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n lUrrcltM Ccap.
TK7an eid, who lira with Rakerl'GettT- on
J; JEdgar'i farm, ent 'of the Asjlum, serreral
"reekt ego, feir into a well alrty feet deep
She wm probably playing inaide af the Curb
,iaiUlipp4 off. The bucket wi up at the
tinie Rearing the passage unobstructed from
vtb mouth of the well to the top of the water
ia ft. - The water waa aiz feet deep, tad the
distance to it as measured yesterday, was
itojJo&4t'J!h diaUnce the little girl
fell, jasrrnj through the water to the bot
tom; the Utter fact being prored by the
a jreat quantity el und in her' hair when ihe
Via drawc op,and by her. owe. expressions
tegdtoher jdeacent.. ' When ahe roae
-fcKtwtheewr&ee of the water she utained her
'eif by clinging to the walls, immediately
IfTorying. r "PmII me up," eo. loud as to be
hrty Mr Getty, the only person at
itattmtvVThe lady upon running to the well,
and diacorering the child's position, lowered
jhe bucket and told the little creature to get
joj bat no persuasion could induce her to do
.j a ia. directed Reaching aa high upoo the
'rope s he could, she took hold of it, and
jnh Jady begairto'draw'her up.' 'When about
' half the distance, but not half the danger
!3Btd heeh passed, the chjd said ahe couldn't
Jiold she must fall; but the assurance from
i vbere ihat H would be certain death to let
go, nerved for a lut effort, and tightening
ijier childish grasp with the strength of dea
dpan, p she came to the top, her head sink
a inn down if life had left her. In an hour
afterwards ahe was "aa lively as a cricket '
;0t Tvnhurt even to the extent of a scratch on
fctr person.
la V,: The presence of mind exhibited by Mrs.
Getty was only less extraordinary than the
ttorage of the little girl. The escape of
t the latter from death is a perfect marvel.
tLl She learned a lesson, however, that she will
never forget, and we will state it in her own
language, for the benefit of other little peo-
'pie: "You always told me," saidshe to Mrs.
wl "Getty, "that I'd fall in the well, but I
" couldn't believe it.
You know hst." Day-
ton Gazette,
Decline In the Price wF Brcad-
Breadstuff's have materially declined in
,LW' M,lern CHICS Ior lnelBSl ,OTln,6nl,n
consequence ui uie neorjr urupe mrouguoui
-U;x.urope, ana me prouao.my OI mere oemg
ir.-TWJ imie or no .ore.gn aemanu .or our gram.
ac ia now ascertained, iuo, iiiai we uave an
lul nhundance of grain, for home consumption
m: l. n .i J i l . I
, v.i.aua Ua,a,80,proouceu an unpreceuemea
crop, and will have it is fhought, a couple of
Uff. Simons oi Dosneisoi w neat to export; ana
- the late reciprocity treaty between the Uni -
iea owtes sna uanaaa, wnicn opens ine urer channel by wbich toobtain their wish.
. TporU of both countries, and admits the pro-, e than that of thig young man . that agpi.
duct, of both free of duty, will attract the j rantg , power! mean t0 lhe bighe8t 0ffi-
.greater portion, if not all this surplus grain I ce8 of state to ,ho mitli8trv and the presi.
,, toour market. The present high price of i dency of the counciido not tcrUpie (such
flour must, therefore, jield to lower prices, ig the corruption of thig country and the
" when the surplus of grain in the West,! vileness of its public men) to seek his soci
Enst and South is thrown into market.-1 ety) t0 flaUer him, and to make him their
. While we are paying 89 per bbl. for flour, companioni and .continually to show them-
n is selling. in aau.more ai o,70-at ew
Tork at $7a7,50 at Cincinnati fit $6.50a
8,70,1 snd t Zanesville, at $7,50a7,75.
jThis disparity in prices, will doubtless give
sv.ray to the natnral course of trade. Shield
a i, and Banner.
A Barglar and Robber turned
rfii-t. Mr. Samuel Head gives a lecture to-night
eV; at Corinthian Hall on matters pertaining to
Jiii former fprofession." In years gone by,
T ::he has been one of the most notorious rob
,.bers and burglars in the United States; and
rh8 broken out of three States Prisons and
en jaol without number. A lecture filled with
incidents of his career, would interest any
Jbody; and if the subject be properly treated,
,: it may exert a salutary influence.
Judged prenologically, Mr. Head, would
eompare favorably with some of our "most
rt: respectable citizens;" and forene, we should
- not pick him out of a crowd as a hard case.
' "Just as the twig is bent," fec. He says he
shall devote the remainder of his life to lec-
taring on prison discipline and such matters.
zzRochester Union.
bd nm ili'1 ' '
. A Cohtkast for Farmers. Last year
the crops on the continent of Europe failed
rfjsa ireryside. Famine stared France, Ger-
.;. many and Italy in the face. We were grow-
Ing unheard of quantities of wheat and
jrain,' and between the farmers and mer
X chants we must have made on the year's
-ps full two hundred per cent, profit.
w1JPfow the'ease is reversed. The show of fall
wheat on he continent is good, though the
constant rains have injured some of the finer
Qualities, and the price of breadstuff's is fal
iing rapidly at Paris. Where, on the con-.l-JMST
Jhe continued drought is destroying
jot harvest. Unless we have heavy falls of
-taSa within a short time millions of acres of
'tern will be dried up. It would be singular
iJwe should have no surplus, and France
jshonld again export large quantities of grain.
. vtC Timet. : ,, :
LXbesh AiE. Horace Mann has well said:
sFepl who shudder at a flesh wound and
..a'irtcltling'of blood, will confine their chil
. (ni'Si CQibVjrits,' and compel them, m,0nth j
after month, to breathe quantities of poison. I
It would lets' Impair the mental and physi
Wl OMfltutioris of children gradually to
hi draw, an ounce of blood from their veins,
;tiiog the same length of time, than to send
thnt' breathe, for six hours in a dayr the
JUfeless nd poisoned air of some of our
chopl-rooms, , Let any man, who votes for
confining them in small rooms and keeping
lmm an stagnant air, try tbe experiment of
feathinf his own breath only four times
mr, and if medical aid be not on hand, the
"lenfldren will never be endangered by his
TBtafterwards.M ; '
,h, I!jnotAiio. Thera . appears to bet a
2Qninnoaa streim of amigration passing ov
Tthe Nattdnal Road weatward , Prom the
-arppearancf ,3 welt driven along, the
fcWPf9l"fiM wfc QcupituU, it is plainthat
veiffljr all h0-migranu belong to tha bat
Ifituckua ot tarnitTs. Coiumbu jmrnaV
B bwiS iiii&3. VJr.it .-51 riOlTO 'f ' .
IJ'Tr ,Blji;iK'Iirv,t .Viillv (f f'fa.'i .'j-w. f .. (
at!3 t 'o a iis but -mr.tk St t'ti-,it-; ,
TTM eontweicetneat of W taapopolsrity
u neaetHiiab4r hee Iteentietie life.- A1-
though the world has obtained some inkling
of her improprieties through newspapers
and other channels, ,it has yet no idea to
whatan extent they have been carried; but
in Spain it is well known to everybody. I
dp not echo mere gossip, or untrustworthy
reports, when I tell you that the excesses
that have been shared io by the preaent
Queen of Spain find no parallel except in
the annals of the Orleans Regency, and of
the reign of Louis XV. To gratify her vi
cioua propenaitiee, the daughter of 'Ferdi
nand Til, (well worthy of her sire) haa not
scrupled to associate herself with men and
women of low birth and Station, whose com
panionship alone ia disgraceful to one in her
exalted position. In a small capital like
Madrid, containing an idle and scandal-loving
population, everything becomes -known.
