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HAVEN If A. Not. t
Thai ITteklr Sentinel
It pabHahcd rvry Wednesday at Ravenna, by A. Bast
aad V. K. Craw at Um following ,
TKRMSOm yriyabl wliht six km.- f I,M
Om ywc payable after the xplraMo af x
i amlla, 4 wlttita Um yv, 1.00
Oa year payable after Ma expiration; . 1,36
Km paper will ba diatoettnaed anlll ll arraaiagaa
are paid, exeept at th dptida of Um publisher!
Piimiti , Cocx, to the case, of the
fetate of Ohio vs. Cit-has Blodgit tried
for keeping a disorderly house, and selling
liquor contrary to law, which was heard be
fore ivdg Biowi, on Monday last, we are
informed the defendant plead guiliy, was
sentenced . to twenty days imprisonment ih
the jail, Ched fifty dollars, and Ilia establish
ment abated as auiaance.
'. , " " '
: Bavenna ttdusc
This well known establishment, has just
undergone a thorough repairing, and is now
fitted up for the accommodation of the pub
lic, in a style second to none in the county,
hs proprietor Mr.' Fheemam J. Collins, the
former popular clerk of the "Collins House,"
Will spare no pains or expense in making
' the "Ravenna House" worthy of a liberal
j support by the traveling public. "Try bitn.
Tie MoftTHLT Jubilee. This Magazine
for October has been received. With all
its ultraisms, it contains much Valuable in
formation and some well Written essays.--The
"Declaration of Independeece" adopted
by the working women and men, in Mass
Meeting on the 5th July, 1852, (published in
this number) is an. interesting and instruc
tive document. Very many persons however
would not endorse all that is therein set
The Jubilee is furnished at $1,00 a year
in advance. .
..., -p..-..... ti
Gehius of the West. This magazine
for November is on our table. Among the
leading article, are "Humbug and Progress,"
"Early: Scenes in Ohio," and "the Genius of
the West." -This literary journal ie, we
think,' gradually gaining ground. It is well
worth the subscription price. Terms $1,00
per annum, in advance. Address Wmi T.
Coggeshall, Cincinnati.
DKMocBATrc VifiDiCATon. We have re
ceived the first number of the Democratic
ViWnr: nnbliahed nt TJnner Sandnslcv. '!
. , r -,r- j,
Wyandot Co., Ohio, by R. D. Dcwm, Esq
It is well printed, and judging from the
character of the selections, and the well
written editorials, bids fair to take a high
rank among . the political papers of the
State. We arc glad to see a determination
upon the part of the people, of Wyandot
County, to sustain a paper, which is thor
oughly Democratic in politics one which
advocates openly and fearlessly, the doc
trines of republicanism. Success attend the
Obio Against Fciinsylvaniit, or
nsiy other State or states!
The Salem Democrat contains the follow
ing, which looks considerably like a chal
lenge. Wo should take sides with the Ohio
girls, of course;
"Thtf friends of that delightful and bene
ficial art, Horse-back Riding and Driving in
Ohio, throw out the gauntlet to her sister
States to meet in the beuutiful Purk, in Sa
lem, on the 16th day of Novembej, 1854, to
test the tact and ability of their ablest Lady
Riders and Drivers. Ohio can produce four,
to surpass those of any sister State. So say
her friend. . The minutix will be printed
and posted in a few days. '
-J " ; 1
Examination of Teachers.
The following list of the names of those
who received certificates at the examination,
on Saturday has been handed us for publica
tion. The number of applicants was 124;
60 ladiea and 64 gentleman. The number
to whom certificates were granted wus 83;
ladies 39; gentlemen 44.
Dotia Kady,
P. M. Barnum,
Emma Bryant,
Balinda E. Clark,
Parintha Dean,
Julia Abel,
Emit) Cook,
Mary B Spencer,
Julia A. Spencer,
Rosett S. Reed,
T. B. Gilbert,
E. J.Smith,
Martha E. Ramsey,
Mary A. Clapp,
Matilda Loveland,
Clarissa Raymond,
Kate P. Crune,
M. H. Humuson,
A. M. Alvord
Louisa Musson,
S. E. Russel,
M. L. Russel,
Mary Udull,
Emily Bates,
Julia Mowbray(
R. II. Monks,
Jane I'. Edson,
Frances Smith,
Emily M. Wadsworth.Deliu L. Turner,
Emeline Roymond, Mary h. Newell,
Porthenia Raymond, Miss Case,
Mary Mason, Martha Hayden,
Annis A. Cook, Mary A. Jennings,
Charlotte A. Hudson,
, Gentlemen.
L. C. Stock-well,
D. C. Stock-well,
Milton Black, .
P. H. Sawyer,
N. L. Barberi
B. P; Seymour,
Cornot Mason, Jr.
J. 0;''aaon, ,
W. Butler, . .
S. T. Reed,
M. L. Ilolbrook, .
C. A. Ensign,
D. E. Faring ton,
E. H,-Hinnin, ,
1. 0. Mbllery,
C. Pi Sawyer, , ,
O. C. Atwater,
A. N; Burden, 1
R. H. McGowen,
Edwin Rogers,
M. T, Hobart,
Calvin Rider,
Wm. Peck,
Frank Wells,
S. H. Rockhill,
J. B. Rockhill,
Gideon Seymour,
W. B. Hendryx,
Amaniier Strong,
D.. Vaughn,
M. C. Wilco,
Perry Goadell,
H. M. Demingi
C. Van Auken,
Silas Perkins
S. S. Reed,
A. H. Underwood,
A. A. Butte,
E. W. Bouford,
De Witt C. Anderuon.C. S. Tibbals,
H. D. Udall, F. E.. Rockwell,
..."it -in, ii i , ,n
0r A. fatal affray occurred in Kansas ter
ritory a short time since. The difficulty was
between two Kenthekians and several per
one from Platte county, about a claim. The
matter Wa left to a third party to settle, who
decided in favor of the Kentuckiane. When
the . decision w as proclaimed, the Platte
county claimants headed by one Burgess,
attacked the other party and cut them up
with knives' in such a manner, that no hopes
are i entertained of their recovery. ' The
Governor; who is st Leavenworth,, had the
' tarties arrested at once., '-,-..:
"'." ; ,1 ' " 1 ' 1 '-
A Chzqueiied Career. Rev' Thomas
Chilton; alternately a lawyer, politician and
alerpyman, recently died in Kentucky. In
1819 h was a. member of the Kentucky
legislature, then t clergyman, and subse
quently, twice elected a member, of Con
frets, as Jackson man. Afterwards he
lecame a friend of Mr. Clay, and being- a
lt sandidate a third time, was tie fleeted This-
was in WW, bt in 183 he was again sent
to Congress, and hi 1830 retired to privats
. .... .tiiai '-..;.-!
'Torn Mannar.-
Me. EditoI Shortly after the election
yoa sUtadla your piper, that . ''Brinafield
tu the only township la the County, that
maintain) ill former majority." ', Othsr
townahipe ere well aw ara bt the hfgh eU
toale, ill Mich the Bri infield democracy,
are held at Ravenna-. ! - ": '
The rote bf Abroraf w Ii amili opon both
tictets, yet the Fusion majority, waa as bill
over the Democratic ticket, aa it ever waa,
when bat two ticket! were run. -
. When an honorable candidate at Raven
na,' waa told the other day, that not a Dem
ocratic vote in Aurora, waa influenced to
give biavote to Fusion iam, by reason oS,
"Know-Nothingisrn," and that our Vote
atood about la formerly, as to majority, he
replied, under sortie excitement, "then you
are most damnably belied up there." . !
1 wish it to be stated, that we are tvoll
aware of thli last fact, and of those who
belie us. Their statements will dot hon
ever change the truth. We are also get-
ting accustomed to them. Yours.
' V.
Taylor's History of Obio.
This work, which we have already no
ticed, has just been published by H. VV.
Derby & Co. The present volume is devo-j
ted to What Mr. Taylor designates aa the
ante-territorlal portion of the history of the
State, and comprises the period between the
years 1650 and 1787. Of course, it relates
almost exclusively to the movements and
wars of the various Indian tribes, who made
it their hunting and fighting grouud. Mr.
Taylor has, in this Volume, acted the part
rather of editor than historian) and from the
various works which throw any light upon
the history of this period, he has extracted
largely, paticularly from those which arc
rare and not likely to appear again in the
new edition. These extracts add greatly to
the interest and value of the work.
