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Niles Overwhelmed by Williams Resolute' 's Time Allowance Counts Again White Hackle Beaten
IJiolon Plii.ver OaiiiH Only Two
(iiiini's in Throe Sets of
l.onsfwooil Final.
Ki-ifton. Atiir. . To-morrow U. Norrln
Will' ittui 2't meet Maurice K. Mc
IiirIi' it In the challenge round for
the I.onKwoo.l bowl on the court of the
iiimwiori Cricket Club. Thle ufteriioon
Willi nn effectively equelehol the am-i
bltlons of Nat Nile In straight net at
1 ti - n. 6-1. William won the
6 , ' . 'i .
match in exactly forty-eeven mlnute,
record tlmo for a LonRwood nnai. j mlleu an hour. Tho wind ciimo from
They plaed through a constant ilrlnle . north by west. It had blown down the
ami fon.e excuse might be advanced for , l mil ".'" from ,lhe Merly
n" , .. . 'Kale, but the wator win only compara
ble,, m that his KliKe were con- lJvely gmootll. CIoU(j8 ,creened the sun'
uantly coxcreil with mint and thua his 1 raV. hut except for (ha sunshine and
.:on wn considerably affected. Will-1 warmth which were miming the condl
lima had his stroke working like light-i tlons were Ideal. The only regret the
rilng .uid result of the mist Nlles , majority of the yachtsmen have Is that
itaa n .trcely able to nee the ball,
There was some criticism over holding
the match under the prevailing condi
tions. Hut It was announced that Inm
inii, h as It was necessary that Wllllnrrw
take a train for Chicago Saturday after- i
noon l compete In the preliminary
matches for the doubles title the match
hart to bo played to-day.
Williams's tennis to-day was as nearly
perfect as possible, and It Is questionable
If Nlles could have won bad he played
the sort of a game ho showed against
Johnston in the fifth round match. Quite
often Nlles stood still In mldcourt, help
less In face of the bulletlike shots of
Williams, The national champion varied
his customary programme by starting
out at top form rather than waiting a
game or two to find his speed.
The quality of Williams's game Is well
attested to when It Is known that during
the entire match Nlles gathered but four
placements, none In the first set and two
In each of tho others. Probably at no
time In his career has Nlles had so few
chances to use his great forehand drive
or net game as to-day. Several times
Mies went to the net only to be passed
and obliged to fall back and out of posi
tion. Thus was Williams able to score
points on smashes to the opposite side
cf the court. Not onco during the match
did Mies gather a point on a smash at
the net, for Williams was content for the
most part to play u back court game.
Should Williams leave McLoughlln so
few opening in their rgatch to-morrow as
he left Nlles to-day the California Comet
lll te pressed to his limit to win. If In
deed ho does win. Certainly no player
was ever so well tied up as Nlles was
to-day. .McI.ouKhlln sat on the side
lines and It could be seen that Williams's
game was giving him cause for thought.
Throughout tho match there were but
four clence games and each of them went
to Williams. Nlles experienced a new
sensation when he won but one game
e'urlr.g the match on his service. Seldom
did either of the players resort to the
libbylng game, Nlles being practically
unable to and Williams not needing to
it a result of his fierce drives. Oeca
son.il,' Williams scored points with a
croie court'shot off his back hand.
Defeats .Vetvpiirt Coif era In Three1
nf Klir Mntchra Plnjeil.
Newport. Auk 5. -In the second of i
their series of matches, the Jamestown
fiolf t'lub evened matters to-day with
the Newport Club by winning three of
the tlve contests, and one tie was not
Iial off, "
Three of the matches were unusually
close One, W. II. Harrison, Jr., and
r, W lodwnrd. Jamestown, against
Oeorce P Cozzens and William Gam
mell, Newport, ended all square, and
fan others went to the nineteenth green.
Dr. W H. Harrison' and SI. Collier.
Jamestown, beat Oov. Reeckman and
i. v. iiHemeyer. .ewpori, 4 up ana a
to pl.i Georae H. Chase and C. Allison,
Jame-town. bat Lawrence Perrln and '
George I. Scott. Newport, 1 up, on the
rlneteenth green : Andrew Robeson and
WlllUm II. Sands. Newiort. beat G.
Horark and C, M. McCloud, James
town, 1 up. on the nineteenth green; O.
Kosenvartcn and H. Levey, Jamestown,
leat Augustus Jay and Hany La Slon
Ugne, Newport, f, up and 4 to play.
Wins N. I'. ,. llunrter Mite and
Lends Kramer Ten Points.
Newark, Aug. D, Alfred Ooullct reg
Irtered Hnother victory In the National
Cycling Aasoclatlon championship series
here to-night. Tha race was at a quar
ter of a mile, the first under tho new
rules, with two men In a heat. Goullet,
ly his victory has a total of 35 points,
ti lead of ten points over Frank L.
Kramer who Is second, and who lost to
Goullet in the first of the semi-finals to
right Goullet met Ciesar Morettl In
the final. Ho led all tho way. tho Ital
ian never apparently trying.
J.i-l te Clarke, who had his contract
faiictlled by tho velodrome management
for poor work this season, and Rob
Fie.i-s . ame together In the second grand
f.nal foi third and fourth points. Spears
Fir.i Rue Three-year-olds and upward;
fuel in Canada; purse 00. nv and a
r f fur nnrs Miss Gayle. 1031 '"'i-'"?'
t'raltn- 12 90, place 12.40. show 12.30. nrst;
I'-i -e ,0 i Louder), place 14,40. showr
l.'e .nd. Jim L. 04 (Cooper), show
I. m lord Time. 1:113-3. Dimity and
Ne , e a.so ran ,. .
an Race Maiden two-year-oids:
rio-.e t a a nve furlongs Prohibition. 11.
Sih,tn(ri. straight 14 40. place 3.!0.
eh J uO tlrst. Sands nf Pltssure, 100
(si! i. plaie 1(90, show II SO. sernnd;
Pin, - ti lor, Oletralfl, shnw 14.10, third.
T oi ' Mamie W I'ncle Will.
11 t- l'r.de nf Ureenway and hamper
S'h - nmo ran.
T" , Rme -Three.) ear-nlds and up-
. norue tSOO. tt e Still A half
f" e rncore 101 (Louden, etralaht
I- : m thou- 14.30. llrst :
Knh-- Differ, US (v'laver), place S,40,
.! Ii 10, second: Laura. 02 IWeaten-
(' " hnw- 12 4a, tniru lime, i:oi ,i-..
Mihh lohnson, Martin
Inhnsoh, Martin Casco and Vldst
i' .o
I Mh Race Three-year-olds and up
.(ir t'100, six furlnnss nrlrkley,
1' .i Derninlt), straight I27.S0, place l,
how i,5o, flrst: Ralfron. 102 (Waiten
ii place " 30, show 4.0, second;
AM. al. 107 (Mott), shnw 113,70, third.
Time i7, Hlr RlaUe, Sir Raymond and
Vr Mn also ran,
F ' Rare Three. year-olds and up
' '-'.lied In Canada; purse 600; Six
t" g- Red Fire, 106 (Mttralf), straight
t i place fl.30, show 13.10, first; Oart-
(Si-huttlnger), Place 14.80, show
flu .econdi Marlon claloty. 100 (McDar-
show 13,10, third. Time, 1:1(11-5,
M" 'no llradley, Mona tl 'Bhrova Tld,
P-Ppi ' Sauce, Harry Raett II,. Exmer
a,l Princs Rhupard also ran.
