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< 1 i I WJ
LEADING SUAIMER RESORTS For New York nnd Its Vicinity
i P TUB SUNztrv > 4j I Fair wnrmcn southerly winds
= = =
j 1
I ciitzis oFSonFOLK co KEPI
four Men Descended Upon the Town Made
It llldent that They Were Thieve
and When Night Curan Hintled to Rob
A 111 Knlly or CltlEoaiMnr that
lUchaieedThe Robbers Eccntie Easily
NidtroiK Conn July leFour robbcri
CAm to this town ycjtcrdny and hnd such 1
good time thnt they didnt I tare until early tills
niirnlng nnd only then because nixiut twcnty
flvocltlfcns whom they had held nt bay for near
ly two hours finally cnmo after them with Oro
srnn Iho pursuers outnumbered the thieves
nt to one and although they had numerous
pistols nnd rifles which they shot promiscuous
Iv in the air making a great deal of noise and
liullal nloo and scaring each other moro than
the burglars they permitted the thluvcs to es
cape with their booty This through no luck of
enterprise skill or couraiteon their part con
s tl of only 11 In money and MX watches
I irn month burglaries In ncluhborlug towns
Lave been frequent anti Ibo conclusion
11 trequcII concusion gener
ally arrived at was that an organized gang of
cracksmen were working lit thebtato Their
work tins shown them to bo experts Not a MI fo i
which they have tackled has resisted their
efforts to open It cither by their knuwlcdgu of
ombinatlons or by the uso of explosives Half
adiucn times within two weeks the men have
lefq surprised at their work but every time
they have managed to evade capture and cm
every occasion hut one bo succeeded In carry
ing ull their Blunder Twice they have been so
< lastly pursued that escape seemed impossible
tud the fact that they bare always managed to
get awuy hut glv en rise to the belief that some
where In tho mountains near by they have a
reidcivoj where they stay during the day and
where they hide their plunder
llctanv of these recent robberies near here
the residents have not dared to hope that the
gan would las them by without I visit Nor
folk Is i I wellknown summer resort and many
t wealth pcoplo have homos here All sorts of
precautions had been taken by storekeepers nnd
other to prcvcnl I successful burglary Scv
dal wellknown citizens got together u wick
npo and lurmcd I sort of a protective league In
fait Iho peoplo determined to give any bur
glar who came to Norfolk n warm reception
mid co nut to bu taken unawares half of the
tinnll population have been sleeping for the
pit wick with rifles leaning against their beet
POMS u d braces of pistols within easy reach
Inthrop Cone the leading merchant of the
plice and the organizer of the league as well as
the owner of the biggest store In tho village
went s far as to put I most elaborate system of
burglar alarm In his store and thus prepared
the people bit tolerably secure The last pre
cautionary measure decided upon wosn resolve
on tho part of cmo member of tho league to
tai kin any auspiciouslooking man who tippeared
un Le village streets and run him out of town
unlos ho could give a satisfactory account of
himself Each one of tho various defenders of
the village promised to do his part of the work
faithfully and for tho pan lew days Norfolk
hu foil m safe as though It hud a police force
of Us own
The hens of fill these precautions spread far
aod wide and the citizens were commended for
their stand for law and order Chief of Police
heeler of tho town of Wlnsttd ton miles from
here telephoned over tho other day that ho
thought Norfolk might b visited before long by
tho gang and warned the people to b on the I
lookout got for them and this I the reply that he
Let them come were ready for them
About I oclock yesterday mtirnlngfour tough
looking men came walking alone the main
street from the direction of the Philadelphia
Heading and New England Hallroad station
neydlunt come in on the tram and no one
around the station had aeon them before so It
seas Immediately Inferred that they had come
Crm tbomountlnl They were etraners In
the t own however anti IUDIOn
to lown wCer < lusplcaus
look ni t warrant any member of the league
of village defenders t oak them their business
One of the men was tall and thin with a fierce
expression on his face and an Howard curl to
the ends of his black moustache Another was
short and stout Tbe third was burly with an
uglylooklns scar on his forehead The fourth
was of medium age All wore blue sack suits
art black derby hats except the stout man who
I a dressed In gray
Ihe men slouched up the street talking loudly
and slapping each others shoulder until they
tame to the Post Oftlce where they stopped and
began to soil tin sidewalk with tobacco Juice A
< rk In the Post Oftlce came out and requested
trim to line the road for expectoration but the
4iiy satisfaction ho got wns lo have his derby
hat jammed down over his eyes by the blggeit
man of the four Hu retreated In cnnfucloii nnd
inr ntir e no out Interfeicd wiLl the men Iho I
pritmicc of toughlooking ttiangcri In t Ito
v111He had spreid and the men tiers of
tie Itnatiu became excited Half a duin
turn who had not seen the Inliters
came IIP un a run w hen they hurl uf their ore
inceencli nnxluus for the Juror of running
them nut of thu lat c Tie rapid w Ith w blili I
they changed their minds whin they irot n good
look lt Ihoslrlnlcrswli remarlmlh Fin an hour
no one could pluck courage enough tog near
theta Final r one beirdlesi young luau urged
on by l tho others walked ncrvousl iiptnthem
and addressing the lmrt stout manMild See
lure you men what do you want In this place
any ayY
Wha that Y roared tie little man In a
dlen bi voce which madu tho bold leaguer trem
We Jmt want tn know yttr business here
> oa sec hu began apDlugetltally
how wow boy llun tome said tho man
At the onul time one of the uther len made a i
tunatciilng move which tcttlcd mutteis Tbu
Juan man retreitid and thu four Mrungrm
tdlaturbud again they seemed ownlls
ue tIe state of tel rur In the village and took
ovatiiaeoof I Ipund clown the streets they t
went singing jelling and doing pretty much
as they pleased Ihe vlllageni became con
vinced thai the pcrpetralors of all the recent
roblcrles In the vicinity hurl descended upon
them nnd in their fear they forgot l their
ireuratluM fir tII let
toward noun the four men bsgan to get him
fry to they welt Into a grocery start win
the > bniKiil adoeu ogre siirpilslng the erucsr
ty P < t > mg fur them litin 1 thepurchased 1 tin
tiju n f another Murr nnd going to tho outskirts i
oftie illaue built n flro nnd prepared u menl of
boiled egg They didnt appear lu the IIKo
K all until abuui H Iao oclock In tie evenlug
ILt then no one nltcmrled to arrest or Inter
Km with them In any way
lorun Johnson whu Jeep the local drug
tore und displnvHn ceo ot niches In his bhow
wlnUuiv almost had the life frightened out of
him when he lookidutit uf hit window about
luci clock and saw the1 four men looking In at
the watches Iniincdintcl ho hauled Ihe case
hut 01 the window nnd locked the watch up In
nlsmfe hue four slrmgcirH laughed Annul II
oeloek the men dlsuppeired and although Ihu
Jieopu weru much reilluvcjil there were many
who went to lied llrmly convinced that tho
strnngurj would be heard from ujalu before
nioriu and they weiu right
hiiorili beforu midnight the men returned and
wuittu M I sMoorus blacksmith nhiiii They
tried Ihe t lixr but It would not jivlilnnil then I
