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The Double Cross Won a Title for McCoy, Made Jeffries Easy Prey for Johnson, and Brought Dixon a Knockout
iiosKiinr CATGUT
The double cross, u fiirm of trickery
'it has. been Introduced In nearly nil
tranches of sport. attained Its most luxu-
rtu grow- In l.ic pugilistic nuthouses.
j; t not cultivated now to nny itrc.it
Htent on Inc to the safeguards thrown)
.bout the sport by commission rule mid
i central tendency to curb tho trlck
Cfrt who still Infest the snme. Hut In
tfe early i!h)i of boxing tho double
rroaa flourished and It was a rare thine
(or i month to pass without an attempt
t execute the maiueiivrc.
A double cross In a boxing match Is
tndence of duplicity on the part of both
r-aclpahi and usually all the olllelnls.
't sruse from the, desire of ono of the
iitMtant to win a battle through the
roluilon "f hi opvunetit. which was
Mloned by a disregard or tne promise
! "lose" and the final upct of the boxer
er.o was willing to win u bloodless
la many instances tne noxer wno
assented to felgll tO llO knocked OUt
las Uen bound by a heavy c-ash forfeit J
to to through with his part of the!
frorramme ami m several instances ur.s
ti!h has been forfeited and tho double
treM put through successfully.
Beyond doubt tne most spectacular
doable cross In tho history of pugilism
u that engineered by the astute Kid
MrCoy at the expense of Tommy ltyun.
then the middleweight champion.
The motive for the cross was Mc
(Vy's hatred of Kynn for the manner In
-Mch the ch"m-ion had treated the
1 while the latter was a lowly eisir-r-r
partner for the title holder Ac-
Urdlnp to tho story, ltyun took delight
h beating McCov brutally In training
fiarters. the Kid at that time being
iractlcally a novice.
But the humble sparring partner be
ran to Improve In boxing and strength,
le beatings he cot from lt mi not la-l-g
without educational value. When
McCoy finally felt sufficient confidence
h himself he sent n molest challenge
1 rhumn'.tn. The renlx was romc-
.,-.,1 ,r, ft. .ffol tlllt C I
Unit with McCoy would not draw tiles.
Then McCoy changed his tactics and
Ir.ilored the champion to give him a
tout In order tint he might make a
;.!' money, which he needed sorely.
"leu won't have to nam a llc-K. lor
j know ou can beat me with one hand
ti liehlnd our back. So why not give
a chance to get a little coin when It
went cost you au thing at all?"
Fought nl .Mnaprtli.
Ryan pondered the matter a w'ih and
u gruffly advised McCoy that If he
jll set any ptoinotir fonl.sli . iiinia.i
cCe- a purse he would con-er.t u go
fc'u the ring with the Kid.
Mir y hustled around and Induced
ft1' Jim lveimedv. then the manager of
Umpire A. '. at Maspeth. to offer a j
fiirly good putse. and the match was tet ,
1.: M.irdi 2. 19.
MoCuv l.ad been doing light work at ;
tie M.ii hatlan A. C. on west i oriy-nun
('.red for nearly a month, and nB soon as
tie bout was clinched the Kid hettlcd
down to bard work and was soon In the
lot posilblu condition.
While lie wai perfectliiK bis own
Ifiyflcal condition, McCoy found time to
r.d a euccecslon of notes to the chain
lion, all In this cln:
Trlnd Toiiuny I'leaso don't show
rv. up too bad. You Know, of course,
hat ou can do to me, a. you need to
"mill the bead off me when it'll were
alnlng. You are the champion, and
ju can afford to be a little gentious t
teslnncr. 1 have not bien In cood
tealth und couldii't train a bit, o If you
"me Into the ring all trained down I .
Mpevt they will carry mo away In tho
ambulance. i
'Have a littlo pltr. Tommy, on a fel
!ov that Ii trying hiiid to make a llv
!r.t." Ilyan Did No Training. ,
After Ityan had received half a dozen '
Tittles, of that fort ho was convinced
'sat McCoy epoke the truth, and the .
'I.anplon never did any training other
din a hair cut and a Miave. j
A ko d sized 'iwd turned out to seej
battle, and when Hyatt stepped ,nto
t e lint: It .is uen that lie was fat and ,
flruml The iliamplou'h c.vn bulged
""leu .Mui'oy trwk oft Ills bathrobo and I
cvi.,e. the form of ti perfectly traiivai
Hut h.s aFtonlslmienl did not end there,
'r tt'ien t.- a. V "in t"""! twi'
te rtrn round McCoy, with his low:
I'.'t. kept Jibbing the rather prominent
": of the champion, and at tho same
tTC aoid.-d the vicious lunges of Ityan.
Ti e htinpion leallzeil In a few rounds
t'at he had beu tricked, hut ho grimly
'. his Jm and prei,ired to light It
'Jt on his met
H'Ui-iir. M i'ov, who mil ltil'd th
IjJii tr.tthuds in training, beat the
rVimiiioii at e-ery point of the game
"id knoeketl him out cold in tho eign
t'nih round.
All the time M Coy was Jabbing and
c!Mr imlng his foo ho tantalized him
l'h J1'h of t.ils i-ort:
' ft irn n'j.-r how you used to gle It
'1 m. v ,c- l w is your (-p.irrlng partner,
Tin i, en ii"u '
J'. i I'm woiht drubbing that
'jn.me i; u ,.,.r if'c veil n h '
vl he ai. d McCoy did not wpeak there
Many efforts wero nuidti to re
"'It. l ie n, hut theru seemed to bo i
''nelitu lion on the patt of Jiyan to
"''hir di ! houl.
Almiiat I'ruurd Flit.
