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VOL. I NO. 38
Every Liquor Dealer in City
Ordered to Get His Friends
to Register to "Protect His
"Near Throats" From Broworics
for Rank and File in McNichoI's
Tenderloin, Where Saloon IVion
Have Not Been Working Hard.
The allied liquor Interests and Pen-rose-McNIchol-Vnre
machine nro making
today their last attempt to bolster up
the tottering machine thnt will flsht
against antl-llquor legislation In Penn
sylvania. With liquor dealers anil brew
ers, and with Republican Oi sanitation
henchmen at the hejm, the organization
that has fattened under the spoils sys
tem Is making a tremendous effort to
bring out n large registration.
The Retail Liquor Dealers' Association
yesterday made Its last prcllmlnaiy ar
rangements for today. It srnt letters to
every liquor dealer In Philadelphia, uig
Infr them to get tholr fi lends to register.
"Do not overlook that this Saturday
Is the last day for icglstratlon." tho Pen
rose literature said. "Inquire of your
friends if they are alieady leglstcrcd.
If not, line them up to register Satur
daj "
No details were given as to how to
"line up" the saloon oto for Penrose.
The lctteY, which was one of a series
that has been sent out by the Mquor
Dcnleis' Association since Senator Pen
rose announced his candidacy, called upon
nil saloonkeepers and bottlers In Phlla
de'phla to attend a meeting tomorrow af
ternoon, at which the liquor Interests
are evpei ted to "i-iko stock" and deter
mine their assets In tho way of prob
able pio-llquor otos.
Ine most important stage of the bitter
figh that has been waged by the liquor
lute fts will end tonight, when tho pulls
will r'nte and the registration books will
not be opened again this fall.
Si nv "f the llteratuie that has ben
UFtI In till campaign bears "near
thir ts' to Induce every saloonkccrer,
ci i ill' . to Juln In tho tight to assist
l'un.lUte P'tfi-'os'.
Tif- oiange ticket," which admitted
the mi Titiers of tho Inner circle of tho
lliiu r irm's council to tho meeting held
In th I'agles' Temple, at Broad and
Snrli fi iisrdm stnets. last Tuesday af
tein." n hud one rf the "near throat"
at t'i. t ip and another at tho bottom.
At the tup of the ticket appeared this
u Miittn 'All those that are not
wi h us are against us.' Will you bo with
us I nif"
Thp hrewerlos that control many of the
col 'lis in Philadelphia and that control
fit f 'rtunes of most of tho saloon-kef-pi
used thir influence by signing
this ite .i the bottom of tho tickets:
We pn.ltlv-lv insist that you attend
this n eeiiug. (Flgned)
Brcwt-n '
TbK v ir! wna sent out by Frederick I..
Glohser. Hn.im'lal secretary of the Liquor
Dealers' Association of the Third Sena
torla D'strlct, Stnto Senator James P.
JlrVich.'l s bailiwick. It was sent to
ever h .'.o'lnkt-cper In the 6th, 6th, 10th,
11th :th. 12th, Hth. lftb and IKth wards,
whir-h imprlse tin- former "Tenderloin"
and tl surrounding districts, where Mc
Klehu, hns his strength
All of the liquor dealers In the Mc
Ntchol stronghold, however, have ap
pal ently not been working hard enough
In tho Interest of Candidate Penrose.
This was evidenced by a circular letter
ncnt by Gloseer to every brewer, dis
tiller, wholesaler, buttl'r and retail dealer
Jn the district on September 15. The let
ter notified them of the meeting hold last
Tuesday, and rebuki'd them for not hnv-
Jng attended previous meetings. After
calling upon the liquor dealers to rally
and "piotcct their Incomes," the letter
"If ou fall to attend the above meet
ing we shall consider that you are
nt,alnst us In this cause, and your name
will be placed upon the uonactlve list.
pon't fall to be present."
The words "against us" and "non
t.tive list wire printed in capital let
ters (ilosser explained that the associa
tion meant by these threats that uny
liquor dealers who did not attend tint
meetings would be dropptd from mem
bership In tho association. None wa"
dropped at the meeting last Tuesday, he
But If they align themselves 'against'
Sou. will the association light ihem?"
he was asked.