' n Itsca Threa-yaar-olds and upward!
i hk purse 1400; one mils and a furlong
Mo una. 100 (Morys), straight $10.10,
I'"1' 1U0, show 15.70, first; Htaka and
'ip ill) (Hrhuttlngtr), place 3.0, show
II " econd: Abhntsford, 103 (Cooper),
;le I'.'.OO, third, Time, 1;S 2-S. Ileenan,
f Isnt and nau Fere also ran,
i h llace-Three-year.old: puraa
' ne mile and u lxteenth Raincoat,
, o Diieeiil. slralghl 17.30, placa
I'1 ilmw I3.J0, won: Kneeled, 104
-ufr, plate o,o, ahow $3. 10. second;
'!"' ) lot (Murphy),, show $3.40.
V''1;1' Time, l;30 i-f. Htar of Lqt and
Ileau also ran,
Vanitie 28 Seconds Faster Than Rival Yacht Over Astor
Cup Course, but Loses on Handicap Leading Fifty
Sails in Wake of Winning Schooner.
NrwI'ort, Aug. 6. The Itfsolutf, Ba
murl and Queer. Mnb tvere the winners
of the Aator cupi, which were nailed for
to-day. Vor ech prlie the contest was
remarkably keen ntnl tho rucea will be
remembered Ion by thoae who wit
nemrd them. The ltesplute won throurh
her allowance of 1 minute 36 eeconda
for the 37 14 mllee, though bout for boat
the Vatiltle beat her by 28 aeconda, tniik-
In thin train on the 4 i miles of wind
ward work.
r w" Ih,, 10
mron wind averaging about 22 miles,
,)Ut maMy of the puft.blew ul iCi)llt 3()
the windward leg was no ahort. Tho
winners are natlatlcd, however, as more
windward work would have changed tho
Klftcen yachts raced for the three
prise. There were five In tho schooner
class, eight In the sloop class and Reso
lute and vanltle In the special class.
There was only one mishap. Tho Ven
tura had her rudder Jammed and could
not bo handlcdat all. i!he withdrew on
the first leg. The committee 11. Da U.
Parsons and Krederlc O. Speddon was
on the flagship Viking and chose a
course taking the yachts around the
Vineyard Hound-Hen and Chickens
Light vessela, starting and tlnlahlng at
Brenton's Heef Light vessel. Tho first
leg was 17 miles east southeast, the sec
ond leg 4H miles north and the third
IS miles west i north. This meant a
reach with the wind aft the port beam
for the rlrst leg, a turn to windward on
the second uud a fairly close reach on
the third.
The cup yachM were the first sent
away, Hie Vanltle crossing the line at
11:25:18. with tho llesolute 13 sec
onds later. Uoth broke out smalt Jib
topsails at once but the Jib topsail sheeit
on the Vanltle pulled out and the salt
had to be lowered and set again. Tho
two yachts sailed very fast and both
held high of tho course. The Resolute
began to close up on the Vanltle and
after 'about forty minutes sailing suc
ceeded In pulling by to windward.
They still sailed In very close com
pany and headed toward Cuttyhunk
until 12:35. when they bore off for the
Vineyard Sound lightship. The Reso
lute luffed by the lightship at 12:47:50
and the Vanltle at 12:t!s:20. In actual
sailing the ReoolUte had beaten the
Vanltle 43 seconds. Tho Resolute's
time for tho seventeen miles was 1 hour
22 minutes nnd 19 seconds, and her
average, speed 12.7 nautical or 14.60
statute miles an hour. This is remark
able for a vessel of this size.
Jib topsails were run down, sheets
trimmed flat and both yachts on tho
port tack headed to tho northeast. The
Vanltle tut onco began to point higher
than the Resolute and after n few min
utes on the tack took the starboard tack
heading northwest and the Resolute fol
lowed. The Vanitie on this tack drew
well ahead, so that when she again took
the port tack sho was able to cross
the bow of the Resolute and was lead
ing the race. At one time It looked as
If the Vanltle had a lead of more than
. minute, but near the Hen and Chick
enn light vessel the wind softened and
the Resolute was able to reduce tho gap.
The times at the light vessel were
Vanltle, 1:25:20. Resolute. 1.26:10. The
Vanltle had taken 37 minutes to sail
the four and one-half miles on the wind
and had beaten the Resolute 1 mlnuto
20 seconds actual sailing.
Then small Jib topsails were sent up
again for the reach home. Though the
Resolute made a gain of 9 seconds,
she could not get the lead again and the
Vanltle finished first at 3:48:51 and
the Resolute at 3 :49 :32. On the sixteen
... " - - -
mile reach the elapsed times were:
Resolute. i:.j:zj: aniiic. i:jj:ji.
The other sloops followed the cup
yachts five minutes later ut the start, i
Ranh N. l-.lllH crossed the line al
11:30:01, one second after the signal,,
. , i .u. i...K..M..
next at ll:J0:16. Three seconds later
was the Ventura with l ommodore Raker
at the tiller and twenty seconds astern
of the Ventura was the Carolina,
handled by A. Bryan Alley. Tho
Samurl. with W. Karl Podge and ,
Kdniund Fish as the guiding stars, .
was next at 11:31:06. The Grayling'
followed at 11:31:32, and 1he Spartan,
wl'h J. M. MacDpnoiigh and Stuyvesant
Walnwrlght on board, took the end of the
two minutes and crossed at 11:31:57.
W. Cameron Korbes's Kallnga was
handicapped 28 seconds.
The schooners wero signalled at 11 :35
o'clock, and the Queen Mab, owned by
Hendon Chubb and with Clinton Crane
and Rert Lee on board, crossed first at
11:3S:SR. Harold H. Vanderbllt hnd
the Vagrant next at ll:3:0fl. K.
Walter Clark's Irollta crossed nt
11:36:31, Henry Howard s Alice at , -. . .,
ti.ia.il William V KMIii'h Fti. There l every chance that the, sweep.
11.3S.4H. William 1.. IseilllH r-n-,,Hk., (nr two-year-olds suggested by
chantress, on board of which were Mr. Ij, w p,,rrh, the own-r of ih Western
and Mrs. Arthur Iselln, was last, at roll Hulse. will he arranged before the
11:37. This was the largest yacht end of the meeting. IMward Millrble
time to the others. She started nut , , urn a rr. , tht tt matter
to overcome this handicap In grand uf little moment to him whether tho
style nnd overhauled one after another track was heavy or fat
of the racers until nt the first light! "'"I1"'' Tr'aitrJ'n,?, ."."Si! V'Li.i?!:
vessel she was next to the cup yachts. XTu," 'fame "'c!?'' X!
