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The day book. (Chicago, Ill.) 1911-1917, March 02, 1912, Image 12

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'do me and herself a favor.' -
'.' 'You are mad,' said Lou. 'If
Denny Trogan finds you with her
he'll tear you limb from limb.
He is more jealous than a tigress
of her cubs.' v
," 1 will take my chances,' I
said, and left for the address.
. "A thin, peaked woman an
swered my knock at the door.
She waa all dressed in "black, and
her face was white and lifeless,
except- for her two eyes, that
burned in her head like coals afire.
I called her a woman, but she
was little more than a slip of a
."" 'I have come to sec Marx
O'Malley I said.
" T am Mary O'Malley said
she, and I think my mouth
dropped open and I stared at her.
This was not the sort of woman
I -had thought Denny Trogan's
choice would be.
-" 'I would talk with you of im
portant things I said, when 1
had found my tongue.
- " 'Come in said she. 'We are
in great trouhle, and the house
is all upset, but 'tis no great mat
ter "And she led the way into a lit
tle parlor. It was true that every
thing was upset, and unless I do
not know the signs, 'twas be
cause the landlord had found no
rent waiting for him.
"I sat down on a trunk, and
Mary O'Malley sat opposite me.
"'Well?' said she.
"But I did not answer her at
once, because I was thinking too
hard, and because I could not
think of the fright thjng to say. t
" 'Well?' said she again.
'"You love Denny Trogan?' I
asked. And I saw her hands
clench, and the knuckles show
white, and she leaned forward a
bit, and there was fear in her
" 'I do she said, at last, with
her big eyes fixed on me as if she
would read my very soul.
" 'Have you- influence with
him?' I asked.
" T have saitf'she.
" 'Will you see him "before to
morrow night?' I asked:
" 'Yes said she.
" 'Then make him promise not
to do that which he has arranged
to do tomorrow night 'said I.
" 'Who arc you?' she cried,
'who comes talking about what
Denny has arranged to do?'
" T am your friend said f'and
Denny's, but I cannot tell you
more.' f '
"She stared deep into my eye's
with those big blazing coal fires
of hers for maybe two minutes,",
and then she drew her breath, in
the Tattling way a man does who
has been near drowning.
" T believe you she said.
"I rose and went to the door.
With my hand on the knob I
"JI would not tell Denny that
any man left that message I
said, r,Two(ild only make him
more set on doing the thing-
"She threw up her head proud-
"T know Denny better nor
you she said. 'I believe what
you have told me, and he shall
not do this-thins: ....

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