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i ii lines
kness Puts an End to
filing Struggle Be
ijpeen New York and
oton Teams in Sec
iJGame of World's
iJutmpionship Series.
Face of Poor Support
y His Teammates, the
fester Pitcher of Base
ill Prevents Strong
led Sox Club From
I0STON . 6
(11 Innings.)
By R. W. Lardner.
faltrcatlonal News Service.
OSTON', Oct. P.--Jt ip rumored
I iround these parts that John Mc
1' Crnw !u going to can Arthur
' Fletcher and recall Charles Vlc
"f torr Kaust. If a ball club must
i comic shortstop, it might. :us well
Iwtwho pleads guilty to thy funny
L This statement may not be clear
p to tell you how today's world's
ia ball game came out. Well, the
iarcnlly stands. Just as It did last
1 Today's battle was nn clevnn
K lie. to C Therefore eastern
Mldom will remain in the city of
m for another day and try to find
;hr tlila second victory belongs,
linutlor of fact, the tie Is a boost
"tbi Red ,ox. Arguments to back
ituertlon are plentiful, h'ut perhaps
Will suffice. That Is as follows:
pr MathcwFon pitched. The Sox
fH of lilin for at least two days.
jWn't beat them, and McGraw must
fie Maro.uard or Tesreuu to come
j J tomorrow. The New York manager
SSjndJnp the streets of this well known
tonight, apparontly cheerful, but
plnhts heart lip realizes that all the
'jJjBf5 arc ugaincl him bo far.
Instance, look over today's hap
The New Yorkers nccumu-
tlireh hltH for a total of twenty
wrtea game, what Is?
yBer'B Elding Poor.
"Wftti surr, the Red So.v grabbed an
Ttaiin blows off Matty and the total
tfW.8 n'noteon, one short of that
'mf hr th Giants. But here's the
ifltfc The New York club again had
M the luck ot ,lln PJ-me- Mutty
Mt harder than any one of tho three
,'WrVed by Stahl. The score will
! "at Trls Speaker got two safe
'teie of them a triple. This young
torn Hubbard City, Tex , deserves
v Two of hhi wallops went directly
inflcldora. but, believe me.
:fW,tr never hit harder In the paal
J)Ml Wtory.
tIevtrt i Mr. Fletcher. The offi
jijBtWve Jdm one orror. Nobody's
IB 'onM have- been hint If he had
JW&mdeu three. He didn't 3triko out
.tonM, as he dici yesterday In a6W
.it.'t lio save a terrible exhibition
jfBrive work and wa; at IiIh worst
pnchc. Tho ground ball
KtChCr l0t K by hlm ln tllc ci"hth
JjHP crlalnly was worth moro than
3Brr Tn,B hit, It Traf4 scored,
to'K, 1 tied up a very much sec-saw
n'M'v'11" G,ant 5lortstop had stopped
&Wt 6llould httVc- York ""'"ld
t(B'.on tiie gamo anj i,C(iU on tsvcn
,v,ln lni'- American league clmtn
rjjM mailer of victories.
f?H?r 's "as credited with a hit
Hr ,Mxlh on a drive thmugli thin
fijlt "'"Istop that would have been
JlBi b' Blich, Tinker, AVeavcr. Mu
any other holder of this pur
Jol you may choose to name
xBiwn Lowls 'Hdn't hurt anything
BsKd lhal li,ol-'l"sr wns anything
'Pfdable man In hla poyltlon.
mB1 Earned Their Runs.
imWllul,lnp Uctlcs of McGraw fln
5 !f - nafer lulu the limelight
Jfijt' Yorc shortstop and without
jtfEj ,tIl,n j'0UIK man personally, We
VtKl 5 ,h'' riRBeitlon that ho Is a
vEKftt! hcl,cr 1,a" V'cr than thu
JflBf Jtahl hafl iilc idea ,jiaL Kay coi.
5'Bl hi0fl ono,,gn to t,lm Itty. If
ha pltc,,"d his uornial samo he
inKV! W0" nnn',fi !'" CuL ho
iijE l" 11,6 bCHL form T1,c
lK of Vermont youth was hit
itml, 1,1 "PotR. The Giants earned
.fgKlr nmx and Tiny wns the r
t,!Ti;,,fir,,Qn' There wcro Now York
rivc Knlore.
