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E0OWLES & t30.
143 Sawlor-St.
K- K. M
7Hy, Trl-WeeVljr ud Weekly 1 eader,
Owing to the extraordin&rj rise in tlie
price of printing paper and all other ma
terial used in the composition of a news
paper, the publishers of the Herald, 1'la
Dealer and Lkadxe have been obliged to
' raise the price of their sereral editions to
the following soale :
Bt rp ail, on Tr
six months. 3.50
: w " three month , .... 1.75
.' Prrtats time. 60 cents per month.
TliYeredip the city hT carriers, 15 eta. per week.
Saw. Agents supplied at z.au per iw.
' 13. SO
six months 1.75
Tor leas time. 3" cents per month.
Fiv copies, icclub 915.00
Tea copies (and extra coot to fretter-ap
of rlah). 30.00
. Delivered in city, ny carriers, 8 cents per week
Aewa Agents suppnea at az-w per luu.
Bt mail, one year tl.50
Cfabe often and opward, ei.-'h , 1.25
The etter-np of clubs will receive extra
' aopies as follows :
A club of ten, a copy of Weekly.
A club of twenty, a copy of Tri-Weekly.
- A club of forty and upward, a copt of Daily.
The above terms will be adhered to in
' all eases.
Publishers of Herald.
Publisher of Plain Dealer.
E. G0WLE3 A CO.,
- - - - T : -"T-TTT-rg Ut L&HClPr.
Trade of Lake Superior.
' The Canadians are naturally jealous of
the American trade from Lake 8upcrior
while that of Canada is so insignificant.
- Both shores of that great inland sea abound
' la mineral wealth which may be had for
the labor of extracting it, and yet while
in the American trade there are employed
48 propellers, 67 steamers and 15 schoo
sera, one solitary schooner constitutes the
entire Canadian fleet upon the Lake, and
that one is the property of the Hudson's
Bay Fur Company. American enterprise
has developed the resources and built np
the population of the American shore,
while that of Canada bas been left tmm
proved. The entire trade of Lake Supe
rior for 1861 is estimated to have amount-
m.A 1- tTm,li In n l..l
millions of dollars. In 1854 the only res
ell on Portage Lake was the Indian bark
canoe, while in 1800 there came and went
48 propellers, 67 steamers and 15 schoo
ners. In 1S54 there was no white popula-
. tion at Portage Lake, and now the census
thews over 6,000. The exports of the place
for 1860 were over a million of dollars,
The copper produce of the whole lake,
which in 1834 was a mere trifle, had risen
in 1860 to 6,400 tons, of an estimated value
of $3,200,000. The Toronto Globe sets
forth the want of enterprise on the part of
the Canadian Government in encouraging
this trade and establishing lines of com
mnnication, and now that it has taken hold
of the matter in earnest, will be likely to
arge it until something is done to bring to
Canada part of the great wealth of the
copper region.
More Pirate Steamers.
Besides the vessels noted by us a day
or two ago as now upon the ocean with
cargoes for the rebels, we learn from the
Washington Star that five steamers are be
ing constructed now in England to prey
the model of the Alabama, of great speed
and with armament heavy enough to an
swer the purpose of robbing our unarmed
and merchant ships. Two of these are
being built at Liverpool, two at Glasgow
and one at another port. They are to be
ready for sea in June or July. The build
en receive for them directly from the reb
el authorities one-fourth their cost in eight
per centum Confederate bonds, and sym
pathizing English mercantile capitalists
advance $15,000,000, the balance of their
cost, ready for service, taking sixty mil
lions of eight per centum Confederate
bonds, with a guarantee that whenever
the rebel Government can, they shall be
redeemed with cotton. Such are well
known to be the terms on which these
Teasels are being built for the rebels. ;
It is said that among the vessels in search
of the Alabama is a vessel of the same
name, reported to be very fast. She sail-
from Boston last Saturday, having been
tnAronphlv overhauled at that nnrl Tlie
learner is over a thousand tons burthen
and was recently attached to the South
Atlantic blockading squadron.
The rebellious Chicago Times is having
a hard road to travel. The Board of Trade
repudiated it and excluded its reporters;
a subsequent meeting of the same body
confirmed this action; the Young Men's
Association excluded it from their reading
room and ordered its files to be publicly
burned on the street, and now the ladies
have got after it. At the regular annual
meeting of the managers of the Home for
the Friendless, a lady arose and stated her
opposition to the Times, a reporter for that
sheet being present. It was due to that
Association to pronouncetself a loyal in
stitution, and she therefore moved that the
aforesaid reporter be requested to get out
of the room with his traps. The vote was
taken, and every lady voted in the affirma
tive. in
Dismissed from the Service.
. most gratifying ev
idences that the policy of freedom adopted
by the President is to be no paper resolu
tion, is found in the fact that he has de
termined to dismiss General Steele from
service, for violating the regulations and
the law by returning fugitive slaves. In
this contest, where slavery and its minions
have ranged themselves against the Gov
ernment, it is necessary to " put the foot
down firmly," and enforce the policy
agreed upon. Individuals are nothing ;
the cause everything.
There were coined at the mint, in Phila
delphia, during December, five million
four hundred aud thirty thousand centa
and yet the cry is for more. A year ago
there was quite an outcry against the
Government because it issued the nickels
O plentifullyj now people cannot get
nough of them, although it is well un
derstood that they are not by any means
worth (heir nominal valued .'
Mr. Jones, in his lectures in New York,
told his audience that in England three
hundred families controlled the Govern
ment, a few thousand landlords owned
the toil five men owned one-fonrth of
Scotland, and five millions of adult men
had no voice in the Government.
Death of Dr. Lyman Beecher.
Est. Dr. Lyman Beecher died at his res
idence, in Brooklyn, New York, on Satur
day" evening, aged 87 years. His funeral
will be attended to-day, (Wednesday, Jan-
nary 15th,) at his son's Henry Ward'i
churoh, Dr. Bacon, of New Haven, deliver
ing the funeral discourse. His body will
be buried in the New Haven cemetery, ac
conticg to the request of the deceased.
The death of so noted a theologian and
the father of " the Beechers " is worthy
of more than a passing note. Lyman
Beecher was born in New Haven, October
12th, 1775 not September, as stated in
the "Brief Memoirs of the Class of 1797
of Yale College. His father, David Beech
er, was a blacksmith, whose strong, posl
tive character, whose many eccentricities,
and whose great, dark eyes (said to have
been the most beautiful in Connecticut)
gave him a celebrity in all the country
round. The house still stands in which he
lived a memorial of the Colonial days
and, about six years ago, the old man ac
companied by his Brooklyn son, paid
visit to the homestead, drinking each oth
er't health from the ancient well which its
roef covers, dug at the first settlement of
New Haven. The Doctor took pride in
pointing out the spot where his father's
anvil stood in the summer time, under the
famous tree in whose shad the first con
gregation of settlers gathered to hear their
minister's first sermon in that solitude.
a- Xvman Beecher became fa'
mous as a debater, and in a discussion up
on Baptism floored all bis opponents ex
ccpt the President, Dr. Dwight, who, he
says, "took hold of my argument and
sbreded it all out." After his graduation
he was installed at East Hampton, Long
Island, where he preached for eleven years
at a salary of $300 per year. In 1810, he
removed to Litchfield, Connecticut, where
he remained sixteen years. While here,
he, with a few co-workers, created the
grand missionary societies which now hold
yearly May an ni versaries in New Tork
In(182G, finding his salary of $800 inade
quate, he requested $1,000. This was not
granted, and he removed to Boston, where
he remained six years in the Hanover
street church. Here he was the champion
in the movement against the Unitarian
doctrines so prevalent in Boston and
throughout New England. In 1832, Mr.
Beecher removed to Cincinnati, where he
took the Presidency of the Lane Semi
nary, as well as a pastoral charge. While
here, charges were filed in the Presbytery
against him of preaching false doctrines,
but he was honorably acquitted. After
twenty years' labor in the West, he1 re
turned to Boston, and subsequently moved
to Brooklyn, where he has since resided.
