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-S , ft THE SUNi MONDAY, AtRTIi 26i 1868 . V- ,,
Altera rtlder Hlitali the VTAtBr llgn
and lUInrn with 1.1 mp Knelt Ve,ntihaBt
lb Cej Irian Bl Mfra y
l)sun Cgelltt Inb nnn Abana.
' , It tiu a disappointing- 1T 'or cycling- yeiter
day, excopt to those who went out. The only
one that ventured abroad went realixlnf that
they had something- hotter than a three to one
chance of getting wot skint, and consequently
the only onea out were thoa who had a spirit
of adventure or a mistaken belief In their Judg
ment of tho weather. Thoto of the latter class
started out about 2 o'clock In tho afternoon,
thinking that the storm was over. They wore
Unen collars and cuffs and fancy ties. Itcturn
In? home, thoy were the sorrlett ones who paid
oar fares. Tboso who went out In the morning
en ft chance wore woollens, and when they got
drenched they smiled as if they would hare
been disappointed If they had misted It. As
rale club runs wero abandoned. Trips Into the
suburbs that had been planned for weeks were
moTed along to a forward bltnk on the calen
dar. Tho country roads were deserted. The only
possible places for riding were tho finest maca
dam roads and the cycle paths. Looking out from
i the windows of their housos nt the pnddles In
tho street many who longed to be In the saddle
concluded to stay at home, not knowing that
certain roads are good Immediately after a
storm. Tho best riding wasalong.the Coney
Island cycle path, and there the majority of
those who -touched a podal yesterday steered
their wny. In the forenoon the number was
small enough to cast a gloom over the most od
tlmlstlo riders and hotel keepers. When tho
sun broko thro&gh tho clouds for a while in ths
early afternoon matters -Improved a little, but
tho procession of whsels all day was not large
'tf1 enough to interest tho tlpfcd men at ths racks.
H Women were very scarce on the road. Thty
JJK numbered less than X per cent, of all tho riders.
j$fip The few who were out wero nearly all on tan
ijjK dems.
Kgv; ' One feature of yesterday that was gall and
VEj wormwood to the reteran rider was (he faot
J " that tho grocery clerk on the hired wheel, with
S$'" a, 03 gear, long trousers and Hack Sunday coat,
ijij&i was very much in evidence. Several of the old
$ time riders who were out thought that only
fig&'- the members of the "seasoned push" who were
JjSb accustomed to "weather" and bad roads would
SSI1, ' bo seen, but the fact was that about 30 per cent.
SpE of those abroaiUwere new riders, of the wabbly
Sv kind. These novice pedallers enjoyed them
35re . selves hugely.and felt real sporty over the Ides.
fSSF of bolng out, but some of the club riders who
H5 had known what It was to push a high wheel
reS through a tea of mud declared that the pro-Ss-j
cession made them feel tired enough to go home.
if!''' Undoubtedly the lonr-trouered rldor on tbo
M; rented wboel Is a coming thing in the oycls
"' vrorlil. He rents bin machine and pays for it and
H5 enjoys it. 'lhe objection to him Is that he Is
BP ncnriy always an Imitation scorcher. Why it
'SS Should bo bo Is hard to Bay, but the tact ro
( xnnlns that lhe hired wheel riders who get out
flfSt' on fcundaya only alwajsrido In scorcher potl
RfL. tlon and mnko as much fuss travelling tha
Wi'X road as a steam launch on a rark lake. One
w s clubman sitting on a hotel veranda suggested
sEsa' that the coat-toil riders tried to scorch because
Jgy thev wanted to get as far as. they could and
ffiSw s' back .teiiln In tho time for which their wheels
jSS- nnd been rontcd.
I On tho Coney Island cycle paths yesterday
the lack of club runs nas noticeable. Tho
J.Ok-an Wheelmen, who were to have bad a pho
tograph run In the morninsr, wero out In the
titlornooii about tvtcnty-llvc strong. The now
"quint" of tho South HrooUyn Wheolmon.
which was finished Saturday, was out toward
evening lth a ouplo of hardy riders "hanging
on." Ovcrco.us wero worn by quite a number
of those out. uiiil one stylish rider wore a long
BNHsemcr coat. Tho numbor of tandems In pro
portion to single wheels was a featurelof ,th
nity. niveau rs ero freely worn, and that stylo
lia Inp lntcral Btripcs of gaudy colors wns much
In evidence. A. member of the Long Island
i Wliceimun, after watching three or four of tho
boisy pattern go by, remarked: "The chaps
, who Menr those things should net together and
form a club under tho name of the Zebra Wheel
lucn." .One rider attracted as much attention as If ho
Aai' ' ' v fcacl been pretty and a woman, lie had a bl
SS ' ryclo on nhlch the front sprocket was about
SB half the slzo of his wheels. Tho gear was 140.
iSr- tho crankH 7Mi inches long and the crank hanger
fs had a drop of Si inches. It was enamelled in a
ifflfe, robin's egg blue and evidently a machine built
tfSeJ t order. Tho rider of this vehicle passed
,$, around tho outside of Prospect Park at about
W4:' noon and In endenrorlng to negotiate some car
Hit.! tracks while turning a corner one pedal caught
?$&' on tho rail and ne had a spill. A colored man
ro: employed bv a cycling academy near by, who is
ifite something of a road racer and who happened
'&$ to know the wneelman, remarked: 'That man
&jpK It coinnilttlng suicido with bis feet. If he bad
j&L o drop of -W Inches his pedal would not have
Wp'" caught and if he had a lower gear he would bo
9 A able to handle his wheel reasonably. He ought
S!S?i to try trick riding to learn a thing or two.
wjf1 Kvery trick rider uses a low gear because It lets
iyfS j- him raovo his feet handily and do what the boss
IhB calls 'changing tho centre of gravity quickly.' "
m-?r Riders who sought to go around Cropsey ave-
'&." ' nuo and the Shore Itoad In either direction yes-
' tordar wero disappointed and found that they
TT had to turn back because of tho gates across
if?; thB ruudway on eltbe- Bide of Fort Hamilton
X ' being closed. No vehicle has been allowed to
m. - pass in front of tbo fort since tho war began
,-.-? and cyclls's from now on should lay their plans
iTj,. accordingly, 'lho Park Commissioner of Brook-
JJ, lyn tried to havo this section of the road taken
'fv-.i from Uovernment control and placed in his
tiM chnrge, but failed, anil while boislllties continue
C. wheelmen deslrimCto go by way of Fort Hamll-
'J&3.A ton to lloneonhurst will have to make a detour
Tnf; Of about a mile and ft half.
Wi1 An amusing raid w-u committed on the Coney
J Island cycle path in consequence of the storm
J yesterday altcrnoon. It oocurrcd on that
t : stretch of tho road between Eighteenth avenue
I : and tho bead of tbo Boulevard. It has been
i known to bo the case that convivial crcllsta
fti and drivers, in travelling the Coney Island
B - route, have returned home with the Impression
Bl that there Is a hotel every 100 feet Bow scare
'f ,. the roodhouies'aro has been realized only by
3-'i very tired wheelmen and those who hare bean
'. . taught In a rain in the section named. This is
ftf-i the only part of the noted driveway and cycling
Kt ' court wner one con travel more than a mile
' - wlthout;0ndln(r a publlo house. .When tho
ij. hardest sboworof the day broke, shortly after
-. 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon, several riders
"?-r were caught in this particular part of the road.
ST "Scorch" was the word with all, but they
LV couldn't scoich onough to keep dry. A little
Ff. , , frame shanty that stands right alongside of the
fj'.t trolley bridge and was formerly occupied by
Or-, - K Uondero as a repair shop, becamo a rcfugo
9 (or about a dozen riders. The protection It of-
Pjp - fared was the samo at that atforded on the Ico-
LK ward side of a board fence. The housv was
WiT closed and a big "To Let" sign was nulled on
RiM.. the door.