Ar.oiiier double crosti that was. only
nriialty successful uas that by Joa
hoynkl. with Itobert Kltzslmmonit lis
' Propectlo victim. These two men
pal trid a match to tako place In a
""aire in Itotton Juno IT, 18!4. Kit
a thvii at tho height of his career,
fvlng vimiulshed Uempsey and turned
''attention to tho henvles, who were
JAtr backward In meeting the Cornish
man. The understandlnr between Kit and
JBoyii'kl was that they would npar nix'
mendly rounils and that no rough work
ld be Indulged In. Kit nt that time
81 ( r i. ....... I . v. - ... t
k ;."an. ihti acrobat, and ho was depend-
on tne receipts from the match with
'Wyntkl to purchnii wedding glfta, Ac
.Apparently Choynakl, having In mind
fame that would be hla If he toppled
Wr the mighty Kltialmmons. declde.l to
iimity a 1lltK;'",ut at tno flnlt PI10'-
men boxed cautlouily for two
IJM". but In the third, while Fit wai
Tf'r an Inventory of the tiouw. Choyn
"1 Irt fly a right that land em tba
.Middleweight Champion
Was Tricked Into His
Waterloo by McCoy.
SfeXsi v mr
. f km m t
- r " f!?'i . X,V
1 t
point of nld Free-Men's Jaw nnd tent him
rolling on the stage badly dazed.
K t zs iiiiiiniiM. who had the greatest re-
cuperntlve powers of any boxer in the
history of thu game
game, managed to get to
.void the stotni of blows
m by the eager t.'hoynskl.
his feet itinl hv
slinwi ri-d on Ii i til
Kll was 111 bad condition when he
finally got to his corner, but In the '
minute's rest he freshened und was able J
to ktep Choynskl at bay during tho
fourth. I
The Cornlshman wns himself again 1
when he resounded to the bell for the I
llftli, ami there was a dangerous glitter I
in his little bluo eyes.
lie sailed Into Choynskl with batter ,
Ing rani fury and soon had Joseph
groggy and on the lloor. After three ,
knockdowns the police Interfered and j
the bunt went Into the recotds as a draw,
although Fltz had Ills man out when the
blueco.itH intervened, - in eaj. w
l.-ii ufti-e the bout, "hits mourning
funny the bobbles didn't lilliterfeie when
Hi was on the floor."
lllxon Wai the Victim.
The most uncalled for double cross, j
and ono In which the schemer got little
except well deserved censure, was thati
'n which Walter l-ldgerlon, the Kentucky
i....ui.,,.i u,ir iiooritn Dixon, then the 1
featherweight champion, to dreamland i
ill the second round of a nout sen unc i
for three, that was staged lu Philadel
phia ..March 22, U94.
Although the Hosebud scored a knocc
out, vet, owing to the fact that tho bout
was for thu benellt of tho Plilladel-ihla
bread fund and was billed as an exhibi
tion1 contest, Kdgertoii never received
any credit for his performance.
Not only did the management of tho
bread fund entertainment announce that
tho bout was an exhibition one, but It
was generally understood Iry the prin
cipals and their managers that It was to
be a sparring contest without any rough
work. ,. .
With this understanding Dixon made
no effort to enter the ring In condition lit
for anything but light sparring. In fact
the champion was In Jovlul mood nnd
was inclined lo make a comedy bout of It,
Hut Rdgeiton was lu prime condition,
id co icelv tig the Idea that lie would
111 1 ..... .
win the title If he put Dixon to aleep he
watched his cnancc,
Tho llrst round went off according to
schedule, with both men sparring bril
liantly. J)ott Went DUob.
The aecond round had not gone far
when Edgerton, who had been looking
for an opening, got It and wung a
deadly right on the Jaw of Little Choco
late. Dixon went down like a struck
ox and never tlrred, tho force of the
blow and the effect of the champion'
social observance during the day mak
ing an overwhelming combination.
Dixon wai dragged to hi corner and
after hard work wa revived. It waa
everal mlnuU before) he wa able to
stand, and then he and Edgerton went
at It again and flnlihed the third and
last round In a perfunctory manner.
Dixon, a oon a ha recovered from
th. affaeta of the lolL tried hard to get
the Rosebud Into th ring; In another
boWeWK WIMQia.
'..f r t in :&av . . :;i.. 'i i
w i i v. raw, .jf ii i . m
. w I if
Dlvm passed away sonie e,ir-i ago.'
but IMgcrton, r.7 ycar of age, i.- n ill .u
! l lade nh a and lioxlng lit liti-rv i
IoubtIces the most humiliating umiiiu
cios-t In the history of boxing was thai
Inflicted by Jack Johnson on .lame
Jeff lies. The former champion, w ho had
been m retlremrnt more than live jears
and who was athletically a wteck, u.-ib
Induced by the clamor of friends to enter'
t,hc ring and try and take the champion-'
ship away from the black fellow. Jef-1
files was not nt all deceived as to nis
ph steal limitations, but tho scheme was
siiggestid that Johnson might bo Induced
for a consideration to tako a crack on'
the Jaw and lose his title. Who con-1
ducted the negotiations with the negro U 1
tnt known, but the big black fell in
with t lie plan nnd gave his te.idy con-
s.nt to all the del ills. Johnson leallzi 1
mat he could nut get a match with Jtll.
except uy apiieaiiiig lo coiisc-ui lu inv
Plan of turiender.
In order to make sure that Johnson
would cany put this end of the bargain
the negro was compelled to put up Jl.uoo
ca-h In tho hands of a friend of .left'.
With thesu details arranged Jeff went
ut his make believe, trnlulng and John
sou settled down to hard win I,.
Tixclflh Hound for the I'lnp.