Dr. Beecher was three times' married
and was the father of thirteen children.
Of his first wife, Boxana Foote the moth
er of Catharine, Edward, Mrs. Stowe,
Charles, and Henry Ward a woman of ex
traordinary mind and equally extraordi
nary acquirements the Doctor used to
make this remark : "She was the only per
son that I ever met whom I folt to be fully
my equal in an argument." They were in
the habit of reasoning together, over the
tea-table, on the profoundest questions of
philosophy and theology.
As an orator, Dr. Beecher stood pre-emi
nent. Henry Ward said that all the thir
teen children together were not equal to
their father. On the other hand, he teok
pardonable pride in the success and tal
ents of his children.
In touching and broken words, the
death of his venerable father was announc
to his congregation of Sunday morning,
Rev. Henry Ward Beecher. In cloBing,
" On Wednesday next, at 2 o'clock, the
funeral service will be held in this church.
Among the things moat touching was his
life-long love of those brethren with whom
had labored in his early ministry. He
has gone to join Taylor of New Haven, and
Evarts of Boston, and Wisner, and Corne
lius, and other men of like mark ; but his
lhBt lingering intelligence and love clung
Dr. Taylor. And, although the bright
est part of his life was his triumphant ca
reer in Boston ; although the last part of
ms uie was spent cere in Brooklyn, near
tne Deautiiui ureenwood, thai is to be a
sweet reserrection ground to so many
saints ; and, although the wife of his youth
whom he loved as no language could ever
speak, lies awaiting: God strumnin Litch
field, Connecticut, vet his lastlesire was.
Let me be laid by the side of Brother
Thursday his dust will sleeD there :
and there these two heroes, that suffered.
that endured, that labored, that prayed to-
getner, bd&u wait till Uod calls them forth
glorious resurrection.
" And may we join them ; may our child
ren join us ; and, until that bright hour
shall be declared, may we accept with faith
and patience, and entire submission to
God's will, every trouble, and burden, and
tuai oeiaus us in tnis school or autic
tion. Amen and amen."
In noble contrast to the action of the Il
linois Legislature in the election of Rich
ardson to the United States Senate, is that
which Michigan has returned Senator
Chandler, one of the truest membars of
that body. Mr. Chandler's vote is found
upon the right side every time. j
The message of the Governor of Michi
gan says the State finances are in good
condition. The State has furnished 45,
600 soldiers for the war. He endorses
heartily the President's Emancipation
A dispatch from Washington sayej that
is whispered in military circles that the
retreat from Vicksburg which General
McClernand made was cot expectod, and
would not have taken place under General
Sherman's command. It is certain that
government is grievonsly disappointed
the result there, and that the opening
the Mississippi was confidently expect
ed to have been by this time accomplished.
A Milwakee dispatch to the Chicage Trib
une says that it is said that General Pope
will soon move his headquarters from Mad
ison to the former city.
The orders under which CoL H. B. Car-
nngton, late Adjutant-General of Ohio
now of the 18th regulars, was to take
field, have been revoked. .
A report was current in Cincinnati on
Monday that the rebel Forrest ha come
dowa to the mouth of the Cumberland and
captured several of our transports. '
Eicht prisoners have iust escarxld from
Vicaria dungeons in Naples. ; They
away the iron gratings of tine win
dows of their cells, and the sentinel wink
at their departure. The latter if as for
merly a JJomba soldier.
Miscellaneous Items.
Charles Ward, of Salem, in a letter to a
Boston paper, recommends apprenticing
the contrabands now within the army lines
to the corporate bodies who are authorized
to build a Pacific Railroad.
A Boston paper says that one of the
manufacturing agencies of that city made,
sales during the month of October last to
the extent of two million eight hundred
thousand dollars.
- . - .
Over a million bushels of coal arrived at
Cincinnati, during the recent rise in the
Ohio river.
During the year 18C2 there were 1,53
deaths in the Louisville hospitals, includ
ing forty-nine rebel prisoners.
It is currently reported that large bun
dles and bales of new bandages and lm
contributed by the people for army-hospi
tal purposes, have been sold to paper ma
kers at Dalton, Mass.
Earsandas Madhavadas, a wealthy Hin
doo of Bombay, and an ardent sympathizer
with our uovernment, has sent to it. a
Dana, Esq., of Boston, $1,000 to be appro
priated to some family which has suffered
in the war. Mr. Dana proposes to divide
the sum among several families whose
husbands and fathers have been killed in
The gold watch of Mr. Cluck, which was
lost in the late destruction of the Amen
can Hotel at the Falls, was found
Thursday last, in the debris of the build
ing, as sound as when Mr. C. left it in h:
room. This may be considered a somewhat
remarkable case of watch preservation
Garibaldi recently said : " Rome cannot
be saved a second time by the "cackling of
eeese. '
vt. B.i, aimtn.iui,-nrTgsaid, has or
dered no more iron-claus to be built, i
consequence of recent experiments with
rifled guns, proving that any amount of
iron plating a ship can carry can be pene
trated with flat-headed shot. This report
is given in an English paper, and how
true it may be we have no means of know
The material now brought to the paper
mills is curious beyond anything ever be
fore known. - The New England Historical
Society has appointed committees to visit
the various paper mills. The object is to
save from destruction ancient manusoript
and republications, sold as paper material
by persons who are ignorant as to their
value. Rare autograph letters are thu
preserved, that otherwise would have dis
appeared forever.
Portland is the great molasses port in
New England. The importations last year
were larger than ever before, reaching 5
$24,632 gallonswhich was 822,524. gallons
over Ibbi.
The 37th regiment of Iowa volunteers
has about it a striking peculiarity, name
iy, that nearly all its members are over
forty-five years of age. Three-fourths of
them are eray-headed, and many have
long, white beards, giving them a venera
ble appearance.
The Leavenworth (Kansas) Times of
Sunday last says that a large number
railroad laborers had just arrived in that
oity, and would commence the work of
breaking ground on the i'aciho railroad
thence west, on the day following. The
work is to be pushed with the utmos
The Massachusetts " Slate Industrial
School for Girls " is more than realizing
the expectations of its friends, the num
ber of girls in the school in October last
was one hundred and thirty-one, and
many have been furnished with homes
during the past year. In the domain sf
charity Massachusetts indeed leads all her
sisters. Her Lunatic Asylum at Taunton
has now four hundred and twenty-one
patients ; eighty-seven have been recover
ed during the year.
A Berlin journal states that there are
now in the Prussian capital seven butch
er's shops for the sale of horse flesh, and
that seven hundred and fifty horses have
been killed in the present year for their
supply. No animal can be slaughtered
for these establishments without a certifi
cate from the veterinary surgeon of the
The Surgical Department the Army of
the Cumberland.
[Correspondence of the Cincinnati Commercial.]
Appropos of surgeons I wish to say
that in this department there is no such
ground of complaint as has been found
elsewhere. 1 have closely observed the
management of the wounded by the sur
geons here, and pronounce their conduct
worthy of all praise, the first morning
after the great battle, 1 saw Dr. Swift, the
Medical Director of this corps, wearied by
the toils and anxieties of such an ofiice
such a time. He had traveled all night,
from hospital to hospital, and was urged
lie down and rest a little. But his only
answer was : " there is no rest for such a
wicked man as me." And off he went on
his mission of humanity. In his arduous
duties he is ably sustained by the various
division Medical Directors. 1 have had
occasion more particularly to visit and
observe the condition of the hospitals of
Kousseaus and fiegly a divisions, these
were established by Dr. C. S. Muscroft.
Medical Director of Rousseau's division,
and Dr. Grose, Medical Direetorof Negly's
division. They have three hospitals, all
which are in mostcomfortable condition
and amply supplied with bedding, rations,
medical stores, and every thing essential
the comfort of the wounded. Fortunate
the poor victim of battle who falls into
their hands.