IMmk Kra cam Into his own mid
'K fftj'111 o 'ill corners of the
JB-WM6d oirpago Nine.)
Newman Erb Makes Straight
forward Proposition to
Colorado People.
mm m
Special to The Tribune.
DENVTill, Colo., Oct. 9. Newman Erb
told the business men of Denver at the
Real Estate exchange luncheon today that
he and his associates were willing to un
dertake the construction of a transcon
tinental tunnel under the mountain Tange
west of tills city if the people of Colo
rado would co-operate.
Official Information concerning tho re
organization given out this morning chows
that preparations are being made to ex
tend the road to Salt Lake City; that
the control of the road for five years
3 to be placed In the hands of a voting
trust, and that It Is the intention of
the backers of the enterprise to make It
part of a transcontinental project.
"If assistance Is given," said Mr. Krb,
"we will bo willing to build this tunnel,
giving to other roads the right to its use:
or if ome other and better method of
dealing with the problem can he de
vised, wc will he perfectly willing and
glad to co-operate in it3 accomplishment,
and agree to complete the extension
promptly to Salt Lako City.
"Tin; succcsr of the Denver, North
western and Pacific Railway depends
largely upon your co-operation and your
own prosperity is equally dependent upon
Us success. The opportunity is before
you; it Is for you to hoc it and to take
advantage of it "
LOS A.VGTSLBs?, Oct." O.lii an ef
fecting sccno in the federal court lo
dav .Tndfio Oliu Wellborn sentenced
Goorco Ts. Osborne. 77 ycar3 old, to
eleven niontli3 iu tlio county .iail for
counterfeiting. It wns tl,f) lte"tcst
sentence ever imposed hero for such a
The Jicd offender, who was dispatch
bearer for General Phil Sheridan in the
Oivil war, iu n statement to tho court
declared that be wan driven to crime
bv lumper, nlthouch he had been twice
,-ouvictcd of couutorfcitinc before.
He wns pardoned after serving throe
vcars by Grovcr Cleveland, then pnwi
dont, nflcr conviction in Chicago,
twenty-five Tears aco.
Usborno was arrested here four
months nso for having counterfeit
moldH and coins in his possession. He
is paid to have invented a number of
useful mechanical devices.
The police declare that Osborne is
wanted in JJonver for bigamy.
M12M1MIIS. Tcnn.. Oct. S.-A. C Mc
Aal of Bl l'nuu. Texas, was klllc-l and
four others Injured when two cars on
woKtbouud Rock Island train . -U. near
iloun.k-, Ark., today split a wlth, broke
their coupling" nd crashed into a car
of lumber on a aiding.
Mr C. McNcal of 151 l'nuo and Con
diirlor .1. Manlx of Memphis, probably
wil die Mrf. Norma nusthaupt and
M.-K P. J- TtiPney. both of 151 Pa. are
not boHoxcd to ha noriously hurt.
Relatives of Christian Science
Leader May Secure Estate in
Spite of Agreement.
BOSTON. Oct. 9. A trust, esti
mated at ' $2,000,000, created "by tho
will of Afrs. Mary Baker G. Eddy,
founder . of the Christian Scienco
church, for the benefit of the denomi
nation, wits declared void by the Mas
sachusetts superior court today.
The court holds, however, that a
charitable trust has beon created aud
that now trustees may be appointed
to administer it.
Tho trust was to have been adminis
tered by tho directors or the mother
church In Boston, but tho court decided
that th trust provlsIonH were nullified
under the statute limiting the amount of
tho lncomn from bcqucBts to religious
organizations to ?'-'000 annually.
Tho court dismissed thu bllt brought
by the contestants of tho will, who al
leged that tho teachings of Christian
Science were against public policy. The
contestants arc given thirty days In
which to bring additional evidence to
support their claim.
Tho court holds that the action of the
attorney general in becoming a party to
th cult, gives George Vf, Glover, tho
eon of Mm. Eddy, and Ebencser J. Fos
ter Eddy, hrr stepson, a standing, ho
causn It Is possible tho hclr.t may take
the property. Their kinship is not. re
garded as extinguished by their so-called
family settlemciit ngrcemeUt.
SIOOX CITY, Ta.. Ort. 9. Milo C.