t ther I tried to tore It In making 1 nolsu that
coma be heard blocm MaLt Finnlly the men
I succteUcd in picking the lock with a piece uf
wire and the four went Insult nnd secured
jllel file and hammers 1 hen they went
I to tie stoiu kepi by Vlntlirop Cuiie which wan
SViItJfltiy the ont they had planned to rub
ALtut 1 o clock this morning < the burglar alarm
lurnll t
1 vir tones liouu connected with his more
PJB n to ring viuientl Mr Cone Jumped out
Cf led grabbed his rifle put un a shirt and a
pr ul trousers and Tlellt for the house of a
hyclilior W A ThurMon tl
tel Your gun Tuurstun ThrrtN burglars
Ilrii Hurt he yelled and Tbursioii unntily
sttrccl cniiiuiiui In abuut flvo minutes I rUle
iiimo hAtid m4 a IIUII hI I t itt other Tha two
tarn lalked over a plan uf tackling ihn rubbers
cii l utah y concluded mat II i Itty must have rein
irceiiieiits fco they went down the street und
itt vd Horn Tobc Mr lobey biuuuht a
rife aid a pistol along am the three men
urtui caiitlmisly down Itallroad ivvrnue un
the vII tIio die of tie alreet truth Ir tulle
iurc iiuro was 1 light in the store alI evl
gel 1 uf activity around It Two mel were
It1 i nig outsnlu talking rrtqutmtlr they
r L > t elI tn sointboil lucid IItlltlr threu
In 1 < kii bonier r iocxi outalde lu ft shadow cry they heard one of
iioa a U t colug In there 1 let a wiggle on
will JOIl f1
hivp oool came In a laughing voice from
Inicl I Iont t In a burry
cut tl 31r Cone plucked up courage and cried
Vou fellows can have three minutes to get
11 ot there I you dun > t skip ill 1 lilt iou Jet
ei hoi
ill iieallrd out one of the men irolngto
f uoffeU 1 Well Uke tht and a bullet
h e 1
went whizzing by str Cones head Three more
shots followed It and In but a occond Messrs
Cone Ihurston and Tobey were on their slum
edison the ground There was a csid silence
IS sl
fOIrl rln rl mInute 111 then Mr Thtirstnn ulined his
rlllo I at tho spot where tim two men had been
standing nnd tIred three times Cone nud Tobey
followed but evidently the shots wcrD Hot ef
fectlvp for I derisive laugh greeted the olley
< Irellt1 ul
anti a bait ndozen pistol idiots were returned
Meantime thn people In the neighborhood
cern bcglnnlngto throw up their windows mid
look out tu ei o what 11 the matter Iho
shooting had aroused half the place and n dozen
mom Were Hrin l Cone Tobey anti Ihtireinn t In
aboUt fifteen minutes When they realized that
It was burglars they hat tn contend with must
of them ran hntnu anti got their I rllles or pistols
and in n very short time therovvas
Ind 1 en allrt lmo t t n company
of armrd then Ott Ihc5hlrwlik ope site the store
Df > plo the display of strength Inc robbers
made no attempt lo escape but a Ilt right tot I
with their work whllo the two outsldu men hid
In the doorway where they could not bu seen I
but could keep I 100 wnth un tho enemy
This was kept uu for nbout llvo minutes when
I wns decided tu charge Oi thn roblers nnd as
a preliminary mtnsiin < several rifles we re ills
charged In tie air and half neliicn of Ihe I
lacer started toward the stole Th rest
weakened nt tin last moment nil I a nuiid
Inter wero glad uf It for a uslllndo eamei from
the store
The villagers broke In confusion and rnn back
All got nut of range save Mr Thurstnn who
sought tIe friendly l protection I of 1 telegraph
pole where he was safe ns long as ho didnt
move The robbers evidently t saw him for
they directed unnil I shots In tlmt direction
nnd Inter In thc morning when It wns all IIer
six bullets wcru found burled In I tho t pole After
driving the charging party back one of thu
burglars Jelled
Dont u titan of 5 ou mnko a move over hero
agaIn or hell get dropped COle out on the
sidewalk nnd we wont shoot but the edge of
the road la thc dead line lo
Thtl I fur hnlf nn hour lot nn another attempt
was Hindu to Interfere with tin robbers Ito
villagers could hear Ihnje Inside hammering
away nt the safe but no one hud the coiirngo to
lend nniither charge Unco Mr lobey np
prnached thu edge of the road anti got behind a
tree A voice wnrneil him to get bark I did
lot obey nnd four sharp reports rang nut In
tin morning four bullets were mil the tree
This Incident served tn con vII co tho villagers
that the robbers lad n line I on them and after
that no ono attempted tu approach the dead
line Suddenly an explosion was heard nud
smoke bewail to tour from the windows uf Mr
ones stun heru were shouts from ln lde
then a ci eat elutiglng anti tic dour of the pile
leI open and out rushed all four uf the burg
IAN Thev passed under the gas Inmp and we in
Immediately recognized by half n dozen of the
villagers us thu four men who had visited time
placo during Ihu afternoon Down tie rout
they started on I run the villagers wntcblng
them anti not knowing whether follow Then
somebody tel ed after them and Immediately
tIre whole party startid In I pursuit
Thu robucru heard them cuming and tired
their pistols In return 1 half dnzen rltlm were
discharged but tley were aimed almost every I
where save at tin tleeliiff men anti the latter es I
cuped unhurt The lobbers yelled at tie vii
lugurs tn cumo on If they wnnted n shooting 1
match but no ono accepted the challenge anti
thc four started ncross time city meadow and
were soon 101 t to view
Mr Cunu returned tu his stnro and found thin
his safe hud been blown open tutu Mu and six
watches stolen while the 011 nf the valiant vii
lace defenders returned to their homes nnd told
their wives and children of Iho dcspemte light
they hart hnd Today Chief uf Iollre Wbcelur
of Wlnsted canto here und made an investiga
tonI found I hit of Insulated wire on tho floor
heddc the safe which led him to believe
that the mel had 1 luttcry with them which
they uecl tu explode the powder Descriptions
nf the men were sent all around time country
anti dozens of tramps were arrested on sus
picion < all of whom were released he lore the clay
was over Chief Wheeler thinks that time men
hnve a rendevous somew here in time mountains
and there was talk of benchIng parties out to hunt
them up but I was decided not to do this nt
present Mr Cone offered a reward of SoOO for
the arrest and conviction nf the robbers Somu
one spread I rumor tn the effect that threu of
the len answered to the description of the Post
Ufllcu burglars Klllnran liusscll and Allen
who recently escaped from time Ludlow strict
Jail In New York city but Chief Wheeler says
this Is I not true They do not resemble these
men in any way
E B Palmers Yacht Tampa Smashed Im
F y > Yard stt SOldptoao
EotrrnAUrrox July 12The American
steelschooner yacht Yap belonging t R S
Palmer of New York capsized In the dry dock
In Fays yard today and was badly damaged
All preparations had been made t launch the
when fell with crash
yacht she Cel over wih 1 crah
The Yampa was in the slip that was used 11
tho Vigilant when she was here The yacht
started before it was expected and a link of the
check train broke The yacht then heeled over
smashing her mast and the mast of another
boat lying alongside A seaman of the name of
Schubert who was at the masthead was thrown
to the ground He was badly hurt and was re
moved to a hospital together with another man
of the name of Carton who was also seriously
Injured Tie hull of the acht is badly holed
The Yampa was designed by A Cnry Smith
and built bv the Iliulan I I nnd Jolll I I sworth
Company of Wilmluglon Del to tIme ullr uf