She luffed by this mark at l: iSS :i) (Smith Is as yet undlmmed Ho has
and had sailed the seventeen miles at started In seen races and has won them
the rate of better than thirteen nautical all Should the sweepstakes be arranged
mlteR an hour The Vairrant n the, " probable that ! S I hnnipsnn may
miles an nour. ine "grant was tne. Dominant, who made mnnv friends
next at 1 :01 :30 and the Irollta followed ; hy h victory In the Hotel stakes All
at 1:11 :2o. the contenders are entered In the Hun ford
The Rarbara was tho llrst of tho Memorial, to he, run on Saturday, but the
CO footers at 1:11:10. and vcrv close penalties Incurred will prevent that event
astern of her were the ?ro!1uols.ray! nry.mn.e"rs.,r"' "" """lly '
ling nnd Samurl. Then came tho George .smith, though he has not raced
Carolina and the Snartau. hern as yet. has been worklnR well In
They made a fine fight on the wind-
ward leg and the hnchantrew., agrant
and Irollta reached that mark In the order
named. The Rarbara led the fifties, the
Orayllng was next anil the Samurl had
warped Into tnird Place w Ittl tne ripartan
next. The blir lOnchantress sal led like u
warped Into third place with the Spartan
.trh an, H Hhp f,,rP, the finishing
, ,. . ,noU tnft ,,d of .,. ,ntlro ..
: - ----- ---- - -- -
, anil was tne iirai io iinisu, in -:n:s.
Mho nulled !, verv faat rAoe eiiverliiL- tho
emle.a l 1 Imiira 1ft mlniite 4K seconds
(Oilrse In 3 hours lu minutes is tetonns.
The other schooners wero coming rap-
Idly. The Vagrant and Irollta reached
the Ine beaten, but the tt e queen Mab,
.... ,,' . '. t e4 Kn
gett fig an allowance of 63 minutes riO
seconds, wna Juat able to reach the lino
befoie that time expired nnd won by 1
minute 44 seconds corrected time.
The Samurl won the kloop cup by a
clever piece of handling. As sho n eared
West Island the Barbara was lending,
with the Grayling next. The Queen Mab
was overhauling theto sloops, ho the
Bsmurl bora off, und ns the schooner went
by the sloop took a position dead astern.
The schooner smoothed the seas and the
following waves drew the Samurl atone.
Those on the Orayllng tried the same
trick, hut could not get close enough. It
looked as If the Queen Mub wero towing
the Samurl, and tha other fifties soon
were left astern, Tho Samurl finlihed I
minutes 43 seconds ahead of the Gray
ling, which was 4 seconds ahead of the
The squadron Is Intact again. The
MormlKMind yachts are In the harbor
and will sn.ll to-morrow to Marlon, on
Uuizarilfl I lay. H. It, Prentice, with A.
-M. Orr, Jr., sailed the ,10 footer Silhou
ette, from Now Uwtloti and did well.
The Constellation, with a new Uiwsprlt,
Mlindl, Radiant. Katrlnn, Kndymlun,
Rival, Alicia, Everglades nnd others got
In this morning. The MJladl had to
light fire as well as storm. The bounc
ing In tho seas upset tho galley stovo
and set fire to tho yacht, and all linndj
had to help put out the flames. Tho
summary :
ASTon cup port schoonkus.
...... Elapsed reeled
Queen Mab.,,,
I rout a
man. rinian, tune, lime.
H..M.S. 1I.M.S. M M M. It M S
, II .V, 15 j;s 1 ( n: r, 2 M .VI
. tt 37 10 a 47 4 3 10 44 3 f 34
. 11 3 04 1 ID H 3 3 n 3 01 4.1
. 11 34 31 3 32 .'.A .i rsi St
.. U JO 11 4 .IS (ID 4 43 21
Resolute it at 49 j; 3 -1 ni 3 23 r.
. II C5 14 2 41 M 3 23 33 3 2.1 33
. 11 3t M 3 39 01 4 07 S.". .1 04 K
. 11 31 32 3 41 41 4 12 12 3 13 00
, II 31 t7 3 46 07 4 14 10 3 13 07
. 11 30 14 3 44 33 4 14 17 3 1$ It
, 11 32 1 4 00 M 4 21 M 3 IS 34
. It 30 01 3 43 4S 4 13 42 3 1 39
. II 31 29 .1 M 31 4 20 (2 3 21 43
. II 30 19 Disabled.
IroiuoU II,,
Carolina. ...
Snll lulu Ilrm pat rail llnrlmr,
Kiieiiiiinw Muiii irr Men cnrr.
SEA Ot.UK. L. I.. Aug. 5. Cmlcr the
command of Commodore Klmer (!. Story
a fleet of thirty yachts of the Ilayslde
Yacht Club, power boats Included, put
up for the night In Hempstead Harbor,
off the Sea CHIT Yacht Club to-night.
Startlr.p from the club's headquarters
In Little Neck Ray, off Ilayslde at 4
o'clock In the nfternon the boats made
good tlmo In reaching this objective
point, the Welcome, a fast motor boat
owned by William II. Johns, the secre
tary of the club, being In the lend.
The Meet will sail to Northport to
morrow. Prizes will be awarded tho
fleetest Bayslde lllrd In the run to-morrow
and in the run on Saturday from
Northport to Stamford, Conn. At the
latter place yachtsmen will be Joined by
a number of members In automobiles and
the return across the Sound on Sunday
will be Informal.
Go Notch 4'lorr to Western Ten
nis Doubles Title.
Chicaoo, Aug. S. Heath Hyford and
Alexander Squalr of Chicago, State cham
pions, went ii notch closer to tho Western
doubles tennis title to-day when they
defeated Merrill and Yott In the second
round match, 62, 60, 61. Al Oreen
and Jerry Webber paired to a straight
set victory over Tyfe and Knox, allow
ing their opponents but two games In
the entire match. Ferry und Kerry
eliminated Hoppe and Vernon. The
Ferry brothers took the first two sets,
but were outplayed In the third. In the
fourth set they got a lead of three
games, which Hoppo and Vernon were
unable to overcome.
Joe Armstrong of fit Paul had an
easy time with Slaver Moulding, win
ning at 0, 6 2. Al Llndauer also
eliminated Nat Thornton and materially
diminished the number of outside candi
dates for the Western singles title. The
score was 36,"" 61, a 3,
Puirli Killers Tnn lllslurbrra.
ClttCAOo, Aug. 5. Disturber IV. and
Disturber V., two fast hyilioplanes,
owned by James A. Pugh. are the first
to be. entcied for she American hydro
plane championship races to be held
here.AucUKt 2S to September 4. Tho
Associated Yacht and Power lloat CIulw
of America will hold the meet.
SARATOGA, Aug. 3. Edward lleftner
..ut i. ,h to resume his occupation as
TrJZn " deYon"'.? hs'lewlAu
, ,h jorkey Club made public this
afternoon The ruling of the stewards
' f',h'i "Vninire riiy i ii m vso-
Jj.on'1 the' ,VwUP bive'lnv'e'.V.ga'led '"he
c,p ,lf Hdward Refiner. While they do
not feel "atlsiled with the way that the
hor trKlnp'l liy Mr HffTnT run
Iti asVAra I lnmanees. they have not found
sufficient proof nf fraud lo revoke 111"
llcnse, and therefore discontinue the sus
pension of same"
Heffner was eupende,l for the poor
showing made by The Finn In a race at
Relmont Park.
