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jjo Committee Late
rd of Wall Street"
light in Getting- on
ftany Boards.
Draw Out a Few
torn Reluctant Wit
jy Close Examina-
. of Untermyer.
lonal News Service.
IINGTOX, Jan. 9. George
, Baker, tlic dominant force
tho First National bank of
ow York and in many fiuan
ijindustrial enterprises, and ro
by many authorities aa a man of
jrer in the money -world than J.
pan, this afternoon quoted Jay
f'i support ol his belief that it
txcollcnt thing for a financier
E' hro railroad boards at the
z. fr. Baker was testifying
J6e Pnjo committee,
otallr, he admitted that he was
lirectorates of man- potentially
ijr banks and actually compot
rcads, including the coal roads,
that while part of his institu
te conductod through voting
A irould dissolve such trusts if
toe power.
(other things ho said;
Ihat the coal roads forbidden to
nine? 6qld tho coal at tho mouth
&6"to comply with the law."
f,- that the -public should have
k in a hank -without the facts
Iiztd to Evade Law.
V1 That securities companies
thy natioual banks were orga
g do things that the bauks were
fcorized to do
i, that lie consulted with J. P.
jaud James Stillman about, many
i!?nd that they owned stocks in
Jibe same corporations, but that
tyo cadi absolutely independent
ll other so far as the control of
flock was concerned,
jij that while ho may be called
Mny time to tako up an inter
toe Equitable, accordiug to his
jtot with Mr. Morgan,' he has as
Mono to.
i lliat Jie arranged the sale of
t National bank with President
! but so far as he knew no
Jin the management had resulted.
Mr. Baker was testifying tho
ffiwed a resolution declaring in
W G. G. Henry, who Tuesday rc-
answer questions regarding the
paTlicipating in the California
59m deal. The house dirocted that
Jto of the District of Columbia
to take up Henry's caao
i;t'ot to indicting him.
! f Like Englishman.
'Bakcr is a thick-necked, 'rod
"?sn, Bidc-wbiekcrcd, built like a
OUB EugiiHij landholder nnd
WonS) ruddy health that makes
?lj ; far less than hin 72 years. In
lM iras affable and oven humor-
' times, hut ho frequently bulked
?vadod questions, and onco or
Pt'j" refused to answer.
Of these instances, howovcr,
1 Jfal3 woro withdrawn after tnlk-
bis lawyers, John C. Spooncr
A. Baker, his uncle und his
- Mil, bespectacled young man
treating chin, who sat beside
;'Mer Baker, tho uncle, looking
j 80, 1vas keen and. alert, and
I 'eral occasions ncemcd about to
?m"Cl Untermyer whon tho lat
B"tion8 struck him aa particiilar
'onablo. '
:clli!K of J. Gould as a financial
J came in tho afternoon, whon
lennycr, asking how many rail--Mr.
Baker helned to control
ft hectoratcH, inquired if ' he :
lK "afc ueh a system did not
B? dcstroy competition.
jB54 Jay Gould.
K' Jy Gould told me once' said
jjverontly, "that the greatest
ad. was being on two boards
fKvffhcre 1,0 could aasfc differ
IK !? m5f?ht have created a good
'Mii t'uotod Captain Kidd he
JKy havo surprised tho com-
fkf,00811, him a ood authority,
Birni ?d Uutormyer, gulping
K"uincBH, yes,'' naid Bakor.
Madame Jusserand, Wife of
French Envo3r, Abolishes
"Free Lunch Route."
By International News Service.
'ASmKGTON. Jan. 9. Madame Jus
serand.. wife of the French embassador
and new doyenne of the diplomatic corps,
has decreed the abolition of tho diplo
matic "free lunch route," which is the
undiplomatic designation of that in
discriminate and uncensorcd list of host
esses from whom tho attaches of em
bassies and legations have been wont to
accept luncheon, dinner and .dance Invi
tations. Henceforth there will be a rigid adher
ence to diplomatic and social lines by the
young diplomats who have entered too
much into the spirit of our democratic
institutions and prone to those entertain
ments where the spirit of conviviality
led them.
