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R. H. Macy & Co.'a. Attractions Ara Their Low Pricaa
R. H. Macy & Co.'a Attractions AraTheir Low Prlctt.
Men, Women nnd Children, of
All Xntionnlities Carijy tho
Stars and Stripes.
Only 500 Attend Rival Picnic
Run by Industrial Work
ers of the World.
IiAWBRNCB, Mom., Oct. 12. Between
5.000 find 30,000 men, women nnd children
tramped through tho Ann bedecked
Htreots of Lawrence to-day to protest
acnliiPt tho "NoOodl no mosterl" motto
of tho Industrial Workers of tho World.
Probably lno.noo other persons, Includ
ing many thousands from tho neighbor
ing towns nnd cities, witnessed tho great
spectacle. Only ono emblem was in
slht, tho (lac of tho United States, and
in addition to each marcher bearing nt
least ono of these, the sight seers woro
them in countless numbers; hey wero
wavinR from staff and cord and used as
decobUion for buildings all along th
.. .J i.. .1.. . . i . 1 1
frlntln mnutn wna nlnvnil w tVia Ivmrlu
and sung by tho children nnd women.
These wero answered by the cheers of
tho crowds that lined tho htreets and i
sldowalks and crowded every building '
along tho lino of march. i
It was a dull, gray day and the streets I
wero mildriv. hilt thla timrlrt nn tftrrntH 1
to the puraders nor to tho crowds every
where. Many of the mill workers took part in
the colebration, and only about 500 of the
I. W. W attended tho 'Competition
Picnic," arranged by that organization
and held at Pleasant Valley, although
20,000 wero expected.
Tho I. W.W. got out n big circular early
in the day, headed "Ood and Country,"
and explaining why this phrase is used
to attack tho I. W. W. It says:
The nmters and upholders of the masters
condemn the I. W. W. in the nnmo of Ood
and country. Theso questions have no
benrlni: on the I. W. W We hnve never
made nn Issue of rellRinn in our union, but
thsro Is a proverb, "God helps him who
helps himself," nnd un hae helixvl our- '
selves so elTeitlvely that wo have obtained 1
a IS per rent. inoreae in wiices, shorter !
hours nnd the abolition of the premium
Practically all clas ses in tho commu- j
nlty wero represented in the parade, ,
and in tho thousands of t4nging school
children there must have been repre
sentatives of at least twenty nationali
ties. There wero operatives from tho i
mills in line, men and women of French, I
German. Italian, fireek. Irish, English I
and Scotch blond, but there was nothing '
to give distinction to any particular race
and practically all the religious denomi
nations wero represented by organiza
tions of their own
Everything went off on schedule from
the moment tho llrst note of movement
was Knuudod by the hand nt l o'clock
In front of the Arlington Mills to the
tinv about two hours later, when a gieat
American flnr wn hoisted on tho Common
by two Cirand Armv etrranh amid the i
cheers of tlunisands.'
After tho parade services were con
ducted in f-ome of tho churches and a
great crowd attended a mass in St. MarvY 1
on Hampshire streot Tho pastor of the ,
.U..Y. ,1... i...1
n .. r : . (i
W lavim Herald Square,
Broadrray, 34' h to 35th St.
I -A
While Fox Scat, $44.14.
Whilc Fax Muff. $44.74.
was one nf the
the narado at tho
eations from St. Mary's Parish.
eonsnieuoiiri fimiros in
the parade at tho head of various organi-
Bo nnardlne Ilou.r Krrprj- Shjt,
hot niorcr Isn't flrnntfil Vet. '
Supremo Court Justice fllegerieh has
reserved decision in a suit for divorce
brought by John B. Houston, a civil ,
engineer, of H'll St. Nicholas avenue, ,
against Mrs. Mario C Houston, in which
thechief testimony against Mrs. Houston ,
is contained in a doposit ion by Mrs. Mart ha
J. Mortimer, who conducts n summer
boarding houso in tho Hack Hay section i
of Boston.