Getting Bold.
[From the New Orleans Delta, Dec. 27.]
The rebels in New Orleans arc eettine
asboia"ag rhmp wUiiin. Jiie J.ast few days.
We can't imagine what has occurred to
change their lamb-like natures. They
perhaps think the cat is away, and now
they have a good chance to play their Se
cession pranks, sing secession songs, talk
Secession talk, publish all sorts of Seces
sion trash, and cheer as much as they
please for their traitorous leaders, and in
suit and browbeat Union men with im
punity. If their boldness increases, it
will soon be very unsafe for a Union man
express Union sentiments in New Or
leans. Some high things were openly done
and said on Christmas Day,we understand,
and the rejoicing and hilarity among the
rebels are quite equal to their boldness
and impudence. Don't let us offend any
Robberies in the White House.
So many depredations have been com-
mitted in the green room and east room of
txecuuve Mansion that Mr. Train,
Chairman of the Committee on Public
Buildings, has moved in the House an ap
propriation for a watchman, to guard
these premises against the raids of un
scrupulous visitors. From the statement
made by Mr. Train it appears that some
rich wainscoat patterns have been cut
from the damask curtains of the White
House, and rich ornaments carried off,
and tnat tne cbaracter or the people who
inhabit Washington since the commence
ment of the war is Buch that more vigi
lance is necessary in guarding property.
House did not agree to the appropria
tion. ... .
Anew "loot" is reported from India.
Some inquisitive Englishman, vokine
about in the purlieus of Lucknow, has just
discovered in the possession of a eommon
Eahar, of that ciiy, a quantity of jewels
valued at thirteen lakhs of rupees about
hundred and fifty thousand dollars.
Three of the diamonds alone are said to be
worth ten lakhs. -The property is sup
posed to have been taken out of the K riser
Baga dunnrtne mutiny. . it aa bow in the
keeping -of the British officers a
which it is, perhaps, unnecessary to
In thin city. January lOtb, IMMA A., wife of Jt.
J. Kuller, agi-d V years.
Vaneral U1 be attended at th Koclid-St. Presby
terian Church this (Wednesday) morning at eleven
O'clock. Friends of the family are invited to attend.
J.nu.ry 12. niEBK McBK YNOLDfl. daughter of
Uilltin and Mioetva McKeynelds, aged2 yean and
11 month"..
- "wneral will take place at the honse of ber father.
Hit. 62 Jiill-S:., this (Wednesday) afternoon at 1wo
o'clock The friends of the family are Invited to at
tend, f - - . ....
Tn this city, on fh( morning of the 13th Inst., LTT
t Y, wife cf Abnor Martin, Ilmi., in the seventy-third
year of hor ago.
Funeral will take place on Thursday afternoon at 1
o'clock, atthe residence or her toa-ia-law, Mr. 8. 8.
Lyon, No. 210 Lake-Ht. The friends of the family
are reipectfully invited to attend.
It Tin(idrHinM fY,nimiite talcs a)lenr in tin
uonnci' g to the citizent of C'lTlnd and viciiytf
lliat ,U1-A1J J LULL it ID hoUuT OI IbS
Proclamation of Freedom t
(Jut is-med t-j PrepMfnt Lincoln,) will be held at
Frldaj Eyenln, January IGtb,
Th KxercisMof tbef'Tentnsr will fonrint of Vocal
antl iDnirunir-rjUU ilutic, JDlerwuUBg Address, iw
lrRmL'Ut, supper, ic.
Foeline a-surd that no paioa or ptOM will be
thr-y cordially invite a luo rejoi. a at tUe THI L Si ffl
Or L 1 IlKivi 1 1 to partake witU tliem. .
Jhh. C Oliver, F. Morris, o Warrro,
Jotin Malvin, K. G. H tzel. Jtiuorf Weaver,
fieo. Voureh, ' W.B.HnUn'liD3, B. A. UrtWD,
Jos. Williams. John Mure.
:D.fiT:ES-iS-Fred'k Donfflasa. Ptw 1
son, K'
l Inn' sl.Tll. dWit Tfl-tus. ffoiv. Vt,
Mr. TibiV. Ite Mr. Crook-, tiuf. Thorn.
Mr. urowtU'L aua oiner).
HJ-After Snrper,
will bo spent, in sow;
ainrrc pi.-.--
the remdindttr of I ha ereiiin
jsl ii.ler..ouraO, Promt: luuliLg, A
... TlJto'B BAKD.
iNflne H-li Trill behand-V'tnely jVooi atedhnd II
Inmiaatt-d previous to the (omnu-ncemt'Dt f Kxercl
Pl'd, AtinjlltsiLCe UJinn liail, IUC , app.;r "'i toun,
CnProceeli for the Bene 6 1 of theContrabaud.
Itxerarei to commence at 8 o'clock . an
1 lie (arnival Hub
Will give thc-ir f econd Masquerade, at
Thursday Evening:, Jan, 22df 1863,
On which occaiion llu-y will present TWO PRIZES
to tne
Fersonators of the Best Character
33J-Pri7.es i n ex !Llt ion in Crittenden's window.
ajrAf-'niiaeion te Muqaeri,
to b, Fifty Cents.
One Dollar; Ppwta-
L 1 associated with me in the Produce ConimieMon
Bniines, CrKU A. SMITH, of this city, and hall
hereafter continaa 'ormerly, ati3and 75 Siorwii
M.. undtr the firm name of J. 1. CLARK A CO.
Mr. S. has been lont and farorablv known in con
nexion with the Produce and bhipiii intereatt of
Lieve'aLd, Jannary 13, inj3.
V- signed have this. daT formed a cofartnerahip for
tuo Transaction ri a jPiifra.i i-rima r inn viiium--sion
Business, under ti e firm name of J H. ChK h K
A (I . at So. 73 and Merwiu-tt. Parties fuvoriue
us Miiih connitjnmoiUH may rdy upon p ouxpt rwturu
aiiii a caret ul attention io ineir .men sn.
Cleveland. January 13, lr juM 423
Proposal will be recelvfd at tho iftice of tb
ivil Knzineer of the City of Clt'T( Jnd. until I;
'clock M.. Jamnry 2 th. Isi3. for buildinir addition'
ai ifc&s nry on the Lontro t ier aud uppriuc&ei! of tho
uentie-M. riJsf.
PUns. snecihciaiions and more rarlicnltr infoimt
tion can l uDiatr.eu ai i-aia neiiieer m omce.
i iih lioimi ( t city improvem-Mi invite tne aiih
minion of bidd. rrvii !i the riijitt to ucccd: or re-
j(ct the same. Uy order ot the Board.
j!inH:23 City ivil ( nirinevr.
rroTiCR. ox the 2tth day
nf feo. nibcr, f. !bcr n A. Nichols ti!e4 in
fficeo- tne Cti-rk of the Court of t o m men Pit: at
wiihiit u il f r the County ot Cm sib ca. in the State
hi't. In- Ik," iron aKtiutil l.y.iia M. Nichols, era'
inn tor a livoroo tium Itrr. aud alU-ginz !or c:mi
Ai.n:ieiy i II A. . n ihil,
jjiiilj:-. liy lia. I-. imf ii, IU4 AltoriH-y.
"ANTED A Competent Girl
rnmn pi-elerrwl i lo do afeiterM l.oiutework
a rUt-tll Mmily tit etvnn. irvni laxt pIkc re
linn d. Apply at tt..l inn ar-M. juM:tZ2
rANTKD An Industrious. Ti
f V ! and cnpttbV Cut man or o'.orrd gir:, to do
cookirpautl general house Work. Apply
at Mo.
T OST On Monday Evening, bb-
I J Twrri Krir-St and tlio Acaiienir of In nuc, (
St.C airer ater-wtn., a GAhNKT BRACKLET
Thy tin dT will be iir--rally rewarded by lavjiJK it at
th:s office. jnH II
Fa- sale at IhoTrlhune Ofllre, Chicago, a
IUd 33x39 Inches.
iuRood order, und mny Iwseen running diiriu the
nt iwii wwkh. rt riorms. aim ouior luioruiaiiou
ad.lrM Win. li. BAND, 'i'nhime Oitsoe, Chicago.
