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luritj Bornlng, J una 17, 1863.
Union State Ticket.
pm Batata 1lt tab Hm aa ft IMh war OmMm.
Imik, f Cwyahea.
fkwM A4tnM, f MaateeAa.
we Supienn
J. ML ,, f Falre.
IW Aedltor f Stet.
Pec Treasurer ft.
Per Iw4 f PaVII 'In.
.let atV r, of Hlgblead.
Dissatisfaction with Vallandigham.
There li evidently wide preud dissatis
taetlontamoig the Qermao Democrats of
Obi t the nomination of Yellandigbatn
Yfm have heard of signs of it her and bare
alto heard of them in other sections of the
State. There U too much stnrdj loyalty
at the bottom of the Germao characer to
dmlt of their being carried bodily into
the support of men whose popularity it
greateetwith the rebel leaders at Rich
mond. Whaterer may be the extent of
the dissatisfaction, it will no doubt cause
greatjdcfectlon of German voters.
The citiaeus of Harrison county, Indiana,
ere considerably scared on Friday last,
y the appearance of about one hundred of
the Kentucky Rebel cat airy, who crossed
the Ohio, had skirmish with the j home
guard at Orleans, reputed them, and moT
d on tofard the Ohio (and Mississippi
Bailroad. The militia from New Albany,
Xd&. and Looiaville. Sr., followed in par
tsit and succeeded in captnriug fifty and
killing twelve. Got. Morten issued a call
t once for twenty thousand six months
Dissatisfaction with Vallandigham. THE UNION STATE TICKET.
We were of those wbo icdolced in seiious
doubts about the expediency of dropping Gov
Ton, and taking up a new candidate, whoever
be night be, for Governor. We were willing
to follow, what seemed to be the leadings of
aoaad policy and political providence in the
matter. So the convention, we apprehended,
nfekt think and act The same of John
Baocoa, therefore, as the choice of the eonven.
Won, was not expected, and when reported, an
effort seemed to be necessary to measure its
expediency, aod Its effect npon the public
mind. It was not long however, before the
qualifications of the nominee began to be can
vassed, and the important features of his char
acter andqualilcatiens laid more open to pub
lic view. . Bis intellectual ability being such as
to place him in the front rank ef the ablest
sen of the Stat; a democrat by antecedents,
but too honest to follow all the sinuosities of
bia party, "and especially in its devotion to
slavery; a loyalty above question 5 an energy
and earnestness of character, each as the times
demand, a popularity of manner and address,
"were considerations tbst usually go to make op
a statesman and successful politician. The
heart of the people was taken, and be was ad
mitted at ones to be the man for the place aod
the nomination was bailed with a strong feeling
of approbstioa. Mr. Bxouoa is;' a citizen of
Clevelaad aod a lawyer by profession, and a
war Democrat . Be has.been a member of both
booses of assembly, a incumbent of tbe office of
Auditor of State. We regard his election as
are aa tbe advent of election day, and when
the popular verdict places him in tbe Execaiivs
hair, be will prove a capable, patriotio and e
Icieot Chief Magistrate . Tbe traitor, there
fore, aod bis sympathising frieoda, may as wel'
prepare themselves for the perdition tbat so
surely awaits them.
Chab. AsBtasoa, the candidate for Lt. Gov
ernor, is a brother to tbe gallant Major, of
Sumter fame. A resident of Texas at the time
of tbe beginning of tbe rebellion, he was forced
to flee from tbe State with tbe loss of bis pro
perty. Tbe lesion here taught him, has placed
him square 60 tbe great question. Of bis abil
ity and mental cultivation there is no doubt.
Tbe Auditor, CoL J. A. Godmaw, as in the
caae of tbe member of tbe board of public
works, is a wounded and veteran soldier. lie
was formerly an old Whig but of late baa voted
with tbe republicans. lie ia a lawyer of good
abilities, sod resides in Central Obio.
Of Mr. Doasar, tbe candidate for Treasurer,
the reader will need no information, as he is tbe
present incumbent. '
The nominee for Supreme Jadge, Mr. H ok
, is a eitiaea of Lancaster, an old Whig, aod
better known aa an able lawyer, than as a poli
tician. The candidate for member of tbe board of
public works, is a veteran soldier, aod tbe noav
iaatioa is an honorable recognition of bia gal
lantry, aid tht sacrifices be bae saffured io bis
saitilaUd person, for tbe Union.
Ia all respects tbe ticket is a sound and un
exceptionable on and will command tbe en
thusiastic sapport of tbe loyal and Unioo-lov-log
eitisaos of tbe State. Ii iopIre eonBdence,
ad tbe feeling ia becoming commea, tbat be
fore it, Yallsodigham treason will stand but
Ottls show.
TJoo. B. F. Wsde, Chairman of the Com
mittee 00 Rssolatlons, made tbe following
JUtoIud, That the calamities of the pres
ent rebellion have been brought opon this
Station by the iofamoos doctrines of nulifica-
tiea aad secession, promulgated or cai
hoc and denounced by General Jackson
4a 1661, aad reiterated by tbe Convention
bold ia the city of Columbns 00 tbe lltb
list. W denounce them as Incompatible
-vita the noaty. Integrity, power and glory
the Americaa ttepnblte.
JUflted, That tba war must go on with
the aMsowt vigor, UU tha authority of the
lVetloaei Oovernmeat ia reestablished, and
tha old flair Beat agate) aecarely aad tri
tnsphaatlj orar ever aUts aad territory of
Retolvd, Tbat ia tha pros sat exigencies
f tba Republic, we lay aside parsoaal pro
Arenas, aad Dreiadieea. aod beoeeJbrta till
the war ia ended will draw so party I iae,
tat tha gmt Um betweea those who at
tela the aowaneeal aai laoae wha op-
pora iilanvaM thoea who rejolaa in tha
. ; of oar arms aad those who rejoice
A Us totaatgJlhjtecmj. ,
JUsotttd, That Immortal honor and grati
tude are doe to our brat aad patriotio
soldiers in tbe field, and everlasting sbsme
and discrsee to any cltiiea or party who
witbbolda it thai, syropa hlslng with the
army in its hardship, and proud of its gal
lantry, tbe lovers of the Unioa will stand
by it, and will remember, aid and anpport
tb se who are disabled, and tbe families of
those who fall fighting for their country.
