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I I 4IIf f 4
i S f I t
W IjJjEItriflfl a
WJLKTS Mionimiin UIHVJ jwv
jpQ1LY 41 Jill J11JlW
T ho nmkrtiifii a flu III EieirsIn II it re
allicr Alum tlie Hull Co Py OflT mi 4lil
Ui ndircOn MHII Killed aittl Another
Likely to 111ftA Punic nit n Wtmrr
At 11 oeloO on Sunday moinltiK about 300
persons loft lllnboth > ort on exclusion to
Mount PIUMitit Oiovn a reKOtt about twenty
nillo ubovo New nik on tho aunt t tlilo of tile
Hudson I Itlvoi Tliiro In Mimo iloubt an to
whether the exclusion was leully cot up by the
Singer III tin and llteraiy Ansoclntlon t nn I
orgIl I zatt Ion among Ito t einplojees s of lie I
Hlnpir Hewing Machine Comi any II wn a ptl
vale hppculatlon by PCIMIIIH who Hlmplv bought
tho rlulit to USD the iiiuio of tlm Association to
Klvo pcctablllty to till exclusion Homo
iiiunboiH of I tho H IIand I Aeauiestlv piotisl 1
that t their t octet y had no 1BI > lllllll I y in I the
tnntter but that 1 mail named William Mo
1 uuuliltn who not liifietiucntly Hneculatos In
null iilTnliH paid Uno for the prlviloco I
of uing tho uRine of the nieociatioii
Vllllam McConnell Ilcsldent of the so
ciety htiwvvcr Miys thut the exclusion vnn
CIII I rely and purely tholi i own The tickets t
boro the names ni thin oftlcois of tho n iocla
tion Thin h dlfloicnco In I statement N I only of
Importance I I no Indicating the dlfllciiltlcs In I tho
ay of I ni riving nl 11 knowledge of who was the
puicha er of tho bar privileges of the excur
Mou tho erin responsible for lie encase
incut of tilt barkeciiorn Mr r MtCounell did
not know who the purchabcr of the bar pihl
leecb VVIIH Jlcliuiulilln could not bo found and
tho name of the bar ICSMSO was vnilously irlvon
to tlio I reporters as Hothorn Bonder riuthor
Inlil and Hcytler All accounts agree however
that ho in I a New Yorker and that ho ran the
tars on another excursion from Kllzabotuport
In July hist nn event which may be reearded
I the Hist act of tho tragedy junt concluded
The yliwci 11 t 1 L A excursionists had a
ploinnt day up to the time of their return
There cin4 only ono light nnd that occurred at
thu grove between two 0111 men from Elliot
bcttpoit IJetvueu the excursionists and tho
bukiepttrsiind crevvbof tho barges there was
no difllculty not even an altercation 01 misun
iIiMiimlluir 1 I nothing tilt could have RUCKcst
cd the possibility of other than amicable rela
tions It WHS Oi oclock In Ih evenIng when
the excursion part returned They I wero upon
two bulge thu Chester A Arthur and John H
Kelson ihaw by i the tug W I Vanderbilt
and 1 Itiui The firstnamed baigc lay next the
wharf for the landing of the passenger ho
lt ashore slowly
IhovvbaifU intended for the receiving and
shipment of only lumber and is obstructed ex
iept in ono very small place by great piles of
htitfe tlmbeis I lumber cuts and iiillway ties
lack of tluto is a deep tllUh that butt b
crf dupun I naitow bridge of throe long
Sllrlll looolv laid planks 1 Is the practIce
01 residents in tho lower part of Kllza
bethpiit to KO out and bit on thin lum
ber pilus 10 tile oMjnliiKs to breathe
the cool night air from tlio ater UH
linclally when there Is anything to bo Been
there Whon therefore the I barges reached
the placo the lIttle wharf was are uly tin ntied
with nelsons who eaiuo donn oil < thn lumber
pie < to greet theIr returiiliiK lilend This
uiule the disembarkation a slow pioec < s and
Ibo ttniill bad bridge the ditch
III brldlo across dlcu BIO
biith insulllcient ogres to tho throng moro
than half of whom were women and children
that tho people were packed together lit the
littlo iiMiilublo space before tho barge as
clooU as they could eland On tho barge
uwaitiiii the coinu ashoio of tho passenctr
stood I number ot barkeepers with beer l
glasses in their hand Tlio Instant that tho
latt stepped ashore 1C by
II pasentor Ishorc na ar
ranuemunt the ctnu plank was quickly drawn
aboard the barge the lines holdIng her to the
dock wore cut and as ohio drew out a few feet
front tho wharf the barkeepers began without
any warning or nppanmtly tho Blisnto provo
cation a niurderoun attack upon the ciowiled
and helpless throng of men women and chil
dren Mrst throwing tho heavy beer Ills s they
had been hoi hug in readiness and then open
iiiB a fusilliule with revolvers
Thomas McKcin an elderly man jo IoU y
heated upon a Imiibm idle was instantly killed
by 1 bullet Itielnud llurko one of the uxcur
iioii IsIs wit lidlnc 1 I In I llttlns I I across the ditch
a baby enrrlaft when he was struck down by a
bullet Seoral hurt bythu uluses
hulol Hoorl personsuele hlrt brtl Illsgc
thrown and two ulrls are said to butte boon
tlluhtl Injured b > the Ihiiiff bullets but that
rumor hits not sot been uillled Tho barkeep
MS jillid J oaths obscenities and threats
Vinmin on the wharf shrieked and Minted
Children were inn down and trampled
niun by the filuhtened Inl lleiUu for
tliLlr Ikes to shelter Slowly the btrgtu t w
out t from hhoie and I then lS tltu pised the I
lln 111
Ill lion pier a little below other sounds
oaml fr01 hci oociition > blow mil piteous
reM of Murdeil Help Dont Kill me for
lod hale Tlioo soundt thou nnayus tho
tiu1 t steamiil up muii I lapidlywith I I their tows
I was aid that Pjni unfortitnatu eMitisloiil
had b < en i tlt pwhen the I landlnt was made u
beurn meld I
and upon boim discoveied was boal1 men
hishand then thron oeiboard but who ho
wa M it I not > et Kniiwn
Tho euip o ol McKoon was eurlod to I Unrn
Inuh HUM true lib hard Dm ku munued to IM 0
aunt walk 1 couple I nf I blo < ks to a diiiK More
and wa 1 then t c ill led by hi friend i to tho po
ll u Htaiiun and thenci to his home 41 II 1 alt
hlri I It 1 witt not I I lliuunht b I y the ph I i i sltlaii > >
atluithhiig him that ho I could Ihn tlnoii h tin
It 111 hit II jesterda aftcinoon i Hllubt u t hopes o if
hits n vioverv u Miuenteitalned i t 1 he bullet ell
tore I hi left t nidi a little I buck of the hunt am
tho doctnis have h < en afraid to do much proP
ini I for It I f hi Is Iunc1 I ullu not I iii ii red thy
think lie 111115 live but the emuoof thn built
in not yet known When he belieed hlimol
nbout t to 10 he iiiudo tutu following statement
hlH oinil dln ilcclartitluni
us IH to111 111 Icarnlol
On Krt I I I In LouilltIv ullli MU llrp Title at
l itilnl I an M ur > i > ii of the hutr i Ithli mill Ilttrirk I ta
1101 liii lull W I rttlirilfil In the ilork tit tin fn1 ot 1 11H
l > rlll arrllllvllhulll hair iui I Hull Hint lln > I ll 111 lift the
larKe Klttl 111 IvU Hint LI t MHIK illitalu ii on tli I IIK
1111 I MHH utarllit b i liturliu Utiil vliiiU tiitl h i liilu
iiaiuit Hteintf p itpli ill uut uif rniiitinif I urnul HII <
I 1 J 11 1
Ia the IlKill l lur I IMiU I 1 iii I till llmri Irrhlllil I Illr I irk
to I net ttttitv ruin the ilnikluit I 11 ulit not O mln to tin
I You it of t nnkli Hiid thf iihfctrm llnir ttltmf liinibtr
UMlllU I f 1 i It II itiiIi Iii 1 uuly till 1 Illul KlKW i tlul i 1 > UH
lllolaml 1 llilllieilllkl > fell
Drs 1ickett and Oliollly utti ndod him I
ihut night and jeHterday Dr O I ionniii nf
Newark was called I I ito IIIIOI I Vi hell ho
711 lila hIs dying 1 uhiclitra I lou he I was too weak to
sign it ami could only I make a cross
IJuinlnlck I I rilppatilck brolherlnliw of
Tile robin said ycsteidny I was lot on
the t I i uislon hit went down to the t dock about
I oclock to nitiet tlm party aft mv vvlfo was
aboutl 1 with hei slstei and llleliiird Iturke Shu
hint tli baby with her in its iiuiinu and 1
tl lh
Vii ibid to belli got it I I nshoit limke i i bruit hici
was with mo and as soon as the bilge tho
Chitei A Aithui 1 touched tho 101 k we
bniuled her I found my < wife and wo
wiitul until almost all WIIID nil to gut a
hintu tu Ilk the bitby cai u huge nilioie
Wu had In move slowly nu count of
111 iimvilud euudltlnn 01 the wlmtf and
we w in u almost the last All at unco 1 heard
olies lihlnil mu of boys us 1 ihtiilght at Hist
nhiiiiln to 011 I lo 011 1 1 lookd baek and
i II a gang of mun Mainline logulhci about the
Muddle of Ihu I bilge will bOI glas0 i 111 their
hunts I said ul mini to my vvlfu nnd Dillke
WI had hatter get out of lime tint hai kt oner
have got a lot nf I glassus lu their hands Yes
lliirke lopllod w u hud hitttr get out < lie hail
hiiiilly bpokoti when the glasses cninmeni ed
bi lh 11 all aiound us aunt In a 1 mumeiit the
hooting loiiiiucniid All the hots wele 1 Hud
from thou burg nol fiom Ihu xhnie I
Itl 111 < 101 one 1I011lhl hii t saw
nan stout young fellow with a jiimpei I
Ktmnllag out in in llii how of I llni I biit l
pointing a levnlver its It mumed al me
Hlrnlghl ut us and saw him Ilin four liutu in
rapid sini ession Shuts also 1 cani fiinu J thu
gioiip In the middle of tie b irg tutu down In
will thu othei end Just tliiii Itm ke I exe ilm
cd Im bliot until full lf oiirso 1 dont I now
