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V?* LXXH..N* 24.247.
To-(iny, fair anil inn? it raider.
T'i-mi'rrti??. fuir. Ilri?k wlnils.
? *
In (it. of S*??? lnrk.Jfr.nl it? anil Hobokt-B.
Attacks Made on English Rail?
roads and on Another Coun?
try House?Men Do?
ing the Work.
Train Hurled Over Embankment
by Tremendous Explosion?
Pickets Cheer Up Mrs.
Pankhurst Night
and Day.
im Cabial
t. ndon. April 5 The t!:?. at. n? .1 1 tf
tt? reign t.f ti r; r has
ipi i -a'?-.i by the si ntence ol three
penal ?-? rvltude pass? ?! "ti Mrs.
Pankhurst the suffragettes hav< enl
? ? smpalgm of violence, which one
r<f thorn openly d?iclared Is to be "un?
precedenl I n history." No doubl the
outrsg 1 of y?*sst-snJ - re part of tho
gramme to stsgger humanity. The
broakinp of windows and the d?BSi '
ti? n of letters are t<> be but small in?
cldents In ths f-ori.-s of outrages that
it |g Intended shall strike at til" verj
? of ths nation.
Information received by th<? police In
thal ths closest nn.i most un?
remitting guard must bs kept at tho
National Qallery, tin* British Museum,
ihr> Tower of London, and, Indeed, ail
I'ritish Institutions Which fW* SSnct
t<> ths ti.. t : nal tt ? asures, si I -1
In which would be literally Irreparable.
A startling feature of the renewed
campaign is that men as desperate as
they are brainless are employed in
these acts, t . | Be the Ingenuity
? ?i ilics.
ah mat ' ? hemss are planned
by thf> militants tor the future, but the
heads of the movement still insist op
Importance ?if kidnapping pe >i Ie
who matter and detaining them so long
Mrs, Pankhurst is in ptis. u. Bald
??n?1 of them yesterday: "We shall
make f<>r reprisals and see t<> it that
some one suffi * 1 1 ?!. ring.'
Prominent Men in Peril.
s sre fully ss 1 ?
? ?. ? esets men in high plat ? s,
.unions iia-. .? been re?
doubled. Members of the ro
gters and judges arg
watched with Increasing vigilance.
Both the Midland and the Grest
IVi stern Rallwa; ? oui inl.I
: nation on YhnT*"**1r>-*'? n?T'?i t Htkt
irgi ? s -1 '? Bts : Ion wss in dsh
women. The police were
iii- n wen
railed 0 I si Birmingham t" pa tro
? ? tunnels, and the < .1 - I
Wi *- **-rri ? "it.;
. . : ? station fi om Wolver?
hampton to ! '?? I
Near Bto kporl s passenger tram
from Crswe narrowly escaped being
ss it was passing ?
train of empty carrisges there was s
tremendous explosion, which hurled one
t.f tho empty carrlsg? ovei the em?
bankment. Examination showed thst
a immii had been used and thai ths In?
terior of ths carriage was saturated
with paraffin.
Men 1 r? Pay of Women.
An attempt was mads also to l.low up
lh" railway station at the Burrey vll
la_o of Oxted. on ths London, Brighton
?- South (Joasl line. There *??>?? ms lit?
tle room to doubt thai the outrage,
vi ich resulted in wrecking pert ? I
gti ti?m, is to be sssoclated with th<
militant suffragist movement, but it
pp.ma squally clear that 11 was th?
Work of nun who, the evidence obtain?
I.l''e indicat??*. sre in the pay of the
giiffraglst organizations.
This is the official vlest and also ihr
fnirtlnnpil on fourth jiHijr, t?i>iniii| . u|iimn.
This Morning*s News.
. r In Realty Deal. 1
1 |i 1 Grab Bill Esposad... 1
Raring si Belmont Park. a
Fight. a
Mayor Wi Dance ?Cm few. 2
. "Mscer" Benl t<? Jail. 3
luir?n? arssra He's Victim ?if Plot. 3
I ss High st Lydlg Bals. 3
1 Vis Rope front Ship. 3
Bins Blng Guards. 6
1.. al Bxaggei ated. ?3
? ii April 11. 6
?. myora Du hai rsd. 7
Roossvell a Brids. 9
- 1 ...i Hall s Morgan Oifl.11
Muh.by "Millions" Dwindle....IB
tints Rxchangs Hesrs Tonkins..IB
? in Lskewood Murder Cas?.. is
1? main I? <'">] Trads.18
n Complains ol Land Law. 1
.. on Admits Wrongdoing. 2
K? ? i u 1 t.. Btop Speeding. ?J
? ell Inquiry Ma) IVWan. *
? gtlil ?11 < ??ids on B igs - 5
Moose Name Murdoch for Bpseker.... ??