This Volume is one of the most creditable
issues from the prfss of this city, and for
j beauty of typography will suffer .not.hirg
! from a comparison with the publication of
j ny bouse in this country. It gives us great
I f.18,,re w no.te .Pvements our pub-
lishers are making With every issue, and their
enterprise bids fair soon to make our city as
famous for books as it is now for its pork.-
Cin. Gazelle,
The Geogctown,- (Kentucky.) Hera'd of
Inst wei'K, gives tlio lollovving list ot sui
cides: On October 10th, Mrs. Gtjill, re
siding in Scott county, aged 'about 'twenty,
hung herself to a trei. und was folihd dead.
Mer feet touched the ground as ahe hung, ond
the act had evidently been uue al stearly de
.... u. . . , ,.
.v i in niuiiuiir uii null U(.VII Bl'lllllULtU iruill
her husband about a yeur, and wits in poor
circumstances.. ..On the lllli met., a Mrs.
Plckkett. residing in Grant county, about
lorty years ot age, and the mother of nine
children, in the ubsence of her husband, pre
tended to visit a neighbor, taking with her
knitting ahd d Blow llhei On the return of
the htisflnrld, tile Ch'ldreh's utory of the line
alarmed him.. Search Was randei and Mrs.
I', was ftibhd hung dead, lief knitting care
fully put aside. Jealousy of her husband is
thought to have caused the deed.. ..On the
same day, a Miss WioGtES, residing in Ilur
rison county, about fifteen years of age, shot
herself in the head with a rifle, inflicting a
shocking, but not immediately fntul wound.
She would assign no cause for the act. An
acquaintance, a young lady named LoZier,
called to see Mips W., und inquired who
shot her. Miss W. exacted of Miss L a
solemn promise to kill the perpetrator of the
deed, and then said it was herself and no
body else, arid demanded that Miss L. should
redeem her promise. Wonderful to relate,
on the evening of the day of this interview,
Miss LozfER attempted her own life, by
nanging herselt to a tree, but was discovered
and cut down in time to save her.
, A Man Run Off in a Balloon. Profes
sor Elliott whs to have made a balloon as
cension from Richmond, Virginia, on Thurs
day, but was persuaded bv a young man
named Carrier to let him go up a short dis
tance. The Dispatch states that Carrier cot
into the car and rose above the heads of the
multitude) when, to the1 astonishment of ev
ery spectoter, he cut the cords which held
the balloon to theeorth, and waving his hat,
sailed oft rapidly towards the sky. The dis
appointment ef Mr. Elliott, -who was aritici
natinga magnificent aerial voyage, so effect
ed him that he fainted, and during the even
ing two physicans had to bo called in. The
spectators were also quite indignant. Gard
ner, when last seen, hod ascended to a preot
height. It was subsequently ascertained,
hoWeVef, that he decended safely on the
farm of Mr. Snyder, where Professor E.
previonsly decended.
At the Prentiss House, iu this village, on tha bin
Inst., by N. I). Clark, Esq., Mr. WM. W. MONN, of
Iowa, and Mrs. ELIZABETH REED, of Franklin,
Portage Co., Ohio.
At Franklin, Oct. 31st, Mrs. SARAH, wife of Fred
erick Curies, aged 41 years, her disease a Cuncer,
Shu suffered long und intensely, yet she said "it is
good for mo that I have, beon afflicted." Her friends
trust that she Is now in that world whore peace aud
fulness of Joy jiluiio can-bo found.
iiiminwial Intelltgente, &r .
Corrected W'ecUy by Geo. Bud and other deal
ers in tht (trtuUe named below.
Floub $ Bbl. Ex. $10,00, com. 8,009,50
Wheat f Bush
- 1,95
- , 80 . ,
- 76 -
' - ' 40
. 1.25 .
. 3,253,Oo
- 6,005,50
- 1,001,25
- 1,001,25
- -. 60 75
is. " ..-
- 10
. - 12 ; :
' 2,00 '
Kye fl Bush. , .
Coen Bush.
Oats $ Bush. '
Flax 8eed 5p Bush. .
Timothy Seed Bush,
uloveb Seed liush.
Beans, white, ? Bush.
Potatoes Bush. -Oniohs
J Bush.
Butter f) lb
Cheese lb
Lard ? lb
Eggs $ Doz. . - -Salt
Coal, stone, ' jj) Ton
Woonf Cord , -Hat
f Ton ' -
. 3,00 4,00
., U5l,75
9,00 10,00
CtEVEtAKD; Oct. ao. .
Flock Superln, for a good nice arttela $8 ,50;
cammon strait bands 08.00: tood strait brands S8JUt
belt extra B9.S0: retails at ij9,7&lU. Small loU of
Snporflao Indluna selling at S8.2S.
.Wbbst Sale of 100 btuh. Michigaa vthite aid ,98.
Mined beld at 1,85.
Coan Sale of 700 bush, from (tore at Cte.
Oats They aro beld at 40.
1 Bottsk Inferior nlenlv and doll at 10915.'' Print
in food demand at 1B19- i - : .t .(.-
CBiasa Remains with little change at 0510. -Potto
All that arrive ara taken at 87 oants.
Eoo 14for freh, - . .
Data ArrL ai. A . ;.w,-. (-.- ..
Wool SS40c. .. :.-i -. ; . i
Salt 1,0. Retails at t,7S. ,-' Su.-.. t ; .
" - KKW YORK MARKET Oct. 30.
Flopi Sale 3800 bbl. at S,3H 38,38;. Good Ohio
and Mlchiean 10JIM11.. - .
Wbij.1 Sale 2300 bush, go wSlte Southero at
va.ia, . ...
BoTTia setts prouy rreeiy at- I251S0 for ywo.
Cains Fair raqnaM at lOftllc v-' "j
Dr. TUBUS will b at Uie Prentlaa Hoaae,
Wadnexia aftemaoa nndTaMradav aatfl 1
'(lock P. M. SSd and 3d of Nor.
sea adrsrUaoment id another column.) ' . , i , ,
Itnrs of tha fflrtiiwd Kepnbttcan, of DeVember Sith,
"J w vaner pania atixwre la no auaec
nMdiethe. .'
Thev had i rasa hi lieir bresWooln who " tllipl-
t ed with violent Mercurial Kheeuiatism, who was eon-
P I i : i i i - . i li.v. t .
atmpnininx mi wiisiwy i iv Dam, limes ana
Joints; bis ayes had become feverish end natter.
neca swollen, throat evre, and all the sjmptom of
rbaumalUm, ciirablnod wlU Scrofula. Two iKtitlax of
Carter's Kianlh Mlxtora rnred him, and In aa adlto.
rial article a abore. ther bear tuatlnion of It won
derful rood eSeeta, and aay their only regret la, MmI
an aunurini; wiu oiaeaiei or the Blood are not aware
of tli exiatenca of aneb a medicine. The ebeerfully
racnnmend It. Soe their cerllflcate. and notice in fuU
aroiiud the bottle. : t-
"Tba whole nreu of Philadelphia are out In tavar
of Hooflandi German bitten, a they are prermred by
V. v. .jKiun. r are amu ui reeoru ine enoeeas
f thia valuable remedy for Dvapopila, aa we believe
Itannplice a desideratum In the medical world loita?
needed. The wretched Imitators and counterfeiter
hare withdraw their nostrum from the market, nnd
Uie public are spared from the danger bf (WftllofflM
poiaonnua mixture in lieu of the real BtUer."4
ilerald. --- -
, Franklin Seminary.
THE TEACHERS of Shalersviile Insti
tuU have made arraugeniinitr to clmnirc tlicir lo
cation and open a school at Franklin Mills, to com
ni.'hce on Monvay, Np. 2?th, lttil. - .
ingvtner wun ine Acaiicnuc School, a Morc.i utile
Itoiiartiiicnt hus buen arrungod and the service of Mr.
Chap. Paca buvo been, secured fas one of Its mana
ger and lecturers. ' J. K. PICKETT,
Former principal of Folsoru's Mercantile Urumh.
Nov. Ui. IW4. 48 31.
Charlotte tloikln mul
Jacob V. Mcll. Ail in -s
ef Janie Hoskina, do-
In Uio Probate Court, Por
- tipo t.'ouiily, Ohio.
censed. -
e. .
Charlotte Hopkins nnd
all oilier heirs and l?gul
Kepres e n t n t i v c of
James Hoskina, dee'd.
Petition to execute a con
tract between Juntos . Uus
kins and Jsun( Houn.
J Ann O. Mel I, John Beer), Eiuilr Heer). Heurj
Beery, Louisa Beery, Jouathun Kisey, Klizti Kley, Au
nur Hoskitis, who reside in the State Michigun.' June
Hoskins, Mary Hnskius and Sabiua Hoskins, are heiw
by lmlilleil tlul Chnriotte Hoxkius mid Jacob V. .Mel I.