170K SALE A Splendid Saddle
H'H.SK, in tir.t rat ordr-r Ki)0uiat
JtUy 42 H-SLi KUlOlt-ST.
I70RSALE At a Bargain.
I My Propsrty on Cheshire and Oranger-
bu. Airio, my rtiaidence Ao. IM Jn-M.
il !iV.iw JkUKV JtlNK-'. m:f. cam out
Aiuu-tr, in eou! loniiinirordt r, is . (Tered for pat
Lnniber. Un M "H'D ai 1 00a liock. km 1 ui
ui4Tior-St. i"..mireuf Capt il. C. rKAWLy.ai
Vate WwH'ftic-. Juft
R E N J An E x tb e m e-
ly n
nwt Br,d .n staittial BUtCb HUl K. .
nb iut-riccmU rts and c mvenl. nee, ood '
ia 1, bof. and Uaid W aier, (?of d Yard and Sbrnb
an tl.v nrcmis u It in suitable for tauiicai men
oop cite Me:srs. ya:.lt-y, (jianam to Pail
factory. Apptyto U.U wiNHAW
j. hi
leader Office.
OR SALE Lot and Building.
toca'cd txttueen Hit? Ohio Canal and Canal-St.
aid Biiiidma hfM Mfsiu 1'ow r aod all the Machine
for th uifi.u(acturiitff ot Doors, 8aah and Blind,
ihe t ot and Building will be sold separate from the
machinery, if l-!ird. Will be sold cueap tonns
easy, tor parucuUts. enquireof
jl. tu si -is. Lomoer iAaier,
decC'SSS Vee' Rjyer-St.. Cleveiand, O.
LAND, 6 uiilet, froo the City, on the Enclid-St
lank liorid in an Y xeHl-iit Ni-.hborh(oi acd nar
enough to Public and nigh cuooIH. It h?aab-au-
uint tiuiidsatt auui ; nvti a rs 01 urave inee in iuii
Krt' it and one i.uiidr d or uirw- 1it- Trr . a cart
wnicn ' ave ten nearius; 'or two years .
Ainutor fculn. a itood ami If or Lt am liorse. Fu
nire of C. J. KKKLKK. ho. 32, south aide Public
Etouare. or at my losidence, 22 Kric-ot., htcu is
for sale. C J. a&KLbK,
dtt-at: K I Mtw 3 1 Fut.llc Sguare, Clcteland.
UOK KENT. Th Sioojtd Floob
Moor Store, Mo. liOWaterit.
T1FCL Bsid( Uif and IMace of Bnsineaa OOD-
nected, eitnated on liirh-St., West Hide very de
sirable locality for basui: - The btoretawell stock
ithasoodawiortineiai ol tirbt clans Goods, con-
sistlnfof Grocer ie, Crocken , (ilwM Ware and lan
ce notions. 11 naa aisK a iid-U'P rau 01 iraao.-
The eremlsea are we41 decorated with an aasorte4
of Shrubbery, bearing Fruit Trees, Grape Vines,
the latter will yield over aW weight of fmit this
sean. surrurtner particulars ennui re or jaa. i.
wjl A h at LfOAOfr unice, or on tne prenuaea. Mo.
Birrh-bt., ttmr lirideijt.t West bide. lyZSitf
Aood Ofncca. reoentlF ntU-d od in cood order, to
in American did. muss, uent iow.
liiUiN a Airmail
We haverocfdred newsnovHeiof the aboTe articles.
sale at leweit ILaiiufaciurer'a Pnccs.
IEON SAFES We wUl seU very low.
Also on hand, aod for sale as usual, at Manufactu
Sboenberger'B Juniata Kails,
Shoenbcrger's Sheet-Iron,
Eboenberger's Juniata Boiler Plate,
Sboenberger'B Plow Steel,
Vxtra Quality Berea Grindstones, ic
W. F. CARET & CO.,
Irov akd Nails Waskiiocsz,
fit tn? K!vpr-t . rVv.tunrt, (
TiAoniR or THB
'Mnsic arranfpd for ad 7 aomberorcenblnatloB
Omtn-Ho. ST Hoflmsn's Block, oaaactta th. Past
io suln,i JiaaA, O. IrKiUl
Renainlac In the ( IPTelnnd tw Offlce
Jaa-mi-T 13, Its,
mMUetten adTartiiwi are unbject to an extra
cW, 'beCnt. P)ni,r. cwlhiig ror th-m will
'eft21w ' with tawr Dftwarv chaise.
IUU " iM Pn at 7 A. and dote
Adelaid Madam LAnula liiirriet Alitu Llixb'b P
Brown Mary B Banodry M Beisha Mary
Bnryees rjcy C : Barron Lartra A Baldwin Jeanl
BaUn KstMla Branch Elizb'h BenscliOter D
Harnett Anott Bee fe with J - Bnrhe J
Baldwin Jane U B Utard Janett Buell Francat
Beckwiih Hancock K J
-- C
Hark Nettle Onroy Mary Coopwr Margaret
Conway May Cay Liliia Clark Harriet
Oonholiy C h Cobb C A Carroll Kate J
uooiey lainerme Carroll Anne Carver W M
Ciiaiboaru G
Curtice KmlineCatoey Ilka
Corwia Cornelia
Dogan Wm BarU Sarah H Davis farah
Douald od Maf Dfaa Lla Dail Kmilr
Davis Lolett Donlap iuchel UeDtnan May
Kl.n1rb.9m Mrs Eagsr Azins Eantbol Barah
Adwlmao Jcnaaa KUworth Alenori4eubard Julia
Foster Michael Fnrteaon L A
Foaler n K rarran M U
Fh.yd Lena Fowler Jenny K
Filie'd alien French MHO
Foley Miirj?aret
V I 'on Lucy M
indUy Mary J
Faou Helen
Gail' n Rebtcca
GD ton A A.
Hubbird M A
Hayes U
(feint-sy Piidtet
Htnr, rauk
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bore M K
Grir.wold H L
Qiittin Maryatut
IJotTmao Mary Halfie Mina
Huizhes LoTeniafJarDhan Char
How land H Hollisjter Amanda
H ubbard ElTira Hot) it J&
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Ingersoll Emily I Jenkins M D Jones Martha
Jauies lou ji ia Jack-on Mandy Jones linhue
Kern kin , lx-th
Lawrences W LeroyAmand LodreKmmaL
Long Kate Loyde U N Lane Aim.-,: a
Lu bins Ann Lehane Mary K Leehaue M Jt
Logan Hannah
Millar Fhebe A MoarMA Moody Mattee 16
tiuhon alary J Maio.:ey Mary Melvin Ida
Mallory Jane Morri on Kliz Madison Mrs
Maibewi il Moore Lucy U Montgomery J P
-mo - - --
McCioon Lucy Mi Enarv E'iz McAt-er Bridget
McCanna Adalinc iictrt Bridget McKey li U
McAvoy Mary McClond 1). incline
: N
Newman Annie Noiihrop B Hcrton Sarah
O BrineTimoihy O'Boone Marr O O'Brine Bridget
Offerman Anna Osborn Jeuuio
Page, Mary O P'xton Maleh
Partner II at tie Piper Funny A
P-n iu Abf'al Paine Maria L
Penuius Mary Phelps Jenny
Bolv rts $ J Biley Susan O
Uobinson Kettie
Peck 8 B
Pottvr Sarah
Pa'mer Mirb'h
Packard Mary
R'dierts W C
Russell Nellie V
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Scovill Mar.a Sro-rer Jenny DM mm Caroline
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Hauler Elizb'h
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Taylor Isabella Troub Rosana
Thornboiuh L Titus L
Tailor Olive
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Wanderhey S E WaMaro M L
Warren Martha Wood Julia
Wilcox Frances WyckwiffCl
W fttJoa a h White Kate
WaL-on Bridrt Wilde A
Waller Kiixab h Wocdliff Edward
Wan lwthrA Wilder Klizb h
Way O White Catbrriae
Woodward E T
Wedr-le Jenny
Wfl-on Hat tie
Winter Cath
WaNh Bridget
en-fon Am. a 2
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Burion Edward
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Drue John W'
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fantin. n B Srtt
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1'ickey John
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katon G O
Diver John
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Hoyle Timothy
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GalakJt hn Graves H ti
4-uilIord Chas G Gardner A A
Garrison Tiios GaxkiLs Madison
Guilford rayotte Goodman Edward
Gildings C X
Frawl -y John
Wlnin T
Gales John
Glass J"hn
Uroen U r
Glendale R Y
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Gale tharlea
Hart John
Harrington J G Hoffman John II
Hamlin Johu . H'gJ
Halo J C
Hoover John
Holl man J
Hilton Ji hn
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Rem ngton J G RVyuoMs Lewis
Robinson W A Randall Capt Wm
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Tnssie A Co
Tally Francis
Turner 8 W
Thompson H A
Thomas Peter
Train Geo JCranclaTail RoheTL
Traham Wm M Treed Wilson
Turner John
Tracy John H
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Vorce Cbas M
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Wether An tone
Wenuor Charitji
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ert John
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Wad4Worth Dr Wilmot Albert
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Oulee, West lde.