It would not appear, indeed, aa if very great
precautions were taken to conceal conduct
which the Queen ought to have known would
sink her fathoms deep in her subjects' esti
mation. For it is to be observed, and histo
ry shows it, that Spaniards, however great
the misgovern men t they may have submit
ted to, hav' never patiently tolerated profli
gacy on the part of the females of the royal
family. Nor do they now. Sullen silence
on the part of the people, when her Majes-J
ty drives abroad, and a resolute holding
aloof on tho part of the more respectable
portion of tho aristocracy, sufficiently mark
the nation's discstccm. When first this un
fortunate 'Princess abandoned the limits of
propriety, the disorder of her conduct was
flagrant. Within the last two years, or
thereabouts, she has attached herself to one
favorite, who has assumed-great ascendency
over her. and whose ambitious aspirations,
real or rumored, have more than excited pub-
lic indignation. Considering her mother's
shameful neglect of her education, and the
disastrous marriage into which she was en-
snared by the vilest intrigues, the Spanish
nation might perhaps have been disposed to
close its eyes, to a certain extent, to this
liaison, had it been conducted with decorum,
and had the object of her Majesty's prefer
ence kept strictly aloof from politics. Nei
ther of these two conditions have been ob
served, and in the latter fespedt especially,
great offence has been given. I have already
remarked that here everything gets known.
Many things are doubtless exaggerated
may fa,ge reports gpread; b(jt thege pMg
away ad are fxgotten, while the truth re
main8i It j,. 8I)d undeniaby tru6( tl)at
a young cavalry officer of the name of Ar
ana is all powerful at court, where he has in-
troduced , number of his own friends, and
estabIighed 80rt of coterie or camariUat that
euProlinds and influences the queen. It is
1 true that applicants for court favor know
9elveg with hirn in Dublic olliceg. and that
some of the ministers now in power do not
think it beneath their personal dignity, or
that cf their office, to retain place by de
ferring to this person, and to avail them
selves of his influence and intercession to
carry, in high quarters, point which they
otherwise might have to abandon. The as
cendency acquired by this favorite over his
sovereign is highly perilous, and may ulti
mately prove fatal to the Bourbon dynasty in
Spain. Blackwood.
Respect to the Dead i Paris. A com
mon practice in Paris, which impresses
strangers favorably, is that of lifting or ta
king off the hat as a funeraf passes. This
is observed by all classes. A little while
since, (says a writer,) I.noticed a small fu
neral train moving in the direction of the
Madelonie. Evidently the one born to buri
al was of the humblest class, for the body
was followed only by a few workmen in
blouses and women without bonneU. As it
passed on, hats were taken off by the well
dressed crowd, sitting or moving on the walk
by gentlemen in carriages with footmen in
golden liveries, and by men driving their
watering carts through the street. It was
at ouching and beautiful sight.
The Trial of Graham. Dr. Graham,
who murdered Col. Loring, at the St. Nich
olas, in August last, is on trial in New York.
There was great difficulty in getting a ju
ry. Forty-one were set aside for incompe
tency. Seven were peremptorily challeng
ed by the counsel for tho defense and set
aside, and five others were excused.
There was a large attendance in the
court-room. Dr. Graham took his seat in
the Court, " accompanied by J. Waterman,
Esq., his brother-in- law. Dr. G. appears
a man of about forty years. His hair is
black, slightly bald at the back of the head;
features regular and handsome; eyes dark;
complexion somewhat sallow- He was at
tired iu a plain suit of black and gray, and
his manner seemed grave, but collected.
Later in the day, Mrs. Graham, accompa
nied by some female friends, eutered the
Court, and occupied a seat near the accus
ed.:.'.:. .;
.Tar, Opesisg of Japaic. Com. Perry
writes to the Secretary of the Navy that he
has examined the ports of Sitnoda and Hak-
odadi, which are to be opened to the vessels
of the United States, and with respect to the
geographical position, convenience, ingress
and egress, and" commodiousness for all the
purposes required, they cannot be surpassed.
Half the navies in the world can ride in one
of these harbors. Phil. Ledger, ;
(ErGov. Wood, of Ohio, has returned to
his4omc in Cleveland, after an absence of
nearly two years, as Consul at Valparaiso.
It was believed at the time he accepted the
appointment ! that the fees of . the office
amounted to; 'rising, $20,000 a 'year.:. This
was a great exaggeration in the fees for in
the ear 1853 they amounted to only f 3,
060. -w-jixriSa ?nra i
. I) .
! 0i..
p'i '(
? O.iP; BROWN (
Will Sad an til farther suaaoaoeeaMal, In YtMtibl
aror Howell, Wtuer S) Ce'e., Slore. -
Attorney at Law, Kavenna, Porta Ceanty, Okl
Oatce In the west end of PhesuU blink, over the
Store t Rowell. WMer Co.
1. IAHtT. ' 1. 1. TATXOB.
Attorneys and Coensellors at La and Solicitors Id
Chancery. Offloeln hoTinoort's Btoi k, np stairs
t.V. BIEXCE. ' ' : ft. K. JEFFKFES,
AltoralesatLaw, Oitteeln tbe Bast end oft Phcrulx
Block, np Uini.
Attorney at Law. Uremia. Olrie. OBoe al the Grand
Jury Kooio, la the Court Hoase. - i
Attorney at Law, ami Notary Public Office I the
Court House, Kavenna, Unto. ' 421
A.BIEICX.J , ! " ' .' ip. 1. COpAllt.
Attorneys at Law. Office So. S. Phoenix Bloca Rt
ventis. Ohio. -
Pirvsictm and Rranioii; office st tbe stand' formerly
occupied by Or. Webb. Freedom, Porta Co., O.
. H. PRATT, M. D.,
Physician and Surgeon., Office In F. W. Rermonr't
building on tbe public square, nearly opposite the
Court House, Rarciina, Ohio.
Has remored to Franklin Mills.' Residence on (he
corner, a few doors South of Urn Kplscopal Church.
March 18, 1853.
M. RICE, M. D,
Eclivtio Physician and Surgeon. Palmyra, Portage
county, Ohio. Mercury, Antimony and Blood tut
Uug are regarded as Injurious.
J. SMITH, M. D.,
Physician and Surgeon, Palmyra, Portage Connty, Q.
Pliysiclan and Surgeon, Palmyra, Portage county, 0.
Offlcc at his Urng Store. -
E. 2. BROWN.l IF. W. 8PAXR.
Manufacturers and Dealers in Pine Window Sash and
Blinds, a few rods directly north of Phoenix Block
near Purmele's Mill. Rurenua, 0.
Wholesale Dealers in all kinds of Groceries, Foreign
and Domestic Liquors and Wines, Fancy Goods,
Toys, etc. Also Munufncturcs of the best quality
of Confectionarics, No 83 Superior St., CloveUind.t).
H. L. DAY,
Dcnlerln Staple and Fancy Dry Gooils.on the Public
u..! 1 ' 1
ISquare, Kuvenoa, Ohio.
Dealers in Staple and Fancy Drv Goods, Crockery,
Hardware, Boots und Shoes, etc.', ut tho old stand of ft.
Day, Knvenna, O.
Dealers In Staple and Fancy Dry Goods, Crockery,
V." J!?' ' e8UiUe of 81,0 Public Sqre, Ka -
venna, Ohio
Dealer In Stonlo and Fancy Dry Goods Ready Mado
Clothing. Hardware, die., north side of Public
Square, Knvenna, O.
H. W. SMITH & CO.,
Wholesale and Retail dealers in Groceries and Prdtl
slons. In Collins House Block. Rnvenna. Ohio.
Denier In Staple and Fancy Dry Goods, Crockerv,
Hardware, &c, Shalfrsvllle, Portage county Ohio.
Dealer in Drugs and Medicines, together with Wour,
Solt.Ctc, in Seymour's Block. Kavenna. Ohio.
Denier in Drags and Medicines, north side of Public
Square, Ravenna, Ohio.
Watch Maker, Jeweler, and dealer In Clocks, Watch,
os. Jewelry and Mn.icnl instruments; No. 3, Pllo?
'nix Block, Ravenna, Ohio.
Denier in Fore'gn and Domestic Hardware; Snd.
dlery, Ac. Frazer's Block opposite the Bank, Main
St., Rnvenna, O.
Prentiss House,
By William m. FOi.GER, Ravenna, Portage Co.,o.
Frnnklin House.
By JOHN D.SNYDER, immediately Wastof the Court
House, Cit?f.rn, Ohio.