Adinliiixtniturs, hare died in suld Court, Uieir ictition,
praying for the execution of tho foUowiiigarontrnct eu
tored into. Uie 15th duy of November. A. U. 18j4; be
tween James Himk ins nnd Jumis Hoon, the following
prcmjse sitmitcil in the township or mimyra, oruisu
comity; being purl of lnl bumlier (11) fourteen, In Uie
fourth divUiun of lots in anid towiiHlttp, coinnioiilly
known lis lund formurly owiioil bl Samuel M. Gillierl;
thesuid James Hoon nzrocil to pay ta sirtil Jiiines Hos
kins tho sum ol'01,(ifi5 fnrsnid pruiulsos upon deferred
payment, etui the said James lioskiiiAagreed to muke
unto the (aid James lloon, a good und surticieut wnr
mntee deed, on, or before the 15th day of November,
1H54, upon tho punctual payments by tho snid J:nne
Hoon, of constderntiou money and other things more
particularly described in said petition; in order to exe
cute the said contract of the said Jumcs Hoskins, div
ceased, ond so soon as the sunic can legally bedone
an order will be taken' lor tho couvcynuco of said
premise, unless the said persons appear, plcadc, an
war. or demur thvreti
ki...i JACOB V. MEM., J Adnilnistrntors of
-. CHARLO HTi HOSKINS .( James Hoskina,
Deerfleld, Nov. , 1H54. 4iS-3w
Petition to sell Lahda;,
Ohnrlotto Hnskins andl
Jacob V. Mcll, iidiuH-1 In the Probate Court of Por-
istrator of James Hos- I
taga county, Ohio.
kins, deceased.
Charlotte Hoskins, nnd I
nil heirs and legal rep-1
resentatives, of Jtuncs I
Hoskins, deceased. J
J Ann C. Mcll, John Beery, Emily Beery, Henry
Beery, Louisa Ueury, (Joniithan Elsey, Kliza Elsey,
Ahner Hoskins, who reside in IlicSt.ite of Mieliigan)Jaiie
Hoskins, Mary Hopkins, and Sabina Hoskins, lire here
by notified that Charlotte Hoskins nuiJJai-nb V. Moll.
Administrators, have llleil in said Court, their petition
praying for the slo of the following premises; to wit:
bounded on the East of lot lino number (II) eleven iu
the township ti( Palmyra; on the soulii by other laud of
tho said James Hoskins; on the west by third lot line; on
the north by lund of George Grate,' being part of lot
number eleven, In tho snutii division of lots in said
township nf Palmyra, containing forly acres of land
more or less, more particularly described iu said po
lltlon, lu order to discharge the debts of said ducc.leiit,
and ut tlio next term of said Court, or so soon there
after us the same can legally be done on order will be
tuki-n for the sale of said real estate, unless. said per
sons appear plead s uinwer, or, demur thereto.
JACOB V. MF.LL, j Administrators of
l ll.Uil.ul Ir. llUMil.s, Jamos UosKll.s
PrOblltc Notice
NOTICE is hereby given to all persons in
terosted, that the Executors and Administrators
on the following estates, have presented to the Court
of Probate, for the county of Portage, in tho State of
Ohio, their a.'vernl settlement accounts which arc
placed on llle In tlio office of tho ludge of said Court
and continued for the inspection and exception of nil
persons InterclH. until Monday, tho 4th. day of De
cember, A. D. IM4, to wit:
Muhlon Calvin's Estate, Final .Settlement.
John Willytird's do. do. do.
Samuel Dodge's do. d.)i doi
Jidtn J). Davis1 . do. do. doj
Cutlip Katimrers' do. . do. do.
Jacob FU-kert's do. do. do.
William Davidson's do. do. do.
Gains Smith's do. do. do.
George Harl.eir's do. do. do.
Henry RohiIs1 do. do. do.
G. W. Drako's do. do, do.
Freeman Upson's do. partial do.
Lean i!er Tyro's do. do. do.
Samuel Leone's do. do. do.
Lyuiiin llotclikih' do. do. . do.
Freeman Damon's do. do. do.
B.C. Wnren.Gu'd'n to Albert.W. Hall .uls.do.
Mary Griffith do. to iJcz'h L. Griffith do.
. Attest. LUTHER L. BROWN, Probate Judfc'O.
Ravenna, Nov. 3, 1851 14-St.
would respectfully announce lo the citizens of the
United States and thu Cuuudus, Unit lor tho jiurnoscol
cultivating a taste lor the tine arts throughout the coun
try, mid with u view of cnubllng every fainily to be
come possessed of a gullerv of Knrnvliiirs.
They have determined, In order to create an esteualve
lo lor. their h.ui;ruviiii;8, ami thus not only iiive ein-
nloymenl to a large uuinDer of artists and others, hut
Inspire uiiioug our countrymen n uisie lor worns oi
art, to iireseut to the purchasers of their engravings,
when a.v,000 or which are sold,
450,1)00 GIFTS, or 'nit aiti al cost of 8 130,000.
Koch purchaser of u One Dollar Engraving, therofore,
ruceivea not only uu Kngriiving richly worth the inou -
ey, but also a ticket which entitles hiui to one ol the
lulls when the ure distributed. -
Fdr blVK HOLLA KM, a highly finished Eugruviiis
beautifully FAIATKU in OIL, und FIVE GIFT TICK-
r. In, will he sent; or Five Dollars worth ol splendid
Engraving can be selectud from the Catalogue, und
scut by return mall or express.
A copy ot the Catalogue, together Willi a specimen
of one of the Engravings, cult Uu seen ut tlio oltico ol'
tins paper.
For each Dollar sent, ah Engraving actually worth,
that sum aud a Gift Ticktt, vilt immtdialtly be for
voardtd, . - .
Tha Commits believing that the success of this
GrEAT National Ukoertakino will be materially pro
moted by the energy und enterprise of intelligent and
pernovereing Jlgcuts. have resolved to treat with such
on tho most liberal terms .
Any parson wishing to boenma an Agent, by send
ing (post paid,) SI, will receive bv re torn ok
mail, a One Dollar Egruving, a "GIFT TICKET," a
Praapectut, Catalog ulund all other ueccasury. infor
mation. On the flnul'coinpleltoii of tho snlo, tho Gift will be
placed in the hands of a Committee of thu fori haskhs
to be distributed, duo notice of which will be given
throughout the United Stutos und thu Cumulus.
List of Gil ts.
100 Marble busts of Washington, at $100 $10,000
100 " " Clay, - 100 10,000
100 " -,i V . Wobstcr, - ! lt)0 110,(00
100 " " Calhoun, , .- . 100 ,10,000
50 elegant Oil Paintings, iu splendid) '
gilt frames, size 3x4 ft. each, . j 100 5,0f 0
100 elegant Oil Paintings, 2x3 ft. each 50 5,000
500 steel plute Engraving, brilliantly) ; , . s -'
colored in oil, rich gilt fruinesS
24x30 in. each, J 10 5,000
10,000 elegant steel plate Engravingio ,
. col'd in oil, of the Washington)
' Monument, 80x20 in. each, ) 4 40,000
237,000 steel plata engravings, fromV "
. 100 different plates now In posses-1 '
, . sion of and owned by the Artists'
Union, of the market value of from I- ;'; ;'
50 cents to 1 each, . J . 41,000
' 1 flrsl class DwUing iu 31st St., S.l
Y. City, . J -, 12,000
23 building Lots In 100 and 101st sts.,( , . ..
N. Y. City, each 35x100 ft; deep, at, 1,000 22,000
100 Villa Sites, containing each 10,0001 , .
. ' sq.ft.iu.Uiesuburbsof N. Y. City, I
, aud comuiandiug, a jnagniOcent , ,-. -
view oi uie naosou fuvorauuLoug t
Ialund&ound, at . .. .... - - )
20 perpetunl loans of cash, without in-
, Wrest, or security, of t250oucb,l
,2,:!: , ",o i. m,.t,u
500 . 50,000
,. ,5,000
, 5,000
"7 . , ..- 5,000
. an it
" . , '- i i ( -It t i . 4VVW
Reference in regard to the Real tat, F, J. Vua-
cu at lo., Keal JUlate Broken, N. Y. - Ordora,
(post paid) with money enclosed, to b addressed, ,
J. W. HOLBROOKE, See'y.SOJ Broadway, N. V.
JTpTba Engravings la the Catoiogu are now raady
lordelivory. - - - 467 Sm
MK. "At ANSON K. KlNG'Jbae1 thii d'sy
been appointed Sexton of the burying- ground,
ia Kavenn township, by tha Trustees of said lownahip,
- Aiw, a. a. biurrui sown viera.