who shot him It seiiuiii ilnioi a suit iii1 that
1m VIK shut The bullet that lilt him must
1111 guile light iKtWfon mv vvlfu and me and
wo wire not a handH bieadtli I tpiit I Aflur 110 I
luitl falh n hl got up again and ran ASMUIH
lit I fll1 i gut my vvifo mid hiihuy out of thu I
iniMl I tan after him and helped him tn t the
111 UlMuup I nn First Ktiict lie tvuthliil nil
thu u way Ilium Ilu Is I I sober linlusuious
> liing man only 21 years old and a good ma
I hulk i r 111 1 burn hu was not in any iilluua
t ii lw Tobln saul I itinslute thieie was
or Ilululling01 dluluibaiiLH on the baigf Iii 1
IIIUIIII Of 1111 Oi tl
1110 ihu the ii WIH some illDlciilly bulwien
Iwo 11 men up at this grove bill that was
Mliikly nitlijd ami nothing olo occiirietl to
in n tint pie isiiiuuf the diiyun to thelino of
JUI n nun I wan among the last to leave thin
UUCP and tliue 111 Ia ni iiuairel 1 no tlgn of
tn lute mtliln tn I iiiihuany ahum until the
Hill fiotn the baigeioinmeiKod
foniuliy I in 1 Kiiid Miller foreman in liompsonb
I have known Thonins McKeon long and
iiitliiiatuly lie was M yiais of hoe and was
luKinaii in IllgLinss foiimliy I lie had oily
ien i hero nbout threa months 1101 Itrindon
ciinont whom lie loft a fiiinlly He wee an
c iitiuin 0 Win U sitting close together
Ji I luinbur I Il i when this excuislon party
4ltiri In uiul wn muv er > thluicloiiily Tho
1Ji < Ji < i came abhom Irol tUo Larno lu a quiet
i J
r i
ortlorly innimcrbitt nlowly owIng to thin crowd
on ito wharf nnd thieve MIS no iiiiarrulllnjf I no
otiil oliiM or inihheah hon of iiuxHlbln tiouhlc t I
unt I Hinhlenlv Ito hal koeuers began hurlltiK
beer glasses and hIring nlstula Rt the
crowd Onn of tim first idiots took
olTect In tile body of my ioor frlcntl
McKeon nnd lit foil hack 1 tried to
net him away but I loiild nut until I I attci I tho
nircisi hint Kut ts oi I out uiul iiooplo bcKim to
iiurruu from tho elicitor they y liiul HOIlht from
t nn bullets nnioiiK thin liiniuci I Then ho was
iieuh I know that t I lie re win no provitatlun
Ini the t altaik liith I wax luvontl all unentlon
it IIUCOIH cried iillalr 1 Wl uuiiduhoui und tin
ixpecleil Ihu unuiiiietl anil hclplcKH peonlo
Iniilillod to ethei tin thud harl wein iiiulu
htilcKen und initlo no attoinpt ut retaliation
Not onh 1111 I eel iuthti that It MIH nreaiinnieil
I loin i t hut ut hllcu of luy own f uses as an ese
vI lttiPHH I liut I i 1 nin vety 1 crotllbly lufotiiicd I
that MMotilay 11101 nine boforo the ctctiiuuIuuit
uututi ted away SDCII of tim barkoepois uimo
ashore ft nl the tuuirge got shin t oil ut I barber
Hlioion Mailllllhtiect lieir 1libt nail thm
Ionstetlof ttiiut they weio nolnc to do that t
thuy Intiiiidctl to iiim iilahothioit Tlioy
Milil then that t thuy t iro mil guI vu to uttaclc
the HM ui8loiil < tH on thn baiKci but when they
cot buck they would make It hot for them
homo of the men t lui useil that h Inncunko van
bo Uu lit I Hid A man liained Hhellcy Is coill
< lit thai t hL can lucocnlo se oral of tlitiin
I r 1 lhlll t had bttMi luomptly bOlt
to Now oiv thoso muuleicm toultl all I
mutibeon caiduioil at onet ill htinday nlulit
Imniodlntoli I upon tho I biiies leachini them t
but 1 uiitlei stand that when hat t WitH 11110101
to Call If imlernf our 10110 foico hn Bald It
Wll8IIOIIh1 that he nuld KO on himself by tlio
mm tuiln anilico tocatchiiiRthciu I ur coil tee
when ho But there Ihl y Ii kit landoilnnilheit
tcrcd It wits half an hour iii tot tho whole llTrI
was ovr boforo u iiolicoiiiiin made all appear
ance at the wharf Unfortunately when those
barkcnpeis used the laiiRtiimo that 1 have 10
linited no attention I wan paid to their t words
Tlioy wle intiixlcatod I I l und boisterous and
their tin eats WIU all supiOMd to be Pile talk
T lie KrutlKu from w hldi thin attack Is I HUP
posed I o IUllo orighun lout tlatoB luicktoJulj I h 0
when the hoeicltim of Industiyof Kli7aboth
port hail an oxcuihion Upon that occasion
Is paid that a you no man known as < arrow
KiilloiiuniioHid over 1111 alleged noniuivnient
for n few di Inks with n barkoujier and till bar
lessee thou latter boim the sama man who Is I
cretllteil with huh hg ncaln In I charto on hun
day They had u lluht and t lie bar
men Im worsted by SatIn and lilt rhombi
Uu biinday morning Hallo wont down to the
wliaif liitenillne to KO on the ocurslon but
was met thcio by I an itc uah eta lice 1 rank
Nclbor I wlio warned him not to Iin so no the
bai men luul it I In for him Sal Ic kiiowuu
Nelliortolie pcr onnll5 uteiuiitlnteut with trnl
IIf the birkeepern took the wnrlllll toot ie
innlnvd at homo It Is averred that t haul e WUH
not on the SInger cuision ono man who had
neon I niKod up l In lie I atlrny of July
d rank Nolbor was taken In charto yes
terdny afternoon by Chief of 1olico Jon
kliiM of Kllznbetli anil detained as n witness
It is believed that t If ho will I lull nil Im know the
entIre luiulof I issatlaiith iuiiiy In I eaptmed It
wan matter nf common anirmatloii > est idaj
unionist ho I excursionists I who w tie to lie found
about Kliribetliport that all the Kit keepers on
Sunday went observed tn havo I ivol t ors I hi
their t lilt tu > cketx and It was eiitiall lepoitetl
that iiunilier nf them wero rtuurhs fiom hid
OttiHy IteuulicKiii KIIIIIT whtihatltlieen es
lieciall I encaced for this t aitlculai ofcislou
Man > fragments of beer classes lay about
the wharf yesterday and the minks of ton Pith
lots were found in tha timbers Tho pistols
must h no been of toty large calibre A Coio
ncth jury was inipinollotl I
Michael Dunn of Itutcers < street ald to
be one of the bukcepors was arrested jestei
day by the imllet of tho steamboat mnmd on a
telegraphic despatch received jestcnlay morn
lilt from 1olhe Ciptnlu henry rtander of
lllzabetli Uiiiin was nrialKiied In the
Lbrx JIaiVot Court Iii tho inoinlnK I and
remnnded until tint afternoon the Klizibeth
police btlni notified of his arrest In the mean
time In the aftornoon Plum was arrrlunea
again but no repiesentativo from that body
appcarlut ho was discharged
Controlling SISOOOOOOO or Corporate Capl
tnl null 43OOO Kni > lujrr >
ST LOCK Sept 4 Couth matlou of the
report that Jay Gould and his syndicate bind
locured control of the Hannibal and bt Joseph
Ilallroad caused much comment on Change
today and In business and legal circles Tho
Constitution of Missouri and the Kevited Stat
utes ptohlbt the consolidation of competing or
parallel linos They also provide that uo inll
road corporation shall lu any way contiol
railroad corporation owning or having under
Its control a patallel or competing line nor
shall any nlllcei of such railroad I I euipotiit Ion
act as an otllcerof any other I itt I rotuh corpora
lion t owning I or hiutViuig Ihu t eontiol of II pnallel I
or computing line Tho question whether
railroads lIe parallel m icimpolliig lines bhall
when demanded be dioldcd by II Jill y
JlIlIIlt hutvt ers in that t it is I plain that the
ruinous of l the t Constitution I nnd statutes of
Missouri I Intended tn foil hit and > i ont the
vciy tI I lug which I In 1 y lit eli h ii nut his associates
ale tloliiKi that by his late purchase ptiall
end tonii etlnt blues 01 ine which lint u been
coil letl uti lines I I me subji cted tn tho control of
a joint iflt lid ship vhlrh lints yOiii Pet I t ii iui nllt
nl 1 the ililuh tlon eti pi I when It is I icrotttul to
fur the iiiiuiiu of 1111 lilt thu lines alteinatelv
imilnst caei other In nut of lock jobbliic spec
ii hit louis They 1 mid that 1 It Is I about limo I I to as
certain whether till law can bo I evaded in this
niannuuiid I that oven If i Hunched Mi Oould
It must be onfoicctl
Till piiiili nl < i Ooiild anothi hold on
Mlstiuii lie now 11100111111 l lontnils Ihe
MKUn i Im llir tin1 Ilaiiniliil and M t Toe anil
the St Louis lion I Mountlln and Soiithein
iillronU and is i lnivil > inteie tid III the
ui isliiml the St li uls and sail liuitNio
It I t is Imposible I I lu got nt t his I matt inteiist I i III
tint litiei roads but It i huitivy eunuch to
In liut nliiiit his elcttiou an a dlmlrn of I em II
one nf tin in 1hJ lug bililKi Is alo Lontiolltd
by him beluu Icastd to the Mis > imii I 1arllli
nail thy Wubili Unit fill II 1rill1 of ninetj 1
nliit en > j ho Tunnel I I nmiinv I with a
stoek nf J50IIIHMI Is I alsti in his liuliK llu
Is I absolute ownet nf the Ililon iJcpot nnd is h II
heavy ttnikholdei In the St Smile Um and
tteilCumpaii > wlilch Nu I i < ollilitliiii nf I the
Vukaii Steel Comuiiij tlio 1ilot Knob Iron
Company and thu tiiimltowei Mining and
Tiiiisiortatlon Joiupiiu thu uinsoliditlou
liavint U > eii lnoiulit about by miildH an
liouniement that lie vas ibuiit to I lot ale
It1 1 wolks lieie Hi I Is f u hirtfrj stock
holdcr In tho Niitioiiil Stock t IIIK and
has u bit I xhaio In the tapltal of Ihs
Kiiuitiililt IIf Inauianin ompiii which