It bad been agreed between the negro'
and Jeff that Johnson would tako a poke
on the Jaw In tho twelfth round ant
Hop, and Mi c-oulldent was Jeflrles tli.it I
It would go through that ho advised'
some of Ills friends lo bet that lie would 1
win by a knockout In tho twelfth round. I
Forty-eight hours belojo the I (ono bum
wns stagid a bolt fioiii thu clear ! I
lilt thu Jeffries csilup. It wits lu tlie form ,
of a message from Johnson that thu e.-
'vniu iiw, ..mini ii,, i wiii- luui-i .inn
hr.t .lefl-rles w-.inlil ban. t lleht on 1,1s
merits. The elTcct o the llollerill.iker
rh effect on 11.,, Holler-maker ",,u severest ooxers in nit; gaiiie,
bh ll,V knew ml' he' .', ' o HTKTu'r bb
chiinco iigiillis. tho big black,11'0'11'1 "" ,lm.1 'l, ?Ui Tr'" ' ."IJ
-iu- -,,n.,n..i i enter the professional ranks and weed
was pitiable,
a living
and Jeff really collapsed.
Kven when ho entered tho ring lie
had to keep his feet spread In order to
avoid falling.
The humiliating liout that Jeff put up.
will, 1,1s ,, ml In li llfloeiill, ,-,m,,!l'
i was evidence that tho former ilmmploii
never had a look In.
... ,
Aflor I lie anil alTalr was elide. I n nil
JffTs bruises hud healed ho got a friend
to Invent tho story of pulhon In his tea
pot. The only thing that ailed Jeff on
that occasion wan tho deadly genua uf
a double cross.
Croea That Vailed.
A cunningly laid double cross that
failed wa the ono Joo Hans tried to
land Frunk Krne with. Gumt had lost
a decision to Erne at tho Uroadwuy A.
C. In 1900, the Old Master quitting In
the twelfth round on tile plea that tho
blood from n cut over his eye blinded
lilm. The real reason wa that the
clique behind a an a had their money on
Erne to win and (Jans was under orders
to stop at the first opportunity. Tho cut
over the eye gave (Jams, the excuse he
needed. Thereafter Erne berated dans,
declaring he wa a yellow cur and a
Thl Infuriated the Baltimore oyster
buck, who Indited that hi manager
Ct asothar bout with Era. Th But-
f.i'o llghtnelght told Cans to get a repu
I ili.niv Line was appro icneu wun a
pnipninioii in meet t.uns in a mi
umiid i ii.bitnn bout In the 1'cnn Art
Club. INi.l.idelphla. of which Martin
Julian was manager. It was explained
to I'.nie that there would bi no rough
l.mlc and that there would oo a goo'i;
liuneh of money.
K-t.o was suspicious, hut fin il)y con- i
Mnteil, whereupon (Jans settled dow n
MI K0t Into superb condition. On thft'
night ret for the bout (Jans, like a caged
nKf.r, was In tho club house, waiting fori
i;rn to appear, lime arrived In I'hlla-
delphla, -ind wns In a hotel In the act'
f registering hi name when a friend 1
wiil.'-pered In his ear: "The coon l out
,,, von." 1
Without finishing- his name on the hoot. 1
i.-,.,,, inruo.i about and rctiinml tn i-m
h'dcl. It was not till May 12. I'.oi'.'. that tided to tackle tlu-iii In lots Instead .if iltli Hub Mi.hu? If no. what vv.i Oiere
Cms got revenge when be put Kineout singly Jack disposed nf I'atsy llog.in. '
with the tlrst punch and took tho t.ile .11111 Wliltney and ll.-orge Klln.t lu less ) es, it I t id on. w '"'"" rV;, .'
from him. than tine rout mil Having been vl.- I?", dlbbons being given .red I of will-
,. , ., , . niai
Selection Of llCllJ II It 101 llfs
l'irst Pro OpponiMit, Caused
Clitiuipiou's Downfall
Jobliliy Moloney of Huston, who had
won the U.i pound amateur champion
. , - ,, ..... i... .... i,,l ,,u
- "f tho WOllll. lllld who W.IH rated US
"no "f..!.h" ?VS!Z:, ". ".T'
out a few dozen aspiring thumpers. He
selected .is his Initial victim n heavy
puncher named K. (. Joo o'Dounell of
OlouccHter, N, J.. nnd the combat waa
Staged Ut tile Olytllpla ltl lillludvlphtll
V'r two rounds Moloney boxed with
(brilliant hklll. and It lookc.t lis though
I , .'I ..n,i aI I .... .. .li,n fi.v in nr Ul n trim.
I ( I'DonllCll Wet o llUC for all nrllstlo tHlll
. mlng. However, O'Dounell, who had
t been watching for a chance to bind on
I he hotly, got his opening near tho close
of tho third and sent his man to canvas
a few seconds before the bell, This
punch settled the amateur ami his sec
onds wero compelled to toss the sponge
in the fourth.
All of which would seem to Indicate
that amateur champions should exercise
Judgment In tho selection of profes
sional opponents, especially if tney ue
Biro to maka a good showing. Most of
tho professionals aro decidedly rough.
ntchcr BUI Hoberuion, who has been
on and off with Memphis all season, ha
finally drawn a release, At the same
time another Itobertson appear lu the
H-iuthe.ru League, Atlanta taking on
Frank Itobertson, a pitcher who wa re
leased to a club In th Georgia-Alabama
League earlier In the icaaon.
Lat Vciitliorwoiirlit Contender
(Joiip. .Toll nny Covets the
Hriton's Honors.
n- cno? cor.Ti.n.
Johnny Kllb.ine, who on Iibor ltay
flattened tlcorgo chaney. the "IC O.
