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Hf ff "IF gOU SEE IT IN I Sr m L I "IP HOU SEE IT M I .!P?
J J Sr 6- ma' ;" - it's so t Lg
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! - - . - . " ' A ;
To-morrow, Monday.
JInve marked tho balance at
i Cotton Dtesscs to clfcct an
Early clearance as Jollows:
, ! 3.75- 5.25 7.90-
11 Canvas Grenadine, & '
j White Pique, . . 3o'5
1 18th St., 19th St. and Sixth Ave.
3 cojrifiTjrr.vrOF xssaxb FBitsoxs.
laereased Sareanaards Provided by the New
i Procedure Now tm Foree.
I The methods of committing perons to In-
' itltutlons for the Insane heretofore followed
In this State axe no lonser In force. Thejr
ceued on July 1. pursuant to an act of the late
Legislature which effected a general codlflra-
I tlon of tho lunacy laws. Hereafter no one can
be admitted to or confined In anr such lnstl-
' tutlon, publlo or private, except In the new
tray prescribed by the Legislature.
! By this act the commitment of Insane per-
eons becomes In a much higher sense than for
knerly a Judicial proceeding. Such unforta
Sate ones can now be confined In an institu
tion only by an order of a Judge of one of the
hlsher courts after they or their friends or
relatives have been notified of tho proceedings
and have had an opportunity to be heard in
Ihej behalf. The new method calls for great
er care and deliberation, and more fully pro
tects unfortunate persons In their risht not to
tbe deprived of their personal liberty without
dueprooeos of law.
This changR was led up to by discussions in
the newspapers, late in 1895, in regard to the
commitment of Insane persons. Specific cases
ff ere cited whlch.lt w as argued, afforded ground
(or the belief that the existing law did not pro
Vide sufficient safeguards against unlawful or
improper commitments. Under the old meth
od a person could bo confined In an institu
tion for the Insane on a certificate sworn to
by two physicians and "approved" by a Judge
of one of the higher courts. These certificates
contained among other thing" a statement by
the physicians setting forth the insanity of the
s person. Such certificates could bo sworn to by
5 physicians In general who had received from
1 the State certificates constituting them exam-
? lners In lunacy. The fee allowed by low to the
'3,, physicians for signing such certificates a as 3.
The old method provided that a Judge, when
asked to approve such a certificate, "ma" in
stitute inquiry and tako Droofs as to any al
leged lunacy before approving the certificate,
and It also provided that the Judge "may In
, his dlrcntlon" call a Jury to determine the
-" question of lunacy.
Criticism of the old system led to the ex.
Jrcsslon of a sentiment in faor of a strict
leal procedure. This sentiment was de
clared by the State Commission In Lunacy
to be untenable and unwarranted. The medi
cal profession, ton, thought there was no suf
ficient hsl for the sentiment. The Com
mission bclleedthat the personal liberty and
the jresiratlon of tho rlclits of person com
mitted to institutions for tho Insane could be
protected without material modification of
j the system then in existence. Hut tho Legis
lature took a ulfferent view. It not only en
acted a general codification of the lunacy laws,
hut went further, and prescribed the new pro
cedure, which must be followed. This pro
cedure, in brief. Is as follows:
t Application for the commitment of an alleged
nwne lerton may oe made to tan proper Judge
y any person with nnorn such Insane persou may
reside, or at whose house he or she may be. or by
Ms or her fAtlur, moth-r, husband, wife, brother,
ltr. or rtilM, or other noit of kin, or by the
Superintendent of the poor of the county, the Com.
tms,oners of Charities of the counties of Mew
lnrs. anU Kings, or tho overseer of the poor of the
town or city wherein such Insane person ma txi.
Th! proceedings are to be Initiated by a petition of
the applicant containing a statement or the facts
Upon which the allegation of Insanity Is based,
sinned ana erlned by him. to which must bo an
fined the certificate of lunacy executed by two
gaily qualified medical examiners.
Tho petition must bo swo'n to by tho appll-
I cant, and must contain a statement of the
tlct. uPn which tho allegation of Insanity Is
based The certificate, signed by the medical
examiners, must bo in a form prescribed by
the State Commission In Lunacy, must con
tain tho facts upon which the Judgment of the
examlnirs Is based, and must show that tho
I lrjii I, Insano. The qualifications of the
I iiumlncre are that they must bo reputable
, physicians, graduates of an incoroorated modi
(f cl college, and actual practitioners of thiee
years' standing, and they must have revolved
dl '"m.ft Judge of i court of record a certificate
JUn Fhowlug suoh qualification. The physlUans
Jfifii F"1" Jointly cxamino tho person alleged to bo
imr 3 Notice of such application mutt. In gen-
BT A J. sered personally on the alleged Insane
'Jr Person at least one day before thu anpllcatinn.