Dodec, firoman on the Milwaukco rail
road, today saved the life of Gerald
Allard, the 2-ycar-old son of J. Al
lard, a South Dakota farmer, by crawl
nc on tho pilot and kickine tho child
from Iho track as the train apod by.
The little boy. who lauded in a diteh
by the track, suffered minor injuries
about tho head and body.
When .Engineer TIopo looked out of
his cab window between Jefferson and
McCook, S. D., ho saw a child play
hie on too track.
Seeing tho train could not be stopped
Fireman Dodce jumped out on tho run
niim board aud made his way to tho
pilot. While the train was goinjr iftoen
miles an hour ho reached out with his
foot and knocked the little boy from
tho track.
Landlady at the Hotel
Where He Rented a
Room Says That He
and His Wife Departed
Half ari Hour Before
Murder of Chauffeur
Husband Cool; Both
Plead Not Guilty; Is
Stated at Rooming
House Accused Woman
Wore Light Coat In
stead of Mrs. Schnei
der's Dark One.
THAT Caleb A. Inlow and hia
wife, accused of slaying Kddie
White, rented a room in the
rooming hoiifie at. 78 East Sec
ond South street at 8 o'clock tho night
of tho murder and left the room about
11:45 o'clock the same night, half an
hour before tho murder, attempting to
go socretly, has Leon established.
Pressed for an accounting of his
time the night of the murder lnlow of
i ofod Tuesday iright to lead Chief of
Police B. F, Grant to a rooming honso
where he said he could prove -ho oc
cupied a room from early in the even
ing until about 1 o'clock tho follow
ing morning, thus establishing an. alibi.
Alibi Proves Weak.
Tho lnndlndy admitted Inlow rentod
a room, but ""-aa positive that ho and :
his. wife left, beforo midnight.
Following the trip to the rooming
house Tuesday night Chief Grant rc-j
fused to tell where ho had taken his
prisoner, but the object of the mys
terious trip was disclosed last night.
According to tho landlady of tho
rooming house at 78 East Second South,
Inlow entered the place about 8 o'clock
Friday night and registered under an
assumed name. Ho was given room 18
and paid for it in advance. Ho carried
a grip.
Little Niece With Her.
Soon afterward a woman aud a little
girl, undoubtedly Mrs. Inlow and In
low s 12-year-old uieco, arrived and en
tered tho room. A1'L n "'clock, ac
cording to the landlady, tho woman and
child left, tho woman returning about
forty-five minutes later without tho
While seated In her room, which com
mands a view of tho hallway and atnir
case, the landlady says she looked up and
saw Inlow and the woman, dressed for
Ihu street, about to leave tho rooming
house. The landlady hurried out and
asked what the trouble wan. Inlow re
plied, she says, that tho room was too
noisy and that they would have to leave
owing to the- nervous condition of Ills
wife. It was not yet midnight. Of this1
tho landlady Is certain.
Wears Light Cloak.
.Ur3. Inlow wore a light veil and a
light coat whon she left lato at night
with her husband. The landlady wiys
she looked out of her window Into the
street after the couple had gone, but
could not t-co them. From thl3 sho prc
Hiimcs they turned tho corner and went
down Slate street. Mrs. Inlow ia yald
to have come from the direction of Third
South street up Main street when she
entered White's car at midnight.
After the couplo had gono the land
lady looked al the register and saw that
Inlow had erased tho name hu entered
upon It. Sho docs not remoinbr.r wliat
the namo wna, but sho is certain It was
not Inlow. It Is her Impression that in
low and the woman wcro attempting to
leave tho house without being seen.
Recognizes Inlow.
Thu landlady recognized Inlow at onco
when he was presented to her Tuesday
night by Chief Grant. She had not hud
opportunity to identify Mrs. Inlow aH the
woman who was with InJow, but this Is
conaldcrtU inconsequential, since Inlow
has admitted that his wlfo w.is with him
at the rooming houae.
Carl Schneider, from whose wife Mr.
Inlow borrowed the black coat and light
veil she wore- when sh: entered WliUo'tf
car. ld lat nlKht thnt Mrs. Inlow
(Continued on Pago Two.)
A. H; Knight and Mrs. C. J.
M'Carthy of the Western
Union, Identify Mun
sey Telegram.
Message Sent After Los An
geles Times Explosion and
Related to Expected Ar
rival of Clancy.