King,'' and thus remoied the last nt-plr-Ing
featherweight from his path, now has
his bneillt-k eye on Kredcrlck Welsh,
I owner "In pcipetulty" of the lightweight
' Iiuim.iIiimuIiIm
Kllbanc thinks he can take the honors
away from Welsh, nnd Is wilting to try
if the conditions are tultable.
After vocketlng his share of the J10,-
nOOrcolved for lambasting Chaney. Kll-
1.. uu, s.i.l :
,,, . , ..
"I w-as nmb tlotis once, to win the
fl;'., .V'l Z . V, ,,!!".'.l,n.f . ,P- . '!'" I!!!!" I
. ' ' "... . '..' ' ', . . '.,
.......... .u ... w.u ..h...nc-..u wi-.......,.,-
'"Any time 1'reddio Welsh and a pro-,
ii.nl. r ..r.. ... i.K- 1 mu .. .iilv. I.nt Ihi-
weight be l":i ringside and we'll go half
way in leaching an tigreenn-nt.
ICllbane h conlldenci' In Ins nblPty to
defeat Welsh Is echoed In the opinion of
many who witnessed the Clianey contest.
One well known crltb' a.-crted:
"It Is my candid opinion that Kllbane
Is the only man who can outpoint and
probably knock Welsh out."
Kllbane In his keynote speech touches
the one obstacle to a match and that Is
the we. gill. He at oiiih tlii-tatcs 133
pounds itugslde to Welsh, who would
piobably tlei-line to reduce to that point
lor the featherweight champion.
Welsh will uniiuf stlonably insist on
.,(ju,j. ,(, Welght at wl
f ' nll(.,p an,i u,,. U(ght
( whle boxt il No doubt
which In' won
at which be
there ale a
..,,.. nromntcrs who would be eager to
,,.,, lt Wileli-Kllbatie nmtch, but It will
, upl,ft t terms till the iiuestlon
tle weight is settled,
.MrVnllrTe'a IVat.
Thirty-two years ago yesterday .lack
McAullffe, tho former lightweight
champ, defeated three men In a single
session at New York. Jack was then
Just starting Ills professional career, and
having defeated n Vi-r.il oung hopefuls
of New York and IIr !.; ii llstli: iircb
without raising a pci-m.-i itlou, lie de-
torlous in ta-vti il of thu lightweight
tournaments, MiAul.tTc ihalleliged
Jimmy Mitchell to buttle for the cham
pionship, and claimed the lightweight
title when .linmiv lefuseil. In lsx? Mc.
Aullffe fought Jim Carney, tho KnglMi
lightweight champion, for the wmld's
title al llevere, Alas.-.. It was u lli-ice
and bloody bout and In tho seventy-
foiirlli round thu ling xv.is broken Into
nnd the light was called n draw. Me
AulUTe was. the only l!-jit eight cham
pion who over retired whilo the retiring
wus good.
notch's netlreoient.
A perns.it of Frank Hob-h's formal
anounceiiient of rrtln'iiniit loes not
give the Impression tli.it it Is u Pat II
farewell. Apparently Soldi lias readied
thu conclusion that if lie continues In
the game, It will 1m merely a question
of tlnio before lie Is beaten. The for
mer champion says;
'I liavo not letlred because 1 do not
think I am capable of defeating them all.
Put becRtiae I do not think I am unite as
good lis I was, say, a half dozen years
ago, 1 am Its .sears of ngn and time
will tell sooner or later I think it would
la later wltli uie, bin, Just tlio same,
I do not want my friends to back me
with their money believing I hiii even
better than I was ten jeais ago. 1 mil
not better. I may not bo as good. At
that I think I would be good enough to
tako on those lu the game to-day,
Ills I.ttat Mutch,
"My match with Jim Kkscn, champion
nf Scotland, staged exclusively for mo
tion pictures, will go down In history
as my last match. 1 won, it Is true, but
after that match It enmo to mo suddenly
that there is a time for nil men to re
the. 1 never dudged a match and I gavo
them all opportunities to win my cham
pionship title, and eu tny retirement will
not merit nor win it ueservo criticism,
Tho retirement was mado at no small
sacrifice, for under an agreement with
the Scllg company I was to receive) IS5,
(100 for two inoiQ iiiiiilchcs. 1 will not
wrestle again. I have enough money.
I want to stay on my farm nnd enjoy
tha company of my wifo ana family,"
Questions and Answers
Hear Tom A bets that In some forms of
poker four of n kind In 1tler than a
trulght flush. Is this correct?
In stud poker and In Its parent game,
straight poker, the straight flush ha no
value. In draw and whiskey poker It
beats four of u kind.
Dear Tom (I) How old l Jk lisubi-rt
and how Inn has he been playing for
HriKikltii? 121 la Jim Thorpe ttill playing
I,nelmll7 Where? II. M. V.
(1) Haubcrt wan born on May 14,
J SC."., and started with llrooklyn In
1!10, C!) Thorpo Is with Milwaukee in
American Association.
Dear Tom Where run I tocite Hank
Crowley, the big catcher fruui SH. Ann'a
I'rep? If lie Is playing ullh nny league
Ir.im. i:. O lilllKN.