There was a meeting of the steward" of
th" Nation il Steeplechase ami Hunt Aso.
elation to-day at which tha following were
licensed as gentlemen riders: Rmll
Schoerer, David III. phaiii. Andrew M. Por
ter. Kdmr M Whitney anil ifiwaru ines-
preparation far the Sinford Memorial ha
;i','th Tom Klward Ills owner Is emphin'
In the statement that his chamidon will
not be allowed to .Indue any nf the Juve-
, Turfmen are united In the opinion that
In aareelnc lo race Homier on a welahl
fr age basis J. .. o'llrlen. the owner of
?.m Jn'kson. has made a Wg t'oncesalon.
it i a rtrmiiii) inrti ui'i i' Hiijuniiii-fn
f tln welahts been left lo llandlcapper
VnsbiirRh. Sim Jasknnn would have received
i a fair allowance from Andrew- Miller's
l.hampnn ln Ml m,lllfr ( dlstanco also
Hhio .tacksnn is aliowina hl rival a bit
, die belter of the argument, as the further
tm- oi.iance. 1. .e f ''"'
conttde ue of the O linen c an Is evidenced
,",,,., ,, ,i, -r..mt . .i, fnP .
fni track to run the rare, as Roomer has
.shown tnit ne is ancnureu in neavy going,
The sale nf While Rarkle was delayed
hecHuse W. It. (7ue. the owner uf the Sho
shone Stable, was on his ranch in W)nm
mg. tt has been completed now and the
crack twn-year-oltl ran In the Shoshone
colurs to-day lit was eaddleil hy W. S,
Walker, Madden's trainer, but It was Jerry
Carroll who cooled him nut.
F. Ambrose Clark has been mlolng
from tha ranks of cross country owners at
the races here. Re has been suffering
from a severe attack of typhoid fever at
Ills farm at Cooperstown, N. V., but has
rerovered. and la expected lo be present
for the running of the .North American
Steeplechase on Saturday,
James H. Wldener will hold a rate day
at his I.ynnewooit farm In Pennsylvania
mi October I". He Is making preparations
for a big duy, and will share the expense
of shipping horses from Piping Rock or
Belmont l'ark, Tho meeting will be fol-
While Hiieklo Loses His Vint
Uucc for Unlucky Coe, Who
rU $20,000 for Him.
RahatoiIa, Aug. 6. Favorites had to
trnll outsiders home In five of the six
races at the meeting of the Saratoga
Association to-day, the Ureen Tree fita
bles" Cabaret, which Just scrambled In
front of Thomas Hitchcock's Hustler In
the steeplechase, being the only choice
to cntch the Judges' eyes first.
R. T. Wilson, Jrs Montresor, an
oddson choice for the Catsklll Selling
Slakes at seven furlongs, was beaten by
the Onock Stables' Yankee Notions, nnd
In the handicap at a mile which followed
Harry Shnw, the faorlte, had to put up
with second place to Leo Skolny, the
third choice In a field of four.
These ipscts did not cause nearly so
much excitement ns the decisive defeat
handed to the greatly touted White
Hackle, which was making his first
start in tho colors of the Shoshone Sta
ble, the owner of which, W. It. Co
had Just paid John K. Sladden $20,000 for
the son pf Star Shoot Mary Talbott.
White Hackle had won two races on the
metropolitan tracks nnd had spread
eagled cheap fields. His courage h.i
not been tested, but the Idea was gen.
eral that he was a youngster of great
promise, and that caused him to be quo.
ted at odds of 1 to 4, which really were
not merited by his performance.
The West had the credit of beating
the hot favorite and old Kngland played
the principal part, ns It was Jeffeison
Livingston's Imported colt Col. Vennle
that challenged White Hackle In the
stretch and galloped to the finish three
lengths In front of him Col. Vennle had
shown the racegoers that he was a colt
of some promise when he won a hot race i
ror two-year-oids on ine opening nay,
but h was allowed to start at , the long
was allowed to start nt.thc long!, food 'tart: won easily Io Skolny. h c
i " 1 ...i.ii. uJ.Mrrr I ,n' Marsliont Lady Alts-rta; owned by R J
1.1 to 1, while another westerner, . i-i;.,i. ,.i,;i , j i ,ii,i.
odds of
liipsey i..eorge. wan iimue sccimo tnw- i
at 7 to 1. and August Belmont's Dam- i
rosch was next In demand nt S to I.
There Is no doubt that tllpsey George.
though he finished out of the money,
had a share In the humbling of White
Hackle, for he made the son of Star
Shoot hustle all the way down the
backstretch. In this early duel Col.
Vennle was left six lengths behind, but
In the run around the bend the Imported
colt began to make up ground and as
Glpscy George tired Col. Vennle shot
by him and at the eighth pole had drawn
up to within two lengths of Whlto
Hackle. In a few more strides the
Rngllah bred youngster was alongside of
Whlto Hackle nnd though Ruxton gave
the Star Shoot colt his first taste of
tho whip he was unable to keep paco
with the sturdy son of Plcton. White
Hackle finished three lengths behind
but beat the outsider, Sun Uod, by tlve
lengths for the place.
There was general regret that the ex
pensive colt had failed the first time he
ran for Mr. Coc. who Is a comparative
newcomer to the turf and who had hard
1UCK last ear niu-n iwn
down. It Is hrped that White Hackle
will net beter on a dry truck, .inn 11
may b that he was a little high !
Ilesh due to the change from New Yolk
to Saratoga.
In the Cntsklll Selling Stakes ankee
Notions led all the wny, but Montresor
was overhauling him at the finish, only
to be beaten bv half a length after a
rather weak ride by !anier. In the.
n,ll,.nti I.eo Skolny stepped to .the I
front before reaching the hnckstretch
ami soon had a lead of two lengths on
towed bv A meet conducted hv the White
Marsh Valley Hunt on itrraer - nu
.'3. Hnd hy the ltoe Tree Hunt nieei on
October 37 and 30
Klntor. the Jumper that ran In the
colors of Thomas Hitchcock, has gone
Mroni. in ir..liitnif and has been turned
out on his owner's plaie at West bury. D I,
There was a rhance to pick up a good
ii,,,.,.4r.n . oMterilav When a. l, ixeeue
offered to ell Jacnba for 1 10.000 with the
condition that h should win the Spin-
away. a thai staae was worm .,.., i
the wlnnrr.
Mortimer I.. Schirr has purchased a
four-) ear-old mare, by Mobnrlll out of a
Flatland mare, which will be schooled and
rated In lite color" In the Jumping races
at Piping Rock.
Winning Witch, by nronmstlck Hue
Smith, which John Sanford bought as a
brood mare, has been rut In tralnlna. She
worked sis furlongs on the Oklahoma
tiatk this morning
According In paddnek talk -Trainer
Jimmy Roe Is pnlutlna L. S. Thompson's
unbeaten Iti-grrt for three raiee: The Ala
bama Slakes, one mile 4hd a furluus, for
lhree-ear-old llllles, en August 12. the
Saranae Handicap one mile, for Ibree.
enr.nld on Auaust 17, and the Merchants
anil fittxens llandlcsp, nne mlln und
three, sixteenths, for three.) tar-olds and
upward, on August 31
There were no training gallop on the
racetrack this niomliiK, all the work
being done on the Oklahoma course The
best inoie of the morning In the sloppy
going was accomplished hy the tw-o.)ear-oh
Dulse, which went thrae-iuai tern of
a mill In 1:18 3-11, the tlrst the furious
In 1:03 3 3.
II lirmr known tn-iAV thit V F
Smith, who wh n llr buyer t the NVw
liiurkpt July wilft. m-UuK fnr .lohn .
