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y01 LXXIL.K* 24,182.
lo-al.iy. ?mm ?ir ruin.
To-uuirr.ui. ?inrin.. i>r<>tutl?h MMW.
: u ( ily ot New V arU. .lersei CM* ?ml Ha>"?*'lte?B.
President Warmly Urges Demo?
crats Not to Reverse the
Policy Justified by Ten
Years of Experience.
Confusion and Humiliation Sure
to Follow Premature Indepen?
dence. He Declares-Speak?
er Clark Declines to De?
bate the Subject.
Waahlnfton ?Tan. ?_".?.?-pr.?--ni-ti- Taft,
n ii!? i.?i"t??< 11 ? !"" ' ?? lo the Ohio ?So?
ifty t Waehinglon tonight, vigoroua
I? attacked tha bill now ?pending in
Coagreea ?)>rop?-?olng autonomy and in
ln a Ighl j ton for the
]v \\ poseibl?.' <?K??! the Preoident,
that the aDemo? latic ?party la k< me i
revere? lh*t has vindicated
itatelf i-: ton yoara ox?porlonce merel
foe the ? t'iif'iniiiij- to 111.
i-obwebbed planki of forgotten plat?
formo? Will they not, bet?rt t'v> tak?
-tia h ;?n Irretrievable step, obtain n
Habla lafoiinatlon ?.??< i?> tii?- conditlona
that ol't.un in the islands.' Thla Issua
bet batea relegated to the limbo of tret
silver 01 the iMtaiToar tloctrino ?i atatee
rights. Thoae ???h.? p?ontlauo to nri\e out
iheli lucubratlona ??n th?- Pblllpplnao
ire now tewet than Vstse? who expect
i" attend the itext inaugural ball."
Speaker ?'lark, win? follow< ?1 th
President, da ??.lined to debute with him
the Dcgfjociatlc ?policy <.f imiepf-ndcn? <
for the Philippine* ? I am n??t goinn
t?j deb?ite the question of Philippine in?
da pendencc vrit'r President Taft." Mid
Mr. Clark. "I ha\e no inclination I"
make ? Philippine opooch, ana I am
not going to, either. ? w uh ?a. u?t?
? ? ?t of there m as good shape M are
wrre when we got in. But a< cording to
ihe Demo? rati? platform- whi?. h I
? Idn'l make?we are ? om?nate?! t?? a
policy. I belie-.?"- that *"vh?"n a man pels
a.fflce on a platform he should ?rolle?
illy live up to the planks that are in
thai platform."
Would Mean Humiliation.
President Taft b? can hi? address w.th
-r. eulogy of President McKinlc?.
i'rom praise of McKinley he turned to
the Philippine?, and said, in part:
Vfter thtaa administration*" gJld more
? . psmad. ?i??i an':- two ?"?????
ten tia I rampaigna with -iien?? on
? ? pi lll?***?ines t? th* lesue, th? t-onntry
-.or] to rra!;e ? ? i ange \\ ? uro
; -a r?*-ii?g>occBce ol oppoei
i;r,? -r. en philippine policy and iba
threat to tun bark th? hands of inn?*' ??
? >jK the verdict of a ,'n<a<?e and lo
; ? I ?:n all Ottr ?< iiievem??nt? for a n<
?-.petiment, which can only rsettli In
????if-ion an?i humiliation and involve -'
i- in-? ?:-.?'. i"! a i complications and brlnt
i- ?asa ti with llamas?**! preul ge to an
abandonment of 'hn' ?poll I
Tho-e a-.-' -is who, b? rasa eon oi otu in?
:?-t-na'io*- ?and experience. beHtrtri thai a
rerersat of that polity now will leaal '??
aetloiiel umlliatMn ami emberressment.
mould noi keep our mouth? < l??*.?'). bm
??? i r . r. q jiult let aytiOAi t.. thos? ?.?????
?r* ?o-nint- ?Into power In the next od?
mini?-rat i on?the Executive and the legis
?%t?ir-?- to inform themselves well I?
?1?- r\er,-,,, fron a ?-ours?- which las
t???*-, fraught with ?ha vitmoirt h?-nrti? ???
?h?p-.-.-.'f ?.f the Philippine 1-dand?.