owns tho Lifo Iiisuranie llulldlnu mo < of the
fliiext business block In I till Vi ret Ioro i Ihlln t
n > cai uco tlould I i gut holdof thin ilvrr I liitcuiHts I
hu iiuichasli most of thin Heur ImMev line
and sunn aftuivvud i oiisollilitluiIt with tho
MsNspp Valley Tiiaspnitation onipuij
NulllnM has ilniie nniil niuco in ioint > etltloii
with railroads llu ulmiuvvns i hut uitiuu H Oil
the rIver fiont and hits a mcmhtisliip In lie
Cotton I KMlmnge Ho I now eontiols at leant
miiiiniKiilof ctiipoiation enplliil in Missouri
nnd 4UDU emplo > eei Ho holds inhlspnwtt
noiul tmr i mil rllw I that I > important as a
eider to the t I great titles of lie State
As thi Chairman of thin Kemociatlc State
Committed is I olio of lie tinuld line nttoiiinjb I
nnd tho ndest and I atllnn Democratic huller
of the state luntH iillioud oiUtes to him null as
no liopH of a tliclaiatlnn Mlnst 1 uiriioiatc
monopolies ran bo tibtalned fiom Ihnl Ilepub
llcin p ntv iinltts HID ichino Is I trnt rciideted
pneii SH a moveintint Is alieady I on foot tn
call an autlmonnpoly convention In ciisu tho
nppioaehliii I popiilii linuubllean State uiuiton
trill falls to umplmtlralh tlecltuu IIalllt this t
absoibln of all thin liltheilo com > ctln lines
I of Ilin Slate Another advance III Iho I fieluhl
tirlll IH I in the intin time antlciriated
aht Fu a ut I tiiiic I a
11cor Sept 40110 new cisunf yellow
ti i it wus ritoittd t 1 lure luda H vuiuikpr liii > tin I uf
ue 111 III uculilIuuiIcti iuiui 1 iii i 11111 11 I ii
Iullo Ii 001 iuut ti PuiCIi tti 1111 if 1 iii u 1111 m
N hut liii itak Itoh I iuuiIuiv 1 iuinl turn
1 1lI tl iiiiil 1 ri in kH ruiucra Liii I iiin tiusi t itilili I
iiIru IIlllIt Iltllla t 11111 II 11 tl it the itsiul
it I liiiUli hit 11111 luitilit IIf 11 II utu lii I
struu ni iii 1 n IIIPIIJI 1 uiiuuuubnr t iuiis in I liOn I
it tiit lint o inuitiui i Ititit I llIolm nrc at I rvu
rt i tr I I uituiui lii
A llliitl AMUMln 1111111 hU Einuucra
Li iUtlILIE Sept 41l1l1l1J1 I h I I Aikcn I and hit
mu 1011 hll n hell nriiMiJ IiunMin Ki r1 till
HI nsiiy tn I nun ilrr i11 t Itrk Wmlrntnl iiu lao I Soil
m liuilii niti ml ilirhl hml 1 KII i uinliu I kill thin hun
emil it f linn In ml rUit M u bull Ii til tlif I nmiiit
a 1lIoollt1 l hllllfilf initr this iou I n in iim iiiiilt tin
Will IU tMitkt mil unit i xpii t I Ihe H t In nu hiiuinif I
tl 1t 111
ii iiiti loiuiiit l 1 t liii iutlttiuliit iuiuih liii 1VI1U haul
111 ii
Ml Wot Iliiulld
In the Tonilis 1ulko Cmttt icblunla luau
I Vint u im inhiT nf hut Kuartl of Idiuallon tui
inrulitl 1 fur i niiilmitlun n thartfi tf nhliiK I I nn
llnllniihu 3 nainitl lami h tu I hunt If nxi d I in Marii muii I r
tin a IIeI lit It tar in 11 Iht till lid Min t limi un milulnt
nUIn Iml Mr rit ihilimtl that uhilr Hit Imy Ii
luhlln I a iuuiiit 11 In Ilif htittt la that txtd 1 him sit ii > uml
1110 iiy I fell umltr tintar
Iti 0 Trnlni Vieckrtl b H Horse
LivrAHTFii 1ft Kojit 4lwo freight traIns
i uM und nt > t hound Mire wm kel till innrnlnKon the
riii hanln Kallioad mar Illllervllli I li > ililklnK n
II III f i Ill 111 ft
iiiiee I whkli 1 nsa IhruKii 1 fium clii lluik i in thu ulliir
h I Hit nunliiK U alliS Sat II oalO > tru dimullrhcd nnO 1
K ninnlirrnf ullicru tuaIiy lUmngtil Belli trmkl II Itt
Llotkttl for Oltlll l luiuurI
IJHlsnl ACTION Of Till fIthIOA
The Convention In IMIKlillfgk Votluir Innnl
moticly to Coullnne the Mtrlke Memltcrs
1lcdulnx 1roicllr lu Aid the lleilltule
IlTWliuiuill Bipt 4Thc verdIct of tho
CoiiNontton of lie Amalgamated Association
delegates of tho 1trHt DIstrIct t held in Kchlllor
Hall today Is that lie t Iron lockout which has
prevailed tiiiotiKhoiit the West tduco Juno 1
shall bo continued tndellnltob I It Is needless
to Bay that this lesuilt I hits stirpilscd
and chiiKrincd Ito munufactururs They
had anticipated an entirely different
decision All day lone tho streets
In tho t neighborhood of Amalgamated head
tiuaiteis han been Ithronued with strlk
VIM I and this nftoinoon dtiilnK the session of
the Convention Fourth avonuo was nltuoHt
black with those who though not dclcKatos
wore deeply Interested In the dolnus of their
follow craftsmen Thero was no disorder and
no drunkenness and the tluong was good hu
mored and jolly As matter of course the
pioeeodluirs of tho ConvectIon wine secret
nnd tho result can only bo obtained through
ono channel vl 17 l lie oniclals of the Amalga
mated Association
1 ho Conuuition was called to order nt 2 P Jf
bv rrcBldent John Jatrett who In I n eliot ad
limB bald that ho had no athlco to offer hut
would stand with lie t mojoilty In their de
cision bceietiu Martin addressed lie Con
entlon In a similar stinln after which
each one ot tIm US delcfnten present gave
oleo to their sentiments Of this numbir
it is said that only four shoncit thin
whIte feather and faorcd n compromise
thotich tho dolcuatcb were oiiunlly dlUdcd
onehalf being II fl Pliers amid I Ill other half pud
tilers Alter a discussion of tin situation
tho iiuestlonof coot ho ii I utg the strike was put
to Mite and lesulted In I n unanimous decision
maintain the lockout the four weakkneed
membeiH otlni ajo when It canin to the
cruclul I tent t Tho tiucstlon I u of permlulnu lie
buniperund lintutnir men now nt work In I Wil
son Wulkei Cos mill I to continue I whlltt h tho t
ttiiko Is I In ptiifcress was net consideied nnd
tiny eto requested to stop work Immediately I
Setietni Martin In an Intenloiv toui gut
Fiild that t the utmost harmon y prevailed
thiouchnnt hut t Ino II hon At Its close a
business meeting I was hold uiul was and
memih deistd to enable the poorer members
of the association I to ubtHln lelof Several of
hue t leading members pledged tliolr propeitj
und et one uedlt will IK uiM n all who need It
until I I the lockout Is I railed If It bo nine months
lie lice ier precaution wits tnknn to pro
Mnt lillY daiiKui of detltutlon I and sulTerlm
amoni mmberK of tho union Thcso to
meetings lasted tire horns
Amoni the 1111111 ufact II rCA Kreat biir
Irlse is I manifested nt thin action of tho
tonention t The plan of stnrt hug their
mills with nonunion labor will hI adhered
they say nnd within h a few di > s t lii four mills
01 dralT Dennett Co Spam Chulfont 1 Co
und WIII1I1 h nlker I A Co will IK > running I full
with nonunion men Miould this bo the cube
It I can Imidly bu othcnlso than that ecu iouuit
tionblo will result
A telecram from Yotinctowii Ohio tonlsht
FIIO that the ieatest y ci blue II t penlls I
there t over the lesint of Ito t Conentlon In this
city todaj Hundreds 01 slIII1k i thronecd tho
It ruts t ami lie built tin bonuls wcm sur
rouinledb I uy miNlous crowds lhie linn 01 13rnnn
llonncll Co the largest iron o > eratoi In the
MuliimliinYilluy l MI y that t lucy will Hunt I tlalr
llif anil stiu I t nonunion tome what I may
It Is ascited on tru torth y authority t to
night tint sixorul Amuleamiitcd bulges In I this I
city will start coOpeiuthe stotis Tho strlkuis
hun made their lust dccilon and it now ro
mains Cor thin lIIunIlIIlClulIl us to say what they
will I I do IteKiirdintr the proposed break I In I thin
Amalgamated runUs It Is ai jet too carl to
say whit will bo done Thu nuxt orljuifht
hours however will settle hat 111511011
About 10000 Worth of OroccrUl Illy
Oootti nnd Aotlon Ftinutf In hit house
ritiiuiiiMiilN Sept tWhetu Major
lhih lulls retlied fiom hue m a IUlA III Ill t uf the
nlmshoUBC it In a nndci that ho left tnun tho
building behind him Already uliout flllooO
worth of goods stolen hum tho t Institution huo
been recovered and the souch has hartlb be
gun Other IIOUR ljosdc tho CHIP nt I411 I I I
Walnut Rtreut which the Major had lilted up I
for his on use will he scan lied Uoda le
tectho Milloi nnd mcniUr > ot the Committee
ot i One I I I until reh lInlll went through Ihu I
Jlajoishoie und us aiebiilt I I lIe wteoui loads
of guilds ueio bUilt batk to t thu ulnishoue
hey I found sugar and laid liv 1 > > lie barrel 210
Ill 01 piesit > Flench biainly tihutu ilmm
pamic bi mm boves 01 liiieil itih 11111 i >
mid clnnmnon bottles of nrlmif > ost > nn b jms
of pickles slnl 1 othci m ticks enoilili to sturt
a Illteliss giouii ton nllr 1 ulbO found
handkerclilef linetooth combs IIIIH eomls
brush boxes ot t itibbnt band rub bruhes
by thu doen urkih I tiwe line hcetliu
muslin glnglimn t rash napkins piano
COM i i calico stationer nf nil I I s t iris iiitloi t u
looking Htl lislls Wltl I loOltlV elliott lolls of
liuttti tug nnd a mlstilmiieoiii > lot of towels
iilecis nt iallci cutlet Ipkln ciah and
kitchen and dining room lluen I ut all kinds In
the < ndbtoi back mom which Ml Philips
oviipkd fin hIs prhnte business a locked
desk us found mid opcm d In onu diauei
weio u numb of lettels uddles > cd to Mis
1hlppsb the Major lint In the second dinner
wero u mess of mtitilntcd due bllN in sums
i uiglngfiom floto tim 1 the sum total lieing