Hinfnnl ulwn h purrijHui'tl tin tlv-j f.ir
iiit l.nrii The CurruKli for 1. M RtilnpHa
Ihn furr.igh Ih hml fnr ntftmiiM. mm Ii I
h th" Muwkf t.CarMnf- lilnml tjirma:li hi I
lr, Hi If rhv lmir tpMirnilin. Hli j
dum N urrat;lin A h rttfir lit wnn I
tUf Kpmptnn Purk luMlto St.tk'n ml th
liltifTM amountiMl tn fio.nrtn r u 4)ut to
Hrrhc In Now Yrk ni'xt Thurfilay.
First nacc Kor (hire jpar olil" ami
wanU su'llf tier: five and a half furlniiKs:
Mcnlo l'ark in."KuJy Wiuy
Dnvil Flail WVriiiko of lliinliar
rianlaicnct I'lTiMifVfrly Jamra.
Ancnn 107 Aiylailo
in; 1"2
Mary warren in:,
Second llncc For thrrf-yrar-nlds and up
ward; IllcliMi'lalit Handicap: sin (urlntid -
Lady Harliary 1151 Superintendent .. . US
lirumpy llMOunrta iso
Distant Shnro lMIKciinimisn Ill
Aliara llkillj.liiiiitn Ill
ninamliif 11Huplca us
Third Itace For tlirff.vrar.olds and up
ward: conditions: nne mile:
llnokrr Hill lllillast lllh tt Tuckrr. int
Stir Up 10.,Urnn Iluke m
Syrian ll'IWalrr Witch m
I'nn Maid 101!
Fnnrtti Ilaee For three-j-ear-olda and up.
tvard: handicap: aelllna; one mllo;
hliynesa 10O.l,nhni-e
Frnrock l'j2Iorsrr
Fifth Ilaco For Ihrroyearolds
one mile:
llookrr Illll 1HAII Smiles..,
St. I.airrlan K.CoihIikii
Connlne Tower.... UV
Sixth JAaif Fur foiir-ear-olila and upward:
aelllnai one mile and a furlnnr:
I'atou 1l'Ouy Fnhrr 110
Manhon 107 Ainaltl 107
1'olly 8 lUlKaslcr Star ICS
Apprentice illnwama claimed,
I'trsl Itnee riantagenet, Aneon,
A z) lade.
Meronrt Ilaee Ntiperlntemlent, Fen
limine, Manfnnl entry. ,
Hi In! Itnre Iron Duke, llnokrr
Illll, Pan SI aid.
I'ourth Usee Lahore, hhyneii,
Fen rock. -,
lirth Itaee All Smiles, Conning
Toer, Corilrnn.
sixth Race Amain, Paton, Guy
Hurry Shaw. In tho run alont the back
sttutch Hayberry Candlo moved up, but
wsm cut off by Harry 81mw. In the
homestretch Harry Hhaw swerved over
to the rail and dropping In behind Leo
Skolny spoiled the only chance ho had
of winning. He was two lengths behind
Leo Skolny nt the finish.
There was no rain to-day, but the
track was muddy from previous storms.
There was a larger attendance than on
any other day since the opening. The
For two year nlils; by ubs rlntinn of J 10.
with tl i added; live and a half furlongs:
Horw and sue. Wt. Jockey. Prices Fin.
Colonel Vennie, 5 tin.. Turner H t 31 l
Wbltn Hackle. 2. II1).. Iluitoli 1-4 out 2
fun Und. 2 , ,, , 110. .Davles 20-1 4-1 .V
IiamiOMli, 3 , 110..1ititwell J l I
Olpsey tlcorge, 2 . tl..T McTaiff't 13-in 7-10 5
Time ISIO 4 5.
Good start; won easily Colonel Vennie, b
ft, by Pietoii Shy Mlssle; owned by Jefferson
Livlnistuii; tralm-d by St. Preston.
Steeieehae" fur maiden three yearolde and
(pward; by sub-crlptlon of 110, with 'M
added: about two miles:
Horse and ae. Wt. Jockey. Prices Fin
Cabaret, 4. .. . 11.',.. Power..,. 4-8 out 1'
Hustler, 3 . . . 132. Franklin... b-1 3-3 2
Golden Vale, i Hi.. Henderson 3-1 6 3 3
Star and Hlripes. 4.142. fmllh ..til 3 1
Time 4 :4.
Good start: won ridden out Cabaret, br.
I. , by Delhi Pink Domino; owned by Green,
tree Stable; trained by J. 0ens.
The, Catuklll. for three-year-olds and up
ward vlllni; by suhKTlptlon of 110. starters
to pay 12.', additional; guarantee,! cash talue
II. 'l, sreu turlongt;
Horse and ate Wt. Jockey. Prices Fin.
YanUeo Nullum, S.lll. .l.oltun .... 12 1H
Montresor. 6 1 in. .liariiT. .. 7-10 t-!l 2
Sea bhell, 3 1"S. I.I I lev. 1S-S 33 3
Time 1 1 2 5.
Good stall: won ridden out Yankee No-
tlons. ch b Yankee Kalrle Queen; owned
ty unccx siaDies; iraiiien ny vv ii. Karrira
For 1hree.ve.ir.oM and onward: hnndicati
by subscription of 110, with 15.0 addul; onu
Hor-e and age. Wt Jockey, Prices Kin.
Leo Skolny. 4 .. H'..l.llley . ... ' .' even 1'
Harrj Shaw. 4.. , .115. T McTaz't !; I-J
n uiui.iy. 4 104. .J McTai'rt 6-1 b-1 l
nnie i:n 2-5.
. 0nd 't": "on easily Leo Skolny. h
For three- ear-olds and upward: sellini,
pur-c !"; tlx lurlonzs:
Horn- and age. Wt Jocker. Prices Fin.
Aunt Joir. 3..
,. 3.1 ,jui:y -i .v. !-
. 1I0..UUXIOH.... M .' :'
. iM,.Garr.er .. ! " .
..oi .nut wen c-t : : 1
..r.J...l.MiT.ij'rt 10-1 4-i .
.100, MiCahey.. 1-5 T-10 i
..to; .drai SM 201 :
107 .Turner. . 13-1 -l s
100..I.ille . .. 13-t 6-1 9
. 107 .Collins. .. 4-1 n
nation i
Freeman, 3
Ilrl in lloru, 3. .
Valas. i . .
Sarsenet. 3.. ,
Hae Penny, 4,.,
Ancou, f. ....
Kris Krtnsle, 1.
Corn nroom.
Tin., 1 IK ImV
Good tart; won eauly, Aunt Jnsie. b f .
by Ogrten-eollln: owned by John W Schorr;
trained by J. F Schorr
For maiden two-year-olds; selling; purae,
HVi Hie and a ball turlnuss;
Hnr' and .e VW. Jockey. Pm-esJln.
S.-otll'i Knlaht. 2.I1J Ixitn - 7-6 1
It ol Ultihcu. ; . te..Nieklus.. 30 1 lo t 2
Southern Star. '1
Mi." Phllbiu. 2
Ti'.ian.i, i .. .
Venture. 2
Iliiiy Joe. 2
Smll.n. - - .,
Ilobulink. :..
i", . imxier. -i .1-1
P. Il'ltwell. .
loo, McCahey.
ICS. Iliutoo, .
,.toi.,r,ir"er ..
I'M MeAtee
1 1 Utvtes,. .
, S-l S-t I
1-1 I-l 5
. R-2 even 4
- 1 - . -
-10-1 u-t '
-.0 t S-l 3
Tin,,- : ,.!