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Fang linen Peter Bice A
Hheppaid lewis
BIT Pomona calling for the above will please say
Advertised." JC. COWLEd. P. M.
jPPLES ! . . -
ItjO barrels choice Winter Apples in store and for
cheap. Tnow in want for Winter oe will do
to call at lm Ontario-M.
nnriS J. B. OLKNN A O.
Elisa J- Stone and Frank D t .ne, husband of
said Elisa J., PlaiDtilt, v. tienrjr G.Lucas,
In Common PI c .hoga county. Ohio,
rjhe Defcn.liirti will take notice that on
J i'tt -' di.y of Jiinuary, liWxi, the said Plain
tills ni&i their petition against him in the Court
of Common Pleas, of Cuyahoga County, Ohio,
the object and prayer of which petition is 4o re
cover a jud-rment against said Henrr G. Lucas,
inbsvorof Plainuffs, for $1,6 23, with interest
thereon from December-iAid, lHtisi, which amount
is claimed to be due Plaintitfs by reason of4he
allegations of skid petition, which are in sub
stance aa follows : That on the ind day of July,
1861, the said Elisa J. Stone, then unmarried, by
her maiden name of Elisa J. Ives, leased to de
fendant by a leaae in writing, a copy of which is
attached to said petition, the Ives Clevelaud
Brewery, its appurtenances, and certain casks,
barrels and other property connected with the
business before that bine carried on there, the
property so leased, both real and personal, being
the property of the said Elita J. and still continu
ing to be such, although since said lease was
made she has been married to the said Frank D.
Stone. That the barrels and casks covered by
said lease consisted of eighty-six hogsheads,
which had been received by said Lucas, under a
prior leawe to Lucas A Rowe, in good order and
of the value of $3.00 each; of 5,740 barrels, which
had in like manner been received by said Lucas
in good order and worth $i.oo each, of 806 half
barrels which in like manner had been received
b; said Lucas in good order.which were of the val
ue of Si. 75 each, and of nine other casks, the char
acter, condition and value of whi-h are unknown
to Plaintiffs. That by the terms of said lease. De
fendant was bound to return, as therein provided,
on or before Iecember 2iid, ltk;2, in good order,
74 of said hogsheads and 4iH3of said barrel? ; yet
Defendant hxa hitherto only delivered 64 of said
hogshead of the value ot $3,00 each; that of
ss"t barrels he has only delivered in good order
32S1, and in bad order 637. That tho.-e in bad
order are of less value than they would have been
it' delivered as good as when Defendant received
them, by $473. That in substitution for barrels
received as aforesaid, Defendant has delivered
in good order, but of less value than said barrels
by cents eaoh, (making $113,25,) 4o3 half bar
rels. Df fendant has also, by way of substitution,
ueiiTr-i-T vt t i 1 kj ftndition and
less valuable than the barrels which shonij hnTe
been delivered by $30,00, and he has ulIci:
tailed to deliver the remaining 4.r6 of said bar
rels which are of the value of $M12,00. Where
ioie !nainanw, .ElLiAaJ. Stone ha
ausiaiueu liio uuuin iwi wiuuu I tain i rift
judgment as alove mentioned.
Defendant will answer said petition by the sev
enth (7th) day of March, 1863, or judgment wil
be taken according to the demand of said peti'
Jan. Mh, lvJ. Plaintitf s Attornies
AfcfcUi.N fcb S oALiS. rursuant to an
order made by the Probate Court in the
matter ot tne assignment ot U. u. Kooison,
favor of his creditors, I shall expose for sale
public auction at the door of the Court House
said County, on the :44th day of January. 1803,
two o'clock, P. 31., the following described lands
ana tenements, to wit:
1st. The east of south-west X ofseotion No.
34, Township 7ti, north ot Range U5 west, in War
rn county in the titate of Iowa, being ttO acres.
Appraised at $480.
2d. The south-east " of the south-east i of
sec Hon 13, in Township t north of ranged west
being in thecounty of Dallas, State of Iowa, be
ltd? 4J acres. ADuraised at SltiO.
id. The south-eaat of section 22 and the
north-east of the north-east of section 27, in
TownflupH", north of Range 33 west, being in the
county qi tainouD, in ine aiaieoi iowa, ana DO'
ing2ri0 acres. Appraised at MO.
4th. The south-east and south ot north
east i of nee tion 19, and the went 14 of the south-
west i. and the south-eant M of south-west i
of section 20, in Township 79, north of range ju
west, and tne east y oi nonn-east ot section
t in Township t0, north of Range 3u west, being
in Guthrie county, in the State oflowa, and being
wo acres. Appraisea ac i,jju.
Terms cash. J. S.GRANN1S,
As-iirnee of C. H. Kobtson
Dated Cleveland, Cuyahoga county, Ohio, .De
cember ai4, iWi'J. dcc-i4:4J
MASTER'S 8ALE. Pursuant to the
command of a decreaml order of sale from
u wui tun """ a3m vi vu;oiiugd VUUIHJ j
at the su:t of William Latimer. uLrainst Seth C.
Io:m and others, to me directed, I shall offer
for sale, at public auction, at the door of th
Court' Houso, in the city of -leveland, on the
thirteenth day of February, 18ii3, at ten o'clock.
A. M., the following described premises situate
in cieveiunu, uuyanogauoumy, unio, ana Known
as the easterly partoi lot ao. ten, and the west
erly part oi lot o. eleven, of John A. Foot's al
lotment of that part of the Perrr Furm (so call
ed) set to John Perry, as recorded in Cuyahoga
County records. Vol. 35, page Li6, and beine the
easterly half of said lot No. ten, and the whole of
lot io. eleven, excepting two rons in widtu on
ing of eoual width, to wit : two rods from Pitts
burg street to the Ohio canal. The land hereby
conveyed being bounded westerly by land con
veyed to James M. Hoyt by deed, dated March
lith, 146, and recorded in Book 33. oaees 24U and
iVi, and Is situated upon Pittsburg street, in the
ciiy oi tievciiinu, an aupeam uy siuu piai nere-
to tore reierrea to, oemg one nnnurea anu twenty-nine
feet front on pitLsbura street, and ex
tending in cordance with the above description
to tne unio ciinai. Appraitea at
HK.NRY ti. ABBEY. Master Com'r.
Palxib A Uknxis, Pi tt a iu'y.
J:iuuarv KMilfi.