INDIANAPOLIS. In3 Oct. 0. Tele
grainn signed "Ping." alleged to have
been the allaa of Herbert S. Ilockln.
and cnt to Ortlo E. McManigal,
directing where to "drop" dynamite
bombs on 1ub trips about tho country,
were Bought by the government through
the examination of tho first wltnesfi
called In the trial of tho accused "dyna
mite plotters" today.
Managers of the tolejjraph offices ln
Buffalo, Detroit. Toledo, Chicago, Cin
cinnati and Indianapolbj, Evansvllle,
Ind.. and Salt Lake City testified. With
one exception they said the originals of
telegrams aaked for by th government
covering a. period as far hack as 190S had
been destroyed ln tho ordinary course
of business.
The government assorted It has pos
session of the telegrams so received, and
It called the witnosses to show why the
original mesvagea sont cannot be pro
duced. "The Flying Scfnadron."
It was during thia period that McMani
gal and the McNamaras formed tho "fly
ing squadron of dynamiters." tho gov
ernment charges, often sending McMani
gal out alono and equipped with a suit
case filled with explosives to await or
ders by telegraph as to what ho should
blow -up.
When Jnmep Noel, ono of tho counsel
for the government, asked why the tele
grams were not produced. Senator Kern,
counsel for the defendants, asked the
witnesses, "you don't know that any.
such telegrams ever existed, do j'Oti?"
Tho witnesses replied they could not re
member Individual mosNagos.
The telogvamn, Mr. Noel said, often
were sent by Hockln, -national acting
secretary treasurer of tho International
Association of Brldgu and StnicturU ron
Workers, and at presunt on trial, to Mc
Manlgal's home In Chicago. They shifted
hlm at tlmos, the attorney said, from
Chicago to St. Louis, from Cincinnati to
Indianapolis, ami from Chicago to Hol
yoke, Mass.
Munsey's Telegram.
A. H, Knight, manager of a telegraph
offlcu at Salt Lako City, was the first
witness to produce a telegram. The tele
gram was dated October 10. 1010. aud
was purported to have been signed by
J. E. Munsey. known as "Jack Bright,"
one of tho defendants. According to the
government's charges. J. B. McNamara.
after blowing up the Los Angeles Times
building on October 1. 1010, hid for two
weeks in places secured by Munsey. J. J.
McN'amara. then secretary of the Iron
workers' headquarters ln Indianapolis,
was anxious about his brother after tho
Los Angeles explosion-
The telegram as Idcnllfiod by Knight
and by Mrs. Charles J. McCarthy, who
was tho counter clerk at Salt Lake City
J. J. McNamara, Indianapolis: Ev
erything is O- K. Glad C. Is coming.
Patient Is out of danger and will get
well. Ho is Improving right along.
You can depend on mo to handle mat
ters carefully. Will wire you If there
Is any change.
223 South Wc3t Tcmplo -street.
deferred to Clancy.
It ould bo fhown. the government
said, that the "C." referred to was Eu
goiie Clancy. Han Franclaco, on trial here,
who had bocn ln Boston when the Times
disaster occurred and who was about to
mart on a fluhlng trip with Michael J.
Young, Boston, also a defendant, but
nowa of tho loss of llfo at Iyss Angeles
Induced Clancy to rhango his mind and
after sendlnc a t!:gram to San Fran
cisco to clean out the office, ho decided
to hurry west.
The examination of telegraph managors
hud not been concluded when court ad
journed until tomorrow.
J. McTIfft, Minneapolis, counsel for
Fred Mooncy. Duluth, Minn., and Charlos
,V. Beum, Minneapolis, In addressing tho
Jury, raid It would bo proven that photo
graphs of non-union work under con
struction were taken not for tho use- of
th "dynamite- gang" but to enlighten
tho union as to where more employment
might bo had. Tho government had
charged that Brum, members of the Iron
workers' executlvo board, visited Frank
K. Painter of Omaha about a "Job" to b
dono there; that at Winnipeg, ho bought
un alarm clock to be used for setting off
bombs, and that ho voted to supply mony
to carry out oparatlonn ln Los Angeles.
Given Thirty Years.
ROME. Oct. P. For attempting to as
rasslnato King Victor Emmanuel on
March It last, Antonio Datba today was
condnmncd to thirty "cars penal servitude.