, flood r,rt. eaju y. ,. ..n,.
owned by S I. Parson", iraineo ny
, Karr)ck-
Aboard Large American Trans-Atlantic Liner
22,000 Tons Displacement
FroTi New York From San Francisco
AUG. 26 iM. AUG. 24
Sept. lt Oct. 12 Sapt. 18 Oct. 9
Hlghaat Standard Trana-Atlantlc Cuialna and Servlca
Deck Swimming Pools . Professional Orchestras
$125 and up Included $60 and up
Alao Combination Round Trip Tlckata
Ona Way All Water B Th Other Way Rail
Attractive Routes Liberal Stopover and Side Trips
Firit Cabin $75 up Intermediate Cabin $40 up
PANAMA PACIFIC LINE, 9 Broadway, N.Y. Tel. Rector 9000
CI T 1M l 11 Fl
Established 1840
Orduna Sat.. Aug. 21. 10 AM
Tuscania Fri., Aug. 27. 5 PM
Saxonia .
Saxonia .
Sat., Sept 4, 10 AM
Fri.. SeDt. 10. 5 PM
Sat., Sept. 18, 10AM
Fri Smr 94 S PM
I ri SCpi. 11, J I ll
Sat.. Oct 2.10AM,
KN ikm'ii: TO ;i.4SIO. I
ThrmiKh ItnokliiK ti till prtiirlpul pnrM
or (lit lnrlil.
I'mnpnunle llenerale Tranatlaiilliiie
I'OM 41. MI'.ltVK 11.
Sailings for BORDEAUX
Aug. 7, 3 P. M.
Aur. 14, 3 P. M.
Aug. 21, 3 P. M.
Auk. 28, 3 P. M.
COMPANY'S OFFICE I'liniie llrnad 1 1 h M K
Vacations at Sea
!i In 'il da
$32 TO $80
IncliKllnn meals and
sit'cpinx aiTiuniuo
datlons a U o a r il
Illustraicd lltcralnrn
and full Information
Clyde-Millory Linei
IMcr '. North Itlvvr
rily Tlrkei nm.-p.
jua iish llroadway
To 4'allfnrntss Ktpoalllona Hea Jamaica,
Havana, Panama Canal en route, fiend for
booklet. I nlted I'riill t o., 17 ll.ilteiy I'l.ua,
City Tkket ORIce, 1JS4 BroadMay, N. T,
Overcome One flonl llnnilicnp
nnd Defeat (Junker Four
by 1-1. to 5 1-2.
N AltR AHA NflKTT PlKn, Aug. H. The
Aiken Tigers hnd llttlo dlfllculty In de
feating the Philadelphia Country Club
four In the final event for tho Rathborn
Memorial Cup nt tho Point Judith Polo
Club this nflernoon by a score of S'i
lo St. Play wns slowed down consid
erably by the soggy Held. The gallery
alternated between the polo match and
the tennis tournament at the club oppo
site. The Tigers had no trouble In over
comli.g the one goal handicap awarded
Philadelphia, goals by llurko and Ran
dolph In tho Initial period putting them
In the lead. The play was very close
for the next two chukkers. Philadelphia
taking the lead In the third period. The
lineup .
No 1 11 e straw. ,No. 1-E. S. Ilurke. '
1 rii. .ir 01 Jr 2!
No. 3-R ' SlVaw': 3nSck-Ale" Urown.. i
' t
ltr!,!f. Sr... ,1
ltack-E Lorber Total...
Stokes 4j
Ph!udeiphia-(ioVl"eirnel, 6; by handicap,
f le penalties. 14 : total, :.'4. Aiken Goals
enrneo. :riee" iienaiure, -4: ui,i, iiiiniiir
ual loals-StrawbrliUe, Sr . 4; Stanley Sloke",
l: Ilurke, 1. Hopping. 2: llrow 11. i; Raivlolph.
1 Penalties -Aialnsl Aiken, eafety by Ran.
dolrh; against Plilladelphl i. foul by Manley
Stokes Tinie-i hour and 3) minutes. Hef.
eree-J. C Cooley
JntTe Lends Musters nnd Searlr
I lass A, With Tie In I'liiaa II.
I'tica, Aug 5. The tournament of the ,
.Vow York State Chess Association which i
. was begun In this city on Monday after-
i noon Is nearly completed. Late ester-
day evening and all day to-day much
progress was mude. Rut for some games
In the various competition winch stand
adjourned tho lust session could be held
to-morrow evening.
Chnrle Jaffe lui the best chance of
securing liist prlzo In the m isters' tour-
nev. whllo !. I . r-eario m cniei c.inoi
liev, WOlltl I, f-e.lll,- I-, umn i.,,,,,,- 1
date for honors In the Class A contest. 1
W. C Hurge-s and Louis Ouckemus are
best placed In the Class H tournament,
A business meeting was held this oe-
i 11 1- ..,rin u l.,r.-,l nr.-d.
nlng and 1). 1-. searle was elec cd pnsi-
'.lent, Charles Ilroughton and G. H.
Cheliev, vice-presidents, and A. McMar-
l.. .,iu. .in,l irnimirrr. The ndvKa-
blllty of holding next year a congres al
Skaueateles was also discussed and a
committee appointed to try to make ar
rangements for the meeting in thai puce
next year.
All S-iiil-rlnnllts .Xew VnrUers.
Maplkwoop. N. H., Aug, 5. Four New
York women forged Into the seml-tlnals
of tho women's handicap golf tourna
ment to-day, forcing Philadelphia and
Now Kngland to the wall. Mrs. It.
Rosewell, New York, defeat ml Miss II. S.
Wnlton. Philadelphia, - and 1 : Mrs.
James Royd. New York, defeated Miss 1
H. K. Rrlgham, Hrookllne, 6 and r. ; Mr.
Otis Fredenburg. NVw- York, defeated I
Miss l.eonla Norton, Winchester, ti and I
f, Miss 11 O. riedf!..burg. New York,
defeated Miss .Itssle Itoyd, New York,
and 1 ;
American Line
Under the American Flag
' ,;,I'iver,',7"",11' R'0,"
, llfiito Gfor I 1HO
WHlie OlttT LIUC
N.Y. Liverpool, Pier 60, N. R Noon
l.aplanil 4.u. lilllalllc tug. In
Azores-Gibraltar Naple.-Genoa
C'anuplr umi"t II, Id , .M,
oi'l'll K, II ll'M Al. .N. V. Irl. Iam Krclnr.
Eastern Steamship Lines
BOSTON Mrlzczr-
M.si VflllSI.I rHand IIIINKr.lt llll.l.
l.ve, Tier IS. N. It., foot Murray St., every
day A l M. Hamo service relurnlnu.
Due lloston atiout A. M. tmiorpa"e(l
faclllllri for vipedltlnui handling of Auto
inolillrs, llor.i-a aod Krclclit Kipreu
Portland ",n,ss" un
Mlltl'll I.4MI and Mlltlll f4l'll
l.ve. Tier 111, N. II., Tiles., Thurs. and
bats., A I'. M.i also Mont., 10.3U A, M.
l Uts. and Information at Tiers, also at all
Tourist and N. Y. Tramfrr Co. unices.
1)1.11 IXIMIMDN MM!.
Tn .III points Koulh and West Uvery week,
il.iy 3 r M . Tier 35, North JtHer. Tel.
,l!ioo I'ranklln
T 4KT. N IN VII, Oil 41 IMi M'4 till 41.1.'.