The soesip in diplomatic circles is that
there has been not only a. weakening of
discipline, but that the younrr bachelor
set, not provided with the aniplo funds
of the heads of legations, have found in
tho bountiful hOBpitallty of Washington
menna whereby they have been able-' to
i piece out their meager incomes by pav
ing; what otherwise would bo spent at
hotels and restaurants Cor food and
Moreover, there has latterly been a
hint it can scarcely be designated a
scandal yet that one or two of tho
ybunn: bachelors have not been averse to
accepting an honorarium for lending
their presence to functions launched by
certain aspiring young matrons in the
capital who seek to soar by hitching
their wagons to a social star.
Included in the diplomatic set are
many young men of piomlnont European
families, not a few of whom bear ttcII-
known titles.
Madame Jusserand has decreed that
promiscuous dining out by tho young
diplomats does not comport with the dig
nity of their rank, therefore, In the
future their Eoclal activities, unless they
wlslD to incur the displeasure of tho so
cial head of tho corps, arc to be re
stricted to diplomatic functions and such
entertainments -as are given by the rec
ognized members of tho socially elect of
There is nothing for the young dip
lomats to do but bow their heads to the
inevitable, though thoro In a most demo
cratic spirit of revolt obscrvablo among
some of tho hotheads and a general ex
pression of regret over the fun that
inuiit bo abnndoned.
Judge Landis Declares the De
fense a Fraud and Irameup
and Scores Attorneys.-
CHICAGO, .Tnn. a. Dr. William T.
Kirby, owner of the defunct Kirby Sav
ings bank, and his wife. Mrs. Margaret
Tj. Kirby. wcro ordered sent to jail to
day on a contempt charge by -.United
States Dlutrlct Judge Landls until thoy
turn over $80,000 naid to bo missing from
the assets of tho bank.
'Tho decision camo at tho end of a
pralhlng denunciation by th court of tho
nHrllclpants in what Judge JUmdls
termed a "fraud and, a fraincup of par
excellence in perjury."
Tho lawyers who represented tho
KIrbyn were scored by the court, who do
Hared that a story of paying large sumo
to wirc-tapperst" which had been put
n as a defense for Dr. Kirby and his
wlfeT "was a farce and born of per
jury!" J
Porte Issues Circular That
Allies Must Accept Peace
Proposals by End of Week
or Take Consequences.
Russian Black Sea Fleet Mobi
lizing to Take Part in Nav
al Demonstration to Scare
the Moslems.
portc, according to oflicial an
nouncement, has sent a circular
to the Turkish embassadors
ahroad, intimating that unless the allies
,acccpt Turkey's peace iproposals by the
ond of tho week, the Ottoman delegates
will bo iuvitod to return to Constanti
nople immediately. The circular adds:
"Whatever happens, the porto is de
termined to maiutain its attitudo with
regard to Adrianople and' the Aegean
islands, in view of the fact that sacri
fices made in other directions have
reached the extreme limit."
The foreign embassadors conferred
for two hours at. tho Austrian embassy
today and agreed upon the form of rep
resentation to bo addressed to the portc
concerning the cession of Adrianople.
The task has been entrusted to the
Austrian embassador, Count Do Palhi
vicini, as dean of the diplomatic corps.
Tho general opinion here, however,
is that any attempt by Europe to
coerce Turkey into ceding Adrianople,
oven iC supported by a naval demonstra
tion, is doomed to failure, becausp pub
lic opinion would Jiot tolerate any gov
ernment including this point.
LONDON. Jan. ?. Official news re
ceived by tho Bulgarian delegation de
scribes the situation at Adrianople as
desperate. Several soldiers, who deserted
and succeeded in reaching the headquar
ters of tho allies, say tho town is In its
last gasp. Provisions aro so scarco that
the military authorities havo requisi
tioned nil the food possessed even by
private individuals and aro making only
one distribution, comprising a half ra
tion, dally.
Conditions, have been rendered graver
by the great number of sick, who over
flow the hospitals, where the attendance
Is inadequate. Tho death rato Is very
high. Tho Bulgarians have allowed medi
cines and Red Cross workers to enter
under the escort of a Bulgarian detach
ment. The commander of tho fortress has de
clared that he would rather sco all die
of starvation than surrender tho town,
and all the citizens who can aro endeav
oring to escape. Tho Bulgarians believe
that even independently of any action the
powers may take the question of Adrian
ople will soon be solved.