The Philippine lalands are not yet
i-aadv for ?elf-government, and no in
fluance could be more detrimental upon
their future than the enactment of the
minu-e now pending in the Home o'
Representative? providmq for a change
in their government.
?Senatori Button an?i Pomorene and
P,.pr?.vrr lathe <'annon nls?. n.a?le ad
drc-.ee*. .Tualice T?a? of the BupronM
?'ourt. ?a?- toast master, ami Justicea
?UcKenna, Lurton and L?mar arter?
among the i-'iest?-. at the ? ipatakero'
The lo al Yn'o .V ?mm A*-?o-inn?.n
at it? annual dinner to-night graotad
and bade farewell to Proald-M?! Toft. A
(optinnrd on fourth p??e. a,??.ntli aoluiun.
This Mornings News
? ? Gi?'t ?Paid hi .?(?.??.?ii \v?.inen. . .. 1
Grand Tur>- Ma? ?all .Mayor. 1
i?"uh-?Hv ?"optra?'ta Changad. i
Suff-as? March Ushaaroed u ?Park.... i
Vrtllcans Aaaalled In Brooklyn. *
Rronxtt???- i'me Dual S'ih-v;?? Plan... t
ln?1?>?->?.n<1''n?s J'axl High foi OlS. I
kimono Gula to O?. i;.-.?!. 8
'"an"i fore- Labora Baya Oompers.. ? o
Mills rt?,t Bonua for Soiling P.ank . 6
IVluf-ntor Urgata Hod in Schools. 7
^'???iton Bk-klata Assalla lather. 7
'eater Whit? Wings visit Mayor.... 9
Hamilton Defenda Short ?Belling. 9
''?hr->;u t?. Qoi arnor Balaer.11
H?-clu?e I"?iun?l I?<-;i?j.11
?lohn A. QuaUy a>t- rive Vi.us.18
Wt*n*c Admit? n,; i.^r).16
Thr-e Weeks- Her,, In a Cell.18
??J V,t'******* Philippine? BUI. i
'"Pin?. Loeeea Lwindle. 4
?;?'???' Chang?e ?Eesaomy Pian. s;
amata Hita Publie Service CoramleeloB si
y*****^goinet Oeaeral \>it,e<-k. s
Buy? lio? tory ifske i?? ne- Pteada. 6
UOeett Uenoiis] l'ill Paused. s
lalaei stan<i. i,>- Marpby.. ... t
?femeetmta ?ciisak Hold aa Seaate.... ?
Si" "{ ''a^'- -'oat ir, r-sMael. ?'
i-Conference at .-.t, i?;ri(j. 3'
Ikirope'a Jesloooloa Paint to War... , 3
Buffraglata Keep London Norsoaie_ 7
K? r. s for Women.
Iprlaly .
Moaic .
?ipo,t,i .io end u
???nay end N'avy.ji
?htppiiis .||
linaria-,al ami .Mat k?ts. . . .lgf \$ Ah,? it
*^*J Patate . 14 ;i?,| 15
Held for an Hour, Liner Re?
sumes Voyage.
B ' able te '? h< i rtbw
i.>??(]..n. Jan. .",o -The departure '.f
the White Btar liner ?Ooeanic from
s.atitli; mi.t.aii was .?.-la;. ed a tew hours
today by a mishap, which, fortunately,
\?.?s not aetioua. Bhe held up off Hythe
pier, in Bouthmapton Water, rwaiting
| the lifting of a heavy fog, and when
; im.? Ina ?.m aha tan agroun I un a mud
: bank.
The passcngera ?were conaldcrabl
I alarmed, but their feara ere apeedil
I allayed when the rialni tide enabled
' the Oceanic to ?baa h awaj and r? sum?
: her Journey i?. Cherbourg and \. ?,
! Tort
"Blind Tom." of Rochester, Vic?
tim of Pleurisy at 67.
?i-:. to Th< Trl! in? I
Ft.? heater, Jan. 29 Thomaa Anda : -
; son. better known In Kocheater and
vicinity aa "Blind Tom." waa found
? dead m ins room tins mornina trt m
pleurlej h. u.(S sixty-seven years
>*M. ami ?.::,.,- earl] bo} hood had tit on
? blind n.- . arned hia lit in? bj -
JBocheatei and New Tork papers, trudg
i?. i.p and down Mam atreet, da* an.i
: night, carrj Ing his papa ri and an oil*
! cloth sian swung ?>\<*i :-i- shoulden
i ' hi m?' ? loth a ere printed ? -'?i loua
i s? rlptural < x? ?-i pts.