,uJ' t.
j. h. bostwick'&.'co'i
Dealer la Staple aad Fancy Dry Ooada, G roe rip.
lueeawar, etc.
i , rneruta mwva, Mrtraai.
TO. 7, again before the public, s little; ta
il terUunaocal. but sU tb better (or the nd;
late purchase tn Uw City, alwajf aiveiu Uwad u
laareof luperanaUoeerearlier parehaaea.- A sa4
have latulf fnv down SS per ernt. in this town, (over
the left.) we will ondcaTOf to (Ire enr cn.tomcrs the
advantace of oat tale porehaeer,- which wiU redte
our former large profi' 3i per Sunt- Tills u a great
railing oR and the onlj way to nake np the deficiency
I to sell a big pile of Good, ao com ou friends, w
are road) far auy thing and any price.
U whs
how are the mighty fallen, Oh !
what a denreasioa in tba Tea market. 121 In oaa
short month la aertaiuly knocking off large proflt in a
hnrrr. and mareaaau aenerally are gelling rich too
fast, wa will try and have tba profit died at about liv
ing ratoa, our motto Is (livo aad lot live) good Tea, 60
rent Tea, (that was) wo will tell for 131 cents par lb.
Please mark that, ' - .
AVE wi" "ell better Calico for 6 cents,
M thua was ever druaoit nf lo man'sucanomy, aad'
wo can buck up this assertion by producing the goods;
nnd fhrUierniore we will sell J. Hriggs, A Co', ilun-
Oells. RiihM)iliid and Carr'a best Madder print, for
10. Mark Out teoi -
SILKS, SILKS All we ask, is for the
Deonle to come and see them, knd t!ta gddds w ill
ell themselves,. It is ftnlv auees.iry to say InSre. Wi:it
we will tell black -Milks one yanl wide for 1 10. nnd
nneyardauda quarter, for Don't forgattbat
a you paw along. .
A S this is progressive world, we will en-
pnrllcular kind of uid, or stopping to get rested, and if t
cheap goods nnd small protlt demonstrate this pro
gressiva an", we ure not be numbered among tbose
who full short ot the gs cent reduction.
AVE will give t few articles that can be
I found at all time nt our Store. Ure goods.
Dress trimmings. Collars, Undurcleeves, Laces. Edtr-
Ings, while gootts of ait kinds. Linens Holsery, Gloves, j
veil-, i.orus, insseis, niiitnns, i&epny wnrstcn, nnirt j
llosotnt. Collars, Handkerchiefs, Crarnts, Shswls,
Flannel, Linings, Checks, Stripes, Tickings,, Jeans, j
natiniiuis, UBSsiineres iioo sains, nroa': t.iouis, i.a- i nnocn vt alters,
pels, Oil Cloths, Mais, Kusrs, Hil.bonS, Hdnnutat eur- i Kit Wult-TS,
tain Muslin, Comforts, Suspenders, Fringes, ;e., I David Waltors,
Guilors, Boots, Shoes, Groceries and spice, (ifdck- Jacob Walter,
ury. Glassware, and every thing tluil the neceuillotof i Samuel Waltors, ' , .
the puoileilumand. Cutlierlne F.. Walters,
1) Our Sliawls ulone will establish our prices 2i deg, William Cox,
below zero. j Sarah Cox and
SATIN BONNETS Ah! we always sold
uioro Hyimets than any otiier house In town', and
our fall bonnets am cheaper und uioro beautiful than
IAD1ES who take delight in making their j
J own Collars, Sleeves and Chemisettes, will (lud '
the muslin ready stumped and tho bust oirroucu work
ing Cotton, t our Store. More licrenftjr.
. 1. 11. BOSTWICK & CO.
Xcw Goods at F. W. Scyiiionr'w
HIIE subscriber is now receiving a large
L variety of yoods. which were ptirchasrt in New
York last eek ut Iha lowest Cah ( ricej. Ho would
invito hts friends and Customers to cull and examino
tho t'ollowinggooils, us they will be sold extremely low.
Ort.g.i, lr54. K. W.KKVMOUK.
DRESS GOODS-French Merinos, tip
top colors; Cohuijts Paramettas, Persian Twills,
Plaid Alurinos, new styles very cheap; plain and fi
gured IJel.niiiex, raw Hilks, Alupuccus, GiiiKhnuis,
-Merrimac prints; plaid, stripe, anil rhangeuhlu Dress
bilk, ami a sood ussortmeut of Black Dress silk.
Oct. 45, 'M. F. W. BEVMOUK'B. --
(JIIAWLS A good assortment of Brocha,
kj Lonff anil souard. at redlict'd nrlees. anil some
new styles; Bay State, a large ussortiiieut nnd very
clump; n good assortment of ull wool, at
Oct. 3.1, -.14. V. W. SEYMOUR. I
' ' " 1 I
111. week by Kuilroad,
Dress Goods,
Thames, Brown Shooting,
Blenched Sheeting,
Carjiet Warp,
vooiien Yarn, Lutlou tarn,
Fluid Liusnys, Cassiuieres,
Ovef Coating, Flannels,
Cliililren's Hoods.
Luilie's Hood,
pROCEHltiS Havana Brown Sug.irj
VI ('rushed do, CofTee do. Maple do, Molasses do,
Java Coff.-e, Rio do, Extract do. New Kaisens. New
Citron, at F. W. SEYMOUR'S.
HATS AND CAPS Gent's Silk, the lat
est styles, Gent's Silk I'lnsb tfujis. Cent's Kossuth,
Wide Awake, llov's funcv lints, chlhtren's Hi;ts and
Cups, a good assortment," ut F. W. SEVMOl'K'S.
YARDS One Case
Prints for fli c'ts. at
fast colofsj
lrlonr 31. 1C5-I.
F. W. SKVHOrii'S.
J .in) ut
pound opened ;
l ull GmimIs l!i51.
slock of goods, comprising broad clolh caai-
meres, Ve-itings, deiaiiws, cashmeres, popli s, ein
broiili!i'.'d robes, parinettos, morinos, prints, shawls,
groceries, eroekery. hunlwaro, tfte., which we giiaran.
tee to s:-il ut llgures to suit, (.'all atul examine h(?t'ore
purchasing. PKhffTISS, UOPKl.Nsi & Co.
October lltli, lltit 10-tf.
Who sire the "Ituow-Xothissg!" i
rpiIAT is a question not easily answered,
.L but the question as to who sells goods !hc cheapest
In Ravenna, is a mailer much mora cui!y setlled.
Wo ureiiuite willing loloave that matter with thd poo
pie. The 'wind work" wo will leave to thoso who
may have been out of Iho business a few years, mid
-got reslvd,'' hut Ifie selling goods as low as tlic'r can
be bought, we will most cheerfully alien. I to. Many
goods liuvc materially declined in price this fall, anil
among others, the article of Tea. Wo can now sell
good Tju at throe shillings per lb., and "other goods
in proportion.''
We have now fine tock of FALL nnd WIXTEH
GOODS, and will take pleasure In showing them to
all w ho muy favor us with a call, and if they find them
" twenty-live per cent. "abovo our neighbors, we would
suggest the propriety of their purchasing elsewhere.
October IB, 1KS4.
THE "WIND MILL"r Still in motion! ss
l will bo seen by reference to the New Merchant's
card of last w eek. Goods sold ns low as usual, at the
j ol.t stand of Prbktibs, Hoi'KiN" & Co.
inoveinovr t, trj-t.
discontinue that brunch of our business, we offer
our entire stock at cost. Those wanting anything in
Unit line will pleust! cull and save some inniiev.
Oct. 31, 1H54. Pukhtiss, Hoi-kin & Co.
COFFEE StfGAR Den't pay nine cents
per pound at our neighbor, when you can get a
good an article here at eight.
October 31, 1S54. Prkxtiss, HorxiKs ft Co.
HORSE BLANKETS A good trticle to
be found at ... Prkntiss. HorxiNS ft Co.
JTRAW CUTTERSJt.st ree'd, Rich's
KJ Patent Straw Cutter, of the most approved pattern,
suitable for cutting both Straw and Corn Stalks, selling
cheap by Prentiss Hoi-kins & Co.
BUFFALO ROBES A lot of very fine
ones just received, and soiling as low as they can
bo bought in town. " Prentiss, Hopkins & Co.
did assortment of Vestings, Cassimcres and cloths,
Just received and selling at figures that can't be beat.