Mrs. Mortimer testified that Mrs. Hons- j
ton camo to her boarding hous) last
summer with ono Frank Collins, "a tall,
thin man with dark eyes and pleasant I
manners." Mrs, Mortimer said they
acted like brother and sister until she I
saw Collins swinging Mrs. Houston in
a hammock and playing with her thick
braids of hair. Mrs. Mortimer then be-'
came interested. I
Tho boarding house keeper said that
when the couple camo to dinner Sirs.
Houston called Collins "I,addio, dear,"
cut up his food for him nnd fed him with
a spoon. Mrs. .Mortimer testified that
Mrs. Houston said, "Chick, chick, chick,"
and Collins cooed.
Whether this is sufficient evidence for
a divorce is the question the court is
now deciding.
lira, ('onion la So tight for Con
tempt In Action on Judgment.
Mrs. Eva K. Conlon, who was a mas
aouse when she married John P. Conlon,
a wealthy contractor, from whose estate
she is receiving an incorno of $4,000 a
year, was fined $250 yesterday by Su
preme Court Justice Gerard for con
tempt of court because sho failed to
appear to testify in supplementary pro
ceedings on n judgment for $3,627 obtained
by benjamin Steiiiman.
Ktelnman's attorneys haven't been
able to find Mrs. Conlon to borve the order,
but when they do sho must either pay or
go to Ludlow street jail.
Tho lawyers told tho court that the last
trace they had of her was when she left
the residence of Mrs. Sheppard Knapp,
at Riverside Drive and Klghty-flrst streot,
and thoy heard Hho was going to Canada.
Ciarenco K. Mundy, attorney for Mrs,
Conlon, opposed the order to punish her,
but said ho couldn't find her either.
"Bcisky" Marmot Coats, $59.75
32 inches long. Full furred skins of selected quality and color. Deep
shawl collar and wide cuffs. Lining of soft ribbed silk or guaranteed satin.
"Hudson Seal" Coats, $119.00
(French-Dyed Muskr.it.)
Made of fine quality skins very well matched. New model with .vide
lap lined with Oriental satin.
A coat selling elsewhere at 5150.
Macy prices on Furs arc 15 to 40 Less than elsewhere. It is in
such luxuries as Furs that Macy savings are most apparent. We never
misrepresent Furs. If'e give you the proper name of every pelt and not the
trade name under which it elsewhere masquerades.
Special orders executed for Fur Coats and Sets.
We will copy any Imported Model in Furs of your own selection or carry
out original ideas for individual Costume requirements in Fur Sets.
Special Si:e Coats made in any style selected, by our own skilled
Furriers and at Macy " 'Lowest-in-tht-City" Price.
Second Floor, U'nar.
$5,000,000 IN WATER POWER CO.
To Develop Rrentrat Power In New
KnKlnnit at Wlnilaor l.ocUa,
HARTronn, Oet 12 -As a result of nn
agreement reached at midnight Stone ,t
Webster of lloston liavo agreed to under- '
write the development of the urentest water ,
power In New llndnml, nnd tho famous
light for years hotueen the Connecticut I
River rnmpany and the Northern Con
Rfffll"1.1 ""Tt-niniianv. which as waged '
ind?in'rtViml i'l,,'!,,,,S,n, legislature, U
W.0iMlwater)Otter,ievoin(35,(wu horse-
WrkJl.KSS",i'i'".'!' UwUl " "' channel'
for river navlnit on to olyoku and the '
v ndUatlot; of (lov lladln, who V . ,-d
hill providing lor the shii of KVckhmxhi
bonds on tl.o :o:i.c.ii .apltal of the (Wei.
tlout lliver ( (imiiaiiy ,
The latter l oiniiany Is absorbed nnd the
new company m 10 the Northern Cnn.
nectlcut rower (.oinpany, which nuns tho'
liberal Charter nf unntlmr nmnlii il .......
pany and which may sell elvvtiivlty and I'
power throughout the BtaU. " "nul
Furs That Add
The Final Note of Elegance
To Feminine Attire
Moleskin High in Favor
N SCOTCH MOLESKIN. Me season's most aristocratic
and sumphious Fur, the Macy assortment excels. Supple
and of salin-likc tcilure. this suncrb Fur lends itself admi
rably to the draped effects now so favored and reveals in every line
the skill of the jlaslcr Furrier.