' Blind Tom" loaned MHO, .?n !..
irgs. ;,? a friend years ago, bui the
t":.' nd H--V ' r :?? lu? i,, d II i..
?Prienda bough! a faim m Oswcg?
Count) anaTLgavai It to him and hla aged
wife. Th.-: were aa Indled oui r<f if.
Anderson was known i" practica)!*,
ai 'T> peraoa who , islt? .1 Roa h? si-1
?IM ?nj? i h* in ?i sixty j. ara
WOMAN RUNS $2.000.000 CO.
I Landers. Frarv (ft Clark Elect
Ex-Typist Secretary.
IB Telegra ? . ? pr.|
New Brlfajti. ''"nil. Jan. 29 Prom
. ihr- humble position ??' .;t- nographer t??
Isecretary ,<{ a .**_,????.m?i corporation la
Ithe jump that .Miss Martha \. Parsons,
j of t'iis city, has taken in a quarter of
I a < entury. The woman bat
(elected aecretar* >.f Landers Frary ft
'?'lark, ??nd aucceeda Q?sorge m t_and?
t ? i?-, preald? m pro tem of the i onne 11?
? ut Senate.
When Miss Parsons went to n..i-;? m
Hi?? factor; , lw?fnt* ?five j eai ?.
,mh? not long before she aas appnii
?personal Ba*-cretar>' *.? ?''mrU^ I.. Land?
II ra, son i?f the late Congres man
?'?porga* af. tandera, er., who was ?li?
nt .-.'ira: B] ?rit in the promotion of lb?
j ? on? em. Sin? a* th?*n sir* has climbed
Ithe ladder' steadily, it i.** b"iia\.-.i thai
?.?i?r> hi^ids a m??rp **espa*-nalbla placa than
any other wirman In Connect!? ui manu*
fa? tiir.r.t; Induatrl* 18.
? World s Finest Pack'* to Lope
Ahead of a Band.
Washington, i^n. 20. Dogs ol high
?irjcrei* \?iii m?r?h in lh< Inaug ?
patsde. "Finely b**ed, splendid!*
[trained, keen-neaed foxhounds ar?
K'"nK ,n h?ve ;. section -?n their own," I
.Ha*? an announcawTwml from th
inan*-ur.il ? onunittei'.
'The flneal park r'f h??'iniis In all tha
world" i? brine aaaeanfoled b; I ?i Lei
:a-r Jf-nrv, ol Culpeper, Va., t?. lopa
ahead of a mounted brass hand tha
will eacorl hunt rluh riders from Pi
dent-elect Wlleon'a native st.it.-.
Piano Manufacturer Drinks
Atlantic City, Jan. -?'. a a. Oi.iv.
s pinno manufacturar, of So ft i*>tb
strupf, Wilmington, Del., who aleo has
? place of buelneaa in Philadelphia and
i?? natd to be rich, drank latadanum to?
night while in hla apartment at tho
Hotel Bchltta. Hia groana were heard
i?-.- other patrona, who ?called tin mnn
aga-r. Qray waa founal s.*ni)-i-'?ns. i.riM
on ihe floor and area removed lo the
City Hoapltal, where it waa aald lie had
8 fii-hiins; ?han. 8.
! Attack Expected at Daybreak
in Mexican City.
El Paao, Tex, .lan. -'!? Tesar,
rangera ra*i?"rt .-. larga b<*dj ol men,be?
llaved t.. be the advance guard ol (Jen
eral Balasar'a rebel Brmy, nitbln ihre*
nuns of Juarea .'"i.i drawing ? toa? to
that city.
it is peraiatentl) reported lhal Ihe
rebela ?ill attack ai ?iaybreak.
B. F. Webb's Son-in-Law, Part?
ed from Wife, Ends Life.
Charles E Btherldge, ?forty rears oi.i.
.,,., advertlalna ?manager, the Be*B?*in?lnw
or Benjamin F. Webb, ;? manufacturer
in Manhattan, committed aulclde yester?
day at N'<?. 112 Columbia Heights, ?Brool
jvi,. 1,- shontinn himself in ti*.- i i?ln
Mra Btherldge bad left M" huaband
->,?, reara a*.-" and two yaara later .?