McCombs Blocks Dlplonnitlc Path.... 5
N'est ?'ork Musi Build Pisrs. 5
T.1 Guard Auburn; Strikers Shot.. 5
Merc Rain in '?id<> River Basin. ??
'.? .i Croas Relief Pisos. fl
geteatlst Bsys ?Cloth? Help Morsls... 7
orlsia by Womt m Begin . -
Bsrops Psllt '" Stay Montsnsgro.... 4
?Sslle Bmerssti to Stsi is Jail. 4
Zeppells IV ?.?Hilf lian??-. 4
Nswg for W?BBBSS. 7
Editorial . 8
Society . 9
Music .*
' ilii 111a IV .
Utsrary Mews and Criticism. 10 .?rid 11
"durch NsWS .
?Sorts .18 and 13
Vathfi .13
Arim an?! Mavj.13
Financial sad Markets....Ms 15 i""1 -6
?hipping .? "'__'??
Real ?sute .16 ??*? 17
To Do It on a Steam Yai
Three Miles from Ostend.
' n- ? to Thi Tribune 1
Oatend, April 1 Monaleur Marq
the Casino proprietor, has made
rangements to have n luxurious v.<
bllng r.? Btted In a large st<
j ach? \\ hieb Is t" pi) bei ? een ? Ht
and other ?ratering placea. Gambl
18 t'> t;ik?- place only win n the yach
outside of tin- three-mile limit.
Although the games of hasard
now forbidden a Franco Belgian gr
i as paid *A .?????i for the lease ol
gambling room m the Kuraaal h
during the n< \t summer season.
Nineteen and a Half Hours
Court and Still "Running."
London, Iprll *i Mies Und
Hageby, ?rho is bringing her ant!-vl
.-?' ctlon ni" i a? tion against "The i
Mull Qaaetti?" and Dr, Baleeby,
now been ep< iking nineteen hours, ;
? ;\- i., continue for ;? ronsld? ra
lime long? r.
Her ... ening Bpe? rh last I i
one-half hours, th?- examination
' hi?^r eight n id one-half hours, and
. i oaa-examination, ;" fai. one hour.
Protects Birds of Plumage a
Favors Naval Commandants
Panama, April -I - An i get utIv? oi
i ? Pi sldi n! Wilson forbiddl
under heavy penalty, the destruction
birds nf plumage In the Canal /-"
lias been pu into effect by th?- Cai
< 'ommissioB.
An.ith, r ? xecut Ive oi der i k< mi
naval commandants from comply!
strictly with the safetj appliances i
wh? ti .- :? h , ompliance la n? I ?
i? aaible,
Three Aid R.R.Y.M.C.A. Buili
ing Fund with $100,000 Eacl
w. K. Vanderbllt, Frederick '
Vandai bill and Alfi ed Q?*j nne V's
derbllthave given $100.0110 each for t
building of i :?? ii- at railroad branch
th? v., ng Men's Christian
tl.ltl VI lll.il S 111 be ? T"' I'll ill I'll
avenue, between 10th and 50tl tr<
The structui ? I occupy s p
a frontage of L'<??? feel on the
and 67 feel In ??<?? h of th? Bid Btreei
it ?ill be seven stories In height, ut
the - -tuna!. <! rosi >.,,?.,,?, m ?. -f|
ground i ?s lie? i ted I om the Ne
York Central Railroad foi a
?.-, it ha i ? n- a
Three (?.mis ?
building Cltl ? ? ? ; ..., y .... :?
naslum thai i ?n n s f? ? moi
? ?rm< ii mi., an ?uditorium ?
be on? ??' h? tur?
chltects ol th?
Mrs. Eaton's Daughter Return
to Mother's Home.
: . April ! Mrs. Ralph K? ?
daughter of Mi l J? ni ?? U iy ISatoi
? ho i- under Indi? tmenl for ?
!i?-r husband, Rear Admiral Baton, ha
moved her persona] belonglni
the home el ?? und her huaband ha\
ii 'i ,t: \i. ii!"i d, Mn- . and '"> i
never ?-?'? back to Ralph Keyea," she I
to have told girl friend ;?
Assil; :
Tin.? abrupt development comea fou
months after the marriage ol Ilia
June Alnsworth, daughter <.f Mr.
! ,:*.;i m< i husband, and Ralp
Keyea, ?l.-tk In n Boston lonk.
Mrs. Keyea, In the statement i?> 1?.
nirl friend, la said i" have declared
"1 nev? r would have married Ralpl
Key? s, bul fur mj mothei. ?Im Insiste?
thai i have a h"in>' ?.f rn\ own In i aa
anything hapi..1 to I" r Mr. Keys
and i war? never reallj ? ilted t< sac!
Cornelius J. Sullivan Swear:
Employes Threatened Him.
Pour of tin- office employes ol th?
Sullivan Advertising Company, al No
168 u'e.st 6?*ith street, were arreate?