We will have to fight every one who
Is against us." he said. No open war
-would be waged among the liquor deal
ers, he said, through the lefusal of some
to Join In the support of Penrose. "Hut
tome of tnem might run for the I.eglo
Jature. or want our support In some
cither way some time," he added.
Newspaper Aleady Sees Destruction
of Foe's Army.
IinitLlN. Oct 3
(ispaU'hes from the western battle
fl id seem very encouraging." sajs the
I.jKut vnelger. "Aliead It's possible to
aritb ipnte the entire destruction of the
Kicmh army. The German soldiers are
flhnos with the grandest bravery."
FA I Fv.
-For I'lnfailetpi-ta and vicinity-
rfi'j c'oudy tovjht andS'tnd'ty,
t'h rrj"e"s, to eo'it
$4 j uy
Do not
registered': if
Do not
Turkish Ambassador, in Dis
favor With Administration,
Claims Moral Right for
Adverse Interviews.
WASHINGTON", Oct. 3. As n. "parting
shot" at tho Administration before leav
ing Washington, A. Rustem Bey. Turk
ish Ambassador, Issued another state
ment, madf public today, virtually de
claring he was forced out of Washing
ton besnuse of tho view tnken by Ad
ministration officials of his reeont state
mnt calling attention to American lyuch
iiiga. The Ambassador was In New York to
day on "leave of absence." lie Is not
expected to return.
"I am quitting tho United States on
leave of absence," was tho statement nt
tiibuted to the Ambassador as published
hete today upon tho eve of hi depar
ture. "I am taking this step on my own
Initiative bb a result of tho view taken
by the Government of tho United States
of the statement made by me Septem
ber 18.
"Sly Government, with which I have
been unable to communicate, has yet to
formulate Its own view of my action.
"What Is the point? It Is whether a
foreign representative may refer In print
to excesses of a serious nature taking
place occasionally In the country to
widen, he Is accredited.
"My reply Is that In principle he may
not, but that If the local press Is con
stantly reminding the public It serves,
not Infrequently In the most unneces
sary language, of excesses of a some
what similar nature with which his coun
try has had to reproach itsilf; when the
authorities aie powerless or do nut cam
to put a stop to these attacks; when they
continue In a time of unparalleled crisis,
when tight natlonB aro at wnr and the
others, In a state of dangerous excitement,
then I say that representative has doubly
the right to direct attention of those
fallings of the nation In whose midst he
lives, fallings which place It, in one re
spect, on a par with hU own, since by
doing so he Is defending the latter, which
Is ids oltlclal duty, and is also making
an effort to prevent Berious mischief,
which Is his moral duty.
"I cannot admit that such a comparison
undertaken In such a spirit that Is, en
tirely devoid of malice Is an offense to
a nation,
"I have received close upon 100 loiters
from Americans, mostly natives, women
as well as men, among the latter profes
sors of universities, law) era. publicists
and Journalists, commending my attltudo
In strong and flattering terms "
The World's Series
Basebal. enthusiasts want to
know the "inside stuff." Only the
"insider" can tell it with authority.
Eddie Collins
to all readers of
Send your order to your news
dealer early for copjfs of The Eve
nine Ledger thrcugajjrt the world's
rharoplonthip seri
" in union innnii ib sTnnNcm.'
aiiunMM '
Inlaticlpljta detail Htquor dealers' tooctatton
oPFion of tun hbcohdiko mtcntrrAnv
gkokob soni)i:n.BNu walnut BTitEETrt"
pbltauclpbfa, Sept. 29, '14
Fellow Liquor Dealer:
The regular mooting of this Association will be hold at
Apollo Hall, 1726 N. Broad St., Sunday, Oct. 4th, 2.30 p.m.
As the vacation season is now over, wo would urge each
retailer in the county to awaken, and roalizo the serious
situation that our business is in at this time.
Possibly your continuance in businoss will bo in Jeop
ardy afte"r this fall olootion, unless all tho individuals
interested in our businoss tako an active part.
Our opposition has boon successful in having tho two
political bodies, whoso platforms are positively against U3,
to unite in an offort to oloct oandldatos opposed to us so
wo hopo that you will do your share of tho missionary work
to offset the efforts Aof our fanatical opposition.
overlook that THIS SATURDAY is
Inquiro of your rrionas n cnoy navo airoaayv
not, line thorn up for registration Saturday I
forgot tho meeting Sunday.