Denier in Foceigu and Domestic Hardware, Iron, Steel
Kails, Glass, -c, Ko. B, Pho'iiix Block, Ravenns,
Ohio. 47n-tf
MANUFACTURER of Boots and Shoes, of all kinds,
two doors south of the Court House, in the shop fof
merly occupied by Andrew McBrido, Ravenna.
E. H. WAIT, M. D.. D. S. HALL, M. D.
Physicians and 'Surgeons, 'RaVeiina, CUlo. Office at
the residence of Dr. Walt, Muin St.
Physician and Surgeon, office second door East sf Ka.
ty's fcxclmnge, Shnlersvllle, Ohio.
D. M. SoflJMERViLLE. E. B. Reeves
Merchant Tailors Nearly opposite the Bank. Ravcir-
ii. Ilk!. A. ... ,UM
k. viiiui niiguni I ill, i7,,..
Physicians nnd'nrgeons. Offlcc in the Phtemix Block,
over nowen, Hier oi uo., Blore, Kavenna, Oltio,
PROPRIETORS Ravenna Summit Mills,
X and Dealers in Produce, Salt, Plaster. Flour,
I eed, etc., at tho rooms lately occupied by S, Day, op
posite the Phoenix Block, Kuvenna, Ohio. .
Wm. It. Johnson,
KJ IUAL DKATIKT will perforin ollon
erutlous connected with profession In the
most approved stylu of ikodern Dentistry. Teeth from
one to full sets inserted, singloor in blocks, in a man
ner that will avoid that unnatural appearance too
common In Dental Substitutes. Mr. J., intends ma
king Knvenna his permanent residence, and guaran
tee satisfaction to all those who may favor him with
their patronage. Offlco over F. V. Seymour's Store.
Ktrrr.Rr.Nrs Hint may be consulted by letter or oth
erwise. Dr. K. Sheldon, Trov, Geauga counnty; Drs.
Harlow Cartia, and Vincent, K. Taylor and C. T.
Bbkeslee, Chagrin Fulls; Rev. D. H. Miller, Chostor.
Uuvenna May J, l&M. 4C3-tf
THE subscriber begs leave to inform his
friends ami customers Hint he has removed to No.
3, Phu?nl Block, where he will be most hnppy to have
Ilium call and examine his new and well selected stock
riving and which for stylo and durability will corrtpare
witli that of uny house West of the Allegiuiny Moun
tains. 1 would call particular attention to the groat va
riety of Cloth and Casslmcre Coata of all colors and
textures; Klack and Fancy Cassiincre Pants, moun
tains of Satin and Mursailes Vests. Furnishing Goods
In endless variety, Trunks, valsles, Curpet Bags, etc.,
etc., all of which will bo sold a shade lowor than the
lowest. Kcuieinber the place, tin. 3, Pho-nix Block
Rnvenna, May 1, 185-1.
MATTHEW'S Daguerien Rooms, at Sey
mour's Block, on Main St. Tho rooms are
large and pleasant, and the arrangement of Mght, for
taking good, clear and flue likenesses, in lhe most care
ful manner, cannot bo excelled. No other rooms shall
produce flnersneclmens of the art than atmlno.
. Every variety, style and finish of Coses for Miniatures
on nauu. . , .
Pirsous wishing to send their' likenesses to their
friends by mail, can find cases expressly for the pur
pose. .. . - WM. B.MATTHKWS.
Kavenna, August K, '54. 477-tf
Twill's Fall Style Silk Hats
AT No. 4 Phoenix Block.: Gentlemen of
J.X. last will call at Twill's Hat Store and get a Fash
ionable Hat. 'Remember" I keep all Hals which I
sell lu repoir without extra charge.
Ravenna, Sept. 5, 1854. ,; JAMES TWITT.
OLD Men's style of Hits, wide brlmwljiist tbe thing
for old Gentlemen; . .,!.- Jsmes Twitt.
OECOND Arrival of Straw goods, thiTSlst day of
O Twin's Hat Store. J. TWITT.
ANEW Style of Hats all Fur, weigning it ounces.
June 19, '54. , Jamks Twitt.
PANAMAS cleaned and repaired. All Panama Hats
purchased at Twin's last Summer, Will be cleau
ed this Spring without extra charge.
X king anew Rind of Vat for making Cheese. The
Heater is placed under the Vat. ao that It entirely re
moves the objection that haa been bad to the other
kinds of heater's, whether tho rat is full, half fall, or
one quarter full of water, it works equally wellahere
being no danger of injuring the beater by Are.- It will
pay yon to call and see them, whether yea buy or not,
Kept on hand and made, to order at . .... - ,
"1. Bbcsxbt It Rawsos),.
WANTED, Six ar eight good Tailoress Girls. ( '
, MayaS. 18M. J)AXSYKPi- V MVKYOX.
llir'n'? 'lO Vj Sf
..4.LU IhWj. .
. i,., For the Spring Trade.
rROCERIBS'nd Provisions at Whole-
VJ esle end KetatL Tbe 8usrribers nepectfUlljr In
rtte tbe eMsnUon of tlerehents throughout tse eoanty
of Porbim, tnd the trade Kaerallj, to Uuslr stock of
CH(K tKLES keut nwauuitly ob head, sad to which
s.Mitloss are luiilj aude. Our stock eoinprtses ever)
Uiinit usually kept in Grocery and ProrUton EsubUab
utfluts, whkh we are prepared to sell as low as ny
bouse in the county.. Belug working men ourselres.
we dory eompctitlon.
Feellnc rrnti'ful to oar frleiirtt fr their Uberal pa-
IroDSge extended to ns, we euure Ximm that we can
tnem (reatur inuueeaents mis season, uian neiore.
Tbe following eomprUea a polin of oar stock I :
. . conn.
Rio and Laguara, Cuba, and Old GoTernmeut Jara
s u o a b , oCassrsarsststjf.
.t. O. and P. K. (rniriir; Grnnulated do; Powdered
do ; Crushed do; B. and C. Coffee do; Double renned
Inaf supir; New Orlcaus Kolaasea; Cardeuaa do)
ureca ft btuaru syrup; .;
Cloves: Hutmerst Cinrert Mare: Box Mustard
Cat do; PapperfcaeocJ Cassia; Groan Pepper, 6pse
- ' umis.
' Boxes M' R KaMnat Layer do; Ouster mIoV Reed-
less do: uoxes ana Drums rws ; Aituonos; Brain
uu; Kilberta; bneUab WalnuU; rea nuts; Cocoa
SuU, Liquorice J OUtoOH; Lemons and Orangea.
, . .teas. , ..,.,t,
' Tountf Hyson Onnpowdon Imperial; Old Hyson:
Black.- -. f ' " , i:
.. t. .- .'. : ..r f 8 H . " ''"'' . ,
Codflsb; Macneral; M'bitsllali; Trout; Pickerel; Bo.
land Scaled Herrlitg. ' "
Kentncky Six Twist; Sweet Cavendish; Baltimore
spun; a general assnrtuiout of Sue cut chewinp; Tin
Toil, Sue cut i and t lb papers smoking? Wamick &
Bryan's can; HitaiilsL. balf soauisb auu common Ci
gars; Biiuir, &c. . ...
Fancy tihavlna- 8oan: Bar do. do: Burwoll's chem.
Wash, do, o. 1 Waeiilngdo; Adamantine dof White
oar ao: otar liiuiui; byurin do; bteanne ao; I allow
: ' OIL,
Linseed; Sperm: Lard: Sweet. . .
Bod cords; Painted Palls; Tubs; British Lustre;
Comierns: Alum: Chalk: Kosln: Tar: Madder: Can-
' Sardines; Tapioca; Maccaroni; Kice tour; Baskets;
I Whip .ashes; Cream Tartar; Sup. Carb. Soda; Sal
I Soda; Tartarie Acid; Whiting; Puttv; Flour Sulphur;
I Ottar; Bultpetre; Batting; Sprnce Gum; Blacking:
I Glanware; Stoneware; Paper; Ink; Brooms; Lime;
Matches; Powder; Cuudies; Salerutus; Starch; English
! split Peu; Omko Orange Seed, for Uedeeu Tors: Wai.
lets; Snuff Boxes; Steel Pens; Lead Pencils; Slates;
Slate Pencils; Mop Handles; Faucets, &c.