TOHN w. Mcdonald is hekk
fj BY uotitltd that on the 19th day of N'ovt-mber,
A l IM-'' (Miiri. MrDoraM flltni in thn )irw ni
the Clerk ot the (kurt of Common Pieas'of Cuvaho-
g& ouuty, Oliio, ner piuiou aauiBi mm tor lmoroe,
alift? s causes tWwfnr, "Unmi Muelect of Duty
and Wilful Abrteuce fur Thrue Years aid caue
will be lor hearltuiT at the February lorm, A. D. laoi
otsaiauoun. rALShss ur.?t jtin.
aeCZ Attrrney for PlamtiiT.
Eliza J. Stone aud Frank l. btoue, her hubaud,
PliiintirH, ts. Henry U. lUucas and lranci
Rowe, Defendants.
In Co..imon Pleas, Cuyahoga County Ohio.
rpHE said Henry G. Lucas and Francis
I Rowe will take notice that on the 2d day of
j.iuuary, ioo, iiiq naiu fiajuinin uieu ineir peti
tion in the Court of Common Pleas, in and for the
County of Cuyahoga, Ohio, the object and prayer
oi wnica pennon is to recover tne num oi suuz.uu,
with interest thereon from January Wd,
Said petition sets forth that on the 22d day of
juiy, avckk,, oaiiiuei j. nus, tiicu iu me, aim me
owner of property descnljed in a lease, a copy
oi wnicn is auauneu iu nam peiiituu, anu khowq
as the Ives tievoiana urewery, ana its appur
tenances, caskn, barrels, Ac, entered into a con
tract of Lea.no of said property with defendants.
which was duly recorded in Cuyahoga county
Record.-. That on Antfust Kid, H56. said Ives
uiea mtentate, naving oy tne terms ot ms last
will and testament, which has been duly pro
bated, unpointed John C. Gronnis his executor.
who duly qiialified and entered upon his execu
torship. That the Plaintiff, Eliza J. titone, is the
sole heir of the aaid tiamuel C. Ives, and the sole
devi.-ee and legatee of the property named in
said lease. That said J. C.Granms, executor, on
the 8th day of May, lsol, assigned said lease to
said Eliza J. Stone, then Eiiza J. Ives, but since
married to said Frank D. Stone. That she is
now the nolo owner of said lease and of all the
property covered thereby and the rights grow
ing out of the same. That by the terms of said
U-iise defendants were obliged within six months
from tiie termination of the same to return in as
(rood condition in all respect as when received
by them, all the casks of every description
named in said lea.e which should come into
their possession during said term.
That there came into defendant's possession
during said term 7,152 cawks, of which 6,701 were
re eased for the period of one year to said Lucas
on July iti, 18;l, the said Eliza J., supposing at
the time that the false representations of
eaid Lucas, that they were all the casks which
had come into the hands of defendants or either
of them by virtue of said original lease; but in
tact there came into defendant's hands by virtue
of the ame, in oou order on or before Novem
ber tith, 1850", two hundred and ten barrels, and
on or before the oth dav of November, 156, forty
barrels of the value of&i 00 each, and of the total
value of $iAJ0 0. That on May 13th, lSotf, aaid
Grannis as executor as aforesaid, paid over to
said defendants to replace 201 barrels sold by
said Samuel C. Ives alter the date of said origi
nal lease, and to the use of which defendants
were entitled by said lease, $iO- 00, being the val
ue oi me last aanimi darrein, witn wnicn saia
sum it whs the duty of said defendants to hare
procured zi barrels or tne value aforesaid and
to have accounted for the same as barrels em
braced in aaid orisnnal leas. That neither said
2lo barrels, nor s:ud 40 barrels, nor the barrels
winch should have been so brought and account
ed for, wre embraced in the barrels so released
by said Eliza J., to said Lucas as aforesaid, and
they should have been returned at the termina
tion or saiu ieae or witnm o montns tnereatter,
to wit: on or Wfore January 22. 1862: vet de
fendants have failed to return thera or any por
tion oi tuem; wnereiore judgment is asKea as
above stated. Defendants will answer by March
7, lr&3, or judgment will be taken by default
against tnem.
innfi-4i7 PHtntiiT Att.
(OLD, Silvir, Demand Notes
an i Canada Mosey wadi1. W. W. WEIGHT
will p.y the ui.ue.t price for the above.
janlu:4ki W BUFKBloa STRUT.
JOHN bKABS v. ill commence to-day to boy
300 Hundred Cavalry Horses
At the American House.
Cleveland, Jan nary 6, TW3.
Tentli Ohio Cavalry,
the undersiened. at the Commercial Hotel In this
City. A few i.ood M ABUd wltl nno txn taken.
A.a.xa.9 a rtiLt.f.K.
CleveUnd.O.. Jan. 1, 1863. janl:4'3
lOO Good Gcldln? Hormes,
from Five to Klneyeanio'd, eoand and fre of all de
fecm, end frrm V to handt bttrh, u liable for Cav
alry and Artillery. We wlil be at the City Hotel,
Cleveland, ontii January Zl, 1462. Thoae hTins
Dorseftannweruiff the above deteriDtlon. will hrini
them In and we will par thehufht market rr.ee.
I WO'iP'8, a full a-wmrtment of Cloaka, Ladies'
Cloth, Beavers, Chenilles, Plnabes, lo.
a. r, eaeittw Wil,
At f t s m m MT1
ttl tfttv&ie. I Sf
bank btiiit.
For Six NUhta Oaly. -
Ihii WKONK80AT IVKNINIJ, J.naar, 14, 1S3,
will b,roduc.i, with the Original Muaie, BceoarTt
CuatuattM, Ac, th. Iteamiful Opera of
CI5DEREUA ; Or, The GUss Slipper.
Gun Dajioi Pa !e IaniibaHlM Juua.
Dna Circle and Par- I r.milr CircW J5e.
uf tte J0c. I Uallerf lie.
Pr.Tale hoxM. J3.00, a3.U0 and ti U0.
BW Doors open at a quarter before ama ; Cartels
riAe. at half.paAt aevea preciwly.
The American Honse, Wednesday,
and through the Evening, (as ha does not Lecture.
Prof. O. S. FOWLER, of New York,
the world -renowned Phrenologist. The Professor
liana at IDs beau ut n:s science, aud fur ocer tbirt
years has been a constant student and aractitiiner.
In those thoront?h dell neat trns cf character he
sires advice as to Health, Avocation, Alarriaxv Man
agement of Children, Ac, making a reliable guide
ana ire aixeciorr.
4T"His ttmj it thort here. Thursday he Lectures
LOVK AD MATKM05T. jn!4:42f
, i . kltu a r A. jet ar
Will Celelrate lb. KHta AaniT.nau of tlx
Birthday of Robert Barns, Tbe Poet,
On Monday Evening. Jan. 26, 1863,
Ke(.'oncert to commeaca at .H past 7 o'ecck."
Tickuta. admitting oo. Gentleman and Ladlea, Sl
AWJobn Kcatiugs Quadrili. Band i. tngaffiid.
Jan 13: 424
Original Practicing isaembly Dance.
Wednesday Even In gr. Jan. 14,
The ManaRfn will be happy to meet their many
r ruiB ud 1 11 im vccasiun.
Ordr tor tajTianei may be left at Mr. Mould'
or with any ot the Manager or Committee
TH KILTS Admitting Gentleman and Ladle tl.OO
Wm. F. Tnrriff, M McArdle, H. Marphy.
W H. Keaehan, Y. H. Mar, H.Galloway,
8. W. hDdnckton and O. W. Uendricluoii.
Wm Tuwner,
J. O. Bull,
T. Gue,
W. M. Kimbali,
Wm. MrNar,
N. Underwoud,
J Keairhaii.
W Nedham,
i. oen jam to,
J. Han oan.
Library Association.
The Lecture Committee have the pleasure to an
nonncemai m M,ntn Lecture of tne coarse wil
un aeiivorea oj
The -jreat America Avthorand Poet,
At Bralnard's flail.