Yours respectfully,
President Roc. Secretary
p. s. We have a representative on the street in tho
person of Thos. J. Nestor, whose duties are to solicit mom-,
borship and collect duos.' If you cannot attend the coming
meeting and dosiro representative to call, drop a card to
tho Secretary.
MOTTO: "ALL those that are not with us are against us."
This card will admit bearer to a Special Meeting on Tuesday, September
29th, 1914, at 2:30 P. M at Eagles' Temple, 1336 Spring Garden Street.
Name .
Address . .-. .. ...
We positively insist lhat
you attend this meeting.
Don't Fail to Register!
Today Your Last Chance!
Be a good citizcnl
Register today 1
Half of the last opportunity to
register for the November election
pasbcd when the polls closed at 10
o'clock tins morning.
You must be registered if you are
to vote against Penrose on No
vember 3. Your last chance to
qualify to vote tilts fall will be this
afternoon and tonight.
The polls will reopen at 4
o'clock and remain open until 10
o'clock tonight, in order to giie
every citizen an opportunity to
qualify to vote.
Nearly 200,000 electors did not
register on the first two registra
tion days. This is more than one
half of the citizens vvhosc names
are on the assessors' lisjs.
Poll tax receipts can be pur
chased at the polls today.
Party enrolment is not neces
sary. Register this afternoon or to
night. Failure to do so is failure to ob
serve the most important of all
civic duties.
Famous Surgeon Tells Min
nesota Medical Association
Disease May Be Arrested
in Early Stages,
51INNEAPOLIB. Oct. 3. Membeis of
the Minnesota State Medical Association
manifested today a great deal of Inter
est In the paper read before the asso
ciation by Dr. W. J. Mao, of the, famous
Mayor brothers, of Rochester, Minn., Jn
whtch he asserted that cancer Is curable
if treutcd in Us early stages, lie de
clared the dlseabo Is not hereditary, so
fur as medical science knows.
"The Cancer Problem" waa the kub
Ject of his paper.
Any person having symptoms that
might indicate cancer, any persisting ab
normal swelling, whether painful or not,
should consult a physician early und thus
give opportunity for treatment that might
be efficacious In case cancer were pres
ent, said Doctor Mayo, ik held that ef
fective treatment of cancer at present
was distinctly surgical, and thtt cour
ageous treatment early would result in
effecting cures in man) cases, whereas
delay caused that treatment to fail, lie
said surgkal s lence bad borne unjust
jr'ponsib) Jty for many fatal tlci because
PiBktivo treatment had teen git en when
tiidiaeae waa beyond, cure
the last day fori
Ward- TH
Penn and Franklin and Mar
shall Elevens Primed for
the Hardest Sort of Play
This Afternoon.
FRANKMN FIEI,D. Oct. 3. With Us
forward line weakened by Injuries, where
two substitutes roplaced two Injured
veterani, and with three new men In tho
back field tho University of Pennsylvania
football team went forth to battle this
afternoon against Franklin nnd Marshall
College, a team which last year held the
Tied and Bluo to a score of 13-6.
It was rather warm weather for good
football, tho thermometer registering
many degrees higher than when the
Quakers opened tho season a week ago.
These facts, together with tho known
strength of the Lancaster collegians,
mnilo up almost entirely of veteran ma
terial from last year, gave the Quaker
coaches bomo concern in advance of tho
Although tho coaches made an un
usually big shift In their line-up it v,aa
rjufstionablo whether or not they had
weakened their team, if the Hue was
weakened by the loss of Itu&bell at guard
through an Injury to his elbow and the
substitution there of Popper, and the
further necessity of using Hopkins at
end in place of Matthews, tho strength
ening of the back field gave the team
moro power In Its attack. The coaches
looked forward to the work of the backs
with great Interest, particularly the work
of llalluu at quarterback. They gave
this post to Ifdllou because he is a good
Individual player and likewise because he
Is always cool under lire.