OLESKIN COATS renal in slulcarc here at $594.00
im strikina models. One with' tauvc fox sailor collar
and deep cuffs has the new pointed back. Another, en
tirety of the moleskin, shows the "reversed" effect in the arranaement
of the pflts, giving a novel bordered finish. Moleskin cleverly
combined ivith ermine is shown in a coat n $496.00. Taupe satin
in moleskin shade is the favored lining.
OLESKIN SETS ram the simvlc. nrrttn stale advertised
at $42.74 to a very, handsome Pelerine and Muff at $339.00
ii it- jxiiiicuiuriy auraenvc in si'ic ana oj lite jtncsi. ncoicn
Moleskin. The set nt $339.00 1,
less9 ermine tic and an immense mllmu muff nlsn drnncrl.
I ".V - "i
Genuine Moleskin Sets, $42.74
Best quality Scotch moleskin set.
Smart shaped scarf finished with mole
buttons and silk loops. Large half-barrel
muff to match. Taupe satin lined in
correct style. (An exceptional value.)
Black Fox Sets, $34.74
Fine silky hair, brilliant black dye.
Long animal scarf finished with head,
breast and paws. Large half-barrel
shaped muff.
An Absolute Clean Up
Remarkable ' Values
The Residue of Specially-priced Pieces Left Over
from our Midsummer Sale, Together with a
Large Number of Special Pieces of Exceptional
Value Listed from our Present Stock. All are
of Well-known Macy Quality and Finish, and
Reduced an Average lA from Macy's Regular
low Prices.
The list is too lengthy to describe adequately in an advertise
ment and comprises a varied assortment of solid Mahogany and
Oak Buffets, China and Crystal Closets in Jacobean, Sheraton
and other prevailing styles; a large number of Sideboards, Dining
Tables, Serving Tables and Hall Clocks in Mahogany and Oak;
Living Room Settees, Rockers, Desks and Tables; Mahogany,
Vemis-Martin.and Gold Curio and Music Cabinets; Mahogany
and Oak Centre Tables; Mahogany Sewing Tables and a mis
cellaneous number of Mahogany Trays, Muffin Stands, Occa
sional Furniture and Novelties for Parlors, Libraries, Bedrooms,
etc.; including also a large quantity of Mahogany, Circassian
Walnut and Oak Bedroom Furniture consisting of Dressers,
Princess Dressers and Chiffoniers: Curly Birch, Mahogany, Oak
and Maple Toilet Tables, ajl designed and manufactured by Artist
Craftsmen to-suit the latcft'Styles and Periods of Furnishing and
offered at these Remarkably Low Prices which are typical of the
Standard MACY POLICY pursued for more than half a century.
It is impossible to give details- of this array of
Furniture, and only a few items are here men
tioned. Come in and see 'them. MACY'S
Furniture is always satisfying.
China and Crystal
Dyed Kit-Fox Sets, $49.74
In soft grey taupe color with draped
taupe satin lining. Large animal scarf
and large muff half-barrel shape.
Scarf and muff trimmed with head,
paws and tails.
Genuine Skunk Sets, $64.75
(Alaska Sable.)
Long silky hair. Exceptionally well
made. Muff of 5 large skins: fancy cravat
with double ends.
Other Skunk Sets up to R239.00.
$84.25 Jacobean O a k
China Closet at. $63.25
5121.00 Jacobean Ojk
China Closet at. $91.75
S90.00 Sheraton Mahog.
Crystal Closet at $77.50
$30.80 Mahog. China
Closet at $29.89
570.25 Mahog.
Closet at
Russian Ponyskin Coats, $64.75
A 52-inch straight line model of flat, lustrous finclv matched moire skins
wns shawl collar and deep cuffs of skunk raccoon. Coat fasten; to extreme
left side with large silk ornament. Soft ribbed silk lining.