Brooklyn eourl gave her .-? legal separa?
tion .m?i ti?.- ? oatodj .-f ?>'- *""? no"
fou? teen > ? ara eld,
Btherldge ama considered suecasssful In
ti,. Bdvartlalng Bald until i''-" damaatie
troubles andad in ?< '"??'' aaparatlon
r?Mter4tay aftanat-an tii?* butler beard
a abed and ruabad upetalra, where ha
found BtheHdga an tha bed with ;? b??i
j,, wound la m? right (ample ??'? aum*
.. rtaa m \v Henry. ?On the lloor
ninin ?i m. .?? ?? ? i > '" ?'
?,,,-,- two aotea one addreaaed i- Kth >r
tdav'n trite one the othei lo M* landlady,
Mrs Kthartdg? waa aald to?be out of
low?, a. home af bar father laai
?r,;.!.-!... ?'.?]? maintained bj Aa k? ?? ??'
ialt ?t a'.-iKiil CO. Ad\ 1.
Left i?? right ?in rear)?Hettic Graham, ?V. !.. B?rge, May Morgan; Mrs.*Olive Schultze, E. McCullough.
Front row Elizabeth Fireman, [da Craft, Mr-. John 1" Boldt, "General" Rosalie Jones, Martha Klatschken and Mrs. If- A. Baird
i _
i Recess Cut Short So "John
Doc"' Panel Can Ascertain
Why Gaynor Retains
Wright in Oftice.
Cases of Edward J. Newell.
Lawyer Indicted in Sipp Case,
and Patrolman Foyc Also
Likely To B" Acted Upon
MayAltc Hear Fox
Th< ? ? ry which
? ? .
t ,,ii <?!,.. ...? i i ?? i. ,., i iii.t tu a in? ii
Juatici '.? ? granted ? ? ? ? ml I
Ft hi lai 17. ?? III '" ? iimmon? ?l ??-?t ?
Ion Wfdtt? l ? ? . i ? ? ? ? ?"?
? ?flu i;il ' ' ?! 11:? ? X ?? I
reaaoni for u?! - i" lal rail lu th? ?
traordlnai Rranal i klitic. bu"
ii n hi leai in ?I ?? ? lei ?;.? thai Mi
Uaynoi - n? -?? I to in I un ? ? ? ? Id
, ? niiiii.? ini.il ;?'ii I ha ' V i'li.mi I.
v\ ?,_;,, \ ?? i? ii ? 'omrnl iniona i uf Cor?
? <\ from ?' ? ? '
.?-?i'\ Ire v. Ill I? ona ??i th?? Hi ai thin ; -
i? -aril] tafc? ' i?
Just -\ lut irtlon ? ' ?l ? '? r? -
?mame tob? : et m aft? r th? ?grand Jurora
| m, ? bul u ii i."??'? n thai theh* tern?
I ,,Pr ;? ?trotiffly la fat or of makti jc
Issu? "f Ih? \\n-"in traof Th? gnni
jury put In olmool iwo areeki In aiftin**
? ii.-iri*?.- "t favorltlain to Charla-ea II,
il,!?, while h? oraa ronflnod In Ih?
Tombo, ;ni'i after ? lh?oi"ou""h examina?
lion, ii"? only of lh< trt Idence hu? oh o
?,f the i.ri>"ii lt?ja If, da ? Ida ?i the iltua?
t,,,ti . ailed for drai ii? action.
Ani-jry a?. Bemq Ignored.
y 11 r,- v ? j, > i :i?i Invent i(u linn Ihe
frand juron fell thai their """
mendation d?raervi d an a? kuoo led .
ment, and to find thai th? Mayor ap
,? | ,, _ ?,, ?. I ??? ? i?.i?i labore tba Ir
communication tompletely haa atlired
them up.
,. ,,, poMiibl? thai Mayor <'??? noi aill
.,,,,,,., ii??i-.i 11* u?- grand Jurv,
Hiuiigh II w? vui ,',;,, " ?' wbiwna
w;iH iMUCd the Ma ?? would he que*'
Honed onl* on the |-ropoaltlon .?? I ?
ui,. ,|?,,- he bad or had nol tab? n anj
;:t,?ps toward diamia Ini Wright.