Rtsolvtd, Tbat confiding in tbe honesty,
patiiotirm and good sense of the President,
we pledge to him onr support of his earn
est efforts to put down tbe rebellion.
Rtsolvtd, That the present Governor,
David Tod, as an honest, able publie serv
ant, and tbat bis official conduct deserves
and receives the approbation of all loyal
After a few remarks by Mr. Wade, who
was most enthmtiastically applauded, the
reflations were adopted amid great en
thusialm. Before putting the vote on the resolu
tions, wbicb bad been read by Dr. Robin
son of Cleveland, Senator Wade stepped
forward in response to a general cull, and
ddressed the Convention briefly. Before
he had a chance to proceed, however, the
deligete rose en masse, and cheered Mr
Wsde in tne most voctterons manner
Certainly it ia not bnman nature to resist
such kind admiration, and for a momeot,
the feelings of tbe gallant and brave old
Seoetor overcome him. After thanking
bis bearers for tbe kind reception, he spoke
of tbe ticket aod tbe great questions or tbe
day. He regarded this convention as the
most 'important tbat ever assemolod in the
State. Unhappily the American people
were divided on questions so radical that it
seemed impossible that they could ever be
reconciled. It was the difference between
freedom and despotism. We are contend
ing for the old Constitution, which guaran
teed every right, and under which we had
prospered continually. No man could say
that tbe Government had ever rested hea
vily opon bim, and least of all could those
who have rebelled, for tbe party with wbicb
they worked has nearly always been in tbe
majority, and bad things their own way.
At the time they rebelled they had two
thirds of tbe Coogress, tbe President and
Cabinet, the history of the world furnished
no precedent where a people rebelled against
tbeir own legislation.
Mr. Wade then sketched a history of
secettioo in Congress, and showed how
utterly causeless was their conduct. Moth
ing but a predetermination to set np for
themselves could account for it. Alluding
to YttllaDdigbam'a opposition to the war,
he made the probable supposition that be
might be made a member of tbe Confeder
ate Congress ; and if so, it would be inter
est ing to learn whether he wonld refuse to
vote snpplises for tbe rebel army, as he did
ours. If be did it would cost bim bis neck,
and justly, too. Next he showed very
forcibly bow the Peace party were aiding
the South, and protracting tbe war. The
Convention held here last week, in its
spirit and results, was most direct enconr
m a a. .
agement ior toe reoeis, as us muueoce
would be to strengthen tbeir determina
tion to bold ont till tbe divided lNortb
would be compelled to yield, but be had
been greatly encouraged by bis recent visits
io the army of the Potomac. The soldiers
were all in good health, and only wailed
another opportunity to strike a fatal blow,
with which they seemed likely to be favor
ed pretty soon.
As to tbe policy of the Administration,
be believed it would be acquisced in en
tirely very soon. Tbe progress in tbat
direction bad been very rapid for some
Tbe people were not slow in agreeing to
alio negroes to run some of the rik of
battle, and tbeir freedom would follow nat
urally enough, although tbe work seeemed
to be slow When tho country emerged
from the contest it wonld be iuto a purer
atmosphere than heretofore. We ought
not to expect peace until Slavery, tbecaose
of all our troubles, wa trampled in the
dust. We could not look to a just God
aud ek him to espoue our cause until we
were ready to demand freedom for every
man on God's earth. Tbis result must
come, and as a coneqnence oar great na
tion must rise to a higher civilization than
we have yet dreamed of. All great reforms
have been born in tribulation and atrife,
and io this case, as in others, the end will
be richly worth the price paid.
Mr Wade oncluded by thanking the
Dt-moctats who bad come op in such large
numbers to nnite with other Union men,
in placeing the State Govemmeut in loyal
and trusty haud. There was no doubt
of tbe success of the ticket. The nomina
tions were all most fit to be made, and
contrasted glorious with tbat bolstered np
last week. -Tbe
former was beaded by tbe cringing
cowardly apologist of peace; aod the latter
waa beaded by honest John Brougb, who
was for tba Union at all hazards and all
tbe time.
Some one moved three cheers for Gov
Dennison, which were given enthnsiaaiic-
ally, tbe delegates rising aud waving tbeir
Immediately after the result of tbe bal
lot for govenor was announced, word was
carried to tbe mass meeting at tbe east
side of tha Capitol, of tbe success of Mr.
B rough aud tbe shouts tbat then went np
made tbe welkin ring. Govenor Tod soon
after made his appearance and waa carried
over tbe beads of the people to tbe stand,
and proceeded to speak in perfect candor
of tbe action of tbe Convention. After
reviewing what be bad done for tba good
cause "since his inauguration, he said be
was free to confess tbat be felt disappointed
at tbe result, but be was neither mortified
nor chagrined; bat In the support of tbe
man who was nominated, no man could go
further tban he would.
Ia eooclasion, he appealed to all to go
forward io the good work. God is with
ns: justice ia with ns, and tha interests of
tbe great mees of the world are io oar bands
and, therefore, let ns stand together and do
our doty. Be alluded to tbe proclamation
of the President calling for 100,000 volun
teers, and 10 hia own calling opon tbe loy
al people of Obio to rally 10 tbe number
of 80,000 tor tba defeuse of tbeir homes
and firesides. To the inquiry whether they
woold go home and eali tbeir neighbors to
join them io responding to the call, as be
came brave men, ibere were loud aboata of
"Yes, yes." He asked tbem to goaingle
or in any number to tba designated rende-
ivooe, and then if they woold declare tbeir,
preference for company omeeri toe commla
sisns woold be forthcoming. '
Ha asked tbem not to delay, bat to re
spond immediately, so tbat within two
weeks ba woold have tha pleasure of Infor
ming tho President, tbat Obio had fully
responded to tbe proclamation. Then
aeixiog a hat tha Govenor swung it about
bia bead and called for three cheers for tbe
teees of tba ticket Dominated, today.