ioiiglil etlni itid ut fJVHiot ami lieu timu
eoMietl tinted tiom thin Majors imlticiion into
unite TlHiu bills Had been given I br tlm t Major
foi I cash liorinwoil I 01 for supplies inwchuscd 1
und In n majoilty of instance the nainub of
tliovii In whoso favor they euro llUn hiiih linen
oiiiod 01 IcIIIIIIII It ttuis lu his I pihaleroom
that huge u iiuantit of stolen supplies wcie
found toda
Ilillipss downfall Is traced liaik to 1S7S
lhlll it wan dlcoeii b I ito Comptroller
that he had not made any utmn of liuusuie
ceints to t tlm em tieibiiry t for I set Clii I > oars
Ihls sum 2GllIllI ho paid ot r atlei suveial I
1I111111 ucla having hun compelled to hoi
nn it I fioni I i i oniriitois ti nit at hell This
monc It I t was slid t by some of lie t guardian
viis used In an Important political lampnign
dtheis said It was used to mil the housu but
the t u tmo t invvuidness I la lie ii l discovered I All
Investigation Is I iiovvlHIng miid on that point
Milpps Is I still mislnB mid the I detectives
seaithlng i I evcrwhere Chief f ot Ioh kit ilviu I
Is I conlldent ho will bo captured Itofoio lonsr
1IIIII ills JlfJ wiXTt KCUKT
The Ircildcnt Tijtuic < U Kititpr from the
Cmulnnt ICnuud or Feitliltle
Xiwronr Sept 11iesidcut Aithur ovl
d > ntly desIres to keep his movements pri
vate Ho left hue on Katurdny night on
tho Despatch ostensibly for Woods hole
nnd Xantucket but Im some unknown rea
son tlm stnamnr tunio to anchor for lie t
night off Ocliie Point linly on Sundny
hue I hteamer madu lieu way into thin 1lust
Ill toy and camn to anclioi hoar thin club house
1111 I Vet Island 1 lletetho I I nabbuth WitS spent
ilui jet I y and the t Ilosldont onjood a day ot
giimilne lust vtrhtio he saw onh hue few
tilond I ho HID his guests Kail y this morn
ing I II dealer In h meats ictelvcd II weeks older
rill supplies ami thiuy > weia tukon 1I01 S Iho
island liom theme to ho ship anlvlnc on
board I about noon How long the 1l Hl lollt
will lemaln n In that secluded Hpot Is I a mstei
All who have ommiiniciitioii with tint II 111 C l Ill
me iidnt to socree bi tho Ilesldents or
dels who is I duteimlned to i keoji I his future
inoMiiuints II piofouml injtluiy lho lieu m ot
the Iloildont In leaving lute is genuially up
Pioved an Itvvus evident that thin constant
11I11111 I i ol XII utv 1 il I t festivities I t was getting
tathei i monotonoiib and woailsomo
Th K ccnt flroimtllnir nf She Ike pitch
Xnuuiu kept CNiwmiuuUn I iirun I of the
tnltil MitUtniiiur i P Iultli min thut lu IUOP I imt
latni t rilni I r1 UK remit gihuui it hori uf tlmt MB
Si 11 I lIrI I trit ititf I lrii bteuiie IIP mh un tin ut iiticr
ii Iii i thUk hi itkilint < ni tu I Hki Hie rt tiiMliiltt t
IM Ilti it Pimi lute ill t i iloi nit tt iiHinii Ci IIM Hiiriiifid
liluih i lulhlHi I I II tr Cniiiii aiihr Ii H ui eulil I rhull holil 1
lull Iff I IIItI l lll 1U MrMi lt MIIH 111 111 llllt
haute i Itnvsrxu I I I iiiul 1 n JoII i in onuiiii tlul lliit the
t I St i i liOn III UM inn Imr
I sea I III by ii Moll
CINCINNATI t Sept 1Mt t Votiion Ind has
itiu t Ilin at i mil h t II nu Ii 1 In IUIIFI imnte uf t nn tllutt to
tlonf ills Mtliitini 1 ui Siuula suet I lit 1 11 I I utloik ell
uulil At aliuut 1 IIO tiul k tHiiila mninini tlu Itch I
ilimi I if lulin Innl tli i in Murtluil ti n iii llu il 110 l a nmli
niul tili I uliul Hiiiheuiiiinul llioli J 111 i In Mm Mini ihi
ii ttiilil I tntitui M H Kantr uf tiniilii Ihu tHirnph and 1
tll Il
Inli hune mi u uiiarilnl 1 In i llu niuh tu prtUriUuiiniiii
nlintUn ii butu the neiifhturliiK tinMiH I
A air lioikvi Jlmmted
NKWnuiitui N Yi Kept 4Johll Dinndon cf
New York i llnfue l at Ilunmcll i lnkc lluum I High
land Mill n IIIIBO Cuiinl ti ui it nut nrd In HK lake mar
list lioimc i on LihuuiuhiiI lie a su Ji turn old I
Dowittown niilldlnn Nniilled from the
Hlutlon In Pearl Ntr < ct
Two engInes In the l1eari street statIon of
tho Kdlson Electric Illumlnatlug Company
wero started Inst evening Blmultnnoously
thirty little bnlloonBhnped globes ranged
at Intervals on cither hide of tho long
room containing the machinery glowed
with Iticandost liotscshocs All cus
tomers of thu company whoso buildings
lmo been Inspected by till Iloiud of Flue Un
derwriters were notllled that the light was
ready for use The Dioxel building contain
ing 100 lights tho Ymifs olllco tho lark Bank
and the iinM olllco were among the plucts
lighted last night by electric currents from tho
station In I 1eail stieet
Ml IMIson was seen by a reporter In the
long minuted loom Ho wore a whlto high
etowned leiby hut and iieollmlubH shirt Ills i I
faco denott that ho was greatly pleased
I havo ucconipllshod all that 1 tnnin
Iscd he said It was not without
somo fear that I stinted thin machinery
this evening I half PApcUod that somo now
phenomena would Intel fere with tho working
of I the t light Hut It ha been entliely HiictCSH
ful You will too that wo have only onu en
gine limning now It supplies bOO globes
with light Wo have sIx engines
which will all bo In successful operation
beforo tho end of the wlntoi Wo expect to
lnun thteo innnlng next week Wo have a
ln utct tlemand for the light than wn can sup
ply at piesent t owl itc to I the I utsui lYle louuey of
men to I put down tlio wires W o have 10 rllll
cute thu mon to hun use nnd mnnugementof
out muihlnury Wu Imvu only I ono experienced
engineer hero now A man eimodown from our
iniiohlneshop h Qociek street the other day and
put his oil tan between two conductors Ho
wns a badly ightencd man n second hater for
t lie can melted nwny as nulcklyns tho oil that t
It contained Another workumn while em
plocdat iv wire In itlton stieet Used ii screw
driver Ho was puriirlsed to sea his sciow
drlver burn nwny and letunied to tho station
in great hnsto to know what was the matter
Taking tho reporter up to tIm second Itooi of
hue building Mr IMIsou pointed to two t llttlo I
hiuXel4 eatchu of which WIIM surmounted by I u blue
glolio between two led globe There vveto
bells attached to each box henevei n bull
rang a blue or Kd i globe would IH Il
luminated I Mr Killon eplilued that these I
wsru tho t indicators I When tho I globes weiu
not Illumined thin elect ic piessuni on tint main
wh us wits ctiiual to Hi i eiiullcs When the led u
globe on the left ot lieu huh iii one was lighted ii it
t Iuu lutlsStu rtt was eiiual to lli4 or lOS I candles
W hen the Iiltm t globe was Illumined I the t pressure
was equal to 1 candlc < jhe red globe ou
lie tig t 01 the t bltto one whin Ilglited up
indicated 1 n pre sme of less than il I hell can I
dles A joung IntuIt sat watching tho llclits on
u high tool with his hands on a wheel WIIIII
over tho t lulls mill allllilio h globes wete llglited h
UI he iMrnod the wheel until the ringing
ceased uiul the I lights went out What i the t
oiing mull haiidlt was tailed thn legulatoi
Have ou evei noticed said Ml Kdlsol
thut t light I lontiucts llio t pupil of the e > e I
will ihtmiutnl tmlu It llu I closed his eji Ih for a
half minute Opening them lie called atten
tion to thin slTOOf the pupils He I then I oxpoed
them to the t light When the reporter looked
ut the puplltt agiilu thin seemed to
unto dccieased consldeiabl II in slzo
That IlltistrntiV ctintinmd the inventor
the I I itos I rul hilt V of n I steady I lUlit I It prevents l
the dilation mid tonltaUion ot the pupils of
the IM IS hunt the Hm tuatlons of mi urdlnar
cltutiie light I 01 gaslight I would tuiio
lhi < electrician sild fuitlur u t that olghtoen
miles of plpo would bo laid in lie downtown
district Iii x miles me alieady laid
llr lIedu Kn > s They Mon the Mouc > Eating
Rod Frotnti to Km It
ClllCUio Sept IDr M M Hedges of
Newlmigh X Y who with thin aid ot Mi I Scott
won J450000 from 1rnncis 1 Wee at draw
poker mid faro rived here vcbterda on a
visit to Scott who is still ill
Ur Ikdgts eonvcises very freely nbout lie
matter The condition of thu butt suits mo
ho snltl They dont seem lu n hurry and
would not be able to accomplish an thing If
they were Wo hut a solid defence IlIlhe I I IhlI l
suits Thu law 1 make canibllug losings iu
coverabltt tiiil within ttiitu months or > tho
piny That shuts ictl out J lie Commis
lunorof thin Iooi might bilng suit until IIn
old law to roc over the monm but that vould
bullkumi 1 I I oh her action lor debt and he would
h ive to Illul thu mono Ufore he could leeover
tt t At nil I events no such Milt I hns IHCII I brought
ct 1 1 hei o aro still tho indictments for con
hpirat I I tool gambling I but Im not growlrg
thin woiilngahout them
Then JOH dont propose to give up am of
your winnings I
Not Ill tielu Dr HI dges told le1 llrml nnd
null teili tutuotuh y No s In that I mom1 was
falllv I won Wet d was not stieli a stick ii as lie
Is I supposed to be He plied II pptty olid
hand of tliuvv Vihi he taught mu thit Until
1 In Hist iiokoj hand level slut hhill hItIIII