... ?t? rdaj afternoon by d??t?-?-ti\?'>
from tin- W ml 88th Btreei station "i
a warrant lasued by Magistrate Levj
on th" conal lalnt of Cornelina J, Bul<
llvan, who all?gea thai he la th? ? I
fully elected prealdenl ? >? it.mpan)
and waa refused admittance to the <>i
tii?. by the employes on "threats ol
bodily harm."
Lawrence Mulligan, stepbrother ?.i
Congr-aaman Timothy 1? Bulllvan and
chairman of the board ol truateei
handling his eatate during his Illness,
denied that Cornelius .1 Bulllvan ?r?a
, the rightful iwealdenl oi the company
and Accuses him of trying i" take ?d
I vbntage "f ? l"iir Tim's" Illness to se?
cure control of the prop? rtj H? de
, lared thai the Congr? m man o*'na
?I.:::?k? shares ol the R.000 making up
the stock of the company. He claims
that Prank 'i Bn Ith was yesterda? le?
I gaily re-elet t?'i i'i?-i<i? nt
i _ _
j Grand Jury Would Have No Ju
' risdiction Over Accused Senator
\\ aablngtoi . Iprll i Unlt?*d States At?
torney Wilson arould nol confirm ;? repon
t..-.la; (ha? h?- had \m ? nted aritm
Io lh< grand |ury In i*onnectlon with the
charge? mad?i h a woman Involving the
moral conduol of a well known Demo?
. I .. ' , ! St I,at.i| ,
A grand Jurj <a?>iii?i have no Jurisdiction
over a Senator ?fter Congreea wen1 Into
. salon n? Bl Motralaj ?
I .a- ion, < 'i i". April i John 11 petti r?
and Han i B "l*aibott. rtianufactu****-**.,
of i mj ton, w< re appoint? d cok n< La In
the Ohio National Guard, qua**fenriaater*i
department, bj ?hi.ii.i Cos to-daj In
i.e,[ini"fi ?f their rellel servli-es during
the ll.H.'l
Expenditure of Almost $1.250,
000 to Copy Realty Records
in New County Unneces?
sary. Says Register.
Title Insurance and Similar
Companies Would Have Work
Accepted Without Further
Responsibility Under
the Measure.
Au m;, mpl !?? i.'lid. n Bronx ? 'otintj
a itti an :mii." . larj ? \t" ndltun ol al?
mos) ???I i'SMMSl through .> i-iii Intro
? d ' ? Hi nator Bti phen J. Btilwell,
providing for the copying of all records
i ? i laining to real estate ? Ithin the new
? "?it;t ??. w as dis !??:-? d ' e it( rdsj b)
Reg ?? i Max Qi If? nhagi n
l;i i'it- rs i., i hi < 'orporal ion l 'ounsel
and tlif < 'ontrolli r Mr 'in:. nh.iL. n
Is Id bare not only the enoi mous wast?
of mone) thai would resull from fol
lo? Ing out the pro*, is).: the Stilw? n
hill, Lui also pointed oui the danger of
intrusting important public work of
ih.it kind t.. ? an* title inauran? . ib?
stracl or s. an hing ' i orapan srli li? it
a bond ..tid without further respon?
sibility after [>,?? records have be? n
? opied and ? ? i titled.
Tins partit ulsr Btilwell bill, .Mr.
'?rlfenhagen explained, ordered sw??*ep
Ingly thai all r.rds of Brona ? 'ounty
real estai.i .? d from (!.?? lit* m m
ti." Re? ' ..? N.-w Ifork
<'ounty, wit !?" ?' ? onsid? ra tion of I
' : i. i.dr. .Is of it.
.?I dollars mighl be saved bj simplj
Bending to The Bronx thi libers s hlch
contain no other records than those <.f
it te ait hin th? nes count .
Maps To Be Copied.
In his letter to I el ?????! ." ?
Mr Qrlfi nhagi n
'i estimai l?,..? making cert I ? .1
? - of all s i? h Insti uments and
map . r a Ith the cost ?
1st rat ion and incidentals, at
for b? the bill, will be $1 IT:: I.VI I
? m figure?, th? ? . i. !? I_'_'.
?~>i'? : r sing Mil I'd in
ments t.. be ? opli J end
. ontalne?! In ? '?T! libers AI
w ill ba ?. e i.? i.pled J.."*?*? n
? luding ?"IM' of large dimi
If Ui" liU-it-U^iw-aii.::. d fhe trans
fei t.. the nes of all llbei
led in Nev v. ? i. Count | he
.1 i ?
? .?!. ??::'.<-??
hagen sa d
'I'll?.' ? i ossibilll \ i ha sny
ut!. om
; : ho lid do the ?. orfc f^r less
his estlmste, he ? d bi
Btilwell hill pr? i otn
am?.unt not et | charge
?... r folio or tl ? barge foi i ??
cording I ? " ?