(1) Any of tho St. Ann'H I'rep boys1
should bo able to tell you where he now
Is located. (2) He Is not In tho big
Dear Tom -On Hnturday, June 24. lDln.
the Yankees pUyeil the Hsnslnrs at the
I'iiIo ilrmiml itvn kaiiics. Will you kindly
Inform ma as tj who won these game,
how niHiiy runs, hlla and the respective
pttcherj JAMBS J, Itb'.xMllLU
... ... ... l.l.ll
iiiiie.ri'n mini wotll Hi en. uniwrii
.,,n. h'i uriiiiiH,uii. .lie huio v.
which was '1 to 1. New York made
seen lilix, its against four for the Sena
tors. Yankees won second by u 4 to 3
count, Ayres pitching full gumo for
Washington, while Mosrldge, Keating
und Hliimkey twirled for the Yankees
! in order named. In second contest each ,
team Inado seven hits.,
nr Tm wi,., i. .......
a till lTnrm f,,J - Xil 'h!.? if''lfwl
fhi. hJ.. rf-r. 'I'? h. ' . i V . i
y?i$?KrXl,?;--S'' "t",",V,,!i,
tMVt.-'x- 'v l' !!0' 1 1. &U ,
waiuen. 1,
2 :0S 7-12.
Dear Tom What teams lin- Konetchf
plaed for In tho N.itlon.il l.-aue?
SI. Louis, I'lttNburg and Boston.
Der Tom The follonliit; bet ! to be
decided on the rulta of plrtochle -t they
exleted In July, us ihey may liue been
changed alnre. A bets that If the king
and uueen of trump Is uied Irf the se
uuencs It cannot be uri In the marriage,
and therefiire the round trln enunts only
i :0. II beta It la 3'J1. Who wine"
J tl. llltuilKLYN.
There has been no change In the laws
of pinochle since the game was Invented,
1 s.1 It Hop tint ni.itt.-r u-ltithtr Jull.
1T76, or July, lull, Is referred to.1
Neither party -win" the bet becauso!
both aro wrong. Tho royal marriage
can be used as part of the sequence for
the simple- tea son tli.it without the mar-
.. . 1 .... 1 l I.. I
V..II Mie, IIV IVl 'f Ik lll.li IIIVIII IB
made tlrst. A Is tht refote wrong about ;
ii, -inii .n,i ii i ,,m,.. .i,i n,r lift
the .00 and IJ Is wrong about the 330. I
Dear Tom In the last lloston-Chlcago
American series Iloetnn nnn ttto games In
one tl.ty tint second Kumu was protested on
tin- grounds that Rsitie wus etarted too
late. Has any decision t.em gHen as yet?
ji.m and i:ddu:.
Proteett was r.ot sustained. Game
Dear Tmiiil) Kindly let me know the
rTKHUII "tlj" aaigiiRr, til- ,t-s a vi n i' i
real name. iit- ti.
... . .....
(1) Judge, now back In the game,
only recently recovered from an attack
of hernia. (2) Joo Wilding.
Dear Tom Tour hat.d auction pinochle.
l .c.ll r bint, nhll !'.! sre 10. I' cets
,.,e...U. tn-M. d win, the .flr-t . .
tricks. rraciiiiiK .;. . wins tne ih-mi.i., . . . . . --
inck and elilms the h ie a- t' has'"""" cnargeo a.ainst first pitcher.
VJl. 1 1" l. II. llA'tl'S . 'thenvlse second plwlier is charged
It does not matter whit C has made or .th defeat, for. going m with coro a
when A wins a nick: the. hand must be
,,.ivt.(, nm , ,,. 0(,m,ol
'X -""r his bid bul .win Hie. game
" "e can. no wins, as u: ..i-"
has tho first count.
Dear Tom Who gets the hlrther silary,
Walter Johnon or Uroter Alexander? Also
itato their salurles. Who Is worth more?
HAItltY soitM'HEIt.
They never told me, 'Atry. and I never
naked them. Do you tultid Informing the
jeubllc what salary you receive?
Dear Tom Would like to know If Willis
Jones was eer knocked out.
liEDlliii: KEN NUKE.
v Am not certain. I haven't Willie's
complete record.
Dpar Tom Man at bat makes two
bae hit and Is out for not tnjchlni! tlrst
Paso. Is he credited wish making a luse
hit? A !.
Dear Tom (11 How do you pronounc
xir ii l-ni.lier'a name? 1 mean the gUin
Cuichtr. (!) Wns Ausls Itntner and lilsh
l'atsy Kline exer under the man.iRem nt
of Nat O.k? Is irlih ''.rijJJED."7 '
(11 "Conch-er." (2) Don't know.'
(3) Ye?.
Dtar Tom What Is the nationality of
Wiimbsgansa, Turner and fpeaker of Cleve
land and Wheat nnd Cuombj of Itrnnknn.
I All Americans.
i. - T"in Did Mike r,lM..nis i-ter
Plug Oil a foul III second lound.
Dear Tom -1 What l the rt-sl iinuie
nnd tiiitlnu.illl of Ml vvi:. i.iius ine inin
I t.imu elitht i ii.ininl.iii-.' A mis he
Ices III New York; II s.i III lUltlmore
Who Is right" H P AN" ' li
lt I John iSiitlnko. He was born III
opeiihagen, Denmark. (2) II. Is light.
T.ii.i -Winn limit did Hunner
Mnlr nnd Hid Lang engage In after Mu
IS. 1 V , und cpleiiiiii-r i, '"
U. .V. II. IN
Since then Lang fought Jack liunw
In 191U, P, U. Curren, Mam iingtoru,
luck Lester I twice). Hill MUltcs linn
Sam McVey In lull, Jim Harry In 1012.
P. ti. I uri.ui tiwicej nun iave j-iiiiin
In l'.tlll and Atthur Pell.ey aixl Fred
Starbeck lu Hill. Mnlr fought limn-
baidler We. Is and Potky Flvnii III P.'lt.
Humble Wilson In l I - unu iioiiinaruici'
WcIIh lu 1913.
Dear Toni--(l Did Klb llrond eter
kimik out Young Corbel t In Denver aunii
fifteen vears ago? CI Did Cobb lead the
American League In bulling at any Kmc
this ear?
Kid llrond Knocked out voung furnott
in four touiids lu Deliver March 22, 1001.