?d,,. ,.,.,. of Bdaard ?'. ?Jfea'cll, the
lawyer n"w under Indlctmem tot ?<
ml^emeanor In ronnectlcm with th?
?.?,-?,ipearanre ot Oeor**e A. Hipp
? v itneaa before Magi irate Harlo? .
U another matter thai ?? 111 probably
.,,- up ..t thia --i.?i ? alaed aeoaloa
When Newell ara? lndlct?td on th? m?a
demeanor charg? H wus reportatd <".u
??.. (jad also Hatened to evidence
BfalMl bim tar ?? """" sBBiem trim*.
if ni,- .\a?wii com Ii to i" ?brought
before the ?jrand lui ? again II ran onl]
i, -r, ?ti> r? -iii'i to another Indi? Intent,
i?., .?us.- th? a-arh of tha Jon on th?
Ural Indictment ? nded aha n 11 baodod
UB ,|?. im? bill "? Juotice Goff.
When ??tawell ???-1- Indicted ii araa ra?
ported h? Imd given to Dlatricl At?
,,???,?, Whitman aaouiran.ee? thai b?
?would aid the grand lurj "i Ita feneral
icarch tot police K|i,fl- '"" s""'" "M'
time Hi? '"'??' -'''' btwyt r boa nud? no
move t" raoum? n?*goUatlo>ii? arltta tiie
?proaocutor. Under tha Indletmenl with
which h? non H cluur*ed th?- limit of
puniahmenl ****** he aonathliif <? lit?
,,,. short of ? tent on Blackwell?
isim.?i Th? s? ?'.?ni ?ti.ii? un. ni, ?i?-? -ord
wie i" the "'i"' ?""hieb nrera told ht
gjpp ,,t tii.it time, w.?iii?i hav? ?bean
und? r ;? ?section of the i" n.?i law which
I ?lllilllia-il on ?l-lli l???**? H"ii a ..liimn.
r.F.M.R \! FOXES W I ! ?! Ill [?: R V.\ M !:.
Pictures I aken Beside
Be Sold on Matt
I lelp Finance
? i '? n< ? Jon? ? and ha r i ote*
tor? " orna i arm made ??? sorl le Int?
11"* en irai Park ?est?n .? mom i na Ib th?
11.-, tii ?.?-? t! ? htatorinn a ould is I of a
bin.in.a.- snowstorm i '.'"i in i"n_
brown pilgrim rloaks and h.Is whlel
hiil then- bright Mottles, and stoppln*.
sta althil) o? er Iba snoa \ pathi tha ?
gamed an emln**nra whleh i*ommanded
the Bpproai-h '?? land from T2d atreel
??nfl by water from the Duck Pond -.a
I they reeled i?n their atavea a solitary
horseman passed In tha dtatance, and.
I traitor that he was ha must i ?.? ? ? ?n ? ?.
. tiif alarm, for presently, while tlu
?inn- stoa??I b! arms, ? elatler of hoofs
raaounded on thi frosen road.
Then ha was ni?.?ii them, dashing
.; ?,, ib? areensward, straight to the
umln ?ui. ralla nt Hra le,
?What's all Uni'."' he thundered.
. ;? n. ral ' Jm i giggled
?a m, ?? r*s of ? ourse, ti?- permll ' it'i
Central Park Lake Will
i to Washington to
"The Cause/'
m i?r B> iba s bj rolonel,
i that | rrmli "'
?? 'olon< I" I'!? < mm ' i. im" ?! foi v. ird
and .?' ited,
? The permit i i ? i he mur?
mured. .'iikI pmdui ? ?.' n tiny clip _1
\?!?.ti paper from lh? ca?pBclous poekri
of her t"i?''it?i uniform.
The .?run sent out lo defend Central
Parli took one look ni the permil and
surrend? i ? d.
"l'y the way, officer," ?said "General"
.li?n?*H. demurely, "of couraa you bel ???
m votes for a omen "*
".-'nr.\" K.ii.l Ui" army nnd tun*.?*.! Ita
horse's head and fled.