? c- gist? r of the Counl
Objects to New Office.
As ? . II : i..'. im'.ii ol the proposed
bill, ?lu* h would require Mi (Sri
hagen !.?point a ? ?ommissloni t <?!
B( ? ..ids for the i es i a ml . la hold
ofll? ?? until Jan lar I, n itlvsdl an ?
bond or furth? r lUtJt f lo him,
Mr. ?Jnl. nli.i?-n -aid m bis lettei to
t he < torpors! Ion ? 'ounsel's offl? ??
"Under the Is * i inn tpont.
ths re? ords of tin-? offii ?. and i , o?
tes) sgainsl b< Ing requin d to dit ide
this responsibility with sn appointee
of mine, who is nol to be bonded snd
o? .D ?.? iK.in. aftei his appointment, I
have neither supervision noi authority.
Th? proposed Commission? ??! R??cords
..f Th? Bronx would po sibly, In the
execution of the work as proposed
under I he l< I ms of the bill, hs i e I he
i.. ords remoi ed "i om this office i?<
Boms "th? r pis? ?? to have copies mad.',
v, hi? ii poasibllll ? bet ornes almos) ? . i r
toJnt) if ih' copl? s of the re? ords srs
to o? mad?' snd i < rtified b) a 'title
Insurance, abstracl or searching' ? ? >t 11 -
pan ;,s proiIded bj section 6 of ths
hill, which occurrence might seriously
Involve m?- for the loss of n cords off
their mutilation oi for the i bange of
or sdditfon to snj n i ord, as arell ;?*
bsmpt r snd retsrd ths srork of ths
publl? m the use "i 1.1 ords from this
Plan to Save Money.
Commenting upon ths proi Iskm thsl
the new Commissioner be suthorlsed to
?,, ,,,i the "< ertlflcsts snd certlll? sl i"t>
,,f records by sny t ? 11 * - Insurance, sb?
utrsct or searchliii compsny," Mr.
Orifenhsgen ?-?mi:
??This method is without precedent,
and it should not be n-'.ssaiy that any
, ..mm. ut be made upon ?t beyond the
?-i.it??m? ni thsl s ben it t? requin d thsl
publl? ii ords be < opied snd ? ? rtlned
t,,|. public purposes the) should be
IIi;i,i, and i ertlnsd by the ? ompetent
, mclals front orlffinsl ret ords."
Under the ptan proposed b) Mr.
Orifenhsgen H would be necesaarj to
mnke i oplts "' "nl> ? .insratlvelj
MM;in ,,ait ol rewards pertaining "?
Bronx prooeriy. becaust s majority ol
records are contaln?sd In separate Ubers
,,,.,, could be senl up t., th? new county
as the) sre. ito? ???*?? 'i"?i??l in this
i ounty. The rtw-trda thsl would have
,,, ',?.', opted srs principally those deal?
U)K ultll resl ****** 'Luisa. lions in
certain paru ot The Brons fro,,, 187-1
tii ]s',hi. when !?*?! ?ffrre rntered In
libera conUinlnl ****> .ten rocosas.
.,.,?. coal of "" "l,J" ""rk ***** *?
arifenhsffsn pi?? w""1'1 '"? ?*22WWft ss
t-ornps-ed ?m"1 ?<1-'""'.l"'l under '?"
Btilwell lull.
LAI Bill
Rights of Aliens Arc Menaced
by State Legislation. Ambas?
sador Tells Bryan.
Problem Like That of Roose?
velt Administration Threat?
ens-?Mikado's Govern?
ment Is'Insistent.
. ' -
Ington, April I Jh|
? ? California allei ind bill,
?i hi. h prohlh ? nese from ? ? .
tat? is m id? know n
i to the Secret f Stati
ih? i : ... . imbassadoi, ?I
i't ? -? ? Indications are thai the
? - ? ; bai ?? ..n his hands ?
?It m - mil ? ? -
front? I President H I ll is
und? ? i ? count < Mund?, th?
lap nese Amba ?sad ?r, .- pre| .?i i ;
.. ? . . thai
?ubi be vi ? ? . I.. -
m ihe l m
. ?? \ til ?
i '. ? f State I and t??
iterated th? n I govern?
in? i ? .-? ?
i , ? Secret
tmbs divulge
May Have Co^i.ilteci Governor.
Th? i?? i '? ?eon to eva thai Mi ?
President or Secretar! Bryan ?iaa
.i, u th? bjwt with tin- ? lu-. ?? nor
,i California a Ith s ? k ? t<? j.t? v?nt?
nu- international compllcatlona, as th?
