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^^^*4jM'"^^g5^^g?^^^'^^g^ t^ftm^iM^a^r'*^^^^'^gMH^^!L ^M^^*ip6^MJti,M*i ^*1J'
"I Grow Hair
in One Night."
A Famous Doctor-Chemist Has Discovered
a Secret Compound That Grows
Hair On Any Dald Head.
Discoverer of This Magic Compound That Grows Hair in a Single Night.
After half century spent in the labora
tory crowned with high honors for his
many world famous discoveries, the cele
brated physician chemist at the head of
the great -Altenheim Medical Dispensary
lias just made the startling announcement
that he has produced a compound that
grows hair on any bald head. The doctor
makes the claim that after experiments,
taking years to complete, he has at last
reached the goal of his ambition. To the
doctor, all heads are alike. There are
none which cannot be cured by this re
markable remedy. The record of the cures
already made is truly marvelous and were
It not for the high standing of the great
physician and the convincing testimony
of thousands of citizens all over the coun
try it would seem too miraculous to be
There can be no doubt of the doctor's
Ge My Boo if Sic
Don't Send a Penny
earnestness in making his claims, nor can
his cures be disputed. Ho does not ask
any man, woman or child to take his or
any one else's word for it, but he stands
ready and willing to send free trial pack
ages of this great hair restorative to any
one who writes to him for it, enclosing a
2-cent stamp to prepay postage. In a
single night it has started hair to growing
on heads bald for years. It has stopped
falling hair in one hour. It- never fails,
no matter what the condition, age or sex.
Old men and young men, women and chil
dren all have profited by the free use of
this great new discovery. If you are bald,
if your hair is falling out, or if your hair,
eyebrows or eyelashes.are thin or short,
write the Altenheim Medical Dispensary,
1398 Foso Building, Cincinnati, Ohio, en
closing a 2-cent stamp to prepay postage
for a free package and in. a short time you
will be entirely restored.
Don't send a penny.
Just wait till you see what I can do.
Let me take the.risk. Let me prove up first what Dr. Snoop's
Restorative can do. The Restorative will gain your friendship,
your indorsement if you test it. And for a whole month you can
test it without the slightest risk.
I will tell you of a druggist near you who will furnish six
bottles of
Dr. Shoop's Restorative
A Month on TriaL
I will absolutely stand all the cost if it fails., If yo'u'say^^ *'l.t
did not help me," that ends it as far as cost to you '.is\..G.o-n.'e:i!ne.dW!o/i'!
Do you understand me? 1 am telling it as plainly, as clearly as I"
lean. I want you to know absolutely and without doubt-th'is pff,er isi
made on honor. I have the prescription that cures./K'M '-only.
problem is to convince you that Dr. Shoop's Restorative \y*ili"cu.re^t:t.
is an uncommon remedy. A common remedy could-- not stand. a\-.('-.D
test like this. It would bankrupt the physician making..the' buffer? .f,'
And I am succeeding everywhere, and here is the secret of. my sucW:V,-'-s:
cess. I found invariably that where there was a weakness, the ii^f'
side nerves were weak. When there was a lack of. vitality the yi%l~-.,'
nerves lacked power. Where Aveak organs were found, I-always
found weak nerves. Not the nerves commonly thought of but the
vital organs' nerves. The insidethe invisible nerves.'*'
This was a revelation. Then my real success, began......Then ,1
combined ingredients that would strengthen, that .Would'vitalize,'"
these nerves. That prescription I called restorative... It isknown
the world over now as Dr. Shoop's Restorative.
Thousands are accepting my offer and only one in each forty
writes me that my remedy has failed. Just think.o it. Thirty-,nine
out of forty get well, and these are difficult cases, too. And th"
fortieth has nothing to pay. That is a record I am- proiid Of,. It'.
is wrong to stay sick when a chance like this is open. If well, you
should tell others -who are sick, of my offer. Don't let a sick friend
stay sick because he knows not of my offer. .Tell him. Get my
book for him. Do your duty. You may be sick yourself some time.
Sick people need help. They appreciate sympathy and aid. Tell
me of some sick friend. Let me cure him. Then lie will'show to
both of us his gratitude. Your reward will be .his gratitude. Send
for the book now. Do not delay.,
Simply state which book you want
and address Dr. Shoop, Box 5620,
Racine, Wis.
Mild cases, not chronic, are. often cured with one or two bottles.
At druggists.
Book 1 on Dyspepsia.
Book 2 on the Heart.
Book 3 on the Kidneys.
Book 4 for Women.
Book 5 or Men (sealed)
Book 6 on Rheumatism.
MUSIC! 1 4'
Symphony Orchestra Concert.
Ruby Cutter Savage, who is to as
sist the Minneapolis Symphony orches
tra at the next concert, Tuesday, Feb.
