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Scene in "An Englishman's Home
Play That Made a Sensation ToM
What Would Happen if England
Were Invaded by a Foe
VV ihe sublect differ widely, of
course, on the two sides of tho
Channel. The nctual preparations for
attack and defence servo to rtcall the
M-ry -firited dramatization of such nn
,nas.. !. presented several years ago on
v-. N s rk stage afttr It had jr.v-I
Lhf m i - . u "f the season In Kng! md
tn t .s n!ii: entitled "An F.llgli
ii mi. - liv Major Guy
Maurl.-r f .r.-.gn soldiers appear unex
pectulU ,n an Fngllsh home. Tin- qui -turn
of mil.tarlsm. the rights of noii-comba'-n
ts and other problems which
an n.-w live Issues of the day are dls-hi-smI
and the ravages of wai are por
trayed with realism.
The opening scene discloses a group
if young people discussing plana for a
hol.day. A young man, Haul, enter.",
wiantig the service dress of n private
.n th- volunteer.-'. His interest in army
afT-airs is d.-rldod by all.
Ge-.tTr. s What's your entertain
ment? (Joint; to a levee? Or Is it private
ihiatr.i.ns and you're dressed for the
part i.f the Hattle of Waterloo Junction?
Tan!- Wi ll, tho fact Is I was down to
do s,,me tat get practlco to-day. 'But I'm
afraid I'm too thick.
Oti.ffrey Target practice! Look at
him, ladles and gentlemen. Spends his
.if tern. ins when he might he encour
ag.ng rt hy cheering on the winning
(Mm dr. ssed up like that, lying on his
oV.-ae chest In tho mud trying to
mi.k.- holes In a defenceless target!
Mr. l!r..wn, the owner of the Kngllsh
man's Imme, takes a hand In the discus
sion. i:r Volunteering? A mug's game.
Wi !. i" rhaps tho expression Is too
nr n.- -it for myself, wen, l inn 10 k..
'h. u-i-
in .t.
I LI j Kngland be Invaded ty a ( crosses tin- road anu goca uown ny
German army? Opinions on 'end of the hill.'
Itrown I don't know, I'm sure.
not working what do you want with It?
.Soldier To destroy it.
Urown Destroy It? Alt, yea; iretend
to, ou mean.
Soldier Yes of course wo pretend t ,
llrown Well, s 1 notien".', I i ill It
Soldier- Thank you, that is all. ! .I
lirown Oood morning, young man,
and tako my a.lvlco and stu-k tn the
road. Hemembor an Kngllshman's
house Is his castle, and er so Is his
Tin party resume, their pmo uf
' dlabolo and arc planning to attend a
1 football game, when Kyd Itrown sud
(denly Interrupts.
Syd Dad, there are a lot more of
your volunteer friends In the garden.
Maggie I told them to go away, but
1,. ISI
by Guy du Maurier. the play that made a sensation several years ago.
"i'm,."' Question o:f Militarism and Rights of
Non-Combatants Discussed in Play
That Aroused All England
they d.dn't seem to km w
meant. They're all aroai d tb
fact on horses tins t.me.
I'rown On hor.n:s in mil garth n'
This Is too mn. h. l rolled that dr.ve
yesterday. I'll go anil g.ve them a '.it
of my mind. It's perfectly shameful
that these people shouldn't be told pri
vate propel ty mut be respected. 1I..W
can they expect to get any sympathy
when tiny
(Kilter Captain and I. lent, ltlan llo
bart.) l'leaso let me know the meaning of
this intrusion. Sir or, lather, let me
tell you the meaning of it' I .all it
.1 sgra ef i! s r I r i t ,i
r.( ,ce tak. 11 of s' it pit:
lr p. ny Is lev,.. I. 1 y. s, iiv.ide.l by
( .! pc ple t' s . ' I !- .ill report
It, Sir, to the pf i'.r pr !. r pe.ip!. !
And. more...'r. I sh.i'.l wr.t.- to the pa
pers romplaiiiiug that as a , .l.en I
am not going to allow It! Kindly at
tempt no excuse, sir; I In-i.-t on having
your name anil the name uf our ab
surd corps now, sir!
Priii. --! am l'Mn.e Y..l,tiul. ("".ipt.i.n
In the Hl.i.-k Urncooiis uf In r Imperial
MaJ. sty the Kmpress uf the North!
The sen. ml a. t . .pens upon the same
sr. ne an h..ur before dajbreak on the
follow. tig morning. Th- drawing room
has I... me the he.ul.ni.irt rs of the f r-
.gn olli. ers Who re.eiVe reports uf the
position of troops and dlre. t military
operations. The reports in.luate that
the Kngllsh troops have len taken by
siirpilse and are disorganized, lliof
frey is brought In under guard.
f It and I think there uanger
Urown, that
to ,
'n. t
our i
1 tr ,
Th. :
. -Surely, Mr.
n't to deter one.