!-,. As the clouds chased each other to and
Wi ' fro and the driving rain came in diilnrent dlroc-
L. tlons, the comtauy shifted from one sldoor the
xiAj, house to the other. The window s of the thanty
LW '" Wero all tightly fastened; some hail glass-pancd
;'! cashes, and others were boarded. The com
er' - i W&7 wu un assorted one, including one Itoyol
:'' Arcanum Wheelman vho had Ills motber-in-
',Z : law out with him; tho Mchol sisters, whoaio
f ,' well-known in vaudeville; two newspaper men,
)& '. ft grocery curt driver, a girl oyclist of 12 years,
v stout man learning to ride, and a couple of
t1- wayfaring pedestrians. Two of the mon tried
j tojon.0 tho door, but tbeir thouldors wero not
strong enough. Alter about ten mlnutea of
' ablftiug from one tide of the house to the other
in the endeavor to keen to tho leeward, the
ltoyal Arcanum rider, who waa slim and agile,
succeeded in getting through a window and
... opening the door. The entire party of ref ugoes
I? took possession, cleaned their wheels with the
lb " old rags atiand, and wore cheerful at the dr
ift oumslances would permit. lu tbe.courso of
Ek bait an hour a man with a proprietory manner
Eu) , appeared on ths scene and Invited every ono to
r?'1 ake themseh es at home, lie did not look like
IS the owner of tho nuum on the door of the bouse,
i&t .-. but represented h'.uiself to be In churgr. He
'jSJyt (aid that the seizure would bo' considered
' , legitimate provided those who broko In would
ffi i fasten up the bouse whon leaving. Ho then
Sj went away. Wheu the shower was aver tho
Wl B"m man with the ltoyal Arcanum uniform
i&ju proved himself a true hero by bolting the door
riti? OD the Inside and climbing out of tho window
gpr through which be had entered, In order to leave
E. tho houss safe. All In the party Joined In a
P', Toto of thanlcs,;and said that tho shelter would
t bato been delightful if the roof bad not leaked.
fef ', The one short block formerly known as
JKw franklin avenue, but now called Fort Hamll-
U - ton avenue, which leads from Flatbuh avenuo
ijl v to Ocoan avenuo. at Brooklyn, It very much out
'.f ,, of repair. This block is largely used by
"E ' wheelmen in passing from Washington avenuo
" to the Ocean avenuo cycle path on tho side of
f , . Prospect Park. '1 o patch It up would cost very
&'- little and riders who have bounced over tha
,1 hole now exlatimr there cannot understand
' why it la not llxed.
fii '
' Few of thoto who go from bera to tha riding
j5"J districts of Brooklyn know how well worth while
$, It Is to traversoFlatbuth avenuo to Its end In
it Jflallandi. '1 be wheeling tide swirls around at
; the end of the park and continues to Coney Isl-
L and, but it would take them less than hulf an
' hour to rouk the digression spoken of and alt
t- ttolng it would be. well repaid. The old Hinge
.'; of Vutbush abounds In plcturuiijuo nnd historic
l' homttleails that havo bcon standing since
t lIidifout," as It was called, was peonled by
Eh lird7 sons of Holland aud tha Ueulau
troops. The old bouses imsin. but the rronuds
bout them have been transformed byttba laying
out of sumptuous lawns and richly planted
flower beds, AH the residence are detached,
and there It a feast for ths ere In tha blossoms
of the magnolia, cherry, apple, and other trees,
nnd the beds of tulips, hraolnths, and panties.
Tho wheeling through these clattta preoinctt
St good from th Park to Paedergat lane In
iMlnndi', where ths asphalt ends. All the
ides havs been patched up and as thedlstanoe
is only a few miles no rider going to Coney Isl
and should miss making the detour.
A atory told at hla own expenao by a Brook
lyn cycle dealer having a plaoo near the Wllllnk
entranco of Prospect Park, la as follows: "I
atopped on tho road the other day with a couple
of my children to havo pictures taken by on of
the roadsldo photographers. Wbllo waiting 1
asked blm how ho found business. Ho said
that business was poor because few of the rider
travelling the road had any money In their
clothes. Then, mentioning my name, h said
that I and a couple of other cycl dealers were
to blame because we sold wheals on the Install
ment plan, collected the Installment on Satur
days and Sundays, and on the same days rented
wheols and exacted a deposit of $0 or 810, in
consequence of all whtoh the wheelmen, when
they reached the photographers' tents, woro
dead broke. I thought this very olsver of ths
camera man. After listening to his t'rade
against me for getting all the money. I got my
pictures, handed over my card and invited him
to come up and learn how to ride.
The Clinton Wheelmen btve org aniied in the lower
seotlosot Jersey City. Quarters have been seonred
t31 Monmouth street. It Is the Intention or the
Jroniotrrs to mtke It (lie leading clnb composed of
unlor riders In the vicinity.
Rttnputadtmporon the followlog runs arranged
by Hudson county etubs yesterdayi Hamilton Wheal,
men. to rtldgen-oodi Outtenberg Wheelmen, to Bergen
I'otnti Rod Light Croltrt, to Tassalo Pallsi Acm
Wheelmen, to l'UIoneld, and Nlantlo Wheelmen, to
llldlaml rrk. Tbo Utter not to have been a gala
affair, as 200 riders had antsred up to Saturday night.
William Hennessey, a craolc rider or the Nlantlo
Wh-elmen or Jersey City, who U second engineer on
the American liner St. l'aul.has anUred the nary.
President William Ladue ot the Nlantlo Wheelman
(hIi highly complimented oer a letter he received
recently (rom former Assistant Secretary Roose
velt of the Navy. It la In answer in Mr. tdue'a
eoiAmunleatton tonderlng his services to the Govern
ment In the electrical department. Ur. llooeerelt
said the Oder had been accepted.
rk tjalUvan rtetrne Irone Itiltat-Bt
Talks or Ills Trip.
Spike Sullivan of Boston, who hit bean In
England for the patt eight months, returned to
America yesterday on ths Urabria. It was
expected that Ben Jordan, ths English feather
weight chamnlon, wonld come with htm, but
Jordan decided to remain at home. Sullivan
has not gained any weight dnrlng his visit on
the other Bide. Ths clever lightweight laook
leg well, and bis appearanee was quite flatter
ing to his many friends who were on hand to
greet him. That Spike does not Intend to re
main Inactive while here is evident. In a talk
with the reporter of Tnn SuNttis said:
"Of course, I am pleased to return, but it was
hard to part from such good friends as I met In
England. Everybody over there treated me roy
ally and couldn't do enough to malt my stay
pleasant. I could getfoll the matches I wanted
when I first arrived, but after I sent to grata
two of the Englishmen nobody seemed to de
sire any of my game. I won aulto a sum by
beating Jemmy Curran and Harry Webster. I
challenged Johnny Hughes, but he was afraid.
Ben Jordan is a wondor and no mistake. Ho
will make a lot of the American lighters hustle,
you can gamble. Ho Is not so very clever, but
be Is strong. He hurts every time he lands,
and this counts. Ho Is game. too. I could see
that, for In both his battles with Curry and
"White he stood a lot of punishment. When
Jordan comes hero bo will fight George Dixon.
He wnts to get the featherweight championship
nf the world. The boxing season has closed In
England and won't open for several months
Spike, as already stated In Tnn Bun, Is open
to box any man In the world from 133 to 133
pounds. A club at Philadelphia yesterday of
fered to sire 50 per cent of the grots receipts
to Spike to box Joo Oans six rounds. Sullivan
stated that ho wouldn't moot any on unless he
received a guarantee That Sullivan was well
liked In England Is shown by the following from
tho Londm Sportsman ot April 16:
Spike Bulllran, a good man both In the ring and eat
of It, lett London yesterday afternoon for Liverpool,
whence ho will sail on the Canard liner Umbrfa to
day for New York. Sulllran. by his straightforward
business In tha roped square and his gentlemanly be
havior In the ordinary walk of lire, hat made a host
of friends In England, and be leaves us with the best
wishes of a large circle On Wednesday night the
genial Spike was entertained at aupperat Oow'a res
taurant. Strand, and be took away with him vaster
day several presents. Including a handsome gold scarf
pin, the girt of Alt Sneltlng. Sullivan requested tha
representative ot the Sportiman to tender his best
thanks to all his English friends. He hopes to get on
a match with some promt lent man In the States, and,
all being well, will return to England la June or July
prepared to meet the best In th country at any
weight from 133 to 183 pounds.
Gossip of tba stlatf
Th Kelly-Solllvan contest has beta postponed Ba
sil May 9.