1 Japan? ?e lrob?s?ador La Inal t- m
?jhe rights -i ' ? - i- "i- '? are m< naced hy
the legislation
s., i star) i h i ?' n d?**ilned to a
?> h? ih? r ii"- ma itei had been ca? i ? l
!.. the California ?uthorltl?-?, altha go
h< admitted thai the departmenl has
tin- ,| i? atlon undei consid?rai Ion.
11 i? i? n? iw n i hat Bt - i .tail Bryan la
k'"? ?i?--? close attention t" this dell its
BUbJe? t, al idj .nu i sr? full) the nisi try
? ?! the negotiations thai i""k place be?
m...n Secretar) Root and Baron Tak.1?
hua .n the le....-? \ ?i t administration,
u n. m a severe atra?a uns puaced up
the relatlona between America and
Japan b) the attempt of the California
author!tit?? to < \, lude Japanese Jhii
dren from the public schools.
SartHii.ei.i,i. .'a!. Ipril I An alien
land la? that I all | ? . it... ...,- m pro?
? ii i,'ne .ir,?, m? . and other foreigners
I,,,I . Ilgibll ' . ? ? ? i. i i. fl "til holding
,,i ',... ing r?M*l prop? rt In ? 'sBfornls will
i,,- ana? ted before 1.se o? i he present
atl?,. Bession, and a III h ive the Bup?
p 11 and i he rotes of the admlnli I ration
im both ho
I ? ,-? step Mas 'le, l'h'l "il al a COntl t
, ..,.. u ,i i, . ;.,i ,1 ...?! Johnson i eatenla)
following a publie (tearing on ihe ?in?s
tlon, In which s a<*ore ??(' representative? |
,,?? ih? Panama-Paciflc Exposition pro?
., ...i that ?a Bltront i" Japsn i.y Ih?
,,, .ein" "t of bis h a law would anTei l
,, , au(c? Bs oi ii' fair m i'?i.,
Two Measures Pendinq.
Tu., measure? providing ?"' virtually
ti.,, sama Ihlni l ? ? llmlnatlon ??! .
, ? m n,- ' - .ne i, ndlng m the
., .. ,,,, ,, a- inn the name .,i Senator
John ii Baaferd, I lenioci ? ., ?? ?ulh? i.
;,,,,l th. Other 'h' name ,.f S nai,,i I. fj
F*rogr?*s m- Republl? an Tha
lllrdssll i HI. ?mended t<? < onform as
.,' possible t.? i he federal la a :
prohibit tag lha o? asrahlp i r land by
.,,,, M M, the tarritotiea ?if lbs i ailed
gtal? ? ? IM ?*''' ""' "'"' iheei n for pas?
Henaior HlrdssJI, m rompan) with Ben
.,,,,,. Thompson and Ma?colm Qlenn,
Ijpput) attorney Oeo?rral, has ?rafted a
,?,, Brhlrli .'ill bs H-i'ori-.l back to th.
Senat?* .I'l'h' Ian Committee
|. ?as stated h' r-'"n.ii"r 'l'!'..lll?.: -Ml Hist
Ihe anali-l"! hill ii.'iil'l nn|i|,,y tin? gap.
eral broad terms us-*?**?-] in th? federal law
i? defining the quaUa^tloas for own.-r
BbJp This Ian. uhi'h has h.-.-n in for...
i? lerritori?*? alnca 1887. t-atifca-ms t.? the
,,. .u wiih .I?!?an '' **** f"!"1 ,lial
?aiK.is who are MX rllgibl? ??? ???-??""??
, ar,. prohibited i""" a-*-*?tog ?
Itnaslng raaj *ar?t-^*etty.
Anoostnr* Blttera to (lavar n lies. i.?^.
fr?.H ?hr,?..n.-..l- .?-'inirer ale, and grapefruit.
Lawyer for "Billy" Hughes
Pleads Government Duty
as Excuse to Avoid
Court Trial.
Connecticut Investors Clamor
in Vain for Return of
$80,000 They Put Into
Tangier's Manor
Counsel for Senator ' Billy" Hugh? s,
of Nes Jerse). a ill sppi ar Mond <?<
morning in Par? i of the Bupreme
Court, in the opening ? ng igemenl of
what promt es to become a bitter legal
nghi Benstor Hugh? has been
served with sn ordei t., lubtnil t.. sn
examination in i ouri pi ? liminarj to
the trial of s eh d action, In whl? h he
bss i" en named as def? ndant. Coun?
sel for the plaintiff mu i show ? suss
on Monds? s ;'v 'his ordi r <h<.ui<i not
be rat? d b? i suse the s. nator s Ishes
to i- main in Washington a bile ? Ion?
grass haggles over a new tariff.