Prentiss, Hoi-kins ft Co.
BLACK SILKS Any lady wanting a
Blitck Silk Dress, can find an article superior In
quality, heaiitll'nl in Lustre and cheaper than ever sold
lu RavMiua, at . Prentiss, Hopkins & Co.
WALL PAPER A large nnd well se
lected assortment of Wall and Window paper,
Just received, and Bulling from OJ caut up.
Prentiss, Hopkin ft Co.
HPEA! TEA!! Three shillings will buy bp
L good an article of Tea, : oi r neighbors sell
for forty conts, nt
Prentiss, Hopkin ft Co.
BOOTS and SHOES A full stock con
slstingof Gents. Boots and Shoes; Ladies Morocco
Booteos, Gaiters, Buskins, Goat unaml'd and patent
Leather Shoe, Children und Youth's Shoe of every
description. Cull and "try them on." , '
Prentiss, Hopkins ft Co.
BONNETS! BONNETS!! -Silk, Satin,
Lawn,Penrl aud Col'd Straws, Just received,, and
o cheap that thev can't help but soil; also a beautiful
assortment of winter Ribbon, from ton cents to three
billing, to go With them.
i PaEim, Hopkins ft Co. ,
assortment of Hats, consisting of Know-Nothing.
Wide Awake', Mnygers, Ac.) Also a. ftaa assortment of
Plaid and Cloth Cups, some new and very desirable
stylus; Also a auperior article und luteal stylo of Silk
Hats: all going off ''a shade below" Phoenix Block
prices. , . .. . Pitv.NTiss, Hopnains ft (V.
LADIES COLLARS A beautiful assort'
mont; also Chemisettes and Undersloeves, Jut re"
elved,and for sale at very low figures, by.. ;
- Prentiss, Hopmirs f C6, '
T, ADIES CLOTH A fine article and very
XJ desirable colon, designed expressly for Cape,
Talmt'i, fto., Just received and soiling low, at -!
- Printiss, llora-mft Co.
i Indiana Mone Wantelf'
WE Will tafce all' Indiana feoney itn one
or ta excepUon, at-par far good, or on ac
count: nttimn, naraiR e w;
n.vsBH.l Wmf.tL'tmuL ' "
.- ,. . . il
BY virtue of a wllof.Vun Kx. tone directed and
delivered from the. Cnan orcnramaa Plea, of Por
tufrsoum.ty, ot 4 aluil pelo saw at paklla Ta
daa altba l. earl uocsc iu U town of KaVeuoa, .
en Saturday tht ZSlk city of Aovember, nut,
batweea Ih hour a tea a'elork. A: af. aid foar
o croea, n .w. r mld day, tin toltsrn decctlbad
biaa ud tcaemeau to wit: situate la the kiwetMa.rfi
Charleidown, la said eootity; knew a to Kat ha
brfaniaber thirty, (311) baauded narth by the htrhwav
bast bf L. Paraoaa Heir. HoVh b lead betaaging to
Nelson l)eo; West by bind belonging to P. Luanda; i
cwtiaiuing any-tvur ana lorry -OR aunaretu of au
acre. ...... .
Taken in Execution aa tb property of Andrew R.
Haymaker, at tbe soil of Harvey Hutebkta. i
Appraised at ITtW.Otl. . -
Sheriff's Oraoe, Portage Ca.,i AMES WOODARD.
October 1, A. . UU. j . ("herHf.
Sale of Real Etnf by order of
" Probate ConrtU , , . .
ON the eighteenth day of November, A. D.,
1854, between the hour af tea a'elnck, A. M. aad
ilirba o'clock P. At. oa the premiss In tba triwnof
fShaierevtlle, will bo aoM to tiw higbest bidder, tb fol
low mg real esute a the property of Oliver Cmaby,
ducrusud,to wit: Known a being- the aoittli part of lot
number eighty-five tn fualersville, In tba eoauty of
Portage and Stale of Ohio, beiuninf at tho aoutb-east
corner or said toU thence running north on the vast
line thirty chains twenty links; thence west thirty-eight
chains forly link to west Hue of the lot, thence
Cdth twenty-nine chain ten links to the south-west
corner of the lot; thence east on the aonth Una Ihlrly
nlno chains to the place of beginning, containing one
hundred nnd fourteen and lure fodrth acres; also,
another piece nf land oh lot number eercnty-tW in
aid township, bounded on the wet by tlio west Hue of
Uie lot, on tlio south by lund owned by Dauiul Colby,
east by the highway, norlh by land owned by Zalno
Filch, containing twelve acres and nvoniy-ihrce
one hundredths of an acre. The whole apiirutscd sill
iwvt lo the dower at ,3,0U0 00. Terms made known oft
the day of talet
Oct. in, iK4.
Petitiou for Dower.
Catherine Walter,
Abraham Walters,
John waiters,
Henry Walters,
Joseph Walters,
In the Court ofCommll Plus
or Portage County aud Ktute
of Ohio.
vviinnm riiutii tx r.
Enoch niters, Eli Wallers, Di.vid Wullors
Walters and Samuel Walters, of the Ktnte of Michi
gan; and Cathcrino K. Walters, Christian Slabaugh
and Sophia Slabaugh, of the State nf liuliana.are here-
j by notilled that Catherine Walters has hid in said'
her Petition pmyi
Her' " deeoase.l
ing for dower, ns widow of
in the following premises.
to wit: fifty acros nf land in lot number fortv. in Hun
dnlph.insnid cniiiitv of Portage, being the real estate
of which the said Henry Walters, died seize. !( a full
and particular description of which Is given in said
petition, wherein they are mnde defendants, nnd un
less they appear at the next ter n of said Court, and
answer thereto, un ordor will be taken for the assign
ment of said dower".
4B7-i"w Attorney for Petl'ionen
Teachers' HYswniiiatioii.
the ''Board of Examiners" of Portage Comity, will
hold examinations this fall as follows:
1st. Saturday, Oct. 21st., at tho clusu of iho Teachers'
2d, Saturduv, Jtovember 4th.
Sd, " ' " in h. .
4lh, " ' rieceuibcr 2d.
Th cxiitniualious will commence at 0 o clock A.
M. e lull day, in tho Court Huusu ut Kavenna, unless
that room is otherwise occupied.
All applicants will be expected to furnish satisfactory
evidence of moral character.
The Board expect to hold no other c'xnmliinMons ijii
itl spring. 11E.U. NEWELL, Clerk.
Uel. 3d, isat. lU-9t. .
one William. Ellis, arid in-
t! deuted iiiiiireritlio to ttio l-:irmiiie lMi-tln-s
: left invcim.lnv wilhout lust cause or nrovocr.tlon: uow
ull persons nro herebv caiitU ned agnlnst linrlioring or
I trusting him on mv account, ns I shall pay no bills of
bis eimtrurling lifter this date. SAMUEL IK) II US.
Paris October V, 1854. 4j-fl-3w
J hereby given Unit the subscriber has beon il point
ed and quuliQed Adiniiii-trabix,. on the osUiteof John
Hpont'cr, lute of Wiudhuin, Pnrtiige eoiinty. Ohio, de
ceased. Dutedyt Windham, this :8th Oct., 1h54.
LWANTOoNE'S1 EST7TE. Notice is
hereby given that tho subscriber bus been up-
ipolitcduud qualilleii -its Executors on the estate of
I Evan D. Jones, late of Palinvra, J'ortnee county, dee'd.
Dated at ITilniTra, this Lltli tiny of October, A . D., ie54
01. 18th, 1834. .
John ii. jokes. ,
A TTACHMENT Notice is herebv eiv-
XL en Hiatal in y instance n writ of attachment was
this day issued by John liruner, a justice of the pence
in Franklin township, county of Portage, and fc'tuto of
j Ohio, uguitist the goods ami i-hatlles. moneys and cred
i its of Aiaiison Newton, a ueu-resideiit of said county.
I October 5th, Ibj 1.-1(1. Pi I). HULL & Co.
DISSOLUTION. Notice is hereby civeti
that Georg L. Hoti likiss has this dav retired from
, the (inn Of RoWall, Witter iV C6. Tho business of tha
tlrm will be setllod bv Kuweit & Wilier, who alone are
authorized to settle the sumo, and w.ll continue their
business at Cue old sUud, No. 1, Pbo'iilx Block.
WM. K. WITTER, ' '
Rtivennn, Oct. Pth, 1P54. :!
Dissolution IVotice.