t hesler W Chnpln uf the New York Yacht
lheHot llh Shu was launched In IfST Her diuien
In mire Length over nil ll < > feet length on
the loulwnter line 111 leet depth 11 feet il
inehis dratiLht li I feet T inches beam 7 teet
itt I rigUteied ton nmtge Is I ITIII uruss Ion und
HilhO net She is I uf steel AlI I schooner
rlllol Ynmpa wasat one tlmo nnder charter to
pecretir of tho Niv Wiilhtm C Vv hlliier
In last December I sho wns uurclinsed by IJ
Sujdnui Palmer uf tIme New irk Ynclit Club
mid terms lilted out at lioston fur n long ocean
cruise taho called from Ills port early In Feb
ruary her Immediate destination I being tie
Azores nud Madeira Mr Palmer was tinablu
tn lure gn lt that time on account uf an Injury tu his
Inkle 1010 lecelved Homo week before lie sailed
nbuut 1 week later and joined tlio Ynmpa nt
ilbraltnr After witnessing the laces on tire
Mediterranean I rlurlni the spring Air Palmer
took the yacht lu Knglnnil where she was being
relilted fur her reluru vovigc
cAI5IZLI jv 7 UK rvir nirrn
The Jessie 1 Vpirt liy the Hvvaah of
tVrryliont und u Vmmc Mun Drowned
The sailboat Jessie 1 owned by Printer Otto
Hllderbrand of 14 Wolcott street Hrooklyn
wni cnpsked yesterday afternoon outnido the
breakwater oft tho foot of Vim llrunt street
I ookl n and one of the six oung men nbonrd
Arthur Arment of lOl Smith street was
drowned The others in the bOlt were August
Hlldcrbrnnd the son of tho owner Thomas
Jnoty of 07 Dlkcmnn street dc orce liar of 130
Van limo street nud James and Patrick Hums
of ttl7 t olumblu street
lime soung men had bcun bulling fur nrouple
of hours nnd were mnklng fur the foot uf an
llrunt street when the incident oceiirrid A t
still breeze was blowing nl the time anti there
stil When the lost wa
wits n strung tile running 1011
about 1 two hundred feet out from the break
water time ferrybuat South Hrooklyn of the
wller Hurl y ninth I street line pis cloot by units trip i I
to New sick and lire little bll Cat arts cnuglit
In I Iho i swash which It rilsed After rlai Ing I
from bide to nlduou limo waves tin a moment ur
so the bunt kteleu over aunt sent the Oculallt
llounderlng Intu tire water
With lImit exception uf Armciit who wns
awelt at ill b tie tide the all nwnm to thu
upturned boat and clung tu Its Ides until the
tug Katie D I cnino tu their rIO The tnit
stenmwl around fur tlftern minutes but could
Bud nu traco of the missing man
Th Hlriunrr Ooldea Ntur Itmcue Five
Urn und She rileiinier Jullu Two
The crow ot the steamers Julia and tiuldeu
btnr which ply between Conmrslo ali Hock
away hitachi tach ninth I rescue > iterday In
the forenoon 1 run boat wasenpskcd Jamaica
Ituy near the landing and its neruimnts rlung
11 lr James letlro of time
lu Im sides until l apt 111 Mtrlruy Ct
Julia 3 sent iv boat lo their rescue
About 4 1 oclock 1 cntbnnt with five men
nliout a tulle Iniin Cannrila
aboard capsized loUt I iiijle trm llnorla
landing i apt Arthur Mrlliuy 1 nf the Oolden
btar which was nearly < I iiillu I ilUtnnt oil
Its trip from Itoekawuy slgnnl ed to 1 the engl
leer to P I i ll flor und In I n few iidntitui I
leor was alongside tint iapiln boat and lower
Ing rescued one ut Ills lifeboat 1 lie live men vvtiu
Her lo llrtl Ills Man
Hctr < i > rr rlUI lr 1110
fcfcrctaty Carlisle ramo from dray Gables
rsierd y and spent tire d1 at tire tutU Ae
nue Hotel l the MibTreasur nnd the Custom
House Ho had lunch with Collector Kllbrttb
and the Collector shortly afterward left for his
Colector Me
summer home at Southampton hurvejor
iulre made arrangements by which the Seore
tary Is to meet all IOu Logan Carllslu Appoint
talY down
nient Clerk of the Treasury Department
limo bay this morning ouotf Mr Cashilo will
arrive on the tt LouU
lie for Helping llrr Keep n IlUoritrrly
Home lund Arresting and Ilrlnulein Ilnck
Ulrl Who IInil Jell d Him lor Huh
ornlniiPeruryComiil the 1rJurr
Policeman Frank Halm of the Tldrldgo street
station anti Airs Elizabeth llnrtcll of 72 Kl I I
drlilgo street were arrested lIt evening by
Detectives Von Ucrlchten MId Ileillyon bench
warrants Issued by Hecorder oT llnhn was
Indicted twice by tho Irnnd Tuty nn Thur day
Ho is I charged < Inone Indictment with aiding
and abetting In the keoplngof MrsIlnrtUls dis
orderly house nt 72 lUdrldgo street and In tho
other with oppression and false arrest Mrs
Hnrtell was Indicted at the same time for sub
ornatlon of perjury
The story of time charges against them begins
with a raid In January last on Mrs Hartulls
house In Kldrldge street by Police Captain Cort
rIght on complaints made by Parkhurst agents
Mr > Hnrtcll vv as arraigned In tho Utsex Mar
ket Police Court and held on limo charge of
keeping 1 disorderly house At the examina
tion t nvoung woman who called herstlf Mrs
Josle Slcbort tcstillcd that the house ties n1
spertnble arid that she nnd her husband
Hnny Slebert had boarded there for
months and had never obcrved nn > thing
disorderly ihre swore that she was regularly
married by tire llrv Mr bchneldcr pastor of a
Second avenue church Sho nlo swore thnt
Pnrkhurst Agent IMgar A Whitney was a
frequent visitor at tho house mid occasion
ally took dinner with her As It I devel
oped tho nllrced Mrs Mcbert was Josle
Howard nn Inmsto of tho hon e t
AI lt Vhitnry appeared before the Grand Jury
In May and the woman was indicted for ireriury
on his complaint All of her statements were
dlsprov She a balled In 1500 Dr T X
Holdcn qualifying as surety
She returned to Mrs Hurtells house after her
release on bail anti sire now Fays thnt she was
detained there against her will She managed
to escape two weeks ago and found lodgings
at hi Second nvcnuo
Her btorr further I that she had n friend
named Lottie Kirgent I typewriter who lived
house 111 1nst
In I respectable boarding o at 11
Fortsixth street which Is kept by Mrs Von
Billing Uver > da > the Howard girl vlelted Miss
Sargent but otherwise avoided all of her old
acquaintances as she sriy4 she was afraid of
being detained In Mrs Hartclls house again
On Saturday last ncrording to her tory she
was rioting Miss argent when hahn vviilkxl
Into ire t hniisn and In the prilenco or Mrs Von
Killings nnd Miss Saruent sail to Mls How
ard 1 want > ou I dont want any talk
from you either I nut you under arrest and if
you dont ole with inp Ill put time Irons on
von He put her under arrest as she itS and
look her buck to Mrs HnrUlls hoii c to resume
her former lit A Somehow slit got word out to
Whitney and hc went to Aslstnnt Uistrli I At
torney hattIe with the story Hattie didnt hf
llevo tire I story but ha invpetlgntvd It Mrs
Von arrest Killings corroborated time story uf the girls
The case of perjury against Tool How aril or
Plcbert was put on the General eon calen i
dar on Tuesday anti she was summoned so ns to
get her out of the I house Her bondsman sur i
rendered her and she was lodged In the Tomb
where sic Is I now
Sir Battle ears that Hahn has splendidly fur
nished rooms In Mrs llnrtells houjc at 7J Kl
dridge street
Mrs Hartell was arrestfd nt her residence
and locked up in the Eldrldce street station
Ibout locke 1 UP After she had been lodged
In herrell the detective notified Acting Cap
tain Sheehan that they had 1 warrant for
Yesterday was Hahns day off but he was to
haTe gone on duty at 0 0cIocV A few minutes
before that time he arrived at the station house
When the detectives told their mission to him
no remarked nonchalantly
right Jl Alt right I can easUy prove that Im all