U') No.
Heir Tom How many times was Parky
Md'urland defeated? J. FLANNIll AN.
McFaiiaud never was defeated.
Dear Tom (1) Can you let tne know If
Ichliu Kuniiigae. the Jap teunli star, plnys
with glneses on? Cl Also let mo know
some of the slur Olivers lm do "ear
'hem. HAItltY W, MOHTON, Jll.
(11 Yes. (2) Watson M. Washburn
and Wulter Merrill Hall.
Dear Tom Playing call ace euchre. A
calls on the wee of spades. It turns out that
ard Is not In P'a. A score for a
lone hnnd or noT? H bets not. us be was
HfraU to play It aloi... ' '.' ., hl
calling for a partner. Hi:Ml AND JIM,
It Is not the actual ace that Is called
for hut tho best of tho suit, so that If
tho aco Is left III tho stock the king
might bo the hlghcet spado In play, If
any player held that card ho wus the
p.utner culled on. It Is only when the
caller tutus' out to hold thu best of the
suit asked for himself that ho Is entitled
to scoro for a lone hand if he makes It.
Dear Tom Please let tne know hew long
Jake lljutiert lias heen plalng flrat bae
ttllli the llrooklyn Nationals. .....
Daubert started for the Superbas In
Dear Tom Kindly Inform ma whleh
gome of u double header l cunildered the
srliediiled game In rase one. of thoae games
la n poatponed game. 11A11KY FLAX.
First game.
I Dear Tom la Zark Wheat ef the Brook
lyn team an Indian?
M. U.
Dear Tom (I) By whom was a trlpla
play ever made unassisted? How anil when
whs It made? CI A man la on llrat, batter
hits drive, to second and second baseman
catches It, The man on flrat runs to sec
ond. The eecnnd heieman touches him with
the ball, la tha runner out?
IJ. 8. AND 1. V.
Nenl Hall of Cleveland Americans
mate 0,0 , Ki,m, nBalngt Hoston Amerl-
cans at Cleveland. Ohio, July 19, 1909.
In second Inning Wagner and Htahl of
tho lied Sox were on second and tlrst
with none nut. On the lilt and run play
both men started with a rush when Mr
Connell rapped the ball tdralght Into
TI..1I tf..ll . 1 ...I ft.
l.ail P liUIIUff. JJU1I 1UUCIIVJ ccewiiu WV"
..... ,,. t , . , .....
gain first base, completing a triple kill
ing. (S) C'crtulnly
Dear Tom Noticed In your column of
the .10th an Imiulry from "Kane" ae to
Inutile piny with a man on tlrst and one
,nplJ,.,".l,,e.r ,hl,,i .anfly..t". "',or'"t"'
rnhuch.rt:..eoilS.i!S,,ln 1S?n Si?iH$&,
ttuiiplrilng it doubls play. I think that
cause when a man la on bata and an In-
' hit the batter l Immeautely
"ed out by the umpire, who dec-Idea
whether It ! an Infield fly or uu outfield
By. If the rate above ws true all the
InilelJers would drop Infield flya purposely,
and make double plays galore und triple
plays plentiful. WILLIAM KLEM.
Say. old pal, If you would look at
Pectlon 8 of Itulc CI, you will see that
Inllcld fly rule only applies with first
nnd second, or first, second and third
bases occupied. In case you refer to
first base only was occupied and fielder
by trapping ball engineered :i double
play. Head the rules.
Tiar t.m tvii. . . ..... ... I
man on third baa. batter hits ball for home
run. but falls to touch first base. The ball I
is neiaeu ukca lo nrei Dase. and tiis itmn ri
cslls him out, making the third nut.
Kindly advise ma If tho run that wis acored
by the man from third base counts.
wV f?u,g'hT"l."eWnnmy,r,na,r:i' KuTio
Only once before.
, TSo1-W,n .,'1''1 ,,a',, tt
on ran he set a runner for h m
nr,t: a beta he will ba put out of
came. It says ns long ai ha makes flrat
fa ne tan stay in gams,
Cannot have a runner and stay In the
Der Tom Was ther ever an unde
feiteil retired bantamweight by the name
of Jimmy Marry? NIELK FLYNN.
Very much so and a great little fighter.
stM nivo ltl Chicago.
, ,.....,. -.!..... i
iii. piiv-iirr e pirtce. etcnni purner IS
sr..re. uuun bv outmilnr te.m. Who 1.
charged with Ion of gama?
1 ) Matty has a ton. (2) U there
i were any runners on tho bases when
K-cond pitcher went In. and winning
ton si.ir.! t... 1.1.1... ..,, i.n.
wh,u Vr:i" m, ' hV b V Z
' H was Ills game to win or oe.
Dear Tom Was Maniuird. former Giant
pit her. now with Ilrouk.yn ever heiieu
bv a colored pitcher In an exhibition ginie?
If so. by whom and when" K. ..
Marquard pitched for Doyle's All Stats
at Olympic Field sgalnst tho Lincoln
(Hants In 1J13 and beat the colored
Ilea- T.mi
lvlndlv irtv- rtet nam- n.t
Johnny Dundee.
iiuiiviiunii'- 01 iii r rouie
(51 Charlie Wolt
(1) Frederick Hall Thomas; be. Is a
native of Pont-y-prldd. Wales. (21 Jo-
jseph c.irora; American of Italian birth.
ai i-naries .Miciiowitr. : American. Iwrn
In London, llngland, of Ilusslan Jewls'i
Dear Tom- ill Did .s,i,-l(j'es n.r ply
with Urook.yn Nationals? i Do you re
iiieruh.r a player limel l'stt-e plsvlng
with llrooklyn? V. V VOOEC.