Tbev ware given with wM d were fol
lowed by six entboslastlo cheers for Gov.
Tod. The generous action of tba Governor
dsligbted every one.
Of tba ticket nominated to-day 1 may
say that it ia considered a very strong one.
Certainly there Is no mistaking tha faet
that it ia a radical war ticket. There was
some disappointment manifested, on the
part of a portion of the delegates, but this
soon gave place to enthusiasm, after the
reading or the resolutions. Tbe letter from
the officer of tha army of tbe Cumberland
contributed to the general result. During
tbe allting of the Convention there aas
been speaking In tbe State IIjuss yard by
prominent men from different parts of the
State.and I as close this a 10 o'clock r. M.
two immense meetings are iu progress. -
No words can adequatly express the en-
thnsiasm tbat prevails. Truly the scenes
or 18411 are being eclipsed.
Tbe canidates have been invited to stomp
tbe State during the campaign, and Gov
ernor Dennison, in response to a resolution
01 tbe Convention, has consented to accom
pany tbem.
CAMP PIONEER CORPS, May 30th, 1863.
Vicusoso Oar fel low-cititen J.G. Waiont,
baa a brother connected with the besiegiog
army of Gen. Grant, and of course, favorably
situated for observstlon. Tbe effect of that
observation, we are permitted to lay before
our readers io the following letter, dated "Camp
Piooeer Corps," May 30th.
Data BaoTHia: We have again, changed
our camp. We landed at Warrington, six
miles below Vicksburg, 00 tbe 27th and march
ed up the Mississippi side to tbe rear of tbe
place. On tbe morning of the 28th we march
ed to tbe front of our Hoes and commenced op
eration by throwing up ao abattis and plant
ing two pieces of artillery within one hundred
rods of tbe rebel works, we bsd not worked ten
minutes before the rebs discovered us aod be
gan thro wiog shells at us; their sharpshooters
also annoyed us very mach, but we succeeded
io plsntiog tbe battery and then bad the pleas
ure of seeing tbe rebs get a good shelling.
Yesterday and to-day we were at work outside
of, but in range of our pickets, and to-morrow
we expect to plant another battery within fifty
rods of tbe rebel works. It is pretty danger
ear work but we are good at dodging and ara
getting accustomed to their balls whining past
us. The rebel sharpshooters sometimes crall up
to within 100 yards of us.
Oar Division is 00 the extreme left of oar
lines and directly below the city, with our left
resting on the river, or within range of the gen
boats. Tbey have now beeo fighting IS days.
and tbe gunboats keep it up all o:ght. We ad
vaoced our lines about a mile to-day, bring
ing us within musket range of .their fortifies
We cao see the rebels at all times and are of
ten close enough together to talk very distinctly
Some of them talk very independently, aod
seem to think tbat we can never take tbe place
Their fortifications are very formidable looking
aod will be bard to storm. I should not be
surprised if they would hold out 15 or 20 days
yet A great many of their men are deserting
aod eomiog over to us, they (the deserters) say
that they have 30 days rations io Vicksburg,
and think they can hold oat that long. They
are expecting old Joe. Johnston to attack us
in the rear, he is said to beat Jackson now.
but his force cannot, be large. We caught 9
men lost night who were tryirg to get into
Vicksburg, tbey bad 150,000 gan caps aad two
dispatches from Joe. Johnston to Pemberton.
It is so warm here during the day that I can
not write. Two of our boys were severely
wounded but none killed.
There ia a continual roar here from morning
till night I have couutod as high as 80 large
guos per minute, besides small canoen and mus
ketry, which sounds like perpetual thunder.
I am so sleepy tbat I will have to go to steep
under range of at least 100 cannon and siege
gaos, bat I pat my trast in that God wbo is
able to protect me from all danger.
How it Tins. We freoaentlv bear demo
crats whose parly fealty baa heretofore been
looked npon as above susDicioa. denoane
iug tbe nomiuation of Vellaodigham ns dis-
gracelul to tbe party, and avowing a determin
ation to give it their decided opposition. This
evidence of loyalty is tbe more refreshing
as it ia in the face of the most determined ef
forts to force tbe arch rebel upon tbeir support.
These denunciations will have tbe effect to
catch the ear, and arrest tbe attention of some
others, wbo bave taken tbeir first lesson in dis
loyalty from tbe Va'laodigham bell-weatbers
Pktsb Fdskino. Webare no disposition to
detract from tbe legitimate merits of Gen. M
Clsxlav, but when we aee a systematic effort
made to Peter Funk bim with the nublic bv
barefaced fraud, we canoot refrain from a refer
ence to tbe fact. Within the last week there
has been a simultsnsous movement iu various
parti of the country, in the midst of raids and
intense excitement ia and about Washington,
Maryland aod southern Paonsvlvaoia. to bad
er tbe President into an aDDoiotment at 0n
JsciL.su.Aa to an important military position.
.. . '
1 nis demonstration is merely DohVeal and la en
gioeered by tbe most malignant of tha enemies
of the government. To give effect to tbeir ef
forts tbey bave resorted to tbe most barefaced
f 1 1 . ..
raua aoa misrepresents Hon. Tbev even
went so far u to use tbe name of Geo. Cams-
son aa favoriox bis immediate anDoiotmeot to
active posilioo aod tbe General basfult called
opoo to brand the falsehood. Even tha Com
moo Council of tbe Citv of New York has call.
aJ n . it. T ? J m
tao r resident 10 Place JaCJLBLX.AM on
active dety. All this is party machinery wbicb
in ao degree looks towards the publio welfare.