I was alluding to Its moral
,.y Of course ho was, Taul; he
. tig of the nursemaids.
, I consider it has a tendency
. ! the peoplo of Kngland to
ii. a condition of slavery which
. e up to now has escaped and
i wnys will.
H it do you call It slavery to
. ir country? "What about pa-
Tliero nre other ways of
, itr.otism, l'aul. I am thank
"i. re Is no lack of patriotism.
,f the nation Is sound, as any
r wi-r will find to Its cost who
- , doubt It. As to defending
ty the country Is In no dan-
k The llrltlsh fleet, we are
strong enough to render ln
;...sii.:. except from a raid,
. ..ers --well, it they would,
et with a most uncomfort-
Mite later the l ompany are
diabolo when Syd lirown
' -' overy.
' Who are thoe Johnnies
I'. lleis on bicycles In unl
l.Ue volunleers. 1'als of
; . t.
A' ..it Infernal Impudence!
i s.r' lio you Know you've
This Is private prop
ii. That's a lawn you're
my lawn. Kh! What
lu-l euine here, sir.
' i mg Your pardon, sir,
! a mistake,
. i liiive, sir! Yon have no
' Tills Is a private ground
V.. u render yourselves Ha
iti for trespass.
. niton I'ark is about
An the load thai way
about that, I believe,
I the telegraph wire
Zeppelin Bombs May Be
Gennaaoy's Chsristmnias Gift to London
HUM the stenmboMts plying Lake 1
O'.n.-ianee, w.etv f'.ermany l..i"
Iter lilief Zeppcl.ll Works, .1
wonderful fight can be wit
High In the air giuantlo Zeppelins
man.riivre. On the surfaco of the lake,
toward Kr edriehshafcll, Jloat gr.-i:
rafts of heavy logs.
From a Zeppelin darts diagonally
downward a metallic t-plndle, six fe t
long, perhaps, glittering In the sun
light. When it hits a raft the devils
of the deep are nucha. mil and the
great logs aro kindling wood!
"You behold the real thing. Hereto
fore bombi dropped from Zeppelins
were not destined to destroy, hut merely
to produce moral elfects of terror, anx
iety and warning. Kven the most noisy
dropped on Antweip and but few of
them, at that wrecked scarcely three
hotists apiece. A misery! It was so
willed. Germany is grand, magnani
mous. Hut now, for London and the
lirltish fleet, thero Is no mercy. Ah,
Albion, your time Is near!"
He who spoke was a O. rman of super
education, correct, affable, one of those
new social Inspectors who are every
where, mould ng public opinion and
keeping n dlseicet eye on foreigners
who frequent tho lake boats.
Another glittering spindle shot down
In the sunlight.
When it struck the raft the lake
boiled, the raft simply disappeared amid
terrllle crashing: and. In time, great
waves smashed up against the steam
boat, When, now and then, one missed
a raft, a, column of water shot up
thirty feet 1i!gh.
"Torpedoes," said the gentleman.
His card sa.d he was a civil engineer.
"One could smash a hole In any dread
nought's decks. And three can wreck
a London lilock. I say no more."
Ho said more, all the fame And
what he said was so astounding, so
tilled with threats of destruction, that
wondered but no, up there were tne
circling Zeppelins and you should have
seen those rafts of massive logs tllHin
Yet I learn that tho torpedoes were
not a tenth charged, It was merely
practlco work in liamdllug the launHi
Ing lubes. The rafls are merely tar
gets. The young olllcers give them the
names they please Westminster Ab
bey, Hank of F.iiglnnd, Kensington
Museum, l'alace Hotel, Sc.
With full charged torpedoes lite de
struetloii can be Imagined. You know
then- aro new type explosives called
disruptive. It Is reported that one of
the new German -IL' centimeter
howitzers blew tip lecently. Hy error,
they put la loo great a liiaige. The
nineteen si lallsts who served the gun
nnd I'.'.O men who happened to be near
wire, to the last man, torn Into Utile
bit., I'leces of shell, scrap Iron and
grapeshot killed or wounded slly
three infantrymen at a distance of tlueo
miles. The mortar Itself like the
devil In "Faust"- dlsappoiucd In a
great linlo In tho ground.