VuuiuI In I over bot his hand slntttiiinv
Vell es he bet against wind sometimes
hattho I vay tin lot im up 511 hUh that t Ill
tlculm I night If hn hail beuii sensible III < would
have liehl ill to see boiuu tish III sight
linn about the tutu game WII it sjiunruu V
lh11 I was all I I sQiimc nougli Ho I was cleat
oveiboaid at poler and we wanti d someai
langement I toi the > uiltyof what he owejus
on lliU Kami bcfoiowo plaed anv moie at any
game lie made a settlenit at that was s His
tint uvaiid 1 demanded satisfaction elioolug
faro We had not thu proper tools fill tIle
game The cauls were dealt out nf ham with
out a laoiit or II CUD box He bet wlldl got
iluau lattlud t h and went to phco1 There was
not ninth monuy III nny account bet on either
side Mill what cash wo got wo mo going to
hold on to
01 IJIJlll tvvjvniors
ICtiMlltllt wilt Sumvti hut tonfilkvd Iy a 11 oi
otlltnit ti Apiio C iiltot iimtll
The le guuluir nuilltllly liicetlliK tf the1 Ninth
Assemby District liopublhnn Association was
lield list evening In the Ulecikor building I
IXAssuinbljmaii A JCuinpbell idle veil real
lutions tlccliirlng in Kulntunce that It titus the
seiibu of the asm elation that hue utlnilnlstiu
11011 t 01 thuullUn of I I 0th ruler of thH t I Mate by I
thu t lion I A II I Coinull I ha been wise just j PI u
tlent und eeonomlial mid hunt if ho I l n u nom
inated It will bu inieiitlve to all rcpuhliians
to mcomplisli anothii lleiiublitan t Iclnl
Cliuiiman toisa olleied the icolutions for
debatu nnd Mr Campboll stood lead y to aiguu
them through to a vole At 1 iiuiy late as hu
nttciwanl said hu expected to stu them I pp I
mnted and at least tIn Ills t lane uiulnisiug
Cornell unanimous pased but Mat Illeij
Jlllllpud lip 111111 moetl to I lefei the whole mtt
lei I i to lit delegation to bo I selected at next
Tuesday cvuiilniis primal les
At thlsciislsrianklimburtof the litOlllco I
claimed a point of tinier He was ptomptl
sttuelcliid but he would not sinsiiiHkliiil
Aiithing I I su Is I alwajN out of oideihu u
shouted thtowlng his aims about like Hails
This IH I the itii hit tesi uii of gag law this t is I
dlsromleous this is awful I
Then 011 Dual Mr House und half adoen
otheis jumped up and began to talk all itt lintel
with lie lesult that neltlit Chaliinan Coii
nor any ono else I knew wliut his Ighboi was
talking about Suddenly Jeiomluh rmigbuin
moved to luy tho oiitiio subject on thu table
and the motion was cm II tied with n luau
A Hurl 1 Imminent llclnffll Irn hlllmei
Illltl kU > Hiuclll lui Tallin
it hMIIII i Kept 4A ii itch Is Imminent bu
lIt1I lieu < thnlinii c ami t Vnn II I t Manning inmliilatrit
fur elI m llith Inl lit llnlli Sirhuii lbs In
lint utetiii Vlnnnln rpukt I la t suit niaili u > i nlhli
n I t litu it Ihalim IK N riiulil i llulh rilmtlnnlnl Ititty I
Spil IIIK iunr sun lu > ullh ini > Mii > ir luhlcuhuC Iu I k und
furth I lmcrMltmniulliu I Ii lull I ulruttlun Mr 1 thus
list I rhu rihirech niul I thnhiitlM 1 I mil Sti J duunl i Watson
HUH Mnn lm > frlilnl llu innuiruf I tin ilml I Kalnn
untIl Hu nt Oil tail Hint I uih lailul iui 1 in 111111 i al Hit
11 i Ii aipi ihiliilfurltitlin I Mltluili
A iliniuitt II triini I Hull siuni4 u Mirp htivit In nftr
elite tulhi I linmiid t 1 tlml I isiuu len Vli 1 atre thai
flute and vtnn nliu llllt lint tu u n tutu iiundi me
iut S i il the ill 0 lilt tilt illlltlllt i t MIH alnli uldi
niljiuiil un liimi < nllleluiniiahltililiuUi 1 nlltd statin
himilulJ u i l n nl itt suit 1 1 ul I I ir iTiMulii in in
turnet S if MimiliU I uili i the nfiliii c Miir thai 1
nu IP and viunntm I uill i te I taknt tanaan tu t murruu
Ivsu Iha 11111111 end
1osi MILJS Yt t Sept lDiAO Dkke of
Wurti > tti Tiiun und Pi Julia Maifhnllof td r 111 II
Ii It I hm1 Iii I lIIhh n late teie iuisy 11111111
WIII luicu 110 Cu ti lu it 1 11111 u uf Ill tilt
I IlIh uitiui eiiuui itChru suit iii 10 Ire 1 illuit Iulrlu ti I
fiulIil 1IOIl III iii ii UI 11 huts I cbuuu 1 10 11 ii turiit
1IIIIIIh luuk triuiui iii unit hiuiii I 0 ithtr lilt F
Irlll uti ulllIt II I ii iiictt iii uti 11111 1lrill
cttIiI lOr tIle hiuit Iiuitii 111 tilt 1 lit uiiu l 11 ul Iii
shut llhtlr iiuihiil mu re rIIIII I u CII u 111111111010111
lilt 1 uiuiihi titter lit t us ntiuiii III iithey I Ii ulI u ii S
iii 111111111111111 rlll1lt II II Iurhall su his ulllIn clii I
lOr IIgt uutiit 10 ii ii ti lutuin lull 11111 hllIIII
A I Oil ili Niiiitiliitemleiili Ntilildc
VAIIRIII miui Mnvlcii Nopt II h Fran AIcIIol
land titiiiral siipiilnti i mu nt id thf Hiiiim ihciii and
hitler tiirriinnillntr inlnmlimned h > Nfv mk aiiital i
Un hiiitiiininltlid milt Mu Ihe shicu iur ilir ait f i tin
knuvMi Mr t Mtllullaii l t t as tutu Knuun tlituiiuhuut
tVlirailo uml > ew MesUn
Aniirlouu Star hufl tIiuultl l s Ihc lu ul l Kiulur 110
Hindu > t KCIHI al imm1 IJ U til tlrtmdn u > M i till
ma ronca AT THIS IJIOXT To hR iN
CJW4SRI xo yyooo MEN
Itltcovcrj of n Plot to MnMncre Knropennt
In Alexandria rttllrry Ilitel Between
tkc llrlllik Ncur Itiimlek nnd Ainblt Cutup
LONDON Sept 4Gcn Wolsolcy tclvgiaplui
fiom Ismailln today as follows All isuulct
nt tho front The Highland Brigade will re
main afloat for thin present to furnish working
luirtlcB heio I am clcatlng out the hospitals
and pending away tim wounded and actions
cases of sickness In lie tioop ship Malabar
A despatch to tho Ttim from Kassastn dated
Sunday says The enemy keels n close
watch nil about our camp touny llctlouln
liorsomou arc prowling In tho vicinity rundei
Inglt unsafe to venture far out Last night a
cdotto of lie LIfe Ouards was killed Ills
body has been recovered and found to be mu
tilated t Arabl Iaslm has an excellent position
hole Ho Is In direct communleation by rail
with Xagazlg nnd Salihlyoh and water for his
forces Is brought up by rail and canal Ills ac
tive cavalry succeed In masking his movements
and keeping them secret
Tho Indian cavalry and a dctachuiont of tho
Itoyul Irish Dragoon Guards have scoured the
country between tho camp at Kassnsln and
MiiMitua and icturncd without seeing any ma
laudlng hedoui I hit
The JIIIIIH tills I morning says Though
Gen Wolsoloy does not require a third divis
ion the Government IsduteunliiodtoBticngtli
on his hands by sending I tlnuo I battalions of In h
fnnlrv so that Ctini Wootl may bo set free with
out avlng u garrison of less than Suuu men nt
Alexandria IttHonu depots of hiD men for
each of tim regiments which arc at thin front
with den Wolsoluy will also be formed at Alex
andria and n hugo depot of 1000 reserve men
will be formed to replace these as they are
drafted to the fiont to supply casualties The
general result of these moasuics will bo that
Oenolsuiey will luvo UJtHH men on lie main
lino I I of operations IvHides the garrison of Alex
andrla aint lie Indian I contingent
A despatch to hue I jV uirs fiom Port Said 10
poits that I Abdullah Hey ltin1 AltludoCainp
of the t Khedive has gono on a mission to hurts
tin tho lied Suit to stir up among tho natives a
loval feeling tovvatd tho Khedive I and to eu
eoutuge opeintlons utuit I lust Arab Iasht
ALKXANUIIU Sept I heat uneasiness Is
felt In ciilisoiiueneotif tho in rest of u iiativosny l
earn Ing u letter addressed to Antono ruttlu
tin1 livokOonsuIni Agent at Klout who Is stay
ing her riulo has Uen arrested It Is ru
molt d that Ithu police Imvo discovered ramill
cations l of a conspiiacy In which sevoial
tirouks ato Implicated hue object being tho
massacre of Kumpeaiis In AluMindrin fii I hue
event of the llrltlsh Hoops Indng seriously en
engaged at Itiimleh The manofwar Jllno
tiuir K I shelling I tho rebel lines because of
t hurctttuu I tug deinonstrations inndo by butt enemy
fmiti 3luutuulturll
ibm uneasiness amongtho Europeans con
tinues t I unabated Sensational minors of every
kiml tire circulating tonight Thcio was n ro
hOi t thai the French ConsulGeneral Iuuuui asked
for tiunxports to icmovo French subjects but
it h proved ti I > l et uiitliel u > giouudlcss Tho llrltUh
military authorities have mapped the ton n into I
districts which aio connected by telephone
ami I they I feel catldhuitl that this lllouable them
to iiucll nny unforeseen outbreak
At 5 oclock this evening the English heavy
guns near hut Cairo lirllway began shelling
t raid IishaH eimji The enemy uepl led
their sldls falling v ftlilii ton yards of the 1lem
I lug depot In I tho t Itimleh lines I I Two moro
llritish I guns joined 111 I tho I lire whereupon a
lively cannomidu ensued The enemy con
tinued I to lOFt lie extelleut iirnctlce all their
shells falling close to the 111 itlih camp
Tho l iitei In I thci nnalliokitliroiuli I t the t diini
today and Is one nnd a half mt ties high
A reek who net nil I m an I veil hem from Cairo
gives a gloomy account of the Munition there
lie u fears that when Anbl 1nMia Is defeated ho
will destroy the city He stimulus that there