The suffragists then produced a pic?
ni? from th? hamper In ? hai _?? if
"? i.iii'i'i h ? ;> h. i .1" i ;?iw srd l'an
w .1. and ? ??:.!Btt?-i on thi ground fur
inn- h.
Thus ende i B ene i ol I he di es re?
a .?utinui.i ,,M ?i??ii mir aereuth rmHmeu.
Each Wears Carnation in Mom
ory of Dead President.
Waahtngton, .lan. '_".? The Buprem.
Court'a cue torn agalnal display >>
dowers In the ?court chamber w?i*. se
nsiii? lavday, when each Justice wore i
red carnation In memory of Presiden)
! .M.-Kinl." . this being iii* birthda*.
The bloaaoms were provkged by Jua
ti?*e L?a.v, McKlnley'a lifelong friend
'third gift by choate
Birthday Benefactions Amount
to $3.000.
l:. eipl of a check for $1,000 from
Joseph H Choate wea announced yon*
j terday by Homer Polka, ?secretary of
[th< State ?Charities Aid Aaaoclatlon.
!Tiii.-4 i- the thini ?,-ifi ..f a thousand
Idollars made by Mr. Choate to chart?
| table organlaatlona In Mlebrattoa "f
'his frighty-flrat Mrthday laal Friday.
Mr. Choate'a rheck for ?91.0M vus r. -
calvad S;itui'iia> by ?the Legal .\i.i s<>
clety and Tueoday Miss Winifred Holt,
secretary <>f th>- Sou Y?.rk Aaaoclatlon
for the Blind, anntmacasd tha receipt
of the same anuwnt. It will be d< ?."t
j.-ii t.. completing the new "lalghthouae"I
win? h ?s t.< be opened at So. ill Baatj
'.'.'.lili streel WaaMngton's Bhrthday. Mr.I
jchuati, win- la ?i member <>f tha au-?
, \ laory ?hoard of the aee-rrclatton, wUll
' preside .it tha apaaitnaj,
safety pin kills baby
Sv allowed by Child, Found
Opened in Stomach.
Two-year-old John Blropaota, wheat
parenti ii\.* b< No, .",?;? .-?.?nth 12th
afreet, Newark, awallowed a small
safetj pin January -<? He died from
Internal hem?orrhage Tuesday,
:-'??? eral physlrlans, Including special?
;st?< ti.?m N?s fork City, tried in v.iin
t.. save the child. The pin aras found
i.|m-ii m his stomach, .?n an Inclekm '"?
inii matte sa a lael ?reeort,
Resignation Ends Factional
Fight in Baptist Church.
Atlanta. .Inn. J?. 1m itnl..Tt Stuait
MacArthur, Pr?sident ..f the Worlds
''..?pti'f Alliance, resigned to-day ?is aas?
tet* of the BapHat Tafsernaele her.-. Hi
action?, it is said, h ;i climas t.. factional
.ill-put?'.? existing in tha church thsog tha
Rev. i.*?n <; Brought**? ilalalisd as
paator to accept the charge ??f ?*hri*t
Church in iLondoa.
Dr. MaeArthur was psartor of ?Calvary
Church, New fork, fo?- asVeral yrars, and
win return t?? New York ?Friday, arcom
panled by Mr.? llarArthuc. Aft?*r ?at
tending a meel ng of ilia executive com
? nltt.? <>r the World's Atllan.-e In* will
go t<> ISngland,
\i. i-tTort ?II! be made to obtain a sm-.
ccssor to l?i MacArthur until after tin
m-*-*t!ns of th> Hi!?l<- conference hare
il?,- ipring, -in ordlng go "ftiiiai* >.f tiie
T.?' ei nuc?.*.
ANGOSTURA BITTERS prevents ili ef?
i'?*.??- from over-lndulga no- In f""'i "r.n ink.
, v
BY 26,000 WOMEN
Samuel H. London Gives Actual
Figures, from Census of Un?
derworld Conditions, to
Curran Committee.
Uniformed Police Often Aid Men
Who Deal in Vice in Re?
straining Women Who
Become Impatient,
Witness Asserts.