Flour; Buckwheat do; Corn Meal; Potatoes; Vin
egar; Beans; DrUd Beef; Lard; Hams; Shoulders;
Pork; Ftsh; Butter; Turnips; Peas; Corned Boer,
Cheese; Rice; Crackers; Pickles; Onions; Beets; Ton
gues; Muiile Molasso; do. Sugar: Honey, &c.
We shall keep oar assortment fresh audfull through,
out the season, and solicit an examination from any
one disposed 'a pnrcliase. .
lasn paiarorall kinds or country Produce,
ortaken in exchanire for Good, at rates which wi I hn
saiismciory. a vv. smith 5i CO
Karenna, April 13th, 1853
DR. A. A. Harris has associat
ed with 111 in in the 'liructloe of Den-
ucd up rooms iii'llie'phcen'lx Block, east end
; Ridiardson's Hardware Store, for the purposeof
'tistry, Dr. J. G. Willis, and they have
purpose of carry
ing on the Dental business in its various brunches, and
to offer a generous public the latest improvement in
incir profession.
As they ure permanently located in Ravenna, all those
wishing work done by them can depend on havingtheir
work done in a proper manner; such as whole Selts
of Teeth, minor SetU, partial Setts, Teeth cleansed,
and fill with Gold Foil, crystuilzed Gold, Tin Foil,
Teeth extracted with the use of chloroform or wlUiout.
They have a preparation fordestroying the norvn of ach
ing tceths and will perform all other work incident to
their profession.
We intend to free ourselves from all Impositions
practice by pretenders. We will be governed in our
praytlco strictly by priuciple, and wil not knowingly,
perforin un operations wrong, no matter how strongly
solicited or what the inducement may be.
All operations performed on the teeth in our office,
will be warranted and no person is required to take or
pay for work unless perfect satisfaction is given.
Raveena, March 14, 455-lf
105 Superior St., Cleveland.
I A T the earnest solicitations, of inanv of
IJL the citizens ol Franklin, and vicinity; splendid
ruuius are niiru uji, ai'inis pinee, ior a iiiercuiiiiie cor
lege. It is Intended to make this Institution, emin
ently worthy of public patrniuige,-a$ it Will afford the
sumu facilities lor Commercial Instruction, asat Cleve
land and elsewhere.
The same course of Instrnction will be adopted here,
as taught at the main 'College, and the same Diploma
will bo awarded.
The Branch will be nndcr lhe superior superinten
dence ol Chas. Puck, Jr., a skillful, practical account
ant; and familiar with the course of Instruction, as
tviiglit nt our best Institutions,
The Principal of the College, may be espec'ted, rit
stated times to give instructions, in Penmanship.
Terms for the full course, time unlimited $'iS.
Proves! Stoves!-!
rpiIE subscribers keep on hand snd are
L constantly receiving the largest and best assort
ment of Stoves In this county; among whiyb, are some
new pnttcrnsof Cook Stoves not before Introduced.
The Kingof Stoves has a very largo eluv. ted oven, ca
pable of baking six loaves ut once, has six boiler
holes, rs 'perfect In all Its operations, and s decidedly
one of the most splendid Stoves in use-. The United
States, hua also a very large elevated oven, 'the boiler
holes are so arranged, that a large brass kdttlo can be
used upon it. the bottom plate is of sufficient thick
ness to be proof against cracking, and is altogether
oi uio ucst Moves in inurkei. ine uenesee valley is
a new and beautiful elevated oven Stove, of smaller
size than the others, and will recnmeml Itself to those
wjsliing a cheap and convenient Cook Stove.
We also keep moift oT the old patterns of Stoves,
such as the Empire State, Bangup, Cobb's Elevated
Oven, Clinton Air-Tight, Western, True American,
and others, we have not time to mention.
Those wishing a good Stovu will do well to give ns a
call nt our 'Stove room, nt tho old stand formorly oc
cupied by 0. Prentiss, one door west of the Prentiss
House. Recklct t Rawsoh.
Ruvenna, June, 1, 1854.
Boot, lioc, aurt Leather Store.
THE SUBSCRIBERS take pleasure in
sa. ing, Hint they have now on hand the largest,
best and most complete assortment of Boots, Shoes
and Gaiters ever offered in Portage county. Like
wise that they have removed to their New Store,
two doors east of Phoenix Block, where they will ut nil
times be plcused to waft up6n their old customers and
friends, to any thing in tho lino of Ladies. Gents,
Boys, Youths, Misses and Children's Shoes, Boots or
Gaiters, either of home or eastern manufacture. Also,
Oak and Hemlock Sole and miner Leather. French
and Ohio Calf and Kip Skins; Morocco, Lining and
Binding Skins, and almost everything in the lino ol
Shoe makers Tools and Findings. All those In want
ofanyofthe above mentioned articles would Dud it to
their iid vantage to examine our goods aud prices before
purcnusing eisewuere.
We sell at small profits and must have prompt pav.
Rnvenna, May 22, 1P54.
Pemium Flouring mill.
THE Subscribers are still doing business
at the Ravenna Summit Mills, and also in Camp
bellsport, notwithstanding the reports put in circula
tion by tho proprietors of Steam Mills and Water Mills
in this vicinity, that we huve broke down, and were
not doing custom business, and as is our custom, ure
making flour that stands the test in every east where
it is used. Our flour stands A. No. 1, wheroveritts
Known, ana tnKes tho premium over all other Flour
made, whenever it Is on exhibition. Families eun have
flour (made especially for family use,) delivered at
inoir dwellings, attne market price, rortlrst quality.
Our Flour is made from tho best article of Wheat, and
we make no Flour from poor wheat, that we may be
enabled to sell ehenper than our neighbors.
All orders promptly attended to.
Cnmpbollsport, Nov. 28th, 1S53.
P. S. Cob l orn, niul all kinds of coarse Grain
ground on short nattrcv ... -'-'" nov30tf.
Exchange tHcs?.'1 ' S ;
ROB1NR03, KING & Co., have opeued an Office
In the Democrat building, in Ruvenna, and are
prepared to discount short paper, buy and sell Gold,
Silver, and Eastern exchange on liberal terms. In
terest paid on deposits and credited to depositors semi-,
annually, and on deposits left ou specified tlmeatsueh
,rutes as may be agread upon. r '
Collections made and remitted promptly at usual
rates. 470-5 w
Inspector's Notice.'
NOTICE is hereby given that the nndersigned, has
been duiy appointed County Inspector, tinder the
"act to prevent the adulteration of Alcoholis Llqnors,"
passed May 1, 1654, and is duly quglified and ready to
enter upon the duties of bis ettlce. Office ever Roweil,
Wftter ACQ'.. Store. A. BELDING; Inspector.
' , NEW FIBM. ':.V,', "' , '
THE subscribers have purchased the Mer
chant Tailor's stock of Somervllle dc Redfleld, and
will continue the same business at theirold stard near
ly opposite the Bank, and will be happy to Walton any
who may favor them with their custom, and pledge
Ihcinsolvos to be A No. I. .... - , ,.
Cutting done to order. Somsrvilli dt Rtavas,
Ravenna, April 3, 1854. ' . 458-tf
New Store.. ..-:
THU subscriber would rispectfully give notice that
ih,o has opened a Stove, Cornier, Tlnand Sheet
Iron Rtortf, nt the old stand of A. V. Horr.fn Shalers
vilre, where be Intends to keep general assortment
Of goods, appertaining to hut line of business. - -.
Shalerirviile, July 89, IPS 4- , H. Q. RAWSON.
tun 3ia it.JiJf,: -j:o'j
'S .'i .X
It .trlUd Ho 'II1M
J , - - View Drags I MVew DriK 1 1
D'i: HWlfT has just received a large
addition to his stock ol medicine, julnls, oi s,
Tarnishes, dyes, brusbea, perfumery etc. Allpnrcba-
1finO LBS- of pure white lead, 300 do.
XKJyJVJ soda ash, IM do rose pint, U4do brUlsh Ins.
tre, JOSdo Juniper berrtes, M da calabrhv lieorte, flu
groaaeorks; lustreoslTed by 1.HW1FT.