are at Cairo only Ii01 troops who will join In
pillaging tic city at lie Hist opportunity Hu
says that Cln asslaim arc maltreated If seen on
the t sireetH III h I i Cm in
The Egpiitll coUrtS martini continue toe
to rt nrltlt neo 01 eonfi ssons fiom piisonersby I
ttuttire Tint othouiitid rifles and six thou
sniid bludgeons teen tllsmveied u on Monday In
a mostiue it I lie llndlng cnues uneasiness
SINS u t iSopt 4 Lord I IfnUeiln yes
tenlav I Ii foruuu ed I lie bultan thai t ho had buen I
aulhoi iid tnaswiit to the landing of Jtux or
Jilt 11 I urUsh tiooim at Port S lid It I Is under
stood tlitt I I leivisch Iaslm will com n land t tho
evpedltion I u and thai linker Iisha will bd his
chief of stnlT
111 JlltT IX IWiI1IV
The Mllllnry > iil Out IiiX lKbEIughi
lri oiit Inur i In the lllol
1 ti unix Sept 4Ah I is i i iik i > t liihui at t hilt
hour 10 I I1 M l I Thomllltil I uro not out to
nljht The constables who ha > o loturned to
dut > worn nllowud a food lest today
A prOLlamiitioii i hits I In I in liiod by tho Lord
Major tliiinklnK t I I Ito cltl7ens t for theli t hearts
spaiiMi to th appeal for uld and for upeolal
oiituliles and Lhin luoi leo that lucre is no
neeeclt > Inr iin > mole constables
Dikliti pet t sons Injured I In I street rows since
thu I troublo t iKcuned anioni hut itil leo force
me beliiK Heated In tho uilous hnspltals
Noarl a seoio of tlm patients liaM hijuntjt
> > i > iinds A wniuaii his dieil of injuries r <
ceived in tlie < > h nun made b > thu mllttai on
Siitiiuli > Onu silillui lias been airested
At u meilin of tint Tnwli Colmcll todil
Ion I MUM n DUW 1 IIII lid that ho had ubstaitmi
f I mil eniiilliiiLHpeilnl niiitubles n < ieiiu ted
b Earl 1 Spemei because he did not think that
It was ilclinblr tuaiiept the ei ut lees ot stian
KfT 11 hud slncit iitTeiid 1 timl I Siu > u < 01 the u
serlces uf tradi I snien uf aiious jilme but
hud leeched u the leplj that the atithinltluH
thenisee had ubtalned a unitlent iiumbei of
special tuntables 1 lie specials wi 10 nuw on
ilntN and the pullce would h uceiveil tie the
livu 1 o special constables have Inen I sriitcm ed
out to i monthsund tint otlui to tluett
months inipiisoiiiiiiint for usaiiltlni the mill
ttilt It Iuseited h that tho speiial mo eiy
iiiipnpiilil both with tlu soldkisuul polkeand
thut the I tlimi i d coiistnblehan incited thn I
mob to iiltui k tlieni At thtt niLullli ol the
CoipoiatioM loid Jla > or Dawon said that I Ihu
speelul contables woo simply targets and a
IliUho of dlstui hiuue I
HiitlroHil I IllMi vr lu Icrnmm
Cuiisnunr N pt 4 1 A tialn t of ears i minim
IK tttn ii I Ii ii Hiiirtr aiit olmur Mt lilt rail mar UIIT
Mitttti Hflv il iitnti u n KilUtl nil niruiv u tu In
Jnntl Tliin ii irtlJ innnut In the truin Minmr
llio I a Mn u hiittii u l Tlu > uuttIuti lit un < > iNiiml I M i n
ti Ii femili pi It nhMi hid hull Mruikli Illiinlnui
111 111 UM th UK k
1 IIM i > p t 1 tu JiMtf Jttmttiih nUniitih ft mil
Imli c c ii I ti tin Inilu ti hh Ii t i CS ri i kul in HI 11 ui
Mtttm cuts mi t uiutctuut triln niul uu tic uuuiit Ii un of
tie tin fuiir win Miutit I ii i nix li h n re sturtii l ul to
llidK nr Nlmt lit ii iu i rinl nnktiunt Into u Maiup
I t lit ro Hit ir MI klit chute tin in tn ltik
Hi I Juutv V s < ti IM uli frniu Iiirl bnH thul the
iniint < r uf i orncitik tiiinttn r > l in tlu tlu u ittitI I t uf f tlm
MMllllphlKlUlt Jit IUIl iMtrtllhllll
I tins s pt II t tnitttui from M nil i HUM Muti tli tl
1151 i IIKOIIH tur kilt il nni su i other lujurol in I ho
Hilluml ui il < tml lutir Hiinftt tti n
llfiKiiiiK lui her Fa Ilk I lu Mitir ti lrlu < v
PUIIH Sept 4ulIho Ucitlic MuittMlultoth
fililll iluiiifhtir i ui tlu luiiluf tin Intnkfnrt Iriuuh iC <
tlmt fnniih AV til li i nntrriol 1 nil riiurKtiix nevt tit Irlnoe
Ui mnln ile ii 11ittiii As a HHICMIM I i n liuiiniirv to
ihrKMi nn Mil ittriiu usiFmtmit not hut cim tliu
ImntiMii Ilioriutlu I iniihHi KH rintill fUmdim
uutjtirathit ii ilu te 1 Mi tullli
IoM0 h < 11 r > Iho VIM iloKj ati h from 1itrU HIM I
An lililohi p tuihi it u luiiiitili ml ttuet t oitiiiiuniun in
u u uu i i tie it ltuutitettil uui tttuutu ii liutluitu u s 11
tht fiiiuih u tri hr i nut
lhe hurt cit In France
PVMM Sopt lihto 1 JtutMmilft Unites eat I
nmttHtlu harMcl i at ilUhtl utr theuuriufi A total
MiUf II I 12 I xxMihtitulitni s 1 t Nicittit I lilt niiMtn
tiiat mliu u tnu in tlu i uttiK ut Mtlitt Ii iirubutli
on im tu i lutiriur juttlli
ssruow Evaiii or the cur
ST IMTuitHiunui u Sopt I At lie t conclusion
cur iuruuu nuitiamrt ut luluira I u hrMt enlist titiil hj
lilt utubitiuurv iurnH a ruut him Ml illtull stir Ihf Kin
tuiiiriiiiil t inputik luul luimil uirtt Die Mlul tir of
Wuur It hid utigtit t > injuriil
Elect sic IttillHii I y Ii I it HuHmliiml u i
itNittt Sui t4 IA Aiiuliuitn of lumloii mill
titlMntuai tn ml I U In tt miili u t fm lit i untlnu ilmi
it mi < li i tihMiilUuis in on tIm I tUt n n Mi m U i uuu till
dt lit I it uiul 11iiu ittut 1 liiumt a unit M JiiHili
Fi Iff ht I ill ICunBi of < hntti
MDMif Nopt t nnflUinl tltMpntcli fmm
Miinklu rtuti S f Miat JI7 u itti a uml uue I uioiuun illul < uf f
i holiru lilt ic i itctt ulrtj
ll > lnirnf I III iti uiiholilii
a Aili1 tiN TON Kept 4 A special u to Ito t
ViUfliHIl Slicrnlllll cult it tillHull I trill in II tiilt I
lull Snnkrruf llu IIUIIMI uf Hi lutinlnlltiK is i nl tilt
l ulnt uf ilt nth I ruin hjiliupliuui t IIU ilivnklnnii uitir
tnln nu tuuluu i uf hi hi rttuii >
ClDlllltllltc lur CIIIIKIC
rmirltinth IliuiitjlMiniii lKtiiit Siinuul F Knrr
tint euullu IViiiiHlMinlii Diilrkl i HMIII itt lmubl
me ouTftnuAK iff COUKA
Kcport ot Kcnr Admlrnl ClltrJnpnn TiiU
Inr Prompt Action
WAHIIINCITON Sept 1 llonr Admiral Clltz
commanding hue Asiatic station In fi report to
tho Navy Department under duto of Yokohama
Auif 19 eaB that on Auii 1 news was rcceUcd
at Yokohama of an outbreak of tho untiforolun
party In Corea and that several Japanese had
been murdered Client excitement prealli dut
Yokohama and It was thought that Japan
would declare war but later news while con
flmnilag hue outrage on tho Japanese Minister
chowed that tho movement was not national
as tho Queen nnd many piomlnont niotnbcrH of
tlio pro resslo party were killed In nn attack
on the palace which occuri cd about the samo
time Admlrnl CI1U Pays hunt thin Japanese
GoMrnment huts boen prompt In making piopn
intloiiBforKuardlnKtho IntorcHtN I of HH I people
BeLtnl nioiiiifwarhiHliic been sent to Tiisan
uth troops and pollcenioii on hoard Hn learned
thluetuighu I lie Amoilcin MlnlKter t that lucre I Is
nn intention of declaring war but simply lo ro
ofttubllHli lie MInister with proiier dlunlty to
uuaitl the I Jegut Ion autO tonltord a plaeo of ant
hUll for their Hiibjecit ii in I camtof furthoi tioiible
On Aun 1 Admiial ClInt received a teleuram
from Mlnlbter I Youu lug InfoiminK I him of tills I
outbreak nnd suKtrcBtliu that ho send n vessel
to Corcit to iii let that the Conans respect tho
rights forulglueruu l mid to protect Amtilean
h it crests Befoio uetliiK on this dospiitch Ail
inlial till 17 received tho dopartmentH tclemam
AiiK 21 Informing him that lie ticaty with
Cnroa had not been rutilled dlioitlnc him to
send n vessel to Corea undlto communicate
with Minister Youni iliis was accoidlnitly I
itoiue and the Monocacy was placed nt Minister
Younus disposal
Admiral Clltz Bas ho loams through the
press that China hus taken action in regard to
tho troublo in Corcta and that 15000 troops
hutto crossed tim frontier and enteied the Co
roan territory also that n like number wore
uppiouchlm tho frontier and that ten gun
boats nnd con ottes were to rendezvous oil the
southeastern coast Ho Bays lint It Is impos
Hlblu for him to say what bearing this may lnuo
on tho futuie z action of Japan
YoKoniMA AUK 11It Is hue ccneral Iwllef
that tho nnolt In I Corea wan oicanlxtl by tho I
old met mu uguuussl vu party headed by thin cx
JIoRotit mid wan precipitated by tho recent ox
tenslon I of forelBii lit turcotl itu to other nations
besides Japan Japanwlllcall h I for ii full I expla
nation uiul demand proper satisfaction from
the Corenii authorities for tho outrage perpe
tinted on her repiesentathes
Tho Deiltk or John Xcrly Treuiurer Aloft
tnffvr Tor 3Ir VAtiilerblltft llutlrond
John Xeely the short stout ruddyfaced
nnrth of Ircl mil man who m4 lucre In the etuumioy uf ttio
Nc York Central unit lluilunn ItlMr KnllroHl fur thirl
one > cnrn led trtft nrirn mop tinfer tint a Ito lias tarrlttl
many luiiilrtil mlUiunn of ilulltiifi fruni tlic coinpnnjii
olllcei to tilt batik illiil tin Sinulaj last In liU ilncllln
In the tiranil rentral Dipot uuiiut i3 > tarn Ills hune
alul Kuutt naturiil fact teat knu n to almost et cry liank
tr unit brukir In hue cluy lie ticemi itfuelu to PBJ to his
frlemlR that If rulilitrft nttHcktil lilm on tile tt fly to the