V&Lectnr(t6 commence at 8 o'clock.
B. F. P IX OTTO-. 1
A. V. bIU,
Lecture Onm.
O. A. Baooaff
F. DOHOr.ASS. of RnohMter. N. . will dsllnr
Lecture at Chapio'i Hall, on
Thursday Evening, Jan. 15ih, 1S83,
TICRKTS-'iS CenU. ts be had at th. Book Store.
ana at tne aoor.
cia"TJwtTTr''tnm!nmTir.atTS oVWIr. jsni?-r
B. TUTTLK Havino Associ
m atpd witn nim in DuaioeM mason uk . k
'IK. the Lakt 2urerior Iron Cu. Aa-ncv. and
other Businutw, as tuual, iU be cn.liKted la the
name or U. d. TUTTLK CM'N.
CieveJand, P., Jan. 1, tao!2 .a
ATOT1CE. PaoPosALs will
1 1 t rec ivel nntil the loth Jfebniarv
13, for the delivery at this Arwnai of tim
ber, for the comaiete oonn true (ion ot the
following namud ariillery Carnaijeriaiid Implemeuta
W0 i and TwelTe-PoundrOnn La m aire.
Six and Twelve-Pounder Gun Carriafe Caia-
ti5 Traveling Forgpe, Battery ani Mortar Wag
ons. 300 Prairie and Mourn tain Bowitur Carriagea and
y 'i wei re, Ii.rhteeii and Twenty-Fonr-Poonder
rift larrLagi-e.
75 Flank lt-fr3QceCarrlaT'j.
SO PUnt- Carta.
CaaKiuate, Garrfion and Field Gin.
S"uu Trail aud MaDsuveriug Haudspiaea
iFThe kinds of Wood reqnlrnd are Oak. Hickory,
Black Walnut and Poplar, or Whit Wood; ali oi
wiiica must, oe oi in oeet quaiiij.
dThe Contract will be awarded to the lowest
refpooibl Hui Jem, who will be rtqnred to give ana
ale aud atnliCtory eecuriU for the lailhiui Mrlorm-
auc oi tuetr agreemeni.
Major of Ordnance. Comm d'a AraenaL
West Troy, ii. Y., V
January 7ih, l3. ) jaa 10:426
j Annual Muetiug of tL Storkboldt-ritat the Coy-
ah eaMia use Co.. tor th Herrjon of Otrlc-era for the
enKUMig yar and other important tvutinaae- will be
ueiu at ue oraceoi u-ers. i uayer aiveii, bupt
rior rt.( leveUnd, Ohio, on the SErND lUaa-
uax to reoruary. at iwoo ciook r, JL.
ay orUtr ot the Uirectors.
japftHM B. P. WAP,9cr ft Treaa'r.
XTOTICK I Havktheb DayKe
I tI TintD from ths ProdnceConimirwion buinem,
heretofore conduct d by m. Tbe uuniiieea will be
cuuductfd By my nephflw, Mr. T. Waltou, who haa
Deen nn luenirire last ion yira as my connuen
tial Clera.abd towbom I have trautlerrtd mv lute
re-t in it. 1 tatrn munt nleaanre iu recommendin
uny iei-r you io ni cau. i. a. w Aiiun,
Ulvetaoa, U., January l, iscz.
1 rct.LT tvndera buierrioa for ilweaJeand ear-
CGaee ot all kituao: Prcdui'ein thU market, haviot
h i day ronimt-nC fl the bu.liirAfl of a PHOUH i
XMM(SHitN MKKCUANT. a hera:ofoiw couduc
ted by my Uoaie T. A. naltoo.
SucceaiorT. A. Walton.
Cleveland, January lit, an 1:4:3
UUUUftdA LtvSTkB ii thu day dueolved by
ni-itual conueot. A. Hngliee ts authorized to cloee
tne uumueea ana igB tae urn name for that pupote.
A. UUtiti fcS
8. r. LE-TKK,
January 1, 12. J. M. HLGH1CS.
The tmsiri8fl will be contlnu d by the underiimed
under the stvle and firm of IllOHM A KOCKE
KkLLkK, at the VVarehotue formerly occupied by
Huene A Letr, Horn, la, 21 and id Kivpr-t.,andou
tae iiock. li. H L (id ks.
Jan nary ,
ClcTelaod, Dec. 34, lia. J
1 tut tktio(uem oi tnuu mpany lor tbe elec-
ion oi uirt-ci -n., and lor tne irun taction of other
nioma will Im hlii at Ihn Itte or thn i m r.n- in
Cieveiaud, Ohio, r.u Wednesday, January Ulh, A3
The Transfer books will be cloaed Iron the 3d to
ine tain oi Jauuary. uau.il. KbblL,
M .- ffrrtf t)ry.
Book For the Soldier and His Prioada.
Soldiers Pension and Bounty Act ;
lmtmctlous for Obiainiuc Petwloos, Bounty, Back
Pay, Ac.
Back Pay aod Bationa of Officer! and Privates Gen
eral Tax Bui;
Back and Annual Pay of Offlcers and Seamen ia U.
H. Saw :
Confiscation and EmanHpetion Bills;
Proclamation y tbo Prweident, and
BAordof illy Events in the ttcbelllon. Ac.
8iit by Mail on rrceipt of Price. Ia paper cov
S3cnt; ckb, 'Ji ceula.
I Stock, ai UarrrB&MU A BaACoJLANN1
"The yohle Study oi Mankind U MB -Bnt
debaaH and dranded man hoed ia corse bot
too nravalnt hi our plauer. h t kp the fatal shatv
of disease and complain t .roa your circlet t Wan
Ings and odrlee can 'ad D the Bock "HUMAJI
rMAILTT.ar PHTsroLoaiCAL BcaKAaciKa." It will
aaaurvdir recall the back -slidii.g from the evil irao
tlces prevalent to an alarming extent, and be aa tu
eninffgnidingtrtohMs.th and resueeltated tasr
ST. ThoQsands attest th buuodt of hdiuc its coon
sala and admire.
Bold tr Dr. Baaaow, 94 Bleecker street. Hew Tork.
rrkeaftoenta. tWat brweverTwnsre. bee advertlao
meat ot " Triesemar" iu auotber column.
Sold also by Q. W. CLARK, Druggist, Clerelaadt
Ohio. '
Or. C' rail am, '
Member of the Royal College of Physicians
London, England; Graduate of
Bicord's Hospital for
And a constant attendant of Pari a, London
Mew Orleans and Montreal Hospitals
for the last ten ears,
Has opened h office at tbe Johnson Uoqm. where be
will be happy to meet all I hoe who arc afflicted wits)
subacute or chronic Jiaeaeea.
His treatment ia entirely di Street from tbe oM
plan, and ia mild, emoa.-wtu and efiectivtw Hie me
cine are simply vegetable extracts anr oils, that nsv
never been need tut bf two other phya.A4aln Am
lea beaidea hinuell. Ud baa spuot the a i eel eel p
of his Lfe and thuudajitis ol dollars in obtaining
few secrets in his protetbdun. He teeta tb urine tor
all forms of disease, fio charge for jrrvinc nM an
skttueet and true statement oi their caea :
S P K U M A TO ttilOr, A.
To Yttcsa Mcx He cau prove to you In a few min
utes that be ia lii ou'y pityaiciaa vou ever treated
with that cures tliL- diaeaae. For every patient who
will toiluw bin direolioin, tie will ire one buudrvd
ddlara if he laila iu cu.ing this disease. So cuarg
tTciruVuimff4wWrr.ht? diatauw who wiah
vial ol urine by mail, wiih name, atzana jfaM
will annuel- aud deucriU ibeir oaj, and the potwlMl
Hy of tfetiiUaf reiMt, by enclMug a return poataim
Stamp. . eptl:411t
Old Vermont Cough Remedy is war
rantedtocurvCoUKhri, Colds, and ail Disease of tb
Throat. Cheat and Laus, Price oents per bottla.