PLUID EXTRACT, valerian,, blistering
unw, ciiiaoiuieo, rtcimius s powuers, coo liver
oil, best quality; syrup. Iodide Iron, Doooran-s eola
tion, ghcerlnc, euUflunv ood eaaatba, nlperlae,
salaciue, atryi-hnlutv valerianate morphine, liquid cu
ticle, pure sulph iron. Iodide potash, chloroform, kre
oaote, smilun, citric arid, citrate potash, citrate Iron,
weuge-srood and porcaliaa mortars, glass, and wedge
wood Funnels, tapera, pile electuary, aceeistlc oil,
Tamarinds, tapioca, corn Starch, ground mustard. Sage,
borebonnd, earsaparllla, Boe; spikenard, speariment,
wormwood, Act syringes, Uilhuwupea, trusses, horse
phlems, spatulas, prescription scales, thermometers,
graduated measures, nursing tubes and bottles; for sate
.: . - I! I . I. SWIFT, I
CANDIED Flag Root,' true spruce, gum,
sugar coated eardanrons, perfumery extracts, co
logne, lip salve, toilet aosp, shaving cream and soap,
Bay rum, lavender water, rose water, hair tonics,
half oils, hair dyes,' sponge great variety.- cwnrt
Platter, cooking extracls-emon, 0 range. Vanilla
For sale June 20, '54.
at I. SWIET.
JMERY'S Sand paper, Glue, Putty.Bath
J brisk; braall wood flgblue,eochlneal, grained Tin,
Vandyke brown, coach and furniture varnish, damar
varnish, tine dryer, Japan, dryer, gold leaf, R roues,
Aaphalturo,-bmiint Said, vamphene, lard oil, blue,
green, Brown and red email, canary and hemp seeds,
starch and starch polish, salt of lemon for removing
stains, Ac. 'For sale at ' 'SwirrV
BROWN'S Essence Jamacia Ginger, for
Bummer complaints, cholngogue, Gnlsotts Yellow
dock, Ku tellings Dyspepsia bitters, Hoofland's bitters
Jayne's Pahnestocks, Sellers McLane's vermifuge,
MeAlisteradt Trask's Ointment, condition Powders,
Gargling Oil, nerve and bone Llnement. For sale at
I. Swift's.
TTAilRlSON'S and McAlisters, Hair Oil,
11 Amber Lnstral for the hair, rose hair oil, Lyons
Kalthairon,Trtcopberout Radwavs Biilm, Phalon's In
vigorator,Ac, at Hmrr'i.
EXTRA Parrit and Varnish Brushes; Hat,
Cloth and Shoe Brushes; graining, dusting and
scrubbing Brushes; white wash and sash Brushes; a
nrst-rate assortment just received by I. SWIFT. ;
ONE Ton of dry Zinc Paint, No. 1; half
ton ground sine paint, in 35 cent keg?: 50 lbs An-
, a good article, Just ree'd, by 1. SWIFT, i
FEVER and Ague Remedies, all kinds for
sale at Swur'a.
CHROME Green, ground iu Oil, 1 lb,' 2
lb, and 3 lb cans, Just rocolredat Bwirr's.
PARIS Green, ground in Oil, 1 lb and 4
lb cans, Just re'd at Swift's.
Drugs! Drugs!!
C HATCH Is now receiving another large supply
of fresh Drugs, Medicines, Paints, and Oil direct
from New York, which he offers at his usual low terras
for cash.
A GREAT variety of Paint, White wash. Varnish,
clothes and hair 'Brushes, at Hitch's.
IHE largest assortment of fancy, Toilet and family
Soaps, everofiercd in Ruvenna. at Hitch's.
WM. FRAZER is receiving his fall stock
of Hnrdwure.consistlngof House trlnimincr. hand
and edge Tools, table and pocket Cutlery, Saddlery,
c. -i-anicuiarssoon. tfuvenna, ucl. V7, 1H&3.
PLASS LANTERNS Brass and Japaned
candle sticks trays aud snuffers, at
draw shaves, nt FRAZER'S. :
COW CHAINS A new and desirable ar
cle, also, Log and Dog chains, at FRAZER'S.
MOLASSES GATES, Metallicund Wood
fnssets, at FRAZER'S.
VJ spring balances, ut
-Steel yards and
WAIT A MOMENT Something more
coming 111 the shape of n self-heuting smooth
ing Iron. With n handful or two of charcoal, n i er-
sou can do the Ironing for an (jrdinnry sized fainllv, It
saves the incoiiveiiieiice of hoilting up'a stove, the i cx-
conV nTed Fo sale
convinieu. rorsuioui Uscklsy If Kawion s.
i , !.i... : i . .
THE Subscriber has an excellent
rnrni for salo, at miles south-east of Raven
na There are 140 acres, seventy acres on ench
Sido Of the road, one rondfurm llnuinainlKuNi
well watered on each side of the farm, fi i-nriil Wfilor
privilege unoccupied nt Lock 6 on the canal.
. Persons wishing to purchase, enquire at the Store of
J. H. Bostwick di Co., or on the Farm.
Rav vma, Murch 18, 1H5A 45fi-lf Geo. Bostwick.
or Sale,
LOT and small House with four
good rooms and a buttery, a mod Ciinxm
nr una Dieniv oi iroon irrurion iin-in, i-.n
Said lot Is situated on Sycamour St., one lot south of
main, ror particulars enquire of K. K.Kmosni nv
Ravenna, March SP ,1854. 467-tf
THE largest assortment of Books and Sta
tionery ever offered to tho citizens of Portage
county, will be found at tho Ravenna Book Store, on
Main Street, opposite the Preutisailouid.
"DOOKS Sehool books of every kind used 1
AJ in this section. Also standard works, Histories, I
Poetry. Tales, misscellnnenus works. Blhl.n. Rvm, I
lAnl.. , ll.. Il 1 1. n, . . '
w,aj ufviiuo oootis, rrimers, ore.
STATIONERY Every style and variety
srom the most common, to the most supurb.
WALL PAPER The largest and most
elegant stock of Wall Paper, all styles and pri.
ces, with Border to mutch, ever offered in Portage
county. The stock is purchased of the manufactures,
and may be relied on for strength and durability.
Ij'ANCY GOODS A bpniitifnl stnr'fe iin'ii i
V JlL"7J:t.?l.
Ac., lor old and young.
pEftFlTMERY A large and,clegant
X of Harrison's choicest Perfumery always on
on hand.
CANDIES. A full assortment, warrantc '
to bo made from tho best inuteriaU.
In superb order will be In constant play during
the hoi days of Summer. ...
WILLOW WARE A good stock of Wil
li tow ware constantly on hand, embracing Wag
ons, Chairs, Basket, &c.
POWDER Coarse and fine Powder, best
quality, Shot, Caps, Pitts, &c.
"DIRD CAGES The best assortment of
XI Bird Cages in tUo countv.llird Seed, Fish Bone,
Bathing Dishes, and all tlie"flxlns."
BOOK BINDERY Book Binding in eve
ry variety and stylo, done on short notice. The
Bindery has one of Hickok'sflrst class Ruling Machines
Blank Books of every variety ruled.to order norloiil-
cnls bound, old books rebound and every branch of
the Dusiuessaitenaeu io in me best manner. .
JOB PRINTING of every description done
I in the most beautiful maimer ever executed In the
estern country. A Power Press will soon be added to
the Printing establishment, and with all modern im
provements in printing type, a splendid slock, of Cards
nnu paper, an minis oi joo muling, curds, band
bills, posters. Bill Heads, Blanks, Pamphlets, Books,
tfc, will be done in style unsurpassed aud to entire
sulisfactlon. ,
- For any of the great variety of wants to be supplied at
iris extensive esiuniisnmcni, me ruuncare respoctlul-
ly requesieu io can Bl me
, May 8, 1854. opposite the Prentiss House, Main st.
3 doors East of the Phcenix Block.
THE Subscriber having gone into the Fur
niture business very extensively. Is prepared to
furnish' his eustomers with Furniture ofthe latest and
best styles.. ' " . . .' '.