Caracul Whole-Skin Coats, $59.75
A 52-inch model made of flat prime skins. Long rolling shawl collar,
deep turn back cuffs. I:ntire coat lined with heavv brocaded satin.
Fine Mahogany Buffet
For $36.74
Solid Mahogany, top 44 in. by 21 in.:
fitted with three drawers, two cup
boards, and having French plate
mirror in back and shelf above as
per illustration.
iVofr" these others
lie Kulr
S102.00 Sheraton Mahog. Buffet. $76.50
5117.00 Sheraton Mahog. Buffet. $7.7S
$66.50 Colonial Buffet nt $49.89
S91.25 Mahogany Buffet at . . $68.50
591.50 Jacobean Oak Buffet at $68.75
'ak Sideboard at $11.89
Oak Sideboard at 117.89
20.74 Oak Sideboard at $22.34
t 515.74 Oal
52.5.74 Oal
Toilet Tables:
The latest Tailored Suits show a well defined Parisian origin.
A diagonal worsted Suit in Hunter's Green with Orange Color
Vest is $49.74. A copy of a "Bernard" model at $64.75
is in Geranium Eponge with Collar of Moleskin Velour.
Velvet Coat Suits $33.74 '
(As Illustrated.)
A very attractive model In seal brown, mid
night blue, taupe and black velvet. Coat
has shirred back with very effective silk braid
ornaments. Skirt In tunic effect with shirred
Russian Blouse
Cloth Suit $39.74
(Copy of a "Francis" Model.)
An exceptionally effective suit with the
new crystal button trimmings. Coat with
Empire back and velvet cape collar is richly
lined with soft satin. Large crystal buttons
add to the coat's Individual style, while
small crystal buttons finish the front and back
panels of the skirt, which shows the new
S17.24 Birch Toilet Table at... $12.89
517.96 Mahogany Toilet Table at $13.49
519.89 Oak Toilet Table at $13.24
519.49 Maple Toilet Table at. . $14.49
Mahogany Music Cabinets:
Price. ..flJif
$18.74 Mahog, Musi: Cabinet at. $14.24
525.74 Mahog. Music Cabinet at $I9J4
537.49 Mahog. Music Cabinet at .$28.24
$31.89 Mahog. China
Closet at $23.89
Mission Pieces:
533.24 WeatheredOakSettees.it $24.89
524.25 Weathered Oak Desks at $18.24
520 Weathered Oak Chairs at $15.24
521.24 Weathered Oak Rocker at $16.89
515.21 Weath. Oak Table Lamps$ll.49
514.89 Weath. Oak Table Chairs $11.24
Mahogany Sewing Tables:
511.24 Mahog. Sewing Table at $8.49
516.24 Mahog. Sewing Table at $12.24
517.24 Mahog. Sewing Table at $12.89
Serving Tables:
Kfulr Sale
Price. prirc
$33.74 Mahog. Serving Table at $25.74
$45.24 Mahog. Serving Table at $33.89
$48.24 Mahog. Serving Table at $36.24
Fancy Trays and Novelties:
Micy'i Special
tc.Kular sale
Price. prce,
$11.24 Mahogany Fancy Trays at $8.49
$9.74 Mahog. Muffin Stands at $7.34
$4.49 Mahogany Candlesticks at $3.24
$3.24 Mahogany Candlesticks at $2.49
Hall Clocks:
WcV Special
Heiular Sale
Price. pr.,
533.24 Mahogany Hall Clocks at $24.89
540.49 Atahogany Hall Clocks at $3044
$16.49 Weath. Oak Hall Clocks, $12J4
525.24 Weath. Oak Hall Clocks, $18.89
536.49 Cir. Walnut Chiffonier at $27.24
557.25 Cir. Walnut Chiffonier at $42.89
567.75 Cir. Walnut Chiffonier at $50.75
Princess Dressers:
Charmeuse Dresses $37.74
Unusually pretty style. Superior quality
Charmeuse in brown, navy and taupe, hand
embroidered collar, cuffs and sash ends.
Shadow lace and net collar and vest. Draped
skirt with folded girdle and sash.