when he had been formally put under arrest
Acting Captain Sbeehan suspended him and
Actn acmpanie by the detectives took him to
Police Headquarters where he was locked up
for the night
Mrs hanoi the police saY owns tho two
fourstory houses at 70 and 72 Eldrldge street
Hho lives In 72 and keeps there lodging bouse
for men only
She also keeps the house at 70 which the po
lice have classified R I disorderly place for
years Number 70 has been raided bv the police
anti the Parkhurtt society but fo far as could
be learned last night Mrs Hartell has alwnyi
escaped for want of eulllclent evidence except
once when she was flntd
The police pa > that It was nXt to Imjnssihlo
for any one not known to tire proprietress to
got In Into the house and lastriert that
tho place was qnpped with electric
signal so > that nt the slightest nlnrm tire In
mates were nroud nnd lied through I back
vuiy Into No j Vhlle the pollen kniw that t of
this door between tho houses they never
found It
tounll who hs always been known ns I single
man cvv P til1 Million IntrO ns I Iris reMdowe
IIiiii I I my JI I < ldmlth Ilnhns I lawyt weut bo
fore U rnrder fiolt nt his home last nieht to
olTHr ball fitr both Ilahn and Mr Hnrtell
He olTiTtd Dr Holden ai bail for Mrs Hartell
nnd Martin Kngel nf ILI Iudlow street ns bill
for Hahn Recorder doff declined to trdc unit
bpcauu he sail he wnnted the District Attorney
ney to iipnnivo any bond wbleh might be I
offered lire I charges against Hahn are only for
fhe pritoncrs will be arraigned In the len
eral Sessions this mornlnir Hahn In I H > ars
eld Ho his been on t itt police slnralNS7and I 3
attached to tin Kldrldge street Btatlun since
He has served them under Cnpts lievery anti
Cnrtriehtand ctlngCnptuln Muchanns special l
clrrthret Inst brothers
duty man In plnlnclnthcs lit hllwo
on the foroi I Henry stationed nil tbn cast MII
Headquarters trod Kdwiri In tholuformatlon bureau at Polko
Ilel lluster
SVCll A f < Hl4 Or A IIOVJV
VTnntrd to Sop IrrHpy rilv mini Cum with
10 Children and Plftrtn > nl
Paj6uld Poormastor Hewitt of Jfr ey City
ycstcrda afternoon did j oil ever know of such
I fool of a woman as thU Her namii Is Mary
Hobson and she came on here from Covlngtou
Kyi 1 with her six children and when slit got
mere she had mill fifteen rents left line I eldest
child Is 1years old nnd thu joungrst 1 tar
She anti her in rmshiand I n uliouiu In I Covlngton
vuirth IOO The only rcatun the can give for
ruinIng hero It thnt sine l > lived In Jerioy lily Itt
teen ear ug > nnd alma v > unti > d to semi what time
city looks like now Sho apparent I made no
provlblon for nm thing beyond 1 her fare Sho
cIty ht huiband iSI i carpenter and Is working
In lUltlmoro I have procured transportation
for her and the Children tu Vasliingtonand I
gavi her I COO pie of dollars to buy fnod on thn I
vay dont I understand why such women are
allowed tu bo nt Inren
11011 Hnbsnn and her children were found
wandering nriiund the streets she Is I 1 well
wlnllerlnl > U looking I wi mal and thn I
Chlldren nro eomfurtnbly clud The WITH
picked up nt a late hour cm llmr < 4ny night
when i its cinilml rein a are firing from luntrei i I nnd
tine want of ImoIn and turned over to the ears of
Poormnstir Hewitt At 1 Mr Hewitts cUlts
tlonthe I I i entmsti santa I tail rrnrtni Cunipnny C fur
nlslud ton them with truiistorUUIon to nthlng
An Klectlon District wllh Iour Voles In J
Tho Pollee Commissioners male I I new elec
tion district ycaterdaythu Iortyelgirtinin thc
TvuiilHlnt Auimbly district TIne territory
U Central Park uorth uf Ntnct > sixth Street
lour voters cmplojed nt Mcticmns PassInv I
ern livid In tlil terrltori latt Year Time Bureau
of Klectiont hint ImliiJed lie terntoi In un
election rilsi riot let of Im girt in avenue only tnt
bu 1 rem rtnniitI Inter that 1I hlh I nveimu Lou mmiii
twoCutigressdlslrliu and lint nn eleitlondi 1
trict innnot Ktruldlu It It will lake a full set
hrllllo I
of ehc it lion ultlicr tu register I inn our or Ii em
S ol IUI tlkero tine mhiutrimt und thu polls will
Ulvtionduv have tu bo kept opuu from I I A M I tu P I M 1 em
A Hnpposed Deed Una Revived by Else
WoiroTT N Y July 12 W W Paddock
has been a sufferer from heartdl ease for years
and on Wednetdaj while walking from his
storu to his house fell to the ground apparently
dead The doctor could feel no hUts nor hear
tine basIs lie applied an electric battery to the
clolug supposed well d 10 u tuuu and bu recovered and Is l now
1 v Ocraaa taadry top Isa tb JIs t > I
Tbeg aulu Uu colored vrouua ea wregpr445 i
A Itttcr In Which lie Hajm I Hni ne
On Grand hot ton
ATLANTA tin July lA letter from Presl
dent Cleveland in which ho speaks of his mar
rltml life II one grand sweet song his been
brought to light by tIme news of the recent do
mestic event nt fray fables
In December 1HIIO Col John Temple Graves
the Southern orator vv as sending out Invitations
II his wedding to Miss Annlo Cothran of
Homo di Ho sent ono to his personal
friends Iho cxlreslilent und Mrs Cleveland
who Score thon residing I Madison aycnue
New York Acknowledging time receipt of the
invitation Mr Llevelind wrote
Mv IlEcn MBOiiAVrsi Vo received In I earth of In
vltfttlon to your wedding I day or tam no sari I am
plftd tint 3 our hut 1 r received only I fey Lour ago
JuitlUes nm oli behult of my dour wife and nirelf
tu do more list fnrinnll nolle e the oecAilnn
And lint uf all Itt lit assure you Inca muuh we itp
prcc latu the kind mil touching sentiment j ou convey
10 u11 I oUt walrl1 start As I look back upon the
3 ears Hint hate I a < ulncc toil In IIIi Infinite good
lies bestowed utciii 1 Irma thu bi 11 ut all Ills glfts a
loviiu nud mliCtloiiUe wifealt ee bonur tire 01
orlunlt of uufiilnms and tIme e < truil of my fellow
eouitrinen Is I suboritlu ited In very aspiratIon uf
gratltu le and thankfulness
You are not wronn therefore nhrn nu clnlinlri
the nlinn phere of fast coining bliss which now stir
runudi > ou kinship with cue ss 10 h can tent try I Ith un
reserve < lilHlcriless to the mi tineltlou r w hlch ponies
to man when lieaveu directed lot e heidi lie way to
Slneo this ndfrer theme has male IK klnimen
let me wl Isb for you and the dr ar one I lio Is to make
your life doubly dear to you all the joy and happiness
vouchsafed Ionian
You will I know feel lliit our kind whiLes ran
teach no greater ilncerll and force than when my
wire Joins lu the fervent desire that Jon and ynnrnr
brldo lay enter upon and enjoy the sania felicity
hkh lit mudo our married life one grand sweet
long Truly jour friend OPOVEB ctEvtLjiMi
Ceil Graves has kept tho letter in a white and
gold frame hanging In his pallor nt Man
chester Two years ago he rote to President
Cleveland for permission to publish it for Us In
llucnce upon tine domostlo life of the American
people Mr Cleveland rcpllng saId that al
though he bad forgotten tine verbiage of the let
ter ho left tho publication to the delicacy and
discretion of his friend
ncenl Zimmerman Hlrtiek by nn lnctoe
Hefure JEer Husluiiida Eye
Mrs Eugenic Zimmerman 17 years oh I
bride of I few weeks was killed yesterday
morning by nn ErIe Railway freight train just
east ot the HickensacK lllver bridge Slit mmmii
her husband left their home CLM Spring street
West Hobokcn enrlj In tins morning to go ber
rjlng Whortleberries are plentlfull down on
meadows at either side of the Erlo tracks
and thither they walked