bank lit t uulil < heerfillh lal tluu M his life In lirutcctlntr
Hit nionej Intniittiil tu nlni ami no one 11 tue hiltS him
ilunMrtl lust he S itt I ilu lid he ialil lie touk the money
mutt ii tuun in H I 11 StIll 11111 ailrlir niHtiaftil the I > ouer
fill terse ti lille Nerlv tI atchttl theniunt batrp The
tlrhcr st aiinrmett aunt Ntth tiltluitnrh ailevnnt inemher
uf the I Iivtiiktnti ti etitu lfthutIl l thureli cirritil a
rt uler lliitilueltlnif Na hlirh npintheinitltllt otter of
tlio liran I 1 tentrul Heput In a ris lumfurtaWe though
lilalnlt fllrthtstttl tOlilIld tin lie tt 0 huhu tilt IS iCe
IntlitP I ruumn u tsttnlux Mr tVuurteti who wait In the
I t Ft Ice uf tumiiuittoru anilfrlillt fur fort > t earn un nu s
Hilttrer Mfttrila paul Nttl it tt SIc UIUL Imtler ill the I
faUI > of Mr Jaim Huorman whu rtluminintteil him
UF trt Hiurer n mensencer ieil in IHI Neeh niutiil I into
rumie in the rallnui I tumimnNa hiilltlhu In hamhern
lu met tu net of Bruit et Ill Ihen lie fHriiitt t a little I tin
liux to the tliemkal tlauuk tu ill A fen IhuliMinil ilultarii
In It lie fore he tlkil he hail 1 u uauun unil hi often
tarrlnl uler hnlt a mllllnn ilnllarn After the Itrnml i
fiiitrnl I I tlit Man nllt I he took nihl t iiiarii ruin the
rotiinn 1 hort he illul lie lItI tr hail aMnntlun ultluinli
riieatctll uftiretl one mill ho nter iust the rallrund
comititi a cent through careksJliess or los
Collecting Political Assessments In thn Fen
ftnr > l > ei urtmeut
WtsfltNoToi Sept 4Mr J F Mollcro re
rtntl > nxiirneitn clerkship In tho Sixth Auditor Office
of the TronMtn In otter to alii the National Hepuhllcin
Vjiiifre ioiiul Com in It ttu fu colltttlnif the to jur tent
political ttinMneitrt upon C ill iuto eus of I lit txccnthe
ilurlimn1 Mr Volhn Si tu I te litton e 1 a It u rIO
llC Cut tim t ituut t tmhtt uu 1mb
II tuuitihit I uncrIrt iutit r iuu ttrummituimuu u uuut lieS
ltut reuurs iutt stuua imCui uitst ilhutt lime
tnrttiury itiut 101 Sttnhiitm tutu u ttliur t Ii litiuite
n Miiillar illinllon lu tin m i In r if u n illtKli n of the
rn iMirt innl xa ai un i t nttil I the ik trttl pi rmUhion
lit uiu nut illiliftrlt mil linutir mil Mint lliluliili
tin I nllilhUiM hl mUoiM Ithunt lime eunntinmt uf
tin I tiurt lit
Ihe Inn liiitrtrrn if tin Mill lull inminlttn n
iiKiuil liillliiulh lUhtul in uilit iiil him ilirku ttrt
I n ll > at I itt Hit fhort i lli lunn Hnl I nt lIme i ittir
InriniMtf tit iiui riinii nt nut Itfiu ul > I there
5 iintiuj lliinl rnu is Clint I In lil < inii i tIC ituy I us
thetit I IN nil Mr Mulln l < nuitlnMth nu up i
uf II MI fur in I kiuiu Hi Ininu tiUHtritl ilnlh In
allimr ni tlu iluk in Iht 1 rtanr uiul is I set It il
ir kin lit it l tin in
iiii s itintu in I usort inc vry hunt In lhi i bnrtnu
cila tin t upirtir if In n M to u >
ti cuh in mi > tlu l4iiiltnntriil
Itettlh ul u IIolir u hthnliir
riillipraboi for tlu Itt y 1 x years a teacher of
iii i hulitlli l aint itetuev In tllM tt hit un iuituruIuiu ci eiu
ci lit lCiii tie tuwu huree ulti titte lui tutu itiul tiuttt
t u or tr r is u a iaui mrtiuuuti tte if the
uuheiuit he i th ii ummiiiu Sr uC Itue rutuiurcnii tmtuilhi
tcrul ih se 0 til his t ip ituItuhluilui hilIhiituiC
1111 Cmmr iui ltutluut lultmliutlutultutS it iult iii I ii trier
II tt I uicuiI t lb lill liIIhimumrhI Iu thuu
htiutievi ruiii iitetrtiuui 1111 urIc tituit Ili
Ii r i I I u nit tim hlli huitti I hit tiltietut
C ill hate iii Icc 11 1 lilu uiumruiut
ii p assh hi ru 1 Ohs hPsi it c I ht r
uuhut uhuluturtt uvltIl Iuhihy utiuh
lri ii utrts litiiimi uuttuertet tuu C ne C ttiuttm I
tiu iuttis limu iaiitv III 5l it st I ithre tmhuuii situ I
tllitu II lIe II iis lihiiuCli I h thee Suus liii 1 i ui
i 5i il eeu ii ltiliuhiJ it tiuiuh 1 Iui uirtu
ruu hIlt lii ci hi1 Ii u uumun zuu wius ttit ii oil
S S I ruui lim t su I F ir i iii ii s ii u
I its It I iu liii ttiItl ss rc lilt
eut i u I utrstt ttturtiui lii
tirt ttmir Mit luuuuuuu 3inru Itiumis a I rl
itthuuill ituut I t umr iuuett
Ike I IVfitirn Tixn Sure
A toplit fiom P1 i hhuihuj I lull Pu to tho I effect hut I
lift Iti errs us mirkid Wiiurii Tii Iml I muie
ii luirit on tlie s mtlu in rllt t ut iah m t mini utiut i til im in
su n esti idm fi r Hu Miftt uf Hit1 ituttre suralshthi > uf
Hint nnmi 55 lm h inn I l > mi u tin tuit i unit lirmin
tllni ihu I luiu hlniit Purl llutal s i1 i Sii I SI u hum nt
Hu > h lit r p ill Nl t Stiitit i nd n ih > all h sn e Hi tt liii
ntllMil I Ilirt pt lln i an kit nu in nlun imiililliv I
tin Itti IHiMi r < th it nirefiiiinl
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llit u Dlsttlet I i t Washington I CotintyexCon I u
TKiuali Ininii s smnii uf fninl n ix itnlh
hmuitl htlritl tnitl ci ii lilt I lit I Cliii
umul 1 iiiteVl ii ttti ShuXlutimuu ui iii mu
iii t i tutiituiutuitS Itmeirtus h iii itiiitt
1 t t iii ttutiu I Vui t Ill hillS iIllt I ii
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hleiucas I In tis lri 31 a I sac
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t tru iiuhii zutiiu ui dli i
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lull I tm t iltli kHtiM tu tin ittzuuu 1 Cniivilitlou Cu lid i lull
in II ltuu tzi tmlnt M It I I tic Ir rfJHntuxl lu i O I s
Mtlliiif u xiiudt r HIM V C Itiui kitiH uut I HH leenI
ihitcl tliltkuttK llu I t thkKititn U Mill tui uruui I
KMliiitd Mnjuiut liiiiinU ft i iimmur I
Ml it ii s i no w j in HUM fl4 rn
Tliv rn hits tippdntKl tlltmme illlaiuHMi lush I
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ttiK < M in Cult Cut Muiiul on MtiKliO l 1ultsti i
lln I muiic nf ChIC N cctrin tiitiii IIH ntl < iml In ilnnlin
nUhti ilt > nt h huh thiS iuit Uiul KM < U nh oil Saul tii kit h
nlnlo tlhlii ellis Mr MiMulUunfM LmiiH
lln tmiuhtr < Itu Iii uiitmut nilllnrsultt t itlut ill < r nl HU
puitl Oh In in ur i im hnmtl i vplmltil t nil uiiuil inoiu
iH lien I uu 1 cl h Iltusiutti l Ii sri inoii 11 1 tt Injnul
Ilu1 lwll < mill i H lilt Sllh iitarj t Inui lh i in1uiit MI
hoard ntrhiil I nt the lets of Hlituil limn MmhU In tut
nil Mltlltl Ulll Ul the li llMllnlllll lIii Yuuii l ci tt pll
t I nit i milulnlui in 1 1 inui > ui > i on ihi < Mi
rlnnii Ithir at l nuill nn him lu nklit v Minkmll
home ititMihu i tun l in I i nth tnnn liilinnl ami u mult
annul mini n urn miKiniwii tistimitmiieuuiui
Ihm lurk uilt 1 KiiiKlam nunul u I hi It u tthitlill V
ht l u M < > i luMiii hit hIt ul train iumhluu 1 on llu I Ulll
I itust of Viriiti nn tui 7 iin1 cu uus < umi til i tU
tiiul su us aHtull > lm Ul eu Ith tin ommluu lull i tun
It hn HiiifhH tuul 1 t SI e t ar fi uthul u i nttnii inniuilm
turn ut rtnklonl I riiihil lihlu MIH itu Itt iiiidklllul
10 ittnilli nn HID IMnnolMiiiiu UiiUlual nl Mitttlii Iu
M hila > intiriilinf Uf su its in fuhln I h uilh uiul i ai
111111110111111111 I suit 1 iuuhI 1 Ii tutiuti t n 1 till i hi hnnii
Tlu Inii iiun Miilo lnttfU IIMIIIUIIV < i ti < lie hv
Mt rti > Mil liuiulliraiil h irU lhi > ui t > M tu i illul I i stIll
uirniiiM UN IhMrM CiiiunU it iur tIlt t7ushu tlamittav
< lulniiil d > lnii hi n HKtuliu I ls l > thmlfh it lunU t luttnu
ujt Hull nllkt1 in ii ii lilnttoii uuiuut i iirr < Mhi lull I lutte i iiiti >
Itnlull I IhlUhhiMiii Iu stilltl tl tIe Ilonlctlt < nii
Hrtiik lImit lit hi resit l in t in uurul5 itt > N 1 u f
lIghts fruin liiinlt ntnvMi > i siui iiluv nininiiitr cf lutlain
unit Ion of tlu lint liifuHjiitn Mi lluti hliihuiiitt
onu lliuo thn IU nulilKau haiti liilla Niu
Juttj fcuutviv Ji MuvU tuiint
VlROinii Mtafttirri Annlnst OnmhllnB Tk
CJrnnd lurys llnty 1olnlcil Out to Them
Old Indictment to lie Iuthod to Trial
The Ginnd Jury for thin Sertcmbor term was
imornln ji tcrday liy Koconlir Sill tii in 1nrt I of the
ieiiernl Hrrrion He npputntcl Joint L Okottof 22t
Ilroailn ay fnrt man In Imie clmre liet nnl < r Hinyth fnld
tlmt A bu y torni tune before thtin Ti liuiidrfil 1 i > ri >
elliS F5 aSs uilirI trial In the Ut Tripoli UiU tlitr
Si IIC lhiset to be much to be dotiu In riuunl to that ttlllii
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out tuiliullutchIls IlelImittig llu lieu uuuiut lucite tIed
Cd 1001 dler nuuit otiutr guihutulere
llnlicni Corpus IVilU for Aliened IuniiUci
The cases of Emtllo Lucto Laurent anti
Oiarlen Jacknon who are pocking by su rIte of habeas
conIc to be relcuKeil from coMtliuinent as luimtlci a era
before Jutl e 1uttcrIn hupreine Court Clmnibrro yes
ttnlay Mr llOruialiuu lintel Amlctunt Corporation CellO
eel atdtlmt In the cane of Jackson he Mas ttiftrtnttd by
Dr McDonald that ho Mould mnke no opposition to lie
alleged lunatlcg releane but tliut he could not certify to
hU fault Judffc 1 Totter raM he con 11 not tukr I the re
RionMlilut to rdtiiM tht I mnii umltr nidi iinuni
stance Mr Jiicknoii rnuiihel then h i iiskril thmuut a corn
inltfloa be ajipnlnUil to lititilro Into Jnr > kHnnK incntut
con < tltloii In tin rape of M ice Ittitinnt Mr I Irn I Cluster