16, is a singer of remarkable brillian
cy. He^r numbers jvill be designed: to
display her tain ts and tq allow he.r to
sing with that impetuesity and aban-.
don which s^ characterizes all of her
The entifre*program promises to be
of unusual merit as Mr. Oberhoffer,
director of the orchestra announces
two selections .which, .will be of special
interest to all patrons of the concerts,
one of these, and the ^one perhaps, in
which the most interest will center is a
symphonic transcription of the airs
and themes of Wagner's opera Lohen-.
grin. This is to be played for the first
time in the city, and will be played
from manuscript score, as the work
has not yet been published.
The pastoral symphony, Beethoven,
will form the second attractive num
ber in the program, which will be con
siderably lightened by groups of
smaller selections to be announced
This Beethoven composition is a fa
miliar one, and will be heard to great
advantage with the orchestra. The
various shades and effects of the work
are clearly show.n" in the orchestra
tion, the storm scene especially when
the clamor and confusion of wind,
thunder, and rushing rain are -mani
fest, forming one of the most stiiring
pieces of musical composition. The
tranquil calmness which follows it",'
when the shepards utter their hymns
of praise and thanksgiving for their
deliverance, forms a most artistic con
trast, and the entire work is sure to
please all those who know and admire
the composer already, as well as to
win many hearers who think them
selves, generally, unable to enjoy that
music which comes even near to the
rank of the classic.
The arrangement of the orchestra,
at the last concert was the occasion of
much favorable comment, and some
improvement has been effected now,
with a few changes.
Olive Fremstad, the Minneapolis
girl who has achieved such fame in
Europe, in her operatic appearnces,
and this winter in New York, -where
she has sung in some of the most im
portant roles of the Metropolitan
opera-house productions, will be
heard in Minneapolis some time later
in the spring with the Minneapolis
Symphony orchestra.
The precise date of her appearance
is not yet* determined, but there is
little doubt that her former towns
people will give her a most royal Avel
come when she comes to sing before
1 Mrs. -Venino's Success.
Mrs. A. F. Venino \ofSeattle recent
ly gave an. artists' recital for the
Ladies Musical club of Tacoma, play
ing a piano program that received
high commendation- Mrs. Veriino
will be remembered in Minneapolis
as Miss Luella M. Hoppe, daughter of
Fred Hoppe, one of the early musi
cians of the city. Mrs. Venino is a
pupil of Leschetizky, and visited Min
neapolis last summer on "her'Way from
Vienna west. She is sai"dr to unite a
superb technic with high musical in
telligence, a splendid feeling for
rhythm and a fine musical tenipeik
The regular monthly musical serv
ice will be given at St. Mark's Pro
cathedral to-morrow ^evening.'*' Mar
tha's anthem," "Whoso Dwelleth? 'Un-
der the Defense, of the Most- High,"'
jwill be sung during the offertory. A
special feature at the morning' service
^ffl"be the singing". off/pie trip. .''Lift
Thine Eyes," from ."'..'Mendelssohn's
"E-tijah," by three of the: choir, boys,
Masters Harold Van Duzee, Selwyn
Tpa ylor and Allan Hull.,"^hb Ordef .pjf
services for Sexagesima'Sunday-is .as
MORNING, v.:,'?,.--/
Processional liymn, ''Allelulia,-Sons oft v.
Gladness"' is,.:. a .TTaytliv
Kjrie elelson W. B. Gilbert
Office hymn, "The Kinjr of Lore*':'.'..T. -B.'. Dykes
MI,ift Thine Kyps" .Mpncli-lssohn
lb) 'Chorus. *'l' AYatchoUi-Over Isnicl"
i... *Fi"oni Mendelssohn's -".Blhlah" i. .JVontlelsSohn
,Kecoss1onal hymn. .'-'Go Forward. Chris
tlan Soldiers*' i v....... IT. Sranrt:
I'"*vll ffhoral.-nTonsrtiijs.
Kaiws, proi:efkiiii and- recessional as niorninp.
Miignific-iit Gregorian Tone VII,
Nunc Dlraitt IR Gregorian Tone 111
.Offertory. ,'*Whoso Dwelled!" .O. C: Martin
Vesper hymn, "ThefcSunIs Sinking Fust." II. S. Irons
i Morning.
Prelude, "Benedlettis"' Gounod'
Anthem, "The Ior Is Mv I,ight".. fucker
Offertory, "David's tfoiig B'efrtre Saul"..Du Bois
Mr. ItftYenwroft-.
Anthem. "Lead., .Kindly Light'' Buck
Post hide, "Old "English Kecessior.al."