A Richmond paper of Saturdav has a
report from Savannah that the Rebel iron.
elad Atlanta, formerly the English steam
er Fingal, bad been captured by two Uo-
ton iron-cisd. while attempting to ret ont
of tbe harbor.
Tba latest returns of the Canadian elec
tion for tbe new Parliament show that
twenty nine ministerial, twenty ina opposi
tion and seven independent members have
been chosen.
In tbe cerffo of ona at ih nriu ...
lately captured and taken into New York
was found large quantities of tomhauk$
have bten diacovered, manufactured by
British aeairaJ traders, and sent to tbe
Rebels for arming -the lodians to aid In
the prosecution of this accursed Rebellion.
Also, large quantities of
svsire weaoon. somethtnv kia...n
bawk and a butcher's cleaver, stamped W.
uninn, mug jama, j 00 j, evidently la-
"uiu rvr miming jixjian,
Resolutions of the Copperhead Convention
of Ohio
Vallasdiobam T icx rr. We believe we
bave not before published the ticket as it came
from tbe hands of the Yallaodlgham Convso
tlon. Tbe names are as follows:
For Lieut. Governor, George E. Path.
For A ad iter of State Wm. Habbard. of
Logan county.
for Treasurer H. 8. Knapp, of Asblsnd
f or Supreme judge r. Yen Trump, 01
Fairfield eounty.
For Member Hoard orrubiie works--jouu
A. 11 eat on, of Belmont count v.
Every candidate 00 the ticket, is said to be
aa out and out Yallandigham Peace Democrat.
Tbe resolutions set forth :
1st. Free Speech and Free Press.
2J. Tbe Constitutional right of the peo
ple to disease all the measures and policy
of tbe Government.
8d. Tbat these rights are more vsluablo
and more necessary ia war tban in peace.
4th. That they will not surrender these
rights, nor submit to their violatiou.
6th. That there is a difference between
tbe Government and the Administration.
6ih. They protest against tbe Emanci
pation Proclamation as "nowise, unconsti
tutional and void."
, lib. Declare their determined opposition
to compensate emancipation.
8th. Denounce the suspension of the
writ of Habeas Corpus in districts outside
of those actually iuvolvd in the war.
9. That we deem it proper further to
declare tbat we, together with the truly
loyal people of the State, would hail with
pleasure and delight any manifestations of
a desire on the part of the seceded States
to retnrn to their allegiance to the Govern
ment of the Union, and in snch event we
would cordially aod earnestly co-operate
with them iu the restoration of peace and
the procurement of such proper guarantees
as woold give security to all their interests
and rights.
10. That the soldiers composing oar ar
mies morit the warmest thanks of tbe na
tion. Tbeir country called and nobly did
they re pond. Living, tbey shall know a
nation's gratitude; wounded, a nation's
care, end dying, they shall live in our
memories, and raoonments shall be raised
to teach posterity to honor the patriots
and heroes who offered their lives at their
country's altar. Their widows and or
phans shall bo supported by tbe nation, to
be watched over and cared for aa ol jucu
truly worthy a nations guardianship.
11. Tbat Ohio will adbero to tbe Constita.
tioo and tbe Union.
12. Tbat we bail with satisfaction tbe prog
ress of Conservative Sentiment in the North.
13- Tbat whenever it becom.es practica
ble to obtain a convention of all or of three
fourths of the Slates such body should be
convened for the purpose of proposing such
amendments to tbe Federal Constitution as
experience has proved to be occessary to
muiutaio that instrument in the skirii aud
meaning iu tended by its fouudeis, and to
provide' against future convulsions aaJ
14. Tbat they will sapport every const itoi sou-
al menBuro tending to preserve the Uoioo of
tbe States,' tbat tbey are tbe frieuds of tho
Constitution aod tbe Union, and bave no sym
pathies with tbe enemies of either.
15. Tbat tbey denounce tbe arrest, imprison
ment, trial couvictioa and banishment of Yal
landigham. 16. That Clement Yallandigham was,
at the time of bia arrest, a' prominent can
didate for nomination by the Democratic
party of Unio tor tbe office of Govenor of
tbe Stale; tbat the Democratic party was
fully competent to decide whether he was
a fit man for the nomination; and that ti e
attempt to deprive them of that right by
his arrest and banishment was an uu
merited imputation on their intelligence
and loyalty, as well as a violation of tbe
17. That we respectfully bat most earn
estly ca.ll upou the President of the United
Stales to restore Clement L. Yallandigham
to l.is home in Ohio; aud tbat a committee
of one from each Congressional district
tbe state, to be selected by the presiding
omcer 01 mis uonvention. is nerebv ai
pointed to present tbis application 10 the
1 resilient.
18. Thanks Gov. Seymour for his letter 00
the arrest.
19. Denounces tbe establishment of Milttar
Government over loyal States.
20. Denounces Gov. Tod for not pro testing
the citizens of Ohio, and for participating
violations of tbeir rights.
21. That we denounce as traitors to the
country the Abolition Jacobins wbo are
seeking to bring abont civil war in the
loyal States, with tbe view of turning,
possible, tbe bayonets of tbe army against
tbo breasts of tbe fathers, brothers and
friends of the soldiers, and subjecting those
Mates to a military surveillance aud domin
22. Tbat we denounce as libelers of the
Democratic party and enemies of tbeir
country, the men who are engsged in rep
resenting tbe Democratic party as want
ing la sympathy with our soldiers in tbe
field. It is a base slander npon human
nature to assert that Democrats who have
hundreds of thousands of brothers and sons
io tbe army, do not sympathize with tbem
and it is an outrage npon tbe Democratic
party, tbat bas always stood by tbe couutry
to assert tbat it is not tbe friend of its gal
lant defenders.
