | ?? d
s.-i atoi Brow i ??.-.- las ? ? ? :.?'??
the adjutaafa general'a oflla ? "a
i where may repaae ??.n* political i?ii-Jc !?
i ?b.v-Mior ??i :*? adjutani may ?^'*?, '.:
appoint. "
HimTiiui' gtdssi ama .??:.? ! to?alglii !??
? r .- -t arhnl be ama rMng '?j la i
... t of Un ? tleanl guard.
??if an) bod can't sc?* that." i a
J - ' ? . S ...'...'. ' - .?il?"- i?
laddair." Ind tha; *.?..?* all '??? a*otil?l -?
For those who anticipate Traveling?to the
Riviera? Monte Carlo?Nice ?Cannes?Egypt
?Panama?Cuba?Palm Beach?or any of the
other well known Winter Resorts?we have
prepared the things one will need?
".Sport" Coats of new and fashionable lengths, shades and materials;
Blouse?, trim Suits, smart little Dresses, chiming Mats; also
Gowns and Wraps (or the more formal evening functions ?Dancing.
Cards, etc.
An t'-emblage su.'h ?? i? ?hown nowhere ?*l<e in tins country.
fifth Avenue, 4*ti) * 471b Streets
?OHINA and Glass?an extensive and well chosen
.-election of domestic and imported wares.
I'ive o'clock lea Kettles. 1 able Dish Warmers
electric and alcohol?Chafing Dishes. Coffee Makers,
f-leading Lamps. Candle Sticks, etc.
Cooking L tensils and Moulds ; Cutlery. Lairthen
Refrigerators. Kit.hen and I .aundrv I urniture.
Vacuum Cleaners, Carpet Sweepers. House
cleaning Materials.
Andironr. F enders. Log Boxes. Fire Sets. etc.
Goods delivered free at stations within 100 miles.
45th St. and 6th Ave., N. Y.
The Art Collection
of the Igte
Col. Henry Thomas Chapman ?fi|
THIS AFTKRNOON st 230?Oriental Pottery and
Porcelain; 14ft pieces, many of the greatest rarity, including
large Mustard Yellow Crackle Vase, an exquisite Peachblow.
and a noble Black Hawthorn.
THIS EVENING at 1:15? Psintings by European and
American Artists?Corot. Hogarth. Troyon. lsabay. Dias,
Rousseau, Daubigny. Courbet, Van Dyck, Mauve. Reynolds.
Turner. DavicB. and other great Masters.
The Anderson Galleries
Madtaoa A ?rasas st roi-Math Itraat, Stew York.

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