Avery has always been a logical choleo
at one halfback. Ho didn't start here
against Gettysburg (Imply because ha
had not been out for tho team long
enough to become hirdened. Nuw that
lie Is In shape tho conches expect him
to hold his position securely Tucker
at the other halfback Is an experiment,
but one the coaches think will be suc
cessful. The visiting team reached the city
during the forenoon and went to their
hotel fur a light lunch. Coach Mayser
belittled the chances of his team to Mn
oi either to score. The Franklin and
Marshall warriors reached Franklin Field
nn hour before the game and hastened
to the training quarters to dress for the
Fears for Lieutenants On North Sea
LONDON, Oct 3 -Flie hjdroplanes a"d
aeroplanes today set cut en a. 8ariH
for ueuunanis vercon ana 'Asi. of tho
naval flying corps, who left fir a flight
ot er the North Hta. en Tuesday and
pave not oeca seen or aeara irem4gm
Magazine of Fireworks Com
pany in Jersey City Blows
Up Buildings Five Miles
Away Rocked.
All Fire, Police and Hospital Ap
paratus in City Rushed to
Scene Gross Negligence
Blamed for Mishap.
JEKSIJY CITY, Oct. 3. Three men wcro
blown to pieces, seven wcro severely
Injured nnd 30 persona suffered minor
Injuries when the magazine adjoining the
plnnt of tho Dctwiller & Street Fire
woiks Manufacturing Company, at West
Third avenue and the Morris canal, this
city, exploded a few minutes before 11
o'clock today.
Windows within nn nrcn of ten blocks
nnd buildings five miles away wero
rocked by the force of tho explosion.
The known dead arc:
JIAX ZIMMint.MAN, Jersey City.
AUTIIUR KINN. Jersey City.
Seven of the Injured uro In hospltnls,
30 turret cd minor lnjuilcs and one Pole
Is missing.
Tho explosion originated In a powder
magazine a few feet distant from tho
main factory and was due, the police
said, to gross negligence. John Andrlos,
manager of tho plant, Is held pending nn
Investigation. Tho nolso was heard
throughout Jersey City, Bayonnc, Hobo
ken nnd New York. People rushed Into
the street fearing an earthquake.
Tho Hubert Giiflln Novelty Manufactur
ing Company, a block away, suffered
only second In extent to the fireworks
plant Itself. The walls of tho novelty
factory rocked and settled several Inches
from the fearful concusslun.
Fire, police nnd hospital apparatus from
all parts of tho city came quickly to
tho scone, nnd the rapid work of the
city cmplojcs did much to forestall a
panic nmong tho excited relatives of
tho workmen. Spectators from nearby
towns hurried to tho scone, and the
police had their hands full keeping back
curiosity Beckers.
Tho firemen did good work in prevent
ing tho sprend of tho flames and aided
In rescuing the Injured from tho ruins.
Ambulances- from ovcry hospital In Jer
sey City and Hoboken wcro pressed Into
service to carrj'vaway tho Injured.
Tho Detwlllcr & street Fltcworks Manu
facturing Company Is a New York cor
poration, capitalized at $100,000, with their
main offices in the Woolworth Huildlng.
Edward 13. C.indce Is president nnd
Chniles a. Street secretary. The other
directors aro Edward Packard and John
O. Stanton.
Bottle Explodes and Drenches Candi
date's Picture in Polling Place.
A photograph of Senator Fenroso was
bathed with whisky this morning In
tho polling place of tho 12th Division
of the Hth Wnrd.
The bath was nn accidental one. The
picture of tho Senator wns supported by
bottles of various lliuors.
A bottle of whisky blew out tho cork,
as whisky will sometimes do when over
heated. When the cork blew from the
bottle's neck a stream of whisky shot
upward over the picture of the Senator.
Election ofllcers heard the cork pop, but
thought little of It. They also hmelled
tho perfume of whisky, but they paid
little attention to It also, for the odor Is
not unfamiliar about n polling place.
Men standing at Olive nnd Twelfth
Streots weiu quick to see tho liquor going
to waste. They made n complaint to the
election clerks. Tho whisky was mopped
up and a new picture of Senator Penrose
was substituted for the marred ono.
The polling plnco Is in tho wholesale
liquor store of George Ulngcle, 715 North
Twelfth Btreet. There were bottles all
about the election ofllcers. They were
backed by whisky, wine and beer. Some
of the officers had a bottle for their own
use. Those who had a bottle stated that
It contained ginger ale.