"Simple question of dosage," said the
gentlemanly lns tor. "Krop one of
those 12 cenllmeler shells from a Zeppo
llu and you hae In Trafalgar Square
exactly the ravage produced on the
forlH of Liege. Hut Htich shells aro ex
pensive and heavy. We can carry three
torpedoes for one such, certainly two
Torp. does? Y. s, like those of the se i.
line marine torpedo s.nks a ilri ...
iio light. Wait till we get started on the
Fleet street rewsp.ip.r building'"
II, clui.kh.l
"An aerial (Let of th.rty-slx n-w gian:
lZippel.ni i" 1. ing preiMi.il n a Chris:
in. is gift for Fnghsh coiis.:., Chi.t-'
mas b..ts are m!U out to il.Mr ones (it a
Id. stance, two wnks In .ohaii... i.
Iw.-.hr? Y. s. It I Possible! Wi ll tor
pedoes, tubes ami a r.du. . !
t,.th,!,g . l-e for i
Y. s. II.. told I- ai
A. I G. i many ti . inn
V. f the COIII.I1.T IltPII
l '.I' . sh..tt th. (...l,
l KnglWh
' - ,e o h .in.
t. I. i. ! n
i. T:..:' -. I
e t'
til -t
'UK d
Squat. by pr f. t .-ii- .
torp. do Z. pp. 1 ns il.i.it ol
in. tr. -polls.
It N a I. tie ,.f ir..;, iii i.:,,wn o !m,,
of rs PttuuKiiiu a-., ti-t .u
.n.l. . t .'. i.:.. w i.-. K.il. . ,.( . i i,,r s:t 1. 1. a
I'1 I ' "W n. i i i.iiii.o ,ng tor p. ,u e; a
' of in.Kt.tiiii, ,i vru-h. ,1. burned and
,:.ed 111..I. r h. ips of l.ia. k. md rums.
h. pr.. id London, in- tin- twilight, you
i" h.m.niitK the d.ath ..u sowed!
' ru. my cries.
Th-. gi.ai city Mils' l.. wri-iked to
th.- Fngl.sh t.. w tlulr.iw fniin
i" i. 'iuntal Fur. pe. Wl.a . u ts nk. .
i re s .nn- lo.noM dead c.ull.nis i-.niii.iii-.-,l
r ending .-f a war so
'w Germans, in the
linni... ,i;,.iie, ,ist
3U,0iiij wound, d lu two
an- tiom 0 to s feet
ot .-Hi, i.l full of com-
discs a'-. lit tho size uf
w th -lie pr.,inpi
tu .id, rotis that
i urn. r n
i''.. kii .-d mid
.I.I.V I.?"
Tin- orpe.loe
!,.iin. Motile nr..
pr. is.d beiratio
a snv, r dollar; tiling . , i w Ii, to by the
gi.a- ei!,,sion. th,y Inun i. h.iihI.v four
minutes each. They in.- int. nd.-d to set
lire I., buildings. Tin- chief . -.splosh o
is not tiinlltotolu. ne, but a new ills
luiiliw compuiillil, yet nameless.
What will s up this airship raid? Ger
many asks.
The n, w type Zeppelins cNlst.
The nameless explosives exist,
What H there to M'up th.-niv
Isli gtitu and the aeronautical
All Germany triumphs in advance over the comini; humiliation of London. Cartoons show the
panic in Trafalgar Square by preference when the first torpedo Zeppelins float above the doomed
of the llr.tlsh army may do
i mint leiip, l.ti accepted a commission
In the German air corps h- said, "llng
land's turn will come in .bn. ime!"
H. reason uf this thient London has
be. n e ting an effort at le.ist tu n-
tiiiilil.it. her by Immbs from on high.
There seeing uiie sure way to stop a
"Do not Imagine for a single mn.
Ilient Ilia: they are going to have it
all their own wa," .s.ijs a liiitisli a, lo
nailt, "There are courageous m- u in
the living corps who hao alte.i.iy been
ia.ug their i .specs to the sheds at
Dun.. Idorf , ami some of them .no
pledg.sl to do a much, more dai'ng
deed If title Zeppe,lns can bo up
iri.aln d !) a. rojilan.vi hoy ate pre
pared lo sacntlce their liwi :n smash
ing up the German airships by dash
ing their aeroplanes into the body uf
tho Zeppelin and together comini- to
the earth!"
The remaining lesource In alishlp
caniiiiti. New high angle tilers carry
ing formidable e.plos.o pruj .-tiles are
devised weekly.
Gen, von llisfurth has Just published
.a he .ienii-uiiiii.il 7'n ..f tot l.u what
looks like the Germ. in ni-tiiv' ..... e 1..
laihaino lo any i ritlclsm from Aiuerica
of t tils or other G. niiau com cp. Ions of
I Warfare.