Imw I'arc. lo 411 I'olnt- SOI' III.
IM'KiN Sli:4MSIIII'4 t., VII Mh At N V
STKA.MHIIII' TII'KKIrt to all) purr.
Ulllclal Aacnt all line
Hayinoiid.V 44 hlti oinh I or.'.41tli At., N.V
110 TO IlIlltMfl'A TI Y S H IIKII.M t'DI A V
llookleisyflllllli.'r' M I il ,I,ld .3! U'May.N V
IS lla.t All F.tpense. Northern I'rul-e,
40 Hooklei fre lie I I'rom Line. New York.
Send fnr Krai, nook i
FRANK Tlll'IIItT I'll,
S94 IliondMay. .New ork lei. ti3u Kranldln. I
'TraiPl" FrPP h'r'tfrr
I Itll C I lICC. juritif? uiulI'Mliy.N Y
isislilkium ny,,.i.
Mnkrs Good Plight In First . (, Itnt
Fades In Xccond,
Tho secotid day's play In tho Point Ju
dith Country Club tournament brought
out f Inn tennis. W. St. Washburn de
feated Craig Hlddlo In the feature match,
! 7, 6 (I. Play was close In the first
set, but Wnshburn had llttlo trouble In
the second. Othtr matches resulted as
follow r:
Singles, Second Round Granger won
from Wylle by default; Inman defeated
Tlmnias, 0 I, 7 , 101; Btekman At
reate.l A, A. Walters, 60, 0; Ilraneh
defeated Paul, 7, 16, 61; Law ds
feated (latins, S 0, 42; J. P. Wattara
defeated llenshaw, 7, 3.
Third Hound Inman defeated Orangsr,
n4, 64; Washburn defeated Basktnan,
80, t 1; Dawsnn defeated Ilraneh,
: .4, soj j, i. Wallers dafaated Law,
6-3, C 4,
Doubles, Peennd Round P. S. P. Ran
dolph, Jr., and 11. (latins won from It.
:.?Pf.M H".'1 A' A' Walters by default:
llldilla and Dlgnn defeated A. Wylle and
" ."-.Carpenter, 61, 63; . Ilaekman
and W Dawson defeated P. W. Paul and
O It, Ilraneh, 60, 4; B. It, lllrd and
Thomas defeated T, O'Gnrman and It. T,
I'"". --0. a 3i R. Hazard and Henry
ilefeated , Vaughn and T. Conroy, 6,
Looked Vpon ns Probable Finalists,
Wit Yorkers Arr Kllmlnnlrd.
Winbtkp, Conn,, Aug. 5. Two sur
prising results were seen In tho tennis
tournament nt hi N'nrfnll ffmntpy ri,,y.
,,rl,Kn,ar "W nI tho State
championship this afternoon. First of
these U-HH thl ellmlnntlnn nf !. t
Watroua of the Yale Club, New York,
who lost to H. A. Plummer, New York.
In the third round. Watrous, one time
winner of the llrldgtnnn trophy, was
looked upon as a sure contender In tho
V.mderbllt Ward of New York was
looked on as a probable finalist also, but
he was nosed out by N. C. Stevens of
New Yoik, tho latter winning his way to
the Kcnil-flnnls In straight sets. The
summaries :
, First Itnund C. A. Major, New York,
beat M, T. Ackerland, New York, 61,
Second Round Treanor heat Hapgood,
6 4, B 3 Her beat I.elghlon, 4 1, S 7,
6 3: Veysey beat Melgn. il 4. 6 : (,.
tlkyan won from Tallant
Stens t.,-at (leer, 60, 2; Major beat '
Vd'-n'ouMaJor . beat Her. 6-,,
2. Plummer Ccjt Watrous, 62, 3 .
ny oerauit
1 leyeey heat Areulnbaii. 61. s 7,
6 3i K. Usher heat lUaserly, 60, 6-r-3;
F Harrison heat Cosilkyan, 63, 64;
Treainnr beat Hlaelou-, 2, fi 3. Steven
beat I.ansnn, 0 0, 0; Ward beat T.
Fluher. 63. 3.
Fourth Round Siemens beat Ward, 6 t,
8 -C,
Doubles, First Round Geer and Ider w on
...... ,....., ... u.i.uii unit-
ff V Mnxc and "rant.
0,,lrk jn, Tweddell by default. Harrison
and Harrison be! Root and Sweet. I -4,
Lft and Hand belu lllgelow
nd ireelund, 0 3. 61; Mxjor und Ward
hMt Co,tlk)Mn ,, ,a,n, 60 A3
Veyey and Treanor beat Meigs and Hap.
sood, 0. : 4. 2 Post and Ackerland
irom i.nwe ano partner hv default Has
. " iruuj, ivi. j,
MKW JERSEY Atlanta City.
Speaking of tin eonerttt eonttructioH of (AW THanae im, TAornas A. A.Misnn aid.
It it IA ramia; eanstntrliasior all ertat butldingt. It won't bt nd, it won't brtak,
ana you rouldn't burn it if you Irwrf "
Capacity 1100 American ntnl Kuropeiin I'lnns
The great essential ol a resort hotel, aa diitinguiihed (torn a city hotel, it ample
public space devoted to the use of ht guettt. in the foim ol bright and any
Exchanges, Lobbies, Parlors, Galleriei and Solariumi, affording pleat.ng vistas and
beautiful promenade!, the whole combining into a hat momout vision of grandeur and
beauty, while replete with the coxy group teclu:oni of home, and yet affording
full view ol the pleasing panorama of the resort life, In this essential the
arlbnrnitar-llrnlirlm stands without an equal in Atlantic City or elsewheie.
Its "Ownership Management," while accounting for its unique reputation, ii a
guaranty of the high chaiacter of its patronage and the unexcelled quality ol iti
service and cuisine. It employ! only white service in both its American and
la carte dining rooms.
) n,,'' Pialty ol its high-class mutic every evening throughout the year,
with special Sunday night solo features. Romani. the world't luhr-at Tenor, ol
Venice, is engaged to sing at frequent intervals during July, August and September.
Atlnntlr 4'lty. with Ita only real comi.etltor (Kurnnc) thin vear imi iwuUe, It
ofTerlnar unuualattrcitonand entertainmenta. Twoflvlnsr ltsardai'y a irro.
jf Interest. Two troll courses, tha Yacht Club, thefiahimr Meet ami the wonli-rfu
h.thln beach attract their respective devoir i hlle the pier amiiM-menta the
Boardwalk, the Are motor roida and the splendid hot,.1, arid n sla'iranla. atTnrd
enjoyment to all. There l only ona Atlantic City, and thia summer It it particu
larly attractive. Writ for 111 uit rntnl honklet nnd rnlra. r"t.u
I.IIMi IUNI Manhattan llettcli.
'5ut hy Ocm a9rj"
j NwYork'aMMtPoiuUran4
Tmierfar Mldom nriN from TO
dfiirM. Withith4lty lnnlu.h.lf
hour br train, ma hour bj auto.
TffUt C44rla Q art) Mr llalMrani
MM iMa fNP Ma ritAMg
awa ftaMflf
i Oriental Hotel
now upen. r. urn pea n -Ian.
I'K( IAI. ,
Oriental Mhore lllnnrr !";'
Danclna every ivsiilnr In
tha Hall Itoom. Dinner
fc tlanres Wednesdays and
Fridays under rrsnnal dl
t rertlon of Mrs. Itutb Run
" nlnn,
Auto roads dlraet to hoiet entranea.