After picking berries for about an hour they
decided to go along the track toward the bridge
TIme stoupd at intervals on tho way A heavy
fog had settled down over the meadows and
sometimes thn couple were far enough apart to
be out of sight of ear h other When they wero
about u hundred yards from time bridge the hus
band heard tho rumbling o a train comlngover
the tiririge nun called out tri his wife who was
on Iho I uthet ido of tint track Mrs Ximmer
m in doubtless thought that her husband called
to her to Joint him fur thu started across the
time approaching train was I fast freight
Whtn Ingincer Pnlcntler bate tho woman he
whistled several times and reversed thu lever
Tho woman seemed bewildered She first ran
ball then nbo started over again toward her
husband The locomotive struck her and
hurled her to the mirth side of tho tracb <
As soon as the train passed her husband ran
over and picked her up In his arms Ho kissed
her face and lips and saw that she was dead
Mho train was stopped and Conductor Cooper
and some of brakemen ran back They found
Zimmerman sitting on the ground with his
wifes to speak body clasped in his arms entreating her
The body was taken on the train to Jersey
City and removed to Sneers morgue County
Physician Converse will order an inquest
At the BedsIde or the Woman Vho Had
lletrrled One of Them for the Other
A coupleo weeks ago n woman who aid > je
was Mr lelacc of Irvingtou was struck by I
trolley car in Jersey Ilty anti taken lo the City I 1
Hospital She U there yet 1 A man named Icky I
rend the story of the accident In Till > 1 and
suspecting that the woman was his wife went
to the hospital Tho woman refused to recog
nlo him at first but sue nfterwnrd admitted I
t intt ho was In r htisbiu Thor hnd been sep
mu muted for some time I and al Iu was living with 1
man named Delaec I
IIe I 1 hu in I sun of ire t Into Tire Conimls
hits bteu ills wifo
nil vlbltllut
simmer ulon islej hi lel Isllu
iinl j
Deliccy who Is a commercial traveller went
Ila lla on u trip i I on tIns day of the accident and
did i not I etim rim 11111 1 mu reel ny He I I called at lie
1 pit il jesterdas and asked tu see his wife I
Mrr i Delaivv j Isley I was there at the t tame time
lhe I I Intent lt nt tl womanti bedside Delacey 1
utmiitr lsle Ii tmall nnd
Is n tall muscular man whie > III IUII
nirvoii Delacey I grasped thu womans hand
nnd enrresslng it sift ly tpoku healer I toiler
loley 1 riovvled at him lor u few moments and
then madi 0 his pructice known Wrdtl OH
horne nuLl 1 the ho > plliil surgeon expected u scene
nnd possibly an encounter but they were dia l
Helace glanced scornfully over at Islcy and
then resumed his conversation with t bin woman
She looked at Isley I for 1 moment without r t 1
sign uf recognition in her tie ann then turned
tu Deduce uuiiln wltliu benmlng umllu liglitlng
up her handsomu mime
Isley after ttcaritul scrutiny of his success
ful rivals ph steal proportiunn turned ass ny
with a nmtterfd imprucarlon and left the bos
pitul the courts dtclnrlug that ho would twek justice In
1111 AFTKK JtVrt CLVIlllElt
Cliarlen Ilundy u Xricrn Inel imus Itrulrn
bt lliien ripeclMl lullccuirn
Charles Handy n ll > earold negro died on
hurtliny night at his home 117 Park place
llrooklxi nn hour ur so after being clubbed by
Speclil Policemen I IMwnrel dnllngher I John
lluekcn I I and William Volcknnnlng while they
were un thirty at Atlnntle hark lum Italphnvenue
1 xAldtrman V tIn kiinnilik n n brtrt her uf uric uf
tIne ilnecinsi policeman H the pio > rletor of the
IIrtn I Ladles PiotectiVP Association of tine A
M i L zunn Chun h was holding I a picnic nl urn I
park ann when Handy was triln I r todlplnpist
time tioitt taker iinllaeher I tackled him Tha
5ouiu tngrm nsnllcgd ei7cxl tin udlcers club
ann started lu bent him with I t I it tint other two
policemen then bun lid tu luillaglnis assist
nine and t inc threu uf t mem I thumped him right
und nilmil I iliuili I m y lull him sprawling h on tine
irmtu nil outside ihe park cnn Li mtrLn
A Lrrrt Itt r uf Handis I ic ked him up ii nil
hi Ipod him hoiiii nun then iran inc lilt irrmnt InC
in bed went tu tint Atlantic nvunue puller Sit
u Itru tint repirteel I Inc asMiult He 1 I tnnd his
Ijimliirdead tn i > cd un irIs rcturi home An
iimhunniethurtpi u w hu Imd been Mimmniied
buul tbal the iiuJ Ix skull nnd been > trncliird I
Tho thri I tpnial policemen wire arrested
and yesterdn lut l tint < u llurrlmnn I I sei t tliem tu
jail without I bail i pending I Line result uf Coroner
Lriumeio invcstigulion
tupt Hmllli In Surirpd iil liir > ill lie
cached lor shorn 11 ulr t
Cipt Henry Pirsclluf tho Whntv star btvim
chip Mujettlc has been dctiiileJ tu shore Duty
und will suiHrlntrnd thu construction of the
now White Mar twlriscrcv freighter denrKlo
at llelfiul 11 I ii will I I I not leiUtne ronumind of C thn I
Majtutk and the distintlon uf I nitmnntr odor of
tle line w ill un ul I I tu I e nit i amine run uf I Ire Teu
tonic dipt I ttlts ant J bIn itir will command
the Majestic
Arrlviil ulthe Duchess de lllnu
The DuchcBi de Diuo funuvrly the ti ifs of
Jrcdcrlii ctevvnt arrived ester > lay on the
HamburgAmerican tteniushipNormimnla from
Cherxiurg This Is Iii r Iirst s lslt Ii New York
sinic she obtained a divorce from Mr Stevens
and went abroad to marry lIme Duu cln Dlno
hhecame alone It Is said that the will ba time
guest of her daughter Mrs Frederic 11 Allen
it t Pelhatu
The Kffeet ofa Ouaruatee
I ftslss ef Admiral clzsrott beet pure lob are j
so n1i9u large l 11 II 1Ale ii uinieull ta apply Uis iltuimd Do leu
Voiinc Tallnhnn Hud Stolen the Knife to
Vie In I SlnklnK 1 KncHpeUtlier Horn
Go to III Aid nltli llnieball Cluli
When the KeeperTrlei to Take I Anitg
TInrni wa n ruin Intore riot on Handalls Island
at 1 oclock yesterday during which Keeper
George Pnrker wns slnbberl by n 17 elrohl
Inmate of tho time I House of Hoftige hilt assail
ant Is ThrminsCnlluhnn alias Mooney Ho lives
at 4t Oak street attn his intents are reputed lo
be rpspcctnbe Ho hnd earned tho reputation
of being 1 bright boy but a mighty bad one
long before ho reached tho House of Ilcfiige
lie arrlvunl 1 on llnndnUs Island on July 1 o and
nnciliija cXpcrlentu determined him to escape
n soon as he hnd the chance Tine next day ho
stoic I knife In thu kltchc
The knife Is I I long narrow bit of steel bound
with cord nt ouc cud In lieu of I handle and
sharpened at time other to a long tapering point
the edge ns keen as u raior I was used to pre
pare vegetablesnnd was excellent for tho pur
Callihan had the knife In his potkct when
time bo b were let out in the grounds for I short
lung after dinner yesterday After a game
of ball had been ilncd and tho boys nero
being marched back Into tho building Keeper
11 1 Iltissrlbcrg caught night of tho knife pro
truding coin Cnllahnns pocket
What have you there the keeper asked
Nothing the boy responded sullenly clap
ping his hunt over the end of the knIfe to cun
cent It
Hand that over snld the keeper walking
up to the hid
I wont said the boy ns ho sprang back out
of reaih
Thc keepi sprang forward arid the boy
flashed the knife out of his pocket In an In
Keep back or Ill uso It on yon tho boy
shouted whllo eight uf the other boS who had
hitherto kept their places darted out of line
wIth cries of encouragement to Callahan who
Hood swlmngirrg tIme knlfo back and form with
threats that hu would slash any otto who ap