Fred Fox. backer of Jo tTopklns, on Oararday is
sued a cbaltsnga on behalf of his man to meet Qeorg
Fred Morris, the "Black Oyelea " and M Starlight"
ef Auatralla have been matched to box twenty rounds
at Newinarket, England, on April 38.
Harry Lemons and Frank Erne will box twenty
five rounds to-night at the Olymple A. O. of Buffalo.
Dal Hawkins, who Is In town, says he will challenge
the winner.
Dr. Ordway has returned to England. Before ha
left he said that he would try to arrange a few
matches between American and foreign boxers to be
decided at the National Sporting Club,
Tommy West and Tommy Ryan of Syracuse may bo
matched this week to box twenty rounds. A loeal
club has offered a liberal Inducement to tha boys.
West declares that he Is ready to meet Ryan, bat
under no circumstances will he agree to a fight at
George Consldlno of Detroit yesterday wired Billy
Roach, asking the latter to send " Mysterious" Billy
Smith to Chicago to meet a good man there next
month. Roacbe, who Is 8mltsrs manager, sent word
back that hen onld have Smith In readiness before
next Thursday.
At Norwalk, Conn., to-night, the second show of
the Norwalk Sporting Clnb will be held. Jack Fox
will meet Alex, scoit, ten rounds, at 188 poanosi
Dick Connors and Jack Wilson, both of Brooklyn,
will cross arms for ten rounds at 115 pounds, and
Kid Trueman of Chicago will meet Tommy Uartln of
Eddie Carry, the Fourth ward pngllltt, received a
hearty greeting on Saturday night at a stag arranged
by his friends of ths East Side A. 0.. 00 Water
street. The affair was in recognition ot Curry's game
and olever showing against Ben Jordan at the Na
tional Sporting Club, London, on April . Th stag
began at 8 o'clock and lasted until midnight. The
prise ring waa wall represented. Among those pres
ent wer Kid UcFartland, Charles W, Harnett, Billy
Baldock, Cnrry's tralnari Denny Daly, Barney Ben
natt, Tom Foley, Dave Welsh, Florrla Harnett, Jos
atcSwesaey, and Oeorge Horn.
Change In Pal Handicap.
Two hundred and eighty-three players or
lilted In ths Polo Association handicaps for
1808. There are twenty clubs In the associa
tion. The handicap list Is beaded by Foxhall
Keeno, at ten, which officially stamps blm as
the best polo player In tbo country. The players
rated at live or ore and their handlcapslast
your follow:
Namr. Club. 1807. 1808.
Seward Cary Buffalo 0 5
Dr. C.Carv Buffilo 4 ft
O.n.W. Foster.,, ..Iiedham 0 6
AllenForbes D.idhsm 0 n
W.C.Forbes DedUAm 5 o
O. W. Kendrloks.... Devon B
J. Dallett, Jr. Essex , 4 0
Auruu Belmont,, ,. Meadow brook 4 o
o. w. Bird lleadowhrook a ft
T. Hltchoook, Jr,...MeadowLrook ,,,, 8 s
II. P. Whitney sleadowbrook s S
O.O.Baldwin Ilea low lirook 8 8
a. P. Eustlt. Meadowhrook a s
W,C. Kuitli Heailorrbrook 0 6
T.A.ilavemeycr.Jr.Meadowhrook 0 e
Uenlamln Nlcoll,,,,tlorrli County 8 8
A. P. Gardner Myopia... ... B 0
It. M, Appleton Myopia 0 0
U.H.Norman, Jr.,. llyopla 0 r
It. L. Agasls .... Jljopla 7 8
11. O, Khaiv llyopla 8 8
V B.Fay llyopla 0 D
J. F. Cowdln Koctaway 8 8
It. T.Francke Itoctaway B 0
Foxhall Keene Kockaway 10 10
F 8. Cnnover. Jr....ltooltaway 7 7
W. Itutberfurd KocLuway a n
J.8. Hieveut Itockawar 7 ft
Albert Franck Itockaway 4 ft
J. M. Waterbury, Jr. Westchester 7 7
L. Watsrbory Westchester 7 7
T, A. Havetneyer, J r., has tin til this year played
from the Country Club of Westchester. One of
the new men In tho list Is L. E, Larocque of the
Southampton Club, who is a golfer of some note.
Tho first round of tho chcts match between the
Junior players of New York and Brooklyn was
doclded on Saturday night at the Brooklyn
Chess Club. A draw resulted, each sldo winning
Tt gatuot. The dotalls follow:
Jlrooklun, A'ew Yurk. Opining.
Napier , Ivs, A. S.Meyer,,.. 0 Q'sObt. deo.
Selorer, Jr....1)! vs. Lemon c, French.
Tyler 0 vs. Meyer 1 Ilur Loess
Ueuser Ovs.TDnenwood.. 1 Evans uambll.
ltiedsl lvs.Lltialr 0 Dutch Def.
Uowell U vs. Bewail 1 Patron.
Glese Hi vs. Falk RuyLopea
Homers........ X vs. Bsrsnell 0 Forfeited
Lalu... lvs.Ullman 0 P Q4.
llelssl Ova. Buerger 1 French.
Morse Ovs.Blnshelniar.,,, 1 Fngllsh.
Uelm 1 vs. UrlKgs. 0 Q'sObt. da.
lybtric Hvs.Dtera..., j l'etrorf.
Martin 0 vs. Rosenfeld I Oluocorlsa
Storey , Ivs. Levy ,.,.U Bcotchgam.
Total Th lotal Th
Brooklyn played tbo wbltoplocea on the odd
numbered boarusjt-i'ho umpires were: Brook
lyn, a ll.Chadwiea; New York. IV. JI. Clay. JV
Helms waaTlieroferee. The second round will
ba played nxt Saturday,
XTntt f ! Hrrr TarV andiBraxktm ia th
aVvaga naeen
Ineffective workln the box and weak batting
has done much to keep ths New Torks trailing
near the tall end ot tbs rac nt the dote of the
first week ot tho League season. AS the Brook
lyn! have played nil ot their games away from
home, they have done well to bretk even. Seven
men have a' batting average ot over .400. Two
ot ths new players, Ryan and Tucker, lead
those who havs played In five or mors games.
Tuoker has made nearly as many two-base hits
a are credited to tha other fourteon players,
The records to date follow:
lover. Om: A.n. n. 10. IB. 31. 11. P.. S.B. S.IT. Av.
Oettlg.,., B10100 O 0 0 1000
Davis t III B 11 8 1 V 0 0 ..17U
Tlernao.. 7 SO U 0 1 0 1 00 .810
V.Haltrn 7 SB a 10 a 1 O 10 ,8ft
Itartman. 7 87 1810 0 00 .BBS
Joyce T7 7710 1 10 .1IB9
jleektn... 140101 0 00 .890
Kuile 141100 o 00 .860
aieaton.. 7 18 8011 0 00 ,SJ1
Seymour, asiluo o oo .107
Doheny.. 880101 0 00 .100
Warner... B11BB00 O CO ,09ft
Wllniot... 8 11 1 1 0 0 O 0 0 ,011
KcCreery 4 IB 0100 0 00 .0117
Grady.... 880000 0 00 .000
if awr. Oamst. Put Out. AMtts. Xrrort. Avtragt.
Doheny. 8 8 7 0 1000
Rail 10 10 1000
Davit 7 IB 4 1 .077
Joyce 7 88 8 S ,78
aieason 7 SO 17 a .BBS
Van Haitian. 7 la 1 1 .033
Grady 8 U 4 1 .BUB
Hartman.,.., 7 IB 18 8 ,U08
Tlernan 7 8 0 1 .SHU
Warner 0 II 10 4 .MO
Wilmot 8 fl 0 1 .8S7
Oettlg 8 0 4 1 ,00
UoCrecry .... 4 0 18 ,700
Seymour..... 8 1 1 1 .Oil 7
Meekln. 10 8 1 .187
At Rat. Runt, flats Jl lit. Avtraa.
IfewTork. 844 48 60 .840
Oppenent 204 83 8t .818
Tut Out. Attint. Error, tvraae.
New York. ISO 101 BO .V20
Opponents. ... 183 84 84 .BIS
Plavr. On. AD.lt.lD. 3D. SB.U.n. S.B, S.U. Av.