As 1 have on Wand and am fecetvlng daily from the
well known establishment of M. Demerest of Free-:
oom.a largeassoTtment orrlch and and common Fur
nllnre of every description, t ) numerous to particular
ixe. all of which in style and workmanship tr warrant
ed (o be equal to any 1n this market. (,
My fncllltiea for munnfacturlng and baying n.Jnot
equalled by any dthor establishment, consequehtly lam
selling to furniture dealers, and all others much cheapr
er than can be bought elsewhere.
' Those who are furnishing Houses are nnrHnUrlv
Invited to eall and examine fiu themselves, as the Fur
nt(npaill..A.n.n.An4 ll.AlK .11 . J
11 w" are lunges. -
; P, g .f keen eoanaatly ow hand Dressed Flooring;
also, Bash, Blinds and Doors of my own manufacture.
' I am preparedto plane, tongue and groove Flooring
ander 14 inches wide, of an j thickness, at short notice.
I" I '.llloif:', l;na i'.. .1.'- A 'nn-;il I.i f(- l h-ij , -
O 1 h 0H i :4't. ' .(s'llTJii.'.t.'l ;
.H-'Ji- W I .Fruwi't 4)
HUJL-LiUYV AUliUKiS Last Bteel dduble : sntisfled tliut this is the case, will thev sustain a rboml 11,8 11 ' n "lomaoii, hwuuiniiig ol the Head, liur
and single twist augurs, bitts, glmblets, and bra-1 f this kind by purihiLsing a't homo. All work pur-1 rled and Difficult Breathing, Fluttering nt the Ile.irl,
ces, at FRARZR'S. chased In the village, will be dellvercdat the House of i postro, Dimness o isioii, Dots or Webs before the
the purchaser. 455-tf i 'Khtt Fever and Dull Puln lu the Head, Dedciency
w wr Hnveima. Mnreli 14. lPr.4. ' I of Prpsirutioii, Vullowiicss of tlie Skin and Eves, Pahi
... - .. - , , .
11 We are monufluring a new article of tin Ba' '.),.. ,,t: i Tt ' '
ker, for Summer use; it Is portable, and can be set i fe;. ' ' read asd re rorsvt.vMD.
out doors, will, n quart or two of charcoal, it will do j VJ ! E. H. Perkins, .Marietta, Ohio, Feb. 22,
HarS t Wu&UZJr ' i Ee!SSZS3Sl; i Cofef
a ui iu iur suiui
Good at .Betlmce. Price.
V W. SEYMOUR is now -seeiving the
X latest style for- -Spring aud SuBinser) he Invites
his friends andeastomers to eall and and eiamtaoMe
slock ofGoodUkefore staking their pnxebas etsowbere.
Mayl, IW54. , ; .
DRESS GOODS New style of Berege
DeUtaes, Plaid and Striped; new tyle. Lawns,
PI. Id and Striped Poplins, plain Bohemia I rasaC'Inth,
plaid and striped Ginghams, NancBister Ginghams, nisi
eosurs, at Ui cents; laid Cochneo and Merrimack
prints, tuts colors, at aaayl. Ssvnocat.
SILKS Blch, wide and narrow plaid,
check, and raacy Colors, changeable Dress Silk,
Aproa Silk, and fancy eolora, Flereuceand Bonnet Silk
at SsvHoca's.
WHITE GOODS Jacon,f, and check
Cambrics, India and Irish Linen, India Dlmety,
book Muslin, Bishop Lawn, Linen 3dkf., Ac., at . .
t,-i .... a ; -..l i Ssmora's.
BROAD CLOTHS, Cassimeres and'Vest.
tngs, French Blk Broad f loth, black Cassimerca,
new style abeck Caasimeres Blaek atina,.f armer!
Satin llgured Silk snd White Marsaillps. at cf . A j
' May 18. ' ' ' ' ;oVHboa's.
BCOWN LINENS, Twilled do., rmerls
Drill Wool Tweed, Blno Denims, Summer stuff
Pants, Summer cheek t, Ticking, striped Shirting,
Kankeen, and eoloted Cambrics, at . Harwopa's.
BROWN SHEETING 20 bales Sheet
4ugt all kinds and widths, at ' 1 Brvnwa's.
PA"RASOLS Tigured,' Striped snd 'Plain
Silk, Satin Canopy, vt'atered Black, flirurcd Lined;
new style French Handle and good lot of figured Silk
at 75 cents, at Samoua's.
BONNETS A Urge variety swived this
day by Express, Lace "French Crow n. English
Straw, White Florence and China Pearl, at .
! May IS. Sxymocr's.
PRINTS A good assortment of light
prints fast colors. Jnst ree'd at Savnoca's.
NEW White Fish and Trout in halfbbls.,
this day received and for sale at SEYMOUR'S.
IVTEW COD FISH 600 lbs. just opened
ll at1 F. W. Simoua's.
SHOES A good assortment at
F. W. STiiora"s.
HATS--Leghorr "Panama, Tuscany, Pe
Pedal, Canton, Donble, and single Straw, Lace
and Palm Leaf, at SiTMora'a.
SILK HATS opened this morning; the la
test style, at ' Siymocr's.
)ALM LEAF HATS received this day at
SUGARS N. O. Sugar, Coffee do., Pul
vcrlzcd do, at . F, W.jSitYMoiiR's.
moved their Furniture to their new rooms in the
Phoenix Block, (directly over Bostwick's dry goods
Store) are prepared to wait ou their customers to any
thing in their line, our stock consist In part as follows:
Sof-.is from 825 to a Jenny Lind, t38, Tete-e-teic
(face to face, suits the young exactly,) Mahogany chairs,
Marble Top Tables, Quartettand card tables, whatnot;
Bureaus, Mahogany cottage beds, Marble top wush
stapds. Piano Stools, foot stools, dzc.
Also, a line lot of Hull Stilnds, they are nbcat'tv.
Alsb,n splendid lot of Looking Glasses, from Is to $18.
Also, Pictures and Picture Frames.
A One lot of Hair, Cotton, and Husk Mattrasses,
our Hair Mattrasses are manufactured In our own vi
cinity, (by Mr. McLain, of Knotstown,) and we war
rant the Hair to be the first quality of long Horse Hair;
the Husk and cotton, are coming into geuurul use iu
many ptucss.
j Also, a plenty of Bedsteads with Hlnkloy's Suspon
: siou Bed Bottom. These beds have How been thor-
onghly tried and all who have nsed llicm are pleased
ilh them, we have Improved the boitom bv making
! them thicker than ut llrst, we sell them now from S3,
50, ulid'itpVards, every person Alio would huve a bed
stead, should buy one nt least Tor themselves, bud we
I assure tliein they will buy no other after.
Wo haro a full assortment of common furniture,
! cane seat chairs of all kinds, floin $3 and npwnrds,
j bureaus from Sti und upwurds, Stands $1.50 and up
: wards, and some conl beds cheap if people will have
thorn, Tables S3, and other work iniroportlon.
We have been at considerable expense In fitting tip
our rooms, and we invito all to call and see what we
!,,., v !, v ., ...ii i,n t ..... a,. 1...1
.... . . ...... . t-'.. 3 . '
Tfcw rirm, JV'cw Store, TVew Goods,
DALRYMPLE & Munyan, having errtPfed
Into co-partnership In the Ready-Made Clothing
luvenne coiiimuniiv. nnu exertions win continue to if
confplete as possible.
iuxi runiiisniim uuuus,
l lioroiigh Vhrkmanship and uncxceutliiiiuble 'fits
warranted in nil cases.
TPPTIm system of terms Is one nrlce. and no dot
vl.Klon. Tlni price ol such garment und article is mnr-J
aeu in r i.i in ngures, ami a smalt out regular prom up
on each article. By this system no one, however un
experienced. Is liable to pay above the market prices.
N. B. All goods sold, will be wnrrniitcd ns repre
one door east of the Brick Hlock.
Rnvennn, Mayjs, )8fi4. 405-lf .
Here Yon, Sirs
a standing dicky dowu to n full rig and complete fit that
tun , vv non, mis slue m ui sunrise
IV. B. Cutting doijo to order.
Ravenna, March 13, 1854.