'D No; .S'.cknlexls was with Cleve
land Americans in ls7. i2) Yes.
Harry I'attee. was with Dodgers lu 1908.
Dear Tom (I) Does not Ty Cobb hat
l"ft handed ,-n.ij throw right handed? 1:1
How long has Mclnnls of the. Athletics
l'-en n regular with that c!nh7 i-i rw
.'on l;nnA what has become of Kreddle
Laer, who fulled In his tryeitt with tha
.iiiiiein.-- iqsi .vesr.' WAITINU.
(1) Yr. (2) Was not the regular
llrst baseman until toil, though he
plaed shortstop In 3S games In Islfl
and took part In 10 games In 1909. (S)
Dcnr Tom -How many times illj Benny
Leonard nnd Freddy Welsh tight? a. L.
Tiv Ice.
Deir Tom A number nf bs.ehxll crlte
consider in ii guiil bail plnjer, n-.d I um
very anxious to get a 'ryout with som
lengue i-.nn, Do you think It would be
goo.l Iden tn gn t,i the Yanks' or lllanta'
training lamp In the spring In order to in
celie attention, or Is there anmher way
wlibii l easier by which I enubl be given
.1 chance? "SIlultTrtTOI1 JACK,"
Why don't you apply for a tryout at
Polo Grounds during morning practice?
Dear Tmn Who In your opinion Is the
better backstop, Miguel Uonules, the Cu
ban Cardinal, or Otto Miller nf the
Hrnoklyns? nf the four Cubans In the big
leagues whom would iui isle ns the best
plaier, Arngiin, Vunkeer, Marsaus, St.
loiila Americans Ai-nsta. Washington
Americans, or ilonjales, St. Lnuls N.
tlouals? K. AND II HAMItA,
No questions on ratings iiuswercd In
this column.
Dear Tom Where can I recelie a trjnilt
for a iirofessnusl team? I am a young
man 1?. (1 feet tall, Hi) pounds In weight.
Ilsve plae, the outfield Mllll some of the
best K-ml.pio trams In liilladelnhla and
Hruuklyn, Moll ISuI.DSTDNK.
Apply to mnnager of teams during
morning practice at the ball parks. Mali
nger Hohliisoii and Lieutenant J.u-a
Coombs look over youngsters dally at
Klibets Field when team Is at home,
Coombs places many voungsters tn the
Dear Tom Kindly Insert In your vain,
uble sporting column thu ialar of Mntt,
nuw managing tha Jte.ls. FHHD C.
Why don't you ask himself, yourself,
Fred'.' What's youth','
Iletr Tom Jones. the home temi
pitcher, tetlres hi the end of th eighth
inning f ir ulnrh hitter with score 1 n 0
against him. The pitcher who relieves, him
iilieus une run in ine uuun Inning and
home team scures one In lis half. A save
seiond pltiher gets rhargr.) with ion, It
aaye Jones noes Who Is right?
I'. J, F.
Jones In churged with loss of game.
Deir Tom (II Did th Chicago Cihi
lead the National League for any length of
time In 1D107 t -1 Did rnicago White l-"X
hold tlrst place fur any length of time In
11115" JA.ni;s. i AMI .XI.
fl) Cubs led from middle of May till
middle of July In 101.'.. (2) White Sox
also led American League from middle
of May to middle of July In 1015.
Dear Tom A bt that Charley White
ef Chicago, lightweight, fought Ted Kid
I la of England In New York. H bets he
didn't. Who wins? J. II. C.
A la right. While and lewl. met In
St. Nicholas Itlnk, .Sixty-sixth street,
Manhattan, July 21. 1915.
Dear Tom Of what nationality l C.
Mathewann? If born In the United Stales
what nationality ucra hla parents?
t'. H. II. and I
Matty and both parents wero born In
the United States. lie Is of Kngllah
Dear Tom (11 Men on second mid Ihlrd,
none out. Hatter lilt llv to right llt-lder,
runner on third scoring, but in.tn mi second
Is thrown out trying for thl'd Is halter
tredlled with sacrifice fly? I- ho charged
with a time at bat? C Klrt man up
reaches first has on an error. Herund man
hits fly which falls safe In left Held, but
runner Is forred at irrnnd, thinking ball
would be caught Third in.ni triple.
Fourth man hits satrllke fly. Fifth man
fans, two runs scouring. How many earned
runs ars tih&rssJ utfultist tillcher?
Y, ii. n.
(1) He I credited with a sacrlllce
fly and absolved from a tlmu at bat. (2)
Dear Tom Will you please let ma knew
what year Otto Miller rams to tha Brook
Dear Tom A bels II that Boston beats
llrooklyn In two games. Money la posted.
Half hour later II phonea stakeholder de
claring bet off. Stakeholder tries to locate
A. but to no arsll. On Monday morning
A claims money, but B objects. Caa B
cancel bet without A's consent?
Not under ordinary condition. Up to
stakeholder to decide.
Dear Tom (1) A la on ft ret, B at tat.
n hits fly te outfield, on whleh A adraneaa
to second. la U s hit a sacrifice flrT It)
What Is a sacrifice fly? LUrWm.
(1) No. (2) A sacrifice fly la a fir
to the outfield which score a man from
third after the catch.
Dear Tom Which has played the teerer
In major league ball, Wagner or Laloiat
IaJole started with Philadelphia Na
tional In 1BB6 ; Wagner with Loulrrllle
Nationals In 1197.
Dear Tern Batter up hits ball third
baseman, whose throw to first seanea flra
tVmanV. Uo.w m"), etn he batter
al.n,r,,t. or.5.n,,.i,"?;
In llmo? SPINNER.