Payne 141300 0 0 0 .760
A. Smith. 10 13 0 1 0 0 0 .800
Dunn 10080 0 0 o o .eoo
Ryan ft 17 401 1 0 0 0 ,f8U
Tuoker... 0 81 7 10 4 0 0 1 0 ,70
Shecka'd. 4 17 480 1 0 1 0 .471
Lachano 1 IS 111 i 0 1 0 1 .440
Yeager... 13110 0 0 1 1 .833
Hallman. 0 88 070 1 0 1 1 .818
Jones 0 8470 O 0 4 1 .tV3
ShlndU... 0 15 8 7 1 0 0 0 0 .880
Horton... 14010 0 0 0 0 .131)
Orimn.... 4 14 0 8 0 O 0 1 0 .814
Anderson 4 IB 181 O 0 0 0 .183
Kennedy. 8 3 10 0 0 0 0 0 .000
Jfayeri. 0ams. Put Out, Atttttt. Krrort. Averaa.
norton 10 8 0 1000
A. Smith,. . 17 0 0 1000
Dunn 1 a a 0 luuo
Pjjne 10 4 0 10U0
Anderson.... 4 8 0 0 1000
Tuoker. ...... 1 80 B 1 .880
Lachano . 0 IB IB 1 .884
Hallman...... 8 18 81 8 .057
Ryan B 18 0 1 .BOO
Ortffla..,.. 4 18 0 1 .680
Bbeotard.. 4 8 8 1 .BOB
Shlndle..... t 7 18 8 .870
Kennedy 8 0 0 1 .850
Jones .. 8 18 B B .700
Yeager 10 8 1 .750
At Bat. Runt. Has Jilts. Avtma.
DTOklyu.....80 48 74 .801
Opponents 884 4B 0B ,30
Put Out. AstUtM. frrer. Avtraot.
Brooklyn. ISO SB 18 .035
OppOBntS...10S 74 ( B .UBS
Clerslaafs Ear Vlotrj Flrat Lwtga tYla r
' th Tear for at. Lonla.
Louistxlle, April 8. Fraser was kept In the
box for six Innings, though be gave nine bases
on balls, had two wild pitches, and twelve hits
Were made off him by th Olevelands. Only
0 run resulted, owing to good fielding. Tbs
home team was discouraged and mads no at
tempt to hit Wilton, who pitched only fair ball.
The scorer
a. la.r.o.i. a. k.1b. r. O.A.S.
Bnrktt,lf...l 0 4 0 0 Clarke, If.... 0 110 0
McKesn.es. .B 8 8 1 1 Rltohle, as..l 1 S 0 0
Cbllds, 8b...l 14 8 0 Stafford, cf..O 8 4 10
Wallao-. 8d 0 1 0 4 0 Wagner. b.O 10 8 1
Blake, rt....l 18 1 0 Nance. rf....O 18 10
McAleer. of ..B 8 B 0 0 Cary, lb..0 0 11 0 0
Tebeau, lb.. 8 8 8 10 Cllngm'n.8b.O 0 18 1
O'Connor, c.O 18 0 0 Wilson, O....0 0 B 0 0
F. Wilson, p.O 118 1 Dexter, 0....0 0 10 0
Fraser, P-...0 0010
Totals. 8 11 17 18 8 Uagee. D.....6 0 0 0 0
Totals.. ,.7l 0 17 1 "a
Clevelaad... .8 0 0 8 0 8 0 0 0 B
Louisville..... ........... 0001000O 01
First baa by errors Cleveland, 9i Louisville, 1,
Left on bases Cleveland. Ill Lontsvlll, 7. Horns
run Tobaau. Saciifto hits Chllds (8), O'Connor.
Double plays Stafford and Cari-Tl Cllngman and
Carey, stolen base Burkett. Struck out By Wil
ton, 111 by Fraser, Ui by Uagee, 1. nit bypttcher
Clarke. First baa on balls Off Fraser, S. Wild
pitches Fraser. 8. Passed balls Wilson, 1. Time 1
hour and 05 minutes. Umpires wartwood and
St. Louis. April 24. The St. Louie team won
Its first victory of the aeason to-day by adminis
tering a thorough defeat to the Pittsburg nine.
The borne team and the "rooters" lost their
heads after the gome, and Chris Von der Ahe is
celebrating the victory to-night. Killen of tho
Pittsburg team was batted out of the box and
In the fourth inning Qardner succeeded him.
Hugbey, who pitched for the locals, did so well
that after the game be received an order for a
B100 suit ot clothes from President Muckenfusa.
The score:
B.ls.r.o. A.X. n. ln.r.0. A.x.
Sowd, cf....l 4 8 0 0 Padden. Sh..l 10 11
Turner, rf...0 a 8 0 0 Donovan. rf.O alio
Harley, lf..-B B S 0 0 Brodle.cf....O 8 8 0 0
Clements, a. 0 0 4 10 McCarthy. 1L0 a 0 1 0
Croat. 8b. ...8 8 18 1 Darnell, lh.,0 0 8 0 0
Decker, lb. ..8 8 10 0 0 Gray, 8b 0 8 8 0 0
nail, as 8 110 0 Kir. is o 0 0 8 0
Crooks, 8b. .1 18 8 0 Schrlver.c.O 10 4 0
Hugbey, p.. ,8 8 10 0 Killen. p 0 0 0 0 0
Qardnerp....0 10 10
TotaU....1817 17 11 1
Totals 11184 11 1
etLonU -...a o o o l o a i . is
Pittsburg 1 000000001
Two-baa hit Brodl, Gray, Dowd, Decker, Oroai
nome run Hugbsy. Doublo Plsyt Hugbey, Clem
nta and Deokeri Hnghey and Deckr. Thrae-bas
hit Hughay. HII by pitched ball By Killen, 8.
First baa on balls By Ilnghy. il; by Gardner, St by
Killen, 1. Wild pltohes Gardner. 8. Struck out
Dy nnghey, 8 by Killen. 21 by Gardner, 4. Time of
game 8 hours and 15 minutes. Umpires Clubman
and Ueydler.
At Cincinnati Rain.
llflf?il?!f f
Baltlmor. ... 00000083000 ft
Cincinnati. 0.. 0080200000 4
Chloago... 0 0 ... 0 0 0 0 0 0 II 8 2 4
Phlladel'a, 000... 01000800 4
Cleveland. 0100... OOuOOia 4
Brooklyn.. 00010... 00 20U0 a
Pittsburg.. 000000... 00080 8
Boston 1000000... 0800 8
Wash'ton.. 00000200, ,.000 a
New York. 000100010... 00 8
Louisville. 0010001000... 0 B
St. LOUIS.. 00000010000... 1
Games lost "lll"a"l 84 "44"b0"I
Other dam.
a naaBA csusatiir.
Hamtlkm... 1 0 0 0 0 0 10 0-8 0 4
KlagaraUniv'ty,.l 0 0 10 0 0 8 8-7 10 8
Batttrlea Bradford and Oourteyi Cornwell. Con
nolly, and Dowd.
At Jsrsey City Brighton A. O, lOiPaoina A. tt, 8.
Baaebatl Gsisii To-Day.
UTtoaiL utaocg asn axgnicu isioctartos.
New York at Watulngtoni Brooklyn at Baltlmor
Boston at Philadelphia; Pittsburg at St. Louis Clave
Und at Lonlsvlllei Chicago at Cincinnati.
Hartford at Leicester! Reading at Atlentowat Fat
erson at Norfolk) Newark at Rlcnmond.
oium oauu.
Mdlt va Acme Colored Giants, at afedla.
Brown vi. Tufts, at Providence.
Harvard Frethmea vs. Uopkinson Boaool, at Cam
bridge. ;
Baseball Mote. 1
BraisarntLD, April 84, Dan Brouthers has arrived
here, and will cover first base tor the homo team this
year. There was sumo doubt about his playing again,
but a satlafactory proposition from thvdlrectois has
Induced him to resign real estate busln-ss at Wan
plngar'i Falls for a time. This will be Dan's tr. en
tletu year on the diamond, The Hprlngflelds will open
the season bar on Thursday by playing th Toronto.