Eponge Dresses of Smart Style $29.74
iiv,f. fnftplu? . V-TU ,llse efZct; .'Pf &.hHdow ace "liar and vest with double
jabots of the lace at side, Roman silk folded belt. Satin collar and cuffs. Skirt with
new high back is shirred at waist line In back. Roman striped silk girdle. Fine
wool eponge in Russian blue, black and navy.
The Vogue of Velvet
The vogue of velvet still continues and we show some striking
models in Velvet Suits as well as many regal Velvet Dresses.
A copy of a French model Suit in black velvet, skunk trimmed
22o r?1'" l'cni' lacc' nnl'J $114-74. A blue velvet Suit is
$98.74 and a copy of a "Ikclioff-David" model Suit in black
velvet with skunk collar is onhi $89.75.
I'l'iiir, llrnadway,,
515,24 Oak Princess Dresser at. ,$11.49
$11.67 Oak Princess Dresser at. . $6.74
515.74 Mahog. Prin. Dresser at. .$11.89
$17.24 Mahog. Prin. Dresser at. .$12.89
Dining Tables:
$108.00 Mahog. Dining Table at $81.25
$58.25 Mahog. Dining Table at $43.67
$37.67 Mahog. Dining Table at $28.24
$62.25 Wajnut Dining Table at $46.67
$35.49 Fumed Oak Din'g-Table $26.67
Fourth Floor.
Elegant Mahogany Dressers
for $39.24
Style late Colonial: size 44 in. by 22
in.: French Plate Mirror, two long and
wo short drawers, with wood pulls,
tas per illustration.
Macy's Bureau of Home Furnishing
and Interior Decoration
On the Fourth Floor is at the service of those desirous of
assembling Furnishings for Rooms or Homes in accordance
with the best principles of Interior Arrangement. Ques
tions of Design, Style, Fitness and Consistency discussed
with relative price approximations. MACY'S make no
charge for this service.
U harald Square, MTM
Broadway, 34th to 35th It.
Each with Extra Knickerbockers
Norfolk model, sizes 6 to 14 years.
Double-breasted model, sizes 10 to 18 years.
These suits come in Norfolk and double
'breasted models, and are made of fine all-wool
cassimeres, in gray, brown and olive mixtures,
and also in a quiet shepherd's check.
The Norfolk model is in the new style with
side pleats and covered pockets on top of pleat.
The double-breasted model has a three-button
long coat. The knickerbockers are 'fully lined
with the same material as the coat sleeve.;.
Among our best values is the Extra-Knickerbocker
Suit, of which one model is illustrated
here a suit priced elsewhere at $6.50; our
price, $d.4:
We are able to fit any and every boy, whether
of slender or heavy physique, with clcthing
in sizes from years to 10 years, in the
smartest and latest, styles, made ot absolutely
Boys Suits range in price from 52.9 1 to S14.74
reliable materials.
and Overcoats from S3.96 to $18.49.
.di Macy Boys' Suits arc silk-sewn the silk stitching makes
for strength. Every Boys Suii in the store hns strongly taped
scams, absolutely preventing ripping. Above $7.50, every Boys'
Suit or Coal, wc handle has a hand-felled collar and hand-made
buttonholes. Every all-wool Suit IS all-wool, and has been tested
with chemicals in our laboratory before wc make the statement.
These are the secrets of Macy's Boys' Cldthing Supremacy.
wind Floor. 3lrth St., nrmr.
Bought from a well known Ru? manufacturer .who found
himself compelled to make more room in his factory. There are
hundreds of -these magnificent Rugs, every one perfect and every
one backed by the Macy guarantee as to durability and service.
The line of patterns and colorings is an exceptional one.
Manv of the Rugs are copies from Oriental Rugs, such as Kir
manshnhs. Gorovans. Khorrassans and Tabriz, and there are
several in all-over Persian effects. The color combinations are
exquisite, and are in shades of rose, tan, mahogany, brown, blue,
green and ecru. The color combinations and patterns are so
large and varied as to make tnem suitable tor any room in the home.
particularly tor tne living room, imrary. aining room ana cnamoer.
The sale is exceptional when value and price are being considered.