As many bases a he can get unless
special ground rules provldo for the con
trary. Th7K." iV K faTAy iS
Dear Tom There ar two out and twsj
- -
Dear Tom Kindly let m know what
double headers Ilruoklyu plays at home
In September. J. J. It.
September 16 with Cincinnati and 13
with Chicago.
Desr Tom Where should I snd to for
permit fur large feints to pluy on Proa
pect I'ark parade grounds, Urmiklyn?
M ANAtiEll T. V. CLAItK.
Write to It.-iymond lngereoll. Tark
Commissioner, llrookl.Mi, or to Supt.
O'llrlcn, Parade Uroiinds, Urooklyn.
Dear Tom Jack viys Mitty Is pitching
since J 0 o ; also I'lank sluc IkOl tieorg"
sas I'lank Is pitching rime noo and
Matty since 1;01. l'jeaee units er. rt?ae
let us know how long .lack Cuomhs has
been In the major leagues.
rntfi' rilti.ltfi.1 III fl.r. i. l..:lll. C'nllieS
tnr ih !It,,, i ti,nn l.,.i vlitiiulle
. . . .. .
. M. IV! ? !
. i -inns, ruiiwi nn inn. -
phla Athletics In It'Ul. Ieln- n r.ular
right from the start, ("ootids broke in
with the Athletics In 1'."j0, w.i.nlng that
famous twenty-four inning game In his
first year In the majors.
D.ar Tmn lie.', rrlng to oir de Islons
as to the vaiue ef the rour. ' trip in
pliioi-hle, wo cannot see it i'tio round
trip Is ild. but loses 1" uf lis v.Iu when
melded with tho tramp senuenrr leav'.te
It worth only ioo. .Vdilli.g the iiiuei,i fur
IS", the lulul Is Wliu is wrung with
thl s count- S. C. HLHltlCK.
How or why do you lorn tin t-ocoitd of
the fixe melds Hut go to make tho round
trip'.' It Is true that one marriage of the
four must be lost, ns there Is only ono
queen left, for the Ilfih meld, and If otl
do not lose a marriage ou must lose the
SO queens: but why do you hj-e the
40 marriage instead of one of the 20's?
Score the melds In this order; so king.
4t'i royal marriage, 2o and 2u and tiO
queens. You scoie SO kings, 2 and 20
and 20 and no queens, and cheat your
self out of 20 points. The round trip
w-as never worth 240 in any form of pin
ochle. Tho mot-t than can bo inadu out
of It Is 220 w lien correctly melded.
Dar Tom After the draw In a peksr
gsiiie A has uces up and C has queens up.
When A bels, t' ls)s his hand ilotii wllh
one card face up end ial-es lVforo call
ing. A opera up C's card und f It fl bats.
Who wins th pot? FIVE HAND.
Aces up lie.it queens up If A Just call
Cs raise. What C did with his card
or how much ho allowed A to look at
them has nothing to do with It. The
hands epcuk for theiiclvcs.
Dear Tom Five men In a poker game.
A bets v to 1 ih.it 11 w.ll n it m . the pot.
Hiery oi.e passu without npetili g, so Hut
the pol su on the tnbl?. A iUIiii- the be.,
as 11 did nut win, but passed oat ullh the
rent 11. (HtUUN.
The bet Ir not decided until the pot Is
won. As long as the pot U on the table
11 has a chance to win It.
Dear Tom As the, on'y surviving great
grr.it grunlfnther of n'.d man llnl. ex-i-eptliiii
Is token to leui ruilim thai forces
the sacrifice of n marriage meld to secure.
the fcn k ng nnd f-u iiunens rt rlnni-h.e. It
N the 40 roc.i niurriak'-- that lutut be
sacrificed to secure the l.i" Kx ept In t"o
hand, the on'y mhv to seeure Is'i fo tha
sequence Is In leu i an ivirt trump etlug
and quern t M li.V(.lil.l(.
Why inis tin- In be i..i.-1-itii-eil to save
the 150? You ncknott ledge tint It peed not
be in two bund i lie leasoii Is that in
two bund von meld the lo tir.-t. if ynu
have the tiiin. and add the u e, Jack, ten
for the Ilio later There is no i liatige In
the Jaws governing the meld" ill any
form of plnndilo, and wluit u em do
In two hand .vou um do m tbiei nr fo'ir
hand. After oil have mrldcil the 220
with tho four kings ami queens, I In
lo) nl marriage s there on the table fur
ou to add the .ue, ten, J.i. , el luitiipK
for 150 mure, whither the game h two.
tluee or four himd.
Dear Tom -In mi ir Ha'i inen: us t.. Hi
value of tile liiund trin alel r nieli -
queiua being .IT'J. sv x.ti-let hi a i 1 ihu, tills
uniaie riei- i-i .in- mi-' i mi.' -ji,iii
diiiiiiuinla lor Hie trump 1. Till A.N
t 'nried. When illamoMis .ne trump-
there Is the pli.odib- in reekmi for. add
ing 40 moie The .",? Is the general
answer that llts thu-e nf the suits.
Dear T"in tilling en-hie Humps ld,
must each iuhi In turn he id tlie irh k
If . cun" J' UIN IHMSr.il.--
No obligation to head tlie trick If he
can dud; 11 and prefers In do so.
Denr Tom- l'lnlt plno-hle, to luiul.
A nos yuu iiiul follow suit te trumps a'l
the tlmi'. We underetanl Jim da nm liavo
to follow suit until the hi i.l. are nil
ilrtiMii, JLHSIIV CI In
correct. No obllgiillon to fnllovr
mlt to trumrs or anything else while
tho stock remains,
Dear Tom linylng stud poker. A r-et"
that a four Hush l belter Ihaii a eimll
pair. J S. MIllllDP.N
A four fliih vvlll not beat a pair In
any form of the game,

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