Must Agree First.
It is understood that Constantinople has
accepted the views of Rcchad l'asha, who
recently asked to bo authorized to rc
convoko tho .conference, he being presi
dent for tho next sitting. Tho difficulty
now lies in tho determination of tho al
lies not to participate unices they are
notified in advance what Turkey Intends
to propose Thoy do not wish to revive
the discussion of unacceptable terms, but
desire a certainty that Turkey is ready
to cede what has been pronounced as
tho Irreducible minimum of tho allies
Adrianople after whluli it will bo possi
ble to discuss other portions of tho fron
tier Hno.
In other words, the allies do not wish
to play into Turkey's hands by re-entor-Ing
tho -conference room without a pro
gramme which may lend to tho dcllnlte
conclusion of peaco this time. Det'oro
tho meeting tho Turks and allies must
have unofficially agreed to the main
points of tho territorial clause of the
treaty, so that official ratification of those
agreements can bo bad in conference.
Tho din nor given tonight by Paul Cam
bon, the French embassador to Great
Uritaln, at which tho Turks and allies
(Continued 011 Pago Two.)
. Rca2 "The First 'President' ly the
President-Elect ' in this issue, $age 5,
and then reare to participate in The
Trilunes Essay Competition, also ex
plained on page 5.
Three Companies in "Shipping-
Trust" Between U. S.
and South America Stick
by Pact of 1908.
Story Does Not Agree With
Cablegram From Company;
Marine Committee Hears
Complaints of Shippers.
WASHINGTON. Jan. 9. That
the agreement entered into in
1008 by thd" Lamport & Holt,
tho Princo and tho Hamburg
South American. Steamship
companies, constituting the so-called
i "shipping trust" between tho United
States and South America still is in
force, oxcept as It applies to a noollnc of
Interests and rebate system on south
bound commerce, was the testimony
placed today before the house merchant
marine' committee investigating tho al
leged trust.
The statement was in the form of a
cable from the foreign agent of the
, Princo line, who cabled the company's
representative here on the question. It
did not agree with the opinion of Torenzo
Daniels, agent in this country for the
Lamport & Holt company, who said he
thought it had terminated.
i Contracts Acknowledged.
Mr. Daniels acknowledged that con
tracts were made by his company and
that some contracts were made con
Jointly with tho other steamship lines,
fixing the freight rates charged. The
United States Steel corporation, the
Baldwin Locomotive company, tho Singer
Sewing Mnchlno company and the Bar
ber Asphalt company wore jncntionc(L.as
having" or Ijavlng Ijad contrasts. Thu
'Singer company. ', he suld, agreed lo shin
all its goods by boats of one of tho throe
steamship companies, flo denied, how
ever, that this was . equivalent to saying
that they would not ship by any other
As to the steel corporation, he said,
the contracts were spcclllc, not continu
ing. The rates to be charged, he de
clared, were Jixed abroad, not In New'
Tork. The freight rat,cs varied, ho said,
from week to week, according to the
market; but, he added, that there was
no discrimination in favor of any ship
pers. Makes Vigorous Denial.
When letters wero read from the
Amerlcnn Locomotive company and from
other 'shippers declaring that thoy had
boon discriminated against In rates, Mr.
Daniels vigorously denied It.
A sited about tho Booth Steamship line
to Brazil, Mr. Daniels ald tho company
occasionally asked permission to remain
In territory now covered by one of tho
threo other lines. He said they hud
been told it would make no difference if
It "did not establish a precedent."
"Did not the very act of their asking,"
Inquired Representative TJardy of Texas,
"show there was an understanding?"
"I think not," was Mr. Danlcls'3 re
ply. "Wo had been doing business side
by side for years. Wo would not enter
one of their ports wIlhouL Informing
them of our desire to do ao; 'but that
Is only a mattor'of courtesy. It does
not mean thoro Is an agreomont."
Citrus Fruit Shippers oil South
ern California, Nipped .by
Frost, -Appeal J'or Help.
Special to Tho Tribune.