Utah Power Company Takes
Over Knight Consolidated
Power Company, Includ
ing Seven Local Plants.
Transfer of Steam Plant of
Salt Lake and Ogden Rail
way Also Points to Mer
ger and Combine.
PROGRESS on tho extensive plan to
bring tho majority of hydro-electric
concerns of the west under one
control. Involving several million
dollars, became apparent yester
day, when tho Utah Powor com
pany, recently Incorporated under the
laws of Maine by New York and Mnlno
capitalists, cloxod two deals for th pur
chase of the Knight Consolidated Power
company and tho Electric company of
Prove, respectively. The company also
ha purchased tho power' plant of the
Davis and Weber Counties Canal com
pany and tho strain electric plant of the
Salt Lake fc Ogden Railway company at
Lagoon. It ia further understood from
authentic sources thnt tho Utah Power
company Is about to successfully consum
mate .negotiations for tho control of the
Tellurlde Power company, recently re
organized. Backed by Financiers.
Tho plan Is being financed by Ilaydcn.
Stone & Co. of New York and Boston.
The Interests behind the move are rep
resented by F. L. Dame, who Is registered
at the Hotel Utah. Mr. Dnniu and W.
J. Barrolte, who Ih vlco president and n
director of the Utah Power company,
closed tho two deals In Provo yesterday In
behalf of their company.
It Is believed that tho real power be
hind the plan In tho General ElccUric com
pany, or so-called "elect rlo trust." The
recent reorganization of the Tullurldo
company, which Is Included In the move,
placed at its head J. It. Nutt, who la
connected with the Electrlo Bond & Share
company, which. In turn, Is closely al
Hod to the General Electric company. It
Is understood that tho Incorporators of
tho Utah Power company are largely per
sons Interested in the General Electric
It was denied, yesterdny that present
developments are In any way connected
with a reported schema o bring all ln
terurban electric projects, cither carried
out or planned, under tho same control
aH that which will be exercised ovor
hydro-electric concerns. It was not do
nled, however, that such a scheme might
eventually bo carried out.
History of Big Deal.
On July 1 lasl. it Is declared, the in
terests in control of the Utah Power com
pany secured an option on tho ICnlght
Conuolldated Power company through the
paymunt of J50.000, Tho option. It Is
understood, was to cxplr! October 15.
Negotiations were concluded yesterday,
when the option was taken up. The
Utah Power company takes over sevon
Knight power plants in Salt Lake, Utah.
Summit and Wasatch counties, the con
slduratlon paid yesterday being ?1,9SO,000,
It Is reported.
Under the terms of the deal, the Knight
company assumes tho payment of about
5100.000 worth of outstanding bonds.
These were undersigned bond3 of fhe old
Utah County Light & Power company,
which w3 combined with th0 Knight
Power company Into tho Knight Consoli
dated Powor company-
The Electric company of Proro. which
Is a subsidiary organization of the Tol
lurlde Power company, it Is paid, and
which ban been furnishing electricity to
Provo for lighting purposes, wns sold out
right to the Utah Power company yester
day, at a figure said to bo more than
$200,900. Senator Reed Smoot, president,
and W. L. Ulersach. secretary, yester
day declined to mention the exact sum.
but tho figures given hero were secured
from an authentic uourrc.
Lagoon Plant Transferrer!
From Simon Bamberger It was learned
lliat the Utah Power company had pur
chased for J 150,000 tho .ftuam plant of
tho s'alt Lake & Ogden Railway company
at LagQon. Mr. Bamberger declared that
a contract had been xlgncd with the
Utah Power company, under which that
company Is to furnlt-h the Salt Lako &
Ogden Railway company with lighting
and motlvo power for a period of tlfty
years. It could not bo learned last night
the amount of money Involved In this
From an authentic sourco it was
learned that the purchase by tho Utah
Power company of the Davis & Weber
Counties Canal company's plant near
Weber canyon represented $526,000. The
total of expenditures as m.ado known yes
terday ia close to $3,000,000, and the com
prehensive, plan will involve many times
that amount. It Is declared.
Promoters Reticent.
Just what other hydro-electric con
oonia may bo brought under tho control
of the Utah Powor company, as a cor
poration representing tin: powers behind
the vast plan, could not bo learned last
night, nor could a correct list of all the
plants now owned by tho now Interests
be secured.