proached him
Keupir jeurge Pnrker started toward Calla
han vvhllu two of the other lads armed them
selves with baseball bats
Ao Parker closed In on Callahan the boy made
a sweeping bluvv at the keepers bead with the
knife Although Parker dodged the knife cut
u great gash In his right cheek The sight of
tIme blood aroused the other buys nnd they
gnthercd about tine keepers striking wildly at
them with I lists and clubs
Parker fell under the shower nf blows but
was less burt perhaps than he would hnvu
been hnd there been fewer nnlants us the
lads got In each others wa > In their anxiety tu
attack short time man and many of their blows fell
Meantime half a doren other keepers had
slat d to time musktarnce ot Parker nnd llu sel
berg As the other keepers cnmo up must of
the hails gaveup lli Unlit Joseph ONcil and
ihnmat hughes lads between 10 mind 17 years
lt age I ho we u nrmcrl with bats stood nut a
trifle longer but weru flnnlly subdued Mcvn
tiuic Ituselbcrg vv hu had escaped with 1 few
bruises gut behind Callahan nnd knocked the
knife nut of his hand with a cub discarded by
ono of t he other boys
Tho lads wen hiked up on the I Island anti
the injured keeper was assisted tn thu island
hopltal to base hU injuries attended to He
was badly bruised about the body lu addition
tl thu knife wound un his face
Special Officer A K Cottrell brought Calla
han over t Harlem Court later In the day
Callahan had been an inmate of the Catholic
1i etou btfrt0 he was u t t tbl laad
The polce SY ho aanled a keeper there and
escaped lie was ado t nanll I island for
stealing two boxes of cigars from a saloon
I thought I had a dead sure thing on tbe
cigars or Id never gut caught on a llttlo thing
like that Id rather go t the penitentiary than
over to the Refuge with a lot of kids the boy
said In talking about the ease
Ho talked freely about his plans to escape
I wasnt going to stay there longer than
Sunday Sundays we halo things easy and
theres lots of chances to Fet away eaor could
swlui to Nol York or to Vu fet Island easy
hats what I was going to ar I got tbe knife
and If any ono tried to stop me Id irate tried It
Tho plan would have worked dead easy If the
keeper hadnt rein tho knife sticking out of rny
said pocket before I gut I chanco to try to swim ho
Magistrate Wnntvv orth remanded the ladwho
mth other of tine rioters will be arraigned In
llailem I otirt tnda
Autlientle Mutimrnt of tlie KrlVcslilcnt
IL slie Vetu to i4artmgni
KxProidcnt Harrison gave Artist Charles
Ayer hlpplo nn 8 oclock sitting yettnmhruy
morning In Sir Whlpplei studio itS West FIt
tvsecond street Jeer Harrison then drove to
tine HutM 1 Netherland and called on his daugh
ter Mrs McKee and to the newspaper reporters
who found him there hu said
There mint have been some mistake when
I was quoted as having h lid I tilt I wns opposed 1
toblccle exercise for women Mrs McKee Is 1 I
a good wluclwomnn nnd I hcvo no doubt that
the exercise Is healthy but I nm not et pre
pared to say that tho ladles look particularly
graceful ou bicycles at least according to my
lien Harrison returned to the Fifth Avenue
Hotel anti left on the New York Central nt itO
for Saratoga I hence hu will go 1 Intu the North
Woods tu spend the summer
ir II serums July 11Ien Harrison who nr
rivet herl on tie 24i train this 1I1htIlOon
sprint tint day IIn1 oenll1 with Mr amid Mrs
Irnt very Inllll Mr Ieleo FIIhl 10IIIIIt
lInt Mr JllrrlonK plllll mimi hen 10 10 10 1 I
1 allY mini lItllrda at 10 A ti I whlr ho hll1
1lIblns I hum woul l lelaln hllll for II rw
hr Ill wlltlhl 11011 10 Ilnt to Uodlli
IIIIIP In I tl hrs AllIlollllllel I llr Ic Kt 0 Ia
I ttrs ever 1rll hail lerlll101ell him 10 rmmln
Imcrt 1111111 i outlay mrnln lint trip III Iho I
cIIIIIlI iii 11I111 II mail to Inltllll I haill tInrnt try I
tnittnh It Ii i till tho rU1I11 I > time lIrullllk
1 1 IIlIn llIh ierire IIn 11110 1100 1lIkt Ih
taunt will bo inn Chllrll 01 tumult U r I pumy
tt Ir Iche I mi nil tin un rm Ii 11111 have hlr Ia
v lllIla lIIornlnl1 ruSt for tin 1IHp sirtrtr
tine Urn Itt birty still rernnlrn uiitrt time latter part
of enteriibnr
insnoKintn rJtLs rtirs
list Iarlilnr IVoiildnt Iii Is a Cent to
Ilet t SlronK Wanted Him llcutrn
CommUsluner William IlrookllelJ who has
kept silent for pome tling on political subjects
htcnmnte ctrmunmurtm cml thee jestenlnynnd told somo
things rcgarellng tie campaign of lust fall In
timid city w hlch are Interesting
I tee he iail that Mr Iauterbach pas
thnt UH Itepubllran State organisation dts
claimed all ijonslbllltjr for Major Strong I
wont clUputu that statement An Incident of
thu closing lays of tIme canvass Indicated tome
the tremendous enthusiasm of time Stute organl
nation fur the success of tine counts ticket I
called un tire Cbnlrman of the Hepubllcan State
Connnitteu anmd uilicd for financial aid Hu re
pliedOh 0 race has control of this whole situa
That Is ths Mate of affairs Is It 7 I asked
i Then vou have urn money for us f
Not a i cut was Mr Ilivketts response
I Inert olid I In I kit t well I I iiiri t this t I mount
llrket and Liv f Ihe candidate forl I oel n > T tho i
bliEirckt vol C ever polled fora Kepuhlb un In I this
Commit nnd wo wont owe anything to the tatu
Luinniitlrr t
Ibillevo I runtlnued roinmttlunrr Brook
field that If I I tho I I minrrbi Iran cmtmmmt Iii ntt o for
liovernor had In en elected the I rIMainr car
ried ami thinr unuii ticket In this county de
cltcillaot fall line Itrpubllean stale ininag >
merit at the Klfth Avenue Ibid would lime
been delighted
lftoU hEld TO Iuui jv 7 HAYS
Tills Im rrnnipll > lird for lire Ilrit Time
On the > cvv C Uttrlieiurc Rustle
American passengers the IlambiirgAmer
lean tteamship 1uerit Ulnuurek which > sailed
hence inut JunuU7fct J30 P 1 M on her lint trip
to Cherbourg the new route just established
arrived at Paris In time to celebrate the fourth
hey gil to herbourk at noon on Incle Cams
natal day and were whisked to thu rrcnch cap
ital In a special train within five or six hours
No passengers ever before hart reached Paris
tram New York In torcn dart
rArnttAniK TO TIlL ClV1L
The Coneimsines ntd Inltntr lire Itvnehetl
by the NlenriiRii t Canul omit nit I usi ot
CistlNNATl July I A special ilespntc h tu
the Jost from Ireytown Nli nrnutin city unit iv
favorable report in thn Slearigtm I nnal will bo
mndo by ire Inlled Stnts llovcrniiitnii t t oni
mission which has been In tIne intnrty for nv
oral weeks nnd nhliU iris rirt fnllv ejamliiMl I
the proposed canal rultc and I lie terminal I lint
bars on tha I Atlantic t and I uini tic tcnrutt I 1 hu
Commissioner are now nt work unr > Ihci tr n
port which will I bo exhnns le I II I I i vvlllglvp I n
ns their unnnlmousiom liilonthat tint t mIrarln
bar whlcli hns paused so iniiplt Iruiilint I Ihr t
entrance to Oreyitnwn hnrbor run beinrlntlv
rimoved by ml nil ghrie nnd thnt I n pnmncnt
opening through It ran IP ins inrtruh nr tI by build
Ing mm nil ntnuirii uI u hog a piling i to the southward
of tire hnrhor su ns to break HIP tuean pnrritit
which wnsbos nn the tahiti on HIP bar
A slight change in the prnpoied rultPtif the
cnnnl vrlll I be recerntr rim criti iii owing ton belief
on the hart of the Crmmlsnoncrs that tpvprnl
serious obstacles exist on the lout ns herrtnfnru
Inlddown The Commissioners think I tlmt I Ihn
work of conslruclttig tlie cnnnl cnn ire irnutni In
six or seven > pars but that the total l cost will