23, and last thanks Gen. Mason and tbe
Columbus, military for preventing all appear,
ance of military restraint upon tbe proceed'
ings of the Convention.
Assistant Paovosr Mamball Ginebal.
Colonel Eowabd A. Pabxott, tbe Assistant
Provost Marshal General for Obio, is now on
tour wbich will embrace a visit to every Dis
trict Provost Marshal io tbe State, nis object
is to make tbe personal acquaintance of tbe
Piovost Marshals, aad to aee what is necessary
for tbe carrying out of tbe provisions of tbe
Conscription Liw Io tbe respective Districts.
Errccr or rus csi or Mxaooar. Surgeon
General Hammond baa shown to the President
a photograph of a soldier in tbe army wbose
nose, left cheek, aod upper jaw bad been eateo
away by gangrene, produced by dosiog with
ealomal and other destructive mercurials, wbicb
tbe Bergeoo-Oeneral ba raced tly ordered from
tbe supply tables.
FoanncanoM or Pittsbubo. Tbe Pitts
burg Chronicle of Taesday last says: Work
en! tbe fortifictlons Is being pressed with vig
or to-day aad by Satarday night, if tba pre
sent force ba kept employed, we shall be
able to bid Oeneace to any force tha rebels,
aa possibly, send gainst as
Movements of Vallandigham.
It la a matter too important to be negleeted ,
to not tha progress of Yallandigham through
tbe 8outh. Tbe Cbattano oga Rcbtl bas here
tofbre plainly' intimated tbat be only failed to
receive an enlbosiastio ovation while at 8helby
ville, because of prudeotial considerations , aod
for like reasons, no doubt, shoots and cheers
hava been withheld Injils subsequent progress.
Oo tbe 3d lost, he passed Knox ville, the Regis
ter, of that place, of the 4th, aays on his way to
Richmond. He "attracted a considerable
crowd to the depot, but, it naively adds t
" There wss no manfetta um of feeling what
ever by the assembly 1" Singular, too, when
the poorest soldier, or the humblest loyal cili
sen of the North would have been greeted
with a storm of sneers and insults. Tbe Re
giiter proceeded t
Mr. Yallandighan looked cheerful and in
excellent health. We should judge he will
not die of dyspepsia or consumption, and
will not die soon, unless by tbe imperial or
der of Lincoln, or by the hands of some
hired miscreant of Seward or Chase. From
appearances, be bids fair to be a long liver,
and in life and reputation we hope be will
survive all bis persecutors. His physiog
nomy indicates good nature, energy, perse
verance and firmness. Ho is not of tbe
lean, Cassius race, that tyrants are so apt
to fear, but looks as if he would be a cheer
ful companion an upholder of tbe right
a lover of justice generous and charitable
in bis feeling' and would not, most proba
bly, make a bad Governor.
He is not a citizen of the Southern Con
federacy, and, probublv, never will be.
He is a citizen of a Government that is
waging a war of extermination opon tbe
South, and, consequently, is our national
enemy. But liis daring aod fearless de-nuncialion-of
the war, and the manner in
which it bas been waged upou tbe South,
entitles him not only to our highest admira
tion and respect, but to that of all civiliz
ed mankind who revere justice, love truth,
and do mercy.
The Regiiter proceeds aod contrasts the
course of Yallandigham with tbat of some
Southern people, arguing a large balance in his
favor in its opinion. It proceeds to tell bow be
opposed the war, refused to vole men and mo
ney, and denounced and condemned it, ic. If
Southern men bad done the same, or "been
united," as tbe Regitler puts it, thore would
bave been no war, and if they were united evoo
now, it would cease. Unfortunately some of
tbem were loyal and true to tbe Government of.
their fathers They lovod it aod the 0-ig which
was the symbol of it, and the example of Yal.
landigham is used by the RegitUr to sharpen
its condemnation of tbem ! Do they not know
bim aud appreciate him 7
On tbe 8tb Inst., Yallandigham was reported
at Petersbarg, Virginia, but 00 further tpttial
mention of bim is made. Of course all care i
taken to avoid dumnging bim io tbe North, by
any unmiMakeublu tokens of approval or ap
plause. A telegram from Wilmington, N. C, June
12tb, to tbe Richmond Dispatch, reported that
a few days before be had parsed through thut
phtce, ea route to Xussuu. Doubtless his stay
in Uichmond was tihort, and when lit I'flcrs-
borg he was no itoiml 011 Ina way to limiii-
ton. Possibly we may utxt hear of him in
Canada. Ilia noniina iou by the Chuttauooga
Rebel, some tiroe 6inc?pre8iiged, and prepared
his mind for the action of his friends at home.
YtcKBUR&. We have official accounts
of the progress of aff iirs at Yrkiaborg up
to tbe 1 51 It lust. At thut time everytbinic
whs going on favorably. The Siege is be
ing pressed with vigor. Tbe Rebels opened
a vigorous hVe wHb artillery and inuckeiry
along tbe whole line keeping it op most
the uny. At times their string was furious
but it was without much effect. Tbey
placed two of their mortars out of the reach
of our guns and sharpshooters, from wbich
tbey fired nearly a hundred shells at our
trenches, but only wounded two or three
our men. The defences in tbe rear
Grant's army ore being daily strengthened
and Gen. Joe Johnston is evidently afraid
to make an attack on tbem. uuerniias are
swarming on tbe beuks of the river above
and below here, firing on all pasb..'.'f boats.