John F. Henry A (.K WaUrbury, Vermont, Geaenl
Avento. Sold by D. A. Uai nea, 3U2 Broadway, N,
tfft Strong A AmiNirontr. CfeTeland. novl 5:439
To Consumptives.
The Advert irtor havini been rauored to health In a
ftw wooks, by a very simple remedy, after bavin af
fcred several yean with a severe Ynug allecticam. and
that dread d-so. Consumption is anxious to maka
known to his tallow suHorers tbe means of cure.
To all who desire it. he will send a copy of tbe pra
criptlon need (trr of charge.) vita the directions
for preparing and uio tb same, which they will
ftnd a sure cure (or Consumption, Asthma, Bronchi
tie, Ae. Tbe only object of the advertiser in sending
tbe Freecnptioa ie t txaest tbe afflicted, aad sp isil
informaiion which ue conceives to be invalaabla,aiul
he hopes every suflerer will try hu remedy, as it will
cost thum nothing, and may prove a bkaaina.
aWPartiee wishing lb prescription will p- aae ad
drese He. tDWA&L) A. WILLIAMS,
pqv2127w V illiamsbureh. Kings Oo., N. Y.
r ii s
Vor lb Boa. -fit
if Ni-noitf ftrtltiay.
belf-t u ot Lebilit. Cot.matioB aTT.
PreTature Ih-cay, Lc tl Aimory, ac, by a former
butlervr. knckming .tnip, aiitlreM
D. li. v LLLIaSuToN, Boston, Mat a.
new French Cfafe it the only article ever reooiujaend
ed by the 1 dir.it I'roft oioo aa Dri aod st aa Pre
vuiive, anlpie sent, haul conculid, to any
addrwaa, on r-C" pt uf utaui p. dec23 Km
The CoafrMJaioae asd Experience) af a
Poor Vannc .leo
A gentleman haviuit been cured of tbe remits ol
early error and diarecio, wilt, from motlveaof benev
olence, send to thijeo who request it. a copy of the
above interesting narrative, published by himself.'-
This little book is dealgned aa a warning and can tion
tu young men aud itioae who sutler from Nervous De
bility, Lossoi Memory, Premature Decay, Ac, tc
aapphing at the same lime tbe mean of sett nut.
ttinjjlecopioa iU Uuh u( under seal in a plain en
velope, without char po, to any who request it. by ad-dross-n-r
the author, CHAS. A.LAUBKRT,
noytMioawtin - tin npoiut. Long lstaca, 2L Y.
The oombinationol mrMjfents in these Pills an
the result of a konx ead uStenjiv practio. They art
mild tn their t-piratiou, and cwrtaia la correctltiff al
lisigelsrtnae, pninfal H euatruation, nmowiag nil bm
MraetltHMf, bet her hmcoU er otherwise Vits-rii
n in Uf atUo, aaiaaba al cba heart, white, all
nsrvo-M aOecttcna, hixierica, tatWro, pad U Uu
back and tiu.be, Ac, diatarbed alee, which artaea
from Interruption of nature.
was tbaoommenoetaeatola new era in the nriatml
of thoee imgnJorttlco aud obatrocUona, which havt
aoulgmed so many to premature grave. No fuoalt
can enjoy food health nr. I em the to Ngnlw. nnd
wbenaver an obatructlon taken piaoe tho general
health begins to decline.
are the moat eSectnal reniody aver known tor all ooa
plaints peculiar to P-roal. To all elauen they nr.
mvalnable, including, with oortalnty, periodical ng
ularity. They are known to thotarar.de, who have
I then, at different paiioda, tbrouiibont tbe conn
try. having the sanction of some or tho oet eeaiuecil
Physicians In America.
Explicit directions, stating when they should not
bo need, with eh Boa. Th prloe. Sl.OO per Box
containing from ' to m Ptlia
Pills sent by v-i. promptly, by ranittttng to tba
Proprtetor. Hold by Drugirtsts gvoerally.
H. It. HJlClKSiid, Proprietor,
2w Ubdar-1. , New Tork.
a Sold Wholwale and jUCait in Clv4and bi
BTliOiiU A AtiiMM'ikONv). aprt4:eowHi7
Dt. 8K'. IN r A LLItlL UhlMKNT k anvara
inaitbanal.o! Dr.8Uatwabvast.of Uonaacticat .
ttia graat aoMasltor, and aa, ban mad la hit prao
Oo. (or th. ls.L I: it i nan with th moat aitoniaa
bgnccea. aiadiiuh'.:hi runiodr lt i. wttuout a
rival, Aud will ail.viA aato tuore .pxlllr than anf
other ,rparattnu. Iftiri Kheucaauc an4 Nervous
Dlrorders it ts truly ii:'al!iL'l. anii aa a curatlT. lot.
Sores, UoaatlA, 8prtnta, LfrnUm; Ac, iu southing
hmling and powvrm! Atrrugtlittnin ,ruprnaiti., ex.
olte the jOJt wouler and 3Loniifhn.vnt of all who hava
vvraiven It a truU. Or.r four hundred certihcaAel
of remarkable cor. p.-rfKrmwd by it within the laat
two year., aiu.l lo luti "act. Htr
AVTi IA 'or l.v.tA'i-'
Optician and Spectacle Maker,
Would Inform the oh)lc thai ha kMi th. ha.
Quality ot his newly itnpruvd
and will suit all afflicted with debilities of tho Et
on the moet scieutinc priuctple.
That his n-pniaiku as the most nauABLi Op
ctam Iteetabhhed, ens l atteetad hy orer five fcun
dred patrous wbi luirunul bim with thesalectivaot
Also. MICROS44PK4. TELrfl)f)Pl!8. MR1N
and uPs.UA talLAtcaWA4, cbeaper than any other
M ArtlflclaJ eyes iiiMertd without pain.
Housed Cleveland, itiIt 17
BvlomoBsont Improved SpecUtf es.
Practical and sciRNTinjopnciA
Keeps the lart-e-t aneortm nt In thfl Optical line of an
aa uo tiauo. irvm Ulti 1UUJ rUallueuu IU IUII VllJ'a
and the eiteuaive patronaife received duriug that
time, be would any tc hi ;J frieuds and tbe public
generally, that uo effort ld;t could be put forth to
secure the very lt quality of Crystal Gaw-,a?rftiind
nnder hUow-n inrfPectiiin, tosuit theeyea. la all car
sea cur in k weaKn, dixzinexaor iuSauimatioa of tho
aye, and impart) iiKStr-nKtli forlorie reiulingand Quo
saw m. The reDUtttiou ot hLtlMaNMONM Mfih.
Ifahmant aa tha mtait ruiiattlct to irAt tlH laMt arriilaa
that line that c&n be obuiad has become an es
tablUhed fact, and atte by hi patrons, whoee ad
vice it is: Gt TO HAfLoMulSiON'ri, (make no mis
take,) 130 Superkr-!., uudor the Anm-ican, and
yoa wtil dnd the bent kind of bP.VCTACL.t4
dumi to your sikui.
fMr, ek'lumoueun would here In'nrm the nnbHa
that he never employs any one in the sale of h ia Lea
hm. aod those who tleaire a aair f bia MtirlM e&n
only obtain them by cal'in;; at bis Knufhsbment.
MuAtiTiiriijiAL ati. UaaerUrd without pala
perfect uaturai.
Orricn Ho. 13U Siiperlor-cH under th Amrfcnm
aL 1
Clothib Clias-
I INu. UeuovalliiKand Meu.iios stabbsUmut.
ajaW.-TB Ansa. Tmlfr. No. 1 4 fro rwvt afrni will
hereafter d-vot tilt attention to rffmaiQJZ, reaovatlnaf
mending Uentlenwa's oiotbiac I'o bas feriti
for doing his work intonU manner. Oeutle
msn will find It for tneir iDtereo during theee bar
oi.tO giro Mr. Ag traM 7 . mm)UMM

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