The Rugs will give excellent service no matter now nara tne wear,
Uarv Uary
Size. R' gulsr Price. Sale Price
27x54 inches. . . S4.04. . . $3.09
36x63 inches. . . 55.24. . . $4.24
6X 9 feet S22.74. . .$16.89
8jxioK feet. ?32.74. . .$24.48
Resular l'rlce. Sale fjlcc
9x12 feet 535.24.
10X12 feet... 549.48.
10MX13J4 feet. 552.89.
Exceptionally Good Velvet and Wilton
Velvet Hall and Stair Carpets
These Carpets have the bodv and stair to matcli and will make
excellent noor coverings, especially ior apartment nouses, tvery
roll is absolutely perfect.
Wilton Velvet Hal! and Stair
Carpets, $1.24 Yd.
Velvet Hall and Stair Carpets,
84c Yard.
These Carpets come in two-tone red.
two-tone green, two-tone brown, and
light and dark Persian all-over effects.
They havea deep resilient pile, strongly
backed and will not "mat" readily.
Our regular price on this Carpet is
ju. a yara. i ne quantities are. very
large, so that any size space can be
covered. The patterns are in all-over
rersian enects. two-tone red and to
tone tan.
High-Class Linoleums and Oil Cloths
at Special Prices
Macy's is especially strong in Linoleums and Oilcloths of fine
quality at low prices. These goods represent a special purchase
and are specially low in price. The Linoleum is in full rolls,
four vards wide, and its onlv defect is a scarcely discernible mis
print in the pattern which does not, of course, affect the wear.
Figured Cork Linoleum,
44c sq. yd.
The patterns in this are all geo
metrical and come in combinations of
green, red, brown and tan. Our .regular
price on this quality Linoleum is 64c
and 74c a square yard.
Fine Quality Oil Clothr
29c sq. yd.
These come in geometrical, floral and
parquet designs and in combinations
of green, red. brown, tan and oak.
They are durable, artistic and excel
lent value at the price.
Third Floor, B"W4y.
A fine showing of Fall Draperies from European and home
manufacturers, at Macy's usual ''Lowest-in-the-Gty" price.
LACE PANELS AT MACY'S are priced from 53.24 for the
Bonnaz braided lace kind (elsewhere 55.00) up to the dain
tiest and most exquisite Lace Panels from Paris at 558.74,
that would cost you from 565.00 to 575.00 elsewhere. Lace Cur
tains and Lace Bed Sets are here in equally comprehensive variety
and at equally remarkable savings.
These are some of our best offerings at the present:
Braided, Lacet Arabian, Marie Antoinette,
and Other Lace Panels
Bonnaz Braided Lace Panel Curtains
Each g3.24, S3.49, $3,96, $4.24, 35.24.
Bonnaz Braided Combined with
Marie Antoinette Lace Panels
Each S3.24, 3.49, 3.96, 4.24, 5.24.
Marie Antoinette Lace Panels
Each 3.59, 4.49, 5.74. 8.74.
Lacet Arabian Panels
Each 6.24, 6.49, 8.89, 9.24.
' 1 1 i i
Fine Quality Scrim Panels
in a wide assortment of insertion and motif patterns of Antique
and Cluny Lace. Also in copies of Filet and Real Antique Lace
and embroidered motifs.
Each 3.96, 5.74, 6.49, 7.89, $8.24.
Artistic Bed Sets of Fine Lace & Scrim
Marie Antoinette Lace Bed Sets
A set, 5.94, 6.49, .S8.24J59.24 and up to 26.74.
Novelty Scrim Bed Sets
in fancy or plain Scrim with Lace insertion and edging.
A set, 5.94, 7.24, 7.74, 11.24.
Verv Beautiful Scrim Bed Sett
in Lacet Arabian, Antique, Marie Antoinette and Cluny Lace,
m insertion ana centre motit enects.
A set, 12.49, 14.49. 16.74. 818.49 and ud to 26.24
mmm an ""- ' ' I
' Third ri., 1UI
BBBBBaMaaiaMaBaaaMalaWBC -'.I u i -

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