cotuldernbly exceed the limit set by the projec
tors ann thnt 110000000 will nut be nn ix
civp figure
The Commission will criticise the former m in
ngeTncntnf tIme cannl entrrprUp Thu Cuminls
sinners tire on the crm er MontKotupry due nt
Key West tumonow
SIR ir iitJicontT A17111b
lie end lailv Illlrcnurt IVItrd Ity 1nlonlnlS1
Alter u Liberal Merlin
InsuoN July 1 11 Sir Wllllim Vernon liar
court exChancellor of the Exchequer his w Ife
und sir Thomas Roe today attended a political
inecting I In Derby where both Sir William gird
Sir Thomns are eking reelectlon In tire Liberal
Interest On leaving time meeting the three en
tered an open carriage 1 line were annulled nt
once by n crowd of Unionists who pelted them
with clods and refuse Iudy Hnrcourt was
struck by some of tine missiles and was hurt
although not seriously
MIl T r D rAxiini PERIL
Xenrly lieu Down by nn Inffln IVhlle
IlrlTlne Acroiu Itie Trarkii
WrTniHV L I I July 1J While about to
drive across tine Long Island Railroad tracks at
this place last evening Mrs Lanier wlfo of
Hanker J K D Innier of Ness York and Miss
Cottenct had u narrow escape from being run
down by n vlldeat englnt The two women
were driving nlo rapid pncoand approached the
tracks from the west side of the fetation which
shuts off the view A locomotive wns shooting
almost noiselessly along the rails and was not
seen by time two women until they were almost
on tie cruising It wan then too latu tu turn
For the moment they nppeared to low pres
ence of mind Mrs Innier who was driving
lightened her bold on tbu reins and attempted
to check tint hore At the saline instant runner
barge Ackers who was at the station sprang
forward and at thin risk uf his life seIzed time
horse by the bead and wheeled the wagon along
side tine track just ns thuhxoinotivewlthclnni
log bell and touting whistle went by The two
ssomtn quickly regaining their composure then
drove to Mrs banters country residence
Indicted for HrenklnR Into the Room of
Judge Phllllpc Daughter an July 4
WAaulKOToir July 1gThe Grand Jury to
day retained d true bill against Benjamin Har
rison Mllllken private secretary of Senator
Harris of Tennessee for feloniously entering
the house of tie Hon Samuel F Phillips of
North Carolina former SolicitorGeneral of the
United States in this city on the 4th of July
last Mllllken called during the evening to see
ono of Judge Phllllpss daughters whom he had
occasionally visited She excused herself from
receiving him Later In the night another
daughter whore room communicated with her
sisters aroused Judge Phillips by sayIng that
there wan a man In her sisters room
Mllllken was captured un time root of Ihe din
irmroom annex by a private watchman and
wns locked up cm a charge of houebreaktng
but was biibiquenlly released b direction of
one of time Aslstnnl District Attormvs
A hahn u bfef turn n broken mu hal supposed
to have ontnined cm itnrm Incur but labelled
cimnhore were found on the grass below the
bedroom window next day Mlllikens explana
tion I ix said tn bo that thu whole nflalr was a
mistake arising out of tun much Fourth of July
Ho lias left time clt but it U presumed will re
A Clerffinnn Iuokliie far Chnrch Toads
riluU u Mun vllh n Punt
DcruTH July IJJohn Clark three years
ago the village marshal of Farwell St Clnir
county Mich was arrested here yesterday on a
charge of embezzlement In iStli Clark was a
prosperoim clilcn of Farwell where lie had a
big hotel and was marshal Ono day he
disnppmred with several thousand dol
lars which bo had collected as personal
taies His bondsmen mndu tho amount
good nun a warrant fur embezzlement
was sworn out ngalnit him but ho could not bu
found For several tlmtys tint lies S C 11ncy a
Methodist lirginan uf Fnr well who is saInt to
linen lent CUrk cnnsidernbln money ban been
In Hibbing near hire becking aid for H new
church Mrllney called on Mr Smith who
bure tine reputation of being very religious and
vmsdumfniindrd to find tint Smith was nunn
ot her than John Clark Ihe 1 pi I llco wcru in I
fnimed and he was plnrrd riOter arrest He
tins offered to give his proper tn make good
the money ho Is alleged to hat c stolen
A Twelfth ItrKlmrnt IrlTiMc Ilxplodes JEsuIt
n round of Iuvider
Harry Webber of a57 Eighth avenue a prl
smite of the twelfth Heglmont had his face
badly burned bi an explnilon of half n pound of
gunpowder last night about 11 oclock
Webber w hue handling the powdfr struck a
mate Ii Thu powder Ignited and the explosion
Vv hen an nnibiitinrn from Manhattan line
pltal I was summoned Burgeon Iewald I ns nit un
remit tu tell whether Webber hud Inhaled any uf
tire Ilium ur nut Ihe > oung minis recovery la
thought tu bo In doubt
Archlilibop ltymi Mere Ilecome Bin
Siurhrui Ecrgun
ST Lotis July lblt was learned last even
Ing that Miss Agnes C Mngurt n niece of
Archbishop Itan of Phlludcliihli und Marshal
rvrgUMtii hon uf tic richest landowner In Hi
Lnuik euiinly we ru married oulitl > un iilnes
eliy jloth lanuiin ubjected tu the iniuehas
tine sniing woman Is a Catholic and bur Husband
Uu Protestant
flied While On on n fruli In ills Yurhl
ruiiT MOMIOI t July leJoseph T Perkins
the owner of thu HI lit Columbia while oil on
cruIse died nt Yorkluwn turlay of npoplexy
fhe ynchi host arrived here with the > reniitn
which will be seat tu New oik
Mr Perkins lIved nt ld > Huncnek Street
Irouklrn uiut wnt n mrmhi ut the New York
Atlantic mid Amerunu jaent clubs
Irrnch Jfiulle lu H Ilurli rllbrr Hurt
PAIIIC Juh J Deiuules Kiciard und Dcnulx
Tought duel todu with pistols Neither teas
M Unssett nnd M i Archnln members uf tho
Seine Municipal d nS eminent fuughi adurl in
da > with kwurds M liattctl was wounded In
the wrUt
Cliiiidlniriit In Mcxleo
ST Louis Juf rA dc pauh from Tielos
pantla Memo kts tins a iluudburst In the
mountains above lucre etterda > caused the ci 1
most complete Inundation uf the town Th
ocxl washed away part of tIme village of Rime
deu and six persons were drowned
What I Uritdaated Elastic Cr l
I hey a pal of Ctu IUP1140 n 4 UL445
is tJu fj > mi mt tu b7IIt
itllilUK llrViliiiii Hny tin I IIIU I Ilula
imil lie llMilrillim MilEl lrnlr Itll si
U Illi llrlil riiill a Hnluili Illalll 5111
rr iifC Illlnlix I un Siiiuliiv I iris in In tinner
Jmul lint 111 Puller U III tllliirc 111
iiw Wiirn srCIsmi5nI I T ii > II A It tf
Ilriiiilltllr till llnliiirrm I iit of III IIIll
inu > 4 nnd Snji lliu C Uv Will Us
tlrlll I I tin il llri li > rumiiiiniv I Aitnlit
hunt tnt rrjiiri water rill Im 11 In this Slat
on Mindnv In n iluon ur In ndiui nn tit her
Is thin law ih bred bv linle i Mi Viliilti i id Pit
liioti mnilsloner llrant says limit If It isths
law It will be enfnrc id minion Keel c r M irlcs
P i Julnlau of lls Pnl row got tills de I un la
u n Injunction it ioceedln lie lirnughl tu r striln
the t pnlloe fruai I nm icr fin rig with Im I nlo of
nifl dnnkton unctnjs In his Milooii Ihofo I
June j Hull turns dc tt ted
Injunctions ngnliiHt the police are n < ii < iSy mo i >
fued wluitever might bo detcrmlnd In I in >
either fuim of preneedltig I nbuttt tb merits uf
thin erte but heiw Ittdge MuAiliui goes Into lb l
llierll ad html that the ilc of idil u jitlT
snrn ni Ilia cinder ale and tire like on Sunday
la nut 1 55 irk nei csary tu tho I comfuitof tho n
people anil Is thctefuru I forbidden under tl
gene ral Sunday law I nlilintigh the KxclC law II
not lolitcd This overrule the decision cJ
iglstralo Datlel given earlier in tine week