Thi ? order to shos cause ivas ?
yesterda* on Otto A. Olllig, counsel
for James Longworth, trustee, the
plaintiff m tti" suit. ?:ho seeks to com
pel the Benstor to turn ovi i t.> higa
? ? tiithat. i of title to bonds of the
i .h value of fWOfiOO in the Tang?? r"s
Manors ? 'orporal Ion The ; apers ? on
lain a cop? of certain correspondence
a hi? ii ps --.-'I bet we< n Hugh < Soi don
Millei, co it:.--1 for I he >? n "or. and Mr
Qlllig, in which Mr. Mil: i ?., -. among
..th. r things
"Senator Hughes I? ? ? riti m of an
Important Senate committee ?in.I ?i
member if others, and ss s Democrstlc
Senator from th?- Presiden - state, it
Impoitant that he :??? prt - nt
on ih?- 7th. at tin- opening ? I the special
.-?-..??ti of Congress, and present con
s tant I) thereafter while the same i-< in
session. Then are man oth? r t?ssons
v. b) it ?\ ill be vei : it onvenlenl '??[
Senator H lo leave 1ft sshington
to ii t.. \,.\> fork tor this proposed
examination until after the adjourn?
ment "f ? ' ?. 11 i-- r ?
In si ??!? Mr. Mill?
? i understand that he (Benstor
h ighes) ? a? t.. -., t., T: enton ? ester?
as i issiui . i usual, on some im
i...i tant m.-- ???? ro^Tr? ??'? hi fcVttgoi
a h??, a appears, ha l* calh d ipon t..
aid ii ?> i ??? ilisi i nd to a ? mark?
? di gri ?
Will Make Revelation:.
The tuil in question, it is ? i pe? ted,
?i ? i ch ipt? r ?n the llf? ol Ben
ati t Bill) which ? ill inter?s) both
. ;...: t.-i - and
enemit - I he Hudson, ln< ludlng,
..t' ..mi ? Pn idenl Woodi ?? 'A'ilaon,
to whom hs owes in large measure his
i? ? ? nt ? li .-ti. n to ths i*i:.?? d States
nd ? v. Benstor ' Jim Smith,
Ah.in he defested for the pit II
will mske him more familiar, foi In?
he rob ? a real estate pro
mot? i
James i.? age orth, ti ttee foi the
benefit ??? the ?Vet? fork and Middle
town Realt) Company, alleges in his
complainl thsl Benstor Hughes entei tl
Into an agreement with Anderson T
Herd snd ?tederich .1 Qulnby, real
, state m? ti. to organise s i <>i poral lo
t.. ... (luire and develop ? ? rtain lands In
the township of Brookbaven, Suffolk
l'ount). Long [aland; thai as s pari ol
? ? -. m.-nt gi nersl mortgage bonds
m excel "t vi"". psr \Blue s*ere to
in- '-.sind t?> Herd upon the organisa
i,,,, ,,i the corporation, and thai these
bonds were t>. be held In trust bj Ben?
?tor Hughes until November IS, 1*15.
The pi ilntlff goes on to say that on
January St, ItlO, Herd, ?hu had not
th, n re? elved from the defendant his
,..( i m< ate of 'i"" snd receipts for
these bonds, assigned all his title to
lioo,.I psr value of the bonds to the
plaintiff, -ha? Benstor Hughes ac epted
the assignment, thsl the bonds were
Issued, but thai the defendant Senator
ha? refus ?d to hand ot er !<? him the
trustee - ctsrtlficates or receipts for
these bonds He ssks the courl to i um
pel the Benator t?> do the seme,
Mr. Qlllig, counsel for the plaintiff,
had til?- summons and I om plain I in the
Milt served on the Benstor ss the latter
was about to ?outer with William 1".
McCombS, th-' national . nan mi n. at
Democratlci h?tadsjonrtsffs in this cltj
one day iasl August. The ordw fores?
aminstlon he served upon bhsj last
Saturday ?it the Hudson tube station in
Qreeley Bqusre Nos coma this latest
inovs i,. the Benstor In the merry
Began in Real Estate Trip.
The story which will i?- unfolded In
detail si the trial ims its inception in g
trip to Mlddletown, Conn., made b) An
?itison T, Herd, g v?ttsran real estate
gpscvlator, of It** York, in 19061 Herd
was interested In ?? large numbsr of
parcels <>f land lying between Ocean
ParkWSy and Cot?***/ Island SVenue and
Fort Hamilton avenue snd Church a\c
tiii?-. just BOUth ?if Prospect Talk, in
Brooklyn. Herd's ohjscl la tourneying
to Middsttown was U> fat sosa? ?>f the
proopsrous biiadneai men in that town
to invest thoir BsOCsSy in tin- property.
Tin? Bret msn hs tackled regarding
the propoHition w?ers Jasses Longworth,
realty man and landlord; Bsrltley C
?tone, aoa ?if C O, Btone, general eon?
traitor, and Dsnnlg <?l'ri?-n, mason
contractor. Tnaas men guccumbsd t<?
his persusstvs tosigue ;?nd helped per??
f ontluiiril on fourth pogr. dfllt < "luinn.
v i ?(A
AirOCST 1 : ?. 1 M? 'NT.