JOtlFN , Cliavil, alsaaor
Tel 1000 Coney Island
LONtl tm.AND ew York.
The Most Altrartlte C'niintrv Hotel
Adjacent In New York 4 lt.
llni, of tho most rrlnle country ticiiclt
In .iiiit1c.i A cnnibln.il Inn of country
lib r.nat metropolitan hotel luviiry seldom
round Conducted on Ihc American I'lan,
'1 hue t also lor the convenience of motorltls
A Handsome a la Carte Restaurant
INI mill a from N Y. Frequent ehvtrlc service.
I'run.i Ctatlon. J. J. I.A.N'NIN I'll. 1'rnp..
Faniuus automobile routa Adirondack,
IroquuU, and OlinndaKa Trails, llooklat
f!!..!"''" y
anu maps tree. r. nam, eacy, .nsw.
Thrrp gnlf cotirnfls, ttMildlf hnrM, tnn.v
ilHiit'intr. motoring, 0n drUt". etr. ,c
mminiMlnt .'.(H3. Wrll fur circular.
.Hunit', N II.
TurmPAi TnupyMM'i'.
i:nl.n.r. cenic Wonderland"
Un nd map on application. 1110
v or IQlel U1(0n VVlttrburyi c
I a bm a-tv tea mm sr -m a m
B'war, I
ISoth Win Two Mulches Kasily
nt ilolmwk nntl Ajtponr
Sure riniillsls.
ScitKNECTAnr, Aug. S. With n con
tinuation of present weather conditions
It Is now practically conceded that tho
finals In the Slohawk (lolf Club tourney
will be playel Snturdny between Max
well R. Mnrston. winner of tho Man
chester tnuiiiey Inst week, and Oilman
P. Tiffany, the Mohawk club's cham
pion. They both won their matches In
tho first and second rounds to-day cully
nnd their play was such a to causo fol
lowers of tho tourney to pick them for
the final.
Tho sun enmo out for a while to-day,
warming tho air and bomewh.it drjlng
up the heavy course. The morning's
play, with thltty-two plnsers, caused
the stars to lie so rnttried ns to re
sult In no close mutches. The best per
formance In tho afternoon was by Tif
fany, who mado the II nt nine holes In
35, one stroke better than par, and de
feated C. T. Curtis. Rochester's Wrong
est representative, 2 and l. The sum
maries :
First DMslnn. First Hound--Maxwell
Marslon, Ilaltusrnl, brat II A. Vronnian.
Mohawk, 7 and S Richard Jackson,
Mlddletown, beat K. T Donahue, Mont
clalr, l up; Klliunrn ltol,e-in, Rochester,
heat A. L. lime, Fernet llllle, 7 und 4;
Oilman P. Tiffany. Mohawk. Iieit Lewis
A. Wilson, New York, 7 and It tl.
Beale, Mohawk, beat Sanfnrd Stoddard.
Hrldgeport, 7 and . .1 S. Lewis. Mohawk,
heat C T. CouKlllln. L'll.a. 3 and 2. T.
Lansing, Knli kerlio, ker, beat V A liar
her, Jr.. Knglewood. 3 and 2, It I''. Iliindy,
Glens Pall", beat T A, JlcLuliahlln. Mo
hawk. 1 up.
il. T Curtl", Rochester, beat c .1 Itll
lamy, SprlngtlrM, I and 3. I.. V Dewliit,
Wbltenilirsh, beat I I. Wilde. llolon,
7 and 6; 1, Watklns, Hal t tisr.it. belt
II L, Towns. Mohawk. 2 up. .1 P ltmv
man, Rochester, l,-,it (.' L Stewart. Mo
hawk, 3 anil 1. .1. l riiuK Mi, inky, ileal.
bent Harold Wills. Syraiusr, 3 and 3:
Huntf New
nell, Atplne, be.n IteKinnld it Lewis.
Rldcetleld. t up. C W Hire. Rochester.
beat Archibald McllHalne, Hartford, 1 up
Second Round Mar-ton. heal llundy. 4
and 3, Lansing beat Jaik-on. 7 and 6, J.
S. LewU beat Howiti.iu. 4 and 3 .hanley
beat Rohe.nn, I and 3. Tin. my beat Curtis,
2 and 1, Watklns beat liMnluir 2 up, Kay
ser beat Itb-e, 2 and I. O'Cutlllelj beat
fit-ale, 6 and 4
Select i:iulll IIhim- Ollli-lllla.
Cllli'AUii, Aug. .", - (lord- F Rillnu,
as chairman ' the contest cinumlttee;
David lteccroft, refene, and Fied I.
Wagner, -'-irter, li.iu' b,-n i-elcrlcil to
officiate at the sixth annual Jllgln auto
mobile races, August 2d and 21.
NEW JERSEY Atlantic 4'lty.
1 SfCbarlcsPlaceofldtuBcacb.!
IICAt II nil I.N T Al l (IMMii.is
TlU.NS AT IIAI.K I'ltlCI. Ilriurrn
tlir- .New i.urucn nnd Meel I'tert
the popiilnr tertlou Mihln .i.i.J
ami 'Und nf old oce.in A hirfli
ilntfc modern hotel, ultli :ii im,
momt, all ulth open mpot'ir'
1'Ilvate bath, hot and cold runiilu?
intrrln rooms. Attractive porrhet
tit ktnr. etc I'llKInc .and t.rvi.-th
list cry riason.ililc rate- ijuj
A Bold Original Creation i-U
alll, ll,e Iji-slCr' r r Allanl HIT liJ
ft I harb- I'l.ico and
beach l'u-.h and
KHier baths rmioim: Kaicr In ruoms rletator.
superior tablf i ,mu-i .it trtuu- A I, WAij.
.NKR, 1'ropr. II IAN 1 1 1 N .Mur
MHV ,li;iti:i irlu! I.al.e Iteai Ii.
til-IIIMi I tl. I. Ill l II. V. J.
Illrrcll) on tin- l can. NOW nl'I'.N.
j Concert and ,l.inci or, b,'.'rjiH i,olf Tennis.
ItldlnK, il.inh-ii, i,nli II"' and . .Id
witter in bathronitit N mll'i ti'J .0
i 'rnotie .IBM ,M irrav Mill
IIAtlll II. I'l l Ml. II. Manager.
I'lne t ill lane lor rent in
i nunc I ItaJt tilth hotel,
NK4V JF.It.tKV .bur) Turk.
nuxlcrn font enien, i,
I M'lil KI.KT.
l'HNNVI,.M 4 ticl.murr 4iiter (,ai.
llrlfiMuri Wuli'i ti.in,
.'iimrlty fin siuit riur nt It1
hpi'cini Miminn .11 1 iiimi
rM IIT lHHIKir rillll illl"! 1111)1.
t ll.MU.I.rt II. 111 I I- rnp.
I'F.N.NhVLVAM K Mtiutit I'ocono.
Blount I'oiono, renmi.
t'alerlnK lo a illennlc who appredato
the beat. Prh ate b.ilht. t'rci iMr.iico. Opeu
all tear. I.lliruture mi iciiuitt
W. i. A 11. M l.l.lll'Il.
mischi.i.am:iii -,.
Shortcut, 1 1 1 1 t. -1 uud II -I Hue
iM'titccn Not tork nnd ti ,ntirn

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