J. tween Drs. Cnin nnd Morton In tho practice Of
medicine, is this day closed by mutual consent. By
tlii-s arrangement Dr. Cain will settle all company
claims. All persons therefore having unsettled ac
counts with the late llrra wilt please cull and arrange
the same without deiav. WILLIAM CAIN. M. 1).
. J. H. MORTON, M.I).
Dr. Cain would Infortfi Ms patrons that he can be
found us usnul ut his olfl!, No. 2 Phoenix Block, ready
to attend nil calls in bis profession.
October, 3rd, 1H54. 3t.-10.
Analytical I'liysit'iau.
WiLLbe In attendance at his rooms as follows,
ltuvcnuu Prentiss House, Wednesday and Thurs
day until 3 o'clock, P.M. SSd and '.'3d Nov.
Altron--t'obb's Exchange, Tuunlny mmt, Xotomhcr.
. Vurren-"Gnskill House: Moiul.-iv, a,th of .November,
Cleveland American House; Tlrursdav and Priduv
2d and 3d or Mrt.
Those nHliete.1 wilh Clironfe (f!Sase nf the Ltver,
Lung;, Kidneys or Spleen, Iiirlnmmutions, Hlieuina
tism, Astlimahortncss of Breulli or ilillleu lly ol breath
ing. Dyspepsia,' dropsy, Weaknoss or Nervous dlsa
liilitios, Hestleasnoss, Loss of appctito, Cniistipution,
lleraugeineutof thu Stomach, Bilious AfToi-tions, Grav
el, White Swellings, or any longstanding diseases, are
invited to call.
No Ciiaroe ro CoNscLTJtTios !-Dr. T., neither
bleeds nor blisters nor b he a IIom:riathist; Iw never
uses Mercury, Arsenic Aiitimouy, or any otiier mineral
usaiueilicul ugeulluor IslieuThouipsniiian, heueiUier
steams orgive emetics. His theory of diseases diners
from all others Unit luivo been adopted, but not more .
so tliun his system of treutment. He does not make
sick to muke well, nor tear down tn build np again, nor
allay any nervous irritation, by patching up with ano
dynes. ,.
Patients should murk well tho dates given above.
Our entire timo being pre-engaged uttoudiince must
accord strictly with published announcements.
An unbiased opinion us to the probability of ft euro
is always given. .Subjecting the. patient to no expense
without a reasonable prospect of success.
Dr. Tubes Dear Sir: Seven years ago I was taken
wilh what doctors called Dyspepsia. 1 consulted
several, who all told me I could never bft cured, or
able to work ut in? trudo again, which !s blacksmith
tng. Soinotimes a littlo belter, thun worse, scarcely
ahlo to do any thing.- Y lingered along until three
years ago, when 1 was taken worse of my oM com
plaint followed by that besetting (evil of dyspeptics.
Hypoconilrlac. Prom this cirrre' u to seoing yon, I
eould out but very sparingly ol' light frrml, which nl
ways distressed me, and was ofcerr speedily ejected
from my stomach. My suflcrings of mind wero beyond
what tongue can tell, or any one Imagine ho has not
experienced similar tortures.. 1-tried all physicians in
reach with but little benedt, and while lu tlio midst of
hopeless sufferings, which, couid they be told,- would
fill a volume, 1 happened to seo your advertisement.
Having had the advice of nil kinds nf physicians, 1
concluded to get j our opinion, though with little faith
Unit anything could help uie. After advising with yon,
1 determined to take soma medicine as tho last and
only resort. This was nearly a year since. 1 am now
almost ns well as ever. LaUef part of winter I worked
in my shop, having labored all summer, and now. In
harvest cradle and mow, doing a full dnys work,' 1
never teel any of my old symptom except when very
tired or overdone, und havo every reason to believe you
will make ine as s.-nnd a man at I ever Was In 'the
world. I am very glud I ever saw you, nnd sincerely
believe yonr treatment the best known, nnrttcnlarly
for chronic diseases. You fan make what use of this
you think proper. " Yours with respect
" ''' DEXTER B. JOHNSOlf."
BstfS, Summit Co., ,0. Aug; U, 1851. ; .' "
U JTIillineryv -; i'
MRS. A. CARU A RTT, ,Ukes pleasure
In Informing the ladles of Ravenna and vicinity,
that tt Monday, October S3, she returned frosi Jfew
York.nnd will open bar Fall and Winter Sloe of Bate:
Also a large and .splendid assortment of-Caps, Head
Dresses, Phi we re, Velvet, Sutins, Klbbonad Millin
ery goodagenorully of sthtf latest aad most daslrabtc
styles; also dross-and cloak patterns, fib has ob
tained the lexolnsitr premium charlfrr dj-es catting,
aud Is prepared to give lesson at aa,0Oj Pattaras cut
and'fittod tothatbrm 35 cents, A sa&ro ef tba publi
patroaaga-i respectfully wliolted. -
Oct. 84, 154. - ' '1 - -VT 4M-4w
Jfiaslcal. h.ris 'I O.I
FOR SAtErTlie'sulJserjber bsr one su
perior toned Melodeoa manufactured by Bishop
r Child. Cleveland. Said Instrument I entirely w.
taraada half ocUvest, wll aeUU at bargain. 4U
may ba eea by catling on
I ' t.... li.l M.ll . Rm... AUi J.
Winter ii A
First A rrlraU .:
Phil wti Black, aaa bow rarriv.wg (aelr first
sulment of a avaeral aaiwrtasawt mt good, adapted la
ana winter iraa, wnk-a kav beaa selected
Wlia great earp rw vosbxt sun few York, withiw tb
past Uiraa weak, and ara prepared to offer lama to
Unir enatomer and the publfe reoarally. for ready
pay ar approved abort aradlts at price wblck defy
cotuurUtiaM, aomlng front wkalarar auartar at aiar.
Alt person la want of barcnlna ara raoaesud to
call and exaailna
before purcbaalnc. Particular
next week.
Raveuna, Oct. tin, 1354. ICtf.
Frcnrtt Merino.
T ADIE3 NOW IS y0UR TIHrE to buy
11 raeHno'. and job will find them or all colors, and
at price lower than yo ever beard of before. Call
aud ac tueoi, and you will txMnre td ret dress at
, . -,m, , ROWEH.4 WlTTaiH'8,
October nth, IW4V " ; ' ' "
J alpaca, merino plaids, plain and plaid lie Bergn. A
large stock of the above goods just ojtaued and a ill be
sold at priees to suit tba lime. '
Oct. 9th, 1854.
A LL WOOL DELAINES, orie case just
XI. received, all colors-, good quality, and are being
Mini a a lers price man was ever netore Known iu
Portage county. Call and gvt souve of, them before
tney are gone, at -o. i; I'ltornix -
, October th, ism.
PLAID DRESS GOODS, silk plaids.
Silk and wool plahls, cotlen r ml wool, rlcsirable
goods for laiilH-s' draaaes. Just opened aud being sold
ul "hard tiuius'1 priuea ut . .
October 9lh, 1834.
aasorlment Jusl opened, which were purchased ex
tremely low, and will be sold according!-. If yon
Waul a bargaiu in either cation , "
October th, lS5t, -. . . .
i ii' wain a root, pant or Test, well made and cheap
cull at No. 1, l'hoihix Block.
..October Dili, 1834.
BONNETS, four cases Fall and Winter
bonnets Just received, amongst which arc suter
awea, Sallhs nnd. sjlk, assorted color of lace. Flor
ence nnd other styles, ull of which will be sold at a
Ivorv mall advance from cost. s
October Otll, 1551.
BONNET RIBUONS, a finoTssortment
of b'alloi Wiutor styles, rocoived aud selling low.
October, 9th, IP54.
EMBROIDERIES the largest and best
assortment ever brought to this lowu, including
muslin aud cambric collars, Chamlr.cites and umUsr-
eloeves, whklrt will be aold t a trillo advance from
cot. nt iiuutu a. n riit, .
October 3t!i, lfiJl.
BLACK SILKS 'of every quality rJan be
found cheap ut
October Oth, 1854.
A, V. llORH & CO.
Sluilcrsviilu ou Hand.
lVfEW FALL GOODS nt tne Shalersviile
li Cheap Store, 1P34. Tho undersigned have the
plccsurc of liifiinnlng the public Unit tiiey have com
menced receiving their slock of fall goods, and will
merely add that they have been purchased ut very low
fates, and will be sold uccordlnglv. Call nnrt Judge
for yourselves. A. V. HORK & Co.
FRENCH MERINrOES. Lidles if you
wish to exnihfnp tlio largest and cliespest assort
ment of French Merinoes tn Port ig"J coiinly, cull ut
the Shai;rsvlHo cheap gtore. A. V. HOHrt & Co.