West Pullman Institution Executive
Found in Gas-filled Boom.
CHICAGO, Oct 3.-Following the finding
of the body of Charles D. Rounds, presi
dent of the AVest Pullman State Hank, In
a gas-flllcd room In the rear of the Insti
tution, early today. State Examiner Dan
iel Harklns closed the bank.
Tho Institution had W.COO deposits at
tho time of Its last statement. Cashier
Henry Paul said that the bank was sol.
vent and that Mr. Hounds ended his life
bemuse of III health.
Cooke Asks for Haste in Authorizing
Richmond Improvements,
The Public Service Commission will
hold a hearing on the opening of Tulip
and Emerald streets under the Itlchmond
bianch of the Philadelphia and Reading
Rallwa, next Thursday morning, at
Director Cooke, In discussing the street
openings and elimination of grade cross
ings in the Richmond section, today said
there was a gieut public demand for the
improvement, and that ho Knew of no
rtuscm why it should further be held up.
Work will be started as soon as the un
dertaking is authorized by the Commis
Philadelphia Firms Start Campaign
in South America and Far East,
As a lesult of the European war Phila
delphia manufacturers of horse-drawn
vehicles hate started a business cam
paign In South America. lirazll alone
last year Imported nearly $100,000 worth
of axles, wheels, tires, etc, and of this
tho i nlted States sold less than $30,000
worth, allowing Europe to get the bulk
of the trade
Ffffrts are a'so b'ing made to get Far
Ki-tern trad" On rtt'ad'-'p'i'a manu-U'itoA'-is
reclv-il a- erd-r fr J0W
:d wneelj
Crown Prince Makes Futile Attempt to
Penetrate Enemy's Battle Front in
Argonne Region Paris Reports Suc
cesses on Left Wing.
Von Kluk's Army Heavily Reinforced and
German General Staff States French
Have Been Dislodged From Positions
South of Roye.
The War Today
Forces under command of tho Ger
man Crown Prlnco today wore re
pulsed after a sharp onslaught In tho
Argonno region, near Vnrennes. A
desperate struggle Is raging on the
west near Royo and Doual. German
night attacks here wero repulsed.
German olllclals announco tho French
forts from Verdun to Tcul nro being
reduced, while attacks by the Allies
on the eastern and western ends of the
lino havo been repulsed. The German
centre Is mm, while tho right wing is
making progress.
Antwerp's first line of defense on tho
south has boon made the target of
heavy Gorman fire. The Kaiser's
troops have been repulbcd In several
Infantry assaults on forts. Fighting
continued at Tcrmonde.
The hattlo of Cracow has entered
tho Initial stages. Tho Russian ad
vance gurd has engaged the Austro
German forces In fierce skirmishes west
of Tarnow. The battle lino runs from
tho Carpathians to tho German border.
Germans have continued their retreat
in Northern Poland, pursued by Ren
ncnUampf's victorious forces. Tho Rus
sians extended the field of battle to
Vlclce province, In Western Folnnd.
Another Italian ship was sunk by an
Austrian mlno near Trieste. The crow
of GO aie reported killed.
Japan demanded removal of Chinese
soldiers guarding the railway line to
Tslng-Tno. A threat accompanied the
demand. A Japanese mlno sweeper
was sunk In Klo-Chau Bay.
Russia has offered Rumania tho
Austrian provinces of Bukovlna and
Transylvania as an Incentive for par
ticipation in the war. Tho Cabinet
will decide Rumania's policy nt a meet
ing summoned, for next week.
Small Gunboat Sunk in Friendly
Island Bombardment.
Two German cruisers, the Scharn
horst and Gnotsonau, arrived at Papeete,
Tahiti, in the Society Islands, which are
under French control, on September 22,
and sank the small French gunboat
Zelee, whtch had been disarmed since
September H, says an announcement of
the War Olllce.
The cruisers bombarded the town and
destroyed part of It, and then disap
The Lorenzo Was Accused of Fur
nishinp; Coal to German Warships.