PROTiniKcl, April 24. Fulti ot th Brown 'varsity
team liable tousehlaaprslned ankle again, and h
has returned to teoond base, which Richard Crokar,
Jr., has been covering. It has been decided to place 1
Oroker on th bench. W. II. Bacon, 1000, ot Ver
mont la luulgned permanently to shortstop. Roro
Clark, 1V01, of liolyoke, litis, will go to centre
Held, displacing O. J, Patton of the Onronta. N. Y ,
Normal tiohool. The work of O. D. P. Eaton, 'lid. In
th box against the Providence Leaguit on last
Wednesday has attracted ranch attention to blm.
Sedgwick continues to surpru th "rooters," and
from her five pitchers Brown belUrea she will pull
r through tha Mason comfortably. Tha students are
Jtal rtsejjrisg over the vlotorjixlnM Holy Cross.
111 It sot bean for Cipt. ttudr (rreT'Iirowc
would bar whipped Frovbleno, too.
az,z xs onxusn ron rim orjsHDra
Vtfteen Candidate Left In far the Carter
nandlcap New Clabhau sad Other Ira
rveraata Caaalel-Trel.rllled Card I
lart With nw wner Fares! atneanlnga.
The attention of metropolitan horsemen and
racegoers It now concentrated on Aqueduct,
where tho spring meeting ot tho Queens County
Jookey Club will open this afternoon. Visitor!
to tho track will find many improvements de
signed for their comfort. Tbo grand stand has
bcon moved back from sixty feet at ono end to
eighty feet at tho other, and the angle thus
created enables ono to watch the racing through
the strotch, without hindrance. Just nt the end
of the covered way leading from tho railroad
siding a new club house has been built. It is
equipped with roomy balconies on tbreo sides,
and should bo a popular vantage point and loung
ing centre for officials and holders of club badges.
Tho proposed widening of tho track has been
doferrod, as Superintendent Tucker did not
hlnk It advisable to experiment In this di
rection so early In the year, foaring that the
remade portions might not knit In time. In all
other respects ths trsck has been carefully
looked after, and, as It dries out very fast. It is
expected to furnish fair going to-day If no more
rainfalls. '
Doiplto ths uninviting weather there was a
big muster on, hand yesterday, and all tho horses
engagod, says those that can bo walked from
ths othor Long Island tracks, were stabled In
ths lncloturo and vicinity. The comparatively
seasoned horses that have already been through
the mill at Bennlngs were objects of much at
tention among those who do their picking on
publlo form. Local trainers and their followers
take a different vlow ot the situation and claim
that tho heroes of th recent Washington cam
paign will find their peers among ths Long
Island horeet tbat bava not yet raced this sea
son. This Is tho kind of rivalry that gives a
spice to raclnrr, and ther is so much of It in
evidence nt Aqueduct that the issue will be
awaited with wldctpread Interest.
A hot race Is looked for In the Carter handi
cap, which is tho richest plum of ths meeting.
Tho 81,000 added money at this stage of tbo
season, when stable expenditures run ahead of
receipts. Is a strong Incentive, and, unless ths
going turns out to be very poor, few withdrawals
are anticipated. There are fifteen horses loft
in, with W. SI. Barrlok's slx-yoar-old Sun Up
carrying the top weight of 120 pounds.
Storm King Is next In order with 118, and
Mazarine, Our Johnny, and Varus, all winners
at Bennlngs, are grouped at 110 pounds. Other
woll-known performers engaged are Tho Manx
man, Ortoland, Tabouret, Debrlde, and Sailor
King. The handicap will be run as the fourth
race today, and will be preceded by dashes for
all ages, maiden two-year-olds, and three-year-olds,
respectively. The fifth race Is for ths
stayers, one mile nnd forty yards, and a dash
for two-year-olds will wind up the card. All the
races havs tilled well.
Yesterday was a sort of off day at the other local
tracks, as the morning was against fast work.and
only trainers having Aqueduot candidates cared
'to take a chance. Still ths various strings con
trived to get In some Umbering up work. The
stake class took mattors vsry leisurely, but when
the tracks dry out onco more brisk and continu
ous work will bo the order. With the rich
Metropolitan Handicap at the Morris Park
spring meeting only a couple ot week oft,
trainers and owners realize that ths Urns for
hustling has arrlvod. and fast mores may be
looked for pretty soon if the weather clerk does
not play any more pranks. Nearly all the
cracks expected to figure In early events at tbo
Westchester mooting aro reported to be In good
boalth and rounding into form steadily. The
tno-ycar-old brigade Is unusually strong in
numbers, but whether the youngsters will
"class" when called upon Is a question that
must bodeferron.
Now that the Western Invasion has set in the
'outlook for largo fields and good racing on tho
Eastern circuit is docidodly encouraging. A
horseman who returned to town the other day
after wintering In the South and West says the
racing material In ths latter section Is quite
formidable. He thinks May Hempstead, the
noted ally that figured at New Orleans, is all
that Is claimed for her. nnd thnt among tbs
older division Lieber Karl, Algol and JIncy
and some others will have to bs reckoned
with. Algol has rooovered bis early form
In a marked degree and looks like being ripe for
tho spring handicaps. Western owners having
engagements here feel great confidence in their
ability to cut a wide Bwatb In the East this sea
son, and they propose coming on in greater
numbers tnnn ever before.
The Waldon-Morrla-Jordan combination got
most of the money at the Bennlngs meeting. By
winning the First Washington Nursery on
Saturday with their colt Fillgrnne, the first
monoy of which wns $2,200, B. W. Waldon Sc
Bon cams out nt tho head of tho winning; owners.
Their horses ran first four times and second
and third the same number of times, which
notted them $3,400. The stnblo of "Father
Bill" Daly cam next with eight winners, nine
times second, and four times third, which
amounted to S2.085. A. 11. ft D. II. Morris
were third with live wins, flvo times second,
and once third, which amounted to $2,70S. M,
Jordan wns fourth with $2,300, due to eight
winners, four seconds, and three thirds. Tbo
other winners wore:
Adam Beck, (300: R, Bradley, 8700 E. Burke,
8840; Mrs. It. Bradley, $388: T. V. Barrett C Co,
$330: Bennington Gardner. 8105: 31 Clancy, 0j
J. W. Colt, 470: W Cherlton, tZVO: lira. A. D,
Crampton, $80: Mrs. W. C. Daly, $600; R. C. Doggett,
$180: P. J. Dwyer. $086: R. Fosbendrr. $200; S.8.
Uowland. 830ft; Mrs. S. 8. Howland. ISO; J. J. Harrt
son. $280: J. Hyneeft Co.. $600; II. T. Hewitt, $80; F.
It. A T. Hltcboock. $310; C, II Ilurcamp. 8100;
W. Jennings, $040 W. Junnlngs, Jr. $00;
F. E. Lown, $120; O. B. Morris, $310; O.
D. McCov A Co.. $080: F. T. inner, $180: T. A.
Nagte.270i W.L. Oliver, $l"0t I. M. Parr, Jr., F, O.
Page. $180: J. F. Qulgley. $370. F, Regan. $100; P. s.
P. Randolph, $1L'0: O. L. Richards, $74S;M.F. Sle
phenson. $0;C. R.Tallwrt,$H0;Ed Wain, $00:11. A.
Allan. (40: Mrs L Curtis. $40: T. Coitello. $40; H.
Durent,$S0iO. H.Kernaghan, $830: M. Murphy, $40;
J.McLaugh!lo,$340lE.M Mitch 11. (10; A. D. Payne,
$40; J. 8. Wadsworth, $40; Graham Anderson. $123;
w. C. Kustls, 11,085; . & A. Craven, $00; W.
Woods, (CO.
Tho entries for to-day's races at Aqueduct ars
as follows:
First Race telling; Ave furlong. Gotham, 119;
Zanon acd Decide, 114 each: llraw Lai, 118; Bum
mer Rea and Takanassee, 107 oai-h; Arabian, 100;
Lambert, 102; Campania, 100; storm Queen, Sly
Fox, and lllil Tentiv, UU etch.
Second llaie Maiden two year-oldsi four and a
half furlongs Curhstone, Dr. Fitztlmmons. Robert,
Overboard nnd Cuvallerla, 110 each: Joe Carroll.
Peace. Mall Bag, Chemisette, Crown, Kllarma, and
Ellen II., 107eaeh.