' f vUj '" wmo cases, presumably when the
i udi;e to a horn tho application Is made l
Uisfled that the alleged lnbaue perfon Is
really Insane and that some one, a relative
J a frk nd. should bo in court to look out for
TiH interests, 'ha Judge mav direct survke to
, se tnatlu upon some buch person.
IV, . no demand Is made for a hearing In ho-
II hair of the alleged Insane person, tho Judire
W Inay determine the question of Insanity and
am issue an order ooinmlttlug the person loan
vm VUlutlon or to the care r his relatives or
N-linds, lint If a hearing Is demanded, the
B ,k0 wn't '""J0 an ordtr for suh hearl g,
mn Bourn of which must be serted upon the par
Mi ii ?' 'n un ordinary legnl proceed ng, to the
I "iiltynf which a prncooding In Insanity has
ML fo betn raised. At tho hearing testimony Is
mu swodured by the parties Interested, tho al-
wM J'i'ia liioano Is examined, and the decision of
ao Judge Is rendernd accordingly. If tho
m person Is a J Judged insane, he lo committed
.V rdr of the Jndgo to an Institution or to
H thtedre of his relatles or flends.
H no far tho croceodlng has been without a
! 'ur'. Hut if a perron ordered to bo committed
' 'r a"lr friend in his behalf is dissatisfied lth
" order, ho may, lthlu ten dajs uftvr tho
f oraer, appeal to a Justice of thu Sunreme
( "."ft, who rhall cause a Jury to lio summoned
H I'oruro whom the question shall ho tried. A
mm ,tll,ur that seems a bit harsh about this ap-
mm Peal It I hat liefore It ran be heard the person
H Plnliiig must kIu a bond for the payment
j v ttt'j i usta of the anneal in case the order
H bf oniiiiitiiiniit Is Mlotalmd.
aH . ' i.,H t-VPeclul that this new procedure, pre-
W snlili,g that certain defini'o steps must be
n Rn'l that mi one Mm II bo committed to
tW f " Instlmtlon for tho Insano until such steps
v-jri 's '';H. eu taken, will make Impossible much
iu -f !' 'he s-sndal that has heretofore arisen in
ImmWAv Ly matters and wilt better protect those
mm'TL Ruiirtunates who are too weak to proUct
ttk'v ' ""ni'-ltes and thelrSproperty Interests.
Stern Brothers
will offer Monday
Boys Misses'
Washable Sailor Suits Irish Linen Skirts
Sizes 3 to 12 years, at Sizes Ujo 18 years,
L35 and $1.85 at $1.98
Formerly $2.95 to $3.75. Formerly $3.50.
Sailor Suits Eton Suits
of English Serges, Sizes 3 to 12 of Galateas and Lawns, Sizes 6 to 14,
2.7S an" 3.7S at $1.75
Formerly $4.50 to $7.98. Formerly $3.75.
West Tweraty-third Street.
will place on sale
A special purchase of
Striped and Figured
French Lawn
Shirt Waists
at 5 C and H ,25
And a collection
of very desirable
Silk Waists
In Fouards and f c'T) E
Striped and Figured -S'e(U'(l5
Taffetas with box nj
plaited back. aUQ
Linen Collar and c A O p?
Soft T'jrn-Over Cuffs nToOaJ
West 23d St.
... 3
Great Increase la tbe Number teed ta Re
cent Years.
Within recent years the use of the gas store
has Increased greatly. Their sale has doubled
within the past two years, and It Is sU91 Increas
ing. Gas ranges are now made with facilities
for all cooking purposes, and they may be used
for either roasting or broiling, and for baking
and boiling at the same time. They are made
in a great many different styles and sizes.
Gas ranges cost about the same as coal ranges
of tbo same capacity. In general style most gas
ranges are upright rather than horizontal, tne
ovens being one above another, and the burners
for boiling and other heating purposes above
them. Gas ranges are used in hotels, restau
rants, private houses, and extensively In flat
houses They are used mostly In summer, but In
many flats of recent construction the gs range
has taken the place of tbo coal range entirely,
and is used lor all cooking purposes the year
round, the kitchen being heated by steam or
with a gn radiator. Gas ranges are now made
with water back.. The latest of gas ranges Is
one designed more especially for large prlvato
bouses, a combination of a gas range and a coal
range, each omplete, and Intended to use gas
In summer and coal In winter; or both parts of
tbe range may be used at the same time.
There are many other gas appliances for cook
ing and heating purposes. There In a gas broiler,
for broiling steaks and chops, which Is made
exclusittly for broiling; these are used In hotels
and restaurants and In private bouses, and by
beefsteak clubs. In a gas range the meat Is
broiled under the fire. Instead of over It, as with
a coal fire. In the gas broiler the gridiron hold
ing the steak stands on edge between two walls
of lira and the steak Is broiled on both sides at
A cooker Is substantially a smaller range,
upon which the number of different cooking
operations that can be condncted at tbe same
time Is made limited. On a cooker one can bake
and boil at the samo time, or roost and boll, or
broil and boll. ,
What Is called a hot plate Is not, as the name
might Imply, a contrivance for warming plates,
but an Iron plate with short legs made to stand
on top of an ordinary coal range, and having
two or three burners for cooking purposes. Hot
plates are u-ed In summer. There Is a portable
oven, made In various sizes, which can be placed
on top of tbe hot plate for baking or roasting.