M DELAINES. A good assortment just
. received, and selling fast at low prices.
Oct. 23, 1P54. A. V. IIohti St Co.
4,adlesen!lnndfethJm. A. V. HORK & CO.
Striped Silks. A large stock Just rerolved nnd
soiling at reduced prices; those who wish to buy Silks,
should see them before purchasing, as money can be
suved. Oct. S3, 1S34. A. V. IIORR 4 CO.
HATS AND CAPS. A large stock of
Hatsand C:ipsf-nll styles just received mid soil
ing very low. Oct.23, 1W4. A. V. HORR & CO.
PRINTS. We continue to sell the best
quality of Herrlrauc and Cccheco Prints at 11c,
new fall styles other styles of Prints nt lower prices
than ran be found elsewhere In northern Ohio.
Oct. jj, 1834. A.V. IIORR ft Ci).
DOMESTICS. A. V. Horr &, Co., are
selling Iho b.'st heavy Rhectinss at 8c, don't pay
9c; good Ticking ni 1 don't pay 10c elsewhere, lot
ion, Fliiniiels,'Liiisevs, Ac,.. &e., at equally low
prices. Oct. S3, 1834. A. V. HORRcVt CO.
BONNETS Ladies yon will eaye money
by calling at the Shnlersvillo Cheap Storo and get
ing a new Bonnet. A great variety just priced, and the
newest styles selling choap. A. V. 110HR 6i Co.
TEVVELRY Gold Ear Rings and finger
J Kings; Gold Pins nnd chains; Watches, Silver tu
blo nnd tea spoons, sil ver Thimbles; a large stock just
rocoivonnml selling very cnesp, A. v. numt if lo.
T ADIE'S HOISERY Ladies White Hose
XJ selling nt Oi cent per pair, nt tho Shalersviile
Cheap Store.
SHOES--Vo hnVe received our slock of
Boots and shoes, consisting of ull styles for ladies,
girls, gents, boys and children's wear. We sell them
very cheap nnd fust. A. V. IIPKH ft Co.
POD FISW. 4000 lbs of nrime larsre Cod
j j hish, Just ree'd.
A. V. Horr ft Co.
LOOKING Glasses all sizes just received
and selling feitw ' A; V. HonR It Co.
PLOCKS We have iust received
J assortment; call and soe lliom
A. V
YARDS Carpeting just received
and for sale at a small advance above cost,
rPHE UNDERSIGNED is now receiving
X. bis stock of Full nnd Winter Goods bought within
Iho last three week iu Now York and Rnstoii, and Is
propnrcdto sell them at extraordinary low prices (ow.
lug to tho great decline In many sty les of goods; and he
assures his customers and Iho public tlint he intends
always tn keep up with the times and will sell as low
us ant other establishment west of Kcw York.
Oct. IMBjI. H. L. DAT.
CARPETINGS 5 pieces Brussels nd
Tapestry Carpeting, 10 pieces superiors ply In
eriitn do. 6 nieces fine 4 "aly lmrrain do. i pieces Dutch
Hemp do,-3. pieces Gottou and Wnol do, 2 i ieccs
Stain carpet, Hugs, Matts, c, Just received nnrt for
sale low, r-y .,ov.i.j 11 . u . l. , .
J nrticle of Ladies Clonks and Talmas, some vcrv
suporior, also the cloth in ull colors lo nfakd them Just
reeeivednt H . L. DAY 'is.
VELVET TRIMMINGS A large tlssort
meulof Velvet Bros Trimmings, for sale nt
: H.L.DAY'S.
pHAMBRAV'S 30 pieces of. those dark
plain Chiiniliray's tliat have bw-ii so much cnllwl
fjir, the best goods iu, America, lor 1 shilling oer yard,
nisi received at - n. l. u.iY'f
WOOL ! WOOL ! !- -The subscriber has
i " a few thousand dollars which he wishes to Invest
In "Woolntthe market nrlce In Sew York and Ronton,
floss the transportation.) All who wont to sell their
Wool at what it Is worth, for tlio caA, will do well tn
improve tuts opportunity. u. l.uat
MERINOES Good all Wool French Me-
ILL rinoes, such as usually sell for IPs can be bought
lor 78 per yard at n. u. ui i o
TsRES GOODS Plaid Merinoes, Raw
U Silks Pentian Cloth, Paramattas, Coburgs, De
Lulnes, vc.,at low llgures can o souna at .
, . .. . ,.,f,,.,i H. I.. DAY'S.
"DLACK SILKSA largo, assortment of
XJ Black Silks at 85c par yard less than ever before
sold can be rouna al l - -i" . -.,.; n. li.UAV'
n REAT FALL II4 0c EA.-1500 lbs,
VT of the bast 50c- Tea aver offered ta Ports ge ooanty,
la now on the way from New Yont (and owiny to the
great decline tn 1 ea will b sola at no txtraordlnary
low price oi jc per pounu oy , n, u.vsi
Beady . made clothing. over
Xi Coats of every latyle and quality; Frock do. do.,
Rnslnessdo Pantnloons of every riaty ad priee,
vests, drawers, shirts, rannsrs, atnoksv travats, hos,
etc., a larfastoeic jnat raeeiirari ana witt oesoin so ror-
resprWKi with the low price orwooj sy m. l. wi. ;
Hurrah for Cheap-side and JVo. T.
T H- BOStwiCtf &;'C6 are now'ret
I .' lTlngaWmlldasortmenlof Fallarid tatntar
Goods, which they art 11 offer trt th peeplaef thla vlalw
Ity, at prtec that wjl tstontsh oa those who aaa
reaa tn tony eoni aaveriisemem.- vu r r
Pbreittx Brbeki and satisfy joansslTa.
Mora nartlenlsrs and roort food Beiiwbex.
', '-October U, 16S4"-"-'' ": - '-
Jf-.'u- r
4 mU
C YRDP.' SYRUP!.r A superior artibJefor
I 1 I
aiCBsn, SI l ss rim, nyvaie. ,
-r i
R. A. C?lLCTTOj'Art!3a-
i i i ... ...
Grejl i:omtntt.ri
i i-i
Tba anboartb ta kla of OH. I, Void tLI
good people of Old PovUr (bat ka waakl brlag art
U priees of gd Iwtntyfiv p.r (est. U tins tow a
ana eoaaty; b find that by iVseMmt (attkowl
prbbly"wlnd war,") thatbUawighftonwlU att ku. T
Tea for 17i, V each autaoseat b Uas, wiea tba paoaia
aaa rejoice that tba "got rested' asaa baa ea mm
good, altbnugk "resvT' ha baa arvr 'qsid
down" apoa tba reputaUoa of OM ssrbrWsiMt
bat eonducu bsuiiiess oa bto own book: however, see.,
lng that hnrnalgabor ara I ad Mad to cAatt trmm BMt 4
tood aad not "awakfcqr oa Ua sld.lrack," ho otter,
thorn th"rirkt Hand of atMriwshln" and nntoona so
give them a list of price, ao that (bey nay ret aat aeat
(bey aisv ret aat west 1
weak aaothor "windy" aotlee of what srraak ahiaaa.
tby oaa do whea driraa to th wall:" la bar we ml
a follow: , ...
QoodflnnrrorrHc, '' - - ; -r. f -;
St i I asses Slet
Cnfle Sugar 0;'
4-4 Brown Sbcetlag fee B f
kind aur nighboraUJ(u(fio. :
V.lm --.1 t- h.i. r. i
Good mad.let petal He nor yd. J ' ' L' "
OctolieriM. IX'rf. - iANHOM A. OIL1.RTT. .
HAS OPENED that NEW id feftEN"'
DID STOCK of Dry Goods, Grocer lea. Hardware! '
Cr.wkerV.-oVc wbVeb h win.sall Kiav4 tetU.
"KEtKY PAY" at lower rata lba ha b4S ofaroaV
ta this town or coanty.ln th hut two year. H doe
not think it necessary to ten 4 long lory, bat will aaw
deavor to satisfy those was" will gi( bins a ealiaadaor.
amine hi slock ot good, that Diet ar ttaidedly cbap
the "Time ra HaM:' aa4 krloai bate bwea asada 10 ":
eurrvspnnd. - ., October tB, IBX.
!f ew If t for Fall ir4& " :5
TWITT has just recfvetl IffCafies of new
sty les of Hats. Caps; comprising all th new atytef A
just issued. 1 have nothing to say as regard auanilty)
any person that was ever hi my room, titaated at Ko.' ': '
4, rWu.x Work, will say that I hvtu largotaar' 1. .
mem of Huts aud Cups, with Uie best room to srjow
them, in K-rtliern Obio. Owing to money being oreJ .