Third Rate Three year-olds; selling; five and a
half furlongs. Mailmo Gomez, lift; Lucid. 118;
Hnlrpln, 1IU First Fruit, liluelx'ard, and Aratoma,
lllfleaih; llvron Cross, I0.li t'nrelll, 10J; Filament
I and Prlnco Auckland. 100. Tint Pin. UU; Jilted. 07.
Fourth Race Carter Hamlicip, altuut seven fur
longsbun Up, 120, KtonuKlng. 118; Msrarlna.our
Juhnnv, and Varu, llriiach; Tunis, 114; The Manx
man, Marslau, and Debrlde, I0H each; Don't Care,
ion, tiullor Klna, 104; Zella, 110.
Fifth Rare Selling; one nillo and forty yards.
Cherry Leaf. Il: Roundsman, 110; King T., 117;
Lanadale. 112: Hen Ronald, 100: Passover. 108;
Mount Washington, 105; Long Acre, 82; Test. H7.
Sixth Race Selling! tuo-yi ar-olda: four and n half
furlongs Th Diner. 1 lUiDIra, 1081 Mount Clements,
108: Lady llabhle, 107i Ilolden. 102; May Landls,
Bessie Taylor, Ninety Cents, Ulss Mark, and Clap
Trap, 08 each; Tortugas, 08,
Caeslp or the Handball Court.
At Hlckey's court, South Brooklyn, the boys had a
pleasant olubdav session. Those who captured the
principal rubbers Included J. Frederloks, J. PJlrger.
aid, M. Buny, P. Carroll, W. Hlekey, P. Mitchell, P.
Horohoe, J, Greene, "Young" Hlekey and G. W,
The principal event of tha week will ba the first
series of games In the match for the professional
championship and $o00 a side between James Hit.
Ecrall, the Irish thamplnn, and William Carney,
older of the American title. The ennwet la sched.
uled for Wednesday afternoon at the Brooklyn Club's
The semi duals In the amstenr championship series
will he played at the Jersey City court to Uar. Those
eligible for flrst plai'e are Mike 1'gan, the champion;
James Flaherty, Jersey t'ltr court, and William
Schmidt of the Brooklyn Club. Dr. A. II Ulllen la
eligible to play in the extra match for tbo second and
third medals.
The Monliattauvlllr. experts were as energetic as
usual m club day and got through fourteen matches.
Tho winners were C. O'Leary, 1. McOrath, J. Don
nelly, W MrKegney. W O'Leary, M Cunningham, T.
McNeill, M.Burke, l)r bellman, F, Fay, C, Klllllea, J.
nines. J. Donahue, W. Ilrady, J. Glyuu, J, J. Kelly
and D, Harrington
There was a hunipor gnlturlng of old timers at ths
Jersey city court for the usual club dsr matinee.
M M Itorty and J. Flaherty made a big hit hj de
feating Pat Barrett and P.bcntt, 2114, 18-21,21
10. Rorly and Scott then went at It single banded,
aud the former won in rare style by 21 10. 11 21,
21 1 u, Matches were also won by J, Silver, It Fous
kell, p. llsbeny, M. Mulllns, F.d ntsgrrald, P Flood,
John Egan, Tom W aid ron, M. Howler. P. Walsh, J.
Maxwell, w. Barrett, B, Logan, J. Norton, and Pat
Members of the Brooklvn Club and several guests
apent a lively rlub day In the co. j. Phil Caaey and
J. Tangle inoited grand foim against J. MoKvor and
Marty Cngglns, and brat them In straight gatnea. M,
Coggtns surprised the lot al expert! by defeating Jure
Mrliahou by 21-10, 1021, 2110. Th Trail boy
wait mure forlunata in doublei and. with Tommy
Dunne as partner, won from Dr. omen and Pete Con
nolly by 21 II, 21 IV, 17-21,0110, Thawlnn'ta
of other rubbers Included Prof. John Cogglns, Dr Me
Groaen, Jarr.es FlUctrald. J O'DonnelL Jo McCor
tnJik, Jja.) Murphy, a. HcFJroy, John Uunhy, M.
ltjab, J, Connolly, and Ooo Boyl. '
irixn xnoTTim akd Jtaobji.
"lUnglng" ntrra I sTw at Hidenr la
Tal tat.
The oblef crime of "ringing", trotter and
pacers la now a misdemeanor In this 8tate, dor.
Black having approved Astemblyman1 Oarll 8.
, Burr's bill amending the Penal Code in tbo In
torcst of harness racing. The new law provides
thatany person who knowingly enters or drivel
a horss In a race under an assumettname or out
of its proper class shall be punishable by a fids
of not less than flSOO nor more than' 91.B0O, or
by Imprisonment for not tnoro than' one year, or
both. Owners, trainers, and alt other persons
having control ot tho racing qualities of horses
nro Hkowlso punishable If they knowingly allow
horses so under their control to bs fraudulently
started In races. This law It similar to
thoss which were enacted a few years
ago In soveral Western States through th
Influence of tho American Trotting Association.
Secretary 8telrer of that organization has
made many costly efforts to procure convictions
under tbo laws ot Indiana, Illinois, nnd other
States, but he has not yet landed th' first out
law In ths penitentiary. Groat difficulty was
experienced In every case. It Is said. In getting
proof sufficient lo convince the Jury beyond a
reasonable doubt as to the correctness of ths
trotting records, the Identity of the horss, and
the fraudulent Intent of tho party accused ot
ringing. The hotter opinion among turfmen Is
that the most effectual way to head off ths
ringers would be to Inaugurate a system of reg
istering the description and history of each
horss in the central offlc ot tho N. T. A. at
Hartford. '
'ibo uncertainty frequently arising concern
ing tho Identity of oven notod horses In the ab
sence of any system of keeping track of their
ownorshlp is Illustrated by the controversy
now going on between L. Netdhart of Uoboken
and Dr. W. J. Evans of Gorton, S. D., an to
which owns th pacer Guy, 2:00V This horse
will bo remembered as the gray stallion that
dofeatod Mascot nnd Flying Jib In a record
breaking rocs at Terro Haute In 1802, winning
the third, fourth, and fifth heats In 2:00,
2:082, and 2:084, after Mascot had "lowered
the world's record to 2:01 In the first and
the Jib bad won the second In 2:03.
Neldbart is now driving on the road In Hobo
ken an old whlto gelding that was recently sold
In Indianapolis as being tho original Guy, while
the South Dakota man asserts tbat he owns tbs
old-fashioned r.ickor from Mississippi. C. A.
Thompson, who has seen Guy pac many races
out West, says he believes the Hoboken horse Is
not Guy. Tho difficulty of proving Identity be
yond a reasonable doubt was strikingly Illus
trated nlso In the case ot Bob Kneebs's Interna
tional rtngcr Bethel, 2:1G14, the German Gov
ernment having spent several thousand dollars
in trying to prove In court that Nelly Kneebs
and Bothol wero one and the same animal.
Uncertainty as to when the now speedway
will bs completed, and what It will be when
opened, caused the upsetting of aS15.000deal
In horseflesh last week, line of New York's
wealthy roadltes, ho hnd received an option
on a horso of worldwide note, and who was
about to buy solely for pleasure driving on the
uncompleted spoeawny, declared the bargain off
on last Saturday, after looking Into the uncer
tain condition of things. All sorts of rumors
arc afloat concerning tho fntureot tho 83,000,
000 drive on the banks of the Harlem, which was
filanned and built to furnish a place where the
overs of the American trne of horse, tho trotter.
could enjoy their favorite pastime of driving at
speed under favorable conditions. Now that
too speedway is about finished, there is talk
thatlt may be thrown open to vehicles of all de
scriptions, from bicycles to four-in-hand coaches.
Horsemen say this would spoil ths road for
speeding, and that unless It Is to be restricted to
light driving the elevated railroad might as well
receive the right of way to Ktngsbrldge over
this route, so far as the owners of trotters are
" Bicycles on the speedway would make fast
driving unsafe for both wheelmen and horse
men," said A. A. Bonnor the other day. "And
coaches and heavy carriages would cut up ths
soft dirt road just as badly as if you opened it
to brewery wagons and traffic of all kinds. It
wns built for light driving and should be re
stricted to that. Thers are two classes of horse
thnt rtqulro soft footing. They are trotter and
saddle horses. The latter have miles of space in
Central Park, Klvcrsiiio Drlvo, and eltewhers
restricted exclusively to their use, while there
isn't a foot of road In all Now York devoted to
the trotting horso of Amorlca or suited to hi
need 1."