When no longer wanted the hot plate can be re
moved from the range. There Is si irublnatlon
of coal range and gas stove in which the tfas
stove Is on hinges at the baok of the range.
When nsed It Is turned down so as to stand upon
the top of the range: It Is nsed tho name as a hot
Plato. When not In use It Is turned back.
Hot-Iron heating attachments are made for
use with the hot plate. Four Irons may be
heated on one burner. Special heaters are made
for laundry nse upon which from one to sixteen
irons may be heated at once; and there are also
special heaters for tailors' use.
How They Are afi.de. What They Am
liacd for. and flow They Are Handled.
There aro various kinds of tongs, fire tongs. Ice
tongs, ond so on, including crab tongs, which are
used In marksts In handling live crabs. Crab
longs aro made of two straight strips of
wood, each a foot or a little more than
that In length. and of about the width
Mtid thickness of a flat barrel hoop, with
tliu holding ends kept apart by means of
a little block of wood which Is placed between
the strips at, the handle end. The tongs aro
handled llko sugar tougs; they are simply
rlosrd together upon a crab to hold It. tbe tougs
opening again and the crab dropping out when
the pressuro is released.
Crabs aro often shipped to market packed In
boxes, whloh are opeued here, the orabs being
taken out and put into larger open boxes. A
little knot of Interested spectators Is pretty
sure to gather around a man seen handling
crabs with a pair of crab tongs.
He Fought About the Hllver Question.
Jordon Jones. 08 years old. of 334 West
Thirty-seventh street, got Into an argument
with a etrauger silting beside blm in a Uroad
way cable car early yesterday about free silver.
They finally agreed to settle their dlsnute with
fists, so they alighted at Fortieth street and
began to fight. Jones knocked his adversary
down, and before he could guln his feet a po
liceman pouneed on both lighters. At thu sta
tlon bouse the stranger said ho was Cburlts
Ulnnoyof 401 West rortlolh street. Joues was
locked up on Clancy's complaint of assault.
Clancy promised to appear against him In JeJ.
fereon Market Court vrsteraai morning, but he
didn't keep his word, 'X he policeman who made
the arrest and who witnessed part of the fight
made i a complaint against Jones, Tho prisoner
was fined 10.
The following
Special Values
at 55C and 9c
at 63C and 95C
at39Cand 65C
West 23d St
Thins forbidden by tbe Doanl of Alder
men to Be Done In This City.
Successive Boards of Aldermen have officially
enumerated what are nuisances. There are
twenty-two sections of nulances In the revised
ordinances of New York city, and some of them
seem to be rather quaint than serious, Others
again seem reasonable and necessary, and it Is
the latter which usually come up for considera
tion in the minor courts on police complaints.
Borne of the ordinances respeotlng nuisances
are practically obsolete. Section S30 of the re
vised ordinances declare., for Instance, that
"no person shall bring Into tho city of New
York, or have In his, her, or tbelr possession. In
said city any oysters between the 1st of May
and the 1st of (September under penalty of 3
for any quantity not exceeding one hundred,
and $U for every additional hundred." Another
section of tbe revised ordinances declare that
"no person shall, at any time, swim or bathe In
the wstcrs of the East or North Illvers adjacent
to any ferry stairs "under penalty of $10. No
goat and this Is a most sweeping ordi
nance against a quadruped almost Indigenous
upon the rooky parts of upper New York "shall
be permlttod to go at large In any of
the streets, avenues, lanes, alleys, piers,
wharves, or publlo places of the city of N rr
York," under penalty of 13. No person, de
clares section V37 of tbe revised ordinances,
shall "expose in any of the streets, lanes,
avenues, or publlo Dlaccs In tbo city of New
York any table or device of any kind upon or
by whloh a gams of chance or hazard shall be
played, or play at or upon any such table or
device," under penally of 8SS. To swim or
bathe in the waters "adjacent to the ferry
stairs" Is made a misdemeanor by one ordi
nance; another makes tt a misdemeanor for any
person " to swim or bathe In any of the waters
within the Jurisdiction of tho city of New York,"
without a bathing suit, under penalty of S
Scetlou 244 of the revised ordinances of the
city cf New York declares that no "grocer, Inn
keeper, tavern keeper, or any other person, sbal 1
have in his, her, or tbelr premises, or shall let,
hire, or use for publlo amusement" any
flying horse, or horses or whirligig or rounda
bout or other similar machinery or device, by
w natever name It may be called, nnder penalty
ofSSO, Btlll another section of the revised or
dinances of tbe city makes Itapenalti for any
one to suspend or cause or procure to be placed
or suspended In or over uny street in tho city of
New York any cloth, yard, or garment " for the
rurpose of drying same" under penalty of $10.