, tlii Fall, I will ull goolat extremely low price.'
LOOK HERE, ' s ' -
1 will sell a Hat fur $3fiS arortli tiM, . ' , .,
do " g,M "
do . :. " J.75 " B..W "
Wide Awake Hats lor 1,T5 i'i .
Kiiow-Nothmg " " 1,i(l ' jes
W Cases of Kossuth Hats, for fl,00. ' -
Notices ,. :-.'.. a
THE umlersigned having purchased : ot Lm
Jumo Twitt his entire stuck of Huts, Cap and
Furs, would respectfully inform the cltlten ot Ra-' ' " '?
vonna and surrounding country, that he will always b.
found ou hand, at No. 4, Phn-nix Block, with the beaV '
assortment of llatstCsps, Fnrs, Hnrntlo Kobe, Ua-, .
brsllas, and Carpet Bags, Ac , that can be found Id .' '
in the country. C-ell and exnfrfln ftioife fblrtonbl, '
grei.t rb-publie Cap and ladles Furs, the, oJfietfaBd.
bestorticla for the least ntb'ncy, ever brougbt a'thir ' ' i
., , - K. TWITT: . t
Kavonnn.Oft. 24. 1854.
RECEIVED by Express this day, 8 dozen
more df those! Ydunjr America, Know-5otbingand '
V iilc Awake Hats, selling cheuiwr than avar, at Ka. . -
4, Phienlx Block.
.) CASES more of those Fashionable Silk' '
ii lints wnrranted not to carry Bricks ta the crows,':
ui recoiveu and selling cheap at
. TWITT'fl; '" ""'
October 24, 1854.
- Ko. 4, Phrcnlx BUct. ,
of ladies Victorines '
Muffetts, 4-e., t
TRONING HATS without extra charge
1 All hats purchased t the Ravenna Hat Store. wilt
be kept tu repair wl.hout extra charge. '-','
OLD Men's style of Hat, wide briined.Jnst th thing :
for old Gentlemen. K. Twitt.
What Every Woman Should
. . Know. , , , . - ,f
1 VERY woman should know that if eh I
k Is In a poor, sickly, -'ebilitated condition of health, "
muk ing existence a burden to herself aad a source of
pulnfUl anxiety to ber relntlves and friends, and, pot- .
haps, (tiorrible reflection;) entailing and inflicting bar '
own maladies and sufferings upon ber children, that It '
is her duty to understand wLy and from what cans bar 7 "
sufferings arise, that remedy and rolief may white yet '' ;
there Is time, be availed of, the causes be avoided In ,
future, und'bor health restored, Umt tha may beSttad
for tlio duties and capable cTthe enjovmenuof lllfe. : ' "
Let every woman loolc at tho emaciated form, th '
doatb-liko complexion, tho doep-burlcd, lustreless eye, .. ,
the sunken chock, the gloomy and depressed spirits, '
the shattered nerves, the prostrate and helpless condl-' "
dinn of many a wife, mother, daughter or sister, bf not !
hsrself included, within ber owft circle, who day ' . (
are days of agony, and ask herself, '-Must this con
tinue? Musttbisbc.7 Is thore no remedy t JTo relieff '
No hope? .ii..- 5't-
The remedy Is by knowing the causes and avoiding i
them, and knowing the remedies aud benefltUng by
then. -
The are pointed out In , , . ; , ; ;ri. .
Tin amiiiiD wosif j
Profrttor mf Diteatet tf ITiirVf' laadradtt '
yjitio (SCfUMiti) lRne.,i. S5C dajla yw,i-
tra binding, $l,Wl.l '
Every complatht to whlcA a wetnanls subject, from T
girlhood to womanhood, as also as wlfind as mother, v .
is fiilly described, witli the causes, th symptons, and .
also the proper mode of treatment in a plain, simple,ba("
in tho most chaste, language, easily understood. Aad !
thus every woman coil discover, by comparing her OWN : .
symptoms with Uiose described, the nature, charaatar
uud causes of her complaint; arid d " spared much
iiuviety Rnd sofTerlrig. ''' i - " '' " '
The wife about becoming a tnoflier has nAeB need a . j
Instruction ntirl' advice of tho utmost importance (tf her
future health, in respect tn which tensitlveucs for-. '
bids consulting a ftveSicaT gentlCnian, will Slid such'
instruction and aitvlce, ai'fd also explain maay lyaap- -tonu.
which otnerwisu would occasion anxiety at1, ,
alarm. .
How iftSny are stidbrln'g from obttrnctlons or Irrega- " 4
laritles peculiar to the female system, which onder '. r
mine the health, the effcols'of which they are Ignor- ...
aiitof.und for which theirdelicacyforbidsseeklngmedt-'
eal advice? Mow many suffer from rtea teri ' '
(falling rn the Wryrab,) or from 'flu alia (weak,
ilebility, die.) How many are Inconstant agony tor .
many months preceding confinement? . How many
have difficult, if not dangerous deliveries anfl sSfeVSito
uncertain recororlesl rWine whose live are aixle'rf't.''i'
during such lime, wilt each 5i.d in Its pages the .,.....,
of prevention, amelitrrafioh a.f relief. . . n. :
How many bitter moinents,' bow much angulsli""
miglrt have been sporod trt the euftorW, to ber husband, "'
to her relatives, by a timely possession of tbia llltla " ti
VOlUnte. ; ! .1, 1' -. ,.
It is impracticable to convey folly tno various sob- '
jects treated f, as th ey are ot a nature strictly Intended ' 1
fur tha liuriied, or those cnntenrplatlng marriage.. :) , ;
But ng husband; wife or tnoUroc are. exeusabl. If j .,,
they still coulinue iu ignorance of those physfofogieal ' '
laws, by the knowledge of which their own hesliU'swtt "'
liapplnesv4stilso she future woll-bolng of taetr ahll-' '.
dron, are socored. ,;:; !
CALc6MPAKION'M a standard woTlt trrestliMisnetf'"11 :
reputallon, round asd Ih the oatslrjgtt' Of th-1 . . t
great trade snles in KeW York, Philadelphia ad otaer r ;,
cities, and sold by allifie principal book -sellers la tha'
Uuited States. It was first published In, 1847, ataea', -which
time FIVB ' H05DRED TJlOUSATflJ ecrPIM, v
have been sold, trf wblci thor' wers upward ef 0!t- V
Iho high cstl mutl.on In. which It is held as a reliable paar
ular Medical BOOK FOR EVERT FEMALE; tW-atf .
tbor having devtitcd 'his etclnsttS atteflUba Wthe-' '"'i
treatment nf oomplaiutSBanaJiar feWle,bi rpcjir n
to wlicblic Is yearly consulted t)J.lh(jusa)vd, ;.; r
In consequence ot tho universal popularity" of tb
work, as-evi'derrced bjf tW extfaorainary' aula,' vattoai' e,; t
ImposiUdtii hat been llrnf by imitation of tWaV K )
pogek tpariona editions, jand f nrrepUUona ltnJHng1 ,. j
meats of copyright," as well opon booksellera U Vboa
tho'prit)ll(l, Hhabe'cn-1rotind necessary; thefWfbrey to 1 a
5AtfTIO TBS Pt'aUJ-C -Mr booaraalMirtb
Joivll)-A.'lt.-Moii!A miiUrif&iRit-" tu
I on, tho Utle .page and bny only f respectaW- aad '
Wuorabre dellers, b"eml'By malf, aUtf sde "' '
Dii. A. M. Miurleeaa. - " .i.uw -JL- ;
JXyUpoti reoalptof OaaDoU"Ts Ifatri4 Wa
man's Primia Medical Cempsnion" Is sent ImMUi -.
fret) ta any prtof thTJnibjd StaiM, tb Oia4sa4'
British Province. -All lener mTMTot-pM4, ana . '
sdriressed to Dr. A. nuntecM. uo iss. nw.. '
fork City. Publishing Office, So4St. tibart Street, "
Nw ota. bii. - i-'iy--.'. ; i'Ha -n sV;
il form hi friends sod tb DUblto, Uist bbr Itravefl
Ut fflc4, to hi Dwelling Rouse, an Main tM.(- nearly '
opposltBtbfTown ttaJl. In Kavenaa what ba.rasjy to
sitend to llth calls In his professions j .
i -,
t t
fit .
feJ!rst l.'ii't.il -.
'.S '
4 . .

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