Prelude. "Nocturne'' Russell Miller
Autliem, "Sing Allelulia Forth"............Buck
Barytone solo, '"'I Will Eitol Thee,"
Mr. Ravenserof-t.
Quartet. "Come Unto Me" .Morrison
Offertory, dufet, VI Waited for the Lord."
Mies Runge, Miss Marston.
Tenor solo and quartet, "If with All Your
Hearts" Elijah
Mr. Davies.
QuarlaK, "Cast Thy Burden" .MeodelssOhn
Postluflle,. "Pomp and Circumstance"..- Elgar
Secured for Minneapolis Only
Shifting of Dates.
After a
The return of Richard Burton to Min
neapolis for a course of four lectures inthe
First Unitarian church, Feb. 17, 20, 24 and
26, has been secured after considerable
correspondence and not without some
shifting of dates to meet demands for Dr.
Burton's courses elsewhere. The date of
the final lecture on "Literature as Ideal"
originally set for the 27th has been
changed to the 26th to admit of Dr. Bur
ton's returning east in time to open his
course in the Brooklyn Institute the 29th.
Every evening of his fortnight's western
trip is filled ahead, and two requests for
lectures in Chicago have had to be de
The course "Literature and.Life" is one
of Dr. Burton's very successful Chautau
qua series, and treats of the vital rela
tion of books to everyday living. The
titles of separate lectures are. "Literature
As Art," "Literature as Life," "Litera
ture as Truth," and "Literature as Ideal."
A Family Doctor Book Free
with every 10c bottle of Omega Oil.
Reduced Rates to New York and'Re-.
turn via the Baltimore & Ohio
Account of Spring Meeting Mer
chants Association at New YOrk,' tick
ets will be sold from Chicago at one
and one-third fare for the round trip,
on certificate plan.
Dates of sali Feb. 6 to 10 inclusive
and Feb. 27 to March 1 Inclusive. Cer
tificates for return tickets will be
honored within 30 days. Stop-over in
both directions at Washington, DV C,
Baltimore and Philadelphia. For
further information address R.
Haase, N.-W. T. P. A., St. Paul. Minn.
v Have a Good lime
At the Mardi Gras, New Orleans* Feb.
15-16th. Low excursion rates in effect
Feb. 9th to 14th, via Chicago, Milwau
kee & St. Paul Railway. Fast time
mad by using the Fast Mail at 6:45
p. m. Tickets also.good on the Pio
ner tamited at 8 p. m. Tickets, 328
Nicollet avenue.
Always avoid harsh, purgative pills.
They first make you sick, and then
leave you constipated.. Carter's Little
Liver Pills regulate the bowels and
make you well. Dose, one pill,-
8 a.m.to 5:30p,m.
*Suiftlays, lO'fcPl.
Iiir.S! ,%JJA^ JSr
Carrie Lee Hamptimj
Second Vice-President
'ugysta ad
Benevolent Society
a mother should be a source of joy to all, but the suffering and
danger incident to the ordeal makes its anticipation one of misery.
Mother's Friend is the* only remedy which relieves women of the great
pain and danger of maternity this hour which is dreaded as woman's
severest trial is not only made painless, but all the danger is avoided
by its use. Those-who use this remedy are no longer despondent or
gloomy nervousness8,
ment which you foave lost, you can get back, and you may be as happy as any man that lives.
My Electric Belt, with special Electric Attachment (free), will restore your health. It will check all decline and affects every
part of the body. Most ailments from which you suffer can be traced to it.
I have cured thousands of men who have squandered the savings of years in useless doctoring.
My Belt is easy to use put it on when you go to bed you feel the glowing heat from it (no sting or burn, as in old style
belts), and you feel' the nerves tingle with the. new life flowing into them, You get up in the morning feeling like a-two-year-old.
An old man o% 70 says he feels as strong and young as he did at 35. That shows it renews the health of youth.. It cures
Rheumatism, Sciatic Pains, Lumbago, Kidney Trouble. Banishes pain in a night, never to return.
Minnehaha'Falls, Minn.
Dr: McLaughlin?Dear Sir: I suffered with
stomach trouble and pains all over my body, and
was not able ,to walk. I.-got no relief until I pur
chased one of your belts, which.I. would not have
been without for a hundred dollars.' After- one
month of' consfarit use of "this belt I was able to
begin work .a.ga.in,.,and, arn now entirely well and
as healthy as I ever was in my life, without an
ache or pain'. .'I,' recommend your belt to every
body who has. trouble like mine. Yours truly,
What-' ails.you1?
Beware of Medical concerns offering ELECTRIC BELT FREE,
upon you CO. D. Write me for explanation of trick.
Minneapolis, Minn.,
Oct. 25, 1903.
Dr. McLaughlinDear Sir: I am
constantly recommending j'our Belt
to my friends, because it has given
me entire relief from my weak back.