Ths old Outtenberg rnce track on Union HIU
will bo headquarters this season for nearly all
ot the trainers who formerly worked their trot
ters and pacers at Fleotwood Park. 0. A.
Thompson, J. P. Llpplncott, Peter Manse and
several other well known drivers have lately
moved tboir stables there, and tb,y will bs
Iolned later by Isaac Fleming, George McBrlde,
'atchai Cherrler, John Daly, Jerome Wbelpley,
L. IL Uurd and others of the old Fleetwood con
tingent. Trainer Thompson has in his stable
tbs Western pacing gelding Thomas Edison,
2:034. by Attorney, who is expected to give a
good account of himself thl year; Mlnne
waska, a gray filly by Millionaire, 2:213,
and four others belonging to ex-Corpora-tlon
Counsel William II. Clark. Tho Kid,
a four year-old brown gelding by Director
out ot Sapphire, the daughter ot Jay Gould and
old Lucy, il:18'. Is a green pacer that promises
to beat 2:15 this year. Sunburst, a chestnut
filly by Actuary, and Tiverton, a bar gelding by
Gnllico Itex, are two green ones that Trainer
Thompson rocentlv bought for Clark out In
Iowa, The star of Peter Manee's string is tho
gray trotting gelding Marin, Jr., 2:13. one of
the sensational horses of the California circuit a
fow years ago. Monroe Salisbury campaigned
him In the East In 1805, but bis feot troubled
him and he won no races. Jinnee has driven
him a quarter In 0:31 and a half In 1:10
this spring. It is said. Georgo McBrlde, who de
veloped the crack trotter Ueorgeanna, 2:124,
has In his stable a promising three-year-old
trotter belonging to Richard Croker.
Mount Vernon, April 21. It Is learned on
frood authority tbat the Now York DrlvlngClub
s negotiating for trm purchase of seventy-fivo
acres of the Falles estate at East Chester. The
property Is situated a quarter of a mile south of
the Boston road, and overlooks Long Island
Sound. Engineers from New York have in
spected the land, and It is understood that a
mile track can be laid out without any trouble.
It is considered one of ths choicest pieces of
property In the annexed district.
1 notrzzNo.
Kera f Th San Championship and Other
Th following are the records of TngScx Individual
championship and other prominent tournament In
this vicinity:
rnx suit ivDrrmcAL cmurioxsiirr rocnuiMiirr.
ktrlct. Totul High
Mimes. 11'. X,. 67s. S. 8. B. lint Siurc.Averagt
W. Gerdei.B 124 84 123 34 4621 2311 188 1-3
Brill 0 124 IlllKIl 40 4310 227 170 8-0
cordei ...,e 2 .ii2u i7u ot unrto am 100
KahUdorf. 0 2 31 till 147 AH r7l235 184 20 31
Thvne a HJU SB 1110 60 01112 244 184 1-10
Stumptel,..0 U 111 VS1SU 08 00113 822 170 14 81
Arnold. ...0 4 4H13II2JB OU 7D2H -MO 1HI IB 43
MacLellau..2 2 18 OH 88 .14 82011 Hi 180 M 0
TIiiitii 2 2 17 04 81 30 80I1U 221 17H 13-17
F. Uerdcl.,.11 037 117 18U 114 07.11 220 181 Ut-87
Rehm 3 52V 77 I4'l 114 4UII I 21)11 171 4-211
Schilling... ,2 030 40150 70 51U7 2J4 l'O 7-.I0
ltnllvrmol.,3 n 0 00 141) 70 4HU3 lull lllH 21-20
Clinch I 0 21 50 4 42 .11172 212 174 0.7
Howell 1 783 til) 101 00 61)33 214 170 3 33
Ulgh High
II'. L.toor. ir. ..score.
Nat. Park in 1 854 Mount Morris.. ..8 V 727
Imp&T'deNat.lu 1 riilllf'hasn Nat 7 10 80K
Itat.B'kofltep.lS 8 814 Seaboiird Sat. ..7 10 745
J.PMorg'nftCo.18 8iulllamlltun OU 757
Hanover Mat.. ,12 0 83-Corn Ex 8 12 OHO
Oennan Kar.,.,10 7 702 ContlneniaiNat.4 12 Olio
Am. Ex. Nat... .10 7 75llU. 8. bllb-Treas .3 14 71H
W'msliurgSav.lO 7 720 U. H, National,. .2 15 730
West Side 8 V 702lNaasau Old 040
PhrrnlxNo. l,.2rt 7 OHI Wtnsor No, S.,17 in 843
Lotus 24 12 0811 Kismet. ......1HIH 11.15
N. V. II. O 10 14 U17 Prospect 13 17 02
MadNnn 20 111 UI17 Wllisor No. 1..13 17 111 J
Msudarit 1H 15 012 Knickerbocker. 0 27 (1112
Phu'ntx No. 8 18 15 0011 llaullton 0 30 H7U
N. Y. A, C 18 10 HbV
IUrtU.il LKiOCI.
Corlathlan....,12 2 101H Washington ... 0 A 090
Belvldero 13 II 1001 llherdale 8 10 U18
Oriental Id fl 0S7 Boulevard 0 8 UIH
hmplr 11 5 1001 Proipect 5 u U4u
Lotus 11 0 048'Cvclone 5 V II J 3
Central H 0 DnOi West Harlem ., 5 0 hhu
llornlugslde,, , B a 1)54 Audubon 5 11 002
Roller 8 n 1)35 Crlekot -Ill 014
Htandard U 7 027 Reform 3 11 HH4
Village 8 H 1150 Cable 8 14 88J
Phuiulx 7 7 10021
Oriental in 4 842 Rpartnn 0 0 588
Albion 0 7 5t5,Hdi-lla 7 U Bill
Orchard 11 7 B7 llosedale No. 2. 0 14 375
lloaedale No. 1,10 10 078 Lotus 1 7 003
Uoldeullod..,. 8 8 0 JU
Arlington 12 4 030 SOIIi Ward 8 fl 009
Metropolitan... 12 4 oonu.andC 7 7 M7
Albion 11 3 07b lied ord 7 U 008
Anelphl 10 0 870 Empire fl 801
HnuthPaw u 6 OIOEastNew York. 7 11 043
Fidelia U 0 804 Linden Grove., 4 10 H8'l
Corinthian 0 7 OBU Monarch 4 19 H31
Relneck 0 7 ei)4Usceo! , 111 8H7
Echo 8 0 8MI LcgaaW,.,.... 1 IS 810
Orient W 7 8 8B5l
Twxarr sixtu ward TOCBHAMrxT.
Manhattan 8! H 806 Kocentrlo 1727 1)18
28th Ward 8111 U54 lUImont 17 27 8n3
Ooodenough.,,20 10 010 Active ........ in 28 001)
Kellpw., .,,.., .20 IB uon Glenrer,, ,.,,!& 2W 870
Klondike 97 15 87 Vavhclenl,,.10 2U 870
Aiinex 80 tirt AtUntlv..,il0 8 1V&,
-,, ..."..JU ...w .-.-v.... -- i.. -- i-i.ii "
1 t 6
$ 1 ,000 CHALLENGE.
The Kinec of Mechanical Constructions J
Sworn Lnbor Shoota to Bo Produced aa Evidence, from lTAOtorj, XP
00 Bays.
All World's Vnpaced Tandem Becords
Hour Record is Held by the
A IjTJTIIY 1b itnnrftntoctl as Ionjt as von own It, s .
A LiUTHY Is Kiinrnntccd to run caster, j,
A IjUTJIY Is irunrantccd to climb a hill easier, ' fl
than auy other wheel In tho world, or Money Ttoftanaea. fl?