O'. L. & J, SUTL1FP. I
AGOOi) supply of Cloths consisting of
consisting of Broadcloth and fancy Cassimero,
Cltasmerelt, Satinet, Jeans, drc, at
Ravenna, March 20, 154. O. L. A J. P. Siitijits.
TAT Fancy Vesting is going off fust and
, . , 'A'.. V
. Mnreh 20, 1,
O. L. &J.P. SuTLirrs.
COATS Pants and Vests a good supply at
March 80, 1854. ' O. L. dt J. P. SoTi.irrs.
AT ft. A. BAIRD &, Co., can be' found
at all tnnos a large and well selected stock of
Jewelry, of every description, and selling at the lowest
possible rules.
a. u. riampies or me newest stiles received every
week', from tho manufactories n't the East, consequent-
y the newest and most approved styles always on
& OLD and Silver Watches, Silver Spoons,
Gold, Silver and Plated Spectacles, a good as
sortment, for sale allow prices,.
Ravenna, Jan. 17, 1854. nt R. A. Bmu dr C'o's.
SHEARS, Scissors and Pocket Knives, of
the finest quality, can bo found '
fun 17. 1R54.'. at R. A. BiD dt Co's.
J cheap at
assortment for sale
R.A. Bairo A Co's.
Mctalic Burial Cases.
'PHESE Cases are fast coming into gener
muse, ineaavantage oi mesecases over mo com.
mon wood Collin, ure as follows: 1, they are air tight;
2. they are indestructable from natural. causes; 3, they
effectually resist the pressure of the earth; 4, they are
proof agai list water and, consequently vermin of all
kinds: 5, tlioy ure proof against tlw dissectors knife; 6,
they entirely Drc vent the oscane of offensive zaues dur
ing tho transportation of the body from one place to
.nvuiuii i.uio iuuy van w jiresorveu ior wees a nno
evqu uioitua in hot weather without any perceivable
change.- . . . i
; Also, wo keep on hand Shrouds at a low' price', thla
jmiuuuuiu iravessiiyoi turning ine notrsq oi mourn
ing Into a sewing shop, and wo think will be a great
eonvenience Id all. ' ' .
, We have also ittus cdnunon wood Coffin, from the
ehllds to the grown person. ... ..j , '
A full assortment of the above Cases (smult and large)
cbdus lounu ai uie runniuro ttooms, in tow rnanix
Block. . ., .. , .;,
Ravenna, March 14, 1854. ' ' GntrriN dt Bqstwicks." '
NOtiCCa '.f.lboiivi: Till!'.'
DRS. H. PRATT fe A. BASSET having
formed a co-partnership for ;Bie practice of their
profession, and can be found (except when on profes
sional business,) attne office of Dr.-Pratt- over F W.
Seymour's Store, or by enquiry at the Drugstore, ol
C. Hutch. t , ' . . .,
Ravenna, Pebmarr 14.1854. ' ' " 451-tf
American' Mutual Insurance , Co.
J subscriber having been appointed Agent for the
above company, Is prepared to lake risks against dam'
ages by F1RH, at as low rates as any other responsible
ComDSSTv.. i fti'. l-fiu-rM f i f '"i'lh'in ; ,i f i ,
'. TTf"I,OSSS ADJCTIDfROirTt.V.-fTT ' ,!
a RaviennB,De. 1, 185 M. fr. ; iMrTtt.-l
N OTICE The nubacriber have removed
their Store and Tin shops to tbe old stand of Cyrus
Prentiss, ono door West or the Prentiss House, where
they will be happy to see their; etd customeM, and as
many new ones as Can make It convenient to call..
I'dluja,-'" " i iWOW-BT RAW SON. .
lalgTB 'to aoiJOTiifclwn triJ ti)if,l bui'J! m , y'
'.vv?zli 'lo Arm tl ai i ' .,
; vnli wnnl A nrnnd suit tf flnthaa Anil of
tbn NtAronf rihft kii hMV-1 hAra In Cinnhiill R!rtt-
" ; where you can buy chenp for cash all kinds of Cloth?,
Kendy Made Clothing. Tailors Trimmings, dec. from
i t Cstrtrt Spanish Sll'xttire.
-I net a VAsrtCLt or tsancBnT ia it.
la, King ' Kvtl, KsxramaiWai. OWtinaW CiUiho
ous Eruptions, Piompks or Pustules cn the lacW,
blotches. Boils, Chroio gore Eyes, King Worm r
Taller, Scald Head, Enlargement and Pain ef tha
Bonos and Joinla.SuibborM Ulcers.Syphlllltt Disorders
Lu uibago,6uiuai Coiuptaints,aud all Diseases arising
from an injudicious use of Mercury, Imprudence la Life
or linpurljof the Bleod. .
This valuable Medicine, which haa hecossc Crkbra
tcd for the number of eatraordluary cures effecpai
through lu agency, has induced tbe proprietors, al the
urgent request of their fxieuds, to offer it to the publls,
wafeb they do with DM utmost eonldence la its virus
and woudorful curative propertiea.- Tbe followlrgeer
tiflcatea, selected from a lirrenumbcr, are however,
strosger testimony than the lucre word of the propri
etors; aud ure al from gentlemen well known in their
localiUesv autt, of Um highest respectability, many of
the in residing in the city of Kichuioud, Va.
P. Boy pas, Esq., of the Exchange Hotel Richmond,
known every wlKrre, says be ha teen the Medictds)
ealUd CtaTXB'a Snnisn MiiTyas .administered In
over s hundred canes, in nearly all the diseases for
a-bicb tl )s rtcomanded, with the meet astenishh.g good
results, die says It Is the most extraordinary snsdiclao
lib bjurever seu. .'., . -. , .
Ac i,g Pavsit Grut CcrbwI hereby certify,
that for three years I had Ague and Pe'vet or the most
violent description, i ksd si veral Physicians, took
large quantities of tluiulne, Mercury, and 1 belleva all
the Tonic advertised, but all without any permanent
relief.. At last 1 tried Carter's Spanish Mixture, two
bottles of which effectually cured hie, and 1 am hap-
Vy tv any 1 have .bad neither Chills or Fevers since,
consider it the best Tonic In the world, and tha only
'medicine that ever reached my case
Beaver Dam. near Richmond, Va. Joan LoaoDin.
C. B. Ltrcc, Est., now lu the city of Richmond, and
for many yuan In tha Post Office, has such confidence
In the aslonishlngetlicacy of Carter's Spanish Mixture.,
th,t he has bought upwards of W bottle, which he has
never known it to fall when taken according to direc
tions. ' ! .1. 1 " '" '
Dr. Minor, a practising Physician, and formerly
of the City Hotel, in the City of Richmond, says he hat
witnessed in a number of Instances the eflect of Cart
er's Spauish Mixture which were most truly surpris
ing.' Jle says In a case of Consumption, dependanton
the Liver,1he good effects were wonderful indeed.
8rii. M. Driskei, of the Arm of Drinker di MorrU,
Richmond, was cured of Liver Complaint of 8 yean
standing, by tl.o use of two bottles of Carter's Spauish
Allxtum. .,.
Grcat Ccat or Ri Rori ii. The Editors of Uie Rich
mond Rep j- lean had a servant employed in their press
room, cured of violent Scrofula, combined with Rhen.
mutism, which er tircly disabled h in f.om work. Two
bottles of Carter's Spanisn Mixture ma lea perfect cure
ofj him, aud the Kdiiors, in a pub le notice, say they
"cheerfully recommend It to all who are afflicted with
any disease of the blood."
Still Arothkr Ci r or-Scrovbl. I hsifa very
valuable boy cured of Scrofula by Carter'sSpaabh Mix
lore.' I consider it truly a valuable medicine. Jams
A. Taylor, Conductor on tho K F dt P R R Co., Rich
mond, Va.
Salt Kricm or Twist, tsars Stardir Cured.
Mr. John Thompson, residing in the city of Richmond,
wns cured by throe bottles of Curler's Spanish Mixture",
of Salt Kueum, which he had nearly twenty years, and
which all the physicians of the city could not euro.