L.OS ANG1SLES. Cul., Jan. ".Citrus
l'rult shippers of southern California to
day appealed to the general land traf
fic officers of tho three railroads cen
tering In Los Angeles tho Southern Pa
cific, the Santa Lro and tho Salt Lake
lines to como to tholr assistance by
lower rates on fruit shipments to the
east and north.' Lower rales, tho ship
pers asserted, arc absolutely necessary if
tho growers of California aro to receive
any remuneration for their Industry dur
ing I lie present seuson.
There now is a blanket rate on inter
state shipments of oranges of f 1.15 and
on lomons of ?1, This applies to all
shipments outsldo (ho state. Thu ship
pers asked that those ratos bo reduced
malurlally, some of them advocating a
GO per cent reduction.
MOBILIS. Ala.. Jan. 0. Ten parsons
wore killed and sixteen severely hurt
when the bcllnrs of Tomblgbcc river
stoumer James T. Staples exploded when
the vessel was tied up at Bladen Springs
this afturnoon. Tho vessel sank within
a few minutes after the accident.
Salt Lakers in Now York,
Special to Tho' Tribune.
NEW YOltK, Jan. D. Murray Hill, M.
C. Doll: MeAlplii, P. C. Thompson, C. S.
Burton Hotel Astor. O. G. Hemcnway;
Bollnont, R. M. Fearing, J'. C- Joyce, j
Mrs. John Sherwin Crosby of Ntew York, defeated for re-election
to presidency of the Women's National Democratic league.
O. U. Bean of Sail 'Lake-Discovers
I nstitution T Which
Me Praises and Satirizes .
Special Cable to The Tribune.'
LONDON, Jan. 0- Americans who con
template a visit to london no doubt will
be surprised to learn that there 13 a
flourishing school in the Bloomsbury dis
trict devoted exclusively to-the-instruction
ofAmcrlestns In tho intricacies of tho
true English accent and phraseology.
This Jondon school, for teaching ac
cent la a new idea, and is entirely the
product of English Ingenuity. Its con
siderable success since it was first
opened last May has established it as
a familiar institution to , Americans
visiting this country. Even they, wltli
their "hustling" methods, can show
nothing in thpir country more strictly
up to date Cor mooting tho. demands of
tho hour.
According to the steel engraved re
port and prospectus issued i by tho "col
lege," nearly two hundred Americans,
mostly women, have graduated during
tho past summer after taking the' full
course, and they can now walk-and
talk and otherwise conduct themselves
in the truo London fashion, so that .they
c:an pass in any gathering without being
conspicuous. On tho arrival , of - ovury
transatlantic steamship these pamphlets,
together with enthusiastic testimonials
and a schedule of terms, are posted to
all Amorican guosts registered at the
leading hotel's.
O. U. Bean, writer and financier from
Salt Lake Clt who arrived in Loudon
on a business mission last week, was so
Impressed by the letter-press received by
him from the neAV school that he promptly
made an Investigation on behalf of his
"It i really an institution with a. mis
slon," said Mr. Bean in giving tho re
sult of hiu inquiries. "Of course, Ameri
can business men. as a rule, don't
care a rap what kind of language they
use so long aa they can make them-'
selves understood. They arc too husy
to bother with frills. But for womou
nnd children I don't know of anything
bettor than a course In tills school dur
ing a visit to London. It will not 'tnko
up much time, and the results oliould
be far-reaching, for tho women in their
turn, you know, are bound to lmproe3
their newly acquired knowledge upon
tho masculine members of their families
In the course of time.
"On the whole, it would not sur
prise me if this school of IjlngllHh ac
cent did not accomplish moro towards
bringing about a closer union of tho
two great Anglo-Saxon races thnn all tho
arbitration treaties ever Invented.
"Another important featuro of Lon
don English, which this school pro
fesses to teach, Is the c-conomy of
; X0ontllluod on Pr89 TWO,),,
Friends ; of Success f ill1 Candi-
d a le- CI a'ihi -'the I ndo rsem en I
. of-Woodrow Wilson.
By International News" Service.
.WASHINGTON. ' Jan. 9. "The
nf slimy ' trail of. the' serpent is
W -ovcr- tn's- "Democratic' 'garden of
' paradise,' " observed Mrs.