asked on her lulmlf that the I pruititiiitK IK fore the
connnlMion nppitintnt lit tIle InMimci of thu ioinniU
cloncrs of ChantlcK nnd Lorrtitloim to t Inquire BH to her
panlt > be Pin tl anil tutu tlu inttttr butifcrndtu a
rtfprce to take tcMlmonv Mr IN tcr Mitchell on KhalC
of Mice Laurent hrotlur lutuiultliM I In orth r to Pave
txpfn > In S iw of the HtnaUnfK of Mlt l LuireiifB ei
tate I Ito liKiiilrv tliotild nroc ul biforo tile toninitfulon
alriiiU pointed Jtu c Totter reetre cub hlndccicloQ
lu both catfcu
Four Thousand Children Afloat
Four thousand children fioni tIm EIghteenth k
nnd Twent flrut Ward went on J mite l Kellys plcnlo
CBttrdu The motliprK of inin of thuu acre also
along A tu hole fleet of bnrgoi slut tttcainboutit furiilfhetl
tho means of conejanct Ihe 1 nil w nuto Cuitule Tolnt
slut luark and n Flop t n nutU tit Toint tkie Ii ole
Si uuer Curly or tifty ofttie bin B Miit In fnliniuhitr bo
flIrt htue3 cmlii hue lIt tin I l > iiiir wan tuttti un this
smell sil I lucre w err gue sfir mtituuuer J 111cc lseliy
1 Treaty Peter Wood i P hiuguuu sitrme hitekuuunu I 1
l Ii ulice au lIre oeontuclu Niulr 11111 Dtvuiui
utiuuerhuutnuueheii tile tXrittdhtl tilutu ihlurluS uiaI ittuul
tthutuilz aunt a lllullbei of tit I I inluiiu siuituh Su crc tue loutS
force that tiu imeit s thrtuuc e tumlei ii It uu tiury Se cult to
55 iuutuluium 1 lIe t iuuui of thus Uuuhu lllue fr uiuuirs
uuuut oimll ti Ct uuutrui tuuiede the ILiUuC I lie uicet
rtliCIutll lmoiute at U euctoek
An Cmlicruiit Couiplulnt
Julia Weiss u liungnriau Jowcts came here
by one of the llamburir tli nner Set etuut wttks ngo
She has now made complilnt to the I Comnitfploncrs of
emigration tlmt Lunar irliuto cc ho repreKlilul 1 himself
as an agent of the BttHindiip coin ntn in tlhluuhiluuu had
Set 111dbIl her out of mune under the pretence of gittlng s
Item a tit Kit to Nii VnK lit ottMttite < 1 c lie t > ti p lIla
price of tin th ktt nnd fhe itt e him all of her inoiuy
und HMIK Jeus Iry and nuritil to pt inort mune to lull
ajtiiU in thin elly upon Ilu i receipt of lint t nave we here
MIC found hero not ouiy that KIO w lid ol lUttl to lilly thus
25 nmrkK tin had ntrreed to I 1111 > but tlttt the ncLiitH here
ImlulMia tlitij uifiiinU her trunk of 1 for cvilree
lltr ultiduUt wat sent to tlu uilkeof lit Herman ContiuL
Cattle Garden questIon
Couuiuuiomloncms ol Cinleiatlou Hulbcrt and
Vlrlch urrhid ftc uu Kuropt on Mindij on the I Alaska
und will both be prtfent at this nuvlinuf tlu t Hoard lo
lucy CoinmUf loner Ulrlch I tIlt to lm t broiuht back
with him a good man ntu ideiia on the jftntral subject
of Cornice emigration uml Clue nuetliuf promises to M
tntirttitln I iue tent iluat tb to uiuUfcUnu r am < with
out fuiulK will nUo bt > innwlderrd suit thu draft of thus
tontra which Ills been Irueee u up hiciti Cell the cern
tur > of the I Jruitun unit I tIC > omml > > iiuri < tutllter time
law hue will bt Ill eettteit for cliMlfrntlnii tt prtn
tut the I t lii1t 1 tn if juilil to the tire fniju V of the Tiriltry
and tlu roinmii > Ioturi > ioinliin hut tluj hitiueusi
ninne > with wlikh to I n turrtnt tihIeulete
I IIhssg as bust keg Ettnuetd Toitcther
Tluemo WitS rueorthecl yctctht It couuucyutuueb
tm uimer uf luruil thy iut u ii liii et rtct to lit r
luttehirillil Oturcc hui uutcuu ii litn us iOu uuu lugre IllItt to
it it hutS timelr julIO ill Illtrl 1 tutitu hue iimi riueuut to
iittut us cc miue rut the luliere C C uutIllp ehluitrtuucrp be
teeu II leuhuer Iluuui iuue us cUlt St hurt thur hiuuluutd
huiuil hIisIiiuhsi liii lit sitturs iti u ltit llsurluult fur
ttlnr tiuuut hits I itt tuttarruil ui liuit that
tluii I luau tciumuliltd i Cu lUut tht > os ill d iu htrnume by
their unlit difti itD tint tto hiil 1 IttMtil ui t nnikt a fair
the > iiof theli propm and tbitlluv wonM iinif
forth list KI iiruti Irom tiuii utlur A itKtTi uf tl ntr
lutiiupatil ut 1 iu inftrtiuunt It wa ci lllcut in u feeble
Its rutmuhu hluull t
Intel foi I HIT iltU I n Ii o ftl Hnltj Skov
Two Imiiihuil mothers wI it t hi Pal s In heIr t
Hrnis rihiondt t tu nu u lirti Miu tit i klnit for bal Ire
trim ii utuby shhulu at limiiiell rt Mu vun llu I maunder
rtud to I tlit in H in the cirS sit it pi in tlu proprieti i ii l > the
Titid nt of tu Cleh t ur 11 ut 1 e ithuti nf <
tot liilditn hi Cu tuiiI h it < lpii I Unit In ihi ssuui t uC hilt 5
t hiliitii tit nu I I ici ininuil piomdhus for u S Io
tllhiill I f tin itiitulf umiM ii t Ittfiin K u mul noit
from timesihti it il tu l t hilt us it hiituiulttih Vil i Mtiro <
nnd tin Tnrkt twin 1rotific from tlu still time I for
inn l ul n UttuIiiun Die Inttir 1 in oir Itt rre
ts hah luff hiltrt nndtt tht m ij t nifiuti ut hIlt M ti 1
tie utlnuiil ttuir I i nt rt liiuiml t
A Met chant s iltiail > Itiituttt t
Willlitn V riipinan A Suihi ilvilurs In oils
und lining t m uhin he n etc ti imi 1 ui H utTNoith
Mllitunttrtti I tstttltuil im nhu tlu ell i Mi lure
man ntnt us ith a 1 imp Into it iiiuuuntIlunh < iC UK trlmr
in St hleh ills nu Ktjt 1in S < i f iKiiiiu wai
i nitd nn i 1 Mlined nil MI I ii mini war tu
ihroun In lh ilitut IU i t ril uiiud I nbt nt lu
bod ta tuii thilthiie lit loilvii I is Ill iiml lUilfmJ
his tulle HlonklMl i bin dlllUUe to tin M If u HJlt
Fir in lluitrd tlie A < 1rli I I hl I
rim biuUe otit > ttonlxy nltcino > u in he
kindling tI iiit in tlui bold ui I Ills stu t lItltii < II t iMphl
hlnir tt Iii ft mi t f h < n htm t iuut it i ID iloiefor
Klarlnik fur Nnrnulk Main t lIt rI h i I P tin lull iml
nnd tlu n > M n I n l I inlI I DM it ti lh in Mil
no Kin tS Lt itijiiit ii I i In lu < wn < ti i n i il 1 U I fore
tin inlm iniiu I ii I llu i In it Irli lu it I ku ii t ills SUS
ttiliud htlli limv
thtts 1 hiattstuii ikth for tautItslusr
Tho iuiuiM > l fill lleinr Ilomhu lutlm hunh
i iC Pretties mil tot KV innuie 1 umt Mm b >
MUM A A 1 ihuc > ti n 11 1 t < 1 S i M 1 t 1 1 to hihtltt
Itnrnatd Cr > Mi unit i 1 1 uit t u it i e to i i n u liill < ul 1
1 n rl kul it ot thin n Uir iii in h i htmiltth thmiilmg I 1
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tluhon nnf IS linh hi rtlhkc li w i in inuinU
Tl oiitilt In > nl lull
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i iHiuid nnl lnitHiMiiidUhiil Ni tulutums I Mtuiiot I I1
1 1 Iltli I tii I t Slit vhni in tlu Umihi aid tiiUuuleet t
r it JJi tui tin in tlu wiit
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Man CVlUnuk u i tlu1 uiKh t > i aifiMiflil ii ho
on ttuuhi till ni 11 Si yii III I I frm i lust hillel 7S
I Irn itth tn nt d IN i Ii Mit liiIlhuIt M k i 1 1 ill l In r
irraiidinotlM r honu in llu u in wiiitlit rh I ml file cl
lui OMI at i oid I
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JliiiJ l 1101 V 1 1 U S
l IM Oluttt Tiudnof 1 in I Nnt tin ttnti Mint lies
C ill i it inn lhu uln unuid nt time t lumuiur Until Mi itr t
di tutu win leitin lo Uu iin t m to du
oinptiolli i timi in U n tlntnii ill I tllilll nt tin uvust
thoun thtit his ntl tt ltd 1 tit Iii I ut lu iiis 01 tlmi Jl I
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triit tuut t niht ill ttid ie iM t cIt C I > llu Mint < it on
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it orkiniiiwiu I hiluu tiHtr I > nln tunin t dnw n th nntl
i tint t Uult ttiit t fuiOioiiM tli it lint tr > < nut thu
ttin ii u i yiiilllt td HM ti I us t iMli I u i t uu illli i Mini
iu tu tht 11 u i m l i n tin Mtmiklui ml und v Ill lu nn
Mud I lot ilil > 15 liii ttmt S n M I r
A nun mnmd lu < UviI who tIe In Niu till lirHr
wtnt i n tihiltix nuhttothi tsu hi I I t hiIT > tlm I in
lau icnnillitiM u tuitiliii In ut it us ii i liii 11 i utu lei
lu t Hi ii i > > In nu lu 11 Hint tu I u lii n i I IUCIM I tn l
stud in d Ti di I e tilt u as stilt M I ttit MI I u n itni
I itu miint ilrdt i ot Imuil I V OIK tinl lit Moduli t i h
uuuuil I nttlu Mill mi tl 1 i I i I 14 1 < iii I llHitMl
muiiinu ut I mt i tun h cli i t i t m > l i mh lieu t ii i Ihu I
numliii u S or butlmi it I ru ut u u < 1 tin I ttuntv h
m nd h n i ittil t llu unit h u t I Mi let n wall lit of
t him t Iniudi i
Ibi1 di 11 llu mini ft un I In < till unr r na Toit I Mor
iUuu I tiitutd n iai l t i l lull iii t u hi lit I l it u HE i l I lInt
Ohuiluil i li i nth kir tt tu M tu i im t n in I > lI 11 I it i il u
h hiici n Iliiml ii ltit Si li at u i i nil in l i i Ho iii > t
t u iml on Un nu n II t II > s itt mi 11 I I at t null
it MM niiiili 4iuLI multi tlm 1Iuti j Iuir u
llllfin Ihlloti I iii Us nl Il I if ttu ot Suiit ninth
tint wit JiMtnlit Iluil t lu I ii I I M tlio
Mm lluti li nnplouo wlio HUH Ill mi t o ui lrtdu I >
alt iiiuon I iucu I to I IM lial UMIIHUII vt u C nlttth 4
Nlitil I an llu IDHII who hInd U t him with u itt I fotI cult
wa t ommithtt to llu i il > Tnton u tml the at I v rti U cf
tuikUinjuriif us hi I mile ithiul i lend ta u
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