It Is bem ath our dignity," writes
Gen von I i.s-t'ui Hi, "to ill fend our-
-i'is aga iim emit Km, nir men and
our-ehes ui. n.i exiianatlons -n any
hot I j ; we have nothing to Justify, inch
ing to excuse. Whatever w, may tin
to Inlllt't harm mi the enemy, tu attach
v I. lory in our Hag, will 1..- well and
good, and eer)ihlng is Justified In
ad ance, or at least we ought to . oti-
r It as Mich, Wo .have not to bother
ilsehes with Hie oplinuis uf utlier
c.oiiiuiis, ev.n the must iieutial,
"They call us barbarians. What mat.
tir'' Mars, s master uf he loan-, not
t'.ipt.i.n What is it? Wi at do u
wan '.' i ill. s, I know jou w.u t.-.l to
sn- nn-. Well.' I'm afraid you'..- h.iJ
a bad night.
GeolTicy--Do you know that e- rs n a
y.iti came yesterday I've been ,n the
'a . tain It was by my ordt t
Geoff n y i h, was It? We,', t! it
I want i.i know is, what light j i h.el
o .e th..e old. is? I don't kn -w w .it
; ,,ii re ii.. hi; in ie anil I don't t .t. !. ii
...ti't ii lm.ig.ne we're th, Gn - ..f
G-.tt. nh.-ig h. re. And if ..u'r. I ...k
i' j lot- a s.x round coiitt st wu'i t1.'
I :i .tts.ii army, jou're w. I.ome. but .hut
mix us up In it. I'm a pri,iv t.ti. n,
.in. I ou e no tight to mi. i f. i- w. 'i
The Captain, after several g ..I tu
turnl r plies to GiulTrey, epl ilu. th.it
! is s"ll lo h ue lin oiiv. nu ii. .1 lntii
Ml. r
s .in
He adds that the) W.'I le !ea in
m. dl.it. ly and asks what eomp. n
,s due :!..- piople of the house.
U disi usuloti he de. ide that I'.".!
r the damage none, and . . i .
.!.!.! y to bring the ..WIJi r of til.
to h:m.
Gioilfey- What do yuit want h tu f- i'
'aplain i '.iiipeiis.ito him- for f...
and lilel. That's ..ur rn tr.-.i i' .)
publie w.ll.
G. flr. y Y. s. but this Isn't a . i'-
Itc. I'd lather )im did It than in. '!
Captain That's Ills lookout ho
n... ii n't tak It.
Geolfr. Well, y.ni heard him -teldliy
for a bit, before y.ill clear. . I the
court. Tli.it wasn't bad, 1 thought,
for an Impromptu after breakfast ef
fort, was It? I'.ut 1 bet it's bab talk
t what he's got to unload nftira night
In Ins room t!.. liking it out.
( i:uter Maggie.)
Maggie You want to s.-o my fatle r
you sent for him?
c.ipt. du Ymir pardon or lady. Yes,
I want to see your father.
Maggie- lie.ise let mo do Instead!
My father is- Isn't able! Ho cannot
iliid. rstati.l. , . .
Captain - Not understand?
Maggie He does not realize the sit
uation. 1 lu is naturally very iiiu.ii
Gi-'ffr .y Don't you understand? I
told ui what it Would be. His sleam
pressure' reached the limit and th"
sight of you will bust the boiler.
The invaders withdraw mil tho
family lottirit to the i,.oiii. They si ill
fail tu r. all.e the peril uf the situation.
Amy i'li, i Icon", wiu-u't .l.ul funn?
I thought 1 should but m,
Ad i Mr. Hrown h.ih gone tu llud a
poll. , III. 111.
l'aul, coveted with llllld from head lo
foot and deathly white from fatigue,
enters and sinks into a .hair,
Maggie l'aul, oh, l'aul. what's th.i
matter? What does it mean?
l'alll (quiet, llH.! Vice) IJotl't oll
kiiuw what It nu ails?
Maggie V. s, y. s; of coiirso I know
what It means-thai Is, I think I do!
Hut huw how did lin y du it. Cuiil?
l'aul graphically .l.scrlU.. the enn
fusion and the liu-ffei ti-. n.-ss uf the
Fnglish soldi, is. The family still fall
lo leallxe Hie situation and l'aul Dually
bl'iaks out impatiently;
l'aul ist.iiulliig).ro you all mad?
Don't any of you understand? How can
ou stand h. to ,m,i laiiu'li and jnkv
III the .nu' totteii ulil way? Why,
can't .von iiitil, rstand what', liap.
pen. .1-no e.n oii. Maggie? Yuii cm
all t.ilk .i nit say it's nothing to d with
us, that it's nut our business, and that
you cm Ju-t stay lure and amuse our
selves, .md hat ever. thing Is going on
In the same old way, and all you can
Hunk of it ii th.r ouil ;ot a few days
nioii awa from tin- uiilce! Don't you
real!' ! y-1 that the whole damned
counii !. is i utning down like a house of
OiiiHhiii if on t nihil, Vitpr,

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