Wh?, h? lov? m. m to testo ? i a? ?
i.ig in onfoi mlty with the law.
Bangor Pool Angler Opens Sea?
son with 16-Pound Catch.
Bangor, M< . April 1. Thai bight)
coveted prise of * ?? Maine angler, th"
season's Brs1 Penobacot River salmon,
was taken a' Bangor I"*- >? ? i to-da] by
Chart? s ?'. Bias?
'li.-- Bah weighed sixte.-n pound? .'tul
was sold for *32 th.- blgheai price .1
pound ever paid tor u Penobacot sal
iiiHii. It will I,.- s.ii' t,, Mrs \V i'.iiiii'
htWll ?'k-.rk. of X- ? Jet
;U. S. Could Call Confers nee for
Limiting Armaments.
Berlin. April i Discussing the latest
?:? military exi ?n m Europe,
tl F*i - . rtei I* In an edi?
torial t<>-?ia.\ Buggesta that ?lu- uni" is
favorable for the holding of an Interna?
tional conference t.. evolve a plan for
its restriction The newspaper says
? N.. pai i ;? ?..i lag m tliis
xw.:in ...n propose the i onference,
Tl-.. United si.it. s ?lone is m a position
tu ?lis, ,aii..? this service for the other
nations and ??? secure for itself their
gratitud? I'm ildent Wilson's Inaugu?
ral speech warrants the hops that he
will tils.- Hi" initiativ?', an.I in s?i doing
. d i-' supported b) tin- best cltl
?/. ns .,;' ...? . ountry."
Bride of Arthur H. Shaw, of
Boston, Asks Divorce.
, tu i eleerapti t,> TI i Tut iae '
Boston, April l Mrs ?crata ve?a
Bchrader Bhaw, the wealthy young
bride ?'i Arthur Huhnewell Bhaw, <>f
No. l'.l Commonwealth avenue, Back
Bay, has tii.ii papera In a divorce sun
at Dedhara. Bhe all?gea thai her hus?
band baa ' "titn ni'-'i habita of i n t ? ? x i -
cation, caused by opium and other
dru |v
Shaw is ih. youngeal son "t Mr. and
Mrs Robert ???ml?! Shaw. He married
Mira Von Bchrader, of s:. Louis, on
December 0 last. The marriage ?us
ii..|al?i-?l is i love Bl ItCh, as th.? COUpM)
were said t?? be deepl) devoted tu each
Gossip concerning the separation of
th.. Shaws uni the coining divorce suit
iias been hoard in Boston soclet) for
'.?i. in i weeks.
Senator Should Be in Insane
Hospital. Says Governor.
| 111 T.>l.-Ki-;i|.ii te Th? THI line I
Columbia, s ?'. April L?*"All that
I liai.- t?. sai is that I am sorry to
aee thai tin- TUInaan <>f a f?*r*a*-ar ?lay
is ti"t th" Tillman of t ? > -11 ; i > . Win ti
be \isit?-'i the state Inaane Asylum the
ether da) Dr. Babcock, the super?
intendent, ??uKiit t?> hare k.-pt him
there/' Qovertaor ?'?.i?* I.. Bleaaa
declared to?day, dlsvrusalng a state
ment Issued laal nlghl by Benator
Tiiliiian. in which th? Benator critL
? iscii tin- rallroada, t-*s*<mbers ?>f the
two branches of the smith Carolina
Legtalattire and ?trr?i ttor Hi? a a
Senator Tillnian in hi.s statement'
called attention to iln? tact that he
,..uhl tint rida in Bouth ?'an ?lina ?>n
intei'iliaiiKialili' mlleag-e piip-has"?l in
Washington- He ?**Ba-*a*ed that relhroad
leglalatkm is lnflu?*rnc**d t>ecauaa man;.
of the rnembera of Hi?' tw<? houses are
railroad lawyers and travel on paaaaa,
The Senator's slatem?*nt sai?l that lie
niuiii prove by the **ac**?rda tii.it ? er
tmn men. Including ?l??\i-rn?>r lllease,
tjefeated ii??- ?all??a?*e bill
Jockey Club Sanctions Dates
for Meetings at Belmont
Park, Jamaica and
Saratoga Springs.
Fund of $50,000 Raised to Aid
Associations, Which Will
Conduct Sport by Pool?
ing Interest at Two
Tracks Here.
Behnoni Park, dosed for tho bettaff
part ?if three years or given over t?>
flying mochines and s horas show <>r
two, will be formally opened on Memo?
rial Da) to ' thoroughbreds, to mark
! the new birth of racing in this state.