n other words, any lawless Individual who
might desire to utilize lower llroadway or upper
Fifth avenue, tho Klterslde Drive, or Nas-au
street for the purpose nf drying family washing
should understand that there Is a penalty of f 10
for this offence and that he would find It cheaper
and more expedient to send the clothing to a
Chinese laundry or to utilize tbe backtard
rather than an Important city thoroughfare,
11 is a violation of a city ordinance for nny
person to place or post or cause or permit to be
placed or posted In any street of the city of New
York "any handbill or advertisement giving
notice of any person having, or professing to
havo. skill In treatment or curing of any Illness,
or offering tor sale anj meaiuine. under a pen.
lty of tit;" aud, moreover, no person shall
beat a drum attracting the attention of passen
gers "to any show of beasts and birds," and no
person shall perform with, or hire, procure, or
abet any other person "to use or perform with a
hand organ" before the hour of 0 A. .M, or after
7 P.M. There are few Instances, It ought to be
added, In the historical record of New York
wherein citizens of this town abetted tho
playing of hand organs, though many cases are
known in nhleh ellUnn attempted to prevent
tho pla Ingot hnnd organn miuailingly. J'lnnl.
ly, no person using or performing a hand organ,
and having got a license for samo as provided
by ordinanee, shall "Killcll. ask, or request any
money for such performance In any na, shupe,
or manner." hough there la nothing In the or.
dlnance to prevent a hand-organ player from
soliciting, asking, or requesting money or other
valuable consideration for desisting,
Successors to A.T.Stcwart & Goa -
July Furniture Sale g LseSl
just why wo can make such absurdly little prices. There's some
thing for all over the house including the Carpets. Furniture
and Carpets bought now will be stored for delivery next
October if you wish.
Parlor Furniture, upholstered In satin Mahogany Corner China Closets, mirror
damask and silk tapestry, 4 pieces, $50 back, $35, from $55.
and $65, from $100 and $130. Ma- Odd dining Chairs, oak and mahogany
hogany Inlaid, 3 pieces, $75 and $100, leather seats, at half prices,
from $150 and $165; 4 pieces. $100, Solid Mahogany Rotary Office. Chairs,
from $164. Imitation mahogany, 5 upholstered In sole leather, $7, from
pieces, upholstered in silk tapestry, $16,
$40, from $60. Gold Suit, 3 pieces. Antique Oak Bedstead, $3.
$200, from $320. Imitation Mahogany Table, well finished.
Odd Parlor Arm Chairs, mahogany. In- ?5- !m. $7- , , , ,
laid, silk tapestry upholstered, $12.85, Oak. birch and Imitation mahogany
from $22. Rockers, sole leather cobbler seat.
Mahogany ' Inlaid Arm Chairs, $25, $2-8S ,rom 4-50-
Morris Chairs, oak and mahogany. $2.50 Royal Wiltons at $1.25 yd.
French carved frames, good cushions, Savonnelre Axmlnster, tho best parlor
$14.85, from $20. carpet, 95c vd from $1.50.
Women's Writing Desks, mahogany, $1.25 Axmlnsters at 75c yd.
maple and oak, $9 and $12, from $13 $1.25 Wilton VelveU at 75c yd.
and $18. $1.25 standard 5-frame Brussels. 85c.
Bedroom Suits, mahogany: 65 and 75c. all-wool Ingrains, 43c
$50, from $75. $70, from $105. Scotch Linoleums, our own Importation,
$60, from $100. $80, from $130. 50 and 75c. grades, at 31 and 47c yd.
Maple and birch, $20 to $100. Heavy China Matting, $3.95, $5.95, $8.75,
Children's Folding Beds, $5.50, from $10. from $6. $10. $14.
Mahogany Sideboards : $7.50 Turkish Rugs, $4.75.
$50. from $75. $55, from $80. $8 Persian Rugs at $5.25.
$35, from $50. $75, from$110. $15 to $20 Persian Rugs, $9.75.
$40, from $60. $80, from $130. Turkish and Indian Carpels at half our
$100, from $180. usual prices.
Oak Sideboards : Carpet Rugs, all sizes, at our usual rem-
$75, from $100. $200, from $250. nant prices.
$85, from $100. $275, from $350. Hassocks, 4 for $1.
Oak nd Mahogany Dining Chairs, up- We are New York Agents for the Interior
holstered in leather and tapestry, $8, Hardwood Co.'s Parquetry Flooring. Estl-
from $16. mates furnished.
(Twsz-ritttr-Sasz have one f Mw busiest corners of the
OrUMSriie storCm High qualities and low prices.
Teas, mixed (Mikado Tea Co.) Imported. l-4s, 10c j l-2s, 18c Turkey, Chicken,
lib. package, 28c is equal to any 60c. Ms, 14c; l-2s, 24c can. R. tt R.