The pains have entirely disappeared,
and I have gained several pounds in
Very truly yours,
2002 James Avenue N.
Ever mother feels a
great dread of the pain
and danger attendant upon
the most critical period
of her life. Becoming
nausea and other distressing conditions are
overcome, the system is made ready for the coming event, and the
serious accidents so common to the critical
hour are obviated by the use of Mother's
Friend* "It is worth its weight in gold,"
says-many who have: used it. $i.oo per
'bottle at drug stores. Book containing
information'of interest to all women, will
be sent to any address free upon application to
*2^_ I Wine of Cardui is certainly a boon to women who have nerves \C^*^*^
*^g& and 1 am pleased to endorse it.
For Nervousness, Rheumatism, Lame Back, Lum-
bago, Sciatica, any case of Kidney Disease that has
not gone as far as Bright's Disease Indigestion,
Constipation or any feebleness, and
Write and tell me, and ho matter where you are I think I can give you the address of some one in your town
that 4 have cured. I've cured thousands, and every man of them is a walking advertisement for my Belt.
Every man wlw uses my Belts gets the advice and counsel of a physician free. I give you all that any medical man can give,
and a lottHakii'e can't.
Try -TOy JM&-r_ Write me torday for my beautiful illustrated book, with cuts showing how my Belt is applied, of good reading
matter for men who want to be "The Noblest Work of God"A MAN. Inclose this ad. and I will send this book, sealed, free.
$1,000 FORFEIT
For a case which I cannot cure with my new Im=
proved Electric Belt, the marvel of electricians, the
most wonderful curative device that has ever been
introduced. This Belt is complete with Free Elec-
trical Attachment.
This Electric Attachment carries the current direct, and it cures. It de-
velops and expands all wpa& nerves arid checks any approach to decline. No
case of failing health can resist this powerful Electric Attachment. It never
fails to cure. It is free with Belts,
No man should he ilL- No man should suffer the loss of that health which
renders life worth living. No man should allow himself to become less than
nature intended him No man should suffer when there is at hand a certain
cure for his iU health!
Alost of the pains, most of the weakness of stomach, heart, brain and
nerves from which men suffer, are due to an early loss of nature's reserve
power. You need not suffer for this. You can be restored. The very ele-
you have nerves?
My work is so arduous and tryinff to the nerves that I found myself all worn out and my nerves in a stat*
of collapse and heretofore I have been obliged to take a rest for at least three months every year. But since I began
taking wine of Cardui, which was three years ago, I find that I can go on working through the year if it were
necessary, and I have gained twenty pounds, sleep well and have a yy
splendid appetite and ho longer suffer with sick headache every month, try's
Miss Hampton had NERVESshe was an invalid three years ago.
^^^ffjf^^^ -V,^*
Minneapolis, Minn.
Dr. McLaughlinDear Sir: Two months ago I pur
chased one of your Electric Belts, as I was afflicted
with Rheumatism and General Debility, and had tried
various remedies in order to become cured. The bene
fit that I have derived through the use of your belt ia
really short of miraculous. Such results were wholly
unexpected on my part, as I" did not believe that any
treatment could so thoroughly eradicate the disease
from my system and now I. want to say to you that I
shall lose no opportunity in the future to recommend
your Electric Belt to others who suffer as I did. Yours
very truly, G. S. LESLIE, 3836 Portland Ave.
This offer is only a Trick to foist a package of medicine
565 Broa Street.
:V. AUGUSTAd GA. Ma 8,1903.
Now she has a good appetite, can sleep well at night, has gained twenty pounds in weight
and as vitality and nerves are concerned she can go on working the whole year. She is cured.
What is the reason for this change?
Wine of Cardui is a nerve tonic acting especially on the female organs. And that is what
.many, many thousands of weak and worn down women need. They need rest-rest from the
distressing pain and suffering. Wine of Cardui gave that relief to Miss Hampton.
Don't let anybody tell yon you can't be curedthat an operation is necessary.
Free yourself from the terrible nerve racking pains by taking Wine of Cardui.
We want you to feel as well as she feels NOW. Secure a bottle of Wine of Cardui from
your druggist.
Tuesday, Thursday,
Saturday, S p. m.
Carry a mil and OOT
plete Ue of fol
specialties. Ife sail
large quantities an i
they are always fraia
How Many
people of St. Paul have any idea
of the size and magnitude of
the Theq, Hamm Brewing Co's
big plant. Our bottling house
alone occupies a city block and
has facilities for bottling 50,000
bottles of Hamm's Beer daily.
It is the latest and most com
plete bottling house in the
world. ?No money is ever
spared in making Hamm's the
best Beer on the market. a
run" Ti
Visitors to the big
brewery always welcome.

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