Matthew.' T. Scott - this after
noon, as sjio. surveyed the delegates to
.the. National 'Democratic' league. from
whose midst. sundry, sibilant sounds wore
arluing. At tho." sumo tlmo Mrs. Scott,
j glancfed". about lice in 3ii:h-of the; ser
pent, which hadrleft the-slimy trail. Mrs.
Scott, as ' president of' the Daughters of
the American" Revolution, has seen serv
ice' in controversy und was unafraid.-
Tho hisses passed presumably from
the , adherents ' of (-Mrs. John Sherwin
Crosby of New York. Mrs. Crosby was,
president of;the lc.aguo .andr a, candidate
for rc-eiectionj. Her defeat appeared to
bo Impending.
, Mrs. Stephen. B. Ayrcs. of New Tork
was the candidate wno had shown the
greater strength. Mrs. Scott had -taken
tho stand to nominate her. and no soon
er had sho bogun-her exordium -than -the
Interruption began.
When Mrs. Scott'tj remark concerning
the serpent had "effected an Intense si-"
lencc, brolicu only by an occasional gaspj
Mrs. Scott proceeded. She characterized
Mrs. Crosby's assertion of yesterday that
"President-elect Wilson shares Mrs. Crosby's-belief
In free trade -arid in tho sin-'
pi ta:: was a well, was without foun
dation. ' ' ' : i
"Purth'crmorc." said Mrs." Scott." Using
the outraged Mrs. Crdsby with a pfo'rclng
eye, "'understand that Mr. 1Wllson, yes
and' Mrs. Wilson, want, nay, deman
ll'iaO Mrs. 'Ayrcs bo made the president
of this "great body." '
-This1 was- a little' too 'much, for tho
Crosby -bachors to bear 'patiently. Up
rose ' Mrs.- J. ' M. Morton,1 wh'o- Is' mar
ried "to a warrior. ",'''
"What ia your authority for that?" she
shouted. ' ..... j .
"t have due authority," sold Mrs.
Scoll. her calm unbroken. "
'"You hoyo not."' ealtl 'Mrs. Morton.
"You have not I" echoed a dozen' of tho
Crosby ' faction.
"She has!" countered the Ayrcs back
ers, adding as a clinqher: "So, there!"
Amid' these amenities there wcro halt
multorod words of ""liar!" "villlflcr"' and
"calumniator!" from all parts of the
room, and Judging from certain prolon
gations of the loiter "S," the serpont was
utlll on his rounds.
Mrs. Sco.lt at length proceeded. Then
Mrs. Joseph McMahon of New York, aris
ing to a (iiiesllou of personal privilege,
demanded that an apology be tendered
Mrs. Scott for flagrant discourtesy. But
Mrs. Crosby was In tho chair,
"I decline to put such a motion," she
said, haughtily.
Mrs. Scott wheeled about and faced the
president, exchanging glaro for glare
"If tho woman whgso name i wish to
put in nomination wore In that chair,"
sho Hald, pointing coldly at thn article of
furnlturo oho had uuined. "sho would
nvcr havo allowed such un Insult to bo
"For this reason and many others."
(Continued on Page Two. ,
Governor Wilson Goes Ovcr lj
Proposed Legislation to Rid K
State of Stigma of Being K
."Mother of Trusts."- B
Confers With Senators O'Gor- Bj
man and Culberson on Mat- H j
ters Pertaining to the B j
Special Session. mm
By International Ncw3 Service. BBS
T KENTON, X. X. Jan. 0. Pre:if- flg
diint-clcct Wilson had an impor- Hl
taut two-hour conference this mEM
afternoon with Senator O'Gorman WK
of New York and Senator Cul- HR
bcrson of Texas, and at Its conclusion jEf
tho prcaldcnl-clect again declared that
William J. Bryan's name had not been HS
mentioned in connection with tho cabl- MM
net. Tho president-elect said that Mr. wK
Bryan's name had como up casually from
time to time, but he was more than Kj
ordinarily specific in his declaration thai H
It has nothing to do with the cabinet. HWfl
Another important development of the IH
day was that the governor approved a HfiM
scries of corporation bills submitted by Mitt
Judge Van SIcklo and Chancellor Walk- flllifl
cr, who constitute a committee that thu mmS
governor some time ago asked to inves-
tigate tills subject and draw up what HI
they regarded as necessary legislation. HH
conforming, of course, to his expressod HKfl
views. Tlieso bills, tho governor said. H
will have tho effect of increasing tho Bj
number of offenses designated as mlsdc-
meanors which are punishable by an op- Wt
tlonal penally of fine or imprisonment. H
Place for Princeton Boys.