Tea sold In America; half the usual Ham. Tongue. 1-2 lb., I9c; Chicken.
quantity of this brand required for a Turkey. 1-2 lb. 2c; Cunningham's
drawing. Our own brand of Oolorg Imported Potted Chicken Anchovy
mixed, English Breakfast, 30c lb. car- Paste, Turkey, Bloater Paste, Pheasant,
ton Young Hyson, Gunpowder. Wild Duck, Game, 14c can, $1 60 doz.
Japan (basket fired), English Break- R. 4: R. Lunch Ham, Tongue, 29c;
fast. 40c lb, 20c 1-2 lb. Extra se- Boned Chicken. Turkey. I-lb. tins.
lected, all kinds. 50c, 60c 70c, 80c and s3c ; l-2-lb cans, 23c. Whole Rol'ed
$1 lb. Ox Tongue. 2 lb.. 74c Rex brand
Coffee. Fadang Java and Longberry Rolled Ox Tongue. 62c 2-lb tins.
Mocha, 3 lb bags. 87c; 1 lb. carton. Derby's Boned Chicken. Turkey. I-lb.
29c, whole roasted In the bean: gran- tins. 39c. Lunch Tongues (whole).
ulated. 32c, 1 lb. tin; pulverized. 32c 25c Flckled Lambs' Tongues, quart
1 lb. tin. We allow 3c each for tins re- Jars. 40c. Sweetbreads (Rex). 25c
turned In good order. 1-lb. cans.
Bacon, boneless, "Kornfed," sugar cured, Olives, luncheon size. 10c bottle: 10-oz.
8 l-2c lb bottles. 18c; extra large fruit. 18-oz.
Fancy Maine Corn, packer's label, 8c; our bottles, 50c; gal. stone palls. 95c
own brand, 10c 2 lb. can. Coh'mbla River Salmon Steaks, I-lb flat
French Peas, extra fine, 20c; Moyen's, can, 16c
12c can. Canada Lobster, 1-lb. fiat can. 25c.
Jersey Tomatoes, hand packed, our own Ginger Ale, Cantroll & Cochrane's, $1,20
label. 7c 3 lb. can. doz. Ross. $1.15 doz ; Club Soda.
California Bartlett Pears, extra heavy $1 doz.. Raspberry Vinegar. 38c bot-
syrup. 2 1-2 lb. can. 14c tie . Lime lulce. 25c bot., Montserrat
California Fruits, In glass, quart vacuum Lime Juice, 25c bot.
jars- Lemon Cling. Yel'ow and White Crosse & Blackwell's White Onions.
Heath Peaches. Bartlett Pears, Green Gherkins, Chow-Chow and Mixed
Gages, Plums. Apricots, 30c Jar Pickles, 19c bottle
California Prunes. 2 lb. carton. 19c Southwell's Jams, all kinds. 14c jar.
Wiesbaden Stuffed Prunes, trunks. 46c Virgin Olive Oil, extra fine, French, gab
French Table Prunes, 21b glass Jars, 50c; cans $2.10; I-2-gal. cans. $1.10
5 lb. tins, 60c Our new Price List for July is ready and
R te R. Chicken Soup 20c. Is worthy the attention of economical
Potted Meats Hucktn's Ham, Tongue, housekeepers. Ask for It,
On sale at 10 o'clock Monday. Every
end of Silk we have goes on sale Mon
day morning at 10 o'clock at cotton
pricss. Silks that could not be manu
factured to-day for less than 60. 75. 85c
and 51 all go at 20c a yard: other quali
ties in proportion. The original price Is
plainly marked on each ticket, wllh the
length ard the new yard price. All
kinds and colors of plain and fancy
Silks are In the lot
English Mohairs. Albatross and 45 In.
Surah Serge. 38c; the 50c kind.
Heavy Sicilian, for bathing suits, 50c; the
75c kind.
Rich lustre Mohairs, small and medium
figures. SO and 75c; good values at 75c
and$l. L . .
54 In. Encllsh Sicilian, heavy, handsome
lustre. 85c; the $1 25 kind.
Silk Crenadlnes, armure weave. 55 and
75c; the 75c and $1 kinds.
Rain proof Serges, 75c, $1. $1.25. Most
desirable fabrics for mountain or sea
shore wear. ,.,,.
All-wool Canvas Weave, 50c; 75c kind.
Special Table of fine Novelties; In skirt
patterns at half and third price.
Remnant sale. 3 to 10 yard lengths.
Have been 12 1-2 to 25c; Monday, 5c
Fine Organdie. Lawn, Batiste, Dimity,
Satin s'rlped Grass Linen. 30c, from 45c.
Pure Grass Ltnon, plain and fancy, 25c
30c, 35c yd., from 35c and SOc.
Men's large size, pure linen hemstitched.