Th? Curran aUtermanlc com mitt?*??
heard testlmon; yeaterday, for th?-first
?tim? ?Ince Iti publl? !??.?ri?es began,
??? 'fil gave ! vital information from a
man * ho demonstrated that hi? export?
ertce r-uallned him aa an expert ,i lonsr
?h?- line .?i the exact proportion of \i<?
nnd ihe ao< ???i evil In greater N*<*w
? Vork. ein-- witneoi, Bamu?l H. ?Lon?
don, admitted thai he could not ?testify
from aa'tual knoa'ledge a? to tb< patdlei
? .?r, fr??-!h?i??n. nor \v?"ii?l h? ?1
? a im?aelf t?? Im lo?i into an] eati
matei noi baaed upon actual knowl?
edge. He did ?ay, ?hoarever, thai it ?grao
an .?-?H'tii ??i" ih?.? underworld- and an
axiom u? ?'i' denied n??r ev?ea <?>mh.Hti-?i
ni underworld uircleo tltal no one con?
ducted a diaorderlj hot?;-,. ?,|- ;) enff
where rharactera connected with dio?
orderly houaea ??r proatitut?k)n im-i ,-md
m ??i? their headquarter? without pay?
lag for i?rnip?'iia-?ii.
('ruin .ni actual eenaua, redutrcd to a
?card index form, .Mr. I.??nil?>n ?tro***?:
Th-t there were ?n New York 26,000
women who handed over a part or moat
of their earninqs to men connected in
one way or another with the "busi?
That there were 6.100 men in New
York ?who lived by or on the proceed?
of sorn?- end of ihe "business" of pros?
titution, either as procui-ers. "whit?
slave" tr?afltoka>ri or controllers of
That thare were fifty-one cafe? in
the city where -jroups of these men met
That each of these cafes paid $100 to
$1?3 a month for police protection.
That there were 105 d?8ordarly
houses m the city in which women
were exploited by men connected with
the "business."
That these 105 houses paid $100 to
?400 t month for protection.
, Th.? * Hal BtatlOti? ? <?f this <?? n^tis. Mr.
Londaon ?pointed out, t?>??k n<? acc-ount of
iiio admittedly laij-?' number ?>f women
and 'li-?.t>ral- liy Ijouscii whi?h were
"il, in?- l.u.sin? ss" without paying trib?
ute i" men wh?? <??r.tt<?ikd ? certain
<.?!? m? m ??f the ?Metal evil m Ntw York.
Has World-Wide Experience.
Mr. London waa L-oncerned ?olei?
with the \?<"k of tracking ?i??wti the
mala element .which profita from rtoa,
and be ?arould u??t ne o ?rest an eat;
| mai?- of th? total number et' women
, ?,ii? ? tiltil in Um "buataaaa" in Nov.
York, "ii Ih? ?ground that he had nut
the Sgurea tO ba?k it ni?. London i?
a lawyer, admitted to th? bar fourteen
yean ?ago, ?Bo mi praoafMtlug uttor
n??y a?f Bl POBO, T? x . for two years?.
H? ?haa Been >*>na"a*~ed In ?gaa?rml in
\? itigai i? 'ii "f the white ?lava tra?c for
..\,ti years, ? lar*;?? -?art of that time
his an agent of ih<- United State? Da
Ipartment ot Juatlee. In the eouraa ? i
|that work In has Invoatlgatad eondl
ttans in the ?Ortent, in Burapa, and
( nnlinued on ?Ulli pace, third a-oluiun.
Only Those Affecting Interbor
ough Remain To Be Smoothed
Out Before Contracts Go
to Estimate Board.
Wilicox Likely to Hold On Until
Agreements Are Executed Is
Belief-Merchants to Urge
Sulzer Not to Delay
Transit Plans.
Three Important announcements wert
imad" after executive sessions of th<?
Public Service Coffffuntaaioa >csterdi*y
on tin' <i iai subway casa tracta, one
waa u?;:i formal ex??>iiitlon ??f the con
tracta by t>>-m?.iT<>*.' night araa doubt
ful; another, thai as a result of the ses
alona Iba BrooM) a Rapid Transit Com
pany had ;i??ro? ?1 to grant the live-cent
fare to L'oney Island in eighteen
months, Inatead ol four years, a? orig?
inally agreed, and also thai further
?onfasra-in?? s with the operating com?
panies would 08 ne.-essary.