Thb Pennsylvania Democratic Con
ventiok, on tbe uinth ballot, nominated
the Hon. George Woodward of Luzerne
for Gov r .or; Chief Justice Lowneof Alle
gany was renominated for tha Supreme
Court. U! Judge woodward, the liul
letin says: "He is an able lawyer and a geu
tleman, a bitter and bigoted Democrat,
and in the beginning of the secession troub
les made no concealment of bis sympathy
wilb tbe boutn. He bas recently kept
quiet on tbo subject. Resolutions full of con
demnation of thu National Administration,
and denying tbat the party would ever
consent to a peace involving a dismember
ment of the Union. While condemning tbe
administration in unmeasured terms not
word of tbe condemnation of tbe rebels
Tuc Was News, of the Dast week has been
of very moderate interest except io reference to
tbe invasion of Pennsylvania. By Thursday
mornings paper, we nave a desnatch savin
tbat the rebels are in force at Mercersburg, aod
bave driven in our pickets this side of tbe town.
A later dispatch of tbe 25ln reoorta the rebels
in force passing through the mouotains from
Mercersbarg. The city of IlarrUburg was iu a
bign state or excitement all day. News from
op the Valley show tbe enemy are rapidly ad
vancing in tbat direction In strong force. Geo.
Kaipes, comramaudiog the forces in tbe Yalley,
will probably eive them battle at that noinL
Oor cavalry, fell back as the rebels, advauced.
Pittsburgh has been all alive for days paxt
io fortifying aod is said to be in a good state to
Dispatches from Geo. Bsnks hava been re.
ceived by the War Department to tbe effect
mat 00 tne lain lust., having established his
batteries wilbio three hundred and fiftv vards of
iuo reoei woricsai rori Hudson, arter a vig
orous cannonade, be summoned Ueneral Oar.
L L . - .... .
doer to surrender. Oo bis refusal an assault
was made, and our forces rained noaition with.
io uny 10 one boodred yards of the enemy's
works, which they beld. Geoeral Payne was
severiy wounded. General liauks exoreasad
himself eonQdant of success.
I be Ciocinati Gazelle's eoreanondent near
Yicksburg, writing on the 18tb, says it is lulen-
dad to open with hot shot opon that city on
Special to Eveoisg Post:
Washington. June 23 Tt la at l.
fully ascertained tbat tbe main bodv of th
rebel army is in Shenandoah Yalley.
E well's corps moved from Culpeper first
and wm followed by Lonerstreet's. which
was succeeded by D. H. Hill'a Corps.
sua curpi 01 A. 1 . Ml II rt id nnt vn nn
tbe Yalle
Yalley ontil after Ewell gained bis suc
at Winchester.
A great Mass Meeting of tha Demncraev
of Illinois was uel.J at Springfield ou Wed
nesday of last week when tha raaolatlona atf
tb Ohio shams vrr adopted.
Col. Jnmes Johnson, with a 1'r.nnsy
vania regiment, last week , made a three
days' reconnoisssnce along the Chlckabo
miny nearly to Charles City Conrt Hoose,
driving in tbe enemy's pickets, cspturlnga
number of tbe lOflh Virginia cavalry, secur
ing large herds of fine cattle, horses, mules,
saddles, bridles, buggies, wagons, guns,
over $500 worth of tobacco, and destroying
valuable tool-shops, forage aod grain.
Admiral Foote'a physioaa reports that if
he recovers at all it will ba with the loss of
bis mind. '
Tbe Saperintendent of tbe Board of Publio
Instruction of tbis State, has recently been at
tacked with deleriuo tremens.
lie's a nice man I
LOPEMENT.-A Mrs Strkna. daogh-
tr of Oaaia Sutra, oT flaybmok, and wife of R. W. Ciom,
oldlw of iht Svth rMlnMnt.0. V. 1. while atonalM Mh
ruidMea of br fthr-tn-lw, Mom Cnm of Plymouth, lid
denljr dlppwrd a few nlhu ulna. Her window wm
found open In th morning, Ihroorh willed the probably pun
ed her Iron, utehel, bed end bedding, her boy. nnd her deer
on, miouii nnn. 01 one in tne nape or a homnn Ming,
ml ling hirowlf KiSeld, nnd left for Aahtebnla, where he had
rreeh borne awaiting bim. Mere he treated the crowd, and
wai fluah with green back a, the earning., no donbt, which the
abaent hoahand had rat ale Mthleae wire, with the requeat
to pnrrbaae a little home. The party left Aahtabala, for 01
rard, where It la enppoaed they anent the Sabnatb, aa they
were there eren by one who knew tliem well, to take the can
for the weat.
Will nnt Ood follow with hie withering onne. then) aril-
dnert, for the wronga neaped npoa a faithful hnabaad r Thie
plot, toe irienaa 01 me oeiuaea woman, eay they hare known
for all mentha, and hare advlaed the delay of Iu execution
nntll the reeelpt of the fundi alluded to abore, amounting to
SISfc A rump to tvi Imnaeo.
tabula township.
Aathe I w direct., you will meet on the 4th day of Jnly
next, between the nouraol one ana Are o'clock. P. it . at the
iimnwing piaeea, io wu: uompany a, Bute Militia. wHl mi
at Flreniane' Hall; Company B, in the upper front room erer
nimcB a nna nrninere aiore; company u, at tne Nflhoo!
Houae In Eiat Aahtabula Tillage. Ton will then and there
proceed In the following manner to elect UteoOioereof your
respective Companiea. to wit:
Yon will elret tItb Toee. thru of roar nnmhar u utu
Jndtrea of election, alee two elerka In tbe aame manner, and
when tbtu organised: you wiu proceed to elect by hallnt, one
captain, one oral L.ienienani, aao one eeoena 1. ten tenant.
Yj e none that all peranne wbo are liable to do military duty
win aueno ineae eiecttona, ae lite military atatoa or your
enmpauiea will depend npon tbe capacity and energy or the
officers you elret. You may be called Into actUre amUe,
tuon you will want amemeo u lean yon.
8. ilARUAN.
AihtaeuTftt June 25th, 1SCS.
C&eT oris and
AabtahulaT'latiir.t Court August Icrm 1841
MiTina tuiuiaan
Fi Fs.
Frederick Htillman.