The capture of four merchant Bhlps In
the West Indies by the French cruiser
Conde and tho British cruiser Berwick
was reported by the steamship Korona on
its arrival here today
The Conde took the Norwegian steam
ship Helna, while the Berwick captured
the American steamship borenzo, tho
Norwegian steamship Thor and the Ger
man liner Sprowald The Lorenzo was
charged with furnishing coal to German
Disease In North, But Well in Hand,
is Announcement,
LONDON. Oct. 3 A Reuter dispatch
from Home sas that the North German
Gazette, oftlclal organ of the German
Government, admits that cholera has de
veloped In Germany oa well as in Austria,
but declaies that the situation is well
in hand.
Crew of Fifty Reported Killed Near
PARIS, Oct 3.
A news agenej dtspati h from Rome
states that another It Ulan ship has been
sviuk In the Ydrlai' by an Austrian
mlno an4 all rt her crew of 50 were
k lied.
.The dl-asttr is reported to oavo oo
xrirear. Trieste,
PARIS, Oct. 3. '
Repulse of the army of tho Gcrmad
Crown Prlnco is announced in an ofTb
clal statement Issued 1iero at 3 o'clock
this afternoon. It states also that all
tho German attacks In tho vicinity of ,
Royo havo been repulsed and that tha
French forces aro making slow but
steady progress In tho Woovrc regions
The olllclal announcement follows:
On our left wing tho violent en- .
KUBuiiieui. i-uging since yesieruay
continues particularly in tho re
gion of Roye, where wo have re
pulsed all attacks, although on
that part of tho front tho enemy
has been reinforced by new troops I
drawn from the centre of tho line.
At tho centro there Is nothing to
report from Rhelms to tho Ar- j
gonno. In the Argonne the lGth
German Corps, army of tho Crown
Prince, who had tried to slip by i
the forest of Grurlc, has beon re- I
pulsed at the north of the road of
A'arenncs-La-Harazee-Vclnno - le
Ville. In tho Woevre region and
on tho heights of the Meuso our
advance always Is slight but I
In Belgium the Germans aro .
bombarding tho southeast front of
the fortress of Antwerp
succooning in making an;
iuurauie eucct upon tho w'
xjiuy navo maao so-erai mrai
attacks which havo bceli repul
It wns learned today that tho
man General Staff. Issued orders
last Friday for attacks all along tl
line, declaring the front of tho Anglo
French army must bo pierced.
Varcnnes 3 about 17 miles northwest
of Verdun on tho cast side of the Ar
gonno forest and 12 miles south of
Montraucon. where the Crown Prince
is supposed to havo his headquarters.
(An ofTlcIal statement issued In Ber
lln nearly two weeks ngo asserted thi)
Germans had occupied Varennes).
Tho attack by the Crown Prince, wltH
probably his entire army and the
flower of the German forces, Is rcardSi
ed as a desperate attempt to bjr'da
through the Allies' line where It la be
Ilevcd to be weak, or else an attemp1
to force tho Franco-British leaders to;
withdraw troops from their left winsv
where they aro pressing so heavil;
upon the army of General von Kluk,
Further necessity for strengthening
tho German western battle front hai
caused another redistribution of tho
Invaders' forces. Von Kluk's original1
command now doubtless Is the strong
est part of the entire German line, en
tailing corresponding weakness else
where. The length of this line, from Ha
southern extremity between the Alsne
and Olse Rivers to the Belgian fron
tier, Is 75 miles. Properly to defend
heavily intrenched positions and to at
tempt offensive diversions as Von KIulc
has been doing requires about 10,000
men per mile. The German western
front, therefore, comprises 760,000
men, according to standard methods of
estimating. The number may, In fact,
be nearer a minion, depending on tha
strength of the Allies have been nbla
to muster for their advance toward
An opportunity for breaking through
the German weakened centre undoubt
edly now exists, but to take advantag
of It seems to be beyond the possibility
of modern warfare. If the Allies cou
detach secretly a considerable part
their western army and launoh
against the German centre, an ovi
whelming disaster to the Qermu
would result. Such a display of stt
tcgio genius of the kind that w
many victories for Napoleon wo
earn for General Joffre the marsh:
baton, just revived by the French
The difficulties in the way are
superiority of the German esplft
system and the persistent use b
Germans of local offensive tactlci
The failure o( the Allies to cru

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