Air. Thompson Is a well known merchant In the city
orRicbmend, Va., aud his cure is mostremarkabld,
Vt m. A. Matthews, of Richmond, had a servant cur
ed ol Syphilitic, iu the .worst form, by t arter's Spanish
Mixture. He snys ho cheerfully recommends it, and
considers H nn invaluable medicine.
RrcHAKD K. West, of Richmond, was cured of Scrof
ula, And what 'Physicians culled confirmed Consump
tion, by three bottles of Carter's Spanish Mixture.
Kuh in Burtox, commissioner of the revenue, says
he bassoon the good ethyls of Carter's Spanish Mixture
iu a ntimberof Syphilitic oases, aud says Jt is a perfect
cureforthat horrible disease. '
. Wm. G. Sherwood, ol Richmond, cured of Old Sores
and Ulcers, which disubled hi in from walking. Took
few bottles of Carter's Spanish Mi xtu remind was ena
bled to walk withuta crutch, in a short time permanent
ly cured. . . ....
Principal Depots at M. Ward, Close l( Co., Ho. 8
Maiden Lane, New York. T. VV. Dyott dc sons, No.
13-J, North 2d Street, Philadelphia. Bennett ec Beers,
No. 125, Main, Street, Richmond, Va.
And for sale by I. Swift, Ravenna; 6. L. Drake
Freedom; J. W. Cone, Frunklin Mills; C. dc C. Jt.
Harmon, Aurora; and by Druggists and Dealers la
ledieincs everywhere. f, ly.
'Kavenna-, Nov. 21, 1653. ' ""
DYSPEPSIA, Jaundice, Chronic or Ner
vous Debility. Disenso of tho Kidneys, and all
Diseusei urisiug from a Disordered Liver or Stomach;
such us Constipation, inward Piles, Fullness of Blued
to 'tho Head, Acidity of tlio Stomach, Nausea, Heart-
1 bum, Disgust for l ood. Fullness of Weight lu tho
I lit,,,,,,, j.li . '... h-rin.!,.!:..,,. Wli.Lli... ... VI., I.,..
ill lite Side, liack, Cliest. Limbs, tVc, Sudden Flush
es of Heat. Burning in the I' lenh. Contiii,i Imairiiiiiiir'a
of evil, and G reat Depression of Spirits.
Can bt effectually cured b) Dr. Iloojland't Ctlrbratli
Qitmau Hitters, jirrparcd by Ur. C. M. -Jackson.
JVi". ViOJirckat., Miladelpia.
Their power over the above diseases is not excell
ed, il equalled, by uny other preparation in the United
States, as tlu cures attost, ill many cases lifter skilful
phvsiciuiis hud failed. f
luese uiiters ure worthy the attention of Invalids.
; Possessing great virtues in the Roc tltlentlon of
! eases of tho Liver and lesser glands. exureUln.
ug tlie
" ..............
ire Co.. O. Ai.r 21. 1652.
saidi 'The German Bitters -ybu sent nie lust buvc not
yet come to bund. 1 huve been out of the article for
sometiuio to the crent detriment of iuvnlb's. It is a
medicine much thought of uiid sought after In this
com niuiiiii .
B,M. Hutchinson, M. D., Bedford, Cuynhoga Co.)
O. August 0.6, IS53, said: "The Bitters you shipped me
In May Inst ure nil oue 1 think it is a good med
icine, snd 1 am rucominoiiding it to my patients and
friends (which 1 do for iionihcr putiiut lucdiciue.) You
Will please forward n large supply."
-S. French, Wouctor, Ohio, Nov. 30,1F32, said :
have nsod some tbreu or .four bottles of Hoolhind's
Gorman Hitlers for Dyspepslu mui have derived great
benclit f.oiii their use. I believe them to be good for
all diseases for which llicv are recommended."
W.il.Orr, Woostor, Ohio, October 5d, ISM, saidt
"You usked me my opinion of the German Bitters.
I have uabd them for Dyspepsin and Indigestion, and
uut(T pleasure ui stilting Hint 1 tluiiK they are the very
oust reineuy uxiuni. ior me unove eompiaiiiis issy era
dccidedlit 'in advance of all the proprietary medicines of
thsday." j'
These Bitiers are entirely veoetaiii.r. Tey nev
er prostrate the systtni, but inritfoatsit.' '
Sold by 1.- Swift, Ravonna; O. L Druko, Freedom:
J. W- Cone, Frunklin Mills; C. & C. R. Harmon ;
Anrorot qTid by Dealers in medicines everywhere.
. New Firm and New Goods?
THE Subscribers have just received their
Urst invoice of. Spring and Summer Goods, con
sisting of Prints, Gingham DcLuins, Burngite DoLalns.
Our motto will bo "SMALL PHOFITSand READY
PAY," believing it for the interest of both Merchant
and custom. : :. Prentiss, Hoi-)Iiks Co.
V rom New York by Expross an Invotra, consist
ing of Black silk Shawls, black Summer goods, prints;
Gigliams, uuwiis, Ac. Also a line assortment of Ladies
Shoes; our stock is now very good, and we will guar
antee the prices to suit as well as the goods. Call and
we. PlIENTIBB, HcfKIHS & Co.
X A large and sjilendid assortment of.Summer Hats,
consisting of Panama's, Canton Struw's, Pedal, Flor
ence, Leghorn, Palm Loaf, Cke. Some beautiful Pan
ama's from 92 to 33,75, Pulin Leaf Hals from 10 cents
up. Also some super Silk Mats, A No. I.
An examination is a! I that is necessary to convince
any one tuattlioy are cheaper than can be bought else
where. Prentiss, Hopkins dt Co.
AF1MK assortment of Calf, Morrocco and Goat
Shoes; Just received. A "tip top" article and
sulllngcheup. I Ppkntiss, Hopkins dr Co.
JUST received, another lot of those rich Black Silk.
Shawls, also Poplins; and Ginghams, all selling'
very cheap us usual. - 1'kcwtiss, Hopkins dt Co.
UNDKK Hdkfs. and Undrsleevaa.,. A beautiful as
sortment and yery choap at . . .
,'" ' ' Pricntisi!, ItorgiNadi Co.
J -I-
fli ALL find see the flue assortment
lortment , " .
PrUntiss, HormNs'dt Co.'
'-iayo. ipo.
''V'BEA'UTFTIl'ilssortuiciit, from two to fifteen dol-
. tors; alsO SliawM oTourvy description, Sillc.Crupe,
Cashmere, ,,TtUlMtoic Lie please call and see
them., ' PaitNTiss, Hopkins A Co.
B A DIES SUOES.i-A fine assortment just Opened
Hm i ,- "f) ?". ""i Hopkins dt Co.
;',, w., . TIMOTHY SEED.
, I , PRIME article of Timothy and Clover seod.for sale
X-' ' '-',' Parting, Hopkins Co.
, ,:., . ENGLISH DAIRY SALT , , ;
A MCEarticle directfrom Montreal, for sale bythe
iirV bnshul or tatrrel by ' Psintiss; Hopkins & Co.
ASrjPSRioKartlcIeforsalecheap.by " ., ,
Mareh7,1844. PatNTrss, HoPinw. Afa.
HAV FORKS.--Batcheldors celebrated Pork, for
sale by. . Pgms, HoPKiWd; Co.
PAINT, constantly on hand and selling cheap.
J n no vtt, 'J4i i t :i ;. Pam-rnw. Hopkins at Co.
"iSARY.PAILS.i-iA sirporlof article tor iIo at twea-
wye. Kenisj wsa runs or an sizes.:
June j2'54, .
.,,irBKrTiss,,HQlii(s If Co.
!i , :f xa THE- BEST "PRINT;' '"l. -
J SO H celll, awl Ginghani m cents to be seen id
1 Portage, is now visible to the nak d ey i.
My 8. at Phkntibs, Hopkins dt Co.
M& '.m-oi W'ASTER'i-.f.- ...
npHE best quality of new Whibj Plaster, constantly orf
j-as. iHMiwf muv rvr ni? vmvmjvyU' -
'.'HaiJtavBB j'aoli iivfi :;n o! ol kviw

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