BY Virtue of an EXECUTION duly
iasued from said Court, ia tbe shore caae. in me dl.
reeled, I will offer for saleby wae of public-auction, at tb
11 : I i' i. 'I. ....ii .
iwsiueuce ui r renrrn a miiiman, IU Anoorer,
Aahtabu' county, mite, oa
Teutday, He 16t day My A. D lBfiX
between the hours of la and 4 o'clock f said day, tbe folhter
Vat deecrtbed foods and chattels to-wHi
C Sheep,
6 Lambg,
2 Red Uaerg,
7 Roan Cows,
1 Briudle Cow,
1 White Cow,
1 Yearling Boll,
1 Yearling Heifer,
1 two year old 8teer,
1 two year ol Bay Colt, and
1 yearling Grey Colt
B. A. WRIGHT, Sheriff.
FherirTi Cfftce, Jane JSth, IMS. St-tot '
GrootXm A-xiszl OIxAttolaaw
Ashtabula "oramon Pleas, November Term 18S1.
Agninrt I'i Fa.
K. B. Brown. J
T)Y virtm- vf nn rxpc'ntion dnlv iponrt.l
1 i from r:iM fniirt. la tielove nine-, to- me dlrert.M !
w II offer f.r ile In w .1 of f.M,tc surtfo-i at or neai tho mi-di-neeof
B. H n-nirn In ltlrhninml. ..Ul.t-,t.,il.. .,.. i.:.;..
vi Saturday. the l-Jth d.y f .Inly, A. O.HS.Iv betweVt. ),;
linnra nl in nnd 4 oVlocV of mid duya, the following dmc'riVil
gol ami cbnttela, to wit:
(1T000) vtvciiieeii thousand feel of oirn
and a grey mure.
, , TOWARD A. WRlfJHT.SherilTi
Sherrff'fitce, June- tft, 1863. St-TDt
r-Ti I'm ,h "!I7 ArtnlTT Company, now being raised
.... "-- noTy nrtiuerr to oerend our borders, a
better op mluuitr has not been presented since the war. to
persons winding to aerr tbeir own State and eonn-rr. than
is now twing ottered by W.H H.CKOWEl'U
Se hand Bills.
Recruiting Officer.
6 75
tb tnirris-a
At Wholesale and Retail.
Oeaft. Furniahlng Goods.
I hare tbe larcest and bsat
selected stock in the city, and
cuarantee to please the meat
1S FrtsV as ttUNM-
awat. in this department I
hare nothing but sreertescaW
bands employed, ana by em
ploylnv such. I am alwara en
S tor
S far IS
for IS
S for 21
abled to giro work tbat will
pror eaiialaetory to tb pur-
Belt-Meaaoremcnt ewrterery-j
oa applicatioa.
At Whole! or and Retail
Order promptly attended io. All are turUed'to- mil en
Lafrsge Block. 704 S7A Broadwoy, N. V
OLD OUT I have disposed of my
enure Block or Mllieery and Yankee Notions to Mrs m. V.
Wileoi, tegctuer with the good will of tbe business, and as
I design goinc out ef the ride, ehserfullr recommend BIT
customer to her, assuring tbem that tbey will be honorably
dealt with in entry respect. J. O. WRIGHT.
jamronia, jone IS, 1002. 70
- There will be. in nnrsuance nl tha state MIlllU Iw
an election of company officers, held by t.'C Militia of Aahta
bula townaliip, at Firemans' Hall, 00 Saturday, July 4th IS63,
1 wincu nme tne 1 ruaiees win lorm company districts aod
organise mllitarr companies. Folia will be eneiit .1 nlm
o'clock A.M. It is important that those who are liable to do
Milliarr dutr attend the election of their officer. ..iiu.i.t
ui trustees in me organisation 01 tneir companies.
saDiaoois, Jooe 15, 1803. St-704
Groceries, Groceries.
"I? R. WILLIAMS, havine- onrehawd
-SJ4 the Store formerlv AccnnteA k pMn,iu o.
-"- "- .w ewinn cuoiow kji es urocencs. wbicb
be Intends to sell at rery low prices for theas times, and
hopes bis old friends aod tb public generally will gire bus a
He expects te pay cash for most kinds of country Produce
as well aa for Lumber.
He bas tbe agency of the celebrated imnrored "Hubbard
Standard and Light
to which he wonld invite attentioo aad trial, bcllcTUig they
are the beat Mowers erer Inrented.
are the beat Mowers erer Inrented.
Ashtabula, June 3d loos.
TTATS. I hsve just received a frwh
---- Aaao rtmeat of Hats, which I ta aaxloua to sell Cheap.
May IS, 1(X13.
aiarmn nai.i
MEL. Bmind frsMti th. .,, a - u.si-. D....s
l'y.r?: totor"' Fnrialaa Ladies' Euameller. It
whltros the aklo, giring it a soft, satin-like texture, end lm
part a freshness, smoothness, peart-lie tint aod transpar
ency to the complexion, wbich la quite natural, wlthoatta
Injury to the akin, aad caaoot possibly be detected.
rawiTse isa, irecsiea ana sunburn,
Price br mall SO Centa. Bant rrsa of aoetsx i.
necked from obserratioo, with direction for aee.
Auursaa, m m a uu., ferre roars,
1W aorta Seven street, aad
St South Eight Street.
hiladelpbla. Pa.
OJJict ta Ai Fisk Block, U Room recently ao
eupied by Dri. tfkiU f Robinson.
If. B- OatoS la Aahtahal etltl We - e .k. jk 1.
the I6U1 of each aatoth, anUl lur'u.er aoUee. tb last ball
of tbe auouta will be apuit ia the OOtee la tnaut.
April lgS,
LADIES you can Opd
ttoa ef FLOw-KB IttSI at
choice eollao
U. . pkTBt
Asbkitiala, April U, W
JVctc . Goods.
fllE Undersigned bag received from N.