Mr. Damn and others Interested were
reticent to be Intervlowcd last night, pre
ferxlng to defer Htntemnta until further
progress has been made. It Is under
stood that D. C. Jackllng Js Interested In
the move, but Mr. Jackllng had no state
mcnt to make last night
Montenegrin Army Be-
gins the War Against I
Ottoman Empire by Ifp:.
Attacking Strong Posi- t
tion Opposite Podgo-
ritza; Prince Peter, Son 1
of King Nicholas, Fires j l i
First Shot. i
Reinforcements Arrive i
and a General Engage- r,V
ment Follows Attack i,v;
of the Montenegrins 0
Upon Detchitch Moun- M
tain Which Commands ft
Road to Scutari; Battle 'im
Still in Progress.
PODGOMTZA, Montenegro, Oct. fl.
The Montenegrin arnij- opcncil
war against Turkey thia nioruinc
by attacking n strong Turkish i'-'-U
position opposito Podcoritza. Prince ,'
Peter, tho youngest son of King Nicho- ' . .
la?, fired, the first shol. n- '
" This was' tho signal for firing all along ik"
tho line aud an artillery duel ensued. :vS
Turkish Guns Silenced. &
Within tweuty-ono minutes five Tur-
kish guns were silenced and the Turha r ift
rotrcuted from their first position on jM ,
Mount Planinitza. By noon tho Turks '''m,-
had evacuated tho mountain. ' 'L
. Podgoritzn is the headentartors of thu i-f''i
Montenegrin forces and amid tho on- .
thusiastic cheering oC the people- King filr.
Nicholas, with Prince Mirke, his sec- l.jfe i
ond son. and staff rodo early to tho 5 Ik
moiiDtains to surrey tho positions. The ;!'k
Montenegrin guns had been placed tho ffili
night beforo and strong detachments oC s"
men were held in reserve should the i. ja ,
Turkish forces prove larger than tho lpf i
roports of scouts indicated.
Prince Fires First Shot. jt;;
Punctually at S o'clock tho first shot 1$
was directed at tho Turkish position iU I
on the kills opposito by Princo Pctor, Ij I
who is u captain of artillery. At thu )j l,
booming of the gun the band in tho Ulit.
Montenegrin headquarters struck up ijy :
tho royal hymn. c V
That the Montenegrin fire was of- If
feetivo was proved by the quick rc- )L
tiremoDt of tho Turks. After they
evacuated the mountain a gcuoral ad- Hit
viincc of Montenegrin iufantry was
ordered. j.'-S
Infantry Moves Forward.
Covered br a concentrated artillery
firo the infantry moved towards tho iv'
strongly fortified Turkish positions in $'ai
Detchitch mountain, which commands jj.-lfi-the
Toad to Scutari.
At 2 o'clock the Turks lauded troops
on. the shoro of Lako Scutari near tho Jf
Montenegrin frouticr. A general cu-
gagement followed and was still in
progress at fi o'clock in the'aftcruoon. jtift i
Crown Priuco Daniel, who is com-
mandcr-in-chiof, has just riddon iu with f"jm
Prince Potor from tho battlefiold to the jj'f$y I
king's headquarters for fresh instruc-
tious. fif
I'AKIS, Oct. 0. Tho French foreign of- ' )ft
flee lato tonight was without a reply !( !f f"
from Sofia, Athens or Belgrade, and tho tyis t
only suggestion thus Tar as to its pos- ' itj
alble tenor Is found In tho remark of J V ft
the Bulgarian forolgn minister, when tho ?
noto of the powers was delivered that $jg; V
"perhaps it would liavo had a bettor fs'JiL
cham-o of success ir presented a fort- Jft
night earlier," V
Bulgaria's hesitation Is variously In-
terpreted. Most of tho diplomats think iff &
it is a device to gain time to complotn
war preparations, but a r.hrewd minority y f
has not given up hope that King Frvjt- V
nand Is searching for some ground to fivt!
enablo him to glvo satisfaction to the fil
powers without risking his crown. f 5
A Bcrnl-offlclal noto reiterates that tho j -!,
accord of tho powers Itf such that even :
If war breaks out. It IB aure to be local- m .tf
,SlAlrnion belonging to opposing armlet W ,
Tcontinucd. on Page Two.)

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