Tho governor has accopted tho Essex B
troop of cavalry as his personal escort wj 2
at the inauguration, but he ha also ox- ufj I
pressed a wish that a placo bo found WtSm
in the line of march for tho ono thousand Wttm
Princctoh undergraduates who dcslro to jBH
accompany him at tho Inauguration." Tho WW
only reason thn students could not bo 8jK(
designated i3 bis personal escort is that jfljil
tho rules requlro a mounted military Ifllfld
organization. Tho students, however. Mgffl
will act as an escort from Princeton to KM
Washington. IMf
Senator O'Gormnn and Senator Culber- ffyB
son declined to discuss their conforcucn mix
with the president-elect.
Governor Wilson prefers to give ,'jia jm; i
own version of these conferencca. He j
"This was a somewhat overlapping Wis
conference. Theso gentlemen had In- MBj
tended coming together, but Senator Js
O'Gorman had been in New York and Bw.
lie came from that direction, whilo Sunn- fl
tor Culberson came from Washington. tu -
We discussed the special session, what Ifili
should be done and how llttlo should be atf
attempted. Senator O'Gorman brought IB?
up a number of matters wo had not had . My
the chance to talk ovcr for a- long time. IB -
miscellaneous in character, which cn- Hif(l
gaged. ud for a while before Senator Cul- Hill
bcrson came. BKe
Good Stories Told. I I
"I sought their opinions about a :iu:n- I v.
ber of names for tho cabinet. Wc had i
branch excursions over good stories all H
along tho roadway, most of them nor- S
sonal in character and iL would be a lit- w ''
llo delicate to repeat them." fg j.'
i The governor hero took occasion to JE -
pass some caustic criticisms upon those
who -havo asserted that differences liRd I w it
arlson between hhn and William G. Mc- j V
Adoo and William F. McCombs, who in a 8j i,
way divided' tho management of his prcr- H
I'dcntlal campaign. Mr. McCombs, the 3
.national chairman, was ill for a tlmo and H I
McAdoo assumed his duties during his ijj
absence. The governor lot it bo under- flji
stood that ho Is on tho closest possible 3 ffjj
terms of friendship with theso gentle- $ij
In tho morning the governor had re- V
ccived from Judgo Van SIcklo and Chan- 2
ccllor Walker tho corporation bills thoy if t f
had been asked to draw up. Ho war; If PJ
asked about those. ! gf :"jJ
"The new .bills have to do with the Is- 9 J!
suanco of stock and tho formation of B it
holding companies," ho said. if
"Will they prevent entirely holding I
companies in Ilia state?" m Vi
Purpose of Bills. B l
"l hope so," was tho reply. "That Is Bi Sf,
their purpose." fl ' t
"What penalty Is provided for a vlo- ' f
latlon of theso proposed laws'.'" x J Ft
"Thoy aro all of the samo character, ? ' SB
the kind that aro on tho statute books." 1 i W
The law prohibiting holding companies w
will probably affect such concerns as the 3 j m
American Tobacco company, which has 3j 't jjjj
many subsidiaries, and ;i 3core of others u
similarly organized. 3?
Tho chief Incomo of Now Jrrsoy has w
boon from theso ln:orHratlons and evorv $ T-
tlmo any legislation affecting thorn hns tie
boon suggested tho state otflclals havo X I 4 M
held up their hands in holy horror lest H , r JJ
tho Income be curtailed. In Uio recent a ;fc
campaign, however. Colonel Koosovclt's fj tr
chief uttack on Governor Wilson was '1 f4'
based upon his failure to rid Now Jersey A
of tho stigma of bolng tho "mothor of j vt
trusts." Tho govornor made no unswor. Jv 2Si
but his friends pointed out that he had I fg
always had a hostile legislature and was a M,
therefore unablo' to get any remedial les- i t.,9
Islatlon through. Now that his leglala- jff 'f
(Contlnuod on Pago Two.), ft

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