Yera, and etber Markets ef tbe East, k is aeaal supplieaeT
Spring and Summer Goods.
eactatlof ef trerv DeeeripUea ef
Dry Goods and Ready Made Clothlogy
Crockery and Glass Ware,
Hardware and Cutlery.
House and Carriage Trimming.
Iron, Steel, Nails, Anvils, Vices, apriogs, Aiela
Drugs and Medicines,
Paints, Oils, Dyes toff, Glass, Putty, AO., k-ti
All of which will be soil tat Cask er Ready ray, oa the
Moat Favorable Term.
Particnlara hereafter, ta tha soeaa time salt and eiamla
Goods and Prieee. OBO. WILLAJU).
Ashtabula, Jans 1, 1SSS.
Experience of an Invalid.
PTJBLISIIED for the Benea. and a a
Warning and Cantloa to Young Men wbo nfter' froov
NerTona Debility, Premature Decay of Manhood, ete.snx4y
Ing at the earae time tbe Means of Helf-Cure, by one wiro b se
en red himself after being put to great expense and Injury fromri
medical humbugeandqnackery. HyencloatDg e-aost'patdad
dressed esrelope, aiagle copies mar be had of the author.
10 Bedford, King Cesmty, N. T.
LAND For Sale in East Tmmbnll A
brrat It Acre of Land with a good Rons, Barn aad
out-bulldinga In prime order, with good water and cholee
frnit, situated In Eaat Trumbnll, three miles from tbe riling
of Rnek Creek, being tb premises new ooenpied by J. Par
mentor. & ln, a Grist Mill, known as the Clark
MIH. with about 20 acres of Iand, situated near the abo-s de
scribed prem iae. The Mill la well aituated for nualneae, oa a
datable at ream, la In good repair, has two run of atone, bolt
smut machine, rolling acreen, elevators, A, complete. The
annre deacribed proportr will be anld cheap, a the owner Is
about nmnrlng to the West, and reasonable credit will be glr
eo for a portion of tbe parehaae money. Apply to
O. H. riTCal, Real Estate Agent.
Aahtabnla, May ML 1SS3. SaTOO
PRINTS and all kinds of loratic goods'
marked down, at BBftRICBV BROTHBB3I EetaMlah
seat oa
Friday, May 29th, 1863:
Nevr Goods received by Express..
Jfli I l i n e r y ..
XR3. ihrrum;
MRS) rniLUF.
WE TIAVE jnst received front New
York a new supply ef
Spring and Summer Goods,.
Latest Styltt and Patttrni ,
which we can sell as cheap as caa be buoght In this ?lolnlty
Wt Mel eonBieat (Bat sue-
will giro entire satisfaction.
All are Inrited te call at our Old Stand, opposite WELLS
Ashtabula, April 10, 1S6S.
M i l li ncr ij
HAVIXO jt'nt rr-rnrwrl fnarrr N w York.,
reapeetfolly annowaes to the poSHq tbat she win
Saturday, Marth- 28j
an elegant end attractive assortment ef
Millinery and Fancy Goods.
u the SHrra BLOCK, oe deer N eeth of tfatFlSKHOUSa'
Baring obtained th errleei ef
for both SH.K aad 8TRA Vr W&ftX, she feeie enoSdeBt law
eaTieg.tbat she la prepared to-execute atl1 klada of work pet
tafningoi Millinery, witb deeeatehv and la a STYLE salsa
factory t ail wbe-naeyfkver ban with their patroaage
Sbs deeigns to make berg a
and Inriles aUlwh iat
Firl Class Goodie
at asaderat prices, te salL
Io addltioa t IW sVWf, she has a choice rartefy sf
Ashtabula, March 3S, ISSS.
OW either sex in-v fa-oinaif arid train'
iae lore rrmtioetiee, sDectinaa,an4 good will of any
they cbeoae, tostantly. This stracle mental acnaite.
men aB caa aoaecaa, aacariog oertaia aacoast la lees, mar
riage, Ac
Free by asaU for 36 mots, together with a Oald to th
Unmarried ef Beth Sexexy-aa extraerdinary book f greag
latorMt. ThrdesKkrti. Orer 100,004 nopiea aold. A duress
1. WILLIAM a CO.. Publishers,
SW-1y rhiladelphla, Pa.
A perfect ANTIDOTE, SPECIFIC aad CUM for,
kas long been needed.
After osrneat and padsal ra
eeareh, Ibis kas boon Irium
Dbanllr dka-
II I called
"Watson's Neuralgia King.
WATSON'S NKURALGIA KINO reaches tb soureav
f th trouble, aad ixinUAas (As dittat from lb sye
Jam. Unlike live untold numbvr of Llnlinonu and Km
procalloos which merely allniulsU tbe eurface, an bat
temporary In their effects, and are, al best, of doubtful
rlnue. It STRIKES AT TUK SKAT of th aliment,
tcarae ao trace behind.
Wulton'i JTturalgi J"v CWa
la all their forma. II I bow firing relief to lAoveoavde
wbo hare beea euSerina fniin these disease, and waax
bar TKIEU ALL ortifcB KEklEOlEa la vala.
Watson's Neuralgia King
Raa rooeired th A4oAet asrfmowtVils from the klghoet
aoareee la regard to Iu WONUKKKI'L EFFlCACT
IlupraU wuh equal suaceaa In mild aad ehronl.
eeiaa, eeeriiHaf to work oat a 1 peed y aad bwsaae
Beat euro.
"Watson's Neuralgia King
Cost hot on dollar a bottle, aad LXsa TlIAlf A
BorfLK ofWa tlaii Um ad deelred.
aULOI A thai has erer bea discovered.
JTtr AUes y mil ier. Prepared enle by
. 0. B. WALkaTt. aaamal Agwat,
WaUe,New Yelrb, aad Fert EriTo. T.
B4 la Atbtaeala, by tBOj WTMRO a A. MNOHar.

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