According to tIe proofs Julntnn elenred nil
uf his b 11 room mist Sunday all Intoxicating
liquors and hung out signs stating that mil
soft drinks wiitild be sold cm trot premise
that day He sells intoxicants under uliccnss
on weekdays Whllo he wan sitting trutelnia
his saloon or Sunday he was arrested by Police
man James Downing of time Sixth prvclnct
Downing hnd cone into the saloon with thmi <
knowledge of jtilnlnn a few momenu hefont
and hail bought t drunk and piid for n glass at
aria Later In the daj Qulnlnns bartender
illlnm Mnhone was nrre tfd by Policeman n
Jeremiah Orlflln of the Third precinct for sell
ing Cirlflln some snrsnpnrilla
Quintan and his bartender were both dis
charged on separate occasions by Mnel trat
Deuel on evidence thrit only soda water sarsa
parllla ginger tile and seltzer water were ex
posed or sold thole In discharging Qulalin
Magistrate Deuel said
I have examined the stntiitesslme I pnrolect
this man jestercln and I do nut think thi It
was the Inti ntion of the Legislature tu prohibit
tire sale of sodi witcr sarsnpnrllln ginger ne
and seltzer water on Sunday Vou may as well
stop tho silo uf lemonndi In time street I To
prisoner IS dKchniged
Qulnlan saj s he called tire attention of Acting
Captain Voung uf tine Sixth precinct to the de
chlun of Magistrate Deuel nnd that CaptYounst
said that if liuinlnnopjied hU place next San
dnty In the same way for such sale ho would
hav c him arrested again The derIsion of Jndgs K
McAdam Indenilng time etpartc application of jfl
Qulnl in for n temporary Injunction and an
order to show cause why It Bhujild not be made
permanent says
Wnlle tho sale of soda water sarsapnrllla
and the Ilkeon Sunday is not a violation of time
Excise law It Is I a clear violation of the statutes
for the observance of the Habbath nnd render
the plaintiff liable to arrest on that charge
The Penal Code section SUB forbids all trade
upon time Sabbath except when the same an
works of nenauity and by ncctlon iH7 iatl
iaiHnir v jltslmt for sate ij
any property upon SnncTay Is prohrUtCd e
that articles nf food may be sold and Ruppllvd
at any tlm before 10 clock In the morning
and except also that meals may ho sold to ba
eaten on the premises where sold or served 1
elsewhere by caterers and prepared tobacco in t
places other than where spirituous or malt t
liquors or wines are kept or offered
for sale and fruit confectionery newspa
pers drugs medicines and surgical appli
ances may bo sold In a quiet nnd
orderly mnnnernt any limn of tire day Sec
tion unit of the Penal Code provides That
Sabbath breaking Is n misdemeanor punlshaola
by line not less than S3 nnd not more than f 10
or by imprisonment In n county Jail not exreesl
IIIK live hals orb both but fur a second nr
uther utTence vv lie ro the party shah have been
previously convicted ll shall bu punlshoble by
a fine not less tlmn 10 and not morn than CO t
nnd by imprisonment in n county jail not less
than live nor mini than twenty dais
All good citizens and particularly those
whose character hints been eertltled BS good by
tbe Isulne uf license should abstain from Mf
I Infraction of tint law if I laws are onerous ri
llef rests in legislative wisdom nnd nut In
judicial illscietlon The policy nf the Stntu is I
erpreseel in the laws made by the representa
tive suf time people tumid courts must sue that
tiitrso laws are tnfnrced Many slight Infrac
tions uf the law ore nt times tolerated But tol
eration is nut license
A porter asked Judge MrAdam last night
If his decision covered the selling of soda water
by drug stores on Sunday Ho said that it roost
certainly did
I hu simple reading of the Penal Code said
he Is sullfclcnt to show that Tire wnrdlignf i
the law makes time selling of soda water on Hun i
runty illegal The fact that the saint of It on Sun
clay has been tulernted fur so many years does
not alter tire case In the least Time law states
distinctly that there shall Im no traffic of any
kind on Sunday und then it makes those excep
tions which I have cited In my decision Soda
water Is not among them sn far as I can see j
and It Is just as Illegal tu sell it at a drug store j
ns It it In nsaloun With the matter of enforr
Ine the law thin courts linen nothing tn do but If
the law IH enforced It will be time duty of every
Magistrate tn her that tire police are bucked up
in the enforcing
Pollen Commissioner Grant said that he had
not rend time full text nf the decision and wasnt
ready tn shy mile h 1 et
I didnt know until three weeks ago ha
said that It was Illicnl fnr saloons to sell soda
vvater on Sundav and at that I tlmo when I rend
thin Penal Cude 1 saw that It wits Illegal In mr f f
opinion fnr an une In sell It What tine Pollen j
Hoard will do I am not prcpund lu suv until I
have cnnsultee with tine other Cummlssloner
especially the two lawera un tire Hoard Hut
cdlhnnd I will say that If I such is the law and
Judge McAdnmaclcciklnn seims tn have settled
It iris law will I bu ilgldly enforced
Will not that be u very dlfUcult under
taking V
Yes but wo ran sin It We hive enforced
the Kxemei law ann w e can enfurcii this one If
wn h id the old him lawn uf Connecticut mak
Ing I ll I Illegal ttr whistle un the SI reels on Hit a
cln 5CC 5 unit il see In I It I tlut ever man thnt
wniMlid urn tine sit mild terse arrcistiil It Is not
tnt aintnr t but t the iiiss are ttmt rig lu bo enforced
TIne peoplu will critter some Inconvenience but
ll I will I I end In I tho repeal uf n great ninny ob
nnxliiim taws linn hnv been neglected arid
overlooked far tart
Wunt you be unwilling tn I brave thu t storm
nf cundtmnntlun thm will follow the slopping ot
the sale nf scsln tIt C
It will crime from the young folks mostly I
gneks mill the t C ummlssluner with H smile
We tie goin to enfurio the laws as I said
before Will you begin the work thll Sunday
II 1 all cant city until 1 havtieon ulted with
my atm inlcs If I f nut tile Sunday tvn will next
If we tire iiinvlnced limit it Is liii law r Vnmay
not t iiicomillli t h our purpnu I hot first day but
IOU may be sure that wu will In time end < m
lllue Stuns Inrnrrrtuent Ornnnnced by tfcs
< 5 A It Vlsuirmimsuy Huecesei 1rcdtvlrd
lieu Executive Committee of limo German
American lluform Union wrangled until after
midnight Thursdavnt Maennerchor Hall MOB
iast llftvslith street over Sunday beer sell
lung Itusolutiuim uisunrin In their eondera
nation uf Major Strung and t Inc police I Com
inlMluners were uftered by Internal Iterenue
lollcctur 4 IMwurd I i liruskp I I T > > x emimlnloner >
Ihiudure Sutrn rime rf Maor Strnngs ap
ieiiiiteis led tire hunt tu secure n modlflentlon
tnt them There were fiftysix uf the sixty
members of the committee rfCltt anel forty
live uf them voted fur tIne rciolntions In Ih
folliwint form i onunUiiunrr sutrn and ton
timers recording themelvet In opinion
f rif That tIne iiermanAinerlian Heforra
rnloneleclaies thu i iioroii enforcement of the
Sunday law iv moral uoiomir and PolitIcal
miake whii h tms 1iln u omuiUtlon should
redrt mit ruin kl i uspomjble
Vie clotlng uf thu ruinous on humlays In
stead of preventing the ahu c < of alcoholic hey
eragun roust act ui sn Inceulivu to Internpor
tunic iHcause the doling out nf Intoxicating
drinks is Ihereb > trausfcrud from the saloons
tu the dwelllnifs of the people where womsQ
and children will VMticlpalo la tU U oouit1

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