< ?.Ion? I T. B. Williams, president of
the Brooklyn Rapid Transit Company,
was ??all???! Into tin* executive meeting
??i the 'otnmission at Mr. Wilkox's
home last nig' .. Tlie amendments in :
tha ?Brooklyn Rapid Transit Company'?
contract were ?taken up with bin and ,
were said to have had his approval,
Vit h practically all Hie l hange* In tha?
Brookl] n .Isptd Transit trompan}'?
. ontract smooth?-?] out, it will he pos
rdble t<> devote tha entire time to-day
to the consideration of the Interboi
?.ugh contra? t, it araa said. *
The ? omtntsslon did not finish Ita
aecond session until late last night at
Chairman Wilkox's horn**. it h?r*ld ex
ecutlve sesalona al mng the day at Its'
i eadquarters, in the Tribune l.uildlng.
.-no ni* i sgaln .'?fli Mr. Wilicox stMih*
home, in Kavr l.'.th street, in the even
All the members of tho commission
were preeent at the ?espion.- except
Commiastoner Cram, who refuaed to
attend becauae he ?pi ' nppoeed to the
present form r.f th" contracts" and ob
jeiled to closed meetings.
Tha transit committee of the Board
of ?'.?t?mate and Apportionment, con
listing Of Borough President?- MeAn?
??>ny. Cromwell and Miller, attended the
-e???i(.ns. Their presence wa.? expected
t<-? facilitate matters when the contracts
go to the Board of Esiimate and Ap-j
psrtlouaaeut for Ka approval.
Cannot Rueh Contraota.
While Chairman Wilicox .ind the
Other "'.n.missioners who stand arltti
htm in ?upport of the contract* hope to
Ret tha>m to th** Roard of Estimate *0- ;
morro??. Mr. Wlllcox, after tbq day a
meetings, ? xpressed himself as doubt?
ful that ir i ouid i?o ?Ion**. Tha? c-ommla
ston haa to ?rots upon the contracta as
a whole In open meeting before they
Can be sent f> the Hoard of Estimate.
Thia could not he dona? until the regu-(
lar meeting of the ? .?mmission te-mor
row, an?I perhaiM not then, it wat?
pointed OUI that a .?.pajcia,! meeting of
the Board of Estimate rould be railed
to-morrow, with the probability o? ap?
proving the ?ontracts in time to g?f
than hack to tho commission for final
execution tn-inorrow night, but such a.
course waa doubtful, it was said.
Although Mr. Wlllcox s t?*rm aa chair?
man expire? at midnight to-morrow,
confidence was expressed by the com?
m_=sioners that he would hold oeet*
h sufii?rtenl length al time to aec the
contrscta through. The chairman ere.
Hied .? aurprlse last night among thoea
who have 88*80 closely following the
situation when h?* said a further con?
ference with the repr?sentatives of
th?* operating companies would bo nec
aassry. l? had1 ?been announced that
no further conference.-? with the com?
?anles would be necessary. The rep.
rasentatlvea of the ?compsutas ar?* ex
pec tasl to BBeel On <*ommlssionere to?
a'hairman Wlllcnx said last night:
"*H e are now gaiing over the amend
ment**, and when we have them all'
Milled the companies will be called in
again for their final word, probably to?
No More Open Hearings.
Mr. Wilicox said theio would be no
further public hearings on the con?
tents 'ind that the cha?**gS8 which had
l?een made would n"t ho announced un?
til tin* contracts ?Tf completed and
e.\?-< utOd.
'To annoniue the changes or hold
further public hearings would <>nly be
t?. -.-.? o\or the iround again," said th?;
cbstrmsn. ""There were public hear?
ings after the provisional forms of the
? outra, is bad been <>ut for two weeks.
Il was only a week ago that this cry of
'robbery' ??s ralaed. if ara should
."ntinue lo hold public hearings on the
amended form- we might never reach
a iletermination <>f the matter.-'
At the close of the afternoon session
Commissioner Maltble did not appear
to be .r.stfalhn because he had been
the lone member of the opposition pres?
ent. Ha* seemed pleased at the prog?
r.-ss ma?!?-, although he still declared
he was opposed to ihe present forms of
the contracts.
"Wi- have made a r natal drrabie num?
ber ?af changes." he .aid. "and as far
a- those changea ai?; concerned the
?.?it,acts have been improved from
the standpoint of protecting the in?
terests a.f tbe public. This refers en

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