Can Wo Do Mora Than Tins ? . ft
Oim It BIT IHODM, AT 4 '; fl
$47.50. I
cmtinrssinii itxcnrrr or oon iotht. . . . hieim
All w ask Is that you wilt compare our new model with th other make at anr Prle before r SSm
make vournnal selection SjEI
llechanlci pronoume It perfect. SmBb
Special Notice. place your orders early on our new model, at w art working hard new to Kcty fflm
tip for Immediate delivery. ?;
riticts co.Yiri.ttTK, sc.oo.
that w can personally recommend, at low prlMt, ftssl
THE VINDEX Bicyclo, list price $60.00 ; our price. $45.00 T
THE RIPPLE Bicycle, " " 45.00; " " 35.00 I
THE SIMPLEX Bicycle, " " 35.00; " " 30.00
THE LE ROY JUVENILE Bicycle," " 25.00;" " 20.00
Send for catalogue, but specify which one you deslr. Open Uondav, Wednesday and Bstnrday even
ings till 10 P. il.
24 and 26 East 1 4th St.,
g. B.-rTTRcnAssn taught tree in oun oyolb academy. '
i j
The Spalding The Majestic
1898 models, for men and women. for men's, $27.50 for women's modete,
Spalding Juveniles, $25, $30, $35. Nyack Juveniles, $20, $25.
Also the popular Featherstone line.
TTptoTvn Store open Wednesday and Saturday evenings till 0 o'clock. . m
A. Q. Spalding & Bros, f SpaldingBidweII Co. i I
1 26-1 3Q Nassau Street. 129,31,33 West 42d Street. j J
rpiBES, $8.30 pr.. warranted. Best made, year's war
Lranty, IS pr. Mineralised Rubber Co., 19 CHIT .
cirrroL TouiMaircirr (ooMrumn).
Bright Star... ..10 8 OOliI.D.K 10 19 003
Arlington 18 921 .Pontile V IB SOU
Adelphl 18 4 OlOinomestead..... 7 1.1 rtSfl
Templeton 13 10 BB 1 Areola .0 10 871
Leonards la 10 83H auntlngton ....' 0 1H HOB
Progress 1111 047lDon't Know.... ilH b&7
loo tsLAxn aasocxsTiof or ctcuxo clubs.
Kings C'nty W.83 10 037'Hassau W 14 10 870
Logan W 28 14 005'llrooklyn B. CIS 23 88S
Orient W 20 13 040,1'equod W 0 27 843
Buihwlok W...10 14 8071
walluoct Tocwucrrr (oosnTui).
B roreit 10 8 S22VanWyok 7 11 BOO
Prosperity 14 4 083 SchOlsen 4 14 1123
Arlington 18 s 0"0 Waverly 2 10 788
WaUaboul 8 10 85U1
gzw jenser sottlivo Aiaocunog.
Homestead 14 0 R7fiMonarchs 7 S 70S
X Spartans 12 8 lniz'lndlsns 0 0 7R0
Valencia 12 4 810 Oranlte 0 8 802
CastlePolntO.il 4 UHlDnlons 0 10 80S
AIIBees 11 0 Rhb'Hokss nil 811
Holshackeri...lO 0 WOS Ui-orratlons 0 tl 708
Spheroids 10 0 880 M rrys 4 11 784
Pioneers 0 7 801 Hachelois 4 11 780
Jolljs....'. 7 0 S0iMeadowbrooks.0 10 738
s The Echos won two games In ths Oarrnther na
tional tournament of Brooklyn on Saturday night.
Tha scores!
niurr oahe.
East New York Corrlmn, 170 Baktr, 171
Mauoher.l 42s Woore, 120i Davis, 103. Total. 811.
Logan Wheelmen Haehrach. 107l llrush. lilt
Egelhoff, 201;llaum, 1181 Whltbeck, 140. Total, 748.
sccovu OiME.
Logan Wheelmen llacbraoh, 170 Brush, 187
Egelhoff. lflSlIlaum, 12'.'! Whltbeck. MO. Total. 78.
Echo Sellers, 130; Brand, 147i Smith, lBO;Bannla
ter. 1U1) J. Lounsbery, 100, Total, 787.
THMtn oaiif;.
Echo Sellers, lTO.Urnmt, lflili Smith, 140 Bannis
ter. 108i J, Luunabert, U'7. Totll, 7H0.
East New VorK Currlzan, ll'.'i llaker. lfllt Han
dier, 140: Moore, 184, Davis, l.'-J Total, 70S.
Uowlliiv Simtir To.lght.
The Sun Individual Championship Tournament
Clinch. Drill, nnd W (l-nles
Harlem I.gui Murulugslde, Central, and Pros
poet. Arcade AlbU n vs. rjnhlen Hod.
Harlem Itepul Mean Club I'licrnlx 2 vs Wlnsor 1,
Llthn-Arlltt K Klucken, llloiafehl, and KaUr.
Lenoi Ilopublloan Clul standard vs. llrlvldera 1.
Carruthers National Orient, Arlington, and Fi
delia. Long lalan I Astoclallun of Cycling Clubs, Class A
Buehwltk Whetlnieu vs. Pequod Wheelmen
Trenty-slxtb Want Atlantic vs. Klondike, at
Tehbe's alleys
Meyers Kranks vs. ITomr, Solo vs. Tlolno,
tta gbaotlog.
What will prohnbly lio tho last match In th
terles for the Second Ilrleado cbauiplomhlp
tenm una decided on Piturdny night, nt the
Fourteenth ItCKliiicnt Armory rango, jy-ooklyn.
) clcer nil-round wioollng tho home team
won a well-deserved victory. Summary!
200 BOO
Yell. flit. Total.
Cart. F. A. Wells. Co B 30 2H r,8
Private A. M biimmr Co. D 2U HO 00
Corporal It. K SI epard, Co. A 21 81 t1
Serxrantu. Ball, Co K 2A 28 f,
CorpoialH, A. Lugrln. Co. II 20 81 00
Capt. R. Iloag, staff 20 27 03
Teatntotals TrtO TH 7s
Cant J U. Knots. Co II .... 24 28 Bt
urd. Kergrant I' J l-arr-ll, N. C.8. 27 02 BU
Lieut T. K, Donuvall, Co II 21 VH 6'J
SI a or J T. N.'rnmbtr, staff 31 20 no
Private L bmllb. Co. A 27 31 BH
Private W 1. Allen, Co. A 21 2U 67
Team totals..,,, , 101 177 898
Clu t?urf.
PenITco. jockeyclub,
Racing Itvu-x tenb Day nt siSO r. M,
Admission to grand stand and tncloeur, 11,00.
Race trains leave K. 31th it. 10:00 A. If., 1, liBO,
ltrjO P. U. Alio, from Jlatbush av. lOiSt A, U.. 1,
rj j. 1,1 P. It. Slagts eonaect with stings O. l.,
It gives a good light 1
Cannot blow out nor jar I
out. Is the handsomest I
lamp made. Lasts for I
years get one. I
For sale by all dsalera. H
Bend for Booklet Ho. t a. M
Bridgeport Brasa Company, H
Bridgeport, Oonn. H
$ vl $
(New 1800 model). (New 1807 modest M
S. B. DAVEGA, 32 E. 14th St.
(Open Raturdays until 10 P M.). H
802 and 804 ltd Ave,, near 40th St. M
(Open every evening until to P. U.). VB
The Price, $60. H
"Thr hifih-iirade price that'm (air."
1898 Ideals. O. H
OTiinut ...ciiLipjui. H
Cormully 6t Joffory Mfg. Co. H
30 043 K1U11TII A V'.. near Sethst. M
Lexington Oykle Co., duwutown agents, 20 vtwytt, 1
B.OUO NBW OVCLKs, Ouaranteed for Six Koath. eH
TS MKiitLU liarcit, tit, H
loo .M..ltn. tsuo. H
so ueituiKH. sirt. H
a.o fiM, in. H
ts misToy :( it l.t. aicv. B
100 second band, t and up. Abo Juvenile ekaa. H
Bend f 1 deposlti will send anywliera O. O. D, M
'Bb VIM a T TillES, (t.nupalr. (PaH
SOthCenturr or Haulier Lamp., (I, yo Uells, 10.s aLLl
820.00 H
Is ray price for a tellable L.I -jclt, waloUI gnarsusv HH
for 0 monthi l.adlea1 orruen's H
'98 Elmoro Cyclos, 50.
ylttfd with ltul.LKH sprockeu and Kelly hart. vy ,1
Haiursotlou guaranteed or money rfundd. V V
tO wed el Ki,MOItBH. fun, OM rBIlUI. eOB.
auarlal price to dealer.
LLIS &.Ifj0: 23 PARK RQW, ml

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