The recent d?iciaioa of tin Appellate
Division sustaining Justice Bt*i*d<d**rs
decision on the interpretation ?if oral
i betting and the liability ?>f osruets snd
directors opened the aray for a t?'vi\ai
lof tho sport, snd representatives of ths
? various racing aaaociatlona met s*i sb i?
da; ? ''"' ided to i.? their Interests and
made formal application to thi Jocke]
Club, win. h was granted, for meetings
at Belmont Park, Jamaica and Bars?
top;. Springs,
The see son will ?>pf-n. ss said before,
on ,\Liy .".??, Memorial Day, and run
through August. Racing trill be con?
ducted three days ? week al Belmont
Perk ami Jamal? a, l.nt in all pro , -
bility the Bsratoga sssnciatlon ?ill run
continuously, announcement of arhich
Iwill !>o made later. No plans have i.??????
made f?nr the fall, but if what is mors
Iof less of an szperlmenl turns out to bs
a Buccess the Empire ?'ity j??- k?-y Club,
n?-iir Tonkers, is likely to i onduct a
meeting following Bsratoga.
To Race Within the Law.
Racing will i-- conducted stri? try
within ih?- Isa One member of
Jockey Club said last night that many,
( no doubt, would pul a false construe?
Ition on the efforts being made to re?
vive the sport, but insistid thai th. r.
would bs no public bookmaklng <>f any
?kind and thai every care would be
-sed t?? live up to the Btrfc t letter of the
[law as Interpreted bs Justice Bcuddsf
and sustained by the Appellate Divi
ision. Hs sdded ih.it owners and di?
'?.?tors of the various racing aasocta?
liions and PMmberg of the Jockey t'lul?
! woaid have preferred t.? strail the de
Iciaion of the Bupreme Court, to which
mu sppesl has been takes on the ques?
tions involved, but explained that ta
have srslted would have autant, in all
probablllt*. little ? han. .? to hold the
horses in this part of the country, as
some stakes in ?'ana?ia airead were
[advertised r closing and others would
The decision, then, to formul its piano
and announce dates, stakes and p ?r.??..-!
was made In the interests of owi rt
The same man ais,, pointed oui that it
would be neceasen t?. i?t;m on ?? small
scale snd to go slow!;., as ra? ?hk had
i... n In a comatose condition so long m
this state th it Its revival amounted al?
most to .m experiment.
The < 'oney Island Jockey Club ?lui not
join with the other local ssso? istlons la
: g Interests, snd Saratoga siso will
^o ?i slons, as the directors feel thai ?
meeting up the state In Augut in be
conducted si no greet loss Those who
ar.- i.?-hind the Westchesteff Racing As
so Istion ami the Metropolitan J'- key
Club, which own the tracks si RelmeH
l'ark ami Jemales, at.- the Brookl>*n
Jockey Club Bnd the Empire i III i Ra? -
log Association, controlled largelj by
Philip J. Dwyer and James Butler, re
Pifty-flve days ?.f ra. in? have been
pio\i?i?.i for The meeting at Belmont
Park a/111 begin <m May "r.?s and run
until duly ."?. or eighteen days at three
?la.-.s a week. The sport will be con?
tinued al the .lama,. .1 ti a ;< ?mi July 7
and run to the end of tin- month, with
twelve racing days A move then will
be made lo Baratogs Springs f?>r th.
month of August Provision .oso was
mad.- for meetings in I'M I if those held
tins year prot ed su< i essful
Big Fund to Helo Sport.
While the racing sasociations will hs
responsible for say iossss snd loss.?;
sre expected si th?- two meetings in this
district the tray has i.?-t-n open?ed for
ih?- owners of thoroughbred horses t?>
strive for good sizi-d stakes and purses
through th<- interest and generosity ?if
a number ?if well known sportsmen a
fund has bean raised, whfcn ao*g
1 losety approachea IWOOO, t?. h?> usp?i
as sdded mono? for the various his
tori?- stakes arhich win be revived. .
Among those who have subscribed
August H.-ini'int. Harry Payne Whit
Bey, Tbomss K Ryan, H. K. Knapp.
John Sanford. H. T. Uxnaid. Jatnct
Butler, J?oseph B. Wldener, Richsrd T.
Wilson. Charlea Kohler. George D.
Wldensr and Frederick Johnson.
There sre many others who have not
yot been heard from, but th?- response
thus far has ?en of s character to
make the positive announcement of
fifty-five days of sport paaalMa.
A partial list of tho stakes which wlH
be edFered at Belmont i'urk for its
eighteen ?lays of rating follows: Met?
ropolitan Handicap, Withers and Ju
venlle Stakes. Grand National Steople
chase, Brooklyn Handicap. Toboggan
Handicap. Great American Stakes.
Brooklyn Derby, Astoria Dinner .Stake?.
The Ladles, Brookdsle Hsndk-sp. Tre
tn??nt Stakes. Independence Steeple?
chase. Carlton Stakes, the Keen?? Me?
morial (s new fixture, in memory of

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