15c; pure linen, hand embroidered
Initial, unlaundered, 19c; pure linen,
hand embroidered Initial, laundered,
25c; tape bordered, large size, pure
linen. 19c.
Women's pure linen, hemstitched, 10c.
Women's tan and white silk plated Stock
ings, Summer weight. SOc; were $1.
Women's four thread lisle Stockings,
high, colored tops, black boots, em
broidered, SOc; were 75c
Women's black ribbed lisle thread Stock
ings, silk embroidered Insteps, also
solid black lisle, double soles and high
spliced heels, 35c pair, 3 for $1, from
48c pair
Children's stainless black cotton Stock
ings, double knees, light weight, fine
gaufe, 25c the 35c kind
Women's Swiss ribbed all-silk VeMs,
white pink, sky and lavender. 50c;
Women's white and ecru lisle thread
Union Suits high neck, short sleeves,
and low neck, no sleees, 75c.
Women's Swiss ribbed lisle thread Union
Suit", light welsrht. low necks, white,
ecru and pink, $1,75,
Women's Novla silk Vests, low necks,
sizes 26 to 32 only, $1.50, from $2 50
Women's white gauze V63ls, high and
low necks, no sleeves, not all sizes, 2 for
25c, from 25c each.
The bottom has dropped from a good share
of the bicycle market. Lowest grade
wheels are a drug- many of the high
grade wheels are at unheard of prices
a few of the very best remain at $100.
We have waited and watched. Now
comes our opportunity and vours. Here
are strictly first-class wheels, with every
1896 Improvement, at $48 each.
Men's and women's. Fully warranted In
every way. Maroon and black, barrel
hubs. Vim tires, dust-proof bearings, 64
to 72 gear
Boys' and girls' Bicycles, 24 and 26 Inch
wheel, $35.
We are agents for Crescent Blcyles.
Women's Bicycle Fults. $6 to $11.
Men's Bicycle Suits $4.75 up.
Banner Lamps. $2.65.
Aladdin Lamps $1.95.
Search Light. $1.65.
Electric Light. $4 75.
Standard Cyclometer. 98c
American Cyclometer, 75c
Bells. 40c, SOc and 65c.
Dixon's Graphite, 5c
3 In 1 Oil. 14c.
Pedals, rubber and rattrap, $2,
Wood Rim Cement, 15c
Foot Pumps 55c
Tool Baps, 27c
Toe Clips, 15c and 25c
Of course, and with every extravagance
out of the prices.
Fly Rods, $2 25 and $2.75 lo $4.
Bait Rods, $1.50. $2 25 to $9.
Sea Rods, 90c, $1.50, $1.75 to $4.50.
Best Climax Mul'lplylng Reels, 65, 100
and 150 yds., 6te, $1.15 and $2.
Wooden Reel:. 25c up.
Pest braid fUx Lines. 10 and 12c for 75 ft.
Best Trout Files, 40c doz.
Best Bais Files. 90c doz.
Best Spinners, IS, 20c each.
Best double gut Leaders, 3 ft., 5c; 6 ft.,
Double snelted Bass Hooks, 20c doz.
Fishing Sundries of every description.
Sterling Silver CoPar Button, Three Studs
and pair Sleeve Links, 25c, from 38c.
French, four button, 65c. Wash, 6-button
mousquetalre. 75c
Exquisite chiffon Parasols, light blue, pink
and Nile green, $5, from $10 and $12,
Iridescent Dresden" silk. $1.95, from $5,
Grass linen cohr sIIk Parasols, natural and
Dresden handles, $1.
26 In blue and black twilled silk close
rolled Tresden and silver trimmed han
dles. $2.90, regularly $4 50
26 In. close rolled Union Taffeta Umbrel
las, Congo handles, $1.90, regularly
26 in close rolled Carola Umbrellas,
natural and choice fancy mounts, $1
and $1.50.
West Fourteenth Street. " f
Throughout July, with stocks complete xj'M
we will offer 1 ffi
New CJork's Great Army of Summer Dwellers ; '
Unequalled opportunities ' yj;
In our Famous Basements
The finest Oriandlcs. Lswns, Jaconets, BstltUs
Linen flovsttlcs, Clnfhtms, Setctns, ftrcsUs and
Csmbrlcs arc new being sold at Third and Half
former prices ft visit to this Wonder
lul Dessrtmcnt, sny section of which exceeds In
size most ot the entire stocks elsewhere shewn, Is
revelation to strangers, snd source sf never fslllnf
profit to buyers.
give some Idea of
how gou NOW CAN Bug
At 8K cents
Finer Orjsndlss oordsd sffeots worth .IS
Fancy NoTeHIes extrs wide nsasllr .21
Lsos and Corlf d Novelties worth .21
Lining Lawns fancy shades worth .10
Pink and Bins Zephyrs St Inoh value .29
At 9JJ cents
Itlpple Batistes made to sell al .IB
Yard wtde Percales dsrk effects worth .18
mack Brnoads Hateens fast dy value .3
Black Caehemlre finish usually .IB
Fancy Twills extrs fine worth .IB
At 1 1Jf cents
Silk finish Olnshams flnest weave worth .13
Scotch Plaids finest weave 38 lnoh value .2.1
At 12J4 cents
Yard wide Percales the very best worth .18
At 15 cents
Sheer OrasndlM finest remilar rrtce .21)
Navy Blue and White effects worth 20
Silk lustre Sateens finest quality worth SO
At 17 cents
Fine Ginghams cheeks and snk stripes value .20
At 7?' cents
Extra fine Fancy Dimities price hitherto .13
Fine Sateens plain colors In fancy shades
At 6; cents
Extra fine Fancy Lawns 12K cent quality
Fancy Batiste best styles 13 cent quality
Yard wide Sblrtlnf Percales 19 cent quality
At Bi cents
aU over Prlntd Lawns usual price .12
Striped Lswns in Inches wide worth .12H
Dress Olnffnams one of the best value .12
Fancy Cambrics dress styles-38 Inch were ,121s'
Persian effects on Black former price. 12ti
At QK cents
Navy and White Orsandle Lawns worth .18
Fancy Ducks fifty styles usually .Is
Claret and White Cambrics usually .10
The latest novelty
Fancy Black and White
Fancy Blue and White
Tbe Imported goodi &r oltl at 40 to 50 cents
we show ttie American
which nre itipctior Id quality or wear,
beauty of coloiini and clearness of deilf n
At . 2W" cents and 15 cents 1
No tmpartlsl judge could fall to t;U the palm to
those made here!
We hare bought about
10,000 Remnants or
all full yard wide
They are milt lemrtht or ti to 10 yards each
regular prices are 10 and WH cents
"We will put them on sale every morning this week
At 3K cents
tone will be sold after 1 P. .
Nonestnt CO. D.
No mall orders filled.
We have about 30 pieces left of those
that found such favor at 49 cents
(their real value Is 78).
This week, we'll let them go
At 39 cents)
Oray and Tan very line twlll-ueautlful coodsl
At 19 cents
we'll clun. out the balance of very Best
French Chnlllet-wero fifty cents.
Do not Tall to visit
Curtains and sll kinds of Draperies, for which we
sre so famous, ire bclnf offered st "out of sesson"
prices, slthoufh the foods sre Just ss desirable ss
anything In our stores I
New Fancy 8llkollnes aiUance
styles that no one else will show
before September till Inoh 1 1
Woven 8pot Muslins with colored
Vines snd Persian patterns stained
OlMi effects yard wldoi worth .13 OH
Scotch Lace Curtains
8 nd 8H yards Ion BO stylss
rsgulsr price HB cents C7
regular price I 10 70
regular price I.B0 and 1.70 , OB
inand IS point mesh , 1,40
Still flner-lteal Lace designs 1,08
Among the latter are Curtains
4 yards long, specially made for
Hotels, and extra larxe windows.
All new, frost) snd clean'
Mice Bead Portieres Bird designs. 40
How Figured Fish Nat Curtaining 10
Decorative liurlaps-Flioir De Us
i Heraldic snd Floral design 12W
New Light weight Doalms-fanoy designs , ,1216
Fancy Delft Orepes-tn sttles-value SS 12W
Bllko Ines-fioral and Persian designs OH
Figured China Silks large ami small ttrslgns ,Q(J
Fancy BordereJ Borlinr-value , IS, BH
Repp Cretonnes Delft and fancy colorings ,27
Whlpoord Cretonnes Liberty designs
j choicest colors equal to French at suoents Oti
Draper Batlnei-fsst colors ASH
Ladies' Underwear oi;
Shelves snd Counters Laden with piles sf snevy !ti
garments, sufficiently demonstrate hew we sre fn Ml 1
pared te aupply summer wants bets, while ttt v(
tractive prices for sll qualities make fmrthsstaj ' I -j
msttcr of course I ) tl n
Ladles' Cambric and Buslln Oowns v it
eitxa full-solid tucked yoke all stsss. .49 J'ifj ;
Muslin snd Cambric Empire or Pointed ' I
Neck Tucks. Inserting. Embroidery .09 S i
Muslin snd Csmhrlo also figured Lawn g I
handsomely trlmraed-CO styles. -. .98 It'L
Ladles' Muslin snd Cambrlo Drawers Ml
emb'y trim .05 iSf.
Umbrella width, with wide raffle .SO Wit,
Lawn. Muslin and Oambrlo IB styles .40 96 'li'
Ladles' Fine Cam brio Corset Covers f (
nigh and low and Vihspe back and front-. .OS Al Uj
Square or Polntod-Rmb'y trim all slses.... .10 ., Ira
8 styles handsomely trimmed .48 , Mi
Ladles' While sfusltn Umbrella Skirts " j
4M yard emb'd ruffle -. .00 l$t.
White Lawn Bpanlsh Flounce Skirts J fftf
4 Inch VaL lace Inserting 1.C8 ' jM
Handsome Umbrella Skirts, with open ' fQ
smb'y or cream laos and ruffles 1.08 . "Yolfi
White Lawn Waists all over emb'd fjl?
yoke extra full sleeves .. .08 j 'fft:
White Lawn Wains extra fine " jj
all over emb'd yoke .08 !?.vj
While Lawn Empire Waists open emby 1.40 I'iPi'
WhltsLawn Dressing Bacques Mrf
tuckod front ruffle all round-fall sleeves.. .79 lijl
While Lawn Dressing Barques llPil
tucked front large rolling collar 80 ffrtgafl
Colored Lawn Dressing Sacques I laiBH
Persian designs lace trim. fJO i 9
Pink and nine Lawn Dressing Racquet ; Jl
handsomely trimmed with lace, worth 1.79. 1.38 'mMI
Is one of the Indispensable 'fTliH
Tor summer we offer' jffH
two very special .Bargains SluH
Finest Sennet Braid Sailors, I'iaSH
Black, white and colors , $SL isifliH
Fine Mllans and others. --.- . StB
were I.eB and 1.7S 08 iHH
There sre cool days In I'l
snd many cool evenings 3 1
when "Wraps" sre s necessltjl " rH
At these prices none need be without ths,otmeo '
prevention" that may saves doctor's bin. rS&MW
Ladles' Embroidered Tan Cloth Capes t'l
full clroular eweep worth 3.00 1.09 rijgagfl
Black Bilk Shoulder Capes r '31
Imbroldered In Jet deep lsos ruffle - 8.08 "MW
Black and Colored Cloth Jackets t ,ilaB
Three-quarter or bait satin lined.. 8.08 JiPxB
All Wool Tan Covert Cloth Jackets lM
velvet collar pearl button trim 8.40 t 'tflaefl
Are CJou Going to Travel? U t jH
Short trip or long, there will be aemcthlnf need- ,f H
ed We'll match these prices sgstnst amy In ' M
New tjork. and match the feeds against any est r H
niters sell at double. ' i; H
Covered with extra quality dock, botrad ; ,'H
with sols leather, extra heavy -Victor'' H
lock, malleable Iron olsmpe, steel corners, : laefl
strap binges, two atrass around 8.08 -r 'H
Compare with any outfitters sell st B.SO. H
Duck corered cloth lined 8 dress trays Wt !1
straps and buckles for Inside trays etld H HalH
lug hatcompartment iOlnch... 0.08 njSpH
Compare with those by outfitters sold st 110 and18, RfB
Iron bottom Iron bound hsrd wood j tlfB
cleata-rlveted steel clampe dou. I jjj'-fl
ble braced brass" Victor" lock hat I Hjf'H
box tray 98 Inch .-0.08 I .1 (4H
Compare with any outnttsrs sell at COO. f 'ijj'iH
of seasoned basswnod Brown Duok Cor- 'lisai
oriHl leather iKiund heavy brass (ligafl
corners and clamps 8 atrsps around Ml
. 33 Inch S.08 ?i.B
Compare with any outfitters sell at 910. ' flW
Cloth lined Iron bottom cast braes J glH
excelsior lock 81 Inch 8,49 l SH
Comparo with any outfitters sell at 8.B0. r TimmM
Complete lino of flaH
Pucklng Trunks 40 cents to 8.40 , ftH
Cidar and r.lnr lined Chests-Popular Prloest ijiH
Kngllsh drain Leather. Moffat Sols I i ?9
leather, Alligator and others-brass and . f H
nickel trlm-lOtn SO Inch U.OB to 10.00 I WH
Fine Morocco Leather Cabin Bais-sewsd I '' jU
frames-cast brass trim pigskin lined . I i H
lnopslnslde-l4lm.h , 0.49 1 lH
Compare with uny by outfitters sold stfl 00. ' ' OlH
Role Leather, Pigskin, Alligator, Morocco, f '
Cowhide, Onafskln and Sheepskin brass f fl'H
or nlckol trlm-11 IoS0lnch....l,08 to 04.00 ' ,''H
English Qrsln Leather Oladstone Bate J i 'JmW
horaehlde covered frame full leather Jl
llued-li Idcu 8,40 'iPsH
Compare with those by outfitters sold at 6.00. (Wm
! IB to 88 Inch 8.08 to 14.00 j I t
Sole leather Dress Bull Cases-steel I, ?H
frsiiie-handstltched and rtreted through- 't H
out-llneo lined- IS and SO Inch 3, 0B l
Coroparo with any bj outfitters sold at 10.00. ' ? H
Trunk Straps .20 to 1, 00 BhswlStrsps.lSHto.60 W
Ererr requisite for travelling at Lowest FtIossI )H

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